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hen Jay Rice ‘94 brainstormed the name of our paper in 1991, it was not because of the ink color. For the last 28 years, our mission has been to bring our audience stories from the school, community and nation, told clearly and without exaggeration--in black and white.

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Senior Issue: The End A

couple of months ago, the Black & White team started to brainstorm ideas on how to best commemorate and honor our graduating class of 2022--the class of students who have had their high school experience flipped upside down. Yet even after these crazy past years, they have become resilient young adults worth being proud of who will go on to pave their own paths. So to the class of 2022, this issue is for you. Be proud of who you are and know that you are capable of phenomenal things.

-Theron Luett Editor-in-Chief of the Black & White 2022-2023

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4 | “What is the semicolon with the comma at the bottom?” -Noah Gilbert

A Letter to the Senior Class



Words & Layout | Noah Gilbert

t is hard to put into words exactly what I want to say. I’m not sure what words could express or portray our high school experience. It hasn’t been easy with once-in-a-lifetime experiences happening one after another. We survived multiple learning models because of COVID, unprecedented weather phenomena, and historic economic tribulations, to name a few. The beginning of this new chapter of our lives seems daunting. We have many decisions to make and the fear of choosing wrong is very real. I have recently been struggling with what I want my end goal to be. Even though I have a plan and commitments for my future, I still stay up late wondering if it is the right choice. But life isn’t about always making correct decisions. Life is about lessons and trial and error. To live life, you have to make mistakes! Being worried and stressed is completely normal and waiting around for the solution or answer to appear will do nothing but prolong the issue at hand. So, do not be afraid to make mistakes. As humans, they are bound to happen. Considering the obstacle course we had to go through just to achieve a high school diploma, I have no doubt that we can get through anything and roll with the punches of life. So enjoy the little things, be young and make mistakes, but remember to always get back up and keep going even if things do fall apart. The day we have been waiting for since freshman year is finaly here. Congratulations to the class of 2022. Go out and make mistakes! Learn and live life to the fullest!

-Noah Gilbert, Black & White Editor-in-Chief 2021-2022



6 | “My urinals are so cute!” -Marley Jenkins



Layout & Photos | Mae Glass & Noah Gilbert

Words | Jordyn Butler

Tenna Russell

Isaac Kronberg



Buchan has spent a total of 13 years in the basketball world. In season


She has little time outside of her extracurricular activities but she Russell has been a student council member for three years, and in

she spends about 10-15 hours each week practicing with the team.

playing piano and guitar.

often enjoys quilting, cross-stitching, cooking, and curating playlists the Science and Sustainability Club for one year. “I joined the Science

“My favorite part of high school has been winning state in 2020 and

Outside of music Trost is also a Student Council Member, runner

on Spotify. “I’ve been cross stitching for about a year. There’s and Sustainability Club because our school has a major littering

2022,” said Buchan. She will be continuing her basketball career next

for Cross Country, she also takesPiano Lessons, Volunteers at her

something so soothing about sitting on the couch with your tea and problem,” Russell explained.

year at Wisconsin River-Falls and also will be studying marketing.

church, Worship Team, the schools Best Buddies, National Honor

a cross stitch while watching TV,” said Kronberg. Even though she

In the time outside of her busy schedule, she enjoys skiing and

Even though Buchan has put most of her focus on basketball, she

Society [NHS], Science and Sustainability Club, and Silver Cord. She

tends to keep herself busy, she still likes her extra time at home to reading. Russell has also enjoyed running throughout her high

has also tried out other fun activities, such as cross country. When

has a full schedule but Trost still makes time for some of her other

relax and snooze.

she isn’t at practice, she often enjoys spending lots of her free time

favorite activities, running, embroidering, playing board games, and

with friends. Her friends typically describe her as “personable and

sand volleyball.

saac Kronberg ‘22 keeps herself busy with a diverse amount of activities, “I’m involved in concert band, marching band, jazz band, show band, choir, show choir, spring musical, and I’m

probably forgetting something else,” said Kronberg.


Annika Trost

Zoey Buchan

mbitious is the word Tenna Russell ‘22 uses to describe herself. Russell is involved in many things such as Track, Cross country, National Honor Society [NHS], Student

Council, Mock Trial, and the Science and Sustainability Club.

school career. Russel said, “My favorite part of my school career was

Kronberg loves all things Family Consumer Science [FCS] and morning practices during cross country.” plans to study FCS education at Iowa State University. She believes

In the fall, Russell will be continuing education at Utah Valley

asketball is what Zoey Buchan’s ‘22 life revolved around throughout high school. Buchan spent the majority of her time practicing at the gym. Playing since kindergarten,

positive.” Some of her favorite hobbies are with her good friends. “We

nnika Trost ‘22 said, “My favorite thing about high school has been getting to know my teachers and being part of the JHS vocal department.” Trost spent a lot of time in

music throughout her school career. Choir and show choir as well as

“I would describe myself as a genuine person, always trying my

FCS is very important for everyone to know and learn. “FCS is University [UVU]. Her plan at UVU is to study biology on a pre-

like to go on walks and go get ice cream,” said Buchan.

best to find the good in every situation and get to know the people

such basic life skills that are really easy to refine and get good at. med track, in hopes to become an anesthesiologist or dermatologist.

Buchan’s entrepreneurship teacher, Tim Brickley, enjoys having her

around me,” Trost said. She will thrive with this positivity as her

Everyone wears clothes and eats food, so might as well learn how to Russell is looking at about twelve more years of schooling to become

in class. “She is bubbly and brings good energy so it’s fun to be around

journey continues next year at the University of Northern Iowa [UNI].

do it yourself,” Kronberg explained.

her,” said Mr. Brickley. He also believes her engaging personality is

At UNI she will be studying Communication Disorders for Speech-

a huge asset to success in her future. “I don’t know where she’ll be in

Language Pathology. Trost expressed, “I’m so grateful for Johnston

ten years but I hope it makes her smile,” said Mr. Brickley.

and all the opportunities this school has given me, remember that

certified in either of these fields. “I love that dermatologists have

Kronberg also has multiple hidden talents. “I can do the death flexible hours and are able to be hands-on with skin,” said Russel. drop (type of dance move). I can also carry 6 gallons of milk at once without dropping any,” said Kronberg.

every day has the potential to be a beautiful day!”

Windsor parkway. There are approximately 670 students attending this school. Horizon was nominated as a national Blue Ribbon School in 2009, which is a very important honor for a school to receive. Grayson Mentzer ‘22 feels that Horizon is superior to the other schools. “First of all, it’s the closest to Summit. So, proximity wise, it’s pretty good. All of the teachers were super good, I never had any bad experiences. As a senior I’ve seen a lot of people grow up with me, and everyone who went to Horizon turned out pretty good.” said Mentzer. The staff and students stuck out the most to Grayson. He says that going to Horizon has shaped a lot of kids for the better, and that the staff were super kind. The last school, Timber Ridge, was built in 2007, making it the newest out of all of the elementary schools. It is also the biggest out of the five, and the only one with a second floor to accommodate 731 students. Timber Ridge is located between NW 54th Street and NW 72nd Street. It is architecturally similar to Summit Middle School in a lot of ways. Harshaant Dhugga ‘22 stated that Timber Ridge definitely had the best food game among the schools. “Timber Ridge is the best and all the other schools suck because [Timber Ridge] had the best food which made me smarter because good food makes you smarter,” said Dhugga. He added that his favorite food to eat during lunch was the cheesy garlic bread. These elementary rivalries will continue to carry on as we will never truly know who the best elementary school is. One thing is for certain: the love, support, and pride of each Johnston student stands strong, and our elementary experience made us who we are.



