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Perspectives AUTUMN 2017

Volunteerism Abroad Learn how Junior League of Cincinnati Sustainer, Danya Kurram, led charge in Jordan by assisting with medical and humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees. PAGE 4

A Human-Centered Curriculum The new curriculum design connects all of the League’s efforts by teaching members skills, motivating them to practice those skills within their committees and inspiring them to replicate in our communities what they learned through direct service opportunities. PAGE 5

Capacity in Organizations Learn about Vicki Clark’s approach to building capacity by ensuring organizations are meeting members where they are in their “continuum.” PAGE 12

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President’s Perspective Sustainer Danya Karram Reflects on Assisting with Syrian Refugee Relief this Summer JLC Introduces Human-Centered Design Curriculum New Member Welcome & Spotlights Kicking Off A New Year: Photo Review

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Nonprofit Incubation A Mission Moment from Amelia Crutcher Vicki Clark: Building Capacity in Organizations Member Milestones A Busy Season for CandO

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The Junior League of Cincinnati is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Perspectives is the magazine of the Junior League of Cincinnati, published multiple times throughout the year. Past issues and advertising rates can be found online at For more news and events, follow us on social media. JLCincinnati



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President’s Perspective Dear Friends, I hope you are doing well and enjoying this magical holiday season. Thank you to everyone for supporting our Seventh Annual Tour of Kitchens (TOK) event. When you support the Junior League of Cincinnati by attending our fundraisers, you’re investing in the power of women to create lasting community change. Because of your help and support and our amazing TOK leadership team and committee, we exceeded our fundraising and attendance goals!

community, from our community. Many of us experienced a ‘Mission Moment’ while volunteering shoulder to shoulder last month. It is during these times that we form forever friendships and truly get to know each other and community members we are serving.

Just as we are learning to apply human-centered design to listen and get to know the communities we co-create solutions with, we certainly can apply those same principles to our membership. Our leaders are listening to your feedback, and we want to co-design an experience that will empower and support you to be a powerful and effective community and civic leader. We value your membership and want our League to benefit you and in turn our community.

This is also about moving the needle to raise awareness about an issue. It is about considering everything the League does – training, education, direct service opportunities and connecting the issue we select to our mission and everything with do. Through this mission-based mindset we are striving to make ourselves indispensable to our community.

As we move forward with our Program Development process, we continue to think It is hard to believe that we are already through the about how to ensure we are first half of this year. We have big plans to provide a mission-based by building the meaningful experience for you, our members, and League around we certainly hope you feel we are an issue that exceeding your expectations. As outlined in the 2017-2018 Annual “Through our mission- we believe we can impact. As Guidebook that you received in August, based mindset we we consider potential we strive to nurture a mission-driven, are striving to make member-focused culture that fosters ourselves indispensable programs/projects, this is not just about direct service opportunities. lifelong membership. to our community.”

We are three months into our overarching curriculum for the year which is carried out through our “Learn It – Practice It” model at our General Membership Meetings. In September we introduced our human-centered design curriculum and learned how empathy, creativity, and divergent thinking can ensure that our community service work is rooted in community voice. In October, we were trained on how to frame issues to transition a problem to an opportunity, and how empathy invites us to listen. And in November, we provided direct service opportunities, so members could learn first-hand in our

I wish you and your families a joyous holiday season and a healthy and happy New Year! I look forward to celebrating with you at our Annual Holiday ‘Give, Share and Be Merry’ Party on December 12. And keep an eye out for our Fashion Show hostess tickets – those will be available in December and you won’t want to miss out on all of the fun that our Fashion Show team is planning!


Vicki Marsala Calonge JLC President #JLCincy | 3

Sustainer Danya Karram Reflects on Assisting with Syrian Refugee Relief This Summer



hile many enjoy the summer as a time for relaxation and vacations, Danya Karram, Junior League of Cincinnati (JLC) Sustainer, was leading change in the Middle East. Danya travelled with her family to Amman, Jordan on a mission trip to serve Syrian refugees in need of medical and humanitarian care. Danya volunteered for one week on a self-funded trip with Atlantic Humanitarian Relief (AHR). AHR is a nonprofit organization that leads missions to address the physical and emotional suffering of displaced Syrians -- a group that now exceeds 6.6 million people -- by providing medical and humanitarian aid to refugees.

