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1st Soviet Jewish Family Due in Omalia OMAHA - The RussluH ar* really coming-at long last. That wBf UM word fran the Omaha Committee (or Soviet Jewry, who announeed Uiat the flnt of the two Soviet Jewish (anlllw coming to live In Omaha were to arrive at Eppley Atrfldd at 2:37 p.m. today (April ID. The aecond family Is to arrive aometlme this coming week, according to Mrs. Leonard (Shirley) Goldstein and Mrs. Erv (Miriam) Simon, committee oixhalrmen. Hie first family was to be the young family of Leonid and Valantliu Portugheys and their 7-year-old son, Vladislav Laonid, who has a law degree from Odessa University but who haa never practiced that profession, is 31. Valentlna, 29, li a aeamatress. put Umaalf througb aifht adiool at Unhrentty t^ wortdnc at a tauaepabitar (feving tha day, a^ cordtng to InfOrmatta rtoehrad here tram Unltad HIA8

(Htbrew Immlgraot Aid and Sheltartag) Sarvtoe in New Yoffe. Portugheys had been unemployed In the Soviet Union since July, 1974, when he applied (of emigration papers. The family left the USSR by train Nov. 13,1974, arriving In Vienna the next day. They left Vienna Dec. 3 and arrived Dec. 4 In Rome, where they have been until this past week. Collectively, Leonid and Valentlna left behind ihetr parents, two sisters and a brother, all of whom have stated they have "no plans to leave." Their arrival In Omaha today was expected to climax months of preparation by the Soviet Jewry Committee here, which has obtained living quarters and furnishings and has coordinated the effort to prepare (or their arrival. The Committee Is a department of the Jewish Federation of Omaha. ' The co-chairmen said the second family Is that o( Julian and Roaa LItvlnsky of Kiev. LltvlnsKy la a civil engineer, his wife an economist.


In a letter to Pearl Yager of the Jewish Family Service of Omaha, which Is coordinating the effort to bring and settle Soviet Jews here, LItvlnsky, 36, wrote: "1 thank you for your very kind attantioa. Wltb great l» leraat I pMund tile Inlomatkn you atnt me about your dty. "I am looUag lonrAid to the happy fflonient when I will put my ieet on the Amertean toil, meet you and atari a new Ufa la our great and (rae oDunbry," The Soviet Jewry Committee said It still is looking for Omahans to offer hospitality-lunches, dinners, etc.—to the new Immigrants and also to provide them with transportation to shopping centers and wherever else they may need to go while they are getting settled In their new home. Also needed Is a sewing machine lor Mrs. Portugheys. Persons wishing to provide any of these necessities are asked to call Mrs. Yager at the Jewish Conununlty Center, 3341200.

jCOUNCIL BLUFFS, LINCOLN, OMAHA Omaha, Nab., Fri.. April 11,1975



Pianist Sedmara Rutshtein to Play Minister Benefit Concert for Soviet Jewry To Speak

Geula Gin In Des Moines DES MOINES - GauU GOl, taiaolad laraeU raoonli« Mar, win line at a mtal-luDebaan Wedoaaday, April M, tl:« a.m. at the Dai Moioaa G«lf and Oeuntiy Chib. Ifea mlni-hBiciMoa, wUcb coata UTS, to ipciiaBreil tqr tha Oaa Mitaaa JtwMi Womco'i Fadaratkm and ilia UTS Dai Motaaa Wooan'a Campalgi. For raaarva&M, call LO DUb««ky (I7MM), SUrtay Wittautata (S7i|-7n4) or Shlrlae M«roovta(»-»IO). Bafayitttinf and traoapaitalioa araavaliaUa.

Leadership Clinics Open on Monday OMAHA - Thote planning to participate In the twolesalon leaderthlp worluhop icheduled for Monday, April 14 and 21, were reminded by a ipofceaman ot Um iponaoring group that Uwy muat attend both aaiaioiia. The teaiiom will be from 7.30 to 10.30 p.m. both nlghU at the Jewish Community Center. Some 70 delegates from all of Omaha's Jewish i organiiations have been Invited to attend by the iponforing Omaha Federatloa of Jewish Women's Cluba. Leading the leialom, entitled "Motivating and Directing Participation in Organiutlons," will be Dr. R. Timothy Stein, aaslstant protaaor In the Department , of Paycbology at the , Univerilty of Nebraaka-

In Omaha

OMAHA - Sedmara Rutshtein, believed to be the first Russian Jewli>h perfomrigg artist allowed to emigrate directly to the United States rather than by way of Israel, will present a benefit piano concert (or Soviet Jewry at the Omaha Jewish Community Center Saturday, May 3 at 8:30 p.m. The New York Tlmea, in reviewing Mrs. Rutshteln's New York debut, Oct. 27.1974, said. "If talent Is any guideline, this New York debut will mark the start of a major American career.'' The benefit performance it tieing sponsored by the Committee for Soviet Jewry, which Is being assisted in Uie planning, organizing and coordinating of the concert by the Cultural and Performing Arts Department of the Center. Miriam Simoa and Shirley

SeihnaraRutihitein OoiditeiB, co^halrmen of tbe Sovtat Jewry Committae, and OaatrM. Sommer, eonotrt ticket oairman, have anDOUBced that tkkata, whkfa are tax deductable, are aviUabie at the JOC raceptkn (Mt. (adntta, IS,

JCC Board Elections To Be April 20

Omaha. Dr. Stein, 32, who holds degreai in chemistry, Uteoiogy and psychology, Is currently teaching a topical (Continued on Page 10)

OMAHA - A petition has been filed with the Center Board requesting that the name of H. Lee Gendler be placed In nomination for membership on the Jewish Community Center Board, according to Richard Robinson, chairman of the JCC board of directors nominating committee. Nominated to the board by the nominating committee for a two-year term are Jay

II.W), TtckeU can alao be obtained by lending a atamped, aelf-addreiied anvelope to the JOC with a check to the Committae lor Soviet Jewry. Mrs. Rutshtein, who Immigrated from the Soviet Union to Dei Moines with her family In April,' 1974, has joined the faculty of Grlnnell College In Iowa as artlst-lnresldence.

Lemer, Mort Glass, Maxine KIrthenbaum, James Wax and Allan Noddle. Nominated lor a one-year term are Saranne GItnick, Bea Pappenhelmer, William Kully, Sue Meyers and Millard Rosenberg. .

Before leaving Russia, she was a soloist wltb the Leningrad Philharmonic Society and a teacher at Leningrad Conservatory. These appointments .ended when she requested an immigration visa.

Elections will be held at the Center's annual meeting, Sunday, April 20,7:30 p,m. at the Jewish Community Center,

Her May 3 concert will Include Beethoven's Sonata In D Minor, Prokofieff's Sonata In D Minor and Chopin's Rondo In C Minor.

OMAHA - Yaacov Morris, a minster in the Israeli Foreign Ofdce, will be guest speaker at a q)ecial dinner (or workers in the 1975 Omaha Jewish Philanthropies Campaign scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 16, at the Community Center. Announcement of the dinner was made by Ell M. Zaikin, general chairman of the Campaign He said Morris will be a guest at the dinner In the Center Auditorium*and will then attend the Israel Independence Day celebration which will follow in the Center Theater. The dinner Is a combined Philanthropies-Israel support event, Zalkln said. "Our workers will be able to hear about the current happenings in the Middle East from Morris as well as enjoy a fine kosher dinner at the Center." Reservations must be made by calling the Center, 334-8200 Cost of the dinner Is fS.SO per Couple. Until recently, Morris waa praai oounaekir of Iirad'a Permanent Mlailoo to tha United Nations. He Is alao an author and has been a forel^i correspondent. Among hia more recent appohitments were service u head of the mission In Bombay, India and oonaelor In Stoddiolm and New York. In 1(61 bis best-seller, "Maaten of The Deaert-fl,000 Years In The Negev" was published in New York and received excellent notices by top archeologlsts and six (ContlnuedonPage4)



April 11,1975

,ajl«*tff« •#••

»t > iifl

Omahan Plans Big 'Day' By RICHARD PIARL OMAHA - "Then Mem* a growing awarenesa since the 1973 war (Yom Kippur War) of Israel being isolated, not only by the worid's natioiu, but also by Amertcam Jews. You don't see as many Jewish tourists going to Israel, not as many people contribirting to Israel. The relatloaship between American Jews and Israeli Jews seems to be cooling." Speaking is one Michael Oren, S2, a customer engineer for International Business Machines Corp. and an Israeli who has lived in Omaha seven years. He and his wile Miriam, also an Israeli, l\^ve worked with the Jewish Community Center's Jewish Cultural Council to present this year's Israel Independence Day program on Wednesday night, 7:30 at the JCC-one which is apparently one of the most ambitious ever planned here. "Up to the'73 War. we didn't need evenings (Israel Independence Day programs) like that," says the 5-foot-6, bespectacled Oren. "People Just naturally were pro-Israel,

Bluffs News By Sylvia Telpoer Edie Colicli. a student at Abraham Lincoln High School in Council BluUs. will take part in the school's production o( "The King and 1" April 2436. Edie i$ the daughter of Sam and Lottie Coiick. Sari Telpner, mid-term graduate of Abraham Lincoln, will be initiated Into the Natiwial Honor Society at a ceremony at the school on April U. Sari is the daughter of Maynard and Sally Telpner.

people had something they could took up to—the pioneer, the democratic state—but ever since the '73 War, those feeliggs have been going out (ebbing)." "n«« an," he fMS ta. "Jtwlth kids IB thai* tak*D by this (Arab) propaganda. Iliay fl^Mcfs lor the Arabs Mwtr own paapls they hear a BOMl ipaaktf and il^it away Uwy are Bgdk^ lor Oe Arabs. They doni know wiiat are OM real facts. llMre are io many yonng paopie taUog tlM Palestinian sida It's unbtUeviMa. Ibey tlitak brad is wni«. that the paople there haw done wrong and diey don't really ase that what the PalesUalaas want la the rtwtracfkwoflirad" Oren recalls Yom Ha'atzmaut (Independence Day) in Israel, with its street carnivals the night before: "It's Just unbelievable, the streets are crowded, every comer is a stage; people are dancing. The music is provided by the city, decorations are provided by the city and the foUowtng day they have big parades. . ."But obviously he feels more than Just warm memories. "1 fed there should be a real partnership between American and Israel Jewry. American Jews say, 'We can survive without Israel, we have six million here,' l>ut is that really the answer? This (Independence Day program) Is one way we can show that we are part of the Jews in Israel—if not by being there, then by moral support." With due respect to those hard workers who provided Yom Ha'atzmaut programs in years past. Oren "had to shoot for something as big as 1 could, because if you provide

the same thing u before, you flop becauae ptople see it's nothing dUferent." What he's come up with, then, is a program offering Israeli war music played by the Jewish members of the Omaha Symphony and songs and skits by costumed Omaha teenagers. There will be an Israeli speaker, Yaacov Morris, thanks to the Jewish Philanthropies Campaign. The Center lobby will be brightly decorated with posters and banners ("Israel on My Mind" is the theme) and after the show there will be Israeli food-fdafM (as popular there as hamburgers are in the US ). pitta, hunuia, tahlaa and Israeli salad, plus Israeli winetasting. Cbarita Monaiee o< Hteky Dinky and Dnqr Uawts of SpttH Wortd provldad the iood and (hink. Miriam. MoiUe AdnKs GnN|> DwnberB wiU be bdping serve It. Judy Sher nun Newman and Liny Katx •re IB charge of the deooratkMM. "And it won't cost the Jewish Federation 1100. Des Moines is probably spending $1,000 for iU Yom Ha'atzmaut-Gcula GUI (Israeli singer) cost about tSOO for an evening, plus their mailings." As a spinoff, the three main synagogues are having their own children's program Tuesday afternoon at the Center under direction of (Continued on PageO

