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Jack and Jill of America Foundation, Inc.

2013 Annual Report

Celebrating YEARS YEARS

We Do Great Things for Kids

Mission and Vision

The mission of Jack and Jill of America Foundation is to provide financial support to organizations that promote leadership development for children, youth and young adults.

Vision Statement

The Foundation in collaboration with the community service agenda of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. is an internationally recognized center that furnishes personal, professional and financial support to children in the areas of leadership skills, training and development. The Foundation promotes the excellent preparation of succeeding generations of children as leaders, in all walks of life, so that they may attain their fullest potential as individuals, enjoy rewarding and fulfilling lives, and contribute to world peace, progress, and prosperity.

45 Years!


hat a Mighty long way we have come! Jack and Jill of America Foundation became a reality at the 18th National Convention of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. in Washington, DC. The Foundation was incorporated in the state of Illinois in January 1968.

overall from most chapters, Foundation cannot be successful without the support of the chapters. A big appreciation goes to the Atlanta, GA chapter for raising the most for Foundation with over $19,000 from mothers and teens.

As you look throughout this Annual Report, you will see the historical photos of the many projects and programs supported under the leadership of Foundation President Jacqueline Robinson. This was only the beginning.

I would also like to thank our Board of Trustees, especially Christine Govan our outgoing Treasurer for her outstanding commitment to our finances. I am just a part of the great team that continues our mission to “DO GREAT THINGS FOR KIDS�.

WE DO GREAT THINGS FOR KIDS! Still living the legacy, Foundation has supported over 90 projects throughout the country and 24 scholarships for students through the partnership with UNCF.

On behalf of those that benefit from your generous gifts, thank you!

Thank you to our Foundation Regional Members The first project, the Negro Male Underachiever, at Large, they have taken their role with such fever was expanded to include all males of minority this year. Volunteer service and fund raising have groups not assisted financially by an existing been their calling card. They have taken the mantel program, and was accepted by all chapters. and held the banner high to make us all proud of Foundation President, Jacqueline Robinson and their accomplishments. Our headquarters staff the Board of Directors initiated the gift of $10,000 has also been diligent in their efforts. They do so per year for this three year project. much with so little.


Jacqueline Moore Bowles

This year Foundation saw an increase in giving President, Board of Trustees


he Foundation, A Reality was the cover story on the 23rd Annual Edition of Up the Hill in 1968. Chairman of the Foundation Steering Committee Jacqueline Robinson stated the purpose as follows: “The Jack and Jill of America Foundation is being created for the purpose of increasing opportunities for children in the areas of Education, Cultural Growth and Civic Responsibility.” Shown throughout this publication you will see the faces of the first Board of Directors that started our legacy. Their names are – Jacqueline Robinson, President, Violet Greer, Secretary, Aurelia James, Treasurer, Eleanor DeLoache, Muriel Spaulding, Kermit Hill, Hazel Partee, Virginia Lewis, Lydia Pride, Vivian Hewitt, Lula Morton, Maggie Nelson, McEva Bowser, Betty Johnson, Charlie Nunn, Juanita Smith, Josephine Stokes, Lena Weathers, Sadie White and Edward Tillmon. Now, 45 years later, the Foundation is still meeting the needs of children in the areas of Education with UNCF; funding students with a $2,500 scholarship throughout their 4 year college undergraduate career; Cultural Growth highlighting the leadership of Jack and Jill youth with serving on the Board –

Sumone Steele from Greater Little Rock Chapter in the Central Region and Civic Responsibility which is even more relevant today as our children get more involved with the democratic process. Thank you to our founders for leaving a legacy for their children to follow. They followed those who had gone on before them; and have now left this legacy for us to continue. We are stewards of this world and have an obligation to leave it better than we found it. On behalf of the communities served by your legacy, thank you!

Pier A. H. Blake Executive Director

UNCF Student Scholars Jumonke Ekunseitan 

Atlanta, GA | Stanford University

“The foundation of the African American community can only remain strong when its people become stronger. By seeking higher education, one person can make a difference for another, and begin a domino effect that helps to improve the state of society.”

Paris Lockett 

Chicago, IL | Illinois State University

“Society will be impacted if there is an increase in African American college enrollment because the course of leadership will shift due to the diverse styles of leadership.”