The time the children spent with the AHR volunteers was, Danya hopes, a reprieve from these daily hardships and constraints. She remembers one girl in particular, 11-yearold Amena. Danya spent time teaching Amena the English alphabet, while Amena worked to teach Danya the Arabic alphabet. Although neither spoke the same language, they connected through laughter.

For those involved with Junior League of Cincinnati’s RefugeeConnect, Danya’s experience and observations abroad may sound familiar. One of RefugeeConnect’s key purposes is to bring refugees, their stories, and issues they may face, Alongside other volunteers, Danya “It was like nothing out of isolation and into the Cincinnati I’ve ever seen.” community. The Junior League’s decision travelled hours by bus each day to to focus on this unmet community need different campsites in Jordan. The camps ranged from UN sponsored refugee camps, which has led to a truly important partnership and Danya will housed 40,000 to 70,000 Syrians, to makeshift camps be consulting with RefugeeConnect to provide additional along roadsides. Danya recalled the unnerving site of perspective on the hardships that many refugees in the the first UN sponsored camp she visited, remembering, Cincinnati area may have faced before moving to the U.S. “It was like nothing I’ve ever seen.” Standing alone in the In the future Danya would like to return to Jordan to serve barren desert, barbed wire enclosed a camp comprised of the AHR again. In the meantime, she hopes to be a force thousands of small, tin shelters that stretched towards the for good by creating awareness about the human tragedy horizon in countless rows. unfolding along Syria’s borders. Danya’s husband, Dr. Michael Karram, an OB/GYN, performed over 20 surgeries in Jordan on Syrian refugees. As non-citizens of Jordan, the refugees do not have health insurance, although refugees in UN sponsored camps may receive limited healthcare. Dr. Karram was part of a medical team that prescribed medicine, performed surgeries, and provided psychiatric help, among other services. Meanwhile, Danya and her two adult children provided humanitarian support and supplies to refugees, serving in whatever capacity they were most needed. Some days Danya helped pharmacists dispense prescriptions to patients. Other days she was tasked with engaging Syrian children by playing games, dancing and singing with them, and painting the nails of little girls. For children, life in a refugee camp is especially difficult. The Syrian military conflict has displaced two million children to date. In some camps children are the majority of the demographic. And as the Syrian civil war persists, the number of children who have only ever called a refugee camp home rises. Many children do not have access to education, and some spend their days working in fields and in other capacities. #JLCincy | 4

JLC Introduces Human-Centered Design Curriculum



n the spring of last year, the Junior Leagueof CIncinnati (JLC) leadership team began on-going discussions around a fully-integrated curriculum connecting all the events and projects the League was supporting, and also giving more opportunities to our members to participate in leadership training and even put it into practice. Six leadership teams were involved in this design to follow a simple framework: learning a skill, practicing it, and then applying it. In order to implement this idea, the discussions evolved to determine how the League could complement each General Membership Meeting (GMM) training with modules to teach our members the skills, motivate them to practice those skills within their committees, and inspire them to replicate in our communities what they learned through direct service opportunities coordinated by our Community and Outreach (CandO) team. You can find the finer details of the new Human-Centered Design Curriculum in the JLC Annual Guidebook 2017-2018 that was mailed to all members in August. These leadership teams have worked closely with Design Impact, a nonprofit social innovation firm, to co-create a JLC-specific curriculum that functions in three basic layers: human-centered design concepts introduced at General Membership Meetings, deeper-dive trainings for members at committee meetings, and facilitated “Practice It” volunteer opportunities throughout the year where members can apply the concepts of issue-framing, empathic listening, divergent thinking, co-designing with the community, and prototyping community solutions. These skills are especially relevant as we undertake a new cycle of program development to vote on our next program or project in April 2018. GMM trainings in January, February, and March will all speak specifically to the mindset and techniques needed to co-design solutions with our community through the lens of our own program development and beyond. The Leadership and Development Committee has also adjusted other JLC leadership development opportunities to further support this curriculum: the Emerging Leaders Program, Board Bank, and the Leadership Incubator