CARPfTS NKD SERVia CI*an-R«polr NIWCAtPfTS INSTAUEO DonBamstain Mt-Wtqf l«g Qdf ir« Coll a4S-2554



0*T Rech Done*. Mon't In th* Marli««;;tpjn. SUNDAY AMHk IS •••ti B Mwi't dub arMlifMl. 9M • jn. Tempi* ltra*l MMI'I Oub iTMlitatt wM« MM RoM ••Ml taroal AmiMl OiniMr, 6 pjn. Jmrtth Doy tdieol ElKliont. lath hraal WM«, ]:30 pm. MIOMDAr.AMHiM HodMMh Soofd nwating, KC. f :30ojn. CammunHv Motion* Cermnm** m—Hng. JCC, 11:4S iinior Citiiant'mMtkig. KC. IO:30e.ffl. Laodarthlo Troinina Saminor. JCC. 7;M pjit. TUHDAT, AMW IS icrti El Synoaoy ioord ni««ting, 12 noon HCfM, Nn« Itmmbvt titnthten. 12:M pjn. fton»w Wotntn toord >n««ting. 8 pjn. Tpwipli broal loord ni««(lng, 7:30 pM. Mizrochi Woman, Irvndi. Undarwood Towan, 11 ojn. iwmMioAT, Arm. ia Aquotkt Swtmwaor talilon Shew and lunchaon. JCC, I pjn. Communlly-wUda kraal Maoandanca Day Calabralion. JCC.7:iOp.m. SiMla Porant Worli«tM)p. JCC, 7:30 pjn. • iMl rrHd IraadbrMlMn. Rratida, I i neon HadOHak SacMlrrtarMl Croup t'noi •nth Comhinlwr Oiaplar. I at Fadarol Sovingt. • pjit. OMOT Adultt. Att and Croftt, JCC, 11 ajn.


Wor01^ews Briefs Plilatalc Sarvioa WASHINGTON - It cost a nickel to mail a letter when the B'nal B'rith Philatelic Service produced its first fir$t-day cover for stamp collectors. Since then - l«)6 - it has sold more than 25,000 of 3S cachets that memorialize Jews and their accomplishments — Irom the moon to Yellowstone National Park. A nrst-day cover bean a stamp cancelled on IU official issue date. These are as prized among philatelists as the stamps they collect Tlte B'nal B'rith service, an adjunct of the museum-exhibit hall in the organiiation't national headquarters here, operates primarily by mail, selling to collectors in such small town as Cosmopolls, Wash., and Hastings, Neb, and as distant as Australia and Venezuela.

Conthiusd Growth NEW YORK - The consolidated yearend balance sheet for Israel's leading bank. Bank Leumi le-Israel B.M., shows a 12 percent increase In consoUdated aiaets, as expressed In dollars. Measured In Israel pounds, which underwent a devalualion during the past year, the increase amounts to about 60 percent. Consolidated total assets of the Bank Leumi Group now exceed I8.t billion. Bank Leumi le-Israel is the flag Inslitution of a worldwide banking organization comprlBlng subsidiary banks, branches and offices on every continent excepting Australia and Antartactlca The bank's ADRs (American depository receipts) are traded over the counter in the US. lecuriUes market. The 1974 balance sheet shows a 2S percent Increase In loans, fnxn $2.7 billion to t3.4 billion. Time and savings deposits rose from 12.4 billkm at the close of 1973 to $2.8 billion at yearend 1974, an Increase of about 16 percent. Total deposits climbed almost 10 percent, from $4.5 billion to K billion, during 1974. aided by a significant Increase in foreign-currency deposits. Bank Leumf now holds nearly half of all such deposits In Israd.

lAbdKMzDwMi NEW ORLEANS, (JTA) - Funeral services were held last Friday (or Label A. Katz, a lifelong activist In Jewish affairs who as president of B'nai B'rith ill the early 1960a led . the first protest campaigns in behalf of Soviet Jews. Katz died April 3 at his home here following a stroke at the age of 56. He was a native of New Orleans. He was elected head of the B'nal B'rith in

US9 at the age of M, one of the youngn presidents in the 131-year history of the Jewi service organizatiofi.. He served two three-year terms following a visit behind the Iron Curtain in t! to observe the status of Jewish life tlieri traveled widely urging the restoration o religious and cultural freedom for Jews In th Soviet Union In Moscow, he presented B B'rlth's representations In unotBelai ferences with Soviet authorities.

Achlwenwnf Strewed JERUSALEM, (JTA) - With Independeno Day approaching, the World Zionlsl Organization has launched a world-widi campaign to emphasise laraai's achievement) in face of its many difficulties. Inlormatlon material and personalities suci as Minister-Without-Portfolio Gideon HausnM and MK Esther Herlitz will try to reach ever] Jewish community to promote understandln| of Israel's position on its 27th Independeno Day. A mobile exhibit has already reached man] Zionist federations and Jewish communitle abri^d. It depicts several aspects of Israel') acMevemcnts: portraits of scientists an academicians including Russian immigrants visual demonstrations of the new settlement) throughout the country; and the acbievemeni of the younger generation of Israelis within Establishment The WZO information division has al) produced ten documentary films highlightl) some of the more Important events In Isr during the past year, from the Kissini mlsskjns to such cultural events as the (I appearance of Valery and Galina Panov befi the Israeli public.

SacwityisOfailactive NEW YORK (JTA) - SecreUry of Def( James Schlesinger sak) that "the security Ibe State of Israel renulns an American Jectlve." Interviewed on CBS-TV "Face Nation," he also stated that the U.S. will enter Into any new commitments on shipment of arms to the Middle East until tl raBHMament ordered last month by Presidei Pord It completed. The reassessment, whii began two weeks ago will continue for four weeks, Schlesinger remarked. The Defense Secretary noted that up to Ap) 1, the "termination point" of U.S. arms shi| ments to Israel, there was a very substanti shipment of arms which put Israel In a beti position than she was In October 1973. He did{ not indicate whether the 1973 position was before or after the Yom Kippur War.

The Committee for Soviet Jewry In eoopsratlon wWi tM J«MriBh Community Cancer



BenefhConoMl for Soviet Jewry

Sonata in O-minor

Sat., May 3 8:30 pjn.

fVokofWf Sonata in 0-Minor


Ctiopln Rondo in C-mlnor, op. 1

"... H Mant ii any ouidsHra, thit New Yortc Oabul wM mark tha Mart of i mttor Amarican eanar . Robwt Sharmsn, Mm Yak TimM. Oct. 27, 1S74, folkMvIng Ma. Rutihiain'i concan « UrKoln] Cantar. «.———»———————-4ail off and mum—~—.———•>—i Advanced tickets are racomnnended as seating is limited. Please send

adult tickets at $5.00 each i _itudenttk:kets at 12.60 each

mMtmtum %»AMA»PJ f«AJH.nNMMa

•NHtaryAMb "nMlMlillMlCwMr

7tkM.f$PJ twdey • AJULnHMMN


Name Address


Total . Phone. Zip

Enctose a stamped, telf-adilrasted envelope with your check, payable to the Committee for Soviet Jewry.

MalloeanefKConoprt.JCC mSo-HZei. OinifMi,N«.«1M


April 11.1978

Th$Jt¥/ith Pr>w


This Israel Independence Day let us join hands with Jews the world over, and pledge anew to preserve human dignity.


Wttfort MMvrion


CowidBMfi kmiAh6§r^hn

DMNMiMt JtwUi WtHore Ftdaration



Cpuncll Mufh. to«w S1M1



April 11,1878

Relations Discussed


JERUSALEM (JTA) - President Ford was expected to adopt a carefully even-iuuided tone in his "State of Uie World" message to Congress when he reviews the breakdown of America's peace tallu attempt here. This was the hope and expectation of top Americjui Jewish leaders and also of high Israeli government officials. Premier Yitzhak Rabin, Defense Minister Shimon Peres, and Jewish Agency leaders Pinhas Sapir, Leon Dulzin and Mosbe Rivlin, ntet herewith Max Ftsher of [>etrott, cbalmMn of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors, Frank Lautenberg, United Jewish Appeal general chairman, and other U.S. Jewish leaders on the current cooling of relations with Washington. Sen. Jacob K. JavlU (R. NY) flew into Israel

Javlta came from Teheran at his own request. He has apparently undertaken to do his utmost to heal the rift—and hopes to be seeing Ford and Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger soon after his return. Fisher also hoped to See Ford before he delivers his "SUte of the World" address. Well-placed sources here said Javlts recommended to Israeli leaders that they try to steer the dialogue with the US away from the recriminations of the past failure and towards plotting a Joint course in preparation for a resumption of Geneva.


Who's Intransigent Now? TnmXtmlumnemMmmOmMUm

There has been a lot of talk about intransigence in the Middle East. Name-calling never solved any problems. Before the American people draw vital conclusions as to who is to blame for the impasse, and where additional U.S. pressure, political or economic, might be applied, it would be well to look at the facts of the recent Kissinger mission. As the U.S. Secretary of State shuttled back and forth between Cairo and Jenisalem in an effort to achieve a compromise agreement between Israel and Egypt, the following facts emerged: Prior to the mteloo, all paittet—Imd, Egypt, the U,S.—bad a basic underatandlng that eventual agreement would be bated on a quid pro quo arrangement—Israeli withdrawal from territory in return far Egyptian political OQooenkNis; Baaed oo thii amunption, Israel oOered to reUnquiri) the Bfltk aod G)tU paafei, ler 9tn potato tpttie 8taiai» as weilW the Abu Rodels'(« fields wUdi iu|)piy Israel wltl|4teat luV its-oil. In retum.'lt asfenlibat Egypt agrtfe to a ' statemdht of nea-t>elllgerence-an agreement to end the state of war between the two ooiBitrles. Egypt refused. After a considerable period of negotiation, when Israel realixed that the non-beUigerency statement oouM not be obtained it cane up with still another proposal. If Egypt would adopt some elements on noihbelligerenoe, Israel would withdraw from half the MiUa and Gidi passes, and also return the administration of the Abu Rodeis oil fields to Egypt. Among the elements asiud for were an end to the boycott impoaed on certain American companies doing business with Itrad; an end to Egypt's anti-Israei propaganda campaign; access to navigatioa through the Sues cand for cargoes destined for Israel; and disavowal by Egypt of terrorist methods. Egypt refused. In short, Israel made a variety of proposals for return' of territory to Egypt in return for Egypt's ; willingness to agree to peaceful—or relatively peaceful— • coexistence. In making its refusals, Egypt stated that it ' required total Israel withdrawal from the passes, and substantial Israeli withdrawal from both the northern and southern parts of the Sinai peninsula, including the Abu Rodeis oil fields In the south For all of this, Egypt : stUI refused to make any binding commitment to peace. '•• Throughout the negotiations, Egypt insisted that Israel turn over militarily strategic territory at the same . time that Egypt refused to rule out the possibility of war. IA paradox. I Israel was willing to compromise. Egypt was not. I What is the definition of intransigence?

