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Temple Moves Services to Center

gUM wtndowi that.

pry open the doors from the rest of the year will follow that outside to get us out." Rescue time schedule. squads arrived soon after the Mrs. Brooks said the Constorm dissipated. Some firmation Claas will meet with youngsters were taken to a Rabbi Brooks at 4:30 p.m. at hospital where their wounds the JCC on Tuesday, May 13. were stitched up, but no Shavuot Services and serious injuries were repor- confirmation will be held ted. Thursday, May 15, 8 p.m. at The rabbi said the Temple's the JCC and Friday morning's Torahs were removed to a Shavuot service will be at 11 safe site. Other reports said a.m. the building's schoolrooms were heavily damaged. World Mrs. Brooks announced Wednesday morning that all NewsBriafs religious school classes and Hebrew classes were cancelled. Friday night's Sabbath OrdMl Service and Consecration of (JTA) - David Protter, a Confirmands will be at 7:30 24-year-old mentally p.m. at the Community Center. Saturday Sabbath distrubed South African Jew oltiMiUiiwd Temple Ivaet'iuactuaiy, on the WMt tide of Services will be at the Center who was discharged from the • hlghUgbt of the synagogue. C«H Street is to the left. Isarell army three years ago at 11 a.m. and all services the as unfit for service, surrendered to authorities in Johannesburg April 29. 19 hours after he seized hostages at the offices of the Israeli Consulate General there and went on a shooting rampage that resulted in the deaths of (our persons and the wounding of 32. Protter, who was employed by the Consulate as an assistant security officer whose duties Included sear.COUNCIL BLUFFS, LINCOLN, OMAHA ching visitors for possible SERVING DgS MOINES, concealed weapons, was VQt.UVNo.28 Onwha. Nab., Fri., May 9,1976 credited with inventing the story that the Consulate had been seiied by three Lebanese CvylOiMiMrg and three Japanese terrorists. prieriiUi dWttI to be It resulted In police and daewhere.' contbat troops converging on Lae JIM Pmov, Ufethe building on Fox Street In savers co-chairman: "My downtown Johannesburg, at Ite questkmnaire, which outside Omaha la needed and which point Protter sprayed workers were very conOMAHA - Hie Hrst major scientious. The people I called step In the proposed coet $1,700, will be reviewed that the Bureau is planning the streets below with on, in most cases, really held demographic survey of throroughly by the Federation more institutes for adult machinegun fire. the line, and a few increased Omaha'f Jewish populace was and Its professional staff, education. The tragic and bizarre Center Director TabachnkdL episode which had tbe world their pledges." taken April 30 when the board according to Harlan Noddle, rraneet Fox, Telethon of directors of the Jewish Federation president who aald Vat Center "la now agog pinned down large forces chalnnan: "Our total was Federation of Omaha relinquished that role at hnldag into aome very JewWi of South African troops and higher at the beginning of authorized contracting for the Wednesday night's meeting to lingrammlng" and Is alao police; sent the Israeli make tbe motkHi. BbHtylng "tbe wbole caaei|it Cabinet into emergency April than it was at the end of first phase, a questionnaire. Hie demographic atndy of improving terrice to session April 29; threatened to iMt year's campaign. I had The questionnaire will be terrific wqrken — really prepared by the Council of would be an effort "to slice out f dHoga ilialnili. ««qg>« «#•»*«. cut short the state visit of excellent and reliable women. Applied Urban Research of what our JewWi ccmmunlty teenagers and senior Israeli Foreign Minister Yigal Alton to FYance; and drew a People who otherwise haven't the University of Nebraska at la, what It doea, wbat it wants Mrs. Yager, social worker declaration from South t>een active in the community Omaha, which will prepare at one potait tai time" ta an felt the importance of this and conduct the survey, effort to ditcnnins bow tbe with the Family Service, said African Prime Minister John work and sat on the phone lor should the Federation decide Federation can beat aerve tbt the new Center, which houses Vorster, broadcast nationally community. Noddle lakL The the JFS, corrected the lack of that he would never negotiate hours." to implement the program. entire cost would be about confidentiality which was a with terrorists under any problem at the old Center at circumstances—a position ».O0O. The questionnaire would go 20th and Dodge Streets. heartily endorsed by Israeli She said the JFS provides officials in Jerusalem. to the entire metropolitan Omaha Jewish community. some monthly stipends for the Labor Zkmlats Then 300 families would be needy as well as providing selected for sample interviews marital, single-parent, BUENOS AIRES (JTA) "to gel attitudes toward both teenage and parent-child The Labor Zionists captured the Jewish and general counseling services. And the 45.4 per cent of the votes (or communities," Noddle said. JFS provides referral service the 90 seats on the Buenos That part of the study might to other agencies, too. Aires Kehllla Council. Ten Tbere has been an Increase tickets competed in the not come until the end of the In the JFS's deallnp with tbe election held Sunday In summer, he said. Board members heard elderly and their problems — Buenos Aires and Its suburbs. orientations from three "they have separate needs The Council names the departments - the Bureau ol •part from families," she executive board of the Kehllla. said. Her agency deals both Agudath Israel was second Jewish Education (Steven J. with resldenU of the Dr. Philip with 8.2 per cent a( the vote; RIekes), the Community Sher Home and with those who (ollowed by MIzrachi, 8.1. per OMAHA - Planning for a sympoatum on "The PoUtks of Center (Hy L. TabachnIck) live in their own homes. "We cent: Fraie Shtimc, a nonEdueatkm" on Wednesday, May 14,1 p.m. In the Social HaU of (be and the Jewish Family Sertry to belp tbem live In tbeir Zionist leltist group, 7.6 per JewWi Community Canter are, (ram left, Shirley Golditeta, Dr. vice (Pearl Yager). own bomea tf at all poislble," cent; Hanoar Hatzlonl. 6.7 per RIekes said the Bureau this William Blltek and Miriam Simon. The women are o»€balnnen ibeaald of the Soviet Jewry Committee which, with the department of year will supply the cent; Liberal Zionists, 6 per Another JFS area Is cent; and a group affiliated pblloaopby and religion at the University of NebraskaOmaha, Federation's budget hearings meeting the needs of the new with the World Confederation rtpreaantad by Dr. BUsak, are CMponaorlng the sympoahmi. with reports of how its subRussian immigrants to of United Zionists 5.7 per cent. ParttdpaUng win be a lonmr SovM Union underground writer, vention Is spent by the various Omaha, she said. Borla Sbragbi. and bis wUC Natalia; Dr. William T. Pink (ram synagogues. He reported The reminader of the votes A brochure explaning went to Herut, Mapam and UNO and Dr. BUaek. Tbe sympoahmi Is funded by a grant (rom policy ciariricatlon on sut>(Continued on Page 4) ventlun of youngsters living the NebraiU Oommtttae lor the HumaatUaa. < JP Pboio.) Poalei Agudath Isarel. ByRldianlPMrl OMAHA - The Sefer Torahs were safe, but little elae was Tuesday In the wake of the devastating tornado which Included Omaha Temple Israel In Its path. The Temple, at 69th and Cass, was heavily dama^6d, forcing its entire operation to move to the new Jewish Community Center on 132nd Street. According to Senior Rabbi Sidney Broolu, he, his wife Jane, Associate Rabbi Barry Welnstein, the entire Temple office staff and two confirmation dasaes were caught in the Temple by the storm. "We moved everybody to the basement and had them He down on the floor," said the weary Rabbi Brooks later Tuesday night. "They had to

Women's Division Closes Campaign OHAIU - The Womens , DhrWon of Omaha Jewish Philanlhrople* is winding op ite campaign fori975. "Cloae to W percent of our cardial* in and our worker* anticipate compietlng the Job in ttie next week orio," stated Caryl Grcenberg, Women's Division chairman. Here are some comments from aooM nenbart of tbt canipal0i cabinat abaal this year's effofia: MaAalina Katimaa, Pacesetters co-chairman: "ConaideriDg what I aitUdpated, I- was pleasmtly surpriaed by the people I contacted. Midwestenwrs are fortunate; economically we have not been hit as hard as e who live on the coaMa." raa,Provklarf oodtairman: "When there is a crlais, as In the Yom Kippur War, people come through. I was a little disappointed In people's responaea this year, but I'm aware that not everyone feels as I do about Importance of the campaign " Audrey Coben, Grand Givers ccH^tairman: "I am impatient with the reasons given me by women in this category for their gifU this year. For me, the reasons were not valid enough." MailD* Klrtbenbaum, Protectors co-chairman: "People say the economy scare* them. They have the money to spend, but their

'J' Youth Dept. Recruiting Staff OMAHA - The Community Center Youth Department has openings for part-time loungegame room workers. Needed are qualified Individuals, over age 20, who have either had direct experience working with teenage groups or who have the potential for this kind of work For further information, contact Larry Katz, Center youth director or Lee Sloali, aulstani director, at JMtam, Exta 3Sand53

Demographic Survey Questionnaire Is Authorized by Omaha Federation

Symposium Scheduled





M»v9, 1978

wMNews Briefs UNESCO JERUSALEM tJTAI Simone de Beauvoir, famed French novelist and phikMopher and winner of this year's Jerusalem Prize said here that to re-dlvlde Jerusalem would be unthinkable. In an address delivered after Mayor Teddy Koliek had awarded her the prize, de Beauvoir flayed

Mn. aaUMdii. MoaBd tran left, . ptoqne to Un. FCOIIUD. Looking oa are, trom left, Mn. RoMobcrg, Mn. Simon, Mn. Bw-

maa ani Mn. Katzmaa. Not pleturadlaMn. Prwl.(JPI>liato)

Omaha Women's Federation Changes Name OMAHA - New officers of the Federation of Jewish Women's Organizations were elected and installed at the spring luiicheon meeting Monday. May 5. at the Jewish Community Center. Mrs Ervin Simon will serve as president: Mrs. Sam Berman and Mrs. Norman Pred. vice-presidents and Mrs. Millard Rosenberg.



Oona*nwt*in Sflta-Wfly Ev| CiMMff Call 34S-a5S4

aecretary. Mrs. Sam Katzman •erved as Installing officer. In recognition of service as president for the 1*74-75 term of office. Mrs. Morris C Peilnuui was presented a plaque by the immediate past president. Mrs. Arthur Goldstein. More than lOO wpmen participated in the disctission on By-laws revisions which saw the name of this organization of 13 Jewish women's organlzationi changed (mm "Pederatloo of Jewish Women's aubs" to "Federation of Jewish Women's Organlzatlom" Changes were also made In the election procedure and In the designation of membership, which is now open to all Jewish women in Omalu who are airiliated with at least one other Jewish women's organization.

The establishment oC an ongoing President's Council was also provided for in the new constitution. City Councilwoman Betty AbtxM was the guest speaker New and outgoing presidents of the member organizations were honored in a special ceremony conducted by Mrs. FelUnan.

Youth Activities HOUDAY MURAL Some 13 youngsters from Hollie Cooper's class al Beth El Religious School presented a mural of Jewish holidays to the' parents of children at Children's Hospital Sunday. May 4. The students made the mural especially for the patients and delivered it themselves.


CttOiiUiOFIWISHEVDirS MTIiaVAT.NMTia Twnpl* Hroal Cou»l»i Oub dinnar, Twnpta. 7:30 p.m. MMVAT.MATII Career WooMo of itodMMti. pony at Or. shvr Horn* JCC Film Clauk 'Ttia Groat Zlaall*ld". XC ThMtv. 7:30 p.n Mol«wr\Oay BAT.aUVIS OUmr AduH>,'KC. IViW a.m. HodoiMh leord MMiing. JCC. 9:30 a.m. Community IMoltons Commtttoo Mooting. ) 1:4} ojn.

nnwAT.MAvis •oth El SHtorhood Rogulor Mool>n«. 12:30 p.m. ioth lircMl Sniorhood logulor Mooting. 17 30 p.m. Tompioltrool S»torhoodMothor<liildDinnor, 6:30 p.m. MlirocM Soord Moonng. 9:30 a.m. Tofnpio l«raol loard of TriMtoo* Mooting. 7:M pjK. Soviot Jowry Sympodum. XC. 7:30 p.m. Council aiuth liarfrwMh Syna90«iio Social itoll • nol rmh Iroadbroakora. Firoilda. 12 noon TNUHBAT.aiATIS Notionol Council o< Jowlch Wbmon loord Mooting, 9: W ojn. •'noi trltii Cornhutkar Womon. Rogulor Mooting, • p.m. Otdor Adult* Art! and Croftt, XC. 11 a.m.

mmtmvAwa. "Iho MAJH.fmMM<i

7AM.i»»WJ •arday LTINItoon

Debbie Oeri'enberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs . Norman Oenenlierg. was to seek her second straight Nebraska Girls High School 16 singles tennis championship in the state tournament this week. The week before. Debbie, a student al Central High School, had won her second consecutive Omaha Metro Conference 16 championship.

Omahans in the News Jewish Community Center Athletic Director Chuck Ar nold took second place to Bill Stott of Boys Town In tbe Oass B flnals of tiie City Handball Tournament. Mrs. Seymour Sctineldef, Mrs. B. Gilbert Aranoff and Mrs. Herman Barrot; attended the April 27-28 B'nai B'ritti Women District Six conference in Wheeling. lU. Tlw conference topic wa^ 'To Know and To Care About B'nal B'rith Women" wllli emphasis on the wide spectrum of BBW community servkcs.

