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CandO provides 300+ hours of service to local organizations


Get all the details on, Silhouette, the JLC’s Spring Fashion Show


Spotlight on the Advocacy and Education Committee


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President’s Perspective


Maintaining Health from Home


2022-2023 Leadership Slate Approved During


Checking in with our Members

January General Membership Meeting


Meet the Staff of the JLC


CandO: Bringing People Together Through Service


Advocacy and Education Spotlight


Silhouette: The Spring Fashion Show


Member Tribute: Remembering Marjorie Motch


The Evolution of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion &

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month 7

The Future is Bright - Welcome EVP and EVP-Elect


Tour of Kitchens: Holiday Home Edition Recap


Photo Review: Winter in the Junior League

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Member Milestones Recipe Corner: Autumn Chicken Salad

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Writer Sarah Flohre

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Writer Carrie Starts

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VP Communications Sam Zehnder

The Perspectives Committee would like to extend our gratitude to the many women who volunteered their time, knowledge, opinions, and experiences to make this issue possible.

2021-2022 JLC Leadership BOARD OF DIRECTORS


TARA J. MOSLEY, President

TARA J. MOSLEY, President

KATE FORTLAGE, President-Elect

KATE FORTLAGE, President-Elect


EMILY UEBEL, Recording Secretary


MEGAN BUSAM, VP Training & Development

JJ WALES, Presidential Advisor

PAMELA LONG, VP Membership

SARAH E. RIEGER, Past President

MYRKOL BOLDEN, VP Sustainers Council

KATIE MAY, Strategic Planning Director

​N AZLY MAMEDOVA, VP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


SAM ZEHNDER, VP Communications

KELLY BARBER, Nominating Chair

LESLIE TOUASSI, VP Community Impact

SARAH CLARK, At Large Member



SADIE BONIFAS, VP Fund Development


KATIE DULLE, Nominating Vice Chair


ANDREA HENDERSON, VP Sustainer Council

MEGAN STACEY, At Large Member


Winter 2022


I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying their winter season thus far. We have had such an amazing first half to our league year. We kicked off the year with so much excitement even though so many things had changed in the world since we’d last been able to be together in a regular cadence. Despite our new normal of constant and consistent change, the members of our beloved organization did what we always do, even in the face of a challenge, and hit the ground running to ensure that everyone was afforded an amazing experience. From the first minutes of our September and October GMMs, you could sense not only the excitement to be together in the same room, but also the desire to work harder and push ourselves further than we ever have before. This fall we saw record sign up and completion of CandO events, an amazing TOK fall fundraiser with a new and exciting Holiday theme, and a joyous holiday celebration just to name a few. As we’ve now entered 2022, we have a phenomenally talented slate who was recently confirmed, so many wonderful trainings and events scheduled, an introduction to a partnership with a great DEIB consultant, more opportunities to volunteer with our new community partner FNC, and another exciting occasion to gather in celebration at our spring fundraiser. I hope you share in my excitement as we enter the second half of the year. I look forward to working with you and celebrating alongside you! Always with Love,

Tara J. Mosley JLC President 2021-2022

The Junior League of Cincinnati is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Perspectives is the magazine of the Junior League of Cincinnati, published multiple times throughout the year. Past issues and advertising rates can be found online at For more news and events, follow us on social media. JLCincinnati



Junior League of Cincinnati, 3500 Columbia Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226 • 513.871.9339 • Junior League of Cincinnati


2022-2023 Leadership Slate Approved During January General Membership Meeting During the January 4, 2022 General Membership Meeting, members voted on the 2022-2023 Leadership Slate. Members also voted on and approved the addition of a DEI&B Chair and Vice-Chair position as well as the Nominating Committee Vice-Chair and Candidates. It is an honor to present the approved slate below. These positions will take effect at the start of the 2022-2023 League year. 2022-2023 Incoming Leadership:

President-Elect René Robers

Executive Vice President Sam Zehnder

Executive Vice President-Elect Erinn R. M. Carlson

Board Member at Large Danya Karram

VP of Communications Katie Ziegler

VP of Membership Casey Burleigh

VP of Finance Emily Reinhold

VP of Sustainers Jamie Humes

VP of Sustainers Marty Humes

Nominating Vice-Chair Byrd Bergeron

DEI&B Chair Amber David

DEI&B Vice-Chair Deanna Hillard

Lori Poole Lucy Lane

Rachel Barski Jenn Shafer

Nominating Committee Members: Amelia Crutcher Erika McShay

Erin Evans Katie Weiskircher

Membership Engagement Opportunities & Events Fashion Show - Saturday, April 23, 2022 Annual Meeting - Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 More information about how to register for each of these events is available on the JLC Members portal

Coffee Talk The Coffee Talk program was created to provide members a way to connect 1-on-1 with each other. The first Tuesday of each month, participants receive an email with a random assignment of someone in the league to meet up with virtually or in person for a “coffee talk.” Scan the QR code to register and receive a pairing.


