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Syria Agrees to 6-Month U.N. Mandate Extension



JNCrL BLUFFS, LINCOLN, OMAHA Omaha, Neb., Fri., November26,1976

TEL AVIV (JTA)-Damascus radio announced Nov. 20 that Syria has agreed to a sixmonth extension of Die mandate of the United Nations Disengagement Observer. Force (UNDOF) on the Golan Keighis, due to expire Nov. 30". ". But recent developments in Lebanon have caused concern • In Israel and may require a

Judith Beilin Represents Israel at State Dinner Honoring Mrs. Grossman

new policy , decision with respect to that country hi the very near future, sources here have said. Confirmation of Syria's agreement was received in the IIM

Tha {fa/tlclAi} . wna M I L

ty in southern Lebanon. Some sources said it might have been a test of Israel's reaction. A senior security source has been quoted as saying that Israel would not permit a renewal of terrorist ac' tivity hear its Border- and would take the initiative against terrorist groups that disturb the tranqullity of the region. " ,1

veyed to Secretary General Kurt Waldhelm by the Syrian delegation and the UN chief executive will submit a written report to the Security Council Tuesday. A UN T h e S y r i a n t r o o p spokesman said the Council movements are regarded as would meet Nov. 29 to adopt a less ominous for the time beresolution extending the man- ing. Israel has repeatedly Indate, to which Israel has also formed Syria, through U.S. agreed. diplomatic channels, that If Concern in Israel has come would intervene should Syria from Syrian troops, serving as concentrate, forces near the part of the all-Arab peace- Israeli b6rder.

OMAHA — Judith Beilin, a her degree In drama and member of the Ministry for theatre arts from the Royal Foreign Atfalre of the State of Academy of Dramatic Art In keeping- force, crossing the Damascus is believed anxIsrael currently serving her London. In the" late 1930'e, Litanl River Into southern ious to avoid a confrontation third term as Consul of Israel Mrs. Beilin gave up her acting Lebanon and reached Mar- with Israel at a time when Its to New York, will represent career to marry the ardent jAyoun', a township Just north army is spread thin in (he State of Israel at the Zionist, Harry Beilin, and setof the Israeli border 'settle- Lebanon and for that reason is Omaha-Israel Dinner of State tle In then Palestine with him. 1 ment of Metuallah. The Chris- also interested in-preventing a h o n o r i n g M r s . Morris She has made her permanent tian' radio station in Beirut renewal of terrorist activity in Grossman, Sunday, Dec. 5, home there since 1938. reported that other Syrian the border region. 6:30p.m.,at the Omaha Hilton From 1038 to 1951, the units crossed the river on their Hotel. Benin's participated in every Sources here said that Israel way to the Lebanese port of would not regard the presence In February 1974, Mrs. phase of the establishment Tyre. . of token Syrian forces south of Beilin represented Israel on and development of modern the Litanl or at Tyre as a pro-the Economic and Social Israel. While her husband Most alarming, however, vocation but would react if Council as an observer at the served as liaison between the was the bazooka recent attack large Syrian formations Commission on the Status of Jewish Agency and the British Slmcha Dlnltz, Israel's Ambassador to the U.S., right, with mandatory government, Mrs. Frank R.. Lautenberg, UJA General Chairman, center, and ,on an Israeli patrol along the entered the border area now Women at theUnlted Nations. Lebanese border near Zar'it held by Lebanese Christians. Prior to her appointment as Beilin was active In ' the Sidney Lansburgh Jr. of Washington D.C. at a UJA Dinner for and te firing of several Consul, Mrs. Beilin served as Hnganah and also in the pro- the 1977 Campaign In the Israeli Chancellory. ; Katyusha rockets arNaharlya liaison officer for the Foreign gram for founding new setfrom across the Lebanese tlements. _ • Ministry in connection with border. In both attaacks there the hundreds of foreign corAt the same time, she was were• no casualltles and . respondents stationed in eight years on the Staff of the .'Israelis returned fire.' 'Israel to cover the Elchmann Palestine Broadcasting Sertrial. She also received, on vice, as actress, producer-and "But the Incidents, thefirstIn behalf of the Government, newscaster. Following a . WASHINGTON-"What, : passivity is over. In 1977, our that region in nearly a year, distinguished visitors from the series of fund-raising missions Israel needs Is not parity with UJA giving Is not a privilege, may have signaled the start of Americas, the British Com- to England and the U.S. In a new wave of terrorist activlthe enemies of the Jewish peo- buy a responsibility." • monwealth, Asia, Africa and 1946-7, she began to work for ple, but a qualitative adScandinavia. . the underground radio station vangate,"Ambassador SimBorn and educated in of the Haganah. In May 19-18 cha Dlnltz told 45 Jewish comEngland, Mrs. Beilin received when the establishment of the munal leaders meeting at the State of Israel was proclaim- Israeli Chancellory who pledged, she announced the news in ed W.4 million for UJA's 1977 P. Schnelderman .an historic broadcast over Campaign—jo per cent more Haganah Rtfdlo Haifa. than 1976. ' "For without this ad-From June 1948 until mid OMAHA - Abraham H. • vantage," Dlnltz explained, Foxman, an attorney and an 1950, Mrs. Beilin was In charge of the public relations '"the people of Israel,will not authority on international afoffice for the. United Jewish have the strength to assure a fairs, will be the guest speaker OMAHA — Philip R". Appeal In Tel Aviv. . s t r o n g , v i a b l e J e w i s h at the third annual meeting 'or Schneiderman has resigned Mrs. Beilin Is a widow. Her ' homeland. Together, morality the Anti-Defamation League . from the United Way of the husband, at the time of his plus strength, are attributes of B'nal B'rith Society of Midlands effective Jan. 21, death in 1959, was Chief of .that will preserve pur people. Fellows to be held Tuesday, 1977, to accept the position of Protocol for Israel's Foreign Without them, Jewry could Nov. 30,: according to Henry Executive vice president of Ministry. From 1954 to 1957, he • disappear through tack of pur- tllekes, Fellows, chairman. United way of Indianapolis, served as Israel's Charge pose." ." \ , .•'• •• ,.;' :• Indiana. Schneiderman Joined Foxman is the director of nad'Affalres In : Denmark and, : Frank R. Lautenberg, UJA- tional leadership for the AntiUnited Way of the Midlands in prior to that, hid been Consul General Charman sidd, Defamation League -of B'nsl May," 197$ l i v i n g as exGeneral of Israel to the 11 ; "American Jewry will answer B'rith. ecutive director of United Way ':-• western states of America. responslvely, for the time for . The event will be held at the and United Fund of Council Judith Beilin Bluffs. home of' Henry and Dorothy - - "This represents a tremenHiefces, 41C South S3 Street at 8 dous career opportunity for ' '' ' me," Schneiderman said, Foxmon w a s born In "although my wife and I are Herzog called for action con- Poland. He Is fluent in Yid• 'IWe owe ittoour forebearers, :t • very sad to leave Omaha; its Describing^ recent Arab ac- " We owe it to ourselves. We demning the recent consensus dish, Hetrew and English. A people have been good to us. tions as a dear Indication that owe it to our children and we agreement reached by the graduate of the Yeshlva of Abraham Foxman We've thoroughly enjoyed our "a major anti-Semitic world owe. It to the generations to U.N. Security Council on Flatbush, he received an campaign is underway," come," he told the audience Israeli administration of .the undergraduate degree from Rome". The tour included stay here." While in Omaha Schneider•' City College of City University discussions with government Israel's United Nations Am- which greeted bis words with occupied territories. Herzog noted that "each and of New York and a Juris Doc- leaders in Israel and an au- main served on the Boards of bassadorChalniiierzo" urged a standing ovation. Herzog noted that American every one of us has reason to tor degree from. New York' dience with Pope Paul VI on Directors of the Dr. Sher Jews to "fight back." Home and Boys Town, com? the plight of the Soviet Jews. Addressing an audience of Government policy Is directly bo proud" arid cited trie 800,000 University School of law. He is a member of the New mittee'oh minority business A recognized authority on 2,000 North American Jewish Influenced by the degree to Jewish refugees from-Arab leaders attending the General which American Jews voice Jands who today are produc- the Holocaust, Israel and the York State Bar Association development and chairman of Assembly of the Council of support for Israel. "The or- tive citizens of Israel com- Middle East. Foxman has con- ' the New York County LaWyers the chamber of commerce. He J e w i s h F e d e r a t i o n s In dinary Jew In the street will pared to the 500,000 Arab tributed to several books In- Association, the Middle East served on the executive Philadelphia, Herzog called not be pushed around, the Am- refugees who are today still in cluding the Encyclopedia. Institute and the American search committee for the Judalca. In 1971, be organized Academy Association for Federation as well as the cooron all Jews to recall the anti- bassador declared. "He will refugee camps. dinating Federation, commitfight, Action is needed to pro-' Turning to the recent action and guided a group of promi- Peace in the Middle East. Semitism of Hitler. Reservations can be made tee on aging. He and his wife, "This time, let us fight ve to the world that we stand of the U.N. Security Council, nent American Jewish comBea, are members of Temple before it i s too late," the as one, ready to face our .Herzog termed it "despicable munal leaders on a tour by calling Henry Rlekes, 397,.\"' (Continued on Page 2) , "Aswnbly In toael ^- and . 3 2 8 8 . .•;'-.• • ' , ; . * , . : : . L \ \ \ - : - . ) A ' ; ; • ' • • Israeli Ambassador declared. enemies.". ,

