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spring 2023 NEW RELEASES

Morning & Evening Devotional on Peace and Comfort Large Print Word Search features the inspirational words of Charles H. Spurgeon from his classic devotional.

In the 1800s, Spurgeon’s compelling sermons and lively preaching style drew multitudes of people, resulting in many coming to Christ. He preached to an estimated ten million people throughout his life and at one point, his sermons sold 25,000 copies every week!

Morning & Evening remains one of his most popular works today.

These selections from Spurgeon’s classic devotional are sure to bring a calming balm to your heart as you discover more about God and His promises.

Morning & Evening Devotional on Peace and Comfort Large Print Word Search Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-017-9 $12.99 US | $17.49 CAN

With more than 150 easy-to-read, large print word searches that are sure to inspire your faith, you will discover heroines such as Ruth and Esther, prophets like Moses’s sister Miriam, the Shunammite woman who provided a place for Elisha to stay, Samuel’s mother Hannah, and many more.

Women of the Bible Large Print Word Search Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-018-6 | $12.99 US | $17.49 CAN

TheosU, an online, nondenominational Bible college, had just three weeks to advertise an online conference set for May 2021. They had no fancy gimmicks, just the invitation “rebel into tradition.” Five thousand people showed up, hungry for traditional Christianity.

Theos Starter Pack: Toward a Recovery of Essential Christianity took shape as a result of that conference. In these twenty essays, TheosU faculty members strive to recover Christianity’s basic evangelical framework rooted in Jesus Christ.

Theos Starter Pack recovers beautiful elements of ancient Christianity that have been lost or shoved aside in modern society. It’s food for the souls of those who long for a return to the roots of our faith.

Theos Starter Pack Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-004-9 | $19.99 US | $26.99 CAN

A fun guide to character development for Christian families, with easy interactive activities, Bible lessons, and delicious dessert recipes.

Recipes for a Sweet Child Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-000-1 | $19.99 US | $26.99 CAN

Everyday Prayers for Patience: Giving Yourself and Your Kids the Grace to Grow will help you seek God’s heart to discover surer ways to have patience with your children and yourself.

Nearer than We Imagine: Meditations on Practicing the Presence of God highlights pivotal areas of Brother Lawrence’s renowned spiritual and practical guidance for entering into—and remaining in—the immediate presence of our loving heavenly Father. As you read excerpts from his classic work, The Practice of the Presence of God, with related Scripture verses and inspiring illustrations, you will receive spiritual strength and nourishment to meet your daily needs. Discover Brother Lawrence’s secrets to continuous love, joy, and rest in God, no matter where you are or what your task, and amid all the demands and challenges of life.

Nearer than We Imagine Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-008-7 | $15.99 US | $21.49 CAN

International speaker Tiago Brunet has spent years researching and teaching others how to become experts in real-life relationships. In People Specialist, he demonstrates how to be intentional about building strong relationships in all arenas of life and explains:

• The three spheres of friendship: strategic, necessary, and close

• How to manage unavoidable and avoidable relationships

• How understanding ourselves enables us to cultivate positive relationships

• Time-tested biblical principles for connecting to others and resolving conflicts

With humor, frankness, and energy, Brunet shows how anyone can become a People Specialist, transforming their own life and the lives of those around them.

People Specialist Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-012-4 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

Grief is an intimate, personal pain that is often hard to discuss, even years after loss.

For some of us, grief begins before a loved one passes as we watch their health deteriorate before our eyes.

For Tori Parris, grief grew in waves that hit suddenly and hard. It began with a little nagging feeling that something was wrong one evening when her daddy didn’t finish his spaghetti, his favorite meal.

In Love Is Never Lost: Standing Strong in Faith While Grieving, Tori shares her profound journey of holding on to faith while dealing with loss. She offers words of comfort and suggestions for coping with grief as well as prayers that guide one spiritually through the grieving process.

Love Is Never Lost Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-006-3 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

What is the greatest danger for believers at the end of the age? Is it persecution? Natural disasters? Financial collapse?

Internationally renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince warns that the most pressing danger is not any of these but rather deception —satanic deception in the forms of false teaching, counterfeit signs and wonders, and other spiritual treachery. We must recognize our own self-deception and discern the end-time plots of the enemy before we are drawn in to his tricks and schemes.

In The Battle of the Ages, you will learn how to identify Satan’s strategies, effectively engage in spiritual warfare, free others from the enemy’s grip—and win the battle over deception and destruction.

Battle of the Ages

Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-010-0 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

Far too many Christians continue to live sickly, poor, and powerless lives, unaware of their rights, spelled out in Scripture and available to all believers.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Authors E. W. Kenyon and Don Gossett reveal the secret of seeing the fulfillment of God’s promises in your life. By speaking Words That Move Mountains, you will discover how you can personally receive God’s healing touch and how God can use you to bring healing to others. Experience the power and victory that is available in Jesus’s name!

Words That Move Mountains Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-014-8 $15.99 US | $21.49 CAN

Whatever God promised in His Word, Smith Wigglesworth believed. Of all God’s promises, one of the greatest is the healing we are called to receive in His name.

Through the miracles that transpired when Wigglesworth “took God at His Word,” we learn to believe for our own divine restoration. In this 90-day devotional, we’re called to look deeper at what healing can mean in our lives and the lives of others.

This cultivated collection of classic devotions from the “Apostle of Faith” will connect you to God’s fullness of healing far beyond earthly measures as He calls us to receive “the forgiveness of sin, healing of diseases, and the fullness of the Spirit.”

Only Believe for Healing Trade Paper | 979-8-88769-015-5 | $16.99 US | $22.99 CAN

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