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BE Y O N D T H E D U N E S A N D A L L I M A G I N AT I O N y o u d i s c o v e r a n A r a b i a n t r e a s u re with glistening pools, nestled in the golden sands. This hidden palace invites you t o c o u n t l e s s a d v e n t u re s , e n d l e s s re l a x a t i o n a n d u n f o rg e t t a b l e i n d u l g e n c e . But what to do first? I t d o e s n ’ t re a l l y m a t t e r when you have it all a t y o u r f i n g e rt i p s .

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara #InAbuDhabi

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WHAT’S INSIDE 34 Red hot champions Black belts stun the crowd with outstanding performances on the historic mats of Rio de Janeiro


From Poland to conquer the world

Adam Wardzinski shares his experiences of a whole life on the mats and reveals his strategy to rise to the top of the UAEJJF ranking in the 2017/2018 season


Back to the good old days

Rafael Carino and Carlão Barreto take their fans on a trip to celebrate Jiu-Jitsu’s rich roots in Rio de Janeiro


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UAE News

Al Shaheed Jiu-Jitsu Championship: athletes compete in honor of UAE martyrs


Carioca Heroes

Lifestyle Tips

The smart way to cut weight

Rio welcomes the Jiu-Jitsu community for three days of thrilling and heartwarming action on the mats

Travel & Roll

Six wonders of the UAE



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His Excellency Abdulmunam Al Hashemi


Success all over the world

Get Social

Tropical Champions

The only way to Abu Dhabi

Understand the workings of the UAEJJF annual athletes ranking

High Achievements

The best moments of the JJIF Senior World Championship, in Bogota, Colombia

Around the Globe

Go around the Jiu-Jitsu Universe


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Working in the present FOR A GREATER FUTURE


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The Chairman of the United Arab Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation, His Excellency Abdulmunam Al Hashemi shares his views on the groundbreaking work that is being done by the Federation to incentive the sport in the country and around the world. Following the vision and intelligent leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAEJJF is working tirelessly for a greater future for Jiu-Jitsu. JIU-JITSU WORLD: The UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation has been working hard to develop the sport both in the UAE and abroad. What are the Federation’s main achievements so far? Chairman Abdulmunam Al Hashemi: I The Federation’s main achievements can be summarized as follows: 1) Raising awareness and promoting the culture of Jiu-Jitsu as the number of players in the UAE exceeded 70,000 in the last five years. 2) Preparing and qualifying champions on international levels. In this regard, the UAE is currently ranked 1st in male competitions in Asia, with remarkable achievements in various international championships. 3) Organizing world class championships such as Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour and International and continental qualifiers for the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship. 4) Gaining the trust of international organizations to make Abu Dhabi home to the headquarters of the International Federation and the Asian Union. 5) Successfully qualifying Emirati professionals to assume positions at international organizations and perform their tasks with optimal professionalism and efficiency. Jiu-Jitsu has been witnessing growing participation in Olympic-related events. Are we going to see Jiu-Jitsu as a part of the Olympics? How far are we from reaching this milestone? The UAEJJF is working closely and relentlessly with the JJAU and the Ju-Jitsu International Federation to prepare a comprehensive and persuasive file to be presented to the International Olympic Committee in order to obtain the IOC’s Board approval of adding Jiu-Jitsu to the Olympic agenda, as the sport has strong presence in more than 160 countries worldwide where players compete in local, intercontinental and international championships for male and female, youth and Paralympic players. As the 10th edition of the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship nears, what is your evaluation of the Championship’s development in the last decade? The Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship has seen remarkable development in the last decade. Despite the strong start and great support, the number of Championship’s participants did not exceed 400 players. But with relentless work

Number 06 - 2018

and dedication, the number of participants reached 7000, and the Championship developed from a 2-day event into a 14day event. In the beginning, 10 local black belts participated in the Championship, but this number has increased to 600. Furthermore, the number of followers and viewer base has increased from 50,000 to more than one billion across TV channels and social media platforms, and the value of prizes is now in millions. The Abu Dhabi World Professional JiuJitsu Championship has cemented its prestigious position in the international Jiu-Jitsu agenda, achieving remarkable development from one edition to another, and the categories now include adult males and females, youth and paraathlete categories. In addition to Jiu-Jitsu competitions, the Championship has become a platform for recreational activities, social awareness and cultural initiatives and sports, technical and educational workshops. The UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation always has ambitious plans for the future. Can you share with us the Federation’s short-term and long-term plans and objectives? Our short-term objectives are preserving and building on the current success, contributing to the UAE’s vision towards building a strong generation, preparing and qualifying competitive champions to raise the UAE’s flag in international events and expanding the scope of the international championships organized in UAE. Our long-term objective is to be ranked 1st in the world in line with our leadership’s vision. Abu Dhabi has become the capital of Jiu-Jitsu. How important has been the support extended by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed throughout the last decade? We could never have achieved our objectives without the support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Depute Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces. His Highness has always been a source of inspiration for us and we are lucky to have him on our side. For every single Jiu-Jitsu player in UAE, the ultimate honor has always been meeting His Highness after winning a local, intercontinental or international championship.



