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Board Meeting Slated Tuesday OMAHA — Board members will be afforded the opportunity to meet with the professional staff of the major agencies of the Jewish Federation of Omaha at the board orientation meeting saieduied from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 8, at the Jewish Community Center. Chairmen of major commitlees will explain the workings ol these committees so that Board membent may tx^tlcr understand their own responsibilities within and commitments to the Federation and Its role In the community. Program cochairmen are Hartan Noddle and Mary Fellman.


AQualhyJob "Mart of ««r ^Mpl* Iwve tadteaM a dHtatw to do dw r b«t tbey caa" tD wckliig cmtrttMUoM to Uw un Om^w I PtaltaHMplM Canvalfa, laid Ridiard H. HlUer, Mt. Itti Lao I. MayaraMi, eontar, o( ttw Initial Gifts 'JDlvialaa. At rigil ia Uord Lavin of MiiwaulMe. wlw eooduetad a aanlnar tat bMal Oifta workan. Hilar, vice preaklwl tt Omaha Natioaal Bank, rapoctad thara lUHl been MOM iDcrcaaca kn gUla ttdi year and iiotli iw and Itajreraan agned that "moat peoida are aware tkal the eriala wa iMid a year aflo la ftiU wtth ui, and n^H nan at nana, leo. Aooaa Maya**"''* ptaaioini oc Warld Radia In CSoonea BlHOa, "I fari awVa ea a real cruaada for ' Tha two leadKi aaavbMlaad Owt OHf have arcMtfaad r watt» tttrt aM ajaarfcata wMlw aMa le d> "a quality * ol calling IndMdQidly OB donora bwauae eacb bas no iMfv I foMT canpBl0i cardL "We want to get the Job done ricbt,"

lard District Reverses Distribution of Bii>ies OMAH/l - Dr. Donald Stroh, superintendent of the Millard Public Schools District, haa espreaaed a 'willlngneai to wark with Jewish parents tn the district In setting iq> guidelines (or allgion In schools, a (or the parents haa reported. The expression came tai the wake o( a decision by the school board to not aiknv the IMeon Society to distribute Testament bibles to sixth In the system. The was the result o( Inby a group ol with chiMren in the and a dvil r#to ing by the U.S. Suprme which declared such sbursements In public '•Cbools to be Illegal. A spokesman lor the group o( latarvcnlng parents also

ribed Dr. Siroh as being Ighly receptive" to new efviaw. chain ol events began Imoat two weeks ago when Millard students received announcing the plan to the biMes to sixthadars on Friday. April 4. Hi^adan the notices Included a The 0 'permlaakm denied" slip (or 'i "permlsi ^^BjMraats not wishing their ^^^BdMren to participate. Dr. Mi Murray Froat, one d the f first Jew Jewish parents to learn o( \ the plan, cantartad Dr. Martin WoK, aiMltW P*n"<- CalU

also were made to the AntlOefamatkm League of B'nal B'rith and to the Conununlty Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Omaha, offices o( which were ckiaed forPasaover. Meanwhile, Dr. Wolf contacted a numlwr of other Jewish parents In the district who in turn called Millard Board of Education members and Dr. Stroh. The board, which said It bad no prior knowledge of the planned disbursement, and the administration agreed to seek legal counsel. After learning o( the Supreme Court ruling. Dr. Stroh and Ron WIU, assistant superintendent, called the parents March 31 to assure them the bibles wuld not be distrlbuled at school and that notices to that effect would be sent out. Dr. Stroh saM be la willing to work with both Dr. Wolf and with Stanley MltcheU, another parent who Is education director of Beth Ei Synagogue. In an effort to set up guidelines (or the system. Dr. Wolf, said he ha adaptMi guklellnea eatabllshed by the Massachusatti Dapaitaaot of Edueatloa and said ba plana to submit them to parents (or approval before sut>mlttlng. them lor coosMeration by the Millard school board.

OMAHA - The dtywlde Holocaust Memorial OI{|ervance will be held Sunday. April 6 at Temple Israel, 7023 Cass. Rabbis from Beth Israel and Bath El Synagogues and Tnnple Israel will participate with Omahans who are survivors o( the Holocaust or are children o( survivors. The conununlty is encouraged to attend this service.

Rabin Subject of ABC-TV 'Biography' NEW YCNUC - Bin Seamav (center, left), ABC Nam BmsM ChM in TM Aviv, sits down wtth IsraaU Prima Mhrister Yitsbak RaMn at a hicatlan tai the Qolan Helgbta (or an eidusive talarvlew during iha (Itanlng of the documeotary apadal, "RaMa: Acthw Btograpliy," to be


aired Tueaday, April U, 9 p.m. on KETV, Calamal 7 the ABC Television Network In Omaha. The program will explore the earty years of the S2-year-old Rabin, provide a rare look at hlffl at work as Israel's leader, and show him away from official dutiaa with bia family.



Omaha. Nab,, f ii.,.AprN4, ^9» J mi

Stamp CINCINNATI. 0. - A United State commemorative stamp has l)een named alter Haym Salomon. Jewish merchant, banker and Revolutionary war flMMder. The ten-cent stamp, lasued by the United States Postal Service March 2S. is part of a series entitled "Contritxitors to the Cause." According to Dr. Jacob R. Marcus, director of the American Jewish Archives of the Hebrew Union CollegeJewish Institute of Religion, this Is one of the few times a Jew has been so honored. Haym Salomon was a Polish Immigrant, who arrived in America about I77S. He was In New York only a few months tjefore he became an impaaalaned patriot, and was twioa arrested and imprisoned by the British.






Center to Celebrate Independence OMAHA — Twenty-seven years ago Israel was founded as a refuge for Jews left homeleas by tlie devastation of Adolf Hitler and Worid War II Omahans will celebrate the anniversary o( Israel's Independence at a special ot>servance at the Jewish Community Center, 333 So. XTODA St., on Wednesday , April 16 at 7:30 p.m. Among the activities will be

a special address by Rabbi Mark Blsroan of TKereth Israel Synagogue in Lincoln. A special chamber en-' semble (eaturlng WUIls Ross, Arnold Epstein and Myron Cohen from the Omaha Symphony Orchestra will perform Israeli compositions. A youth show, under the direction of Miriam Oren, will emphasize the theme "Israel On My Mind."

The program also includes a candle-lighting ceremony under the direction of Rabbi Barry Weinstein. AdmiSBlon is free to the community. Ftlafel wilt be served after the;atMervance in the Center auditorium. This celebration is being coor dinated by ttie Jewish Cultural Arts Council of the Center. For (uriher information call 334. 8200.

Vats To Assemble

JERUSALEM - Jewish war veterans from all over the world, those In national organizations as well ss nonaffiliates. wiU demonstrate identification and solidarity with the SUIe of Israel In their first world gathering In Jeruaalem In January, 1976. The decision to have such a gathering was made In London In November, 1974, when delegates of Jewish exservicemen from the United States, England, France, Belgium and Israel met and organized the World Assembly of Jewish Wsr Veterans, which will mark the 30th anniversary of the Allied vlctacyoverNaxlant . .

The past, present snd hsuw c< Conaafvalin .liiililsrn wa Ha dliniaasd at DM Tglh jutMae oonvsneon g( the 1OOO mambar (WttMcal AsasmUy to b* h*M M the QnMSMpar HoM, April 20-24. (lop RM, I. to r) Prtndpal ipMliars at m* lour (vsnlng MMkms: RaOOl Montocai Waiman. HA PTMmam: BtMl Robert Qor«s, pad RA PrMUsnl: Oianostlor Qarton O. Cohan ot Ihs Jewlsti Thaologicsl Samnaiy: tomwr JTS C»wnc*ior Louts PWnliHln: tn6 ES* MM*!. «lwwW f»ad • ipMlaiy prsparad 7W) armnmry poam n* wot* Icanttr row. I to r.) Rsfabi Wota Kalmsn. fU Eii««ua»« Vlea-l>if«4H;l: Marsha* Skiws> ct ^anfists Um-

verstly: Rabbi Antiur HartzbOrg. Pratidani, Amancan Jawlab Congran: Rabb* 8u«lay RabinowtU. RA Vice Pratldant. ol Waihlnglon 0 C . and Rabbi Samuel Oaanar. ol Highland. Park. III. (bonom row. I lo 11 Rabbi Saul Tapdir. ol Woodmara. N V : Rabbi Jacob Agus. ol Bainmora. Rabbi Saymour Siagal. Chairman ol Iha RA Convnlttaa on Jawiah l^w and Suntwda. Habbi Oikart Epaiain, RA nrsetor ol CommunHy Sarvicaa who wa be honored tor Mn years o* ssmioa: and Rsbbl Edward T Sandrow. o( the JT8. editor o< the 7Stb annlvarsary Wi«eabo?i(.




