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IN THIS EDITION: Word from the President 110th Anniversary Celebration 1910 NAFY Check Presentation 1910 Supporters & Donors JLP’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Response Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee PPE by JLP Project Stop Human Trafficking Awareness Day Event

President, Junior League of Portland The Junior League of Portland (JLP) has been empowering women and strengthening our community since 1910. Well before equal rights and the opportunity to vote, women in our community were courageously confronting our toughest problems head-on. Never have those words felt truer as we move into our 110th year of service, especially during these challenging times with COVID-19. Historically, at the beginning of each new League year, we set a theme. The 2019-2020 theme was “We Can Do It!” Throughout this issue of the JLPress, you will learn more about what Junior League of Portland women are doing today and the true collective power of women to create lasting change.

Recruitment Q&A Learning & Development Committee Volunteer of the Year

The Junior League of Portland is at the forefront of issues facing our community, and in this issue, you will learn more about our efforts to end human trafficking. Our Stop Human Trafficking Awareness Day Event in January brought members from throughout the community to learn and make commitments to spread awareness.

Sustainer of the Year

Virtual Board of Directors Meeting.

Sustainer Events

This year is incredibly special as it is our 110th anniversary, and we are beyond proud to conclude our 1910 Campaign in honor of our rich heritage by presenting a gift of $110,000 to our chosen partner, New Avenues for Youth. What was inspiring to me about this campaign was that it wasn’t one donor, one event or one corporation that hit this goal, but rather it was the collective power of donors and events, over 300 to be exact. Such a feat is rare, honorable, and highlights the impact of the Junior League of Portland. Every donor is vitally important to our organization. And when we come together, “We Can Do It!”

Tournament of Roses Parade Gingerbread Jamboree Welcome 2020-2021 Management Team & Board of Directors Thank You Outgoing 2019-2020 Management Team & Board Community Partners 2019-2020 Supporters & Donors

JLP Poker Fundraiser.

110TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION The year 2020 marks the 110th Anniversary of the Junior League of Portland (JLP), the fourth oldest League in the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI), and the first on the West Coast. JLP was founded in 1910 by Gretchen Corbett, an original member of the first Junior League in New York City in 1901. Gretchen convinced her sewing group and other friends to come together and form a group of trained women volunteers to help address issues in their community. As we reached the end of the 2019-2020 League year, the 110th Anniversary Committee was in full swing with a menu of monthly celebration events planned. Despite many of our anniversary events being postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing efforts in Multnomah County, we will continue to celebrate our 110 years in the community by staying engaged and remaining connected with our community partners. In the 2019-2020 League year, we co-sponsored three events: Literacy Celebration - Children’s Story Hour, Stop Human Trafficking Awareness Day Event, and the 1910 Campaign Virtual Check Presentation to New Avenues for Youth. The committee has provided public relations

1910 NAFY CHECK PRESENTATION In 2006, the 1910 Committee was chartered to identify a worthy Portland charity for whom we could undertake a capital campaign to raise a gift of $110,000; $1,000 for each of our League’s years serving the community. The 1910 campaign is the latest in the League’s long history of philanthropy in the Greater Portland community. It continues our tradition of improving the wellbeing of youth in our community and advocating on their behalf.

support to each of our externally facing community events to ensure we are making our community impact known. Our literacy event was a wonderful celebration of our impact on children as we brought families and children together to read at the Multnomah County Central Library in Downtown Portland. Jackie Starr, Executive Director of the Friends of the Library, read Baby Feminist and JLP President Gina Roman read You’re Here for a Reason. Attendees enjoyed crafts, activities themed around the books, and we also gifted $500 to The Children’s Book Bank, which we have supported since their inception in 2012. January’s Stop Human Trafficking Awareness Day Event was a media smash hit thanks to PR support from the 110th Anniversary Committee. Also, the committee contributed an installation of cardboard cutouts with survivors’ stories that allowed our 100+ attendees to see a visual representation of our impact. In years past, we have formally celebrated our anniversary on Gretchen Corbett’s birthday on October 16th. While this year we may not be able to celebrate our anniversary the same way, we are working on a social event that will hopefully be a wonderful celebration of coming back together, highlighting where we have come from and the path we have blazed for our community.

