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Dear Devotional Readers, The three Presidents of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, Sushri Dr. Vishahka Tripathi, Sushri Dr. Shyama Tripathi and Sushri Dr. Krishna Tripathi, whom Shri Maharaj Ji has personally chosen to continue His spiritual and charitable works, are the perfect examples of His teachings, His compassion and caring, and they are His continuing gift to all of mankind. During this dark age of Kaliyug (432,000 years), the golden chance of attaining perfect bliss and perfect happiness in the divine world is now the easiest. The material attraction of Kaliyug is so great, that those

Issue 2, July 2017

with a devotional heart looking for God instead, can reach their final aim of Perfect Happiness and Perfect Love through the path of Raganuga Bhakti alone. His Divinity, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, has perfectly revealed and gifted, with crystal clarity, the divine philosophy of bhakti to all the desirous souls of this world. Anyone, anywhere, in any situation can find God Realisation through Shri Maharaj Ji's teachings. This e-magazine is dedicated to sharing Shri Maharaj Ji's revelation in the English language. ‐ Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat

Message from the Master The supreme goal of every individual soul is the attainment of divine love of the Supreme Lord, Shri Radha Krishna. Divine love can be sustained only in a divine receptacle (mind) which will be achieved only through the grace of Swarupa Shakti (personal power of God). Swarupa Shakti will divinise your mind only when it is completely purified. For the purification of your mind, the simplest process is single-minded devotion to Shri Radha Krishna, under the guidance of a Rasik Saint (Guru). It is not possible to achieve your goal without fully surrendering to a Guru. 1

Therefore, the journey towards your supreme goal is completed in the following sequence: The first step is for the aspirant to surrender to a Rasik Saint. Secondly, he must then engage himself in the practice of selfless, single-minded devotion to Shri Radha Krishna under that Saint's guidance for the purification of his mind. When the mind is completely purified, by the grace of God and Guru, his mind will be divinised. At this final stage, one attains divine love, the supreme goal of every individual soul. Yours, Jagadguru Kripalu

Increase your love for your Beloved Shyamsundar relentlessly and to the highest possible extent.

The great National identity and Saint of the highest order, Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj was a universal teacher who performed welfare not only of the nation, but the entire universe. He was an exponent of universal brotherhood and inspired all towards the devotion of God without discrimintation. He exhorted all for universal peace through his transcendental discourses. He worked continuously for the provision of improved services in the areas of health, education and spirituality for the masses, wherever it was necessary. He devoted his entire life and personal wealth for the betterment of people... Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi 2

Guru Poornima Guru Poornima comes every year to remind us that we have to find God's love. We celebrate Janmashtami, Radhashtami, Shivratri, Holi and Diwali. These great occasions relate to the form of God, and all the same message: “O souls, wake up, it is truly the time to find Him in this lifetime.”

All the forms of God are divine beloveds, but we teach Bhakti, the path to attain Radha Krishna. Radha Krishna are your supreme Guru, supreme beloved and divine friend. The one who shows you the path to your divine beloved is your divine guide, your Guru.

On Guru Poornima you worship your Spiritual Master. You may remember your Guru many times everyday, but Guru Poornima is a special day to receive a specific message: God's message. Internally, Saint and God are one. However, God is omnipresent, but you cannot see Him. But, you can see your Spiritual Master, and he can guide you to your Supreme beloved Krishna because the Saint (Guru) becomes one with the form of God he has attained. His power, “Guru Tatva,” is the power that takes you to Diksha is a Sanskrit term that means your desired divine beloved. “to give”. A real Master gives you This power, Guru Tatva, is a divine something spiritual, but you have to substance; “Tatva” means substance. have a faithful heart to receive the So, the power, the substance is devotional affinity which he imparts. actually one with, the same as, your beloved form of God. Krishna and the Suppose the Ganges is flowing and Saints who have attained Krishna are you go to the river. If you bring a large one. Vishnu and the Saints who have bucket, you get more water than a attained Vishnu are one, and Shiva shallow pan. Like the Ganges, a Saint and the Saints who have attained is freely giving. It depends upon how much you can take. Whatever is the Shiva are one. capacity of your heart, your 3

faithfulness, surrender and sincerity, accordingly you receive. A Saint gives to all in the same style, but each person receives according to their own heart. If you go to someone and he gives you a mantra to repeat on jap beads, you say “Oh yes, I've received initiation (diksha)”. He may tell you not to give the mantra to anyone else, or the power will go away. Nowadays, this is a customary practice, but five hundred years ago in the Ashrams of the great Masters, in whose names traditions are formed, Guru diksha was given freely and openly. Jagadguru Vallabacharya gave Guru diksha to his initiated devotees with a message called “brahm-sambandh”. The message was that a devotee with all his belongings, including his soul and mind, are for the service of Radha Krishna. This is not just a mantra to merely repeat, it is an understanding and dedication. In those days, whoever reached those great Masters received devotional experiences on the basis of their devotion and surrender. If they were critical, they received nothing; if they were faithful, they received devotional happiness. That was called diksha, spiritual diksha, mantra diksha. Mantra literally means any name, sentence or statement that, if