Training Series. The Emerging Leaders program has been expanded to a year-long program, giving participants the opportunity to bond and learn from each other as they meet throughout the year to refine their leadership skills and learn about the growth opportunities of JLC leadership positions. These adjustments are intended to increase consistency in the program and accelerate the development of our future leaders. The Board Bank training is also going to be offered every year to make this successful four-training series accessible to more of our members and better support the growing numbers of nonprofit organizations in our communities who are seeking trained board candidates with demonstrable nonprofit leadership skills. Participants will learn about the requirements, expectations, and skills necessary for nonprofit board service, and graduates will have access to many nonprofit boards with open positions. The Leadership Incubator Training Series was launched this past spring as part of the JLC’s strategic plan to provide best-in-class training and practical experience for our leadership team. This series offers leaders incredible team building, leadership learning, cross-collaboration, and annual planning opportunities. Several Junior League members shared their first impressions regarding the new comprehensive curriculum (human-centered design) introduced during the September General Membership Meeting: Anne Bangert, a first year active, shared, “I really enjoyed the human-centered design training. I found it really helpful to view project planning through different lenses. I think that sort of thinking ultimately leads to fresh, streamlined, and smart projects that have a more genuine impact.” New member, Rebecca Moats said that, “The perspective I took away from the human-centered design training was how to show value to a person or a focus group of individuals with their true needs in mind as the design. When this is successfully achieved by asking the right, real questions of what’s behind a need then we can better meet needs and bridge gaps throughout our communities.” #JLCincy | 5

Welcome, 2017 New Member Class! We welcomed an astounding class of New Members with a New Member brunch and orientation, where the new members connected and shared stories of what brought them to the Junior League of Cincinnati. Sara Ahlrichs

Lacey Fox

Patricia Lee

Maureen Rooney

Danielle Bell

Victoria Gayotin

Catherine Lentz

Madison Sabatelli

Chelsea Lewis (Back)

Anna Gelis

Whitney Lonnemann

Maria Schneider

Nicole Barba

Margaret Gibson

Gina Lower

Katie Schneider

Maggie Bieger

Lynnette Greber

Stacy Lutz

Emily Schuler

Samantha Bodner

Kayla Grimslid

Nazly Mamedova

Jessie Schwein

Sadie Bonifas

Nicole Hadley

Victoria Masny

Mina Shen

Andrea Buschmiller

Amanda Haney

Eden Mays

Katie Small

Davis Ann Cacciatore

Katrina Hartsel

Evelyn McWilliams

Chelsea Smalling

Diana Campbell

Sadie Healy

Katelynn Mendrala

Anne-Marie Smith

Mary Kay Carter

Sara Heath

Hanna Menius

Lindsey Staten

Abi Clabeaux

Jessica Herzog

Christine Mideli

Carly Tamborski

Nichole Clarke

Maria Hoffman

Anne Miller

Pirjin Tayip

Cierra Clymer

Jennifer Honerlaw

Bethany Miller

Nicole Thomas

Jennifer Collins

Laura Hughes-Cheng

Jennifer Minks

Charlotte Duggan

Heather Couch

Lauren Hunter

Rebecca Moats

Katie Weiskircher

Ann Crilley

Taylor Johnson

Laura Morgan

Karen Wernicke

Sharvari Dayal

Sara Jolley

Allison Papathanas

Amanda White

Jill Dickert

Katie Judson

Kimberly Perros

Abigail Whited

Caitlyn Donahue

Nicole Kay

Dawn Perry

Taylor Doty

Emily Keller

Rachel Presler

Katie Durstock

Sara Klekar

Emily Reber

Portia Dyrenforth

Lauren Klonne

Jessica Robinson

Xaviera Edwards

Bridget Kochersperger

Elizabeth Robinson

Tina Engdahl

Megan Landers

Rachel Rodrigue

Anna Finke

Lucy Lane

Anne Compton Rodrigue

#JLCincy | 6

New Member Spotlight By LAURA HICKS

Xaviera Edwards


aviera, also known as Zebbie to her friends, is excited to give back to her community by joining the League. She is also looking forward to how the JLC will contribute to her professional development as a Human Resources manager and personal development as a leader. She is eager to meet more like-minded professional women and participate in networking opportunities. She can’t wait to get a better understanding of everything the JLC has to offer and how to get more involved while making new friends along the way. Xaviera is involved with Dress for Success Cincinnati, a long-time partner organization of the JLC. She is also involved in the Women’s Alliance, which supports, motivates and empowers African American youth to realize their highest potential, and sponsors activities and provides financial resources to enhance cultural awareness, champion academic achievement, and promote the social development of young people.