Cedric Lott 

Shreveport, LA | Wiley College

“I had no idea of considering attending an HBCU…after attending various open houses and talking to admissions counselor at Wiley College, I felt that I could not only gain knowledge but offer my services to the school.”

Stephen Macharia 

San Miguel, CA | San Diego Sate

“I became fascinated with Ancient myth, slowly developing a love for it…discovering that my dream is to be an archeologist exploring ancient cultures.”

Justin Morrison 

Burlington, NC | North Carolina State

“Even though most people in the community today believe that the black civil rights movement is over the reality and the fact of it all is that the movement is just as important in today’s society as it was in the past.”

Zion Gezaw 

Aurora, CO | University of Colorado

“Being a student from an Ethiopian community in a white majority school was a tough experience. The journey of finding myself displayed my drive and seriousness about my future. If you put your mind to something, and you apply yourself, you can ultimately achieve anything and everything.”

2013 Loose Change Making Positive Change with Loose Change

Check presentation for the Eva C Wanton Library

2012-2013 Loose Change Recipients $10,000 to Eva C. Wanton Library $10,000 to Jay Cooke Elementary School $4,000 to Anne Lingelbach School $4,000 to Theodore Roosevelt Middle School $2,000 to Germantown High School

Jay Cooke Elementary School in Philadelphia

Lingelbach School

Central MAL Tamela Franks

Mothers, Teens & Associates Foundation Contributions

Metropolitan St. Louis, MO Chapter


INDEPENDENT GRANTS Big Brothers Big Sisters Youth Mentoring Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s mentoring program is nationally recognized and proven to be effective: • The Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at University of Colorado at Boulder recognizes Big Brothers Big Sisters as a “Blueprint” program with proven results. • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the National Dropout Prevention Center both recognize Big Brothers Big Sisters as a “model program.” • The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention designated Big Brothers Big Sisters program a “Best Practice.” • The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Mothers, Teens & Associates Foundation Contributions


• •

rated Big Brothers Big Sisters as “effective.” The Children’s Defense Fund states that mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters has been “proven successful” in prevention activities. Forbes chose Big Brothers Big Sisters as one of its “top ten” most effective and well-run non-profit organizations in the United States.

As a result, our Little Brothers & Little Sisters: • Have better attitudes towards school, • Get along better with adults and peers, • Have better self-esteem, and • Have a better sense of their future.

Eastern MAL Karen Chaplin

Stamford/Norwalk, CT Chapter JACQUELINE ROBINSON GRANTS Foundation for Success Sea Perch: Building STEM Leadership for the 21st Century Math, Science & Cooking (MS&C) Project Project Legacy: Defining our Youth Ambassadors and their Indelible Footprint on Society Developing Citizens of the World Color Me Healthy Exposed: Cyber Bullying and the Path to Model leadership Digital Divide: The Arts and Science Leadership A Few Good Men VIOLENT GREER GRANT Go Strong Olympics: A unity project

INDEPENDENT GRANTS Aces and Academics & Leadership Tutoring & Tennis African American Teen Male Success Strategies Project Education Seminar Empowerment Circle Jack and Jill Leadership Project Hope Conference 2013 IHN Youth Leadership Project Harlem Jets Little League Baseball Program Leadership Exploration Awareness Development LEAP On Stage Slavery in our Midst: A student abolitionist movement Power & Potential: Tools to lead and Succeed Black Achiever-Healthy Living STEM After School Program Leadership Foundation Curriculum Second Street Youth Center Foundation, Inc. SEED’s of Leadership

Eastern Region Teen Conference

Lucille Hadley Service Project T

his is an amazing year for the Eastern Region! Chapters rallied behind the regional service project of feeding the hungry through donations of food to a local food bank or shelter. Regional Director Joi Grady wanted a project that chapters could do as a group. MAL Karen Chaplin and Regional Service Chair Margaret Gibson pulled together a project and the Eastern Region responded in a huge way! All year chapters have collected donations at meetings and at designated locations, teens have positioned themselves at grocery stores with food banks lists for shoppers that opened their hearts and purchased extras, chapters partnered with other organizations for collection efforts to donate in excess of the 100 pounds of food that each chapter had been requested to provide to a local center. The year is not over and neither is the intensity of the chapters to do all they can before the year end! One of the youngest Eastern Region Chapters, the National Harbor, Maryland Chapter, received 6000 pounds of donated food which was distributed at a community fair held at their adopted shelter in late May. The Eastern Regional officers traveled to the fair to assist National Harbor Chapter!! We joined other volunteers in bagging vegetables for fair visitors to take home.