Winter 2022

CandO: Bringing People Together Through Service By: Meggan Thompson


t the request of the leadership of Junior League Cincinnati, President Tara Mosley and PresidentElect Kate Fortlage in partnership with the Community and Outreach (CandO) Committee shared a goal: provide more opportunities for more members to serve in more ways than ever.

Moreover, service opportunities were added during daytime shifts, and also made available to families to participate. This allowed more women than ever to connect, while providing valuable resources to various city groups. New partnerships blossomed with Saturday Hoops and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. Previously incubated relationships with the Cincinnati Children’s Theatre, Fernside Center for Grieving The women of C and O, affectionately referred to as CandO, Children and Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank were rekindled; got to work to get it done. First, the group looked at previous and the Junior League Cincinnati had the opportunity to JLC partnerships & incubated projects and finalists from sponsor a dental activity connected to the exhibit created last year’s program acceleration work. The aim was not to from our past project, GrinUp at the Children’s Museum. reinvent the wheel, but to oil it and Additionally, a new opportunity put air in the tires. CandO wanted to through Refugee Connect came to ensure the Junior League Cincinnati In the Fall, members provided fruition that created learning, not kept its word to all of these groups 322 volunteer hours to 11 just service, connections for League by continuing our collaboration with organizations throughout members. Bringing people together these organizations. Cincinnati, with an additional through service to foster internal relationships is the secondary focus 10 organizations with which In the fall, JLC members provided 322 volunteer hours to 11 organizations the League will partner with in of Community and Outreach. All CandO events are posted on the throughout Cincinnati;an additional the Spring. Digital Cheetah intranet calendar, as 10 organizations are planned well as the private Facebook page. for partnerships in the spring of These events are great, safe spaces to meet other Junior 2022. The Community and Outreach Committee has eight League Cincinnati members, learn about community needs, members, and each member is tasked with identifying and and serve amazing and worthy organizations and to learn nurturing relationships with two community organizations new skills. as the point person for the duration of the year. To appeal to the greatest number of members, CandO provided a very Now that we are half-way into the league year, CandO wide breadth and depth of service events. League members Chair Sunny Grothaus reflects on how far the committee were able to choose from online drives, such as the coat has come in reaching the goal set at the beginning of the drive completed in December for the Boys and Girls Club; or year, “Our Cando committee has worked diligently to provide in-person events like the graduation ceremony for Children’s thoughtful volunteer opportunities to the league this year. And Home of Cincinnati. The types of events are dictated by the it’s rewarding to see almost every single event fill up. We are so partner organization’s needs and are presented as ‘Done in grateful for the commitment of our league members!” a Day’ tasks, or donation collection drives.


Junior League of Cincinnati


Something old and something new: “Silhouette,” the JLC 2022 Fashion Show By: Sarah L. Flohre


he dictionary defines “silhouette” as “likeness cut from dark material and mounted on a light ground or one sketched in outline and solidly colored in.” Silhouettes, cut from paper or painted, were also one of the most affordable forms of portrait you could buy in the 18th and 19th centuries, before photography.

It is in this inclusive spirit that the JLC Fashion Show committee has rebranded the name of the annual fundraiser from “Bloom” to “Silhouette.” In writing about this choice, Fashion Committee chair Ashley Yanzsa shared, “We wanted to change up the theme this year. We felt ‘silhouette’ was more inclusive, because no matter what you look like, everyone’s silhouette is the same.” The fashion show is returning, with its new name, to an old location – the Hilton Netherland Plaza in downtown Cincinnati. The fashion show will return to the Hilton, the former location for this traditional event. Last year, to better allow for COVID-19 precautions, the show was held at Wayfair Hangar at Lunken Airport. The show will be helmed by fashion show veterans, Ashley Yanzsa and Erin Lee, and the theme is “All things Cincinnati.” The committee is hard at work lining up boutiques and models, and is excited to share spring fashion with JLC members in April. Save the date for Saturday, April 23, 2022 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.! JLC members interested in modeling or volunteering to get more involved should reach out to the fashion show committee at