A: Greta Musgrave B: Olivia Inman C: Ava Lender D: Wilmont Manneh 2


E: Tali Jordan F: Kade Gustafson G: Payton Newhouse H: Thomas Nsereko

1: Kade Gustufsan

the most enjoyable for Morgan. Next up is Wallace. It was the second rendition of the elementary schools for Johnston, and is located in the old JMS building. It was built in 1988, and named after a Man named Henry A. Wallace, who was born and raised in Iowa. He was an editor for Wallace’s farmer, which is a news publication that centers around all things agriculture and farming. He also worked to produce and manufacture different types of hybrid corn. He eventually became vice president of the United States for Franklin D. Roosevelt. With a unique history, Beatrice La Rota ‘22 believes that Wallace is the superior school. “I liked it better than Timber Ridge when I went in fifth grade. Wallace was definitely more welcoming. You would walk in and Mrs. Pearson, our principal, was always there at the entrance. Teachers would pop their heads into classrooms and wave to kids. It felt pretty much like a community.” The kindred spirit of the school was very comforting to Beatrice. Following Wallace is Beaver Creek. Beaver Creek elementary was built third out of the five, and was built in 1997. It is named directly after Beaver Creek, which is a tributary of the Des Moines River, which essentially means it is a part of it. Noah Martell ‘22 believes that Beaver Creek is the best out of the schools. “I thought we had a pretty good playground. I’ve gone back to the playgrounds a few times since then. We’ve got some pretty cool additions. We got buddy benches, we also got that garden. I thought that was pretty cool to have with the merry go-rounds and whatnot. I just thought the way it was situated was nice, kind of like the library. The librarian was awesome, because she had nice voices when she would read aloud.” The playground and staff is what made Beaver Creek so memorable to Noah. After Beaver Creek is Horizon. Horizon is the fourth elementary school and it was built in 2001. It is located on NW 100th St, near

Can you guess who these graduates are by their kindergarten photo?

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3: Tali Jordan


n the Johnston school district there are five elementary schools. They consist of John F. Lawson, Henry. A Wallace, Beaver Creek, Horizon, and Timber Ridge. After attending these elementary schools, students will move to Summit Middle School for sixth and seventh grade. Then they will attend eighth and ninth grade in Johnston Middle School. Finally, they will conclude their primary school at Johnston High School. Different seniors at JHS have been asked to recall their elementary school and their favorite experiences. Many students feel as though their elementary school is superior, and triumphs over its other counterparts. Which school is the best? Keep reading to hear about all five of these schools. First on the list is Lawson elementary school, located on NW 62 Ave. Lawson is the oldest out of the five, as it was founded in 1958. Currently there are roughly over 600 students enrolled. This school was named after John F. Lawson, a man who co-founded the Johnston Community School District and donated for the schools. Students say that Lawson is the best school out of these five. Morgan Decker ‘22 thinks that Lawson is the best school. “I feel like everyone has a slightly biased opinion.That’s where I grew up essentially. Our principal was very close with the students and she’d always be out and about. She knew students by name and stuff, then I had a lot of really nice teachers at that school.” said Decker. Morgan also went on to recall her memories of field day and recess, “We got an extra recess for some reason in kindergarten. We had four recesses that day, so I think we had more time outside than inside the building, and it was a lot of fun.” The relationship between staff and students and the fun recreations made Lawson

Words | Sofi Bristow Layout | Maida Jusufovic & Noah Gilbert

Guess the Graduate

2: Olivia Inman

Elementary Rivalry

4: Thomas Nsereko

8 | “I kinda wanna go harass them...” -Laila Hasanovic

10 | “Nathan! Let me see your left thumb.” -Aidan Topolinski

Past, Present, Future Athletes reflect on their sports careers.

Words | John Kirkpatrick, with the assist of Nathan Anderson Layout | Marley Jenkins


any students have tried

time commitments in college force athletes

young, I started football and track in middle

their hand at school sports

to narrow their focus, you can often find

school.” Rutz discussed if he ever considered

growing up. Most try many

student-athletes taking on two or three sports

dropping a sport. “I have considered dropping

different sports during their

in high school. Donnie Henderson ‘22 is one

many sports because sometimes it becomes

academic career. As students get older some

such student. Henderson has said that he

overwhelming, and I have dropped some

stop playing sports, others decide to focus

loved playing sports at a young age. “[As soon

sports along the way like basketball and

on fewer sports, and some still continue to

as] I could walk I played every sport possible.”

baseball.” While unfortunately unable to

gets to be a lot and I don’t really have an off-

picking up other sports at different points.

play multiple sports as they progress into

Henderson is currently participating in

schedule around too many organized sports,

season. When I was struggling, frustrated…

“I‘ve considered joining other sports, like

middle or high school.

Photo by: Kari Godwin

"Baseball and Tee Ball, my parents put me in that at a very young age."

football, track, and wrestling. Henderson

he still enjoys other sports. “I still play for fun

I definitely thought about quitting but I

track, but never joined. I was interested in

The dual-sport athlete is not a new concept,

talked about why he chose those sports.


worked through it, got a lot better and it

just getting back into shape [it] felt nice

especially not in high school. While higher

“They all challenge my body in different

Cade Godwin ‘22 could be found playing

became more fun.”

and I thought that generally doing sports

ways, and I love challenges.”

a variety of sports at a young age. “Baseball

However, there can always be other



and Tee Ball, my parents put me in that at a

contributing factors and reasons as to why

School sports are more than a great


very young age. Actually, [my first sport] was

someone might stop playing sports. It could

way to get good exercise, they are a great

sports that he played. “No,

probably soccer. They put me in soccer when

be for a person’s physical or mental health,

way to make friends especially when

I love the different types of

I was three years old, and put me in baseball

a plain lack of interest, no longer wanting to

athletes are young. Urban talked about


when I was four.” Godwin talked about the

play competitively, or simply being a part of

the friendships she made in track and cross

in an ever-digitizing world for the youth.

sports he had to drop. “Soccer I started when

too many sports. Alexis Urban ‘22 described

country. “I made a lot of friends, that was

Athletes discover leadership skills, learn


never dropping

Jack Rutz ‘22 also comments

-Cade Godwin '22


I was three years old, quit that in like eighth

what sports she had played throughout

my main source of friends.” Many students

self-confidence, healthy lifestyle habits, and

athlete. “I started baseball,

grade and then [I started] basketball at like

her career at JHS. “I did track and cross

form lasting friendships from when they

perhaps most importantly, learn discipline

basketball, and golf very

five or six and I quit that sophomore year.”

country, I started [both] my freshman year,

start playing sports. “I would hang out with

and responsibility. It’s no wonder that many

Godwin also gave his thoughts about playing

and then I quit [both] my junior year.”

them outside of school, outside of the sport,

parents enroll their children in athletics

sports after high school. While injuries have

Urban talked about why she stopped track

so yeah I made a lot of friends doing sports.”

early, and why many choose to play later on.

thrown a wrench in any post-high school

and cross country. “A lot of it was mental

Henderson also gave his answer on if sports

As students graduate and move on to the

sports endeavors, he wishes they were a

health. I was struggling a lot with my mental

have been a good way to make friends. “Yes,

next chapter in their lives, they will always

possibility. “No, I will not. I wish.” Godwin

health.” Many high school students face the

completely, one of the best ways.” Henderson

have the memories they made in high

will continue to stay active and participate

challenge of deteriorating mental health due


school sports. Some seniors hope to continue

in sports recreationally. “Definitely. I’m

to athletics. If sports are contributing to a

High school sports objectively bring

their athletic careers after high school, but

still going to be involved in things like

person feeling stressed, it can be good to take

multiple benefits to their athlete’s futures.

they won’t forget the sports they played at

intramurals, playing pickup basketball with

a break or step away from the sport, whether

Team sports such as football, basketball, and

Johnston. When asked if Henderson wanted

my friends, and slow pitch softball leagues.”

that be temporarily or permanently.


