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I’m afraid of getting bored. I’m afraid of having a bad episode. I’m afraid of the unpredictable nature of my mental health. I’m afraid of falling out with my best friends. I’m afraid that I’m wasting my youth. I’m afraid that I’m not close enough with my little brother, I’m afraid of my mum thinking she didn’t do a good enough job raising me, even though she’s the best thing in my life. I’m afraid of a death in the family. I’m afraid of results day in August. I’m afraid of supporting myself at uni. I’m afraid of being alone. I’m afraid of the world and the future we face. But I’m also excited.

Donald Trump Is a Fuck Boy NETHERFRIENDS The Space Program A TRIBE CALLED QUEST

Future L DAVID B

We Can Do Wh DREN


Future Re MGM

The Hunter SLAVES

It Don’t Co RINGO S

Future Starts Slow THE KILLS Tomorrow THE ROOTS

The Times They A BOB D


FUTURE, FEARS, (Playlist o

Legend BOWIE

Why Did I Get Married FOXYGEN

hat We Want NGE

In The Yeat 2525 ZAGER & EVANS

eflections MT

A Change Is Gonna Come BILLY BRAGG

ome Easy STARR

Riding To Work In The Year 2025 THE FLAMING LIPS

Are-A-Changin’ DYLAN

dern Age ROKES

Death or Glory THE CLASH Feels Like We Only Go Backwards TAME IMPALA


n Spotify)


Scors are a south-east London based band producing "subsonic slinky jangle jazz". Lead by singer Jake, the band is made up of Lead guitarist Piers, Max on bass, and Tom on drums. Our interview with this lovely lot took place on a train platform at Herne Hill station, shortly after yet another incredible gig at Off The Cuff.

Scors interview on

Tom: OH this is a good

Herne Hill train

story ~anecdote time~


these two (Jake and Piers)

Max- Bassist, Piers-Lead for a while detested max. Guitar, Jake-Vocals,

Jake: Yeah me and Max


have been friends since

Frankie: So how did you reception and then Max as a band come about? kind of drifted away in And where did your

secondary school.

name come from?

Max: I thought I was a

Piers: Well it was from

roadman for a year.

school really, we all did

Piers: All this shit

music at school and then

happened and then we

in sixth form we came

were like “oh let‟s get

together and were like

Max in”.

“yeah let‟s do a band!”

Tom: And they were like “I and it was just us three at don‟t know about Max, the start me (Piers), Jake, he‟s a bit of a wanker…” and Tom.

Tom: But we brought him

embody that a little bit

in and it was just like old

but also I don‟t know, I‟m


a big lover of Jazz so a lot

Jake: oh and the name,

of our songs have jazz

that was a gruelling


fucking process.. That was Tom: Jazz chords. mainly his fault (pointing at Tom). Piers: He just didn‟t like any names, we tried like ten names.

Piers: Jazz chords. Jake: And people like King Krule I really like. Max: Yeah I think the

overall philosophy is the Max: It was way more than newer indie stuff like King that! We were trying for a Krule and stuff like that, name for ages and then in and all jazzy but it‟s all a an Arctic monkeys song bit slower. called She‟s So Dark,

there‟s this line that says “listen to the scores”, Tom didn‟t hate it but only if there wasn‟t an ‟e‟ at the end „cause he‟s edgy.

Frankie: What is your musical inspiration?

Jake: Yeah so we have that Jazz element and wanted to bring in more of the old school indie, and the more kind of punchiness of The Strokes and the Libertines. (There was a brief pause to the interview as a man trying to sell his mixtapes

Jake: Yeah there‟s quite a

on the platform asks us

few, we like The Strokes,

for travel directions back

Max really likes The

to Peckham)

Libertines, so we kind of

Miles: Do you think the band will evolve much

Max: I think we‟re getting there slowly but we‟re not

more than this?

there yet.

