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2019 Twin Cities Cardozo Society Israel Mission

This was also the year the St. Paul Jewish Federation partnered with the Minneapolis Jewish Federation and the Harry Kay Charitable Foundation to conduct the Twin Cities Jewish Population Study, the first survey of our community in 15 years. In addition to reporting that the Twin Cities Jewish population grew 23 percent to 64,800 in 2019, up from around 40,000 in 2004, the study has plenty of data to digest. This information will be extremely useful to local Jewish organizations now and in Dear friends, Thank you for your generous support of the St. Paul Jewish Federation. Our last complete fiscal year

the future in developing outreach and services that are most meaningful to community members. The full report is available at www.jewishstpaul.org.

(May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020) was one of exciting

By the end of fiscal year 2019-2020, we saw

renewal at Federation. It was the year Ted Flaum

the onslaught of COVID-19. Federation took

came on board as CEO. It’s also the year we looked

quick action to support our community in

at our operations and processes and made changes

responding to the pandemic. Please see page 8

to help Federation be more prudent, nimble, and

to learn about our initial actions in support.

relevant in addressing the needs of our community.

Throughout this report, you will see highlights of our

We formed a task force that engaged the community

accomplishments both in personal stories of people

in evaluating our board and committee structures.

who have been helped by your support and statistics

Based on its recommendations, the board of directors voted unanimously to adopt a new structure that reduced the board size and developed a dynamic


showing how your dollars have made a difference. Thank you for your commitment and generosity. You are the reason for our community’s success!

committee system, positioning Federation to be more strategic, responsive, and collaborative.


Chamish – that’s the word often used to describe our St. Paul Jewish community. People care about each other. They pitch in. We are grateful for the many community members who serve on our board and committees, offering their expertise and hard

Rick Linsk Ted Flaum

work to benefit our community (see pages 10-11).

President CEO


MEET THE PEOPLE YOU HELP Creating an inclusive community “It has made a HUGE difference in the lives of our child, ourselves and our family!”

Standing with Jewish students on campus When Minnesota Hillel reached out to Federation to help bring 450 students, faculty and community members together for a Unity Shabbat on campus the same weekend that a virulently anti-Israel conference was held, we said yes –absolutely. We knew it was important to provide a chamish Jewish experience that weekend, and we wanted students to know the St. Paul Jewish community supports them. A broad coalition of Jewish and non-Jewish students and organizations attended. The event was a partnership between Minnesota Hillel, Chabad, JCRC, St. Paul and Minneapolis Jewish Federations, and other partners.

David (not his real name) was able to attend camp with the help of a Federation Goldberger scholarship. His parents say it made a huge difference: “We could not have afforded Camp Ramah without this help, and our child would not have nearly the same connection to Judaism and the Jewish community.” Federation funds inclusion programs through distributions to our beneficiary agencies and endowments including the Goldberger Family Fund, which provides funds for services for families whose children are on the autism spectrum.

Helping Lenore find a caring community Lenore (not her real name) worked out regularly at the St. Paul JCC. Thanks to a fund provided by Federation, the JCC transported her there through a program that provides rides to elderly and disabled people for medical appointments, shopping and more. Due to a family crisis, Lenore stopped going. The transportation dispatcher became concerned, called to make sure she was okay and convinced her to come back. On the day Lenore returned, the driver told her about another program that day – Lunch for 8. Lenore joined that group and went back to exercising with a personal trainer.


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 I M PA C T R E P O R T

Aliyah of rescue – helping Ethiopian Jews reach Israel In 2019, 663 olim arrived in Israel from Ethiopia. Zigala, the Asrash family patriarch, was on one of the flights. His daughter, Vadia, and her children made Aliyah in 2006, but Zigala stayed behind in Ethiopia with family and waited approval from the Israeli government to move. Every day, as she settled into her new life in Bet Shemesh, Vadia would weep and wonder when her father could finally come to Israel. The Jewish Agency, with support of Jewish Federations, was able to reunite this amazing family.

Creating community connections “What an incredible journey through history, culture, and religion with the best guides and surrounded by neighbors and new friends.” – Matt B. Twenty-one Twin Cities couples went on our second Honeymoon Israel trip. They toured Jerusalem, Masada and the Dead Sea, northern Israel, and Tel Aviv/ Jaffa. But most significantly, the couples developed deep friendships and left Israel as a new family. The group gathered for a reunion Havdalah & dinner after their return and continue to build connections with each other and our local Jewish community.

Inspiring 467 children every month with free PJ Library books “Avi calls her PJ Library books her special holiday books,” says her mom, Jennifer. “We have lots of memories and will create many more snuggling up at bedtime. Our PJ Library books also serve as a reminder of the values and traditions we want to help establish with our daughter. When Avi got her PJ Library tzedakah box, and we explained it to her, she took the giving aspect to heart. One night we had family over, and as they left, she ran to the door and gave each person a coin from her box. It took everyone a while to figure out that she was giving them money in case they were hungry.”

Aiding vulnerable community members Michael and his brother Bob, who has Downs Syndrome, have always been close. Michael was Bob’s primary caregiver, but as Bob’s condition worsened, he was moved to a nursing home. Michael, a client of our partner agency Jewish Family Service of St. Paul (JFS), managed his own disability and low income. Through our support of JFS, we helped Michael visit Bob with a free bus pass for a month. Michael also needed help cleaning his apartment as his own disability advanced, which he received through the JFS Emergency Assistance Fund.