Photo by: Shelly Urban

would be a good idea.”



"I did track and cross country, I started [both] my freshman year..." -Alexis Urban '22

baseball teach their athletes how to work as

to play sports in college, he said “Hopefully,

Doing several sports can become

Colin Chau ‘22 spoke to playing sports as

a team and push together for one common

yes.” Henderson hopes to continue his

overwhelming for some students. It can be

a kid. “I started soccer back in 2nd grade.

goal, and also teaches athletes what a well-

athletic career playing track and football

hard to manage too many sports with school

I played it for one or two years.” Chau

functioning group organization can look

in college. Rutz will definitely play sports

work and other extracurricular activities

discussed why he started playing soccer. “I

like from the top down. Sports can instill a

in college, but will miss elements of high

on top of everything. Godwin had briefly

saw a lot of kids playing soccer around me,

sense of healthy competition often necessary

school sports. “I will be playing sports in

considered dropping baseball and football

I heard a lot about it from my friends. And I

in the ‘real world’, and can teach social

college, but I will miss the sports that I

at some points. “Yeah, the time commitment

just wanted to give it a shot.” Chau considered

skills that are constantly being neglected

won’t play in college.”

12 | “Ope I heard a bubble.” - Ms. Crowley

6. Take turns in parking lot The parking lot turns into a place of survival of the fittest once the clock hits 2:50PM. The fastest and most efficient way for all students, parents, and teachers to safely get home is taking turns at stop signs. There’s nothing more annoying than being continuously cut infront of after a long school day. 7. Don’t park illegally Parking tickets, crashes, and straight up inconvienance is caused by students who park illegally. We get that you refuse to park in D lot, maybe try getting to school earlier then. 8. Let people cross the street before you drive Nobody wants to be run over, and nobody wants to run over somebody. Be a decent driver and accept that pedestrains have the right of way at crosswalks. 9. Lying about assigned seats to the substitute Take advantage of the one day your class may get to sit anywhere you want. 10. Don’t sit right next to somebody in an empty classroom

Words | Theron Luett Layout | Sabrina McGuire

Out of the 30+ seats in an empty room, you’re going to choose a seat right by someone else you dont know? Just don’t. 11. Don’t walk slow in halls


Same as #1 and #2, take the hint and walk faster.

The Unspoken Guide of Johnston High School

15. If somebody is sitting with headphones in, don’t go talk to them

1. Don’t stop in the middle of the hallway to talk

16. Always turn you work in on the due date of the late policy, not on the actual due date

t can be argued that each high school has its own “survivor guide” for social success among students. Some tips are more obvious, like don’t stop in the middle of the hallway to talk. And some can become extremely controversial such as the opinion that seniors should get first choice in A lot, and better parking spots over underclassmen. According to students, here is Johnston’s guide.

Stopping in the middle of the hallway can disrupt traffic of students trying to go to and from classes. Instead, talk while walking or find less crowded hallways to gather in. 2. There are two lanes of direction in hallways (stay on your side of the road) Hallways during passing time are always crowded with students, so it’s a lot easier to not go against the hustle of students. For example, try to avoid cutting infront of people going the opposite way. We’re all just trying to get somewhere. 3. No PDA This is pretty self explanatory, nobody wants to watch couples making out in the hallway, especially at 8AM. 4. Holding the door open/opening the door for students needing to get inside the school Although possibly a safety violation, it’s common to help a student out by letting them in through side doors if the main activity doors are closed. Nobody wants to walk from D lot all the way to the front office, on top of being late to class. 5. Seniors get first choice in A lot Along with seniority comes with privilege. A lot becomes a yearly contoversy between seniors and underclassmen. “B and C lot are primarily for underclassmen… It’s annoying when I’m trying to find a spot and it’s just sophomores.” said Jake Jordan ‘22.

12. Don’t ask if there’s homework Do NOT be that kid who reminds their teachers of homework, it doesn’t help anybody. 13. Don’t talk loudly about your own drama It’s not seventh grade, nobody cares. 14. Don’t stand next to someone at the urinal Same as #10, but even more uncomfortable. They obviously have headphones/airpods in for a reason, just let them be. For those of you who are procrastinators, don’t worry since there’s usually at least two different “final” due dates. 17. Don’t take other people’s tables at lunch Soon enough into the year, each friend group has their lunch routine down. It gets crazy if people start trying to mix things up. 18. Leaving class early As long as you don’t get caught nobody really cares.

14 | “If you were H is this where you’d want your grad cap?” -Laila Hasanovic Cochran, Makayla: Des Moines Area

And So The Adventure Begins...

Words & Layout | Laila Hasanovic


Abazi, Elvir: Construction Abdic, Dinko: Undecided Acheson, Parker: Undecided Akakpo Aeywanou, Fanuel: University of Iowa Akins, Nolan: Iowa State University Alaimo, Aidan: Undecided Alaimo, Matthew: Des Moines Area Community College Ali, Kowther: Undecided Ali, Nesma: Undecided Alkhalil, Amal: Iowa State University Amatya, Suyash: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Amspaugh, Madeleine: Undecided Anderson, Mia: Iowa State University Anderson, Nathan: University of Nebraska Anderson, William: Undecided Anthofer, Katherine: University of Iowa Archundia, Gabriel: Undecided Arnold, Jaxston: Undecided Arthur, Lenora: Undecided Askelson, Aiden: University of Iowa Austin, Ryan: Iowa State University Avendt, Matthew: Iowa State University Azhaguvel, Vibu: United States Marine Corps


Bachmann, Kate: Drake University Badtram, Alexa: University of Iowa Balaji, Saumya: Iowa State University Ballantini, Isabelle: Iowa Lakes Community College Ballard, Skyla: Aveda Institute of Des Moines Barkey, Eleanor: Iowa State University Barleen, Logan: Undecided Barp, Tyler: Clemson University Barron, David: Undecided Bath, Brady: Undecided Baumann, Nicole: Undecided Beaman, Stephen: Seton Hall University Bechtel, Nicholas: Undecided Becker, Logan: Stanford Law School Beebe, Madyson: Iowa State University Beganovic, Adelisa: Des Moines Area Community College Bell, Jorden: Undecided Bergman, Chloe: Undecided Bernal, Arianna: Gap Year Bernard, Cierra: Grand View University Berndt, Colton: Undecided Beveridge, Hannah: Grand View