WorUNews Briefs

NEW YORK - After » years of itewly pi'ogreM, the growth of Jewtdi education in France bM come to a virtual standstill becauae of the lack of fund* for new Ixiildings and i>etter-iraifled teaciwra. This was reported by Stanley Abramovltcb, consultapt on Jewrish education for the Joint Distributioo Committee, on his rrtum from a tour of French Jewisli ichooU. "Unlets the FYencfa Jewish community .undertalcei an Immediate effort to provide added faculties, thousands of North Afrlcas youngMers from deeply religious families will be hMt to Judaism," Abramovltch warned.

SAN FRANCISCO - A Catholic church and a Protestant parish in northern California were the settings last week for seders commemorating tlie Jewish holiday of Passover Both Institutions had help In arranging ttie traditionai meal and observance from ttie Northern California DIvisloa of Uie American Jewish Coogreaa. The two churches are the St. John of God Catholic Church in San Francisco, which held a aeder co-sponsored by the church and the Newman Center of the University of California Medical School, Monday evening (March 24) and St. Stephen's Parish In the Marin County lawn of Belvedere, which held its seder' Tbursday, Marcb 27, the leccod night of Passover.

CMirat« Panovar NEW YORK - Ckwe to 2,400 Russian Jewish transmigrants in Rome waiting for arrangennents to proceed to the United States and other Western countries, celebrated their first Passover holiday openly and in freedom last week, it was reported t>y Jack D. Welter,

chairman of the Joint Distributkn ComnUttee. About 700 of the migrants attended aadart organized by the JDC. American Jflah relief agency aiding needy Jews overseas, and the ORT (OrganUatkm ttr RchabUiUUon through Training), worldwide Jewish vocational training program, Weller sakL

hraal Expo'76 ST. UNJIS, Mo.' - An array of evenU and dtaplays win turn the Jewish Community centers Association buUdIng at 11001 Schuetz Road In St. Louis County into a miniature state of Israel when Israel Expo "TS is held the week of May 4-11. Expo "75 will offer a panorama of cootemporary and traditional life In Israel and wdl recreate much of what Is Israel today, a spokesman said. Top Israeli entertainers, authentic food and wares, lectures on the Mideast and prized collections of Israeli art will be featured Between 7S,000 and 100,000 people are expected to attend. A replica of the Dead Sea Scrolls, one of four extant, has been brought to the United States from Jerusalem for the Expo, after which the Scrolls will be boused permanently In St Louis.

NEW YORK, N.Y. - The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith has announced that the AaocUtion of American Medical Colleges, the private agency which administers medical college admission tests in the United States, has agreed to chan^ one of the four annual test dates so It will not be on tite Jewish holiday. Simchat Torah, Sunday, September 28. The test will be given. Instead, on the following day.


SAVE Saturday evening

All You Need To Know 1$ Our Phone Number

May 3rd


for o benefit

Chorge It At.. .



for Soviet Jewry

Viewpoint Need to Nurture ByfUcbard Pearl ByfUctiardPMtfl Let's put aside, for a moment, such super-modem terms as "shuttle diplomacy" and all that it deals with in the big world out there and, instead, let's pick up an old term—'•nurturing"-and take a ioolc Inside at the worM In virhlch each of us lives his daily existence, the world in which we have the power to affect changes for the better. Nurturing is coming Into uae these days by the many people who have been exposed to the new psychology of transactional analysis, or the "I'm OK-Youre OK" school. Aa I understand it, nurturing is sort of nourishment plus love—mother's milli plus, mother's love that helps people build socially positive aspects of their persooalities. There are thoae around us— myself included—who leel we are in a nurturing crisis, particularly when it comes to developing leaders In our organizations. When you nurture aomeooe, you make Um grow Into a mature, reapooaibls adult, these students of modani psychoioiy say. And if community organisation leaders nurture their young iiieiiilwf—and even their noiao-young members—(hey turn them into reeponrible, in-' spriatfcinal leaders. There are those around usmyself included—who feel we are In a leadership nurturing crisis, both nationally aJid at home.



CttEIDU or JEWISH EVENTS fMOAT.AMHia ••«•< El USY Concloya ll<raii^ Itw 6tfl


Rabbi Mark Bisman WUI be featured speaker at the Omaha Jewish Community Center's Yom Ha'atzmaut celebratloo, April l«. Car pools are being planned. If interested please call TIfereth Israel office.

The Tlfe7eth Israel cos^ragathm Is Imrttad to attend the gala Yom Ha'aixnuMit party Sunday, Aprt U, •t t:» p.m. at the synaCDgue. laradl load and dancing wiU be featured.

Rabbi Mark Bispian conducted a brief Mincha service at the Madonna ProfesskMi Care Center, S2nd and South Streets, on Sunday, March 23. Following service, Passover songs were sung.

SATUMar. Amu s

The Jewish Press Publlshad woaUy on Fifciay By th« Jewiah Fadamtion of Omaha Stanford Llpaay

Holocaiwt Meworlol ObMrvanca, TampI* hroal. 7:30 p-m.

ICMfV vs XX. Miw Star* IwliatbaU TouriM*. JCC, 7 p.m. JmMi lAorriaaa mtroductiHy OiMMston. ICC, 7:10 pjn.


Pitw CammfflM Ow^rmm

SwiterCHtaWM,X:C. «0:30ajn. Gwry MMM«an Quortsl, XC Tlwaiar. 7 :M pjn. lmHfv«> o( Jn»Mi Studks. JCC. 7 :M pjn.

Richard B. Peari

••ftiB tetwhooamMNng.


tho J»»»iai ftow i« no« mpM wasp lor Sn If laiumi ol mrt pnauOL a mi^/U*\m*. PuHeaaon 0(Hc«: in So. I)2nd St, Onahi, Nibr. «1C4. nnnt: 044000

MluacM loord rwallng. 9:30 cm. 0*T Iwnciwen m«»tliig. hdti Ermon't. 12:30 pjn.

DM«nM fr M Mw* m4 mtMrVflmt c«ey it

AOl PTMUWII'* CowncM iMpilna. fd lloMn't, 7:30 p.m. f'nol•'rilli3ii»*r»«lr«ri.RmUa, 13Men







1NWWAT, anm. w

milBB^ Council si J«wl«h Woman, board mioHno. f :30 o.m. t'noi I'rittiMotMlir OMplar. moaflna. 13:30, JCC riwl f'rMh ComlwIior'lBdpo. JOC • p jn.


Debi Jo Atxam*

Ad»nWngSl«< S«ond CIM> Pona«> PM al Omait, Nabr. AM>MliUll>Cfip«onr7«) AduonMnglliHoonlppSoMion.

••l)itarMt«i«arkMdniM«iM, 13:30 p.m.



Suzanne Somberg

Ori«<)otlon lor F«dwaMiM> tevJ. JCC 7:30 pj*.


Judith Marburg





By EatcUe Roaenbtrg "Ttje Warvw Ghetto" a documentary film commemorating the Warsaw uprising will be shown on Sunday morning, April 6 at the monthly TIfereth Israel breakfast-study.

Mix nbich Done* Conc«). JCC. 1:45 pjti.

