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CONTENTS Page 20. Here Comes the Sun is a story about how our society today has always had set rules on fashion, but in the 60s the only rule was that there were no rules. Designer tags had no connection with the hippies. The hippie style was more than just a fashion statement; it was a way of life.


Page 11. An Artistic Scar can capture a particular point in oneís life that was important.


Page 5. BMX rider freshman Jake Gatlin has been riding a bike since he was just a kid, now, years later Gatlin wins yet another race, landing him a spot at state. After practice and perfection, Gatlin earns the state title.

Page 19. MSHSAA came out with a new rule this year that makes athletes ineligible if they are in volved in a miÃÄÇ ÉǶ»IJ¸ ˾ÄÁ¶É¾Äà that involves drugs, alcohol, accidents or injuries. This includes receiving a ticket.

Page 33. Anatomy of an Athlete is

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Freshman Flashback   It has been a little over three years since I walked down the halls of our school as a freshman. I feel that there has been a lot of change and many experiences I have gone through during my time here. I think it is interesting to call myself a senior. Many of my classmates would agree that looking at the contrast between who we are this school year compared to what we ̺Ǻ ÄÊÇ IJÇÈÉ κ¶Ç Ä» ½¾¼½ ȸ½ÄÄÁ is very different. When we were freshman most everyone had a senior that they looked up to or admired. It is funny to think that

we are now the students in the school being looked up to. If I stop and think about it I start to realize that being a senior comes with a lot of responsibility. Seniors have the chance of a lifetime to make a huge impact on a school that is already one of the top schools in ɽºöɾÄäÊǸÁ¶ÈȽ¶ÈIJÁÁº¹¶ÁÁÄ» the student leadership positions in our school and I think that we have the opportunity to do some amazing things. As a freshman I looked up to my sister, Bethany Jones, who graduated in 2006. She was Editor-in-Chief her senior year and was in Sounds of Summit and other various activities. I can say that I have followed her footsteps proudly in those two areas. It has


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been an honor for me to be the Editor-in-Chief of the Hi.Life this year and to be in Sounds of Summit. I hope that this year that I can set the same example my older sister did for me, for my younger sister Abby who is now a sophomore. With a great attitude and cooperation I believe that this year can be the best year our school has every seen. My classmates have raised the bar on MAP scores and ACT scores. I know that all of my classmates are great people and leaders and I know we will leave the ·¾¼¼ºÈÉȽĺÉÄIJÁÁɽ¶Éɽ¾Èȸ½ÄÄÁ has ever seen. I am excited to see ¾» ɽº ÊùºÇ¸Á¶Èȶà ̾ÁÁ IJÁÁ ɽ¶É shoe or even make it bigger.

Schola Cantorum

The newest chior at LSHS   Take a group of juniors, seniors, and two sophomore girls who can sing with bright and beautiful voices, add some high and low notes, and mix in three pretty songs and that could be the talented choir of Schola Cantorum. Not only are the songs these girls sing touching, but the girlís blend of harmony too. Singing as one, the girls keep their eyes on the director, and part their lips to make beautiful music.   Schola Cantorum is Latin for ëSchool of Music.í There are twenty high school girls total in Schola Cantorum. The choir is singing two songs this year. The singers also attend a practice every Monday.  Practice is every Monday at seven in the evening. First, the girls warm up their voices. Afterward, the girls sight read music and

prepare for their next big concert.   ©½ºIJÇÈÉÈÄü¾È¸¶ÁÁº¹Mary Speaks. Mary Speaks is about when Mary was watching her son be mistreated and ¸Çʸ¾IJº¹ÄÃɽº¸ÇÄÈȃ   ì Mary Speaks is my favorite.Itís really deep.î sophomore Jill William said.   Another song that the girls are performing is called Subtum.   ì Subtum is a Catholic prayer to Mary. It is also the oldest prayer to Mary

News © recorded in our history,î director Chris Munce said.     Schola Cantorum is also performing a patriotic song called Hymn to Freedom.    There are twenty girls total in Schola Cantorum, but only two sophomores.   ìI feel the whole situation was best for Touch of Class and Schola cantorum.It brings more challenge to us. I am glad I got moved up, but I would have had fun in either group.î sophomore Olivia Lynn said.   Schola Cantorum will be performing at the Fall Concert, Oct. 21, singing Mary Speaks, Subtum, and Hymn to Freedom. ©{Alexis Putthoff}

Members 1. Emmalee Fiser 2. Abbey Stetzler 3. Melanie McShane 4. Chelle Wendlandt 5. Heather Brewer 6. Brittni Keyhill 7. Ally Patton 8. Patsy- Johnson Stewart 9. Madi Cannon 10. Lauren Harrell 11. Jennie Tucker 12. Shelby Hutton 13. Jessie Tucker 14. Katy Glen 15. Katelyn Davis 16. Miranda Schoonover 17. Brittnee Dalton 18. Megan Patrick Sing it out. The girls in Schola Cantorum sing a song led by Mr. Munce. Their first concert is Oct.21 in the PAC. “They are still working on gusto,” said Chris Munce. Gusto is singing with power.

{Sierra Lewis}


Thrill of the Ride >>

Student wins first place in BMX competition   ì I workout daily and I ride my bike for   His heart is pounding in his chest. Heís gripping the handlebars on his bike. Every muscle in his body is ready and tense. Heís has been waiting for a moment like this.   These are just a few things freshman Jake Gatlin might have been feeling at the start of yet another BMX race. The only problem is this isnít just any race. This is the race for the state title.   Like many other people, Gatlin has been riding a bike since he was just a kid. Still, it wasnít until three years ago that he really got into riding. Gatlin started off with dirt biking, and through that he found a new extreme sport, BMX racing. This was something Gatlin was good at and enjoyed a lot.   He soon started racing and over 100 plus races later, he was the top ranked rider in the state. This past August, œ¶ÉÁ¾ÃÌÄÃɽºIJÇÈÉÅÁ¶¸ºÈɶɺɾÉÁºƒ   ì It was hard,î Gatlin said, ìbut it felt pretty good to win.î   A top BMX rider has to do a lot to stay in tiptop shape.  

about 2 to 3 hours a day,î Gatlin said. This way he can strengthen his abilities and win the ultimate prize.    šËºÃ̾ɽ¶ÁÁɽ¾ÈÌÄÇÀ½ºÈɾÁÁIJùÈ spare time to spend with his friends and family.     ìMy friends donít really care for BMX that much, but my family is supportive and they like that Iím doing something physical,î Gatlin said.   Gatlin could even become a big BMX star some day.   ì Yeah Iíve thought about going pro, but you have to be at least 16 and an expert,î Gatlin said.   In order to become an expert he has to have a certain amount of wins under his belt. This means more competitions, which can get awful pricey. The entry fee alone for nationals is $500. That can put a hole in anyoneís pocket. Not to mention the bike, the safety gear, and all the other fees for local and state competitions.    The next time Gatlin pushes his bike up

to the starting gate his heart might be racing. He might be tense and read to go, but at least he can take comfort in the fact that heís already won the state title.   ì After all,î Gatlin said, ìitís fun and I like to ride.î ©{Brittni Keyhill}



News ©

Bollywood or Bust >>

Bollywood fashion makes its way to LSHS Students walking into homecoming discover the normal gym where they usually play volleyball or basketball completely transformed, they are shocked and in awe. Vibrant, rich colors are splashed across the walls. Gorgeous curtains hang from the ceiling. Astounding lighting illuminates the newly transformed gym. This yearís homecoming theme is going to be Indiaís very own íHollywoodí style called Bollywood. ìBollywood style is exotic, edgy and something you can really have fun with,î senior student senate member Lauren Shipman said . Not everyone knows what Indian fashion looks like. Some examples of the Bollywood style are the salwaar kameez, the sari, kurta, and pyjamas. The salwaar kameez is a traditional Indian dress for women. The Sari is another example of womenís clothing, which is fabric that is wrapped around the body like a dress. The kurta is a collarless shirt worn by men. The žÃ¹¾¶ÃºÃ̺¶ÇÀÊÇɶÈ̾ɽÅο¶Â¶È̽¾¸½¶ÇºÁÄÄȺIJÉɾüÉÇÄÊȺÇȃ©½ÄȺ are just a couple examples Indian clothing. Shipman and Olsen agreed some great places to get this style are Westport, the Internet, Indian boutiques, thrift stores, and any kind of vintage shops. Look forward to spirit days and, of course the actual dance, where the decorations will most certainly not disappoint. ìThe decorations are going to be fabulous this year and they w ill ·º½º¶Ë¾ÁξÃijʺøº¹·Îɽº¾Ã¹ÊÈÉÎÁº¶Ã¹žÃ¹¾¶Ã·Ê¾Á¹¾Ã¼ÈÈʸ½¶Èɽº©¶¿ Mahal,î Olsen said. ©{Kristin Sands}


{Alisha Gillespie}





Hourglass Figure: those with this kind of body can wear pretty much anything. Halter or strapless dresses look brilliant on the infamous hourglass shape. Also try dresses with sashes or an cinched waist. Straight Figure: those ̾ɽ¶ÈÉǶ¾¼½ÉIJ¼ÊǺ should refrain from tight or body hugging dresses, they might accentuate the square or what some ¸¶ÁÁ¶ĩ·ÄξȽĩIJ¼ÊǺƒ©ÇÎ something with a fuller skirt that will give some extra volume and curve to the hip area. Rounded Figure: consider dresses with a dropped waistline, this will lengthen the torso. An empire waist will also do the same effect to the torso region. Pear-Shaped Figure: dresses that elongate the leg and torso are perfect for those with a pear-shaped IJ¼ÊǺƒ¨Äºɽ¾Ã¼Á¾Àº¶Ã a-line dress with a high empire waist works great.


©{Mary Armes}

Hair to Share

Questions answered about homecoming hairdos

What are some doís and doníts for homecoming hairsyles this year?

What are some easy cheap or easy places to go to get your hair done without spending a lot of money?

What are some styling tools for hair that you can use /recommend when getting that one of a kind hairstyle?

Ħ£ÄÉÉÄij¶È½ÎÃÄ ½ÊÂÄüÄÊÈijÄÌers .Go for small and settle,î Kelly Wikel from Cameo Concepts

ìGreat Clips, Itís 35 dollars for updoís and twist and rolls are the easiest to do,î Cas sandra Williams from Great clips said.

ìLots of hairspray and be creative with accessories whether itís headbands or bobby pins with decorations,î Sasha Hahner from Innovations Salon and Spa said ©{Alisha Gillespie}

Ready, Set, Hair. Many girls put in too many hours on making hair Decisions, but its no surprise why they do when it comes to a dance. All they want to do is look pretty for that once in a lifetime event or even that special someone of theirs. “ My favorite part about getting ready for a dance is doing my hair,” Freshman Jenni Shaw said. So don’t spend way too much time on your hair, just have fun and do creative styles. It will still look great and save you more time in the end as well.

The Perfect Fit

News ©

> > Floating Away

Annual parade winds through downtown


  ¨ÉʹºÃÉÈ ¶Ǹ½¾Ã¼ ÉÄ̶ǹ ¹ÄÌÃÉÄÌÁ ijĶÉÈ ÇÄÁÁ¾Ã¼ ·º½¾Ã¹ IJǺÌÄÇÀÈ ȽÄÄɾü ̾Á¹ÁÎ ¾ÃÉÄ ɽº ÈÀÎv £Ä ̶¾É ȸǶɸ½ɽºIJǺÌÄÇÀȃ—ÊÉÄúɽ¾Ã¼¾È»ÄÇÈÊǺĤÈÉʹºÃÉÈ and staff will arrive Friday, Oct. 10 in downtown Leeís Summit for their traditional Homecoming Parade.   What does it take to be a part of this event? Well, students do not even have to be involved in a club! There ¶Çº ijĶÉÈ »ÄÇ ºËºÇÎɽ¾Ã¼ »ÇÄ ›ÄÄÉ·¶ÁÁ ¶Ã¹ —¶Èº·¶ÁÁ ÉÄ œºÇ¶Ã˜ÁÊ·¶Ã¹ºËºÃ¼Ç¶¹ºÁºËºÁijĶÉȃ   ìAnyone from the school, even if theyíre not involved in anything, and theyíre in that grade level, can get on a ijĶÉÈÄɽ¶ÉɽºÎ¸¶Ã»ººÁ¾ÃËÄÁ˺¹ħȺþÄÇ©¶Ã¿¶¥ºÉÇÄ˾¸ said.   ›¾ÇÈɁIJù¶ÈÅÄÃÈÄÇÄÇɶÁÀÉÄɽº¸ÊÇǺÃɸÁÊ·ÈÅÄÃÈÄǃ ¤Ã¸º ɽº ÈÅÄÃÈÄÇ ¶ÅÅÇÄ˺È ɽº ¾¹º¶ ÉÇÎ ÉÄ IJù źÄÅÁº willing to get involved.   The next step, according to Student Senator Aaron Hanshaw, is ìT alk to Mr. Russell or Mrs. Thompson and ½¶ËºɽºÂ¶ÅÅÇÄ˺ÎÄÊÇÄǼ¶Ã¾Ï¶É¾ÄûÄǶijĶɃħ   £ºÍÉ ɽ¾Ã¼ ÉÄ ¹Ä IJù ¶ ˺½¾¸Áºƒ ©¶ÁÀ ÉÄ ŶÇɾ¸¾Å¶ÃÉȁ ŶǺÃÉȶùɺ¶¸½ºÇȁÄǽ¶Ã¼ÊÅij¾ºÇȶÈÀ¾Ã¼»ÄǶȺÉÄ» ̽ººÁÈ»ÄÇÎÄÊÇijĶɃ©½¾È¸¶Ã·º¶ÃÎÉΟĻ˺½¾¸Áº·ÊÉ ÂÄÈÉijĶÉÈÊɾÁ¾Ïº¶ÉÇʸÀÄǶ¸ÄÃ˺Çɾ·ÁºÄ»ÈĺÀ¾Ã¹ƒ   Decorations are the next step. Club Sponsor Jamie Voelker plans on wrapping up some information about LS ¾Ã–¸É¾ÄÃ̾ɽɽº¾ÇijĶÉĩȸ¶Ã¹Îƒ  Voelker explained her unique approach to having a Èʸ¸ºÈÈ»ÊÁ ijĶɁ Ħ¬ºĩÁÁ ÅÊÉ ¸¶Ã¹Î ¶Ã¹ ¾Ã»ÄǶɾÄà ¾Ã ·¶¼¼¾ºÈ¶ÉÄÊÇúÍɺºÉ¾Ã¼ÉÄɽÇÄÌ»ÇÄÂɽºijĶɃħ¨½º

ȶ¾¹ɽ¶Éɽ¾ÈºɽĹ̾ÁÁ¶ÉÉǶ¸ÉźÄÅÁºÉÄɽºijĶÉ̽¾Áº¶Éɽº ȶºɾº·ºÃºIJɾüɽº¸ÁÊ·ƒ  Other decorations can include posters, signs, candy, banners, silly string, paint, boas and other fun objects. While this can all easily become very expensive, Voelker explained that she plans to split the cost between herself and the participants. This can be a very inexpensive way to get some outstanding attractions.  Floats need to check in by 3:00, as it takes approximately an hour to line everyone up to begin.   ¬½¾ÁºɽºÇº ÌÄÃĩÉ·º¶ÃÎIJǺÌÄÇÀȁɽ¾Èκ¶Çĩȝĺ¸Ä¾ü Parade will surely be one of the most memorable events this school year. ©{Patrick Stoddart}

Parade Route Labeled in black is the route that the paradewillfollow.Theparadewilltake around an hour, and will start at 4:00 next Friday.