The teens donated 6000 meals in January as their service project at the Teen Leadership Summit held In Washington, DC. Partnering with Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food service agency, teens worked together to package the healthy meal packets that would then be shipped to needy families in the United States and with the largest bulk going to the neediest of locales around the world. We were also excited about the 7500+ sandwiches that the teens created at Teen Conference this past March. The teens were positioned at self-contained work stations and did assembly line packing of sandwiches, snacks and filled the room with completed meals. Our partner, Boston Cares rushed the fresh bags of food to waiting agencies that night. More than 7500 hungry people in the city of Boston opened a delicious fresh meal and an inspiration tucked in the bag and written on the bag. This project was completely underwritten by the Lucille Hadley Grant, Williams Capital of NYC, MBIA, Inc of Armonk, NY and MAL Chaplin’s husband. All of these efforts focused on the one theme of feeding the hungry‌which continues to be a nationwide concern. Happily, we are able to report that 45 of the 55 chapters in the Eastern Region completed their food donation challenge. As a group we have donated in excess of 38,500 pounds of food which is in excess of 35,000 meals donated!!!

Far West MAL Tracie Muldrow Contra Costa, CA Chapter

Mothers, Teens & Associates Foundation Contributions


Far West Region Teen Conference


Lucille Hadley Service Project

he Phoenix Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., was chartered on November 28, 1952 by 25 mothers residing throughout the Greater Phoenix area. The chapter was formed at a time when access to social and cultural venues and educational enrichment opportunities in the area were extremely limited for JACQUELINE ROBINSON GRANTS Think like a Scientist Jack & Jill Pasadena Knowledge Traveling Bilingual Storytime Young Ambassodors Leadership Academy Healthy By Choice Cinematique Outreach: Fostering Connection and Community

children and families of color. Today, the Phoenix chapter is one of 220 chapters nationwide, representing more than 30,00 family members. The chapter is currently comprised of 40 familiesincluding 42 mother members, 44 children and 20 teens. INDEPENDENT GRANTS Seattle Leader Week Youth Leadership Institute Camp Cinderella Cultivating Achievement and Success Through Music (CASM) VIOLET GREER GRANT Teen PHITT Kids

Mid-Atlantic MAL Valerie Dillard Richmond, VA Chapter JACQUELINE ROBINSON GRANTS Feet First Fun Run/ 5K Empowering Youth for Success with Proper Protocol� SAT Preparation Workshop Series Leading Out Loud

INDEPENDENT GRANT Tweens for Success

Mothers, Teens & Associates Foundation Contributions


Mid-Western MAL Tanya Hand

Indianapolis, IN Chapter

Mothers, Teens & Associates Foundation Contributions


Mid-Western Region Teen Conference


Lucille Hadley Service Project

he Mighty Mid-Western Region Teen Leadership Conference was held at the University of Akron this year, and it was a great success! In addition to the excitement of competitions, workshops, plenaries and talent show, the teens had the pleasure of impacting both the teens and the community of Akron through community service.

Akron Food Bank- The teens packed a record number of canned items –10,000 lbs-to help feed the hungry served by the Akron-Canton Food Bank.

The Mighty Midwestern Press states that “nearly 600 Jack and Jill teens, mothers, and fathers spent Thursday morning serving.” Participants were divided into eight service groups:

In partnership with Westfield Insurance, The Lucille Hadley grant from the Jack and Jill of America Foundation, and the funds raised by teens to support their own Spare Change! Campaign, the teens of the Mighty Mid-Western region were able to not only leave a legacy of service but they were also able to leave a very significant monetary contribution demonstrating the philanthropic spirit of Jack and Jill of America. Foundation Chair King presented to each The Boys and Girls Club and YEPAW a check for $5000. This $10,000 contribution is record-setting for the Mighty MidWestern Region Teens!! Westfield Insurance in honor of our 75th birthday donated 75 laptops to the Boys & Girls Club of Akron. This is the beginning of a wonderful partnership.

The day ended with a group of very tired and excited teens.