XOIdnmaM. lundwainiM«lii«.JCC. wmmamvi. AMMI t

ir you vou don't think so, ao. ask aik If yourself these questions'. i—Does, your organization have trouble finding officers for the coming year? 2—Did your groiq) have to drop a project because no one would t)e reqionsibte? S—Is the number of active members declining? And is your' meeting attendance down? If you answered "yes" to any of theae questioos, you'll t>e relieved to know be4> Is on the way—hi the form of two workshops entitled "Semhuu' for Leaders" which are scheduled for the Monday nighU of April 14 and 21 at the Jewish CoiArounlty Center. The Federation of Jewish Women's Clubs Is sponsorhig the seastons to which 70 leaders and delegates from all of the Jewish men's, women's and youth organizations in Omalia have been invited. As of last Monday's deadline for registering, only atxMit one-third of those invited had reqMnded—which should say something about the situtation. Co-chairpersons for the seminar are Jeanette Nadoff and Arlene Fredricks, who has been Involved in such training sessions before and who says the national situation is that "most leaders do lead by accident. "They give no thought to motivating others and so they turn off the others," she said, adding that this Is where "nurturing" is needed.


That's Our

! I •

(Young Adult Division) April Fools Porty Thanta 9P.AA.April5 Tudor Knoll AportmMits Clubhouso 109th and MopiaSlroat $1.50 Par Parson OfftaranfCoffaM.Offfaraniraos lowAHuslcAndOindla/tohf


«to DiMi Mrs. rrraiMeki. ffWBicfcs, wto to oara a maatar** dsfree In sociology at dM Unhwilty o( NabraalM at Omaba and who hanaif has tdtan part in Omaba Jewtab orgiBiiatiOB aetlrltlos, says, "Young paoDis are batag turned olf because tliere la no one avaUabte to anee«n«e and dovakp ttMBt. Ourlaadiiridp today is unTbere are, she says, valid reasons for our service organizations to exist. But, without people wtm care and who are Involved, these wganizatlons will not continue to be viable, and without new leaders, they Just won't survive. "And without the Involvement of their meml>ershlp, these organizations have no reaaon to be." With the very Jewiah purpose of performing mitzvot— good deeds—as the basis of these organizatlona, how can we afford not to respond? It should Jar us somewhat, but here's a related observation from Arlene (and. Incidentally, no one ffoiMf Is even to be considered as the sole target of this column) : "There are fewer young mothers today who are taking their kids with them to meetings like we. In my generation, used to do. Now they take them (the children) with them to tennis clubs." she said, noting the change In emphasis toward monetary values. Today, If a person Isn't paid to do a Job, the Job has little value.—even If It's a "Job" like volunteering to help the i¥>n-nursing home elderly or working for non-Jews on their holidays. It would seem that the "mitzvot" of doing good deeds starts with the"mitzyot" of taking the children along to your organIzat ion's meetings—and mayt>e also the "do-yourself-a-mltzvot" of calling Barb MeCormIck at the Center (334-8200) and registering for this leadership clinic. If the foregoing sounds strong for a first column, ao be It. I've lived in Omaha four years now and I've liked this city from the first day. It has always seemed like the kind and size of city in which a young fellow can find opportunity and can make the moat of It If he's wlUIng to^ work. And t>esldes, what could be j better than for a young Jewish j writer from another river city J (St. Louia) than to work for the Jewish paper in hisj adopted city?

CAMtTt NIID URVICI Cl«an4topalr



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NIWCARMTS INtTALUD Donlamataln | i j

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Safc-Way l«| Ofuri Call ^S-asS4

The JawMi Prns


'Parent Traps' 1* Third To|Sic

Omaha Organizations IMXMHx

PTHAIBtUm WOMEN Mn. Max (Ida) Sacki will Install the following ai officers of Henry Monsky Chapter, B'nai B'rtth Women, at a lundMOo meeting Thunday, AprU 10, U:30 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center, 333 S. 132 St.: Mrs. Seymour (Florence) Schneider — president; Mrs. Max (Frieda) Krtielman first vice president, fundraiilng: Mrs. Jack (Maxine) Noodell — second vice president, programs; Mrs. Sam (Ida) Kaiman — treasurer; Marian Strauss — recording secretary; Mrs. MUton Nearenberg — finlnclal secretary; Mrs. Harry (LUlian) Noodell - dues secretary; Mrs. Morris (Sally) Wdu - correqModingaecretary. For reaervatkm call Mrs. Faye Sekar (SSl-3049) or Mrs. Harry NoodeU (SS»4196).

00RNHU8KER FETB More than 20 retiring Omaha policemen and firemen will be honored at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 20, by Comhusker Lodge of B'nai B'rith. The program, to be held at the Holiday Inn at 70ih and Grover Streets, Is the only one of Its kind presented 1^ an Omaha organization. It was begun over 10 years ago and is open to the public. Omaha Mayor Ed Zorinaky will be guest speaker. Dr. Norm Sheldon Is the kxige's program coordinator.

OMAHA - "Traps That Single Parents Fall Into" Is the topic of the third Single Parent Workshop scheduled by the Omaha Jewish Family Service (or 7:30 p.m. Tueaday, April 8, In the Adult Lounge of the Jewish Community Center. The first two sessions have drawn 26 people. All seaskMis

fVAD Calendar] AprU 5 - AprU Fools Party Coffeehouse Expresso, 9 p.m., Tudor Knoll Apts. Cubhouse, 108th and Maple Sts., tl.SOper person tiSVP Sindie Harris, 410-2696. Apra • — Planning aesakm, JCC, 7:30 p m. April U - YAD Brunch, RSVP Bruce Goodman, 331-6733, April U - March of DImea Walkathon. Anyone interested in walking or manning a group checkpoint, call Diane Llebow (734-3280). Help U desperately needed. Bagel breakfast — 7 a.m. at Lesley Slicker's apartment. RSVP Lesley (3935274).

are directed by Dr. Paul Fine of Creigbton University Sitter service Is available by calling Pearl Yager, 334-8200.

Deaths LEON MARX Funeral services were held Tuesday, March 25 at the Heafey and Heafey Mortuary for Leon Marx, 78. Interment was at Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Survivors: wife, Betty: daughters, Mrs. Terrance Bernstein, Omaha, Mta_ Norman Paasch. Seattle, Wash.; four grandchUdren. /

When you have to get away. .. .


Coil 556-6416 D.E. Major, Jr.


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The WINOSOIt. .. very popular for the traditional look this spring

!•• John Arthur

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Ovw 2'/i million homos woro burglarlxod in the U.S. last year while fomilies were away. Losses from a few hundred dollars into the thousands-Many times over the modest cost of having someone take care of your home or apartment~the most effective deterrent to burglary.

What is the most critical age for financial planning?

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is mowlnp up, bet so ere temes end Infletlen.. xollege M ere et hend endlt's dHficstlt to siMe. Ceah flew Is crltlI chenjlng priorities, end anendel.plens need to be ed-


BPRB^MOBfUN JWV The Maclas Brothers Combo, magician Charles Gross and Freddie the Clown will entertain the youngsters at the Children's Memorial HospiUI, 2 p m Sunday, April 6, In the show presented by the Epstein Morgan Post No. 2(0, Jewish War Veterans, according to lisle Lewis.

I I* I


AOLMEETDN} The meeting of the President's Council of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rtth wlU be at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April t, at the home of AOL Commissioner Edward A. Roaen, 8616 Hickory Street.

ORTMEmNG The April» roeeUng of ORT, at the home of fUith Erman, 13006 Mullen Circle, 12:30 p. m. will iaature a variety of foods to* "Taste and Tell" luncheon. A cookbook from the collection of recipes will be given to members. There will also be a ceremony to honor contributors to the Social Assistance Fund. RSVP by April 3 to Rocky L«wis (333-1736) or Ruth Erman (3334S<8) Coat of hmch and cookbook Is fl.SO.