Cheerleaders Decorating Float Varsity cheerleaders decorate their float just a few days before the parade is about to begin.

{Patrick Stoddart}

Who: All students and staff What: Homecoming Parade Where: Downtown (see map) When: Friday, Oct. 10, 4pm Why: Getting excited for the Homecoming Game that evening

7 0

News ©

Money Needed... $ 7.oo an hour doing retail, which is putting clothes back where they belong. Huntsman applied for this job at the service desk at the store and received an interview and completed on the job training.   Ħ©½ºÀºÎ¾ÈÉÄIJù¶ijºÍ¾·Áº job.î senior Brian Jochems said, ì Just talk to your boss and work out a schedule that IJÉÈ ÌÄÇÀȃ ©½º źÄÅÁº ž ÌÄÇÀ with are really nice and their in high school also, so its not like youíll work with a bunch of older people,î Jochems said, ì Although I donít get to see my family much, I get money for gas and the things I want, and I get lots of experience

that could come in handy in the future,î Jochems said   Jochems works at HyVee on Noland Road as a cashier and makes $ 7.75 an hour, working three days a week most of the time. His brother, who also works there, recommended him for the job. He did have to talk to Human Resources.   Having a job during high school isnít a hard thing to do. So instead of running out of money, and not be able to buy what every high school student wants, get a job and have a buch of extra cash to spend. ©{Derek Brooks} {Presely Lewis}


>> Poltical Positions Key issues in the upcoming election

©{Michael Bushur} {AP}

Views differ greatly on some issues, less on others.

Candidates O b a m a 0

M c C A i N 8





Cut taxes on 95% of working »¶Â¾Á¾ºÈ¶Ã¹IJÍ corporate tax loopholes

Believes off-shore drilling is not a long term solution. Plans to reduce oil consumption by 35% over 10 years through sustainable energy

Guarantee government health care to those in need. Regulate insurance agencies to reduce costs

Set timetable for withdrawal from Iraq and use money being spent in Iraq for domestic programs

Cut taxes on corporations and the middle class to stimulate the economy

Reduce dependency on foreign oil with offshore drilling and expansion of nuclear energy programs

Keep private insurance system and allow free market competition to regulate prices

Stay in Iraq and ¸ÄÃɾÃʺÉÄIJ¼½É terrorism in the Middle East

  Junior Vincent Bears sighed as he watched the customer, who had been coming in almost every day, now push open the doors and entered the store. He watched as the man started to rearrange the screws knowing that later he would have to put them back just to repeat the process another day.   ìHaving a job isnít as hard as it seem,î junior Ryan Huntsman said, ìPlus, you have extra cash to spend on the things your parents wonít get you and most of the time you donít even have to ask,î   Huntsman works at TJ Max in the Summit Woods shopping center and makes


>> Students tell all about having a job

Features !

Drinking Decisions

Stats and other info

The consequences of early drinking

  A friend, an uncle, a mother. Who will be the next person to be affected from alcohol?   ìOne person dies every 32 minutes as a result of an alcohol related accident. This statistic doesnít even include injuries or the loss of limbs,î ¨¸½ÄÄÁ §ºÈÄÊǸº ¤»IJ¸ºÇ º¸À Said.   If you are caught drinking underage or are caught attempting to purchase alcohol underage there could be an accident or other consequences.   ìAlcohol impairs the growth process of the brain. You donít think about what could happen when you pick up those keys and stick them in the ignition, put your car in drive, and step on the gas pedal,î Keck said.   Some of these consequences would include losing your license until the age of 21, going to jail, and paying up to three thousand ¹ÄÁÁ¶ÇȾÃIJúȃ

  ìI think that the alcohol age limit should be raised. Your brain isnít fully developed until you reach the ages of 23-25,î Keck said.  One consequence that could be closer to the heart is the loss of a loved one.   ìConsuming alcohol even when one is legally able to drink, could lead to severe health problems,î Keck said.  On a poster made by the University of Health in Miami, some of these health problems could include, but are not limited to, the hardening of the arteries, liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, various types of cancers, strokes, and birth ¹º»º¸ÉȁÂÄǺÈź¸¾IJ¸¶ÁÁΛ–¨ (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).   ìI would advise teenagers to not even think about drinking until they are at least 23 years of age. It is more likely for them to become an alcoholic if you begin drinking at such

+ Missouri Deaths:   - 1992: 2,309   - 1991: 2,358   -1990: 2,334 + Kansas Deaths:   -1992: 942   -1991: 960   -1990: 958 >>Info from: alcoholism. narmort01.htm

Buzz Kill: Difficulty controlling movement. Blurred vision. Slurred speech. Impaired memory. The list of effects alcohol has on the body seems to be never-ending; until it ends with death. On the controversy of lowering the drinking age, Officer Keck believes I should stay as it is “because the human brain isn’t fully developed yet.”

an early age,î Keck said.   Alcohol related accidents could effect many peopleís lives. Car accidents and other serious consequences can be prevented by making the right choice. !{Kara Klein} {Sami Dowd}

- The average age for a boy to try alcohol is 11. For a girl itís 13. - Teens who drink before ɽº¶¼ºÄ»†Š¶ÇºIJ˺ times more likely to be alcohol dependant. - 5,000 deaths of people under the age of 21 and linked to alcohol. Info from>> www. html



r a m m e a r G lic Po

Features !

!{Janna Lamaster}

{Mikayla Frommer}

Bad grammar spotted in LS businesses.

Optimistic Outings

the same types of encounters, but with students.   ìI think students should care about their own grammar, because if [they] speak improperly, they sound uneducated,î Allison said.

Grammar Mayhem The grammar police has caught Planet Sub’s sign. It should be “kids”, throw out the apostrophe! “It annoys me when I see something from a professional advertisement agency and it’s wrong!” teacher Catherine Sheridan said.

!{Michael W. Holcomb} {Michael Bushur}

Students tend to carry a feeling of general pessimism.   Students walk the hallways with their heads bobbing down. Their minds clouded with unnecessary amounts of problems. These students seem most utterly depressed. However, there exists a glimmer of hope for students who feel problems with their school and personal lives seem to plague them relentlessly.   ìKeeping a free mind is a good way to have a better overall mood,î LMC librarian Sandy Stuart said.   After she read a book called Eckhart Tolleís Book on a Happier Life Stuart learned most intriguing ways to cope with the various amounts of problems that could haunt someoneís mind or 1 free ëmental baggageí. She says to ëlet goí, which anyone can do freely.   ìPeople have problems at times. If you can summon up and practice the method of just letting go of the overwhelming ɽÄʼ½ÉÈ ÎÄÊ ¼ºÉ ÎÄÊĩÁÁ IJù enlightenment and be a more logical thinker over time,î Stuart described.   The effects of having negative thoughts are quite serious to keep over 0

time and can cause a constant mood of total negativity.   ìIf you stay in a negative state of mind, youíll come to accept it as your most forward way of thinking. By holding a pessimistic view, you could see things always through a negative light and just always accept it as the normal instead of trying to look at it through a different perspective,î Stuart said.   –ÁÈā̽¾ÁºÉÇξüÉÄIJù¶ÃÄźÃÈŶ¸º in the huge mind, itíll take dedication to the process and a strong will to overcome most intense thoughts that plague your ¾ù¶ÉÂÄÈɹ¾»IJ¸ÊÁÉɾºȃ   ìPracticing is very important to the method of freeing up your mind. You have to stay dedicated to the process so you can achieve the state of more logical thinking, a relaxed mood, and be a better overall person,î Stuart explained.   The halls are crowded as usual, but not the same. The atmosphere seems relaxed and mellow. The students seem to laugh as nothing echoes in the halls with the feeling of being quaint and free.

  In every English teacherís mind, grammar is the most important subject to learn. Students are encouraged to practice these skills every day, in every paper they write, to help them graduate. However, this small subject has slipped through the cracks in the corporate business world ran by adults with degrees.   Bad grammar is a typical pet peeve for teachers here at Lees Summit High School, especially English teachers Catherine Sheridan and Eden Ecklund.   ìPeople use loose when they mean lose,î Ecklund said. ìThe lack of semicolon use also irritates me.î

  Sheridan blames texting for this calamity.   ìStudents are used to texting, so they lack capitalization in school assignments,î Sheridan said.   Believe it or not, there are signs around Leeís Summit that mistakenly use bad grammar.   ìAt Planet Sub, the ëKidsEat Freeí sign has an apostrophe on kids,î Sheridan said.   This small mistake could have a lasting effect on the business.   ìI think it makes the company look less professional.î Sheridan said.   Ecklund agrees. ìIt makes me want to go around with a sharpie.î   These mistakes have shown up on other signs as well.   ìAt Mr. Goodcents, the Employees Only sign has an apostrophe on employees,î Sheridan said.   English teacher Stacy Allison has had

Features !

Stereotypical Dates

!{Jordan Pence}

Ifyou’retakingyourdatetothesameplaceevery weekend,trysomevarietyandtakehersomewhere where she can be herself... Girly Girl

Artsy Fartsy


If she likes painting, sculpting, or even just admiring the work of others take her to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum. -Located on 4525 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO -Open from 1 am to 9 pm on Fridays and 10 am to 5 pm on Saturdays -Admission is free and it is a huge ·Ê¾Á¹¾Ã¼IJÁÁº¹̾ɽ¶ÁÁ¹¾»»ºÇºÃÉÉÎźÈ of beautiful artwork to talk about if an awkward silence occurs.


If she is into shopping take her to Oak Park Mall -Located on 11149 W 95th Street, Overland Park, KS -Open from 10 am to 9 pm, Monday through Saturday -Going to the mall could be a blast, walking around while windowshopping, then eating at the Rainforest CafÈ, or just grabbing a pretzel from Auntie Anneís.

{Sami Dowd}

Nature Lover


If she is the outdoors type, take her ÉÄ¥Ä̺ÁÁ—ÊÉɺÇijÎœ¶Ç¹ºÃÈ -Located on 4800 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO -Open from 8 am till dusk -Admission is free and it is a calm and quiet place to talk over a light lunch, and then walk around the nature trail with her, enjoying the ȸºÃºÇÎÄ»·ÊÉɺÇij¾ºÈ¶Ã¹·Ç¾¼½ÉÁÎ ¸ÄÁÄǺ¹ijÄ̺Çȃ

An Artistic Scar Student tattoos more than just art.   Tattoos are a normal thing to have nowadays and a rising statement of independence. If a student wants one, all they need to do is look around for a store that IJÉÈɽºÂƒ§ºÈº¶Ç¸½¾ÈɽºIJÇÈÉÈɺÅÉļºÉ the perfect tattoo. Check out the sanitaɾÄà ºɽĹÈ ¶Ã¹ ÂÄÈÉ ¾ÂÅÄÇɶÃÉÁÎ IJù ¶Ã¶ÇɾÈÉ̽ÄIJÉÈÎÄÊÇÈÉÎÁºƒ   ìEveryoneís pain tolerance is different so how much pain you feel when youíre actually getting the tattoo will vary from person to person. It all just depends,î said tattoo artist, Mike Mudry from Bleeding Heart Tattoo.   Pain tolerance may be a problem for some kids, but that is not stopping teens everywhere from getting their own personal stamp.   ìThe amounts of minors that are coming in to get tattoos are going up and ɽºÇº¾ÈÅÇÄ·¶·Áζ·ÄÊÉIJ˺½¾¼½ȸ½ÄÄÁers who come in a week,î Mudry said.   ©½ºÇº ¶Çº ¶ÁÁ À¾Ã¹È Ä» ɶÉÉÄÄÈ ijĶɾü around, but two of the most seen styles ijĶɾü ¶ÇÄÊù ÌÄÊÁ¹ ·º –ºǾ¸¶Ã ©Ç¶ditional and Japanese styles. Japanese

style is pretty explanatory, just art types that would be displayed in Japan, but American Traditional tattoos are normally things that are sailor like; the sparrow is also an American traditional tattoo.   ìI love my job and wouldnít ever want to do anything else again. I really enjoy the art form of my job. I also love being able to give people what they want and knowing that a piece of my work can bring tears of joy and meaning to my customersí eyes when the art for a lost loved one or an important issue to someone,î Mudry said.   The purposes for tattoos all mean something different and are gotten for different reasons, but senior Sarah Hughesí tattoo was all about luck.   With the ACT tests coming up, Hughes decided she was going to get a Celtic cross tattoo as a good luck charm.   ìI like the colors, meaning, and shape of my tattoo. The Celtic cross with a shamrock in the middle of it stands for faith and good luck,î Hughes said.   When Hughes got her tattoo she was

LS Ink:As students approach eighteen, many choose tattoos as a source of expression, including senior Sarah Hughes. Hughes got inked at Bleeding Heart Tattoo, located on 3rd Street next to 54th Street Grill. “It didn’t hurt that bad when I got it, but it hurts more now that it’s healing,” Hughes said.

nervous about regretting it later in life and was nervous about the pain, especially when her tattoo artist, Raymond, from Bleeding Heart Tattoo, was setting up the equipment to start her tattoo.   ìI was nervous but Iím happy I got it,î Hughes said. !{Mikayla Frommer} {Sami Dowd}

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Free Ride

Three priceless things to bring fun to a boring day.


Hiking at James A. Reed Hours:6am-9pm Additional Notes: The Shawnee Hiking trail is 2.5 miles in length.


Dog Park Hours: 6am-sunset AdditionalNotes:Dogneededtoenter.Agilitycoursewithtunnelsandjumpsavailiable.


Fishing at James A. Reed Hours:6am-9pm Additional Notes: A variety of lakes and pondsareavailableforfishing.Ifoverthe age of 16 a fishing permit is required.

