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•• «< 4#i9# Seder Guests, Hosts Asked to CallJCC


OMAHA — People wanting to attend a Pawover Seder or thoee wanting to!« hosts •rc asked to contact either Pearl Yager or Mollle Delman at the Jewish Community Center as soon as possible so that arrangements can bamade. The phone number Is 334420Q.


.COUNCIL BLUFFS, LINCOLN, OMAHA Omaha, Nab., Fit., March 14,1976

To Live Another Summer' Lives Another 1)8/ OMAHA - "To Live Another Summer" will be held over for an additional performance Sunday, March 16, 8 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center The cast baa agreed to this special showing to help kick off the 1J75 Jewish Philanthropies Drive in Omaha. A $1 fee Includes refreshments following the performance. Call the Center (334-8200) for reservations or purchase tickets at the Center desk.


h ' i I

lUA booUtt "TM rm cup' ]ta>0tan ID Omaha synafoguss FManUao. Extra eovlM can be imalt)rOaBlv,»8.m.


I be <llilr1tii<ail to tba OBMha JnrWi at tfae HewUi Oooh

"The Rfth Gup" Available; Stresses Freedom, Dignity raiW YORK- TheUiiltMl Jewish AppeuRas created a special Passaver program enUtled "The Fiftb Cup", wtiicb provkhs the American Jewish commtnltjr with the means to express its detemlnation that freedom and dignity be preserved for Jews in Israel and throughout the world. Traditionally, there are (our cutis of wine consumed at the Seder, and it has become the custom to set aside a fif tli cup - the Cup of Elijah which remains unconsumed. Since this custom >s not mcnUoned in the traditional lext of the Ha«adab, the

UJA has produced a booldel called "The Fifth Cup", with a special text designed to be incorporated into the Seder service. The lUurgy dramatically proclaims the need for personal reaffirmation of hope and courage for the future of the Jewish people. In addition to the booklet, (he UJA has also produced a Teachers' Discussion and Activity Guide on the concif>t of the Fifth Cup, for Sunday and Hebrew School teachers. All of "The rifth Cup" materials will be available thr««h the Omaha Jewish Federation.

Israeli Def icK For Fiscal Year JERUSALEM IJTA)Leadlng economists are warning that Israel (aces a deficit of nearly IL 4 billion for fiscal 1975-76 rather than the IL l.S blllkxi deficit built Into the new national budget now under atudjr by the Knsastt. A defied of such pnportioas will lead to an unprecedented wave of inflation and the only possible solutkNi is further cuts In the propoaed IL 56 billion budget, especially the allocations for defenie expenditures which, at IL 22 billion, comprises the largest single budget -Itein, the economists say. The experts, who all seem to be In agreement as to the real size of the deflctt. Include economists asaoclated with the Bank of larad, the Hebrew University and. In fact, the Treasury itself Tbsy lay Uiat tba pp bal-

tbt effieUl deficit eootataed hi HMM* MtaHtar Yahousbba Rablnowltt'i propoaed budget and actual deficit stems from the gtfvenmmit's rstreat on tax matters and lumnder to local !)>» ndueUoD o( the.JMW payroll tax from 7.5 to 4 per cent wUI result in the loss to the Treasury of IL 450 million, (ContinuedonPageH)

Terrorists Raid Hotel TEL A<IV — Arab terrorists, who had come ashore hi two small boats with machine gum biasing at about midnight, seized the imill beachfront Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv and held some 30 persons captive for six hours. The sclge ended early in the morning when Israeli troops stormed the four-story, 1»room hosUI. Seven Arab gnerrlllas, three Israeli soMlers and three civilians were Utled in the gun fight and In an explosioB set off by the terrorlits. At top, Israeli security men and police surrowid an Arab terrorist (second from left with only head visible), as they bustle him to an ambulance through an earaged mob. He was the only survivor of eight terrorUU and was found as soldiers searched the rubble of the hotel. Below is a view of the Savoy Hotel after the rald.The Palestine guerrilla hcadqnarters in Beirut, Lebanon, said the raiders wrc members of AssUah, the mllttary arm of the Ai Fatah guerrilla organisation.

Gerda Kleki: A Vohe of Humanity ^RaaaHottmaa DBS MOINES - A voice sweet and tremulous issued from the lips of Gerda Klein on Friday evening, March 7, at Tifereth Israel Synagogue's community-wide service. This event marked Mrs. Klein's flnal appearance in Oss Mstacs after a five-day serief ^Making engagemenU. Gerda's message, a meisair from the heart tinged with • pathos that no time will erase, reUined a darity, a "freshness" o( vision which made her mefflonea live ^ us. She recalled the "beginning of the end" when the Nazis burned the synagogue of her native home, UH synag^ie which sht had known (rom childhood. Gtrdi rcmemberad her (atbtr's last words. On the night before the family was to be deported, he Implond Gerda «svcr to gKe up.

never to relent bi the struggle for survival, (or life. Bdioed over Gerda's cai>rMfmvm during sbi of the moot lortaoui years of her cqdalioca. bar (atbar's ««rdi aavad bcr (ram auecumbiag to the peaceful obUvkm of death, the escape for those who could not endure the labearable agDOias of the perverted raaittjr. Time passed. Gerda's friend, Hilda, the last remaining link with her shattered former world, died shortly before the liberation. Through all this misery one would little expect a ray of hope—but ttcanwk' Over a nuiddy rise a Jeep entered the small Czechoslovaklan village where Gerda and the UO survivors of the "death march" remained, miraculously spared from a pUuilad booU) that navsr

detonated. Aboard the Jeep was U. Klein, member of an advance Army contingent sent to announce the war's end and liberate those in enemy territory. He was a Jew who identided with the plight o( the Holocaust victims and later was to become Gerda's husband. 01 all the longings which plagued her captive spirit, Gerda, gazing (rom the barbed wire of the camp on a chUI winter night, could not forget her love of the quiet evenings at home with her family. How simple and yet how precious were those moments together. Her closing words to us Imparted the importance of appreciating our homes and our families —o( searching, not for what may be missing, but for the beauty of what Is then.


pight for Survival

NEW YORK - RatM BerEditor's Note: The (ollowbig Is an open letter to the Omaha tram W. Kom o( Phlladelpbia, Jewish community from Eli M. Zalkln, 1«7S General Cbalrman a chaplain in the U.8. Naval o( the PhUfmthroples Campaign. He also Invites readers o( the Reserve, has become the first Jewish Pnaa to Die HotaMS snd Lincoln to look in. US. Jewlsb ebaplaln ever The time Is here again - as a matter of fact. It seems It's promoted to the rank o( rear admiral. The promotioo was always here: the time to stand up and be counted. You will soon be called upon (11 you haven't been already) called a "unlquo historical by a dedicated, unselfish person who, himself, has made a breakthrough for Iha rabmeaningful contribution and is now contributing his time - time bbiate and Judaism" in a nMisagt sent to Rabbi Kom taken from his everyday pursuits. He is calling to give you an opportunity to join with him and by otfldals of the JewlA Wdfare Board's Commlaskm all other concerned Jews — concerned with the needs of our community: the need ol the Talmud Torah, of the Home for the on Jewish Chaplaincy. Kom, senior rabbi of Reform advanced aged, for our Jewish youth programs. Besides these Congregation Keneaeth Israel are the agencies concerned with the welfare of Jews everywhere o( Philadelphia, he U also - not the least of which is the concern for keeping Israel strong. Prseeding and during the all-too-recent Holocaust, many o( noted as a hiitorlan and Ibe w wen silant with the excuse, "We did not know." Now we do author or tdltor of IS booka. know. We now know w« must ransom our brethren in Russia, to His most widely known work Syria or wherever they an systefflatlr<aiy betog persecuted. We Is anUtlad "Amsrlcan Jewry (ContlouadonPage?) MdthsOlvttWar."




ttmth 14. IWt



Between You And Me

brUNews Briefs

Arab 'Chutzpa' Causes Awakening ByBMsSmoiar "


How does fund-raising for Jewish cauMs flD nowadayi In tte midit o( die economic difficulties in the country?... How does the United JMIWI Apiieal fare?... One can hear tbese questions coming from various people interested in Israel, as well as In philanthropic activities in this country Tliere is an undertone of anxiety in (hent. Ilie aoNwr >•: As (ar • the UJA '-«T»'r la caBcwaed, the remits are not loww 00* aa CHnpared with pravioas yean at this time. Ilw gMng does not, however, foUaw the patten of previous yean. In some communities thsre an Juat renewals on the same level M laat year. In other communities there is increased giving. Buttharean «lao decrease*. They an •vldenccd among certala categories of cootrttiuton who have been sertduaiy affected ky the prcaant economic Up tUI the beginning of this month, UK UJA has raised in pledges more than $205 million for lU 1975 drive. This Is somewhat higher than the total raised last year during the same period. The cash coUectlons are also higher. During, the months of tiecemiMr^ January and Fei>ruary, the UJA collected more than t4i million, which is K miUion more than Om cash raised during the same three months a year ago. The willingness to give Is noticed everywhere, but with . some givers in the highest brackets there is a question of ability to give as much as ttiey would like to. With the economic situatkm

in Israel being what It is— devaluation of currency followed by increase In taxes—the natural Inclination of many givers (s to Increase their contributions to UJA Tlioae who are not in a pasHkin to do so thli year are very apolegetic They feel sincerely sorty. The big problem for UJA now la those givers who lact year, and also previously, contributed a million dollan and mora each. There are quite a number of them This year most of them have been affected by the financial crisis. They do not see themsehwa in a poaitlaa to be as «•• cuittwally fneraus in their oaatrawtioM u they were. They are radudng their gifts accordlngty. When million-dollar contributions are reduced, Uie UJA faces the necessity to find new contributors to make up the difference. New contributors are thus sought now by UJA through different methods. Attempts are being made to discover elements in American Jewry wtw can afford to make substantial gilts but who have been Indifferent to Jewish cauaes. These attempts are to a certain extent successful, but unprtcedented efforts are sliil required to cover the.kiBS sustained by i^ijuctlaa ItHhe million-dallaf~ category of giving. On the whole, the UJA campaign is now exciting the vibrant because of the partlcipatkm of more "young bhwd." Never before have the UJA campaigns attracted so many young eiemenia u this year. Induded anoBg then arc academlciana who, till


MTUaMT.MUUKMIt Twnpl* brad Couptc't Clul> HMOaV.MiMKMU USY iKMllng. B«)h B. I p.m. ••(h El Stoiwhood party ot^ Shar Horn*. I OJH. aiONBAT, aiAKM 17 lloduiiahOp«o loora ni—lin^endlunctwon, XC. 10a.m. OMor Adullt Cily Wkfo ConiarWK*. JCC. I p.m. InttKula ol Jowtah ShxtiM, XC. T:Mp.m. TUtWAT.NUUKMIt Bath El Synogogu* loord moating. 12 noon Weltonol Cowncil ol Jawj»h Woman, ragutor maaUng. homa ol Mri. TomFallmon. 12:30p.m. Woaaar Woman Modal Sadaf. homa of H SOUMI. Ip.m. Aquolkc commitloa maaling, JCC, 7:30 p m. mDMnOAT, MAKM l« Mtrachl ragwlor inaaling, 12:30 p.m. B>ol V'rilh lrwidbra#art, Firotld*. 12 noon m Solo FaranI maaling, 7 30 p.m. Mttro<hi Jr. Loogua mooting loth tt Tooctiar Training, Ur. Morton Siogol Oittvrol Arit Council loctvra. Or Amnon Rubinttoin. JCC.» p.m. THUMDAT.MAKHM •'not (rith Moman Cornhutkor Choplar. ragulor moating, ( p m. OldarAduittArtaondCrattt. JCC, II om. Both El Taochw Troinina

Maarfsy-frMay TAJILtol

'* ta^liJi "IMjawlifbt Cm—" latwrrfay 1« Ml. jytMopty^^.^^^V.*^ - .«A4lCtlUW—*

recently, tatdUferant to Israel, andevn Influenced by pro-Arab arfumenla. The Impiiilwira with which the Anb nian are now treating the danwcratlc world, and eqpedally the JewM world, has awakened them ID aober thtaUog. Leaden of the UJA visiting various cities to stimulate more giving report a new spirit among givers. It is a spirit of "We Must Stand Together.' It developed after the Arabs made it clear that their economic boycott is directed not only against Israel, but against Jews all over the worid. The Arab boycott list Involving American ,firms In which Je«'s maintian financial participation-and the Arab "chutzpa" of going even as far as pressuring US enterprises to ban Jews from responsible positions if they wish to do business with UK oil countries-has done much to evoke Jewish consciousness among alienated Jews. This U of help to the UJA, Inasmuch as Jews who kept themselves afar from Jewish life are beginning to see that the Arabs are determined (o hit them no less than other Jews. This opened new avenues of thought among them about their Jewish obligatloos. Similarly, many of the American-bort Jewtsh students are flmHy members who concentrated their interest on general problems and never thought In Jewish terms, are now beglnnhig to seethe light. The Arab Insolence of dictadng tenni even agataiit American Java affecting the careen o( Hie yavger JcwlA brou^it tbam aa did the fact Ihrt democratic goverammts are potUag busloen Intareita abowe monl vahM and an aumndirtag to the Arab antt. Itay eiflielr cfaangr of nlnd by latnli« in UJA aethrWH (ram aMcklhByhadiMaiasd. Aa to the general moods among Jews in various communities, UJA studies there established the following facts: 1. People are concerned over Israel's ability to >weatber its economic proUemi; 2. niey are wvrried about the Inifiact o( Arab oU money on the attitude of governments and big Industries toward larael: 3. They are disturtied about the aentimenta In Uw non-Jewish world of people who had always declared themselves as alleged friends of larael and are now rtowtiig ii«ia of ]unipb« on the Arab bandwagon for the sake of the doUar. These moods will be reflected during Passover In many homes at the family seder, and In synagogues where appeals for UJA will be made by rabbta and community leaders. Passover appeals usually bring substantial funds^to Hjp.Vo'l*!'. Jewish Aj^al'

Terrorist Scare TEX AVIV (JTA) - A terrorist scare at a school in Kfar Shalem, a suburb of Tel Aviv, touched off a panic there and forced Secretary of SUte Henry A. Klaifaiger to travel to Ben Gurion Airpori by helkopter Instead of by car as planned. The terrorist alarm was sounded when children in Kfar Shalem dahned they saw armed men enter a local school buUdlng. The (cport spread like wildflre as fearful parenta rushed la schools and kindergartens to bring their children borne. Polkx and border patrol unlta converged on the area. They found no terrorists but the kical populatkm was In turmoil and it took several houn to calm them down An investigating committee was set up immediately to find out how the terrorist rumor originated and how teachen and principals reacted.