SSIT wtf0^ MCwwM MM tip M iMM^


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It's Important to heve e propor deeth. tamlly rsspenslbllltlos tefcln«alMf In

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a—, o* tmi citM m oiioi answi nuct*.


yow're tMnbl VeeceuM be

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City Wide

Holocaust Memorial

No llnie to leoo now. H your plunt ore not cemploto or H thoro't iMt onoufpii McOfno to rotiro on« nioyoo o roorrofi0OfiiOfftt of HnenMs sen eese ttie bwrdow. Prs—nt Wills end Trusts should be retrlewed end updetsd te teke adygntafs of lower estete texes. Ooooi HitoillflOtit plomHfio In osrllor yoors i tfito«



ot invo0t^nonts« ni the ont ikroomntSg ono wcomo •etex vox pvWfwineB ffwvv i^v n ke. te help yew wHh e complete Wnenclel fln plenninf Ov OXpiOCNMMO HI liolpln||

Sunday, April 6th

DevM Hce Is Indspswdant endenbleaad, with

Call for on oppolntmont today.

7:30 p.m.


Temple Israel



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Sisterhood Braille Group To Be Honored at Meeting

Omaha BatfiB TradtttaMl Ev«niag ServlMt (Kallbalat Stubbat) 7: IS P«> Late Pridair evening (aailly wnice at >:1S p.m., conducted by Rabbt Isaac NadoH. Cantor Leo Fettman and the Betb Itrael Choir. Satanbgr: Morning Service: 8:4S a.m. conducted by Rabbi NadoA and Cantor Fettman. The Talmud clan will be cmducted by Rabbi NadoH at 7 p.m. (dUowed at 7:30 p.m. Mincha. Shoias Sudos awl Maariv. Mlnyan ( a.m. followed by the Rabbi's final dasc in the Book of Genesis, Siyum celebration and breakfast. DaHy: Services at 7 am. and 7:IS p.m. BARMTRVAH Myron Jeremiah WakadiU«, son of Mr. and Mn. FlMdMl WakachUf. will become Bar Mitzvah at l:4S a.m. Saturday, April 12. Howard Welnstein, regional director of the Plains States Antl-Defamatloa League of B'nai B'rith will qieak on •'The Middle East-What Price OU" at the Beth Israel Sisterlwod Umcbeon, April I. 12:30 p.m. Baby sitting service will be available. For reservations caU Mrs. Morris (SaUy) Ricks (S569578) or Mrs. Sam (Bertha) SMff(5S(-0t»). DEVEUXVENT During 1974, 42.000 dunams of land were reclaimed in Israel in over 125 settlements with monies from the Jewish National Fund.

SERVICBB: Frldajr: Sabbath Eve Services in the Sanctuary at I: IS p.m. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke wUI deliver the sermoa. Cantor Chalm Najman will conduct the musical service Saturday: Morning Service 10 a.m. Mindia-Maariv7:»p.m. Snodqr:*a.m. Wodidaya: Services at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. BARMITZVAH MldUMi Bickmao. son of Mr. and Mn. Harry RkhBaB. will become Bar Mltzvak on Friday, April 11 and Saturday, AprUU. IUI«8AVAaABLE Beth El Sisterhood has arranged rides for persons wishing to attend synagogue functions but lacking transportation. Call Gloria Goodman, (331«33'51), ctiairman of the new Transportation Committee, to request rides to services, meetings, etc.

Uncoki SERVICES: Friday: 9 p.m. Saturday: 9a.m. Jr. CongregatkM lOt.m.

SERVICU: Frld^r:8:lSp.m. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks and Rabbi Barry L. Welnstein wiU reflect on their respective experiences at the Hebrev( Union College as they remember their school on Its 100th birthday. Following the service the congregation will be able to ask questions of both Rabbis. Musical portions of the service wUl be provided by the Temple Choir under the directian of Miss Ida Gitlin. There wiU be a Sabbath Coffee Hour. Satonfaqr: iia.m. REUGIOUS SCHOOL Classes will be in session at the regular hours Saturday, April S and Sunday, April 6. OOVTEE WITH RABBI Coffee with Rabbi Brooks will be belli Wednesday morning, April 9,10 a.m. BATMnZVAH Idpana OohM, daughter of Mr. aiM Mn. Jack B. Ootan, will become Bat Mltzvah at II a.m. Saturday, April S. BARMITZVAH •on of Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Bal^, will become Bar Mltzvah at 11 a.m., Saturday, AprUU. BOARD MEETING The Temple Israel board meeting, scheduled for April 9 has been changed to April IS,

SERVICEB: Friday: 8 p.m. Service conducted by RabM Kaiser.

SKRVK3B: Saturday: ^ Morning service: 8:45 a.m. Sunday Morning service 8 a.m. Services conducted by Rabbi Abraham Eisenstein-

Sabbafh Candle Lighting FrWay, April 4.704 p JM. rrM^. April 11,7141 pjN. Befwdiction for Kindling Sabbath Lights: ''

Boruich Atoh Adonoy Eloheinu Melrfch Haoloin, Asher Ktdeshonu B«rtiitzvotav Vetzivanu Lehodlik ' NerShelShabbot. (Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctifies us by His Commandments ond has commanded us to kindle the Sabbath lights.)

TMs Ssrvice Presented as a Couiiesy by



voAM Aaaocuanam

Ofm Snaf llonia 8BRVICB8: Saiarday: 9 a.m. Men of the community are invited to the Home to 0^ke a mlnyan.

CounciBliiffo B'nalteffaal SERVICES: Saturday: 9 a.m. Sunday: 9a.m. Both services wUl be conducted by Mr. Sam Sacks.

IN M»-«lll

A variety of Brailled material from the group has been sent aU over the United SUtes. At present, members of Use BraUle group are Siuan Dickey, Justine Devoe, Betty Bond, Doris Fox, June Ogden, Jan Knolla, Llbby Sachs, E>a Tbompaon, Lorraine Silverman, GaU Ginsberg, Dona Rosales, Bryan Seymour, Lois Bernstein, Bess Brodkey. Esther Graetz, Darlene Wright, Ruth Wardle, Ralph WanUe, Ann Schulman, Alice Heeger, Bemlce Wolfson, Carol Rouse. Students are RIU Novak, Lynda Mlrvlsh. Lanl Sommer, Mary Jo Falfc, BartMra Gurtenstein. Cimly SUckels, Ray Haney, Lorraine Merder aitd Major James OUver. John Smith of the SUte Services for the VlsuaUy Handicapped In Uncoln is iMe instructor.


jwiniOTONS Alio uniqur sthcliom of • Penoculized nationefy • TKanli'Vciu Nottx

• NapUm-Makrhn • Wedding InvHaliom

^ i

QHume^ Q^


Sativdsy: Momtaig Sabbath service. 9 a.m. at Iowa Jewish Home. Sunday: 9 a.m. Special Yahrzeit service, everyone is welcome. Mrs. Biber, •eoetary, 17780O1.

•MlttTATI •ODOAVttOO. SSa-2300

Morty thanks\to oil who sent notvs Wishing mm o speedy recovery. SAUT

Rcbx inmyhomeandctioote finn the finett tdcctlonf

Cill hi ifipokitmeql SSa-S197 576J Smani St.

I ^lO.


John Kallna PHOKKMIAPHII •17 So«rth SMh StrMf — 34S-1044

safatath MnMi SBRVICES: 8 p.m. with RabM Barfy D. Cytnm, Cantor Pindias Spirt), and the Sy nflofue Choir. An Oneg Skabbat will follow the services. Shabbat School: 9:15 a.m. Morning Services: 9:30 a.m. Mincha 6 p.m. iandagr: 8:30 a.m. Daily: 7a.m.




Block and White

SHUKERT'S KOSHER MEATS sei4wim— H9f WfttT foe MTswInp OtI A^ril #•

6 Cheic* StMks to th« Lucky mnnmri

Bkths Mr. and Mrs. Brian Garaon of Cleveland, Ohio announce tto adaptkm of a daughter, Hddl Erin, bom March 4 The Garsons have another

333-1222 •VMi

arm a w*v>i ood«« Ro«d nr-rtoo «r7i s 24ni 8t r3i-ott«o

employed by the Omaha Public Schools as resource teacher for the visually handicapped program, is preaently teaching one of the BralUlsU Uie Nemeth code (mathematics) in preparation for computer BraUUng.