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Photo by Ane Nunes and artwork by Henrique Diniz


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io, Bogotá, Cape Town, Edinburgh, Moscow, Seoul, Amman. These are just some of the places all over the world where the global Jiu-Jitsu movement gathered crowds this past two months. In Brazil, the third leg of the 2017/2018 season of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour mobilized the entire city during three whole days of awesome action on the mats. The prestigious Arena Carioca, built specially for the 2016 Olympic Games hosted an event that brought the crowd back to the amazing feeling of watching the best athletes in the world compete for the ultimate glory. Competitors of all ages and skill levels, including the always inspiring para-athletes, took the game to a whole different level. The memories of the events witnessed on November 10-12, will be forever on the minds of those lucky enough to be present at the venue or watching live all over the world. Our news team worked very hard for the entire weekend to capture the most important moments in all belt colors and put together another issue of Jiu-Jitsu World Magazine. Our sixth edition is yet another collector’s item featuring some of the most thrilling images of the awesome action that took place on the mats. Leaving Rio, we take you on a journey all over the globe to bring you the highlights of the incredible action that took place this past two months. In Bogotá, Colombia, the JJIF held the World Senior Ju-Jitsu Championship, another very successful event that brought the entire community together. Our journey also make stops in South Africa, Russia, Korea, Jordan, among many other places. The run for valuable points in the annual UAEJJF ranking and the best spots in the 2018 World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship is hotter than ever. Other than that, we bring you great tips for your best performance on the mats. We once again hope to have been able to deliver you the best publication possible. We thank each and every one of our readers and hope to catch you back here on issue #7. Have a great reading and stay on the mats.


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Number 06 - 2018




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From Poland to conquer the world Adam Wardzinski shares his experiences of a whole life on the mats and reveals his strategy to rise to the top of the UAEJJF ranking in the 2017/2018 season WORDS: IVAN TRINDADE | IMAGES: ANE NUNES


Jiu-Jitsu World

He started training at the early age of 8 years old. First, he conquered local tournaments, then he made his name in his native country of Poland. Now, Adam Wardzinski is a well respected black belt who learned with some of the best black belts in the world. His lineage shows every time he steps on the mat. With mat partners like Alan Finfou, Marcus Buchecha and Thiago Sá, Wardzinski is in the right path to make it big. He wants this season to be his season and that’s why he is working so hard to win as much as he can. In the next pages, he opened up about his past, his present and his plans for a brilliant future. JIU-JITSU WORLD: Most people got to know you already as a black belt. What can you tell us about how you started training Jiu-Jitsu in Poland? Adam Wardzinski: I started to train at 8 years ago in my hometown Poznań. After some adventures with Eastern martial arts, I was looking for something more competitive so I thought that Jiu-jitsu would be a good choice. I found out that there was a gym next to my place so I signed up for classes and I’m

happy to say that since that time I train with the same guys I started with. From a really early stage I was looking to compete as much as I can. At first it was more local tournaments around Poland. When I got my purple belt I started to travel more and more, competing in Europe and around the world. You are widely regarded today as one of the two most accomplished black belts from Europe, alongside Alexander Trans. Who were the biggest influences. in your career on the mats until becoming a black belt? The biggest influence for sure was my professor Alan Finfou. He has a very good eye for the details and small mistakes and he is always looking for ways to improve my game. Two other people that have a big influence on my game are Checkmat’s Thiago Sá and Marcus Buchecha. I always steal some moves from them when we train together. When it comes to butterfly guard, which is my favorite way of fighting, it came to me naturally when I was around a blue belt. For me it was just a comfortable way of dealing with all kind of opponents no matter if they are big or small. You have had some very exciting matches in recent UAEJJF events. Can you tell us if there’s one match that stuck to your mind for being extra special in your career? I had a lot of great fights, but one that I will probably remember forever was the semifinal of this year’s Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship against Diego Herzog. I was behind 7 points in the first seconds of the match because of a mistake I made. When I was pulling guard I blinked and when I opened my eyes my opponent was already in mount. I got out really quick but the points were already awarded, so the whole match I had to push the pace and work to take that win. Of course my opponent didn’t make it easy for me. At the end of the fight it was 14-7 for me, but I was exhausted like never before.

Number 06 - 2018


A lot of young Jiu-Jitsu practitioners look up to black belt idols for advise on how to be successful on the mats. If you had to tell them three aspects of your life on the mats that were important for your success, what would they be? First thing is to work hard, of course. You need to be consistent and show up every day in the gym. On the other hand you need to work smart in many ways. You need to think about what you are doing on the mat and how to improve it. Its not just mechanical repetition of moves. Other thing about training smart is a right way to use your sparring partners. Simple example: you have a big heavy guy, let him work from the top or in a dominant position. If you have a guard player let him play his best guard and try to pass it. One more thing about working smart is listening to your body. Right recovery, good sleep and visiting the physiotherapist from time to time is a part of the training. Last tip is to have fun on the mat. If you are going to

the gym with a smile and you like what you are doing, you’ll be enjoying. That means you are on a good way to success. You are currently in second place in the UAEJJF adult black belt ranking, only 40 points behind the leader. What’s the secret to maintain a good level of performance throughout the season to reach the end with chances to win the big prize? The thing about the ranking is that it’s not only the big events like the WPJJC and Grand Slams that matters. Of course those are the tournaments with big prizes but to maintain in the top of the ranking you need to travel little bit more and show up in the smaller tournaments like National Pros and International Pros. Ranking is one thing, but keeping the good competition routine is good for getting experience and improving your style of fighting. You have been one of the most active competitors in the UAEJJF circuit of competitions. How important it is for Jiu-Jitsu to have a professional environment that awards athletes for their dedication and results? This is an awesome thing about the UAEJJF. It help athletes a lot in many ways. If you fight the small local tournaments, you could win travel packages for bigger ones and then win some money there. Everybody knows the feeling when you come back home with just a medal and you are not sure what will be next. The UAEJJF is making it simple for competitors. Did you win here? Ok, now you go there and here is some support. And every year it’s getting better and better.