Nazly Mamedova


azly was initially drawn to The Junior League of Cincinnati as an opportunity to hone her leadership skills. Staying true to her lawyer roots, she did her research and spent time talking to other JLC members to ensure the League would be a good fit for her. She is already active in other non profits including serving as a Board member of the Greater Cincinnati Red Cross. She is excited to get to meet others in the JLC this year through activities with New Members, Actives and Sustainers, and is looking forward to getting involved in the community and hearing people’s stories. Maybe when you meet Nazly you can tell her your story in a different language: she knows six, and is working to make that seven by learning Spanish.

Lacey Fox


acey is a funeral director and embalmer for Spring Grove Funeral Homes, where she has worked for ten years. While working there, she met several women who were members of the League and was so inspired by all of the incredible things the women had done for the community. Lacey is excited to become a part of an amazing organization that serves our community while creating new relationships with women who share common goals. Lacey is also a member of the Blue Ash Lions Club, a civic organization that works to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, and encourage and promote international understanding.

Maureen Rooney


incinnati native, Maureen, grew up seeing the Junior League of Cincinnati’s many contributions to the community and their presence at numerous events. It was because of this that she reached out to the organization in hopes of becoming a member. She is excited to further develop her professional skills, contribute to projects that benefits our community, and meet new people that she may not have met before her involvement in the Junior League of Cincinnati.

#JLCincy | 7

Kicking Off A New Year September GMM Members were welcomed back with an inspiring keynote by Vicki Clark and an introduction to humancentered design facilitated by Michelle Stawicki. This meeting not only celebrated our upcoming year, but also provided an introductory window into our overarching curriculum, which will be continued through a “Learn It - Practice It” model of General Membership Meeting trainings, direct volunteer service opportunities, community co-creation, and more. #LearnedItinJuniorLeague

October GMM Michelle Stawicki led members through a training on empathic approaches to framing issues through the “How Might We…” tactic, and exercises on how to build empathy. #LearnedItinJuniorLeague

November “Practice It!” Meetings Kick Off League members visited Brighton Center’s Two River Senior Apartments, where they shared a game of Bingo, snacks, and laughter with the residents, while practicing Empathetic Interviewing and Understanding Skills we learned at the October GMM. #PracticeIt

Leadership Incubator Leadership Development empowered 2017-2018 VPs, Chairs, and Vice Chairs with a five-part Incubator series where women learned about the Principles of Servant Leadership, created committee goals and plans for the year to come, and got to know their fellow JLC Leaders. #LearnedItinJuniorLeague

#JLCincy | 8

RefugeeConnect New Member Bus “Stories of Survival” Tour In partnership with the Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education, RefugeeConnect team members hosted the final installment of a free 3-part speaker series highlighting first-hand experiences of refugees from Bosnia, Burma, and Burundi. #RefugeeConnect

CandO Events

The CandO Committee has provided many The annual New Member opportunities to get Bus Tour went off without involved, including events a hitch with our JLC like the Children’s Theatre Sustainers leading a tour Family Gala, trips to the of the city for the New Ronald McDonald House to Members and Transfers, help out during snack time, highlighting the Cincinnati hosting Halloween parties landmarks, history, and at Cincinnati Children’s community organizations. #CultivatingCivicLeadership Hospital. #PracticeIt

GrinUp! Volunteer Event Members volunteered at our Inside the Grin exhibit at the Cincinnati Children’s Museum, where they helped conduct educational dental hygiene experiments with the children visiting the museum. #GrinUp

RefugeeConnect Volunteer Workshop RefugeeConnect hosted a volunteer training workshop for community members that included training on employment, financial literacy, education, and citizenship. #RefugeeConnect

Family Volunteer Day “Children Building Better Communities” was a huge success. Children learned about the needs in our city and then had the opportunity to take action and make a difference by creating 400+ snack bags for children in our community. #GiveBack

New Member Brunch & Orientation The Brunch & Orientation provided the New Members with the perfect introduction into the League and their small groups; with inspiring speakers and an informative session, the women felt welcome and excited. #JLCincy #JLCincy | 9