The day began with a rally chaired by Teen Foundation Chair Daniel King in which Past National President Alice Peoples (2003-2005) served as the first ever Grand Marshall of the Day. PNP Peoples was chosen for the honor because it was during her service as Regional Foundation Member-AtLarge (1997-2001) that a service component was added to Teen Conference.

Haven of Rest Shelter –The teens beautified the landscape, created encouraging and motivating messages for the residents and made the beds in the sleeping quarters

Akron Public Schools- The teens beautified the grounds

Akron Reads- The teens assembled reading packets

Metro Parks- The teens beautified the park, making it more appealing to visitors

Blankets- The teens assembled blankets that will be used in the local children’s hospital and shelter

iNaturalist- The teens identified various species of plants and wildlife

Breast Oasis- Jack and Jill mothers purchased bras and penned words of encouragement to cancer patients

Great job teens of the Mighty, mighty Mid-Western Region! JACQUELINE ROBINSON GRANTS Kaleidoscope Find Your Future Leadership Academy: Developing Leaders for 21st Century Indianapolis Beautillion Militaire Program Youth Iniatives Project Shoulder-to-Shoulder (StS) Foster-A-Dream Youth Conference INDEPENDENT GRANTS Children’s Outing Association Dream Associates Inc Fit for Life Next Connection Just US

South Central Mothers, Teens & Associates Foundation Contributions


Diedra Fontaine Houston, TX Chapter

South Central Region Teen Conference


Lucille Hadley Service Project

n July 1962, the Prairie View Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated was established. The chapter membership was mainly comprised of the professors of Prairie View A&M University and their families. For many ears, Prairie View required that their professors reside in the Prairie View community, thus providing an active membership for the chapter. Eventually, the professors of Prairie View were released from this requirement. In 1996, the families began to migrate towards Houston and the surrounding areas, thus causing the demise of the Prairie View Chapter of Jack and Jill of America. With a concern for the legacies from the chapter and the growth in the Katy community, the need arose for the reinstatement of the chapter to include the Katy area. The idea and the vision came from the insightful minds of two very devoted and caring mothers. Vickie Byrd and Pat Miller saw the need and the desire for unity among family and friends on the West side of Houston. The African American population had increased tremendously in a community that did not offer opportunities to service the needs of our culture. With this vision in mind, these mothers put into motion

a plan to bring together other mothers with the same concerns and goals to meet the needs for our children. Vickie and Pat compiled a list of mothers in the area and contacted them to determine the level of interest and the response was promising. In the early fall of 2001, Vickie Byrd and Pat miller along with Mona Covington, Linda ParrishHeard; and Paulette Jones, put together a plan to establish a chapter in West Houston. These five women will later become known as the “Fabulous Five”. They diligently put in late evenings and busy days to start what would hopefully become the Katy-Prairie View Chapter of Jack and Jill fo America, Inc.

Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas. The newly formed KatyPrairie View Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. joined the South Central Region as the 9th chapter established in the Houston area. In October 2012, The Katy-Prairie View Chapter of Jack and Jill celebrated its 10 year anniversary and is a strong chapter with a total of 63 mothers, an active Father’s Auxiliary and Associates.

JACQUELINE ROBINSON GRANTS Lessons in Leadership Basics: Preparing for Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” Engineering Week at Simms Elementary

By June 2002, the Interest Group had sixty-one active members working diligently to become a chapter. On July 12, 2002, the Katy Prairie View Interest Group was voted on as a provisional chapter of Jack and Jill Inc. at the 35th Biennial National Convention of Jack and Jill of America Incorporated held in Los Angeles, California.

Children Helping “Children’s” (Children Medical Center)

On October 13, 2002, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the Katy-Prairie View Provisional Chapter was official installed as the Katy-Prairie View Chapter of Jack and Jill of America Incorporated. The ceremony commenced at the

North Texas Kids Science Festival

The Art of Leadership Jiggy Independent Grants AAMBHF360 Academic Achievement and Leadership Program Dancing with the JJ Stars