Beef Up Strength TEL AVIV (JTA)-The manpower dlviskm of General Headquarters disclosed meaaurea to beef up the combat strength o( larad's armed forces In keeping with the expanskm of the military machine and the wider deployment of forces to be ready (or any contingency. Sentor officers at GHQ briefing military correspondents here, said that all able-bodied peiaoimel of military age—Including recruits and reservists—who are attached to rear line, non-combat units, will be re-assigned to combat units.

Major Themes NEW YORK (JTA) - Israeli President Bphralm Katzlr has txen stressing three basic Uiemes In bis Ulks to various Jewish organizatkNis: the State of Israel Is a "pUot plant" where the Jewish people can protect themselves when necessary; Increased Jewish education in Israel and the United States Is now more essential than ever; and the return of Soviet Jews to Israeir aided by Jews tai America, Israel and other countries. Is a "miracle." Katzlr, who arrived In the U.S. last week for the first time since he took office, told 300 leaden from the United Jewish Appeal and Jewish Federatkms and Welfare Funds that "As a chemist, I look at tiny Israel as a kind of pikit plant—a laboratory for the worid around; the worid needs a place where experiments win

be done, where morals are high, where human life Is respected, "And this little pitot plant is where we can test the wonderful kleas for which we have stood (or so many yean." In another addresa to more than 1,500 Yeshlva University studenU KaUir said that Israel' 'has learned from disaster that we must educate for protection worthy of survival." Referring to the "miracle" of Soviet Jews coming to Israel, Katzlr affirmed: "Miracles will continue to happen as long as there are Jews In the worid."

Protest Policy PARIS (JTA) - More than 100 Intellectuals Including five Nobel Prize winners were due to meet in Paris to protest against UNESCO's recent antl-lsrael resolutkins. The iponaon of the conference Include the five Nobel Prize winners, writers, scientists and parilamentarians. Among them are writer Ignazto SUone; the late Sir Julian Huxley; Lord Goodman; the praideni of Notre Dame University, Father Theodore Hesburgh; and Nobel Prize winnen Kenneth Arrow; Gerhard Herzberg; Eyvind Johnson; and Andre Wolff. The conference, whkdi Is due to be held on March 15, has been called to protest the antiIsrael voles "Which vk>lated the spirit of (the UNESCO) convention and which constitute a discriminatory act of a political nature contrary to the organlzatkw's aims and n^km." The conference InviUtkm addsP"It Is ne^pssary to prevent UNESCO from compnmtslng its identity and universality by giving in to power politics." The protest conference will be held about a week before the UNESCO Executive Commjsskm Is due to meet In Paris to review the organization's financial situation whlc| UNESCO sources describe as "catastrophic."'

Flash Fk>ods JERUSALEM (JTA) - Trees planted by the Jewish National Fund to act as wind-andwater-breaks around southern settlements saved lives in one case, and protected the land from the raging elements In many otben, during the recent flash fkwding In the Negev and Sinai.

Bluffs News

Elkbi to Speak in Lincoln; Students, Public Invited UNCOLN-Stanley Elkin. prize-winning novelist and humorist, will visit the University of NebraskaLincoln campus, Tuesday, March IR, In connectkm with a Jewish-American Literature course being offered at the Unlvenlty. The visit Is cosponsored by the Lincoln Jewish Welfare Federatkm


tti U


and the UN-L Department of Entflsh. Elkln will discuss and read selections from his forthcoming novel, "The Franchiser". Students, faculty and membere of the publk: are Invited (7:30 p.m., Nebraska Student Unkm). A public receptkNi wiU follow.




/^n.«'^ CHOP s«ey


laaavicMii W THt OOCKTaa UUHM voun Mvown Mvauaas n»»at»»ii«i iiiio^




Reverend Carl M. Reinert, S.J., will speak at a Joint meeting of the Council Bluffs (Chapter of Hadassah and Irving Cohen Lodge of B'nai B'rilh at B'nal Israel Synagogue In Council Bluffs on Thursday, March 20, 8 p.m. Rev. Reinert will speak on Jewish-Christian relations.

Go Fly A Kite At The JCC OMAHA - The Jewish Community Center's CMMren's department will welcome spring with a Ute craft class Tuesday, Mareh 2S, 9:30 a.m. Participants will •hake and decorate their own Utes. A t2 registration fee will cover the cost of materials. Wednesday, March 26, weather permitting, there will be a Ute flying contest for homemade and purchased Utes. Register In advance with .tM JCC Childreo's department.

Mwch 14.1«75

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Ail e^hor Hinky Mnky Store* havo • limited supply.




Not A Joking Matter

Hrst, Read This: The Agony of Syrian Jewry I NoK: Tlw toUowlng U the ' I Ifcii rwilMMiiii i4 rrwlimti nr Milnr rtmnrirm friTliti OrgantaaUant. It Is Just a year since the rape-murder of four youQg Syrian Jewish women who aaiiglit to (lee their country becauae J«Wi nay not leave Syria lapBy • It it a grim aaolvafsary, for the situation of the Jews of Syria remains oppmaive deqHte hopes ralaed l)y the resum|>lion of diplomatic ratlatloos between Damascus and Washington, and the praalM of up to tlOO million in American aid to Syria—presumaMy on Vw basis of some improvement in Syria's International behavior and in the way it treaU iU own citizens. Life among the 4.500 Jews of Syria Is fraught with harassment, restrictions, terror—and worse. Here are some examples: Jews ID Syria may not Iravd more than four kflonetOTi from their homes. They may not bold Joba In nwetmueut Inatitutkias or in the natlnnalhiwl aector of the economy. Tliey mnst obey a 10 p.m. curfew and dare not mlaa the pertodlcitreet nUaalls. Their mall U censored. Jews cannot vote, or get a driver's license, or aifly lor a telephone. In November 1171 nearly all Jewish students were eipelled from Syrian unKreraltles; only a handful of new Jewish studenia have been admitted since then. Identity cards of Jews (in contrast of other citizens) are holdly marked in large read letters: MUSAWI ("Mosaic"), reminiscent of the "Jude" that Jews carried in Nazi Germany. Jewish bank accounts are similarly marked in red. When a Jew dies, his property is confiscated by the state and may be received by his lawful heirs only upon payment of a "rental" fee to the state. These are the conditions that Impelled the four young Jewish women to seek to escape from Syria last year. Their effort to reach Lebanon failed; forced to hide in a mountain cave, they were found raped and murdered. Among the four men accused of the crime were two respected members of the Damascus Jewish commnnity, one the brother-in-law of one of the voung women. FoUowIng protesU that their "oonfeialoas" bad been obtained through torture and were repudiated In court, ilie murder chargf.wfa dropped and a new charge flied - fllagrily atNain«iii 1974 Recipient of AmerieaJsrael Friendship Award

Srnalor Erfiranl M. Kmanlr •f MaMUfhaxilU, iiat brra aaMcd 1974 rr<4|>inil of llir "Aaaaal Amrrira-iararl Frirarffhip Awarri" of Aiacriran Mfsrarhl Womm, tl wa« annimnred hrrr h^ Mr*. Loaiii J. SrIirHbrr, luiional pmidtnt ol ihc »—»'» rdiaioa*(ioaUl •raaairaliaa. Thr ammrd h— bcca fr—mu yek year ttact ih« miUiahmenl •f Itrad in 194* "w thai pariaa BBl of ike JewMi failli, •he ha> conlribalerf mo*! rfy ta,na<ienlaadia« awl Iwren llic people* •fllM Hailed Stale* awl l*raeL ^•••tar Keaaedr will actcpl dka ekalioa ia a Mardi ceremtomj ia WiMmgtam, D.C FMar awaml wiaaen have faiI fanBer PNaUnu* TnAmum, the lale ' Roaaavoh, iW foraier Tiee PnaUaM Hakert Haapfcrey. Seaalor Miaaritr teodcv Hach Se«M, ibe lale 8c» alar Robart F. Kaaaedr, tarn-

Hawr N. Jacli(•••f At Slalaaf VaMasMi.

tempting to smuggle people out o( the oounliy. (Tbey are now bee 09 ball.) Thus it was both cruel and misleading when Mike Wallace and a CBS-TV crew visited the ghetto in Damascua recently to report on the situation of Syrian Jewry. Everywhere they weitf — by Wallace's own admission - they were accompanied by three Syrian aecurity agents. WhHi Wallace asked, "Where do aU these itorlea come from about how badly the Jews are treated In SyrU?" a Jewish acfaoolteacher replied on camera: "I think that It's Zionist piSipaganda."(The camera did not record the fearful glance she must have given the Syrian agents waiting for her responae.) But it is not "Zionist propaganda " It is fact that has been reported and confirmed by the New York Times, London Evening Standard, lie Figaro, Epoca and — most recently - by the distinguished Copenhagen daily. Politlken. Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia. Morocco, Libya - all have let their Jews go. Only Syria keeps them as prisoners in the ghetto, hostages to the future.

Now, Please Sign This Editor's Note: Hie foikming letter is part oT a nattonwlde effort by B'nal B'ritfa to help Syrian Jewiy. It la pwewied bereaa a public sendee by llie Jewlah Pieas IntbebopeaD treedom-kiving people will respond. PreaMent Gerald Ford The White House Washington, D.C.nsoo We the undersigned view with concern the growing crisis facing Jews in Syria. The 4,500 members of Syria's Jewish community have too long been subject to arbitrary arrests, (Continued on Page 7) UnRARY AWARD Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, authoress of the novel "Anya", is the 1974 recipient of the Edward Lewis Wallant Book Award

Noted Educator WiU Lead Synagogue Teacher Seminar OMAHA - Through the combined efforts of Beth El Synagogue and the Omaha FederatkKi's Department ol Jewish Education, the distinguished educator. Dr. Morton Siegel. will be in Omaha on Wednesday,.March' 19 and Thursday, March 20. Dr. Slegel will meet with Beth El parents, faculty and School Board at the Synagogue on Wednesday, March 19,7:30p.m., to discuss the role of the Conservative Congregational School. At the Jewish Community Center on Thursday, March 20. be will conduct a seminar idr teachers of all three Synagogue Schools - coffee at 9:15 a.m., sesskm from 9:3011:30 a.m. At noon. Dr. Slegel wUI meet at Beth El with iU school board and curriculum committees at noon. Dr. siegel has wide experience in the field of Jewish education. Now executive director of United Synagogue of America and director of its

IhsdeTkux (if the

Department of Education and Commission of Jewish Education, he also Is assistant professor at New York University School of Education, lecturer at the Teachers Institute, Jewish Theological Seminary, and editor of Synagogue School. He is a graduate of Yeshiva University, has a master's from Yeshiva College his doctorate from Columbia University.

Omahans in Business Robert Perelman has been named vice president of First Omaha Securities Corp., att Omaha based investment banking firm formerly known as Rahel. Knack and Co. Prior to this ^ipolntment, Perelman was aaaedated with Dean Witter and Co, Inc in Omaha.