University Beyer, Dominic: Undecided Bishop, Abigail: Undecided Bishop, Calen: Iowa Western Community College Black, Samuel: Undecided Blackford, Ariel: Iowa State University Blaskovich, Chayce: Undecided Boes, Mav: University of Iowa Bohall, Alexandra: Undecided Bolken, Breanna: University of Iowa Boomershine, Thomas: Undecided Bradshaw, Andrew: Undecided Brevik, Lauren: Iowa State University Briggs, Aurora: Des Moines Area Community College Brinker, Jackson: Cornell College Brown, Ahjahlai: Undecided Brown, Colin: Iowa State University Brown, Kaden: Undecided Brungi, Anirudh: Undecided Buchan, Zoey: University of WisconsinRiver Falls Burg, Abenezer: Undecided Burke, Carter: Undecided Burnett, Lovelyn: Undecided Burns, Kealyn: Undecided Butler, Jordyn: Des Moines Area Community College


Cabanova, Viktorie: Finishing Education In Czech Republic Caffrey, Cade: Undecided Cahill, Adam: Undecided Cahill, Jaxsen: Undecided Campidilli, Spencer: Iowa Western Community College Cardwell, Dominic: University of Cincinnati Cash, Ashley: Des Moines Area Community College Castaneda-Santiago, Alondra: University of Iowa Catlett, Georgia: University of Iowa Causevic, Alina: University of Iowa Cave, Benjamin: Moving to Minnesota Chamberlain, Jackson: Iowa State University Champagne, Blessyn: Undecided Chapman, Kalifornia: Undecided Chau, Colin: Iowa State University Cheng, Anthea: Moody Bible Institute of Chicago Chow, Elijah: Undecided Christensen, Caleb: University of Northern Iowa Clark, James: Undecided Clark, William: Undecided Clarke, Samantha: Undecided Clausen, Samuel: Undecided

Community College Conaway, Makenna: Undecided Cooper, Gabriela: Undecided Cooper, Ivan: Undecided Coos, Adrian: Gap Year Cordova - Ayala, Christian: Undecided Cornwell, Mason: Iowa State University Correy, Demerie: Undecided Corrigan, Joshua: Iowa State University Coslin, Dylan: Iowa State University Cottrell, Macie: Iowa State University Crowder, Max: Undecided Cumings-Barnes, Kai: Des Moines Area Community College Curry, Draven: University of Iowa Curry, Ryan: Undecided Cushman, Megan: Iowa State University


Davis, Rosie: Des Moines Area Community College Davis, Sebastian: Undecided Davis, Shelby: Des Moines Area Community College Dawson, Owen: Kirkwood Community College Dayton, Andrew: Undecided Decker, Morgan: Des Moines Area Community College Dehut, Tyler: Trade School Denisov, Raya: University of Iowa Dhugga, Harshaant: University of Iowa Diekman, Jakiya: Undecided DiMaio, Cohen: Undecided Dixson, Lynzie: Gap Year Djukanovic, Boris: Undecided Dolan, Ian: Undecided Dolberg, Ty: Undecided Dotson, Grace: Undecided Doty, Christian: National Gaurd Doty, Tyler: United States Army Dougherty, Dylan: Iowa State University Draeger, Kira: Undecided Drafahl, Andrew: Iowa State University Draman, Hailey: Des Moines Area Community College Du, Keira: University of Iowa Dummermuth, Emma: Iowa State University Dunbar, Abigayle: Undecided Durbala, Joseph: Undecided Dygert, Melanie: Drake University


Eaves, Hayden: Undecided Eckhoff, Carter: University of WisconsinMilwaukee Edward, Niyogushima: Undecided Ehler, Adam: Drake University Ellis, Rylie: Des Moines Area Community College Emanuel, Jackson: Undecided Ennis, Austin: Undecided Entz, Alistair: University of Iowa Erickson, Elijah: Iowa State University Ermels, Brianna: Undecided Ermels, Nathaniel: Tulsa Welding Eschliman, Isabelle: Undecided


Finneman, McKenna: Iowa State University Fisher, Alexander: Undecided Fisher, Payton: Des Moines Area Community College Fitzpatrick, Trevor: Iowa State University Foutch, Emily: Des Moines Area Community College Foutch, Jacob: Des Moines Area Community College Fox, Jayden: Undecided Fox, Yathziry: Undecided Frampton, Charles: Iowa State University Frisk, Anna: Undecided Frisk, Evan: Undecided Funk, Abbigayle: Undecided


Gallagher, Gavin: Undecided Gan, Grace: Kirkwood Community College Gannon, Eli: Undecided Garcia, J T: Bethany Lutheran College Garcia-Chavez, Fernando: Undecided Gard, Natalie: Iowa State University Gavin, Shae: University of Iowa Gbarjolo, Blessing: Undecided Gebremeskel, Yordanos: Undecided Gerleman, Max: Undecided Gilbert, Cole: Undecided Gilbert, Noah: Drake University Gilliam, Lucas: Undecided Girma, Kidan: Iowa State University Gisubizo, Egide: Undecided Gisvold, Grant: Western Colorado University Gjoraas, Evan: Undecided Godfrey, Grace: Des Moines Area Community College Godwin, Cade: University of Iowa Goeglein, Kyle: Undecided Gogineni, Inesh: Undecided Gonzalez, Jaymee: Undecided Goodrich, Piper: University of Iowa Goodwin, Max: University of Iowa Gordon, Kadin: University of Iowa Gorsh, Lucas: University of Iowa Gossling, Anna: Grandview University Gra, La: Undecided Grafton, Isabella: Gap Year Graham, Mackenzie: Undecided Gray, Riley: University of Iowa Green, Jada: Undecided Grimes, Gabrielle: Iowa State University Guiter, Sophia: Marquette University Guo, Aaron: University of Minnesota Gustafson, Kade: Undecided Gyamfi, Jada: University of Iowa


Hall, Joshua: Undecided Hammel, Jesse: Undecided Hammel, Paul: Undecided Hanigan, Susan: Undecided Hannon, Tyler: University of WisconsinPlatteville

Hansen, Jayden: Undecided Hanson, Hayley: Flordia State University Harang, Devon: Iowa State University Hasanovic, Laila: Drake University Hasso, Nathanael: Iowa State University Haugland, Rece: Undecided He, Matthew: Undecided Heaberlin, Jackson: Undecided Heard, Sylvia: University of Iowa Heikes, Dessalech: Undecided Heim, London: Des Moines Area Community College Henderson, Adonis: Undecided Hennes, Samuel: Undecided Henrichsen, Elise: Iowa State University Heron, Kamryn: Undecided Hess, Madeline: Iowa State University Heun, Avery: Iowa State University Heuton, Lexi: Des Moines Area Community College Heyliger, Smya: Undecided Hickman, Matthew: Undecided Hill, Elijah: Undecided Hitchcock, Jakob: Undecided Hobson, Hailey: University of Iowa Hobson, Hunter: University of Iowa Hodapp, Isaac: University of Iowa Hodzic, Saladin: Undecided Hoenicke, Dezi: Des Moines Area Community College Hohensee, Logan: Trade School Holmes, Mataya: Kirkwood Community college Holter, Ethan: University of Iowa Holton, Lillianne: Undecided Honkomp, Aidan: Undecided Hooper, Abigail: Des Moines Area Community College Hopkins, Fisher: Undecided Hougland, Brooklyn: Iowa State University Howard, Michael: Undecided Hre, Bawi: Des Moines Area Community College or Trade School Huang, Jessie: Cornell University Hupfer, Nathan: University of Iowa Huric, Aldijana: University of Northern Iowa Hutchinson, Natalie: Iowa State Hutchison, Isabelle: Des Moines Area Community College