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Tropical Champions

e Abu Dhabi Grand Slam With record participation, th eiro took over the Jiu-Jitsu World Tour Rio de Jan their stories of effort, internet with athletes sharing sacrifice and success GES: INSTAGRAM WORDS: IVAN TRINDADE| IMA

nd athletes of 10-12, more than two thousa For three days on November a Arena 1, at the els gathered at the Carioc all ages and from all skill lev determination on and sive display of technique Olympic park, for an impres went on to compete, dal. Before and after they their search for the gold me ial media using the ries online, lighting up soc our heroes shared their sto also posted about lamrio and #adgsrio. They nds gra abi udh #ab gs hta has enjoyed their time ul Rio de Janeiro, as they their experiences in beautif taking attractions. visiting most of Rio’s breath as we gather the shine a light on their stories We take the opportunity to thrills of those three Instagram. Let’s relive the on ts pos ting res inte st mo 7/2018 season of e for the fourth leg of the 201 days in Brazil as we prepar see you in Abu Dhabi Jiu-Jitsu World Tour. We’ll the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam on January 12-13, 2018.

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The only way to


Understand the workings of the UAEJJF annual athletes ranking WORDS: IVAN TRINDADE| IMAGES: UAEJJF


Jiu-Jitsu World

The 2017/2018 season brings a few novelties regarding the annual athletes ranking. For the present season, the UAEJJF will award 200 travel packages for the top competitors in each continent. Therefore, more than ever the ranking is the pathway to the 2018 Abu Dhabi World Professional JiuJitsu Championship as well as the big money prizes for the best athletes at the end of the season. The UAEJJF is also adding prizes for the best adult male black belts in each of the six continents, a way to make more and more athletes compete in regional events. Competitors have huge incentives to take part in as many events as they can. The next pages will explain how the ranking works. Have a good read, put on your gi and go out there to add points right away.

How to add points in the ranking?

You add points in the ranking by at least participating in one of the events of the UAEJJF calendar (the current calendar started on May 1, 2017 and ends on April 30, 2018). There are six kinds of events in terms of how many points you’ll get: 1 - ADWPJJC – 6 stars; 2 - Abu Dhabi Grand Slam – 5 stars; 3 - Continental Pro – 4 stars; 4 - National Pro – 3 stars; 5 - International Pro – 2 stars; 6 - Regional Tournament – 1 star. Here are the number of points athletes will earn on each event depending on their performance.

Here are a few examples of how to count an athlete’s points.

How many rankings are there?

The UAEJJF has divided the ranking in the following categories: Adult Division

- Best International Male Black Belt of the year - Best Continental Male Black Belt of The year: Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Oceania - Best International Female Brown/Black belt of the Year - Best International Rookie of the year (Brown Belt) Master Division

- Best International Male Black belt of the Year (Master 1) Academies

- Best International Academy of the year

Number 06 - 2018


Who gets the travel packages to compete at the 2018 ADWPJJC? The Federation will award 200 travel packages for the top athletes of over 60 countries in each continent. Only two athletes per country inside each continent will get travel packages. The cut off date to add points for this season is March 12. Here are the packages to be awarded to each continent in each age/belt division. What are the prizes for ranking leaders? After all the effort, it is natural that ranking leaders at the end of the season receive proper rewards. The male adult black belt division alone will award US$70,000, while the female brown/black belt division will award US$18,000. That’s the same amount reserved for the male adult brown belt ranking leaders and the master 1 male black belt division. The tables here show the main prizes. Do only athletes in the UAEJJF ranking can compete in the 2018 ADWPJJC? No. The 2018 ADWPJJC is open to all athletes who are UAEJJF members. What else do I need to know about the UAEJJF ranking? If a fighter made the weight for their division and is alone in their bracket they will be moved to a heavier division or higher belt. Points will be credited when there’s a no-show after the bracket is published and an athlete have no matches. Divisions with two players will run normally and fighters won’t be moved to heavier/higher division. Whenever belt divisions are merged, the points will be credited according to the fighter current belt. Ranking points will not be transferred from one belt rank to the next one. Raking points will not be transferred from one age division to another. If a fighter changes nationality during a season or qualification period they will lose all points in the UAEJJF World Rank.

Scan here for more info


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Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 06 - 2018



Black belts stun the crowd with outstanding performances on the historic mats of Rio de Janeiro WORDS: IVAN TRINDADE | IMAGES: ANE NUNES, IVAN TRINDADE

Rio was an obvious choice when the five cities of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour were picked. Jiu-Jitsu is the city’s second passion after soccer. The gentle art culture is as much a part of the Wonderful City’s culture as its beaches and its world famous Samba music. With so many people training Jiu-Jitsu all over the city, it is only natural for talent to emerge everywhere. On November 10-12, all that talent showed up at the Carioca


Arena 1, in the Olympic Park, the same that hosted the 2016 Olympic games. As usual, the black belt division was the highlight of the program. In two days, the best athletes in the world competed for their share of over $125,000 in prizes. The nine mats were the perfect setting for thrilling matches all the way to the finals. Here how each of the weight classes played out until the champions were crowned.

Jiu-Jitsu World

Male Black Belt

56 kg STILL AT THE TOP The lightest weight class in the men’s division has an owner. After winning in Los Angeles, José Carlos Lima fought twice to make it to the final in Rio. He first beat Levy Ferreira by referee decision and then outscored Robson Soares 8-2 in the semifinal. David Herrera needed to fight only once to reach the gold medal match. He beat Juan Silva by DQ in the quarterfinals and had no opponent in the semifinal. José Carlos Lima secured the gold medal with a safe performance against American David Herrera. In a very close match, he managed a 2-1 lead on advantages to take the title home.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 06 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