NAFY unveiled the hung artwork with a plaque during the check presentation. A recording of the virtual presentation is available on our website. In the video, you can learn more about the history of the 1910 Campaign, our efforts to raise funds, the painting, and New Avenues for Youth’s mission-based work at the Youth Opportunity Center in the Rockwood area of Northeast Portland. The 1910 Committee would like to thank all of the members and donors for your time and efforts in making this capital campaign a success.

On Friday, May 29, the 1910 Committee hosted a virtual check presentation, with over 50 people attending the virtual event, surpassing expectations for attendance. Sean Suib, Executive Director, and Lauren Eads, Director of Development, represented New Avenues for Youth (NAFY) and had this to say: “Thank you to the Junior League of Portland, not just for the generous gift but for the incredible partnership over the past few years … volunteering, serving meals, working at our holiday store, doing basic needs drives, and being great ambassadors for our youth in the community.” In addition to the $110,000 gift, the Junior League of Portland presented NAFY with a work of art to commemorate our partnership. The Eastern Columbia River Gorge is by Pacific NW Artist Christopher Bibby.

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1910 CAMPAIGN SUPPORTERS & DONORS Thank you to our 1910 Campaign Supporters & Donors. With their support, we were able to raise our goal of $110,000 to gift to New Avenues for Youth to commemorate our 110th anniversary as a League. Thank you so much for your generous support! *Denotes JLP Member **Denotes JLP Sustainer

Luminaries Circle (More than $5,000) Gretchen Pilip** Susan Stein** Anonymous Visionaries Circle ($1,000-$4,999) Beverly Aldinger Sophie Bayard* Teresa Forni** Molly Harris Elizabeth Howell* Willamette HVAC Kristin Kilshaw* Leslie Nevius** Donna Smalldon** Jeremy Tunney Benefactors Circle ($500-$999) Patricia Brandt** Julie Branford** Mary Denes** Tegan Enloe* Karen Gambee** KaDo Gorman* Steven and Barbara Hill Carolee Kolve** Kirsten Leonard** Jennifer Lynch** Bonnie Stewart** Christine Swanson** Patrons Circle ($250-$499) Natalie Ballas* Lynne Bangsund** Ann Bates* Lauren Baumgartner Sarah Burns* Gayle Cable** David Cheng Kelsie Davis** Jillian De Garmo** Katrinka Easterday** Ashley Eil* Cindy Fletcher** Hillary Gibson** Fernanda Gwinner* Valerie Halpin** Margaret Hill** Kristen Kern** Nancy Janney**

Jean Josephson** Nhien Le NIKE Marilyn Pamplin** Tina Penman* Bettsy Preble** Tricia Ray* Jessica Richey-Shen* Jean Rittenour** Lori Saunders* Matthew Schiffman Elisa Spano* Molly Spencer** Neil Swanson Caroline Swindells** Katie Van Alyne* Laurie Westby Partners Circle ($100-$249) Maddy Abulencia* Rebecca Alimena* Amanda Anderson Annie Bacon* Kate Batten* Tanya Beeler** Anne Bell** Michelle Bird Karen Bonifacio Deborah Boone** Leon Bradshaw Elizabeth Ashleigh Bravo Elizabeth Butrick** Donna Caldwell Joanne Carlson** Nuria Claudio-Mariages Ellen Crivella* Elizabeth Anne Crumpacker** Nancy Delbrueck** Dione Dietrich* Margaret Dooney** Susan Duffie** Kris Elliott** Stephanie Elzy** Courtney Flood** Marcia Freed** Elisa Gaede Nancy Graham** Rachel Green Mabel Harris** Josephine Hatfield** Alexander Hedges Lynnette Houghton** Tana Hutchinson*

