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The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore

Shared Values Is What Creates Community

Marla Rosenthol Committed to JFS Village

Every Thursday morning, Norman, 86, answers the door with a smile, happy to see me with Kosher meals for the week. We always chat while I put away food but one week in particular, I notice that his wife, Sheila, 84, was not strolling around as usual. She had lost her cane so I immediately called the JFS care coordinator and as luck would have it, a community member had recently donated a cane. That afternoon, Sheila is surprised with a new cane and is extremely grateful! The JFS Village is not a physical space, rather an intersection of services consisting of volunteers, staff and generous community members who work in symmetry to honor and support our older adults to age at home.

No two Village members have the same needs, therefore services are completely customized. For those who no longer drive, this could be a ride to a doctor’s appointment or grocery delivery. For others, such as Sheila and Norman, it is having access to Kosher Meals on Wheels, still for others it is the enhanced quality of life through socialization. Many members just need help with paperwork, connecting with in-home care, or assistance making difficult life decisions.

As a member of our Jewish community, I know that the Torah commands the Jewish people to provide support, which is at the root of JFS, an organization founded on the premise of helping those in need and the elderly. I am just one of the committed volunteers who are part of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). With 70 new volunteers since 2020, we are dedicated to accommodating each member’s personalized need. It is these shared values that create the Village community. We are the eyes and ears who notice change in someone’s condition, advocating and alerting the professional staff. Volunteers for the Village, often retirees themselves, know that RSVP is a win/win because while making a vital impact on society by performing these mitzvot, it enriches their own lives as well. JFS Village staff and volunteers often express that it is their honor and privilege to serve our elderly whom have worked to make a better life for us, fought for our freedom, taught our children, operated local businesses, and made our community what it is today.

seniors in Atlantic County are living in poverty and while need vital support, their fixed income causes a barrier to receiving services. There is no public funding or private insurance for Village services which is why JFS relies solely on the generosity of grants, community donations, and funders who understand The Village mission.

JFS is fortunate to have generous donors such as The NextFifty Initiative along with the Sephardic Foundation but unfortunately, that doesn’t cover all the Village’s financial needs! It remains the intention to help the elderly live healthier and happier lives despite the rising costs. JFS’ professional, knowledgeable, kind, and helpful staff strive to put members and their families’ minds at ease by always being there.

For more than 100 years, JFS has been at the heart of our community through programs and services. In 2014, the agency dedicated older adult services as Village by the Shore ultimately transforming service delivery to meet the evolving needs of adults and older adults while remaining strong to its Jewish foundation of honoring our elders (kibud zekaynim) along with tikkun olam (healing the world).

In August 2021, The Kramer Family came to JFS to make a multi-year donation in memory of their matriarch. This donation allows the agency to cover the core program costs. The Charles & Lynn Kramer Family Fund assured that the Village would be there for generations to follow with a gift to support ongoing services. (L’dor v’dor), a Hebrew expression that means from generation to generation, is the Jewish value that drives JFS and their commitment to the generations before.

JFS has built a model that relies on trust from the volunteers to the funders to the professional staff and most importantly, from prospective Village members. If you already are a volunteer, family member or Board representative, thank you for being a member of the Village and for seeing the importance of this initiative. It truly takes 'a Village' to operate a community that is this amazing lifeline for seniors. If you aren’t yet, I personally invite you to strengthen the community as part of JFS' The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore as a member, volunteer, supporter, or advocate.

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Spring 2023
"My commitment to the Village is based on the important fact that no one xcluded Many
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Marla Rosenthol
My commitment to the Village is based on the important fact that no one is excluded.

The Village offers a multitude of activities, programs, and informational seminars both in-person and virtually, whether you want to socialize and nosh with friends, scribe your childhood memories, challenge your mind with trivia, or relax and take in the moment.

Coffee Klatch

A favorite of attendees, this thought-provoking gathering provides a fast-paced discussion on politics, technology, world events, arts, religion, and more. Your honest opinion can be shared in this judgment free room as you speak about your perspective on today’s hottest topics.

