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society in synthesis 3 . DA F FO D I L DA Z E

Prohibition never got in the way of EXHIBITION .


Editors letter So Daffodil Daze. What does it mean? Well it's a play on words from the song Daffodil Days by Oscar, one of the key songs on the playlist for this issue. Oscar himself said he got the idea for the title when his phone autocorrected "difficult days" to "daffodil days" and that's honestly kinda beautiful. The song itself is about coming out of a difficult period and getting yourself together, it's about being better. And this is sort of what the theme of the issue is about. The playlist on the next page is packed with a bunch of good songs to hype you up for the year, find it on my Spotify, Dani Orefo and the playlist is called '3 JIGGY'. As I mentioned in a post on the JIGGY Facebook page (which btw you should all go like pls ty), 2016 really shitted on everyone this year, even the best of us, and I'm sure we're all hoping for this new year to be way, way better. We all realised a lot of things (thanks kylie) last year, and in 2017, we should start working on the things we realised, start making ourselves better. Now this isn't the classic "new year, new me" narrative, because I don't think people we need to change much, I think we just need to grow. We all have so much passion and potential that needs to be developed and our goals to be put into action. So I guess that's what I'm going for with this theme. Exhibition of talented work from beautiful, talented people to help inspire anyone who reads this, for anyone who's been sitting around, wanting to start something, but constantly putting it off. It's time to find what you love doing and do it. 2017 for me is looking like it'll be a mad one, with JIGGY, applying for uni, finally getting to live my best life, surrounded by beautiful people and art and culture, everything that makes me happy. I've got a whole lot of things planned for this year and can't wait to really get going on them. So yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all surround yourselves with love and positivity this year, and I hope you find your jigg. Dani xx (PS I highly recommend listening to the playlist. It’s been carefully put together, all the lyrics of each song there to hype you up for 2017.)





Today’s Supernatural



Figuring Out SWMRS

Are You What You Wanna Be? FOSTER THE PEOPLE

Float Forever PEACE



Something Good Can Work TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB


Florescent A ARCTIC MO (for Fra


When This ONLY RE

Adolescent ONKEYS ankie)




Begins EAL



Ordinary Life EZRA FURMAN


The Thrill MIGUEL



2016 was a shit year to say the least. It was riddled with death, countless celebrities died from January to December, police brutality escalated to record numbers and prejudice was documented both on mainstream and social media. 2016 was shit. The biggest joke of the year, Donald Trump, was elected President, the number of teenagers suffering from mental health issues has doubled since 2009 and Soulja boy has decided he will focus on making more music next year. 2016 was shit. Not just publicly but personally. People have lost family members, some are still incredibly ill and I'm sure education has not eased those pains either. It was shit. When people vocalise this opinion, whether that be on Twitter, Facebook or even amongst their friends, I guarantee you one person will state, "but you're alive?!1!! Like, God woke you up this morning1! So many people didn't get the chance to..." to which my response is - so? Using other people's suffering as grounds for gratitude is a bit... well, damaging. It perpetuates the idea that people need to suffer in order for others to be grateful and dismisses people's legitimate concerns and grievances that (guess what?) still exist, despite the countless people who didn't wake up this morning, or lost limbs in whatever heinous accident you can imagine. It does not negate from the fact that many still experienced terrible things this year and want to express that feeling without being told to, essentially, shut up and be grateful. Of course there are things to be grateful about but obviously, those things are pushed aside when terrible things happen which tend to override your entire experience. This "positive vibes" culture, whilst admirable, is dangerous as it can suppress completely natural feelings of anger, hurt and anguish. These are all okay to feel. And it doesn't make you a negative Nancy just because you express this. And you can still express your disdain for 2016 and the events that took place this year whilst acknowledging the positives and being positive for next year. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Written by Rafiat Adeniji 8 JIGGY

Art by Miles Jezuita


Growing up, I was always infatuated with Picasso and Pollock. The cubistic faculties of Picasso’s subjects drew my attention to geometry in simple faces and people, and Pollock electrified the colours of my drawings. Despite all my influences, my main inspiration comes from those I draw; dreamt up in my mind, genderless and raceless, with only their expressions as stories; or taken from reality, grounded in their own culture and identity. Funnily enough, I don’t want to become an artist as a living, I’d rather be one in spirit and person. My real interest lies in the building blocks of life and the construction of our world via chemistry, however my obsession with art will never end. As Frida Kahlo once said, “I don't paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.”