The Jewish Press

J w two yean, Oalina and Valery Panov did not daooe. They were like bird) whose wings had twen dipped. Tbes* peat artists, whose talrat beloofi to tiia worid, were not allowed to danca becauie they asked to emipvte to IwaeL Haraased, abused and tormented, they languished. But today they are aliva again In their art, for they are free—free to dance and to

PuUishad weekly on Friday By the Jawiah Federation of Omaha Llpwoy Stanford Li| Judith Marburg

w^^Mi HMI#


Suzanne SomberB

live as they chooi*. Their struggle lymbolixe* the struggle of all thoae Jews who itUI languiih in the Soviet Union under opptesslon. But what of thoae still to come? What will they find? Will there t>e homes and educational facilitiei and proper language training for them? The same ipirit that helps Soviet Jews to flae oppretskxi must help them to live in freedom in Israel

Give ID the brael Emergency Rind larsepi lae jsMia vaeMaaeiiy caaipsigBs at

Prt** Commfilae»Chorman


By Qraar Fay Caakman tronbia at Ow cuatomary JERUSALEM (AJPA) Israel's leadtaig sathist, one ol his 7> guesU from Bphralm Klshon, reacted to tfmad objectad that the Israel's new economic plaque on Us particular gift austerity measures with a wae loo small. But one longue-ln-cfaeek offering titled dtaaatiaflad customer out of 71 "When the UJA goes "tanmortaltaed Jews" la not a downhill". bad average. One of the secrets behind Trybig to raise a laugh out of a belt-tlghlenlng situatkm, Israel's survival is the ability where there are no more of her people to poke fun at notches left in the belt, Klshon themselvea in the most dire painted a veriMl picture in circumstances. Laughter, which he launched a though a good medicine for the revolutkmary. Instant en- soul. Is not a cure-all, and the dowment schen^ called laraells' ability to laugh Is "Small Donations" which being sorely taxed. Although most of the world enabled every Jew In the Diaspora to Immortalise his is currently undergoing, an name in Israel through a one economic crisis, nowt)ere Is time, limited gesture of the pinch being felt more than generosity - namely, the In Israel. For months there were endowment of fixtures and fittings in private homes, with rumors about the devaluation suitable plaques affixed to the of the Israeli pound and an accompanying program of various Items. Tlie hero of KIshon's sketch national austerity: but few was the proud owner of a 78 were prepared for the Impact of the ecomonic t>low. plaque apartment.' When it finally did happen at Through the generosity of his "brothers and sisters in the beginning of the second the Diaspora" he had been week of November, the Initial able to equip his home from reaction was little short of the knob on the front door hysterical. An underpaid, through to the kitchen and over-taxed nation remembathroom. Each gift, no bering similar discomforts of matter how small, was the past, stormed electrical goods and food shops In a vain adorned by a large plaque. D'S hero ran into (Continued on Page 10)

Det>j Jo Abramt

AdMTiiwigSuN Saoond OM* fOMasa Pad • Omtfa. IMM Annual autaolMont? A) AdMdiakig Mat Ttw JawMi l^aaa la not laaponaWa tar «M Kaahnati of a^ pradua PuMcMionOHIn 333So tSnd Si, Omahi. N*br MIM nwna: IMejOO Oaadlhw lar all aaw* aad ad»artl»in| capy it MM


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The Fruit of Appeasement EdiUr't N««e; Tk« lallawtag li fram the MMdIe Etst Memo e( lira ConCerence o( PreeMeali ef Major Amerkaa JelHah Orgaaiiatloni. The atUck of Tel Aviv by the mlliUry arm o( Yaiir Arafat'i Al Fatah movement is the fruit of the world'i appeaaement of Arab terrotism. The latest assault against innocent civilians in Israel is not an isolated act. It grows out of the legitimizing of Arab terrorism by the United Nations, which voted to permit the chief Arab terrorist — Yasir Arafat himself — to speak from the UN rostrum. It is the consequence of inviting PLO representatives to take part in international meetings. It is the up-shot of the Rabat conference at which the Arab world gave carte blanche to the terrorist movement. Once again YasIr Arafat and Al Falak have given the Ue lo those wbe see them ai 'moderates.' There is nothing 'moderate' about murder. Arafat is ^ty of murder. There is nothing 'moderate' aboulthe liquidation of Israel. Arafat demanded the liquidation of Israel from the platform of the United NaUons. Today there is shock and revulaien at the latest terroriat action. But how will the world act tomorrow? Will France now withdraw its support for admitting the PLO Into the European Common Market M an observer? WUI India close the PU) efnce U permitted to open la New Delhi last Jaaaary? Will the Soviet Union stop supplying arms and training and funds to the PU) and will Foreign Minister Gromyko repudiate his prejudice of political support? Will UNESCO expel the PLO from future meetings? Will the UN Conference on the Law of the Sea strike the PLO from its list of participants? Will the UN conference on world population problems bar the PLO from its future sessions? As we mourn the dead, so do we condemn those who share responsibilities for their murder. We condemn the governments that have accepted the PLO as a member of the family of nations. We condemn the USSR and the Arab aUtes that give the PLO money, weapons, and safe-haven where the terrorists i)ractlce to Ull. And we condemn all those who, by their silence In the face af wanton murder or their 'even-handed' approach that eqaaiei Arab terror with iMrfeti sovereignty, partake of the guilt for what happened In Tel Aviv as they must asinme blame for the abombiallon of Ma'alot and Munich and all the other placet In the melancholy inventory of places where Arab Ullert have •track against all mea asd young mothers and children al KiMOl.

The terrorist raid in Tel Aviv is but another attempt — doomed to failure — to break the will of the Israeli people. It is also an effort — equally doomed to failure — to Mbotage the mission of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in seeUng further progreas toward a peaceful ae(llement in the Middle East. That mission mual and will go forward. Secretary Kiasinger's forthright condemnation of the terrorist attack will hearten all those who yearn for an end to the Ulling and the beginning of Arab-Israel peace. IXCTURER A Japanese scientist, Profeasor I. Sunagawa of the Institute of Minerology, Petrology and Economic

Geology of Tohoku University, is teaching at the Hebrew University's School of Applied Science and Technology this year.


€»iir^iiiiiii ill iwrii^el Jerusalem Muzzles Its Bulldozers HAIFA - This is "Historic Monuments Year" in Europe, and a major campaign is under way seeking to preserve old buildings because of their historic, artistic or cultural value before the bulldozers of progress gobble up the old landmarks. Jerusalem Is one step ahead. The municipal town planning department has drawn up a list of 106 structures which have been marked for preservation. In Israel lliere is already legislation which adeqtiately protects anclmt sites. Indeed, even the faintest suggestion that antiquities have been found is sufficient cause to bring about a halt to new construction or to ploughing of a field. But what of structures whose importance dates from more modem times? The JtrutaUm Hit coDititutei almoit a guldibook to Uttle known iltaa of iniereit In the capital dty. The great majority of itnictiina liave btto dioMO becaiaa of Uwir unh|ue ardiMfcture, tbougli moit of their ghariea are today hidden behind cMha lioei or inpruned Ireei. Only three have been listed for historic reasons alone: the wooden hut at 17 Alharizi St., which was tlie home of the second President, Yitzhak Ben Zvi, and aerves as Israel's counterpart of the "log cabin"; the building at 28 Ein Qeddl St., Talpiot, where EHIezer Ben Yehuda lived durlRg the period when he almost single-handedly brought about the revival of Hebrew as a spoken tongue; the monument marking General Allenby's entrance Into Jerusalem in 1917. Some of the buildings slated tor preservation are wellknown and certainly in no

inunediate danger of being razed. Among these are the Rockefeller Museum, the Jewish Agency compound. King David Hotel, the Y.M.C.A., Augusta Victoria Hospital, the Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus, and Hechal Shlomo, seat of the Chief Rabbinate There is marked contrast between the original functions of the older buildings and the use to which they are being put today. Does the staff of the Israel Broadcasting Service ever consider that the stone walls of tlielr offices once looked down upon the Empress of Ethiopia? The neoclassical structure on Queen Helena Street was put up in the 30's to house the Empress when she and Halle Selassie were refugees from Italian conquest. Ite thtae story building at » Shivtei larael St. reaemblM the ancient palace in Florence^ with its oeorenaiaiance style. For many yeara it waa the Italian Hnqtital. Today tt bouaei the cMa and ofBdalt of the Miniitry «(Educatteo. The German-style building al 42 Street of the Prophets has an historic claim, In addition to Ita architecture. In that it was here that Kaiser Wilhelm met Theodore Herzl in 1896. Today it is an ORT School. For some reason the lilt does not include the no-lesshlstoric house on Mamillah iioad where Theodore Herzl was the guest of the Stem family during his historic visit to Jerusalem. Descendants of EXPANDING The Jewish National Fund is adding 3,000,000 cubic meters of water capacity to the northern Golan Heights by expanding two existing reservoirs and adding a third.

The Jewisti Cultural Arts Council cordially invites you'' to hear

Dr. Amnon Rubinstein

the family have preserved the rooms as a private museum. There Is an even-handed objectivity in the choice of sites. If the Hebrew Unktn College building (Reform) is listed, so Is the building which now houses the United Synagogue movement (Conserv.ative). Oil Orthodox synagogues there is no shortage. Christian religious sites number more than 30. And a final bit of history. In the 1930's the Arabs build a luxurious 4-story hotel at 30 Mamillah Road In ostentatious Middle East style. It waa to be their answer to the rapid Jewish development in that part of the city. Today the same building, with its Interior court and tiered balconies houses the Israel Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The address is now 30 Agron Street. It will be preserved. Worth seeing.

Jewish Cooking Jcwlth Tilcsraphk Agincy Inc.

STEAK'N ONIONS By Norma Baracfa The working woman who still must feed herself and her family after a trying day appreciates meals that can be cooked beforehand and then just wanned up. This recipe can be prepared ahead of time, then left for several hours in the skillet until reheated, wiUiout any loss of flavor. 3 boneieM shoulder steaks garlic powder Slargeoniaas (sliced) ^ lb. fresh mushrooms, sliced ltblip.oa 1 No. 303 can stewed tomatoes Pound steaks until thin. Sprinkle garlic powde^ to taste on meat. Heat oil in teflon electric skillet. Add mushrooms and onions and saute until onions are golden. Remove vegetables and put meat in skillet. Brown meat on both sides Add the can of stewed tomatoes and cook covered at 32S degrees until tender. Put mushrooms and onions back on top of meat for last IS minutes. Serves 3 to 4 people.

ThbRMKNcr moreManischeMritz "afikomen" win be hidden than any othermatzo.


QUALITY JEWBH F0006 ONCE 5648 Protfwctd undtr ttrlel RtbblfWcil Mptrvttlon. C«nilictlt on rtquttt.

Omaho's No. 1 Family Restaurant FEATURING i( RMI SMAMI Fritd OhiekM if BaiiMMd Rite ^SttakaiiFMi

Dean of the Law School Tel Aviv Univeisity speak on

"The Changing Israeli Scene"

Wednesday, March 19,1975 8:00 p.m.

OpmEveryDay. 11:30A.M. W 10P.M.

Jewish Community Center Theater 'Vefaily ims flMFree AdmiaiJon

Informal Reception Fdkiwing Lecture

7112 D«4te S».


-LJ^ '. .-i'-^ W^'^TT'. •-'• •-J-." .irM

Tin JnwW) n«i

Mach u. me




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mR\ DET'T. The complete line of AAcnischewitz Kosher for Passover foods arwl o large assortment of Streils products. • MATZO • MATZO PRODUCTS • CAKES AND CAKE MIXES •COOKIES • SOUPS • BORSCHT













-,>1h'*iJ'^ v., WP'^ • .-.>. -.iwi

••'•^V:Ji.^MgL,yi^LM'^-^i\''i.^ •

;.3»..«::-;-'.'wr'- •

M»rch 14.1978



Omaha Organizations UILOEXil


T.E.E. H.E.E. ttand for Tschnieal Engin»«ring Exc«ll*nce. And Highly Extravagant Extras. Standard Mulpmant Ilka: • Fbur-«p*«d all•yncnroniMh stick shift • Haavy duty rsor susp«ntion • Torsion bor front • ThrM-sp««d h«at«r/ dofrostar TMt drivt lh« numb*r on* sailing Import truck at your Datsun doalar, th« Small Cor Expart. Drive s Dttiun...tli*a


B'NAIB'UTM WOMEN Cornliuslier Chapter of B'nai B'ritli Women announces lt« officefs for the club year 197S-7B. Re-elected were: Mrs. Herman Barron, president; Mrs. Saul Kaiman, dues secretary; Mrs. Michael Siiuliert, (inancial secretary; Mrs. Ed Smith, treasurer; Mm. Milton Katskee, installing officer. Newly elected to office were: Mrs. Paul Cohen, program vice president; Mrs. Sam Paper, ntemiacrshlp vice president; Mrs. Simmy Helfeld, corresponding secretary. Installation of officers will be Tliursday, March 20,8 p.m. at the First Federal Savings and Loan, Mth and Dodge SU. PIONEER WOMEN Mrs. Herman (Helen) Manhelmer will conduct Pioneer Women's model Seder, Tuesday, March 18, t p.m. at the home of Mrs. Zisa

BETH EL SISTERHOOD The Macais Brothers, recent flrst-prixe winners in the "King and Queen of the Earth" national talent contest in Bay City, N.J., will entertain residents of the Dr. Sher Home at ttie annual Beth El Sisterhood party, 1 p.m., Sunday, March 16 at the Home, 4801 N. 52 St.


Jwrtali Prm MwM,




(Hilda) Soibel. 1S24 N. SO St. For reservations or information call Hilda Soibel (SSM2M) or Pearl Rosenberg (5564939).