Nonprofit Incubation By HALEY B. ELKINS


his autumn has been an exciting time for the Junior League of Cincinnati’s mission of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities. Our Program Development team has spent over a year conducting a community needs assessment with dozens of community partners, and on October 3, officially launched their Request for Proposals to the Greater Cincinnati community. With a new program development cycle underway and as we approach our centennial year in 2020, many JLC Members are also reflecting on more than a hundred unique projects and programs incubated or impacted by the Junior League of Cincinnati, including our current GrinUp! and RefugeeConnect programs, which will be completing their incubation periods this year. “The programs of the Junior League of Cincinnati have pushed the needle in the advancement of women and children over the past 97 years,” shared Gina Germana, Vice President of Community Impact. “RefugeeConnect and GrinUp! came at a time where these issues were not met in our community, and have since transformationally improved the needs that were not met five years ago by bringing together stakeholders in the community to create solutions and develop one unified voice.” In preparing for the transition for these two programs, the first consideration is that the community has determined an ongoing need for the program to continue; not all programs necessarily need to exist in perpetuity, as some can accomplish their goals without existing as a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or may best serve the community by transitioning to an existing nonprofit #JLCincy | 10

that specializes in a particular focus area. After five years of nonprofit incubation around children’s mental health access, the JLC launched MindPeace as its own nonprofit in 2007. After extensive, intentional conversations with a collaborative network of providers and other stakeholders, the need for MindPeace was clear: no other mental health organization focused on systemic improvements to children’s mental health access and quality. Fernside Center for Grieving Children took a slightly different path: founded in the mid-1980s by Rachel and Paul Burrell in response to the loss of their son, Fernside was able to partner with the JLC for seed funding and significant volunteer support in order to open its doors in 1986; fifteen years later, the landscape of grief support resources had shifted, and Fernside is now affiliated with Hospice of Cincinnati to increase bereavement support in the community.

of strategic planning and an agile perspective are essential to long term success of nonprofit incubation. A signature aspect of Junior League of Cincinnati’s nonprofit incubation history has always been working side by side with community stakeholders to build collaboration to deliver transformational impact.” If feedback from the community determines that an incubation does need to exist as a separate nonprofit, then there are the operational aspects to consider, such as establishing staffing, a Board of Directors, and fundraising strategies to ensure a successful launch.

JLC President-Elect Tara Noland is putting more than a decade of nonprofit management experience to work with our Community Impact team to as both GrinUp! and RefugeeConnect prepare to transition out of incubation. “It takes a considerable amount of time and energy to organize operations for a successful nonprofit Different still launch into the are other JLC “It’s a constantly c o m m u n i t y , programs that did moving target, and especially because not need to exist a combination of the programmatic as a separate strategic planning and and direct-service nonprofit in order an agile perspective work can’t just stop to accomplish their are essential to long while we focus on the goals, such as the term success of operational launch development of a nonprofit incubation.” aspects like filing Guidebook for the 501(c)(3) paperwork Handicapped in 1962, the funding of a swimming pool or creating long-term multi-year for Camp Stepping Stones in 1965, or budgets.” Noland further explained, the establishment of a college and “In a launch year, it’s more important career counseling center at Withrow than ever to be clear about what the organization’s goals and capacity are. High School in 1997. That’s part of what makes the Junior RefugeeConnect Program Director League a strong nonprofit incubator -Robyn Lamont, who has been with the the skills, experience, and resources JLC in her role since 2015, explains: exist within our membership and “The landscape is always changing; structure to keep moving forward on new resources become available both programmatic and operational and previously available resource pieces at the same time, and to give are discontinued. It’s a constantly guidance on capacity and direction.” moving target, and a combination

A Mission Moment from Sustainer, Amelia Crutcher

Program Development Request for Proposals The JLC is inviting community members and organizations to submit a proposal for funding and partnership. Based on extensive research conducted over the past year, we are seeking the community’s ideas for creating a positive impact within the following areas:

“In August I went with Robyn Lamont of RefugeeConnect to visit a local refugee high school student participating in the ArtWorks program, painting murals outdoors during the summer. I have known her family since they arrived three years ago, and in the spring helped her fill out her application for this project of murals painted by refugees. When we arrived she came running up to us with energy and happiness, and said this was the best summer ever she has so many new friends, they are like a new family. This is what it is all about, seeing a young woman so excited about life and looking forward to the future.”