Julia and Millie’s Valentine’s Taken by Mi 14 JIGGY

d Alaska s Floor s Day 2016 iles Jezuita 15 JIGGY

I sit in the frozen solitude of my mind

A fortress with an entry pass that’s curled beneath my ton A black rose which grows and thrives in sun-baked soil My heart exists deficient in the centre of a maze And it waitsThe blood-stained bud melts from the tree Diamond eyes awake and drink the light That pours from her transparent lips A series of moments, decisions The illusion of attraction Based on chemical reactions



Looking back on intangible dreams Enigmatic, honey-sweet Running from what’s ahead A black hole to crush your vessel Comprised of heavy bones and muscles Your spirit floats above this rotting cage A pebble, shapeless yet smoothed by time Kit Skye IG @kitfoxes


It's been a long time since the boy cried wolf. Awhile since he swore he eyed blood-stained sheep’s wool. Awhile since he cried that it wasn't a lie, That he witnessed the beast with his own two eyes. Since then, him and Jack have climbed a beanstalk, To distance themselves from the tales and the talk. Jack gives him a bag full of black magic beans. Plus a magic hand-mirror with a steel-finished screen. Jack tells him they'll give him material wealth And the power to look and reflect on oneself, In order to change how he’s seen and received So the boy who cried wolf can wipe his slate clean. But the boy starts to see things as grim and grotesque, The black beans leave a sickening pang in his chest. And the tang on his tongue makes the boy start to cry, When he notices that they were really lamb's eyes. Peering in the steel mirror, he learns at last, That true magic mirrors are made out of glass. So he puts on his boots and a borrowed red cloak, For lack of a warm faux-fur winter coat. With a steely resolve and a glint in his eye, He decides it’s time that Jack Álfr must die. Then he pads through the woods, in his hand is an axe, Just to go say hello to his good old friend Jack. When he finally comes to a shack in the woods, He can't help but chuckle as he takes off his hood. He finds his good buddy passed out on the bed, In a brown sheepskin coat and wool hat on his head. The boy sees the bodies and lets out a cry, That Jack had just been a werewolf in sheep’s guise. So with tortured conviction he picks up his axe, And he hacks and he hacks at his good old friend Jack. 18 JIGGY

Poem by Owiny Lubangakene IG: @glowiny Illustration by Miles Jezuita 19 JIGGY

IG: @astrolad

I remember I remem The birth of And the youn

Now wha Fragments o Fake s

In the dee There is Only the whirri Contemplatin That ev That is

The old The river str The building And the ri

All has dis Into nothing And it all quie Into no

Will Ga

r everything ber it all the universe ng sun smiling

at is left? of stars and smiles

ep vacuum no sound ing of the mind ng everything ver was s gone

cottage reaming past is burnt now ver frozen

sintegrated but shadows tly spaces out othing


Constant focus on romantic relationships is toxic on self esteem and sense of self. Stop basing your worth on your ability to attract a partner and keep a relationship. Sure being in one can be fun and super nice, and ok, fine, emotional validation is cool, but relationships shouldn't be a priority, especially if you haven't learned to love yourself completely. This year, try to shift your focus on self love and acceptance.






My friend Amber approached me and asked if I would interview her on what it’s like to be fat in society today. So on a slightly cold Christmas Eve, Amber, James, and I trekked all the way from South East to Walthamstow, East London, to have the conversation, and also for James to take some cool photos. Talking to Amber was really interesting and insightful, she’s a super cool friend and is really funny and confident, and I think that it’s really important to hear what she has to say. We really covered everything in this interview and engaged in some fun thigh-feeling. So here it is, what it’s like to be fat in modern society, as told by Amber Kali.



D: Why did you want to do this? A: People get really fucking annoying when you try and claim the fact that your fat, and they want rebuke it like it’s something bad, they try and make it out like it’s a bad thing, but it’s not. You’re trying to be comfortable in your own skin and people make you feel like you shouldn’t, and it’s just like no, let me live. People are always like “oh Amber, why are you so warm?” and I say it’s because I’m fat. They’ll try and laugh it off like its bants, but it’s not banter babes, I mean it. Then they’ll say “oh you’re not fat, you’re beautiful.” Why can’t I be both?

just, I didn’t need that physical proof to validate the fact that I go to the gym. I go to the gym because I want to be dench, not because I want to lose weight. D: So do you feel like you can’t even do things that portray a healthy lifestyle, like going to the gym, without people sayings stuff like “oh yeah, good for you, you should be proud of yourself!”? A: Yes, oh my god. I’ll say I eat fruit and get praised for it, why? Everyone should eat fruit; it’s good for the body, in general. I’m not eating fruits as opposed to junk food because I want to lose