62 kg FRIENDLY DYNASTY Just like they had done in Los Angeles two months earlier, JoĂŁo Miyao and Hiago George gave no chance to their opponents to reach the final match. Each one fought three times each to reach the final. Miyao first outscored Francisco Andrelino 13-0, then scored 2-0 on Danilo Moreira and finally finished JosĂŠ Tiago from the back in the semifinal. On the other side, George outscored Alan Oliveira 2-0 and then finished Felipe Mello and Pedro Clementino with armbars. In the final they gave the crowd what they wanted. The two teammates went for it and engaged in a fierce sweep game back and forth. In the end, with the score in a 6-6 tie on points, a 1-0 lead on advantages made Hiago the champion. Number 06 - 2018


69 kg TRIANGLE OF GOLD Rafael Mansur fought twice on his way to the final. He first beat Victor Moraes by referee decision and then beat Luiz Vieira 2-1 on advantages in the semifinal. His opponent in the gold medal match would be João Gonçalves, who in three matches beat Raphael Cadena 2-0, finished Julio Rufino and choked Pedro Neto from the back in the semifnals. João Neto wasted no time. Early on in the final match, he caught Rafael Mansur in a powerful triangle choke. Mansur used all his technique and strength to resist the tap for a few minutes, but in the end had no choice but to tap, awarding Neto the title.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 06 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

77 kg NO EASY PATH TO THE TOP One of the most crowded male black belt weight classes forced Ricardo Lima to fight four times on his way to the final. He finished Lauro Segundo, beat Talles Silva 3-0 on advantages and Iago Lopes 1-0 on advantages as well. In the semifinal, Lima beat Samuel Dias by referee decision. On the other side, Hugo Marques beat Jan Wanser 7-0, Richard Filho by DQ, outscored Caio Cipriano 2-0 on advantages and finally defeated Jaime Canuto by referees decision. In another very close match, Hugo Marques took one of the few opportunities to score a 2-0 lead with a sweep and go ahead on the scoreboard. He kept the lead until the end to claim the gold medal.

Number 06 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

85 kg TWO FOR THREE FOR ISAQUE Isaque Bahiense wanted to repeat the title he won at the Grand Slam Tokyo. In Rio, he fought four times to reach the final. Isaque first beat Matheus Souza 2-0, then Thiago Sá 4-3 on advantages in a close match, and finally finished Rodrigo Miguel. The last challenge was against William Martins, caught with an armbar. On the other side, Gustavo Batista also had a great performance. In four matches, he finished João Santos, Vinicius Fernandes and Danilo Ponte. In the semifinal, another finish, this time an armbar on Luiz Neves. The second gold medal for Isaque in three Grand Slam events came with a 3-0 win on advantages over the tough Gustavo Batista. The final was a very strategic match between two opponents that displayed a lot of respect to each other’s games.

Number 06 - 2018


94 kg FAVORITE HUNTER In a star-studded division, Guilherme Santos made his name known on his way to the final. His first match was against Adam Wardzinski, in the quarterfinals, when a 6-0 lead on advantages was the edge. In the semifinal, he choked Dimitrius Souza from the back. On the other side, Patrick Gaudio had to walk through fire to reach the gold medal match. He first outscored Rafael Silva 7-0 and then met with no other than Xande Ribeiro in the semifinals. After a very close match and a 2-2 tie on advantages, the referees decided for Gaudio. After beating Xande Ribeiro in the semifinals, Patrick arrived at the final against Guilherme Santos as the favorite. Nevertheless, the match was not one-sided, as Santos proved to be a very game opponent. The match was almost entirely fought with both fighters standing and in the end Gaudio won by referee decision after a 0-0 tie on points.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 06 - 2018


110 kg POLISH SMASHER Fighting to retain the crown he won in LA, Igor Silva fought twice to reach the final. He beat Gustavo Dias 1-0 on advantages and then finished Guilherme Cordiviola with a triangle. Poland’s Gerard Labinski feared not the Brazilian crowd and in two matches made it to the final. He outscored Diego Braz 4-0 and then had a powerful performance against Americo Netto to win 13-0. Under the coaching of no other than Leandro Lo, Gerard Labinski went for it in the final match against Igor Silva. The Poland expat who lives in São Paulo and trains at NS Brotherhood, played on top and managed to reach Silva’s half guard and score a 1-0 lead on advantages.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 06 - 2018


Female Brown/Black Belt

55 kg AMANDA DOES IT AGAIN The final was set in only two matches. First Amanda Nogueira beat Gabriela Fletcher by referee decision and then Mayara AbraĂŁo defeated Thauany Correa also by referees decision.In a close match, black belt Amanda Nogueira had trouble to deal with a very game opponent in brown belt Mayara AbraĂŁo. The 2-0 lead that meant Amanda the title was built with a takedown halfway into the match.


Jiu-Jitsu World

62 kg SIMPLY THE BEST Bia Mesquita continues to impress the crowd with solid performances. She’s been virtually unbeatable in her weight class this year. In a round robin bracket in Rio, first Bia Basílio caught Juliana Maira with a foot lock and then Bia Mesquita choked Maira from the back. In the final, Mesquita put her game to work and was able to build a solid 6-0 lead to prove once again she is the undisputed queen of the division.

Number 06 - 2018


70 kg THE HOME CROWD EFFECT In the most crowded female division, Ana Carolina Vieira fought twice to make it to the final and be able to defend the throne she conquered in LA. She first caught Renata Moreira with a choke from the back and then finished Glaucia Braga with a katagatame. Carol’s final opponent would be Thamara Silva, who beat Andressa Cintra 4-2 and Erin Herle 2-0 on advantages. After two opponents finished on Saturday, she completed the job in the final with a choke from the back on Thamara Silva and the second straight title at the Grand Slam.