Ingvall, Mya: University of Iowa Inman, Olivia: University of Utah Irlbeck, Emily: University of Iowa


Jenkins, Abby: Undecided Jensen, Kayla: Undecided Jensen, Kaylyn: University of Iowa Johannsen, Lauryn: University of Arizona Johnson, Bradyn: Undecided Johnson, Daija: Iowa State University Johnson, Dalton: Undecided Johnson, Gavin: Undecided Jones, Carson: Des Moines Area

Community College Jones, Hunter: Undecided Jones, Robert: Undecided Jordan, Catherine: Kirkwood Community College Jordan, Darnell: Undecided Jordan, Jacob: Des Moines Area Community College Jusic, Melisa: Drake University Jusufovic, Maida: University of Iowa


Kabamba, Rosella: Undecided Kacmarynski, Ana: Iowa State University Kadic, Elma: Undecided Kajtazovic, Emma: University of Iowa Kapayou, Laterrion: Gap Year Kapic, Arnes: Undecided Karan, Charlotte: Iowa State University Kaster, Brooklynn: Campbell University Kauffman, Taylor: Undecided Kehoe, Zachary: Iowa State University Keith, Raegan: University of Iowa Kelly, Jenna: Aveda Institute of Des Moines Kenney, Sydney: University of Minnesota Kerber, Joseph: University of Wyoming Kilcollins, Molly: Des Moines Area Community College Kim, Alexander: Undecided Kimpson, Ava: Undecided King, Ryan: Iowa State University Kinman, Katie: Undecided Kitchen, Nicole: Undecided Klimov, Alan: Undecided Knapp, Samuel: Undecided Knight, Karstyn: Undecided Kniss, Maddalin: Iowa State University Knobbe, Miranda: Undecided Koehler, Bradley: Des Moines Area Community College Kokemuller, Nolan: Des Moines Area Community College Kolpin, Tytan: Undecided Kondety, Janaki: University of Iowa Kramer, Steven: University of South Dakota Kreps, Dylan: Undecided Kronberg, Isaac: Iowa State University Kueper, Ethan: Undecided


La Rota, Beatriz: University of Iowa Labenz, Kyra: Undecided LaFratte, Bryce: Undecided Laird, Brianna: University of Northern Iowa LaMar, Tristan: Undecided Larsen, Kimberly: Undecided Larson, Anna: Undecided Larson, Joshua: Undecided Lashier, Ellie: Iowa State University Lastine, Sara: Undecided Lauridsen, Mackenzie: Augustana College Lawmi, Lalpiang: Iowa State University Layman, Madison: Grand View University

16 | “Ranchy is saucy, raunchy is not.” -Noah Gilbert Le, Ethan: Des Moines Area Community College Le, Tina: ATP Flight School Le, Vi: University of Northern Iowa Leckband, Christopher: Des Moines Area Community College Lee, Madalyn: Undecided Lee, Paiton: Undecided Lehman, Christopher: Undecided Lehman, Mallora: Des Moines Area Community College Lender, Ava: Undecided Lenderts, Finn: University of Iowa LePera, Mathew: Undecided Leth, Aliyah: University of Iowa Lewis, Fiona: Undecided Lewis, Jaden: Des Moines Area Community College Lewis, Jared: Undecided Lewis, L: Undecided Leyva, Isai: Undecided Linder, Sarah: Northwest Missouri State University Lindgren, Samuel: Undecided Linton, Jack: Undecided Lipzinski, Bryce: Des Moines Area Community College Lo, Eric: Iowa State University Lompeh, Wayean: Undecided Long, Andrew: Des Moines Area Community College Long, Miya: University of Iowa Long, Nathan: Undecided Longnecker, Beau: Undecided Lopez, Ashley: Undecided Louden, Derek: Iowa State University Love, Carson: University of Northern Iowa Lowe, John: Undecided Ludin, Hailey: Undecided Lul, Sebit: Undecided Lwin, Smith: Iowa State University Ly, Hoa: Undecided Lyon, Ayden: Undecided


Madison, Noah: Undecided Majstorovic, Ryan: Undecided Maker, Ayoum: Undecided Maker-Bior, Achan: Undecided Maker-Bior, Angeer: Undecided Mally, Gavin: Undecided Mann, Katherine: Gap Year Manneh, Wilmont: St. Cloud State University Mansour, Define: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Manyame, Julia: Iowa State University Manyang, Athok: Undecided Marsh, Derek: Undecided Marshall, Mason: Undecided Marston, Savannah: Undecided Martell, Noah: Des Moines Area Community College Mattingly, Brooke: Iowa State University Mattingly, Mia: Iowa State University Maw, Caden: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Mawii, Lal: Iowa State University McAllister, Laura: University of Iowa McClintic, Matthew: Undecided

McCormick, Cayden: Undecided McCormick, Nora: Undecided McCown, Mason: Undecided McGaughy, Alek: Undecided McGill, Cade: Undecided McGowan, Emily: University of Iowa McGuire, Sabrina: University of Iowa McNeese, Garrett: Undecided Medina Cisneros, Samuel: Undecided Meeley, Joseph: Undecided Mehmedovic, Selma: Iowa State University Meltesen, Thomas: University of Iowa Menke, Camille: Undecided Mentzer, Grayson: Undecided Metzger, Savannah: University of Miami Meyer, Jared: Undecided Meyer, Spencer: Undecided Michalski, Gabriella: University of Iowa Miksell-Branch, Nathaniel: Undecided Milla, Iracema: Undecided Milla, Nusly: Undecided Miller, Maegan: Iowa State University Miller, Maverick: Undecided Milovic, Sandro: Undecided Miner, Alyssa: University of Iowa Mitchell, Erik: Des Moines Area Community College Mitchell, Jaida: Iowa State University Moore, Zachary: Des Moines Area Community College Morales, Isabella: Iowa State University Moreno, Cody: Undecided Morris, Skylar: Undecided Morrow, Nicholas: Iowa State University Mosquera, Diego: Undecided Mrzljak, Belmin: Undecided Mueller, Jackson: South Dakota State University Muleya, Kyah: Undecided Mulic, Reno: Des Moines Area Community College Mumm, Karsen: University of Alabama Munoz, Alan: Undecided Munoz Garcia, Anlly: Des Moines Area Community College Murama, Mbananayo: Undecided Murgic, Anis: Undecided Murphy, Kennady: Undecided Musgrave, Greta: University of Northern Iowa Myers, Caden: United States Marine Corps Myers, David: Undecided


Nadler, Gabriel: Kirkwood Community College Nanke, Kaitlyn: Undecided Ness, Brandon: Iowa State University Neu, Caleb: Undecided Newhouse, Payton: Undecided Nguyen, Andrew: University of Iowa Nguyen, Katrina: Harvey Mudd College Nguyen, Sabrina: University of Iowa Nichols, Maxwell: Undecided Nielsen, Hunter: Undecided Noor, Abdirahman: Undecided Noor, Deko: Undecided Nsereko, Thomas: Grinnell College Nyamu, Joy: Undecided