Violet Greer Youth Leadership Summit

Southeastern MAL Gwen Hewitt Orlando, FL Chapter

Mothers, Teens & Associates Foundation Contributions


Southeastern Region Teen Conference

Lucille Hadley Service Project T

he Teens of Birmingham, AL. joined with several Birmingham organizations and institutions to sponsor an afternoon of health and fitness. The Let’s Move Birmingham Fitness Festival consisted of hands on, interactive curriculum, targeting underserved elementary, middle, and high school children and their families. More than 400 children and adults turned out to participate in this day of good health and fun. The goal was to raise awareness about the dangers of childhood obesity and provide resources showcasing how healthy diets, regular movement and fitness activity can make you feel better and help prevent the risk of developing chronic health problems. Jack and Jill teens contributed to the design of the Let’s Move posters and distributed them to schools,

churches, barbershops, and other businesses in the community. More than 50 Jack and Jill children and teens joined participating partners at a press conference with Fox 6 and The Birmingham News on the day of the event. Birmingham teens manned booths engaging children and youth in nutrition and physical activities including amazing race obstacle course, track and walk, meets, ZUUMBA classes, and delicious food tasting. Attendees left with recipes, exercise and cooking tips, and items to assist them with making a commitment and starting their individual healthy fitness program. The teens of Birmingham spent well over 100 hours planning and implementing this awesome community service project. Congratulations to our Birmingham teens.

Mother, Teen & Associate


$10,000 - $19,999

Atlanta, GA Bergan-Passaic, NJ Chicago, IL Greater Essex County, NJ Houston, TX Nashville, TN Oakland County, MI South Charlotte, NC Stamford/Norwalk, CT Washington, DC

$5,000 - $9,999

Brooklyn, NY Cincinnati, OH Columbia, MD Contra Costa, CA Dallas, TX DFW Mid-Cities, TX Durham, NC Greater Huntsville, AL Indianapolis, IN Memphis, TN Mercer County, NJ Milwaukee, WI Morris County, NJ North Shore, IL North Suburban Atlanta, GA North Suburban Dallas, TX Potomac Valley, MD Midlothian, VA Nassau County, NY Pasadena, CA Reston, VA Richmond, VA South Suburban Chicago, IL Westchester County, NY West Suburban Chicago, IL Windy City, IL

$2,500 - $4,999

Austin, TX Baltimore County, MD Birmingham, AL Boston, MA Charleston, SC Charlotte, NC

Charleston, SC Columbia, SC Ft. Lauderdale, FL Greater Frisco, TX Greater Tampa, FL Greensboro, NC Hampton, VA Humble/Kingwood, TX Inglewood, CA Jackson, MS Jacksonville, FL Los Angeles, CA Metropolitan, NY Minneapolis, MN Missouri City-Sugarland, TX Mobile, AL Montgomery, AL Montgomery County, MD New Orleans, LA Northeast Dallas, TX North Houston Suburban, TX North Oakland/Macomb, MI North Texas, TX Oakland Bay Area, CA Pittsburg, PA Prince George’s County, MD Orlando, FL Queen City, NC Raleigh-Wake, NC San Antonio, TX San Fernando Valley, CA St. Louis, MO Sugarland, TX The Woodlands, TX Tucson, AZ Western Cook County, IL

$1,000 - $2,499

Akron, OH Albany, GA Alexandria, LA Alexandria/Mt. Vernon, VA Augusta, GA Baton Rouge, LA Beaumont, TX Buckhead Atlanta, GA Capital City, NC

as of 7/4/2013

Charlotte, NC Clear Lake/Bay Lake Area, TX Columbus, GA Columbus, OH Dayton, OH Detroit, MI Eastern North Carolina, NC Essex-Hudson, NJ Fayette County Area, GA Fayetteville, NC Greater Little Rock, AR Greater Metro Atlanta, GA Greater North Atlanta, GA Greenville, SC James River, VA Johnson County, KS Kansas City, MO Katy Prairie View, TX Lake Shore, IL Lake Spivey, GA Las Vegas, NV Louisville, KY Macon, GA Manassas-Woodbridge, VA Mid-Hudson Valley, NY Miami, FL Montgomery County, PA National Harbor, MD New Castle, DE Newton, MA Norfolk, VA Northern Virginia, VA Orange County, CA Palm Beach, FL Philadelphia, PA Pinellas County, FL Pomona Area, CA Portsmouth, VA Rochester, NY South Miami, FL Southwest Suburban Dallas, TX Southern Maryland Stone Mountain, GA Tallahassee, FL Toledo, OH Williamson County, TN Ypsilanti, MI



Chicago 2012

Rebuild America

Continuing to Rebuild for children and their families


hank you to partners like Habitat for Humanity and Jack and Jill of America members for giving children a place to call HOME. Jack and Jill of America Foundation is still committed to reaching the goal of $1 million to continue with the Rebuild America project. Under the leadership of now Foundation President Jacqueline Moore Bowles and the idea of Past Member-At-Large Faye Jacobs of the Mid-Atlantic Region, the project came into existence in 2009.