Helping people in need

Helping seniors to live independently

Empowering young adults to make Judaism their own


kosher meals on wheels delivered


rides to medical appts and errands for seniors


individuals and families received emergency financial assistance


coffee dates with young adults and Young Adult Leadership Action (YALA) staff


people secured jobs through career counseling services


people participating in Cohort 10 of the Harry Kay Young Adult Leadership Institute


people received counseling services


couples went to Israel together on HoneyMoon Israel

Interpreters provided for


medical appointments


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 I M PA C T R E P O R T


people participated in the YALA Leadership Series


YALA mini grants were awarded to help individuals create innovative Jewish programs


young adults participated in two Giving Circles where they explored philanthropic Jewish values and decide where to donate a fund to which they contributed.

Creating community for families 467

children receive free PJ Library books each month


children received scholarships to Jewish summer camp


individuals took part in inclusion programs

Connecting with the land, people, and spirit of Israel 34,000

Jews made Aliyah in 2019 a 15% increase over 2018


people celebrated Israel at Twin Cities Ha’atzmaut

Helping Jews in need worldwide 110,000+

impoverished Jews across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America receive life-saving aid


at-risk Israeli children and preteens received guidance from Youth Futures


young people from the Former Soviet Union went to Jewish summer camp

Investing in innovation and impact


youth and adults connected to Israel through our shlicha program


people went on Federation-supported Cardozo, Israel Experience, Birthright and Hillel trips

Twin Cities Jewish Community Population Study, the first demographic study in 15 years, provides essential data to help organizations plan for the future

Through the JCRC Government Affairs Program, the Minnesota Legislature allocated $450,000 to supplement the federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program to help nonprofits and houses of worship upgrade security



ALLOCATIONS & DISTRIBUTIONS Local Allocations PARTNER AGENCIES Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC) $83,250 JCRC Government Affairs Program $27,750 Jewish Family Service of St. Paul $158,511 Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest $3,000

Minnesota Hillel $87,875

Honeymoon Israel

Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company $16,650

Passport Israel

Rochester Chaplaincy $3,000

It’s Your Legacy

Partnership 2Gether PJ Library Russian American Jews in Minnesota (RAJMN)

Israel & Global Allocations

Philanthropic Funds

American Friends Peres Institute for Peace $2,167

Distributions to agencies from donor funds (includes distributions to Jewish and non-Jewish organizations) $1,183,657

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Jewish Agency for Israel, & World ORT $129,138

St. Paul Jewish Community Center $358,900

Shalom Baby

Talmud Torah of St. Paul $129,500

Twin Cities Birthright Twin Cities Cardozo Society

Friends of Arava Institute $2,167


Twin Cities Maimonides Society

HIAS $500

Twin Cities Population Study

Jewish Federations of North America: $84,451

Camp & Israel Scholarships

Lubavitch Cheder Day School $46,250

E. David Fischman Scholarship

Macalester Jewish Organization $1,500

Harry Kay Leadership Institute

Gesher L’Kesher

Shlichut (Israeli Emissary)

Young Adult Leadership Action (YALA) Federation Community Programs Total: $641,379

TOTAL: $1,557,565

Na’amat USA $2,167 Nechama, Jewish Response to Disaster $1,000 Partnership 2Gether $55,000 Taglit Israel – Birthright $9,250

TOTAL: $285,840


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 I M PA C T R E P O R T

TOTAL IMPACT: $3,027,062


TOTAL EXPENDITURES Philanthropic Funds 39%

Management & General 8%

Campaign & Fundraising 6% Jewish Culture, Identity & Engagement 40%

$286,188 $1,192,554

$218,054 $1,183,657


Your Impact Allocations & Distributions 86%



$285,840 Caring Community 6% Israel & Global Jewish Needs 9%

Formal Jewish Education 6%

TOTAL: $3,531,304

TOTAL: $3,027,062





Accounts Payable


Pledges Receivable


Allocations Payable


Prepaid Expenses


Other Liabilities






Property & Equipment









FEDERATION RESPONDS TO COVID-19 When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, Federation set to work to support our Jewish community. Here are ten initial ways the generous support of our donors enabled Federation to provide service and support:

6. Delivered 1,000 much-needed face shields to Sholom. Through our Sovev Kinneret Partnership, we acquired specially designed protective shields made in Israel. 7. Federation board and staff made hundreds of well-check phone calls to community members and offered assistance to those who needed help. 8. Helping Jews worldwide through the COVID-19 response initiated by our international partners, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and The Jewish Agency for Israel. 9. Provided individual hand sanitizers to the St. Paul JCC Early Childhood Center and PJ Library families. 10. Provided face masks to Minnesota Hillel secured through the Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest.

1. Supporting partner agencies. We surveyed community agencies and continue ongoing communication with agency and synagogue leaders to determine their needs. 2. Made $50,000 in emergency grants to three Jewish agencies: Jewish Family Service of St. Paul, St. Paul JCC and Sholom. 3. Provided approximately $20,000 in emergency grants to Jewish summer camps forced to cancel this year. 4. Provided application resources and direct consultation to agencies and synagogues on Paycheck Protection Loans. 5. Launched Virtual Jewish St. Paul, an online resource that connected people to essential services, online meetups, webinars and activities.


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 I M PA C T R E P O R T

Barbara Klick, Sholom CEO, receives 1,000 face shields delivered by Mark Adelman, St. Paul Jewish Federation president.

$9.7 Million 2019 Impact

Realized in gifts to agency partners as of 9.1.19

Securing Jewish Tomorrows, Today Since the start of IT’S YOUR LEGACY, local Jewish organizations have received 962 after-life gift commitments from donors worth an estimated $37.2 million. Legacies left by members of our community help sustain vital programs, services, and institutions that assist the vulnerable and advance Jewish life locally, in Israel, and around the world.