OMAHA - Bernke Kalmas wu booond March 10 as "Smtar Cttlxm of the Monih" by the Oouglas^aipy County Senkir Cltixeos' Couodl, Inc., for ber vohBleer lervlee to tbe Jewish Cofflnunlty Center's OUer Adults grmv •ad Itar bar naqr vohmteer bom at OH Dr. Star Home.

Chairman Mrs. J. MUton (Ann) Margolin, assisted by H Lewis, arranged for the appearance of the group whose members are 10,13 and M years. Refreshments will be served. OMAHA SECTION, NCJW Loma Russell, a practicing psychotherapist will discuss transactional analysis at the 12:30 p.m. March 18 meeting of Omaha Section, National Council of Jewish Women at the home of Mrs. Thomas (Darlynn) Fellman, B«06 Broadmoor. Reservations deadline is Monday, March 17 (Mrs. Gerald Cohen, 3SS-1S41; Mrs. Jerry Passer, 333-2189 or Mrs. Burton Robinson, 391-IO40). HADA88AH Omaha Chapter of Hadassah will twid an open board meeting from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (lunch served) Monday, March 17, at the Jewish Community Center. Howard Weinsteln of the B'nai B'riUi Anti-DefamatkHi League will ^ak.


Dran up a pair of pants. Pi4l avarything togatltar in one specific look. Try It with a aoUd or dtoclc sfiirt Jic in sizaa 36 to 48. Whha, navy, red or Made. 100% polyastar machine waahabia of course. CHECK...aO.M

(Continued from Page 1) rixHiU faiow we must react to tbe Arab petro-doUar and the il(|ipedii|) canqwipi ot anti-tenttlam. Iliey have been boycotting Israel, now tbey are boycotting Jews. We know we mustivotact our Jewkdi heritage, our Jewish tnstltutk«s - we must nght for our very survival. Our survival la on the Una, together with the survival of Israel. WE ARE ONE. Only you can put a vshie on what all this means to you. Throughout the ages, to this very day, our adversaries have always failed to silence the Jew. Don't go silent by cbok»l The Irony is that many of us here are eternally grateful that either we or our parents did not miss the boat - the boat that took us from degradatkm, pogroms and the Holocaust itself. How soon we forget what it is like. You can find reasons for not buying and reasons why you should buy. 1 know of no reasons why you should not. So let us start with a good reason why you should. That is, if you want to be able to live with yourself, you must. You must do enough so that you can rightfully be proud. Ell M. ZaUdn, General ChahTMO Jewish Philanthropies Campaign, 197S PS. The man who will call on you (it might be... well, this year it might even be a woman. Please give him or her the courtesy and the cooperation they deserve. We will all be grateful. To do our part of what has to be done will take $3,450,000. CONTRIBUTE ACCORDINGLY!

Now, Please Sign This (Continued from Pa^ 4) Imprisonment and torture. Restriction of movement, constant police surveillance, severe economic restrictions, special Identification cards marked with the word "Jew", denial of the right to higher education and the right to practice their chosen professions, are only some of the indignities inflicted upon these unfortunate people. Therefore, we call upon you. President Ford, to Intervene personally, using the power and prestige of your office to urge the President of Syria to:


1) cease the persecution of the Jewish citizens of Syria and to insure their human rights and dignity;


2) request the Syrian Government to permit the emlgratk>n of Syrian Jews.


Your finishing touches...

Fight for Survival

Fomay M«n«enh«p, $12 ($15 a««( Aprti i|

Sudaming MemtXfsNp. $50


Potion MwnlMfihlp. $100


OUL 733-8iKn

MaUto: B'naiB'ritblntaniathiialCaaaca 1640 Rhode Islaad Ave. NW Waafaingtoa,D.C.XIOM



Half-size fashions for the fuller figure ... Women, Young Jr's and

JACK AND MARY'S Formerly Cliff's Open now at our new location

OLD NIILl SHOPPING CENTER 10«th & Dodge Serving the some delidous

Chick«n Steoks Seafood Homomodo Conolt THREE EXTRA ROOM LOCATION!... OMAHA—Rochbrook VIHsg* Shopping Ctnltr, lOMh and Canlcr and HM Plaia North Shopping Cefilar, MM) and Fort. LINCOLN—Oalsway Shopping CM«Isr North, 6100 "0" BL

Hourai 5 to 10 p.m. Tuosday through Saturday Noon to 9j»M. on Sunday; Cloiod Mondoyi

Ordori to go ~ Phone 496-2090

Tin JuxiihPmg

Mireh 1«, H7»

Noted Educator Will Lead Synagogue Teacher Seminar

cietivitiejv Omaha Tample Israel

Omaha Bathlaraal

8BRVICBS: Fi1da]r:l:lSpni. Rabbi Barry L Weinstetn will qteak on: "At Home and Hopeful." Musical portlom pi the Service will be provided by the Temple Choir under direction ofMiMldaGitUii. There will be a Sabbatli Coffee Hour Satunlay: IIam OOFTEEWmi RABBI Coffee with Rabbi Brooks will hold the fifth of five mini-course sessions on Wednesday, March 12,10 a.m. This is a continuing discussion and study of "Meaning in Jewish Identity." There will be no Coffee with the Rabbi Wednesday. March 25 and April 2. It will resume Aprils BARMITZVAH Randall Bruce Splzman, son of Mr. and Mra. PtmUp L. Sptiman, will become Bar Milzvah at 11 a.m. Saturday. March 14. COUPLE'S CLUB Temple Israel Couple's Club will hold a Rap Session at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krasne, 6953 Cuming, 8 p.m., Saturday. March 22. The evening will offer conversation and the opportunity to meet new friends. (2 per couple will be charged. Make reservations by Harch 19 with Elaine Krasne (5Sfr«37); Sharon Weinlraub i333-3«3l. HiiniA.Mn<STnN 3*3-9111



MB) DAVIS CO. SS«-2300

Omaha Both El

8BRVICE8: SERVICES: iHdajr: Friday: Sabbath Eve Services in the Traditional Evening Ser^ vice* (KabbalatShabbat) 7:15 Sanctuary at 8:15 p.m. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke wiU p.m. Late Friday evening family deliver the sermon. Cantor Chalm Najman and service at 8:15 p.m.. conducted by Rat>bl Isaac Nadoff, the Beth El Synagogue Choir Cantor Leo Fettman and the will conduct the musical service. Beth Israel Choir. Saturday: Satunlay: Morning Service 10 a.m. Morning Service: 8:45 a.m Mincha-Maartv7:l5p.m. conducted by Rabbi Nadoff and Cantor Fettman. Sunday: 9 a.m. The Talmud class will be Weekdayi: Services at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. conducted by Rabbi Nadoff at 6:43 p.m. followed at 7:13 p.m. BARMITZVAH by MIncha. Sholas Sudos and Bruoe KuUer, son of Dr. and Maariv. Mn. Benton Kutler, will Sunday: become Bar Mitzvah on Minyan 9 a.m. followed by Friday. March 14 and breakfast and Rabbi's class In Saturday, March 15. theBookofGenesU. MOMLSEDERIM Ddly: A model Sederim will be Services at 7 a.m. and 7:15 held on Sunday. March 16. p.m. during regular school IxHtrs. BARMITZVAH Craig Allen Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Lewis, Omaha will become Bar Milzvah at Dr.SharHome 8:45 a.m. Saturday. March 15. SERVICES: Saturday: Omaha 9 a.m. Men of the community are invited to the B'nalJacob Homeio make a fcinyan.


SERVICES: Saturday: Morning service: 8:45 a.m. Sunday: Morning service: 8 a.m. Assistance in selling chametz in the Synagogue between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. Sunday, March 16 and 23. For special appointments call 3450903. Services conducted by Rabbi Abraham Kisenslein.

omBcroR Edward N. Leavy, a Manhattan attorney, has been named director of the national law department of the AntlDefamatlon League of B'nal B'rith.

Sobbof h Candle Lighting rridoy. Mwth 14,7t11 pjn. PrM^,March21,7i1«pjii. benediction for Kindling Sabbath Lights: Borukh Atoh Adonoy Eloheinu Melekh Hoolom, Asher Kideshanu Bettiitzvotav Vetzivonu Lehodiilt NerShelShobbat. (Blessed ort Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sonctifies us by His Commandments and hos commonded us to kindle the Sabbath lights.)

CouncH Bluffs B'nal Israel SERVICES: 8atunliQr:9a.m. Sunday: 9 a.m. Both services will be conducted by Mr. Sam Sacks.

Lincoln Tif aroth Israal SERVICES: Friday: 9pm Satunlay: 9a.m Jr. Congregation lOa.m. Sunday: Tifillinaub.9a.m.

Unoobi B'nal Jeshurun SERVICES: Friday: 8p.m. Service conducted by Ma. ElUeen UUman INVESTMEUrr" The Zionist Organizalipn of America plans to form urael Investment Clubs throughout the United States to help bring In an urgently needed Iransfuakm of Investment capital to Israel. Dr. «ml Mrs. B«n Kiitlar

This Service Presented as o Courtesy by




OMAHA 84101108 AMD LOANASSOCIATIM otfic*««l loth 4 H«/n«y U1-7910 •nil S Wmi 0(M«a HoM MfT%00 4r}l S 14m SI 131 OMO

IqvlWltwIr lomilirondlrltndi loonandih* tor Milivoh e( Mwir ion

IruM II.IMIXa. ••«tiiltywtotM» N*l<*f>'sfimhoMi bM)i uni

DasMolnaB Both B Jacob SERVICES: Friday: 6 and 8: IS p.m. Saturday: Momlngservice9a.m. ' Learning service 11 a.m. Rabbl'sClass6p.m. MIncha. Sholas Sudos. 4:30 p.m. Mcnday and nnnday 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 7 a.m. Sunday 9 a.m.

DesMolnoa Chndran of Israel SERVICES: Regular minyan services, Monday and Thursday 6:45 a.m. Saturday: Morning Sabbath service, 9 a.m. at Iowa Jewish Home. Sunday: 9a.m. Special Yahrzeit service, everyone is welcome. Mrs. Blber. secretary, 277-

DeaMolnae Temple B'nal Jeshurun SERVICES: Friday: Evening services > p. m. Guest speaker: Rabbi Eugene Borowltz, author of • The Mask Jews Wear."

DesMpinea Tiferath Israel SERVICES: Friday: 6 p.m. KabbalatShabbat 8 p.m. Late Service Saturday: Shabbat School and Adult aass with the Rabbi: 9:15 a.m. Morning Services: 9:30 a.m. Haftarah will be chanted by Evelyn Bergh. Guest Speaker: Rabbi Eugene Borowltz will speak on "Our relationship with larael-beyondetMclty." MtndiaSp.m, SMday: 1:30 a.m. Daily: 7 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Harry L U«vls would b* honored lo Hov0 oil ffiendv ond r*iativ«% ihor* m tht |Oy of Iho Bof Mitrvoho^ their ton

ClAIGAUfN latur^y,March IS. §145 a^n. ••th tumml lynafoffu* ^k> invHaiioni hov» b«*n wol

r^^>]:7J<^i wlth«« lo Ihonli hit Irlcndi ond ralotivot tor lh« many cordt ond contrbuliont mndm In hit honor lo vorioui orgonixoliont during hit rt<«fil hotp<la(i<a)lan



OMAHA - Through the combined efforts of Beth El Synagogue and the Omaha Federation's Department of Jewish Education, the distinguished educator, Dr. Morton Siegel, will be In Omaha on Wednesday, March 19 and Thursday, March 20. Dr. Siegel will meet with Beth El parents, faculty and School Board a I the Synagogue on Wednesday, March 19, 7:30 p.m., to discuss the role of the Conservative (Congregational School. At the Jewish Community Onter on Thursday. March 20, he will cbnduci a seminar Dr.MortoaSlagri for teachers of all three Synagogue Schools — coffee Education and Commission of at 9:15 a.m., session from Jewish Education, he also is 9:30-11:30 a.m. Al noon. Dr. assistant professor at New Siegel will meet at Beth El York University School of with its school board and Education, lecturer at the curriculum committees at Teachers Institute, Jewish noon. Theological Seminary, and Dr. Siegel has wide editor of Synagogue School. experience in the field of He Is a graduate of Veshiva Jewish education. Now University, has a master's executive director of United from Yeshiva College his Synagogue of America and doctorate from Columbia director of its Department of University.

Bi-Monthly Discussions HigMigfit Cantor's Oass OMAHA - The Beth brael Synagogue Talmud Torah class Zayln, under the direction of Cantor Fettman, Is holding informal discussions every other Saturday evening. Cantor Fettman invited the students to his home for the first meeting In October. Since then, the meetings have been held on alternate Saturdays at the students'homes. "In their reception to the meetings and in offering their homes," commented Cantor Fettman, "parents of the participants have been particularly helpful and cooperative." Each gatlwrlng begins with a Havdalah aervlce; one hour Is then spent In discussion folkwed by a social hour. The topics have ranged from Uie Jewish view of women's liberation to interdating. The students may suggest subjects they would like to discuss.