New Nutrition

{Meighan Walsh}!{Meighan Walsh }

Changes in the cafeteria promote healthy choices.   As everyone notices, our school



 Of course with only diet soda left, students are not going to buy from the machines as much as they did, but as Faulkenberry says,   ì As much as I want to be on both sides we just canít take the diet sodas away, weíre trying to do as many healthy things as possible.î  On the plus side, there are other new beverages as well, like the all sports drinks substituted for the Gatorades, water, and as much diet soda as you want. Maybe in a couple of years it can be known as the ìgood stuff.î !{MaíRyah Cooper }

Taken Out Replaced with Gatorade

All Sport

Pink Limonade

Diet Limonade



Regular Soda

Diet Soda

Whole milk

Carton milk

is changing in many ways, from junk food to healthy; starting with our soda machines. From regular to diet, students were wondering what happened to the ìgood stuff.î   Principal John Faulkenberry says they have been trying to make this change for »ÄÊÇκ¶Çȶù¾ÉÈIJöÁÁν¶Åźú¹ƒ©½º district has guidelines set for schools and ours just didnít meet the criteria.   ì From our Snapple all the way to our soda they all have the same calories that can lead to juvenile diabetes and other health problems,î Faulkenberry says.

The Business Life CommunityrobsLee’s Summit’s own

Hi, I’m {


  Ah, the aroma of coffee beans ÇĶÈɾü ¶Ã¹ ·Áʺ·ºÇÇÎ ÂÊ»IJÃÈ ·¶À¾Ã¼ƒ One starts the day off making sure that everything is going smoothly and all of ɽº ¸ÄÈÉʺÇÈ ¶Çº ½¶ÅÅÎ ¶Ã¹ ȶɾÈIJº¹ƒ ©½º úÍÉ ÂÄÇþü ɽºÇº ¶Çº ÃÄ ÂÊ»IJÃÈ baking.   ì My husband went into work early Monday morning and thatís when I got the call that we were robbed,î co-owner of the Leeís Summit Coffee Company Callie Hanson said.   After only being opened for one week, the coffee shop was robbed, and police have not caught the suspects.    ìMy emotions were so mixed along with my sistersí, things were just not going our way. We were even more crushed when we found that all of our money was taken from our cash registers and the safe,î Hanson said.     The Leeís Summit Coffee Company is located where former coffee shop PJís Grind was. Three sisters looking

to connect to a community of people bought out PJís Grind wanting to open a non-chain coffee shop.   ì My sisterís and I had been talking about a coffee shop for a long time and when we found the space we knew we had to buy it,î Hanson said.   ¡ººĩÈ ¨Ê¾É ¾È Äú Ä» ɽº ÉÄÅ IJ˺ safest places in the US according to FBI statistics, and a USA Today poll. That is the main reason why the sisters put their business here. They also have plans to buy the space next door to the coffee shop and make it a supervised place for kids to play while parents are in the coffee shop eating or drinking coffee.   ìI have always wanted a family oriented place where my kids and other families can be involved, my sisters and I want to call it CafÈ Au Play,î Hanson said.   After the robbery of the coffee shop Fox Four news channel came to the coffee shop to do a segment on the robbery. When the news had gotten out that the coffee shop was robbed an anonymous caller told Callie that he was willing to donate a safe, cash register,

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Coffee Crash The Lee’s Summit Coffee Company was broken into Aug. 31. “We did not expect this to happen,” Callie Hanson said.

and a freezer.   ì My sisters and I were very thankful for the donation, without it our business would be how it is today,î Hanson said.   The sisters hope to in the future expand the coffee shop and feature CafÈ Au Play and if the Coffee Shop does really well they hope to open stores in Overland Park and Leawood, Kansas. {Collin Taylor} !{Eric Fabi}

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Breaking the ice with newbies

  ˜ÄÂÂÊþ¸¶É¾Äà ¾È ¶ IJ¸ÀÁº ·º¶ÈɃ  žÉ has ups and downs, ins and outs and constant changes. The process of giving information to someone or ¼¶É½ºÇ¾Ã¼¾Ã»ÄǶɾÄþȶÁÄü¹¾»IJ¸ÊÁÉ journey.     ĦžÉĩÈ ¹¾»IJ¸ÊÁÉ ÉÄ ÊùºÇÈɶù perspectives of others, when everyone has their own world view,î guidance counselor Gerald Clevenger said.   Everyoneís glasses are tinted a little differently, and since they are, it means points are not always understood the way we wish. Even one of the simplest ways, direct face-to-face contact, does not always end for the best. Despite ɽº ·ºÈÉ ¾ÃɺÃɾÄÃȁ ¸ÄÃij¾¸ÉÈ ¸¶Ã arise from miscommunications, where someone did not understand what was being said.   ìEveryone likes to laugh,î communication arts teacher Matthew Anderson said. ìWhile anecdotes are great to learn about someoneís experiences, they give the impression of talking without having to say anything about yourself.î  Truly, the best way to learn about someone new is to ask questions. After hundreds

of hours of conversation, turning every topic into a dusty pit, all that is needed ÉÄÈž¸º¾ÉÊŶùIJùÈĺɽ¾Ã¼ú̾ȶ random question. It doesnít even matter what gender your friend might be, any ÆʺÈɾÄø¶Ã·º¶ÁɺǺ¹ÉÄIJɃ   ìWords have no feeling, no way of being able to see how a person means something through their phone,î Clevenger said. ìHearing tones, seeing body language and eye contact is important.î   In our modern age of technology, more people are relying on their phones and computers to hold important conversations. Students text constantly with their friends, and once they get home and online, it is straight to the Instant Messaging, Facebook, and Myspace.   As for the shy ones who are not so good at opening up to friends and peers, or maybe just in a new situation with people unknown, asking a simple question could open up a new conversation. Ask universal questions, such as favorite color or type of music.   Do not be afraid to take the plunge to opening a conversation. Not knowing everything makes life interesting. {Nicole Kelleher} !{Brooke Welsh }

Chat it up Amanda Hatfield and Alex Van Buskirk talk at their lockers after band. “Pretty soon we’ll end up using holograms” Amanda Jones said.

Getting Started...

Some questions to help start conversations and break the ice when one is in new situations.

+What type of toothpaste do you use? +Whats the longest word you know? +Whats the most random questionyou’veeverbeen asked? +What’stheweirdestthing you’d ever put on mac & cheese?



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Those who need a little... Students contribute without recognition   Everyday students come to school dreading to go to class because they would rather just be at home in bed. However, some students do not mind coming to school where they have a second home.   ìWe take care of our room like it is our own house or apartment,î Life Skills teacher Kelly Twenter said.   Twenter and his students have a classroom that is more active than a regular classroom.   ìWe donít have your typical homework. Itís more responsibility than academic,î Twenter said.   In his classroom students clean, wash dishes, or doing laundry in their ëapartmentí. The Life Skills students are active in contributing to our school.   ìI do recycling and take trash out because I get to go outside,î senior Max Stalker said.   Stalker is one of many who enjoys the class. Junior David Parker takes part in the class by helping teach the students.

  ìUsually I sit and watch them. I If they make a mistake Iíll tell them what they did wrong so they can correct it. I enjoy helping kids less fortunate than me. Other kids might think itís not cool, but these kids have no one else,î Parker said.     Parkerís not the only one who cares for these students.   ìThey are really nice and they all have really nice manners,î junior Haley Sambursky said.   Sambursky also helps out in the life skills room by making sure their chores are done right.   Life skills students donít just help out at school. They also have their lives outside of school.   ìIn the afternoon I go to school. Then I go to work at Planet Sub in Lees Summit,î Stalker said.   Like many other high school students Stalker works three days a week.   ìI like the customers, my job, and I like the people I work with,î Stalker said.   Since Stalker contributes many

Enviornmental Education. Students from the Life Skills class take the recycling out as one of their tasks.

different ways he has been given a name.   ìMax is called a Super-Senior,î life skills teacher Claudia Campbell said.   Campbell has been by Stalkerís side as he has succeeded throughout his years of school.   ìMax is a hard worker and has come a long way being here. Iíve enjoyed Max and watching him grow into the person he is today,î Campbell said.   Stalker having come a long way here at LSHS will continue on after graduation with his class of 09í.

{Ariel Shy}

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!{Kathryn Cowan }


If you are rushed in themorning,here’s how to beat it.


There are numerous reasons students are so rushed in the mornings. Though students may spend weekends hanging out with friends, homework should be a top priority. Sunday night, the thought of a one hundred point due tomorrow comes back to memory. Morning comes, and there is not enough time ÉÄIJþȽƒ When students stay up too late on weeknights putting their mountains of homework off for just a few more minutes, then it can make the next morning hard to wake up to. Students may spend a lot of time in the mornings getting ready, and do not want homework to be something that adds to that time. Every morning during the school week, it is almost like last minute Christmas shopping. Kids crowd the local Quik Trips and Starbucks trying to get their snacks and make it to school before the bell rings. ìI get up at 6:00 a.m., and it takes me about an hour to get ready. I

That One Class Moststudentshavethat one teacher that they have a problem with...

Green slips. More students have been seeing these familiar pieces of paper lately. Most students feel that it isn’t their fult. This causes debate and tension in classes between students and teachers. kdjf{Clay Reynolds}

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takes me about an hour t o get

Morning burst. Many students go to Quiktrip to get snacks and drinks before the school day kicks off. “Friday is probably our busiest day, with students getting the gas they need for their weekend plans, and getting food and drinks for school,” said Quiktrip worker Angie.

{Sierra Lewis}

usually get to school at about 7:28 a.m.î sophomore Lindsey Martin said. While most students may succeed in running all those early errands and getting to school just in time, others might struggle. Obstacles that hinder studentsí ability to be on time may be spending too much time watching TV, on the computer, or doing other things that are not necessary and could possibly be done after the bell rings at the end of the ìHomework is both a night and morning routine for me. I run cross country, so I donít have a lot of free time to get my homework done,î Martin said. There are a few simple suggestions to help students beat the rush. First, homework should be a top priority when getting home from school so that it is not being put off until the very last Everyone has that one class with the teacher who doesnít like them. It just seems like the teacher is picking on them and calling them out in class. So now they just stop trying to pass the class at all. Well, these students could be wrong about their teacher. Maybe itís the way the student is approaching the situation; maybe itís a difference of opinion. For the students with these problems, donít worry because after talking to Mr. Clevenger, one of the consolers at Leeís Summit High School I have the solution. Here are some suggested solutions for these students with these probÁºÂȃĦ©½ºÇº¶ÇºIJ˺ÈɺÅÈÈÉʹºÃÉȸ¶Ã take for problem like these. These steps were made for students and teachers to work out situations that cause a bad working environment,î Step 1: the student should talk to their teacher one on one to see if there was miscommunication, or if they can both change something to make it better and help each other out. The student might see right then that they were wrong about their teacher Step 2: the student should talk with their parents about the problems in class. The parents might give some prospective to the

second.ìStudents are so busy with different obligations, so they need to get it done early while itís still fresh in their mind,î Chemistry teacher Christine Peachee said. Peachee has a strict no late work policy, so it is very important to her that students get their work done early. ìStudents should go home, get a snack, rest their minds and their bodies, then do their homework. Downshifting is very important,î Peachee said. It is not exactly what everyone wants to ¹Ä·ÊɾɾÈÈĺɽ¾Ã¼ɽ¶É¸¶Ã¹ºIJþɺÁÎ help in the long run, and give more free time in the afternoons and evenings. Also, setting the alarm according to how long it takes to get ready will make the morning run a lot smoother. If students follow these suggestions, it will hopefully help with future morning rushes. ì Doing homework early reinforces what theyíve learned throughout the day. They can look over information and spend less time studying for future tests,î That one-hundred point project will be done, and the free time will allow them to do whatever they wish. !{Haley Merriott}

situation Step 3: have the parents talk with the teacher, counselor, and the student so everyone is on the same page about what has happened in the class, and work on ways to improve it Step 4: have a trial period that will last two weeks to see if the problems will resolve themselves. If none of these steps work, then the student moves on to the next step, Step 5: Mr. Clevenger arranges a meeting with the principal, teacher, the student and their parents to see if a transfer is necessary. ìmost of the time the issue is resolved before they ever get to step 3, and more often then not, it is a miscommunication.î A lot of the times, these types of situations turn out to be misunderstandings. So for those students that feel they are being picked on or being called out in class, just consider the steps above to make sure that any future class situations will be better and doesnít turn out to be a big misunderstanding. !{Robin Harvey}



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arewell ries Cookies Stay, Fries No Way...

