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HIGHLAND PARK HIGH SCHOOL C LA.8S REUNION 1961 - 1971 V.F.W. Hall 129 S. Broadway Mt. Clemens, Mich. J"(JNE12, 1971


The Reunion committee wishes to thank the following organizations and individuals for their help and donations. Without their aid, this Reunion could not have become a reality. Anyone, whose name is not mentioned below, but who has lent a helping hand in making this year's Reunion possible, accept the thanks and deepest gratitude from all of us. THE COMMITTEE Mary Cooper McClary Diane Black Cook Betty Taylor Brown Cynthia Gilmore Swears Judy Kindred Peagram Judy Restum Dunn Celia Hill Marilynn Crowe Seehase Barbara Howkins Ratkiewicz American Arts & Recreation 31691 Dequindre Madison Heights, Mich.

Janet Ridey Allor (Assistance in typing & Mimeographing)

Restum Brothers Market 2900 Third Street Detroit, Michigan

Clifford Brown, Xerox Corporatio~

Dunns' Hair Fashion 29698 Dequindre, Warren 39612 John R., V~dison Heights


Midland School Highland Park, Mich. Richard Guccini, Printer 326 E. Cambourne Ferndale, Mich. The Highland Parker Highland Park, Mich. WKNR Radio Station WJR Radio Station WXYZ Radio Station



Highland Park we hail to thee we are ever true through the years we sing glad praise to the white and blue times may change but memories grow dear old days gone by hail to thee our honored school we hold your banner high Fight on, oh fight on H.P. get that ball knock them for a loss, oh for a loss and when the crowd starts cheering foes are fearing watch us go so cheer boys cheer on with H.P. and H.P. horray we are the Polar Bears Victory will hold our banner up high if we fight on we're bound to win!

HI, HI, HI GH L A, LA., LA ND P A., PA, PA RK H , I * G * H * L * Yeah ..






* N * D




DO YOU REMEMBER THESE 1961 RECORD HITS? (Per American Popular Songs of 1961, Re. Detroit Library) Big Bad John Exodus The Lion Sleeps Tonight Love Makes the World Go 'Round Moon River Where the Boys Are Can't Help Falling in Love With You Chapple by the Sea Sherry Adios My Love Elephant Walk Barbara Ann Bor n to Wander Bristol Stomp California Sun Calendar Girl Daddy t s Home Duke of Earl Dum-Dum Walk on the Wilds ide Walk on By Transistor Sister Town Without Pitty Tosin & Turnin Tie your Kangaroo Down Oldies but Goodies Pepermint Tvlist Etc., Etc., Etc.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Many people have asked how many graduates in each class - January had 105 and June 264. We located all but 21 people in the January class, but could not locate (approximately) 122 persons from June. The Highland Parker published a "Missing Personsll list for us, however, we had very little response.


"THOSE WERE THE DAYS MY FRIENDS, WE THOUGHT THEY'D NEVER END" •.•...... But somehow they did, and here we are ten years later, ten pounds heavier (?) maybe only ten dollars richer, but undoubtedly ten times wiser 0

Remember how happy we were to be, students at last at good old H.P. Button-down collars, Burmuda shorts, white wool socks, oh we were such sports! Different problems arose with all our new classes, and to add to confusion, we had to show passes. White slips, pink slips, forged notes you bet - how hard it was to get out for a cigaretteo Algebra, English, History and then; Geometry, Chemistry, Language and Gym. Kellogg, Conrad, Daas and Hiller, Hixson, Phenix, Solomon and Miller. Fraser, Paulsen, Morgan and Toy, Barnhart, Blanock, and Madame Roy. Williams, Smink, Thomas and Wright, Hayden, Martin, Boze and Knight. Some of these teachers we'll never forget (even though we'd like to, we haven't quite yet!). Remember the Pizzerama, French Fries and Cokes, the Juke box, the gossip, and a few bad jokes. Does anyone still go out to the Pole? remember that as a goal?

To park on the "cool side",

Pile kids in the car, one by one, but you had to move fast so you could ride gun. Our lingo was funny, if you'll remerrber we had - "say what", "you're in itll, "that's t ough'! , "cool" and "bad". Spectator papers and a loud pep rally, combinations on lockers in Tin Pan Alley. The basketball games were always a thrill. time" to Bobby Jo Hill?

Remember yelling "show

Our first dates, our last dates, I guess we'll never forget, the hayrides, the parties, the people we met. r

Our Washington trip, our Senior Prom. days are all gone.

It's hard to realize those

We can only remember now and look back on those days and hope that our children will have such memories to praise. Yes the e

quickly came to those four special years, we all said (continued) ••.••••

farewells with eyes full of tears. Until we get together for our 20th year (?), I wish you sincerely, LASTING



Barb Howkins Ratkiewicz


If you will try keeping in touch \'/i th me regarding any changes in addresses (or just remember my last name.), we'll certainly try getting together for our 20th. year Reunion. (We'll be almost 40!! - what a horrible thought .... it was hard enough getting up the nerve to come at 28!).


DIRECTORY NOTE: The following addresses were obtained approximately 6 months prior to the Reunion, consequently, some may now be obsolete. Also, tHis list does not represent the entire class - only the persons we were able to locate. 1

Jim Abraham 18218 Asbury Dr. Detroit, Mich.

Robert Bogrette 1324 New Life Lane Rochester, Mich.

Carol Aiken 19086 Chapel, Apt. 4 Detroit, Mich.

Doug Booker 27701 Lennox, Apt. 201 Madison Heights, -1 ch ,

Thomas Armstead 3265 Boston, Apt. B-7 Detroit, Mich.

Barbara Bookout (Towell) 31023 Marilyn Warren, Mich.

Betty Artero (Murphree) 3610 Parent Warren, Mich. 48092

Mary Botkins (Colley) 1515 Rhodes Lake Orion, Mich.