The Jewish Press PuUishod waekly on Friday By the Jewish Federation of Omaha Stanford Lipeey Prav CcvrimtiiM CNHTntn

Richard B. Pearl S«w

Suzanne Somberg

oiir^iiiitii ill lA^riiol

for a lightning eight-hour visit during which he too discussed with RaUn the current worsening of Jerusalem-Washington relations and possible ways of improving the situation.

Omahan Plans Big 'Day' (CoDtimjed from Paget) Shirley Spitzer (Beth Israel), Rabbi Barry Weinstein (Temple Israel), Stan Mitchell (Beth El) and Rabbi Jack Zelasko (Jewish Day School). "We could have been on opposite sides of this (American-Israeli situation), you know," says Mike. "What if our parents bad taken different boats?" For the future, Mike hopes the Federation and Center makes Yom Ha'atzmaut a big event, hopefully so that it can attain tlte same status as Passover. ><_

•. . . -.v-



AdnnWnaSnrf Snond Clw PoM^i PiM M Otntfit. Ni(H 'fmM tvUmat^tnn ftM AitvMMng^naonappleailan. rjMnWi IVwi I* not mpandH* lot itif KaMwUh of xy poduci o> MUbSitim«ni riSilrthri 0lfc«: 3» So 1J2nd Si, Onaha, Hti mw» Ptwno: StlUm PV «• MM MM*r.

life, but U thty ImM on transforming this area into • jungle, then we have no optioa b«rt to use Jungle methods against them. The signatories make It clear they do not advocate terrorist acts against civilians. Israel should strike against control centers, against the terrorist leaders, and against ail who give them aid and encouragement. We should avoid Indiacrlmlnate violence against innocent people, but we should demonstrate, forcefully, that the fire they are playing with can bum them as well. Above all. thoie who endorse and sponsor terrorism should be made to feel a tense of the very insecurity which they seek to fbster. They should live In fear of the unexpected, until they elect to abandon animal savagery. the twelve indignant citizens include Yohal BinNun, former commander of the Israel Navy, Professor Ezra Zohar, of the Sheba Medical Center, Shoshana Horev, wife of the general who today heads the Technkm, Nehama Yartv, wife of the former head of Military Intelliteoce and until recently

Minister of Information, Aryeh MarlnskI, a distinguished lawyer, a publicist, a farmer and others. They nuke it clear they have DO political ambitions. NetdMr do they have soy bitentloa of fostering a vigilante gnxy or embaiUog on military adventures. They •imply want to voice an oplniaa In the hope that many odier IvaeUs share the tame views and wOl bdplnfhNnoe the Oovemroent to adopt poUdes tia^ the line they advocate. All indications are that Israeli patience is running low. Israelis are tired of sitting as targets for terrorists. There is no self-respecting nation hi the world that would contUnie to endure an unceasing series of wild, criminal acts launched from the other side of Its borders and the world should not expect Israel to sit with folded hands. If It Is necessary to mount a Civil Guard tai Tel Aviv, then It may become doubly rteceesary lOr the Arabs to look to their own defenses at home.


"There are some who sSe Israel as another Korea or Vietnam—'it's Just another place, why worry about It?' I wasn't here, but wasn't there a feeling of pride In us after the '76 War? That's what we need again, a feeling of pride in our people."


Minister To Speak (Continued from Paget) science editors in this country and England. Morris is an authority on tlK problems of Israel's Im- . migrants-he has written about American settlers bi Israel. He was bom and educated in Belfast in Northern Ireland, has worked for Israel in England and France since 1946, has served in the Haganah and has lived in Kibbutz Yasur in Western Galilee. ZalUn, in discutting the current Philanthropies campaign, said, "It is gratifying to note that the vast majority of the people who have been visited have recognized their rcfponslbillty and are not shirking from it. "Dollar-wise, we baVe reached approximately onethird of our goal of S,450,IXI0."

Judith Marburg OetH Jo Abramt

He Who Plays With Rre Can Get Burned HAIFA - "A avU Guard in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem will be of no avail until the inhabitants of Cairo, Beirut and Damascus find it necessary to set up a Civil Guard there!" Such was the complete text of an advertisement in the Israel press shortly after the Savoy Hotel raid. It was signed by a doxen distin^iisbed citlxens, and represented a spontaneous reaction which Is shared by an Increasing number of the general population. In interviews thereafter some of the signatories explained what Ihey meant. The occasional retaliatory raid after a particularly senseless atrocity is not sufficient. Such raids are only a reflex actkm. Instead there should be a clearly defined, promptly executed policy which declares, in effect: If they Insist upon-war, then we shall fight the war, openly and hard, unUI they dsslst. We should not sit oowering and timorous, waiting for the next attack. Israel's present policy invites more attack, because we seem to have been forced back on tbe defensive. we wit io Mw a chijlsiii

NUmA.M«MniN MiunTAn M»DAV»CO. '





Comtnemorating the 27th anniverBary of liraei's statehood "-S».'#--4.X» -»A.H-fc-i-k^-«-^ ,


Mrs. Arthur D. Brandels. wcretary o( (he Wise Hospital Association, submitted the following report to the American laraelite in 1902: -The Wise Memorial Hospital of Omaha, Neb., was formally dedicated Nov. 17, 1901 In the first month of the existence of the hospital, 24 patleitts were accommodated, and In the six months since the bnipltal was opened, up to May 1, Inclusive, 97 were cared for, 24 of whom were Jews. We number three births and eight deaths in our short history; 90 of the patients paid for care and treatment, and but seven during those ttx months were charity cases. "The haq>ltai staff consisted of Drs. Hodman, Roaewater, Jonas, Davis, Alliaon, Summers, Jr., Luddlngton. Bridges and Langfeld. "Onoe a month tticre baa baea a meattag of dM Board of Traatoea tor the acQiatmcat of iii)«pttal affakt. Iba hmpttal opawad wm a cart accowt of IMM, nUch was Increaaed to t4,*U tbrn^ pay patlcnis, "The expense of running the hospital for the six months was e.SOl May t, 1902, the balance on hand amounted to t2,IIO, showing that thus far the hosplUI has been selfluatalning.

raised by the personal efforts of the Harmony Club of 25 young women for the benefit ofthehoapltal." The Young Men's Hebrew .Association of Omaha was incorporated in 1912. Among the original organizers were William D. Holzman, Morris M. Rosenblatt. J Kulakofsky, Meyer Klein, Kred S Hadra, Hyman H. Kalskee, Morris Rosenblum, Martin L. Sugarman, H. Hugo Brandels, Dr. M. I. Gordon, Max A. Levey, Frederick Cohn, Samuel Katz, Harry H. Lapldus and Henty Monricy.


Th» JtiHith Pnm

Sokolof-Javitch Engagement Told August Wedding Planned at Temple

Reception Planned at JCC; fsraeli Journalist Guest

OMAHA - Mr_^Bnd Mr». Phil Sokolof have'announced the engagement of their daughter, Karen, to Gary Javltch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Javltch of Cleveland, Ohki. August 10 Is the wedding date at Temple Israel In Omaha. Miss Sokolof earned her degree from the University of Texas at Austin In the fields of elementary and special education. She Is currently a (eacher for the visually Impaired In the Omaha Public Schools.

OMAHA - Israeli journalist Tamar Avldar-Etlnger will be honored at a Jewish community-wide reception hosted

Her fiance graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor's degree In history. A former teacher, he Is presently Aquatics Director at the Jewish Community Center

In Omaha. Miss Sokotof Is the granddaughter of Mrs. Rose Sokolof of Omaha.

Scholarship Available


DES MOINES - The Robert and Anna Lappen Scholarship committee has announced that a $500 scholarship will be awarded for the academic year 1975-76 on the basis of academic achievement, participation in community affairs, both Jewish and nonJewish, and financial need. The scholarship will W awarded in July to a student at a college In Iowa. Application may be made by letter to Charles E. Kramer, 920 Savings and Loan Building, Des Moines, 50309. Deadline is July 1,1975.

by the Omaha Chapter of Women's American ORT at the Jewish Community Center on Sunday April 20, from 2 to 4 p.m. Ms. Avldar-Ettnger Is touring the United States In honor of the SOth anniversary of the Leadership Conference of National Jewish Women's Organizations and of International Women's Year, iMth of which are being celebrated In 1975. For the last 21 years Ms. Avldar-Etlnger has worked as a Journalist for the Hebrew dallys Oavar and Maartv. At present she serves as editor for the "Style" section of Maariv and as a columnist on life in Israel, flbe Is director of Israel's Women's Press Club and has written four bestselling books.

[ DesMoines Calendar] SMSay.AarHll 11 p.m.—Jawiai Thtoloolcal CMIca* •rwnch—Sath El Jacob •vMikio—eiMiwr RoosavMt Orsup HadMMh MMtkig MtMSaV.AwtlM THtratti l(r*«t Wonxnt LMSMHotrd MaMIng tl 1:00 p.m. Family LIta Enrktimant—;:» p.m. TMiasT, April It Hanrlafta tioM Orvup wmi Burt Aaulmtn ipaaune on "Saxuallty «id your OilMran" al 11:10 p.m. Campslfii Captain Miillai at P««ar>tta« Otllca, II p.iii, Batti El Jacob Slttartiood luncttaon mtallns, 11:45 p.m. JawWi Llfo Cinlor Plamlne CommHtaa Maatkig, i:X p.m. WaSaaaSay, April l« Etaanor RooaavaH Board AAaallns, t:10 a.m. Woman's Campalon Mkillunchaon wttti Oaula GUI al II p.m. Communlty-wWa liraal Indapandanca Day CaMbratlen ai JCC—« p.m. Tkwiday.AarUIT THaram laraal Board AMatlng of Board o< Trvilaat, 7:10 p.m.

/db i^TH6 FUN PLACC^"?