Sunday: Tinuinaub,9a.m.

Unooki B naiJaMMaun

OMAHA — Twenty years of contlnuoiM service to the blind wm be Ike focal point of the Beth El Synagogue Sisterhood meeting Tuesday, April 8, 13:30 p.m. in the synagogue Social Hall, according to BatfiEIJaoob Bather GraeCi, chataman. SERVICES: Reservations may be made Friday: 6:30 p.m. and 8: IS by calling the synagogue ofp.m. fice, S(U-322l. Guest apeaker honoring the Morning service 9 a. m. Sisterhood Braille group will Learning service 11 a.m. be Dr. John S. Nyman, Rabbi's Class (p.m. director of the State Services Mincha, Shoias Sudos 7:15 for the Visually Handicapped. p.m. The Braille groq), of which Maoday and Thunday 6:45 Bemlcc WoMson was the first a.m. cfaalmun. Is now composed of Tosiday, WathMidqr, FMday men and women of many 7 a.m. denominations, representing r9a.m. the greater Omaha area. When the group was started, HOU)CAUSr MEMOBIAL a Braille fund was set up so Holocaust Memorial Ser- that nuMfaines and paper vices wO be. held Sunday, April could be purchased. The 6,3 p.m. ' generosity of Sisterhood memben and others has allowed the Braille group to continue to fulfil its goal of serving the blind wherever It a spokesman for the B'naiJaahunai can. group stated. SERVICES: At tint the group only did Friday: Braille transcribing. It now Evening services 8 p.m. dees taping. Thermoforming. large print typing and BARMnZVAH reading. David Ahnham Scbmtti, Over the years hundreds of son of Mr. and Mn. Bsqtamhi Belli EI women have helped C. Swarts, will become Bar provide extra manpower. Mltzvah at 8 p.m. Friday, At present, the groiv has 14 April 4. certified BralUlsU and nine students. It has five taplsts, three large print typists and three Hiermoform operators. ChMranofflanMl Doris Fox. former coordinator for the group, and now SERVICES: Regular mlnyan services, Monday and Thursday 6:45

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Garson of Ctovaland and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Nogg of Omaha. .

BMet'corned Beef uett9#^eck

.^.^3^* ^^ ^^K


». i









HauL ftatuBM at m wqr-prio* • FHw kwdiaf doon • 8iz Sitt of floor apM* • ftil^y wcilniny WH'lutii •ttoc ridft or optioM) mtoniKtio S-Mwod ' M HP enriiMd (


B]rtMJ«MPano» IC'f been aeveral weeks ilnce our last l/OVE column but LOVE and the restdenU o( the Home have been busy . . . Saturday, March 22 was the monthly Hadassah Oneg Shabbat. Sunday. March 30, the MizrMfai Women bad their annual Paiaover Tea at the Home. A record crowd attended and everyone eqjoyed the tinging of Canter Chalm Najman and Margie Nearmbcrg. Speaking of record crowda, Ihl* yean Sedan at the Home were enjoyed by many retidenti and gueati. At the first Seder there were SS In attendance (Including 45 gueati) and at the aeoond Seder 60 with 10 guests. The table* were beautiful.


BtltviM RNotors ITMOtrfwInl

KeyRealEstale to yo«iriMKt



All But 1 aats To End April 7




Tht JoMtfi ^wjit

the Seder Service lovely (everyone participated), and the dinner delicious. Richard Avrum Katz, Mrs. Cooperman's grambon, asked the Four Questions at the first Seder, and Jack and Jane Cohen's chUdren asked the Questions and found the Aflkoman at the second Seder. Laat Wednesday morning, erev Pes«ch, Rabbi Barry Welnstein took time out from his busy pre-Pesach schedule to come to the Home to sbAv some beautiful slides of Pesach In Israel. Everyone was fascinated with the different ways the different groups celebrated the holiday. Many thanks. Rabbi. Our future activities are many and varied .. . and I'll llat a few so you all can make plans to Join with LOVE and the residents on aonne of these events. AprU • Is the moothiy birthday party, honoring residents having birthdays In AprU. AprU IS wUl be a party In cctobratlon of Israel's Independence. Several months ago the residents mads a pinata and at this party we're going to fUl It, break tt, and eat

EQlojrta^ Sfldflr i BMIlMDr. dirae pwsrattwii trotn left to rl^t, Jvdf QeHMf, ^autfdaugtator, Dorl Oerbor, dau^Mer and Ruth Sdmadar, motter. Judy Is a atadnt at tto Uotvaratty ol WIscauin la Ute contents. Should be a baUl and everyone Is Invited. On April 16 we hope to attend the Swim Fashion Show at the JCC. Our recreatlonaltherapM, Janet Fisher, is one of the models. The Wednesday night movie this week was changed to Friday afternoon (because of Yom Tov) and it will be "Rote of Washington Square." On Wednesday, April 9, the movie Is "On the Waterfront" and the 16th Is "Lady of Burlesque." Tlie movies are for everyone, so if there's one or more you want to tee, pieate loin us at 7 p.m. on Wednesday nights. LOVE Is In need of more volunteers, so If any of you can spare two hours a week, pleaae call me and I'U arrange an orientation. 1 can't begin to tell you how much pleasure you will get from Joining LOVE . .. find out for youraeU. PUT A LITTLE LOVE tN VOURUFEI

OMAHA - Due to the heavily booked Omaha Jewish community calendar, aU but one course In ttie School of Continuing Jewish Studies will conclude as previously scheduled on Monday evening, April?. The one class Is Or. Martin WolTs courae In Holocaust Literature, which will meet

(or ita final session on Tuesday, April 8, at 8:30 p.m. A presentation by David Lazarus will be featured. Students and Instructors In the couraea wUI discuss at their last seask» whether to schedule a makeup for the March 24 daas cancelled by bad weather.


Omaha's No. 1 Family Restourant if iMl



• ••rtiMii Mte ^SMcaMFU

OpmeymyOmy, 11:311A.M. W 10 P.M. "Bereily BOS nesa' 7112



• siKTis* fawiaws* miiisMiwiTi* IBT* VITA« VHUAM* iim-PAtv» iJUMiiw* iiin* imotK. nwumim* mpnuthjiooii

There's a Whole Big World of Herring at Hinky Dinlc/I •. •

SAVE 30* lb. on VITA HERRING In Wine Sauce (Bulk)

*l*»lb. tow* 30c lb. on

Vita Herring in Cream Sauce I^M,




And Buy Vtta ttorrlng fn Jan... • rerty Siwcka IM Win* touce • Testae Mta In Wln» tauca • Hmrrfii« In CrMM towM • Cedrtall Pllleta • Marinated Hening nileta a Herriea Oell iiya • OM ferfilosied Sdrntalti Itonrlng a Sliced Herrlnf a Lusidi Herrlna a Mafring taled a hnaerted SwiedMi Harrina Hlleto • Merrtwy nileta In tour CrMsn On i Hlfiliy Olnky sforss *"* Mev* De^efTffMMi* i

G«t the "Hinky Dinky Habit" for •osy-fo-«erv« m«alt and "noflilng" A4ller'tHM«'nSwrv«liia«l Adler'tHeoflies DeltcleiMCr«MnCheeM«HidLex Fr—h Cucumber and Otiion fciiod MHHHOOl AUMOND DANISH COfHI CAKI Da.UXI LAMM HOT APHJ m s-^sa.