Intel Corp Judy Jorgensen** Barbra Jorgensen** Allison Kehoe** Lauren Kendle* Cynthia Kerr Jennifer Kim* Lori Kositch** Monique Kramer Meghan Larivee** Sally LeFeber** Christine Lewis* Paula Madden** Candice Manning* Kristi Manseth** Mary McFarland** Christine McGlone* Margaret McGlynn* Kimberly McNally* Samir Mehio Zoe Monahan* Micheal Mosier Myong-Hui Murphy** Nelson Shaffstall Family Trust Bridgitte Ngo Michelle Nguyen Addie Nichols-Petsu* Susan Nicoletti** Lisa O’Rourke** Jennifer Petsu Dana Plautz** Lee Ragen** Barbara Rice** Tina Romine* Candice Smith* Gale Swanson** Valerie Thompson** Michael Truong Sharon Urry** View Point LLC dba ECRU Lindsay Warner* Melissa Weatherington Regina Wheeler** Kaycee Wiita** Rachel Wilson Jan Wismer** Sally Wolcott** Alla Yarmosh Christine Zieverink** Arthur Zilberstein Supporters Circle ($1-$99) Brian Allen** Abigail Anderson*

Lila Asnani* Beth Baenen* Minnie Bautista* Catherine Becker* Stephanie Becker* Libby Becklin Natalie Berning* Cody Blankenship Ann Blume** Michelle Bonifacio Emily Bradach* Marilea Brock* Caroline Brookhart* Leah Burkhart* Jill Bushman** Michelle Bussemeier* Jennifer Byrn* Jennifer Byrnes* Danielle Caldwell* Emily Cameron* Leslie Cameron Kate Campbell* Katelyn Carmack** Ruthie Caufield* Cheryl Caviezel* Maria Cerri* Kyle Chown Julia Conder Megan Cooper* Emily Cunning* Hillary Davault* Laurell Davidson** Reeah Davis* Lisa Determan* Mari Lou Diamond** Anna Dodge Olivia Dulle* Elsie Edge** Judy Fenker** Jeremy Ferris Crystle Fielder* Pleschette Fontenet* Kelly James Freire* Lindsey Fuhrer* Kathleen Garney* Lynda Vulles Gebhardt** Kimberly Gnagy Melissa Graveline* JulieAnna Giannini* Kimra Griffin* Casey Hazlett* Laura Hendricks* Alyssa Hermreck* Page 3

Supporters Circle ($1-$99) Continued: Molly Hickman* Elizabeth Holubek* Lisa Hamilton** Kimberly Harty* Antonia Henry* Lacy Hackett* Mollie Henkelman* Linda Hering** Lindsey Hern** Natalie Howard* Abbey Hipple* Susan Holloway** Erin Hopkins* Julia Houha* Jill Irvine* Briana Jackucewicz* Patricia Jordan** Alexandra Johnson* Melissa Jankovich** Jennelle Johnson Nicole Johansson* Megan Jumago* Alanah Kenyon* Mary Knox* Patricia Knollman** Rebekah Latham* Dinah Ladizinsky-Faw**

Barbara LeBrun** Rhea Ledda** Carol Leiter** Emily Lievens* Bridget Lopez* Kristin Ludwick** Molly Mager** René Mahaffey* Mika Malone** Kelley Martin** Katie McConnell* Jennifer Martindale* Candice Mayan* Marilyn McGuire** Tabitha McCullough* Megann McGill* Kelsey Miller-Huijgen* Blaine Moberg* Regan Nelson** Katherine Nelsen** Paige Nibley* Joseph Nicola Kathleen Neill** Katherine Northrup** Sarah Olson Allyson O’Hagan* Vio Olivier Catherine Parkay* Hee Weon Park Layla Palmer*

Janeel Parmiani Leanna Petrone** Alicia Phifer* Janna Piper* Kimberly Pizarek* Kayla Pierson* Karin Randall Morgan Rauch* Megan Reynolds* Najat Rask** Kirsten Reisdorf* Sarah Ross-Bailly Michelle Riney** Lisa Shulz* Lisa Steenson* Josh Stohr Veronica Sue** Lindsay Schlobohm* Lisa Surber* Jessica Staton* Katie Stout* Emily Thielman* Jaclyn Thiessen* Jeanette Thompson Hong-Nhung Tran Danielle Terrazas* Jessica Tolzman* Trimble Anne Thielman* Madeleine Toombs**