Dinitz Issues Call for

Intematiqnal Authority Scheduled to Speakat Annual ADL-BB Meeting

Herzog Saysl*'V\te M ust RgMBack^



Schneiderman Leaves Omaha

The Jewish Pro*

November 26.1978

Senior Citizens'Scene Volunteerism Increases Quality of Life for Aged By Helen Newman The Senior Adult Club enJoyed a truly traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, Nov. 22: turkey, trimmings, and a lovely decorated cake with the words "Shalom" and "Bon Voyage" to those going with Mollie Delman on the trip to Israel.. '' 'A surprise visitor at the dinner was the Honorable Senator-elect Edward Zorinsky. He spoke to the more than ISO members and guests with mixed emotions about leaving Omaha, to accept the prestigious office of a United States Senator. Senator-elect Zorinsky thanked the group for their support and expressed his best those ropHng the trip to Israel, Horrie Epstein introduced the entertainer — Fred Ward, country music singer, who presented a program with his long and guitar numbers. • The group will again meet on Monday, Nov. 29, for Us regular luncheon and activities. An entertainer from one of the night dubs will be oo our program.

The group is now looking forward to the holiday parties. The Hanukkah party is~ on Monday, Dec. 20. Fanny Man-, vitz 553-1845 Is taking reservations. Also there will be the new Year's party at Beth El Synagogue on Wednesday, Dec. 29. Ann Margolin and Sylvia Goldberg are the cochairmen. In the absence of Mollie, Herman Rubin will take over some of the duties. B'etty Weissman, our former president, will also be on hartd to assist. At Monday's dinner, Mollie Delman read letters of welcome to her group of travelers from the Ben Shulman family in Israel and from a rabbi in Amsterdam, Holland, where the group plans to spend a few days. Regular activities will continue the balance of November and on into December. If you are in doubt as to whether there is a meeting due to the weather, call the JCC early in the morning. List of donations will appear in the weekly Newsletter.

'We Must Fight Back' (Continuedfrom Page I) behavior" and called the members "lacking in moral courage." "The action can only be labelled as a direct and very serious insult to the Jewish people twit what hurt the most 1» JbfrwUltngneES of the United" States to go along," Uerzog declared. _ -' H e noted that a similar resolutionjntroduced by the Arab'*nations last May was branded by the U.S. as "onesided, biased and unb'alanc•••/"Never has U.S. prestige been as high in the Arab world as when it stood by its friends courageously and firmly," Herzog stated. "As Jews, we , must stand as a proud people

ready to take a stand on these issues. Each and every one of us has reason to be proud," he said. ^ At the conclusion of bis talk, Raymond Epstein, chairman of the session informed the Ambassador that the. General Assembly had sent telegrams to President Ford and President-Elect Carter protesting U.S. actions in the Security Council. Do it Today! Pick a day to quit smoldng. Face D-day and maybe gift your teeth. It could be easy or it might be hard but one thing's certain, says the American Cancer Society, you'll be lessening your chances of getting lung cancer.


Jewish Community Calender of Events SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27

Hadassah Career Women, home of Sylvia Ross, . SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 28 Hadassah Career Women, homeof Sylvia Ross, 2 p.m. Film Classic, "The Informer", JCC, 7:30

-"Hrvm V o u m p i l g r i m a g e , i C C

• •'-

I *.

The Dr. Sher Home, like other agencies in our society, has always depended on volunteers of different kinds, some who commit themselves financially, others who commit valuable time, and a great many who freely give of their special skills and talents. If we look closely, we will see that almost anything that really matters to us, anything that embodies our deepest commitment to the way human life should be lived and cared for, depends on some form of voiunteerism. Each of us need only inventory the Dr. Sher Home to appreciate the emptiness in individual lives which would result were voluntary organizations and services to cease. As a result of the dedicated efforts of many individuals you have before you an opportunity to ensure a better life not only for many of our elderly throughout the community but for all of you in the present and in the future. For too many, old age has become a genuine tragedy. We have shaped a society which is extremely harsh to live in when one is old. Before reaching old age, many of you here tonight may suffer depression, boredom, or anger living out your noisy or quiet lives in a desperation marked by disillusionment and obsolescence of your work and your skills. As the middle aged of our society you will bear the heaviest personal and social responsibilities since you are being called upon to help support — individually and collectively — both ends of the life cycle; the nurture and education of the young, and the financial, emotional and physical care of the aging. Frequently, these obligations trap people in their careers or lifestyles until children are grown or parents no longer become their responsibilities. Tbe. middle aged of all classes are Inclined to be ambivalent toward the young and the elderly since both age groups remind them of their own waning youth. In addition, they feel obsolescence as they see their elders aging and feel the pressure of youth pushing iU way towards their position in society. In each succeeding decade the proportion of elderly to young in the population Increases and our community and society is ill prepared for the Increased survival of large numbers of them. It Is Incumbent upon us to develop other efficient and effective services for the elderly while at the same time assuring the maintenance and stability of choices currently needed In existing programs and services. When we talk about the elderly each of us in talking about bis or her own future. We must ask ourselves If we are willing to settle for mere survival when so much more is possible, -r - V -•__ For all too long a time the elderly have had to wait for services essential to survival and a decent life style. Services of all kinds for the elderly Including preventive, supportive, and protective are fragmented, limited, discriminatory, inaccessible or the ultimate nightmare—are non-existent. The key word Is "wait". Walt to get medical services, wait to obtain home care, wait to receive financial support. The complications unfolding In public policy, toward the aged suggest that our house dare not be divided, and if we are to have a contract and an obligation with other generations in our com-

( Y o u t h Activities Beth Israel's Junior youth group, Tovlm, held a program on Soviet Jewry on Saturday, Nov. 20. Raia Topolatsky, a member of a Jewish Russian family who moved to Omaha was the guest speaker. Letters were written to Senator-elect Zorinsky asking him for his help in letting "our people go". On Dec. 5 a meeting will be held at the home of Stephi ^Shapiro; 6:30 for the executive 'board, 7 p.m. membership. Barry Epstein and Charles Flshkin were members of tbe



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by land, sea, or air

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Press Committee Co-Qiairmen

Claudia Sherman

" :


• Dr. Sher Home Board meeting. Dr. Sher Home, '' ." 12 noon . t \--..-,-• ADtBTsslB'rHhScdfity of Fellows. ' home of Henry Riekes NOW, new member evening function WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1

ORT meeting, 12 noon B'nol B'rith Breadbreakors, Ranch Bowl, 12 noon THURSDAY, DECEMBER?