The Graphics Novel Club


The new ‘It’ way students are expressing 5 DEVIN themselves in school. ATCHLEY’S



tion also had a hand in the menu change. Set under President Clinton, the Alliance demanded that lunchroom counters in schools across the nation were to reduce serving sizes to more healthy levels. The Wellness Committee also regulates how much of what the cafeteria can or can not sell. ìAs far as things to cut back on, I feel that we are about as low as we can go,î Staggs said. When asked if any thing else absolutely had to take the dive next, the Hostess brand, and the Little Debbie brand snack cakes topped the ever shrinking list of stuff to lose. Not to worry though, this is a highly unlikely scenario. ìDue to the fact that those particular ÅÇĹʸÉÈǶÀº¾Ã¶½º¶ÁɽÎÅÇÄIJÉ·ÎɽºÂselves, the district probably will not get rid of them any time soon,î Staggs said. However, students can guarantee that there will be a shortage of fried fries and high sugar energy drinks. More healthy selections will be provided instead. Items like baked fries, drinks containing less sugar and calories, and healthier main entrÈe items lie in the near future. !{Alex Watts}

  Students wait in line for what seems like hours for their chance to grab at fries for lunch, or a cookie afterwards. Then the moment of truth arrives, but the stu¹ºÃÉÈ IJù ÃÄ »Ç¾ºÈ ¶Ã¹ ɽº ¸ÄÄÀ¾ºÈ ¶Çº nowhere in sight. When asked, a lunch lady says that they no longer serve either fries or cookies.   ì The lunchroom will only be phasing out fried fries,î Donna Staggs, Nutrition Service Manager, said Instead they are starting the switch to healthier fries, the oven baked fries. The rumors concerning the fries and cookies are not totally true, however, the middle schools have already stopped selling fried fries.   ìThe cookies and fries are both here to stay, just in a healthier way. You can expect to see more things like potato wedges, spicy fries, tater tots(potato

rounds), crinkle fries, shoe string fries, and tritater,î Staggs said.   The scalloped potatoes are another healthier item offered this year. ìWe can still offer the fried fries because they are not a plate lunch, or plate lunch item. The fries are sold alacarte,î Staggs said.   The switch to baked fries is not only healthier for the student body, but also for their lunch accounts. ìThe alacarte fries are a dollar a cup, while the baked fries, only offered as a plate lunch side item, cost a modest sixty cents a serving,î Staggs said.   Staggs recalls a time a few weeks ago when the lunchroom ran out of fries to fry. ìPla te lunch sales went up dramatically,î Staggs said.   This also relates to the fact that the cafeteria has stopped selling Gatorade and the larger bottles of milk. ì While milk is good for you, too much of anything can also be bad for you. Take the large bottles of milk we used to sell; they had considerably more fat than the half pint cartons do. The larger the quantity, the higher levels of sugars, calories, carbohydrates, and fats there are,î Staggs said.   The Alliance for a Healthier Genera-

Not every student in an Ivy League school took an IB course, nor did they all have a 4.0 GPA. Some of them werenít even athletes. They were chosen because they got involved in extra curricular activities. Luckily, there are a host of extra curricular activities to choose from at school, and even a new one that may appeal to Japanese anime fans. The Graphics Novel Club is a branch from the Book Club. There have ·ººÃ¹ºÂ¶Ã¹ÈÉÄĨ·ºÈź¸¾IJ¸ĩ̽ºÃ·ÄÄÀ¸ÁÊ·¾ÈºÃɾÄú¹ƒ©½ºÇº»ÄǺɽº Graphics Novel Club was born. ìThey are a very energetic group,î club sponsor Micha el Russell said. The clubís focus is to eventually publish their own book, but they also read Japanese anime to get true inspiration. . ìOur book might be a collection of art, drawings, or short stories ,î Ashley Larue said. They plan on working with the computer graphics class to accomplish this goal. The club meets every Wednesday morning in the LMC at 7:05 a.m. Donít worry though, signing up is no sweat. Just go to the LMCís homepage and click the Graphics Novel tab. ìYou have to really know what youíre doing,î president Chelsea Economu said. ìEveryone is very energetic.î Vice president Ashley Larue explained the process to get elected ¾ÃÉĶúÍÄ»IJ¸¾ÄÅÄȾɾÄþÃÄ»IJ¸ºƒ ìThereís a president, vice president, senator, and also minions,î –È½ÁºÎ¡¶Çʺȶ¾¹ƒ¨½ºÈɶɺ¹ɽ¶É¶ÉIJÇÈɁÃÄÄúǺ¶ÁÁÎ̶Ãɺ¹Ä»IJ¸ºÅÄȾtions except for her and president Chelsea Economu. She explains that to ¼ºÉ¾ÃÉĶÃÄ»IJ¸ºÅÄȾɾÄÁ¶ÁÁɽºÈÉʹºÃÉȽ¶¹ÉĹÄ̶ÈÈɶɺɽº¾Çöº and the position they would like to be. For example, ìMy name is Ashley, and I would like to be vice president.î And just like that, the job belo nged to her. Overall, if drawing is something that appeals to the students here at ȸ½ÄÄÁɽºÃɽºÎȽÄÊÁ¹¹ºIJþɺÁοľÃɽ¾È¸ÁÊ·ƒ ìItís a lot of fun,î Ashley Larue said. ìIt feels really good to be listened to.î So get those plan books marked and donít forget to make a grand appearance at the LMC on Wednesday mornings at 7:05. This could be the club that the Ivy League schools look for on a studentís resume. !{Raven Mozee}

!{Brittney Norton}

{Anna Taylor}

Students discover opportunities for financial aid

aid a student can get is FAFSA(Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which is government based. How a student receives this aid ¾È ·Î IJÁÁ¾Ã¼ ÄÊÉ ¶ »ÄÇ »ÄÇ ɽº amount of their taxes and income.   ìChildren of parents with a higher income and pay more taxes, you get what is called a student loan, and children of parents who receive a lower income and pays a lower amount of taxes he gets what is called a grant.î Homan said.   If a student receives a student loan, they are required to pay that amount plus interest back. However if they receive a grant, they are

Cash Crunch. Students moving on to higher education discover the hardship of coming up with the cash. 40 hour work weeks clash with a students school life. High loans leave students paying little at a time trying to catch up. Cutline: Ariel Shy

Helpful Freshman Hints

!{Kayla Peters} {Sami Dowd}

Staff members and upperclassmen give advice to newcomers


- Do all the work. - Do not procrastinate. - Ask for help when needed.

- Use a planner - Learn to check grades online - Get involved - The way to a girlís heart is through - Remember that sweetness and copliments. Always even though it tell them they are beautiful. seems far away, freshman year counts for college.




- When asked a question, answer ̾ɽ¸ÄÃIJ¹ºÃ¸º even if itís wrong - Take a hard class -Stop the sagging pants. Girls do not dig it.

- Compliment teachers, whether it is meant or not. if students are well liked, by teachers they are set for high school.



he freshman paces quickly down the unfamiliar hall as animated conversation echoes off the cool white walls. After a month of school, the worries about navigating through the school have faded. Finding a seat in the cafeteria is no longer so threatening. His locker actually does open. However, there is more to the high school experience than surviving passing period.


  ìDo anything you can as a student to get aid, most likely a grant so when you graduate you wonít have to pay the grant back. Another way you can earn money is by participating in work studies on campus or a part time job,î guidance counselor Chris Homan said.   Homan added that student loans are not bad unless a student does not choose ̾ȺÁÎ ̽ºÃ IJù¾Ã¼ ÄÊÉ ½ÄÌ much they are going to need.   ìI donít plan on taking out a loan unless when it comes down to it that I without a doubt need one,î Goodwin said.   ©½º ¶¾Ã IJöø¾¶Á

unsubsidized loan is that the interest does not start until after they graduate college.   Goodwin has worked for four years straight for more than 40 hours a week and does everything he can with his busy school and work life. Because he spends little to nothing and saves everything, œÄĹ̾à ¾È Ǻ¶¹Î IJöø¾¶ÁÁÎ for college. This 18-year-old boy is more than excited for the journey that awaits him next fall.



enior Ryan Goodwin has prepared for this since he was fourteen years of age. He has worked more than 40 hours a week and participated in the A+ program. Putting every penny and nickel to the dollar in his savings account and spending little to nothing, Goodwin is ready to move forward in this exciting process for college next fall.

not required to pay back the amount of the grant.   ìIf a student chooses to subsidize your loan, you can start paying of the loan during your college years, but the down side of it is your interest starts right when you takes the loan out.î Homan said.   If a student decides to un-subsidize the loan, they are unable to make small payments towards their loan. The positive side of an


College Cash

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-Try not to be cocky, especially in front of upperclassmen -Do not slack off on grades; they really do matter -Do not be completely ɺÇǾIJº¹Ä»ɽº upperclassmen, but do not talk bad to them. 1


Center Spread !

Bump ‘n G r i n d


!{Burkett Powell}

Students reveal their car crash experiences.   Spencer was crossing 50 Highway on Milton Road when a truck T-boned Spencerís Toyota Corolla on the driverës side. Her car spun once, landing in the middle of the highway. Her driverís side door was completely smashed in, and after about 30 minutes, the authorities cut Spencerís roof off so that she may escape her crushed metal imprisonment. A stretcher rushed her to the emergency room where she received surgery ¶Ã¹Èɾɸ½ºÈÄýºÇ·ÇÄÀºÃ¾Ã¹ºÍ¶Ã¹¾¹¹ÁºIJüºÇȃ   ìI was just in shock,î Spencer said.   Kalwei drove to the mall, with passenger Kate Pressley, in ÈÉÄÅ ¶Ã¹ ¼Ä ÉǶ»IJ¸ƒ  ¨½º ɽÄʼ½É ɽº ¸¶Ç ¾Ã »ÇÄÃÉ Ä» ½ºÇ ̶È switching lanes as she began to accelerate. The driver decided to remain in its lane. Kalwei slammed on her brakes, but came to a crashing halt into the car in front of her. Luckily there were no injuries. However, her car suffered $8,700 in damage.   Gonzalez rear-ended a truck due to the wet and slick road conditions. She could not stop, and just slid right into the truckís rear bumper. She remained unharmed but her passenger, Austin Zamaar of Leeís Summit West, severely hurt his shoulder.   Sigman turned off Shenandoah onto Todd George, a familiar route on her way to school. This route was all too familiar, as she was not paying attention. As she began to turn left onto Todd George, she rear-ended a stopped truck on Todd George. Her Ford Focus was pinned under the truck, and the authorities had to detach the interlocked vehicles.   ìThere was no excuse for what I did [but] my birthday is Oct. 2 so my parents are planning on getting me a new car,î Sigman said.   Gorman, Spencer, Kalwei, Gonzalez, and Sigman all agree seat belts helped keep them from getting increased injuries. Students can learn from their experiences, so practicing safe driving habits on the road can help, no matter what is going on.

Herearesomesafedriving tips: *ALWAYS wear your seat belt! *NEVER speed! *AVOID tailgating! *ALWAYS Drive Defensively! *Be CAREFUL in slick weather conditions! r}


le Ke {Nico

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*Be ALERT and pay attention to the road and cars around you!

oud music, hot weather, and speeding cars: all that two 16-year-old girls had on their minds. They had driven down Todd George many times, but not when it merges with Ranson Road. They were speeding up and the road began winding. Suddenly, all control was lost and train tracks were coming up fast.   ìIt really puts life in perspective when youíre facing death. All you think is, Iím gonna die, Iím gonna die,î junior Emily Gorman said, regarding her car accident.   ¨ÉʹºÃÉȶλ¶¸º¹¾»IJ¸ÊÁÉȾÉʶɾÄÃÈÄÃɽºÇĶ¹¶Ã¹úº¹ to know what to do and how to act. Just ask Gorman, who totaled her 2008 Chevy Cobalt. In addition to Gorman, juniors Lauren Spencer, Kaitlin Kalwei, Jordan Gonzalez, and Cassie Sigman, have all encountered car collisions.   Although each of the studentís car accident is different, they all have similar tips on how to avoid wrecks in the future. In Gormanís situation, speeding put her life and the life of her friend, Lauren Trump of Leeís Summit West, in harmís way. ¬½ºÃȽºijºÌÄ»»ɽºÇĶ¹¶Ã¹ÄÃÉÄÉǶ¾ÃÉǶ¸ÀȁȽº̶ÈÃÄÉ sure of what would be coming at her. The vehicle landed in the middle of the tracks. Since the airbags deployed, OnStar was called and asked if the two girls were unharmed.   ìWeíre on railroad tracks and canít get out of the car,î Gorman said. Luckily, there was no train coming.   ìWe need to get out now,î Gorman said to Trump as she began following her out the passengerís window.   Although neither she, nor Trump was injured, her car was totaled.   ìI pretty much drive like a grandma now,î Gorman says.

Center Spread !

  ìThere are several athletes across the school district that have been affected,î Schnell said.   There is not going to be an immediate change to rule even though Schnell and many others want there to be.   ìI am working to get it changed,î Schnell said.   Principal John Faulkenberry, Schnell, and two others from the district have an upcoming meeting with MSHSAA Ä»IJ¸¾¶Áȶ·ÄÊɸ½¶Ã¼¾Ã¼ɽºÇÊÁºƒ¾¼½ school athletes seasons are being affected and will continue to be because of something they donít chose to be involved in. Nobody chooses to get in a car accident. !{Sarah Kensinger}

{Presley Lewis}




A Season Wrecked

  Athletes love it. They miss it. They work hard in the off-season. Itís high school sports season again. As always they worked hard during the summer. The season is going good until such a simple thing as a little car crash ruins it. People choose to do drugs, alcohol or other illegal activities, but they donít choose to get in a car accident.   This experience can affect high school athletes this year. MSHSAA came out with a new rule this year that makes athletes ineligible if they are involved ¾Ã¶¾ÃÄÇÉǶ»IJ¸˾ÄÁ¶É¾ÄÃɽ¶É¾ÃËÄÁ˺È drugs, alcohol, accidents or injuries. This includes a car accident that involves the law in any way.   ìAn athlete is ineligible until everything legal is taken care of, ¾Ã¸Áʹ¾Ã¼¸ÄÊÇɁÉǶ»IJ¸ȸ½ÄÄÁ¶Ã¹ other conditions,î Athletic Director Dan Schnell said.   Schnell thinks the purpose of the rule is good.   ìIn the past the rules were vague on citizenship,î Schnell said.   ¢¨¨––Ä»IJ¸¾¶ÁȶÈÀº¹ÉÄǺ˾Ⱥ¶Ã¹ reword citizenship requirements to make ɽºÂÂÄǺÈź¸¾IJ¸ƒ©½ºÇÊÁº¶ÁÈÄÈɶɺÈ that it is the athleteís responsibility to report any situation that would affect their eligibility. If an athlete fails to ǺÅÄÇɶȾÉʶɾÄöùɽºȸ½ÄÄÁIJùÈ out the athlete could be ineligible for up to 365 days from discovery, pending review by the Board of Directors.   Ħ©½ºŶÇÉÄþÃÄÇÉǶ»IJ¸˾ÄÁ¶É¾ÄÃÈ was not explained very well before we voted,î Schnell said.   He agrees with the rule except the ŶÇÉÄþÃÄÇÉǶ»IJ¸˾ÄÁ¶É¾Äùº¶Á¾Ã¼ with accidents and injuries. There are many new teenage drivers who get in accidents. It is very likely an athlete could be one of them. This is one of the reasons Schnell does not like the rule.   A student has the right to hire a lawyer, which sometimes has an immediate impact and can help speed up the process just a little. Unfortunate athletes just have the process out. An athleteís probation is up to the local school. Probation is when a student has to keep themselves clean of anything that deals with the law.


16 year-olds have higher crash rates than any other age. Cost of crashes with 15-17 yr. olds estimates to $34 billion. 56% of teens use cell phones when driving. 69% of teens speed to keep up with traffic. 64% of teens speed through a yellow light. 47% have said their passengers were distracting. 50% of crashes are caused by drunk driving.