BETHISRAKL SmERaOOD Mrs Isaac Nadoff will install the new officers of Beth Israel Sisterhood at the luncheon meeting. May 13. 12:30 p.m. in the Beth Israel Social Hall. OUkers are: Mrs. HaroM Franklin, jtcesident; Mn. Irma Rosenfidd. Mrs. Don Cohen, Mrs. Jack Coiien, Mrs. Sam Shift. Mrs Morris Rtefcs, Mrs. Sidney Klopper, Mrs. Seymour Steinberg, vice presidents; Mrs. Nathan Ostrow. treasurer; Mrs. Ben RIfkln. recording secretary; Mrs. Nate Glmple, Mrs James Wax, financial secretary; Mrs. Maurice Schwartz, Mrs. Leon WIntroub. corresponding secretary. Cantor Leo Fcttman will present musical selections. Make reservations with Mrs. Sam Shiff SSfrO420 or Mrs. MorrU Ricks 556^71. NCJWUJNCIIBON A musical program entitled "How to Succeed in Oxmcil Without Really Trying" will highlight the May 20 noeeting of the Omaha Section National Council of Jewish Women. The noon luncheon it the Highland Country aub will cost t3.85 per person. The original musical Is written and directed by Mrs. William Fogel and Mrs Michael Verlln. piano accompaniment is by Mrs. Irwin Schwartz, and stars Mdmes. Nancy Katzman. Howard Kenyon. Cliff Levltan. Michael Mogll. John Rosen. Phillip Splzman and Michael Veriin. Also on the program will be the installation of new officers by Mrs David Fredrlcks. Reservations must be made by May 16 by calling Mrs. Gerald Cohen I3S3 15411. Mrs Jerry Passer (3J3-2189) or Mrs. Burton Robiiuon i391IS40). Sitter service wUl be .available.

BEIV EIL SIBTERBOOD "Three Generations of Song" is the theme of the musical entertainment higblighting the May 13 meeting of Beth El Synagogue Sisterhood in tbe Synagogue aodai hall. Betty Fellman will accompany Cantor Chaim Najman and Julie Shrier. Miss Shrier performed as a principal in the Omaha Opera Oonpany'sLaPKctdwle. Preceding the musicale Incoming offkert will be In-

UNESCO hir lU -stupid and discriminatory" resolutions against Isarel over Us activities In Jerusalem. Her own tour of the city earlier in the day had shown her Utat Israel's new buildings did not q)0U the character of this city, she asserted. Tbe buildings were sited on wasteland, at a sufficient distance from the dty walls and other ancient edifices. The archaeological digs,

Joueanv stalled by MIn Rimmerman, a past president. They are: Ilene Klein-prtsident; Sheila Anderson, Anna Wiennan, Thelna Lustgarten, Mona Crandeil and SallyBerg—vice presidents; Saranne Gttnick and Betty AUoy—secretaries: Marlene Kahn—treasurer; Carol Widman and Donna Kortflnanctal secretaries; Dorothy Rosenblum, Helen Epstein and Marilyn Pred—directors. Reaervatians for the 12:30 p.m. luncheon meeting may be made with Jeanette Ban.

HA0A8SAH BOARD There will be a Hadassah Board meeting Monday, May 12, 9:30 a.m. at the Jewish Community Center.

nwreover (tbe subject of UNESCO's action against Israel) far from despoiling the Arab character of tlie city, uncovered the buried glories of the city's Moslem history along with its historical treasures during other ages.

DwcriniinflCion MIAMI (JTA) - The Florda regional office of the AntiOefamallon League of B'nai B'rith has charged that a Florida company with constniction interests In the Middle East is cooperating with Arab discrimination policies in its recruitment of employes. ADL regional board chairman George Berstein announced at a press conference here that the ADL will file a formal charge of discrimination In employment against McGraw ii Associates of Ormond Beach, Fia. Bernstein said McGraw * Associates placed an advertisement in a Florida newspaper for "immediate ]ob opportunities in (the Mkldle East on a $70 millkMi project. The advertisement warned potential applicants: "We trust that you are aware of the discrimination policies of the Arab world before replying to this ad." Some Arab countries t>ar Jews from entry and the advertisement clearly is In response to this policy, Bernstein saM.

OMtroyad PARIS (JTA) - Apre-dawn blast virtually destroyed a synagogue in central Paris French Interior Minister Michel Poniatowskl. in a telegram to Jewish community leaders, expressed indignation over the attack and said he had ordered the police department to do everything posslblelo find and bring to justice the perpetrators "Of this criminal attack." Alexander Klein, president of the synagogue, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency he had received no threats. Police investigating the blast found no messages or inscriptions from the vandals. It was fell the attack might be connected with the current visit to Paris by Israeli Foreign Minister Ylgal Alton. tMit there was no immediate claim ol req>onslbility by any terrorist group.

Mnt mmwiwii

Hadassah OMAHA - Mrs. Bmamid SCBMBHTt

mWHiWr of CM

Nathnal Board a< HadaMb, wffl be UM advlior at the Missouri Valley Region Ooafartnce to be held In Omaha, May !••» at the Holiday Ian Old MllL Mis. <i<«ttf^-irtfT la in^vnni neardlag aserstary, ooordkialor of the NaUonal Nofr-rundralstag ActlvttlaB and chtlmaii for tha NaUooal HadiaMih OonVMUaawtokh wiObabeid In SM raodsos to AmwL

VIENNA (JTA) - A study group of scientists said that some IS per cent ol Austrians are anti-Semitic. The group which investigated the situation of minorities In Austria said the number of anti-Semites has been steadily declining in the last decades. "However, there still exists a hard-core of 15 per cent of Austrians who are anilSemitic " The report said "anti-Semitism was the only prejudice In Austria with historical roots."


Th« Jmmh Pnm



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Regional - Board member Anrte Katzman will install new officers at the Council Bluffs Chapter Hadassah luncheon meeting Wednesday. May 14, 12:30 p.m. in the B'nal Israd Synagogue Social Hall. Officers to t>e Installed are: Flora Telpner, president; Doris Nachman. vice president, fund raising; Vera Tepperman, vice president, pivgrams; Reva Suvalsky, recording secretary; Sarah Sacks, financial secretary; Bea Katz, treasurer; Toby Richards, corresponding secretary. Reservations may be made with Annetta Brown, 322-6367.

17th & Famam • 106(h & M • 42nd & Grovw MtmlMrFDIC

JFS Extends Parent Seminar OMAHA - The success (f the first four seminars on the problems of the single Jewish parent has resulted in extension of the series for Wednesday night beginning May 14, 7:30 p.m. at the Jewish Commimlty Center. Dr. Paul Fine, Creighton University psychiatrist, will continue as lecturer and Informal-discussion leader. The seminars are sponsored by the Omaha Jewish Family Service at no charge to the participants. For further infonnatlon. caU 334-8200.

(YAD Calendarl





ETHEL IRENE HURWnZ Funeral services were held in San Leandro. Calif. lor Dr Ethel Irene HiurwiU who died May 3. Survivors: hu(l>and, Bernard; motlier, Jennie Adler. San Leandro: brothers, Samuel Adier of Arcadia, Calif., and Alex Adler of Las Vegas, Nev.; sister, Marie Adier Ham of BeilcNTJe ROSEPUmON Funeral services were held Tuesday, April 29 at tlte Jewish Funeral Chapel for Rose Plotkin. 79. Interment was at Fisher Farm Cemetery (BHH) Survivors: son, Norman Plotkin: daughters, Natalie Glventer, Renee Handleman. Marilyn Ginsk>erg; sister, Ruth Bresiow, all of Omaha: brother. David SlotxxJisky. Pedro, Calif: 10 grandchildren. DANIALEVINE Graveside services were held Thursday, April 31 at Temple Israel Cemetery for Dania Levine. Survivors: daughers, Mrs. Harry iHarriet) Lobel, Mrs Morey (Pauline) Landman, Mrs. Milton iMaxIne) Simons; two sisters, one brother; to graoddiiidren, 3 Creat-grandehlklren. BHODALEVIN Graveside services were held at Shaare Sholem Cemetery in St. Joseph, Mo., \ iDT Rhoda Levin, ag, who died .atMenorah Medical Center in Kansas City April 26. Survivors: daughters, Mr*. Beatrix H Wolfson of Omaha, Mrs. Serina B. Lorscfa and Mrs. Selma H. Lapin both of Kansas City. Mo.; eight grandchildren, 10 greatgrandchildren.

S. RONALD OOKN S. Ronald Cohn. 44. died April 15. Interment was at Temple Israel Cemetery. Survivors: wile, Alice (Beanie); son, William; daughter. Carolyn; brothers. Gerald and Marvin; sister. Mrs. Arnold Jofle; mother. Mrs 0 B. Cohn MOLLY KELBERG nSTELL Funeral services were held in Denver for former Omahan Molly Kelberg Fisteil. 56. who died April 30 Survivors: husband David; sons. Howard anjt Mark; daughters. Chariene Dicktor. Oarlene and Elene who lived at home; sisters. Rose Passoff, Ethel Cbessen, Fannie Jacobs, all of California; Ida Berg, Omaha; Sarah Makovsky, Pueblo, Colo.; brothers, Lou of Denver, Frank of Omaha. ANNAWEI88 Funeral services were held in Chicago on April 24 lor Anna Weiss. 86. wtio died in Omaha April 2K Rabbi John Spltzer of SI. Louis, a grandson, officiated at the service. Survivors: daughter. Malvina Spllzer: sons, Irving Weiss, MurrttU. Calif., and Cari Wetai, CWeagD; eight grandchildren. LUCILLE P. LYLE Funeral services were held at Temple Ivael on TUeaday. May « for UieHle P. Lyie, M Interment was at Temple Israel Cemetery Survivors: hust>and, Robert A.; daughter. Mrs. BarlMra Bird, Omaha; slater. Mrs. Clara Peterson, Walnut, la.; brother, LyIe Eckley, Omaha: five grandchildren.

Student Honored LAWRENCE, Kan.-K«ne(fa D. Stme, Mt. raent iaitiate o( two JounaUnB aodetlei at the Unlvcntty of Kanaaa, is ^tmtfrmtnimtm^ by Dd BrtakmaB, (leaii of the lotmaHim sdiooi. <lwiewa«rtioa>nlariuaMilwiilil|>lnthoaodatyo<proltntooal JeoniaUaU-Slgina D^ CM-and IIM adnlaatic hooorary aodaty, Kavp* Tau AlphL atone, a Jooior In Jouredtan, Is Ota MB of Mr. aad Mn. Aliait Stooe o( Onuba. Ho is aiao vocto :«dttor of Ike un J«|rliawi(er]mftMMfc at K.U. 3C






CHOP sttey

C vv\is House »Tlt

mttmcocKftm. vouMMtMafra"

?M •".' iVi'i.«FT

Letters to the Alitor DEEP REGRET I want to express to the Jewish community my apologies lor the incideni at Joslyn on Sunday. April 20 I believe tlie whole problem was one o( lack ol ctMnmunication. The first I know of the "demonstration" was the Friday preceding when a representative of the U.S. Department of State advised me of the planned "demonstration" and ln(]uired about our security both outside and in the concert hall in such an event. Sectirity of our art treasures is a continuing vigilance to the staff of Joslyn in view ol recent incidents at many museums. The first direct communication I had with a member of your group was when Mrs. Harlan Noddle was kind enough to call on me May 2 and expressed concern over this incident. II was a fine discussion. tHit I am sorry the timing was such that we were unable to discuss this subject prior to rather than after the fact. I number among my doaest friends and most respected people tlioae of the Jewish faith. I deeply regret the incident. > Laoranoe R. Hotgtanil

Questionnaire Is Authorized (Continued from Page I) Jewish Family services Is being prepared and will be distributed. Mrs. Yager said. Eli M Zaikin, Omaha Philanthropies general campaign chairman, reported that, with 780 of 1.927 cards completed, pledges are running almost 13 per cent less than in the 1973-74 campaign." Target dale for campaign conclusion is May 2S and President Noddle said It Is "incumbent on all of u* to do what we can to bring the campaign to a successful conclusion." In other buslnew, Leo Meyerson reported on hit trip ID the American Israel Putilic Affairs Comm)itee meeting In Washington and urged more Interest In AIPAC which is the lobby for Israel In Washington Cost to form a regional AIPAC organization in Nebraska and Iowa would be about >25-*10O per person, he said — money that Is needed "to combat the tretnendous amount of money the AralH have." The board approved motions to imcorporate Ihe Jewish Family Service and Ihe Community Center. Omaha National Bank was appointed trustee of the Federation pension plan. Charles N Monisce, reported that Ihe search for a new Federation executive


ill i^raif^l HAIFA - Ten years ago this week (May 12, 1965) diplomatic relations were formally established'between Israel and Germany. In his letter confirming the understanding Prime Minister Levy Eshkol pointed out that tlie decision had been taken "against a sombre historical background and a stormy political one." Only a few years earlier who in the wildest stretch of his imagination would ever have dared to predict such a step? Yet the fact that this could be done, and that the relations could develop as tiiey have in the decade that has followed, constitute an optimistic ray ol hope with respect to ultimate resumption of normal relations with our Arab neighbors once the initial hurdles are overcome. History teaches us that a dense fog ol national animosities, no matter how vicious and bitter at the time of conflict, tends to dissipate under the warm sun of neighborly human relations. In a period «( !• jwan FTaoee and Oermaiqr lougM ttme bittv wani«akMt each otlier, during which eipwatlnna o( nnlual hatred .YotMiifcHnM the eataWlshmwt of

rostorwl trtendshlpo. The almost every war. No mailer what may be said now, the truth is tiiat there has been IHtle history of antagonism between the two Semitic people, the Jews and the Arabs In a recent book ("Unease in Zion"). Professor Shmuel Hugo Bergman of the Hebrew University writes: "Anyone who saw Ihe Arabs from the Old pity of Jerusalem after the war of June, 1967, when the gales were opened and they poured in by (he tiMusandi to ihe Western part ol the city to see their Jewish neighbors, embrace them and kiss them, cannot believe that the nwts of hatred run deep." The Egyptian woman Journalist, siana Hassan, was asked about Arab hatred of Israeli during a public dialogue which siie and the Iraeli, Amos Ekw, ceoducted liefore numerous audiences in the U.S. In a new book ("Between Enemies") which expands on thai dialogue, she repllesr: "Anli-Stmitlsm is only a kind of war taciun In the Arab worid. It's the kind that Allied propaganda generated about the Germans in Worid War It and the Americans about the