Jiu-Jitsu World

90 kg THE RIGHT SPOT After settling with the silver medal in Los Angeles, Claudia Do Val wanted the gold in Rio. She kept no hostages in two matches on her way to the final. She first beat Samella Shohamy by decision and then finished Brenda Heller with an armbar. Claudia met Heloisa Ferreira in the gold medal match, who finished Milena Carneiro and outscored Barbara Barbosa 24-0. In another match between a black belt and a brown belt, Claudia Do Val had trouble to score against a very tough Heloisa Ferreira. Playing on the bottom most of the time, Claudia threatened Heloisa with triangles and omoplatas. The work on Do Val’s part was enough for the referees to point her the champion after a 0-0 tie on points.

Number 06 - 2018



Teams DYNASTY BY COMPETENCE GF Team gave another display of its strength in Brazil, specially in Rio. The team collected 35 gold medals, 32 silver medals and 27 bronze medals, adding up to 25408 points,16,000 more points than the second place finisher. Gracie Barra came second with 9252pts and Nova UniĂŁo completed the podium with 7868pts. Scan here for the full results.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 06 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 06 - 2018



Rafael Carino and Carlão Barreto take their fans on a trip to celebrate Jiu-Jitsu’s rich roots in Rio de Janeiro WORDS: IVAN TRINDADE | IMAGES: ANE NUNES

The fans were there. The setting was the city they love. The feeling was similar to what they have experienced during their entire careers. Rafael Carino and Carlão Barreto had one commitment to the crowd present at the Carioca Arena 1, at the Olympic Park, in Rio de Janeiro, on November 12. They wanted to present to a new generation the Jiu-Jitsu they learned from their masters and helped spread all over the world. That’s exactly what they did. Right before the black belt finals, the spotlight was once again on them. In another match in the Jiu-Jitsu Legends series, Carino and Barreto battled it out in the heavyweight division for a chance to challenge the champion Marcio Pé de Pano at the 2018 World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship, in Abu Dhabi. As soon as the referee gave the go ahead, the two black belts went for it in search of the best grip. Keeping up with the tradition of the classic school of the sport, pulling guard was not an option, so Carino and Barreto fought fiercely for the takedown to go ahead in the scoreboard. It was Carino who was able to score first with a takedown that put him 2-0 in the lead. Carlão fought back fiercely, but he was unable to tie the match. Once it was over, the two warriors opened big smiles and hugged it out to celebrate the art they both love and defend. The whole venue celebrated with them.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Carino had his arm raised at the end of the match, but Jiu-Jitsu was the big winner

Number 06 - 2018


The two warriors were ready for battle

The best grip was vital for a good performance on the mat


Jiu-Jitsu World

Carino looked for the top grip to control Barreto’s movements

Carino and Barreto knew the match would be decided by the smallest detail

Number 06 - 2018

The match was literally fought head to head


With one strong pull to Barreto’s collar, Carino made his move to score first

With the opponent on the ground, Carino moved to secure the takedown

Back on his feet, Barreto worked hard to tie the match


Jiu-Jitsu World

He made all he could to take Carino down

In a rare moment of ground game, the two black belts kept their grounds

Number 06 - 2018

Once the match was over, the two old time friends celebrated his efforts for the pleasure of the crowd 63


a c o i r Ca s e o r e H

su community it -J iu J e th s e Rio welcom f thrilling and ats o s y a d e re th for ction on the m a g in rm a w rt hea


Jiu-Jitsu World


Men and women, athletes of all belt colors, from teenagers to masters, and also paraathletes. They all came to compete at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour Rio de Janeiro, on November 10 -12, at the Carioca Arena 1. They came with their family members, friends and teammates. They stepped on the mats to test their skills and put their will to win to proof. Jiu-Jitsu is the passion they share and that’s why they gathered to celebrate their love for the art. For three days, more than 2000 athletes competed for their share of over $125,000 in prizes and also for the glory of achieving the ultimate glory of becoming a Grand Slam champion, which also meant adding important points in the UAEJJF ranking. Here are some of their stories.

Competing against athletes with no disability, Thiago Silva feared no opponents and rose to the top of the master 1, 77kg purple belt division. His incredible effort inspired all of those present at the venue.

Number 06 - 2018


In the master 1 black belt 56kg division, Huendel Osaki fought twice to secure the gold medal. In the final, he beat Guilherme Mori 2-0 on advantages.

A well known competitor in the Grand Slam, Ricardo Evangelista fought four times on his way to the master 1 black belt 110kg division title. In the final, he passed Cassio Silva’s guard to score a 3-0 lead.


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In five matches, Rafael Costa rose to the top of the master 1 black belt 69kg division. In the final, he beat Igor Maia 4-2 on advantages.

White belts had their techniques on point during their matches.

A crowd favorite, Claudio “Caloquinha” Cardoso fought five times to reach the top of the podium in the master 1 black belt 77kg division. In the final, he beat Sandro Vieira 2-0 on advantages in a very close match.

Gabriel Moraes won his third gold medal in three events this season in the master 1 black belt 62kg division. In Rio, he fought three times to claim the title. In the final, he beat Pablo Silva by referee decision..

In another crowded bracket, Romulo Azevedo fought five times to conquer the title in the master 1 black belt 85kg division. In the final, he beat Andre Sá 2-1 on advantages in a tough battle.

Number 06 - 2018

Rubens Pedrosa also had to fight five times to win the master 1 black belt 94kg division. In the final, he beat Cristiano Lazzarini 2-0 with a sweep to take the gold medal home.


Purple belt standout Thalison Soares once again confirmed his reputation of upcoming talent. He won the adult 56kg division in style.

The female division was once again filled with thrills.

The search for the best grip meant a greater chance of victory.

No obstacles were big enough for the para-athletes in Rio


Jiu-Jitsu World

The para-jitsu division inspired the crowd on all three days of event.

Competitors with Down Syndrome were heroes on the mats.

The ladies also displayed a lot of heart on the mats in Rio.