• The Heroin and Opioid Epidemic • Basic Needs (housing, food, transportation, education, etc.) • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) • Lack of support for youth aging out of social services Please submit your completed application no later than midnight on December 8, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact our Program Development committee at 513.549.1119 or

#JLCincy | 11


Vicki Clark: Building Capacity in Organizations

n September, Association of Junior Leagues International Trainer and nonprofit expert Vicki Clark spoke to JLC Members about building capacity in organizations as part of our Leadership Incubator training series. “In membership organizations, there is a continuum of membership. Each of us are at various places on this continuum at different times in our lives; it’s fluid, and we move back and forth for a variety of reasons.” She further explained that the tendency can creep up to set expectations that only encourage women to sustain (or increase) their current commitment -- but a membership organization like the JLC must encourage members to change their level of involvement to fit their lives.

This continuum, Clark explained, ranges from philanthropic, to transactional, to integrated. In the philanthropic space, members support the value of the organization by paying their dues -- and there may be years in women’s lives where that method of supporting our mission is the singular commitment they can make to the League. In the transactional space, members are able to also engage in activities and work that bring them value personally, whether it’s the opportunity to serve on a committee, work on a project/program, or simply be in a space with other supportive women. In an integrated space, a member is actively involved and has integrated the organization and

#JLCincy | 12

its mission into her life in a number of ways, through many subsets of engagement. All spaces on this continuum are valuable, and important. This training has led to many animated discussions among the JLC leadership team far beyond our Membership Council. VP Training & Development, Sarah Rieger, shared, “If a woman would like to volunteer in the community, she can do it without the League. What makes the League unique is our sense of community and developing women. Our ongoing goal is to equip members with skills that will aid in whatever capacity they choose to serve, both within the League and in our community. We want membership to be a benefit to women and enhance their lives.” “At the bottom of the JLC’s mission statement are these words: ‘its purpose is exclusively charitable and educational.’ But women have to give each other charity first, before we can give it to other people,” explained Clark. These words resonated with League members, as they echoed the opening lines of our first Annual Report in 1920: “Everyone felt that our scattered efforts could accomplish more if banded together by a strong league spirit. However we may develop, our original aim was a real desire to help our city and community.”

Legacies are Sown.

Change is part of life.

Our financial experts will help guide you through life’s changes.

Julie Albright, CFA, CFPÂŽ Wealth Advisor JLC Sustainer


Your Trust, Invested Wisely.SM #JLCincy | 13

Member Milestones

Deb Livingston, “Forty Under 40” Recipient Deb Livingston, Development Director at Mayfield Education & Research Foundation, was selected as one of the Cincinnati Business Courier’s ‘Forty Under 40’ for 2017.

Julie Albright

Lauren Allen

Zaria Davis

Emily Headley

Julie, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, recently joined Madison Wealth Management as a Wealth Advisor.

Lauren Fink and Ben Allen were married on August 26, 2017.

Dr. Zaria Davis was announced as Executive Director for Lincoln Heights Outreach, Inc., a nonprofit, 501(c)3 established in 2012, which is committed to moving families towards self-sufficiency.

Emily and Ward Headley are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Samuel Harrison Headley. Sam was born on July 10 and weighted 5lbs and 2oz. He joins big brother Ward, Jr. who is 3 1/2.

Bridget Kochersperger

Lynn Larson

Laura Hicks

Marty & Jamie Humes

Laura Hicks became engaged to Jay Fischer while visiting Michigan August 27. They are planning a September 2018 wedding.

Sustainer Mother-Daughter duo Marty & Jamie Humes have teamed up to Co-Chair the 2018 Hats Off Luncheon to support the Cincinnati Parks Foundation. Lifelong best friends, this is their first mega-volunteer project together!

Laura Lewin

Allison Mayborg

Laura and Matt Lewin welcomed their third child, Cooper David on June 11, 2017. Big siblings Hunter and Abigail are over the moon excited to have a baby brother.