Melissa Tosti* Donato Vaccaro Jaymie Van Orden Jenny Vonpinnon Victoria Venturi* Danielle Vincent* Grace Watson* Ariel Weygandt* Biddy Wolf** Katerina Wolfe* Natalie Willes* Avery Yanez Emily Yensen*

In the words of the AJLI Diversity and Inclusion Handbook, “Creating a diverse and inclusive organization is like building a house. It requires a plan, many different types of materials, expertise of all kinds, and continued care and maintenance.” Junior League of Portland (JLP) identified the need to diversify and recognized the level of work needed to incorporate inclusion. In its first year of organization, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee has laid the foundation for the JLP “house” by creating a guiding mission, developing a five-year plan, and exploring how DEI can better integrate within the League. Throughout the League year, the DEI Committee researched many DEI resources, collected historical data about the League, conducted the annual DEI Survey, and led a focused DEI Forum for our membership. The committee also presented DEI topics to the membership at two General Member Meetings (GMMs). From recruitment to retention, provisional member experiences to Sustainer experiences – diversity, equity and inclusion affects all facets of the League. These values work in tandem: a League can’t have diversity without also having equity and inclusion. Our guiding DEI mission is:

Implement a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion to attract, retain, and serve a diverse membership. The DEI Committee also made a point to focus on the diversity of: Race, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Culture, Religion, Marital Status, Age, Ability, and System of Thought. To close out this League year and to help further the development of the League’s DEI “house,” the DEI Committee developed a five-year plan that lays the groundwork for a sustainable focus on DEI as the League grows.

JLP’S DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION RESPONSE Our hearts continue to be heavy over the recent racist acts and senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others. These events have once again underscored the violence of racism that our communities experience in the United States and across the world every day.

Next year, the DEI Committee will be housed under the purview of the President-Elect in order to provide visibility to the Board and Management Team. Junior League of Portland is dedicated to increasing and improving diversity, equity and inclusion in the League and welcomes every member!

The Junior League of Portland condemns the senseless acts of violence against the black community here in Portland and nationally. The added layer of the global COVID-19 pandemic has again raised the veil of racial inequities that are pervasive in our city. As Junior League of Portland leaders, we cannot stay silent and sit on the sidelines. As an organization that believes in building better communities and strives for leadership excellence, the Junior League of Portland is committed to empowering our members, be them members of the black community in Portland or allies. We support equity, inclusion and racial justice for black lives in our community and across the world. We, as League women, strive to be civic leaders in our communities. As such, we must be reflective and hold ourselves accountable. We must do the work. We must be willing to be humble and vulnerable. We must speak out, and we must be visible. We have to know when to be quiet and listen. And equally important, when to speak up. In light of recent events, the Junior League of Portland commits to furthering efforts to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive membership. We have assembled a Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Racial Justice Special Committee who have been, and will continue to, regularly communicate engagement opportunities for members to learn and grow alongside one another, practice vulnerability, listen, and advocate. We see this as critical work in supporting our black members and amplifying their voices. Our commitment to equity and inclusion is as important as ever. DEI Committee Members

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Junior League of Portland launched an initiative to make and distribute fabric masks to organizations in need of non-medical grade personal protective equipment (PPE).

The Recruitment Committee faced a new set of challenges this year: recruiting potential members in an environment where in-person gatherings suddenly became a thing of the past. Yet despite the challenges, the committee has been in communication with over 453 prospective members. JLPress caught up with Recruitment Chairs Hillary Peterson and Allyson O’Hagan to hear how their committee adapted and what they see for the future.