Jiu-Jitsu for everyone. No excuses.

Number 06 - 2018


72 70

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03 - 2018 2017 Number 06

73 71


A global celebration in Colombia

High Achievements The best moments of the JJIF Senior World Championship, in Bogota, Colombia WORDS: IVAN TRINDADE | IMAGES: JJIF

For three days, the breathtaking city of Bogota became the center of the Jiu-Jitsu universe. On November 2426, the 2017 Senior World Championship organized by the Ju-Jitsu International Federation took the capital of Colombia by storm. Athletes from over 34 countries took to the mats set up at the Palacio de Deportes for three days of insane action. The event featured some of the best competitors in the world in three different styles of matches: Fighting, Duo Mix and Ne-Waza. In the final medal count, results were: 1st – Colombia; 2nd – Belgium; 3rd – Thailand. In the Ne-Waza teams competition, Poland beat Russia in the final to win first place. Kazakhstan and Panama completed the podium in third place. Here are the winners in each division of the Ne-Waza competition.


Scan here for the complete results.

MALE 56kg

Nurzhan Seiduali MALE (Kazakhstan)


Loska Guseinov (Russia)


Maciej Polok (Poland)


Hazmeh Rasheed (Jordan)


Pawel Banczyk (Poland)


Faisal Al Kitbe (UAE)


Seif Houmine (Morocco)


Anna Mitkowska (Poland)


Jessica McNeill (Canada)


Fran Vanderstukken (Belgium)


Amal Amjahid (Belgium)


Alison Tremblay (Canada)

Jiu-Jitsu World

Great showing of skills on the mats

Every match was very hard fought

The UAE Jiu-Jitsu Team is always a strong contender

Jiu-Jitsu is a global movement

The future of the sport is guaranteed

Number 06 - 2018

Athletes of all parts of the globe in Bogota

The battle for the grip is always important

Officials did a great job during the event.

The medals were the hard earned rewards for talented athletes



Abu Dhabi

SIX WONDERS of the UAE A place for the finest art

The Souks



Those traveling for the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour in Abu Dhabi, this January, must not miss the opportunity to travel around the United Arab Emirates and enjoy the many wonders the country has to offer. Due to its relatively small area, the UAE is ideal for day or 2-day trips that will allow you to see the best of what is out there. Pack your bags, put your sunglasses on and go for it. Here are six great options of attractions that will give you a good sense of what a wonderful mixture of nature, tradition, spirituality and modernity that is the UAE. Let’s go.

The brand new Louvre Abu Dhabi just opened in the UAE capital to bring the finest art to the Middle East. The only branch of the French world famous museum outside France, the Louvre Abu Dhabi holds 35,000 different works of art, portraying most of the most important movements of art in the world’s history. The Louvre Abu Dhabi opened on November 8, 2017 and is open six days a week, closing only on Mondays. The admission is 60 AED for the general public, with discounts for teachers, students and the UAE military. The museum is located at Saadiyat Island.

For many visitors to the United Arab Emirates, shopping is one of the main attractions. There are megalithic, glitzy malls by the dozen, but for a more local approach to shopping jaunts, you can’t beat the souks (market streets). In Dubai, the Deira district is the main destination, with its world-famous gold souk and rather more down-to-earth fish souk, but all of the Emirati cities have their own souk districts to explore. The souks are where you come to get a good deal on local handicrafts and much better prices (with some haggling) on products than you’d get at one of the malls.

Jiu-Jitsu World

A peaceful place for reflection

Rejoice with the architectural artwork at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the world’s largest mosques. The project was launched by the founder of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bi Sultan Al Nahyan, who wanted to establish a structure that would unite the culture diversity of the Islamic world with the historical and modern values of architecture and art. The mosque is large enough to accommodate over 40,000 worshippers, while the main prayer hall can hold over 7,000 people. The Qibla wall indicates the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca and that should be faced during prayers and it features the 99 names (qualities or attributes) of Allah in traditional Kufic calligraphy.

The Mosque is open Saturday toThursday (9AM – 10PM); Friday (4:30PM – 10PM).

Jebel Hafeet A must-do for anyone who wants to snap a great vista, the summit of Jebel Hafeet is a favorite day trip from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. This is the second highest peak in the United Arab Emirates, and far-reaching, sumptuous desert panoramas greet you all the way up to the top on the winding road. After the twisting mountain road drive, you are rewarded with being able to see across the area’s vast sweep of desert.

Dubai Creek Dhow Ride The Burj Khalifa may give you that famous skyline view from up high, but the most iconic Dubai views are still taken from the water. Dubai Creek slices through the city, and the best way to experience Dubai is from one of the beautiful dhows (traditional Arabic boats) that ply the creek. Sunset cruises (which often come with entertainment and dinner) are particularly beautiful as you watch the lights of the high-rises begin to twinkle in the dusk. Or, for a budget cruise, just hop on one of the ablas (local ferries), which ply the water between Bur Dubai and Deira.

Al-Bidyah Mosque The oldest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, Al-Bidyah is one of the country’s and the Emirate of Fujairah’s most important historical sites. Although modest in proportions, this adobe building was beautifully designed, with its original ventilation shaft patterns in the walls still visible. The entire surrounding area is an archaeological site, where many pottery and metal artifacts have been excavated. For history lovers, this small mosque should be a must-do, and it makes an excellent contrast with the over-the-top opulence of Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.