Where To Go For... CAR REPAIR

>> Midas Auto Service Experts >> Leeís Summit Total Autocare >> The Auto Clinic 1 9


Here Comes the Sun

{Lindsey Bales}

{Anna Taylor}

Psychedelic fashion of the 60’s is back



©½º»¶È½¾ÄÃÌÄÇÁ¹½¶ÈIJöÁÁλÄÊùɽºÌÄùºÇ»ÊÁÈÉÎÁºÄ»ɽº‹…ĩȃ©½º½¾ÅžºÈÉÊÇú¹»¶È½¾ÄþÃȾ¹ºÄÊɃ¬¾É½ɽº¾Ç catching bright colors and reckless mismatching, they sculpted the style for the psychedelic culture. The use of folk styles, new rock and roll fads, and street wear developed the image we know today as the hippie. Our society today has always had set rules on fashion, but in the 60s the only rule was there were no rules. Designer tags had no connection with the hippies. The hippie style was more than just a fashion statement; it was a way of life. Clothes were cheap, used, and most likely found at a second-hand store, no one could afford band new clothing. If a pair of jeans got torn, they ÌÄÊÁ¹ÊȺ¶ÃÎÉΟĻŶɸ½ºÈÉÄǺÈÉÄǺɽºÂ̾ɽƒ¥¾º¸¾Ã¼¶ÃÄÊÉIJÉÉļºÉ½ºÇÈʸ½¶ÈÌÄÇ÷ºÁÁ‚·ÄÉÉÄÂȁ¶ÃÄÁ¹˺ÈɁ¶Ã¹¶ ȸ¶Ç»̶ȶȸÁÄȺÉÄĦ¹ºÈ¾¼ÃºÇħ¶È¶ÃÎÄú¼ÄÉ·¶¸ÀɽºÃƒ©¾º‚¹Îº©‚Ƚ¾ÇÉȁijÄǶÁÅǾÃÉȁ¶Ã¹ÁÄüÈÀ¾ÇÉȹ¾¹ÃÄɸĺ¾ÃÈÉÎÁºÊÃɾÁ the early 70ís, when the hippies starting making and selling their own style of clothes. During the 60ís rock-n-roll became the main music stream for young teenagers. The outstanding colors worn by those ·¶Ã¹º·ºÇȾÃijʺøº¹ɽºÈÉÎÁºɽ¶É½¶È·ººÃ·ÇÄʼ½É·¶¸Àƒ¥Èθ½º¹ºÁ¾¸ÇĸÀ·¶Ã¹È¸ÄÃÉǾ·Êɺ¹̾ɽɽ¾ÈÈɶɺºÃÉ̽¾Áº ¸Ä·¾Ã¾Ã¼¶Ãɾ‚̶ÇÁÎǾ¸È¶Ã¹Ħź¶¸º¶Ã¹ÁÄ˺ħ·ºÁ¾º»Èƒ©½º¾ÇÂÊȾ¸¾Ãijʺøº¹»¶È½¾ÄÁ·¶Ã¹ÈÈʸ½¶È©½º—º¶ÉÁºÈŸ¾Â¾ºÃ¹Ç¾Í and The Doors are considered icons to the hippie fashion. The hippies tried to stay away from high fashion, but the total opposite happened. The style moved up into the high fashion designers. Many of these styles that the hippies invented can be revived today. They are seen everywhere; from the anti- “ The 60’s was the “ I like to shirts, peace sign chokers, and acid wash jeans. Now at any retail store today they make and war best time period ¶ÇºÈɶÇɾüÉĸ¶É¸½ÄÃÉÄɽºÉǺùȺÁÁ¾Ã¼½¾¼½‚̶¾Èɺ¹¿º¶Ãȁ˺ÈɁijÄǶÁÅǾÃÉȁ wear hemp and vintage band T-shirts. This natural, nature inspired look makes the most worn out ever.Thehippiestyle necklaces.” clothes look stylish. One good thing about the hippies was they were always comfy; represents me.” ÃÄÄúÌÄÊÁ¹ºËºÇ¸¶É¸½ɽºÂ̺¶Ç¾Ã¼½¾¼½½ººÁÈÄÇɾ¼½ÉIJÉɾü¸ÁÄɽ¾Ã¼ƒ—¶¸À¾Ãɽ¶É time period, the natural look was the only way to go. Through all the rebellion and riots traveling though the 60ís, a new style developed that many thought would not have made such an effect as it did on the world. These looks may be considered to be timeless, but it is perhaps the movement of new ideas and thoughts that were issued in this time period is what attracts people to its fashion today.

Entertainment ·

Top 5 Fall Attractions   There is constantly talk about how there is nothing to do in Kansas City anymore. This is an incorrect statement. There is plenty to do! Many exciting attractions are just waiting for people to come and enjoy what they have to offer. Here ¶ÇºIJ˺»ÊÃÅÁ¶¸ºÈÉĺÿÄηº»ÄǺɽº¸ÄÁ¹̺¶É½ºÇ¸ÄºÈ blasting through!


·{Sia Nero}


Worlds of Fun ñ ìFright Nightî When: Sept. 19 - Nov. 1 Where: Located off the east loop of I-435 at exit 54 in Kansas City, MO Cost: $25.99 + tax on Fridays and Saturdays People to go with: Friends Attractions: Rides, Games, Shows, etc. Outdoor Movie Events with Frontyard Features ñ ì200 movies, 200 neighborhoodsî When: Now until Oct. 31 (weekends only) Where: Check for information on the movies, times, and location Cost: Free People to go with: Girlfriend/ Boyfriend; Friends

Oktoberfest ñ Presented by the Leeís Summit Chamber of Commerce When: September 26-27 Where: Historic Downtown Leeís Summit Cost: Free, but there is a charge for tickets to the various attractions People to go with: Friends and Family Attractions: Games, Rides, Show, Food, etc.

Liberty Corn Maze When: August 29- October 26 Where: 17607 NE 52nd Street, Liberty, MO, 64068 Cost: Adult- $9, Children (5-13 yrs.)$7, 4 yrs. and under- Free People to go with: group of friends -Fri.: open from 5-10pm -Sat.: 10 am to 10 pm -Sun.: 10 am to 7 pm


Best Place? Paradise Park is one of the most popular places to go before it gets cold outside. They have a lot to do at this fun attraction. You can go put-put, go-kart riding, rock wall, and much more. “[I like Paradise Park] because there is something for everyone to do,” said Junior Shelby Feugate.

{Janna Lamaster}



Paradise Park When: Stays open all year long Where: Located in 1021 NE Colbern Road in Leeís Summit, MO Cost: $23.95 + tax for unlimited indoor/outdoor attractions People to go with: Younger Siblings, Family, and Friends Attractions: Foam Factory, Rock Wall, Go Karts, Bumper Cars, Miniature Golf.

Starlight, Star Bright   Running, leaping, and randomly bursting out in song- some źÄÅÁº ¹Ä ɽ¶É ̽¾Áº ¼ÄÄIJü Ä»» ̾ɽ »Ç¾ºÃ¹È ·ÊÉ ȺþÄÇ Jonathon Musgrave has recently done just that in front of upwards of 56,000 people.   Jonathon performed in the Broadway production of Les Miserables at Starlight Theatre, Sept. 10-16.   ìPerforming at Starlight was so exciting, but nerve racking at the same time. Being in a Broadway production is so professional and real,î Musgrave said.   Musgrave has had the big curtain open on him many times through out the years.   ìWhen the curtain opens its really exciting, I get this adrenaline rush and I want to look at the audience and see whoís there but I know I canít.î Musgrave said.   Musgrave performed in front of almost 56,000 people total during the week of performances.   ìI wasnít nervous. I was really excited that all of those people are watching and wanting to enjoy the show.î Musgrave said.   To become a part of the show, Musgrave had to go to a workshop for two hours with other students auditioning for the show. The director looked for how well they interacted with each other and how well they sang.   During the summer and the school year, Musgrave had to have lengthy and stressful practices. He had to be at Starlight for seven hours on the weekends and three hours on weeknights to get the show perfect.   ìThe practices were really long and tiring. Afterwards, my voice and back were always killing me.î Musgrave said.   Musgrave had a lot of fun being in a professional show. As a

Starlight TeensSenior Jonathon Musgrave and other Kansas City students took part in the Broadway production of Les Miserables at Starlight Theatre.

soldier and a beggar, he got to show many emotions, such as anger. It was really different than his characters in the past LSHS musicals.   Musgraveís friends and family were very excited when he was cast in Les Mis. They were all able to come see him perform and cheer him on.   ìThe best part was performing with a professional cast and getting to see everybodyís reaction after the show.î Musgrave said.   Musgrave has been in all of the musicals at LSHS, so being a part of a production was not new to him. However, performing ¶É¨É¶ÇÁ¾¼½É¹ºIJþɺÁι¾»»ºÇÈ»ÇÄÂźǻÄǾü¾Ãɽº¥–˜ƒ   ìStarlight is so much different than the school musicals, everything is planned right down to the second. I would have to say that school shows have to be more fun than Starlight. The school musicals are more laid back, the shows are happier, and I have all of my friends there with me.î Musgrave said.   Although Musgrave prefers performing in the PAC, he can now use this experience to become a better actor no matter where he takes the stage. ·{Summer Richards} 2


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Cinema Sentiments

Students share their thoughts on recent big-screen shows



  The Joker spreads his terror throughout the city, as Gothom cries out for Batman once again in The Dark Night. This 2 hours and 32 minute, action-packed thriller hit the theaters this summer, sending numbers off the charts to a high yŠ†…Œ…†††¶Éɽº·ÄÍÄ»IJ¸ºƒ   ìThe Dark Night was very good and full of suspense. The only bad thing was that it was long, and I had to use the restroom the whole time,î freshman Sara Gebauer said.   As students would agree, the movie was long, but it was worth watching every minute of it.   ìI donít think Iíd go see Dark Night in theaters again, but I would rent it. That way I can pause it and use the restroom whenever I wantî Gebauer said.   Despite the length, students enjoyed the Dark Night, and would see it again, even if it meant renting.   Dark Night was not the only movie that caught the eyes of our student body.   ìThe House Bunny made me laugh and put me in a good mood,î freshman Morgan Vining said.   This outrageously funny movie had audiences laughing until they were wiping tears from the corner of their eyes, leaving them in high spirits.   ìThe jokes were all funny,î Vining said.   –ʹ¾ºÃ¸ºÈ̶ɸ½º¹–Ãö›¶Ç¾Èĩ¸½¶Ç¶¸ÉºÇIJùÄÊÉ̽ÄȽº really was and where she belonged.   –ÂÄ˾ºÄ»½ÄÇÇÄÇÈ·Ç¾Ã¼ÈźÄÅÁºÉÄ̶ɸ½¾É»ÄÇɽº˺ÇÎIJÇÈÉ time and react in different ways.   ìThe Mirrors wasnít very scary to me, but the guy next to me was so scared that he had his hands covering his eyes. It made me laugh because he was like that, and his girlfriend was just sitting there, watching the movieî sophomore Hope Harbert said.   The Mirrors might have been scary to part of the audience, but to the others it was just a big, dull dud.   ìI donít want to see Mirrors again because it wasnít scary,î Harbert said.  Others might say different, but it looks like The Mirrors is off some of the studentsí radars.   Unlike The Mirrors, Pineapple Express was spread throughout the student body as a good, funny movie.   ìPineapple Express was good. The things that were said and done in the movie are what made it funny,î sophomore Tyler Bailes said.  From romance to humor, and from action to horror, there are more and more movies to be seen. There are many students excited for movies that are coming out later this year.   ìIím exited to go see My Best Friendís Girl because I got to meet Dane Cook before and heís really funny,î Vining said.   Dane Cook stars in the comedy, My Best Friendís Girl, coming out Sep. 19, 2008.   ìI really want to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but they moved it back, which is lame,î Gebauer said.   The show was originally set to open Nov. 21, 2008, but has recently been set back to next summer. Harry Potter will begin his sixth year at Hogwarts July 17, 2009.   So get popcorn, candy, and drinks. The movie begins in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. ·{Taylor Dyer}

Close-to-Home Halloween Fun

Entertainment ·

·{Taryn Hall}

  The leaves change from green to striking crimson. The cool breeze that gives you goose bumps settles in for its autumn stay. Not only is the month of October full of beautiful weather and scenery, but it is also home to very special holiday, Halloween. As children, there are exciting festivities awaiting, like trick-or-treating. As teens, there are not as many things to do to celebrate this ghoulish night. Haunted houses and pumpkin farms are great ways to enjoy a scary fall night. Fall is here, and so is the time to get scared and have a blast at one of these many Halloween attractions.   Whitetail Pumpkin Farm is located in Leeís Summit off of Colbern Road one mile north of Unity Village. During the month of October on Fridays and Saturdays, they have a haunted hayride in the woods. It is very theatrical and entertaining.   ìThe past couple of years have been great, but this year we are stepping it up. There will be more action and better effects,î owner James Stephens said.   Not only is it this close to home, but it is also affordable. Tickets for the pumpkin farm are half the price of the haunted houses downtown. On weekdays, they have a pick your own pumpkin deal. Here the whole family can go to get the perfect carving pumpkin, one that will never be found in front of a grocery store. On Friday and Saturday nights, Whitetail Pumpkin Patch has ·ÄÃIJǺÈÅÄÉÈɽ¶ÉźÄÅÁº¸¶Ã rent out to have their own get together under the beautiful starry sky.   Whitetail is a wonderful place where people can go to have a good time, get a thrill, and even forget that they are still in the city.

The Beast is for those who donít mind getting lost. Here, a werewolf forest with real trees towers over the heavy fog. There are a few slides, and a hall of mirrors that will test the will and patience of all who attend. When you least expect it, chainsaw toting maniac that is not afraid to use it, so watch out!

The Chamber of Edgar Allen Poe is one of the newest additions to downtownís haunted house family. This haunted house takes people deep into the depths of Poeís most famous pieces, such as A Tell Tale Heart, The Raven, and The Black Cat. As soon as customers enter the doors they become a character in one of Poeís many nightmares. As they weave their way through, visitors get to interact in the stories of one of literatureís great minds.

The Edge of Hell is one of the oldest haunted houses in Kansas City. Before even entering the beautiful gothic chamber, the infamous Rat Man is lurks through the lines, waiting to scare visitors with his furry friends. Inside, things are not as they appear. Those who are lucky enough to make it to ìheavenî must endure the swinging bridge and pass through two gigantic pythons. Just when they madness appears to be through, a six story terror slide takes attendees to the end.

The Macabre Theatre is located in the same four-block radius as the other haunted houses. As the customer enters, it looks as if they have gone through a time warp and into an old movie theatre. Throughout the journey, visitors will see all of the ¸Á¶ÈȾ¸ ½ÄÇÇÄÇ IJÁÂÈ ¸Äº ÉÄ life. The scenes are undeniably familiar, from Halloween, The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street and more.

For more information, visit these websites: (From here, the other haunted house sites can be accessed.)