Nyandwi, Niyera: Undecided Nyiramuhoza, Jolly: Undecided


Okesson, Elijah: Belmont University Oliver, Bailey: Jacksonville University Omerovic, Amenda: Undecided Overton, Ryan: University of Utah


Pallwitz, Michael: Des Moines Area Community College Parker, Brooklyn: Grand View Central College Pegg, Tyler: Undecided Pemble, Jake: Kirkwood Community College Pena Sanabria, Brayan: Undecided Perez Diaz, Nirvana: Undecided Peters, Mya: Undecided Peterson, Brittany: Undecided Peterson, Dustin: Undecided Peterson, Reagan: University of Iowa Pfalzgraf, Alexis: Iowa State University Pfister, Michael: Undecided Pietila, Hannah: University of Northern Iowa Pigman, Anthony: Undecided Pille, Sydney: Undecided Pineda, Matthew: Undecided Polson, Shay: Indian Hills Community College Pospeshil, Mason: Undecided Postma, Samuel: Undecided Potter, Cole: Undecided Pradovich, Daniel: Undecided Prideaux, Donovan: Undecided Proctor, Van: Gap Year Puk, Joseph: University of Iowa


Quang, Jonathan: Undecided


Ramirez, Anthony: Undecided Rash, Heather: Undecided Rasmussen, Maren: Undecided Reaman, Abigail: Undecided Reed, Cade: Undecided Reeves, Shaun: Des Moines Area Community College Reh, Bo: Undecided Rexroat, Cheyenne: Undecided Richerson, Tenley: Aveda Institute Rigby, Ciaran: Undecided Riley, Ashlynn: Undecided Risley, Miles: Kirkwood Community College Robinson, Amelia: Undecided Rodine, Ethan: Undecided Rohde, Nathaniel: Undecided Rohden, Allison: Iowa State University Rohlf, Konrad: Undecided Romick, Maxwell: Undecided Roseboom, Jacob: Undecided

Roskamp, Kelsey: Luther College Rowland, Grace: Iowa School of Beauty Ruhlow, Regan: Undecided Russell, Tenna: Undecided Rutz, Jack: Minnesota State Mankato Ryan, Masen: University of Iowa Ryan, Paige: University of Iowa Ryan, Trevor: Undecided


Sackett, Pete: Central College Saggar, Parth: Undecided Sangi, Lal: Iowa State University Sangi, Zothan: Undecided Saravanan, Sneha: University of Iowa Sarsfield, Emma: Iowa State University Schaer, Natalie: Iowa State University Schiltz, Tobi: Undecided Schnieder, Baylie: University of Iowa Schoen, Dayton: Undecided Schoenauer, Sadie: University of Missouri Schubert, Jacob: Undecided Schuessler, Declan: Wartburg College Schultes, Rylan: University of Central Missouri Scott, William: Brigham Young University Sepulveda, Cain: Undecided Severs, Tate: St. Louis University Sharma, Pranav: Undecided Sharma, Riya: University of Iowa Sheeley, William: University of Iowa Shermer, Benjamin: Iowa State University Shermer, Colin: Iowa State University Shroyer, Kailee: Iowa State University Siebert, Cadee: University of Iowa Siegfried, Landon: Iowa State University Siemer, Michael: Undecided Simms, Daniel: Des Moines Area Community College Simons, Sean: Des Moines Area Community College Simpson, Lily: University of Northern Iowa Singhal, Kunal: University of California, Los Angeles Sivac, Ajdina: Undecided Sivac, Ajla: Des Moines Area Community College Skaljic, Haris: Undecided Smajlovic, Meho: Undecided Smith, Abigail: Berklee College Smith, Deonte: Undecided Smith, Dylan: Undecided Smith, Eidith: Undecided Smith, Ella: Iowa State University Smith, Jackson: Undecided Smith, Phoebe: Undecided Smith-Bui, Kai: United States Navy SEAL Smithson, Ava: Minnestota State University Snyder, Riggen: University of Iowa Snyder, Samuel: Undecided Sokolowski, Nathan: Undecided Speedling, Brandon: Undecided Steffen, Anna: Undecided Sterling, Jonah: Undecided Stokes, Jordyn: Iowa State University Stokes, William: Iowa State University

Strang, Ty: University of Iowa Strobl, Rebekah: Des Moines Area Community College Studer, Calista: University of Northern Iowa Sturgeon, Leilah: Undecided Suah, Benether: University of Iowa Suarez Ochoa, Jennifer: PCI Academy Suresh, Arushi: Iowa State University Svitashev, Dasha: University of Wisconsin-Madison Swartzel, Rylee: Undecided Sweet, Kathryn: University of Arizona


Tafta, David: Undecided Tanke, Kade: Undecided Taylor, Janel: Iowa State University Taylor, Kassady: Iowa State University Teare, Madison: University of Iowa Tenpas, Aleah: University of Iowa Thielen, Trevor: Undecided Thomason, Isaac: Des Moines Area Community College Thompson, Jaeden: University of Northern Iowa Thompson, Marian: Undecided Thulstrup, Brooke: PCI Academy Till, Audrey: University of Northern Iowa To, Kristin: University of Iowa Tooman, Kennedy: Undecided Topolinski, Aidan: Undecided Tran, Caitlynn: Undecided Tran, Jaida: Undecided Tran, Kenny: Iowa State University Tran, Khai: Undecided Trenkamp, Lillian: University of Arizona Trost, Annika: University of Northern Iowa Trudeau, Dylan: Des Moines Area Community College Tu, Christopher: University of California Tufano, Matthew: Des Moines Area Community College Tyler, Theo: Undecided


Ung, Nathan: Iowa State University Urban, Alexis: University of Kansas Urie, Teghan: Undecided Uwamahoro, Fillette: Undecided


Van Roekel, Anna: University of Iowa Van Wyk, Allyah: Cosmetology School VanDenover, Ryan: Undecided Vatres, Samir: Electrician Vaughan, Bailey: Loras College Vaughn, Aidan: University of Iowa Verde, Victoria: Iowa State University Vergara, Jonah: Undecided Vis, Justin: Drake University Vriezelaar, Megan: Undecided


Wagner, Jacob: Undecided Wagner, Mark: Undecided Wall, Sarah: Undecided Watson, Venus: Des Moines Area Community College Wearmouth-Gweah, Maxwell: Simpson College Wearmouth-Gweah, Reginald: Simpson College Weggen, Gabriel: Undecided Welker, Grace: Undecided Wendl, Drake: Undecided Wessling, Evan: Undecided West, Connor: Undecided Whitlow, Brittney: Undecided Whitlow, Grace: Undecided Williams, Ariyon: Undecided Williams, Chloe: University of Iowa Williams, Kamille: Undecided Williams, Ralph: Undecided Williams, Tavian: Undecided Winkelman, Paige: University of Northern Iowa Wise, Adam: Florida State University Womacks, Addison: Iowa State University Woods, Aidan: Undecided Woodsmall, Jenna: Luther College Wooldridge, Zachary: Undecided Wozniczka, Eva: University of Iowa Wright, Cameron: Undecided


Yang, Patrick: Undecided York, Ethan: Undecided Young, Darrtavious: Undecided Young, Dontavious: Undecided Yuska, Colin: Iowa State University


Zahn, Allison: University of Iowa Zauva, Hmun: Undecided Zepeda, Randolph: Undecided Zhang, Brian: Undecided Zheng, woods: Undecided Zyzanski, Zachary: University of Iowa

18 | “There is no such thing as capping when you’re talking about ..