Moderated by Village Community Specialist Tina Serota, Coffee Klatch takes place at the JCC, 501 North Jerome Avenue in Margate. This program provides an opportunity for attendees to share their thoughts and feelings, while catching up with friends and enjoying some delicious breakfast treats.

Memoir Writing Workshop

Each month, award-winning author Harriet Levin Millan, shares how to capture life’s adventures, history and ancestry at the Village Memoir Workshop. She encourages participants to focus on all aspects of one’s life – even the littlest moments. From a memorable vacation to coffee with a friend or relative to a chance encounter or simply basking in the summer sun, there’s always a special moment you can vividly recall through your writing.

Lunch Around Town

Sharing a meal is not just a means to fill your stomach, it provides a group activity and experience. By dining with friends or people you just met, this program offers a chance to get to know others, tell stories, and create memories together. Couple this fun afternoon with the opportunity to support a local restaurant – Downbeach Deli, Nucky’s Kitchen & Speakeasy, Bocca Coal Fired Bistro, Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House and others.

Village Members Enjoy Comedy Dinner Theater

On March 28th, more than 20 Village members and guests attended a rollicking performance of five one-act original comedies performed by the South Jersey Players at Sapore Restaurant in Ventnor. In addition to dining on a traditional Italian feast, attendees enjoyed a fun evening of laughs from each performer and the chance to spend time with friends.

JFS Hosts Monthly Wellness Workshops for Holocaust Survivors

There are approximately 25 Holocaust survivors living in Atlantic County and JFS provides a variety of services including care coordination, socialization, transportation, counseling and more. The fourth Wednesday of each month, JFS hosts a free wellness workshop and luncheon for Survivors, their family and caregivers. Beginning at noon, activities include poetry, mindfulness, music, painting and yoga. In March, attendees enjoyed an afternoon lunch, Yiddish songs by the band, Even Betta, and a Fall Prevention workshop hosted by AtlantiCare Wellness. Rabbi Jonathan Kremer, of Shirat Hayam, blessed the food and beverage served during the luncheon. For more information about upcoming workshops, contact Valerie Braunstein at 609-464-2050.

For the latest Village events, visit www.jfsvillagebytheshore.org or call Tina Serota at 609-822-1109 to be added to the mailing list.

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John Froonjian, Executive Director of The William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University, spoke to attendees about defining political and governmental leadership. Barbara Nathan, Steve Gordon, Jeanine Gallagher, and Tina Serota enjoy lunch at Gilchrist in Margate.

Ellie Kremer

The proverb “it takes a village” means an entire community of people come together to help others. For JFS, our village is a dedicated group of volunteers committed to packing and delivering bags of food and prepared meals, helping at fundraising events, assisting with office work and more. Ellie Kremer is one such volunteer.

“I feel grateful for what I have, and I feel that it is my responsibility to help others,” Ellie explains. “It’s a rewarding mitzvah.”

Each week, Ellie loads up her car with pantry-filled bags to deliver to Village members and others in need throughout the region. She takes a personal interest in who and how she is helping. In Atlantic City, Ellie brings sisters groceries. She noticed that both had recently given birth (the sisters had not shared this information with JFS). Noting that the bag did not include baby formula, diapers, or other essentials, Ellie alerted the JFS pantry staff. Diapers were then added to their distribution. Ellie also kept JFS apprised of changes in the size of the diapers needed as the babies grew.

“Seeing how grateful and happy the adults and children are when receiving food and other products is heartwarming,” said Ellie. “Honestly, it’s more than just delivering. It’s that personal connection you make when seeing and speaking with them each week. Neighbors helping neighbors.”

In addition to her JFS volunteering to pack bags for food delivery, Ellie organizes monthly preparation at Shirat Hayam of meals for the needy that are served by the Asbury United Methodist Church in Atlantic City. She is on the Board of Beron JOAS and Board of Jewish Education. She is also Israel Chair of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism.

