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NEW RELEASES winter 2023 Based on his most popular book, Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer, this devotional by best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe offers biblical encouragement for developing an effective daily prayer life. Dr. Munroe’s unique perspective on this oftenmisunderstood subject takes the mystery out of prayer, providing practical answers for difficult questions about communicating with God. Each day’s devotion features teaching and inspiration, a motivational thought, and a Scripture reading. Included are twelve specific action steps to prayer. Be prepared to enter into a new dimension of faith, a deeper revelation of God’s love, and a renewed understanding that your prayers can truly move the hand of God. Prayer with Purpose and Power Hardcover | 978-1-64123-949-3 $22.99 US | $30.99 CAN

Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer Trade Paper | 978-1-62911-917-5 $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

Romans is one of the most beloved and important books in the Bible for understanding how to be established in Christ’s righteousness, walk in faith, and grow in grace.

Self-Study Bible Course on Romans is based on the acclaimed teachings of international Bible teacher Derek Prince. Each of these twenty absorbing studies includes an introduction, memorization features, and study questions by which Derek guides you into deeper revelation of the righteousness of God and the life of faith as unfolded by the apostle Paul. You will experience personal transformation through a systematic exposure to the Word of God and the illumination of the Holy Spirit. Begin your pilgrimage in Romans today! Includes detachable Scripture memorization cards. Self-Study Bible Course on Romans Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-954-7 $26.99 US | $35.99 CAN Self-Study Bible Course Trade Paper | 978-0-88368-750-5 | $22.99 US | $30.99 CAN

When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth? (Luke 18:8) Jesus’s question is one that should bother all Christians. Increasing numbers of people don’t go to church. Only 4 percent of those born between 1998 and 2013 have a biblical worldview. The rest don’t believe in the Bible, absolute moral truth, or a loving, all-powerful Creator. They don’t even believe in the concept of sin. Yet youth pastor Jeff Grenell believes that once American teens and young adults discover that God is even more amazing than Stranger Things, “they will be hooked.” His new book Next Gen Faith: 12 Spiritual Practices for Youth is written in the vein of The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. Next Gen Faith is designed to provide key steps for spiritual formation and reverse the godless trend among the next generations. Next Gen Faith Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-922-6 | $18.99 US | $25.49 CAN

Fear is one of the driving forces of our lives, especially when times are dark and we don’t know who to trust. Our own minds can torment us with uncontrollable thoughts, demonic attacks, and emotional turmoil. “We all have a battle that triggers unproductive and unfruitful thoughts,” explains prophetic deliverance minister Kathy DeGraw. “Although the battle rages in our minds, the truth is we have the power within us to capture, dismiss, and change every negative thought.” Supernatural healing awaits! Mind Battles: Root Out Mental Triggers to Release Peace is packed with applications, prayers, and prophetic activations for deliverance from internal strife. Mind Battles Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-971-4 | $18.99 US | $25.49 CAN

In the book of Judges, a demonic spirit controlled a woman named Delilah to bring down Samson, one of the mightiest warriors of the Bible. The spirit of Delilah is still thriving amid God’s people today! Its mission is to stop believers from fulfilling their destiny by seducing, enticing, and berating them so that they fall asleep, forgetting their true purpose in Christ. Prophetic minister Andrew Towe exposes this evil in Breaking the Spirit of Delilah: Accessing God’s Power to Topple Ancient Strongholds. His book contains explosive information concerning Christian living, spiritual warfare, prayer, and revival. Breaking the Spirit of Delilah Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-947-9 | $19.99 US | $26.99 CAN

As a young woman who desired to abandon herself to God, St. Thérèse of Lisieux felt daunted at the thought of climbing “the steep stairway of perfection.” Thérèse searched the Scriptures until she discovered a path to freedom she called her “little way.” This is “the way of spiritual childhood, the way of trust and absolute surrender.” It is a recognition that while we are small and imperfect, we have a mighty God who reaches out to us with infinite love, grace, and strength to take care of all our needs. This beautiful book highlights St. Thérèse’s deep insights into faith and devotion. As you read excerpts from her autobiography, poetry, and letters, with accompanying Scripture verses, you will learn to rest in the loving arms of your heavenly Father, allowing your own faith to grow and flourish. The Little Way Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-951-6 | $15.99 US | $21.49 CAN

It’s 1955, when scandalous affairs are never talked about, and divorce is rare. Certainly, a well-respected pastor in the conservative city of Muskegon, Michigan, would never be caught in the middle of a heinous secret that could ruin his career and break up his beautiful marriage and family. Or would he? When Henry Griffin was stationed in occupied Japan in the mid-1940s, he met a Japanese woman who fell head over heels for him. After too much to drink one night, one thing led to another…Now, ten years later, a letter from Japan arrives and threatens to upend Henry’s world. What to do and how to tell his wife are just the beginning of his troubles. Tough questions about faith, redemption, and preserving his reputation bring us here, under the shade of The Mercy Tree. The Mercy Tree Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-956-1 $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

The two greatest forces in the world today are love and selfishness. Natural human love has failed because it is based upon selfishness. But through Jesus Christ, God has taught us a new kind of love—a deep and profound sacrificial love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstances. In The New Kind of Love: God’s Heart Cry to Broken Humanity, E. W. Kenyon unveils the new kind of love that Jesus brought to the world. This love takes away the hardness and bitterness of our circumstances, enabling faith to grow and make every life a garden of delight. The New Kind of Love Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-953-0 | $15.99 US | $21.49 CAN

God invites you on a journey through the land of His promises. As you step into each promise of God—in every area of your life—you will possess that much more of your inheritance as an heir of His kingdom. Every day, we face challenges that can be met through God’s powerful provision. In a very practical way, internationally renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince shows you how to address your difficulties and have your needs supplied by applying the specific promises appropriate for each situation. You can receive the blessings of wisdom, guidance, favor at work, good relationships, financial prosperity, healing, peace of mind, and many others. Revised and updated edition. Includes topical listing of Bible promises. Receiving God’s Promises Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-973-8 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

When a family has a history of dysfunction, marital problems, sickness, or abuse, many attribute this pattern to fate or bad luck. However, the root cause is often generational curses. There are countless ways you can be affected by the hurtful patterns that have been knowingly or unknowingly passed down through the generations. But you can break free. In Free at Last: Breaking Generational Curses, Pastor Larry Huch reveals powerful truths from Scripture to show you how to break free from troubling family issues and begin to receive God’s blessing in every area of your life. Learn from his powerful testimony as he shares how a family curse plagued him until he turned to Jesus Christ for healing—and find your own freedom. Free at Last Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-964-6 $19.99 US | $26.99 CAN

The joy of the Lord is strength for all Christians. In God’s Joy in Your Heart, legendary preacher Charles Spurgeon shows how to receive joy that will remain despite the struggles, trials, and temptations of daily living. He reveals the secrets of how believers can obtain it, maintain it, and share it with others. Enjoy a refreshing break for twenty-one days with these heartwarming devotional readings as the “Prince of Preachers” shows you how to build a strong faith, be led by the Holy Spirit, find deliverance from heartaches and troubles, and receive all that God has for you. Through these encouraging words, you will come to know the peace that passes all understanding and find the confidence to minister God’s love to others. God’s Joy in Your Heart Trade Paper | 978-1-64123-958-5 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

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