What They're Saying aOKKA MNIR, Imei's AatbawaJor to Ihe U.8.-Israel is expecting "continued American support" so that Israelis "can defend the cherished ideals which our own two countries hold in common .. . any misinterpretation of Ute American commitment to the security of Israel could lead to miscalculat ions on the part of our enemies." ELMER L. WDTTER, \KuM»i*, American Jewtsb Committee in urging Anertcani to help Sonlh Vietaameae cefufleeo—"We cannot forget the hundreds of thousands, if not miUioas. of Jews wtio arrived In this country penniless, who found here a haven for themselves and their children." MORRIS B. ABRAM, rhairman. MorebHid Act 0cmmlsrion—"When the state trespasses on the liberty of the Jew, the freedom of all Is soon In peril. When Joblessness of the black-always higher than that of Ihe general public—begins to escalate, you can be sure that the economy is on the slide, and even Chrysler will be in trouble." MOSHE DAYAN, iormer Isarei Minister of Defene addressing young American Jews—"Go to Israel and write your page of Jewish history in its own homeland." On the fall of South Vietnam—"Commit yourselves only to those countries that iielp themselves... We never have asked Americans to fight lor us." SEN. JfMN SPARKMAN. chainnan, Senate Foreipi Relations Committee—''The risk of open conflict In the Middle Elast will increase if the United Slates falters in giving continued aid to Israel." RABBI ALEXANDER U. aCHOiDVER, president, Uaieoof Anarteaa Heiimr Oeogregatkins, lauding Attorney General Levi's proposed hand gun-control program-America must eliminate the "epidemic of gun crazlness which stains American life ... We cannot begin to curb crime while we Indulfe a wtiolesale arming of ordinary citizens, including the mentally defective and Juveniles, and make the obtaining of small anhs almost as easy as purchasing bread at (he'comer frooery store." RABBI ISRAEL MCnTBHOWTIZ, piwideiit. Hebivw l-r-g-if and Culture AewflattoB e( Amarlea: "It Is hard to determine which was the greater miracle, the resurgence of Jewish sovereignty or the renaissance of the Hebrew DIL OBBBM D. OOHEN, dUBOaOor. JesMi Tbaolegicat f—The U.S. Bicentennial observance offers the Amarieaa panple the opportunity "to reassert the epirltiial goals upon which the VS. is based and to combat a fali^ of morale,

Japanese, to mobiUte popular emotion at home. It Is intense and vicious. I don't deny that, but It's not endemic and it will bum out once the conflict Is over." T1» Israel' lade d hatred for Arabs Is weO known, aatf oocaatenal bunts ofraactlaa after • tarroriat atrocttjr are hldily volatile.

Three months ago Foreign Minister Ylgal Allon paid » state visit to Germany! German government officials had previously been received here. If this has been possible with Germany, of all couritrtes, 11 Is not conceivable th4 friendly diplomatic exchange between Jerusalem and Cair* may also take place one day? Even under the stress of thf present psychological war, of even bi the heal of battle, 14' us seek to retain a sense 0^ optimistic bistorloal peil spective. It will strengthen both our resolve and our morale. j

'fsraef Office Can Help'


OMAHA - Is It safe to visit Israel? Are maps available? How do you go atMUt plannin| tours? I ' Thete IMd other qoestionf tronuaU sorts of groups aii4 individuals can be answered by contacting the Israel (kivemment Tourist Office in Chicago, a representative, Yaakov Oaker, said here last week. The Jewish Federation of Omaha has the details. Daker, deputy director for the midwestem U.S., said lie Is available to help church groups, synagogue groups and individuals plan tours. His office has been in Chicago i? years, he said. Although tourism was "about six per cent leas In 1974 than in 1973," there has been an upward swing in March. 1975, he said. And. he said, Ihe planned opening of (he Sues Canal by Egypt gives a "different feeling" to things because cruises on the canal will again be possible. The Tourist Office also makes available posters for Israeli celebrations, lie said.

The Jewish Press Pui>Ksh*d wosWy on Friday by Jewish Federation of Omiiaho. Stanford U|M*y Paul Alparson PraM CommitlM (^-Chairman Richard B.PMvt Iditw

Judith Marburg toMihmi

Suzanne tt. Somberg

Debi Jo Abramt S«co*id Clo*« Po«to9* Pold o> Omaha, Nofor. ond at •<Mi<ional mailing olllcat. Annual SukMcription 17.50 Adva«li»lno Raioi on Application "M Jowia wots H OSt IV4e"iwl# lOf ^Ba os^H^^B OT i^^ ffaeai« w NMca«n'oHlu, WW. IIMit.

; d|r«f«^n^f<MinMii«.'JC .\ .':^<'v5**J'»^*?^' '*T''^'*T'?*^.'^2 JiSJ}^^ t.!^:-: .•?^-*'**%'*rtT-!*T


Committee for Sovi«( Jewry The ticliet chairman thanlMd the following whose names were inadvertently omitted from the evening's program: Htmm SMOon Cotan. Paul Clra. Monii C PcUman, Al r«. Sam Unmm, mOmt Shabira MMI MIn Jayw Mint. Ski tim Itimttt ttn Harry Mmittr. Mrs. Harks Lortf and Mrs. Ocarit Elaanteri


REMEMBRHADASSAHl W« n««d cloMng on hongart. odda and andt of glattww*, b>kotarac.. dishat. pott and pona. worhkig appllancMl Wa connot oKord o pichup Irucli. Thonli yov (or brlngina cvnitlbvliana lo our itora — HI daductM*. Voluntavra naadadi Call i«i Kraana: SM-n 21 or lorah Uahlnitiy: 553-3301.

lUIMSSiUI "IMIiliMN BOX" 2918 FARNAM Just W*sf of "King's"



I by land, sea, or air

I travel f aire gets you there...


OMAHA - An exclusive showing of French Impressionist paintings will be the highlight of this year's second annoal Beth Israel Art Auction scheduled Sunday, May 18, at the Synagogue, 1S02 North 52nd St. But the show will also Include oils, wall sculptures, frescoes, enamels and graphics by such renowned artists as Dali, Picasso, NIerman, Chagall, Rubin, Calder, Miro, Edna Hibel, SIca and Sheppard, said the co-chairwomen. They are Mrs. Ernest (Erica) Hochster, Mrs. Martin (Hannah) Hochster and Mrs Isaac (Jeannette) Nadoff. The auction benefits the Beth Israel Sittertiood and Its Synagogue Youth Organtxation. Both youngsters and adiilta work together on the event.~ The auction will be conducted by the J. Richards Gallery, Inc., of Englewood, N.J. A longer preview period will be offered this year—from 7 to

OrvBlMHdw NadkMHato j I i

Travel Falre Travel Ager>cy - all the aervica* you'd expect from a travel agency — and a few you wouldn't


WaWimmMilfiiiilnitii Vl^


2nd Annua/Art Auction Slated by Beth Israel

l Big Crowd Attends Concert

OMAHA - Some 3(0 persons enjoyed the benefit piano •concert by former Runlan %wiinara Rutshtein of Des ^flMiMS Saturday night, May 3 at the Jewish Community Center, according to TIclcet Chairman Bea Sommer. Proceeds went to aid Soviet Jews. The program was sponsored by the Omaha


8:30 p.m., at which punch will be served. The auction will begin at 8:30 p.m. A piece of art will be awarded through a drawing. A $1 donation covers admission.

Aizenberg -Lemer Betrothal Told SIOUX CITY, la. - Mr. and Mrs. Morris A Aizenberg announce the engagement of their daughter JudI lo Shelly Lerner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lemer of Omaha. Miss Aizenberg Is a graduate of the University of Iowa and U presently an elementary teacher In the Omaha Public Schools District. Her fiance, who graduated from the University of Nebrasica at Lincoln with a degree In business administration, was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. He is associated with Lemer's for Men. Sioux City wUI be the scene of the August 3 wedding.


{ i I

•17 South 3*th >tr««t — S4S-1044



Black and White


Mn. Nadoff, left, and Mn. Jack (Jane) Coiien, Art Auction pubUdst, dlqday poster anooUDdng tiw event.

At Last, An Israeli First: A Championship in Sports ByHaikeDOolMn


TEL AVIV - After many years of frustration, Israel finally has produced a champion In international competition. The Sabras basketball team, comprised solely of Americans, has been declared winner of the European Professional Basketball Ltague by virtue of the fact the club moved from last" place all the way to the front in just two months. Most of the players are nonJewish. The coach. Herb Brown is Jewish. The team, youngest In the five-country loop, got off to a

poor (2 wins, 7 losses) start mainly because the early games were on the road. In addition. Coach Brown, fresh from the college ranks, insisted on a pattern-style game with little allowance for freelancing, wliich took some getting used to. During tliat aame early Solng, the Belgian UOM, loaded with aooM fanner New York Knlcka and other iHayan fRan both the NaUonal and American Bntkatball AaMdatlon, MXMned to an early Dve^amc lead in the pennant chaie. lioit of tbair •arly gunea won on their (OontJmied from Page 12)

II Hinky Dinky has "EVERYTHING" for your Shavuoth* menus and 8 for easy-to-prepare brunch or lunch on Mother's Day. Take home


^O 1 O

Solmon y.ib. ^# I ^ Smoked Chubs (s.iv«20«) 2e39 Smoked Salmon (lox in oil)

./.ib. 2e99

Gefilte fish In jare and cans In most stores


Stop by the Deli Dept. for MonnotM Y698t8DM SMM (sa«« w)

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Hinky Dinky's FrMh PrvH* and Vosotablot aro a "Mochlah" tool

* May 17th and 18th






[ Senior Citizen Scene \ The Arts and Crafts Group plans lo extend activities so that you may "do your own thing" If Interested, come out on Thursdays at 11 am starting May 15 to exchange Ideas and talents. Mollle has many more plans for our future pleasure. We so often hear our members say "leave It to Mollle" and we do just that.

By Halen Newman

Omaha Path liraal

Omaha BatfiEl

SERVICES: Friday: Traditional Evening Services iKabbalat Shabbali 7 p.m. Late evening (amily service at 8:15 p.m. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff, Cantor Leo Fettman and the Beth Israel Choir Saturday: Morning Service 8:45 am conducted by Rabbi Nadoft and Cantor Fettman. The Talmud class «vUI be conducted by Rabbi Nadoff at 7:45 followed at 8:15 p.m. by Mincha. Sholas Sodas and Maarlv

anday: MInyan 9 a.m. followed by breakfast and Rabbi's class In Mishna Dally: Services at 7 am. and 8:15 p.m. BATlimVAH Amy Maureen Kotleo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kadea, will become Bat Mitzvah Friday. May 9, at8:lS p.m

SHAVUOT SERVICES Thursday, May 19 Evening Services: 30p.m Friday. Hay M MorningSenicee 54a m Junior Congregation and Youth Service 10 a.m. Evening Service 7:30 p m No late family service. Saturday, May 17 Morning Service 8:43 a .m Junior Congreagation and Youth Service 10 am Ylskor about 10:30 a.m.

Evening Servioet: 15 p.m.

SERVICES: Ptiday: Sabbath Eve Services In the Sanctuary M 8:15 p.m Rabbi Myer S Krtpke will deliver the sermon Cantor Chalm Najman and the Beth El Synagogue Choir will conduct the musical service. Saturday:

Morning Service 10 am. MIncha-Maariv 8:15 p.m. SuDday:9a.m Weekdays: Services at 7 am and 7 p.m BAR MITZVAH Roi>ert Greenberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Gietobtrg. will become Bar Mitivah on Friday, May 9 and Saturday. May 10 FESTIVAL SERVICE A special service will be held Friday. May 13. 8:15 p.m.. the second evening of Shavuot. in honor of Beth EI High School students graduating from the High School of Jewish Studies this year The students will join Rabbi Kripke. Cantor Najman and the Choir In the special Festival Service. Following the service a reception will be held in the Social Hall, hosted by the parents SISTERHOOD The Sisterhood Installation will t>e Tuesday afternoon. Mav 13

Council Bluffs B'nailanMl SERVICES: Saturday: 9 a.m. Sunday: 9a.m. Both services will be ronduclc-d b>' Mr Sam Sacks.