Tom: OH I just bought a drum pad thing, shits

Jake: We do have a small, I guess running theme

gonna get electro like electro house, drum and bass. throughout our songs, we just need to refine them a Jake and Piers: I think we‟re still finding our soundOOOOOO in sync.

lot more because obviously its still early days, we‟ve only been around for like a year.

Frankie: We’ve heard some things about your fans, “ScorsWhores” was mentioned a few times? Piers: We didn‟t make that, we don‟t condone that. Jake: Yeah we didn‟t do that.

Max: What about the fellows, can they be Scors

Max: They really treat us well.


Jake: Yeah shout out to all of them, but also Declan, that was fun and he‟s a good mate of mine, I‟ve known him for quite a while.

Alaska: If you could tour with anyone, who would you tour with? Jake: I don‟t know, it would be quite nice to tour with Declan of course, just because I know him. And then it‟s like its already got that there. Max: Yeah it would be cool to tour with people from around here, South East London does have its own subculture. Jake: And it‟s coming up quite nicely as well. Everyone: mmmmmm.

Miles: Do you guys have any impact with your music so far or are you just really figuring out what you guys are doing first? Piers: I don‟t think we‟ve thought about that really. Jake: Yeah I feel likePiers: They can be Scors whores! Anyone can be a Scors whore.

Tom: It‟s just fun innit. Max: With lyrics I think like, me and Jake mainly write lyrics.

Frankie: We’ve seen you play at the Horniman at the youth nights, tonight at Off The Cuff, and you’ve supported Declan Mckenna; we’re wondering if you’ve had a favourite venue or

Tom: They think a lot, they think much more than me and Piers do. They‟re the thinkers and we‟re the muscle.


Piers: You‟re not the muscle, skinny you.

Tom: Off The Cuff definitely.

Tom: I‟ll beat you up.

Jake: Shout out to Off The Cuff, they‟re lovely.

Piers: Shut up.

Frankie: Shout out to Mark.

Max: I think a lot of our songs once we got more

Piers: Mark on lights!

into the lyric writing have some deeper themes like “E The Real You” is sort of about how when you‟re

Jake: He is a darling.

young you‟re forced to go uni and shit and you‟re

Max: Beardy Mark.

chucked into the world and you don‟t really know what‟s going on.

Jake: Yeah we try and do

Frankie: Because our theme

running themes throughout the this issue is to do with the songs like “Tannia” is all about

future, where do you see

refugees and England‟s current

yourselves in a few years



Max: Yeah and how it‟s our fault Jake: Well we‟ll see what for blowing them up but then

happens innit, we are trying to

we‟re like “oh you can‟t come

put our all into though that‟s

here,” which is a bit fucked.

what I like. And what‟s really

Jake: We wanna just try and

nice is that we‟re all just as into

make sure people are more aware about things, like there‟s

it as each other. And we‟ve just got a manager but we‟re not

a line in Tannia about Theresa

signed yet.

May. We didn‟t really think

Max: Yeah they want a complete

about it too much but we just

package now, it wasn‟t like that

wanna push the idea that like


we are more intelligent than our generation is given credit for.

Jake: Yeah you literally have to have a look and

Miles: So do you guys wanna shout anything

have everything down. Currently we‟re working


on music videos and I think that‟s gonna really

Piers: Herne Hill!

show the other aspects of it. Right now I do all the artwork for all the things and I try and keep it a running theme as well like hopefully we‟ll work

Everyone: woooo! Jake: Shout out Southwark, shout out SE.

on merch some time soon. Max: And it‟s the money as well. Jake: Yeah the money goes back into the band like recordings and new guitars and all that shit.