After a conversation with a local Department of Human Services employee, we were alerted to the high need for fabric masks by the social services workers that were performing welfare checks on children in the community. These check-ins are critical, especially during this time, to ensure the safety of vulnerable children. By mobilizing volunteers and collecting donations, our Junior League members made over 200 masks and procured another 200 masks from Hedley & Bennett, a workwear company. We also procured 500 SLVR gloves from Gekks, which are infused with silver coated nylon antimicrobial technology.


Q: How did the committee adapt to new COVID-19 restrictions? A: Due to COVID-19, we canceled our in-person Open

A COVID-19 Response Project from the Junior League of Portland, OR

In addition, our League made 50 masks for medical workers. All of these efforts were greatly appreciated and well received!

STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING AWARENESS DAY EVENT In the past year, the Stop Human Trafficking Committee has contributed to the League’s impact on the Portland community in many ways, most notably with two signature programs centered around National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. On January 11, 2020, the Committee hosted its first annual event. This event was open to the entire community to raise awareness about Human Trafficking in Portland—our own backyard. City Commissioner Susheela Jayapal spoke about how Junior League of Portland (JLP) is combating human trafficking and helping survivors, and the value of raising community awareness. The committee featured a special viewing of Waiting for the Light, a documentary created by JLP to expose the scope and reality of sex trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children. We then welcomed two additional guest speakers: Amy-Marie Merrell from The Cupcake Girls, and Cassie Trajan from A Village for One, who each shared their experiences helping survivors through their nonprofits organizations.

Houses and instead hosted six virtual webinars. This was challenging for various reasons but mostly because we had to learn to navigate a new platform, figure out new ways to promote our webinars, and get people to attend.

Q: What was the result of this new digital approach? A: Nearly 70 ladies attended our webinars, and over 20 This informative event was also the kick-off of our Eighth Annual Delicates Drive, where we collected new undergarments of any kind to provide individuals fleeing from circumstances of human trafficking. Our goal was to reach 10,000 undergarments (double last year’s goal) and with the support of the community, coverage on local television news stations KOIN, KGW, the Multnomah County website, and our amazing Sustainers, we met our goal. A special shout out to Donna Smalldon for her generous donation that ensured our success in meeting our goal. Overall, the retail value of the delicates donations was over $40,000. Thank you to everyone that served on and supported the Stop Human Trafficking Committee.

partners. Lastly, we hope that Recruitment can continue to offer multiple opportunities to recruit prospects such as through informal events, mixers, and integrating webinar formats and Open Houses. It’s important to stay creative and keep things fresh!

Q: You had a busy year – how did you make it all happen? A: We couldn’t have done this without the support and

commitment of our Recruitment Committee, especially Kaitlin Mayhew, Margaret Leonard, Liz Fox, and Madeline Roosevelt. Thank you to Pleschette Fontenet for your guidance throughout the year and to the active members who participated in our webinars to present on the history of the League, its community programs, and the diverse opportunities we offer our members to develop their potential. We also recognize that recruitment is really a Leaguewide endeavor, and often friends and coworkers are the best ambassadors of the League to future members. We encourage all members to share their League experience and invite friends and colleagues.

have applied so far, bringing us close to our goal of 30 applicants. Even though we moved away from in-person Open Houses this year to a digital platform, we noticed a successful amount of attendance, and that prospects were really engaged, asked questions, and seemed very excited about the League!

Q: Before moving to an online platform, how did the Recruitment Committee engage with prospective members? A: We hosted a Fall Recruitment Mixer with 30

prospective members and a service-based Winter Recruitment Mixer with 14 prospective members. We received great feedback about the added element of service! We also hosted a Lunch and Learn as an informal way to meet prospective members and encourage them to learn about the League. We also attended other community and JLP events such as the Volunteer Expo and Gingerbread Jamboree to promote the League.