Dr. 8harH<Mna SERVICES: Satt«day: 9'a.m. Men of the community are invited to the Homo to make a minyan.

CASH PRIZES A total of M.OOO in cash prizes accompanied the 1975 National Jewish Book .Awards.

Sabbath Candle Lighting Friday. M«y •. ail 1 pjn. Md^, M«nf 1*. mi9 pjm. benediction for Kindling Sabbath lights: Barukh Atoh Adonoy Eloheinu Melekh Hoolam, Asher Kideshonu Bemitzvotov Vetzivonu Lehodlik NerShelShabbat. (Blessed ort Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctifies us by His Comnxmdments ond has coitiononded us to kindle the

SERVICES: Prtday :7:30 pm

This Service Presented as a Courtesy by OMAHA SiOnNQS AND LOAN ASSOCIATHM arih A WMi oo(>»« Ro«f Mr rftoo 4r^i s 24tt\ ft). /It o»ao

DeaMobiea BethEIJacob SERVICES: Friday: 7:30 p m. throughout the summer i one service I. Saturday: Morning service 9 a.m. Learning service 11 a.m. Rabbi's Class 5 p.m Mincha, Sholas Sudos 6 p.m. 8uo(lay :9a.m. 121p.m.-TalmudClass. ' SHAVUOT SERVICES nairaday, May 158:15 p.m. Friday, May 16 9 a.m. and 7:3Qp.m. Saturday, May 17 9 am YiskorlOa.m. Mincha 6 p.m.

Consecration of the Conflrmands will take place this evening. Stanley E Perimeter, Congregation president, will present certificates and Bibles to class members. Musical porilons of the service will be provided by the Temple Choir under the direclon of Miss Ida Gitlin. BAR MITZVAH Dantei W. Sohman, son of Mr. Mid Mr*. Michaei B. Snhman, will become Bar Mitzvah, II a.m. Saturday, DaeMofaiea May 17 SHAVUOT SERVICES Morning services for the B'nalJeahunin Festival of Shavuot will l>e held pridav. .Mav 16. II am SERVICES: CONFIRMATION SERVICE Prtday: Confirmation Services will Evening Service 8 p.m. be held on the Festival of An Oneg Shabbal will follow Shavuot, Thursday. May 15, 8 services p.m. A reception will foltow the service. Dae Moines Confirmands are: PattI Abraham, Steve Albert. Lisa ChMiian of larael Jo Becker. Karen Brookstein, SERVICES: Susan Cain, Wendy Oann, Regular minyan services Leslie Eisen, Matthew Ferer, Monday and Thursday 6:45 Sam Friedman, Maria am aoldl>erg. Nancy Harris, Saturday: David Hoffman. Susan Morning Shabbal: Service 9 Krantz, Carol Kruplnslry, Michael Levin, Bruce Michael a.m. at Iowa Jewish Home. Sunday: ta.m. Osten. Tom Rice, John Special Yahrzelt service, Robinson, Nancy RoMnion, everyone Is welome. Barbara Roslnsky, Robert Mrs. BIber, secretary, 277Sturm. Martin Vann and 8601. Timothy Zweiback COUPLESCLUB DeaMobies The Couples Club dinner will beheld7:30p.m. May 10 in the Temple Social Hall at 16 per SERVICES: couple. A chicken dinner will Friday: be served, there will be door 8 p.m. Rabbi Barry D. prizes and dress is Just "grubbies". Sharon Wein- Cytron will conduct the sertraub (333 34831 or Michelle vice. Dkiogoff 1334-12111, have been Saturday . ShabbatSchooi9:lSa.m taking reservations. .Morning!iervices: 9:30a.m. SISTERHOOD During service, members of Temple Israel SIstertiood the Women's League and their will sponsor iU Mother-Child children will participate. Dinner on Tuesday, May 13, at Mincha 6 p.m 6 p.m. The program will Sunday: feature musical enDailv: 7am tertainment. Mrs. Bennett SHAVOUT SERVICES Wagner Is dinner chairman May U6p.m. Reservations are to be phoned May It, 9:15 a.m. Conto Temple's office by May 9. firmation Serice for Religions School Gradutlating Class

Omaha B'nai Jacob Adae Yeahuron SERVICES: Saturday: Morning service: 8:45a.m

Sobboth lights.)


Omaha Temple israal

flUBday: .Morning Service: 8a.m. Services conducted by Habbi Abraham Eisensteln

SHAVUOT SERVICES M«yU8:30pm May U 8:45 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. May 17 «:45 a.m.. Ylskor MiUa.m

We all look fontard to Mondays at the Jewish Community Center. May 5 was no exception-we had a good turnout. Our day tiegan with bingo, cards and a movie plus visiting among friends. Our director, Mollle Delman, working alone in the absence of Allan Turchin, prepared a delicious lunch with the help of her faithful volunteers. Next Monday, May 12, we will have our Mother's Day luncheon This will be special, with ice cream and cake for dessert and gifts for everyone. Installation of officers will be May 19 Our trip to Grand Island Is set for Monday June 2, leaving at 8:15 a.m. and returning about 5 p.m. Reservations are being taken by Rose Raznick 393-7972. The cost will be $3 lor the round trip. MIn Cutler, presiding In the al>sence of president Betty Welssman, introduced the guests and welcomed new members LIbby Epstein and Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Stelnman.

Beth Israel Students Perform for Slier Residents

HILIN A. leiNtTflN 3t).9IM iM-\7ii MiatSTATI WKh

The program on May 12, 4 p.m., will Include Yiddish and Hebrew songs sung by the entire student body, Israeli dancing and a play "Ruth and Naomi." Fruit baskets and Shavuot cards from the students will l>e given residents.

DAVIS CO. SS8.2300

Pulverente Monument Co.

Participating in the liraell dancing are Rachel Bobbol. Barbara Comliar, Tiffany Franklin. Bennett Ginsberg. Penny HInes. EMker Karpcn. Jennifer Karpen. Naitoe Ostrow. Todd Parker, Sydney Rubin. Ira Shapiro. CaUiy Spilier. Sandra SloUsr. Midud Tilpner, Deborah THpner and BTMI Wine. StudenU of KHah Dalcd (jroiith grade) in the play "Ruth and

lab tSvkky) ^)»*raR«» 35 Yaort' Experience With Jewish Lettering and Memorials







Register now ior a special drawing to be held on AAoy II. 10 Choke Steaks to the lucky winner — what a wonderful Mother's Day gift I A $35 value!

Friday: 8p.m. Services conducted by Rabbi Mark BIsman. Saturday: 9a.m. Jr Congregation 10 a.m. Sunday: Tlflllinaub,9a.m.

Ions* pacfced




for fcfliacMing



•••IvaliM ••fultBriy S14>*

SERVICES: PrldiQr:8p.m. Service conducted by Rat>bi RohertMJtW'.'.'.'.•.'.'. .

Naomi" are Harry Berman. Ephrat Brand. Dan Bohbol. Andrea Kaplan, riorelle Kupler. , Robert Lewis. Roxanne Lintzman. Hark Marshall. (Meal Smith and Wefldy Weiner

OMAHA - StudenU of Beth Israel Talmud Torah. under UM direction of Cantor Leo Fettman and MM. Shirley Spllzer. will present a program for the residents of the Dr Philip Sber Home In commemoration of the Shavuot holiday.

Lincoln THeceth Israel

Uncoln B'nalJeahunin

In men»ory of Mrs Anna Weiss, mother of Mrs Malvlna Spilier. from ttKU roup Birthday greellngi lor soih Birthday lo Mn Edllli Graeti from .Sophie Kpstein , To Mr and Mrs Samuel Slutzky ^ , Irom Mike and Bertha Monit, In,, honor ol their great- ' granddaughter Birthday greetlnfi to Dr Al Rlmmerman from Bob and Reva Rimmemuin. , Get wdi wishes lo Mike MorrU„^ at MeOiodlit Hospiul. from the,. Oroup In memory of ber husband,"' Isadore For1>es. from wife Ger IrudeFortm In memory of Oania Levlne (romllMGroup In memory of Dora RIdiardiir PerlOMler lor the purchase of records for the nenly formed darKe group from Hay and Sueie Somberg and their children



. .

• I

. ,




Th« J«W)Wi Pr—

A7bc/r Ope/» to Highlight

Beth El Annuai Dinner

f• f I iS: f Research Program NEW Y(NIK—A pracnun namad for two formar OnubaM, the PMIIpawdlEaieliautiiitekRB—tfchPrognunlBContwnpor«ry avlUuiiaa. has bean tfAMMmi at Habraw Uoivantty o( JaniMlam. Tbe program wlO Mrve aa a baato tor ayatamattc unhranity atiKly and laadiiag o( oontamporaiy JawWi drtUiattai tai the Untted Stalaa and Canada, Waatcm Euroiw and LaUn Amarlca. nutmick, aaoond troai right, and Danld G. Roaa, McoDd {ram iaft. are o»4anndan of the Inianutlonal ' pianiunc Oommlttee of Hebrew U.'i Inetltirte of Contemporary Jewry. Shown with them are ProteMora Modie Davis, right, and Yabuda Bauer. Mrs. Khittnlck ia the fMner Ethel Rlekaa of Omaha; nutmick Is a Kaaaas City native.

OMAllA — The rock opera "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" mWX be perfonned at the Beth El Synagogue annual dinner meeting Sunday. May 18. The musical, written by Wet>ber and Rice, composerg of "Jesus Christ Superstar," has had performances in the United States and England and Is an updated version of the Joseph story In the Bible. The cast includes Andy Berg, VIcki Cohen, Debbie Denenberg, Debbie Dultch, Ed Fried. Beth Kaplan, Lisa Kaplan, Steve Kaplan, Murray Kutier, Marsha Nogg, Robbi Pred, Tina Render, Elyse RIchman, David WIesman, Mark Wiesman and other Beth El High School students. Cantor Chalm Najman and Mrs. Norman Denenberg will direct the program. Ac-

Maxwell House Coffee ^ Honors Famous Jewish-American Patriots

companlst Is Marti Epstein, choreographer Mrs. J. Ginsberg. A gourmet dinner Is being planned by Mrs. John Anderson and Mrs. J. Milton Margolin and their committees Arnold Stern will be toastmaster. Mr. and Mrs. George Kagan are dinner chairmen. A brief business meeting will be conducted by Hubert I. Rosenblum, Synagogue president. An election slate of eight new memt>ers to serve two-year terms on the Board of Trustees will be presented by the nominating committee. The meeting, to be held In the Synagogue Social Hall, Is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. and the rock opera performance will be at 8 p.m. In the main sanctuary. Persons holding dlimer reservations will be given first preference for sealing for the musical performance. However, anyone who wishes may attend.

Members of the Beth £3 cast shown here are, from left, back row, Rob Pred, Nancy Pappnhelmer, David WIesman, Tina Render, Beth Kaplan, Hark WIeaman and Debbie Deneberg. In foreground are, from left, Uaa Kaplan, VIckl Cohen, Marti Bpetein and Stere Kaiilan. (JP Photo)

UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT BEERSHEBA - Yosef Tekoah, Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations was unanimously elected president of Ben-Gurlon University of the Negev.

flOStXJWTHEDAWfONa by Inge TrachtenberR. NY. Norton. 1973.249p ~ a poignant novel telling of the slow realization by the German Jews of the realities o( the Third Reich ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL JEWISH HfSrORY by Sah) Wittnuyer Raron New Jersey. Rutgers Univ. Pr . 1072. SSSp.—Essays on social and religious history of Ancient and Medieval Jews UNCLE MIKE'S BOY by Jerome Brooks NY Harper and Row, 1873. ZMp. -A compassionate portrait of a kmely boy who reaches out for friendship and finds It.

HAYM SALOMON 1740 1785 rinsncicr

Bsnkeroftlit AaMnctn Revolution • Patriot

Haym Salomon wss • fervent patriol whoie love of lil>erty and biuinen acumen combined (o make him the financial hero in the War of Independence. Born in Poland in 1740, he wat forced (0 flee thai country in 1772, due to hit fi|ht for freedom, along with Pulaski and Koiciuiko who became military heroes of the Revolution.

SakMnon: "He negotiated for Robert Morris all the loans raised in France and Holland, pledged hit personal faith and fortune for enormous amounts, and personally advanced large sums to such men as James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Baron Steuben, General St. Clair and many other patriot leaders who teatiScd that without his aid they could not have carried on the cause."

Salomon prospered from the very start in America, doing business with wealthy loyalists while joining the Sons of Liberty, a group of revolutionary patriots. He was twice arrested by the British but managed to escape execution both times; finally fleeing to Philadelphia. Salomon's reputation for honesty and tkill in trade, especially foreign, attracted Robert Morris, then Superintendent of Finance, who called on him for help in raising money to wage the war, and later to save the emerging nation from financial collapse. Morrii' diary indicates some 73 transactions were made by the two men between August 1781 and April 1784. As President Calvin Coolidge said of Haym

Salomon's place in history is memorialized by a 20-foot high statue staitding at Wabatj) and Wacker in Chicago. Unveiled in 1941, the statue depicts three great Revolutionaries, George Washington in the middle, flanked by Robert Morris and Haym Salomon. It it a telling tribute to the Jewish-American patriot whose life wat dedicated to his family, friends and country.