Make sure you check out SCORS! Soundcloud: Twitter: Upcoming Gigs 10/03—Bloc Bar, Camden, London (18+) 05/04—Off The Cuff, Herne Hill, London

Photography Series: Meg Harrison “Don't become stuck in the past. Take a deep breath, open up your chest, look up and let the future in.�

A piece on Rape Culture in Modern Society -written by a 16 year old-

intercourse with many other guys.” This survey shows just how uninformed, as a They’re safe because know that they are part society, we are, to have young people who of a society that asks the victim how they are to be the future adults, think that rape is brought the rape on themselves, and not the acceptable on any basis because they aren’t rapist why they rape. A society where when a taught about consent where “no” means just woman is raped, the first question they get that, no. asked is “what were you wearing” rather I don’t understand why the concept of than “are you okay?” consent is such a difficult concept to grasp. If This is Rape Culture. Where victims get someone says “no,” consent is not given. If blamed for their rape and it’s justified by someone cannot say “no,” consent is not comments such as “well you shouldn’t have given. And if there is a chance that consent been out on your own at night,” or “you led is coerced, then there is still no consent. It them on,” and the most common, “you shouldn’t matter that she was leading him shouldn’t have been wearing revealing on at the bar or giving flirtatious looks, it clothes,” (yes because wearing a crop top shouldn’t matter that he helped her when with some high-waisted shorts definitely she needed it; nothing gives someone the justifies sexually assaulting a person). We right to sexually assault and rape another live in a society where women are told to under any circumstance. This is the sort of “cover up” and “learn to defend themselves” thing that needs to be embedded into our so that they aren’t subjects of a rape, when society, not victim blaming. really we should be teaching men how to control themselves and teaching them that Do you want to know what’s annoying? There women do not owe them anything, no matter is an off-license store two minutes from my the situation. This is an apparent that there house and if I’m craving a bag of Sour Patch Kids, I am unable to take a five minute walk is an issue when if you search “stop rape” the first thing that comes up is an article on down my road to satisfy my craving, at seven in the evening, when it’s not too dark, but how to avoid being raped. dark enough, because there is a 20% chance Rape culture is a theoretical concept in as a female, 40% as a young, black female, which rape is pervasive and normalized due that I will be subject to sexual abuse in my to societal attitudes about gender and life. It’s abhorrent that as a young girl, I am sexuality. circumspect to take a two minute walk down Rape is so embedded in our culture and our the road because horny bastards make it societies today that many people, especially unsafe to walk the streets in the evening, let young people, do not know that it’s wrong alone at night. I just wish for a world where I under all circumstance. A recent poll asked a wouldn’t have to choose between satisfying school about under what conditions was it my hunger, and my own personal safety. alright for a male to hold a female down and To break it all down, this is the way rape force her to have sex with him. Over 50% of culture works: the student body responded “yes” to certain  An environment of constant threat and conditions stated. These were conditions fear is created in which the lives of such as, “if the he spent a lot of money on women revolve around avoiding getting her,” “he is turned on and can’t think raped straight,” and “she has had sexual

Rapists are safe.

Women are taught to avoid getting raped, rather than trying to deconstruct and abolish rape as a social tool used to punish women Rape is used as a punishment constantly hanging over the heads of women should they step out of line; it’s a way to control them. Patriarchy at its finest.

Rape culture is constantly being reaffirmed and fuelled. We, as a society, validate rape as a valid means of social reinforcement, once again, a means to maintain patriarchy. Victims are policed and the root of the problem is never truly and fully addressed so it never goes away, despite all the light shone unto it, it merely mutates.

These are blatant and systematic forms of oppression that have been skilfully constructed; subtle enough that they can be invisible to people who want to be oblivious to the problems and pretend that they are nonexistent, that they are merely myths created by radical feminists. Thought subtly constructed, they are still enough to force its marginalized into invalidated silence.