🎶fireflies🎶” -Alyssa Miner



Layout & Photos | Mae Glass & Noah Gilbert

Words | Jordyn Butler

Ariel Blackford

Mia Mattingly

Noah Martell

Donnie Henderson


and I’ve done tennis and student ambassadors all of high school.”


school, the Unaccompanied Minors since Sophomore year, and I just

since 7th grade, the musical since 11th grade, and participated in track my

Blackford said.



started doing drama my Senior year.” Martell said.

Freshman year.” Mattingly said.

said. He’s been involved in most of these sports since childhood.

riel Blackford has kept busy throughout her high school career, including soccer, tennis, and student ambassadors. “I’ve played soccer all my life, I started bowling this year,

and, choir, and the Unaccompanied Minors are just a couple of the activities that Noah Martell was involved in throughout high school. “I’ve been involved in band and choir all of high

ia Mattingly was involved in many activities within her high school career, including choir, show choir, the musical, and track. “I’ve been involved in choir since 6th grade, show choir

ootball, track, and wrestling are just a few of the sports that Donnie Henderson participated in within his high school career. “I did baseball my Sophomore and Junior year, show choir, football, and basket-

ball up until Sophomore year, and then switched to wrestling.” Henderson

Out of all her activities, bowling and tennis are the sports that

“One of the best things about being involved in band and choir was

Being a role model has always been an exciting thing for Mattingly, and

“My favorite memory from high school is definitely when we beat Dowling

provided her with the best memories. “The best thing about bowling

when we took trips,” Martell said. “It was always fun, and was a great

because of show choir, she was able to be a role model for tons of younger

in football,” he said. “It was amazing because all the teams I was a part of

is being able to play such a laid back sport and have a ton of fun,”

time to make memories with your friends”. Aside from the band and

students. “Being able to be someone that others look up to is just the coolest

were like different families. Every team had a family-like mentality and that

Blackford said. “And the best thing about tennis is being able to

choir trips, Martell says he’s going to miss getting to hang out with

thing!” Mattingly said.

was really rewarding to be a part of.”

play with the people you love and having a blast at each meet. I’ll

his friends. “Being in all these activities ensured I got to see and talk

miss being a part of a team, and the battle of trying to be better and

to my closest friends everyday at school”.

Although Mattingly was often busy, she found happiness and peace in her

With all the activities Henderson was involved in, he rarely found himself

activities. “The best thing about these activities is being able to use them

with nothing to do. “I’ll miss always being busy with sports. I’m gonna be so

Despite all the challenges that come with senior year, Martell shares

as creative outlets,” said Mattingly. “Show choir especially really helped me

bored this summer,” he said. “I’m gonna miss seeing my friends everyday.

Although high school is a long four years, Blackford still has things

that he’s going to miss high school. “I think I’ll miss the opportunities

become the person I am today. Whenever I had a bad day, I always felt at

Sports was a guarantee that I could do the things I love with the people I

she is going to miss. “I’m gonna miss laughing with my friends in the

the most,” Martell said. “High school gives you so many opportunities

home in show choir.”


hallway and just growing as a person here. I’ve been here my whole

to do the things you love, alongside the people you love doing them

life, so it’ll be sad to leave”.


improve everyday”.

Mattingly is planning to attend Iowa State next year for vocal performance.

Henderson is planning to attend college for sports. “If I don’t do that, I

“My advice for underclassmen is to stay involved and stay kind. You

plan to go to either Iowa State or University of Northern Iowa.” Henderson

Blackford is planning on attending Iowa State University to major

Martell is planning on attending DMACC for his Gen Eds, and then

will meet some of the greatest people in high school activities and those

said. “I’m hoping to become a teacher for either government or economics

in entrepreneurship and minor in graphic design. “I’m not really

transferring to ISU for CyberSecurity Engineering. “My advice is to

connections are so precious. Staying kind throughout high school is so

if sports doesn't work out.”

sure what I want to do with my life, I try to take things one day at a

have fun and study,” Martell said. “Learn the difference between the

important because you never know what other people are going through.

Although graduation has been a long time coming for Henderson, he still

time.” Blackford said. “My advice for the underclassman is that your

two. Do it now while it’s easier, so that you don’t have to take a ton of

Our world can be such a dark place and if you have an opportunity to be

has some advice for the younger students. “My advice for the underclass-

life will only be yours when you stop caring what others think. I’ve

classes your senior year and can’t have any fun at all”.

someone’s light, always take it!”

men is that there’s a difference between confidence and cocky, and everyone

wasted so many years worrying about what my friends and classmates thought of me. Embrace what makes you different. Also- just be nice to people. You are not better than anyone. Being judgemental will only isolate you from those you care about. Be open to others, and don’t be afraid to compliment someone!”

can see it.”

20 | “He doesn’t even know I’m haikuing” -Nathan Anderson

Thank You Letters Words | Macy Carmichael Layout | Alyssa Miner Beaver Creek, Mrs. Seybert Paige Winkelman: Dear Mrs.Seybert, “Thank you for helping me to grow into the person I am today. I remember your class so fondly. And thanks for teaching me to read because that seems kind of important.”

Johnston se niors reminis ce on their ch they begin ildhood as the next part of their live of us, kinderg s. For most arten shaped careers. We the rest of ou asked seniors to go back an r school their first sc d remember hool experien ces. Th write letters to their kinde ey took time to rgarten teac to thank th em for starti hers ng them off on their education jo urney.

Beaver Creek, Mrs. Hyde Annika Trost: Thank you Mrs.Hyde for being such a memorable and kind teacher. You are so obviously made to handle the young ones and do such an amazing job at welcoming them into their first year in school, and at Johnston. I still remember when my sister got to come into our class and read a book, I felt like the coolest girl in the world! Thank you for giving me opportunities like that and giving me the best start to 12 years at Johnston. You’re the best!

We Haikuing

Horizon, Mrs. Whitney Jackson Mueller: “Dear Mrs. Whitney, Thank you for believing in me during kindergarten.” Wallace, Ms. Steier Katrina Nguyen: Hello Ms. Steier, “I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was one of your kindergarten students back in 2009! I just wanted to thank you for being an influential foundation for my education. I learned so much and one of my favorite memories was helping you color sheet paper on bark to make our tree display in the hallway.” Thank you for everything you’ve done and are doing, others. Please continue to lead kids with that respect and kindness you gave me. Leaders like you are the ones who change the world. Sincerely, Ariel Blackford < 3”

Timber Ridge, Mrs. Spanhut McKenna Finneman: Hi Mrs. Spanhut, “I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for starting off my education. I had so much fun in your class! I hope that you have been well and are having a good school year. Jaeden told me that she is in your classroom this year helping out. I remember her and I became best friends in your class. It’s crazy that me and her have been close ever since. Thank you for making my kindergarten great! Have a great end of the school year!” Reggie Wearmouth-Gweah “Hello, this is Reggie. I am wanting to thank you for being a great teacher. You peaked my interest in our solar system and ancient cities like Pompeii. My general interest for science has been pretty high since then. But even though I’m not going to college for science, it was still lots of fun. Probably the most fun I’ve had in a class. Once again thank you.” Timber Ridge, Mrs. Swift Alina Causevic: “Thank you so much for creating such a positive environment for me to grow in. Being my first exposure to a school environment, you helped make the entire experience go great. You played a big influence in my love for school, and you no doubt continue to do that today. Once again, thank you!”