Federation Board meeting, JCC, 7:30 p.m. B'nal B'rith Women board meeting, 12:30 JCC Walk-In Drop-In, Beth El, 10 a.m. niuiuuuiiouiuiuiiiuniiiuiiuiuuiuuauii


gets you t h e r e . . .


Orvel NadkteHale

' '

Tovlm SVOi "Will hold a special program on Soviet Jewry on Saturday, Nov. 20, at the synagogue, at 8 p.m. Members are urged to attend.


Published weekly on Friday By the Jewish Federation of Omaha _ Stanford Lipsey Paul Alperson : '..; Barbara Simon

Central High debate team that won second place at the Dowl- ing High School debate tournament in West pes Molnes. Twenty-one schools from the greater Iowa area participated. Central was the only high school representing Nebraska. The .tournament was held Nov. 19 and 20. Dr. Arnold Welntraub Is the debate coach for Central High.

We need clothing on hongert, odds ond ends of glassware, briea-broc. dishes, pots ond pans, working opplloncesl We cannot afford a pickup truck. Thank you for bringing contributions to our store — it's deductible. Votunloeri neededl Call 8ess Krosne: 556-1123 or Soroh lathlnfky: 553-3301.

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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29 Senior Citizen Luncheon, JCC, 12 noon - -•*•- "

munity let it be this: "toestablish such social conditions and arrangements to make it possible for the aging to live more satisfying and fruitful lives, not Just to provide for the absence of disease or infirmity, but to ensure a situation of physical, mental and social well-being." Paramount to this Is the fact that the welfare of the aged is a •community responsibility as well as the responsibility of. the family members. This year join In celebrating LOVE'S fifth anniversary, and as we observe the Dr, Sher Home's 29th a voluntary agency, we remind ourselves that voluntary giving for the elderly — of time, talent and money — has characterized the Omaha Jewish community, and if we have properly demonstrated community commitment, your children and their children after them too will respond with concern, care, and devotion which is exemplified by the volunteers serving residents of the Dr, Sher Home.

B S l o r t N * : B »followingartkJ* U a woteuattoc of * ijwch delivered bjr Ben Laub, director ot tfc« Dr, Star Horn* at U»flftlinraial LOVE banquet oo Oct 11.

Cultural and Performing Arts Department "'.' Presents tho film classic ,

THE INFORMER VicfoTWclagiehivonthe Academy Award for his portrayal" of Gypo Nolan, who betrayed his best friend during the Irish Rebellion. Considered to be one of the screen's most forceful and compelling interpretations. Directed by John Ford. (1935)

Sunday, November 28,7:30 p.m. Adults: $1.75 (members $1.00) Children (12 and urTder) $1.00 (members .50)

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i . Chfmlujtfor ' HomHlndmtry .

Novwnfaef 28,1978

OMAHA - Omaha and the Jewish community have lost a worthy contributor in the fields of medicine and Jewish education with the death, Nov. 18, of Dr. Morris Margolin, 82. Dr. Margolin, with several other , doctors, founded the

Omahans in the News •


. . . ] • . , ( * . •


Jetty Ziegman, son of Irvine and Rose Ziegman will be writing sequences for the television show .."Most Wanted" on KETV. His script, "Kidnapped", was aired Nov. 6. Mr. Ziegman.;. lives in Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fineman of Lakewood, Calif, are visiting their children. In Omaha through December, Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Welntraub, and their grandchildren, Nancy Elaine, Jason and Scott. . Sheldon Krizelman, M.H.A., has been selected hospital administrator for the University of Kansas Medical Center. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sol Krizelman. • - Krizelman has been director of operations at St. Luke's Hospital in Cleveland. He earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Nebraska and -a masters degree from the* University of Minnesota.

iFANNVELEVY ' Funeral services were "held (Monday, Nov. 22, at Temple Israel Synagogue for Fannye Levy. Interment was at Temple Israel Cemetery. Survivors: husband, Mor-

Dr. Morris Margolin

and was active on the Beth El school board. Dr. Margolin was also active In the Omaha Bureau of Jewish Education'and served .'for a time as its chairman. A member of the American Association for Jewish Education, Dr. Margolin frequently attended its annual conventions. Espousing the view point, that Jewish education and Jewish survival were one and the same, Dr. Margolin continued his own Jewish studies, - even after he became blind. Dr. Margolin's contributions to the synagogue and Judaism were recognized when he was made a lifetime honorary member of Beth El. _ Funeral services were held J bnSundBy< Nov. 21, at Beth El .Cemetery. Dr. Margolin is survived by his wife, Rose; sons, Morton of Denver, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Harold of Cincinnati, Ohio; daughter, Joie Martin, Los Angeles; brothers, Dr. J. Milton Margolin of Omaha, Abner Margolin, Milwaukee, Wise.; sisters, Mrs. Jack (Lillian) Mirviss, Israel, Ms. Louis (Minnie) Cutler, Omaha; 11 grandchildren.

OMAHA-Mollle Delman dUzens will spend four days in and her senior citizens are off Amsterdam, Holland, just again. Twenty-three older before returning to Omaha. adults departed on Wednes- While in Amsterdam they exday, Nov. 24, with Mollie for a pect to meet with members of three-week tour of Israel. a Dutch congregation and visit This Is Mollie's second trip the home of Anne Frank. to Israel with her group. THe Prior to departure for first was Just over four years Israel Mollie received a letter ago. In October 1972. At that from Rabbi A.L. Ralbag of time Mollie took 15 in her tour. Amsterdam inviting the group One lady, Sara Kahn, was on to meet with his congregation. that first trip and is again with A letter was also received Mollie In Israel. In fact, she from the Ben Shulman family has hot missed a trip' with who made Aliyah a few years Mollie Delman and her ago. Mollie said they hope to various groups of peripatetic spend some time together. /seniors. Six days are planned in This year, in addition to Jerusalem to allow the group Israel, Mollle and her senior plenty of time to see and do all

jChesen, Lincoln; sisters, Hannah Shostak, L.A., Bemice jWark, Palm Springs; eight : grandchildren. REVA STERN Graveside services were held Thursday, Nov. 18 at Beth El Cemetery for Reva Stern. Survivors: sons, Justin, Donald; brothers, Abe Cohen, Bellflower, Calif., Corporal Cohen, Omaha; two grandchildren. ESTHER ACKERMAN Funeral services were held ONEGSHABBAT In Los Angeles for former Mark Kutler, son of Dr. The monthly Hadassah ' Omahan Esther Ackerman and Mrs. Sol Kutler received a Oneg Shabbat at the Dr. Sher who passed away Nov. 17 in Texas Legislature Merit Home will be held on SaturScholarship for medical day, Nov. 27 at 2. p.m. Lent Beverly Hilto, Calif. Survivors: daughters, Mrs. students. Mark is a first year Crounse, guitarist, will preFran Kehlman, St. Louis, Mrs; • student at the University of sent a musical program. Mrs. Ann Levy, Calif., Mrs. Ethel Texas Medical School in San Joe Sokolof is chairman; Mrs. ' .. Herschfeld, Calif.; son. War- Antonio. Charles Fellman is co-hostess. ren F. Ackerman, Los OBT .Jim Fried, son of Sam and Angeles; sister, Mrs. Ann Ber"Everything you wanted to Magda Fried has earned a covlci, Omaha. know about finance and were d o u b l e BA d e g r e e in RALPH BLANK psychology and computer afraid to ask" is the topic of Funeral services were held research science from Colum- • guest speaker, J.. Armlstead Tyler Browning at the Dec. 1 Friday, Nov. 19 at Temple bia College in New York. Israel for Ralph Blank, 76. Fried is currently employed general meeting at the JCC. Survivors: wife, Geraldlne; by MCO, a New Jersey based' Browning is with Sharp, Ross, sons, Robert, Richard, computer organization. He Browning Insurance. Douglas; sisters, Ruth, Mrs. has, been appointed as their Reservations for the noon Mildred Jacobs, Mrs. Helen West coast regional systems luncheon may be made with Cramer, Los Angeles. analysis manager. ,




