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mahsr JCC Opens Sunday I [^ •

Onwha — YMTt of work by (he largest group of people ever to participate in a aingle project in the Omaha Jewiih community will culminate

this Sunday with the official opening of the new 105,000 square foot Jewish Community Center at 333 South 132nd Street.

The entire Jewish community is invited to participate in the historic opening ceremonies at 2 p.m. in the auditorium of the new

je^i^isli SERVING DES MOINES,, Vol.UII-No.29

jCXHJNCIL BLUFFS. LINCOLN. OMAHA Omaha. Neb.. Fri., April 28, H74

Yitzhak Rabin Named Successor to Golda TEL AVIV, (JTA) - By a narrow margin of 2SB-2S4, (he Labor Party's flOO^Mmber Central Committee selected Labor Minister Yitzhak Rabin as Its new leader and Ureal's next Prime Minister should he succeed in forming a new government. The i2-year-old former Ambassador to the United States and former Chief of SUff. was selected over Information Minister Shimon Peres, the only other candidate. Bom in Jenisalem Rabin would be Israel's first native bom Premier. Rabin's aelcction opened (he w«y for President Ephraim Katzil- to auign him the laak of forming a new government to replace the care-taker regime that has ren^ined in office since Mrs. Golda Meir resigned (he Premiership two weeks ago. Should he aucceed, Rabin's Cabinet is expected (o differ considerably from (he outgoing one and to include new and younger faces. Two prominent ministers not expected (o be Included are Defense Mlnls(er Moshe Dayan and Foreign Minlater Abba Eban. Rabin said (ha( he would (ry to form a new Labor-led coalition along the same lines as the outgoing one — a partnership of (he Labor Alignment wilh the Nadonal Religious Parly and (he Independent Liberal Party. Rabin conceded, however, (he "real possibility" that he will fail to find enough coalition partners and will have (o ask PreskiaiK Ephraim Katzir (o call new elections. Weixmaa AtUck About 24 hours before his selection, Rabin came under attack from Gen. Ezer Weizman of Likud who claimed that Rabin had suffered a nervous breakdown while Chief of Staff on the eve of the 1M7 Six-Day War and was incapable of making decliions (hereafter. The charge by Weiiman,

Cenler. The brief opening ceremonies will be followed by tours of the building and the opportunity for members of the communKy to register for the spring programs to be offered by the Center. Daniel Katzman, overall chairman of the new Center project, will serve as master of ceremonies for the opening program. Participants in (he ceremonies will include Morley Zipurgky, president of the Jewish Federation of Omaha; Charles Monasee, president of the JCC board of directors; Hy Tabachnlck, Cenler Director and Mor( Greenberg, Executive Director of the Federation. Sol Lagman and Nate Marcus, representaUvea of (lie Jewish War Veterans, will present an American flag for the new building. Among the special guests expected to attend the opening ceremonies are Governor J. J. Exon, Mayor Edward Zorinsky, members of the Omaha City Council and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners. Registration Profesaionai staff members of the various Cenier departments will be available Sunday to discuss the spring programs scheduled for the weeks of May S through June 9. Registration for the spring sesaions will be held in the auditorium immediately following the opening ceremony and will continue through 5:30 p.m. Registrations will also be

accepted Monday April 29 through Thursday, May 2 from 3 to 5p.m. and from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Classes are open to Center members only and will be closed when maximum enrollment is reached. Membership Ray Somberg, chairman of the JCC Membership Drive, indicated the "successful progress" of the drive with the expectation that BOO memberships will have been signed up by opening day. "The Onter was conceived as a family instituion," Daniel Katzman Somberg said, "and most of the memberships thus far program sessions validates have been family mem- the investment of time, funds berships. We're very pleased and energy put into our new with how well (he mem- building," he said. bership drive is progressing. Somberg urged all thoae The fac( that we've already who have not yet Joined the enrolled such a large number Center to attend the Opening of family memberships in Day program and (o enroll as advance of the spring members at that time.

Ragistration SdMdulsfor Spring Programs at the Jawiah Cofranunhy Cantar of Omaha 333 South 132nd Straat Spring lesiion begins the week of May 5 and ends the week of June 1. Registration for spring programs may be made at the J,C.C. as foUows: Sunday, April 211 3to5:30p.m. Monday, April Z> through Thursday, May 2 3to5p.m. 7to9;%{p.ih.

Phil Schrager to Head Omaha Israel Bond Drive Vitshak Rabin . . .acw leader. former Air Force commander, se( off political reverberations in Israel. Rabin responded to Weizman's charges in a statement in which he said: "Without going into (he motives of (hose who found it appropriate (o make public an old story as It was seen by one man, I confirm that I was absent from my pos( as Chief of Slaff for one day. On May 23 evening I called in Welzman and asked him to step in so I can have some rest af(er the exhausting work of preparing for war. On May 2S morning I returned to command the army and conduct its activities on the eve and through the Six-Day War to the victory." According (o Weizman's verston, he was summoned (o Rabin's home about 10 days before (he war broke ou( and urged by Rabin to take over as Chief of S(aff because Rabin fell he was incapable of handling (he burden and

believed (hat, in any event, the war would be decided in the air which was Weizman's area of expertise. Weizman claimed he was summoned to Rabin's home on (he following days and met there by the armed forces chief medical officer. Dr. Eliyahu Gillon, who said Rabin was suffering from acute anxiely and was being treated with tranquilizers. Weizman said he had refused Rabin's request (o (ake over command on ground that (he Chief of S(aff's resignation at this time would have been a victory for the Arabs and had a demoralizing effect on Israel's armed forces. But he claimed thai after hearing (he medical report he agreed (o Issue orders (o (he armed forces wi(h confirmation by Rabin. Rabin returned to his office the next day but lacked the power of decision throughout (he brief war, Weizman claimed.

Omaha — Dan Katzman, a member of (he National Campaign Cabhiet of the State of Israel Bond Organization, and Barton H. Greenberg, the 1973 Chairman of the Omaha Israel Bond Campaign, have announced that Phil Schrager will serve aa General Chairman of the 1V74 Israel Bond Drive in Omaha. Accepting the appointment. Mr. Schrager said, "Every year we are told that wKhout our finacial support (he Sa(e of Israel will falter, and every year the Jewish community of Omaha responds by increasing its commitment. I must admit that I have often asked myself when, if ever, we would be told that our aid was no longer required to endure the perpetuation of the State. I think I more fully undentand (ha( day may never come, and I now accept Israel's problems as my own. "It has occured (o me that being of Jewish heritage, I could have been born of parents who emmigrated (o Israel rather (han to the United States. In that case, I

Phil Schrager would be defending my family, my celigion, and my country with my life and the lives of my children rather than with my dollars. But fate alone prescribed that I be an American Jew, and, as such, I know of no REAL suffering when compared to our fellow Jews who struggle for survival each and every day. "As Chairman of the 1974 Israeli Bond Drive for

Omaha, I come to you with these thoughts: the Yom Kippur war devastated Israel's economy; the government is now faced with negotiating a peace settlement on one front while it continues to battle on another. Successful negotiations are plausible only if Israel can bargain trom a position of military and economic strength. lik:ono'mic strength is what our Bond Drive is all about. We in Omaha gave generously during the recent war by supporting the 1973 Bond Drive as well as the Philanthropies campaign. The year 1973 was a difficult year for Jews all over the world, but can we now afford to reduce our support for Israel? "I know that those who have purchased bonds generously in the past will do so once again. I hope that those who have not done so will now find a way . .. remembering that if not for a bit of fate (hey, as I, could this day be in Israel rather than Omaha, and lighting for survival!"