"The purpose of the bimonthly sessions Is to give the students an opportunity to socialize together and to discuss Items which class time does not permit." Cantor Fettman added. "From all indications these gatherings are quite a success and have been met with much enthusiasm by the students and their parenta." The next meeting is Marcb 15, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kazlen, parents of Amy Kazlen, 1023 S. 123 Ave., 8:30 p.m. The topic will be: "Ten Modem Plagues That Threaten to Destroy Civilization", compared to the ten plagues In the story of Passover. >

Personals Mas. DAVID MIUR with.t fo thonk her friends ond relollvet lor iheir good wlihet ond Tomembfoncof during liof rocent illnott.

SHUKERT'S KOSHER MEATS ••f Ittor now tor • Arawlnf t« bo lioM limday, Mwdi M. A II lb. lurbay to MM ludiy ««liuMr. UtOAOwk*

OiiickStaaborRoaft Yeoriingliver Leon Ground Beef Beef Bock RRw Shoulder Lomb Chops

u.89* u.S9« u.79* u.69< u.M.69

Wa carry a conifilata Una of boof, ««a|, lamb, poultry and "lost" Keshar souaaoa products forPasaowar.


M«reh U. 1976


Chalin Weizmann? •MkOuh, iMlkif your oteafVMOt 9$ Mi

Mitar $t$wn •<»•» i OMm OMi* ikMwtoM

1. What (Hd "pracUcil Zloniim" call for? 2. How did Welzmaim view Jewish-Arab relations? 3. What was the content of the Welrmann-Felsal agreement? 4. What was Welzmann'j connection with the Jewish Agency (or Palestine? 5. Who was the non-Zionist leader of American Jewry who helped Weizmann establish an enlarged Jewish Agency? 6. What was Weiimann's connection with Hebrew University? 7. What was Weiwnann's plea before the United \ations at Lake Success? 8. When and where did the first President ol Israel, Chaim Weizmann, take office? 9. What was the President's oath of office and who administered the oath? 10. What well-known Biblical phrase did Weizmann use in his speech of acceptance as President?

/srae// Teen: Let Arabs Provide for Palestinians^ OMAHA - Two bright Israeli teenagers found a chance to catch their collective breath during a visit hereMarch 2-9. The two, Yael SetMstian and Alon Orlltake, found the schedule of visiting high schools In metropolitian Omaha not quite as grueling as In Kansas City, therir previous stop. There, they said, they had to visit three different schools each day. The two were part of a group of 38 Israeli high school students who visited the United States sponsored by thf Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Education. The Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Omaha coordinated the Omaha visit of Yael and Alon.

Anfwvn to the above questions will be fMnd oo pige 16 of this

Mrs. Cohen: Rises Hit l^izraclii


OMAHA - "To have to say 'no' to one child is like Uking off your arm," said Vera Colfen the other day.

academics. Many have a chance to earn high positions in the ^vemmeilt and the military, she said.

Mrs. Cohen, vice president of American Mlzrachl Women, made the statement in Omaha while discussing the twin problems of Inflation and security that affect the 12 different Mizrachi projects in Israel.

Many of the children are being referred to the Mlzrachl projects l)ecaiise of economic problems that exist In the n**lon, not necessarily because they are orphanx, she •aid The goal is to "give them a future and a vocation, not only an education," she said. Mrs. Cohen visited with the members of Omaha's Kalah Franklin Chapter of Mlzrachl and with the Mizrachi Junior League. The world organization celebrates its 50th aiuilversary In July with / a convention in Israel.

MIxricliK the first organization to take ht Youth AUyah children after the Holocaust, has two selfgoverning youth viilagei (Kfacbatya and Petach "Hkva), seven schools, one home (or deprived children and orphans and two dommunlty centers (In Jerusalem and Haifa).

Miiradil aervei (bod In Ow projects and inflatkm has driven up the price of bread and eggs sevenfold. And guards — something never : before budaeted - have been - needed on • IMiour baeU ilnoe the Yom KIppur War. "We are trying to keep our children safe as possible.lo that learning can go on," said the New York-New Jersey •raa offlcUl who left her i native Germany Just prior to the Second World War.

r r

I ^ t ,

The villages, she said, are both vocational and academic learning centers, with children representing 89 nationalitiei living and studying together. Graduates have become Israeli leaders In such fields as aeromechanics and plumbing and also In

CARPETS NEIDMRVia Cl«an'lt«palr NEWCARPnS INSTALLiD Don •emsteln S«f»>Way Rut QMiiari Call74S-2SS4


Omahans in the News Murray Newman, DouglasSarpy Red Cross chairman, has appointed Mrs. Joyce Vervaecke chairman for the 1975 March Membership drive.

Campus Notes Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity has held elections. New officers are Alan Fredricks, president; Todd Manvltz and Dan Fox, vice presidents; Barry Denenberg, treasurer and Lou Pachman, recorder. Bob Freeman has been accepted at the University of Nebraska Law School.

iRvitaHM SOIMNMRI Imnt SlMO-etMO • yMr ihowkia ><•<> abun) ol {ngliih. H«()r*w. ond ip«iol)v.^>ign In vltalionft. ArtScroU, Amtrkot fof«mo»i d*t)gn«r. now hat Compui(fib9. vtforldi only Engllih. H«bf*w •>p«toii<r oUowtng loit dclivvry low (oti and lorpt prolit' Wa will iroin—no obttgotion. *rlUi»H Ml. C*r^ VI fifllt A<n.NrC lOOlO

The JswWifrau

The lough schedule aUowed tiM two to meet with and ajitwer the queations of American high school •tudenU. Ihe pair strened wbeiever they went that their answer* were their own and not the official answers of the laraell government. Both teens, who found when they met on the tour that they share an interest in science, said most of the questions asked them concerned U.S. Secretary of Slate Kissinger, the Palestinian Question, what life is like In Israel and what the chances are for another war. -' - • • YMI. replied to the

t'alestinian questkm by saying they "have a right to their own territory. And the Arabs could solve the problem If they wanted to" because they've got enouugh money and enough land to set up the Palestinians without taking from Israel territory. 'But the Arabs are keeping up the problem as a weapon." The lean beapectacled Yael, a native Israeli (sabra), said tte "would not worry about the PLO because they are murderers, they don't recognize Israel and are not the elected representatives of the

fgk^ TVTH6

Palestinian people." Alon, who came to Israel from Canada with her family when she was a child, said any peace agreement with the Arabs roust first recognize Israel's right to exist and secondly must be "other then paper"—that is, there must be diplomatic and economic relations established between theslgnees. They also felt Israel should give back part of the West Bank—but not Jerusalem, and not the Golan Heights. Alon said he personally Is happy with the new <dlm

(those making allyah to Israel). He and Yael ffA into a bit of humorous by-play on that when he said of the olim, "I think they are good people and I am happy to have them." "Thank you," said Yael. "You're welcome!" said Alon. In a more serious vein, Yael said she was happy her family came to Israel. "I feet more Israeli now than anything. And 1 think novf I never want to be anything else." The two were the guests of Mr. and JJIrs. Stuart Tully during their Omaha visit.


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Mmth 14.1>7»


Deaths JOSEPH R. LAZARUS Funeral services were held «t Temple Emmanuel in Beverly HilU. Calif. Friday, March 7 lor Joteph R. Lazarus. Mr. Laxarus, a former Omahan, was one of the founders of Temple Emmanuel and had served as an officer for many years. Survivors: wife, Eve; daughter, Mrs. Ralph PhUlips; both of Los Angeles, Calif.; sisters, Mrs. David (Rose) Drantz; Mrs. Norman (Pearl) Wohlner; Mrs. Herman (Elsie) Herr; brother. David Lazarus; all of Omaha; two granddaughters. HARRY L. SOMMER Funeral services were held Monday, March 10 in Oakland, Calif., for Harry L Sommer, M, who died there March 8. He had lived in Omaha n years. Suvivors: wife, Irene; daughters, Mrs. Melvin (Belle) Upfwelt, Mrs. Ben (Pearl) Jacobson, both of Calif., Mrs. Alan (Bemice) Bramfon, Katooa, N.Y.; 12 granddiUdren. ANNE GEKER Funeral services were held in Los Angeles, Calif. Friday March 7 for Anne Geiger. Suvivors: three daughters and a son. all of Los Angeles; sistMr, Mrs. Benjamin Stent. Omaha. BAROUSU raa>OMNlCK F^meral services were held Friday, March 7, In Houston. Tex., for former Omahan Harold LNepomnick. 45. Survivors: wife, Sara; daugWer. Jill; ion. Rkk. aU of Houston; mother, LIbby Nepomnick, Omaha; sisters, Mrs. Jack (Ruth) Wolpa. Houston; M^s. Myron (Harriet) Marko, Omaha; brother. Al Nepomnick. Omaha.

Bmtcr Brown gcU yo<ir boy ready to maire. ug«cd Icatkcr lop. Padded Mck and tongoc. Speed lacct. And • Dos-dip Kfaloa*iok.


By Eateile Roacoborg Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Kagan of Skokie, HI., announce the birth of a daughter. Eliasa Sue, bom Feb. 19. The Kagens also have another daughter. Amy Joe. Grandmothers are Mrs. A.A. (Ceil) Steinberg of Lincoln and Mrs. Joe Kagen of Skokie. lU. Mrs. Kagen is the former Shelly Steinberg of Omaha.' Barbra Kuklbi has been added to the Hadassah Ufe Membership roster. Barbra is now a three-generation Life Membership Family. Hadassah Supplies Card Party was Tuesday. Feb 18 at the Tifereth Israel Synagogue Social Hall. The afternoon was spent playing cards, Mah Jong and Pan. On Feb. 3 the Hadassah exercises led by Peg Maly, began their third sesskjn of the year, danes are Monday and Thursday mornings. 9:l&10: IS a.m., at Tifereth Israel. Proceeds go to Youth Aliyah. Everyone is welcome. The Tifereth Israel Jr. Congregation KIddush qiontors for the month of Pebniary were Mnne. Exekld Bahar. Bernard Wlshnow, Lewis Berlowitz and Erin Kushner. A special Purim Feast and ceiebratioa Ibr school students was held lliesday. Feb. IS at TllfefcUi Urael. In place of the scheduled Purim carnival on Feb. 23 USY presented a mtnicamlval In conjunction with the Religious School Purim Feast, on Fob. 2S The second nneeting of the South Street Adult Study Group was Feb. II at the Saltzman home, 3280 So. 31 St. The group discussed the narrative portions of Genesis from Abraham through Joseph.

(Continued from Page4) attempt to beat the Government at Its own game. Witk m anlMrgo piaeed on Uw taniiart of eieotrlcal pradueU, Uraails, casting The' monthly meeting of eautlaii to the wind, bought up Tifereti) Israel Sisterhood was evMytliliig and aayttdng in held Tuesday, March 4 in the ri^ Many boi^ products social hall. ior widdi ttasy bad abaoluMy The afternoon program nouae, but It waaaU part of featured a fUm on the KIbbuU the hoardlag disease which in Wisconsin. swept the natte. Luncheon chairman were In super-markets and small Mnue. Joe Kaufman and L. E. grocery shops, supplies of oil, Marx, assisted by Mmse. Sam sugar and rice completely FInkel, H. E. Gordon, Marion disappeared from the shops as Graetz, Dave Krivosha, M. frantic oonsumets stocked up Lederman. Gerald Kushner. on basic commodilies whtch Howard Lotman, Paul Marx. have a habit of disappearing J. J. Marx, Lou Orloff, Ken^ in advance of a price bike. ' Although store kespers^vere nethPocras. permitted to put new prices The Lincoln Jewish into almost Immediate effect, Federation invited friends some store keepers dedded la and family to attend a wait until their new stock "Sunday Night at the came in. With prices soaring Movies," Sunday, March 9, at in SHne cases by more than a Tifereth Israel Synagogue. hundred percent, Israelis The movie was "Knock on went on an all out buying grabbing InWood," starring Danny Kaye. spree, from the Refreshments were served. dlscriminalely sheivas, not even noticing that some of the products already Neal Unger and Alien Shaw had the new mark-up. wcfc recent recipients of the In the poverty-belt areas, E%8 Award. Neal is the son of where there are large families Mrs. Nate Unger and Allen living on small incomes, the son. of Mrs. Jean Shaw. people went wild, smashing shop windows and looting Emanuel Wishnow, former goods. It was an act of dean of the University of desperation. How could a Nebraska School of Music, father of eight children was heard in a violin recital poaslMy hope to feed Ms Tuesday evening March 4ih family on a monthly Income of at Kimball Hall on the N.U. $3S0 when the cheapest mesi Ctsnpus. Several Lincolnites recently returned from a Carit)bean cruise, include: Messers and Mmse: Charles Keller, Abe Friedman, Sam Rosenblatt, Mmse; Ben Bloch, Lester Goldman, Norman Levy and Helen Mason. : To all parents or anyone interested in the reorganizatkm Q( Lincoln's JewiA Nursery Sdml (at Tlieretb Israel Synagogue) there will be a meeting Sunday, March 16,7:30 pm. at the Synagogue. For further information, call Mrs. Mark Sllbentein - 47S-7346 or Mrs. Andrew Goodman - 4a»4617.