"The Board of Trustaes with to express thanks for contrlbullons received during the last six months, most of which have been prevhwriy acknowledged by letter. Prominent among these contributions Is the one of 1130

nunoRFS • • • •


Wlwr* OMAHANS %op with confidtnc* Trw»» MM qyjBt/ PrafwttMMlKtiwi Ant r«t«iv* pwwMl

AAnth long distance so inexpensive these days, even this occasion is special enough for a call. And rememtjer. rates are lower vtven you dial direct after 5 pm and weekends. Direct dial rates apply to calls dialed without operator wsistance (except to Alaska) or placed with an operator where direct dialing facilities are not available.

avdsons MI0l0e4«*St. Omaha 393-3900


Northwesiem Bell '..w<'%^.MIiK'<Kiir1



April 11.1975

[ Sanhr CHizenScene ]


OHMIUI ti, til •—«


Dam nraai

SERVICES: Friday: Sabbath Eve Services in the Sanctuary al8:l5 p.m. Ral>i)l Myer S. Kriplce will deliver the sennan noting Yom Ha'atzmaut He will •peak on "The Religious Meaning of the Stale of Israel." Cantor Chaim Najman will conduct the musical service. Saturday: Morning Service 10 a.m. Mincha-Maarlv 7:30 p.m. Sunday: 9 am Weekdays: ServlcesalTa.m and7p.m. BARMTRVAH Mldiael Rldunan, son of Mr. and Mn. Harry Rktanuui, will become Bar MItzvah on Friday, April 11 and Saturday, AprUI2 BATMITZVAH Barbara Abramton, daughter of Mr. and Mn. Ahrto Abramton, will became Bat Mitzvah on Friday. April 18 and Saturday. April 19. RIDESAVAIIABLE BeUi El Sisterhood has arranged rides for persons wishing to attend synagogue (unctions but lacking Irantportallon. Call Gloria Goodman, 1333-3331), '' sportation Committee, to request rides to services, meetings, etc. MEN'S CLUB BREAKFAST Rabbi Kripke will discuss "What It Means Be A Jew In 20tt\ Century America" at the last Men's Club Breakfast with the Rabbi on Sunday, April 13. Services are at 9 a.m. followed by breakfast and ttte Rabbi's topic. AFULAHOME The opening of the Afula home (or the aged provided the Jezreel. Zevulun, Beit Shaen and Jordan valley area^ in the north o( Israel with their first such facility.

SERVICES: Friday: 8: IS p.m. Guest speaker (or the Sabbath Discussion Series will be Howard Welnstein, regional director of the.AntiDefamation League. His topic will be "The State of Israel After 27 Years - Looking Forward In Hope." Welnstein recently returned (rom a three-week trip to Israel. A question and answer session will follow the presentation. Musical portions of the service will be provided by the Temple Choir under the direction of Miss Ida GiUin There will be a Sabbath Co((ee Hour. Satnrday: Ham COFFEE Wrm RABBI Coffee with Rabbi Brooks will be held Wednesday morning, April 16,10 a.m. B'NOT MITZVAH niHnas Matthew Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Baker, will become Bar MItzvah at II a.m., Saturday, April 12 " ifiimes Glater, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rlcfaard Glazer, will become Bar Mitzvah at 11 a.m. Saturday. April 19. BOARD MEETING The Temple Israel Board of Trustees will meet In the Temple Social Hall April 15. 7:30 p.m. COUPLESCLUB The Temple Israel Couple's Club Is planning a dinner, April 26, 7:30 p.m. In the Temple Social Hall. For reservations call Sharon Weintraub (333-34831 or Michelle DkMgoff (3341211).

Sabbath Candle Lighting

SERVICES: Friday: Traditk)nal Evening Services tKabbalat Shabbal) 7 p.m. Late Friday evening family service at 8:15 p.m. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff, Cantor Leo Fettman and the Beth Israel Choir.


benediction for Kindling Sabbath Lights;

Omaha B'naiJacob AdaaYaahuron


OnMha Dr.SharHoma SERVICES: Saturday: 9 a.m. Men of the community are Invited to the Home to make a minyan.

Council Bhiffa B'nailaraal

Borukh Atah Adonay Eloheinu Melekh Hoolom, Asher Kideshanu Bemitzvotav Vetzivanu Lehadlik NerShelShabbot.

Lincoln B'nai Jathuran

(Blessed art Thou, 0 lord, Ow God, King of the Universe, Who sonctifies. us by His Conv mondnfients and has coimranded us to kindle the Sabbath lights.)

SERVICES: Friday: 8pm Service conducted by Rabbi Kaiser Helen Boosalls will discuss "Lincoln—Retrospect and Prospect."

This Service Presented os o Courtesy by OMAHA SAVmOS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION a<i>c«i M tatn ( Hwiwy Mt.rtro •nn t wtti ooat* i)o«4 xrrtoo

r''«'ft,51(£S;iV.^ •wr^^i*


SERVICES: FiMay: 6:30 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. Saturday: Morning service9 a.m. Learning service 11 a.m. Rabbi's Gass 6 p.m. Mincha, Sholas Sudos 7:15 p.m. Monday and llHirsday 6:45 a.m. Tueaday, Wedneaday, Friday 7 a.m. Sunday 9 a.m.

Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. conducted by Rabbi NadoK and Cantor Fettman. The Talmud class will be conducted by Rabbi Nadoff at 7:15 p.m. followed at 7:45p.m. ^ .DaaMoinaa Mincha. Sholas Sudos and ^—-^^::::S^nipla Maariv. Sunday: B'nai Jasliurun Minyan 9 am followed by SERVICES: breakfast and Rabbi's class in Friday: one of the sections of Mishna. Evening services 8 p.m. Dally: Rabbi Jay B. Goldburg will Services at 7 a.m. and 7:45 speak on "The Future of p.m. Reform Judaism." BAR MITZVAH Myron Jeremiah DaalMoinaa Wakacfalag. son of Mr. and Mrs. Flschel Wakschlag, will ChNdranoflaraal become Bar Mitzvah at 8:45 SERVICES a.m. Saturday, April 12. Regular minyan services, Monday and Thursday 6:45 a.m. Saturday: Morning Sabbath service, 9 a.m. at Iowa Je^vlsh Home Sunday: 9 am. Special Yahrzeit service, SERVICES: everyone Is welcome. Saturday: Mrs Biber, secretary, 277Momingservlce: >:45a.m. 8601 Sunday Momihg service 8 a.m. Services conducted by DaalMoinaa Rabbi Abraham Eisenstein.

SERVICES Saturday: 9a.m. Sunday: 9a.m Both services will be conducted by Mr. Sam Sacks.

M4«y, April 11,7i41p,fn. M^. April It, TiM pjn.

DaaMoinaa BatliEIJacob

PERSONALS Our missing block "Poodles" was found. Thank you to avaryona wtto was so concarnad.


ByBcrtlaLaur The following officers were elected at the April 7 meeting of the Older Adult aub: Min Cutler, president; Ida Potash, vice president; Helen Newman, publicity vice p^ldent; Annetta Brown, recording secretary; Fanny Manvitz, financial secretary; Sam Poska, treasurer; Van Farrand, birthday chairman; Rose Rasnick, historian; Harry Welssman, bingo caller: Blanche Kalman, dues secretary; Fay Sekar, correspondence secretary Installation will be in May. Thanks to Al Bergman and his family (or a lovely luncheon honoring the 88th birthday of their father, Ephrium. Grandson Bob Bergman was there as were daughters Anne Bergman from New York and Sarah Gerber. Mrs. La Verne Hoffman and Gabby Bergman called from Las Vegas to extend birthday greetings. Mollie Delman announced that reduced-price tickets are available for Senior Citizens who wish to see "Funny

SERVICES: Friday: 8pm. Saturday: 9 a.m. Jr. Congregation 10 a.m. Sunday: Tifillinai^,9a.m.

There will be an executive board meeting following the regular luncheon next Mooday, April 14. Morris Abrams Is living at the DrSher Home. Welcome to new members M>e Kranse, Nate Karpman and Morris Franklin. OtIlltlllU In h«nor of tht isth blrttiday ol Ehprium Bcrfman from Hclan Newman, ftcmio Kalman, Mr, anOMrt. Jack Laiar, Mln Cutlar, Ida Polath, Roit Roitnlxrg, AAolly Franklin. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Polka, Mr. Bargman and family. For tfie recovary of SarMi Langar from Monia Zaikin, /Mrs. ArtHtman, Mr. and Mr*. Jack Laur, Mr. Bargman and family, RattMl SwartI, Annefia Brotm, Barnica Kalman, Gertrudt ForlMt, Ethal BlauvMlu, ROM Parlmuffar. From Mr. and fAr%. i.ouli Cutlar In memory of Mrs. Gandlar. From Mr and Mrt. Sam Pofka gal wall wlihes lor Sarah Sadoffky and Call Glntbarg. From Mrt. Arbltman for Afr. Frladlandar. From Mr Bergman and family lor Leo Ostravllch't birthday, gat »^l wlWiat to E. Kaiman, for tht racovary of Rota Polka. Get wall wliha* from the club lor ROM Sctiwartz.

Omahans in The New^ Former Omahan Bemice Wintroub Premack, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phineas Wintroub of Omaha, has been honored as First Lady of Aberdeen, S.D. The title is bestowed by a secret group of Aberdeen business and professional men and women who are not members of the sponsoring Aberdeen Beta Sigma Phi City Council. Mrs. Premack was cited for her conlributtons to the arts field and for her work with youth. In addition she has t>een active In Congregation B'nai Isaac Synagogue

SERVICES: Friday: 8 p m. with Rabbi Barry D. Cytron, Cantor PInchas Spiro and the Synagogue Choir. An Oneg Shabbal will follow the services. Saturday: ShabbatSchool: 9:ISa.m. Morning Services: 9:30 a.m. Mincha 6 p.m. Sunday: 8:30am. Daily: 7a.m. BATMITZVAH Stade Steinbert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irv Steinberg, will become Bat Mitzvah on Friday,Aprtl 11,8p.m.

Lincoln Tlfaratli laraal

Lady" on a Sunday afternoon. Call Mollie (334-8200) to make arrangements.

Sisterhood, Hadassah and advisor to the United Synagogue Youth. Mrs. Premack Is the siste of Omahans Marilyn Pred i Richard Wintroub. Former Omahan Or] Gordon D. Pred, son of Mr Annette Pred of Omaha, wa recently promoted to the ran of captain in the US. Naval^ Reserve. Or. Pred heads a] management consulting firm i bearing his name Inj Cleveland, Ohk).

PROM ARM SIX It's H*r« I Th* NEWPORT. .. a most popular formal lor spring waddings



Th« WINDSOR ,. . vfry popular for tho trodltionol look this spring

$•• John Arthur

ritishet StL

IMihtCtafsr NM4W




While they iasti King David


Whole Pullets!:;;::)


Chuck Steoks^Rooit


LMH V:, k

Ground Beef




Nebraska Oratorio Choir Slates 'Avodath Hakodesh'

Omaha Organizations HADA88AH MUSICAL The Chanticleer Players, directed by Norman Filbert and John Benett, will perform selections from their expertmanUI new production of ItodflMn and Hammeretein's murical comedy "Carousel" as a highlight of Omaha Chapter Hadassah's annual spring meeting and luncheon scheduled for 12:30 p.m. April 23 at the Jewish Community Center. Luncheon is $2.75. Main Item of business will be election of officers. The nomination slate includes Eleanor Alexander for president; for vice presidents, Virginia Becker, mem-

bership; Mickey Sturm, program, Elaine Nacfaman, fund-raising and Lenl Crounse, education; Roslyn Zoob, treasurer; Gwen Pred, financial secretary; Jane Kulakofsky and Hannah Schwalb, corresponding secretaries; Joan Zalkin, recording secretary. Reservations are due by April 17 Call either Lil Brookstein (391-7524), Etta Epstein (3)»-5l37). Edythe Kass (333-4965) or Shirley Blttner (334-9025). mZRACHI WOMEN Kalah Franklin Chapter, Omaha Mizrachi Women, will recognize donors at an U a.m.