April 26.1»74

It •

"^'^txfb'Schrager is Named Israel Bonds Fashion Show Chairman Omaha — Mrs. Barton H. Greenberg, immediate pastchairman of the Omaha Women's Division of the State of Israel Bonds, announces that Mrs Phil (Lois) Schrager has accepted the role of Fashion Show

Documents Show Polish Hostility to Jewish Resistance TIL AVIV, (JTA) Authentic documents which indicate the hostile attitude of the Poles during World War II (0 the Jewish resistance movement were recently recovered and handed over to (he Holocaust Museum at KIRYAT SHEMONA. ISRAEL ... A dbtraagbl man weepi on hit wUe'i grave daring Ihr man Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot funeral ff^fodie of the 18 Uraellt killed this montli in Kiryat Shemona daring an atUck by Arab (Ghetto Fighters Kibbutz) guerrillai. In (he early mombig raid on (he nor(hem Israeli (awn. Arab (erroiis(s a(Ucked an near Haifa. At'a press conapartinea( building, firing submacbbie guns and throwing greoadea la(« the baiidtaig. ference here, two former commanders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Dr. Avraham Berman and Itzhak Zukerman lAntek),presented some of the documents to reporters. One of the documents is an within reach of the Lebanese to pour into Kiryat Shemona order by the Polish GovemTEL AVIV, (JTA) border, police and army units from all parts of the country. menl-in-Exile in London for Elaborate security measures are on 24-hour patrol duty and Most of the aid is aimed at (he Polish underground to have been introduced in the armed guards are stationed Improving the township's withhold funds collected by past few days to protect at schools and kindergartens economy and social facilities. Western Jewish groups for settlements and townships during the school day. School Hisladrul will construct a the Jewish resistance, near the northepi borders — buildings are inspected by new Hapoel sports stadium "because the Jews are unand particularly their schools police each morning before there and \ht Hisladrut sick stable and led by Com— from passible new terrorist the pupils are admitted to fund will build a new clinic munists." The documents outrages. The measures are their classrooms. with bomb shelters enabling include writings by the in reaction to Kiryat Shemona historian Emanuel it to function under shelling. . In Kiryat Shemona, massacre and further threats The Jewish Agency will Ringelblum who himself security force* are building from terrorist leader Ahmed construct three kindergariens perished in the holocaust, and new roads to afford military Jabril's organization, and two day nurseries. correspondence between Or. units greater mobility in Popular Front-General Many municipalities have Berman and "Antek," the dealing with terrorist Command, that it planned decided to send funds earchief coordinator and his assaults. Army engineers are new suicide assaults on marked for Independence deputy, who later became throwing up barbed wire Israeli civilian centers. Day celebrations to Kiryat commander of the Warsaw security fences around the In Kiryat Shemona, in the Ghetto. Shemona and the festivities town perimeter. coastal town of Nahariya and have been cancelled or toned Dr. Berman said they they other population centers Meanwhile, aid contioded down because of the situation. made efforts to preserve (he documents but a German shell destroyed many when it hit the bunker. The wife of Dr. Berman, now deceased, hid the surviving documents in glass jars that were placed with gentile friends.

Aftermath of Terror

New Security Measures Follow Terrorist's Attacks

Chairman for the 1174 Israel Bond Fashion Show. In making announcement, Mrs. Greenberg stressed the need for the moral and material support of Omaha Jews for the State of Israel. "Mrs. Schrager brings to this luk a freahneu and vUallty along with her dedication to the SUte of Israel, and ^ feeling of excitement and anticipation to our new concept in fashion showing, " Mrs Greenberg said. Mrs. Schrager recently spearheaded a most successful fashion show on behalf of the Arthritis Foundation.

Mrs, PbU 8ekragcr

Kahane Resi^ AsHeadof JDL TELAVIV, (JTA)-Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League, has announced that he was resigning as its chairman. He said he was quitting because there was "too little of the right people, too little talent and too litUe money" to carry it the JDL program. He said le would continue to advance the JDL ideology through the "Center of Jewish Consciousness" which he has set up in Jerusalem. Kahane, who is awaiting trial on several criminal charges, made his announcement at a press conference during which he castigated Israel's leadership and the Jewish leadership abroad as "bankrupt" and "cowardly". He said the JDL in its present form could not succeed because its ideas "are too big, too genuine, too Jewish and too daring for the narrow-minded and cowards." He claimed, however, that the JDL


philosophy was "the only hope for the Jewish nation in this chaotic hour." In New Ydrk, David Fisch, national executive diractor of-r the Jewish Defense League, said that the JDL will continue Its activities despite Kahane's resignation. Fisch said that his organization will continue fighting all manifestations of antiSemitism and contended that Kahane will still mainUin a position with the JDL-as a "spiritual advisor." Fisch said that Kahane will continue "to smuggle letters telling us what to do."

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HodotHih Oncg Shobbol, Dr. Stwr Hom«, } p.m. YAOParty. lOOIS T. n«o, 1:30p.m.

T.E.E. H.E.E. sUnd lor Tochnical Englnooriag Exoollonca. And Highir Exinvaganl Eitras.

Omaho's No. 1

Family Restaurant

Standard aqai|iaianl lika: • S«iat7fnaldiK:b>akas


roimM.onmtmontiimwinimictmmimnycmitm 333 South 132nd SI 2 00 P.M Carmt Woman HodoMoti, horn* of Mr>. torfaara Windar. } p.m. Bath liroal Annuo! Oinnor Doy School Mooting ' Spoftt ntuMrotod" Fothion Show, Now KC. 7 p.m.


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U-S., Egypt Resume Diplomatic Relations WASHINGTON - (JTA) Egypt and the United Statei fornully retuiMd diplomatic relation* last Friday after a bnak o( leven years with PnMuA Nixon providing an extraordinary diaplay of affection for Egyptian AmiNUMdar Aahraf Ghorbal A fanfare of trumpets greeted Ghorbal when he arrived at the While Houae and he was eacorted into Nlxon't Oval Office (or the formality of presenting hit credential*. Usually new ambUHdors are invited in group* of four or five at the East Room for such occasion*. "This Is a day I have looked forward to since the day I came into this office," Nixon told Ghorbal. The break In relationa after the Stx-Oay War, he told Ghorbal. wu "a great tragedy" for the two countries. The PreaUrat and Ghorbal both expressed hope that Cairo and Washington would continue their cooperation towards achieving a per-

HELP WANTED SI*itl*V«un«A*ilts or Cell*fl«S«u4Mrta or* n««d«d to stoH childran's "Fun n' Friendship" groups ond "Fath«r-chlld cannping". Mb

MUta^ar ••v SartlMww st HM

HARTFORD, (JTA) — "Hie Jewish Aid Congregaton, a small Orthodox synagogue in Colchester, is functioning normally again alter a three-day spree of vandaliam and defilement that began on Passover eve and for which in/a looys, aged 13-14, have since been arrested. The youngsters, whose identities have been withheld, were turned over to their parents' custody by the juvenile authorites pending a hearing on charges of first degree criminal mischief and third degree burglary. Jack Herman, president of the 80-member congregation which has no permanent rabbi, said the "spiritual damage" was greater than the monetary damage which he estimated at $4000. State Police Commissioner Cleveland B. Fuessenich, declared in a sutement to the Connecticut Jewish Ledger that he had been "assured by investigators that there is no antiSemitism involved and this was strictly an aclof destruction by the juveniles involved in a building that was readily available to them." But the morbid nature of the destruction and defilement, aimed mainly at religious objects and Jewish symbols in the synagogue, appeared to indicate that the acts went beyond mere vandalism. According to the Jewish Ledger's account, the youngsters first broke into the synagogue on Saturday, April 6 when four fire extinguishers were stolen and a fifth used to spray the premises.

