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PAGE 1 (4 PANELS) PANEL 1 EXTERIOR: THE OSCORP BUILDING Vertical panoramic shot. I felt that this prologue should be a part of the story after I wrote the original plot with a different beginning. This scene is meant to give background into how the alien symbiotes came into Norman Osborn's possession in this alternative reality. Our first panel is an exterior shot of the Oscorp building at night. I'll let the artist decide the look of the architecture and company logo as long as the caption goes at the top of the panel. 1. CAPTION: OSCORP. PANEL 2 INTERIOR: AN OSCORP CORRIDOR Before going on to this panel's description, I wish to point out that most characters look similar to their counterparts in the normal Marvel Universe in my mind unless indicated otherwise. However, if the artist wants to make some changes to their looks, I'm all for that so long as the art feels like some of the classic Marvel books of the Silver and Bronze Ages. Medium shot beside panel one. A portrait of Norman Osborn hangs on the wall as Norman himself walks through. The painting shows a more robust, athletic and healthy looking man while the actual Norman is currently very ill and frail. PANEL 3 INTERIOR: MENDEL STROMM'S OSCORP LABORATORY Medium shot under panel two. Osborn enters Mendel Stromm's laboratory. Stromm greets Norman, who is facing the reader. Norman's features seem gaunter and ravaged by whatever is ailing him as the camera gets a better view of him. A metal door and some equipment are in the background. 3. STROMM: SORRY TO CALL YOU SO LATE, NORMAN, BUT WE'VE MADE A BREAKTHROUGH. PANEL 4 Medium shot under panel three. Norman follows Stromm into another part of the lab. 4. STROMM: AS YOU RECALL, OSCORP FUNDED A SPACE MISSION SOME TIME AGO.

PAGE 2 (6 PANELS) PANEL 1 Medium shot. Both Norman and Stromm are facing the reader and a computer monitor. 1. STROMM: THE MEN AND WOMEN ON THAT MISSION FOUND SOMETHING INTERESTING. PANEL 2 Medium shot beside panel one. Norman is in right profile looking into a microscope as Stromm continues to speak with his back to the reader. 2. STROMM: AS YOU CAN SEE, I EXPOSED SOME OF YOUR BLOOD SAMPLES TO THIS UNUSUAL DISCOVERY. PANEL 3 Medium shot under panel one. Norman sits in the chair near the microscope's table. 3. NORMAN: THAT CAN'T BE MY BLOOD. THERE'S NO TRACE OF THE VIRUS. PANEL 4 Medium shot beside panel three. Camera has turned to Stromm as Norman remains in the chair. 4. STROMM: OH, BUT IT IS, NORMAN. PANEL 5 Medium shot under panel three. Camera returns to Norman, who looks happy but concerned. 5. NORMAN: WHAT'S IN THIS SAMPLE, MENDEL? PANEL 6 Medium shot beside panel five. We now see Mendel Stromm with a hypodermic needle in his right hand. It contains a green tar-like ooze. Stromm looks overjoyed while he shows his serum to Norman. 6. STROMM: A CURE FROM THE STARS.

PAGE 3 (SPLASH PAGE) PANEL 1 EXTERIOR: MIDTOWN HIGH SCHOOL This page should be a tribute to the first page of Spider-Man's debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 with a set-up similar to that. We see Peter Parker watching as the popular kids, including Sally Avril, Flash Thompson and Liz Allen, are talking about the school dance. Fashions will obviously be different, but we basically see the opening of AF #15. Peter is wearing glasses as he did at the start of his career as the Wall Crawler. The narration caption and should be placed in the same area as Amazing Fantasy. The title should be written in the early Marvel style with Spider-Man's name written in a font like it was in his first appearance. However, it should be colored black instead of red. There is the shadow of Spidey behind Peter as there was in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's classic tale, but this time, he's dressed in the black costume. Caption one should go under the title while the second one is to be placed under Peter. 1. TITLE: SPIDER-MAN: BLACK 2. CAPTION 1: EVERY STORY HAS A BEGINNING. 3. SALLY: HEY, MAYBE PETER PARKER CAN HELP WITH THE DANCE. 4. LIZ: I DUNNO, SALLY... 5. FLASH: LIZ IS RIGHT. PUNY PARKER WOULD JUST TURN EVERYTHING INTO SOME WEIRD SCIENCE EXPERIMENT. 6. CAPTION 2: THIS ONE IS FAMILIAR TO MANY...

PAGE 4 (2 PANELS) PANEL 1 Panoramic shot. Peter really isn't the loner he was in the early Lee/Ditko years. He has his circle of friends consisting of Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn. This version of those characters is different in that they, like Peter, they are considered nerds. The pair of girls and Harry are walking toward Peter. 1. CAPTION: YET, SOME THINGS IN IT ARE VERY DIFFERENT. 2. HARRY: DON'T LET THAT BIG APE GET TO YOU, PETE. 3. GWEN: HE'S THE POSTER CHILD FOR JUVENILE DELINGUENCY. JUST ASK MY DAD. 4. MARY JANE: GUYS, THE BUS WILL BE HERE SOON... PANEL 2 INTERTIOR: OSCORP'S MAIN AUDITRIUM Large panoramic shot under panel one. We have a security camera angle bird's eye view of scientists and workmen putting machines and displays in an exhibition room. Doctors Otto Octavius and Curt Connors, better known as Doctor Octopus and the Lizard in the Marvel Universe, are helping to set up everything. Among the aforementioned displays are some genetically altered spiders with tiger striped markings and some black space rocks to the left of the arachnids. A healthier looking Norman Osborn is in the center of the image overseeing the work. 5. CAPTION/MARY JANE: ...TO TAKE US TO OSCORP. 6. NORMAN: HURRY UP! THOSE MIDTOWN KIDS WILL BE HERE SOON!

PAGE 5 (6 PANELS) PANEL 1 Medium shot. Connors and Octavius, backs to the reader, approach Norman. 1. OCTAVIUS: RELAX, NORMAN. WE'RE WELL AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. 2. CONNORS: AND EVERYTHING'S NEARLY IN ORDER. PANEL 2 Close-up beside panel one. We see a slightly irritated Norman in this image. 3. NORMAN: SEE THAT IT IS! PANEL 3 Close-up beside panel two. Now, we see Curt Connors' missing right arm. 4. NORMAN: (OFF PANEL) AFTER ALL, WE WOULDN'T WANT ANYONE TO LOSE A LIMB OR ANYTHING! PANEL 4 INTERIOR: A CORRIDOR IN OSCORP Close-up under panel one. Norman has left the room. He is holding his head as if he is in pain. His nose is also bleeding slightly. 5. NORMAN: HEAD'S THROBBING. PANEL 5 Close-up beside panel four. This is a frontal shot of Mendel Stromm's face. 6. STROMM: BECAUSE YOU'RE LATE FOR YOUR TREATMENT, NORMAN. PANEL 6 INTERIOR: MENDEL STROMM'S LABORATORY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE

PAGE 5 CONTINUED Medium shot beside panel five. Norman is shirtless with his back to the reader as he sits on an examination table. Stromm is in front of him pressing some buttons on a nearby control panel. 7. STROMM: THIS WON'T TAKE LONG.

Spider-Man Black Sample  

A sample of a comic script I've been working on for fun.