Partnering with FNC for Child Abuse for Prevention By: Megan Thompson


lmost twenty percent of children experience abuse. Each year, ProKids, an organization incubated by the Junior League of Cincinnati, receives 60,000 reports alleging child abuse and neglect in the Greater Cincinnati area. In 2021, 8 children died of child abuse, 3 of which had active cases. An additional 6 child deaths are still under investigation to determine if abuse was the cause. Two of these pending reviews had cases open at the time of the child’s death. These statistics are disheartening, but become even more jarring when one considers these statistics are solely in Hamilton County. Our new community partner, Family Nurturing Center has a mission to end the cycle of child abuse by promoting individual well-being and healthy family relationships. Since 1983, April serves as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and is dedicated to raising awareness and preventing child abuse. Family Nurturing Center aims to create a world where children live free of all forms of abuse and violence, through a full range of prevention and treatment programs. Because families play a critical role in promoting individual well-being and healthy relationships, Family Nurturing Center offers family-based services to create the greatest opportunity for lasting change. To assist in identifying and ending child abuse, individuals can look for signs of neglect and abuse and take reporting seriously. Many people choose not to report child abuse because they feel ‘it isn’t that bad,’ ‘the child could be in a worse situation,’ or they ‘do not want to overwhelm the system.’ All of these reasons put more children at risk. The fact is, you don’t have to prove child abuse to report it - you simply have to reasonably suspect it. Allow the proper agencies to identify whether abuse is present or not. Signs of child abuse include the appearance of frequent bruising, withdrawal from friends or activities, changes in behavior, depression or loss of self confidence and attempts at self-harm, to name a few. It is important to note that child abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, medical or neglect. It is important to be vigilant and ensure children are hitting milestones. Ask questions and be observant. Children’s well-being is an adult responsibility. Permanent cultural change in the way a community prevents and responds to child abuse occurs by educating adults and empowering individuals. Committing time and resources to do this is an investment in a better future. “The league is energized to be partnering with FNC to tackle this tough topic. Our league’s focus area is strengthening childhood environments and FNC is an amazing organization battling this very issue at its forefront. We’re building a foundation to trust working directly with our community while also helping support and serve FNC in its daily operations. It takes each one of us, simply paying attention to the children of our community, to make an impact on child abuse prevention.” - Emily Reinhold, JLC Program Acceleration Committee Chair 6

Winter 2022

The Future is Bright – Welcome Executive Vice President Sam Zehnder and Executive Vice President Elect Erinn R. M. Carlson By Carrie Starts


s we prepare to usher in our new leadership, the future looks so bright for the JLC. As part of the JLC Leadership Structure Optimization, the roles of Executive Vice President and Executive Vice President Elect have been filled. The Executive Vice President is the internal face of the League, responsible for executing against the strategic and annual plans on behalf of the membership while overseeing EMT. The role will report to the President. The Executive Vice President Elect is a position that includes a year of training to ensure a smooth transition to Executive Vice President the following year. First, we welcome our new Executive Vice President, Sam Zehdner. Sam is currently the Sr. Product Marketing Manager at 84.51°. She joined the league in 2017 and has served on the Online Committee, Chair of the Marketing and Publicity Committee and is currently serving as the VP of Communications. Sam has big plans for her role. From a high level, she plans to lay the foundation for this new position with the goal of strengthening the core team by taking the management of the day-to-day operations off of the President’s plate to give her more capacity to focus on the strategic direction of the league. She is excited to partner with the Core Team to lay the new foundation for the JLC’s leadership for years to come. We also welcome our new Executive Vice President Elect, Erinn R. M. Carlson. Erinn has dedicated much of her adult life to volunteerism and has a passion for the Junior League and her animal rescue work, among other things. She joined the Junior League in 2013 in Norfolk-Virginia Beach. She transferred to Dayton in 2017 and Riverside, California in 2019. She recently joined us here in Cincinnati. She has held past leadership positions as VP of Membership, At-Large Director and Fundraising Manager. Erinn looks forward to the opportunity to help the League do what they do, better. Her main goal is to take the weight off of the President and help the management team and Board operate more efficiently. Her past experience with other leagues has given her a unique perspective on how leagues can do things more efficiently and she is excited to bring that to her new role. There is no question, these two ladies are going to do big things. Welcome!

Did you know that Junior League of Cincinnati has a podcast?

Join the Archives Committee of the JLC as they chat with members about their experiences in the league. RECENT EPISODES: 16. Marjorie Motch (January 03, 2022) This episode is truly for any woman - Junior League member or not - who wants to make an impact in their community. Join Mollie Lair as she sits down with Ms. Judy Schneider Dalambakis to learn about the incredible life and legacy of Marjorie Motch.


15. 11th Anniversary of Tour of Kitchens (November 23, 2021) Join Archives committee member Amber Garrett and 2021 Tour of Kitchens Chair Rachel Barski and Vice Chair Jill Dickert to find out more about the popular Tour of Kitchens event and how the 2021 Holiday Home Edition is elevating this iconic fundraiser with a holiday market, giving tree for our new partner, Family Nurturing Center, and more.