Don Atkinson 19212 Omira Detroit, Mich.

Sandra Bradley 241 Glendale Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Diane Black (Cook) 527 S. Kenwood Royal Oak, Mich. 398-7039

John Breck 206 Farrand Park Highland Park, Mich. 48203 398-2219

Carmela Baleja (Hlavatz) 3655 Poplar Warren, Mich.

Doreen Browne (Raytis) 18858 James Towne Cr. Northville, Mich. 1-349-0394

Joe Barnes 1191 E. Lincoln Birmingham, Mich.

Juanita Browning (Hollander) 33 Grenwich St. New York, New York

Bill Blackwell (Judy Longley) 5050 Rockdale Court Sterling Heights, Mich.

Gwen Bryant 7405 Curtis Detroit, Mich.

Richard Blough 2262 Crooks, Apt. 32 Troy, Mich.

Alice Burke (S~ith) 25416 Don Cea Dr. Warren, Mich. 48091 759-2209

Mathew Blount 16140 LaSalle Detroit, Mich.


Dan Calucci 250 Colorado Highland Park, Mich. 48203

M~rvin Clendenan 50 Portage Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Sheary Campbell (Lederman) 1116 North Maule Royal Oak, Mich. 48068

Tom Cole 13729 Lincoln Highland Park, Mich. 48203


547-3824 David Coleman 156 Puritan Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Richard Cardeccia 13077 Rosemary Detroit, Mich.


Eleanor Coleman (Campbell) 18405 Cherrylawn Detroit, Mich.

Herman Carter 16811 Washburn Detroit, Mich.

Irma Collins

40 A.valon Tom Carter 9959 Sussex Detroit, Mich.

837-0802 Connie Cephus (Lott) 3651 Oakman, Apt. 204 Detroit, Mich. Barbara Chaffin (Jamsek)

Highland Park, Mich. 48203 Mary Cooper (McClary) 18278 Manor Detroit, Mich.

342-7662 Phil Copeland Route #1 Wingo, Kentucky

30050 Cusino Drive Warren, Mich.

751-5354 Claudia Chapman (Ludvigh) 952 Fountain Ann Arbor, Mich. 48103

769-4339 Jir[.Chapple 138 Glendale, Apt. 201 Highland Park, Mich. 48203 Robert Cionca 31 Drummond Drive Green Hills, Ohio 45218

John Cowan c/o J. Chapple 138 Glendale, Apt. 201 Highland Park, Mich. 48203 Robert Cox 161 Highland, Apt. 109 Highland Park, Mich. 48203 Jim Crouchman (Sandra Tarr) 60 E. Greendale DetrOit,. Mich.

547-5080 Marilynn Crowe (Seehase) 83 Moross Road Mt. Clemens, Mich. 48043



Chester Crump 9110 Appoline Detroit, Mich.

Steve Dostie 3118 Garden Royal Oak, Mich.

Willene Cummings (Groves) 19776 Lindsay Detroit, Mich. 48235

60413 Hawthorne

Gertrude Curry (Smith) 9601 Yellowstone Detroit, Mich.

Milton Downes 16044 Edward Highland [ark, Mich. 48203

Ronald Dage 132 Geneva Highland Park, Mich. 48203

2094 Belmont

Larry Dove Detroit, Mich.

Judy Drennon (Hackney) Hamtramck, Mich. 48212


Amira Daisa 26540 Warner Warren, Mich.

James "Max " Dunn (Judy Re st um) 2733 Common Road Warren, Mich.



Andy Dalpizzol 2799 Ellwood Berkley, Mich.

Lance Duvall P.O. Box 5437 Clemson University Station Clemson, South Carolina 29631

Rose Mary Dalpizzol 908 Smith Birmingham, Mich.

Lynn Elliott (Grimes)

2321 Shanee Court Okemos, Mich. 48864

Vernon Daniels 232 North Wyandotte, Mich.

John Ensley

29 McLean

Robert Davidge 32084 Dolly Madison Apt. G-Bldg. 9 North Madison Heights, Mich.

Highland Park, Mich. 48203


Rodney Face 32 Pilgrim Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Jesse Delvin 9918 Chenlot Detroit, Hich.

Steve Fairman (Marilyn Afdahl) 13302 Kingston Huntington Wds., Mich.




28633 Kirkside Lane Farmington, Mich. 48024 477-2871

James Farless 1952 Chestnut Dearborn, Mich.


Sharon Fillinger (Cavalier) 11500 Joslyn Sterling Heights, Mich.

Margaret Grimshaw (Stone) 767 St. Louis Ferndale, Mich. 48220

Sharon Finch c/o 2164 Penobscott Building Detroit, Michigan

Marcella Grogan c/o 13100 Warden Gregory, Mich. 48137

Ben Ford 12934 Trumbull Highland Park, Nich. 48203

Chuck Gust 243 Eason Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Karen Fraser (Strong) 1456 Dorothea Berkley, Mich. 48072

Paulette Morton (Hamilton) 18491 Ohio Detroit, Mich.

Mary Kay Fraser (Teacher at H.F.) 1046 Eaton Drive Berkley, Mich. 48072

Linda Hamood (Kuczaj) '62 class 27582 Fairfield Warren, Mich.

Kenny Gassam 91 Puritan Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Sue Hamsey 60 Winona Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Janice Gedekian (Moscato) 79 South Allen, Apt. 2 Pasadena, California 91106

Robert Hardy 203 Haddrell Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

Ron George 20112 Willoltlich Southfield, Mich.