A tradition in Amcrictn-)cwish bonies for half a ccatniy K COtTinED KOSHU

MODERN JEWISH HISTORY: A SOURCE READER by Robert Chazan, ed NY. Schockcn, 1974 381p - Selections from important texts and commentaries, with brief introductions WHY JUDAUMT by Rab6i Henry Cohen NY. U.A.H.C. 1»73 17lp.—A search for meaning In Jewish identity covering facets of Christianity as well as Judaism THE PALESTINIANS: PEOPLE, HISTORY, POLITICS. New Jersey. TransactkKi Books, 1975. Z77p - An authoritative collection ol essays on the complexities and ramifications of the Palestinian problem

ASG (Adult Singles Group) A day at Ak-Sar-Ben's horse races followed by an evening cookout is scheduled on May 17 for te Adult Singles Group of Omaha, which has been formed lor persons age 2B and up in Uie Nebraakalowa area. A cookout at 1030 Sunset Trail will follow at 8:30 p.m. For further inlormatlon, call the JCC, 334-11200. Ext. 49, between 8 am and 5 p.m. weekdays: Ai Mogll (331-72841. or Rhoda Davis I39l-«092lafter6pm

Evaluations Due On 2 Seminars OMAHA - PartlclpanU in the recent two-session leadership training seminar sponsored by the Federation of Jewish Women's Clubs are reminded to fill out and return their evaluation sheets immediately to Barb McCormick at the Community Center. The sheets will help seminar organizers assess the value of the pilot project and plan for the future. The sheets were due May 7.




Foil Term iaglstrotton tn Pro9ress S'doy tvtilon ovailobl* for 4 yvor olds 3-day tcstlon ovoilcble for 3 year oldt Clossm held of 1503 No. S3nd SI. 1\ 1:30 o.m. CarlHicd Taochet


KeyRealEstale Call Ron to diecuaa your n*>t mev*

m»m^n und Mow m»m*mn wiwuK > N*w laornlng laporlancm • riald Trips • InrldMiWfit For reglitrotion or [nformollon coll

Oflka: 333-386*

Mrs. Harold Fronklin, 558-1693 or Synagogue oHice, 556-6288

Homo: 3? 1.6873

)[j.^.|.^.f.i.i.i.i^ffBySBI!fTTTTBfHHrH!HTffl Jewish Community Center Cultural and Performing Arts Department




presents a film classic

Hoeofiag 17%. ladBmous


Amricia History You and your ctiUdren will tM ihrilkd 10 raid the lucinilini Hocln in this booUct slxnl iout Jtwiih tiffllatt in Amtftetl—tht proAlti of many "historic" Jaws WIM laJs nolablt cofiirtlHJilonfl in ihc craaiion aad ImMrlhie of our nmion. Send nameindaddrcuwithSOtto: JF.WISH.AMERICAN PATRIOTS Box 44SS, (irand t>nirit Siaiiun N«« York, N.V. 10017

Winner of thr** Acod«my Awordt tn 1935, this fllnr> ^tcft the life and timet of tfie greotett muskot comedy producer the world hot eyertnown. Storring Wllliom Powell, Myrno loy ond Fonnie Brice. (Show runs 3 hours)


7:30 P.M.


Adults: $1.50 (it>«mb«rs $1.00) Chlldran (12 ond undor) .75 {nr>amb«r« .50) ITM* Is MM tost Nlm In tho ia7«-l«7» Film Ctowlcs ««tofc ^T*"; *»" •»J^ swar*. Watch lor th.< tiwoimc—lawt ol our ttmmt ahem «•* 1 •TS-70 artarlngs.)


Tn> J<wiwh Pfw>

M«y», 19W

clc^^ iiioi iic^j^ lie JSUbCI ^€^il€»li NCCJ Honors Sid Rubin ' cfle who save* one yeMHsh toul via* made ^oa'* creation vforinwhiie!

Brochure Explains World Jewish Needs DBS MOMBS-Or. Burton Ldaer. in diwge of ccmniMBloWflBi of Ite "AU-ln-<te" Campa^B, created »» MW local aaada pamiWU

OHM Haw ta a Wfv Mt«' by Q«MraI Campalga Cbairnaa Mrs. Roaallad BaMaawtti wMdi MndwiM OM aulHlal and

oo««r ippMH above). Aeoaavaqi^ Xbk* boakM k iba "Wa An Qaa" bratavi «Mch

lUioondwIitaniaraliardvtofriaai pampdMsfOwBaadibwiaiiditeMd.

Hadassah Board, 3 Gmups'Officers to Be Installed OES MOINES - The Dci Moines Chapter ot Hadassah will bold a lunch Tuesday, May 13. to insUII new orflcen of the three groups within the chapter - i.e. Eleanor Roosevell, Business and Professional and the Henrietta Szold groups. A spoliesman urged members to show support for tlie incoming officers by attending. The lunch will be at Eddie Webster'sat 12:30pni Reservations must be made with Charlotte Wail (Z74-iaasi or Julia Chapman or Helen Laxanis (2S64SW) by Monday evening. May 12.

Reservations not cancelled 24 hours ahead will be billed. Those who com* with reservations wUl be sealed first. Luncheon cost is $4. Mrs. Maurice Bucltsbaum, a National Hadassah board nierot>er, will be the installing officer. The (our slates to be installed are as follows: CHAPTBt BOAKD: Prealdeni - Mrs James GalUMlty lEiUei: Vice Pns. Praeraro - Mrs. Bury Pldgeoa (ZoBi): Vice Prcs. Education - Mr* Harry Jacotaon iRuthi: VkePm MenbcnMpMtsa Jolla Chapman. Treaaum'— Mrs. Soplila Fcrilcnield: nccordiiig Secretary' — Mrs. Mark Dcrsh (Hoftcnae): Correapandlat

Des Moines Happenings DoB't (orgrt to make rcwrvalkns far you and your laatMnd lor Ibe rally apaaaand by the HenrMla Said froqp of Hadaisali on May 17 Par ••re intonnalioa. call Serama Slein at aaaNI or Andrea Brown alB»-7«7

ATTENTION: New Srrvlctt being oflercd l>y our JewWi Family Services - A free aavloymani aenriee. Summer and lamporaiy emptoymral (or esaaft sad career sMaals.Waalaa: We aetd employers lor all types af Jabs tar aur yaab. Enptoyen iileide oonlael u> before we eaJl you. WUIMWI your cooperation wc trill not succeed Volunteers to help staff this protect eontacl UUIan Annow at 27IMI44* or Ulyan Carton at M4-n44. MInimian wage -12 10

Secretary - Mn. James WIeder (Joan). KLBANOR KOOgKVBLT BQARO: PresMenl - Mrs Jay Roacatarg iJudyi: Vice Pres Vnpam - Mrs. Larry Ladtn >l.oulaei: Vke Prea Education Mn LoulsWIUianMiSaralli: Vice Pm MembrraWp - Mn. Harold Ptdteaa iSblrteyt: Tioasiasi — Mrs. Herb Rosen iJaacli: Recordlnf Secretary - Mrs. Albert MInlier (Evelyn). Correapondlsc Secnlary - Mrs. Melvin GIvaai lEalber): Financial Secrrtaiy - Mrs. Sam Risila (Tibby). BUSINBSS AND PROriSSIONAL BOAKD: PresidefH - Mn MHtoo ZeicMk (Goldle): Vice. Pres - Mn Elsir BkKk: Racordtag Secretary Mn. George Grund (Bella): Comsponding Secretary - Mn. Louis Ganb iSarabi: Treasurer

- Mn. IrwinKarp ipbylilti UMRIRTA SULD BOARD: President - Mn. Burl Routnun lUsa): Vice Pres. Program Mn Michael Stem (SImai: Vice Pres. FUkicalian - Mra. Ilalfc Sivl (Martii; Vice Pres. Mia<nrililp - Mn Melvin Ljmd (Sandra): RecenHng Secretaijr - Mn Justin Ban (Rita); Coneapoodii^ Secretary - Mrs Norman Greemrald (Barbara): PInaaclal Secretary - Mn Myron Bear (Barbara): Treasurer - Mn. Brian Fetngold (Evelyn)



(4n) Hie Wooicn's Leafse will be honoring Molhen and Oai«Mcn al •psdal iervicet May M, t:lt a.m. Dr. Burton Roulmaa. Mn. Judy RtMn and Mrs. Sue Eogman win be reading Irom the Book of Ruth Following Ike aervioe a klddudi haMbeon will be served by the Women's League


USDAlMfeetarf EttBeMMieet Ne« 2117


2400lns*moH DMMtolitM'

We con »«rvic0 D«t Moines and all other cities in Iowa.

••acrvatlotM 3W-flM*

Coll collect: (402) S58-8485 We aM|» by ie«M percel -^.rfellverv mmim te your Joer. , •fcsi I - • - ff gr««i

DES MOINES - Des Moines' Sidney Rubin was honored by the National Conlerence of Christians and Jews at the annual banquet April 29 In accepting the award, Rubin enlightened the audience on the structural organization of the Jewish community and expressed his view of the Jewish attitude towards Israel. "Aa true Willi all Americans, we come from immigrant stock," he began. "The first settlers came to Des Moines around the mid laoo's .We were the lucky ones. We found a land that welcomed us, that gave us an opportunity to achieve, and the freedom to participate in a culturally pluralistic society. Thoae who remained behind in Europe were systematically sought out to be persecuted or elimtaiated because of their Jewish origin.

"floMMwMiai of mm dnlnspadaaa tbste wfVm^t «•, ebil •tpsrant after IWi. ««fcli«, and Mil t^a(j) patrtM^edng ta nwMslesa. It is a tradUknal tratt within Judaism that we care (or our own . . ." Rubin continued. He outlined services provided by the Jewish Welfare Federation — "the central addiesa of lite Jewlsli communis" — including the Iowa Jewish Home, Bureau of Jewish Edocation, Jewish Family Services, Jewish Community Center and Community Relations Commission. In speaking of Israel, Rubin commented, "The lives of all of us have been touched by the rebirth of our people, embodied in the Slate o( Israel. We view with great pride our Jewish responsibility to help in the settlement of immigrants and to participate In providing (or health care. ediKation and general welfare (or our people, In Israel, or wherever they may be. "We are grateful that here in America our government and the American people in general have rseovdsed a strong commitment lo the survival oi Israel. This commitment is based, of course, upon a strong moral principle - that a national people have a right lo life. "But our commitmenl to Israel goes even deeper. We realize thai it Is In the best interest of the United States that there be a strong and viable larael In the Middle Eaat. We recognize In Israel a alrong democracy, a depen' dable and stable ally, a true frtqnd,. located la . a . iposi


Remember Ma'alot DES MOINES-There ia a letter written by a t3-yearold girl who wasn't a pott. She couldn't know that her words would be read out hate or anywhere else (or that matter, flbe wrote tbam for her parenu in secret, hurriedly, under the eyea of an armed guard while she was locked up with all of her classmates In the school at Ma'alot. She threw this note out of the window for somebody to find and take to her paraota. OaarParanla: We have baaa Mefead 19 ban ior atyaral boars DOW. Wa have no Use what osold hapiisn to iM and whao wa wiO be rsleaaad, b«t «e are sera that we wlO be rtlaased. Do •ot laeie tw bag* too keg. I bag you lo torgtvaoia te gotaig 00 ttla tilp. I know that jrou were agataiat It and did not wiab ma to go. You said that It was dai«anas lo hike tbra«a0i tb* OaUlae now and K waa not atay te ma to persuade yaatoMmagB. Ibagyenle tatglva me. I ataaply Ittt it was not rl^ te oa to it«y at borne, to lock oiMaeliiaa la btUnd lanoaa and bolted doors. Ililt M oir ooieikry and tf we do not to i» btbaa it M no hatftr son. A pao|iia thet dM aot hika Ckrae^ma land dBoa not the to tt. I ho^ w« wiH tae oea ansdwr HNn. U wa tkot, plaaaa toghre me te babw la lAollnela. She did not live to see her parents. Both ahe and her sister were among the murdecad victims of Ma'akit that evening. ^

Israella —A Short Story By Mra. Manna Fcnntn Ttiere once was a young girl, healthy, beaulKul and Intelligent. She grew up to be one o( the best girls in town. Let's call her IsracUa. Her (ather had promised her in marriage to a young man upcoming in the wortd - hia name was Abraham. Israella liked him and they nurrled. On their wedding day a (airy Uesaed Israella with eternal life and earthly riches. Now Abraham and laraella lived happily Ull the day Abraham died. Israella raised her aon Isaac and her grandson Jacob and her greatgrandchildren. Thoae greatgrandchildren wanted to tee the world and went on a trip. They married abroad and multiplied and remembered their great-grandmother with k>ve and promised lo come back to her someday. teeiOa araMad and waltad and ntver gt«« tgi liopa. Ts koapbtr boiy dwtook iignt boertteSi bet told ttMoa tiMt etan btrieiattvaB cane bedt ttwgr wffll beve to new lo a

It took 440 yean, but one day her grandchildren came back — so many of Ibem, Ihey have become a nation organized and civilized Israella was elated — but her boarders refused lo leave — so the first fighl took place. Her children won and Israella was relieved and conleol to waldi them grow. This lime they stayed with her a (ew hunched years till Sonne new neighbors started to get jealous o( the happy family and a foreign king (eU in love with Israella — young as ever — and wanted her to add to his harem. He came with a big army and conquered laraella and took her lamlly captive. He added her to bia harem but left her otherwise akmt — she got bored and her cheeks lost their redness and her eyes their shine. When the king died another king toae who aaw Israella young and lamenting and promiaed her freedom and gave her her (amily back - th<M)e.he could •" ffna - (ineV'wer^ sciiltpM'

by now. some In the East, some were sold as salves lo the West and some were Just lost). Again ttiey Hved tennal ow lli0 SM *" wntvd lo win iteMilow.Hai teharl

thokiegdteldtdtoridi of Ibt cbfldNn aed auiybe *a Another war - agatai her children were scattered as slaves all over the world and ahe became captlve.2000 years paased since then. Israelis sal alone most of the lime waiting for her children, sometimes she helped other children and gave them a home-unlil her children return - never giving up hope. Once in awhile a few children would come and she gave them rooms, but her boarders resented the fact that the children did not have to pay rent, and (ought constantly. Htr ddkbae anally dtddtd tbat Iha beat pitoe ki witb molfetr and came back lo htr troa alavery and cooeaotrttite vewyt froei all over iba eorid wlitre Ibty wart told ttey did not baiti«. laraella waa happy and waioomed them and tent the boardaca gtaa stin bed beefc to ttatir family. Israella's cheeks reddened again, her eyes were shining aa diamonds and the looked younger then ever and her children grew up and multiplied - but the boarders kept Insisting thai she take them back, that she was their mother and'aO 01 a Ridden the whole world was saying ahe was their mother and she should share heraelf with all her chlldicn - laraella knew this waa abaurd but she was really gtUUlg mad when they sent a turgeon lo cut out her heart and divkle It between all the children.

