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Dear friend,

Politicians As election day approaches, we are showered with promises from the various politicians. They will lower taxes, solve the health care crisis, cure the economy and help bring new jobs to your area. Then comes the day after! The politicians are nowhere to be found, promises are forgotten and we, the constituents, are once again disappointed. Just a moment – think about this: are we not the same? Take a look at the last year's High Holidays. On Yom Kippur, we stand before G-d and make all kinds of promises. “Give us a good year, make sure our family is healthy and our business goes well, and in return we will….“ At this upcoming High Holidays, let’s not play politics with G-d. Let’s make sure that not only does G-d hear our promises, but that we hear them too!

As a resident or guest of Pudong, you have personally experienced the important and vital work of Chabad Jewish Center of Pudong in our community. We have enhanced our educational programs as well as our services for your convenience. We are enabling community members to celebrate the holidays, enrich their children’s Jewish education, and provide a great opportunity to experience Judaism in a welcoming and positive atmosphere, where every Jew - no matter what background - will feel at home. You may not be aware, but the Pudong Jewish Center is not supported by Chabad international or any other organizations. It is totally dependent on local donations. We are working very hard to cover the yearly budget for the center and all of its growing programs and activities.

We hope you will help us by participating in the Partnership (membership) Campaign with your generous pledge. Wishing you a happy and sweet new year, Rabbi Avraham Greenberg The Membership Committee Reouven Perez • Sarah Vogel • Steven Lawson • Udi Baran Yes, count me in. I would like to pledge the amount of: r Member.... ¥ 4,000

r Silver Partner.... ¥ 12,000 r Sponsor.... ¥ 42,000

r Partner...... ¥ 8,000

r Gold Partner.... ¥ 24,000

Please make your contribution @

We would like to extend our thanks to our generous supporters:



Vila # 69, 2255 Luoshan Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 200235 CHINA 罗山路2255弄近花木路汤臣湖庭 别墅69号 Phone: 86.21.5878.2008 Fax: 86.21.5879.3689 Email: Website:

5772 / 2011-2012

Even though there are no official membership dues at Chabad Pudong, each year we turn to every member and family who benefits and enjoys our services and programs with the annual Partnership Fund Appeal. This voluntary membership enables us to continue offering our services to the Pudong Jewish community.



Joseph Weintraub Michael & Elanna Bruck Reouven & Sharon Perez Maurice & Hanna Ohana Eyal Bafri Ido Gov Ari Amir & Michal Tzhori Ira & Sally Stiegler Isaac & Liu Xia Epstein Ishai & Ilanit Bettan Nicholas & Karin Jones Steve Lawson

Steve Fieldman Rick & Joan Rocamora Brian & Joyce Gottbetter Federico & Sol Kalnicki Matthew friedman Dani Diamantstein Glenn & Pei-wen Leibowitz Marc & Sabina Rafalowicz Roy & Martha Chason Sky Berger Shlomo & Osnat Fridman

Donrors Nathaniel Perez Marc & Sione Harris Shahar Badihi Yarden & Sigal Zilber Alexander & Victoria Reznik Ariel & ? Badanjo Richard Soll Jose & Maria Moscati Shemi Silis Shlomo Khazin Sharon Rubin

Donations listed are from January 2012 - August 2012

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ISSUE 19 SUMMER 5772/2012

Rabbi’s Message


Chabad Pduong Visual update - 2011-12  

Visual Update from the activities and programs at Chabad Jewish Center of Pudong