Fred Hashim 15355 Westbrook Detroit, Mich. 48223 KE-78027

Cynthia Gilmore (Swears) 55 Char levoix Clawson, Mich. 48017 Richard Girardo 1524 E. Renee' Street Midland, Mich. 48640 Shirley Goin (Gentile) 3106 Garrick Warren, Mich. 756-7292

Bill Haskins 1637 E. Meyers Hazel Park, Mich. Larry Heath 1218 E. Kalama Madison Heights, Nich. 48071 Robert Hennessey 258 E. 12 Mile Road Royal Oak, Mich. 543-8420

Earl Gotts 6607 Theisan Dearborn, Mich. 48126


Celia Hill 17406 Ilene Detroit, Mich. 48221

Herman Johnson 301 W. Buena Vista Highland P~rk, Mich. 48203

Pat'Hill (Donaldson) 20527 Sunderland Detroit, Mich. 48219

John Johnson (Agnes Linna) 30208 Winthrop .sss- 87(.,tJ Madison Heights, Mich. 48071

Gary Hillier 28033 Liberty Warren, Mich. 759-1513

Larry Jose 511 Fayette Jonesville, Mich. 49250

Frank Heopfner 3121 Elstead ontiac, Mich. Ovetta Horn (Williams) 6705 31st Street Tampa, Florida Jacque Howell (Sawicki) 11352 Saar Dr. Utica). Mich. 731-0~08 Barbara Howkins (RatkieY1icz) 153 West Baker Clawson, lich. 48017 588-4240 Valerie Hudspeth 24468 Buchanon Cr. Apt. 1870 Farmington, Mich. Annie Hughley (Kelly) 16023 Curtis Detroit, Mich. 838-8932 Margie Igrison (Bostrom) 18515 Blackmoor Detroit, Mich. 48234 527-3365 Robert Jerome 2517 Tarry Drive Sterling Heights, Mich.

Michael Joseph 3940 Rolf Warren, Mich. Victor Joubrun 24362 Rensselaer Oak Park, Mich. Jeff Jouppi 1011 Windemere Royal Oak, Mich. 588-4687 Don Kalfayan 1815 Moffatt Rd. Leonard, Mich. 1-628-4306 Edward Kalish 49 Church Street Highland Park, Mich. 48203 883-1893 Richard Kasem 23411 Fenkel, Apt. 36 Detroit, Mich. 533-1809 Phyliss Kaufman (Andres) 19455 High Lite Dr. Mt. Clemens, Mich. 48043 Richard Kazarian 27818 Marilyn Warren). Mich. 756-56~6


Fred Kelly

605 Edison Detroit ~ Mich.

868-'108~ Mike Kelly 322 Rhode Island Royal Oak, Mich.

398-7994 Tom Killala

4163 Stotts Riverside, California 92503 Charles Kimmins 146 Grove Highland Park, Mich. 48203 Judy Kindred (Peagram) 22731 Ulrich Mt. Clemens, Mich.

468-4374 Doug Kosley 20277 Ann Chester Detroi t, hch.

538-6936 Tom Kuehn 15787 Biltmore Detroit, .ich. 48227


Sally McCormick c/o 55 McLean Highland Park, Mich. 48203 Lilly McClary

94 North Highland Park, Mich. 48203 Gwen Mac Intyre 103 Cedarhurst Detroit, Mich. Ron Maksymetz 1895 E. Grand Boulevard Detroit, Mich.

571-2942 Bob Maloney 2129 Academy Dearborn, Mich.

561-8497 Tom Maloney 17159 St. Marys Detroit, Mich. 48235 Lula Martin

350 Ford Highland Fark, Mich. 48203 Nancy McDonald (Candla) c/o 61 Cortland Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Jean Larson ~ale)


W. Max Low

Jim McNaughton

Hazel Park, Mich.

2368 Isabell


Troy, Mich.

Timmi Lenzing (Somer) 10100 Metcalf Yale, Mich. 48097 Bert Lerchen 35846 Little Mack Mt. Clemens, Mich.

689-0402 Jeff Meyers 35169 Dearing Sterling Heights, Mich.



Rich Mick 2229 North Wilson Royal Oak, l'1ich.

Jim Leslie


31 Glendale Highland Park, Mich. 48203 La"Wrence Leverett 15395 Prarie, Apt. 10 Detroit, Mich. 48238


George Mihertadian 118 Smith Pleasanton, Texas


~1ary Minervini c/o Helena's Beauty Shop 16526 Woodward Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Mike Pitton 141 Florence Highland Park, Mich. 48203


Dexter Points (Curwood) 14667 Greenlawn Detroit, Mich.

Diane Mitchell 2lt3 Pilgrim Highland Park, Mich. 48203 866-0613

Michael Pride 1585 LaBelle Detroit, Mich.

Mary Mitchell (Morgan) Box 245 -Iu:::,t s mi t h li. F •B• Michigan 48753 Jarol Morgan (Stadler) 27\J27 Winslow -:3t'ren,Mich. 48092 ~orraine Moskaitis Cassani ~301 Mark Orr rtoyal Oak, Mich. 48073 l' to Ifullins

1253 Kirts rroy, Nich. 48084

Jim Reeves 12016 Forrer Detroit, MicU. Edna Restum (lilowan) 7725 Normille Dearborn, Mich. 48126 Madolyn Richardson 11803 Russell Detroit, Mich. Janet Ridey (lillor) 5036 Yorkshire Detroit, Mich. 885-9209

Ja':1esMurphy (linnCato) c/o Frederick Jasmer, Atty. 350C Guardian Building .!)etroit,Mich. 963- 3:;32

Sharon Robertson (Krosec) 119 Midland Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Peter Nothstein r:--; ur i t an Hi~li::.. ...• nd Park, Mich. 48203

John Rhodes 330 Richton Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Peterson 1600 E. Hillside Heritage E. lipartments Apt. #31 .oomington, Indiana 47401

Ray Roman 13823 Sherman Warren, Mich. 48089



Christine Phifer J~898 Sorrento ~etroit, Mich. 48231 Bon~ie Pickard (Bortz) 175~6 Grandville Letroit, Mich. KE-26256

Ken RosIer (Nancy Dodson) 11521 Whitehill Detroit, Mich. 521-7332 Mallie Ross 56 North Highland Fark, Mich. 48203

Julia Pillon (West) 242~- Bellfield Kettering, Ohio 45420 -13-

Larry Smith (Bonnie Kemp) 2182 South Livernois Rochester, Mich. 1-651-962b

Gary Roettger 7605 Margaret Taylor, Mich. 48180 Rob Roy" 472 Tuttle Grand Rapids, Hich.