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Number 06 01 -- 2018 2017 Number




SOUTH BRAZIL REGIONAL The Brazilian gentle art community gathered in stunning São José, in the state of Santa Catarina, on October 28 for a full day of thrilling matches. Hundreds of athletes competed for valuable points in the UAEJJF ranking eyeing the best positions in the 2018 ADWPJJC. The black belt division was the highlight of the day. Here are the champions: Female Brown/Black Belt - 55kg – Sabrina Savi; 70kg – Rubia Rosa; 90kg – Gisele Moreira. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Rilion Gracie 1596pts, 2nd – Ataque Duplo 913pts, AS Team 823pts.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Scotland SCOTLAND NATIONAL PRO The historic city of Edimburgh welcomed the Jiu-Jitsu crowd on October 28. Hundreds of competitors flocked to the venue to compete for their spot in the UAEJJF ranking. The crowd was treated to great Gi and No-Gi matches in all skill levels and the event once again proved that Jiu-Jitsu is a fan favorite in Europe. The teams results were: 1st – PSLBP Cicero Costha 580pts, 2nd – Checkmat International 580pts, 3rd - Gracie Barra Nottingham 440pts.

Greece GREECE NATIONAL PRO A city with so much history had another chapter written on October 29. Athens welcomed the Jiu-Jitsu community for a full day of great matches. The run for the valuable points in the UAEJJF ranking is hotter that ever in Europe. The results in the black belt division were: 85kg – Ioannis Kokolaras, 110kg – Eldar Rafigaev. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Gracie Barra Greece 290pts, 2nd – Rio Grappling Club Greece 2620pts, 3rd – Allinace Greece 2120pts.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Italy ITALY NATIONAL PRO On Novermber 4, the Northern city of Turim hosted another UAEJJF event when hundreds of athletes gathered for a full day of matches. Competitors from all over the continent and beyond came together to fight for the ultimate glory of winning a gold medal. The results in the black belt division were: 69kg – Sergio Calderon; 77kg – Ilke Bulut; 85kg – Luca Anacoreta; 110kg – Eldar Rafigaev. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Aeterna Jiu-Jitsu 1320pts; 2nd – ZR Team Association; 3rd – Roger Gracie Academy 770pts. Scan here for the full results.

Number 06 - 2018


Russia RUSSIA NATIONAL PRO Russians love to compete. Hundreds of them joined people from all over the region to showcase their talent on ta full day of insane action in Moscow, on November 5. The crowd present was stunned with the high level of skills on the mats. After all was said and done, the final teams results were: 1st – Ludus Alliance Russia 6880pts; 2nd – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Russia 2130pts; 3rd – Jungle BJJ 1330pts.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Panama PANAMA NATIONAL PRO November 2 was a very special day for Jiu-Jitsu in Central America. Hundreds of athletes gathered at the Justo Arosemena Institute to compete for valuable points in the UAEJJF world ranking. The matches were everything the crowd expected, with athletes of all ages and skill levels pouring their hearts out on the mats. In the black belt division, champions were: 85kg – Valentin Rossi; Open Class (-110kg) – Rene Karamanites. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Leão BJJ Panama 3350pts; 2nd – GF Team Panama 2690pts; 3rd – Mauro Sergio BJJ 1630pts.

Number 06 - 2018


Jordan JORDAN NATIONAL PRO Novermber 11 was a very important day for Jiu-Jitsu in Jordan. The city of Amman welcomed the gentle art community for another exciting event in the country. Hundreds of competitors gave their best on the mats to overcome their opponents in search of the first place. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Samy Al Jamal/Fit Jiu-Jitsu 2530pts; 2nd – Team Mirza 2000pts; 3rd – Al Jazira Jiu-Jitsu Club 1350pts.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Ukraine UKRAINE NATIONAL PRO The Ukrainian Jiu-Jitsu community made another show of force on November 25, in beautiful Odessa. Hundreds of athletes of all ages showed up to compete and put their talents to test against tough opponents in a full day of matches. In the black belt division, results were: Open Class – 1st - Igor Silva; 2nd – DJ Jackson, 3rd – Enslave Zavatchi. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – ZR Team Ukraine 2460pts; 2nd – A-Force BJJ 1650pts; 3rd – Southside MMA Academy 1280pts.

Number 06 - 2018


South Africa CAPE TOWN INTERNATIONAL PRO A two-day event was everything the Jiu-Jitsu community in South Africa wanted. On December 2-3, the gentle art crowd gathered at the stunning city by the sea to compete for valuable points in the UAEJJF ranking. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Renzo Gracie Academy Cape Town 1510pts; 2nd – Pesfa 895pts; 3rd – Gracie Barra Cape Town 470pts.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Bahrain BAHRAIN NATIONAL PRO The Middle East is a fertile ground for talented Jiu-Jitsu athletes. On October 27, hundreds of them joined forces at the Bahrain National Stadium for a full day of matches on the mats. The men and women of many different locations in the region feared no opponent and went for the gold medal, giving the crowd present an incredible display of technique and dedication. In the black belt division, champions were: 77kg – Ali Munfaredi; 110kg – Igor Silva; Female Brow/Black 90kg – Larissa Paes. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Alliance Bahrain 2400pts; 2nd – Al Wahda Club Jiu-Jitsu Academy 1380pts; 3rd – Al Jazira Jiu-Jitsu Club 910pts.

Number 06 - 2018



SEOUL INTERNATIONAL PRO Asia was the birthplace of most martial arts and Jiu-Jitsu is one of them. That’s why it is only natural for the sport to have such a big following at that part of the world. On November 5, hundreds of athletes gathered to compete for their moment of glory. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Korea BJJ 630pts; 2nd – John Frankl BJJ 560pts; 3rd – Jiu-Jitsu Lab 390pts.


KAZAKHSTAN NATIONAL PRO Central Asia is absolutely crazy for Jiu-Jitsu. On December 8-9, the city of Almaty welcomed hundreds of talented competitors for two days of incredible action. The matches were fiercely fought as each athlete wanted to reach the top of their divisions to add valuable points in the UAEJJF ranking. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Strela Alliance 6140pts; 2nd – Kazakhstan National Team 4690pts; 3rd – National Jiu-jitsu Federation of Tajikistan 1140pts.