35 Years' Experience With Jewish Lettering and Memorials 2311 So. Irk


Dale Moss 3344993 or Susie Sheldon, 498-1965. The cost of the lunch Is $2. Sitter service will be available; reservations must be made with lunch reservations by Monday, Nov. 29. • CAREER WOMEN Hadassah's Career Women's section will meet at the home of Mrs. Sylvia Boss, 4914 Hamilton St. on Sunday, Nov. 28 at 2 p.m. Mrs. Elizabeth Fried is co-hostess for the coffee hour. ' n" Dorothy Rubensteln will review To Jerusalem and Back by Nobel Prize winner Saul Bellow.


HIUNA.BCRNSniN 397.9111



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Handmade and imported from Israel,' these modern Manoras and Mazusis are just a sample of the very special giftware you'll find at the Viking Shop. The Viking Shop holds.Omaha's largest selection of unique and artistic holiday gifts. Each piece is inspected for excellence, and every item is a thing of beauty, to treasure for many years.

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the things they want. Included in the plans are a walking tour of the Old City and visit to various synagogues to see their preparations for the Sabbath. The group will visit a women's army camp where they have been invited-to the home ol the commander, a lady lieutenant colonel, for an OnegShabbat. Also planned is an overnight stay in a kibbutz and a visit to Massgda. ' "Everyone Is very excited ~ and enthusiastic," Mollie said. "We have wonderful full plans' and plenty of free time too. It should be a really grand trip."


I Charles A. Monasee, president of HInky Dinky supermarkets, has been elected a councillor of Ak-Sar-Ben.

to be heeded; it may not mean cancer, but only your phyildanT can tell for sure, lays the American Cancer Society'


Destination Israel for Mollie

M orris Margolin Dies

tton in 1944. He was the first secretary of the Association and served as its president from 1948-52. in 1964 Dr. Margolin was the group's executive director. He also helped found the Camp for D i a b e t i c C h i l d r e n at Louisville, Neb. Although blind for the past 30 years, Dr. Margolin practiced medicine with his brother Dr. J. Milton Margolin, specializing in dlabetes\ He also taught at the University of Nebraska School of Medicine. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Margolin was very active In the Jewish education affairs of Omaha. He was the father of the Beth El Synagogue Talmud Torab

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November 26,1978

Grab-bag Holds Unusual News Items They Got the Message. '. From an obituary noticejn the press: I announce the death of my mother, Liba Garbarski. Those of her relatives and friends whose conscience may bother them that they had not visited her for a long time, may now visit her alher home In the Holon Cemetery, Seclion 28, Row V, Grave No. 31 Signed, her son, Melr. These-Clever Israelis. Announcement is made of discovery of a new secret process to influence the sex of a child at the time of conception. Scientific method assured accurate in 80 per cent of the cases. Send IL.20. for booklet containing full details. Thoughtless Daddy. Fiveyear-old Anat Shomron was bitterly disappointed that when her father came home from a trip abroad he brought her no gifts or souvenirs. Dad-

HAIFA—I dip down into my labor demands: a pocket elechuge grab-bag o! thousands of tronic calculator for each: exoff-beat Israel news items and tra two-hour pay daily to come up with a handful that c o v e r t i m e s p e n t in have never before been calculating the new taxes; daily "freeze premium" for reported overseas: A Little Bit Added, a Little having to enter cold storage Bit Taken Away. Mordecai chamber at distribution plant. Customer Reaction. From Barkat, in charge of Israel's new Value Added Tax, has had an ad in the public press: "To doubts whether to impose the telephone engineer Ziff in tax on services rendered by Jerusalem, and his assistant, mohel. When a mohel per- Marcus, and to their staff of forms, nothing Is added; to the aides, a wreath of thorns for contrary, there is a diminu- their speedy and efficient sertion. On the other hand, a new vice." Signed by Gershon Holtzer and Melr Schechter. Jew is added. A real problem. High Protein Milk. Haifa's . One of a Kind. F o r milkmen have presented new 'Sale—Unique Offer. The original Master Record Set of the Proclamation of the Stae of Israel, recorded on May 14, •1MB, at Tel Aviv Museum. $1,000,000. Serious applications only. always been a staunch supporter of Israel in Motherhood. Hannah Benthe Congress. Thus, on Oct. 13,1973, when Congressmen were circulating a declaration of Zakan of Tiberias, mother of support for Israel, Ford went out of his way to 15 children, went to enjoy a express regret for his inability to lead the vacation In a special resort Republican side as he bad been nominated for program for mothers of large the Vice-Presidency and was no longer Floor families. Two days later she left the resort for hospital Leader. where she gave birth to her It never occurred to me that my. 1974 article 16th, and four days later came would be quoted, along with a statement by back to finish up her vacation. Prime Minister Rabin, in Ford campaign literature. The Ford advertisements quoted the The Jewish Press Is not first and.last paragraphs of that extensive r e s p o n s i b l e for t h e review, which lauded Ford for his vigorous supKashruth of any product or port of Israel. But the next to last paragraph of establishment. the article contained a caveat, which was not quoted by the Ford campaign:

No Reason for Israel to Fear Carter ft has become axiomatic The first year of a new Administration Is inevitably exploited by pro-Arab forces to pressure for changes in U.S. Middle East policy. Doubtless this exercise will be repeated when President-elect Carter takes office, all the more so because 1977 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

• Syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak could not even wait tor the final ^ejefi%i. results before publishing their gloomamMoom scenario for U.S. interests in the Middle East because of both candidates' "increasingly aggressive courting... of the small but strategically placed Jewish vote." Warning 'The Ford record on toe Hill Is Impressive, that tills process has already had "immediate but skeptics may express reservations about, and harmful results," Evans and Novak in- the future. Legislators must always temper sisted that the next President will still have to their views when they assume executive deal with "the real world — a markedly more -responsibility. Moreover, some believe thai difficult task following" all the"Pro-IsraeI ex- . Ford, having been a strong supporter of Israel, cesses of the campaign trail." may now lean over backward In a period when the United States Is so actively courting the Carter has made many vigorous policy Arabstaies." .declarations during the campaign. Despite . That same caveat might be applied now to Evans and Novak's prognostication, there is no -president-elect Carter, whose support for reason to fem- that the President-elect will be 1 Israel grew more emphatic and explicit as the swayed by Israel's foes. Much will depend on .campaign proceeded. • - . |he m m wt» advise has, and his choice of Sen. WalterMondale as his running mate, for exam- ;' Ford came under fire in Israel during the . '1975 "reassessment" period, but some are Inple, was most reassuring. ' dined to blame Secretary of State Kissinger for As all our readers know, the Near East 'that unfortunate period of pressure. Even ' Report does not make endorsements, although ' though there were differences of opinion with it has always reviewed past records as new Israel and her friends at times, both men will • Presidents take'office. This was done in a '• probably be recognized for their contributions. lengthy article-shortly after President Ford Carter, we sincerely believe, will merit a high took office in Aug. i97i, uSit iSuOJiccioe Wn«c ;plaee in the Imnais of Israel's struggle for in the Near East Report this week. Ford had I security and peace.