I feel hopeless thinking about rape culture and its elements; sometimes it’s easier to just not think about it which is why societies countlessly ignore this problem. Rape Culture isn’t a myth, it’s not a bunch of misinformed and ignorant feminists finding a reason to bash men or oppose misogyny and sexism, it is a serious issue that we are facing today; an issue that By telling girls that it is their responsibility to makes women too scared to leave their houses, avoid being victims of sexual harassment and an issue that blames the victim and generates rape, we are essentially saying that those who slut shaming, resulting in 68% of rapes being are unable to protect themselves against abuse left unreported, not because of the threat from deserve it; they did wrong by expressing their being unprotected from rapists after reporting individuality and sexuality through the way they them, but because of the fear of being judged dress or act, drinking freely and acting as freely and shamed. as men are able to, a clear example of doublestandards. Rape culture is a very apparent and I don’t want to hear “boys will be boys;” I am sick of it. I want to hear “boys will be 100% explicit backlash. accountable for their actions caused by their The responsibility of rape has been strategically lack of self-control and inability to keep their placed on its victims. All the “tips” on how to hands to themselves and the sexual avoid rape offer no solution to the end of rape objectification of women.” culture, just how to prevent it from happening No one wants to say rape is natural, but it is to YOU. However this does not stop it from happening to the next person. Rape culture isn’t something that is naturally embedded in us and trying to stop the rapists; instead it is telling the entrenched in our society. victim that they brought it upon themselves in some way that is most likely unjustifiable and quite frankly, bullshit.

Series by Greg Laurence

Dissecting: Reverse Racism by Tyrese Ashman

Oxford Dictionary as 'Dislike, hostility, or unjust behaviour deriving from preconceived and unfounded opinions‟. The difference between the two terms is that racism comes from the belief that the oppressed group is inferior to the other group whilst prejudice doesn‟t require any sort of power.

The state of racial relations worldwide in this modern day and age where many people are under the mistaken belief that we are in a “post-racial” is So does reverse racism exist? dire. The past few months have seen an array of racially motivated attacks and murders worldwide, which have left the idea of cohesive communities The short answer is no, although it can be tricky far behind, responses to these events from those when looking at whether reverse racism exists as a concerned about systematic oppression and concept when it comes down to the actual discrimination against people of colour, are continually met with accusations of reverse racism. systematics, reverse racism doesn't exist. Reverse An even more unsettling projection is the fact that racism doesn‟t exist because white people are not oppressed unlike people of colour who are and the impulse behind reverse racism claims is to prove that people of colour don't have it that bad or where oppression forms a huge part of their daily lives. Reverse racism also doesn‟t exist because aren't the only people targeted or disadvantaged the system isn‟t against white people, and they because of their race. often benefit from social, political or economic powers. You can‟t have racism towards white What does racism actually mean? people but what you can have is prejudice towards white people isn't cool anyway. What constitutes racist is complex and personal to each individual but, according to The Oxford Dictionary, racism can be defined as „Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior‟, this may be what constitutes racism to some people but there are also arguments that the definition of racism is outdated, lacks nuance and incomplete. From talking to many young people about what racism means to them, two main issues arise; the first being that the definition doesn‟t include anything about racism coming from people who has more power whether that be more political, social or economic power. My response to this is that racism doesn‟t always come from people with more power; there can be racism between oppressed groups of people. The second issue that came up whilst I was speaking to young people about what racism means to them is that many young people don‟t actually know what the difference is between racism and prejudice, the lines between these two are blurred and they often complement each other. Prejudice is defined in The

What can I do to help racial relations? Love each other, no matter how you look at it, we‟re all the same, we bleed the same, we breathe the same. We‟re all working the hardest we can for ourselves; we need to encourage each other. Our school community should be a cohesive one, a community where good intentions are behind every single action. At the end of it race, gender, sexuality and social class don‟t actually mean that much and we‟re all people at the end of the day. We are the next generation if we are to improve racial relations it‟s all starts with us improving ourselves.


Stop Trump’s Muslim Ban Protest 4th Feb 10 Downing Street Photos taken by Dani Orefo

Photography Series:

James Greenhalgh

LONDON FASHION WEEK 2017 JIGGY at LFW 2017 Alaska Roberts-Couprie on her time at LFW

Who : channel Elkayam and two multi shows. What: Heartland AW17 Where : Hoxton Arches What was it like? : Really fun, I mean I enjoyed myself however the man next to me on Grindr looked a little bored. Super interesting to see all different kinds of people. People were way less snobbish than I expected, shout out the bouncer for getting me a seat. A lot of sitting down, so bring a cushion! “I want to go into the fashion industry is it important I go?” : if you want to go into fashion, it is vital that you go to fashion week; just becoming comfortable in a professional fashion environment, talking to people and making connections is really beneficial. How much are tickets? Bronze : £20 Silver : £40 Gold: £60 With each price you get different amounts of access to shows and brands you can shop at. However if you want to go to a specific smaller show the tickets are slightly less expensive. Would I go again? : Definitely, a great way to understand fashion as an art form and meet new people.