TJI^ ^ YAD \IT-L Jjk


w^S ^V

fOmaiia's Yowna J*wlsl« SinglMOroup)

^^^ ^-^^SH lsG«iii|S«t«rdnNiflrt


L4)l MvcklSJIPJ.

em • ^2 V


WK\ j,\/


L r^ TT J 1

STAN'S SHOES ItMfliitdraatt

jttL i

y 1

But PirttI Uiity tMur't HowaPgrty

Wmmlr3* 1

1 1

41«Se.7«HiSt^ A^.II.IPJM.

A ^r_jl J\\rt^


J9 Wa^mtt ak

Qw *n

#n f^^^di^^ p.



R$VP LMl«y.M3-Sa74 tnitm.U\-4r*t $tSCMarsi««TlUi«lll


is ie.!0 par kilo, sugar UII per kilo, margarine $1 per kilo, coffee K per kilo, oU 80 cenU per bottle, rice 80 cants per kilo, bread 17 cents per k)af, roUk 30 cenU per litre? (A kilo is equivalent lo 2.2 American pounds and a liter equals 1.06 quarts.) How can be assess his spending priorities when the cost of gaa, elaetrlcity and fuel have risen to unprecedented helghU? With winter coming, should he worry about keeping his family warm or keeping his family fed? UMB there Is the pnbtsm of a 40 per OMU rise la (arss OB puMk trsMporl U Us chadreo do not Uve within walkii« diatanoe of their sdHoia, tkeir dally bus turn are going to take an nomioui Ute out of the family bud|st The Government Is providing such families with additional social welfare, but the monthly payments are Insufficient to meet a food bill Ibi;one week. Those who might want to look for greener pastures have their ambitions nipped In the bud by the devaluation of the pound coupled with the rise in travel tax. Any Israeli wishing to leave the country must pay $125 travel tax, plus IS percent of the cost of his ticket. It will be hard enough for single people to raise the approximate $1,000 for their fares. For families. It will be impoaaible.

The second week of strtngoncy saw Iiraslls In a much more subdued mood. The prohibitive cost of gasoline limited the number of cars on the roads. The ever rising cost of food put an end to the over-laden shopping cart in thk supcr-markeU. People were buying the barest otneoessitles. OoHee shops and restaurants were all but empty. In butcher shops, counterhands have almost nothing to do. There are hardly any customers. Unamptoymsnt flsuna wfll IneTttablyrise. Israel is a nation with a two edged knife at Its throat. The situation Is becoming so desperate, that Klsbon's satire might well become the pen of prophecy.

Needs of Child Is Second Topic OMAHA - The second In a series of four Omaha Jewish Family Service workshops on single parenthood, entitled "Children Too Have Needs", will be held at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 19, at the Jewish Community Onter. The sesskm deals with a comparison of the needs of children In single-parent Jewish families which have other children. Babysitter servioe Is avUable by contacting Peari Yager of the JFS atss^gaoo.


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traditional as the four questions.... fr^'r

The coffee served for over half a century at so many Seders and other happy family gatherings. Maxwell House Coffee, the delicious, mellow-tasting coffee that's as perfect with a special holiday dinner as it is every other daj' of the year. Enjoy Maxwell House" •Coffee Instant or Regular at your Seder And have a Happy Passover!

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CaniM Koiher for Puiovcr by Rtbbi Bcmird Levy





des moAiies iieii^A» A^eetioii Avriel to Launch 1975 Campaign

DesMoinas Cantpaign Taain

"They still promise to DES MOINES - The 1975 All-in One Campaign of the destroy Israel," be said, "and Jewish Welfare Federation they promise more war, not I will begin on Monday, March more peace." Hostilities will end, he I 17, with an address to the community by the Honorable declared, when Arab govern!*• E3iud Avriel. Israel's Conwl- ments conclude that "it Is more Important for Arab r General In Chicago. r Avrid's exploits are well children to live than It Is for f known. He served as Israel's Jewish children to die." Roselind Rabinowltz, '' first ambassador — to Czechoslovakia, where he had chairman of the All-in-One been purchasing guns and Campaign, has sent a personal other weapons before the letter to every member of the Des Moines Jewish comState was bom. Besides his exploits as an munity, urging them to attend illegal gun-runner, he has this Important event. "Although this is the served in thb administration of the Israeli government and beginningof a campaign," she in many diplomatic posts In said, "It Is much more than that. It Is an opportunity for various parts of the world. Since this wlU be hU flnt all of us to show our solidarity appearance In Des Moines, the with the Israelis at a time of : community's leadership extreme difflctilty for them In f eqMCtt a large turnout for his the International arena. "We hope that Ebud ' address, which will be devoted - to the pniblenM presently Avrial's BNMage win reach facing Israel and the pnripcct ev«f7 inambcr o( <wr oomimaJty, lor we know what a ' for peace with her nelghlwrs. Avrtd recently dedarad remaifcable man bs is." Mrs. Rabinowitz emdiat be idt that peace waa ytry tar away. While the phasized that there wouM be ' Ante qnak in coacUiatary no sollcitatian in connection toon to the foreign press, with Avriel's appearance. Avriel will speak promptly , what tbey say in Arabic to their own {auotrynien Is quite at t p.m. on Monday, March 17, at the Temple. a dUfcfenl matin'.

Des Moines Happenings Films of the Decades


TIM third m « urin o< lowr mtior lilm productioni ipamcrtd by THcrtth ivMl Womcn't LcSgiMwtll bt ««o«iin on WMttwiday, Mardi It, t»7:X p.m in the SriMgosu* cluMiouM. A Illm o< ttw ItWi, "I Ntvtr Sang lor My F«thcr." start Itirtt Oicar.winning p«r«orm«rt: G«rw HKlunan, Mtlvyn OouglM and Eltdl* Ptnont "I Never Sang For My Fattier" It tti* ttorV oi an aging, rlgtitaoui mayor o< a Long Island community wtio it growing tanllt. Hit ion, a at. year old widower, hat never been able to aciileve the love and Irantewu h« hat always wanted with hit father. Robert Celler. chairman of the National Contedarallon of Film. AAedia Teachers, says: "I'm hoping many young people get to tee Itils ' film. .. The young audience wtw saw "I Never Sang for my Father" got into the batic ingredlentt of choice and action and the wbole spiritual butineti of retpontibility — probably with more Intensity and commitment than they could have In a month of cxcursiont Into grim dialogues and a batch ol new peychedefic boolit." Admiuion it by teries ticket or 12 at the door. All high Khool age students and under are admitted free of charge and are encouraged to attend. A ditcwsaion will follow the film and refreAments will be served.

Scope 75 I I E' i;

I \ L. y { I'

The Oes Moines B'nai B'rith Lodge Number HO Is holding Its third epan public meeting m the Scope 75 Series, Wednesday, March If at I p.m. at the lowa'Jewish Home IU» Pleasant). The tpeakar it Reverend John Donovan, regional director of National Conference of Christians and Je«n. The slid* and discussion topk it "Israel, Land of Contrast."

Judge to Speak to ORT Judge Leo Oxberger will ditcutt juvenille justice at the March 14 meeting of the Oei /Moines Chapter of Woman's American ORT, at the home of Mrs. Steven Bianii iUMl Mr***). )>^M p.m. A mini lunchean will be served. There will be e question and answer following Judge Oxbtrger-s talk.

Sisterhood Luncheon A panel of Oet Moines rebbli and Dr. Burton Letter of Drake University will discuss the pros and cons of the Jewish attitude toward capital punlshmeni at the Beth Elljecob Sisterhood Luncheon. the luncheon is scheduled for ll:4S Tuesday, March It. in th* Upper Social Hall of Beth El Jacob Symoogu*.


JUan Koufer DES MOINES - Alan Koufer, co^aptain of Team S, is a 27-year-old lifetime Des Moines resident and practicing attorney In the city, who has a strong desire to assuHM campaign responsibility. "My paroits' generation has done well. Now it's time for tbe younger people of my generation to continue In their path," Koufer stated. Koufer received hit B.A. from the University of Iowa in 19SS, and his J.O. at Drake University in 1972. He Is active as a member of the Community Relatl^ Oommlaslon and serves on the BelH El Jacob Synagogue board of dlrecton.

W SbtrieyPldgtaa

Shirley Hdgeon DES MOINES - Shirley PIdgeon, co-chairman of Team II of the Women's Campaign with Sue Engman, feels the campaign is Important to her for many reasons. She says: "I am a (Continued on Next Page)


We can service Oes AAoines and all other cities in lowo. USOA lasywtW EstdbntliimntNe.2317


3400ln«wrioll PsfMolnct


Call colloct: (402) S5e-84e5 tVe sMii by le«M parcel — rfellvarv iwe^ to

Campaign Workers to Meet; Shapiro to Lead Workshop DES MOINES - One of America's outstanding sociologist, Manhelm S Shapiro, will lead a workshop for campaign workers on March 23 at the home of Marvin and Roselle Pomerantz. Shapiro is the author of man/^articlcs, essays and research papers on Je\*'lsh affairs, and hat achieved a reputation as one of the nation's foremost experts In group dynamk». He specializes in social diagnosis, staff and leadership devek)pment and human relations. One of the unique aspects of his approach Is that he does not lecture. Instead, he emphasizes partldpatkm by the members ol the group, drawing out their own potential at he workt with them.

Among the topics that he will be discussing during the tesslon are: Feeling Jewith; relatlonshipe to other Jewt and to Jewith continuity; the role of community; supporting and developing tbe community; motives in community participation. Hit aim, as he puts it, it to astitt participants in reaching new insight, understanding, enthusiasm and confidence. According to those who have seen him in action, those who are privileged to work with him are In for the experience of a lifetime. Fred Lorber, who Is making arrangements for the sesskm, has urged all campaign workers to attend, beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 23, at 5 S.W. 51st Street.

Students Attend Shabbat Retreat DES MOINES - About 30 students from Drake University, Grinnell and the Des Moines Osteopathic College participated In a Shabbat weekend retreat at the Y-Camp In Boone. la Mrs. Lll Carson of Jewish Family Services, the Bureau's Avraham Stemlicht and the director of Jewish Studies at Hamlin University In St. Paul. Minn., Rabbi Moshe Lichtman, were also in attendance. A peaceful Kabbalat Shabbat service and a Shabbat meal were followed by singing and Israeli dancing with guitar, tamborine and recorder. Some enjoyed Informal conversations with Rabbi LIchtman. On Saturday moming there was a Torah reading and discussion which allowed students to grapple with issues o( Jewish klenUty. That afternoon nuny hiked or found other recreation. The Shabbat was concluded with a MInchah Tefillah, special Shabbat afternoon songt, HasskUc stories and the Havadalah ceremony. Lil Carton arranged "awareness games" for tbe evening pastime. Later a Woody Allen movie was featured. Tbe spirit of Shabbat prevailed throughout the weekend.

mm i«n to ri^: Dana riiM,'PauMta Hcrbitmao nd Carol Satan, aD tran Grtanell College, wear TefllUn aflat Sunday morning prayer service.

FILMS OF THE MCADIt "I Hwmr Sans *^ My FatlMr" We*iaadey. Wlerch 1« «t 7i30 pjn. Tl{*r*ih Israel Clubhouta Admission Sariei lickel or S2.00 High School age and under odmilted HtfE

Sponsoreit by T ifM«*h hrcwl Woinen't leogwe

This I^ssover, let us fill The Fifth Cup We Are One

March 14, t97t

DmsMottot Campaign Team (Continued from Previous Page) very fortunate young, active, American Jewish woman. Life is very good to me and my family! It has reflected ever so much brighter and clearer after meeting with and reading about Gerda Klein. What a beautiful woman with a heartwarming message of love and life I

Ferman Publishes Book i '. ; i , l . : k

DESMOINES-PederaUonExecuUveDlrectarOr.aeraldS. Fennaa bn raocntly mthorad "Sodal Science Bwetrdi: A Handbook for Students". PUbUibed in 1>7S by Joim Wiley* Sow o( MaaMcfauaettf, tbe itx-chapter bardbound book introducet atudenta "to tbe conotiiU and conduct of quantitative aoclal adeneereaearch." Tbe book deveJopeguideHnea for cooducttag aodologlcal ttudlea biduding audi information a* raaearch topic aelectlon, theoretical 'and itatlaUcal analyatt. data coUection, and tbe writing and reporting of findtaigi. Dr. Ferman and Dr. Jack Levin, who aiaitted ai editor for tbe tot, bape tbe book wlD be widely uaed for appropriate introductory college couraai.