AferM^ *pk.S9* *1.Mlb. M*ib. *1.Mea. •«< ea.


twnS'l.Ttlb. (tow* 30c lb.) TVM»« Hfnt w

PAHASCUSo mCPAi* DMNlo Dt.l>Otinno POCOIlOo SOlOoSmnSo fflHtaWSo WAIUSMtWITIe IBTe VITA* SlliAI4f Soi!p



April •,1976

dos iimomiiOAi iionm^w soetioii Women Invited to 'Reach Toward Oneness' DES MOINES - To quote Jer»mlab: "There is no redenptlon for the people of Israel intil we are one." The Jewish women of the Des Moines area are invited to


Youth iMdtn Done Eameb and Becky KTMUSCT hMd up t^ aegment of the DM MoiiiM campatpL

Campaign T^am'JB:

2 Youth Leaders Have Confidence DES MOINES - Becky Kreamer and Dou^ ElmeU, co-chairpersons for the Youth Campaign, are responsible (or the coordination or their campaign program and the direction o( about 30 worker volunteers. Mrs. Aiuiette tssacson and Mrs. Rita Ban are the adult advisors. Doug noted that campaign participation is a Jewish mitzvah and emphasized that working In ttie campaign allows one to demonstrate his "unity with the Jewish people." Becky is optimistic Hut the youtli drive will be successful. She had said: "I feel we can count on Des Moines youth to show the same deep concern and sense of responsibility that has

SMlWBir'S KOSHtl MEATS (4n)SS»«Ms' We can service Des AAoines and all other cities in lo\wa.

EitiMUtaMat Ne. 2317 Coll collect: (402) S58-«48S •Pe sVM^ vy Mwfe ^ec* .eel -^ eeltvfley nieee .•e.yosicslpec*

reach toward that oneness by attending a lunclieon program on Wednesday, April 16. The mini-lunch ($2.75) will be at the Des Moines Golf and CotmtryCHub.

WofiMti CwnpalBn WoriMrs: REMEMBER Mfhrihowwi AdWMture Tifp Laavlng TtfanMh lanMl MB ajn. Monday, April 7 ANNOUNCB¥IEMT: torad IndapwMlHHM DMV I oommuntty^wMw In • P.M. ApriiW, BMh B Jaoob SocW IWi FsMurino QEULAOH. Famoiw

characterized Ibeir cooperation In previous campaign efforts." Becky added that, while the Youth Campaign Involves ' students In grades 9-12, a special mini-campaign for eighth graders with coordinators Ellen WInick and ByNsrwtnllenM Steve Silverman is also being Editor's Note: This la the conducted. fourth in a series of aitldas The Youth Campaign will written by patrons o( the tiave a "wind-up day" on April various aaendea of the Jewirii K at Bortell's Ranch in St. Welfare Pederatkn. Charles, Iowa. The program, DES MOINES - Fiwn both entitled "The Jewiah Cona social and cultural pernection," will feature special spective, the Jewish Student speakers and maas-media Center at Drake University presentations, including slides has captured the eye and and movies /Ul students are imaglnatioa of many students. encouraged to attend. Details But more importantly, "The will bcannounced. House," as it's commonly known, represents a serious attempt on the part of the Des Moines Jewish community to instill a sense of religious appreciation in the Iwarts and minds of its coUegt youth. Mrs. Aaron Edsar will be During tlie past Uiree years, the gueat speaker at tite I lielleve 1 have profited from Council Bluffs Hadassab this attempt and think I've annual Linen Shower lun- grown mentally as well as cheon, April «, 12:30 p.m. in spiritually from my exthe Synagogue Social Hall. periences. Chairman is Betty StembUl. By interacting with fellow Make reservatkws with An- HudenU at the House. I netta Brown. 322-«367 bdleve I have had the opportunity to meet some very fine people and at the same Des Moinee time establish a number of close Interpersonal Viewers Note: relatkmshlps. Tte tapad pnfmD ol Unlike many classroom Oardal settings, one lias tiie diancc to lajB.Aprttt«a«BO. know people (or wiiat they are, rather than wtiat they can do. In light of the many social problems that we must deal with daily. This strikes me as being crucial. Whether it's a Sitabbat meal on a Friday evening or a casual lox-and-bagels brunch

What 'The House' Means to Me

Bluffs News

on Sunday mornings, • the House symlMllzes a lorm of creative expression. In large measure, the social and cultural activities of the past year have made me appreciate the meaning of Judaism in a way that transcends the religious experiences I had at home and goes beyond my academic growth at tj»e University. The Des Moines Jewish community and the House are symbolic of the progressive attitude of the Des Moines Jewish community — a community that cares, about Judaism and concerned about its future. At Drake, this is best reflected In the work of DavM Shneyer, coordinator of the Jewish Student Center, who has made it his iNisiness to make the Jewish experience meaningful and worthwhile. Yet, in the final analysU, it's 19 to Ute students to determine what Involvement, If any, they will liave in shaping tlieir lives from a Jewish point of view. The old idiom, "It's what you make of It," applies here. — The Houas has bad an eaonrnmi tnpaet oa my cMlege years. I only «M that buUdIng facilities could be expanded so that an increasing number of Dralu students could take advantage of the fine programs and activities that are being developed.

Guest entertainer for the day will be the Internationally known singer Geula Gil, who iias an unusual, three-octave voice that has earned her excellant reviews wiierever ilte'sappearad. Her career l>egan while she was in the Israeli army and has developed to where she's recording for Columbia Records (ao allNims to date), a Broadway Tony Award nomination and three motion pictures, in addition to having performed numerous concerts. The program Is being sponsored by the Jewish

Women's Federation, (Mrs. Ralph Copple, president) and 197S Women's Campaign (00chairmen Mrs. Albert MentlerandMrs. Ronald Daniels). Mrs. Sol Nagitmer is luncheon chairman. Mrs. Nagomer announced that the centerpieces for Uie tables at the luncheon will be made by the women of the Iowa Jewish Home. Transportation and babysitting are avaUable by calling tlie Jewish Community Center. For reservations, call Mrs. Israel Dubansky (2793458), Mrs. Harlan Wittensteln (27»-nM) and Mrs. James Marcovis (225-2120).

DM Brandeis Women To Elect New Officers DBS MOINES - The annual spring meeting of the Des Moines chapter of Brandeis University National Women's Committee will be April 9,9:30


BarMNzvah Oes Molnes-Slacle Jo Steinberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irv Steinberg, will become Bat Mitzvah on Friday, April 11, 8 p.m., Tlfereth Israel Synagogue. Followtng the service, ao Oneg Sbabbat honoring Slade will be beld bi tbe SynaiMue ChMouse. All arc welcome and cordially imrited to attend. No personal Invitations are l>eing Issued.

a.m. at tbe Oes Moines Art Centar. Business will include election and installation of officers and directors from the following slate recommendeo by the nominating committee: President: Mrs. Richard Levitt; Vk» Praddaot: Mrs. Harold Ruttenberg; Vh» Praaident: Mrs. TobI Seldenfcld: lUMrdbig Saerstary: Mrs. Jantes Wleder: Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Jeffrey Krum; Financial Secrstaiy: Mrs. Barry PIdgeon; Treasurer: Mrs. Alan Zuckert. Directors: Mrs. Steven Brown, Mrs. Marvin Mazle, Mrs. Harold PIdgeon, Mrs. Michael Stein, Mrs. Marvin WInick, Mrs. David Brodsliy. " An art seminar will follow the meeting BUI l^oebel, director of education at tlie Art Center, will dl^mss "The Art of Printmaklng" and Fred Gros, assistant director ct education will discuss the "The Art of Buying Prints". All members are urged to attend. Reservations may be made by calling Barbara Spear, 225-1736.