Nancy Hall (Smith) 73 E. Buena Vista Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Ilene Roukonen (Bartenback) 47314 Phillips Shelby/Utica, Mich. 48087

Carol Snabb 29COO Lancaster Apt. 86 Livonia, Nich.

Aurellia Russell ~ashkot) 26769 West Hill Drive Inkster, Mich. 48141 563-9350

Jim Spelich 20-70-3 West 20th Street Long Beach, California 90810

Marion Russel 15476 Snowden Detroit, Mich.

Alice Stafford (Roupp) 27651 Santa Barbara Lathrup Villaee, Mich.

Rick Sabo 3801 Elmhurst Royal Oak, Mich. 549-5181

Jack Stanley 134 Pilgrim Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Ruth Salton 19919 Lahser Detroit, Mich.

Hurvie Starks 2830 131st street Apart. #3 Toledo, Ohio 43611

Fred Sarmiento 20318 Dubois Mt. Clemens, Mich.

John Stevenson 40 Glendale Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Bill Sarver 231 Florence Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Elliott Stitt 15395 Prarie, Apt. 5 Detroit, Michigan 342-7650

Al Schabel 114 Candler Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Lois Stock (Metzger) 15880 Cheyenne Detroit, Mich.

Susan Shurish 11114 Midd1ebelt Livonia, Mich.

Carol Stojanovich 11285 Olive Warren, Mich. 755-9015

Doug Smith (Sue Hennigan) 8057 Lamphere Detroit, Hich. 562-6685



Richard Stonehouse 160 Richton Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Bill Vestevich 227 Louise Highland Park, Mich. 48203

. r

Robert Stonier 7568 Hudson Warren, Mich. 48092

Susan Vieira (Burkhart) 3532 La Manna Sterling Heights, Mich.



Rick Strand 1770 Pacific Apt, 304 San Francisco, @alifornia 94109

Margie Vogan (Lucansky) 801 De\oJey Evanston, Illinois 60202

Kayte Street (Buell) West Haven Estate

Roslyn Westbrook (Emanuel) 70 W. Alexandrine Detroit, Mich.

R. R.



Warsaw, Indiana 46580 Carlon Whitworth Pricilla Sweina (Burkovich) 24232 Jo Ann \!Jarren,Mich. 4~091

8601 Troy


Virgihia Whitworth 10040 Troy Oak Park, :Mich.

Oak Park, Mich.

Nancy Hall (Sweinhart) 3029 Mar shall S. v, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103

Delora Wieman 23814 Thomas Warren, Mich.

Beverly Talton (Parker) 15506 Hartwell Detroit, Mich.

Diane Wigle (Czar) 721 North Alexander Royal Oak, Mich. 48067

Betty Taylor (Brown) 29658 Orvylle Dr. Warren, Mich. 48092

398-0244 Carolyn Williams 13727 Trumbul Highland Park, Mich. 48203

Carolyn Tharpe (Swadder) 508 Highland Sheffield, Alabama 35660 Tony (Robert) Turner 504 Holiday Gree rrt own , Indiana 40936

Rudene Williams (Bryant) 128 ltJinona Highland Park, Mich. 48203 I

Shirley Williams (Anderson) 14586 Greenlawn Detroit, Mich.

Barbara Valesano (Burkholder) 23213 Greencrest Drive St. Clair Shores, Mich.


Sharon Wilson 35 Brighton Highland Park, Mich. 48203


James Wolfe 12558 Wilshire Detroitf Mich.


A.rthur Wrenn 27517 Larry Roseville, Mich. 48066 Richard Wright 200 Tuxedo Highland Park, Mich. 48203 Mary Wynn (McMann) 34462 W. 9 Mile Farmington, Mich. 476-1982 Jacque York (Schmidt) 18490 James To~ne Cr. Northville, Mich. Kathy Young (Schwaag ) 109 Rhode Island Highland Park, Mich. 48203 Marilyn Zachary (Jacoby) 2032 Dela~are Berkley, California 97409


QUESTIONNAIRE INFORMATION A number of questionnaires were not returned. The following information was taken from the ones we received in time for " printing. Betty Artero (Murphree) Warren, Mich. homemaker Married Wayne Mur hree also from Highland Park, who is a Journeyman in sheet metal and works for J.N.R. Heating & Air Conditioning in Troy. Betty and Wayne have 3 girls (Susan, Donna and Lisa, ages 10, 8, and 6l Betty is very active in numerous organizations, i.e. Warren Jaycee Auxiliary, church, Marshall P.T.A., Cancer Society, Girl Scouts, Citizen's Advisory Committee and has received the "Outstand i ng Young Women" award for the city of Warren (1970-71). Her hobbies include bowling, sewing, gardening, cooking and crafts. \Alayne is Vice President of the Warren Jaycees and also active in community affairs. He is a volunteer sponsor for a 17 year old first offender, on a "big brother" basis. Carmela Baleja (Hlavatz) Warren, Mich. homemaker Married Michael Hlavatz, Fitzgerald High School, who is a Die Maker. Carmela and Michael have a boy (Vincent 9-1/2)and a girl (Christina 7-1/2). Mike loves motorcycles. Vincent is in little league baseball. Carmell 's hobbies include bowling and decoupage. Diane Black (Cook) Royal Oak, Mich. - "Domestic Engineer" Married John Cook, also from Highland Park High (June/60). Diane and John h ve 3 children, a girl nd two boys. Colleen Michelle is 8, Keith Garret is 6 and Jeffrey Gordon is 18 months. Diane is President of her bowling league. Billy Blackwell (& Judy Longley) Bill and Judy live in Sterling Heights. Bill is a General Foreman at Chrysler's Hamtramck Assembly. Bill and Judy have four (4!) children and are expecting one in August. They have 3 girls and a boy. Their names are Kimberly Lynn (7), Kelli LeAnn (5) Kristi Lee (3) 3nd Kevin Lane (1-1/2). Judy mentioned naming the next one Ka boose - speLLed with a "K". (Kiddingly). Mathew Blount Detroit, Nich. Married Bernice who is from Detroit. Mathew is an English teacher at the Barber School. They have one child, age one year, named M3thew W. Blount ("Mateo"). Nathew's hobbies include bowling and golf. Douglas Booker Madison Heights, Mich. Doug is a Salesman. His hobby is Elying. Barbara Warren, Married