Junior League of Cincinnati


Tour of Kitchens:



he Junior League of Cincinnati hosted its 11th annual Tour of Kitchens fundraiser in December. This year the committee introduced the first Holiday Home Edition, showcasing homes adorned in their holiday best. More than 400 tickets were sold, surpassing our fundraising goal and earning over $25,000. JLC members and friends were ecstatic to mix and mingle together once again for our first time being back together after the virtual Tour of Kitchens event in 2020. Tour of Kitchens showcased 8 homes in the Mariemont, Indian Hill and Terrace Park neighborhoods. Homes consisted of new builds, midcentury modern designs and a farmhouse. Many homes featured open floor plans with recent renovations and finishes by the owners. Each home was decorated in their own unique holiday style. A selection of houses also featured outdoor living spaces that attendees were able to enjoy due to the outstanding warm winter weather that day. A holiday market took place prior to the tour in the newly renovated Columbia Center auditorium. Local artists and small businesses were set up throughout the building for holiday shopping including home décor, jewelry, accessories and custom fashion pieces. Thirty-eight raffle baskets were featured, raising $1,000. The Junior League would like to thank everyone who contributed and donated to these fabulous baskets. The signature Jingle All The Way sponsor was The Megan Stacey Group,adding many extra special touches to the Tour of Kitchens. Upon arrival, attendees received The Megan Stacey Group swag bag and were then treated to a holiday breakfast, which included a mimosa and coffee bar that was served during the holiday market. Additionally, they offered a holiday cookie and hot cocoa station at a home on the tour. Family Nurturing Center is the Junior League’s new community partner, which strives to end the cycle of child abuse by promoting individual well-being and healthy family relationships. They were incorporated into the event with an Angel Tree on display at the Columbia Center. Event attendees received an ornament from the tree with a QR code linking to an Amazon wish list that contained items that when purchased will further assist the Family Nurturing Center in serving local families. From this event, 60 items were purchased for the Family Nurturing Center! The final sweet spot at this amazing event was the exceptional food and beverages donated by local vendors to share and showcase their products and passions in the homes on the tour. On the occasion that you found something you loved and would like to revisit again, the twelve vendors were The Birch, Breadsmith, Churchill’s Fine Teas, Key Wines, Heineken, Ilan Raw Chocolates, Lost & Found OTR, The Madison Place, Mazunte, OTR Chili, Revel: Urban Winery, and Yee Mama. Floral arrangements were provided by The Flower Lady, Magnolia Rose and Sadie Blossom, beautifully displayed during the holiday market. The Junior League would like to extend sincere appreciation to the members and friends who shared their beautiful homes with us that made this an unforgettable event and successful fundraiser. It was truly a splendid day where we were thrilled to be able to gather again in great company and support the Junior League of Cincinnati.


Winter 2022

Vice Chair, Jill Dickert and Chair, Rachel Barski

400+ tickets sold $25k raised 325+ attendees

$1K raffle ticket sales

8 houses

28 total vendors SPONSORS


IN-KIND SPONSORS THE FLOWER LADY Junior League of Cincinnati


WINTER IN THE JUNIOR LEAGUE CandO in Action The Community and Outreach Committee put together a November Month of Giving initiative, giving League members the opportunity volunteer at 9 events, supporting 6 different nonprofit organizations, serving over 200 volunteer hours!

JLC Holiday Party JLC Members gathered for the annual Holiday Party at Fueled Collective for an evening of fun, festive attire, and holiday cheer. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and libations and had an opportunity to participate in a raffle. Attendees also donated books to Family Nurturing Center.

Emerging Leaders Leadership Panel Leadership Development hosted an interactive panel where attendees had the opportunity to connect with panelists via a speed-dating style breakout/networking session. The panel was made up of JLC leaders in various stages of their leadership journey.

The JLC Gardeners and the Garden Club The ladies of both Sustainer Garden Clubs came together to create flower arrangements. Missy Holzman and Polly Culp were co-chairs of the day. Sue Dolan spoke on the Art Museum’s “Art in Bloom.”

January GMM

Launch Into Leadership

Jill Dickert, Tour of Kitchen’s Vice Chair kicked off the conversation with a recap on the fundraiser. League members voted on three topics at the January GMM and all proposed items were approved. We also received an update from Jeri Duncan, Columbia Center Chair, on the exciting things happening at the Columbia Center and from Ashley Rouster, JLC Managing Director, on changes to some important office details. 10 Winter 2022

In February, League members had the opportunity to learn more about applying for leadership positions within the League. There are 20+ Vice Chair roles open on the spring slate.

Supporting Family Nurturing Center League members have an ongoing opportunity to support our new community partner, Family Nurturing Center, through childcare.

Tour of Kitchens: Holiday Home Edition More than 325 guests attended this sold out event. Guests started at the Columbia Center for a Holiday Market then went on a self-guided tour of eight festively decorated homes in the Terrace Park and Mariemont area while sampling delicious food and beverages along the way for the Tour’s generous vendors.