Des Moines Happenings l9«M Jwwiih NORM Qdkd

Cwitar's SimmMr Qmp ItTB

IMotion PIctur* at JCC mtTONAMra




Senior CKaen Scene ]

Omahan8 in The IMews


ByBwttoLMar We want to remind you that «• will have our annual Older Adult! QroMp nomtnaUooi and etactkm of oincen at our Hnt poit-Passover meeting, Monday, AprU, 7, at the Jewtifa Community Center. the following week, AprU 14, we'll have a board

BrSamZwelMMk RalM Sidney H. Brooks of Temple Urael, who waa (cheduled aa our gueit speaker aometime back before be was sidelrackad by a viatt to the hospital, will help end Uw JC Old Timers' (ourwMc absence from the Jewish Community Center by being our guest speaker at our meeting Tuesday, April 8. Remember to call Uae-oi^ Bamtta (334-000) to make your reservations.

meeting. We will also celetvate all the Janwiry, February, March and April birthdays at that time. This week the club lends a get-well wish to Sarah Langer, mother of Mollle Deiman. Bob and Reva Rimmerman have made a donation in honor of Art Abraroa' birthday. Morris Atn-anu is not living In the Dr. PhUlp Slier Home.

'Happi, Unhappy' Couples Invited OMAHA - Organliers of the bf«e Jewlib Marriage Encounter, Inc., lecture •cheduled for 7:90 p.m. Sunday. AprU ( at the Community Center emphailze ttial the program la (or all aorls of marriages, good ones as well M troubled ones. For further InfOrmatloa and to make reservatlona. call either Willis Ann Roes (se«17W) or Roey Meyers (383OOS).

Omaha Chapter of

WOMDI'S AMBHCAN O.R.T. pr*santt thalr

3d ANNUAL ROaDANa fglSk •^

Saturday, April 12 9 p.m.-1p.m. Satan's in the Old Market Music by Friendship

DONATION—$ lami COUPLE ^N$ For tlck«li coll: ^0^ Soni mdy Martin Morcio Mayers 393-'9473 334-5780

It was as If the sun were shining right inside Ite Iwuw at the March 30 meethig of Brandeit Camp Institute alumni and proq>ective 1V75 participants In Omaha. Bnthuslaim for BCl radiated from the alumni aa they described one of the moat intensive Jewish living experiences of their lives. The Institute, which began In the early IMO's, b« seen sonte 8,500 men and woman of college and young adult age. L>eadlng Jewiih penonalitles, such ax Elle WIeael, Arthur Hertzberg and Abraham Heachel visit BCl to share time and expelences with the campers. This summer, two fourweek sessions will be available; June 2>-July 27 and July 211-Aug 24. There are already three prospective participants from Omaha — the first in some 13 years. The renewed Interest In BCl Is the result of the Omaha BCl alumni committee which was formed In mid-March and U .comprised of Al (Hayman, Mrs. Eunice Denenberg, Howard Kalman, Mrs. Elaine Richards, Mrs. Ina Welner, Mrs. Elaine WIeiman, Richard Wintroub and Mrs. CeceZorinsky. The cost to Institute participants Is (396 (BCl coven an additional 1700) for each four-week session plus roundtrip fare from Omaha to Loe Angeles. The committee is woricing U) restore relationships between Omaha and BCl and to secure scholarship anittance for those who can


Need 20 extra beds and bathrooms

this weekend? We've got 'em. With 2 shower hetds tn I MCh bath aod an «•• tra dressing srsa wttli IIS own slflh. And your guetU «« loMthepooll



•MtnlllMMI ir*(

The JeoiHih Pw

not attend without H. Ail peraons U-S years of age Interested in attending Brandeis Camp Institute this summer or who want more information about the program may contact me at the Onter before S p.m. (3348200, Ext. 35). BBOCS Sunday, April 13, 10 a.m. at the JCC, PhU Haber, director of the Twin cities B'nal B'rlth Career and Counseling Service, will speak to career and college-bound high school students, and to college students In need of BBCCS services, about a wide range of career-related subjects. Over a half-dozen people have expressed interest In the testing program that will follow, iMglnning at 1 p.m. After the initial lee of ISO for the testing and evaluation, all future services are rendered by BBCCS absolutely free. Included in the program are a wide-range Intelligence and reading inventory, two vocational interest Inventories and a personality inventory; In-depth, individual counseling with specific recommendations for planning, and broad feliow-up services whenever and wherever needed. I must know If you are Interested NOW, so please contact me at the tenter to find out more about BBCCS and have your name plated on the roster. This service is being made available through the auspices of BBCCS and the Jewish (immunity tenter of Omaha. Special fee arrangements may be made by contacting me before April 13. OMAHABBG All three Omaha BBG chapters Invite you to a funfilled Night at the Movies at the JCC on Saturday, April 12 at 8 p.m. The movie "Beach Party," fun and refreshments are yours lor only II SO per person. Support our Beau Dance by letting us see you at the Center.

Earl Katz will play the part of Newton FuUer In "George Washington Slept Here", which will nm from Friday, April 4, through AprU 20 at the Omaha Community

Playhouse, WIS Cass St. Katz, winner of two OPC Directors' Awards, plays a New York City dweller who buys a ramshackle country home In which the natloa'i first president slept.


Dan Grossman, winner rA the men's singles championship In tlie state closed tournament last fall, bs ranked No. I in men's singles by the Nebraska Tennis Association. In Junior boys' 14 singles, Jon Staenberg, Ken Somberg and Dan Goldman rank second, third and fourth,'' respectively. Goldman and Bob Green rank No. 1 in boys' 14 doubles while StaenbergSomberg rank No. 2. Among the junior girls, Debltle Denenberg Is No. 1 In 16 singles while Susan Sheldon, Terl Feinberg and Pam Sheldon are rated 1-2-3, respectively. In 14 singles. In 18 doubles, DenenbergGeinberg Is No. 1. In U doubles, Debbie and Sue Sheldon are No. 1. In 14 doubles, Teri and Diana Myers are first, and Sheldon sisters second.




Janet Boguchwal, a junior at Northwestern University, has been dected to the board of directors of the Programmatic College of Commerce and Industry at Northwestern. She has also been appointed to the Student Advlaory Board to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University. Janet is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Boguchwal. Judy SkMui, daughter of the late Lee Sloan and Mrs. Milton Epstein, has been elected to membership In Phi Beta Kappa. She is a graduate of Omaha WesUlde High School, the University of Texas at Austin and Para-Legal InsUtute of Philadelphia, Pa.



119thaiMlPacifffc N«w Boardwolk East 334-5200 9sS0-9,Mon.-Fri. 9i30-«,Sal. 13-6 Sun.





\r\x*t'^ CHOP saev coam iMJOv UMCHpN OMaMII AT cuniMW u>caTioai:a< AboOnlwtlaGal laanTii'Hiii MTMICOCKTM. LOUWa

vouN FAvomn MveuM* T>- ..Tl'





The Jewitli Culturol Arts Gwiicil Of The Jewish Community Center in c»ep«retlen writh ftie Nehrarfia Arts Council mn4 tho Notional •ntfowMMn for MiG AfftS • • • •


Intorprotive Custom Framing NOflH Mstf OVPIOICOMWLTA110N >MMnMe4riAMai lOCALASI


"An Evening Of JawishDanc* With Felix Fibicf^^ Saturday, April 5 8:45 p.m.—JCC Theater /Master Claa* Sunday, April 6 3:00 p.m.—JCC Dance Studio Admission is free, but reservations are required. Call 334-8200 Thli pra|»ct it lointlv tupportad by a gront from \\m Nabratko Art* Council and Ttw Notional EndowRMfrt For Trw Arti m WotMngton, O.C., a Fodwol AgMKy."