have two children.

Dawn Renee age 2-1/2

Continued.o ••••• Barbara Bookout (Towell) and Clifford Jr. 18 months. playing the organ.

Barb's hobbies include decoupage art and

lvIaryBotkins (Colley) Lake Orion, Mich. housewife. ~~rried David from Hazel Park. They are expecting their first child in July. Mary's hobbies include cooking, gardening, and bowling. Juanita Brovming (Hollander) New York City, student Married Martin Hollander from New York City. reading, cooking and traveling.

Hobbies include sewing,

Susan Vieira (Burkhart) Sterling Heights - homemaker and mother ~Brried Larry Burkhart, who graduated from Highland Park High in January, 1956. Susan and Larry have two children, Chris (7) and Diane (4). Susan works part-time for a doctor. Sheary Campbell (Lederman) Royal Oak, Mich. housewife and rrother Married to Ronald who is from Ferndale. Sheary and Ron have one girl (age 15 months) named Angela Jo. Sheary is expecting her second child in July. Sheary's hobby is crocheting. Richard Cardeccia Farmington, Mich. Rich is the Director of Music at Power Jr. High. He is married to Sharon Burmaster from Detroit (Dominican High). Rich and Sharon have two girls, Kimberly Ann (5) and Mary Louise (1-1/2). Thomas Carter Detroit - Heating & Air Conditioning Mechanic. Married Susan from Farmington. Tom's hobbies include guitar, skiing, baseball and motorcycles. Claudia Chapman (Ludvigh) Ann Arbor, Mich. Computer Programmer Jame s Chapple Highland Park Firefighter Eleanor Coleman (Campbell) Northwest Detroit - hou sewa f'e and student Married to Raymond Campbell from Detroit. They have three girls, Beth (8) Debbie (7) and Cherrie (4). Eleanor's hobby is sewing. Mar~oper (McClary) Detroit - housewife Married to Bennett Earl McClary from Detroit. They have three children, Aaron (7) Tracy (5) and Devin (8 months). ~bry lists her hobbies as exercise, making love and children (in that order Mary?).


Marilynn Crowe (Seehas~ Mt. Clemens - housewife Harried to Chuck who is from Cadillac Michigan. Chuck and Marilynn have three boys, Jeffrey (6), Todd (45 and Kevin (2). Marilynn's hobbie~ include sewing, gardening and reading books when she can find timeo She says three boys keep her busy (and we believe it!). Willene Cummings (Groves) Detroit - housewife Married to Phil Groves also from Highland Park. Phil (6) and Eric (3).

They have two sons,

James Max Dunn & Judy Restum Dunn Max and Judy live in Warren. Max is employed by the Ford Motor Company in Birmingham and works part-time in their two beauty shops. Max specializes in woman's hair cutting and invites you to come in for a sharp hair cut and set. Judy also works part-time in their shops, she mentioned that they both enjoy doing "their thingll with hair. They have two children, Jamie (6) and Jody (4). Judy Drennon (Hackney) Hamtramck, Mich. - housewife Married to Michael Hackney from Redford Township. They have two boys, Sean 0-1/2) and Bradley (1-1/2). 111 was married in October 1966 and find that two children keep me quite busy these days. I still like to play tennis, sew, cook, read, and enjoy social activities with our °T1T'..y friends. I really enjoy entertaining when vJe have guests over and I especially appreciate my own free time, whether it's an evening out with my husband or with a girlfriend'.' _Lance A.nDuvall South Carolina - X-Ray Crystallographer ~mrried Joanne Carol Rea from Salem, Ohio. Lance's hobbies include reading, fishing, sailing. Wbenever his work schedule permits, he practices Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate) a.nd now has the first degree of black belt. / ~ Lynn Elliott ~rimes) , Okemos, Mich. Lynn is Director of Religious Education in the Okemos Community Church. Married Grovenor (Kip) Grimes from Detroit. They are expecting their first child in September. Lynn graduated from A.lbion in 1965, started right to work for the church. She is working on her Masters at MSU. Lynn will be unable to attend the Reunion as her husband is graduating from MSU on the 13th. She sends her very best to everyone • .:[ohnEnsley Highland Park, Nich. Director Pharmeceutical Division in Ferndale Laboratories & Surgical. Married Margaret from Detroit. They have two children, Elizabeth (7) and Laura (15 months). Commencing work on a masters degree in biology this coming September. Enjoys pingpong, archery, water skiing and swimming.