Q: How do you see this experience changing how the JLP recruits members in the future? A: In the future, we hope to see the Recruitment

Committee continue to invest in committee members so they stay engaged and provide opportunities for active members throughout the League to support recruitment efforts. In addition, our goals are to see recruitment continue to pair up with other committees and community Top and Bottom: Recruiting Open House Events Pre-COVID-19

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LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Introducing the Junior League of Portland Learning Institute By Nicole K. Amend In March of 2016, I was sitting in a pancake restaurant at the beach with my best friend. We had recently signed on to lead the Learning & Development Committee (called the “Trainings Committee” at the time) for the following League year, and I wanted to brainstorm an idea for enhancing the focus on a specific part of our Mission: developing the potential of women. Together we identified three pillars by which to categorize our training offerings for the year: Professional, Personal, and Local/Oregon life. The intention of the last category was to offer opportunities to learn about local history, environment, and the rich nonprofit landscape that exists here in the Portland metropolitan area. We talked about how to make training for members more meaningful; how to help our community of women use their experiences in League life —in and out of the classroom— to step into their true potential. How might we better measure and qualify the work that we do here? That day we cemented the vision of the certification program: a multi-year training series that would culminate in a certification for those women motivated to participate. We discussed several different tracks to pursue and laid the foundation with the learning pillars for the 2016-17 League year. It was in the subsequent year’s annual planning sessions that the idea got traction. For any who are not aware, the Annual Plan is created each year by the current and incoming Management Team. It is based on strategic priorities set forth by the Board of Directors and reflects goals and results that ladder up to the Junior League of Portland’s Strategic Plan.

assignments that would make any professional organization or university curriculum department proud. I have been overwhelmed by the commitment and passion of this talented team and feel so grateful that these individuals have taken the torch for this program and ran with it, Olympic marathon-style, to where we are today. Now, it is with great honor and appreciation that I announce the launch of the Junior League of Portland Learning Institute (JLPLI). Our first certification program, Nonprofit Leadership, will launch in late Summer 2020, with plans to develop the next certification over the following year. These trainings will be an integral part of the overall training program managed by the Learning & Development Committee, with some limited spaces held for members who have signed a Statement of Intent to participate in the certification. Registration for the first training session will start in late Summer 2020. It is my hope that JLPLI will serve the Junior League of Portland well in its Mission to develop the potential of women and provide experienced volunteers and civic leaders to the Portland metropolitan area and beyond.

Not only did Bri and her team re-launch JLPress after being dormant for nearly two years, but they have executed on the annual plan with tremendous success and rebuilt a foundation of trust in the MarCom Committee holistically. There is a renewed interest in women wanting to serve and develop on the committee and an infusion of energy and fresh perspective that will help take our League into the next era. Bri is a pleasure to be around, always has a kind word and is always willing to help out. Outside of her commitments in JLP, she is President of the Harvard Club of Oregon and SW Washington and a member of the JLP/ Swoosh ladies at Nike. She exemplifies the spirit of the Junior League of Portland and we are excited to see what she has to bring to the future. We see big things!

and receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award Committee Chair award for her outstanding service and commitment. Julie has also held several leadership positions with the Multnomah Athletic Club, including the Membership Committee and Human Resources Committee for the Board, the Communities Committee, and House Committee. She was President of the Canyon Creek Homeowners Association for four years and has sat on the Governance Committee for Nordic Northwest.

2019-2020 SUSTAINER OF THE YEAR: Julie Branford

2019-2020 VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR: Briana Jackucewicz In only her second Active year, Bri took on the challenge of leading a high-demand committee. Her dedication and cultivation of the team has helped to revive this important committee and set a strong foundation of efficacy for future years. As leader Marketing & Communications (MarCom), Bri has beautifully coordinated a team with

Julie Branford is a trailblazer. Since joining the Junior League in 1977, Julie has been pushing the envelope. As a working professional during her time as an active, when most women in the League did not pursue work outside of the home, she successfully challenged the Junior League of Seattle’s rule that members were required to move to Sustainer status when they turned 40. Julie later transferred back to JLP, where she has since served as a mentor, Sustainer Representative to the Board of Directors, and as a member of several committees. In addition, she has hosted many prospective new member functions, participated in book clubs, and participated in many JLP events that raise awareness and help fund projects impacting women and youth.