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For the "over-60'a" to read and enjoyl

•A ' N tickets for the Omaha Ballet performance of "The D Nutcracker Suite" December 3, 4 and 5 are I ovallable to you at a discount of $2.00 each. Call A Denlse at 334-8200. V


Put those dates on your calendar and Drop In or Walk In at Beth E l . . . on Thursday. December 2 for lunch and to enjoy the singing of Cantor Leo Fettm o n . . . on Thursday, December 9 for lunch and to -enjoy a book review by Rabbi Barry Wefnstein. Make reservations In advance if-possible (3348200). * ,

fictafrimyhomeandchooie I from the fined teicctwm I l)7f?Mcftwy~ 1

Would you'be Interested In a Friday Erev Shabbot luncheon once a month, complete with roast' chicken, wine, chalfah, etc.? Let Esther Conor, Toby Kagan, Mln Kutler or Earl Siegal know.



'Opportunities for instructors, college.students, I high school graduates os: \ -. | Cabin Counselors, Division "Supervisors, Staff ASSIsranrs, instructors For—Gamprcfbii^-GfmiSr Aquatics, & Riding, Office Manager, Kitchen "Assistants, Maintenance Assistants. , •'•' '


Or Coll Bob At the1 Jewish Community Center 334-8200



Open Sunday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.



Sandwich Bar — including kosher, style corned beef Take out bur homemade: • Ravioli • Lasagna • fortelllnl • Tortelli • Manicotti • Cannelloni • Spinach Pasta • Noodles

Italian Pastries Italian Groceries Fresh Italian Bread 312 So. 72nd St. Cedamole Plaza 391-3130

Mon.-Frl. 10-7:30 Sat: 94:30 Sun: 11-2

Ida Bernstein and volunteer "sew and stitchers." 7 have made'up a number of beautiful apron* which ' would moke wonderful Hanukkah gifts. All pro* ceeds go to-Senior Citizen programming. You can A buy them on Monday at the JCC or Thursday at Beth f H El. ' ~ D


"A naw aatihg exparlenco with an Old World flair."


Contact: Bob Litvak, Director Carnp Esther K. Newman 333 South 132nd St. Omaha, Nebraska 68154

4431 No. 20th 270tNo.«Mi 4614000 3934222 Om*h*,N«bn*a

Also unique Mfectfcvw of • Holiday Greeting Card* •Bar and Bat Mttnah Invitation* PononaKzed Napkins and and Matches • Wadding Invitation* •Announcements and A AcfcnoMrledgmenta /*

SUMMER'77 'i~ i '



r Just in time i for gift giving

dy is Brigadier General Dan Shomron, and his trip was a commander of Entebbe rescue expedition. Gastronomic Loot. Restaurant owner Ellezer Shike closed his place of. business in Natanya at midnight, and went home carrying a small bag under his arm. Accosted in a dark corner by armed bandits, be tossed the bag into the street The thieves seized it abd fled with the loot: a sandwich and two eggs. They Paid the Price. A camera crew asked a genuine Hassidic yeshiva scholar to pose for pictures for an educational documentary film. He was convinced the cause was a good one, but required a quid pro quo. Every cameraman was to put on tefillln and read the Shema Yisrael. They got their picture.

* A V I

Correct Tim* and Temperature 144-1111

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* A


synagogue Omaha Tempie Israel

Omaha Beth El

Omaha Bath Israel

Das Molnas BethEIJttcob

SERVICES: SERVICES,: - SERVICES: SERVICES: • Friday: 8:15p.m. Friday: 8:15 p.m. Friday: Early services will be Friday: Rabbi Welnsteln will speak conducted at 6:30 p.m. There Kabbalat Shabbat 4:45 p.m. Saturday: on "How do we really say will be no late service. Family Service 8:15 p.m. Morning service 9 a.m. thank you?". Services will be Saturday: The service is conducted by Mincha 4:30 p.m. , ~ followed by a coffee hour. Rabbi Isaac Nadoff and Can- Sunday: 9 a.m. Morning service 9:30 a.m. Saturday: tor Leo Fettman with the Beth Monday through Thursday: Teenagers (left to right) Ef rem Bromberg, Joey Greenberg and. Shaharit Service 10 a.m.. Marl Epstein point to the location (Israel) when they hope to Israel Choir. 5:30p.m. Horning services 11 a.m. Mincha Ma'ariv 4:45 p.m. spend summer vacation. ' ~_ An Oneg Shabbat will be BARMITZVAH Sunday: sponsored by the Chevra David C. Glllnsky, ton of Morning Service 9 a.m. Das Molnas - Kadiaha. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Weekdays: Children of Israel ' OMAHA-"Thls year we their new Insights Into Israel Services at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday: Glllnsky, will become Bar Morning Services 8:45 a.m. Mitzvah on Friday, Dec. 3, HANUKKAH WORKSHOP SERVICES: bope to. chart an all Omaha and participate and lead-In and Saturday, Dec. 4. , , A Hanukkah workshop will Youth services 10 a.m. Saturday: Youth Pilgrimage Tour In- many of our community be held on Tuesday, Dec. 7 Talmud Class 4:15 p.m. Minyan 9-a.m. at Iowa cluding teens from bur endeavors," they added. from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Mincha Services 4:45 p.m. Jewish Homei neighboring cities," said On Monday, Nov. 29, at 7:30 Lincoln the synagogue. The workshop Shalosh S'eudos 5:15 p.m. Sunday: 9 a.m. Minyan Carol Greenberg and Helen p.m. at the Jewish Community1 , Tlfsrsth Israel, will include an educational in- Ma'ariv k Havdalah 5:45 Mrs. Blber, secretary, 227- Epstein, local Raman Tour Center, many of the youths troduction, a cooking session p.m. . . • . '!• Wl. „ ~. Chairmen. who went on last year's tour SERVICES: to make new and different S u n d a y : . • ••• ' "We feel the tour Is a unique will relate their experiences Friday: kinds of latkes, a petite lunMorning service 9 a.m. basMofaiaa • opportunity for our Jewish and answer any questions. Shabbatftp.m. ' cheon, discussion of the Breakfast with the Rabbi youth to widen their Jewish They are Ed Fried, Tina Saturday: "December Dilemma", and a and Mlshna class 9:30 a.m. TifaHrtn nrasl horizons, and help them Render, Steve Rothenberg, ' Morning Servlc*9 a.m. workshop in creative ac- Weekdays: . strengthen their .emotional Nancy Pappenhelmer'i Sherl SERVICES: YtekorlOa.m. tivities. • Morning services 7 a.m. and Intellectual ties to Israel. Cohen, Laurl Gold, Sara Ross, Friday: 1:15 p.m. Jr. Congregation 10 a.m. Evening services 4:45 p.m. Babysitting service will be Our local communities and Lynn Tully, Jonathan Duitch, Saturday: . available upon request Cost CANTOR'SCLASSES: congregations gain im- |Bob Sturm and Anita RosenShabbat:9:30 a.m. Sunday: BILML-P <•:••:••••••• of the luncheon is $1.25. Reser- Saturdays: Shabbat Aft ( emoon-4:45 measurably since ' these field. Roxie Pappenhelmer Weekdays: 7:»4a.m. :fl' Tor«hR«tdlngU:IO«.m. vations for the luncheon and youths come back to share. will moderate the discussion. p.m.. babysitter must be made by Monday: Weekdays—7a.m. Adult Adv. Hebrew7:Kp.m. Friday. Dec. 3 by calling BARMITZVAH Evelyn Mitchell, 333-7668; -AdultBeg.HebnwS:lSp.m. Kenneth Waltman, son of ALBANY, N.Y. The B'nal Jeshurun Helen Epstein 391-9187 or Mr. and Mrs. Bernard wadding of Carol Ann Richter Gloria Goodman, 333-3351. Offfutt SERVICES: Waltman, .will ..become Bar and Dr. George D. Roffman Friday: Family Shabbat 8„. «;.The Sisterhood Gift Shop Mitzvah on Saturday, Nov. 27 was held at Temple Beth * will be open during part of the p j n . '•• - " • ' • • - " " • • " ' Emeth In Albany, New York workshop to give everyone an SERVICES: J B'NAI MITZVAH . on Saturday evening, Oct. 30. Services are conducted in ' Adrienne and Daniel opportunity to purchase gifts Rabbi Martin SUverman ofthe Capehart Chapel on the Zariski, children of Dr. and and Hanukkah items. flrsfand third Friday of each Engagement Told ficiated at the ceremony Mn. Rafael Zariski, wUl which was followed by a month, 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. become Bar and Bat Mitzvah ' Omaha respectively. An Oneg Shabon Friday, Nov. 28. Members WAHOO, Ne.-Mr. and Mrs. reception, dinner and dance. The bride Is the daughter of bat follows the service. B'nalJacob of the congregation are invited Jack Tillman of Wahoo, Services are conducted by Nebraska, announce the Dr. and Mrs. Irving M. to attend' the celebration and AdasYeshuron Lt. CoL Martin Victor.following reception. engagement of their daughter, Richter and grandaugbter of R.S.V.P.'s may be made to toe SERVICES: JulietoRichard Katzman, son Mrs. Elsie Richter, all of Zariski family at 4754892. Saturday: 8:45 a.m. of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Katz- Albany. The bridegroom Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Sunday: 8 a.m. • man. • DasMomas The bride-elect graduated , Roffman of Omaha. GrandCouncil Bluffs Tampla Omaha from Peru State College and Is mothers are Mrs. Fanny Roffpresently'the registrar at man 6t Council Bluffs and B'nalJeshurun B'nal Israel Dr. 8hertjome Metropolitan Community Col- Mrs. Reuben Bratter. Mrs. Barry Richter of San Dr. and Mrs. George RoffmasrSERVICES: SERVICES: SERVICES: lege. -•-•" Francisco was matron of i Groomsmen were Dr. Alain Saturday:* a.m. Friday: Saturday: The groom-elect attended Sunday: 9 a.m. ShabbatSp.m. B a.m. Men of the communithe University of Oklahoma honor. Bridesmaids were [Richter and Dr. Barry RltServices conducted by Mr. ty are invited to the Home to BarMlttvah and Is employed by Master- Jackie Lynn Roffman and ;cher. • ' • ', Mrs. Alan Rltcner. Robert PurnelL son of Dr. craft Furniture Corporation. Sam Sacks. make a minyan. . . The bride, a graduate of Randy Roffman was his Ithaca College and Michigan and Mrs. Glenn PurnelL wUl The wedding Is planned for become Bar Mitzvah on Fri- Feb. 13, at Beth Israel i b r o t n e r ' s b e s t roan. State University graduate day, Dec. 1 / Synagogue. ' . school, is a certified clinical audlologlst. The groom is a graduate of the University of Friday. November 3f>, 4 i l f p.m. Thanks to my friends Iowa and University of Iowa and relatives for the . Friday, December * , 4tS7 pTfti. Medical School. donations, gifts and The couple will reside In other expressions of Benediction for Kindling Sabbath Ughtsr kindness during my re- Honolulu, Hawaii during Dr. j Roffman's .surgical Intern;,, cent hospltalizatlon.