Relief and Joy areyevMeirt ea Pavel UtviaMr's face as be and kis 4-ycar-eM daagkter Larista enter the United Stales, escorted by Gaynor I. Jscobsoo. executive vice president of HIA8 <right). DIroltri Utvlaov, 12. (right rear) and Cari GUck, UHS Prettdent foitow. Mn. Utviaov arrived with the family.

TEL AVIV (ZINS) - A syndicate of Israeli and Pavel's (raadfatfeer, Maxim M. Litviaov, served as Soviet foreign Investors has been Faretga MiaMcr from If3*-l(3f, and was wartime Ambasiador formed to finance the search for petroleum in the vicinity •to Washiagtoo. Utvlnov ipeot i years in exile In Siberia for protesting abuse of hamaa righu bi the Soviet Uaion. of the Dead Sea. The syndicate includes investors from Holland, West Germany, Switzerland, England and Belgium. Many years ago the thenmanaging director of the Dead Sea Works, engineer M. Novomeisky, reported finding oil in the vicinity of the Dead TEL AVIV, (JTA)-Eight no Injuries to it* personnel. Sea laraell airmen were killed in a Fire engine* from tite nearby

I-Air Copter Crash Kills 8 Israeli Airmen


«^~n^wj HARD WORK? HE LOVB8 ITI rMhittc

Synagogue Vandalized

manent peace In the Middle But. Ghorbal praised Nixon as having "done tremendously" towards reducing Middle East tensions and said, "We look forward to your visit to Egypt very soon." The White House later said that Nixon had accepted an invitation to visit Cairo but Uiat no date has been set. In Cairo President Anwar Sadat praised Nixon and Secretary of SUte Henry A. Kissinger at a ceremony at which Sadat accepted the credentials of the new U.S. Ambassador Hermann F. Eilts. "The wisdom of President Nixon and the continuou* efforts of Dr. Kittlnger have made peace poaaible in thia area for the first time in 26 yean," Sadat said. "This Is an opportunity to open a new page between our two countries."

Syndicate Formed to Search for Oil

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freak' mid-air accident involving two Air Force Helicopters last Friday. Air Force Commander Gen. Benjamin Peled is personally investigating the tragedy which occurred . when both copters attempted to land on tiw Manhayim air strip near Safad hi Upper GalilM. The two aircraft were returning from operational mlailons. According to eyewiine**ei, both descended at the tame, moment, one directly over the other. The lower helicopter was apparently not visible to the pilot of the higher one. The landing gear of the latter lielicopter was struck by the rotors of one directly beneath it which crashed and burst Into flames killing all aboard. The second helicopter, though damaged, landed safely with

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three minutes but the eight men died before could reach them,



The dead were Identified as: Capt. Adam Averbach, 24, of Sdot Yam, son of the settlement's founder, Joseph Averbach: Lt. Michael NIr, 23, of Beersheba; Lt. Itzhak Tapuchi. 23, of Ashdod; Staff Sgt. Doron Ish Shalom, 22, of Upper Nazareth; Staff Sgt. Cliaim Tachan, 23, and Sgt. Rami Vechlel, 23, both of Aahdod, Sgt. Ellezer Tamar, 23, of Bat Yam; and Sgt. Dan Farkash,22, also of Bat Yam, son of the Israeli cartoonist, "Zeev," Sgt. Farkash was an outstanding tennis player and had toured the United State* with the Israeli youth tennis team.

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On the following Monday, toilet paper was found strewn around the premises. On Monday evening, a member of the congregaton saw lights on in the synagogue and two youths fled as he approached. Inside he found human excrement and vomit had been placed carefully and systematically on the Bimah including the center of the Toral reading table and on mantles covering the congregation's three Torah scrolls, the L«dger reported. In addition, yarmulkas and taUeaim were stuffed into toilet bowls and strewn on the floors, quantities of matzohs were broken and scattered about the building, toilet paper was wrapped around the wrought iron railings of the Bimah, and the Ark cover and a large Jewish flag were slashed with a razor but an American flag was left untouched. Chairs set up for service* and other non-religious objects were not disturbed.

Hatzor township were at the


OivalMndar Hktimmi


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Jewish Quiz Box QUESTION: b It true that traditioa reqiirat a tyoaeofue to IMVC a foyar or vcftibiiie that one pataoi through from the outaide before enierinf the aanctuary

ANSWER. lUa la aa old tradltioo which la aaid to emulale the architecture of the ancient temple In Jeniaalem of which the lynafogue i« a copy. The famou* Rabbi of Prague (the Maharal) czplaina thii requirement by laying that one riiauld enter the aanctuary. of hotiaeii in the synagogue gradually. This means one should condition himself in stages. One just doesn't pass from the profane in the holy without aome Und of conditioning. Passing through the foyer which ^separates the synagogue tnm the outaide street impnaaca one vrith the need of passing tiirough some phase of preparedness before entering the synagogue. It's against human natwe to give up luxury without complaining.

The announncement this week of the selection of Yitzhak Rabin to succeed GoMa Meir as Prime Minister «f toad bad special meaning far many Omahans. As Israel's Ambassador to the United Sutes, Yitzhak Babin visited Omaha in November, 1970. Many of us had the opportunity to meet hkn and to hear him speak. We had no way of taiowfaig then that Yitzhak Rabin would be serving today as the bawl of the govcnunent of toad. But even than, we were tremendously impraaaed with the calibre d the HMMI.

Ms podtion has changed, bK if Yitzhak Rabin is (he aame man we met in Omha laaa than 4 years ago, we have every reaaon to be hopeful about the future. The fdtorii^ excerpts are from a flllt"—f column whkh appeared In the Jewiah Press on November 6,1970. It serves aa a beats for my optmiam about Israel's future under the ISMienhip of Yitzhak Rabin. Yitzhak Rabin does not fit die stereotypes we have d men "in the piMic eye." Soft'ipaiBn and raiervvd he lacki


llic-^etlitt^r THE GOOD OLD DAYS Editor's Note: The following letter was received by our Oldtim^rs' correspondent, Sam Zweiback, from former Omahan, Sam Epstein, who now lives In Callfomia.

Ibe claaeaeas that existed la mriMj. I couki go on and on, Sam, btit you get the klea. And, Sam, you are to be congratulated for helping to bring about the "oldttaners" organization. I can auure you If I still lived in Omaha, I would certahily join up with such a grand bunch of men. Keep up the good work, Sam, and best regards to your family and to all of my friends. Bi|BS Epsleki, (Hawkahaw)

Dear Friend Sam. 1 can't begin to tell you how deeply moved I was after reading your article on the "old timers" in the Jewish Press (April 5). Sam, it brought back many wonderful memories of our youth and what great times we all had. Not much money, but loads and loads of love and respect for one another. It would be of no use to f xplain to our children and our grandchildren the nostalgia covered in those wonderful times. They never could understand or believe there was such a time in our lives that was so beautiful. The "Burdelle Street Sluggers," The Chales Street merchants, the Ak-Sar-Ben Knights and so many other gangs of kids who just like to play ball on the comer lot and kibitz afterwards on just about anything. TW Pst-Mas- the Excels K. Z. A. FahM, ete. TWap JasI were Mi se c«mplkaled as they are aew. Too mack TelevisteB — leo mach permissiveMM — and jast aat

I welcome the opportunity to share with you the National Council of Jewish Women's historic concern for equal ap|)ortunity in both sentiment and implemenlaUon. We fully understand the emotional distress and concern expressed by many members of the Jewish community that affirmative action may lead to a regressive adoption of quolaa basad oo raoa, religion or national origin. The National Council of Jewish Women has been part of the struggle which has made It poaaible for an individual to expect that he will be judged on his own competence, and it is from this stance that we feel compelled to express our concern that complex human problems do not always fit the neat formulae which we have catalogued by law.