Ellie and her husband, Rabbi Jonathan Kremer, raised three daughters in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. She spent more than 40 years helping people as an Occupational Therapist, first in Boston and then in the Philadelphia area. “In the early years, between working and raising children, I had limited time to volunteer and contribute to the community,” Ellie said. “Though I did spearhead the formation of a Jewish Brownie troop at our local JCC, and was a mikveh attendant at Beth Hillel-Beth El in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania."

Today, Ellie’s husband serves as the Conservative Rabbi of Shirat Hayam synagogue in Ventnor. Her daughters are also all involved in community-related work – one, in Jerusalem, works for an international youth group, another specializes in Jewish education for young families, and the third is a Conservative Rabbi in Massachusetts.

Ellie has been steadfastly volunteering at JFS for more than six years. What advice would Ellie bestow on someone who is contemplating volunteering? “Don’t think about it, just do it,” she said. “It’s important to take care of others. The support from and flexibility of JFS staff makes me feel so appreciated and connected.”

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Learn more about how neighbors are helping neighbors. Vanessa Smith Volunteer Supervisor 609.822.1108 x249 vsmith@jfsatlantic.org CONTACT: Strength in Community jfsatlantic.org Volunteer Spotlight
For information about JFS volunteer opportunities, contact Vanessa Smith at vsmith@jfsatlantic.org or 609.822.1108 x249. in-home arrangements available for pre-need or at-need services Jason S. Goldstein, CFSP, CPC Manager, NJ Lic. No. 4633 6050 Main Street, Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330 Montgomery and Bucks County, PA facilities available 609-927-2424 www.JSGFunerals.com *Not affiliated with any other Goldstein Funeral Home The Trusted and Dependable Choice Proud to serve our community

The Power of Yoga

As with many exercise programs, yoga is offered in an array of approaches based on skill level, flexibility, and familiarity. Whether you’re a novice or experienced participant, yoga has been shown to offer endless physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. Many often think of movement classes, such as yoga, only impacting the outside of bodies. However, yoga encourages participants to connect their mind with breath and movement.

In addition, yoga has been shown to reduce stress, hypertension, and anxiety as well as play a role in supporting digestion which is particularly helpful as metabolism begins to slow with age. Since yoga is not a highly-aerobic activity, many people find it relaxing and therefore, it works to ease the effects of a pressure filled day.

Every month, Candace Martin, Founder of the Interfaith Yoga Project, offers a Zoom yoga class for Village members. “Our JFS sangha (community in Sanskrit) practices in the early evening as the class is designed to settle the nervous system and get participants ready for a good night’s rest,” said Candace. “Before we begin the class, I like to check-in with members about what might be going on in their heads, hearts and bodies, so I can adapt the poses to best benefit them.”

For many, the aging process becomes an increased problem with regards to joint health. For some, arthritis, osteoporosis, or carpal-tunnel can transform everyday activities into a difficult, and sometimes, painful experience. By practicing yoga, a noncompetitive activity, it allows each person the freedom to exercise at their own pace and ability. Therefore, your achievement is attained on an individual basis. The poses allow you to better understand and feel which is best for your own body.

Meet Candace

As a Registered Yoga Teacher, Candace is committed to sharing the benefits of this centuries old practice with young and old alike. In addition to being the Founder of the Interfaith Yoga Project, a national nonprofit, Candace also created the Young Yogi Program, which is taught in schools and youth advocacy programs through social emotional curriculum.

While there are many poses, the following three are encouraged for yoga beginners.

Mountain: Body vertically upright with feet together standing still. Benefit: Helps to improve balance and build strength.

Tree: Body vertically upright with one leg bent and the foot placed above or below the knee (important as to avoid pressure on the knee joint) and hands together in front of you. Benefit: Strengthens legs, while opening the hips and stretching the inner thigh and groin muscles.

Easy Seat: Sit on a yoga mat with legs crossed in front of you and rest open palm hands on your knees. Benefit: Lengthens the spine by placing your shoulders directly over your hips.

It’s important to find balance and tranquility while experiencing mental, physiological and spiritual rejuvenation as you enjoy quiet stillness and gentle body moves that burn off excess energy. Yoga allows you to wind down to a deeper state of relaxation.