2010 – Chicago, IL 2011 – New Orleans, LA 2012 – Philadelphia, PA The families that live in the homes built by Jack and Jill are so appreciated. “We love Jack and Jill. You are welcomed to come by at anytime. Thank you” says Cory and his family of New Orleans.

New Orleans 2011

75 Anniversary th

Celebrating our future as we honor our past

Statement of Financial Position As of May 31, 2013


May 31

Current Assets Checking/Savings 1009 - Wells Fargo-Fundraising XX5438 1010 - Wells Fargo - Operating XXX5420 1003 - UBS - 994 - CASH 1007 - UBS - Loose Change 992 1000 - UBS - Rebuild America 960 1001 - UBS - 928 - CASH 1002 - UBS - 935 - CASH 1021 - BOA, NA-Fundraising 9072 1022 - BOA N.A-Operating 9069

8,120.71 (22,993.21) 29,922.19 152.70 77,282.16 130,487.38 193.88 4,035.67 2,325.52

Total Checking/Savings


Accounts Receivable 1200 - Accounts Receivable


Total Accounts Receivable


Other Current Assets 1500 - Investment Accounts 1501 - UBS 1503 - UBS - 928 1504 - UBS -935


1,791,679.81 1,304,631.40

Total 1501 - UBS


Total 1500 - Investment Accounts


Total Other Current Assets



Total Current Assets

Fixed Assets 1800 - EQUIPMENT 1802 - Equipment Accumulated Depre 1801 - Equipment Cost Total 1800 - EQUIPMENT Total Fixed Assets

Total Assets

Unaudited financial Statements

(54,430.00) 55,405.12 975.12 975.12


Liabilities & Equity

Liabilities Current Liabilities Other Current Liabilities 2114 - Other Liability - Raffle 2002 - Chapter Pass Thru 2004 - Accrued Expenses 2005 - Grants Payable 2005BGC - Boys & Girls Club GrantPayable 2005VG - Violet Greer - Grants Payable 2005LC - Loose Change 2005LH - Lucille A. Hadley Grant Payable 2005IN - Independent - Grants 2005JR - Jacquline Robinson - Grants P 2005 - Grants Payable - Other Total 2005 - Grants Payable

2100 - Payroll Liabilities 2103 - Liability for 401K EE Pre-Tax 2105 - Liability for POP Pre-Tax 2106 - Liability for MED FSA Pre-Tax 2107 - Liability for DEP CARE Pre-Tax Total 2100 - Payroll Liabilities Total Other Current Liabilities

May 31

(3.00) (1,990.55) 7,350.00 36,000.00 625.10 (10,000.00) 20,739.00 38,651.56 24,334.81 (5,000.00) 105,350.47 674.80 110.00 616.05 910.58 2,311.43 113,018.35

Total Current Liabilities



Total Liabilities

Equity 1120 - Net Assets - Rebuild America 1110 - Net Assets Net Income

Total Equity

Total Liabilities & Equity

Unaudited financial Statements

111,698.00 2,610,571.55 494,006.43 3,216,275.98


Budget vs. Actual Financials UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS OPERATING Revenues & Support Member Contributions - 40% Member Contributions - 60% Board Contributions Advisory Board Contributions Special Events Special Events Raffle Pass Thru Income(5%) Loose Change Rebuild America Grants/Development Other Contributions (Matching Gifts) Contributions - Unrestricted - Other Draw from Endowment Total Revenues and Support Expenses & Losses Program Services Rebuild America Loose Change Grants/Foundation Programs Grants and Contributions Total Program Services Supporting Services Management and General Payroll & Related Expenses Contractual Services Development Consultant Meetings/Travel Rent Expense Communications Expense Printing & Reproduction Advertising/PR Convention 2014 Equipment Repairs & Rental Bank & Broker Charges Merchant Fees Brokerage Fees Office Supplies Other Admin Expense Special Event Raffle Development Expenses Total Management & General Total Expense NET CHANGE IN OPERATIONS

