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Chairs – Diane and Randy Orley an evening with liza long, m e n ta l h e a lt h a dvo c at e a n d a u t h o r



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CONGREGATION SHAAREY ZEDEK 27375 BELL ROAD, SOUTHFIELD 6:30 P.M. REGISTRATION | 7 P.M. PROGRAM Admission $36/2 for $60/Students $10 ana rch

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It’s impossible for any parent to hear of another

in children, who are funneled through a system

school shooting and not wonder: What if my child

of education, mental health care and juvenile

was in that school?

detention that far too often leads to prison.

For Liza Long, hearing about the 2012 Newtown

Come join us to hear Liza’s compelling story

shooting that resulted in the death of 26 people

about the stigma surrounding mental illness. Your

prompted a different question: What if my son

support will help Jewish Family Service continue to

does that someday?

provide comprehensive services to the community,

Liza is a single mother of four children, one of whom has bipolar disorder. She wrote about the

including mental health counseling and suicide prevention trainings.

challenges of raising a child with mental illness in her blog post “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother.” She detailed her son’s sudden bursts of violence that often led her other children to seek safety in the family car. Very quickly, the post went viral, leading to Liza’s appearance on the Today show, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360 and many other outlets. In her book, she takes a penetrating look at how we address mental illness, especially

For registration and sponsorship information, visit jfsspotlightevent.org or call 248.592.2339.

Book club

Get ready for our Spotlight Event by attending the JFS Book Club. Tara Hayes, Ph.D, will lead a discussion of Liza Long’s book, The Price of Silence.

FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2019 10 A.M. - 12 P.M. Jewish Family Ser vice 6555 West Maple Road West Bloomfield Admission $18 Please register at jfsdetroit.org/priceofsilence or contact Wendy Eisenshtadt at 248.592.2339 or wendy@jfsdetroit.org.

Always at

your service Donations to JFS aren’t always in the form of dollars. But they always make a tremendous difference. The following is a thank you note we received from an appreciative JFS client:

“I recently received a pair of hearing aids that had been donated to JFS. The donation

JFS volunteers

make it happen More than 400 community members showed up to rake leaves and prepare the homes of older adults for winter.

challahs, made Hanukkah cards, cooked soup for the homeless and created brighten-their-day bundles for isolated older adults.

138 people donated time and money to ensure 144 families could celebrate Thanksgiving with

JFS couldn’t serve the thousands we do each year without our generous volunteers who show up time and time again to make a difference. And for that, we thank you!

included a $250 one-year fitting

a proper meal.

and maintenance package. These

More than 400 volunteers shopped, wrapped and schlepped to ensure 857 individuals served by JFS would have a gift to open for the winter holidays.

hearing aids have dramatically improved the quality of my life. I no longer ask people to repeat themselves or pretend that I

More than


b’nai mitzvah students baked

heard them. My daughters no longer have to call me by my first name in order to get my attention. I was able to lower the volume on my TV from 65 to 25 and there are now birds outside my windows … who knew? This is indeed a luxury I never would have been able to afford and I am eternally grateful.” If you or someone you know needs help, please contact our Resource Center at 248.592.2313 or resourcecenter@jfsdetroit.org. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Wendy Eisenshtadt at 248.592.2339 or wendy@jfsdetroit.org.

Visit us: jfsdetroit.org

Follow us:

If you’re interested in making a difference in the lives of those we serve, visit jfsdetroit.org/volunteer to explore all our opportunities or contact Emily Croitori at ecroitori@jfsdetroit.org or 248.592.2317.

Meet the new Cancer Thrivers co-chairs What first led you to join the Cancer Thrivers?

Barb: I was introduced to the group by Sandy Schwartz and Linda Finkel at an event.


I attended a couple of events and liked the Thrivers’ mission. What’s the role of the group in your life?

Save the date


The group has become a key element in my life and provides me with friendship and a meaningful purpose.

Judie: Meeting and making new friends with whom I can share common interests. Barbara LaRue and Judie Blumeno

What are your goals as co-chairs?

The Cancer Thrivers Network for Jewish Women, a program of Jewish Family Service, is dedicated to enriching and empowering Jewish women through activities, friendship, resources, education and humor. The group welcomes women who have been diagnosed with any kind of cancer at any time in their lives. And JFS welcomes Barbara LaRue and Judie Blumeno in their new roles as co-chairs.