Photos by


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy— Kanye West Album review, by Lucas Savvas

The Chicago rapper and producer is undoubtedly one

Chicago”, which is an almost

Kanye’s built up ego with his

of the most innovative and

transition between pre-fame

emphasised chain and many

influential artists not only in

and post-fame Kanye

Egyptian Gods lurking in the

hip hop, but music in general.

(alternate cover art for the

background. The metaphorical

His previous album 808s and

album also shows this through death is Kanye is emphasised in

Heartbreak (2008) was an

the death of the Kanye bear).

electric and synth-pop rap

The gospel inspired production jumping out to behead him

album which has now almost

coupled with the song being

before it cuts to black. The

become its own genre with

centred around the “High

song itself is triumphant with

artists such as Future and

Places” gives hints at the God-

its use of sampling and electric

Migos utilising autotune to its

complex that Kanye has

guitars, showing Kanyes

full effect in the new wave of

developed through his fame

bravado at its fullest.

hip-hop. However with this

however at this point in his

The album then takes a turn

next project; My Beautiful Dark career it is quite tongue and cheek, with Kanye not taking Twisted fantasy is his most

the video with 2 figures

with the song “Monster” which is one of 2 posse-cuts on the

concise and conceptual project himself too seriously with some album, which highlights the clever bars. (“too many Urkels monster Kanye has become to date. on your team / that's why your from his success and fame. The The album starts with a Nicki wins low”) motif of classic Halloween Minaj fairy tale like intro with a nursery like tone with rhyming, The theme of his God complex monsters is used with some goes throughout the first 4 clever wordplay to discuss instantly giving a fantastical feel like the album. This leads

tracks, with “POWER” being

Kanye’s rockstar lifestyle (Have

onto the first track “Dark

the most well known song off

you ever had sex with a

Fantasy” with him saying he

the album. The music video of

pharaoh?/Put the pussy in a

“fantasised this back in

“POWER” speaks volumes on

sarcophagus/Now she claiming

that I bruised her oesophagus/

heartache. The Smokey

Head of the class and she just

Robinson sample gives the song Legend gives a great vocal

won a swallowship)

a tragic feel as Kanye expresses

The Jay Z and in particular, Nicki his feelings about a past relationship and the pain the Minaj features on the song are

both clever and witty, with Nicki breakup caused him, saying she “learnt a lot from Satan”. The sounding the most hungry I have ever heard her on a song as song also has a stellar feature from Rick Ross of all people, well as the fast paced flows coupled with the energetic beat makes this arguably the most chaotic song on the album. This is then followed by the 2nd posse-cut on the album “So Appalled” which now antagonises the monstrosity of Kanye’s actions from his fame

his fame and love life. John performance and fit perfectly for the tone of the track, and Kanye giving one his most introspective verses he ever has. Also the use of his electronic vocals constantly changing in the latter half of the song is

who fit the beat so well and

maddeningly effective as you

complimented Kanye perfectly.

really feel Kanye’s anxiety with

The next track is my personal

the different voices sounding

favourite and arguably the most almost like his thoughts. One of iconic song on the album;

the highlights of the album

“Runaway”. The minimal piano

comes from Chris Rock; who re-

production coupled with Kanye’s enacts a real phone call he heard singing throughout the track