Christian Bookshelf 506 J SE 291 Hwy Lee’s Summit, MO 64063 Contact us at: (816) 525-3787

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‘08 V T Fall

new shows hit the air waves this fall and favorites return for all new seasons



-HEROES Mon. @ 7

- GOSSIP GIRL Mon. @ 7

-MY NAME IS EARL Thurs. @ 7


-THE OFFICE Thurs. @ 8

-90210 Tues. @ 7

-CHUCK Mon. @7, Premieres Sept. 29


-DEAL OR NO DEAL Fri. @ 7 Premieres Oct. 3


·{Nelson Hill}


-KATH AND KIM Thurs. @ 9, Premieres Oct. 9 - MY OWN WORST ENEMY Mon. @ 9, Premieres Oct. 9


-30 ROCK Thurs. @ 8:30, Premieres Oct. 30


show? Donít cry! You can check out past episodes,

-DANCING WITH THE STARS Mon. @ 7 -UGLY BETTY Thurs. @ 7 -GREYíS ANATOMY Thurs. @ 8 -PUSHING DAISIES Wed. @ 7, Premieres Oct. 1 -PRIVATE PRACTICE Wed. @ 8, Premieres Oct. 1 -SAMANTHA WHO? Mon. @ 8:30, Primieres Oct. 13

learn cool facts, take fun quizzes, and more at thse television network websites:


-HOUSE Tues. @ 7


  Are you into photography? Have you ever taken a cool photo 2 but didnít know what to do with it? Well, hereís your chance to show off your work! Enter the HiLife Hot Shots Photo Contest by sending your photo with your name and grade to the photography editor Taylor Rice at   Please include some information about your entry or what inspired you. Make sure to send it in by Monday, October 20, and your work could be featured in the October edition of HiLife! 4

Mon. @ 8




Hot Shots!

-THE AMAZING RACE Sun. @ 8, Premieres Sep. 28

Concert Corner Randy Jackson Presents Americaís Best Dance Crew Live | The hit telivision show is taking the stage in at the Midland by AMC at 1228 Main Street, KCMO on Mon., Oct. 6. The show begins at 7:30 . General admission tickets start at $35.

Ben Folds |

The pop piano stylings of Ben Folds are coming to the Uptown Theater, 3700 Broadway, KCMO, Wed., Oct. 22. All tickets are general admission and are only $30.


This Emmy award winning band is taking its Viva La Vida tour to the Sprint Center Thurs., Nov. 13. Tickets range from $49.50-$97.50. Cameraís and video recorders are not allowed at the show. Make sure to get your tickets before they sell out!


Did you miss the season premiere of your favorite

That’s What She Said

Opinions U

Letters To The Editor... What’s Your DEAR EDITOR, “Are my shoulders really that revealing?”

  Tank tops and tardies and a prison-like cafeteria, oh my! What will be next? œÇººÃÈÁ¾Åȶ»ÉºÇ·º¾Ã¼¶ºǺIJ˺¾ÃÊɺÈÁ¶ÉºÉÄIJÇÈɽÄÊǔ Oh, wait...   Rules and regulations have always been essential to the beauty of the high school experience. However, rules have become more stringent ever since our return to the statuesque, and slightly decaying, walls of LSHS.   The dress code has always been a tried-and-true starter for arguments. But this year, the dress code has evolved from the old warcry to a legitimate reason for our wise ridicule. Do not even think about wearing that tank top with one and three quarters inch sleeves, or you will be immediately tackled and clothed with a Tiger sweatshirt sporting the year 1979 on the back in bold lettering for everyone to see. Vintage, right? Come on, are shoulders really that revealing?   The tardy policy, though obviously borne from good intentions, has become obnoxiously strict. Although students take advantage of the outdoors when moving from building to building, it is still a hassle trying to make it to class on time. Six minutes for passing period is great... if ÎÄʽ¶Ëº¶¼ÄÁ»¸¶ÇɃ¥ÊøÉʶÁ¾Éξȶ·ºÃºIJ¸¾¶ÁÉǶ¾ÉÉĽ¶Ëº but understanding is even better. Staff and students alike know that the walk between buildings stretches beyond the allotted passing period time, especially during bad weather. Rather than leave the tardy policy enforcement up to the personal discretion of teachers, the policy should be altered to give plenty of time for students to walk up the mountain from B to A without pulling a muscle.   Upon entering the cafeteria, one might think that it is a happy, friendly environment. But as soon as that unlucky student steps over the threshold, the iron gates crash down behind them, locking them in for 23 minutes. Good luck IJù¾Ã¼ ¶ ÅÁ¶¸º ÉÄ ȾÉ ̽¾Áº ÎÄÊ ȺÇ˺ ÎÄÊÇ ɾºƒ ©½º ¸½¶¾Ç shortage brings out the worst in hungry students with tired legs. Stealing, saving, and rumbling soon erupt.  For the record, we are not anarchists. We merely recognize that the 1800 students who live, learn, and make sarcastic comments in this school are individuals. Imperfect individuals with different aspirations, different circumstances, and different needs. Overbearing rules make students feel like cogs in a well-rusted machine. In the end, what purpose does embarrassing a girl by reprimanding her for a sleeveless shirt really serve? How will giving that boy hiking between buildings a tardy for being 30 seconds late really better his sense of punctuality? Teenagers are not all ungrateful rebels. Even those sarcastic girls from the Opinions column appreciate a little understanding now and then.

U{Rachel Harness} U{Ariel Andrew}

{Michael Bushur}


  There is a bus that ŶÇÀÈ ú¶Ç ɽº Èĸ¸ºÇ IJºÁ¹ every day after school. Sometimes the bus parks up the hill and when I try to leave the parking lot, I canít see around the bus. Itís so aggravating, because I canít tell if a car is coming around the bus! I have almost hit people before.   I think the bus is for some sporting event, but I really wish that it would park somewhere out of the way to avoid accidents. senior Emily Yeager   A big problem in our school is the amount of bugs. They are so nasty. I always see ants and Èž¹ºÇÈ Äà ɽº ijÄÄÇÈ ¶Ã¹ ceilings. The school should not have bugs in it because it makes us look bad and the school seems even older.   žɽ¾ÃÀÉÄIJÍɽ¾ÈÅÇÄ·ÁºÂ the school should be sprayed so the bugs will go away and make us look good again. senior Raechel Lukowski

  There are not enough chairs for all the students in the cafeteria. You have to get to lunch really early to get your own seat and save places for friends. A lot of kids just end up sharing seats or going around to different tables asking if chairs are being used or not. Thereís not even enough room at the round tables so we push them together.   I think more tables and chairs should be available to students so we donít have this problem. senior Kelly Perrin

{Sami Dowd} 2



Death Penalty: Right or very wrong?

Death Penalty Poll   The Hi.Life took a survey of 217 students to seepenwhere they stand on the legalization of the death alty.

Disagree: 44%

Agree: 46%

? Undecided: 10%

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Do students genuinely care about their causes?

It has always been cool to be a social activist. There have always been (and always will be) those ìactivistsî who wear the tie-dye shirts and smoke pot. It seems like those guys are always telling people how screwed up the government is or inviting them to poetry slams. Besides the hippies, in 2008 it seems like just about every teenager is into the counterculture movement. Some teens just wear peace signs, others go Goth; but everyone likes to think of themselves as some kindaí young, energetic, worldchanginí rebel. The problem is, most of them either do not know what cause to act for or how to act for their cause. This confusion has led to the rise of ìFacebook activismî, or in other words, activists who do not really act on anything.   The great thing about Facebook activism is that everybody ¸¶Ã»ººÁ¼ÄŶ·ÄÊÉɽºÂȺÁ˺È̾ɽÄÊÉÁ¾»É¾Ã¼¶IJüºÇ (except to click on the ìjoin groupî button). The problem with Facebook activism is that good, important topics are getting drowned out by lazy teenagers. For example, just typing in the word abortion on Facebook brings up a list of over 500 groups. This list includes everything from ìAbortion is MURDERî to ìStand up for our South Dakota Womenî. Every group, however, is tied together by a single common trend: they do not really do anything. Their list of recent events is blank, and their wall posts are typical for an internet forum: people cussing at each other over the misspelling of words.   While that last was a bit predictable, the sad thing was when a person who actually cared about the topic made a post on that stupid wall. There were plenty of people like that, but ¾É̶ÈÀ¾Ã¹Ä»½¶Ç¹ÉÄIJùɽºÂ̾ɽ¶ÁÁɽºǶÃɺÇÈɶÀ¾Ã¼ÊÅ page space. That is the real problem with Facebook activism, there are important issues worth protesting and protesters who want to do something, but they just do not have a chance. That is why Facebook groups are not good places to try to change society.   If people really do want to help AIDS victims, or they really do want to help people who cannot afford health care, they should go down to the Union Mission sometime. The Mission would be extremely grateful to have any kind of volunteer. If people really do think the government is screwing up (and plenty of people do) then they should tell them so. People can hold rallies, have sit-ins, and hold picket signs. There are so many things that real activists can be doing.   The fact is, it is pathetic to pretend to be an activist. If people really want to make a difference, then they should ¶Ã¹¹Äɽ¶É·ÊÉ›¶¸º·ÄÄÀ¾È¹ºIJþɺÁÎÃÄɼľüÉĸ½¶Ã¼º anything anytime soon. U{Clay Reynolds}

  A man was tried, convicted, and executed. Cameron Willingham was sentenced to death for murdering his three young children by setting his ÄÌýÄÊȺÄÃIJǺƒ¤Ã›º·ƒ†Œƒ‡……‰½º¼¶Ëº½¾ÈÁ¶ÈÉÌÄǹÈ and was lethally injected. The problem: Willingham was innocent.   The statistics are not concrete. Anywhere from 2 percent to 10 percent of people on death row may be innocent. Although this number remains the minority, is it still a risk that should be taken?   Life is something so precious that cannot be replaced, nor should be taken away from any human being no matter the circumstances. This has nothing to do with compassion or sympathy for the criminal. If somebody commits a truly heinous crime, he or she should be punished, but it is not humanís prerogative to take that life away.   ©½º¹º¶É½źöÁÉξÈÁº¼¶Á¾Ãɽ¾ÇÉ΂º¾¼½ÉÄ»ɽºIJ»ÉÎÈɶɺȃ Although legal in Missouri now, in 2006 there was a hiatus of using the death penalty. Pre-meditated murder, treason, and terrorism are just a few crimes deserving of this punishment.   After the inmate is bound and needles are inserted into their arms, the curtain rises. The witnesses watch as an anesthetic is injected into the convictís bloodstream. A drug is then injected to paralyze the muscle system and stop the breathing of the criminal. Potassium chloride stops the unconscious criminalís heart, resulting in death.   Besides being immoral, the death penalty is also impractical. It is commonly thought that it is cheaper to execute criminals than to keep them in prison. Performing the death penalty can be very expensive. It costs roughly $2 million in legal fees to try a death penalty case and another $1.2 million in actual execution costs. Between 1973 and 1998, Florida alone spent $57 million on eighteen death penalty cases.   Also, consider the state of mind of the criminals. A criminal would not contemplate the consequences of his or her actions. The death penalty has proven not to be a deterrent to murder. Texas, the highest supporter for the death penalty, has one of the highest murder rates in the country.   In Cameron Willinghamís case, it was too late. Less than a year after his execution, his innocence was proven. All of this evidence makes the answer to this controversial topic very clear: it should be eliminated immediately. U{Max Belanger}

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Howareclassroomsaffected by budget cuts?

ìI always worry cuts are going to be made about paper. We teachers have trouble getting subs so we canít have meetings about budget cuts,î said English teacher Catherine Sheridan.

ìI heard they were cutting scantrons so we have to use mini ones. All around I think itís probably better. I donít think itís fair that ɽºÎ¶ÇºɶÀ¾Ã¼¶Ì¶ÎIJºÁ¹ÉǾÅÈ though. We are here at school for seven hours, I think we deserve at Áº¶ÈÉÄúIJºÁ¹ÉǾŁħȶ¾¹¿ÊþÄÇ¡¾ÁÎ Schiffbauer.

ìTeachers usually say, ëGet some paper from the recycling bin,í. One of the teachers gave our class a big stack of worksheets for the entire semester. Teachers are using a lot of colored paper, which is weird ëcause it costs more,î said freshman Allison Moore.


  Teachers were quite shocked last week when they walked up to the copiers to make tests and only pink paper came out. For the second time this year, the school has ran out of white paper- just one of the effects of budget cuts. According to principal John Faulkenberry, budget cuts should not be too harsh this year. However, next year there may be some drastic cuts that have to be made.   With all that has happened it would be a smart idea if the administration cut back on more than just paper. If teachers could turn off lights in empty classrooms, the school could save money on the electricity bill. Along with turning off the lights, teachers could encourage and ºÃ»ÄǸºǺ¸Î¸Á¾Ã¼ƒ©½¾ÈÌÄÊÁ¹·ºÃºIJÉɽº¸¶ÂÅÊȼǺ¶ÉÁ΃   The classroom is not the only place students and staff members could save money. The cafeteria and vending ¶¸½¾ÃºÈ¶Çº¶¿ÄÇÈÉǶ¾ÃÈÄÃIJöø¾¶ÁǺÈÄÊǸºÈƒ Currently the school buys name brand desserts and soft drinks. If they were to switch to generic labels they could ȶ˺Æʾɺ¶·¾ÉÄ»ÂÄúζù̾ɽÄÊÉȶ¸Ç¾IJ¸¾Ã¼ɽº studentsí taste buds.   There are many ways the school could save money other than just cutting back on paper. The hallways and cafeteria offer some of the biggest areas of improvement. Just making simple changes this year could prevent making even bigger changes in the following years. Then again, things could be worse than having to use pink paper.

UPatricia Sjuts

It’s an expensive day to be a Tiger...

...these days it costs a stripe and a tail to be a Tiger.


ìIf they start giving us old books and cutting fun classes, that would upset me. They should give students a say in what they are taking away. Itís not fair that they are taking things we might want away,î said sophomore Andrew Batson.


ìI think it wouldnít be fair because we are already required to buy a lot of our own stuff. It could cause us to be late to classes since weíd have to go to our lockers to get all the stuff we donít have room to carry in our backpacks,î said senior Alex Bachman.