2012-2013 May-YTD 2013-2014 Budget Actual Budget 434,144 207,952 197,554 - 309,819 294,328 22,000 20,440 34,500 750 750 15,000 800 - 69,458 7,000 10,237 8,000 - 35,202 - 12,716 55,000 3,635 15,000 1,430 5,000 - 9,427 12,000 95,500 - 93,155 644,394 681,866 644,537 - 12,716 - 35,202 49,500 - 260,486 214,425 294,328 309,986 262,343 294,328 152,758 146,164 163,009 28,200 26,977 32,700 - - 38,800 47,156 54,400 15,600 15,600 15,600 8,000 7,221 8,000 8,000 7,722 8,000 2,200 157 10,000 31,700 22,679 11,000 4,000 3,272 4,000 8,000 4,729 4,000 4,000 4,301 5,000 - 3,843 4,000 10,000 10,551 10,000 4,000 6,479 6,000 - 66,000 19,150 4,120 14,500 334,408 376,971 350,209 644,394 639,314 644,537 - 42,552 -

Jack and Jill of America Foundation celebrates with the

Thompson Quints

Emily, Richard, Octavia, Stella & AnnMarie Thompson


ack and Jill of America Foundation Celebrates with the Thompson Quints Emily, Richard, Octavia, Stella and AnnMarie Thompson The Pink, Blue and White Ball during the Presidential Inauguration was especially inviting with children from around the country dancing with friends and parents. The Thompson family was able to enjoy the night as well being introduced to Jack and Jill family.

Emily, Richard, Octavia, Stella and AnnMarie celebrated their 16th Birthday on May 8th. Jack and Jill has committed to supporting the Thompson family until they turn 18, where Howard University has committed to giving scholarships upon entering Howard when they graduate high school. Congratulations!

2012 National Convention

Mercedes-Benz Raffle

Foundation congratulations Erik Moses for being the winner of the 2013 ML350 SUV that was hand delivered to his home!

Other Winners Include: $10,000 Winner – Lisa Hawkins of Zionsville, IL $5,000 Winner – Sharon Miller of Winter Haven, FL

Foundation Leaders Executive Committee Jacqueline Moore Bowles President

Tammy King National Vice President

Lucille Allen Hadley Vice President

Crystal Johnson Turner National Treasurer

Paulette Keys Secretary

Gwen Hewitt MAL Liaison

Christine Govan Treasurer

Erik A. Cliette Ex. Officio

Tamara Turnley Robinson National President

Board of Trustees Gladys Henderson National Program Director

Albert Dotson, Jr. Community Member

Adrienne Booth Johnson Community Member

Nicole Martin RD, Mid-Atlantic Region

Tamela Franks MAL, Central Region

Mitzi Miller Community Member

Sharon Bourges-Jones Community Member

Tanya Hand MAL, Mid-Western Region

Tracie Muldrow MAL, Far West Region

Karen Chaplin MAL, Eastern Region

Gwen Hewitt MAL, Southeastern Region

Linda Murrain Community Member

Valerie Dillard MAL, Mid-Atlantic Region

Mavis James Community Member

Bryant Robinson, III Community Member

Foundation Past Presidents

Advisory Board Council

Erik Cliette 2008-2012

Shirley Mathis Carter

Grace Speights 2004-2008

Helen Mitchell

Ava Washington 1998-2004

Perry Paylor

William ‘Bill� Byrd 1996-1998 Emma B. Benning 1985-1996 Betty H. Johnson 1978-1985 Nellie Gordon Rouhlac 1975-1978 (also served as the 5th National President of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. 1954-1958) Jacqueline Robinson 1968 - 1975