Even an immortal woman (iftagjile:''


May 9.1976

Ue RoUMChild. bcMl of a {llvcftock butinesi In South pmalu, died on Aug IS, 1914 jHe w« (urvived by his wile, jfom Lorlng and Ralph of ^tcago and Arthur of Omaha. land daughter* Mrs. L. Verneer and Mrs. M. Joaeph of pes Mollies. Rothschild, bom LPniaila, had been In inesa tn Omaha (or 30 breara. I Mra. EHkan Seligaohn, "one the pioneer women of a leader in charity 'k In the Jewish socletes." lied In 1«13 at the age of 70 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Hadra. Mr. and Mrs. Sellgsohn had celet>rated their golden wedding anniversary In 1912. They were kredlted with contributing a parge sum ol money to Ctiartabie Instutlons and to the needy poor." I Morris Adamsky, aa "old



and well-known citizen," died In 18S3. The funeral took place from the residence at 618 S. lOU) Street In U74 tiM Mkmb^ item ItattMOmaiiaOally "A Jew, named Jacob Shng, died of a»•UBvOan at Itocy Hospital. The rtmabM ww moved to Ms rssltenee, near the Metropolitan Hotel. The fiBsral look pUea on Sunday, the hnrai baiiM mads la the BwTMkB. AUNla ddld who dMatSuttan was buried In tkaiasnepmnlsea." This last item Is of par-

ticular interest. There is some evidence of a colony of Roumanian Jews, some six or seven families having made brief settlement at Sutton, Neb., in Clay County, in 1874. The notice of the burial of the child from Sutton supports the fact that this setUement of Jews really did take place, though we can assume It was of short duration. Mr. and Mrs. S. Jacobs of 14th Street observed their 25th wedding anniversary in 1878. Their daughter Sarah was a member of the graduating class of the Omaha High School In the same year.

Richman Gordman DONMOOR DENIAAS ARE DYNAMITE Rough 'm tough d»nlm$ arm supwrbly dmfallad with wmtfrnrn occtnfi... nof* fhe trim and yok* and "tmih" pocknf on the liflifiurm outfit... tht »addl9 back, con1ra$i stitching on the canvot donim pants I Slx9 4 to 7. Choosm from several coordinafing knit shirts I


Dr. and Mrs. Spencer Gilbert, the latter a former Omahan, announce the birth April 4 of a son, David Isaac. The coiq>le's other children are Sam, Jerry. Stacey and Julie. The Gilberts live In Yoroa Linda, Calif Grandparents are Mrs. Sam Kaiman of Omaha and Milton Gilbert of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Schuchman of Lincoln announce the birth April 29 of a son, Seth Alan. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schuchman of Lincoln and Mr. and Mrs. Max Greenfield of Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Joaeph Ivener of Sioux City, la. announce the birth May 3 of a daughter, Rochelle Marie. The Iveners have two sons, Andrew and Jacob. Grandparents are John Ivener of Salix, la., and Mrs. and Mrs. Albert Goldstein of Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Joel Tliomas Boehm of New York City {Tnnounce the birth April 20 of a son, Joel Thomas, Jr. In New York. Mrs. Boehm Is the former Claudia Cohn of Omaha. t!ran(4>arents are Mr. and Mrs. Jerome I. Cohn of Omaha and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thomas Boehm of Waasau. Wis. Greatgrandparent is Mrs. Rose Blumkin of Omaha. Dig this. DaddiesI Hive a health checkup once a year for your own sake and for the sake of your family, urgei the American Caiicer SocMy.

Ml t8M ptettlM HlMlWNkMl Bs where the action isshopplng, shows, fun—In either West Omaha or In Council Bluffs (2 minutes from Downtown Omaha). Colof TV In every room... "pamper" panels besMe over-sized beds... Indoor pool . . . lounges . . . saunas . . . game room and meeting rooms . . . right where the action isl tikiksstNr ksilBtn/irssf MSllai ifttlalt





rsi^aMi iw-MM





Caienctor of Events Saturday May U (: 15 a.m. - Tlfereth Israel Mother-Daughter Service (p.m. - Sedmara RuUAteln Recital at Hoyi Sherman Place flundajr.MaiyU 1:30 p.m. — Hadaiaah Business and Proleaslonal Meeting 7:Np.m. ^ B'nal B'rlth Women at Charlie'sShowplace TuMdar.MayU U:aop.m. - Hadassali Installation 7'.90p.m. — Budget Hearing i p.m. - Institute of Jewish Study WadB(sday,M«yM 7:90p.m. - Budget Hearing TiMBiday.MayU >: 4S a.m. - Brandeis Meeting « p.m. — Confirmation at Temple B'nai Jeshurun 8atuday,Mayl7 I p. m. - Henrietta Szold Social Evening, Rally and Olympics

Lubavftch Comes to DM By Rabbi Maraball Berg DES MOINES - On April 22, Rabbi Moshe Feller, a director of the Lubavitch House in Minneapolis, came to Des Moines for a "farbrelng." We discussed the possibilities of bringing a little more YIddlslikelt to our city. Lubavitch believes that every person has a pure inner spark. Every Individual has Infinite value. One Idea brought forward that has a great deal of merit would be to have a Lut>avitch couple come to live In Des Moines for at least a year. This couple would kindle the spark of all those with wlmm they would make contact. Lubavitch thiesn't wait for people to come to them, They go everywhere, anytime, seeking our brethren and sisters in the far flung places in the Midwest. The approach

is always one of warmth, kindness, and love; doing one little MITZVAH to dispel the darkness. The Lubavltcher Rebbe has urged every Jewish man, woman, and child to help bolster these mutual spiritual defenses, by participating in a five-pronged MITZVAH PROGRAM: 1. Having a proper MEZUZA on all doors. 2. The MITZVAH of TEFILLIN 3. Set regular periods of TORAH-STUDY. 4. Giving TZEDAKA (diarity), especially by having a PUSHKEH in every Jamie. 6. Havbig SEFORIM (Torah-lxwks) at home, especially a CHUMASH (Hebrew Bible) SIDDUR (Prayer book) and TEHILLIM(Psalm«).

Two AJC Bibliographies Available at Federation DES MOINES - Two bibliographies published by the American Jewish Committee (AJC), a pioneer U.S. human relations agencyfounded In 1906, to protect the civil and religious rights of Jews everywhere are available free of charge at the Des Moines Jewish Welfare Federation office. One pamphlet lists actual AJC publications, available at nominal cost from AJC; others are obtainable in the Federation office and cover such variant topics as religious history and traditions, Intergroup relations, the pursuit of equality, roots of prejudice and world Jewish problems. Another catalogue prepared by Meir Lubetski, instructor of Hebrew at Banich College and Edith Lubetski, librarian

NCCJ Honors Sid Rubin (Continued from Page 8) strategic area of the world.'' As a member of NCXIJ, Rubin pledged his support "to continue to eliminate prejudices withhi our midst. To continue to strive for freedom of choice and opportunity regardless of race, religion, or national origin." Rubin expressed the hope that next year "the world in which we live will be a step

at Stem Oillege for Women, Yeshlva. Univerlsty, describes current books — histories, biographies, and fiction — for younger readers, students In grades S-12 and adults. These resources, AJC hopes, will "overcome the felt lack of knowledge about the role of the Jews in the world and American history." All interested citizens, schools and agencies are encouraged to obtain these bibliographies as valuable guides to knowledge enrichment. __.

Omalians in the News Janle Rice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Rice and Joni Lohrman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lohrman, are in the cast of the current Chanticleer production of "Carousel." The Council Bluffs theatre's performances run weekends through May 18. Judith Katz and Jo Ann Schnnldman have parts in the Omaha Magic Theatre production of "Temporary Insanity" which is playing weekends through May 18. Julie Shrier performed In the Omaha Opera Company production of Jacques Offenbach's operetta "La Perichole.:',,;,,^^,, '


M»y». 1OT


Lincoln Hadassah Plans Israeli Fashion Show

MbracM to HoMJoint Instalation OMAHA - Un Samuel G Beilowt. president of the Chicago Mizrachi Council and member of the National Board, will preside at the first Joint installation o( officers of Kalah Franklin and Junior League chapters of Omaha Mizrachi Women at 6:30 p.m May 21 at Beth Israel Synagogue Mrs Bellows is a longtime leader in Mizrachi, Israel Bond drives and other projects supporting the State o( Israel. Since this wiU also be the first formal Installation for the Junior League Chapter. Iwth chapters will co-hostess a gourmet dinner open to families and friends. This Is a Jubilee Year for Mizrachi Women and the Omaha Chapter Is celebrating its 40th year In speaking of some of the purposes of Mizrachi Women, a spokesman for the group said. "There is a need to provide vocational training for children of the Palestinian Pioneers." Installation and dinner arrangements are by a Joint committee. Reservations nuy be made with Mrs. Alan Goodman (333-3351) and Mrs. Harold Franklin ISS8-1692). Junior League; Mrs. Fred

Hahn (393-4173) and MUi Gayle Wezelman (S5C-I4S8I, Kalah Franklin Chapter. Offlcrnlobelmtalled: Mrt. Seymour Steinberg Treasurer. Mn Sol Kuller Financial Secretary. Mrs Harr) Lull; Recordinti Secretary and Nominalinf! Chairman. Mn. Harold Franklin. Cormpoodinc Sccrelar)'. Mre Morris Ruderman; Advlior>, Mn. Isaac Nadoll and Mrs iMta [Mman; Memtientalp Chairman. Mn Arthur Gert>er: Pragram Chalrmaa. Mrs Alan H Goodman; MoUier-inlarael Cluimuui. Mrs Betiurd Gurtenalcin; Publicity. Mri Sidney Kkififin'; Fund Ralsin( Cliaimun, Un Jack Levey. KataHrtaatlki: Pmldent. Mn David Potash. Honorary PresMenl. Mn Abe Bear (also pngram. community, V.A. and JNF.i: VIce-PresMenU. Mn. Morrl* Franklin lalao lociali and MIsi Dorothy Rubenstein; Treasurer. Mre Sam Sliykcn; Financial and Correapooding Secretary. Miu Gayle Wetdman; Recording Secretary Mrs Abe Klopper; Dun Secretary. Mn. Frank Sekar; Advlavs. Mn Isaac Nadon. Mrs. Mbtt Abnkam. and Mn Ben Elaeaberr. Chairmen: Fund Raising. Inael Bondt. and U.J A. Mn MandH Landsman; Lile Hemtierslilp. Mn. Phillip ball; Motherln-ltracl. Mrs Max Sacks; Child Restoration. Mrs Katie Ixndon; Cards. Miss Marian Strauss, and cultural. Mre Shirley Rosenbluni

2 Omaha Women Honored During Spring Conference


Valued Volunteer certificates of honor were presented Mrs. A.D. Frank and Mrs. Morris C. Fellman at the ckwing sesaion of the Spring Conference of the Midwest Branch. Women's League.. for Conservative Judaism. The two-day conference was hekl at the Old MUI Holiday Irai April 2S-3B Both recipients of the Valued Volunteer award, given in recognition of service to the Jewish community, are past presidenUof the Midwest Branch and of Beth El Sisterhood and have also served on the National Board of the Women's Leaffie. Mrs. Fellman. currently Branch

Students Celebrate -

OMAHA - Games and awimming were featured at the Jewish Community Center when SO students from the Montessori and Jewish Day School celebrated Lag B'Omer on Tuesday. April 29

China TEL AVIV (JTAl Pnmter Yitzhak Rabin has revMled that Israel apptuaclwd Premier Chou Enlai of the People's Republic of China through a friendly tUrd party in an effort to change China's hostile attitude toward the Jewish State But third party, a European t it^aitt, who is a of Israd. *•» • apone (ram Cbou. ^_._» is dMdMed In a qpedal Interview wMh Rabin published In the Israeli JoumalitU Year Book Uiai will appear here Aortly.