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{Ariel Andrew}

Man On The Street

POLICY: The Hi.Life is an open forum to provide up to date and pertinent information compiled by high school journalists. The magazine exists to credibly explain all facts in a professional, yet entertaining manner. We will be a bold and trusted publication that raises the bar of high school journalism. The Hi.Life newsmagazine is a student led publication. Our obligation to readers is ÉÄÅÇÄ˾¹º¸Çº¹¾·Áº¾Ã»ÄǶɾÄÃÉÄɽºÈÉʹºÃɷĹ΃£ÄúÄ»ɽºÄžþÄÃȾÃÄÊÇÅÊ·Á¾¸¶É¾ÄÃǺijº¸Éɽº˾ºÌÈÄ»ɽº¡ººĩÈ¨Ê¾É 7 R-7 School District. The Hi.Life strives to create a professional newsmagazine that provides accurate insights and entertainment ̾ɽ¸ÄÃIJ¹ºÃ¸º¶Ã¹ºÍ¸ºÁÁºÃ¸º̾ɽ¶ÃÄ·Á¾¼¶É¾ÄÃÄ»¸Çº¶É¾Ã¼¶ÃÊ÷¾¶Èº¹¶Ã¹ǺÁ¾¶·ÁºÅÊ·Á¾¸¶É¾Äà 2



Rays Of Sunshine Tampa Bay Rays continue their Cinderella run   Cinderellas have always had a place in sports. Almost every sport has had a Cinderella team that has taken the fansí hearts. From George Mason to Fresno State, from Rocky Balboa to the New York Giants, all have been great Cinderella stories. Now baseball can add their own Cinderella story, the Tampa Bay Rays.   Many people outside the world of sports may not know who the Rays are. They used to be known as the Devil Rays. In the í08 season they decided to drop the ëdevilí from their name, by dropping that name they also seemed to have dropped an entire existence of losing.   Many sportswriters contribute the Raysí success to a strong minor-league

system and veterans peaking at the right time. That certainly is true. Carl Crawford and Scott Kazmire have led the team, while Evan Longoria will likely win the rookie-ofthe-year award. The Raysí also have a young pitcher named David Price. Price has been compared to Roger Clemens and some say he could be as good as Nolan Ryan.   The Raysí play in the American League East. Yes the same division as the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Many people thought that the sky would fall before someone could win the A.L. East other than the Red Sox and Yankees. The sky just might be falling then because the Raysí have held the division lead since the All-Star

Game, Set, Match


worthy of Rocky esque praise. What manager John Madden has been able to do is simply amazing. Considering that the Raysí have never had a winning season, let alone make the playoffs is simply remarkable.

{Drew Barnhart}



Red Sox

Evan Longoria

Alex Rodriguez

Mike Lowell



















3’rd Base HOF Salary Cap World Series All Stars Team RBI’s Team HR

America’s stand at the U.S. open

oger Federer scrambles to reach the ball with his back hand and plays it down the line. Novak Djokovic returns the ball to the middle starting a fast paced rally. Once given a ball at a more manageable speed Federer plays it down the line once again. Djokovic sprints over to catch it and play it back, as Federer slams the ball to the opposite corner to win the point.    The U.S. Open of Tennis was another tournament of fast, high quality play. For ɽºIJ»É½κ¶Ç¾Ã¶ÇÄ̧ļºÇ›º¹ºÇºÇ½¶È taken home the championship. Though, an American did not win the menís singles, America represented itself well among the other divisions of play. Serena Williams won the womenís singles, the 2 Bryan brothers won menís doubles, and Liezel Huber (an American) won the womenís doubles along with Cara Black from Zimbabwe.   Rafael Nadal was involved in a major upset of the U.S. Open, ranked number one in the world, to Andy Murray who is number six. This match started off with ¢ÊÇǶÎ ̾Ãþü ɽº IJÇÈÉ ȺÉ ‹‚‡ƒ  ©½ºÎ 8

break.   Tampa Bay has weathered long losing streaks and costly injuries. They have had nearly every person write them off ¶È ¶ ijÊÀº ¶Ã¹ ¶ ¿ÄÀº ºËºÃ their own fans. When the Red Sox or Yankees come to town there are more fans for them than the Raysí   Even if the Raysí lose the division and collapse in the Wild Card, this team is still

then, moved into the second set which went to tie break which Murray won 7-5. The match was then postponed due to rain. After the break, with Murray leading two sets to zero, Nadal was able to win ½¾È IJÇÈÉ ȺÉ Ä» ɽº ¶ɸ½ ‹‚‰ƒ  ¢ÊÇǶÎ ɽºÃÌÄý¾ÈÁ¶ÈɶùIJöÁȺÉÅÊÉɾü½¾Â ɽÇÄʼ½ÉÄɽºIJöÁƒ    žÉ¶Î¶Åź¶Çɽ¶Éɽº¬ÄºÃĩÈIJöÁÈ were not as widely covered by the media, ɽº IJöÁ ̶È ÉÇÊÁÎ ¶ ¼Çº¶É ̾à »ÄÇ ɽº American, Serena Williams. Williams, who was ranked number four, beat Jelena Jankovic who was ranked second. ¬¾ÁÁ¾¶ÂÈ ÌÄà ɽº IJÇÈÉ ȺÉ ‹‚‰ ¶Ã¹ ɽº second set 7-5. It takes 3 sets to win the menís singles and 2 to win the womenís. Even though Williams only needed to win two sets, the match still lasted a whole 13 minutes longer than the Federer/Murray ¢ºÃĩÈ IJöÁȃ  ©½¾È ¿ÊÈÉ ÅÇÄ˺È ½ÄÌ ̺ÁÁ these two athletes competed against each other, in the end Serena came out on top.   ©½º ºÃĩÈ ¹ÄÊ·Áº IJöÁ ¾ÃËÄÁ˺¹ ÉÌÄ brothers representing America. The Bryan brothers, Bob and Mike, ended up

winning the championship. They faced two tough opponents, Lukas Dlouhy and Leander Paes. The Bryan brothers won both sets, it was a very tough match. Both sets went to tiebreak and fortunately for the brothers, they were able to win both.   According to head coach, Luke McKenney, one upcoming athlete to look for is Sam Querrey. Querrey is the ranked forty two in the world. Querrey is an American from California who advanced to the fourth round of the U.S. Open. He was beaten by the number one ranked, Nadal. Querrey even turned down a scholarship from USC, so that he could start his professional career.   Murray serves the ball, Federer returns it cross court to Murrayís backhand. Murray reaches out barely hitting the lob back to Federer. Federer then smashes it back to Murray who barely makes the ball over the net. Federer has another smash cross court which Murray weakly played back. One last time Federer smashes the ball straight to Murray who canít make the ball back over the net. That point meant ɽºIJ»É½ÈÉǶ¾¼½Éªƒ¨ƒ¤ÅºÃ»ÄÇ›º¹ºÇºÇƒ {Nate Day}


Game Time

Boys Soccer

ul season

ther succesf o n a r fo g in k o lo team

  A whole summers worth of hard work; enduring the sweat, the injuries, the pain. All this preparation leading up to this one moment: itís show time. The boysí soccer team is ready to show that they are here to compete.  Varsity Coach Wiebenga has big plans for this upcoming boyís soccer season; he has set the standards high. The team is united by one set of common goals: IJþȽ ¾Ã ɽº ÉÄÅ ½¶Á» Ä» ɽº ¸ÄûºÇºÃ¸º ¸ÄÂźɺ ¾Ã ɽº ¹¾ÈÉǾ¸É IJöÁ ¶Ã¹ ÉÄ become a more consistent unit.   ìThere has to be more team philosophy this year and everyone has to come to play and get their job done every night. The whole conference is good so we canít afford to take a night off,î said Wiebenga.   Some of the toughest games on the Tigerís schedule this year are against Oak Park, North, and West.   ìIím not going to change our style going into these games, we have found success over the last few years and we have to just keep going,î said Wiebenga. At this moment in time, there is only one freshman on Varsity who will play a big role on the team this year, goalkeeper Will Lukowski.   Game days are a very serious time. After school, Wiebenga holds a team meeting to help focus the boysí attention on the task at hand. Other than that, the boysí are expected to personally prepare and motivate themselves.   ìIn the end, the boyís have to play and motivate themselves. Itís not so much what we can do because Byrne and I canít play anymore unfortunately,î said Wiebenga.   This year on Junior Varsity, Coach Reeseís main objective is to prepare his players to move up to the varsity level.

He wants them to be ready in case an injury would occur this year and a spot ÌÄÊÁ¹ÄźÃÊÅÄǺ˺ÃÉÄIJÁÁÄźÃÈÅÄÉÈ next year.   ìWe arenít training and differently to compensate for moving up a conference. Iím just strongly enforcing that the teams are stronger this year and that the boys will have to work that much harder ÉÄ IJù Èʸ¸ºÈȃ ©½ºÎ ½¶Ëº ÉÄ ºÃɶÁÁÎ understand the challenge these new opponents will present,î said Reese.   North, Blue Springs, and Blue Springs South are shaping up to be JVís toughest battles to come.   ìGoing into these games, we will have to possess the ball better, have better ¸ÄÃÉÇÄÁ Ä˺Ç ɽº ¼¶Âº ¶Ã¹ ·º ÂÄǺ IJɃ We wonít be able to rely solely on our athletic ability to come out with a win,î said Reese.   JV takes their warm-up very seriously; they refrain from talking about distractions outside of the match that they are facing.   ìOur goal is to be ready to play from ɽºIJÇÈÉ·ÁÄÌÄ»ɽº̽¾ÈÉÁºƒ©½¾È¾È½ÄÌ ̺ȸÄǺ¹¶¼Ä¶ÁÄä¶À¥¶ÇÀ¾ÃɽºIJÇÈÉ 9 seconds because they we were in game mode while they were still stuck in warmup mode,î said Reese.   Moving up a conference doesnít affect the boysí freshman/sophomore team as much as it does the other teams.   ìNot every school has enough players ÉÄIJºÁ¹ɽǺºɺ¶ÂȁÈÄ̺ÅÁ¶Î̽¾¸½ºËºÇ schools have enough. We play some different schools than Varsity and JV does,î said freshman/sophomore Coach Hawkins.   Hawkins main objective is to develop the boys to have a chance to move up to JV and even Varsity.   ìItís important that they work to

{Karlie Swan}


improve themselves and their game. It also gives them a feeling of what itís like to be on a team and to establish that they can beat competitors at every level if they continue moving up in the program,î said Hawkins.   The freshman/sophomore development teamsí toughest matches will be against the Rockhurst sophomore team, North, and Liberty.   ìIt is crucial for the boys to understand that these games are different and important. When we face North, we will just slightly switch up our formation from a 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3. On these game days especially, the boys have to keep focused and be serious about the game at hand,î said Hawkins.   The boysí soccer team is off to a promising start so far this season; Varsity starting at 3-1-1, JV starting at 3-0, and the freshman/sophomore team starting at 3-1. Come out and cheer the Tigers to victory!

{Haley Mershon}

Homecoming Special! One month $19.99!!

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Chasing Matt

Former Tiger shares Beijing experience

 Olympic runner, Matt Tegenkamp, grants Hi. Life an exclusive ¾ÃɺÇ˾ºÌ¶»ÉºÇIJþȽ¾Ã¼†ˆÉ½¾ÃɽºŠ………ºɺÇÇÊà Tony Botts: What was your favorite experience from the 2008 Olympics? Matt Tegenkamp: This is a hard one because there are so many amazing ºÍźǾºÃ¸ºÈƒ¨Åº¸¾IJ¸¶ÁÁλÇĶäÁΞ¸ºÍźǾºÃ¸ºžÌÄÊÁ¹ȶÎɽº hours leading up to Opening Ceremonies. Not only was it the true realization of my accomplishments but the combined excitement of meeting both George H. & George W. Bush along with the entire Redeem Team. TB: How did the controversial events (menís volleyball coach stabbing, Swedish wrestler medal protest, Cuban Tae Kwan Do referee attack, etc.)affect your mood or feelings? MT: The stabbing was a terrible event and for it to happen on day one to a fellow US Olympic Team member struck close to home. It was a somber start to the Olympics for the US team. The other protest did not affect me in other ways.

TB:How did you learn that these events had occurred? MT: I was actually in route to the USA Track & Field training camp so I found out in the airport on a news station. We found out more information once we arrived in training camp and were giving every assurance that the US State Department, FBI, and Chinese authorities were doing everything in their power to make us safe. TB: After you won your preliminary race, what feelings were you experiencing? MTž̶Ⱥ͸¾Éº¹ɽ¶Éž¶¹º¾ÉÉÄɽºIJöÁ·º¸¶ÊȺ¾É̶ÈÃÄÉ an easy task. Usually there are only two heats, that means that top six in each heat move on plus next 3 fastest times combined. We had three heats, which meant only top four in each heat plus next 3 fastest time combined. The win was great but I did not put too much stock into it because I knew others were saving up for ɽºIJöÁƒ TBÄ̹¾¹ÎÄÊ»ººÁŽÎȾ¸¶ÁÁζùºÃɶÁÁμľü¾ÃÉÄÎÄÊÇIJöÁǶ¸º” MT:At the time I thought I was doing great on both fronts but looking back on things now I let the mental aspect of the pressures and my expectations get the best of me. Simply put, I was thinking too much going into the race instead of just worrying about competing. I was worried about what others might do before hand when I should have told myself to be relaxed and react to what happened as the race played out.


{Tony Botts}

TB¬½¶ÉºÂÄɾÄÃȹ¾¹ÎÄÊ»ººÁ¶»ÉºÇIJþȽ¾Ã¼ɽ¶ÉǶ¸º” MT™¾È¶ÅÅľÃɺÃɃ¢ÄÈÉÌÄÊÁ¹·º˺ÇÎȶɾÈIJº¹̾ɽ¶À¾Ã¼ɽº ¤ÁΞ¸IJöÁ}¶Ã¹žÀÃÄ̾»¾È¶¼Çº¶É¶¸¸ÄÂÅÁ¾È½ÂºÃÉ~·ÊÉž¶Â¶ŶÇÉÄ» the American upswing in distance running. With that in mind we are not ÉÇξüÉÄȾÂÅÁζÀº¤ÁΞ¸IJöÁ̶̺Ãɺ¹¶ÁȃžÀÃÄÌɽ¶Éž̶ÈIJÉ enough to be in contention for a medal and I just did not perform. That is why I was disappointed, I took myself out of the race early because I did not stick to my race plan.

TB: How long until you start preparing for the 2012 Olympics? MT: It has already started. My coach and I reviewed the season, we are learning from our mistakes, and going to make the necessary changes for the years to come. We both know that distance running takes time to develop and we are being patient and methodical attaining our goals.

TB: After your races, what sight seeing did you do? MT: I was able to make it to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall with Family. Being at the Great Wall was probably on the short list of most memorial moments.

TB: What advice would you give to a high school student dreaming of being an Olympian? MT: It is not going to come easy, it will be a bumpy road, but if you are focused on what you truly want, you can get it. That goes for life in general. You have to set goals, short term and long term!!



Big 12 Football Preview A preview into the upcoming Big 12 football season

College football has kicked off and for Kansas City, and that means the Big 12 conference. With so may upsets last year and surprise rankings we take a look at what this season has to offer.