Jack and Jill of America Foundation

Welcomes New Board Members Richard Gay


ichard Gay is Executive Vice President, Strategy and Operations for MTV & VH1, part of the MTV Networks division of Viacom, Inc. In his current role, Gay helps chart the course for MTV and VH1 and works within each business, their sister companies, and with outside partners to help MTV and VH1 achieve their strategic, operational and financial goals. Prior to joining MTV networks, Gay was a Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton (now Booz & Co.), working in the firm’s Global Media and Entertainment Practice. Mr. Gay worked across several media and entertainment sectors and in a veriety of media-related industries. In 2000, Gay was awarded Booz Allen’s Professional Excellence Award, the firm’s highest award for professional achievement. Gay was named one of the “40 Under 40” by Crain’s Magazine (2004), Black Enterprise (2005-2007), and Multichannel News (2007). He was also profiled in Black Power, Inc. The New Voice of Success, a book exploring the New Generation Leader Award by the National Association for Multi-

Malaika Jones Kebede


alaika Jones Kebede is the Founding Principal and President of the J Group. She advises prominent celebrity and business clients on structuring their charitable giving goals, and creates compelling and impactful solutions to address domestic and global problems. Malaika has extensive experience with critical philanthropic issues ranging from microfinance to homelessness, and expertise in the areas of strategic planning, finance, business development, and human capital. Prior to launching the J Group, Malaika enjoyed a highly successful career as Senior Director at JP Morgan, where she was consistently among the Top 5 most profitable traders in the North America division and was recognized by senior management for her contributions in driving corporate growth and profitability. She was also consistently recog-

Max Siegel


ax Siegel is a corporate CEO, President, Entrepreneur, entertainment executive, multicultural activist and attorney with experience managing many sports and entertainment properties. Siegel has over 20 years of experience in the sports, entertainment and media industries as a senior executive, attorney and executive producer. He has had a wide variety of business experiences, having overseen small partnerships as well as companies with as many as 500 employees and budgets in excess of $250M. In addition, Siegel has experience working with national governing bodies for nearly 20 years. Siegel became the highest-ranking African American executive in NASCAR when he became President of Global Operations at Dale Earnhardt Inc. (“DEI”), one of the sport’s

Ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC). A Chicago native, Gay is very active in the community. He has lead several pro bono initiatives, including efforts for the Chicago Urban League, the Museum of Television and Radio, and the Studio Museum of Harlem. Gay is currently a Trustee of the New York Urban League and the New York Institute for Special Education, and is Vice President and Executive Committee member of the Westchester Clubmen. Gay received his B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and earned his M.B.A. from Stanford University. While at Stanford, he also received his Public Management Certification by completing an academic & expansive-based program spanning public and nonprofit management, social and environmental entrepreneurship, international development, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Gay is a member of Beta Zeta, Boule chapter.

nized for her commitment to making positive, meaningful change and for influence the career paths of others. Malaika served as Chairperson of both the Black Leadership Initiative and of Women Who Trade, and created a partnership between the firm and the Department of Homeless Services. Malaika earned a dual degree in Economics and English at Spelman College, and completed the Executive Education program at Harvard Business School. Her personal and community endavors have included: The Presidents Council for Spelman College and the Studio Museum of Harlem, the Link, Inc., Habitat of Humanity, Make a Wish Foundation, Oxfam, and the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation. She lived and studied in London, South Africa and Brazil and speaks fluent Spanish.

leading franchises. While at DEI, Siegel oversaw the entire organization including competition, marketing, sales, sponsorship and distribution for all DEI’s properties including motorsports teams, licensing, promotion, business development and the Dale Earnhardt Foundation. Siegel attended the University of Notre Dame where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. He later became a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School. Siegel continued his pursuit of higher education by serving adjunct professorships in Sports & Entertainment Law and Law of the Music Business. Siegel is a member of the American, National, Indiana, and New York Bar Associations, Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Sigma Pi Phi and Kappa Alpha Psi.

About Jack and Jill of America Foundation, Inc. In 1968, Jack and Jill of America Foundation was created to allow Jack and Jill, Inc. to further our partnerships with organizations who share the goal of “investing in the future of our children.�

About Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated Jack and Jill of America is the oldest and largest African-American family organization in the country. The national headquarters is located in Washington, DC. With a membership base of over 9,500 families, Jack and Jill nurtures future leaders by strengthening children through educational programming, community service and leadership training.

1930 17th Street NW • Washington, DC 20009 Phone (202) 232-5290 • Fax (202) 232-1747 • www.jackandjillfoundation.org • Twitter @JJAFoundation

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Jack and Jill Foundation  

2013 Annual Report

Jack and Jill Foundation  

2013 Annual Report


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