We started talking about the certification program in 2018 planning; the goal and timing of the initial track was established by the group in 2019. With a new Human Resources Director, Addie Nichols-Petsu, at the helm of this enormous body of work, we established our goals and work began. Addie assembled a small but mighty team of women who were bought into the purpose and value of this work: Susan Holloway, my Sustainer Mentor, former Training Director of JLP, and one of our original thought partners on the program; Diana Roderique, one of the founding members of the L&D Committee who helped to implement the pillar system in 2016; and me. Under Addie’s leadership, this focused sub-committee has partnered with consultants internal and external (shoutouts to Jenn Longbine, Kathryn Myers, and Thomas Bruner), determined the most impactful first certification to offer, and crafted a scope and sequence of lessons and

mixed experience to deliver on high-impact initiatives. She is smart, collaborative and innovative while still respecting the standards and traditions of JLP. Bri’s team has rave reviews for their leader, and the positivity and enthusiasm for MarCom shows. It feels like the trend for this committee over the past few years has been completely turned around, and members feel valued and are making a difference. This is entirely due to her leadership.

Outside the League, she has received numerous accolades for her service with several community organizations. One of Julie’s main volunteer activities includes being Past President and board member on the BRAINet (Brain Research Awareness and Information Network), a community outreach group for the neuroscience departments at OHSU. She has sat on the Board of Trustees for Willamette University for 13 years, earning the title Life Trustee Emeritus. Her board experience includes being Alumni Association President for two years, the Alumni Association President for Cleveland High School,

Julie Branford

Recently Julie has been involved with the ARCS Foundation (Advancing Science in America), Oregon Chapter and is their current President. This organization funds MD/PhD scholars in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs at OHSU, OSU, and UO. Since this organization first formed 16 years ago, it has funded 274 scholars in the sciences, engineering and medical research fields in Oregon. Julie once said when she first joined the motto of “Demonstrating the value of a trained volunteer” resonated with her. How appreciative we are that it did! You truly exemplify what it means to be Sustainer of the Year with incredible grace and gusto. Congratulations Julie, and thank you so much for what you’ve done, and continue to do, to move the JLP forward!

Briana Jackucewicz

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SUSTAINER CALENDAR: Sustainer Coffee, Tea and JLP

Location: TBD Dates: Thursdays,10am June 11, July 9, August 13 and September 10

Sustainer Council Meeting

Location: TBD Date: Thursday, July 16, 6:30pm

Annual Sustainer Luncheon Honoring Julie Branford Location: Portland Golf Club Date: Thursday, September 10, 11:30am

vision of Nan Johnson, a former Director of the Susan B. Anthony University Center at the University of Rochester. The float won the award for Most Outstanding Presentation of the Rose Parade Theme and its mission message was as follows: All women and men are created equal and should use their voices to demand equal rights for all. Several descendants of prominent suffragettes such as Ida B. Wells, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cody Stanton, Harriet Tubman, and Frederick Douglass rode on the float. Kaycee said, “I was moved by the number of people who told me how the Junior League had impacted their lives or their community and how grateful they were for the work of the Junior League.”

TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE If you watched the Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2020, you may have seen AJLI Director at Large and former Junior League of Portland President and Sustainer, Kaycee Wiita, who was an outwalker for the ‘Pasadena Celebrates 2020’ float. Kaycee represented the Junior League Movement and the work of Junior League Suffragettes to get the 19th Amendment ratified. The float, representing 100 years since citizens were no longer denied the right to vote on the basis of gender, was the



2020-2021 Board of Directors

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Gina Roman President

Gina Roman President

Alex Johnson President-Elect

Nicole Amend Executive Vice President

Natalie Ballas Executive Vice President

Elisa Spano Treasurer

Elisa Spano Treasurer

Zoe Monahan Secretary

Addie Nichols-Petsu Secretary

Victoria Venturi Strategic Vice President

Nicole Amend Strategic Vice President

Dione Dietrich Development Vice President

Dione Dietrich Development Vice President

Kathryn Myers Nominating Vice President

Lisa Determan Nominating Vice President

Jillian De Garmo Sustainer to the Board

Jillian De Garmo Sustainer to the Board Barbra Jorgensen Sustainer Representative Sara Beachler Assistant