Tin J^wWI WW>


|M»rlw PLAYBALLI IN JOCPROCHlAia The Omaha Jewish Community Center'i Physical Education Department is winding up to deliver the opening pitch of the Softball Maton, and here it is: Par Adulti Only * We'll have two innovations this spring and summer in t)oth the Men's Sunday Morning League and the Coed Adult Twilight Kitten Soflball leagues. The men's loop will oHer underhand slow pitch with a 10-IOot arc while a l&-inch softball will be employed in the coed league. The slow pitch game and the 16-Inch ball each provide considerable hitting, fielding and a lot of action and have been widely and rapidly accepted in Centers across ttw country. Men's Slow Pilch will begin May 4 with games at 10 a.m. The Coed Adult Kitten Softball League will start play April 24 {Thursdays) at 6 p.m. Deadline (or entering Slow Pitch (tlO feel is Wedneaday. April 30: for Kitten Ball (ts per person) it's Wednesday. April 23. SOFTBALL FOR ADULTS ONLY aip and mail or bring to the JCC Athletic Depanment, 333 South 132nd St. Name _^__


Address _Zip_ Phone Register me in the following league: I ) Men's Slow-Pitch Softball < ) Coed Adult Kitten Softball League '

Jtiolor Boy*. Jiadsr MlMtas We're already taking applicants (or Junior Boys and Junior Miss Softball programs (or youngsters in the third and fourth grades. They'll play Fridays (rom 3:45-5 p.m., April 2S-June 6 (fee <2) with practices prior to the games and emphasis on (un i:^ and participation (each child will play at least half a game and will generally gel a chance to learn each pocition). II enough girls sign up. they'll have their own league: if not. they'll play alongside the twys in recognition of the fact girls this age are just as capable as tmys. Call JoAnn Dye at 334-iQOO, Ext. 21, to register. Undtrgarten "nirougb tod Grade We plan T-So(tball (or the liindergarten through secondgrade kids. Youngsters will hit the tiall from a batting "T" and also lean how to catch, throw and play the game. Registration is now being accepted for the following 'T' Softball leagues, all of which begin April 28 and run from 3:45-5 p.m : PEE-WEE and KITTY KAT, for kindergarten boys and girls, respectively; IDDY BIDDY and MISSY "T', for 1st and 2nd grade boys and girls, respectively. NOTE: We wiU be able to offer girls' brackeu only if there is sufficient registration. If not, the girls will play in the boys' leagues. There is no fee for any of the leagues. Boys and Girls, Slb-Udi GndM All boys and girls in the fifth through 12tb grades are guaranteed playing at least one-hal( of every game — and to insure maximum playing time, a limited number of players will "^be allowed per team, so sign up now by calling JoAnn at 3344200. See the league schedule and other informatkm under the heading "Sports Sdiedules" elsewhere on this page. CHILDREN'S AFTER SCHOOL SOFTBALL REGISTRATION Clip and mail or bring to: Jewish Commimlty Center 333 South 132nd Street Omaha, Nebraska niS4 Please register my diildf ren I in the following program: ( )PeeWee "T'SoftbaU < ) Kitty Kat'T" Softball ( iMissyr'SoftbaU I )IddyBiddy T'Softball Name Address. Phone


SOME CXNTER FACIUTIE8 OPEN AT<:«0 A.M. We want to remind those members who've been unable to uae the faciUtlM ai often at they'd like that the Center's gymnaahan, IUHKIMII and racqnethall courts and men's and wwnea'a locker rooms are open at 6:30 a.m. Monday through iWdmr We hope you'll take advantage of these hoius so that we can caotinue then. For OMoe man wanting to gtt back into shape, there's ongoing EadlyJUMnEMfciinCfaMi. And, too. our swimming pool y ofin Monday*, Wednewiay and Fridays (ram 7:»t:» a.m.


Here's the ItaMv ol KMTV AU-Stan who'U battle the JewWi Community Center Bhie Stars at i p.m. (moved 141 from the original 7 p. m.) in a basketball gaoae Sunday, April«, at the JCC Gym. They are, (ram left. Dr. San Guinary, "Ita Fjmaou* Green Tsmr" wlio pnnlaes to let tly with hi* famow (*o he *ay*> haUWurt hoak*hot; Jeff Jordan, Carol Soott and Jtan Kdter. Kdler, KMTV'* ^MfU direiiar, wID be on the ataithv live; Carol, whose b*akHhan pcuw*** I* itpitweu (bat who MOTHERrlNPANT CLASS A new session of mother-infant classes will be|{in Monday. April 7 for six weeks. Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Activities include exercises, large and small coordination experiences, water play and outdoor play and walks. Registration and fees ($7) will be taken the first day of class. Gene Starmer, former MkDands College tennis star who was tennis professional at Oak mis Country CMb for tour years, will be JCC tfiafhlng pro this spring, mmmer and (an, aceordlag to Dave Meyer*, tcBOis committee cfeairmn. A leadwr at lilUard antral Juntor 10^ and a 0ra(iw(« liuiint at the Umverdty of NdinHka at

cara*T) wm alao aee pUtylng Ume and Jdrdan, new* anchorman, win provide mtero^Moe antic* because hell have to wc Sunday night Other TV player* indwle newsmen John CUik, j Loren Blake and Gary WUUami; award-wlnntaig piaitograiihar 1 Arlo Grafton; Dan Livincrton, news Otan editor; and CaJ KirdMn, veteran new*eaater. The game win provide a big aend^iff j (or the Bhie Stars, who ar* headog for the national teenage j tournament In New York. Wbmen d the color televlsian and | health cb<> ralflo* wU be aimoanoed at ballUma. MIOOBT AND OLYMPIC HOCKEY Any tmys in (ifth through eighth grades Interested in playing j Indoor gym hockey on Sunday* an to report to the CenOr gym ] at 1:30 p.m. Sunday. April 6. Teams will be picked and game* j played under Physical Education Department supervision.

Sftorts Scheduln and Soorm AI«arGMa- )l>^m)>ot ti^umuamtntfn'ii.i m-tpm rm m Kumtntm-mtmkor tirm••<n—iM.<»nir.i a irmm • MfWhrta-nuttor taK.a«niiBtfrv.«f>iui.iai->;afB m • iWiH«»»m-iiiM>iiic t^t.a«Mii ifcj.<>iii«,i•-;»»• rm • SM«Mwiairb-itt.iaiiar »«tiuni>hMaT.A|M«.i»-i>>rji rw a Jcc«iiiiir*i»Siiic»-»ini»iO> imi««M<«>.i««>t.i»»» -\rmtm» •Mm inatf vdunsAii. •IMMT.AraiLt ••• TI1nUSY«V0l •••«. ^...^. «UN« •••"—~—-" r--1-' '••m.. • itt»i«»i s-ttniiwuiiMii-s-i •»•••. AMN* W"S~.AXAN»H-ii' AUIM. !•-*"» It *UN>rl"li.l.M

Omaha, Starmer win tench an of the private (i-atiid««),

.... mrWmn I-«•»•• anrAUN>W"«-|l.u.H

aenHirtvate (»«tiidcnt> and group leonl* Icaaon* and wiU

alao (upervlee and conduct tennis tounaments, leagues aM other special tennis ,

Aquatics Notebook ByOafrJavHdi JCC AqMttc* Director Plans are under way to open the new Jewish Community Center SO-meter outdoor pool. This pool, which Is the secbod largnt in Omalia, is SO meters long and 42 feet wide with six racing lanes. In addition, there is a separate diving well which contains three Olympic diving boards. These Duraflex diving boards are considered by many to be the llneat boards made today. One Is three meters high and the other two are one meter each. For sman children, there is a separate wading pool M inches deep. Within the pool area I* a bathroom facility and a mack bar (all food, ot come, must be consumed within the snack bar area). The pool is tentatively scheduled to open Sunda/, May B. A grand opening ceremooy wiU be beld two weeks later and wfil ieature fancy divhig and scuba diving exhibition* a* weU a* life aivtai^ aniir canoe demon-

• anrf contrab bactwla, irtniMi. dfM. BiMhMlM ta4 e*n. loMM. wior«.

atrattons. An award winntng synchronized twimmlng team will perform for all.


-ywicawYlw—« ii*iDl» miiii'»

• lleyf—• »»lll»Mi HI n>n»«nlwW Htll •r swxHar form. Ml, dMr Inttnidtant on.



1407 HMwy



"OGOEM EDSL SHOW" Tu>gdtty thru i

OMM lAtm SUNDAY torvlM rreiN 13 Noeo ChlMranun^12- '•nny • tMowml

^ ^ 700S0UTH 72nd St. ^


April 4, 1975  

Jewish Press

April 4, 1975  

Jewish Press