the oratorical excellence of an Abba Eban, yet with an unique chairsma, Rabin speaks of his country and his people with an intensity and dedication that leaves little doubt that Israel will survive. At a news conference Wednesday morning, Rabin fiefaled questiooa quickly and concisely and with the dignity befitting bis positiob as AmbsMador d his country. Some M members d the Jewish community were preaent at Temple toad WechicBday eveoing to hear Rahin talk to "hia people" about "hia people aad hli country." I was in awe aa I listened to him speak. 'Hiere was little d what he said that hadn't beaen said before; but I was intrigued by this' quiet, unaaauming man who was responsible for leading the toael Defense forces to a 6 day victory in 1967. A soUier for 27 years, who was now serving his country as Ambaaaador to the United States. I knew I was in the presence d greatness. The highlight d his Omaha visit was his appearance at ij^ ^Oif^iber d ..Com^gj;;

Public Affairs luncheon. Some SOO people were there and heard Yitzhak Rabin say "Israelis don't consider national suicide an international obligation." With quiet strength he told this mixed audience d Jews and non-Jews, "there is no compromise between life and death. We will compromise with our Arab neigMon on matters d terrilory, political matters, economic matters — anything and everything, except our right to survival." A standing ovatkm felloiwed Ambassador Rabin's remarici. Yitzhak RaMn who has made an indelible mark on the history d the sUte d toael, also Idt bis mark on thoae who were privileged to hear him during hia brid visit WedMsday. The strength and greatness d a Yitzhak Rabin cannot be communkraled in a news story. I caa aely say Tai glad be was here and graletal that the fate d Israel, and Indeed ibe iaU d the Jewlsb people everywhere. Is being deieraihied by the wise aad dedicated leadership d men Ifte YiUbak RaUa.

The reapoDSlbllity of educating our young (o meet the needs d the community, as well as lo fullfill their own potenlisl, falls into the category d complex human problems. For this reason, we welcome the opportunity for the highest court in the land to deliberate, and resolve the question d how institutions d higher learning may determine the criteria by which they construct their student Much has happened in the fleM d higher education over the paat eight years. Educational programs and philoaophiea kmg in the realm d the absohite, have been heM up to the lijght, and are undergoing scruthiy as to relevancy and appropriatencas for meeting the needs of our society. Numerical grading systems have been questioned with much discussion about their ability to measure adequately a young person's motivation, clMracter, and potential. Most d us have accepted in the abstract the need for certain subjective considerations. Difficulties ariae when these abstractions seem to collide with our own family goals. It is in this area that reasonable people have raised questions and concerns. The case d Marco DeFunis against the University of Washington, now in the Supreme Court, will seek lo define the narrow question d whether the University of Washington bad the right to consider subjective criteria and the social needs of the community in composing their Law Schod claM. It is not an issue of quota, in the opinion d NCJW and the Social Action Commission d 4he Union of American Hebrew Congregations. We share with our feUow Jews an abhorrence for any regressive acts in the direction of racial and religious quolaa, and will continue to be vigilantly aware d aiiy movement in that direction. The issue in this caae la clear. Did the University have the right to Judge subjectively the compodtkMi d iuclaaa? The (acta d the caae, in our opinion, belie that Mr. Dd'Unia was rejected solely because d his race, hia religkin or on the baais d quota. Just aa M blacks and Chicanos scored k>wer than he in that entering daaa, so dM 3S whites. Obviously the reasons were subjective b> both instances. The University of Washington, pursuant to the spirit d Executive Order tUtt attempted to provfcle an opporhnity for young people (who had been diaadvanta^ through no fadt d their own) to begin to become constructive members d our aocidy in a field where there is glreal and conspicuous under-representation of minorities. Mrs. Eleanor Marvin National President National Council of Jewifh Women


It Doesn't Happen Often Sunday, April 20, 1974, will be a very Important day in Omaha Jewish history. It will mark the official opening d the new Jewish Community Center at 333 South 132nd Street. It doesn't bappea very oftea. The last time Omaha Jewry had the opportunity lo witness a similar event was nearly SO years ago. Those who attended the opening of the building at 20th and Dodge became a part of a major event in Omaha Jewish history. Now it's oar iora. Our generation has the unique opportunity to be part d another major milestone in (he Jewish life of this community. This Sunday we can play our part in history. By our presence we can demonstrate our commitment to the continuity of viable Jewish life in our community. It was this commitment which motivated the dream of a new Center to serve the needs of all of ua. The dream has been realized, and the reat is up to us. We should be at the new Center at 2 p.m. this Sunday. We should witness the historic opening ceremonies. We should gel the Center df to a good start by enrolling as members and by registering for the spring programs. II doesn't bappea dten and we should all be part d the historic events at the new Jewish Commanhy Center ibis Saaday.

In 1911 a pamphlet enUtled "Americanlsbe Shtedt" was published In Yiddish and distributed by the Jewish Colonltatioa Association In an attempt to hiduee prospective imigranis lo settle in midwestern cities. Omaha and South Omaha, then aeparale oommunitias, were peliited out as tte most desirable places for Jews in Nebraska, although the daavripUuii was far (ram flattering and may have accounted, at least to some extent, for the fsct that Omaha becantii the home d far fewer refugees than did such cities as MUwauhte, Kansas City, aiMl Detrdt. The pamphlet deKribed Omaha as having a population d 5,000 Jews wtwae economic position was consklered "not bad." Omaha Jews were divided into three groupa, d whk:h the largest comprised workers, the second stprelteeperi, and the

third, peddlen. It was explained ttat tbare were few Jewish "handworkers" in Omaha because the pey was low, averaging IMO weeUy and the ««rk was nd steady. Butchers were paid tMI a week. taeal Jewish organizations and the economy d UM dty In gsnaral were daacvlbed.

UM Jtwiili


PuMthedwatMyonFridoyby Jewish federotion d Omcno. Mortimsr Grsanberg, Executive Director Stanford Upsey, Preu CommittaeChainnin Mrs. Robert (toefick. Editor Mrs. Sidney Minrith, Assistant Second Clou Potiog* Poid

alOmoho.Nabr. ondot ' oddllionol molting off kM. Annual Subtcrlptlon I7.S0 Advartlilng tain on Applketlon Ik* J«M hns b iM iwfMriWi Iw

»•*!•* d •! intm» m PIMUAM OlDct.» >•

IIM {). MIS4


April». 1974

Rabbi Plaut to Speak at Temple Institute for Christian Clergy Omaha — A prominent Canadian rabbi who Uiinki Reform Judalim should return to a more traditional approach to penonaj and communal obaervancca ia the featured apaaker today at Temple larael'i 3Sth Annual IniUtute on Judaism for Christian clergy. Rabbi W. Gunthcr Plaut of Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto, Canada, will lecture on "Mixed Marriage — The Ix>ve of Law Versus the Law of Love," and "A New Look at The Book of Genesis." Approximately 300 Protestant and Catholic clergymen from Omaha and surrounding towns will attend the day-long seaakHi. Rabbi Plaut believes that Liberal Judaism should place

more emphasis on Halakah. He wants Jews to become more aware and knowledgeable about the centuriesold code of laws and to apply It to their lives. Rabbi Plaut holds degrees from the Universities of Heidelberg and Berlin and received ordination from the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. He is the author of many books on Reform Judaism and ritual observances. Purpose o( the Charles Rosenstock Memorial Institute on Judaism la an increased knowledge and understanding of Judaism among Christian clergy. For 30 years the Institute was a project of the Congregation of Temple larael. It ia now

Omaha - The JC Oldtimers will meet Tuesday. AprU U at It: a* a.m. at Bclh Israel Synagogue. iS«2 No. Uad St. Guest speaker will be David Lazarus who has recently returned from a trip to Israel. All retired and semiretired professional and businessmen are invited to attend.