$37.2 Million

Dedicated in future estimated gifts as of 9.1.19


Letters of intention


Gift formalizations



Rick Linsk

Bonnie Resnick

Ron Matz

Mitchell Rubinstein

Susan Minsberg

Lynne Sanders

Linda Perry

Lynne Sanders Chair

Michael Saxon

Lynne Sanders

Mark Adelman

Polly Saxon

Rosalyn Segal

Sharon Benmaman

Marsha Schoenkin

Deb Weiss

Steve Brand

Rosalyn Segal


Rick Linsk

Marni Tselos



Mark Usem

Bruce Goldfarb

Rosalyn Segal Chair

Mary Ann Wark

Linda Perry

Jay Baldinger

Yoav Segal Ezra Strohm


Rafi Forbush


Linda Perry

Jonathan Parritz

Aaron Biel

Deborah Frishberg



Bruce Goldfarb

Rabbi Sami Barth

Alan Bernick Vice president

Karen Gordon

Rabbi Zalman Bendet

Deb Weiss Chair

Mitzi Gramling

Rabbi Jeremy Fine

Mark Adelman


Sharon Benmaman Vice President

Jerry Helfand

Rabbi Adam Spilker

Jeff Goldetsky

Rabbi Asher Zeilingold

Brian Kamin

Rick Linsk President-Elect

Brian Kamin

Mitch Rubinstein Chair

Jennifer Kaplan David Krco



Nancy Lane

Mark Adelman

Adi Leviatan

Mary Ann Wark

Erin Baldinger Chair

Michael Levitt

Sharon Benmaman

Scott Marvy

Alan Bernick

Susan Minsberg

Steve Brand

Charles Nauen

Deb Frishberg

Linda Nides

Bruce Goldfarb

Jeffrey Perlman

David Krco

Mark Adelman President

Ron Matz Secretary Deb Weiss Treasurer Erin Baldinger Jay Baldinger Lisa Bernick Aaron Biel Steve Brand Jonathan Farber


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 I M PA C T R E P O R T

Mark Adelman Mitzi Gramling Jennifer Kaplan David Krco

David Krco Bob Mast

Lisa Bernick Sarah Levine Linda Nides Mark Usem

CBRC – NATIONAL AND OVERSEAS Jerry Helfand Chair Scott Marvy Paul Schanfield Michelle Shaller

CHALLAH BAKE Sheila Brod Michelle Buchert Joan Farber Jackie Flaum Julie Kirschbaum Sandra Loewenstein Linda Perry Maxine Rosenthal Leslie Strohm

EDUCATION TASK FORCE Mitch Rubinstein Chair Jon Brod Farber Adi Leviatan Rosalyn Segal


Michelle Shaller

Barbara Rutzick Chair

Mark Usem

Linda Perry Yoav Segal

Ezra Strohm

Rabbi Zalman Bendet

ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE Barry Glaser Co-chair Bruce Goldfarb Co-chair Mark Adelman Steve Brand Loren Geller Don Mains Robert Rubenstein Michael Saxon

Rick Linsk




Maxine Slobof

Jonathan Eisenthal Chair

Mitzi Gramling Karen Schanfield Rosalyn Segal


MARKETING COMMITTEE Jennifer Kaplan Chair Adam Garen

Jamie Maddeaux

Deb Weiss Chair

Mark Adelman Steve Brand Barbara Diekmann

Jay Baldinger

Loren Geller

Sharon Benmaman

Don Mains

Adi Leviatan Chair

Lisa Bernick

Mark Adelman

Barry Glaser Co-chair


Rachel Resnick Co-chair



Rick Linsk

Deb Weiss

Myndal Silver

Deb Weiss

Barry Glaser

Beryl Berke

Phyllis Karasov Chair

Deborah Karasov

Jason Divine


Ellen Mack

Bruce Goldfarb Co-chair

Brian Kamin

Marsha Schoenkin

Robert Rubenstein Michael Saxon Deb Weiss

IT’S YOUR LEGACY Marsha Schoenkin Co-chair

Joe Lane

Scott Marvy Polly Saxon Ben Saxon Ezra Strohm Marni Tselos

METROPOLITAN COUNCIL Jonathan Parritz Co-Chair Howie Milstein Co-Chair

Jeremy Kalin

Tracey Agranoff

Brian Kamin

Aaron Biel

Jennifer Roberts

Yiscah Bracha

Paul Schanfield

Holly Brod Farber

Jim Stein

Jon Brod Farber


Stanley Calof Victoria Dim Larry Eisenstadt Robert Goffman Bill Lerman Rick Linsk Ron Matz Riva Nolley Marilyn Ruby Lynne Sanders Rosalyn Segal Yoav Segal

Erin Baldinger

Michael Selon

Joe Rubenstein Co-chair

Mark Divine

Brian Serle

Wendy Baldinger

Dani Fisher

Larry Solomon

Susan Lieberman

Robert Karasov

Shirly Tramer

Robin Landy

Sheri Yarosh

Mitzi Gramling

Karen Schanfield

Judith Friedman

Mark Adelman

Mark Adelman

Joan Cleary

Robin Neidorf Co-chair

Marni Tselos Chair

Lisa Dorn Eunice Gelb Karen Gordon Miriam Kieffer Nancy Lane Rhoda Mains Susan Minsberg Linda Perry Constance Ross Barbara Rutzick Polly Saxon Marsha Schoenkin

Mary Ann Wark

Michelle Shaller

Stuart Bloom

Susan Shapiro

Thomas Frishberg

Dede Smith

Sarah Levine

Diane Smookler

Scott Marvy

Marni Tselos

Lynne Sanders Leslie Strohm Deborah Taillon

WOMEN’S PHILANTHROPY COMMITTEE Deb Frishberg Chair Sharon Benmaman Naomi Arnold Wendy Baldinger



