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Et maintenant Papa, c’est quand qu’on va où ? "what do we do this week-end ?... were do we go ?... we can't possibly stay at home doing nothing !... when do we go ?... where do we go ?....« A hop in the nearby subway and within a couple of minutes, the demanding kids and their (tired) father can explore the outside world. Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Grand Palais.... And then, further away, to the airport, to New-York, Los Angeles, to mention the most recent destination. Do these demanding kids realize how lucky they are ? I'm not so sure, even if I try hard to give them some perspective on how kids have to live in other 'not so lucky' countries. Most of theses pictures are 'sunday pictures', shot while they stand still, while they can't escape the mechanical eye that attempt to grab something from them, some expression that may never come back. Most of the time they're just so fed up with my picturing them, that they still try to escape, make silly face, grin, turn their head... then laugh, and eventually do not pay attention any longer, they just even forget I'm here, annoying them with this big black thing in my hands, taking pictures their mother won't just even be proud of . Well, that's just the way they are.

C’est là qu’on descend, arrêtes de rêvasser ! ...

dis Papa, et maintenant, c'est quand qu'on va où ?...  

Bus, métro, underground, subway... plane, funiculare, tramway... they have to stand still, while I grab something from them, something that...

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