Boomer Spotlight Strength in Community jfsatlantic.org 4
Stephen T Collins Mgr NJ Lic No 3355
116 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, NJ 08401 609-344-9004 RothGoldsteins.com •
Eileen Norman Perice President, NJ Lic No 5319 Danielle M Barry Director, NJ Lic No 4779

Special Events

34th Annual JFS House Tour

he highly-anticipated event of the summer returns with the 34th Annual JFS House Tour on August 7th. This spectacular fundraiser provides guests with a rare opportunity to tour luxurious Downbeach homes that feature state-of-the-art gourmet kitchens, custom woodworking, unique décor and lighting, beautiful landscaping, breathtaking views, and more.

Surroundings Interiors of Northfield will once again serve as the Event Sponsor, and Linda Novelli of The Novelli Team at Compass Real Estate, will be a VIP Sponsor. This year, JFS is looking at ways to enhance this unique fundraiser with a vendor expo, boutique shopping, exclusive activities, and more. The goal is to raise $60,000 for the Village.

Early Bird discounted tickets are on sale for $60 through June 30th. VIP tickets are $100 and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. They include door-to-door transportation, fast pass entry into homes, and an overall VIP experience.

For information on tickets and volunteer opportunities, visit jfsatlantic.org or call 609.822.1108.

Golf Tournament Tees Off May 18th

The NFI & The Brown Family Tournament Fore Charity, benefitting JFS & JCC tees off on May 18th at Harbor Pines Golf Club in Egg Harbor Township. This year, we have elevated the fundraiser to offer morning and afternoon tee times. In addition, the event will have an array of tournament contests and offer exciting giveaways. Following the day of play, there will be an elaborate hors d’oeuvres and awards ceremony. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or novice player, this is a must attend community event. By supporting this fundraiser, your commitment will help JFS and JCC to further their missions to enrich the lives of Atlantic County residents. Visit jfsatlantic.org to register to golf, sponsor or donate.

Card Party: An Afternoon of Fun

Guests can look forward to the 8th Annual JFS Card Party on August 24th at Harbor Pines Golf Club. The fundraiser, dedicated to the late Community Philanthropist Bonnie Gurwicz, features a delicious buffet lunch, auction items, door prizes and exciting games of Mahjong, Canasta, and Bridge. Last year’s event raised close to $20,000 to support programs and services of The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore. Interested in being part of the event planning committee? Contact Beth Joseph at 609.822.7409 or bjoseph@jfsatlantic.org.

28th Annual Women’s Forum on June 8th

Actress, Comedian, and New York Times

Best-Selling Author Ali Wentworth will be the keynote speaker at the 28th Annual Women’s Forum on June 8th at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City. At 10:15am, guests will enjoy a reception and silent auction where you’ll have a chance to bid on more than 100 items – jewelry, handbags, restaurant gift certificates, spa packages and more. Following the reception, Ali will take center stage, and guests will enjoy a delicious lunch, while listening to her humorous tales about parenting, marriage and life. Tickets are $125 per person until May 15th. To purchase tickets, visit www.facebook.com/thewomensforum or scan the QR code.

Strength in Community jfsatlantic.org
Gloria Tragbar, Miriam Hirsch, Susan Lang, and Bonnie Spector enjoyed an afternoon playing Canasta at the JFS Card Party.
TServicing over 20,000 Members of the Healthcare Community Employee Benefit Consultants • Health • Vision & Dental • Life & Disability • Individual Services Medicare • Individual (Supplements, Advantage & Prescription) • Vision, Dental, Final Expense & Cancer Insurance 609 New Road Linwood, NJ 866-99-HAFETZ hafetzandassociates.com 34TH ANNUAL

Holocaust Remembrance Day

In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27th, JFS hosted an afternoon of lunch, music and painting for Holocaust Survivors in the region. Guests shared stories about their lives and families.

Holocaust Survivors Mary Tintenfass enjoyed painting, while Arie Kasiarz danced to Klezmer music.