practiced, takes you to God. All the names, chantings and teachings of our great Masters are mantras. They cannot be secret. There are personal, family and business secrets. Worldly people have secrets. But, God has no secrets, because God is for all. Guru diksha, mantra and initiation is to give divine happiness. The power that unites a soul with Radha Krishna is called Guru Tatva. We worship that Guru Tatva. Guru Poornima is the day that reminds us that we have to surrender to Radha Krishna because the world is not enough to make us happy forever. Don't waste time. Devote yourself to Radha Krishna, and you'll find that they are very close to you. You don't have to look for Them somewhere else. Just feel Them close, and They are there. “Start a new life of devotion and faith”. That is my message to you.

Our Gratitude

Our Master who is always engrossed in divine love bliss, is the uplifter of fallen souls through His causeless mercy. Although according to the Vedas and scriptures, Guru and God are one, yet there is one secret and that is, it is Let all glory be to our Spiritual Master Shri Kripalu Ji impossible to attain God without the Maharaj. Our Guru, Shri Maharaj Ji, destroys the darkness grace of the Guru, whereas, it is of ignorance. absolutely possible to attain the grace of the Guru and divine-love Without Him we would forever be drowning in the ocean bliss without worshiping God. of Maya with no hope and no understanding that eternal bliss and happiness is waiting for us in His divine abode. We are really blessed to take shelter By taking shelter in His lotus feet, our mind tastes the a t t h e l o t u s f e e t o f s u c h a n nectar of divine pastimes. indescribably great Spiritual Master. 4

Who am I ? PART 1 Almost every person has asked themselves at one time or another. Who am I? Some may have found the right answer and many just let this thought go by without realising how important it is to finding true happiness. Finding happiness starts with the understanding of Who am I? If we do not understand who we are and what our aim in life is, then how can we be sure what will really make us completely happy? We will continue to wander in this life in search of 'something' that will give us 'complete happiness', peace and tranquillity. We might assume that this 'something' could be material like money, property, spouse or prestige. It might also be an object beyond the material realm, something more subtle and spiritual in nature. Unless we find the answer to our true identity, our goal, and the means to acquire it, a void will remain inside us.

No matter how much you feed the senses and the mind with all the material pleasures available to us, a feeling of emptiness hangs heavy within; that life remains unfulfilled. It is the experience of almost every person, that mere material objects cannot completely satisfy the mind. It may provide temporary happiness, but will either consume the person completely or leave him dissatisfied after a while, making him want more of the same thing. Therefore, this short-lived mirage of happiness is not what we truly seek. To quench the inner thirst, it is essential for every individual to sincerely seek the answer to the more profound questions in life. One must recognise this inner calling for true knowledge and not fall prey to procrastination. This is the very beginning of our spiritual journey for the 'Absolute Truth'. Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go when we die? To be continued in the next Issue...

"Bhakti (Devotion) It is a feeling that has no definition, It is a love that has no bounds,

It is a pleasure that has no restrictions, and

It is a happiness that has no limits.

It is something that includes everything your soul needs,

and it is the only thing your soul has always 5


PART 2 Continued from Issue 1 Philosophically, you can worship any form of God. There is no difference, because all the forms of God are various forms of one single God. God has uncountable powers and many classes of blissfulness; accordingly, there are many forms of God. God Shiva was sitting in Kailash in His own Samadhi and He discovered, “O, Krishna has appeared in Braj in Gokul. I must go and have His darshan (vision)”. Their eyes met. Shiv felt so much love He couldn't control himself and He danced and danced for hours. God Shiva is the God of liberation, the God of Vaikunth abode. That same God is desiring Krishna's love? Yes. This is a divine secret. The Supreme Absolute Bliss, the form of that Bliss, is Krishna Himself. During the descension of Krishna, all the Gods and Goddesses came to have His darshan and enjoy His leelas (pastimes) and blessings. Maha Lakshmi came to Braj and stayed there forever, serving Krishna and giving prosperity. All the forms of God served Krishna. It means Krishna love is so sweet that it is desired by even Divine Gods and Goddesses. We want the best, and Krishna love is the best even in the divine world.