Teens Talk of Israeli Tour


Roffmans Will live in Honolulu


Sabbath Candlellghtlng


Shukert's Meats

Barukh 'Atoh Adonay Eloheinu Melekh Hoolam,

6014 Williams




(Blessed .art Thou, 0 Lordc Our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctifies, us by, His Comttsndnsrts. end hes commanded ys to kindle the Sabbath lights.)

tiilh Waliwn— Ipaclali— TVSnacfct- S a l a m l -

Jhis Service Presented as a Courtesy by OAfcAHA SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION oil.cot It lOch I Hirnn/ 341.7070 8'lh « Well Oorlgo Roid 387-7500 4721 S 2<lh SI. 7.11 MOO




Yeal Cutlets

C M M M « CantonaM » Amofcan Food

Lamb Chops



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Choice Rib Steaks v *- O p e n Sunday.9 A . M . t o 2 P.M. ' • ' , <






The Jewish Press

IIJA Luncheon Speaker Will be Entebbe Doctor D E S M O I N E S - - T h e vance, but you may be Mrs. Howard L Weiner Women's Division of theassured of an exciting afterUnited Jewish Appeal an- noon. its Initial gifts lunA minimum contribution of Is Woman of the Year nounces cheon at the Des Moines Club $500 to the Women's Division

UJA REMINDER Women's Leadership Training Session I Monday, November 29 9:3O-12:30p.m. 3750 River Oaks Drive

Mrs. Harold L. Weiner has been named "Woman of the Year' by the Des Moines Chapter of Hadassah. She has served Hadassah for eight years and was president for three years. As a board member of the Hadassah ,V DES MOINES - On Satur- Patrick was the guest speaker Missouri Valley Region, she day afternoon, Nov. 20, ORT at an ORT meeting at the held the position of recording hosted an Oneg Shabbaf at the home of Malene Wolk. Mrs. secretary for two years, and is Iowa Jewish Home from 2-4 Patrick is presently assistant currently the Region's Annual ' p.m. Guests and their families director of the Des Moines Art and Life Membership chaircame to visit with the Center and a well-known man. r e s i d e n t s a n d h a v e friend of the community, Mrs. Mrs. Weiner was a charter refreshments with them. A Patrick discussed her travels member and the first presishort movie entitled "Hand of into Russia and many of her dent of the Rock Island the Future" was shown. observations while there as Association for Retarded well as discussing a bit of Rus- Children. She was also a . On Monday, Nov. 22, Peggy sian art and culture. charter member and served for ten years on the board of Polk County Association for retarded people. For eight years she was on the board of Tifereth Israel Synagogue Women's League and for two years the recording secretary. Both Mr. and Mrs. Weiner were born .and brought up in New York City. They left New . Tiberias, Israel where most festival visitors stay on the Sea of York in the early part of their Galilee Is popular because of its fine hotels, water sports and marriage and moved to Rock Island, Illinois, where they resided for eight years. For the past-twenty years they

on Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 12 noon. An Israeli physician who participated in the heroic rescue at Entebbe will be the very special guest speaker. Israeli security forbids publication of his name in ad-

ORT Activities Include Home Visit and Meeting











Bernstein to Lead Orchestra At Sea of Galilee Festival

EN GEV, Israel — The 34th annual Israel Music Festival will be held at the En Gev Kibbutz on the Sea of Galilee from April 4-9,1977. Leonard Bernstein will conduct the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra playing Bectoven and some of his own works. Other concerts will feature the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lukas FOBS, the Bat Dor Dance Com-

pany, the Gevathron Choir and a program of per-

I Jewish Quiz Box I

ByRabblDr.SamuelJ.Fox ByRabblDr.SamuelJ.Fox J U T k A

QUESTION: What does Jewish tradition say regarding the coi. summation of alcoholic beverages? - ANSWER: Wine was used in the course of offering sacrifices at the altar. It was poured in ceremonious fashion. Wine was considered in a positive sense in the Book of Psalms which considers wine useful because it"gUddenstheheartofman"<Psa!ms!04:15). *ihc BOOK of Froveros advises uiose thai arc "bitter* and ^raor*and "miserable" to receive wine to drink. The Talmud (Erubin 65b) states that wine is useful for the comfort of mourners. The Book of Judges even says that wine cheers "God and man" (Judges 9:13). - Wlna Is required by Jewish Law at Otn.paunver e«tor. H !« alto ..required for the klddush and havdaloh at the entrance and exit of Sabbaths and holidays, iiasidjm are known for their drinking to overcome sadness and to delight In spiritual experience.