2019-2020 Management Team Allison Chown Community Director Reeah Davis/Rachel Apodaca Finance Director

2020-2021 Management Team

Ann Bates/Allison Chown Fund Development Director

Taline Kuyumjian Community Director

Addie Nichols-Petsu Human Resources Director

Bridget Lopez Finance Director

Natalie Ballas Information Director

Allison Chown Fund Development Director

Pleschette Fontenet Membership Director


Kellie McQueary Human Resources Director

Jeanie Nguyen Operations Director

Hosted at the Sentinel Hotel, the Junior League of Portland’s eighth annual Gingerbread Jamboree was a memorable event for the whole family! The 2019-2020 Gingerbread Jamboree Committee was chaired by Julia Houha and Emily Hoppe, and with these two ladies in leadership, we sold over 400 individual tickets, greeted visitors with holiday cheer, and celebrated the magic of the holidays. More than 100 creative gingerbread houses made their way into homes of League members and supporters. Our guests also enjoyed holiday surprises such as photos with Santa, Ana and Elsa, face painting, hot chocolate, and yummy cookies!

Jeanie Nguyen Membership Director

The ‘Pasadena Celebrates 2020’ float included several women marching as suffragettes.

Melissa Davies Information Director

Sara Fitzpatrick Operations Director Roxanne Stark Assistant

We had more than 30 volunteers at the event who contributed over 100 volunteer hours in just that one day, not including all of the work leading up to the event. Our ninth annual Gingerbread Jamboree is in the works and promises to be another fun and festive holiday event for the whole family. Kaycee Wiita in front of the ‘Pasadena Celebrates 2020’ float.

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JUNIOR LEAGUE OF PORTLAND’S SUPPORTERS & DONORS We are especially grateful to our generous supporters and donors who have given to the Junior League of Portland. We thank you for your continuous support. Please see below a list of donors who have given from June 19, 2019 - May 28, 2020. If you donated to JLP in the past year and have not received a tax donation letter and would like one, please contact Donor Relations at donors@jlpdx.org *Denotes JLP Member **Denotes JLP Sustainer

Luminaries Circle (More than $5,000)

Sue Halton** Gretchen Pilip**

Visionaries Circle ($1,000-$4,999)

Natalie Ballas* Ann Bates* KaDo Gorman* Christopher Gordon Gina Roman* Donna Smalldon**

Benefactors Circle ($500-$999)

Allison and Kyle Chown* Lisa and Jeremy

Determan* Dione Dietrich* Lynn Loebner Oregon Community Foundation Susan Stein**

Patrons Circle ($250-$499)

Lynne Bangsund** Elizabeth and James Beales* Rachel Doorn* Tegan Enloe Jillian De Garmo** Anne Stein-Gray** Nancy Janney** Mercedes Kitani

Stephanie La Pier* Jessica Richey-Shen* Dick and Janet Talmadge

Partners Circle ($100-$249)

Judith Ashworth Case** Anne Bell** Patricia Brandt** Gayle Cable** Carpenter Smith Consulting LLC Cheryl Caviezel* Rachel Coleman* Ellen Crivella* Nancy Delbrueck** Margaret Dooney** Susan Duffie** Natalie Edwards*

Courtney Flood** Pleschette Fontenet* Lauren Gault-Joyce* Valerie Halpin** Danie Hamilton* Mabel Harris** Margaret Hill** Alexandra Johnson* Judy Jorgensen** Allison Kehoe** Carolee Kolve** John Lawson Sally LeFeber** Kirsten Leonard** Sara and Benjamin Loebner* Lauren Mitchell* Zoe Monahan* Lisa O’Rourke**

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Partners Circle ($100-$249) Cont.

Rachel Palmer Marilyn Pamplin** Dana Plautz** Barbara Rice** Melissa Sanchez Christine Swanson** Caroline Swindells** Emily Thielman* Carrie Wanous* Kaycee Wiita**

Supporters Circle ($1-99)

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