BJE Report

My Brother's Keeper? I ByJoyRabinowltx 1; DES MOINES - A very ; cballenging question was posed to ti)e eight)) graders at the Bureau this year. Onei third of the year was devoted ^ to the teaching of antiSemitism past and present, the Holocaust, |j| well as . Israel and AmericHJJi^ry. :^ First of all. the graduating ? class learned about UJA from Mrs. Rosclind Rabinowltz, ^wtM spoke about where the ;' UJA money went, as well as how It was broken down. In; ciudM In this section were the , Russian Jews In their efforts to get to Israel and the time, money and effort involved. ' Or. Gerald Ferman spoke about tzedaka and the ; meaning behind It. He posed > tbe very significant quntkm, "Am I my brother's keeper?" ^ to them. He also challenged [ the (tudent* by aaking why i ihould Jewi iupf)ort UJA and enot otlier organizations like I tbe Red Croat, or why sbouM |b they support both? [ CariRogat, bead oftba Iowa ' Jawlih Home, ^Mke about ItM i hlitory of the Home. He alao ' ipoke about what tbe Home '. does today, and how it belpa the older people by giving tbemaplacetogo. U)u Williams spoke about i another area of Jewish life. He talked about the history of the ^ Jewish Community Center as I well as the purposes it serves. Basically, he said, It is a place ': o( education as well as a getf together place. ' Ul Carson talked about the ^ Family Service Organization. } Its main purpose, according to ' Mrs. Carson, is to put on f: services for the Home. i Another (unction (or the ) service Is helping the Russian I families get situated In Oes \ Moines. ^ Last but not leaat, Shionio Bcoderly spoke to the cUas ^ about tbe functk»s of tbe ' Bureau. The students had to

matter at hand as a raqnlnnMal for graduatkm. The baalc overview and Interest of the students centered on the meaning of tzedaka. Mrs. Ahuva Epstein, teacher of the Social Studies program, was quite pleased wit^ the outconie. The kids' enthusiasm was overwhelming - they were all very interested In the subject matter. It gave the students ttie chance to learn about different Jewish eiementii that play a part of their everyday lives. The class came out with the attitude that they were Uieir brothers' keeper, not only because they wanted to be, but because their parents taught them ttie philosophy behind tzedaka. The very important value was taught that no man should be put to shame by receiving tzedaka, according to Jewish ethics. We suggest titat the readers of the Press try to answer the question, "Am I my brother's keeper? " as well as the eighth grade students at the Des Moines Bureau of Jewlah Eklucatlon.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kohli announce the birth Feb. 7 of a daughter, Sarah Joy. The Kohils have three sons, Louis, Justin and David.

Help Wanted OES AMINES — TtmDOrtry part'timt hilp lor the n«xt tnrta lo lour month* It nMdod In Iho Jewish F*0»r<llon Wtllar* office lor thre* houri p«r day. Th« work will bt varlot and will incliMte oparatlng a photoslatic copier, poataot mefar, mlmaaariph and addreMOoraph. In addillen there will b« lome typing and filing plui other office dutiei. Salary range It n t.SO per tiour bated on experience, ^nteretltd pertoni contact Gina al the Federation office, 344.3144.

"Through my involvement in campaign and Jewish organization life, I iMve the opportunity to help fuldil the needs of our Des Moines Jewish community and to help raise desperately needed money for Israel's strength and survival. "Through education of our Des Moines women and through raising of funds, we can all hope to keep the 'good life' that we all desire for ourselves, our lamities, and all our fellow Jews everywhere." Shirley PIdgeon, wife of Harold PIdgeon and the mother of three sohs, is currently membership chairman of the TIfereth Israel Women's League and chairman of the Midwest Branch Torah Fund of Women's L«ague. In the recent past she has served as president of the Tiferetb Israel Women's, League In addition to participating on the twards of Hadassah, Brandeis, the Iowa Jewish Home Guild and the Jewish Community Center. During her spare time, Shirley enjoys goll, tennis, and traveling. When you come to the Al<-Sar.Ben Races..

Belin Letter Mr. David Belln CI.A. Commlttlon c« The White Houte . Wathlngton, O.C. To our PrctidenI, DavM Bellm It It with sincere pride nvt loy that we tend you our congratulations on your appointment at head of the ipeclal preildenllal commlttlon to Investigate alleged C.I.A. domestic spying charget. We're sure you will lead a thorough, rigorous, well-planned and executed Investigation and we all wish you the very best ol luck and success In Ihit important endeavor. With londetl regsrdi from the board and ttaff of the Bureau of Jewish Education.


Shlemo aeitderly executive Mreclor

ZOADIRECrOR Dr. Samuel I. Cohen o( Far Rockaway, N.Y. has been named executive director o( the American Zionist Federatkm.

The JawahftaM


Don't Miss Rabbi Eugene Borowitzl March 14 at Temple at 8p.m. March 15 at TIfereth Israel - 10:30 a.m. March I5at Beth El Jacob-4:30 p.m. March 16- "Kailah" at Royal Inn Motel - 8:30-3:30 Registration fee $3 Contact JCC (274-3467) for more Information.

Monthly 'Coffey House' Needed Des Moines Jewish Youth Council is In the process of opening a Coffee House once a month. Our Coffee House will feature various forms of entertainment to serve high school youth in a relaxed atmosphere. The (irst Codec House will be on Sunday, March 16, featuring a movie and rap session with two Israeli high school students. It will begin at 8 p.m., ending at 10 p.m. We urge you to join us at the "J". I( you have any suggestions on future programming, please contact Marsha at the Center, 274-3467. Please watch the Press and your mail for-information on Youth Council's "Tlkun" March 29. You won't want to miss this.'

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ask stoat ovr iMti««si/gro«ia niggtiiit iKlWiai


Jounfon5 •'MOTOR LOOOES^

Council Bluflt Mh ilia l(*a**(T 17M • l-W 12S-il711 N7-17N tr«ilMlraaN0IM2(M

• Omaha • Co.llufh • Lincoln • DMMOIIMS • Or. Island


Tnd JMNtfi nvi

M«reh 14,1876

Weinstein: VisitIsraeiAnd You'li Understand OMAHA - "You can't Walnstein described as retUy know what it means (to "gMffaphlcaily ooeOaBt Md larad) to keep tbe Golan magnificent beyond exIMgila untU you study and pecUtlon." He said the uml0>tandtheKituatiofl " country is "exdting", that So says Howard Weinstein, "tte people are busy but tiwy executive director of the are excited — ttey are not Community Relations Com- only buUdsrs of a new oountiy mittee of tbe Jewiili but art rM4y to face tbe Federation of Onialu, wito cfaaltawisliiat lie ahead." recenUy did ]ust that - study Israelis ICel deeply the wars and learn the situation. and terrorism "but not the WebislelB's nrst visit to the frenzied depression that Jewlsb State was part of an American Jews seem to feel informational leadership toward Israel. The Israeli course aimed at updating and spirit is up despite everything. intensifying the Israeli It is an Interne country and knowledge of Information most of Uie people 1 met were workers. Sponsored in part by intense about their everyday the World Zionist life. They go about everything Organization and the they do with the same sort of University of Haifa, the three- intensity." week course's main concern Weinstein, who is also was to examine and analyze executive director of the l>asic Israeli problems. Tour Great Plains Region office of group members were North the Anti-Defamation l,«ague Americans and Western of B'nal B'rith, went on his Europeans. own excursions — in to the Sinai Desert past Sharm El HH land of Ivael itMlf Sheikh and into the West Bank area to talk with Arabs in Jericho, Hebron, "Shem" and Gaza. He noted the real translathm of Yasir Arafat's talks about creation of a secular democratic state "which is left out is 'Arabic democratic state, and not secular state." This means the destruction of Israel. In visiU to Kiryat Shemona and Ua'alot. sites o( terrorist attacks on school children, Weinstein learned Utat Arab terrorists had befriended and thus deeply troiMed the children they held hostage. "How could Ih^ do this to us and also be our friends? " the children asked. Town officials feared deep psychological damage. Wdnatein said, "It Is Im-

parattve lo git Anartean tourists — bnslneumen, professionals and young leatisnlilp ptwps - to see Israel flrst-hand. I personally telt very sals in Israel - wc abouM not bold back lours to Israsl becsuae o( that Uaue." American Jews must become "articulate and knowledgeable about Israel. You can't really know what it means to keep the Golan Heights until you study and understand the situation You learn, for example, that the Syrians used to shell the settlements in thoee valleys protected by tbe HeighU." Weinstebi also learned of two levels of terrorism in Israel today - the South Lebanaon geographical area (the Hanita KibbuU 'raid happened there) and "Fatahland" — the western slope of Mount Hermon. Terrorists come from these two areas, Weinstein said, "and it Is Important Israel maintain the security of its border towns — that it maintain secure and defensible borders on tbe north and thesouth." American Jews must alao send misskNis to Israel, both to give "more penonaliied contact" and also to empk)y American know-how to help various Israeli cities to develop. (Weinstein vUited Sefad. Omaha's sister-city, and spoke with city offidais and Mrs. Hdene Van Moppes, who was in Omaha last year.) Weinstein sak[ American Jews can alao learn from Israel and can he4> their feUow Jews bi the Diaspora. And Israelis are prepared to discuss mow openly today the retationahip of Israel to the American Jewish community.

AU in all, Wemsteio found Israel to be "one of tne most exciting, revolutionary nationalistic movements around and it behooves us to become knowlfdgeabie in an articulate way, lo become involved in its policies and proeedurei ... because the Israelis kiok very heavily to our support and alaobecauae it's the only way to be able to discuss the phenonMnon (of Israeli with our neighbors in America."

braeB Deficit For RMSI Year (Continued from Page I) the economists say. The decision to compensate municipalities with special granU in lieu of local tax Increases wUl cost another IL 220 mill km. Tbe additional budget for experimental educational projects in M new development towns and poor neighborhoods-undertaken in face of severe public criticism of the alleged neglect of the Oriental community-will consume another IL 120 mUlion. Reductkn of the newly imposed sales tax will deprive tbe gsvemment of IL 40 biUkm of income. In addition, the economists say, an expected IL 1 bUlkm will not be realiied because of the weak market for government bonds and delays in receiving other expected revenue will cost, another IL I bUlfcm.

Robinson Heads JCC Nominating Committee OMAHA - Richard Robinson has been appointed Jevriah Community Center nominating committee chairman by outgoing JCC PresMent Charles Monaaee. Tbe annual Center meeting wiDbeSunday, April 20. Robinson will head a fiveman committee consisting of Mary Pellman, Alan Crounse, Mort Glass and Robert Kully In accordance with Center ByLaws, Robinson, Mrs. Fellman and Crounse are present members of the Cento- board while Glau and Kully are Center and Federatkm members. The nominating comlttee's slate will be announced next week.

Center board not earilcr than 30 days nor later than IS days prior to the annual meeting. PeUtkms must include the written consent of the candidate. For further information, contact either the nominating committee members or Center Director Hy Tabachnk:k

Center by-laws allow for persons to pelitkm for board membership. A Center spokesman said anyone wishing to petttion is encouraged to do so.

(For Jawlih tinglat over W. 3«. 49. .fc.)


UncolnAUowaaty C'mon Out And Join Our MGK MUNCHII Kibbitz Over Cream Owsitl

Th* Ovar Ninart SInglM Club Wonts to Hsor Your Mias SlMffW lllMII

at tho Jowish Community Contor ^r Further kiformotion Coll 5S6-733S

Center by-laws state a written petition must be signed by at least is Center members and filed with the

John Kallna PHOTOORAraiR •17 SewHi Ulh MrMt — 345-1044


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d avfId sons


Man<D«l Owny and Owets Podwh ,^


79* I^Mlellala PrkMlMwfhw IhrotHlh TIM*., March la

««t«ll««l tMOWCAII


lOtth&cmnR M1-4749



f^ ByUrryKab I JOC Youth nrwHr [ ANYTOWN1975 wUI be held [ Sunday, June 8 througn I Saturday, June 14 at the j Bppley Salvation Army Camp f- inBellevue,Neb. [ Uke the three prevloui I ANYTOWN leisloni. In their sophomore and Junior ', teenagers ot all poislbh; years. I backpounds will be brought My office is Just one of I together to be part of a "new several cooperating in the oommunlty." During each of recruitment process. Others UMIM MMom, JewWi teens include the Jewish I have Joined In a "community" Federation's Committee and [ of 100 youths to share In a each of our synagogues. i^ unique learning experience. Those desiring to learn • As one recent more about ANYTOWN (fees, ANYTOWNER put It: programs, goals, etc.) may > "Anytown' Is said to be an contact either Howard ^ experience in learning to Itnow Weinstein, executive director [r othen and accepting them as of the CRC (341-3575) or I Individuals — not Just seeing myself (334-«200,exl. 35). them as sterotypes. I want to take that a step further. I HARBER TO VISIT '- believe, more than anything, PhiUlp Haber, Executive I 'Anytown' was an experience Director of the B'nal B'rith ; in learning to know oundvcs. Career and Counseling SerTo love and respect others, vice, headquartered In Minyou have to have the same neapolis, plans to be in Omaha :^ attitude towards yourself... on Sunday, April 13 to meet ' "I listen more to others, and with mh through 12th graders ' am not nearly as fearful in and their parents. ; taking the initiative to speak The 10 a.m. lecture will deal \ to them. I want to know all of primarily with how to select : the people I can. Better than an Institution of higher '• that, I find I enjoy, unlearning and how to select an derstand, and accept more of L a variety (of people) than 1 , ever would had it not been for J "Anytown' ". r This quote Is from a letter to March IS-Rollerskating the local off ice of the National party at Cheapskate RoUer Conference of Christians and Rink 11:30 p.m. - 2 a.m. Jews, one of ANTOWN's preceded by a house party at . primary sponsors. Lesley Biicker, 8 p.m. RSVPA community-wide 393-5274. March 2S - First recruitment effort for Seder for those without plans. ', ANYTOWN Is near; Ithopes to RSVP Sindie Harris - 493. reach JewialUM»Lpreitntly 2896. AprU & - April Fools

Mifch 14.1978



Youth Activities occupation. Haber also will answer numerous other questions. He will devote the afternoon to testing Interested students The morning lecture is free. A fee wlli be charged for the testing program. On Sunday, April 20, Haber will return to Omaha to meet with each student tested. Test results will be Interpreted and specific recommendations given that will enable more careful planning and more bitelligent decision-making. Please contact roe for more Information. HEVRAHBBGBEAUS Hevrah BEG has nominated as their candidates for Beau Gary Chssen, Allan Handleman. Marc Kahn and Bob Suvalsky. One of these will be elected Beau until May, 1976. The winner will be announced at the annual Joint BBG Beau Dance May 31 at the Downtowner Motor inn.