Omaha Chapter of

WOMEN'S AMERON O.R.T. presents their

3nl ANNUAL ROa DANCE g«0l ^^

Saturday, April 12 ^^^ 9 p.m.-1a.m. "Xf Satan's in the Old Market Music by Friendship

DON ATION—»12 FIR COUPLE ^iV^ For tickvts coll; ^CT Sondy Mortin Morcio M*y«rs 3939473


brunch Tulsday, April 15, at the Underwood Towers Party Room, 49th and Underwood. Rabbi Barry Weinstein of Temple Israel will review "Mazel Tov: You're Middle Aged" by Albert Vorspan, a review rescheduled from an earlier date. The musical program will be presented by Lenl Crounse. For reservations call Mrs. Morris J. Franklin, 551-8366, or Mrs. Fay Sekar. 551 3049. Luncheon committee includes Mrs. Franklin, Mrs David Potash, Mrs. Max Sacks and Mrs. Mandel Landsman. ORT ROCK DANCE The Omaha Chapter of Women's American Organization of Rehabilitation through Training (ORT) will hold its Third Annual Rock Dance on Saturday, April 12,9 p.m.-l a.m. at Satan's In the Old Market. Tickets are 112 per couple which will Include pizza, beer, wine and music by "Friendship" from the Generation Gap. Proceeds help support ORT vocational training schools. Tickets may be purchased at the door or by calling Sandy Martin (393-9437) or Marcla Meyers (334-5780) B'NAIB'RITH WOMEN Sandy Tabachnick will present a program of Israeli singing and dancirf at the


final meeting of Comhusker Chapter of B'nai B'rith Women, 8 p.m. Thursday, April 17 at the First Federal Savings and Loan, 84th and Dodge. PIONEER WOMEN Howard Weinstein, regional director of the AntiDefamation League will lead a discussion of "Israel Today" at the Pioneer Women's Social Cultural Party, Saturday, April 12,8:30p.m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rosenberg, 926 S. 85 SI. Call Rachel (3934187) or Pearl (556-9939) for reservations.

Jewish Cooking MUENSTER CASSEROLE By Norma Bar ach Often we have leftover challa and need to put It to good use Combining the challa with cheese, you'll find that you can come up with a very tasty casserole.

LINCOLN - Don Gert>cr, a aophonu>re business ma]or from Omaha, will be In the tenor section when the Oratorio Choir of the Unlveristy of Nebraska presents composer Ernest Bloch's "Avodath Hakodesh" at 3 p.m. on May 4 in the Coliseum. Admission Is free for the program, which draws its

Single Parent Joys Is Workshop Topic OMAHA - The topic of the fourth and final Single Parent Workshop is "The Joys of Single Parenthood" on Wednesday, April 16, 7:30 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center. The sessions, sponsored by the Omaha Jewish Family Service, are~directed by Dr. Paul Fine of Creighton University. Sitter service is available by calling Pearl Yager, 334-8200.

music from Ma Tovu, the Sh'ma, Mechomocho and other traditional Jewish prayer songs. The choir, second largest on the. UNL campus with 200 singers, will have full UNL orchestral accompaniment. Earl Jenkins Is choir director. Gerber, member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, said that the production liasn't been done by the choir in about 10 yearn and that "about half" the current choir favored doing the program In Hebrew rather than In English. Translations of the text will be available.

Omahans in Business Alan H. (Buddy) Goodman has been named acting treasurer of Morris Industries, Inc., of Omaha.

WHA| ARE YOU HOARDING IN YOUR CUPBOARDS? Whatever f f is, we need It NOWl Please remember that Hodotsoh needs dishes, glassware, pott, pans and working appliances.

•Mtor iMU oa Mh iKM d Mdi rik> Kid at MNo —tarti i^Mm Gnmt i P^uii iimnli dBt Pu(ll<<J»na<MM«<a>«l Mil •qnarvi. i i*jtr irf cDfvM. man _«•« man chmi MIt mUt. uM md ovor lof a( CMoonte M dwi laa atamal pM ol M wour PI am cm to •• doina BUr lai c«nndabai4i|nlwl«i lonM

I ' I



The BEST Soiomi is o TERRIFIC buy this week... ot Hinky Dinky, of courael


SAVE 70'A POUNI> BEST'S Kosher Salami y2 or whole.


M.89 Chubs, Mb... M.89 Sliced..

For Sunday Lunch Serve Salami with... Light Coraway. N«w York ttyl«, andRuMlanRy«Br«ad...tjotfromth«ov«n OMiuIn* Wjon Mm tard Macaroni iaiad (Sov* lOc)

K7t Loaf 9# 5^ i«>^ 89* lb.

SmokodWhltofiih Chubs (Sav*30c)


Jumbo Kothor Picklaf (Bulk) Morrigol Poanut Buttor Cooklos (Sav« Sc) Danish Pocan COmiCAKI (Oalidous)

2for 49*

lb. lb.

SpMlal Sals PriMB •ffoctiv* through TuMday. April 15

74* doz. *1.29«a.



E99 Ywitt Brood frMK»iTa«««M


Try our ?*','•* ^^"' **?*"J!j!«f^* Broadl --,,11 TQ I k •orlaton Hungarian SWISS .....(lowKk) la#Tr ID*

Thoro't a HINKY DINKY DOII now you in Omaha. Lincoln, Sioux Oty. a^ Molnot ««,«.. (loma ,^«„ Itomg). „.«., *.-ii«--L-« j-n ....trgyg. ' DM Coll lor froo dallvry of<•largo party



Oorilll. 1978


des nmoiiieis iie^i^s Aieetmo DM Federation Takes New Approach to 75 Funds Campaign

Do You Know? DES MOINES-The following questions are part of a quiz series enabling you to test your Federation I.Q. How much do you really know about the Des Moines Jewish Welfare Federalion-yoor Federation? The answers to ji these questions will appear in the next edition of the Jewish Press. Good luck! 1. How many itudeiiU attend our Bureau o( Jewiata EducatiaaQemHularySdMwl a. 100; b. 200; c 140 HV>8ciioai a. 67; b. 38; c. 20. 1. IIM total coat of educating each student tn tbe Bureau HcbfCwSdiooliaa.S44S;b.t600;c.t83a 3. Tttt Bureau oHen "PreHeiM«w School" programs for chUdrcna. 2-3 years old; b. 3-5 years old; c.S-8 years old. 4. 7lM coat d Uw care (or each mtdent at the Iowa

Jewitb Home per nonth Is— a. $698. b $841; c $928 5. Tbe Jewish IdentUlcatton Program was estabUahed in 1970 to give our young people o|iportunlttes to partkripate In camp programs and in work and study projects in Israel designed to enrich tbetr Jewish backgrounds and strangtben their ties to Jewish Ufa. How many yoong people attended Jewiih camfN tfala past summer aa part o( Ihia pngran? 'a. 10; b.20; c.30. 6. Federation budget bearinp aie «g^ meetings, which every member of iiic Des Moines Jewish Conmunity Is wdoome to attnd. a Tnie. b False 7. IlK Local Needs goal to 19751s: a. $389,000; b. tStS.OOO; c. I8»7,000. Two of the answers may be found in articles in this Press.

Des Moines Happenings Theater Hadaesah Invhation Soc\ttUi f<ailolTmip<f a Mt ItduMmittrttrm:

ftmtm UK purdUH of n^ipUa lor tte Hiduuh In linH. li ifMMrai wiilly bjr Mr. ud Mn Sktey PcnlaiM to niflWryo<UirlrlaUiMawr.BiTM(l lyiHi •!• im<•!<^nl»Mi»s Ill iil TMi jxv'i progrun wUI laturt an nuaaiain pwlK— by a (nty c( UlaM actan trtn call OmrnHvci'*n» Apfit Tnc " a nlofenuDi coMrtbiiUon o( n par ptnon lacMea Uiaalcr adnlaatia (aanlMn. »labtMhmdby a reeapttaaaarf MlvoMa ASpTiCaadiyla kltapSd!• lanal Spcrlal yoiUi adnMaa laB. rarraamUaaciBMn. MoUk Fraatuii - i7».7M> or Mn UAyPnct-

Fftm Seriee Canceled "Fahmihnt ei." Uv final film o< TlleraUi larail • I^aafwrUaaaaObt Dacadn." baa been caacaiM baeaaaa o( a canfliel la (Maa Tb* Oln had bam adMduM lor WHftMaday, Ayril It.

Bsenmanls Coming fMBtmnan Iram UK Aliyab Ollica II comlaiieDci Malnra on Apnl a aid will b*MiaBwcauotJawtihEdiicalkm Irani IIlotpm HUial Unw inlanatcd may

DES MOINES-In a most unusual action, the Federatkm Board hat declined to follow the tradition of netting i goal for this year's AU-lnOne Campaign. Koselind Kabinowilz, chairman of the campaign, noted that the goal Is an artificial device designed to spur campaign workers. This year, she said, the problems are so obvious to all that there Is no needier this gimmick. "We all know about the tremendous rate of inflation, not only here, but in Israel, where it has worked extreme hardships upon Uie entire population." RIsaBileoSefawails "Furthermore," she said "the extraordinary taxes In Israel have made It, exceedingly difficult even for middle-income IWJS MOINES-Dr. and fellies to make ends meet, to lay nothing of Mrs Julius Schwartz extend a the poor and needy whom we are most concordial Invitation to friends to cerned to help." The great expenditures on national defense share with them the Bat MiUvah celebration of thelK have forced Israel to rely to an ever greater daughter, RIsa Ellen, at 8 p.m. degree upon grants and loans from the United Friday, April 18, at Beth El Stales, its only remaining ally. This reliance ttas rendered Israel more and more vulnerable Jacob Synagogue. to political and economic pressure from the United States and less Independent than It has even t>een. American Jewry Is in a position to alleviate some of the problems created by these conditions by providing for some of the humanitarian needs of the State. In addltkHi, Mrs. Rabinowitz remarked upon the pressing needs of world Jewry — particularly the Soviet Jevn and tbe Jews of Syria and other Arab nations — who desperately need assistance. "We should all be thankful," she observed, "that our grandparents or great-grandparents had the good fortune to be assisted in their hour of need by some generous Americans who made It possible (or them to come to this country. We must now return the favor to thoie who are less fortunate than we." Mrs. RabinowiU explained that abolition of




••••rvatlens 2M-2344

Political Science at Touro College. He now devotes his full time to the institute where he lectures and writes. Dennis Prager's schedule In Des Moines will be:

Beth El Jacob Synagogue7:30 p.m. "The Jewish Role In the Contemporary World" MAAREV-'Shaleshudt"MINCHA

UMiriday.Aprlin Youth Campaign Talk, "Why 1 am a Jew." Stone Youth Center. -~ Friday, April 18 Tlfereth Israel Synagogue at 8 p.m. will speak at service Saturday, April It Drake "House" at 12:30 p.m. "The Jewish Alternative".