Barb & Judie: To grow and enhance the group and

Thank you! Todah rabah to Suzan Curhan for her 2 years of service as Jewish Family Service board chairperson. Sue brought great passion and thoughtfulness to the role and we are most appreciative of the positive impact she has made during her tenure. “Sue was responsible for implementing and overseeing two key developments to strengthen JFS: the Board Development Initiative and the agency’s strategic plan,” said JFS CEO Perry Ohren. “As a result, she has put the agency in a much stronger position for moving forward.”


Featuring Philip J. Stella, MD Moderated by Cheryl Chodun

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 2019 AT 11:30 A.M.

contribute meaningful experiences to the membership.

Temple Shir Shalom

Interested in becoming a Cancer Thriver? Contact our new Cancer Thrivers Program Manager, Sarah Strasberger at sstrasberger@jfsdetroit.org or 248.592.2267.

RSVP to Andrea Nitzkin at 248.592.3988 or anitzkin@jfsdetroit.org.

Make a statement. Win a scholarship.

The 100 Mensches are once again sponsoring an essay contest on the topic of domestic abuse. Now in its fourth year, the contest is open for the first time to high school juniors, in addition to seniors. The winning entry will receive a $1,500 college scholarship with second and third place submissions receiving $1,000 and $500 respectively. If you’re a man interested in raising awareness and working toward putting an end to the destructive issue of domestic abuse, we invite you to become one of the 100 Mensches. For more information, as well as essay topic and contest details, visit 100mensches.org.

We’ll be thanking Sue for her service, and welcoming our new board chairperson, at our Annual Meeting on May 14 at 4:30 p.m. at the JCC. If you’d like to join us, please contact Wendy at 248.592.2339 or wendy@jfsdetroit.org.

Volunteer profile:

Olivia Wilson Friendly Visitor What prompted you to volunteer for Jewish Family Service? I learned about Jewish Family Service through my workplace, teamGM Cares. I wanted to help someone and was interested in elder care services. What kinds of things did do you do as a friendly visitor? My visits and activities varied from making a small breakfast to helping out with small chores, but mainly spending time talking and having a lot of laughs together.

Visit us: jfsdetroit.org

Follow us:

What was most surprising about your experience? I wanted to help an elderly person, provide support and care. In the end, I have gained a dear friend who cared for me. What would you tell someone who may be considering volunteering for JFS? The volunteer team found the perfect match for me, was very thorough, always there for good advice and very supportive. JFS is so appreciative of Olivia’s time and dedication, as well as GM’s Dollars for Doers program, which encourages volunteering by making a monetary donation based on the number of volunteer hours given by its employees.

Make Mother’s Day

more meaningful

By sending a tribute from The Joy Project, you’ll not only honor the special women in your life, you’ll also help thousands more served by Jewish Family Service. Your donation will go toward providing counseling, basic needs, transportation and many other critical services to women and children in need. For more information, visit jfsjoyproject.org or contact Wendy Eisenshtadt at wendy@jfsdetroit.org or 248.592.2339.

Non Profit Org. US Postage


Permit #618 Southfield, MI

6555 W. Maple Rd. West Bloomfield, MI 48322

2018-2019 Board of Directors EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE


Suzan Curhan – Chair

Judy Allen Marc Bakst Michael Baum Rhonda Brown Beth Davidson Danielle DePriest Michael Eizelman Micki Grossman Rabbi Marla Hornsten Melissa Orley Lax Judy Lewis Mara Moss Geoffrey Orley Randy Orley

Julie Teicher – Vice Chair Todd Schafer – Treasurer Gail Danto – Secretary Donald Rochlen – Immediate Past Chair Dorothy Barak Michael Berke Helen Katz Jack Kaufman Amy Singer


Perry Ohren – CEO

PAST PRESIDENTS Mark Picklo Julie Rothstein Shelly Rubenfire Bryan Schon Sandy Schwartz Abbe Binder Sherbin Nancy Solway Steve Spector Rabbi Aaron Starr Sara Voight David Witten Andi Wolfe Margie Yaker