$100,000 AND UP

Calmenson ACE

Gary & Susan Bloom

John Wolf

Edelstein Family Foundation

Sherman & Lois Devitt

Steve & Gail Brand

Lawrence & Honey Zelle

David Feinberg

Thomas & Deborah Frishberg

Harry Kay Charitable Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999

Thomas & Janet Gabor

Marion & Annette Newman

Brian & Sandy Kamin

David Wark & Mary Ann Barrows Wark

Reflects pledges made from

$25,000 - $49,999

who have given to Federation for 25 years or more) Of Blessed Memory


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 I M PA C T R E P O R T


Jacy & Jason Grais Family Fund

Dr. Neil & Naomi Arnold

Myra Greenberg Joan Hymanson Scott & Sally Johnson

Florence Baer LOJE Sharon Benmaman & John Allen Dr. Merrill Biel & Dr. Leslie Hahn

Harold & Judith Kuller

Todd & Elizabeth Johnson

Charles Nauen & Pati Jo Pofahl

Suzanne Kaplan

Dr. Richard Brody & Margaret Flynn

Dr. Jeffrey Kohen

Thomas Edelstein

Jonathan & Robin Parritz

Dr. Stephen & Nancy Lane

Ron & Phyllis Ettinger

Mark & Lisa Lerman

Jon & Holly Brod Farber

Herman Birnberg

Steve & Wendy Rubin

Robert & Sandra Loewenstein

Ted & Jackie Flaum

Martin & Esther Capp Foundation

Stuart Bear & Marsha Schoenkin

Joyce Malmon LOJE

Fred & Karen Gordon

Dr. Yoav & Rosalyn Segal

Michael & Susan Minsberg

Dean & Drew Greenberg Families

Michael & Joanne Silverman

Richard & Joan Newmark

Anita Geller

Dr. Jimmy & Stephanie Levine

Jerome & Yetta Simon

Jacki Paster

Loren & Rosie Geller

David & Dede Smith

Dr. Charles & Nancy Reich

Dr. Barry & Janice Godes

Dr. Richard & Diane Smookler

Steven & Barbara Rutzick

Joe & Jane Goldberger

Rossy Shaller Steve & Michelle Shaller

Joe & Sandy Wolkowicz

Stuart & Lynne Sanders

Mark Wilf

Mike & Polly Saxon

J. Peter & Judy Wolf

Dr. Paul & Karen Schanfield

$5,000 - $9,999

Drs. Tom & Teri Skadron

Phyllis Karasov & Dr. Alan Olstein

Alan & Elisa Bernick

Gerald Swarsensky

Stanley & Delores Karon

The Birnberg Family

William Lipschultz

We apologize for any names inadvertently omitted or misspelled. Please advise us of any changes for future publications.

HS Kaplan Family Fund of Mpls.

$2,500 - $4,999

Eunice Gelb

Dr. Kenneth Rosenblum & Ann Simonds


Silver Circle (Recognizes donors

Ernest I Fink Agency-Bruce & Neil Fink & Family

Don & Rhoda Mains

Howard Stacker

Jan. 1, 2019 through Dec. 31, 2019.

David Feinberg ACE

$10,000 - $24,999 Shirley Bloomfield Calvin & Beverly Calmenson Family

Allen & Toba Freeman Burt & Lucille Garr Drs. Michael & Cindy Garr

Bruce & Laurie Goldfarb Minna Heim LOJE Jerry Helfand & Joan Cleary

Dr. Harold & Kathleen Katz

Bernard & Deb Weiss

Betty Fantle

Ira & Peggy Kipp

Gerald Portnoy

William & Ryvelle Tilsner

Marion & Gary Klein

Barbara Winthrop

Dr. Ed Feinstein

Andrea Kirchner

Kenneth & Bonita Prawer

Alexander & Marni Tselos

Dr. Henry Fink

Joel & Laurie Kramer

Andrew Rapoport

Dr. Zeev & Dalia Vlodaver

William Fox

Roger & Jennifer Kramer

Daniel Fram

Brian & Judy Krasnow MD

Edward & Anne-Monique Rapoport

Stephen Warch & Alexandra Klass

Eric Galatz & Lisa Tiegel

Drs. Gary Kravitz & Anna Schorer

Drs. Michael & Sagit Rosenberg

Robert Weinstine

David Kristal & Cristiana Giordano Michael Launer & Lesli Launer Hines Dr. Stanley & Suzanne Leonard Frank Lerman & Carol Simon Dr. Leonard & Joyce Levitan Ron & Karen Matz Alan Milavetz & Bonnie Resnick Dr. Aaron Milbank & Dr. Amelia Burgess Leonard Oppenheimer & Lydia Schultz Drs. David Rischall & Flora Soumekh Ruth Rischall Aron & Ellen Rolnitzky Mitchell & Sarah Rubinstein Robert Rubenstein & Susan Andrews James & Sandy Rutzick Susan Shapiro Rabbi Adam & Cantor Rachel Stock Spilker Mollie Tankenoff LOJE Robert & Sandra Tilsen Sanford & Carol Weisberg

$1,000 - $2,499 Edward Abramson 814 ACE Mark and Elaine Adelman Arlene Alm Jeri Glick Anderson & Charles Anderson Stuart Appelbaum & Jean King Stuart Applebaum

Lael & Gary Gerding Barry & Linda Gersick Jonathan & Abigail Gewirtz Richard & Esther Gillman Robert & Joanne Gillman Barry & Rena Glaser

Deborah and Bernard Bachrach

Debbie Goldberger

Jay Baldinger

Arthur & Constance Goodman Foundation

Robert Baldinger

Max & Edith Goodman

Dr. Sheldon Berkowitz & Carolyn Levy

Richard & Mitzi Gramling

Herbert & Marcia Bernick

Candyce A . & David A. Gray Family Foundation

John & Sally Blumenfeld Roger & Ronnie Brooks

Donald Greenebaum & Beth Honetschlager

M. Jamie & Jo Ellen Cohen

Marc Hertz

Haddie Derechin

Steve Hunegs & Jenifer Robins

Dr. Neil Derechin James Dockman

Tom Hymanson Lois Johnson

Drs. Brooks Edwards & Terri Leonard Edwards

Robert & Jennifer Kaplan

Dr. Ronald & Betty Ellis

Nancy Karasov

David & Carol Epstein

Norene Karon

Kenneth Epstein

Dr. Phillip & Mary Kibort

Ted Kuller

Dr. Freeman & Shirley Rosenblum

Harriet Lane

Constance Ross

Randy & Lisa Lane

Randi Roth

Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd.