Everyone's Invited

n* ••«•• afJaarM CdacaUao aaaaiaKn an Oivn Howe durlns OK laal A^ iar Ibaaa IMraaM bi ataarvbis Uir prradHol and playmlutl W iisi aaM l« atUa». Pi»adi«al-4l»»>aarildl. .MUaiaaparwa* Plar-ailMl-ilaSyMnaM*... lUaaaparM* Wactdaynomaip. »ll o'dodi OpponuBltlet lor pre~rt(u(ralloB •M wMSa bi


DES MOINES-DennIs Prager, director of Tu Ulmad Institute, an organizatkm that sends young Jewish scholars to lecture and conduct courses of critical Jewish cotxiein, will be in Des Moines making a series of appearances from Thursday. April 17, through Saturday, April 19. Dr. Prager. an authority on Communist affairs who has vltlted the Soviet Union and satellite countries on three occasions, -wai formerly Professor of Jewish History and Religion at Brooklyn College and Professor of


An Open House


Mrs. Rabinowitz concluded by remarking on the uniqueness of the Des Moines Jewish community. "We are most fortunate to live among people who do not have to t>e cajoled or coerced Into giving. We have demonstrated our generosity in the past. I have complete confidence In our ability to exceed all expectations by going all out to support those who need our help ^ . "This Is a critical time In our history. Our people are under attack all over tlie world. We are isolated as we have not been since the Holocaust. We know now - If we ever doubted H — that Jewry wUI equal or transcend w|iat they have done in the past. "My husband's grandfather, Rabbi Zeichik, used to quote a Talmudic saying-that he who saves a single Jewish soul has made God's creatkm worthwhile. We have been given the privilege of saving not one, but many Jewish souls. The task has certainly made our own lives worthwhile."

BarMitzvah Pragsr to ViSit Dss Moiitos DES MOINES-Seth Joel Meisel, son of Mr and Mrs. Martin Meisel, announces the celebration of his Bar Mitzvah on April 2S at Temple B'nal Jeahurun. Everyone It cordially Invited to attend. No personal Invitatkms have been sent. An Oneg Shabbat will follow the service.

a an cardWIy wrNad !• attnd a lagnMy bfUKb tar UN bnam tf Ua Habnw nariadial CaOafa I* babaM bi BMk ea Jae* aynaswia'i InetailMimSiV, A|im UatUBouL Flaiaa brb« yov apaiw RabM MmMI Sarg at DM Mataa ami HMt laaac Nadoff efOmaiia arvlonnn' riudtnUofIbaaUcfr <MtH-mi ar X!*4m lor rcaervalloiia Admlaaloa K (rat


DIvlshM of Pledges Contributors have the option this year of specifying the areas to which their contributions will go: All funds pledged to the Israel Life Fund will be sent to Israel or to hitematlonal Jewish relief, welfare, or cultural organizations. Funds pledged to the regular campaign will be earmarked for local and national agencies, up to a mailiwim tt tM.OOO. Beyond that figure, which is the amount budgeted for this fiscal year, funds contributed to the regular campaign will be devoted to emergency overseas reliel.


Heiirew CoHege Brunch

m^M 7

the goal does not imply any decline in tbe community's determination to support Israel and world Jewry. "On the contrary," she said, "we trust that every member of the community will recognize the great need an will at least match last year's contribution."

DBS MOINES-Rlcky Waltman, son of Mr and Mrs. Bernard Waltman, will celebrate his becoming a Bar MItzvah at the Saturday Mincha service at 7 p.m April 19 at Tlfereth Israel

DES MOINES - You are invited to attend a (xmumnlty ceMiratlon of the 27th annlvenary of tiie eitabUilunait of tbe State of larad on April IS at I p.m. at tbe Jewtrii Oommunlty Center. laraeli Btar Q«da GUI will be featured. Itaerc alio will be an excUiog and Inapiratknal fntftm by diildrea <A Bureau of Jewish Education. DesMotaefialuteB theSUteof larad. We requeat your preaence. We will abow the world a loUd front of JewlA concern. Everyone ia wetcome. Mo admlsiioo fee. No eoUeitatlon. lUa program li aponsored by the JOC, the Jewitb Youth Council ^and the Bureau.

KOSHER MUn MI4IVMMi,0Mka,Nakr. (4M)tSMe5 We can service Des Moines and oil other cities in Iowa. USOA iRspected EfltiUislimeirt No. 2317 Coll collect: (403) 558-0485 Wfe ship bv lewo perMl — delivery mad* to your door.

April 11.1876

Thank You, Des Moines Edttor'i Note: HW MkNTliv latter tnm a Rnaateii JeirWi ImmlgraDt family was raoalved by Dr. 0«rald 8. Ptrnuui, executive dlrador of the Jewiili Welfare Paderatloii of Da* Moloea. Dear Sir, I'm glad (0 inform you that my husband has found employment In Kansas City, so we are now able to start our loan payments a little earlier than it was planned. We would nice to thanic you

and the Jewish community of Dn Moines for your warm hospitality, care and help to our family. We'll never forget Des Moines. It is Impossible to thank all the people who have helped us In this difficult time of our life. In a letter. But we do sincerely hope our friends In the Jewish community will remember us all as warmly as we remember them. Yours truly, B«fta,YaooT and Michael SUaaaky

Iowa Jewish Home Guild DES MOINES-At a recent board meeting, Mrs. Donald Blumenthal was named chairman and Mrs. Steven Blank co-chairman of the Annual Golden Ball, to be held Nov. 1 at Hotel Fort Des Moines Those interested in helping with the Ball are asked to contact the chairman. Tlie Iowa Jewish Home Guild has authorized Carl Rogat to purchase convection ovens for the Home's kitchen in honor of Mrs. Hattie Singer for her dedication to the Home.

Da Segal To Speak DES MOINES - Danny Segal, widely traveled poet and Hebrew scholar, is coming to Des Moines oa April JO. tegal, a former national United Synagogue Youth president who holds imdergraduate degrees from Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary with a master's degree in Hebrew Uterature from the latter institution, has written a book of poetry entitled "Soulstoned" and is currently at work on several novels.

On Sunday aflamooo, April ai, Sagal wfll bs ^paaUiif « "nadakak"aa ««ll aa raadk« lOBM of Uf pofldy for JCwWi •Maate aa part of Ifee YMrih t^ampai^L ThiM profranii "HM JawM OaaDadka", wlU ba eontetad at BorteO's Ranch tai 8t Oiartaa, bmra Segal will Ulk with the Young Leadership of the JWF on tlM following Monday evening and Is also scheduled to visit the Jewish "House" for discussion and poetry readings.


WALTER E.OOTTUEB Graveside services were held Monday, March 31 at Temple Israel Cemetery for Walter E. GotUleb. Survivors: wife, Hllde; son, Steven J.E.; daughter, Ellen Sue; sister, Mrs. Julius Falkensteln.

MRS. ARTHUR OENDLER Funeral services were held Sunday, April 6 at the Jewish Funeral Home for Mrs. Arthur Gendler,83. Survivors: huttNuid, Rev. Arthur Gendler; sons, Charles, Irving, Norman, Sam and Hymie; daughters, Jean Gendler, Mrs. Leon WIntroub, Mrs. Paul Alperson; sister, Mrs. Rhoda Guggenheim; brothers, Maurice Peltz and Keith PelU.

MICHAEL KAMAN F^ineral services were held Tuesday, April 1 for'former Omahan Michael Kaiman of Encino, Calif., son of the late Abner and Annette (Hurwitz) Kaiman. Survivors: wife, Susan; daughter, Lorl; son, Jeffrey; sister, Mrs. Al (Elaine) Hart, Los Angeles.

Camp Funshine Hiring Staff OMAHA - The Jewish Community Center's Children's Department is interested in Interviewing college students to work al Camp FWhIne. The preschool day camp will begin June 23 and run until Aug. i. Interviews can be arranged by caUlng Robyn at 334-^200 Ext. 29.

AGiftforMikvah OMAHA - RaridnIi <( Ilia Dr. PUllp Sbar ttw Agad are wtortag uateg the and raAatWMd mlkrah (ritual bath) at the Homa, aocordta^ to staff manttiara. TIM work on Iha mikvak was-a gift fmn Sam (K OaDaa, Tta., In baoor o( the 100th M^ ttiday a( Mn. Bland's mother, Hn. Slma



Iw^iBtlam ActlvHiM Mracter

Paul Roae, the MP, is now urging the Home

Continental Managenient liic. InvestHHint Securities Proud to Announce That

Ba whara the action isshopplng, ahows. fun-toi olthar Waat Omaha or in Council Bluffs (2 mlnutas from OowntOKvn Omaha). CdorTVInavaty room... "pampar" panala baslda ovor-atzad bada... Indoor pool . . . toungas . . . saunas .. . gama room and maatino rooms . . . right wtwra tha action Isl MtiteitMr ksslmi/imf BMllai iH(>*li


Jounionf$ MOTOR L0DQE8 •SSmSHi Hs-iin


Secretary to prevent Nazi sympathizers from entering Britain to attend a reunion of "Column. 88." Rose added that Scotland Yard's special branch (Political Police) had mtercepted an invitation letter in which it was stated that full military uniform wUlbewom.


^^fv« ipBPW WWWi,

flf MMMHt MnSntl, n ytit W9 IMmiMv

RodMnbarg, a Sber naUsnt. New paneling and tUe were taiatallad In the mlkvah. Here Mn. Rotbenbarg, rl^ eonvaraea with Blanche whOa bar grandaon - and Mrs. Rothanbarg's grtatgrandson — David Bkod, aits on her lap. DavU to the an of Mr. and Mn. Ban Blend of Boaton, Mass. Occaalon was the family reunkm hooorlngMn. Rotheobarg. (Kruegar Photo)

Nad Masting LONDON, (JTA) - A plan by a secret Nazi organization, many of ttie members former high-ranking SS officers, to celebrate Hitler's birthday in Britain has been uncovered by a British MP.





Chaim Weizmann?