Wallace, Ms. Peterson Mia Mattingly: “Thank you for starting off my learning career in such a positive way. I remember loving kindergarten and meeting new friends and being in a loving and nurturing environment. Thank you for all you have done for not just me but all of your students. I am going to school next year to be a teacher, and I truly believe I chose this path because of the positive environment I was raised in. I hope to impact students lives just like you! Sending you so much love!” Beaver Creek, Mrs. Harmeyer Adam Cahill: “Thank you for everything Mrs. Harmeyer, you have lasted all of these years as my favorite teacher and will remain my favorite teacher forever . I can’t believe it’s been 12 years. I remember the first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday. I was so nervous walking into class because I didn’t know anyone or what to expect. But you made it so easy and fun and I’m so glad I was able to spend my kindergarten year in your class.From read aloud, to nap time and the one time I tried to scare my friends and knocked over stuff on top of the cubbies and hid in the bathroom! I seriously can’t believe it’s over and that was 12 years ago. And I cannot thank you enough for everything and being a crucial part in setting me up as the person I am today. I wish I could go back and relive it one more time. But anyways thank you so much Mrs. Harmeyer, I have been well and hopefully I can see you sometime soon before I go off to college.”

Area Of A Rhombus = PQ/2

Words | Nathan Anderson Layout | Alyssa Miner

“It was a wild ride Was a bunch of ups and downs I’ve had some good times” -Jaden Hansen ‘22 “Never read a book Every test was cheated Still will walk the stage” -Anonymous

“I quit band this year We need more diversity Too many small kids” -Ethan Le ‘22 “What a frickin town A bunch of faker people So glad to be here” -Caden Bishop ‘22

Lawson, Mrs. Small Joseph Durbala: “Your purple slips were never effective” Beaver Creek, Mrs. Lassen Kailee Shroyer: “Hi Mrs Lassen, wow it’s been 12 years since I was in kindergarten in your classroom. I remember this time that year I was waiting for my baby sister to come in a few weeks. Crazy how time flies! I hope you are doing well. Thank you for being such a great teacher, cause I know I was not the best student in kindergarten. I promise I am way better now (lol). I like to think that you helped me become the person I am today and I wouldn’t be where I am without an amazing first teacher like you!”

We asked seniors to write a Haiku, on the spot, about their time at JHS. These were the poems..

“I had some fun times Will miss it when I’m gone, but Frick this place sometimes” -Zach Keyhoe ‘22

“I have broke my leg My friends kept me in spirit Freinds are all you need” -Dominic Cardwell ‘22

“It’s been three long years The time has flown by quickly I don’t know what else” -Emma Dummermuth ‘22 “Too much stuff to do Not preparing for college All I got is friends” -Mia Anderson ‘22

“My sign said deez nuts High School is what you make of it Refridgerator” -Maren Rasmussen ‘22

“I learned a lot more here in my childhood than I did online ever” -Jake Jordan ‘22


b2= + a2 b + x y=m

d=√(x₁ – x₂)² + (y₁ – y₂)²

22 | “Auto-Bots, roll out.” -Noaln Akins

Inevitable Goodbyes Underclassmen Send Off Senior Friends

the transition and with the stuff that I went

the various schools she will be going to in

too.” Similarly, Woodsmall speaks about

through in junior and sophomore year.”

order to watch her now-former teammates

her plans of staying in touch joking about

Jenna Woodsmall ‘22 describes the friendships

play college basketball. She says “I plan to

making appearances back at the high school.

as a “new perspective”. Woodsmall says that

With a laugh, she says “I’ll just pull up at

she has learned more about herself from the

lunch someday”. Woodsmall then describes


her legitimate plans, saying “I hope to come

Seniors often have mixed feelings over their impending departure. All seniors interviewed got visibly excited and spoke of their plans for the future with a glint of hope and optimism. Still, it’s not easy leaving behind what you have known for years. Musgrave describes this duality by saying “I’m excited but I’m gonna miss the environment of the high school”. Trost adds to this idea by saying with an exaggerated cry, “I love all the juniors and so many sophomores too. I’m going to cry!” The goodbyes are typically harder on the underclassmen, as some describe being left behind. Tanke says “I’m very sad that they are gonna be leaving and I won’t get to see them, but a lot of them are staying close so I’ll keep in touch.” For students like Tanke, who describes school as a “waste of time”, it’s difficult to watch your best friends be able to move on and leave. In addition to this, feelings of sadness are common when saying

Words | Tatum Bremner Layout | Allison Christensen


s the end of senior year approaches,

Trost goes on to say that in addition to

many graduates struggle to make it

show choir, she’s met many younger friends

to first period, finalize future plans,

through other activities such as cross country

and desperately attempt to finish classes with a passing grade. Perhaps the most daunting threat that hangs over seniors’ heads is inevitable goodbyes. Friendships




underclassmen are common. Students can thank class seating charts, school sports, and an array of after-school activities for these unlikely friendships. “I met my upperclassmen friends through track and cross country and student council, and also just through mutual friends.” Kate Rastetter ‘24 says. Rastetter is not alone in meeting friends through school sports. Courtney Sweet ‘24 says “I met a ton of friends through show choir.” Show choir seems like a common theme for the bonds to begin, as both seniors Annika Trost and Greta

“Yeah, they’re great role models. They really give me someone to look up to.” -Aili Tanke ‘24

and choir. No matter how they meet, it is safe to say there’s an abundance of “age gap” friendships in





underclassmen and seniors are beneficial for both parties involved. Older friends are seen as role models and provide a leadership position for the new-to-high school sophomores. The friendships also give opportunities for advice and provide new experiences . Aili Tanke ‘24 says “Yeah, they’re great role models. They really give me someone to look up to.” The symbiotic relationship benefits seniors as they are often introduced to new groups. Older friends also benefit from these friendships by experiencing a leadership mentality and retaining new valuable lessons. Graduating senior Trost says “I love getting

Musgrave yell out “Show choir!” when asked

to know the underclassmen and hanging

where they met the most underclassmen.

out with them, and helping them out with

“I love all the juniors and so many sophomores too. I’m going to cry!” -Annika Trost ‘22

back and run occasionally over the summer. And like if there’s any alumni events, just like with the cross country people I’d like to stay in touch. And then there’s always social media.” Even when friends are leaving across the country or further, students can always fall back on social media to keep in touch with one another. Grace Anderson ‘23 expresses the comfort she receives from knowing her friends will only be a call away, saying “I have their numbers and I have social media and everything, so I’m sure it will be fine.” Sweet, whose sister Katie Sweet ‘22 will be graduating and moving to Arizona, also shares this attitude. She says that when she can’t be physically with Katie, they will stay close by calling and texting. It’s safe to say the annual goodbyes to seniors are difficult for everyone involved. This summer instead of dwelling on the

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