Jiu-Jitsu World

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89 3



Al Shaheed Jiu-Jitsu Championship: athletes compete in honor of UAE martyrs The third edition of the UAE Martyrs Jiu-Jitsu Championship took place at the Mubadala Arena, on November 24-25, in Abu Dhabi. The event had the presence of HE Hussain Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, HE Suhail Al Mazroui, Minister of Energy and Industry, Her Excellency Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrui, UAE Minister of State for Youth Affairs, the UAE Navy Major-General Sheikh Saeed bin Hamdan, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Tahnoun Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Director of The Martyrs’ Families’ Affairs Office at the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan; HE Younes Haji Al Khouri, the UAE finance


minister undersecretary, Abdul Mohsen Al-Dosari Assistant Secretary-General for the sports sector at the General Authority for Youth and Sports Welfare and HE Abdulmoneim Al Hashemi, President of the UAEJJF Federation and the Asian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. HE Suhail Al Mazroui, Minister of Energy and Industry said: “We in the UAE are proud of our martyrs and their families. This tournament was named after those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country and people, and although nothing can repay our martyrs and their families, we are committed to being here in this symbolic championship that honors our heroes.”

Scan here for the complete results.

The athletes gave their best on the mats to honor the UAE martyrs. The first day of the championship witnessed a remarkable and strong level of competition amongst the participating athletes, specially the girls. The Second day of the championship saw strong competition amongst the under 18 male players. The UAEJJF specially designed a medal for the Al Shaheed Championship, engraved with Wahat Al Karama symbol to honor the nation’s martyrs and in commemoration of their sacrifices and loyalty. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Al Jazira Jiu-Jitsu Club 1108pts; 2nd – Al Wahda 1101pts; 3rd – Al Ain Jiu-Jitsu Club 1083pts.

Jiu-Jitsu World

DUBAI International Pro Jiu-Jitsu has conquered the hearts of the Emirati people. On December 8-9, the gentle art community gathered in Dubai for two days of thrills on the mats. Athletes honored their team colors by putting their best efforts to reach the top of the podium in their divisions. The results in the black belt division were: 69kg - Daniel Vieira; 77kg - Julio Junior; 85kg – Igor Souza; 94kg – Mauricio Lima; 110kg – Igor Silva. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Commando Group 2640pts; 2nd – Al Jazira Jiu-jitsu Club 1675pts; 3rd – Team Nogueira Dubai 1555pts.

PRESIDENT’S CUP - 2nd Round The best Jiu-jitsu clubs in the UAE put their athletes to compete in the second round of the President’s Cup on November 4. The event was held at the Al Jazira Club, in Abu Dhabi. The athletes showcased all their talents on the mats to take their clubs to the top of the ranking. In the end, the teams competition results were: 1st – Al Ain Jiu-Jitsu Club 704pts; 2nd – Al Wahda Club Jiu-Jitsu Academy 447pts; 3rd – Al Jazira Jiu-Jitsu Club 388pts.

MOTHER OF THE NATION 2nd Round The best of the Jiu-jitsu talent in the UAE got together for the 2nd round of the Mother of the Nation Championship, on November 4, at the Mubadala Arena, in Abu Dhabi. Athletes from the teen division all the way to the adult black belt competed for the ultimate glory. In the teams competition, the results were: 1st – Al Ain Jiu-Jitsu Club 346pts; 2nd - Al Jazira Jiu-Jitsu Club 264pts; 3rd – Abu Dhabi Female Team 243pts.

Number 06 - 2018


92 26

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93 19



Jiu-Jitsu World

The SMART WAY to cut weight 5 actions every Jiu-Jitsu athlete needs to take to beat the scale in a healthy manner WORDS: IVAN TRINDADE | IMAGES: MORGUEFILE

It’s common knowledge in the Jiu-Jitsu community that it is better to be the biggest competitor in a lower weight class than the smallest one in a heavier division. That’s why competitors all over the world put their bodies through hell and high water to cut the pounds they need to be able to compete in the weight class they feel they have the greatest chance of succeeding.

The process of cutting weight is not without suffering. As a matter of fact, every competitor either heard about the horror stories or lived through it. That’s why we decided to put together this quick guide of how to put your body through the weight cut in the healthiest way possible. Lets beat the scale.

1 PLAN AHEAD AND START EARLY The earlier you start your cut, the better you will feel during matches. Trying to cut 15 pounds two days before a match will leave you slow and lethargic when you hit the mat. If you start to get down to weight a week or more before a match, you will feel much better on the day of the contest.

Number 06 - 2018


2 PROTEIN UP When your body goes without fuel for long periods of time, muscle mass inevitably decreases. Help your body maintain muscle mass by refueling after workouts with fast-digesting protein. The best options are whey protein shakes, chocolate milk and yogurt


Jiu-Jitsu World

3 CUT THE SALT One week before you need to make weight, cut sodium from your diet. Sodium causes the body to retain excess water, which makes you heavier but not stronger.


Number 06 - 2018

4 EAT WHILE YOU CUT So many athletes miss out on this, thinking that once they start to cut weight, they have to eliminate eating entirely. You need energy to cut weight. A small highcarbohydrate bar can give you energy while you cut weight.

HYDRATE That was not written in error. Obviously, you will have to cut water out as you get closer to the weigh-in. However, in the weeks leading up to a weigh-in, increase your water consumption. It will keep hunger away by distracting your stomach, and it will prepare your body to dump water when you start cutting.



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Number 06 03 -- 2018 2017 Number

99 99


Jiu-Jitsu World

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