The Story of Santa's Beard

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The Story of

By Sharon Thayer Illustrations by Marci Chambers and Frank Pryor

This book is dedicated to those who believe in hope, in dreams, and in Santa Claus. To my family, friends, and all the encouraging people along my path, thank you for believing in me!

The Story of

By Sharon Thayer Illustrations by Marci Chambers and Frank Pryor

Santa’s beard is white as the North Pole snow. And when little boys and girls are good,

well, that beard of his, it starts to grow.

It grows a little when you play fair and every day you remember to share.

It grows more when you help in special ways and make someone smile every day.

It twists and curls down his chest, when you work hard to do your best.

It grows when you do as you’ve been told and respect people who’ve grown wise and old.

When you tell the truth today, when a lie would be so easy to say –

oh, how Santa loves when it grows that way.

It grows a lot as you help around the house

and are very quiet when someone’s sleeping on the couch.

Santa’s beard is growing when you’re not aware, especially at night, when he hears you say your prayers.

It grew down past his belt when you learned that winning isn’t all,

and to get up and try again, every time you fall.

It grew all night and kept Santa awake, the day you learned to give more than you take.

When you did that job without pay, the work was hard, but you did it anyway.

That made Santa’s beard grow so long, it started getting in his way.

With so many good girls and boys,

that old beard kept growing, until he couldn’t make the toys.

Long curls of beard tangled ‘round his boots as he walked, and it got so heavy, he could hardly even talk. Santa did not know what to do – he loved his beard. It reminded him how good you’d been all through the year.

Late one night, every single elf and Mrs. Claus too, had a secret meeting to figure out what to do.

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