Dr. Daniel & Jodi Saltzman

Sharon Lazarus Dr. Irving & Gwen Lerner Harriet Levy

Ellen Sampson Dr. Laurence Savett Mark & Alison Savin

Rick Linsk & Nancy Crotti

Bertha & Philip Schlesinger ACE

Lee Litman

Dr. Susan Schloff

Sidney Makiesky ACE

Dr. H. Laurence & Susanne Schochet

Robert & Florie Marvy Diane Mast Lester & Eileen Meltzer Judge Rosanne Nathanson Sara Lynn Newberger & Barbara Levine

Steven & Judy Schumeister Dr. Gary Schwartz Elizabeth Seehawer Edith Smith Ethel Smith

Leslie Novak

Dr. James & Joanne Smith

Jeffrey Oberman & Kathy Conner

Michael & Shelli Smith

Okabena Investments Dr. Robert & Linda Perry Walter Pistner

James & Linda Stein Elaine Steinman Morgan & Marilyn Tamsky Dr. Loren Taple

Dr. Irwin Weisman Dr. Peter & Madee Wilton

$500 - $999 Norman Abramson Carol & Gordon Altshuler Gretchen Anderson Allan Baumgarten Albert Benjohar & Esther Lerman Henry & Debra Brandis Avrom Brendzel & Ida Dreyfus Sheila & David Brod James Bunin Joni Lipschultz Burg Stanley Calof Lisa Capp Dori Denelle Gene & Rhoda Engelson Deborah Evans John Feldman Mitchell & Marjorie Fink Dr. Bert & Paula Finkelstein

Beth Friend

Rachael & Joel Paper

Jean Witson

Rita Brown

Gilda Gieske

Jean Kanter

Gerald & Gail Frisch

Sharyn Effress Pesses

Scott & Sheri Yarosh

Sharon & Marvin Cohan

Nancy & Stephan Gilats

Benjie & Libby Kaplan

Dan & Tanya Gelb

Margery & Stuart Pihlstrom

Mary & Philip Cohen

Rebecca Glass

Barbara Kaster

Harold Cooperman ACE

Harriet Glick

Judyth Katz

Tom Cytron-Hysom

Howard & Karen Gochberg

Jane Kerr

Stacy & Michael Dockman

Steve & Barbara Godes

Leah Krawetz

Ivan Doneshefsky

Scott M. Goldberg

Shirley Kulevsky

Dr. Robert & Susan Donsker

Barry Goldman

Theodore Kvasnik

Carol Goldstein

Lou & Muriel Lachter

Nancy Getzkin David & Theresa Glaser Joel Glaser Chad & Debbie Goldenberg Dr. Allen & Katherine Goldman


Jeff & Dana Prottas

Julie & Joseph Abelovitz

Mildred Rein

Bonnie Abrahamson

James Robins

Cino Adelson

Roanne Rosenblum

Rob Lebowitz & Rabbi Esther Adler

Philip & Renae Goldman

Marty & Betty Rosenstein

Carol Gurstelle

Allan & Helen Rossman

Sternie Kissen-Rosen

David & Fern Sanders

Dr. Floyd Knight & Belina Reisman

Ethel Schaen

David Krco & Erin Odean

$100 - $499

Gary & Roxanne Portnoy

Ruth Schumeister

Arlene & Howard Kurs

Earl Schwartz & Nina Samuels

James Lackner

Stewart & Jamie Shacter

Jules Goldstein

Elizabeth Lamin

Edward Alch

Janet Dubinsky & Howard Mironov

Mavis A. Goldstein

Pam Lauer


Ardyce & Lawrence Ehrlich

Raymond Goldstein

Janice Lazarus

Mary & William Andler

Jonathan Eisenthal

Charles & Dina Goodman

Dr. Louis & Janice Leichter

Julienne Applebaum

Naomi English

Tim Gothmann

Sheila Leventhal

Tracy & Dr. Sam Arnold

Richard Epstein & Dr. Melissa Weisman

Nettie Grabscheid

Stephen Levin

Esther M. Graham

Charles Levine & Marjorie Dana-Levine

Amy & Jeffrey Alch

Marsha Baer-Dennis

Joan Levey

Wendy Shapiro

Erin Baldinger

Adi Leviatan

Myndal & Daniel Silver

Karen & Ron Balto

Dr. Stephen & Katherine Liston

Marilyn Smith

Lois & Walter Baum Betty Baumgarten

Dr. Paul & Bebe Magee

Milton & Evelyn Smith ACE

Howard & Suzanne Malmon

Judge Richard & Elizabeth Spicer

Judy Marvy

Grey Staples & Lisa Silverberg

Scott Marvy Neil & Susan Moses-Zirkes Irving Nathanson ACE Howard Orenstein & Barbara Frey

Thomson Reuters Sharon Farsht Torodor Jane Trosdahl Mark & Lynn Usem Michael & Erin Waldman