(“5 star dishes/30 white bitches/ really does make you feel his isolation and pain, which is also you know that shit is/ fucking

called “Best Birthday”. The skit is comedic however at the same time is heartbreaking and Chris

explained as he went away to

Rock completely sells the

Hawaii to make this album. The

character he plays. I never listen

verses on the track, and the

Pusha-T feature is also great,

to skits but I can’t listen to

Kanye’s possible downfall from

keeping the 8 minute long track Overall, Kanye seemed very entertaining and full of energy, focused and clear on the vision

ridiculous”). Pusha T and Cyhi the Prince both give stellar

production gives the track a dark with him flowing comfortably on “Blame Game” without Chris the progressive beat and Rock at the end. and sinister tone, highlighting the fame he has gained over his career. Jay Z also keeps up his consistency, making witty

with Kanye’s parts serving up the for this album and his use of emotion. Another song very sampling and features were all

references to pop culture such as similar to “Runaway” is “Blame the Dark Knight. The first half of Game”, featuring John Legend

effective in giving across how he

the album is focused on the

be his most traditional album for

success of Kanye and how it has both helped and destroyed him

on the hook, which gives the details about Kanye’s

relationship with who people

in not only the eye of the public, speculate is Amber Rose. The track is about 8 minutes as well but in his own eyes too. The 2nd half of the album takes a shift in terms of theme with the song “Devil In A Red Dress” and the next 5 songs after are very much centred around

was feeling in his life. This was to a while with “Yeezus” and “The Life of Pablo” both straying into experimental territory. The album is concise in its theme

however the song is packed with and subject matter and is so much substance I wish it was brutally honest despite the fact longer, the Aphex Twin sample is this is Kanye’s “fantasy”. very glittery but also gloomy at the same time, which echoes how Kanye is feeling regarding


1. DUMB BLOOD—VANT A Politically charged album, Dumb Blood fits perfectly with this issue’s theme is first on the list. From the themes of war in “PUT DOWN YOUR GUN,” to the issue of sexual assault in “PARKING LOT,” and the very current issue of immigration in “BIRTH CIRTIFICATE,” Dumb Blood really touches on every subject that we’re all engaged in at the moment, I highly recommend you give it a listen. (P.S. if you want to get hyped for activism and anything relating to that, this is the perfect album to get angry at all the injustices and equality in society to.)

2. landmark—HIPPO CAMPUS “Set in early spring on a frozen lake in Cumberland, Wisconsin, “way it goes” was a moment of clarity; a realization that we are comedy. We exist in a world where our main news source is a social media website. Materialism is our dogma. We seek to control the way our peers perceive us. We engage social issues as a backdrop for our personal drama. It’s the rare moments when we can escape from this artificial reality, that really matter.” -Jake Lupton, lead singer. If this quote itself doesn’t make you wanna hit play on some nice, swirly guitar playing, then I don’t know what will.

3. Now That The Light is Fading—Maggie Rogers Known for being spotted by Pharrell Williams, Maggie recently came out with a 5-track art piece, featuring her hit single “Alaska” dubbed a “ is a beautiful balance between folk and dance, with healthy, layered percussion, gorgeous instrumentation, and breathtaking vocals.” where she sings about journeying through the icy streams of Alaska to, as corny as it sounds, find herself, change who she is to become better, and to have a new perspective on life. This EP is perfect if you want some chill motivation to “walk off the old you.”

4. Just Cosmo—Cosmo Pyke

5. Blue—Communions

6. Gang Signs & Prayer—Stormzy

‘F’ for Finished Another month, another issue completed. Thank you to this issue’s amazing contributors; Miles Jezuita, Meg Harrison, Greg Laurence, Tyrese Ashman, Poppy September-Peters, Owiny Lubangakene, James Greenhalgh, Alaska Roberts-Couprie, Fabio Rovai, Lucas Savvas, Frankie Morton for the banging playlist, the theme idea, and setting up the interview, and a massive thanks to our pals at Scors! Don’t forget to check out all the jiggy items on our store: Read our previous issues online: Like us on Facebook: Give us a follow : Thank you for reading!

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JIGGY MAG - 5. Future, Fears, and Fantasies  

JIGGY MAG - 5. Future, Fears, and Fantasies  

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