D: How comfortable are you talking about this? A: I used to be so uncomfortable with the fact that I was bigger, it was just one of those things. For example, shops don’t really cater to fatter people, like when I’d go shopping with my friends, they’d want to go to places like Topshop, River Island and American Apparel, and I have to be like, cool, we can go to these stores, but can we also go to bigger stores that have my sizes. But now, at this point in my life, I am really comfortable with myself. I have no issue with it. Obviously man wants a small waist, just because, you know, and also I don’t have a fat back which is just rude. But yeah, I literally am very comfortable and have no issues. D: Linked to the previous question, do you think being fat has become part of identity and has shaped the way you are, you personality? How did you deal with it growing up? A: I don’t think I could ever actively try to be skinny/smaller, it’s just not me. Growing up, it was annoying, especially being black, no, especially being African. There’s so much pressure from family, Africans kind of have this thing where they don’t want you to be too skinny, or too fat. They pick up on the tiniest of weight losses. I was really sick a few weeks ago and visibly lost 7 pounds, and one of my aunties was like “oh good for you for the weight lost, keep going.” But I wasn’t trying to lose weight, what the fuck do you mean keep going? I was ill, that’s not a good thing. My dad would tell me that I didn’t want people to pick on me, but the more he’d bring it up and make me feel bad about it, the more I am going to feel unhappy about it. I just don’t get why it’s such a big issue for everyone else, when it’s no issue at all for me. D: Do you think that it’s people being genuine, and caring about your health, or just being kinda superficial? A: They’ll all say I need to be healthy, and if I go out to a restaurant and maybe order a pizza, people will look at me funny, and my friend will order two damn pizzas but because she’s skinny, no one has an issue with it. People take so many drugs and smoke and all that, but if you’re fat it’s seen to be a bigger deal than if you’re not because everyone assumes that that unhealthy lifestyle is the reason you’re fat, and they put being fat with being unhealthy, but that’s not the case. When people try and tell me that I need to care about my health more I tell them to stop because they don’t know what kind of lifestyle I have, again they’re just assuming based on my appearance. I don’t drink fizzy drinks, I don’t have a high sugar intake, I don’t eat sweets, apart from a bit of chocolate when I’m on my period, but because I’m bigger, I’m automatically unhealthy. And that’s just not the case. There’s just this stereotype that being fat means you eat a lot and don’t exercise and I’m sick of it. Skinny people eat loads too, I see some of my friends wolfing down meals at a time and I’m just like, rah, where’s all that going? When I tell people I go to the gym, they’re so surprised; they’re like “really?!” Oh right, because I’m fat, I must just sit around all day eating and being inactive. Then I tell them to feel my thighs, because they’re dench. (I felt them, they were dench af.) And they feel them and go “shit yeah, you do work out.” And it’s

weight, but because fruits are good for you. D: Has being fat ever made anything difficult, or even easier for you? A: Difficult, yes; in terms of, pretty much, everything. Shopping is one thing. But also when I’m out with my friends, I kinda feel very aware of the space I occupy. Like on the bus, I’ll try and make myself smaller because I fear I’m taking up too much space. A: Another difficult thing is dating. I mean, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that boys are starting to care less, and girls don’t really care. But there is this whole thing where, they’ll fuck you, but they don’t want to claim you, and show you to the rest of the world. So yeah being fat does generally have an effect on a lot of areas of my life. D: On the topic of dating, and sex, and that whole thing, is fetishization an issue? And do you often experience things like cat calling? A: Oh yeah, that is hilarious. Old men. That’s an issue. D: What kind of things do they say? A: They’ll just shout out random things to you on the road like “ayy thick thighs” or “aw I like bgger girls because there’s more to hold and that”, true, there is, and yes, I have thick thighs, I know that, you know that, we all know that, but there’s just no reason to put it out there. It’s just completely unnecessary. I’ve heard lines like “more cushion for the pushin’.” (And at this point, James, Amber and I simultaneously gagged.)


D: And all this is often? A: Yeah definitely, especially the kind of person I am. D: What do you mean? A: Well, I guess, what should we call me? … a sexual opportunist. I mean my nickname in our group chat is Swallow Queen. (Shout out to the Gay Chat.) D: How do you deal with this sort of thing? Do you retaliate, talk back…? A: Fight back? No. A lot of it does come from ignorance so I’m not just going to cuss every single person, that’s not really the way to handle things. If it’s like on messenger or something I’ll be like “haha stop,” like be light-hearted about it. But if it keeps going I’ll really tell them to stop and I they don’t I’ll call them a prick and block them. But if it’s just catcalling in public… I don’t know. Being a woman, I don’t really want to cause an issue and put myself in a dangerous position, I don’t want to say anything.