April 12

John E. Jacobs Benjamin E. Jaffe* Sylvia Jaffe* Mary Lakoff* Terran Leemis Samuel L. Levin* Theodore R. Levin* John D. Marx Mark Milgrom Milford R. Pregerson* Lawrence H. Seltzer*

Gilbert B. Silverman* Abraham Srere* Bernard Stollman Sheldon Stone George M. Stutz* Brent S. Triest Belle Welt* Melville S. Welt* Stewart Weiner Kathleen Wilson-Fink Betsy G. Winkelman

Max M. Shaye* Helen Dante Shevin* Herbert P. Sillman*

*Of Blessed Memory





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Calendar of Events March 24

Mina Bargman* Jerry Bielfield* Susan Citrin Albert M. Colman* Marvin C. Daitch Sandy Muskovitz Danto Arnold Faudman* Marcy Feldman Janice B. Friedlander Joseph Garson* Edward D. Gold Amy Hoffman Haimann Merle Harris* Edythe Jackier*

BECAUSE WE CARE: PARCELS FOR PATIENTS 1 p.m. at JFS, West Bloomfield B’nai mitzvah students will create Purim Parcels that include traditional Purim goodies as well as Chemo Care Kits for community members going through cancer treatment. Register: Erin Lederman at 248.880.3787 or elederman@jfsdetroit.org. JFS SPOTLIGHT EVENT BOOK CLUB 10 a.m. at JFS, West Bloomfield Prepare for the JFS Spotlight Event by joining the discussion on Liza Long’s book The Price of Silence: A Mom’s Perspective on Mental Illness. Moderated by Tara Hayes, Ph.D., known as the “Book Club Professor.” Admission $18. Register: jfsdetroit.org/priceofsilence or Wendy Eisenshtadt at 248.592.2339 or wendy@jfsdetroit.org

April 17

THE DOCTOR IS IN WITH PHILIP J. STELLA, MD 11:30 a.m. at Temple Shir Shalom, West Bloomfield Join the Cancer Thrivers Network for Jewish Women for this Q&A presentation moderated by Cheryl Chodun. RSVP: Andrea Nitzkin at 248.592.3988 or anitzkin@jfsdetroit.org

April 28

BECAUSE WE CARE: SOOTHING SUNDAY 1 p.m. at JFS, West Bloomfield B’nai mitzvah students will create stress-relieving kits for teen clients of JFS therapists. Register: Erin Lederman at 248.880.3787 or elederman@jfsdetroit.org.

May 1

BEYOND THE BALLOT: YOU VOTED. THEY PASSED. NOW WHAT? 6 p.m. Location TBD Join us for a discussion on the recently passed proposals on legalizing marijuana, redistricting and voter registration initiatives. RSVP: Emily Croitori at 248.592.2317 or ecroitori@jfsdetroit.org.

May 14

JFS ANNUAL MEETING 4:30 p.m. at the JCC’s Handleman Hall, West Bloomfield A celebration and community recognition of those who help make JFS the heart of a stronger community. RSVP: Wendy Eisenshtadt at 248.592.2339 or wendy@jfsdetroit.org.

May 19

BECAUSE WE CARE: SPRING INTO ACTION! 1 p.m. at JFS, West Bloomfield B’nai mitzvah students and families will build planter boxes and other projects to spruce up the homes of older adults in our community. RSVP: Erin Lederman at 248.880.3787 or elederman@jfsdetroit.org.

May 29

JFS SPOTLIGHT EVENT FEATURING LIZA LONG 7 p.m. at Congregation Shaarey Zedek, Southfield Join us as we shine a light on the issue of mental health by welcoming Liza Long, mental health advocate and author of The Price of Silence: A Mom’s Perspective on Mental Illness. Registration and sponsorship information: jfsspotlightevent.org or contact Wendy Eisenshtadt at 248.592.2339 or wendy@jfsdetroit.org.

June 18

CANCER THRIVERS PRESENT DR. JACQUELINE JERUSS Time and location TBD Join the Cancer Thrivers Network for Jewish Women as they welcome guest speaker Dr. Jeruss for an enlightening luncheon. RSVP: Sarah Strasberger at 248.592.2267 or sstrasberger@jfsdetroit.org.