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Beautiful Designs with Amish Tradition and Quality We hope you take the time to notice both the subtle and dramatic differences in our Amish Designs. There are lots of places where you can get a gazebo, but only one with this selection of beautiful choices. Our selection of roof styles alone are hard to resist. Take your time to look through the catalog to pick your favorite. If the statuesque Victorian is a little out of your budget, look closely at the Cathedral Style Roof. The extreme 7½ on 12 pitch angle is a very nice alternative if you want your gazebo to be more distinctive. We’re called Amish “Designers” for a reason. Sure our gazebos are Amish, designed and made by the Amish. But our designs are what set us apart from all Amish builders. You have more than just your usual selection of braces, railings and other gingerbread. We offer belle, majestic, classic, cathedral, and Victorian style roof designs. Look carefully and you’ll notice our gazebos stand a little taller than most. (See how there is a rail across the opening/door?) Our least expensive “classic” roof style has a higher pitch than most standard models. We don’t have a lowest price guarantee to try to trick you to contact us. What we can assure you is that we will give you the most gazebo for the money made with the highest quality material where it counts most. With Amish Designers, there is a much better chance you can get the extras you really want and not have to settle.

Cover Photo v i c t o r i a n • Size, 12’ •W  hite Vinyl • 2x3 Spindle Railing • Electric •3  0” Salisbury Cupola with Copper and Soaring Hawk Weathervane 2

Selecting Your Gazebo – How it Works You have a good start with our catalog in your hands. There is also a lot of up-to-date information and our latest projects at www.AmishDesigners. com. If you like, flip back to page 22, our “Create your own gazebo” page so you can perhaps “Begin with the end in mind.” Now, flip back to the beginning and take a look at all the ideas. We can configure your gazebo pretty much any way you want. To get a basic idea of price, pick your favorite size, shape and roof style and give us a call at 800-849-5175 or go back to the website and fill out one of the quote request forms if you haven’t already. If you like, we’re happy to price out both wood and vinyl for you to help you decide what is best for you.

c l a s s i c

Gazebos 4 - 1 9 Vinyl & Wood Features 2 0 - 2 1 Create Your Own Gazebo 2 2 - 2 3

• Size, 10’ • 10’ Painted Wood • Decorative Braces • Turned Posts • 2x2 Spindles • Cedar Shakes


Classic Simple and elegant, our classic roof design fits in well with many types of architecture and settings. This is our most “apples to apples” comparison. Note the railing on top of the opening creating a higher profile.

c l a s s i c • Size, 12’ • White Vinyl • Screens • Dual Brown Shingles

c l a s s i c • Size, 10’ • White Vinyl • Electric • Decorative Braces • Dual Black Shingles

v i c t o r i a n • Size, 12’ • White Vinyl • 2x3 Spindles • Decorative Braces • Benches • Electric • Dark Gray Rubber Slate


Victorian A show stopping centerpiece. The statuesque design of this masterpiece creates a focal point that draws everyone. Note the extra height of the spokes at the top that make the upper roof section stand out and let the light shine through. Just one of the many little differences at Amish Designers. Create Your Outdoor Oasis!

c a t h e d r a l • • • • • •

v i c t o r i a n

Size, 18’ White Vinyl 2x3 Spindles Decorative Braces Sealed Ceiling Charcoal Gray Shingles


• Size, 12’ • Clear Stain • 2x3 Spindles • Screens • Cedar Shakes

v i c t o r i a n

c o u n t r y • Size, 10’ • Natural Wood • Cedar Shakes

• • • • It’s The perfect Spot!

Not many gazebo builders we know of are still using “clear” grade Premium #1 Pressure Treated Southern Yellow pine. Cheaper wood has more moisture, splitting and knots.


Size, 12’ Natural/No Stain Screens E arthtone Cedar Shingles

c l a s s i c

v i c t o r i a n

If you want a white gazebo, painted wood has a unique quality that blends well with more established communities. Vinyl is now chosen about 50% of the time. Wood is still very popular not so much because of lower cost, but because of its character and appearance.

• • • • • •

Size, 12’ Painted Wood 2x3 Spindles Turned Posts Decorative Braces Cedar Shakes


Belle The Belle is an inspired blend of accurate architecture and technology. The details of this design evoke the fine woodworking & designs that have been associated with Amish Designers for years.

b e l l e • • • •

Size, 12’ Almond Vinyl Screens D ark Gray Rubber Slate

b e l l e • Size, 10’ • White Vinyl • Screens • Dual Black Shingles

• Size, 12’ • White Vinyl • 2 x 3 Spindles • Dual Black Shingles

b e l l e


Cathedral The steeper roof really makes the gazebo inside and out, especially if you want something different. It’s a great value upgrade too.

c a t h e d r a l • • • • •

Size, 10’ Almond Vinyl 2 x 2 Spindles Decorative Braces Dual Brown Shingles

Creating Family Memories Family time is precious, and a gazebo is the perfect meeting place for all ages. The memories that come from spending time with your children and grandchildren,you will cherish forever. 9

m a j e s t i c • • • •


Size, 10’ White Vinyl Screens Harvard Slate Shingles

c a t h e d r a l

m a j e s t i c

• • • •

• Size, 12’ • White Vinyl • Dual Black Shingles

Size, 12’ White Vinyl Electric Charcoal Gray Shingles

Majestic The majestic design comes standard with the copper finial but is also available with a vented cupola. This is yet another example of our commitment to uniqueness and variety. We have this roof shape available in all octagon sizes.

m a j e s t i c • Size, 10’ • White Vinyl • Electric • Weatherwood Shingles


c l a s s i c • Size, 12x16 • Clear Stain • Screens • Cedar Shakes


B e l l e

c l a s s i c

• Size, 12x16 • White Vinyl • O val Belle Cupola with Copper • Electric • Weatherwood Shingles

• • • • • • •

Size, 10x16 White Vinyl Screens 2x3 Spindles Decorative Braces Oval Cupola D ark Gray Rubber Slate

Oval Gazebos...Stretch Your Dreams! Do you like the octagon style, but need more space? Then the oval is for you! The spacious interior allows you to accommodate more guests with more spacious seating room whether you’re hosting a pool party or an neighborhood barbecue.

v i c t o r i a n • Size, 12x16 • Painted Wood • Screens • 2x3 Spindles • Turned Post • Oval Cupola • Cedar Shakes


Rectangle Gazebos... Maximize Your Space! The perfect design for hot tubs. We can even customize for larger hot tubs, including swim spas. Plus with screens you can relax, knowing that your family and guests will enjoy an insect free environment. Choose the vinyl tec window option (screens included) to extend your outdoor living season, plus if a rain shower comes up, you’ll have piece of mind that you’re protected from the elements.

c l a s s i c • Size, 12x24 • Clay Vinyl • 2x3 Spindles • Double Door • Screens • Weatherwood Shingles

v i c t o r i a n • • • •

Size, 12x16 White Vinyl Rectangle Cupola Weatherwood Shingles

Built for Hot Tubs! All of Amish Designers gazebos are built to take the weight of hot tubs. Talk to your friendly design consultant about getting your gazebo ready for a hot tub.


This larger rectangle custom gazebo is another good example of how our subtle differences produce a more stylish and distinctive result. A slightly higher roof pitch and the extra post height that come standard with every Amish Designers gazebo add an extra measure of luxury.

c l a s s i c • Size, 20x22 • Almond Vinyl • Decorative Braces • Double Door • V inyl Tec Windows/ Screens • Rectangle Cupola • Weatherwood Shingles



c l a s s i c

c l a s s i c

• • • • •

• Size, 12x20 • White Vinyl • Double Door • Vinyl Tec Windows • Rectangle Cupola • Harvard Slate Shingles

Size, 12’ x 14’ White Vinyl Screens 2 x 3 Spindles Asphalt Shingles

Your Private Retreat Awaits! You won’t have to travel far with this private retreat just outside your back door. Rediscover how the quality time that you spend with family and friends can turn moments into lasting memories. Choose an electrical package and entertain into the night as the stars dance overhead.

c l a s s i c • Size, 10x16 • White Vinyl • Rectangle Cupola with Glass • 4 0” Pergola Overhang • 23” Counters • 4 4”x188” Patio • Electric • Dual Black Shingles


v i c t o r i a n • Size, 14’ • Cedar Wood

v i c t o r i a n • Size, 10’ • Cedar Wood • 2x2 Spindles • Decorative Braces • Clear Stain


Western Red Cedar As an alternative to pressure treated wood, western red cedar provides the same warmth that instantly makes you feel comfortable and right at home. It is renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties that make it one of the world’s most unique softwood species.

v i c t o r i a n • Size, 12x24 • Cedar Wood • Decorative Braces • Screens • Rectangle Cupola • Cedar Stain


Gazebos Gallery

Looking for a custom size or design? Contact Amish Designers with your ideas. We custom design and build gazebos up to 30’ in diameter!


Also Offering Quality Pergolas and Pavilions

Consistent Quality

Stainless Steel Screws

We have an excellent team of skilled craftsmen using modern

Assembled with stainless steel screws and glue coated

woodworking machinery. Each gazebo is built with precision.

galvanized fasteners, our gazebos are built to last. They are

You won’t find any end caps on our trim covering up bad

specifically designed and built to withstand strong winds and

joints. Your gazebo is carefully inspected to ensure it meets

heavy snow loads. Engineered drawings are available certified

our high quality standards.

by an engineer in your state.

The Best Materials

Longer Posts

We use clear grade, hand selected, kiln dried, pressure treated

Our longer posts allow for matching top rails all around,

pine lumber. We’ve found that its far superior to #1 grade,

presenting a pleasing uniform appearance. You’ll also enjoy

which has more knots. It is re-milled on four sides and sanded

the benefit of enhanced standing view.

smooth. Because the wood is kiln dried after treatment, paint or stain may be applied immediately.

Superior Design Amish Designers gazebo styling has delighted customers

Superior Vinyl Materials

nationwide and even in other countries. We hear “I have

Our high quality vinyl posts and railings are filled with pressure

been shopping for a gazebo all over, and your gazebos are

treated wood. All of the vinyl materials are guaranteed for as

by far the nicest and best built”.

long as you own your home not to chalk, peel or discolor.

So Enjoy The Moment... after all it is your gazebo. Take the

Solid Floors

time to appreciate the process of designing a gazebo that is

We know that our decking is only as good as our joists

uniquely yours. Whenever you’re ready, our helpful design

supporting it. All of our gazebos are built with a solid sub

consultants are here to help you plan out the details and

floor system of pressure treated 2x6 joists, with a minimum

make the best decisions.

of 16” centers. You can have confidence in your floor even with the largest of hot tubs.


Create Your Own Gazebo S T E P 1: C H O O S E S I Z E & S H A P E






ST EP 2: CHOOSE COLOR vinyl gazebos


wood gazebos




Brown Composite

Redwood Stain

Gray Composite Cinder Stain

Clear Stain


Natural Wood



gazebos can be ordered without a floor

Cedar Stain

ST EP 5: CHOOSE POST ST YLE vinyl/wood


wood gazebos

wood gazebos

Canyon Brown Stain

Red Cedar Composite



vinyl/wood vinyl


wood 2x3

Arch Standard available on octagons and ovals



Straight (standard)











S T E P 7: R O O F S T Y L E




Belle available on octagons and ovals

Majestic available only on octagons




Rivera Red

National Blue


Harvard Slate Standard

Dark Gary

Earth Green



Charcoal Gray

Dual Black

Earthtone Cedar

Forest Green

Dual Brown

Dual Gray

30� Salisbery, Copper with Soaring Hawk Weathervane


Electrical Package


Screens (Floor screens available)

Vinyl Tec Windows with screens


8 0 0 - 8 4 9 - 5 17 5 w w w. A m i s h D e s i g n e r s . c o m

Amish Designers 2014 Gazebo Brochure  
Amish Designers 2014 Gazebo Brochure  

See dozens of gorgeous examples of uniquely styled gazebos. Design your own gazebo selecting from a wide menu of stunning choices.