fat, and that’s it. It’s just one of my physical attributes. If someone was trying to describe me to someone that didn’t know me, like trying to describe my appearance, they’d say, “Amber, she’s black, has braids, and is fat.” That’s just a thing. People just need to get over it; I’m comfortable so why can’t they be? And when people say shit like “real women have curves,” that’s not helping either. Sure, I see what you’re trying to do by saying that, but you’re putting other women down while trying to make me feel better about myself, which you don’t even need to be doing because I’m totally fine with the way I am? Just accept that people are different sizes. People are so scared to offend, that they end up offending. D: So where do you think we should go from here? We don’t want to make being fat a big deal and constantly point it out, but at the same time we need to have these conversations about offending? What’s the solution? A: We do need to talk about it, yeah, to make people understand and sort of realise that they can be ignorant and offensive. Not having these kinds of conversations isn’t going to help the situation, people are going to continue to live in their ignorant bubbles where they feel like they can say whatever they want, even if it offends others, but they shouldn’t. You can have the idea that no one else matters but yourself, fine, but the way we live, the way our society functions, that kind of behaviour isn’t appreciated, we all have to live amongst others and respect others. It doesn’t make sense to not follow that.

D: Would you like to though? Would you want to, one day, just turn around and say “fuck you” to the pervy old dude across the street? A: Fuck yes; I would love to, of course. But I have a continuous fear that I’m going to get punched in the face. (And here you got Dani’s aggressive feminist side coming out telling Amber to fucking punch back.) A: Yeah, but it is just that thing where, you don’t want to cause a problem and have it escalate to a situation where you’re completely unsafe. It’s an issue for most girls; not being able to hit back at these perves without being at risk. D:How do you think being fat differs for the opposite sex? A: I think for boys, growing up is hard, in my opinion, not as hard as it is for girls. The way I see it, and this is all based on my experience, no one really makes it a big deal, being fat is not as much of an issue for boys as it is for girls. D: Do you think that’s mostly down to obvious factors like the And after this, we digressed into a whole different conversation media, patriarchy, etc.? about social inequalities and race and gender, but those are all A: Yeah, guys have always been put on a higher social pedestal, topics for another day. even if you’re fat, you’re still a male, and you’re still worth more than a woman. To me, if guys are fat, they don’t really have to notice it. Back to the shopping example, in a store, in the women’s section, a large will comfortably fit my friend who’s a size 10, but a guys’ large will be baggy on me. Men are catered to better than women are, so being fat just doesn’t seem like it’s as big of an issue for them, it’s not something that screams in their face. D: Do you think things are changing? A: Slowly. The media is slowly changing the way it portrays people you know, like it’s slowly becoming representative. But people already subconsciously hold views about certain types of bodies, what’s accepted or desired the most, there is still the wide view that you know, you don’t want to be fat, it’s a bad thing, and people might not necessarily realise this bias. Like that comment, “oh you’re not fat, you’re beautiful.” They’re not saying it to be hurtful, but that’s exactly what it is. D: Stuff like tiptoeing around you because you’re fat, it’s unnecessary. A: Exactly. You don’t need to tiptoe or be scared to offend me, I’m



Photography has always been something close to my heart; something I love to do in my free time. You can express anything through photos; your opinions, your view point, your feelings. On this page are some disposable photos I took on a venture into Central London with my best friend a while ago. It’s important to treat film photos as importantly as digital cameras (despite the expense of getting photos processed) as it is a truly rewarding experience just waiting for the photos to develop, and the excitement that comes with the waiting of the photos to process. However this doesn’t mean I don’t like digital cameras (I absolutely adore my DSLR), but the photography experience altogether entirely differs, and the thought of knowing you can always retake a photo you classify as imperfect is there at the back of your mind, whereas photos are harder to recreate on a film camera. I did take the most conventional and traditional London tourist photos during my little trip, but not through a conventional camera. A disposable camera, often deemed cheap, inadequate, tacky… sure the photos may be grainy, they may not be the highest of quality, but they are special to me. Film holds a special place in my heart, and it will continue to do so. -Emily Chow31 JIGGY

Photography series by

FABIO ROVAI Stylist: Roberta Rudzinskaite









Photography Series: MEG HARRISON


My initial concept for this series developed from the idea of distance and contact within human relationships, particularly romantic bonds - the thin line between love and hate, and our ability to tip the balance between passion and violence captured my interest.

Each photo depicts a mark left on the skin, with each snapshot growing progressively worse and apparent. The photos are poignant as there is an odd combination of candid and posed; the head-and-shoulder style portraits suggest a headshot or even a magazine shoot, however the injuries suggest an intimate insight into a person’s life which should only be captured accidentally or stumbled upon by chance.