Submit Your Event Photos! Email your favorite photos to the Perspectives Committee for inclusion in future issues at!

Junior League of Cincinnati


Maintaining Health from Home STAYING HEALTHY FROM HOME By: Meggan Thompson


OVID fatigue seems to be the new “buzzword” these days. For many, however, COVID fatigue is very real and avoiding it while ‘adulting’ proves to be more challenging each day. With the surge of the Omicron variant, many businesses and schools are returning to ‘Work From Home’. This means the New Normal to which we thought we were so eagerly returning, is once again a hopeful goal rather than a reality. The kitchen table is no longer available for meals; as computers have taken over. That quiet nook that hugged you as you finished that novel is now repurposed to…. ‘ew what is that’. It’s a lot to juggle and there are only so many “Death to 2021” type series you can watch. How then, does one stay sane? Here are a few tips to keep you healthy; mind, body and soul. Mental Health: It sounds cliché, but to optimize your mental health, the key is get the proper amount of rest and exercise. For most adults, that is 7-9 hours of sleep per night and 30 minutes of a consistent elevated heart rate four times weekly, according to When you don’t have the proper amount of rest, your stress response and digestive systems are negatively impacted. Likewise, lack of exercise limits your ability to sleep well..


Winter 2022

Physical Health: The Mayo Clinic reports that those who sit for eight or more hours per day had a risk of dying similar to those posed by obesity or smoking. As such, it is important to stand and stretch throughout the day. A best practice is to stand up for at least 15 minutes of every hour to help blood flow. While seated, try to keep your back straight and elbows close to your body. Your hips should be angled between 90 -120 degrees with your feet flat on the floor. You can also do stretches periodically in your chair. YouTube is a great resource for 5-minute stretch sessions. Nutritional Health: Didn’t your mother tell you to eat your vegetables? Well as the saying goes, mother knows best. More than 40 food nutrients can be organized into 7 categories: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and water. “How Not to Die” by Michael Greger M.D. is a book specifying how each food fits into these categories. High nutritional value foods, such as vegetables, often fill multiple categories, while remaining low in calories, giving you long-lasting energy. According to, “Giving to others can also help protect your mental and physical health. It can reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose.”

Checking in with our Members By Sarah L. Flohre Where do you live? Hilton Head Island, SC since 2015, but I spent 40+ years in Cincinnati. What do you do for a living? I Ellie Berghausen am retired. I was Sustainer mainly a stay-athome mom and ‘full-time’ volunteer, but I was fortunate to parley my treasurer skills into a short career as a bookkeeper and tax preparer at a firm owned by another JLC members, Janet Simpkinson. Family: Husband Jim. I have two grown children – Mark in San Francisco and Christy, in Seattle. Mark is an attorney. Christy is married and has two daughters Hazel (9) and Eloise (7). Why did you join the League? I was proposed for membership and joined the Junior League in my hometown, Peoria, IL, in 1974. Having just graduated from college and just weeks away from our wedding and move to Cincinnati, I transferred my membership to Cincinnati and completed my provisional year there. If I’m totally honest, the main reason I joined was to meet great people - and, it worked! How long have you been in the League? Since May 1974. Outside of the League, do you do any other volunteer work or have any hobbies? Over the years, yes, I did do volunteer work outside of the League -- to name a few places - Fernside, Hospice of Cincinnati, Beech Acres Parenting Center. Currently, I volunteer in Hilton Head at Volunteers in Medicine, a non-profit that serves the health and wellness needs of the medically underserved and their household who live or work on Hilton head or Daufuskie Islands. As for hobbies, I love to read and am in two book clubs. I also play tennis and golf and love taking long walks on the beach. What do you like about the League? I like the opportunity to work with like-minded women. Some of my best friends are women I met through the League. I liked working in groups to make something happen – whether it was Festival of Trees, a Show House, the National (and World) Figure Skating Championships, or being on the founding board of Fernside. The satisfaction of being part of a successful endeavor was my reward. What would you like the League to know about you? I relish those times when family and friends can gather … and I especially like it when that happens at my house!