YAD Calendar Rabbi GaalberPlaat

endowed by the family and friends of Charles Roaenatock in his memory. Rabbi Sidney Brooks will preside at today's sesskMw.


JCC Plans 'Sports Illustrated' Fashion Show for April 28 Omaha — All Junior and Sentor high school gtarls and thalr mothers are invited to a "Sport* lUuftrated" Spring Faahkw Show to be hekl at the Auditorium of the New Jewish Community Center, Sunday, April 28 at 7 p.m. Featured will be Spring sports fashkms, refreshments and a presentation of proirams by the Department head* o( the JCC. The event is sponaored by the Girls' and Women's Athletic Committee. A style (how with fashk>ns by Joey's Girls will be modeled by Robin Martin, Marlene Belmont, Cindy Bogdonoff, Cindy Epstein,

JC^OIdtimersto Meet: Beth Israel

Sandy Epstein, Lynn Friedel, Beth Kaplan, Ellen Roblnaon, Maria Goldberg, Cindy dayman, Joslyn Farbcr, Stacy Parker, Robin Alexander, Lisa Glaas, Cindy Weiss and Jill Luslgarton. Commentator will be Joe Kirshenbaum. Motiffs and refreshments will be handled by Cindy Weiss, Marlene Belmont, Ellen Robinson, Beth Kaplan, Lisa Kaplan, Edie Colick, Uurie Goukl. Beth Martinas, Marty Epstein, Jill Lustgarten, B«Uy Fredricks, Valerie Carp, and Cbidy Lehman. For reservations call Bari Unsman, Cindy Clay man, Sally Epstein, Debbie Bropihy or Belay Baker.

Saturday, April 27 t:]* p.m. - Midnight Supper, Century 21 Apartment Gubhouse, 10015 "T" Plaia. 11.50 per person, BYOB.

France to Sell Jets to Kuwait PARIS, (JTA) - The French Defense Ministry has announced that France will deliver an undisclosed number of sophisticated Mirage F-1 fighter jets to Kuwait. According to wellinformed sources the arms deal involves 32 aircraft with spare parts at an estimated 1300 million. The sale, In exchange for oU, also involves the construction of a radar network and early warning system, sccording to sources. The agreement makes Kuwait the flrat Middle East country to acquire these jets which so far have been sold to South Africa and Spain and are used by the French Air Force.

Hoffman Receives VA. Award Donald E. Johnsaa. director of the Vetersns' AdmbilitratioB, present* a commemorative pbique to Harvey A. Hoffman of Onaba, Nebraska at ceremooles held at the V.A. Buildhig la Washington. D.C. The award was for bis work oa the Jobi for Vets Committee. Raffman served oa the Presideat's Committee of the Jobs for Veto drive and wai iMtrumental in the IVtZ Jobs for Veta Fatabi Omaha.

ShepCHuJSMz it now atiociated wuh Kucliaros a i Men's fashion ConsuKanl. Vou areNoyited to come In and meet nun and lei him show you ou\ newest spring styles from Hart Schaffner & Man and Hicny Freeman.

^KUCHAROS Downt«>wn 7th and locust



•17 South Mth StrMt — S45-1IM4


Opens for Anytovm, Nebraska Omaha — The fou^lli annual ANYTOWN, NEBRASKA will be held from June 9th through the ISIh at Oana College in Blair, Nebraska. For the past three summers, Jewish youth have been represented at ANYTOWN. Last year's delegate* were Debby Bernstein, Joyce Bernstein, Paula Bernstein, Jeff Parker, and Aimee Scudder. ANYTOWN is composed of High school sophomores and juniors of every race, creed, culture and socio-economic bsckground joined together In a unique experiment in human relations. Participants come from all walks of Ufe. Each reUlns his individuality, and at the ume time, builds bridges of friendship and understanding between himself and his teUow ANYTOWNERS The staff include* trained caunaelors and adult advtaors who serve as resource per•oiu. For avary ttn


ANYTOWNERS, there ia a minimum of one adult advisor and one college age counselor. The advisor* are community leaders, teachers, businessmen, clergymen; dedicated members of the community who believe in the ideals of ANYTOWN strongly enough to volunteer to aaalsl in the program. Selected speakers from all areas of the community will provide a stimulating and exciting supplement to the ANYTOWN curriculum. The Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Center of Omaha are cooperating with the three synagogues, and with the B'nai B'rtth Youth Organisation In the recruitment of qualified Jewiah youth \o represent the Omaha Jewish community at this summer's session. The cost to each delegate Is ISO .00, which includes housing, food, a full recreational program, btalth and accident in-

surance, and some of the transportation fees. Limited scholarship aid is available to those with financial needs. Scholarship information may be obtained from the central office of ANYTOWN, 423 The Center Building, Omaha, Nebraska, 68105. High school sophomores and juniors wishing to attend ANYTOWN are asked to contact Larry Katz, Center Youth Director, or Lee Sloan, AssisUnt BBYO Director at the Jewish Community Center, 334-8200. Information and applicaion forms are also available by contacting Howard Weinstein, Executive Director of the Community Relations Committee of the Jewiah Federation, 341-3S7S, and from the following Educational Directors: Efraim Sapir. Beth Israel Synagogue; Moshe Stern, Beth El Synagogue, »3-3231; and Rabbi Barry Weinstein, Tnnple brael, wman.

A-d *^

Black and White


AM some pieasvre MiMliimkeiMi nl UIINniflaip


Be wl\er« the action ia— shopping, shows, fun-In either West Omaha or in Council Blufts (2 minutss trom Downtown Omahs).

SUNDAY HOURS • A^. to 2 P.M.





Color TV in every room... "pamper" panels beaide over-sized tieds... Indoor pool . . . loungaa . . . saunas . . . game room— and mealing rooms . . . right where the action Is!



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CMHMII Mulls Mei a arM^nr

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Campships are Available Now Omahans in the For Esther K. Newman Camp Omaha — This year, at in (te pait, funds are available to aaiiit youngiten (from grades 2 through lO) to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in Camp Esther K. Newman through a

campship program. Any family may request an adjustment of the camp fee by interviewing Camp Director, Bob Litvak. The purpose of the interview is to determine what portion of the

Cornbelt Region BBYO Plans RegionalLEC/L Tl Omaha — Rose PolonsU and Helene Wasserman, coordinators of LEC and LTI respectively, announce that this year's LEC-LTI, the first combined program of this

Readng Voluntear Needed for dnics Omaha — The Urban Action Reading Cinics are seeking volunteers to tutor children in reading. Volunteer tutors help grade school age children develop their reading skills in weekly or biweekly sessions that last one to two hours. Volunteers should be 16 or oMer and will be introduced to various approaches to the leaching of phonics, reading, and the use of reading games. Interested persons should contact the United Community Services Volunteer Bureau, 342-<232.

type to be held in Cornbelt, will lake place at Esther K Newman Camp from June Mh through 16th. Registration fees are as follows: LEC, $30.00; LTI, $40; LEC and LTI,. $65. Scholarships are available in Umited number. For further information, contact Larry Katz and Lee Sloan, Regional Directors, 334-6200, or Rose Polonski and Helene Wasserman, overall coordinators.

camp fee the family can reatoMbly assume. Arrangements can also be made for the camp fee to be paid through the current year. Mr. LitvAk noted that camp fees may be considered as child care expenses and a deduction taken for income tax purposes. This is true if the mother is employed. A deduction may be taken up to $200 per month for one child, $300 per month for two children or $400 per month for three or more children. The fee for Camp Esther K. Newman Is $225 per three week session for Omaha and Lincoln residents and $250 for residents and $250 for residents of other comm4inlties. The fee, averaging out to $75 per week, compares very favorably with other Jewish community camps in the country which range from $73 — $125 per week.