Development News

The Village by the Shore program has received a generous $150,000 grant from NextFifty Initiative, a Colorado-based foundation that supports efforts to improve the lives of older adults and their caregivers.

Holiday Party Returns

On December 14th, 2022 guests enjoyed dining, dancing to the live band, Even Betta, and a chance to win prizes at the Village Holiday Social. More than 50 people attended the late afternoon event, held in partnership with United Methodist Communities, Right at Home, Visiting Angels, and the Katz JCC.

The Sephardic Foundation on Aging awarded a $35,000 grant to support The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore. The Foundation’s funds will be utilized for care coordination to allow older adults to age in the comfort of their own surroundings by providing a communitybased model of wrap-around services which include guidance on long-term care, financial planning, and arranging for increased assistance.

The Harry L. Katz Memorial Trust Fund presented JFS with a $35,000 grant to support Advancing Healthy Aging through the agency’s Holistic Older Adult Services. This program, which is part of The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore, provides older adults the support to recover from long-term effects of the pandemic and navigate rising costs that makes housing and food security more precarious.

JFS received a $30,000 grant from the Friends Foundation for the Aging (FFA) to support a new supportive housing case management service dedicated to community members over the age of 65. The program will serve 75 older adults, of which 25 will receive FFA-funded assistance including assessing financial standing, health care coverage, social services, programs and more.

OceanFirst Foundation continues its support of The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore by presenting a $12,500 grant to benefit programs and services. Since the Foundation’s inception in 1996, OceanFirst has provided JFS with more than $80,000 to fund older adult programs, the food pantry, and events.

“OceanFirst Foundation is proud to support programs like The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore, which connects our neighbors to programs and resources that enhance the quality of life for seniors and help so many maintain an independent lifestyle,” said Katherine Durante, Executive Director, OceanFirst Foundation.

The Dennis Schuman Charitable Foundation awarded $10,000 to The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore to continue to help older adults, over the age of 50, thrive in the community by providing essential services and programs.

JFS relies on the support of the local Federation. Recently, the agency was awarded a $5,000 grant to support programs and services of the Village. The funds were made possible through the Jewish Community Foundation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties and the Annual Campaign of Jewish Federation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties.

6 Community Connections Strength in Community jfsatlantic.org
Strength in Community jfsatlantic.org
Katherine Durante presents check to JFS CEO, Andrea Steinberg

Dawn Ragland, MA

Dawn Ragland joins the JFS team in the position of Director of Healthy Community Initiatives. In this role, Dawn manages The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore, The Rothenberg Center for Family Life, which provides health education and wellness programs, Volunteer Services, and the Food Pantry. Dawn also handles the development and application of grants related to support for older adults and other community members. Prior to joining JFS, Dawn served as a Program Manager for the Family Service Association of New Jersey. A graduate of Northcentral University, Dawn earned a Master of Arts degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. In addition, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Stockton University. Dawn is also a member of the Maternal Experience Advisory Board and a volunteer at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

Valerie Braunstein, Psy.D.

JFS is pleased to welcome Valerie Braunstein, Psy.D., a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Dr. Braunstein joins the team with nearly 20 years of trauma-informed clinical experience with individual, group, and family therapy. She will provide highly individualized and traumainformed therapy services, for adults age 60+, in the convenience of the client’s home, at the Margate office, or remotely. In addition, she will host monthly wellness workshops for Holocaust Survivors and their caregivers to provide socialization and other wellness skills. Dr. Braunstein earned a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Widener University Institute of Clinical Psychology. In addition, she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services from Villanova University.

Strength in Community jfsatlantic.org Staff Spotlight
JFS IS HIRING Therapists & Care Coordinators. For information, visit jfsatlantic.org. Experienced local senior care for total peace of mind. PROVIDING: Bathing Assistance • Dressing Assistance • Grooming • Assistance with Walking • Medication Reminders • Errands • Shopping • Light Housekeeping • Meal Preparation • Friendly Companionship • Flexible Hourly Care • Respite Care for Families 609.641.7200 VisitingAngels.com/Eggharbortwp Each Visiting Angels agency is independently owned and operated. License #HP0065700 ®2021 Visiting Angels is a registered trademark of Living Assistance Services, Inc.