Parliamentarian, conducted a conference workshop on Parliamentary Procedure. Mrs. Sidney Goldstein of Mason City, Iowa, Branch president, made the presentations following a program written and narrated by Mrs. Maurice Sachs and Mrs. Phil iCatzman. Mrs. Norman Pred, a past president of Beth El Sisterhood, was appointed vice-president of the South District of the Branch to fill a one-year vacancy. Mrs. Ben Shapiro of Sioux City Is also a Branch Vice-President. In a ceremony noting Sisterhood anniversaries, Mrs. Aaron Edgar, a founder of Beth El Sisterhood, accepted a certificate In recognition of the Omaha organizatkm's 4Sth year. Rabbi Myer S Kripke of Beth El addressed the group in D'var Torah sessions on -Medical AdvancM aaii Uicir Impact on Jewish Etiiics and Practice" and "Entering the Third Millenium". Members of the Tilereth Israel Sisterhood delesatim from Lincoln. Neb conducted the Monday evening original Ma'ariv service.

ByLMJancPvaMr One gorgeous day recently IS residents of the Dr Philip Sher Home, together with Janet Fischer and her two young male helpers Joe and Tom, went on their first picnic ofl«75! With box lunches packed, the LOVE bus and a station wagon took the residents to Benson Park for their outlrtg ... and then for a ride through Memorial Park lo be able to compare the "before and after" of the bkissmningof the roses. Everyone had fun. and they did so enjoy getting out In the fresh air Have you ever made animal cookies into pins? Walt 'tU you see how cute they are. The residents had a ball making them and were delighted with the results . .. even though their hands were covered with nail poll&h when tiiey finished. Be sure to look for them at our Open House. And vasklDg of tlie Open Hoow, ttwtiata has bean set ... so rtaarve Sunday, Jiaw 1. iw lea and cookies wtth iwlitrti o( Ito Sbar Hana. Mora ataol it latw, bat la** tiwdatol Everyone looks forward to Thursday nights 'cause there's always activity . . . especially now that Anrfand Iz Levinson are iiack. The bingo game brings out a big crowd and when the Rockettes are there, it's fim making things. Recently Maurice Katz demonstrated Ills beautiful script writing, and made name cards for each of the residents. Also, Cantor Leo Fettman gave a fun musical program . .. and then tried to teach sonte Yiddish to some of the Staff. How about thai? Yesterday. May S, was the first birthday of Rebecca Laub, and a birthday party was held at the Home Happy

birthday, Rebecca! How the residents tove "little ones," especially babies! On Sunday, May 11. Career Women Chapter of Hadassah will hostess a Mother's Day party for our residents, whteh ought to be super! The movies are almost always on Wednesday nights, at 7 p.m., and the public is invited. We've got some good oldies coming up, so come Join us: May 7, "A Song to Remember" with Paul Muni; M«y 14, "The Lemon Drop Kid" with Bob Hope, and May 21, "Palooka" starring Jimmy Durante. Many thaniu to the Charles PeeWers for rennembering the residents and the Home after the liar mllzvah of their son David.

LINCOLN - Israeli fashiana wUI be (Baplaysd at the Hadassah Faddon Show presented by the Lincoln Chapter of Hadassah on Tuesday, May 13 at 1 p.m. and 7:30 p.m at Tifereth Israel Synagogue, 3219 Sheridan Blvd. The show features superbly and tailored suits, pants outfits, coats and evening wear which show why Israel's ready-to-wear fashion, as well as other Industries, are able to develop export markets, a Hadassah spokesman said. "In (ashkxi they meet competition, keep pace with styling, produce and deliver what buyers in world fashk)q centers want." Israel's fashion and other Industries kwk to Hadassah for the kind of skilled, versatile and career oriented workers they need. Because Hadassah's training is Integrally tied to the overall Israel fashion picture, the Hadassah Fashion Show

Omahans in The News Mrs Irving (Celial Blank, a reading consultant for the Omaha Public Schools, was honored as Outstanding Reading Teacher of 1975 at the annual banquet of the Metropolitan Reading Council April 28. The Nebraska chairperson of tiie Intamational Reading Association and a past president of the MRC, Mrs Blank is the third such award recipient In 10 years. Irv Yalfe, current president of the District IK school board and a board member 17 years. Is one of three persons scheduled to receive the School Bdl Award of the Weslslde Education Association In ceremonies tonight at Anthony's Restaurant. Yaffe, whose current sixyear term expires in 1V76, is the first Jewish recipient in the award's nUie-year history. He Is also believed the only

IrrYaifs Jew to luve served on the sisman board since Its Inceptkn In 1947. Yaffe expressed pleasure at his association with the "lighthouse district In the stale" which he said Is the "most Innovative, progressive" district In the area. Also being honored are Josephine Allen, retiring Rockbrook School teacher, and Ed Lindberg, who retired ,from teaching three years ago.


^ tVTH€ FUN PLACeiV MOTHERS ARE THE NICEST PEOPUWEKNOW So we'd like you to bring her and hove a Special Mother's Day Meal with u«l

An esanple of laraeU faahkias lo be Biodeied at the LiDMki Hadaasah faAioa rianr May U. cdmblnes fashions executed by students as part of their _ training along with those of' such famed designers af, BegedOr, Pnlna Shallon and Maskit—for whom they may one day work, the spokesman said t Women from the Lincoln Chapter of Hadassah will model the clothing. Fashion show commentator Is Mrs. Jack Singer, who Is also Youll^ Allyah chairman for thi^ event. Mrs. Joseph Goodman, fashion show chairman, said that the Hadassah Fashion Show is touring the United States to raise funds for Hadaasah's Israel Educatkm. Services and Hadassah's Youth Allyah project. Mrs. Goodman Is being aaslstad by Mrs. Nate Uo«er. Dessert co-chairmen are Mrs. Ell Evnen and Mrs. Everett Evnen.

Haul •lOVthfon^ GetallthoMuiy-hanl IkatmH at an Mqr-prie* • Fir* loadiiiff doora • Six ftat of floor qiaoa • Fidlyncliaincbiafcketi • I apaad all^raehro •tiekrfiiftoroptioaa) f^iiti?ii>f*tf 3-apead • BaMyflmnttfiao • 96 HP orariisad Mra a Dalaaa...




700S0UTH TSnd St. ^

BeNevue Motors • l7Ma«l«lnRee4 ARTHUtWAUCn OWNIR

M»y9,1875 "So many children of European-tMini paranU, and their own chUdren •* well, teem to have gaUen M hung up with being Americanf," notes Betty Moaei, graduating Central High School tcakir. "Hie expfoarton 'fsiwaUon gap' that we bandy about lo freely leenis to me to be more BeUy will be meethig for the of a 'cultural gap' that first time many relatives in separates first and secondIsrael. generation Americans from their Eurapean4>om parenta UNOOLNBBYO and gran(%)arenia." Lincoln BBYO is hOBtlng a The daughter of Mr. and Shavuot-Shabbat Retreat Mrs. Salomon. Moses and from Friday evening. May 16, granddaugnter of Mr. and to Sunday, May 18. Included Mrs. Herman TIefenbrunner, will be services, Israeli and Betty has grown up In a family Jewish folksinging and danwhich aeenu a blend of the Old cing, discussion groups and and New Worlds quite well. recreation. For further In"I'm not so sure my family formation, contact Dave la all that unusual," says Segal, 3(00 Ryons, Lincoln, Betty. "I know of several Neb.68S0Z. others where the old and new BBQEUBCnONS llve,«Rte. by side, where difThe following election fering vWws on religion, results have been announced IKeatyles, philosophy are ' by three Omaha BBG chapespresacd and exchanged ters: openly and where young and •DIAR old respect one another and Barb Roiinsliy, president; don't try to change each Sharon Comlsar, vice president; other." JodI KreUnan. treasumr and ISF Betty's speaking Polish chairman; Brenda Zaikin, before Engllth helped bridge recording tecretary; Marti the generatkms between her Bmel. corresponding lecretary; Julie Turkel and Pauia Mandeil. and her grandparents. MIT Mama and aoclal awareneu; Betty will be one of 70 Robin Alexander. Emnu Buntyn participants from all over the and Marcia Kraane, editon aiid world attending the Welzmann hialorlana: Sally Epsleln, inInternational Summer dividual awareneif Jewlih Sctence InsUtuto to Israal. awareneaa will be a direct function Betty, who la eyeing a pbaro< the chapter, with ctialmwn macoiogical research career. appointed t^ Uie vice president, Is Central's No. 1 honor instsilatloa during Edlar'i "Ecstasy Weekend " May S-B. student, represented Central at GirU' SUte 74 and the Jewiah federation of Omaha at the 1»74 Nebraaka Govemor*a Oosfemice on Youth. OMAHA - The Jewish A National Merit finalist, Community Center Children's Betty Is the first Central Depaitment Is seeking an student to win the Elks' Moat Individual who enjoys being Valuable Student Award on with young children and both the local and state levels. willing to work afternoons In She has won a full Regents' the Game Room. Summer scholarship to both University hours of work Include Monday of Nebraska campuses and Wedi>esday. 1-6 p.m. and (Lincoln and Omaha) and a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, President's Scholartiilp to l-Sp.m. Crelghton in addition to Applicants must be at least achoianUpa from Rutgers age 18. Pay is commensurate andNortheaaieniU. with experience. Interested She is .Central's German persons should call Robyn at Club president this year and the Center, 334-8200. . Inhas written an article for terviews will be by appublication by the Omaha pointment only. Public Schooia System. Within the Jewish community, Betty has been active in B'nal B'rith Voulh Organization (Hevrah BBG, Combelt Regton executive tMard, and several chairmanships, most recently Byl Operation Yarusha-March of As days get warmer we tend Dimes). She has also been to favor cooking on top of the active in Teen PhUanthraples, stove rather than using the the Center and Soviet Jewry. oven. This flavorful pot roast "I personally got a lot out of Is tasty served over noodles. my affUiatkm with BBYO," ta said Betty, "it helped to Sp develop my awareness of III i» being part of the Jewish «• community and helped me to ti learn to get along with others MtV-l and accept responsibility. IIV.aaK Brown fiwal la oU la Dutdl oven. "It gave me the chance to Browa onloM Add rm of InfrMSMa get Involved in leadership Cover and tlminar o««r low twat for ihrMkounoruniuinidtr StrviaM positions within my own Jewish youth community and GASMASKS has been one of the best ex(JTA) Gas masks sufficient pericnoat I've had In my high to protect Israel's entire school years. 1 urge Jewish population have been teens to make tlie time to get produced In Tel Aviv by a firm involved (n a Jewish youth associated with Koor Ingroup, be it synagogue or dustries and are ready (or dtalrlbution.

Game Room Help Needed at JCC

Jewish Co€>king

HKVRAH Qalc ClMmey and Marcla Wlsnla to ierve as c»cliaimien Uils year In lieu o( a presidanl. Other otfloen—Kaicn Brookstcin,



\M)»n choveling otit yourdoaata... ramamber that the merchandiae you give Council will help a viauallYhandicapped child attend our local summer camp.

MIT Mom; Ann rinkelsiein, aecrelary-ireasarer; Sharon Goldstein, agl -st-arma. Prograin planning lo be dalegsled tiuDugbout Ute year lo order to Involve more members. InstaUatloa was April n. NKRTAMID Debbie Diamond, president: Wendy Daan. vice president: Patty Abraham, secretary; Maria Golciberg, treasurer; Nancy Nacbman and Sue Sacks, MIT Moma; Sue Sacki, nKmlUvas. InatallaUsn to be Sunday. May ».

Call 341 -3248 for dmp-off locations or pickup, or bring your merchandise to 623 So. 24th St ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX DEOUCTABLE

COUNCIL THRIFT SHOP Ofn.ih.1 Public Power


1«/4 AantMl ^ Ropoft



A system dispatcher monitors loads on large tranamission circuita at substations miles away from his control board with the help of remote control supervisory equipment.