Births Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Cohen announce the birth of a son, Mark Elliot, bom March 27, 1974. They have another son, Bertram R. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cohen and Mrs. Bert Render. Greatgrandparents are Mr. and


Limited image Gallery ART SHOWING Janyipataln talntlnft Mid iirt lift Carolyn Mondlar roliitiiiga «IMI WoedcHta

Showing until May 12 Monday tiwvwah Soturdoy 10-5 tJK 711407


Mrs. Henry Schumeisttr, all of Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Abrahamson announce the birth of a daughter. Amy Lynn, bom, April 14, 1974. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fedman and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Abrahamson. Great-grandparenU are Mr. and Mrs. Ben Abrahamson, Mrs. Jean Soshnik and Mr David Kaplan. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Epstein announce the birth of a son, Andrew Scott, bom April 19, 1974. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Sam Epstein and Mr. and Mrs. Eli Jabenis. Greatgrandparents are Mr. David Epstein of Omaha and Mrs. Sarah Mays of Kansas City, Mo.

Enrollment Expanded for JCC Recreational Camp Omaha — In response to over-whelming demand, the JCC Recrealionland Camp will expand its capacity to accommodate another 30 children per seaaion. To insure your child a place in this new JCC creative program we urge all parents to register now. To register or for more Information call Jeanette Ferrin. Registrar at 314«00.


Jeir Ostrow, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Oatrow, was recently elected to the Friar's Senior Honor Society at the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently completing his Junior Year in the Warton School of Finance and Commerce. John Robinson is now a sales representative for the Action Real Estate company at its Fort Street Office. He is the son of Milton and Frances Robinson.

Deaths CHARLES GOLDBERG Graveaide services were held Wednesday, AprU 17, 1974 for Charles Goldberg, 2S14 So. «Ah St. Interment was at Beth El Cemetery. Survivors are: wife, Sylvia;

Old Timers Review By Sam Zweiback Due to the Passover holiday, it has been four long weeks since our Oldtimers have had a get-together. On 'Hiesday, we had a very good attendance of 91 for a very typical Old-timers' meeting. Our Israeli Movie session started at 11 a.m. with an early-bird attendance of 60. This alone attests to the popularity of the shows. Promptly at noon, Mollie Delman and Lucille White, assisted by volunteer girls, Beraice Kaiman, Lila Lutz, Rose Roffman, Sara Saltzman, Dorothy Rubenslein. Rosalie Greenspan, Shiela Anderson, Lila Jacoby, and her mother Mildred Levy, (who is visiting here from New York) served an outstanding '''calories don't count" hot lunch. This week Herschel Freedman celebrated his birthday, so, unbeknownst to him, Zelda sent up a huge Birthday cake to be served as dessert. Following the benediction, led by Eli Bittner, President Joe Rice conducted his usual short business meeting and introduced two new members, Marvin Katz and Elias "Weedie" Widman. Fellers, its a pleasure to have you with us.

Guests this week were Sam Stem and Hy Shrier, guest of I. J. Kraft, and Harold Levy, o( New York, guest of his daughter, Lila Jacoby. It was a great pleasure to have Hymie Richards, Sam Swartz and Max PlaU back with us after long illness. May you enjoy good health from now on. Our guest speaker was Joe Thornton, who was an FBI agent for 27 years, Special Agent in Omaha in charge of Nebraska and Iowa. Following his retirement, he now serves as chief Deputy .Sheriff in the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. He spoke on the workings and methods of the Sheriffs Office, describing many of the current problems facing our law enforcement bodies. After his talk he answered questions from the floor. Our next meeting will be held Tuesday, April 30. The location to be announced to all members by mail. Don't hold your breath, but we may be at our New Jewish Community Center Building! Our speaker will be David Lazarus, who has just returned from a 3 week visit to Israel. Please call in your reservations to Ilse at the JCC, 334S200.

(I ••# ^. •( *• inttmii aH MikMr n-n)

W^t Jtm^ Cultural Committee Cordially invitet you to hear IRENE HESKE8, Music Coosultant to the National Jewi#) Music Council

prttent a L«cturt/Demon$lrotion on "THE MUSIC OF THE SEPHAROIC AND ORIENTAL JEWS" TueuUy, April 30, 1974, at 8:00 p.m. Jewiih CommunUy Center 333 South 132nd Street. Omaha



daughters, Mrs. Frank (Leanne) Goldberg; Mrs. Allan (Judiy Biniamow, both of Omaha; sisters, Mrs. John Alexander. Falls Church, Va., Mrs. PhilUp Batt, Alexandria, Va.; borther, I. Kenneth Goldberg, Washington, DC; 4 grandchildren, nieces and nephew. JEAN RABINOWITZ STEIN Graveside services were held T^jesday, April 9, 1974 in Detroit, Mich, for Omahan, Jean RabinowiU Stein, 91, of 5440 Cass. Interment was at Cloverhill Park Cemetery, Detroit. Survivors are: sons Sol I. and Richard L. Stein; three grandchildren. ANNE COHEN SERVICE Funeral services were heM Thursday, April 18, 1974 for Anne Cohen, 74, of 405 Kenmore Ave., Council Bluffs. Interment was at Oak Hill Cemetery, Council Bluffs. Survivors are; husband, Harry; daughter, Mrs. Betty Studna, Oa>ahfl;^isters, Miss Lillian Slegel; Mrs Leo Weitz and Mrs. William Raduziner all of Miami Beach, Fla.; S grandchildren; nieces and nephews. SARAH .SALTZMAN FOX Funeral services were hekl Sunday, April 21, 1974 for Sarah SalUman Fox of 3(01 N. 52nd St. Interment was at Oak Hill Cemetery, Council Bhiffs. Survivors arc: sons, Albert, Jack and Harold; 10 grand-' children; I great-grandchild; sister, Mrs. Mollye Marcus and brother, Sam Saltzman.


New Center Planning Committees

From Conception to Completion — The JCC Involves the Community Omaha - Sunday, April 2t maria the formal opening of the New Omaha Jewish Community with a ceremony beginning at 2 p.m. Over many yean, many members of the community have been involved in the planning of the Center. Under the dlrtfUbn of Daniel Kattman, chairman of the New Center Building Project, the following gave of their ttme, knowledge and dedication: MEW CENTER PLANNING STUDY COMMITTEE Ckairmaa, Ckarle* A. MOM see: Pre-School Children's Program Study Committee Sub<1iatrmtn: Mrs. Sidney H. Brooks. Youth, Young Adult and Adult Program Study Committee Sub-Chairman: Howard Kaslow. Cultural Arts Program Study Committee SubChalriqi(6: Mrs. Daniel Katzman. Older Adults Program Study Committee SubChairman: Mrs. Morris C. Fellman. Health and Physical. Education Program Study Committee Sub-Chairman: Irvin Yaffc. Community UM Program Study Committee SubChairman: Richard Robinson. . Mrs HaroM Adier, Mrs. Lawrence Albert, Mrs. Maurice Alperin, Rabbi Morris Amster, Mrs. Max Arbltman, Charles Arnold, Jack Baker, Mrs. Lawrence Batt, Norman Batt, Mrs. Meyer Beber, Marshall Becher, Mrs. Leonard Bernstein, Thomas Bernstein, Mrs. Thomas Bernstein, Miss Ann Berenson, Mrs. Marshall Bernstein, Robert Bernstein, Mrs. Robert Bernstein, David Bleicher. Mrs. David Bleicbcr, Dr. Jerome Bleicher, Mrs. Fred Brodkey, Peter J. Brodkey, Mrs. Peter J. Brodkey, Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks, Mrs. Sidney H. Brooks, Mn. Ronald Budwing, Larry CacUn, Mrs. Oscar Carp, Mrs. HaroM Chernlack, Truman Clare, Mrs. Jerome Cohen, Myron Cohen, Paul G. Cohen, Mrs. HELEN A. BERNSTEIN aSMItl 333-1222 REAL ESTATE Wilh