Social Studies Institute Well Attended in DM v roundtable discussions were held at each table. The discussion topics ranged from "Emergence of the State of Israel" to "Women and Family In Israel." The discussion leaders were: Larry Ladin, Bobie Leiser, Rosellad Rabinowitz, Shirley Berg, Evelyn Mintzer, Jeff Abt, Esther Bergh-, Esther Hockenberg, Ronna Dlenstfrey, Mary Abt, Glenn Purnell, Rhoda Kreamer, Beth Waldlnger, Burt Routman, Jeff Maleshock, Shirley G o I s I n e r r ~ a n d : Danny •• Petrasak. ' .' It is hoped the institute will become an annual event. The. evening was, chaired by Zona Pidgeon. . -7

DES MOINES - The Com• munlty Relations, Commission sponsored a Social Studies - Teacherrlnstitute on Israel on Nov. 11. In attendance ; Sylvia Weiner were 100 Des Moines area teachers, administrators, and have made their home in Des '.School Board members who Moines. They are the parents saw films and were offered of three sons. ,_ ' materials to aid in the planning of teaching units on Israel. The keynote address entitl. Hadassah will honor Mrs. Weiner with a luncheon at the ed "Image vs. Reality: Israel Des Moines Gold and Country . Today" was given by Dr. BurClub on Tuesday, Nov. 30 at ton Leiser and was met with a 12:30 p.m. The program will . most enthusiastic response. During the four-course consist of a dramatization presented by Sadie Mare! Israeli dinner which was Glide, "Like a Song-Like a s u p e r b l y c o o k e d by Dream." For reservations, Nechama Prusak, Vicki please call Mrs. Marvin Benderly, Atara Arad, and Davidson, 255-9279. Price per ably assisted by many others; plate is $4.75.

f Jewish ] I

formances entitled 'Music in the Kibbutz'. According to the Israeli Government Tourist Office most visitors are expected to stay at the resort Tiberias which provides special transportation to En Gev for each festival activity. For further information contact the Israel Government Tourist Office, 488 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022.

plus $5.75 for theluncheon is the'cost of admission. Every woman in cor community is welcome to attend and may make a reservation with Janice Zuckert, 279-9883, or Shari Engman, 276-8282.

fiequestAid Edttcrt note: The De» Itoine* Rabbis and DM Moines Jewish Funny Service have Issued the fallowing requesttorassistance. DES MOINES-During the past decade, there has been a growing awareness of the needs and desires of special members of our population. DES MOINES - Robert Public education has respondDavid Purncll will be called to ed with innovative programs the reading of the Torah in dealing with learning celebration of his Bar Mil2vah disabilities and retardation, on Friday evening, Dec. 10, at and in the last several years, Temple B'nal Jeshurun at 8 religious groups have come to pm. Following the service, Dr. realize the part they can play and Mrs. Glenn Purnell will in serving the spiritual wants tender an Oneg Shabbat in the of/tnese people. We here in Temple Center. All are Deis Moines would like to do welcome and cordially invited buj share. However, we are to a t t e n d . ••-•--••-- , hot certain of the scope of 1 depth of the needs In this area, and are turning to the community for assistance. We are asking families who have a member with a special learning problem to contact any one 7:30-12:30 — Wonwn'i Training ComRobertPurncO


Des Moines Calendar

_A# fhA Slohhfc; nr IJIwan ftnrIpJ.—>rontJ*h Study Croup ~ " " beverages. Some of the rabbis consider that the forbidden fruit of the 10 p.ra. — lirotll Art Inhibit ol ' son. Appraised of individual Garden of Eden was grapes. Decisions in Jewish Law cannot be ren- lh» Jtwlih Center. needs We hope that we can reswh Community o dered, according to the Talmud, by one who has been drinking. The Bible lUWNf f ^ IHWW pond by developing mean. m . — W< 13:45 p.m. — W<m«n of ilw V n r lunpoints to the sad results of Imbibing in wine on the part of Noah (Genesis ingful activities. We thank you cheon 9:20) andLot (Genesis 19:30). . . 6:30 p.m UmpbSUterhoodMtg. - for helping us In this mitzvah. The rebellious son Is described as the one who makes it a habit to eat Thundoy-n>«c*aifa«r 2 7.-SS p.ns,—Svresy Socrrf fiSaeilRgmeat and drink wine (Deuteronomy 21:18); The priests are forbidden to Sotuffloy—Dscmfaff 4 imbibe before performing the service in the sanctuary. Some rabbis Jewish Community C*nf«r Ploy ^consider the Nazarite who forbid himself to drink wine a saintly person tundor-D.amb.rS . Jtwl»hComm«nilyOnl»rPloy . while others considered him a sinner On one holiday the rabbis even advised getting drunk, i.e., Punm, although this was discouraged In excess because of a tragic occurrance that once happened A Great Wish "We Want to Wipe Out CanRISTORAMTE Medieval commentators (like Nachmanldes) have explained the cer in Your Lifetime," is the , teeming contradiction evident by the above references as meaning that wish of the American Cancer INTItNATIONALCUiSUa -gnan is allowed and even encouraged to enjoy the permissible times In life Society's 2.3 mfJUon volunteers (induding-drinUng wine, e t c ) but is severely warned against excessive as they conduct the 1975 ACS indulgence which can.tum a pleasant and tqmetimes Ideal experience fund-raising -and educational T









Mdnsignor Fahy I Will be Missed;


TURKEY HASH ByNormaBarach - The following recipe'calls for use of turkey meat ground from uncooked drumsticks and thighs. You can grind the meat yourself, or ask your butcher to do It for you. These turkey parts are very high In protein values. . Hill*, [roily pound fart*? Vicuppirmnurprln* tt cup finely chopped onlonf IMcttpi diced poUtoa

DES MOINES - Monslgnor Thomas Fahy, President of Seton Hall University, died in South Orange, New Jersey, on Oct.27. . \ ,,Monsignor Fahy, 54, was a recent participant in the Second World Conference on Soviet Jewry, held in Brussels, Belgium I n February, 1976 where he helped lead a delegation of American clergy hi a 'call to Christian conscience* In behalf of Soviet Jews.


lV.Uf.Ull Utjp.pcR>er


Brown turkey in margarine. Stir In onions and potatoes. Cook, stirring a few times, until onions are partially cooked. Mix in the next five Ingredients listed above. Flatten mixture In a pan until it is an even layer. Make four depres-. slons with a spoon. Spoon in ono tablespoon of catsup .into each depression and then drop aii € £ £


**i3 CBVII ucjficDeniu

over the catsup. Bake uncovered at 400 degrees for 10 to IS minutes or until eggs are set. Sprinkle with parsley. Makes four servings.


The Monslgnor, long an advocate and supporter of the Soviet Jewish Emigration Movement, worked closely with the-Metropolitan New Jersey Conference on Soviet Jewry. His leadership in the mnuamont will ho sorelv missed' ~" ""•""'•••'




We can service Des AAoines and alt other cities in Iowa. USDA inspected . Establishment ffo. 2317 - Call colled: (402) 558-8485


We ship by Iowa parl rfll d



November 26,1978

Omaha Jewish Community Events Calendar for December SUNDAY







1 Noon — OUT Mlg. ot JCC 7:30 p.m J«wlih Family Service Budget Review •:I5 p.m. — Department of Jewltti (ducailcn Budget i#;. , . . . . . p.m. — Dr. Sher Mam* Budget Review



p.m. — I ' I M I B'rlih

Wonwn of Omaha Board M 7 d : M BoardMta.


, » O . M . - Camp timer K. Newman Ivdaet Review 10 o.m. — JtwUh CommunlC t d R

Neon — Senior ( M i e n UrncheonatJCC 5:10 p.m. — Federation Budget Final «*»lew Mlg.