Areport on 1974 operations:

Ail ampte supply ^ ^tectrldty at a favorable rate In 1974, you paid an average of 2.27 cents par realdentiai kilowatt hour of electric energy The national average cost lor a residential kilowatt hour was 2.B3 cents You paid at>out 20 percent less for your alect/icity. Just aa important, Omaha Public Power District produces enough electricity (o help you live in the clean, convaniani, comfortable world electricity providea But this doesn't happen by chance We work and plan lor the future. Your electrical luture Our aim is lo anticipate your needs sufficiently tar in advance to. enable us to meet those requirements and in the most economical mnd efficient way possible Tomorrow will bring t#o new generating units In 1974. we awarded contracts for a 575,000kllowalt coal-fired generating station. It will be located south ol Nebraska City on the Missouri River The planf is estimated to cost $269,000,000 Completion is scheduled for 1979 A final decision was made Iste last year to proceed with a l.tSO.OOO-kiiowatt nuclear unit to be built at the Fort Calhoun Station Under the coownership agreement, OPPO and the Nebraska Public Power District would each own up to 50% of tl>e plant We t>eitevo that such a sharing agreement is in the best interest of the customers of the state In producing electricity, the larger the nuclear plant and the more-electncity generated, the more economical the energy becomes And that's what we are all concerned at>out Sufficient energy at a cost you can afford

During the first calendar year of operation, the District's Fort Calhoun Station No. 1 produced 2,404.000,000 kilowatt hours ol electricity. That's 54% ol all the electricity our customers used Today we're wortiing lor a eleanar tomorrow Large expenditures are t>eing made to protect air quality The construction of the North Omaha Power Station's flue gas treatment system is continuing. The District will spend a total of S31.000,000 on the system which will remove more than 99% ol the dust particles created at the plant. Meanwhile, inflation has increased the cost ol practically everything the District uses As^ result. rates were increased in order to meet the costs of money, material, and services This additional revenue will facilitate the financing of our new generating units. Even so, OPPD's rates are substantially lower than they were when the District waafounded The directors, management, and all employees of the District are determined to continue the high standard of electric service which the District has provided in the past Every possible effort is being made to maintain an ample supply of electricity lor our customers and to keep our rates as low as possible For a free copy of the 1974 OPPD Annual Report, write to; OPPD Treasurer's Office 1623 Harney Street Omaha. Nebraska 68102

Omaha PuMk Power Distrkl A bu$in0»$man»g9d, publicly ownmd BiBCtnc utility An •quBl opportunity mmploytr Officers

Directors M. H Umfn and Lomit Man ol Om*f>a

••Cr«t»ry Worf»cian fott CjffKHft



PrMMMnf Dvga^it CtfAMrwcfMfrt Co Otrtoh*

WlHrtH Cera Bofd Weiwbei

fbruMftd C HM*«* Bo*rd tMmb9' Omn»t HimOfi HOuf OmttiM

SCf Umnagoti^umMsimt Om»h» Wa—Iff H. tliniM •oanf MtmiMf Artornvy Omth*

aonu*ai Msfttg&t

*M»mi»ni Omn^tai tdtmagt Cotpot»t9 PiBnmng

C*e« C. Orw«*v A«f(«rc/ii Jr#aavf§> and Maiaiani Socfmta'f

mmmm F ••ehmcA Group Utnmgwi Corpot»l9 SffrviCM

Jttit W M«rc«l Akataiant Tr»aavf0* and Mnalant Sacrataff

WalMf OMMVT M G'oup Wan*0«r - fmanc* frtMuttt §na Aa»ig1»nl Stct9l»ff

liaen C. Papm AattatafU Tt»mavf»' ana AttiaiaM Socrwiair

LtaH C Malta QfOup U»n»gti Op»*alioni

1 C Laarch Aaaiaiant Saer^art

4»tk L WMhltM QfOup Uan»gt fngtnattring and Contlrueiton



Aquatics Notebook ByOaorJavlleb

COME SEE TENNU - NBBRASKA-SrVLr We've decided to start the 1975 Jewish Community Center tennis program with something special. So. on Sunday. May IS. at 1:30p.m . we will have "Tennis — Nebraslca-Style," a doubles exhibitioD featuring eight o( the states' top tennis players. If you like to play or simply watch tennis, make it a point to aee this program. 'HALL or rAMERS-TO BE RECOGNIZED A highlight of the annual Center Sports Awards Night. scheduled for 7 p m May 22 in the Center Theater, will be recognition of all past inductees of the JCC Hall oT Fame. According to Jay Lemer, program chairman, over ISO awards will be presented Center members ~ from the youngest to the oldest. Preceding the program will be our first-ever iNiflet dinner (5:30-7 p.m. i in the JCC Auditorium to which members and their friends are invited ($2 50 adults. 41.75 teens, HJt^ children under 12) Reservations are due Wednesday. May 21. Contact JoAnn Dye. JCC phys ed department secretary < 334-8200) Several special memorial basketball awards will be presented: J J Greenberg Award for the Most Improved S(h and 6th Grade Midget leaguer: Samuel S. Steinberg Awatd. Outstanding Sth and 6th Grade Midget leaguer; Greenberg Award. Outstanding 7tb and tth Grade Olympic leaguer; the Patty DiBalM pwtomia 00 tte IB0TCB b«r ondar watcUkd eye Of Leslie L. Burlienroad Award. Outstanding Varsity Athlete and Dwlae Sto wiaak. cwwllnatnr o< pmnaatfca mast. also the Harry Tnistln Award, Outstanding Senior High aub Pnnn t. Uugadabk) Vaalllnf 1. KaUilfvn Kurzok 2. tie bcfwcM S. Scttctalck Athlete andCall Kmnt Hoar Eimtor - K Kurut 2 Julie Blac<wr AU-Amnl - I. K IVARCY TO DlRECr CYCLES PROGRAM Kurut 2.1. SacMity John D'Arcy. backpacking instructor and Omaha Metro DmaiamAis aaas (OratB **> Community College teacher, will direct our new JCC City Cycles BilafKTBnm I. Brtdfrl O'NMI 1. Amy Novl«^( t'lmcti Ban I. Sarat program from Junior and senior high students. Die program Heckrr 2. Uun YimpoWix VauMm - >. S Hcrtfr I. t Vinifiiilaky Flow EurcHa - I. B O'Nnll t. L YMlvoteky All Amunl - l. B O'Neill 1. L Vaov begins at 10 a.m. Sunday. May 18. The program ($5 feel will meet Sundays at the Center, with >tBaontaM<BS4) participants to bring their own lunches and beverages InMlkr KMn <ran Ihr riii(>, vanHtpi aU all wnnd. SMh Smlky «iia pwalM bMi struction will cover cycling safety and maintenance, clothing and noomcrcllr VIRBMBIUnaiaLS(aradaT-lt) and equipment and local and non-local bike touring paths and Biliff Baaai - I, Balli rntSMim. t. Jaiwy Bnaiai^y Unrvm Ban - B sites CoMMMi 1. J niilaaSy Vanllliis - I. Jacklr Coodman 2. B (JaMaHii Floor AD VANCE BELLY OANONG TO START Kaarclar- I.J RaaMakyr Sally Vam AllAraiiM 1. 8 GoMalHii. i. J Roiamty By popular request, we're offering an advanced Belly ADVAMOCD GmU (Onia Ml BalanRBran - LCkrlaWdcti 2. Kim Knoll UnmnBan- I.OrtaWtMi I. Dancing Course (7 weekSrU^l from II a.m. to noon Wednesdays K Knoll VauMlKf I. SMIy NaMr 2. IK btHrmn K KMI and JcmUtr Cramck beginning May 14. Ayiaha. professional dancer, will be the InnoarEicnlof ~ t.C WaMi.tK.Kiw( AB-Amaid-i.c Wflc*..K Kaon structor. untmcBiwan (Ontmt-tn AU Amnd - jmctaynun WILL YOUR Sm PLAY COLLEGE BALL? AOVANOCDOnLS iaca«aa?-lXI He might not. but be can receive the finest instnictkn at the Balaan Beam - I. ^adll* Crakac* I Kam Lili Vnrvto Ban - I. Naacy JCC Basketball School. June 9-13 at the Center Bob Hanson. Noma t Jacklr GrabMk Vaoaing - i. Oaoiyl WkSmaai 2. Jacklr Cmbnt rioar UNO Mavericks head coach, will instruct Center members ei«fClac-I.ClHrylWMmaa.l.JacUranbKk All-Annaid ~ 1. JacklrGntact >. Grades 4-12 m all phases of the game. CkerytWIdmaa Training and highlight films. l-oo-I and /ree-Uutnr contests A»araM - PaaCrakart. games will be featured. Fee for the camp, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. daily, is t3S Fee indudes snacks. T-shirU with JCC Basketball Balaaicr Bram Pally DtBalaa Uan Kailr Rackrr. VaaHla( - P. School emblem. tllBalar Plaor Eacrda* - K Ratter. AB-AnnartJCC BASnenALL CAMP APPUCAnON SSSdodiinSfraat Onafca, NtbTMka «1M

Please Enroll me in the JCC Basketball Camp at the JCC (or June 9 through June 13,1975. NAME ADDRESS... .' PHONE(HOM^) .<BUSINESS> GRADE. HEIGHT


•T'SHIRTSIZE PARENT'S SIGNATURE Basketball Camp Fee: 135. Depodt o( tlO must accompany this application. Make checks payable to th^ Jewish Community Center. MEN'S SLOW-PITCH SOFTBALL Men interested in playing Slow-Pitch Softball on Sunday mornings are to come to Rockbrook Park. 96(h and Paddock Road, at I0:30a m Sunday, May II SENIOR HIGH SOFTBALL EXimmONS , 9:30a.m.-Weizmann vs. SYO. 10:30a.m. -AZANo.lvs. :. AZA No. 100 • GYMNASTICS MEET A SUCCESS ' Some 60 young and enthusiastic gymnasts and a crowd of ': over 200 parents, relatives and friends hdped make our seoond u JCC Gymnastics Meet, held Sunday. May 4, a bigsncecM. gThanks much to ttiose mothers who helped tabulate, judge. ^register, cashier and provide refreshments: Lois Lemer, Susie Mr. Phyllis Goldstein. Nancy Epstein. Linda Gordman, Sue iRecker, Margo Riekes. Linda Knott, Carol Widman, Katy suae, Hermene Zweiback and lieoe Klein. ThMks aleo to Roy Katskee, our master of oercmonies, aad Donna Laible, Denlse Earl, Frandne Graham, Katskee. Nancy Bream, CelMte Earl, Cathy Moats, Eari, Ginny Maddox, Al Bream. Robio Mariin, Mike lancock, Tom Odam and Jeff Quant. Results: INTBUaaiMTBOiaUlMs. laMaraStI t-I.K«U^«Kiiruk l.<«raSM(c«k* (;iirvmil«ra-l.l

At Last An IsneNFiiSt: A Championship in Sports (Continued on PafeS) tkiBtigkn. But when the Israelis swept a three-game series from the -In Iirasl in late March, the pennant was decided In one game, the Sabras fought back to victory after spotting the Uons a 24point lead with 12 minutes remaining in the first half. The final game of the series saw Israel lead by as much as 30 points en route to a I18-»4 victory. The Israeli public has received the team very well and the players have also taken to Israel. But success will take its toll: It appears quite likely that live Satyras will get trials by NBA and A^A clubs — one player in (act has already lieen sold to the ABA SpiriU of St Louis and Sabras management, though pleased with the good fortune of both the team and its players, will face a complete rebuilding jot). The only sad note came when the Swiss team, also made up of Americans, voted at the last minute not to come U> laraal (or the taaaon's last game because Uwiy felt the

trip was too much of a security risk Apparently, EHropsaa paptrs iiaw bMB pUqrtoi op tta Imminwira nf war InliK lOddte BMt in tlw vakt c( r'i recant laUun. iwlMUve ID I«wt ham ltoi(n«oaaiicfetak and tanal't AaavlcMi pUyan wen b (act '•^'y—^ their iaDov Anwficani would Aow audi • yellow itwnt. As a token of alfection (or their adopted country, the Sabraa have agreed to play a solidarity game between themselves and a select Israeli team. The main purpose is to prove first that the Sabra players, unlike the Swiss, are not atrald and second that they appreciate the Israeli fails' sivport, which tiecame quite atrang toward the end of the aeaaon. It could also axmmei the question of which In-and of baaketball U better - that played by the Sabraa or the kind played by a top alt-iaraeli team? The Sabras may have given an indicalkm when (hey played the Israeli Natknal quintet two months tfo and dodbered them by 21 points.

The ranks' o( our exclusive "Upside-Down Club" were swelled last weekend as aeveral members on our (amlly canoe trip in Missouri hil river obstacles and capsiied. Undaunted, they emptied their canoes and climbed back in. Alter one such "sinking" we picked up one of the young girls in our canoe. As we continued toward shore, we neared a huge tree in the river. Somewhat apprehensively tlie girl pointed out the object. I assured her there was "plenty of time to avoid It." "I know," ahe squealed. "But tliat'i Just what my father said." There were 19 in the group which left the Jewish Community Center on Thursday evening. May 1 for the 3S day canoeing and camping trip to Round Spring, Mo. Novice canoers were given .instructions and the canoes were loaded and balanced before being sent off Friday morning.

Mike Erroan distinguished himself In cooking; Joel Katelman excelled in finding firewood; Art Novak and Shelly Brodsky were most helpful in moving equipment into proper positions. The kids also made an important contribution to the group wMk their efforu in making aad "breaking" camp. Other partlcipants.all o( whom returned to the JCC early Sunday evening, were Gary and Lisa Katelman; Joel Brodsky; Laurie and Stacey Erman; Vicki and Wendy Novak; Amy and Walt Thomas; Derry and Scott Selding- and Karen Sokolof The staff, besides myself, were Jeff Parker and John Merll, Red Cross safety director

The river was last twt safe and the fresh spring greenery and flowers provided a pleasant backdrop. Everyone participated in food preparathm In some way

Great Books Group Interest Is Shown OMAHA - The Jewish Great Books Diacussioii Cmip sponsored by the Federatkm Library has not yet been (Uled.


1^^ I ildt *» * ^^^ WWW COTHOTIMl

nnHka^uaMy •^•(•rl Pvetar NM aaiadwii •' Aain Aai ntritm piioml I tarviaa

Led by trained Great BoeiB leaders, sesshxu will be held 00 two weekday mornings per month. No specific background or educatkn Is required (or participation.

advidi Idsons

Anyone Intereited or desirous of further' In(ormatlon should contact EdytheWolfat334«0O.


Omoho's No. 1 Family Restaurant fiATUUNG

^RMlSMriknFrMOhUM ^liMkairfFU

OpmtEvmryDaY, 11:30A.M. TW 10R.M. 7t12 Dadf* St.



May 9, 1975  

Jewish Press

May 9, 1975  

Jewish Press