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 I M PA C T R E P O R T

Lisa & Paul Dorn

Howard Bell

Rabbi Manachem & Dina Feller Joshua Fineblum & Andrea Golden Adam Fink & Galina Guterman

Rabbi Tamar Grimm Rita Grossman

Rachel Lewine

Martha Gulner

Rabbi Lynn Liberman & Elizabeth Barnard

Harriet R. Guthertz

Dorothy Lipschultz

Madeline Harris

Tom Lipschultz

Lorraine Hertz

Ronny & Sandra Loew

Sally Applebaum Beloff

Sheldon Finver & Deborah Albert

Beryl Berke

David & Margo Fox

Janet Herzberg

Victoria & Charles Long

Bernice Bernick

Marilyn Frank

Alden Hoffman

Sally Lorberbaum

Dr. Paul & Lois Bloomberg

Margo Friedman

Joanna Lowinger

Yuriy & Manana Bro

Suzy Frisch

Marshall & Dr. Julia Hoffman

Barbara Brooks

Nancy Fushan

Ellen Johnson

Dr. Andrea J. Lubov & Allan Schultz

Neal & Sandy Gale

Hart & Raleigh Johnson

Deborah Brown

Ellen Mack

Steve & Eve Kafitz

Sylvan Mack ACE

Todd & Amy Geller

Maggie Madden

Vicki Rackner

Lee Sperling

David Zanick

Beth & Gordon Gendler

Rakhil Koyrakh

Joel Mandel

Leonard Rapoport ACE

Susan & Mark Spiers

Mary & Michael Zaslofsky

Chris & Stephanie George

AmyJoy Leventhal

Dr. Louis & Janice Leichter

Cindy Reich

Laura Zelle

Rafael & Alla Geretz

Marvin & Harriet Levine

John & Jeannie Marver

Ethan Roberts & Naomi Dean

David Spitzer & Susanne Pelly-Spitzer

Leslie Gerstman

Mollie Levine

Charles Stander

$1 - $99

Harriet Gleeman

Sue & Eric Lund

Pearl Rosen

Peter & Sue Stein

Arlene Appelbaum

Sharleen Goldberg

Misty Lustila

Susan Rosner

Rabbi Sharon Stiefel & Davida Alperin

Beverly & Richard Behr

Jennifer Mason Ethel Mayeron Nora Mogol

Yisroel & Rivkah Goldberg

Roxanne Markoff

Thomas & Ellen Stillman

Rabbi Shlomo & Chavie Bendet

Yonah Goldberg

Laura Mathews

Steven Muenzer

Cori Rutchick & Scott Newell

Sandra Neren

Mindy & Craig Rutman

Paul Storch

Yossi & Mushky Bendet

Steven Goodman

Azriyela Maymind

Gayle Newman

Melanie Rutzick

Sean McPherson

Anne Rae Sanderson

Rabbi Zalman & Nechama Bendet

David & Suzon Gordon

Ellis & Riva Nolley

Anne Strasser & Peter Douglas

Elaine Goren

Ronald Miller

Kay & Jonathan Strauss

Cliff & Andrea Berg

Mikhail & Klara Grinberg

Revital Mitchell

Jennifer Strauss-Klein

Aaron Biel

Vitali Gueron

Ronald & Kay Mogelson

Leslie & Jim Strohm

Marilyn & Stuart Bloom Randall & Susan Blum

Fred Haeusler & Leslie Martin

Eugene Natariu

Maureen Sultan Deborah J. Tabert

Joan Blumstein

Shterna Hecht

Nancy Blumstein

Rachel Hertel

Lois Schochet

James Tilsen & Deanna Wiener

Ruven & Wendy Schwartz

Lewis & Marge Blustin

Abby Heuckendorf

Alex Treitler

Jeanne Chacon

David & Vicki Itzkowitz

Rebecca & Axel Chevalier

William Kantor

Mikhail Chulok

Abbey Kanzer

Nissim & Chaya Cohen

Stephen Kaplan

Ira & Peggy Denenholz

Yitzy Kasowitz

Priscilla Deveau

Michael Keller

Larry & Linda Eisenstadt

Scott Kipp

Mitchell Wittenberg & Jaine Strauss

Jeffrey B. Feldman

Nadine Kivens

Diane Wolfson

Keven & Frances Fischer

Regina Klachko

Robin Zaban

Gabe Flaum

Dan & Nancy Klausner

Dolores Fryd

Vilyam Kogan

Nancy & Walter Novillo Ruth Olkon Tim & Wendy Oskey John Ostfield Philip Oxman & Harvey Zuckerman Natan Paradise Ari Parritz Linda Passon-McNally Eric & Dr. JoAnn Pasternack

Dan & Lisa Schibel Dr. Leonard Schloff Martha Schmitz Michael Schmulewitz Marjorie & Bart Schneider

Ellen Seesel Sherwin & Diana Sieden Sally Silk & Thomas Wolfe

Arnold & Harriet Usem Debbie Vertelney Royee & Zlata Vlodaver

Beth Pearlman

Marilyn Silver

Susan Watchman

James Pesis

Lee Silverstein

Alan Weinblatt

Howard Pfefer Jan & Janet Phillips Julie & James Podlich Bruce Pomerantz Jeff Prauer & Barbara Grossman

Judy Sharken Simon & Chris Simon Kent Simon & Karen Gjerstad Leon & Maxine Simon Larry & Margie Solomon

Rita Weiss

Gerald Nemer John & Linda Nides Inga Oelschlager Aliza Olenick Jessica Ostrov Steve Pederson Aleksandr Portnov Svetlana Rabinstein Janet Ringer Lloyd & Phyllis Robinson Gail Rosenberg Olivia Rothstein Ben & Haylee Saxon Marc Schoen Mike Selon