RSO DAVIS CO. gie^2300

Jerome Cohn, Jim Crouse, Mrs. Betty Cutler, Mrs. LouU Delman, Mrs. Norman Denenberg, Jack D|titch, Mrs. Jack Duitoh, Cantor Aaron Edgar, Mrs. Erwln Eisenberg, Miss Gail Eisenslatt, Arnold Epstein, Mrs. Robert Epstein, Michael Erman, Mrs. Michael Erman, Mrs. A. C. Fellman, Mrs Morris C. Fellman, Richard Fellman, Dr. Bennett Fishbaln, Mrs. William Fogel, Miss Karmela Fraidenreich, Uoyd Friedman, Mrs. Sol Friedman, Mrs. Willard Friedman, Cantor Elchonon Gelberg, Mrs. Maurice Gllmore, Gary Goldstein, Dan Gordman, Mrs. Dan Gordman, Nelson Gordman, Miss Beth Greenberg, Alan Greenberg, Barton Greenberg, Mark Greenberg, Dr. Melvin Greenblatt, Mortimer Greenberg, Miss Pamela Greenberg, Mrs. Richard Killer, Morris Hoffman, Howard Kaslow, Joel Katelman, Mrs. Joel Katelman, Daniel Katzman, Mrs. Daniel Katzman, Miss Saragail Katzman, Sam L. Katzman, Mrs. Sam L. Katzman, Dr. Larry Keefer, Joe' Klrshenbaum, , Mrs. Marvin Kohll, Mrs. Leo Kraft, Yuri Krasnapolsky, Mrs. Howard Kaplan, Rabbi Myer Kripke, Mrs. Myer Kripke, Robert Kully. Cantor Manfred F. Kuttner, Mrs. Martin Lehr, Miss SheUy Ann Lewis, Mrs. Sheldon Lincoln, Miss Janet Lipaey, Jerry Upaey, Steven Lustgarten, Mrs. Justin Manvitz, Mrs. J. M. Margolin, David Meyers, Mrs. Myron Milder, Mrs. Adrienne Milder, Orvel Milder, Mrs. Daniel M. Miller, Jack Molad, Mrs. Mike Morris, Morris Nachman. Rabbi Isaac Nadoff, Steve Nepomnick, Murray H. Newman, Mrs. Donald Nogg, Jon Okun, Louis Paul, Larry Pazol, Dr. Maurice Pepper, Donald Polsky, Sherman Poska, Ira Raznick, Joe M. Rice, Steven Rlekes, David RlfUn, Mrs. Eugene Rich, Mrs. Albert Rimmerman, Mrs. N. Julian Rips, Richard Robinson, Mrs. Stuart Rochman, Jerry Rosen, Mrs. Sol Rosinsky, Mrs. Alvin Rou, Alvin Roes, Mrs. Bernard Sax, Leonard Segal, Ted Seldln, Mrs. Ted Seldin, Fred Simon. Mrs. Fred Simon. Mrs Irvin Sanger, Miss Judy Ann Sherman, Mrs. Hyman Shrier, Mrs. Harold Slosburg,

Stanley J. Slasburg, Morris Stalmaster, Mrs. Morris Stalmaster, Msrvin Steinberg, Arnold Stem, Stusrt Tucker, Howard Vann, Mrs. Bennett Wsgner, Dr. James Wax, Jim Weinstein, Mra. Norman Whitman, Milton Wolsky, Mrs. J. Lewis Yager, Dr. J. Lewis Yager, Irvin Yaffe, Dr. Lawrence Zacluria, Morley Zipursky and Mrs. Jack Zysman. Architect Belection CamHiMce

Chalrmaa: Morley Zipursky; Normsin Batt, Robert Bernstein, Mrs. Sidney H. Brooks, Mrs. Morris C. Fellman, Mrs. Ricbsrd Killer, Howard Kaslow, Mrs. Daniel Katzman, Charles A. Monasee, Stanley J. Sloaburg, Irvin Yaffe. BalldfaiK Mte Commitlee Chairman: Arthur Goldstein; Milton Abrahams, David E. Beber. Willard Friedman, Elmer Gross, Howard Kaslow, Daniel Katzman, J. Harry KulakDfsky, Joe M. Rice, Morton Richards. Hubert I. Rosenblum. MilUrd Seklin, Harry Sidman, Stanley J. Slosburg, Paul Veret, Alex Weinatein, Sam Welf, Eli M. Zalkin and Morley Zipursky. Balklliig Advisory Committee Milton Abrshamt. Abe Baker, Jack Baker, (Robert Baker, Norman Batt, David E. Beber. Robert Bernstein, Louis Blumkin, E. John Brandeis, Isadore Chapman, Lawrence Chapman, Harry B. Cohen, Herman Cohen, Sam Epstein, Roberi Feinberg, Stanley Feinberg, Harvey Ferer, Abe Gendlcr, H. Lee Gendler, Maurice Gilmore, Arthur Gokialein, L«onard Goldstein, Dan Gordman, Dr. Abe Greenberg, Elmer Groat, Howard Kaplan, Ben Kask)w, Daniel Katzman, Dave Katzman, Julius Katzman, Maurice Katzman, Meyer Katzman, Sam Katznnan, J. Harry Kulakofsky, Stanford Lipaey, Joe Upton, Ephraim Marks, Alfred Mayer, Jack W. Merer, C. M. (Nick) Newman, E. Robert Newman, Jule Newman, Murray Newman, Louis Paperny, Joe M. Rice, Morton Richards, Henry

Omaha Organizations m

The Henry Monsky Chapter of B'nai B'rith Women will sponsor a Rummage Boutique which will be held Sunday, April 2t — May 3rd, 10:00-5:00 daily at 2919 Leavenworth St. Serving as chairman and co-chairman of the event are Mmes. Max Krizelman and Julia Jacobs. Major appliances, small appliances, furniture, TV's, books, luggage, collectors Items, clothing, radios, dishes and other miscellaneous items will be sold. The "Eppes Esien" Cook Books will be sold at a reduced price. Proceeds from this project will be donated to B'nai B'rith Women's Philanthropies.