£2t? kr*»l Dinner of llatf

1:30 — B e t h l i r o « l SMerhoodBoordMlg. Noon - X Old Timer* at Beth f t Uilerhood HomAkohWoHdWp Temple Iwaal IMeriioad Board Warkihop with III Maltztr . . '

U : » p . m . - COWMHI Bki«» Chofrtwof HadatMh 7 JO - JCC ThoatM' CommitM X C

2 p.m. — Career Women or Hadauah

Neon — Senior Cltlun IvnchaonatJCC 10-3 p.m., — look Sal* at XX 7:30 p.m, —OOK»



• -.


••- <<



Noon — Senior CltUmlim-


7:30 p.m, — "Rock Around rh« Clock" Mm at JCC - Btth l«ro*l Hanukkah pin'

7 p.m. — DopailmMit' of Jewish Education Worhihop at KC > -

Tamote lire*) Sunday School Hanukkah forty ,


p.m. -


Noon v* JC OJd Tlfiitfi w JCC •- • • 7:30 p.m. — M«n*ky B'nal 7l30p.m. - JCCBbardof I'rilhMtg. plrectar*Mlg.atJCC JCC FomUy Hanukkah Party • p,m. — flonoei Women of JCC • • • • . . Open Soasd Mlg. tor «R

• Noon — lenlar Cltlun luncheon at JCC * p . m . — Tempi* Israel College Homecoming Dinner a t RaMHondMn.troolu

13:30 prr B'notTorah

29 Beth hrael

^ .


NOW Board

B'nal i'rllh Woman or Omaha H.00O H a f H * end Honufckoh rsvty HANUKKAH EVE

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The Jewish Press

November 28,1978

Special Exhibits, Activities Highlight.Book Fair : By Barbara Simon • •-•.--• OMAHA—Books, books and more books. If you're like me. you can't resist book stores, school supply places and art supply shops. You know—all those tubs full of colored pencils, paint brushes, and marking pens. All that colored paper! And I don't even paint or draw! •. But I do read, and I am tantalized by the vast amount of information and pleasure that i might have if ! just bought this book, and maybe this one, and maybe next week I'll get to this one, and Aunt Sadie would really like this one. So 1 never leave the library, or a book store or book sale without an armful. We'll all have a chance to indulge our book desires on Sunday, Dec. 12 from 1-5 p.m. at the third annual Federation Library Book Fair. The sale itself will continue through Tuesday, Dec. 14, until 2 p.m., but the marvelous displays and booths all about books, book collections and bookish subjects will be only Sunday: Don't miss it. Of course, this Book Fair is a special one, not only because it is arranged by special people (Edie Wolf, librarian; and Marlen and Murrav Frost, Fair overall co-chairmen; (Evelyn Mitchell, displays) also but because it deals with special material—OUR 'heritage, literature, language, art, music, artifacts— in short, books about every conceivable subject relative to Jewish history and culture. Except for the magnificent Federation library itself, there is nowhere else in Omaha (perhaps the Midwest) where you will be able to find such a complete range of books on"Jewish sub-' jects..And just in time lor Hanukkah! And just in time for the winter doldrums when you were thinking about needing a good •Edie Wolf, left, and Marlen Frost look over some of the books book! • . , One of the most exciting things about this boQk fair is not on- which will be on display at the Book Fair. (JP Photo) ly (hat there will be hundreds of books on display for you to conthe craft and ritual of the Hebrew scribe. He will actually be insider reading or buying, but also that there will be the latest scribing a Torah during the Fair hours. catalogues of books in print available for you to consult. Hadassah, Council of Jewish Women, ADL—B'nai B'rlth, . At this Ume of year only, Edie WoU says she.will be happy to ORT and other organizations have been invited to set up booths order any book currently available for your borne library or for displaying the books and magazines their organizations publish. ;yiff I f ffc lgh i i i One booth will display* many of the Jewish periodicals „ Even if you cannot come to the Fair, you may stop in to the available, with subscription information. library over the next few weeks to borrow or order books'. (Of Murray Frost will exhibit his unusual collection of stamps"course, you can borrow books any time.) The Fair and the orderfrom around the world on Jewish subject matter and show " ing opportunities will be a great place to find children's gifts — , slides. • ',. gifts of quality and value. Shirley Spitzer will display educational materials and have The purpose of all the excitement about books and the an- available cassette tapes of Jewish stories that children may nual book fair is to make us all aware of the enormous number listen to on headphones. < and variety of Jewish books available for us to read and enjoy. Carol Gendler will have a booth entitled, "Mementos and The Book Fair itself is part of the celebration of Jewish Book Memorabilia of Omaha Jewry—19th and early 20th Century." Month, an annual event sponsored by the National Jewish Book She will have available such items from Omaha Jewish history Council and the National Jewish Welfare Board (the national as synagogue and organization minute books, photographs and organization of JCC's). other historical materials. Here's what else will be happening at the Book Fair. Jack Duitch will present the offerings of the Jewish PublicaThe day will provide something for everyone In the way of tion Society books, and information about how to join the society looking, learning, appreciating and buying. Adults can browse and receive discounts on their publications.. through the excellent offerings or books on all subjects, with T h e sale itself will take place In the Center lobby. Edie WoU special displays of Jewish art books, Saul Bellow (recent Nobel and Johanna Bromberg are selecting the books and organizing prize winner), the Holocaust. This year there will be a display of for the sale. Some unusual items for sale arc: "The Jewish records—not only the usual classical and folk music, but also Catalogue," a Whole Earth Catalogue-type large paperback, "Hebrewrock." . listing.where-to-buy items of Jewish interest and how-to-make Of interest to all ages, Joyce Cohen will display a variety of popular Jewish foods such as challah, tslmmes, etc., listed Hanukkah menorahs, collected from individuals. She Is a alphabetically; posters appealing to teenagers; poetry of conmember of the library committee and thought that the many temporary, young Jewish poets such as Danny Slegal; records; , imiiwi*1 and beautiful menorahs that people own, deserve atten- hundreds of children's books; games such as Hebrew Scrabble, tion as examples of Jewish creative symbolic expression. ' Chutzpah and Computer Judaism; and small gift items. ^ Cantor Leo Fettman will return this year with an exhibit of Pre-school children, kindergarten to third graders, and fourth to sixth graders will have story hour, films and crafts relating to books (making bookmarks, binding books) In their respective rooms, the pre-school, Keyhole and Hut from 2-4 p.m., Sunday. A special-event lecture, co-sponsored by the Cultural Arts department, will be held Sunday, at 7:30 p.m. Michael Strassfeld, 26, co-compiler and co-editor of the "The Jewish Catalogue" and doctoral candidate in medieval Jewish history at Brandeitf University, will speak on "Growing Up Jewish-the Jewish Youth Culture Re-examined." As a yoUng, committed Jew, student and scholar, he has much to offer parents and teens about youth Involvement and Jewish identification. ^. . . Throughout his undergraduate and graduate' years In Judaic studies, he taught in several congregational Hebrew schools In thcBoston area and was assistant to the Chaplain for ' t i i U S B group during the afternoon on Sunday. • Come to the Fair! Come to browse, learn, be enlightened, have fun, and perhaps buy. Bring the family. Enjoy!

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Compiled from Jewbh Press News Services.

#Joyce Cohen, left, and Marten Fnut bold two of the menorahs ' which will be Included to the special exhibit at the Book Fair. .MPPboto) . -. . ••..,-. ..'

Three City of Hope scientists with a team of collaborating researchers have reported the creation of an artificial gene which functions as a living organism Which could eventually lead to the replacement or repair of damaged genes caused by among others, Tay-Sacks disease . . . Four volumes of fragments from Genesis through Deuteronomy have been published in their oldest surviving translation — into Aramlc from the original Hebrew.,. , ,-, -



• f.

November 26, 1976  

Jewish Press

November 26, 1976  

Jewish Press