WHAT 00 YOU KNOW ABOUT CHAD! WEUaiAMNr Editor's Note — This is the last of three quizzes testing your knowledge about the first President of Israel in observance ol irislOOth Anniversary. It has been prepared for this and other member papers of the American Jewish Press Association by the Department of Education and Culture of the American Section of the World Zionist Organization. 1. What gift did Dr. Weizmann give to President Truman In appreciation of his recognition of the State of Israel? 2. Why did Weizmann always refer to the "Jewish People," rarely using the terms "Israel" or "Israelis"? 3. How did Weismann view Israel culturally and spiritually? 4. How wu Weixmann Immortalized at Rehovot? 5. Name a claoe aaaoclate of Dr Weizmann who headed the Weizmann Institute for many years. 6. How did Ben Gurlon describe Weizmann? 7. When did Weizmann die and where is he buried? >. What is the title of Dr. Welzmann's well-knows autobiography? 9. Who of Dr. Welzmann's kin is active In Israel's politics today? 10. What were Welzmann's major achievements? Auwan to Uw abo«« quaitlom will be iouDd en pafli U o(


rMSMI mtm

Has Joined Our Firm as a Registered Representative Corporat* Bonds •'AAun id pal Bonds • Stoclcs Pr«ferr«d Stock • Mutual Funds Phona 551-6323 4521 Laavanvtfortli tf. Omaha. Nabr. 68106

David RIca'B •uslnass Piiona 551-5454




Bergman New OMAHA - Greg Alan Bergman, wUo !• competing SUMUM tor hia muter't

Lsidcfihip CMcs Open on Mondiy

At Sher Home for Aged

degree in aodal woiliat the Univosity of Neinaka, has been named assistant director of the Dr Philip Sher Home for the Aged.

It was made by B« LMb, Sher Home director, who said be Is "kMklng forward to program lievelapnient" with Bergman

(Oontlnued from Page 1) seminar on research In leadership and managerial betiavior and Itas writtm several papers on vartous aspects of leadership and administration. The first session, on April 14, "Motivating Participants In Volunteer Organizations", will be directed at ^Derating a list of things that can l)e done to make volunteer work more rewarding. Arlene Fredricks and Jeanette Nadoff are cochairmen of the workshops.

Open House

now on the staff. Bergman began work March 24. Bergman, 24, a native of Lorain, Ohio, earned hia bachelor degree in psychology at Ohio SUte University In 1973. He U a member of the National Association of Social Workers and of the National Federation of Student Social Workers and has been on the curriculum committee of the NU School of Social Work. He has been teaching a graduate-level introductory research course In eociai work at the University of NebraskaOmaha campus, where he studies. '

Home Seeking A Bird Feeder

Bergman and his wife, Susan, life in Bellevue and are members of Temple Israel. Mrs. Bergman teaches ninth grade social studies at Logan Fontenelle Junior High In Bellevue.

Betpnan, Ml. and I^aub

OMAHA - A bird bath or bird feeder Is being sought by the Dr. Philip Sher Home for the Aged in Omaha. Janet Fischer, recreational therapist, said the item or items would be much appreciated by residents of the Home. The Home will stage its own Israel Independence Day t>arty on Tuesday, April IS. A Mexican pinata full of prizes and other items will give the obaervance an international

Qftea^tim a la Cudk ^ We hove o large selection of oriental jar stands, plote stands, and Imari porcelain. Come shop with us.

OMAHA - Workers In the 1975 Omaha Jewish Philanthropies Campaign were reminded today that a Campaign Open House is being conducted every Sunday from 10 a.m. until noon at tiie Community Center.

Ell M. Zaikin. general chairman of the campaign, said the time is allotted so that workers can bring in reports of their progress and discuss problems and ideas pertaining to the Campaign itself.

I by land, sea, or air

travel f aire gets you there..


OrvBl Mildflr NadineHdo Travel Faire Travel Agency - all the services you'd expect from a ttavel agerKy — and a few you wouldn't.

1729 Shmrach Raid (Countrywb Vl^a)

Maxwell House G)ffec Honors Famous :wish-American Patriots

Barbora Serpan 611 Bel-Air Ptoza

120th tW. Center


140 Gotewoy Moll in Lincoln


f Lincoln Lights Members of Tifereth Israel Religious School teaching staff and chairman of the education committee, Harry Allen, attended a seminar for synagogue teachers. In Omaha, conducted by Morton Siegal. Dr Siegei is executive director of United Synagogue of America and director of Its Department of Educatkn and Commission of Jewish Educatkm. Tlfereih Israel Sisterhood will conduct services on April • at the Sisterhood Convention in Omaha. On April 29 Rabbi Mark Bismaa wiU take


Omoho's No. 1 Family Restaurant

put in a panel dtscuwiow. '•- Members of Sistcctaod an urged to make plans now to : attend this exciting coo; vtntkin,April»,29and3e. David Mande) is preparing a : ptotograph docuinentary on ; ttw Lincoln Jewish coin\ mnnlty. It wUI involve peollectiBg and c rapliotograpMng old family t pholograplu as well ai \ pfcotoyra|iMH| PMitetnpofary MBy life. Anyone iniefcsted in tar a r gwMile oMWt in TMenil ^iinel synagogue can coBlact innidMandeiatlB-lMZ.


A bigaii Minii wai the nulriarch of * dis/\ linguitbed funily in the eirly history r^Loi Oeorfii, and wai a Revoluliooary patriot of ciauical note. Born in England in 1711, Abigail at age 22, left the lecurity of London to lettle in the new colony of Geor|ia. She came' with her husband. Abraham, two daugblers, Leah and Etiher, and a brother Simeon. Abraham was a man of means and followed mercantile puriuilf In the new world. Hit name i> on the Arsi real etiate deed recorded ia Oeorgia, and hit ton Phillip wai the tint European child bom in that colony. Abraham died in 1737 leavini hit etiale and buiincu to the capable Abipil who increated the inherilancc manifold during her long and frtiitful life of 96 yean. la 1779, the American high command decided to recapture Savannah from dw Britiih. Oeneral Lincoln lelected Phillip Minit and Levi Sbeflal to help the npcdilion. After the attack w'ai launched, tuppliet were torely needed and the commandert applied \o Abigail for proviiioni.

A Iraditioa in Amcricea-|cwisk bomcs fSr half a ccntary KCatTtraDKOSHO

Opme¥mrOaf^fMA.ML TMICPM

Mn. Leo HID, anonnoedUw name to be added to the . raslor is Mrs. JuHiH Zelen.

ABIGAIL MINIS 17111807 provi^ sorely needed goods for the Gwtiaeatal Army


msan •

The keen old woman knew the Continental Army to be a poor credit ritk, but her beloved iUle and Independence came flrtl. She "delivered the goodi" without heiilaiion. The retaking of Savannah wai an American failure, leaving Abigail in a very precarioui position. The Britiih lutpected her loyalty. But before they acted apinit her, the managed to leave for Charietton. S.C. with her Ave daughters. Her ton, Phillip, early in the Revolution, was branded a "vile rebel" and blacklitted; he could never hold office under any Royal governor. Phillip Minit acted at Pay Matter and Committary General of the Continental Army in 1776. He pertonally advanced $11,000 for luppliei to Virginia and North Carolina troopt. He later lerved at President of Mikvah lirad and ai City Warden of Savannah.

SEND FOR EMCITINC BOOKLH aidliamt |ewiii Ameriua Hskiry Ymi and your cWMiMi wfU bt duOM lo raad ilw faKimiiinf aoriM in ihli boaldci tibam ram /»M ktHimtn IK Aimrka Dm pfoSlw a( muy lUHofk" Jm who aM* noiaUa comrtbudoaa ia UH cmiion nt tialilij a< oui iHUlon. hnd IUHM and iddteMwitb M> l«: JFWISH-AMEHICAN PATRIOTS Bos MSa, Oraad Ctairal Suiioa NtwVofli,N.Y. leoiT

April 11.1978



f. To/t9C0f¥eAhtmnu9 Award From AZA

Ikoriier For the fint time in recent yean, Omaha's Jewish temageri are Iwing afforded racognUkm as full and equal partners in the community's leadership structure. This important step has l)een taken by the Federation of Jewish Women's Oubs who will sponsor special workshops In which the teens will participate. On Monday, April 14, and again the following week, community leaders will gather at Uie Jewish Community Center for two intensive three-hour workshops designed to help them improve and develop their leadership capabilities in a "learning by participation" situation. What makes this program outstanding In scope is that all segments of our communal leadership have been Included. Bad! of the nine exlatlng youth organlxatlons has been tnvltod to lend both a teen and adult repraaentatlve to the workshops. As of this writing, the majority of our youth groups will be represented in this major "first" cooperative endeavor. This project, which has the full supiXNrt and sponsorship of the Jewish Federation, should herald the way for leadership Involvement by all age groups. Including Its youth, working together to Insure the continuing viability al our Jewish community. The first leadership training workahop begins April 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center. BBOCS Alt college and careerbound teenagers and theli parents are Invited to the Sunday, April 13, free lecture dlfCMsaton (10 a.m. at the JewWi Community Center) with PMtllp Haber, director oi the Twin Cities B'nal B'rith Career and Counseling Service. Haber will cover all aspecta of wisely choosing a college and future occupation. In the afternoon, Haber will conduct the testing program for those from the morning session wishing to take advantage of BBCCS's counaeliog lervicea (Initial fee eO). This entitles the applicant to "lifetime coverage" al no additional cost. TEEN PHILANTHROPIES CAMPAIGN To date, contributions from the teen community total only a litUe over $2,500 Almost every teenager In our Jewish community has been aollclled once by a campaign worker When we consider that last year's campaign yielded a total of 17,500, the highest amount raised by Omaha Jewish teens In many years, we are far behind in thta year's effort. It has been said before that the dollar amount of an indlvMkuU't pledge Is Important, but NOT ai Inpertant aa the

WASHINGTON - Judge Irving Hill of UM Angeles, who will be presented Aleph


fact that he or she GAVE SOMETHING. There is NO minimum acceptable pledge. You are being asked to help support your local Jewish community, world Jewry and Israel by making a contribution: one YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH; and one which YOU can pay without much difficulty by careful budgetary planning. If you haven't as yet pledged for any reason, whether It be because you were not prepared to do so when called upon, or because you haven't been contacted yet, please commit yourself to your community, your people, and to your homeland — Israel — and make your gift to the 1975 Teen Philanthropies Campaign. Call, or see, Keith Josephs-on, campaign chairman (5S3-7S33), or myself (334-t200, ext. 3S). Your pledge gives the gift of HOPE to a feOow Jew who would have none were it not for you. YOMHA'AIZMAUT Wednesday. AprU It, at 7:30 p.m., will see a communitywide celebration al the Center of Israel's 27th Anniversary. The entire community la Invited to participate. REMINDER Omaha BBO invites you to attend its "Night al The Movies" a pm. Saturday, AprU 12, at the JCC. For the low, low admission fee of $1 SO per person, you will see the fantastic flick "Beach Party" starring Frankle and Annette Refreshments will be served.

BABYsrrmts - WHERE AREYOUT Calls come into this office every day for teenagers — both guys and gals - willing to babysit. There are more requests than teenagers available. The Youth Department will guarantee you Jobs If you contact us to get yourname on our Job Registry. We will offer another Red Cross Certification course during summer program seMlons. To be listed In the registry, you must complete the training program or tend me a letter of application Including three letters of' reference from people for wtrnm you have worked as a sitter.

Campus Notes Jonathan S. Berek, 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel 1. Berek of Fremont has been accepted Into an Internship and residency training program at Harvard Medical School in Boston, starting July 1973. In May, Berek will receive his M.D. degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, M(l. After a one-year internship in the departments of internal medicine and surgery at Harvard's Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Berek vlll enter a three-year residency In the department of obstretlcs and gynecology at Harvard's Boston Hospital for Women and Massachusetts General Hospital. Berek Is the grandson of Esther Graetz of Omaha.