Sharon Fillinger (C~valier) Sterling Heights - elementary teacher Married Randolph Cavalier from Detroit. They have two children, ~ndrea,(3-2/3 years) and ~ndrew (3 months). Sharon's hobbies include being active in church and social action groups. Sharon T. Finch Detroit - ~ttorney Karen Fraser Strong) Berkley, Mich. Dental ~ssistant Married to Gordon Reed Mitchell Strong, from Birmingham, Mich. They have one child, ~drienne Foster (3-1/2), a little girl. Karen is expecting her second child (anytirre?). Janice Gedikian (Moscato) Pasadena, California - Teacher/Prirrary School Married to Sal Moscato from Rosemead, California. Sal works for Motors Insurance Corporation, a branch of General Motors Corporation. Janice is an active member of Beta Sigma Phi, and has been for 7 years. Sal is a sports car enthusiast. She has been married five years in ~my. Their hobbies include two aquariums and traveling. Cynthia Gilmore (Swears) Clawson, Mich. Beautician Married to Tim Swears from Hamtramck. Cynthia and Tim have two children Bonnie (7) and Wendy (3-1/2). She is a secretary on P.T.~. Board and editor of an elementary school newspaper. Shirley Goin (Gentile) Warren, Mich. - housewife Married to Delbert Gentile (Pike) who is also from Highland Park. They have two girls, Sheila (7) and Sandra (4). Robert Hardy Charleston, South Carolina Director of Purchasing (hospital). Married to Barbara from Dearborn, Michigan. They have one child, Jeffrey (5-1/2). His hobbies include most sports, car racing and reading. Robert J. Hennessey Royal Oak, Mich. Manufacture's Representative. Married Carol ~nn who is from Detroit. The~ have two children, Dawn Marie (4) and Michelle Lynn (1). His hobby is sports. Beverly Hill (Chopp) Detroit, Mich. housewife Married Edward Chopp from Detroit. Ed (7), Kenneth (5) and Lisa (1).

They have two boys and one girl.


Celia Yvonne Hill Detroit, Mich. Celia works with retarded married but lists Men, sewing and cooking

children. She is not yet as her hobbies.

Barbara Howkins (Ratkiewicz) Clawson, Mich. Housewife (mommy, nurse, floor scrubber, gardener, etc.). Married Bob in February of 166. He is a 1961 graduate from Royal Oak, Dondero. After getting his BS degree from Lawrence Tech we moved to Clawson. He is a Production Control Supervisor at the Chrysler Corporation in Warren. "ve both enj oy bowling. My hobbies include poodle clipping, sewing, gardening, traveling, setting wiglets and I just started making menls ties. We have one son, Shawn Michael, age 3. Margie Igrison (Bostrom) Detroit -(near City Airrort). Hous ew.l f'e and mother. Married to John Bostrom from Troy. They have one little girl, Heather Nicole (10 months old). Former airline stewardess for American Airlines. A member of the National KiVJi Association. Modeled in Chicago and Detroit. My husband and I snow ski in Canada and out we st , We ride bikes and swim together. In fact, the day before Heather was born, I was diving and swimming. I help John with his business, Ideal Excavating, with paper work and such. He is the former Executive Director of the Detroit Association for retarded children. Victor S. Joubran McLean, Virginia (Suburban Washington, D.C.) Manager of Systems Development for data transmission company. Married to Linda, from West Hempstead? Long Island. They have one girl, Lisa Jane (2-1/2) a boy, David Victor (9 months) and one c~ild due in October. Regrets becauses of business commitments they will not be able to attend. Wishes everyone well. Michael K. Kelly, Esq. General Location: "Alcove Baril. Occupation: Pseudo Hustler (?). Married Judith Ann Allen, also from Highland Park. They have one child, Kristin Michelle - Mike listed her age as 17. I think she must be about 17 months. Mikels hobby is Motocross. OJhatls that?). Charles G. Kimmins Largo, Florida. Firefighter. Married to Gailya Lynn (Lawson) also from Highland Park. She is an R.N. They have three children. Charles (5), Robert Spence~ (3) and Laura Beth (2). Their hobbies are fishing, boating, swimming, target shooting, bowling, camping and hiking. Judi Kindred (Peagram) Mt. Clemens, Mich. Registered Nurse. Married John Peagram also from Highland Park (St. Bens). They have two children, Alisse (4) and Derek (2). Judils hobbies include oil painting, camping and sewing. Jeanne Larson (Hale) Hazel Park, Mich. housewife and mother They have three Married Pete Hale from Virginia. Hobbies include Gregory (5) and Alisa (2months).


children, Sandra (8) bowling and camping.

Timmi Lenzing (Somer) Yale, Mich. Occupation: Breed, train and show purebred Arabian horses. Married to Jim Somer from Mt. Clemens;- they have four children. Chris (8), Wes (4-1/2), Drew (2-1/2), and Tiffany (15 months). Besi~es worki~g with horses and showing them, I still enjoy music, especially singing as I did in school. Plus my singing, I have continued with my art work , I also raise Great Danes in my "spare " time. I am also the secretary of the HALF ARAB ASSOCIATION OF LICH. and a member of THE ARABIAN HORSE ASSOCIATION OF HICH. Bert Lerchen Mt. Clemens, Mich. Programmer. MarrLed Judy from Grosse Pointe. They have two girls, Christine (3) and Kimberly (1-1/2). Hobbies are duck hunting and building duck boats. Nancy McDonald (Candela) Lapeer, Mich. Administrative Assistant. Married Christopher Candela from Flint. Hobbies are bowling and photography. Gwen },IcIntyre North Detroit - Bell Telephone/Clerical Supervisor. reading.

Hobbies include

Robert Maloney Detroit - Police Officer (City of Dearborn). Married to Barbara from Detroit. They have one child, Maryanne (1-1/2). Rich Mick Royal Oak, Sales~~n. Married to Geneva, also from Highland Park High. Rich and Geneva have two children, Richie (3) and Shannon (7 months). Rich didn't say on his questionnaire, but I'm certain he has continued playing drums. Dian Mitchell (Wilkins) Highland Park - Teacher: Student & Nother Dian has two children, Sharon (6j and Andrew (4). Bonnie Pickard (Bortz) Detroit - Secretary at N.B.D. (Redford High).