This brings an intensity to the photos as the images seem almost confrontational, making the viewer feel as if they are looking at something which they are not meant to see. However, simultaneously, the photos are and therefore gentle; there is a vulnerability and an eerie sense of mundanity shown.’





Marco Scarpino Photography Series — Landscape



I really got into photography this year and sharing/saving the best memories. So I created and album on Fcebook that I called “moist 2016” which is basically where I put up all the photos I take of my friends at parties and events, and I just wanted to share a few of my favourites from the year and leave you with this cute post I found on Tumblr. “Please take pictures of your friends. Take pictures of your friends when they laugh, and when they are happy. And when they are sad, too. Take pictures of them partying, studying, eating, or sleeping in your bed. Take pictures of their new hair colour, or new shoes, take pictures of them while they roll their first cigarette, and take pictures of their last, when they quit smoking. Take pictures of your friends just being themselves. Tell them they are beautiful all the time you think it. They may dislike these pictures now. But one day, very very far from this year, they will be thankful.” Dani


Shayla and Hiab Dancing queens, young and sweet Streatham Common Fun Fair 19.08.16



Blake Streatham Common Fun Fair 19.08.16 53 JIGGY

Felix, Frankie, Blake 19.06.16




Frankie Eiffel Tower of South London Crystal Palace Park Date Unknown, sometime in the summer



Friends Gatsby Night Felix’s House 19.09.16



Frankie 19.08.16


Shayla Pop Brixton 7.10.16





Kit Gipsy Hill 1.10.16

The Team

Name: Dani Orefo Nickname: yung glenneth Age: 18 Likes: velvet, glitter, cameras, THE COLOUR YELLOW, funky braids, change Dislike: white supremist, cis-het patriarchal imperialism, you know, the usual. About self: Just some kid from South East London who dresses way too brightly and has too many ideas all the time. I’m super into art, culture, photography, film, and creating digital content. I have a lot of hobbies, too many to list, and I just generally have a pretty good time living, Tell a joke: I mean, it’s not really joke, but I started JIGGY when I was supposed to be doing last minute Chemistry homework, which leads to an even bigger joke….my grades. IG: @MESSGRIPS

Tumblr: 1nfidel SC: danstinguished 66 JIGGY

Name: James Greenhalgh Nickname: Amanqui Age: 17 Likes: photography, working, K's, meeting new people. Dislike: Ignorance About self: I love taking photos; especially portraits, it's the feeling of pride you get when you take a picture of somebody, and they like so much they want to show it off. That joy reminds me why I do it. Tell a joke: My A-levels Instagram: @james.greenhouse

Depiction of James’ love for K by Sam McGeady


Name: Miles Jezuita Nickname:: (he left this blank) Age: 17 Likes: fruit, cartoons, spending time with friends Dislike: public exams About self: I see my art as a very personal thing - a lot of it being based on feelings of nostalgia and the yearning for a better time. However, I think political messages are also important, as any artist is a reflection of their surroundings. Tell a joke: Brexit. IG: @astrolad


Miles’ art and photography 69 JIGGY

Name: Alaska Nickname: Laskie/Laskieloo Age:18 Likes: Pastel pink, bats, glitter, Dislike: the fetishisation of black women About self: My art is a mix of stuff. poetry,photography, mixed media, journaling. I'm really inspired by Molly Soda, and art hoe collective and how media and art interact. Tell a joke: How many artists does it take to screw a light bulb? 10. 1 to change it and 9 to reassure him about how good it looks. IG/Tumblr: ethrealti Name: Nikita Nickname: Kit Age: 17 Likes: macaroni cheese, cool socks and city landscapes at night Dislike: overcooked pasta About self: I strive to see art in everything. I like to make statements - to focus on what is often overlooked in explosive, forensic brilliance. Tell a joke: ur mum IG @kitfoxes 70 JIGGY

THANKS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR So here’s another issue done, I almost didn’t get it published on time because I was wrecked from NYE celebrations...but I did it. Thank you to the amazing creative featured in this; Miles, Rafiat, Julia, Kit, Owiny, Will, Shaznay, Emily, Fabio, Meg, Marco, Sam, and James, I hope their works inspire people to do some really cool shit this year. Thanks for all the continuous support with JIGGY, it’s so so appreciated. The lads and I have a lot of sick plans and creative things lined up for the year and we’re super excited to share them all. And ayy, this issue is going to print, hit up as soon as the issue is available for sale because we’re not printing loads. There might also be some other cool shit up there soon. Check the fb page to stay updated (, and instgram (@jiggymag), all that… Again, happy new year, hope everyone has an amazing 2017.



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