Where do you live? Covington, KY Where did you transfer from? Junior League of Louisville

Yashna Patel Transfer

Where do you work? As a Patient Liaison for Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati Family: My husband, Dhruv, and I have a Shetland Sheepdog named Simmie. We are a petite family both in height and in number! Why did you join the league? I initially joined the Junior League to be engaged in the community and meet women who inspire me professionally. I also strive to bring more diversity and inclusion in the League. Outside of the league do you do any other volunteer work or have any hobbies? I just moved to Cincinnati this past October and I am really trying to attend local skill classes and find ways to be involved. My hobbies include hiking, taking art classes, Indian dancing, embroidery, reading, cooking, scrapbooking, iphoneography, and traveling. What do you like about the league? I love how the league gives women of all backgrounds opportunities to be a leader and serve in the community. The league also creates a safe space for women to explore leadership positions and build up their skill base. Furthermore, it empowers us to make connections and lifelong friendships by offering local social events and helps us rediscover where we live. Currently, I am working with CandO to distribute Valentine’s Day cards to two hundred TriHealth “health care heroes.” What else would you like the league to know about you? My husband and I love traveling and being in the great outdoors. You will catch us canoeing, skiing, snorkeling, hiking, and wildlife watching. Our goal is to visit every national park in the US!

Where do you live? O’Bryonville (Hyde Park) What do you do for a living? I help busy moms plan their family Byrd Bergeron or romantic Active getaways to ensure they’re taking the time for memory making! If you want to learn more, my business website is Family: Joseph (amazing husband), Leila (incredible 2-year old-daughter), Das (slightly annoying cat), and Baloo (overly adoring dog) Why did you join the League? The League was an important puzzle piece for me to be more involved with my community. Prior to moving to Cincinnati, we were a military family so we moved often and I was not able to feel a true connection to the places I lived. I wanted that to be different here in Cincinnati and the League was the perfect way to make that happen! I now see people all over town that I know and I get the opportunity to work with incredible nonprofits every year! Outside of the league, do you do any other volunteer work or have any hobbies? I’m from New Orleans so I adore cooking food that is terrible for you in every way but will make your heart (and taste buds) sing! I love to travel and only really ever feel at home when I’m on a plane enjoying the view from 30,000 ft. My favorite city is probably Barcelona as few places are so versatile with their interesting architecture, dazzling nightlife, unbelievable culinary scene, and a spectacular beach front! What do you like about the league? I love that the League feels like a place for connection for me. It’s hard to find time to make new friends, especially as a mom, and it feels like the League is able to hand me that on a silver platter every few weeks. I’m always meeting women that I later come to admire! What would you like the League to know about you? Running a small business is really scary. Being a mom is really scary. Trying to keep a marriage alive and thriving is really scary. If you see me, I probably need a hug, lol! If you need one, I’m here for it too!

Junior League of Cincinnati


Meet the Staff of the JLC By Kate Fortlage Maggie Youngblood

Ashley Rouster Area of town: In the heart of OTR

What she loves about JLC mission: The empowerment of women! Ashley has spent her career advocating for the safety of women and girls. Loved ones: Rescue pup named Buffalo and guinea pigs named Duck Duck and Mousee. Ashley is very close to her parents and her dad meets her at the Columbia Center once a month for lunch. Hobbies: Ashley & her best friend have attended Dragon*Con convention for the last 10 years. She also enjoys exploring our city, fashion and local boutiques, trivia nights and is working on stand-up.

Area of town: Clermont County

Area of town: Withamsville/Amelia

Length at the JLC: 7 months – time flies! Her superpower she brings to work: 12+ years of nonprofit experience, including extensive work in fundraising. She also comes from a background in crisis work and can stay calm in stressful moments.

Anthony Gregory

Length at the JLC: 2.5 years Her superpower she brings to work: 12+ years of customer service experience. She is used to a fast pace though can also slow down and listen. What she loves about JLC mission: We are empowered women who empower other women. And by doing that we promote volunteerism, community, and leadership. Loved ones: Soon-to-be husband Chris (“her rock”), awesome son Kai (who “keeps her on her toes”) and adorably fat pup named Rhino. She is very close to her mom Debbie.

Length at the JLC: 18 years His superpower he brings to work: His personality and a love for the Columbia Center building What he loves about JLC mission: How everyone comes together. Loved ones: The Junior League members- “they are friends who are like family” Hobbies: Classic cars and car shows. He just got a 1986 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible.

Hobbies: For now, wedding planning! She also loves to watch movies and play video games with her son. In the warmer seasons, she enjoys swimming, fishing, and riding on our four-wheelers.

Key Office Accomplishments in 2021

Worked alongside the Finance Council to improve our backend financial processes. Created new user-friendly forms to assist members with easy financial transactions with the office. This includes member reimbursements, vendor payments and online purchases. Supported the renovations taking place at the Columbia Center, including preparation and ongoing support for the construction crew and developing plans for increasing rentals.

Useful Information About the Office OFFICE CONTACT: You can reach the office via email at or via phone at 513-871-9339. OFFICE HOURS: The office is open, staffed and available to members Monday-Thursday from 10 am-3 pm. Any phone calls, emails or requests received outside of these times will receive a response within 2 business days. COLUMBIA CENTER HOURS: The Columbia Center is open, staffed and available to members Monday-Thursday from 10am-8:30pm. As a reminder, you can request a room rental on Digital Cheetah. REMINDER ON DONATIONS & TICKET PURCHASES: When mailing in donations or purchasing tickets to events, please either return your payment with the insert from the mailing or alert the office with a note as to what your donation/ purchase is for.