Elliot Siegel

Eunice Gelb

Yetta Simon

Fred & Karen Gordon

Bernard & Deb Weiss

Philanthropic Fund

Marjorie Sigel

Karen Gordon

Dr. Teri Skadron

Mitzi Gramling

David Wise

Sheryl Sloane

Jacy Grais

DeDe Smith

Charley Smith

Myra Greenberg

Diane Smookler

Rob Jacobs & Elizabeth Davis

Don & Rhoda Mains Philanthropic Fund Karen & Ron Matz Philanthropic Fund

David Smith

Joan Hymanson

Mary Ann Barrows Wark


Nancy Smith

Sally Johnson

Judy Wolf

Bear & Schoenkin Philanthropic Fund

Annette Newman Philanthropic Fund

Carla Steiger

Sandra Kamin

Sandy Wolkowicz

Alan & Lisa Bernick Philanthropic Fund

Marion Newman Philanthropic Fund

Hannah & Peter Stein

Suzanne Kaplan

Honey Zelle

Susie Steinbach

Judith Kuller

Herbert & Marcia Bernick Philanthropic Fund

Jon & Robin Parritz Philanthropic Fund

Erica Stern

Lisa Lerman

Carl & Tammy Birnberg Philanthropic Fund

Amy & Howard Paster Family Philanthropic Fund

Morris & Freda Blons Philanthropic Fund

Celia & Herman Paster Family Philanthropic Fund

Harvey Braufman Philanthropic Fund

Edward & Jacqueline Paster Family Philanthropic Fund

Herbert & Betty Fantle Philanthropic Fund

The Quest Fund


Stephanie Levine

Mark & Elaine Adelman

Susan Summit

Rhoda Mains

Ken & Tracey Agranoff

Marcia Taple

Joyce Malmon

Steve & Wendy Baldinger

Mary Mersky

David Unowsky

Susan Minsberg

Inessa Vigdorovich

Annette Newman

Val Vinnik

Robin Parritz

Shirley Bloomfield Beverly Calmenson Lois Devitt Deborah Frishberg Janet Gabor


Scott Marvy Ron & Karen Matz Susan & Michael Minsberg Neil & Susan Moses-Zirkes Jonathan & Robin Parritz

Alan & Lisa Bernick

Marvin Pertzik

Aaron Biel

Sharyn Effress Pesses

Steve & Gail Brand

Michael & Polly Saxon

Sheila & David Brod

Marjorie & Mitchell Fink Philanthropic Fund

Jesse & Bernice Rosten

Wendy Rubin

Jonathan & Holly Brod Farber

Judy Sharken Simon & Chris Simon

Tatyana & Daniel Gelb Philanthropic Fund

Michelle & Steven Shaller Philanthropic Fund

Barbara Rutzick

Julie Burton

Eli & Miriam Skora

Lynne Sanders

Glaser Family Philanthropic Fund

Kris Cramer

Polly Saxon

Stacy & Michael Dockman

Charley Smith & Shaked Danai

Joanne & Michael Silverman Philanthropic Fund

Pati Jo Pofahl

Tammy Birnberg

Sharon Benmaman & John Allen

Rick Linsk

Yoav & Rosalyn Segal

Jenna Zark

Lisa Bernick

Charles Levine

Bob Rubenstein & Susan Andrews Philanthropic Fund

Jacki Paster


Mark & Lisa Lerman

Thomas & Janet Gabor Philanthropic Fund

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm

Danny Zouber

Peggy Kipp

Jimmy & Stephanie Levine

Anne Stevens

Mira Udodovsky

Harold & Kathleen Katz

Karen Schanfield

Elliott & Joan Farber

Richard & Diane Smookler

Marsha Schoenkin

Ted & Jackie Flaum

Rabbi Adam & Cantor Rachel Stock Spilker

Rosalyn Segal

Tom & Deb Frishberg

Elaine Steinman

Michelle Shaller

Neal & Sandy Gale

Mark & Lynn Usem

Rossy Shaller

Barry & Rena Glaser

David & Mary Ann Wark

Joanne Silverman

2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 I M PA C T R E P O R T

Harris Family Philanthropic Fund Brian & Sandy Kamin Philanthropic Fund Kipp Family Philanthropic Fund Henry & Cheryle Kristal Philanthropic Fund Bob & Sandy Loewenstein

Diane Rollie Chalfen Smookler Family Fund Shapiro Bequest Eli Skora Marjorie Weisman Memorial Fund 814 Florence Baer

Milton & Bernice Bernick Family Endowment Fund

Campaign Endowment Sylvan Mack

Herman Birnberg Endowment Fund

Sidney Makiesky

Brodie Beneficiary

Joyce Malmon Lion of Judah Endowment

Ben & Vivian Calmenson Harold Cooperman

Marvin J. Pertzik Israel Schlicha Fund

Jewish Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Susan D Minsberg Lion of Judah Endowment

Robert & Mary Dinerstein

Irving Nathanson

David E. Feinberg Annual Campaign Endowment

Marion & Annette Newman Designated Fund

Fischman Israel Graduate Scholarship

Ossie Perlman

Thomas Gabor Annual Campaign Endowment Lillian D. Geller Sholom Home East Adult Day Care & Travel Fund Gesher L’Kesher Goldberger Family Endowment Goldberger Memorial Resettlement Fund Nettie Grabscheid Greenberg Holocaust Essay Minnie Heim Henle Family Esther Hoffman Scholarship Israel Teen Fund Kissin-Rosen William Lipschultz Annual

Sol & Gertrude Pogoriler Leonard Rapoport Ruth & Maurice Rischall Endowment Fund Bertha Schlesinger Shapiro Endowment Milton & Evelyn Smith Annual Campaign Endowment Mollie Tankenoff Lion of Judah Endowment Women’s Fund