YADCaleiKtor Psrty, deUUs to follow. April • - Planning session, JCC, 7:30 p.m. April 13 - YAD Brunch, RSVP Bruce Goodman, .331-6733. April » March of Dimes Walkathon. All those interested in helping out as a group call Diane Leibow-734-3280.

A special time for the dress The draaa it baclcl Not raplacing pants but giving you an altamative to style. iJKiy Jsnnlfer dasigna your trpditional ooat and draae In llgtit blua or mint graan with touchaa of white. Sizes 14%to22U.


BILUUSY Omaha Bllu USY wUI host the Emtea (Midwest) Region conclave April 4-6. Eight chapters have been invited: three Minneapolis chapters, Kansas City, Des Moines, Denver, Tri-Cltles and Lincoln. Chalrpeople are: Tina Render and Edie Colick, overall: Steve Wise, transportation; Andy Berg, Beth

Kaplan and Suzle Wintroub, religious; Lorl Gould and SUcy Parker, decorations; Ed Fried and Morti Epstein, publicity; Steph Klein and Stq>h Seldin, Saturday Night: Robby Pred, Oneg; Vicki Cohen and Debby Duitch, housing. About 110 out-of-town USYers are expected and members of the communlly will be asked to house them.

KADDKAHSYO Kadimab SYO held its semiannual elections on March 2. The new officers are: Ed Bursztyn, president; Judy Handleman, Brenda Moskovltz and Dan Renn, vice presidents; Anita Rosenfield, corresponding secretary; Tammy Rubin, recording secretary; Craig Shapiro, treasurer; Sheri Cohen, parliamentarian.

EiuiEmoin Look at eiectrictty In light of these five focts.


oil and gat are In short supply. Yet, both remain ||A irreplaceable in the production and development of %yJ fertilizers, plastics and other chemical products.

jil You can conserva scare* oil iand gat aupplits. By switching wjf\9k *° electric power and electric hieat, you may not only be " V-__JU saving money, you'll be conserving the scarce natural fuels for other important applications. OPPD lias reduced its dependence on this nation's critical supplies of oil and gas by using coal and nuclear fuel to generate electricity. Mostly we use nuclear fuel. Both are in plentiful supply.

OPPD has plei^ of elMtrlcHy. Thanks to long-established e policies of continuous planning and building for a secure electric future, the Omaha Public Power District has plenty of electricity available for ito customers. We can, and will, meet the needs of this area.



Mora and mora people are using H. The use of electricity efor space heating is booming. Electric heat is flexible... ^ five different systems available for any heating require ments. If you're planning new construction, an addition, or replacing a heating system, investigate electric heat.


f«"i Ifa easy to get help. OPPD invites you to study additional U mk applications of electricity as a substitute for traditional \SJ\J gss and oil uses. Wo believe it may be in your best interest -and our country's-to consider elflctriclty as a practical solution to your energy problem. For more detailed information, contact your heating/cooling contractor or call OPPD. In Omaha, phone 536-4310, or visit your nearest OPPD office.

iTHMe EXTRA ROOM LOCATIONS. OMAHA—nockbrooh Village Sliopplno C*nl«f, lOMh and Ctnler and ttM Plaia North Shopping Center, 90Hi and Fori. LINCOLN—Gateway Shopping CenItf florth, 61Q0 '0">|.

Omaha PuMk Povm District A business-managed, publicly owned tiectric utility

Tht ii»»iih»iM


Aquatics Notebook

lAHA ALL-STARS TRAVEL TO 8101'X CITY Al 10 iin, Sunday. March 16, the Omaha Jewish Community Center Midget, Olympic and Senior High Blue SUrs all-star teams travel to Sioux Oty, Iowa for the annual inter-city iMsketball event. The schedule features the Midgets playing at noon, the mpics at 1 p.m. and the Seniors at 2 p.m W HOCKEY LEAGUES TO BEGIN Gym hodtey, the Center's newest program, begins Sunday, ^ irch 16. foe iwys in the 5th and tth grades. They'll learn UK iport and also compete in leagues. Sign up at the Athletic (MBet. The schedule: Grades Sand 6,1.30 to 3:30 p.m.; Grades 7 and*. 3 30-5.30 p.m. •DAY CAMP TO HOLD REUNION The JCC's unique Recreationland Day Camp for boys and girls going into Kindergarten through 4th grade will hold a reunion for both former campers and prospecUve campers Monday. March 24, at the Center TTie reunion will offer all youngsters and their parents a chance to learn about the ianovative camp from Camp Director Chuck Arnold and AniiUnts MUte Zahm and Franclne Graham.

CAN YOU SPARE A FEW MINUTES A DAY? That's all that's needed to alleviate stress and tension in life using Transcendental Meditation The Center is pleased to offer two free introductory lectures by Joe Hariey of the International Meditation Society of Omaha at the JCC on Wednesday, March

19, at 12;30p.m. andThursday, Marchao, al7:30p.m. al 7:30 p.m. BASKETBALL REPORTS: OiyMpk LeagM First Mid-America, led by 31 poinu each from Andy Robmson and Jim Maragos. defeated Kohlla. 66-30 to finish as dumpiaM with a 10-2 season record. DMW look Mcond place bi tlM finai standings by defeating Natdnn, 37-23.

Midget Leagae Taaraameal Tretiaks plays regular season league champion KJo-Van at 7 p.m. Monday. March 17, for the tournament championship Tretiaks gained the title game berth by squeaking past a gallant Pumas team 15-13in overUme on Jeff Millard's 15-fool basket. Urry Bloch scored all of TreUaka' poinU. Peter Pan Furniture captured fifth place last Sunday by downing Mayfair Textile, 3$-23 Mike Zoob led the victors with 14 points; Tom Demmel had 10 for the loaers. I-Go-Van gained the tlUe game by taking a 24-15 win over Vann Realty. Dan McCoy's lopoints and Joe Goldstein's 9 led the winners Chris Skoog took game honors with II. Midget Defrniive Player of The Week: Tom Keenan Midget Playnaker af The Week: Jeff Epstein. Sebedale: I-Go-Van vs. Tretlaki for 1st place. 7 p.m. March Mea's Varsity Leagae (WedBciday. Marcklf) 6:J« p.m. - Wolf Bros.-Splrit World loser vs. Utile KincsVesa loMT 7:M p.m. - Wolf Bros.-Spirit World Winner vs Little Kings-Vess winner. 8ealwHi|li Leagae Chaim Weizmann AZA'S "A" team finished the season undefeated last Sunday in the "A" Division by dropping Uncoln AZA No. 3, 87 54. Steve Gendler and Bill Cohn had 27 and 20 points, respectively, for Waiunann. Howard Mislcs 30 led the losers. Weixmann "B" tumbled AZA ^to. 100 "B". 74-21. with Mark Pred's 25 points and Mark Safcrstein's 23 leading the winners TTie third game saw Dan Sherman pump in 18 points to lead NFTY past AZA No. 100 "A". 3»-25. VOLLEYBALL PRACTICE SCHEDULE The Volleyball pracUce schedule for Sunday, March 16AZA No. 100,10a.m.; Chaim Weiimann. 11 am.; AZA No I, noon.

ByGaryJavttcb To guide us on the river, \ JCCAqBatiesOb-eclor have invited John Merii, Family Pun: A Canoe Cross Safety director, wl; Flotit! recently moved to Oroall The JCC Aquatics from St. Louis. Merli Department is sponsoring a navigated the cold Cur canoe float trip in Missouri River more than a during the month oT May. Umes. He poinU out that Like its very successful river's pace is fast enough ( predecessor down the be exciting but slow enough | Niobrara last August, this be safe. Special sight trip will feature two days on spots along the river ioclu (he river and two nights Cave Spring and Devil's Wi camping out. We leave Excluding the two dinn Friday morning, May 2, and on the bus trip, all mea return home Sunday evening. snacks, transportation (ci May 4. and bus), the guide an After boarding a instruction will be covered I Greyhound bus, our group, the $89.95 cost per person. which is limited to 24 Center members, will head for the Reservations are a must i scenic Current Rivar, just the last trip 'sold out.' South of Columbia, Mo. Deadline is April 19. Gary, sign me up for the Family Fun: Canoe Float May 2-4. Enckaed is my $45 deposit per perwm. Name(t) .._ Telcpbooe Address



Make cHacki payable to the JOG oT Onuriia: » So 132nd St., Omaha, 68154.

Quiz Answers QUIZ TWO ANSWERS 1. "Practical ZionUm" called for the settlement and culUvation of the land "dunam . bydunam." 2. Weizmann believed bi genuine friendship and oooperation with the Araba. The National Homeland •bould be built without violating the legitimate b>leresUof the Arabs. 3. Weizmann and Peiaal agreed to work together cooperatively In the Implementatbm of the Balfour Declaration, In the effort to "achieve a free Jewish homeland and a free Arabia." 4. He worked unceasingly for the creatkM of the Jewish Agency for Palestine in accordance with the terms of the Mandate. Until the ettabliihment of the State, the Jewish Agency for Palestine represented the Jewish people in all matters related to Palestine. S. The non-Zknlst leader waa Louis MarsbaU, then president of the American Jewish Committee.

a»wn bo* are JCC Bh»aun Ci>CipUlD'i IMtii Wabak aod I Kdth MlUer with Irv Yaffe. Center ailiMlc cauBtttee dtairh man; Murray Guttman, J.W.B. MkhMat Ra0iMi coonHnattr; \ Hy TabacMck, ^JCC executive dbvetor and Cbuck Araoid.

miariOB cbarfB. llw Bh»«an, aaeUnc Itaik te tba National JcwlA Welfare Board Barttoftall TDumanient April ii-u In Ncwtxirgb, N.Y., are boidtaig a rafOe. TldwU ara available

] >tb>eticdlrector.TheBh»5tanwlflplayaieKMTVAU4Unat

bomiirtor bi#i ptajwr^ Ibalrparorta and athletic awmimoe maaben. Raffle prtaaa M« a 1975 HuriMnd and Wife Heiltti Chd) Membenfaip lor a HO donation and a color TV for a n

ImCmtot, Sunday, April «, 7 p.m. TOe KMTV UDMB wiU

tMura Dr. San Gulnaty, SporU Dlractor An Kaitar, Jeff .loitlan and Weatberpemn Carol Scott. Tban wffl be no att-

danattoB. Prlita will ba awirdtd It baUtiiM o( the guM SIBday. a—oi"-

iSary Javitch Named Chairman


OMAHA-Gary Javitch. Conununlty Center dircelor, has been Iwater salMy chairman • the OouRlae-Sarpy County

organizations In the city as well as members of the Corps of Engbieen and PapiliionRaWon recreation departments

1 cross. The safety committee is imposed of 20 represenKlves from all Me aquatic

The committee is currently developing a water safety program fOr ail ace groups.

Fish Fresh Doily AAorr.-Thori. 9-6 Fri. < Sat. 9-8 5S14I0I •iMifa

7. To end Jewlsl •wnclcwiess;. to secure ancient ioU for the Jewisbl people; to live in sovereig fraedom. 8. The Provisional Statel Council elected Dr. Weizmann j Prerident ot the SUte. After I the atectloo of the firit KnesMt, Dr. Weizmann was : confirmed as the first President of Israel. On M»niaryl6, l»«9,hetookthe oath of President In JenwUem. •• The following was the oath of office: "I pledge myaelf to bear allegiance to the State of Israel and to ita Uws and faHhfuUy to cany out my functions as President of the State." The President affixed his siputuie to the oath administered by the ^PMUwr of (he Knesset. 10. The BlUkMl phrase \»i "Where there Is no vlafcm, thel people perish."

. P*^ '<* •"""*»" *»«"•• ^f bur.

ploriiMl in the U.S. lost yeor while fomihes were away. Losses from a few hundred dollors into the thousands-Many times over the modest cost of having someone fake core of your home or oporfmenf-the nrwst effective deterrent to borglory

KeyRealEstate When you hove to get away....

Call Ren le discuss your iMst mov» OHIu: 33»ltM


6. Weizmann proposed ••tabliihment of a Hebr University in Palestine, dedicatkm of the University took place in 1R25.

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Coll 556-6416 D.E. Major, Jr.

March 14, 1975  

Jewish Press

March 14, 1975  

Jewish Press