#2 Oklahoma (4-0) Coach: Bob Stoops Key Players: Running back Demarco Murray Quarterback Sam Bradford Good: Bradford expected to improve after freshman year Defensive end Auston English may be the best in the nation. Bad: Defense will need to step up to keep them as a title conteder. Overall: Play Missouri for Big 12 championship

#10 Texas Tech (4-0) Coach: Mike Leach Key Player: Wide Reciever Michael Crabtree Good: Crabtree returns after being a freshmen AllAmerican last season Bad: Lost place kicker Alex Trlica Overall: Fourth in Big 12

Kansas State (2-1) Coach: Ron Prince Key player: Quarterback Josh Freeman Good: Josh Freeman returns and should improve. Bad: Run defense Overall: Eighth in Big 12

#6 Missouri (4-0) Coach: Gary Pinkel Key players: Wide reciever Jeremy Maclin Quarterback Chase Daniel Good: Many explosive players returning on both sides of the ball. Return 10 starters in defense. Bad: Defensive secondary will give up big plays too often. Overall: Play Oklahoma for Big 12 championship

#18 Kansas (3-1) Coach: Mark Mangino Key Player: Quarterback Todd Reesing Good: Reesing returns, along with key recievers. Bad: Top runningback was drafted. Overall: Fifth in Big 12

Colorado (3-0) Coach: Dan Hawkins Key player: Quarterback Cody Hawkins Good: Hawkins should improve. Bad: Pass rush needs improvement. Overall: Ninth in Big 12.

#7 Texas (3-0) Coach: Mack Brown Key players: Quarterback Colt McCoy Wide reciever Jordan Shipley Good: Pass rush should be good and will help secondary Bad: Top skill players, Jamal Charles and Limas Sweed, were drafted, offensive line needs to improve big time. Overall: Third in Big 12

Oklahoma State (3-0) Coach: Mike Gundy Key Player: Quarterback Zac Robinson Good: Zac Robinson expected to be explosive duel threat quarterback. Bad: Gundyís winning percentage is still below .500 Overall: sixth in Big 12

Baylor (2-2) Coach: Art Briles Key player: Quarterback Robert œÇ¾»IJà Good: Briles is improving team. Bad:Offensive line. Overall: Tenth in Big 12.

{Josh Zans}

Texas A&M (1-2) Coach: Mike Sherman Key player: Running back Mike Goodson Good: Talented ·¶¸ÀIJºÁ¹̾ɽ Goodson. Bad: Poor play early Overall: Eleventh in Big 12

Nebraska (3-0) Coach: Bo Pelini Key Player: Running back Marlon Lucky Good: Hiring of Bo Pelini will improve the team. Bad: Improve play from linebackers is needed. Overall: Seventh in Big 12

Iowa State (2-2) Coach: Gene Chiznik Key player: Running back Alexander Robinson Good: Running backs Bad: Defensive line Overall: Last in Big 12




Scarred Athletes share personal stories about sports injuries If one hears of someone dying or getting hurt this school year, it probably ̶ÈÃÄÉ·º¸¶ÊȺɽºÎ¼ÄɾöIJ¼½É̺Ǻ abused, or in an accident. Any sport can result in a concussion, a sprained ankle, head injury, or even worse, death.   There have been injuries at Leeís Summit High School, but not deathly injuries. Athletes should be serious and not play around. No one wants to get hurt.   Swimmers can die from swallowing chlorine, even though it is not poisonous, water can get into the lungs and suffocate the swimmer.   ìChe erleading has more injuries than

football,î sophomore Raychael Noland said. She fell from a stunt when she was ijξü¶É¶ÈÉÊÃɸÁ¾Ã¾¸¶Ã¹Ƚº·ÇÄÀº½ºÇ ankle.   When he was in 8th grade sophomore Lukas Corbitt broke his elbow playing football. ì I was dong tackling drills, ì Lukas Corbitt said ìIt felt like a hammer on my elbow. It hurt so bad,î Corbitt said. ìFootball is a collision sport. ìThereís a lot of contact at full speed, and big muscular guys, ì Corbitt said.   Sophomore Daniel Musgrave broke both of his wrists in track season. Musgrave broke his wrist by tripping while he was doing hurdles then, he tried

to catch himself by using his hands.     ĦžÉ¹¾¹ÃĩɽÊÇɶÉIJÇÈɁž¹¾¹¹¾È¸ÊÈɽ¶ÉĩÈ when it started hurting then when I got home it started hurting worse. The next day I went to get an x-ray thatís how I knew it was broken,î Musgrave said.   To all athletesí good luck while playing sports this year. Remember if thereís a IJ¼½É ¾» ¶·ÊȺ ĸ¸ÊÇȁ ¾» ɽº¾ÇÈ ¶ Èʹ¹ºÃ accident those victims wonít be in as Âʸ½¹¶Ã¼ºÇ¶È¶Ã¶É½ÁºÉºÄÃɽºIJºÁ¹ƒ

Tyler Wilmore

Miracle on Turf. Former NfL player Kevin Everett played tight end for the Buffalo Bills last season. He was hit and had spinal cord injuries, and lost movement in all of his extremities. Everett recovered form his injury and was walking months later.



Anatomy of an Athlete

Sports {Brett Stoddard}

{Anna Taylor}

A look inside what makes a varsity athlete physically superior


he crowd is roaring. It is the second quarter at Tiger Stadium and a pivotal fourth and short is approaching. ìAs

I was walking to the line all I was thinking was that I ainít going to go down,î senior tailback Darryl Slaughter said. Slaughter then went on

to truck a Park Hill South Panther and scamper down the sideline for a 75-yard touchdown run.   The question is now, what about Slaughterís physique enabled him to make such a spectacular run?   ìDarryl is a very tough runner and he hits the holes extremely well,î offensive line coach Terry Vickers said.   Slaughter is capable to run so tough because he has very powerful legs. He is able to squat a mean 405 pounds, twice his body weight, which enables him to run over any defensive ¶Ã¾ÃɽºÄźÃIJºÁ¹ƒ–ÃÄɽºÇ»¶¸ÉÄǾà Slaughterís ability to stay on his feet are his massive arms. Benching 295 pounds, Slaughter has a deadly stiff arm that can stop ¶ÃÎÌÄÊÁ¹·ºɶ¸ÀÁºÇ¾Ãɽº¾ÇÉǶ¸Àȃ¤ÃºIJöÁ physical trait that puts Slaughter above the ǺÈɾȽ¾È¶·¾Á¾ÉÎÉÄǺ˺ÇȺɽºIJºÁ¹ƒ©Ä¹Äɽ¾È he uses his quick feet and uncanny cutback ability.   ìOnce Darryl gets through the hole he has the ability to slash through the defense,î Vickers said.   All physical traits set aside. Slaughterís ability to see cutback lanes and open holes is what makes him such an effective tailback. Without this ability, none of his impressive physical traits would even matter and would group him with the likes of average athletes.

HMH auto sport 3



Fall Sports Preview

S{Tyler Sherman}

{Jenna Nicholson}

An outlook for the rest of the ‘08-’09 sports season


football is tossed in the air to the receiver, a softball is crushed over the fence, a soccer ball is booted into the goal, a volleyball is spiked to the opposing side, a ɺÃþÈ·¶ÁÁ¾ÈȶȽº¹¹ÄÌÃÁ¾Ãº¶Ã¹ȽĺÈÈźº¹ÉÄɽºIJþȽÁ¾Ãºƒ ºÎÅÁ¶ÎºÇȺÍÅÁ¶¾Ãɽº¾Ç coaches insights.



  ìDuring this football season, I want to improve every game and ¶¹Ë¶Ã¸º¾ÃɽºÅÁ¶ÎÄ»»È»ÄÇɽºIJÇÈÉ time since 1988,î coach Mike Spie gel said.

  ìIt hurt to lose Kate Pressley by an ACL tear, but the team is doing a nice job with the set back. I want to IJþȽ¾ÃɽºÉÄň¾Ãɽº—¾¼Œ¶Ã¹̾à districts,î coach Tracy Bertoncin said.

Record 1-3

Record 6-4

  ìIt has been a tough year so far. We need more teamwork, so we can make it to the playoffs,î sophomore Corbin Berkstresser said.

  ìI need to work on my hitting and consistency at the plate. I hope to beat Liberty and go to State,î senior Erin Adams said.


  ìI hope to have a good sesason that is better than last year with more consistency,î coach Dave Wiebenga said.

  ìI would like to see the team com pete and get better in all aspects of the game each day. I want more talk and more team play out on the court,î coach Roy Martin said.

Record 3-2-1

Record 5-4

  ìWe are doing good. I want to beat Rockhurst and Oak Park, then win districts and sectionals,î junior Corey Gaunt said.

Girls Tennis   ìThe season is going well. I want the team to win a few conference mathes and move past districts. We need to stay focused and keep improving each game,î coach Cathy Beretta said.

Record 5-1


  ìI hope to improve my attitude. I want to end the year with a good record and get to state,î junior Jourdan Mercurio said. 4

  ìSomething I need to work on is the consistency of my sets and keep giving hitters good sets to get kills,î senior Jordan Dauer said.


Cross Country

  ìI am proud of the guys. I hope ɽº¾ÁºÈŶÎÄ»»ÉÄIJþȽ¾Ãɽº top four at districts,î coach Chad Jansen said.   “We have a strong team in this tough conference. I want the whole to team qualify for state,î coach Craig Heeney said   ìI plan to get all state and beat Kevin Colon,î senior Adam Volkert said.   Ħž̶ÃÉÉļºÉÉÄÅIJ˺¾ÃÈɶɺ and I need to work on my kick at the end,î senior Marlee Tegenkamp said.


Boys Soccer


The Fundamentals {my sports ramblings}

Stronger Corey Gaunt thrives off of adversity {Aaron Hanshaw}


orey Gaunt is in the zone--the zone that every athlete knows about. He has homework to do, tests to study for, and all sorts of other worries. None of that matters now. Heís too focused on sticking this free kick.   Shawnee Mission South has full control of the game. They are up 5-4 with a minute and a half left to play. The free kick is Gauntís to take; and as if the pressure isnít enough, it has been raining buckets the entire game.   Then again, Gaunt has been working hard for situations like this. And, of course, he refuses to let his team down.   ìLeeís Summit Tiger goal by number ten, Corey Gaunt,î the announcer says seconds later.   Yeah, he nailed it. But, how good was the kick? The only word ɽ¶Éœ¶ÊÃɶùɺ¶Â¶ɺ©Ç¶Ë¾È§Ê·Áº¸ÄÊÁ¹IJùÉĹºÈ¸Ç¾·º¾É was ìawesome.î   Ħ°©½¶É¼Ä¶Á²¶¹ºÊȸÄÃIJ¹ºÃɁħ§Ê·Áºȶ¾¹ƒĦžÉ½ºÁź¹ÊȼºÉ started off a lot better than last season.î   It absolutely did. Then again, clutch might as well be Gauntís middle name. His heroic free kick with 20 seconds left against Leeís Summit West won the Tigers that game, too.   But Gaunt has had far more important obstacles than just a goal in a soccer game. He has endured a real tragedy, one much worse than missing a late-game shot.  On Aug. 6, 2007, Sierra and Larry Gaunt, Coreyís sister and grandfather, were riding their bikes. They were training hard »ÄÇɽº¢¨‚†Š…¶ÁÄü·¾ÀºÉǺÀ·ºÃºIJÉɾüɽÄȺ̾ɽÂÊÁɾÅÁº sclerosis. Then, it was all taken away.   William K. Johnson was speeding down the road when he saw Sierra and Larry nearly 1,000 feet away. He didnít slow down or move into the vacant left lane. Instead, he was careless and hit Larry and Sierra, knocking them off of their bikes and killing both.   Corey doesnít want to talk about how he felt that day. And, who can blame him? Not I.   ìItís a lot easier now, though,î Gaunt said. ìItís been awhile, so itís a little better.î   ¤ÃÁζ»ºÌ̺ºÀȶ»ÉºÇɽº¶¸¸¾¹ºÃɁœ¶ÊÃÉȶ̽¾ÈIJÇÈÉ˶ÇȾÉÎ action. The team began the season slowly, but they eventually recovered and snatched the Suburban Big Six Conference title.   While his ability to play that season immediately after that trying time is mind-boggling, what the courts decided this ÈʺǾȺ˺ÃÂÄǺ·¶»ij¾Ã¼ƒ   ìNot guilty,î the jury foreman said concerning the two counts of involuntary manslaughter facing Johnson. Johnsonís excuse for the accident? It wasnít his ëdriving styleí to move over.   But, regardless of the verdict, Gauntís family is dealing with the situation.

  Ħ©½º»¶Â¾Áν¶È¹ºIJþɺÁμÄÉɺÃÈÉÇÄüºÇħœ¶ÊÃÉȶ¾¹ƒ   ¬½ºÃ ½º ÈɺÅÈ ÄÃÉÄ ɽº IJºÁ¹ ½Ä̺˺ǁ œ¶ÊÃÉ ¹ÄºÈÃĩÉ think about any of that.   ìI donít really [think about it] when I play. I donít use it [as motivation] for soccer,î Gaunt said.   The team needs no extra motivation this year. Their inexperience last year caused a sluggish start that they remember all too well. And, while this year has begun well, they are cautiously optimistic.   ìWeíve got to be consistent,î coach David Wiebenga said. ìHopefully, we keep moving forward.î   Just as the team has gotten better since last year, so has Gaunt.   Ħº½¶È¼ÄÉɺÃÈÉÇÄüºÇ¶Ã¹ÂÄǺ¸ÄÃIJ¹ºÃÉ̾ɽɽº·¶ÁÁƒ º½¶ÈÌÄÇÀº¹½¶Ç¹ÄÃIJþȽ¾Ã¼ħ¬¾º·ºÃ¼¶ȶ¾¹ƒ   Wiebenga is not the only one to notice Gauntís improvement.   ĦºĩÈ ÂÄǺ ¸ÄÃIJ¹ºÃÉ Äà ɽº ·¶ÁÁħ §Ê·Áº ȶ¾¹ƒ  ĦºĩÈ always working hard. He makes good passes and is always calling for the ball.î   With his improvement, Gaunt has high hopes. He is determined to play soccer in college and believes the team can have a successful season.   ìI want to beat Rockhurst and Oak Park to get to the state ÆʶÇɺÇIJöÁȁħœ¶ÊÃÉȶ¾¹ƒ   –ù ɽºÎ ¹ºIJþɺÁÎ ½¶Ëº ¶ ¸½¶Ã¸ºƒ  œ¶ÊÃɁ ½¾È »¶Â¾Á΁ and his team have all gotten stronger. This season is just another obstacle to overcome. And, if the past is any indicator, Corey Gaunt will certainly beat it. 3


Photo Essay


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September 25  

September 25 issue of the hilife

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