Mike Kleidermacher

When you ask Mike Kleidermacher where he was born, the country differs based on the stories he was told growing up. Born during World War II, his parents, married in the village of Sarnaki, Poland, and kept relocating for the family's safety. After being denied a U.S. Visa, following the war, they moved around for two years to Belgium and France, and then settled in La Paz Bolivia in 1947.

“I would ask my mother about the Holocaust, and in particular, about my grandparents who I never met. My mother would never discuss it. She would become stoic and tell the kindelah (child) that we don’t talk about it and instead sing songs in Yiddish,” Mike said.

Growing up, Mike felt he had a great life with friends, family, and his first love, Bebe. At 14-years-old, Mike’s parents decided to send him to America, by himself, to strengthen his quality of education. He attended Yeshivah school in Williamsburg, NY, and exceled in reading, math, and religion. Mike attended the City College of New York on a scholarship based on his good grades. After graduating with a Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree in 1966, Mike got his dream job as an Electrical Engineer at RCA and stayed for 48 years.

During his tenure, Mike served as an electrical designer for navy telephone switchboards, crypto graphic equipment for the government, including the White House, and developed secure video conference systems.

Since retiring in 2014, Mike splits his time between Margate, Florida, California, and Utah spending time with his children –Paul, David, Judy, Jordan, and Shannin – the latter two were brought into his second marriage to Lynda. They were happily married for 38 years.

Mike and his late wife, Lynda, embraced the Village early on, supporting the Memory Café, attending Village Socials, Holocaust Survivor luncheons and Coffee Klatch.

“Lynda was the love of my life. She was funny, spontaneous, and creative – that’s why we married on Halloween on the beach dressed as Wilma and Fred Flintstone. I wouldn’t trade our years

together for anything,” Mike shared. After Lynda’s passing in June 2020, Mike continued to attend the programs they enjoyed together and the Village became a vital piece of his grieving process. Mike enjoys participating in the Village programs, especially the Memoir Writing Workshop.

"I’ve witnessed the deep, powerful, consuming pain and unbearable loss that initially enveloped him after losing Lynda. At times, he couldn’t read what he’d written through tears and his classmates stepped in to read for him. With the caring, friendship and editing assistance offered by the attendees and Professor Millan, who teaches the class, I also saw the intensity of that pain gradually begin to lift as Mike started to breathe, smile and embrace life again," said Tina Serota, Village Community Specialist. Now, he continues to write and share ideas on his and his classmates’ work and hopes to get his essays published. His work is beautiful, insightful and touches the heart.

“It’s a very pleasurable course. The teacher, Harriet, makes you really think about your life and how you would like to share it with readers,” said Mike. “I’ve written about family, electronics, and my life as a Holocaust Survivor.”

Mike also likes to attend the Lunch Around Town program to meet new people and spend time with friends as well as Coffee Klatch, which offers an open conversation format on today’s hot topics. In the nearly three years since Lynda passed, the Village activities gets him out of the house to meet people, be social and talk about life. He enjoys the in-person programs, seeing friends and meeting new people. Mike is a very vocal member whether talking politics, policies, technologies or history as he holds the group accountable to the facts and science.

Never one to sit idle, he also enjoys ballroom dancing and music, writing rhyme poems he gives to family members on their birthday, walking through national parks, playing Bridge, and group exercise classes – Pilates, yoga, boxing, and Zumba – as he describes himself as an 80-year-old true fitness guy. We treasure Mike as an important member of our Village community.

Member Spotlight Strength in Community jfsatlantic.org 8 The Lynn Kramer Village by the Shore 609.822.1109 • villagejfs@jfsatlantic.org 607 North Jerome Avenue, Margate, NJ 08402 jfsvillagebytheshore.org Strength in Community jfsatlantic.org
JFS is an affiliate agency of the Jewish Federation of Atlantic & Cape May Counties and a partner agency with United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey in Atlantic County
Mike and his late wife, Lynda
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