There is big and small. In the divine world, there is no big and small. All the forms of God are unlimited. In the divine realm everything is unlimited and everything is absolute, but in Krishna love, there is a special charm. For example, a devotee is seeing Bhagwan Vishnu and another is seeing Bhagwan Krishna. They are very similar, with the same face, complexion, eyes, nose, ears and height – just Vishnu with 4 arms and Krishna with 2. When the first devotee sees Bhagwan Vishnu he feels a great thrill of joy – so much happiness that he can't bear it. The other seeing Bhagwan Krishna feels the same thrill of joy, bliss and happiness plus something extra: intimate love, intimacy. “O, my Krishna” he can go and hug Him. The other devotee cannot do that. There is happiness, but no intimacy. There is some distance. The gopis loved Krishna as the beloved of their heart, mind and soul. He is their everything. In Krishna love, one has more intimacy than any other form of God. This is something very special. This secret reveals the best in the divine world, and we want the best.

we have to ask Him for His love. We normally ask for worldly things from God. We don't care which form we approach… “O Ganesh Bhagwan, please give me wealth. O God Shiva, please give me some happiness”. In your life, you have seen ups and downs, happiness and disappointments, good times and bad times. Were you ever fully contented in your life? Sometimes, for a short while, but not for very long. That's the nature of the world, it will keep on going like this forever, unceasingly, without fail. You cannot find real happiness in the world ever. We have t o c h a n g e our way of thinking. Desire God's love from God, nothing else. Do not desire worldly things from God. Decide that we must find God's love in this very life, then you become a true seeker of God.

If we worship God, we should ask Him for His love, not for worldly In the world there are limitations. things. The best is only in God. So 6


Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, founder of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, manifested Himself on this earth planet for 91 years as a Supreme God-realised personality whose entire life was dedicated to inspiring souls on the path of devotion to Radha Krishna, through the spiritual practice of Raganuga Bhakti. Currently looking over all living being from the divine abode and permeating every molecule in every universe, He continues His divine leelas.

Honoured with titles such as 'The Supreme Spiritual Master of the World', 'Descension of Divine Love and Bliss', 'Eminent Propounder of Eternal Vedic Religion' and 'Reconciler of all Seemingly Contradictory Philosophical Views of the World', Shri Maharaj Ji truly was the personiďŹ ed form of divine love. His unlimited scholarliness inspired trust in even the greatest intellectuals, while His tremendous love, causeless grace and endless compassion melted the hearts and sprouted devotional love in all who came near Him. His satsang was Through enlightening discourses and chanting of the holy divinely exhilarating and unbelievably joyous. name, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj (lovingly called Shri Maharaj Ji by His devotees) made unceasing efforts If His teachings were followed by all, there would be no to reveal the true philosophy of the Vedic scriptures to war, no crime, no divorce and no unhappiness. mankind in the simplest form possible so that they may understand, practice and attain their true goal of Godrealisation. Mankind was privileged to have His physical association on this planet earth from 1922 to 2013.

Jagadguru Kripalu Bhakti Tavadarshan Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj revealed an enormous amount of literature in an easy-to-understand style for people from all walks of life. Don't miss out on these devotional gems. Grab your copy now!


Presidents of JKP Sushri Dr. Vishakha Tripathi President,

Sushri Dr. Shyama Tripathi President,

Sushri Dr. Krishna Tripathi President,

JKP Bhakti Dham, Mangarh

JKP Shyama Shyam Dham, Vrindavan

JKP Rangeeli Magal, Barsana

As an embodiment of pure devotion and love, she inspires all devotees to be fully devoted to the divine service of Hari and Guru. Being a pillar of strength and leadership, she remains fully engrossed in the strategic planning and advancement of all JKP projects. Her mere presence empowers all devotees to perform their seva enthusiastically. The entire world owes her for the invaluable treasure of Shri Maharaj Ji’s memories she preserved in various electronic media.

As an eminent scholar with profound knowledge of Jagadguru Kripalu Bhaktiyoga Tattvadarshan, she satisfies all the spiritual queries of aspirants as well as preachers associated with JKP. Overseeing all the publication works of JKP, she is the sole motivation guiding all preachers to spread Shri Maharaj Ji’s divine message and philosophy throughout the world. She is a symbol of devotional discipline and hard work.

As an exemplification of true worship and devotion, she presents the ways of life a devotee should adopt. With childlike innocence, energy and enthusiasm, she instils hope, vigour and love in all devotees, inspiring them to live and embrace a lifestyle in accordance with Shri Maharaj Ji’s philosophy. Skilled in the art of adornment, she arranges the new dress and shringaar for the deities in all JKP temples. Further, she practically advises the devotees in their devotional practice.

Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP) For over 60 years, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj worked tirelessly for the welfare of humanity. He founded an organisation - Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP), to effectively carry out various spiritual, philanthropic and humanitarian activities in order to serve the general public. JKP has established three 100% charitable hospitals which provide free treatment and medications to the poor and a free educational institution for underprivileged girls from primary to post-graduate level. JKP also organises several free distributions throughout the year, giving the poor and underprivileged communities in rural parts of North India hope and opportunities for a bigger and brighter future. To know more about JKP's charitable work, click here. If you would like to support any of JKP's noble causes, click on the 'Donate' button: 9

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Arise! Awake! Issue 2 (JKP e-Magazine)  

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Arise! Awake! Issue 2 (JKP e-Magazine)  

In this Issue: 1. Message from Prime Minister, Narendra Modi 2. Guru Poornima article 3. The greatness of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj...