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This exciting new devotional series, Life Along the Way, takes you through the life of Jesus by way of all four Gospels and the first chapter of Acts. In four 90-day devotionals, you can travel with Jesus for a full year if you wish—from His birth, to His ministry and miracles, to His relationships with the people around Him, to His death, resurrection, and ascension. The four devotionals in the journey, which you can read either sequentially or in any order, are:

1. Jesus With Us

979-8-88769-058-2 | Trade Paper | $17.99 US | $23.99 CAN | 10.17.23

2. Jesus Among Us

979-8-88769-084-1 | Trade Paper | $17.99 US | $23.99 CAN | 1.16.24

3. Jesus Through Us

979-8-88769-086-5 | Trade Paper | $17.99 US | $23.99 CAN | 5.21.24

4. Jesus in Us

979-8-88769-088-9 | Trade Paper | $17.99 US | $23.99 CAN | 9.17.24

Join authors David Chotka and Maxie Dunnam in their unexpected journeys of discovery that healing prayer is God’s idea—and He invites us to intercede for healing in our own lives and on behalf of others. Healing Prayer includes accounts of God’s power to heal today and provides guidance for how to organize a prayer team in your small group, church, or denomination.

Writing with honesty, poignancy, and compassion about the complexities of our daily existence, Shane Stanford shows how, in each of Jesus’s Beatitudes, we can reframe our life’s journey into one that is healed and redeemed. Here, you will find words of hope and the infinite possibilities of Christ’s simple blessings.

winter 2024
JourneyWise | Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-060-5 | $17.99 US | $23.99 CAN Healing Prayer | Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-062-9 | $17.99 US | $23.99 CAN

Prayer is a vital way to commune with God amid a busy and unrelenting world. In Ignite Your Life: 14 Powerful Things That Happen When You Pray, author Frankie Mazzapica engages readers with specific passages in the Bible that transform our prayer time with God and renew our lives.

God’s desire is to increase your sphere of influence to put you in positions you could have never imagined to make an eternal impact.

Ignite Your Life reveals the power within every prayer you pray. Appointments alone with God, coupled with short prayers throughout the day, will cause your relationship with your Lord to be more real than any other relationship in your life.

Life rarely goes as planned, particularly when we rely on our own plans rather than God’s. This can cause our faith in God’s faithfulness to waver. In Everyday Prayers for Faith, author Erin H. Warren unpacks the precious promises of God that offer reassurance that He goes before us no matter what our earthly circumstances.

You will learn how God:

• Lifts your burdens to give you rest

• Provides an abundance of comfort that you can extend to others

• Shares a steadfast love that never wavers

• Gives you His strength to keep running the race

Everyday Prayers for Faith Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-120-6 | $14.99 US | $19.99 CAN Joy Trade Paper 978-1-64123-826-7 School Year Trade Paper 978-1-64123-844-1 Peace Trade Paper 978-1-64123-890-8 All titles in this series are $14.99 US | $19.99 CAN Peace Trade Paper 979-8-88769-002-5 Ignite Your Life Hardcover | 979-8-88769-098-8 | $18.99 US | $25.49 CAN
Brooke McGlothlin, founder of Million Praying Moms, coordinated this series of 30-day devotionals to inspire women to pray using the Word of God.

While some people respond to the cares and concerns of our day through anger, And: The Restorative Power of Love in an Either/Or World attempts to offer a response steeped in the heartbeat of Love. This book is an invitation to encounter the lived experience and philosophical musings of another as a human, not as a project or agenda to conquer. Without apology, it embraces humanity and all the emotions, back stories, and history that come along with who we are and who Love is inviting us to be. Touching on issues of race, body, motherhood, church, and wonder, these writings are from the stirrings of author Felicia Murrell’s soul, extending an invitation to sit with Spirit in the process of mindful meditation. Discover how the restorative power and uniting thread of Love might be stitching each of us to the world and to each other.


Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-140-4 | $18.99 US | $25.49 CAN

At age twenty-one, the pain of losing her mother to cancer sent Laurel Mathewson—with a naturally skeptical and questioning outlook—on a years-long existential journey. After an unexpected, overwhelming experience of God’s love, Laurel felt God say to her, “Turn to Teresa. She will guide you.” She understood that “Teresa” was the sixteenth-century saint Teresa of Avila, but she knew very little about her. Even after becoming an Episcopal priest, she had never read more than a few pages of Teresa’s writings. This beautifully written and moving memoir illustrates an ancient reality still very much alive today: the love and closeness of a good God, as known through Jesus Christ, who seeks to move out into the world, into our very bodies and lives. Not by nature or training inclined to believe such a wild claim, Laurel discovered that God is full of surprises—and offers the gift of healing.

Teresa of Avila, the beloved Christian mystic, describes the human soul as an “interior castle,” or a series of “dwelling places” of great grandeur, beauty, and value. Her book is a tour of the different ways we relate to God in prayer. Many books on prayer are about what we do to pray, but there are relatively few, like The Interior Castle, that focus on what God does in prayer— particularly the sometimes inexplicable ways He gives us experiences of love, healing, strength, insight, companionship, and knowledge of His presence in, and will for, our lives. This new edition, edited by Laurel Mathewson, author of An Intimate Good: A Skeptical Christian Mystic in Conversation with Teresa of Avila, brings Teresa’s writings into clear focus while modernizing this classic text to include shorter paragraphs, simpler sentence structure, and updated vocabulary.

An Intimate Good Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-090-2 | $19.99 US | $26.99 CAN The Interior Castle Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-092-6 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

All around the world, women yearn for a perfect life they can never grasp. They want to be successful, attractive, sexually fulfilled, and free from distress. Rather than turning to God, too many try to feast on everything under the sun—diet pills, pornography, shopping sprees, one-night stands, social media, Botox—anything that hits that sweet spot. In the end, they are left with a deep sense of shame. They totally get Paul’s woeful lament, “I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing” (Romans 7:19). These women feel alone, unseen and unsatisfied, but author Angie Haskell wades into their despair. With disarming wit and boldness, she empowers readers to take a hard look at their secret cravings, understand where they are coming from, and get on a path that leads to emotional and physical health.

“I believe God is bringing forth a new generation of people like you who will stand in faith, trust completely in His holy Word, confront the fears that paralyze us, and defeat the enemy of our souls,” says international evangelist Chris Mikkelson. “You are part of that generation of believers God wants to use to reach our world with boldness and miraculous power.”

Mikkelson has held meetings for millions and seen a multitude of healings and changed lives. Activating Miracles is filled with faith-building teachings and inspiring stories that demonstrate the miraculous events taking place today, from the United States to so-called closed nations, including Pakistan, where God is working in an unprecedented way.

Prepare to move in a realm of faith that unlocks miracles in your life, enables you to overcome difficult obstacles, and allows you to move into a higher level of ministry to many others who need healing and deliverance. Prepare to activate the miraculous

Activating Miracles Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-100-8 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN
Sugarcoated Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-096-4 | $17.99 US | $23.99 CAN

Enjoy 100 easy-to-read, large print word searches from Charles H. Spurgeon in the Mornings & Evenings of Grace Large Print Word Search featuring inspirational words from his classic devotional Morning & Evening. These selections on grace from one of Spurgeon’s most popular works are sure to comfort your heart and mind as you discover more about God and His promises.

Discover the life and words of Christ in the New Testament in over 150 easy-to-read, large print word searches! The Life and Words of Christ Large Print Word Search is a wonderful source of inspiration, reflection and encouragement on the impact of Jesus. Come experience how words relating to the life and words of Christ can help to grow your faith.

Mornings & Evenings of Grace Large Print Word Search Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-102-2 | $12.99 US | $17.49 CAN The Life and Words of Christ Large Print Word Search Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-103-9 | $12.99 US | $17.49 CAN Morning & Evening Devotional Trade Paper 978-1-64123-912-7 Miracles of the Bible Trade Paper 978-1-64123-913-4 Morning & Evening Devotional on Peace and Comfort Trade Paper 979-8-88769-017-9 Women of the Bible Trade Paper 979-8-88769-018-6 All titles in this series are $12.99 US | $17.49 CAN

Good Kids Gone Bad: Straight Talk from a Prodigal Who Came Home focuses on themes of addiction prevention and recovery geared towards caregivers, parents or individuals helping those caught in the struggles of substance abuse.

Author Joe Maxim has firsthand experience dealing with the darkness of addiction. Both he and his wife Chris, have sought to help others recover from their personal battles through their organization Young Overcomers United (YOU).

Good Kids Gone Bad ties in practical and anecdotal stories along with how God can do the miraculous in helping to change and redeem lives caught in addiction.

Good Kids Gone Bad Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-132-9 | $17.99 US | $23.99 CAN

What do you get when you cross classical Hebrew with Koine Greek? It may sound like the metaphor for a strange new animal, but what it imparts is a fascinating dive into the Bible that’s rarely—if ever—been attempted before.

In Hebrew versus Greek: A Devotional Study of Scripture Through Two Lenses, Hebrew scholar Chaim Bentorah and Greek scholar Chris Palmer explore fifty concepts from the Septuagint or LXX and explain the subtle differences found in Hebrew and Greek. Among other insights, you will discover how:

• God’s repentance over creating man benefits us

• Trusting in God binds us to His divine power

• God’s command to “fear not” gives us the authority to be courageous

Hebrew versus Greek will draw you closer to the Lord through simple devotional lessons that explore the rich meanings found in these ancient languages.

Greek Hardcover | 979-8-88769-082-7 | $24.99 US | $33.49 CAN

All of us who follow Jesus want the next generation to do the same. But how can we make that happen? In Raising Kids to Follow Christ: Instilling a Lifelong Trust in God, author Lee Ann Mancini Lee Ann shares tried-and-true methods for raising children who bear “the peaceful fruit of righteousness” (Hebrews 12:11). She provides:

• Personal experiences and teachings based on God’s Word

• Strategies and techniques for transforming disciplining into discipling

• Ways to help children control their emotions and actions in various situations

• Easy-to-understand apologetics for children and adults

• Fun ways to connect your child’s heart to Christ

Raising Kids to Follow Christ will help you raise children who are bold in their witness and committed to their faith rather than secular culture.

Raising Kids to Follow Christ Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-094-0 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

Hebrew versus

The Cross, Our Glory Reflections on Christ’s Triumphant Sacrifice is a rich collection of messages by Charles H. Spurgeon on the Jesus’ journey from the garden of Gethsemane to Calvary. Spurgeon’s direct, compassionate, deep words surrounding Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection will engage any reader eager to grow in their knowledge of Christ’s love for humankind.

The Cross, Our Glory Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-136-7 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

William J. Seymour: Pentecostal Trailblazer and Revered Pastor of the Azusa Street Revival is a rich and thorough account of the life and ministry of William J. Seymour. Seymour, the son of former slaves rose to prominence within the Pentecostal movement as the pastor of the Azusa Street Revival.

Dr. Larry Martin’s extensive research and knowledge of William J. Seymour provides a solid framework for the telling of Seymour’s life, ministry, and the history of the Azusa Street Revival. Martin’s work not only provides details on Seymour’s life and ministry but also recounts the racism and discrimination that Seymour faced in everyday life and within the church.

William J. Seymour Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-139-8 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

The absorbing and perhaps controversial biography of the founder of modern Pentecostalism. Author Dr. Larry Martin uncompromisingly exposes Parham’s weaknesses, faulty thinking, and transgressions while disassociating his behavior from the movement as a whole, writing with an inside understanding of Pentecostalism and a thoughtful analysis of Parham’s life that goes beyond the acknowledgment of human frailty to reveal the work of a sovereign God.

Charles Fox Parham Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-801-4 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

Best-selling author

Dr. Myles Munroe provides a positive response to today’s leadership crisis. He turns widely accepted but counterfeit concepts of authority upside down.

Then, he reveals God’s original intent, showing us how to live in the freedom of our own personal authority, deal with negative authority, and respond constructively to the inherent authority of others.

How we deal with change, no matter what its source, determines whether it will ultimately be a positive or negative force in our lives. Dr. Myles Munroe shows how to experience confidence and move forward in life, even in the uncertainty of our changing world. He reveals how to transform any change for your good, enabling you to fulfill your God-given purpose.

Signposts on the Road to Success will stir your spirit and challenge your heart, no matter who you are or what you do. The simple yet profound truths in this little gem of a book have changed countless lives. They are based on a series of radio messages from legendary Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon’s show, Kenyon’s Church of the Air.

The book guides you on a path to identify your latent talents and gifts so that you can bring out the best in yourself. Kenyon’s wisdom will help you to achieve whatever plans God has put on your heart. Doors of opportunity will open. All you have to do is access what God has placed inside you and get to work!

Pastor Kynan Bridges is convinced that once believers recognize the power of daily prayer, they will never hesitate to come before God’s throne. In this 90-day devotional, he walks through the purpose, the biblical basis, and the uplifting content of ninety different prayers. This devotional is ideal for anyone looking to begin a daily habit of powerful prayer.

Signposts on the Road to Success Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-126-8 | $14.99 US | $19.99 CAN Anchor Word Alive | 119 DeBaet’s Street | Winnipeg, MB R2J 3R9 Phone: 800.665.1468 or 724.334.2960 Email: orderdesk@wordalive.ca www.anchorwa.com 90 Days of Power Prayer Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-122-0 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN Understanding the Purpose and Power of Change Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-123-7 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN Understanding the Purpose and Power of Authority Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-152-7 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN
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