Winter 2022


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REASON #5 An expert Advisor will know the most unique experiences and the best restaurants in each destination.

Book now (504) 358-8982 Junior League of Cincinnati


Advocacy and Education Spotlight By: Amber Garrett


he Advocacy and Education committee is responsible for providing support and awareness to Junior League members through our past and present community partners. The goal is to strengthen engagement within the League that will leave a continuous impact on the community. This work is at the heart of the Junior League and aligns to our mission of improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Erika Lundstedt is currently the chair of the Advocacy and Education committee (A&E). A former high school government history teacher, her passion for educating others about the world around them appears to be limitless. She has been a member of the Junior League since 2018. When asked what her personal take on A&E is, she shared, “There is a way to make a difference and it doesn’t have to take a huge action. If you can get a few people together to do small things, other people will notice and that will raise awareness on the issues. Don’t be afraid to have conversations, as this can encourage other people to do small acts and then a ripple effect will begin.”When a member signs up for a volunteer shift on the Junior League calendar, Erika’s committee seeks to educate them on the issues behind what they are so proudly volunteering to support.

schedule of opportunities and educational materials with our new community partner, the Family Nurturing Center, whose mission supports this cause in the Greater Cincinnati area. Ohio State representatives Brigid Kelly and Jessica Miranda will be speaking at the GMM on April 5, educating our members about Erin’s Law, which requires all public schools in each state to implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program. The law has passed in 37 states and is pending in Ohio and Kentucky. Through this collaboration, the Junior League strives to educate its members on prevention services that will help protect children and produce thriving families.

On October 13, 2021, the Vice Chair of A&E, Kamara Douglas, organized a Women in Politics Panel at the Columbia Center. Four women that currently hold political leadership roles in Cincinnati were present for an interactive panel led by Lacey Roberts from local news station WLWT. Cincinnati City Council members Liz Keating and current Vice-Mayor Jan-Michele Kearney, Judge Wende C. Cross and Judge Janaya Trotter Bratton spoke about how they approach leadership and the challenges they face as women in government. They also shared ways to get involved, how to grow advocacy skills and how to utilize our voices to make a positive change in society. Building on our A&E agenda, we are recognizing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month; this is a national initiative to recognize and prevent child abuse and neglect through families and communities working together. Advocacy and Education is currently partnering with the Program Development and CandO committees to plan a month-long

Women in Politics Panel at the Columbia Center

There is a way to make a difference and it doesn’t have to be a huge action. If you can get a few people together to do small things other people will notice and that will raise awareness on the issues. Don’t be afraid to have conversations, this can encourage other people to do small acts and then a ripple effect has begun.


Winter 2022


By: Sarah L. Flohre


arjorie Motch, remembered as an unflagging force of nature within the Junior League and Cincinnati, passed away in October. Born Marjorie Jean McCullough in 1923, Marjorie grew up in Hyde Park as an only child. In describing Marjorie’s commitment to service in her eulogy, Marjorie’s good friend and JLC member Judy Dalambakis shared, “her father taught her, her most important lesson - that was the meaning of responsibility […]. Her parents expected her to be involved in the community and become involved, she certainly did.”

Marjorie Ittmann Motch (July 12, 1923 - October 11, 2021)

Within the League, Marjorie served as the National President of the Association of Junior Leagues (1960-1962) and chaired and founded the Cincinnati Children’s Theater and Nursery School for the Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center. Marjorie also received the highest honor bestowed by the Junior League, the International Mary Harriman award, in 2000. In addition to the local projects Marjorie founded and fostered within Cincinnati, she is also remembered for raising the national profile of the Junior League with visits to the White House. Despite all these accomplishments, Marjorie’s community work went beyond the work she did for the League. She served as the National Board President of the Girl Scouts of America of the USA (1972-1975), and was the President and Founder of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation. She also was the President and Founder of the Urban League’s Guild (1953-1954), at a time when the need for Urban Leagues was not well-recognized. Judy recalls attending an AJLI conference with Marjorie years after she founded the Guild, where people lined up to thank her for all she had done for the community. These are just a few of Marjorie’s many roles and contributions to our community. Marjorie was a fun and gracious presence, despite the gravity of her accomplishments. If you helped her even a little bit, you could expect a written thank you letter within days, just as you could not expect her to attend an event without enjoying a glass of Jim Beam on the rocks. She was always asking to jump in, stuff envelopes or help out. In the words of former Cincinnati Parks Director Willie Carden, at a dinner in her honor, “If you don’t want to get things done, get the heck out of her way.”