Rebecca Moats

Jennifer Reed

Allison Mayborg won the Ladies’ Club Championship (Golf) at Western Hills Country Club on August 13, 2017. Her scores were 72-80-78 across the three days of competition.

Rebecca Moats started a new career with Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services as a Children Protective Services Investigator and Assessor.

Sustainer Jennifer Reed and her husband, Brad, proudly announce the arrival of Margaret Mary, affectionately known as Margot. She joins proud brothers Jack and Nicholas.

Kendall Shaw Proud parents Kendall and Kyle Shaw, and big siblings Tommy, Ted, Jane, and Margaret, welcomed their new addition, Caroline Marie, 5 pounds, 10 ounces and 18 inches, on September 23, 2017. #JLCincy | 14

Bridget was promoted to Account Lynn recently retired from the Supervisor at Scooter Media, a PR Wyoming School Board after 11 and social media firm in Covington, years of service. Kentucky.

Submit Your Milestone We love to celebrate your milestones! Share your promotions, retirements, awards and nominations, new babies, engagements, weddings, and other milestones! Submit your milestone by logging into the JLC member site online at

CandO Kicked Off the Year in Full Force Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Halloween Party JLC volunteers dressed in costumes and hosted a fun Halloween party for the patients on the Residential unit at the hospital’s College Hill Campus. The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s residential program provides a safe and nurturing environment for children and adolescents who need a longer period of treatment than can be provided in an inpatient setting. The Children’s Theatre Family Gala Families gathered at the Taft Theatre for a special Family Gala inspired by Peter Pan Jr., the first production of The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s 17-18 season. After the performance, everyone moved next door to the ballroom to enjoy a feast for children and adults. Volunteers assisted with the dinner, children’s games, photo booth, and prize table during the event. Family Volunteer Day “Children Building Better Communities” was a huge success; children learned about the needs in our city and then had the opportunity to take action and make a difference. The children were excited to start decorating the snack packs with inspiring messages and pictures for the children who would receive them. Together, we created 400+ snack bags for children in Lower Price Hill who rely on school meals to provide breakfast and lunch.

New es Class g in m For ! Now

#JLCincy | 15

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Cincinnati, Ohio Permit No. 1876

Junior League of Cincinnati Columbia Center 3500 Columbia Parkway Cincinnati, Ohio 45226

Women building better communities®

Share Y Experie our nce

JLC Receives Milestone Awards


Congratulations to our 2015-2016 JLC Award Winners! Cookie Nowland Sustainer Award Carol Conlan

We had a fun and festive evening at our annual holiday party! We connected Ellen Rose, old President of AJLI, withand JLC President-Elect RefugeeConnect Director Robyn Lamont with friends made new ones, Program enjoying Kendall Shaw & President Michelle Vaeth accepts $2500 Fuel the Fire Grant light dinner and libations, and giving back to Fuel Cincinnati held its Fifth Annual Fuel the The JLC was awarded the national 2016 AJLI the community to celebrate the season! Fire Event on Monday, May 16, 2016. The Leadership Development Award for its Board Bank Program at The Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) Annual Conference held in Atlanta in early May. The JLC will receive $10,000 for member development and training programs.

JLC’s RefugeeConnect won the $2,500 award for its “The Funnel” initiative compeitive pitch presentation.

Happy New Year!

Established by the JLC’s Leadership Development Committee, the Board Bank is a unique training program that develops the leadership potential of members by preparing them to become successful non-profit board members and then helps to place them on nonprofit boards within the Cincinnati community. The Junior League Leadership Development Award recognizes exemplary League member training and development programs designed to create lasting community impact.

As a result of this grant funding, The Funnel will now become a program that provides quarterly training to educate young adults interested in volunteering with refugees and places volunteers with opportunities to serve the refugee community. Fuel the Fire is the grant-making arm of Give Back Cincinnati, which helps launch community-based ideas into reality by providing funding for promising non-profit local initiatives developed by or for young professionals.

Shanon Marks Outstanding New Member Award Cecilia Boldrini

Rising Star Award

Paaras Parker & Erin Rolfes

Excellence In Training Award Sarah Reiger & Rene Robers

Jeanne Boyce Morrison President’s Award Taylor Bennett

Transformational Team Award

Spring Fundraiser Committee Membership Engagement Committee Community Impact Award Cincinnati Museum Center