Zadlk Aleph's Sam Befaer Distinguished Alumnus Award at the AZA International convention in August, is a native of Lincoln, Neb. Judge Hill served a^ president of his Lincoln AZA chapter in 1934-35. He attended the University of Nebraska and was a memt>er of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. After graduation from Harvard Law School, he joined the U.S. Justice Department's anti-trust divlskm and subsequently became a special assistant to Attorneys Cieneral Nicholas BIddle and Tom C aark. A former Callfornai Superior Court Jurist, Judge Hill was appointed federal judge by President Lyndon B. Johnson In 1965. Judge Hill is a member of

B'nal B'rith Antl-Defemation League's western regional board and a past national vice president of the Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds. He served three terms as president of the Jewish Federation-Council of





Greater Los Angles. The Bet>er award, named for the Omaban who founded AZA, Is given annually to a former member who has distinguished himself in his career or communal activities. U




Ken Stone, Son ol Al and Jerl Stone of Omaha, has been nominated lor membership In Kappa Tau Alpha, National Honor Society, for superior academic achievement in Journalism. Ken is a junior at the University o( Kansas witere he has been a member of the track team and is presently sports editor of the yeariwok and sports reporter for llie Dally KaiinB.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kerwin announce, the birth of their first child, March 26, a daughter, KImberiy Ann. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Irving W. Moss of Omaha and John J. Kerwin of Providence. R.I. Mr. and Mrs. Carl TIchauer announce the birth, March 19, of a son, Cory Sean. Grani^arents are Mr. and Mrs. Walter TIchauer and Mr. and Mrs. George Lerman Great grandparents are Mr and Mrs. Nathan Lerman. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Paley announce the birth, April 4, of a son, Phillip Jason. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Rips and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Paley of Sherman Oaks. Calif.

RfMINDml T««na 9td Parents ore Invited to particlpote In a

L«ctur«/Dliciisston with PhllHab«r Director of Twin atlM •'not •'rith Car««r Countellng S«rvlc« on Collogo and Coroor Soloctlon Whot coll«g«s end corears ore "right" for you? Join the group meeting with Mr. Haber this Sunday ntoming ond find out. See you there! Sponsored by BBYO ond the JCC ii»i»^ tuiiiil ,siM al -nttcn



Aquatics Notebook ByOuyJavltdi jccipumna

INTERIM SLUIN ASnCS TO START SCJON Women seeking a better-looking, better functioning body can join the Jewish Conununlty Center's special Intertm Sllmnastics program May 5-June 13 (prior to our summer program). Two courses, each carrying a 18 fee. will be offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:30-10:90 «m: Slimnasllcs "B" and Advanced Sllmnastics Three courses, at t7.50 each, will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays: Slimnaitlc* "C", t:3010:30 a.m.; an evening course, 7:30-S:30 p m. and Jr and Sr. ,Hi^ Girls, 6:30-7:30p.m. To sign up. see JoAnn Dye in the Athletic Departinent office. SOME TENNIS OPENINGS STILL AVAILABLE: Openings slUI exist in the Women's Experienced tennis classes and the 3rd-through-6tli grade intermediate and advanced classes, according to Dave Meyers, tennis subcommittee chairman. Members should contact JoAnn in the Athletic Department to sign lor the following: Women's Experienced — Mondays or Tuesdays, it a.m. to noon. 6 wks. beginning April 2t. Fee, f9. Junior Tennis Class (intermediate and advaiKed) - Boys-girls, Grades 3«. Thursdays. 4-5 p.m.. 6 wks .May 1.fee 19. WOMEN INVITED TO MAGIC TOUCH HEALTH CLUB We cordially invite the womeo to a complimentary day at the Magic Touch Health Club You'll be shedding your heavy winter coal, so why not those extra pounds'^ Take a class In Slimna-tles. yoga or just swim to stay (It. Loose those kinks in the steam room, make your skin glow in the sauna and. as an extra bonus, take a whirlpool bath Relax, vitit friends in our TV lounge while you sip a cup of coffee. And all of it Is free! Call Chuck Arnold, director, or Maury Potts, Health aub instructor. 334-ffiOO. MEDICALLY SUPERVISED FITNESS PROGRAM ' An extensive medically supervised exercise program will begin in May under supervision of physicians and the Center's Physical Education staff, according to Dr. Eugene Zweiback. JOC medical chairman. Each participant will need medical clearance from his personal physician Those encouraged to join this program are adult members of the Center and non-memtiers judged lo be coronary-prone because they have three or more of the following risk factors: physically unfit, excessive smoker, high level of cholesterol, overweight, family history of heart disease. elevated blood pressure, diabetic, excessive eating and cardiopulmonary disease.

BUn STARS BEAT AU^OTARS IN SENOOFT The Good Doctor San Guinary cavorted and anchorman Jeff Jordan added his commentary, but neither were enough to stop the JCC Blue SUn is the teenage basketballers dropped the KMTV All-Stars, <S^ Sunday. April 6. before a crowd of over 350 in the Center gym. Leading the Blue Stars, for whom the benefit game was a sendoff to this weekend's national JWB Tournament in Newburg. N.Y , were Keith Walzak with 14 points. Keith Miller with 12 and Doug Demmel, 10. The game climaxed three weeks of selling raffle tickets to help fund the trip Joyce Connolly won the color television raffle. Jane Zukaitis the husband-wife Health Club membership. SOFTBALL LEAGUES. TEAMS WELCOMED Teams and leagues are now being formed for the JCC Spring and Summer Softball Program starting this month For further information, call Mike Zahm or Chuck Arnold, 334-8200. MFTBALL Mtii't Stsw ritch — 10 a.m. Sunday >t<rtlne May 4. Fa* 110. Ce«« AdwH Kinaii iolttMM - tp.m. Thurtdayt Marting April U, %i ptr panon. P«a Wa« "T" Mtkatt (K«t. tayO — ]:4S Sp.m. Montfayk April M. No fa*. Kitty Kat 'T" iatlkall (Ktfi Olrif) — ]:45 5 p.m. Mondays itartlng April M. NotM. MiHy "T" GIrll Softball-ltt t tni Gr. sirit, 1:45-5:00 p m Atondayt Itartlng Apr. n No fa*. Iddy-BhMy Boyi Softball—lit I, Jnd Gr. boyi. 1:4S S:00 p.m. Mondays itartirtg Apr. 21. No (•«. Junior Boyf Softball )rd K 4lh Gr ]:4i s 00 p m. Friday* itartlng Apr. 25lli. ft*. S30a Junior Win GIrll Softball 3rd ft 4th Gr. 3:45-5:00 p.m. fridayi ilarling April 1i MM For otiicr leaouat and timai, call 3)4.noO, Ext. II. SR. HIOH •Ovi VOLLEViALL iCHEOULE, SUNDAY, APRIL II • a.m. . . AZA No. I "A" VI U SY SYO "A" lOa.m AZANo, l"B"v«. USY SVO"B" ita.m . . t4ogam* IJp.m.. . .Chalm Walimann "B"yl. AtANo. IOO"B" SR. HIOH SOVI VOLLCYMLL RCiULTS: T l.'IIS, 15o»er USY SYOII.7 ChaimWtlimann"A--IS. ISovar AZANo. 1 "A"f, 10 AZA Mo. I "•" 0.1«, tSovar Cftaim W«lim»nn "B", 15,14, t

Classes Extended

BIsenman Hen

OMAHA - Two classes in the program of the School of Continuing Jewish Studies have been extended for two weeks. "Introduction lo the Talmud" and "Medieval Jewish History" will meet Monday, April 14 and Monday. April 21. Both classes are. Uught by Rabbi Jack Zelasko.

OMAHA - Gad Eisenman of the IsraelAllyah Center In Chicago will be at the Omaha Jewish Community Center Tuesday. April 29 from 12-S p.m. to speak to anyone Interested In making Aliyah. Call 334-8Z0O, Ext. 49, for an appointment.



Two big events are coming up at the Jewish Community Center. The first annual fashion show and luncheon Is Wednesday, April 16, 1 p.m. Our members will model the latest bathing suits and beachwear. Two fine stores will show their one and two-piece suits: Zoobs, with adult styles, and Sports Comer with children's swim wear. Door prlies will be given to everyone and 30 special prizes will be given away. Tickets are 13.95 and are available In the Aquatics Department. This Is the last notice lor our canoe trip in Missouri. The cold, crystal-clear Current river will be navigated by our group on our May 2 trip. The 2><t.-day camping and canoe trip should be a great adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. The cost for the family canoe trip is t89.50 for individuals, $165 (or couples; a SOIL MOVED At En Yahav in the Arava, the Jewish National Fund Is developing 460 dunams of saline land previously unfit for agriculture by "transplanting" good soil from fertile areas.

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NOW OPEN IN OLD MILL - OUR NEW PLAZA SUITE Faaturing Outstanding Women's Fashions

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3 Without denying Jewish life and Judaism in the Diaspora, Weizmann said that the destiny of the Jewish People is to reconstruct Its spirit and its form In the land of Its origin. In Israel, the Jewish mind and character would express themselves as nowhere else, 4. The Weizmann Institute of Science at Rehovot immortalized Dr. Weizmann. 5. Meyer W. Welsgal. a close associate of Dr. Weizmann, served as principal executive officer and founder of the Weizmann Institute of Science with the title of President until his retirement in 1969. He now has the title of Chancellor. Welsgal helped build the Institute as one of the world's leading scientific institutes.

8. "Trial and Error" is the title of Dr. Welzmann's autobiography. 9. His nephew, Exer Weizmann.

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2. In Welzmann's view,. world Jewry and the Jewish State were an Indivisible and integral entity. The words "The Jewish People" expressed this concept.

7. He died on Nov 9, 1961 and Is buried in the garden at the Weizmann Institute at Rehovot.



Weizman QUIZ THREE ANSWERS I Dr. Weizmann presented President Truman with a Scroll of the Torah

6 Ben Gurion described Weizmann as "Rishon B'amo" - the first among his people.

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The Midwest's Fashion Center for Men NOW TWO OF A KIND

chUd (aged 10-13) with his parent Is $79.50 (This Includes round-trip bus transportatkm, canoe rental, all meals and snacks except two bus dinners, the guide, and any Instruction.) Non-member fees In each category are $7 higher. We leave 8 a.m. Friday. May 2, return May 4 In Uie evening.





10. Dr. Welzmann's major achievements were connected with the following in which he played a leading role: The Balfour Declaration; the creation of Jewish Brigade; the establishment of the Jewish Agency for Palestine; the adoption of the Resolution of the U.N General Assembly on Partition (Nov. 29, 1947); the Inclusion of the Negev within the borders of the Jewish State; recongnltlon of Israel J4y President Truman; approval of the first lioo million loan to Israel from the U.S. Administration.



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April 11, 1975  

Jewish Press

April 11, 1975  

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