TOP: Ms. Marjorie Motch and First Lady Betty Ford greet Girl Scouts at the 1975 National Council Session. She served as the President of the National Board of the Girl Scouts from 1972- 1975. BOTTOM: Marjorie (second from left), together with Dr. Gloria Scott (left) during the same convention.

Marjorie is survived by her two daughters, stepchildren, and her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She is greatly missed by her family and by all of her friends in the Junior League.

Marjorie served as the Association of Junior Leagues National President from 1960-1962. Junior League of Cincinnati


The Evolution of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging By Jenn Bakes


sk any member of the Junior League of Cincinnati why they first joined our organization of phenomenal women, and somewhere in their response, you can bet you’ll hear the word community. A community to grow with, learn with, laugh with, volunteer with. A community of women dedicated to building better communities for others. It’s at the heart of what we represent, and what sets us apart from other volunteer organizations. For whether we gather for a day of service, an evening committee meeting, or a weekend fundraiser, we are seeking out a sense of belonging. We want to create an environment where all women can feel that sense of belonging. We are making several changes to our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Committee, the first of which is changing its name. To emphasize belonging, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion, it will now be called “DEIB.” However, efforts to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging cannot be limited only to a name change. It requires an ongoing effort to change our culture, behaviors, policies. Our effort first began with the creation of the DE&I Committee in 2018, and now, we continue its evolution. This year, consultant Tristan Vaught, Co-founder of Transform Cincy and the


Winter 2022

Director of Education and Training at Living with Change, will provide sixty hours of consulting and three training sessions. Tristan will work alongside our DEIB Committee to identify opportunities for change and growth within the JLC, and they will help to start an action plan to achieve them. Additionally, we will be elevating our DEIB presence by placing DEIB leadership roles on both the Board and Executive Membership Team. A DEIB Vice Chair will sit on the Executive Management Team, and then the following year, the Vice Chair role will transition into the Chair role, sitting as a voting member on the Board of Directors. Our recently elected DEIB Chair will be Amber David, and the Vice Chair will be Deanna Hillard. DEIB efforts are not intended to be short term. We will continue to evolve to meet the present needs of our community. In following the lead set by AJLI, “We must be intentional and proactive in our actions to build diverse and inclusive Junior Leagues… for the good of the community, the wellbeing of our society, the strength of our relationships, the magnitude of our impact, the scope of our visibility, the quality of our leadership, the reality of our relevance and our essence as human beings.”

MEMBER MILESTONES Deanna Hillard & Emily Thobe YWCA 2022 Rising Star Leadership Program Deanna Hillard, Senior Manager, Volunteer Engagement for National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Emily Thobe, Regional Field Service Manager for Leica Biosystems, were accepted into the YWCA 2022 Rising Star Leadership Program.

Meggan Thompson Meggan Thompson joined the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative Board of Young Professionals.

Liz Rains

Liz Fry and Dustin Rains were married in Cincinnati on September 25th 2021.

Nazly Mamedova

Nazly Mamedova and her husband Robert Alonso welcomed their first child, Isabela Elmira Alonso, on December 3, 2021.

Emily Radley

Emily Ryan and Jay Radley were married on October 1, 2021 at St. Xavier Church in downtown Cincinnati. A reception was held at the Hilton Netherland Plaza in the Hall of Mirrors. The couple honeymooned following the wedding in Maui.

Brittany Strawman

Brittany Strawman purchased a dental practice with her husband, Kyle Tangney, in November 2021. At Strawman Family Dentistry, they treat patients of all ages and do general and cosmetic dentistry.

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Bob’s Mom’s Banana Bread RECIPE CORNER



• • • • • • • • •

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix the flour, baking powder and baking soda together. Beat the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs. Add the sour cream and banana and beat well. Stir in the dry ingredients. Fold in the chocolate chips. Spoon into a greased large loaf pan or two greased small loaf pans. Bake for 50 minutes or until the bread tests done. Remove to a wire rack to cool.

2 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter or margarine, softened 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1/4 cup sour cream 2 ripe bananas, mashed 1 cup chocolate chips

This recipe can be found on page 62 of “Cincinnati Seasoned,” the cookbook of the Junior League of Cincinnati. Recipe submission by Katy Crossen.

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Attendees will enjoy a delicious luncheon and exhilarating fashion show that will showcase some of Cincinnati’s best boutiques, modeled by members and friends of the JLC. Our beloved pop-up shop will feature unique & trendy boutiques and businesses from around the Cincinnati area. “Silhouette” is designed to appeal to the entire family and fashion-forward individuals. All proceeds benefit the Junior League of Cincinnati and its mission of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers, and to further the impact of our current partnership with Family Nurturing Center.