Married to John Bortz from Detroit -

Julia(Pillon (West) Dayton, Ohio. Formerly Personnel Director at Patterson Air Force Base. She is married to ThomasJWest, from Dayton. They have two children, Theresa (3-1/2) and Susan (15 months). Came to Dayton after graduation for a two week vacation with my grandmother - never returned only to visit. The vacation (ha, ha) has lasted almost ten years. Worked at Wright Patlersonfor 6 years started at canteen, then worked in bookkeeping, sales accountability - payroll then as Yersonnel Director. My husband is a truck driver (you have to watch out for them there flirts). We both enjoy family g therings, an occasional night out on the town. No real hobbies. -22-

Janet Ridey (Allor) East Detroit - Married to Lee Allor from Harper Woods. After graduating~ I attended H.P.J.C. for a year. I married Lee in 1969. I have been a secretary to the President and Buyers at Famous Furni~ure Company for approximately three years. My husband is an executive at the Meyer Jewelry Company. Our hobbies include boating~ traveling, gardening and reading. In the future, we hope to do more traveling and start a family. Gary Go Roettger West Branch, :Mich. Insurance Agent Married to Connie from West Branch, Michigan. Gary's hobbies include hunting, fishing, skiing, (water and snow). Spent four years in the Navy (July '62 to July '66). Ken Roesler (& Nancy Dodson) East Detroit - Ken is a computer programmer, Nancy is a housewife and mother. They have two children, Michelle (5 years) and Jennifer (2 years). Ken is 'working on a Master's Degree at Wayne State. Nancy lists her hobbies as decoupage and china painting. Mollie A. Ross (Humphrey) Highland Park - Beauty Operator. Mollie has two children, Denise and Glenn. She only listed one age - 10 - (she must have twins?). Aurelia Russell (Pashkot) Inkster, Michigan - Avis Rent-A-Car Management. Married to James W. Pashkot from Garden City. Aurelia lists her hobbies as "music publisher". Rick Sabo Royal Oak, Mich. Rick's occupation is "LOVER". He is married to Diane from Dearborn Heights, Michigan. They have one son, Jon Douglas (age 3). Rick lists his hobbies as hunting, fishing, camping, etc., and Sex. (Rick, how come when Lover is your occupation, Sex is the last thing listed as your hobbies?) And he used to be so shy!? Larry E. Smith (& Bonnie Kemp) Rochoster, Mich. Larry is a Project Engineer - Bonnie is a housewife and mother. They have a boy, Larry (age 8) and a girl Kimberly (age 7). Larry still likes b3sketball and baseball and attends Oakland Community College at night. Bonnie likes painting, sewing, and her specialty is raising "oversized ducks"!!! Susan Smith (Rasmusson) Lansing, Michigan - Susan is a lawyer (L8.wDegree from Wayne State University). She is married to Thomas Rasmusson from Lansing. Sue and Tom are presently on an 8 month tour of Europe, due to return in September. Jack Stanley Highland Park - Statistical Clerk for Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. Jack is married to Brenda Porter, also from Highland Park. They enjoy golfing and bowlLng ,


Barbara Stull (Sch1tJaY'tz) Oak Park (near Detroit Zoo) Housewife as of 1969, prior to that, private secretary at advertising agency in Detroit. Married to Allan ,H. Schvar t z from Detroit. They have one child, Lawrence (Larry) Russell. They enjoy debates and discussions of political and controversial subjects and attend meetings and lectures whenever possible. They enjoy boating and and other outdoor sports. Betty Taylor (Brown) Warren, Michigan - Housewife and mother. Married to Clifford Brown (also from Highland Park). They have two children, Susan (age 6) ~nd D:-.vid( :~c .3). Their hobbies include bowling and arts and crafts. Betty and Cliff will be moving soon to Appleton, Wisconsin, due to her husband!s promotion transfer. Barbara Valesano (Burkholder) St. Clair Shores - Housewife - part-time Registered Nurse. }furried Jim Burkholder from Traverse City. They have two children, Lisa (1-1/2) and Marc (2 months). Barb's hobbies are sewing and knitting. Virginia Whib~orth (Fields) Oak Park - Housewife and mother. Married to Aaron Fields from Detroit. They have two children, Kimberly (4) and Benita (3). Virginia's hobbies include painting, crocheting, knitting, gardening and ceranics. Diana Wigle (Czar) Royal Oak, Mich. Housewife and mother. Married to Paul Czar from Highland Park (Class of 1960). They have three girls and one boy, Cynthia (age 8), Susan (age 6), Karen (age 4), and Robert (age 1). Rudene Williams (Bryant) Highland Park - floor clerk (psych. dept. of Sinai Hospital. Married to William C.A. Bryant from North Carolina. They have twins - a boy, Mark (age 5) and a girl (Marsha (also age 5). Hobbies include bowlLng , bingo, basketball. Rudene and William both enjoy dancing. JamesA. Wolfe Detroit (southeast) - Manager Vehicle Shipping Department at the Chrysler Corporat i on (Dodge Truck). Married to Laurie from Detroit. They have three children, Laurie (age 5), Jimmy (age 2) and Holly (age 10 months). Jim!s hobbies include football, golf, and plans to graduate from the University of Detroit in June, 1972 •


Jacquelyn York (Schmidt) Northville - housewife. }furried to William Schmidt from Plymouth, Michigan. They have one boy, Scott Michael, age 3. Jacquelyn's hobby is drawing.