TWIN CITIES JEWISH COMMUNITY PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES TWIN CITIES CARDOZO SOCIETY Dan Abelson Jerome Abrams Norman Abramson Paul Applebaum Charles Bans Allan Baumgarten Stuart Bear Jay Benanav Larry Berg Alan Bernick John Blumenfeld Nancy Blumstein Amy Boley Vadim Braginsky Steve Brand Matthew Clark Richard Cohen Brian Davis Holly Brod Farber Mark Fellman James Forman Kenneth Fox Daniel Fram Morley Friedman Gerald Frisch Eric Galatz David Garelick Eunice Gelb Barry Gersick Alan Gilbert Richard Gillman David Glaser Mark Gleeman Richard Goff Philip Goldman William Gotlieb Jacy Grais Mitzi Gramling

Jerry Helfand Erica Holzer Beth Honetschlager Steve Hunegs Leora Itman Marvin Jacobson Elizabeth Johnson Daniel Kaplan Harvey Kaplan Stanley Karon Steven Kirsch Alexandra Klass Daniel Kleinberger Jennifer Kramer Roger Kramer David Krco David Kristal James Lackner Randall Lane Howard Lazarus Sharon Lazarus Esther Lerman Gwen Lerner Elyse Levine Less Rick Linsk Katherine Liston Ruth Lowenthal Steven Lowenthal Kyle Luebke Maggie Madden Howard Malmon Alan Milavetz Susan Minsberg Charles Nauen Leslie Novak Jeffrey Oberman Howard Orenstein Rachael Paper Jonathan Parritz Marvin Pertzik Scott Rodman Patricia Rogin Howard Roston Randi Roth Robert Rubenstein Steven Rubin Adam Rutzick Steven Rutzick

Carrie Sachs Naften Sadoff Ellen Sampson Mark Savin Ethel Schaen Karen Schanfield Stuart Schmitz Marsha Schoenkin Steven Schumeister Carl Schway Elizabeth Seehawer Ellen Seesel Emily Shapiro Sally Silk Jerome Simon Judge Richard Spicer David Spitzer Sarah Squillace Howard Stacker James Stein Peter Stein Lloyd Stern Bethelee Stine Scott Strand Dori Streit Martin Swaden Gerald Swarsensky Julie Swiler Judge Judith Tilsen Alexander Tselos Stephen Warch Jeffrey Ward Mary Ann Barrows Wark Michael Weiner Robert Weinstine Joe Wolkowicz Tsippi Wray Laurie Young Rosanne Zaidenweber Lawrence Zelle Jonathan Zimmerman Rachel Zimmerman

TWIN CITIES MAIMONIDES SOCIETY Dr. Patricia Adam Dr. Harvey Arbit Dr. Neil Arnold

Dr. Alexander Axelrod Dr. Michael Bahr Dr. Richard Barr Dr. Susan Benfield Dr. Sheldon Berkowitz Dr. Merrill Biel Dr. Peter Bornstein Dr. Arnold Brier Dr. Kevin Broder Dr. Laura Broder Dr. Richard Brody Dr. David Broude Dr. Lawrence Burstein Dr. Candy Corey Howard Cutts Dr. John Davidson Dr. Neil Derechin Cindy Dubansky Dr. Brooks Edwards Dr. Shoshana Englard Falconer Naomi English Dr. Howard Epstein Dr. Ed Feinstein Dr. Henry Fink Dr. Bert Finkelstein Dr. Neal Foman Dr. Les Forgosh Dr. Elliot Francke Dr. Michael Frost Dr. Cynthia Garr Dr. Michael Garr Dr. Joseph Gendler Dr. Barry Godes Dr. Malka Goodman Ian Grunberg Dr. Charles Herzog Dr. Lee Kamman Dr. Harold Katz Dr. Jeffrey Kohen Dr. Luciano Kolodny Dr. Brian Krasnow Dr. Stephen Lane Dr. Irving Lerner Dr. Ronald Less Dr. Jimmy Levine Dr. David Lipschultz Ruth Markowitz

Dr. Todd Marshall Dr. Michael Mauer Dr. Andrew Mellin Dr. Aaron Milbank Laura Nathan Mitchell Neren Pam Orren Philip Oxman Dr. Rachel Parritz Dr. Michael Pergament Dr. Elena Polukhin Claire Press Dr. Donna Randall Bonnie Resnick Dr. Ellen Rest Dr. David Rischall Amy Rose Dr. Michael Rosenberg Dr. Sandra Rosenberg Dr. Freeman Rosenblum Dr. Kenneth Rosenblum Shirley Rosenblum Stewart Rosoff Dr. Josh Rutzick Dr. Daniel Saltzman Lynne Sanders Dr. Paul Schanfield Dr. Jeffrey Schiff Dr. Susan Schloff Dr. H. Laurence Schochet Dr. Gary Schwartz Dr. Yoav Segal Dr. Ellen Shammash Dr. Teri Skadron Dr. Tom Skadron Dr. James Smith Dr. Richard Smookler Dr. Carol Soutor Daniel Stein Dr. Matthew Sturmer Dr. Loren Taple Dr. Zeev Vlodaver Zlata Vlodaver Susan Watchman Dr. Daniel Weisdorf Dr. Irwin Weisman Dr. Yanislav Wolfson Dr. Jaime Zighelboim


790 Cleveland Ave. S., St. Paul, MN 55116 Main 651.690.1707 | www.jewishstpaul.org jewishstpaul


Profile for Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul

2019-2020 St. Jewish St. Paul Impact Report  

2019-2020 St. Jewish St. Paul Impact Report  


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