Marilyn Zachary (Jacoby) San Francisco, California. Executive Secretary. Married Keith Jacoby from Boston. "My husband is currently finishing his doctorate in Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. We hope to settle somewhere near San Francisco permanently, where my husband will teach and set up a private practice and where I will hopefully raise babies. At present, I am doing secretarial work in San Francisco. Our leisure time is spent mostly in sailing, camping, and taking advantage of the great food and restaurants in San Francisco. We are sorry we cannot attend the reunion, but send our warm hello's and wishes to aTL]' NOTE: THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONNAIRE INFOR ATION WAS RECEIVED JUST IN TIME TO BE INCLUDED IN BROCHURE, BUT TOO LATE TO BE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Doreen Browne (Raytis) Northville - Housewife & mother Married to John Ray tis , also from Highland Park. After graduation, Doreen ttended H.P.J.C. for about two years. She worked as a Medical Assistant for five years. Doreen and John have a boy "Mickeyll (age 3) and a girl IIMi-Mi" (age 10 months). John is currently the Head of Customer Service with the Detroit Free Press. John and Doreen have done quite a bit of traveling, Jnd at one time were racing horses in Florida. Donald Kalfayan Leonard, Michigan - Engineering Technician. Married Jo Ann from Lake Orion. They have one child, Pamela (age 4). DonIs hobbies include hunting, fishing, playing guitar, hot rods/automobiles, camping and archery. Phylis Kauffman (Adres) Clinton Twnsp. - Housewife. Married to Elwin Andres from St. Catherines, Ontario. They have one girl, Krysten Liesl (age 6 months). Phylis and Elwin enjoy art and music. Phylis has been doing some oil painting and they both enjoy collecting antiques. John Stevenson Highland Park - Die Maker. Married Mickey Osleczkowska) also from Highland Park. They have one son, Aaron Anthony (age 14 months). John's hobbies are motorcycles, stamps/coins, trap shooting nd hunting. Kiyte Street (Buelll Warsaw', Indiana - Married to Timothy Buell from VJ.qrsaw,Indiana. Kayte has a B.S. from Grace College and an M.S. from St.Francis CollGge. She teaches Art at Whitko School Corporation in Pierceton, Indiana. Her husband works at American Brattice Cloth in W rsaw, Indiana 0


.The f o l l ov i np names we r e received James Abraham 13915 Riverside Dr. Livonia, MI 48154

too La t e to b e Lnc Lud e d ill the:' pr opr ar. l.ook : Patricia Walker McIntosh 19301 h1ashburn Detroit, MI 48221


Thomas Armstead 16160 Ferguson Detroit, MI 48235

Carolyn Williams Simpson 45 Farrand Park ' Highland Park, MI 48203

Gertrude Brown Smith Curry 9601 Yellowstone Detroit, HI 48204 Gertrude and Tom will be married 25 years in December. They have 2 children, Michelle and Orlando and 2 Erandchildren. Gertrude works for Sears in Livonia as a service record Clerk and her husband is an automobile repairman. Lucille Ellis Jackson 9646 Schafer Detroit, HI 48227 Betty Hodges Halker 19166 Beaverland Detroit, HI 48219 Margie V. Miller 16861 Pierson Detroit, HI 48219 Shirley Miller Mingo Bradley 42 Puritan Highland Park, MI 48203 Gary Roettger 3364 Pointer Rd., Rte. #2 West Branch, HI 48661 Sirmon GLenaal.e Highland Park, MI 48203

FJl!1er .51u


Starks Crowell

12126 Corbett ue~roi~, hi 46213 Burvie is a former teacher and administrator. Among her accomplishments since 1961, she has received a letter of invitation to audition '-liththe Detroit Symphony Orchestra, was a writer and director of two plays and bas an A.B. Degree from Wayne State University. Elliott Donal~ Stitt 2.21:160 Twyc k Lngbam


MI 48034

Beverly Talton Parker 14120 Greenbriar Oak Park, HI 48236 .



.' -:Âť


... ,.:





Mary Burnett Dennis Burns Robert Butler Thomas Carter Claudia Chapman Lee Cole Michael Cole Jon Cowan Robert Cox Mickey Crenshaw


Frederic Mathews Dian Mitchell Mary Mitchell John Mizell G 2

Lois Dabio Vernon Daniels Amir Dickow Judy Drennon


Lynn Elliott Judy Nousain Rodney Face Glenn Pride Madolyn Kenneth Aurelia

Richardson Roesler Russell

Anthony Smith Nancy Smith Patricia Speight Bob Stonier Charline White Delora Wieman Carolyn Williams Shirley Williams Sharon Wilson Randall Wright

Richard Gerardo Gerald Gray Nancy Hall Alvin Hansen Beverly Hill Tyrone Hill Jacquelyn Rowell Hazel Hunt David Jackola Sharon Jackson Elizabeth Jeter Charles Johnson Herman Johnson


Michael Kelley Brenda Khiralla

:Ot::lljd..lli~U ~J:UH

red .. !. .l.\.:.l.i:1

Beverly Aaron Carol Aiken Anna Ajamian Wilma Baker Vergie Barnett Joe Barnes Maximillenne Bey1erian John Booker Lois Brennan Carolyn Brown Doreen Browne

Ki r t.on

James Laight Jeanne Larson Carolyn Leach Marjorie Leonard Barbara 路Luoma

Wilson Miles Rosemary Miller Shirley Miller Elaine Mix路 Harry Moore Theodore Moraitis Barbara Moss Ronald Pacini Bonnie Pickard Lynn Pillsbury Steve Poma Henry Porter Bonnie Prater Mike Ralph Franklin Richardson Kay Robertson George Rose Gayle Rotofsky Raymond Ryan James Saari Mary Sansfacon Theodore Schriner Kenneth Sloan Gene Smith Susan Smith Lacy Stephenson Michael Tarr Sandra Tarr Gilbert Thompson John Todd Bettie "Turner Alvah White Carlon w~itworth Pa tricia Wilde Donald Williams Howard Williams Melvin Hillis Patricia


Alan MacDougall Sarah McCormick Judith Marshall Georgia Mester Julia Miles








t \

if END

1961 10 Yr Reunion  

1961 Highland Park High School 10 Yr Reunion Saturday, June 12, 1971 V.F.W. Hall 129 S. Broadway Mt. Clemens, Mich.

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