m»w»N<ww^»»A*»«iw<<^is^^#v#» ii*imi"iw^,^f

Riekea, N. Julian Rips, Sheldon Rips, Millard H. Rosenberg, Irvin Shenhan, Stanley J. Slasburg, Louis Somberg, Marlon Somberg, Ramon Somberg, Dr. Maurice Steinberg, Isadore Tretiak, Maurice M. (Jdes, Irvin Veltzer, Samuel Wolf, AUen Zalkin, Eli M. Zalkin and Moriey Zipursky. Bulldiag CoBstrnctloD Committee Chairman: Norman Batt; Robert Bernstein, Elmer Gross, Charles A. Monasee, E. Robert Newman, Yale Richards and Richard Wintroub. OMAHA CHAPTER Fund RaiilngCommittec HADA88AH Chairman: Murray H. "Slocks and Bonds - What Newman; David Friedland, is it all About" will be the Elmer Gross, Ernie (I-Go) discussion topic at the Omaha Nogg, Morton Richards, Chapter of Hadassah Special Stanley J. Slosburg, Eli M. Interest group on Thursday, Zalkin and Morley Zipursky. May 2. Building Tour Hostesses The group will meet at the Mmes. Don Greenberg, Ames Plata Bank at 72nd and Gerald Dann, Joe Klr- Ames at 9:30 a.m. Mickey schenbaum, Charles Krupinsky will be the lecMonasee, Paul Alperson. turer. Mrs. Robert Wagner is Tom Bernstein, - Richard chairman of this finance Rochman, Harold Mann, group. Edward Berkovitz, Ray Reservations may be made Somberg, Al Bloch, Blaine with Mrs. Ramon Pred, 393Hoffman, Harold Farber, 4S31. Louis Delman, Hy Tabachnick, Robert Epstein. CAREER WOMEN Stewart Tully, Robert Nogg CHAPTER HADASSAH and Harlan Noddle. Career Women of the

Omaha Chapter of Hadasaah will meet on April 28th. at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Barbara Winder for nomination and election of new officers. The Slate will be presented and the following will be named, Ida Skobiik, Pres., Julia Zuker, 2nd. Vice Pres., Treasurer Lll Becker, Financial Secy., -Sue Mayer, Recording Secy., Barbara Winder. A social hour will follow. B'NAI B'RITH WOMEN C0RNHU8KER CHAPTER The Cornhusker Chapter of B'nai B'rith Women will meet Thursday, May 9 at B p.m. at the home of Mrs. David Cooper for an Open Board meeting. Ray Somberg, Chairman of the Membership Committee for the new Jewish Community Center, and Claudia Sherman, Membership Registrar will be our guests and will answer questions and speak about the facilities of the New JCC. This virill be the last meeting of the season. HADASSAH ONEG SHABBAT Hadassah will host an Oneg Shabbat Saturday, April 27 at 2 p.m. at the Dr. Philip Sher Home. GeGe willentertain with "A Little Bit of Everything." Mrs. Joe Sokolof Is chairman.



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Relax. You don't have to watch the clock while you're talking long distance. Because, no matter how long you talk, the cost per minute never goes up and usually goes down.* Time is really on your side. So don't be afraid to keep on talking.


NOUSI aiAMNG? niASE KMIMKINADASSAHI We OMd odds and ends of g\attwor; bric-o-broc, dish«s. pots and pons, working appliances, clothing on hongers! We connot oHord o pickup truck. Thank you for bringing conlrlbutlon* to our slora—it's doductlble. Volunt««rs navdcdl Coil B«ssKrasn«: 556-1123.


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Northwestern Bel A little money still goes a long way on the telephone. *'i'aaas not includsd


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dejv iimoiiies iie^i^s section Program Committee Of CAC Meets Des Moinct - On April 17, at the Bureau o{ Jewish Education, the Program Committee of the Coininuiiity Action Committee (chaired by Jim Marcovio met. The Committee ditcusscd its mandate from the CAC and iti procedure of operation. The Committee i* planning to meet leveral timet before the May W meeting of the Comminily Action Committee at which time it will present its ooachixions.

ByJadyRabtaaad Deralky Heckeaheri Coraneat: Dear Jady aad DaraOiy,

Acknowledging that the proper welcome and data concerning our newest members of the Det Moines Community (our Russian families) has been published in the preaa, may I share a few of my personal delights and experiences on their arrival. I waa part of the

Tooxig'to Celebrate Israers Anniversary Des MoiMs — The mtire Des Moines and surroundiiig ' Jewish communities will be gathering at Jester Park on Sunday May 12th for an old time family picnic t« celebrate Israel's Mth aaaiverasry. Partic^tion by aU the congregations in a Ml schedule of events and eatertainment promise to mate Des Moines 'first Toozig' a day to remember. SUrting with lunch at U:ao and wimfing up with the w«ll known Israeli folksinger, Ohela Haleux, at approximately 4:00 p.m. — there will be gaines, cards, athletic events and just plain old time visiting for all ages. For the very young there will be a candy and treasure hunt with real Israeli coins as the treasure. There will also be a craft area with priies for the best creations. There will be a faiher-son Softball game, a soccer toumment, ping pong tournaments with separate awards for boys and girls in each age division, a paster contest, card games, bingo, footraces for boys and girls with awards for each age

Calendar of Events

gaaday.AprUZS II a.m. — Loyalty Breakfast, Beth El Jacob Moaday, April If Tifereth Women League Regional Conference — all day Taesday. April M Tifereth Women's League (^onferenca — all day 7:30 p.m. — CAC Facilities Committee, Temple B'nai Jeshorun. WadMsday. May I Tifereth Women's League Conference — all day 7:30 p.m. — Beth El Jacob Beard Meeting Friday. May 3 Bat MiUvah of Marcia Isaacson, TUareth Israd 8alarday,May4 • p.m. - Adult Coffee ), JCC

Malai Rachamin

Enjoy! Enjoy! volunteer group established to make their resettling as easy as possible. As ysa mlglil latagiae there were fivwer* at the airportbat they brought them for as! Wbea we fiaaliy arrived at their apartaieat, there was wine and ehocalales-they also braaght with them.They couldn't wait to toast the occasion with us. We had planned to take them out to lunch but they insisted on sharing, their recently stoctod supply of food with us. "Eat, Eat" they said.

What beautiful and exciting people and how well they deserve all the respect, love, and attention they are getting group. Robbie Winick is ChaUman from all who meet them. of the event. Members of the I envy all who meet them Committee Include: Jack for the first time. What a Silverman, Gail Barmish, thrilling experience! They Lora La« Spiro, Neehama can't wait to meet everyone in Prusak, Shirley Berg, Bess Des Moines. I hope that our Booth. community takes them up on that offer. Enjoy, Enjoy!

Mintzer Family Mission Returns Des Moines — Participants in the Mintzer family missioa to Israel returned to Des Moines last week. Evelyn Mintzer presented highlights of the trip and impreasioas of Israel since the October war at the Federation Board of Governors meeting, April 2S. Mrs. Mintzer is Secretary of the Federation.


A special transportation service, beginning Monday, April 22 will offer general transportation for Golden Agers to and from their homes at a round trip cost of 35 cents. Those wishing to take ad" vantage of this service should call Mary Abt at the home, 28S-1001, Bess Booth. J74-2404 or the JCC, ;74-34«7 for reservations. Men are needed each Saturday morning at 9 a.m. at the Iowa Jewish Home to complete the minyan at Sabbath Services. Transportatioa will be provided free of charge. The Iowa Jewish Home invited members of the community to join the residents at the home for Sabbath dinner, noon on Saturdays, or any other day

Bat Mitzvah Des Moines — Marcia Isaacson daughter of Dr. k Mrs. Stanley Isaacson will celebrate her Bat Mitzvah on Friday evening, May 3rd at Tifereth Israel Synagogue at 8:00 p.m. The Isaacsona cordially invite the entire community to attend the service and Oneg Shabbat that follows in honor of Marcia. No personal invitations are being sent.


Like you, Alice, we too are enchanted with the Rutshtein, and Staroselsky families. Watch for our interview with them.

Meeting Held by CAC FacMities Committee

Please send comments questions and opinions lb:

Des Moines — On April 18, the Facilities Committee of the Community Aition Committee (Chaired by Tim Urban) met at the Iowa Jewish Home. The discussion centered on the evaluation of the building and site conditions of the three synagogue sites, the Bookey land and the Iowa Jewish Home: Representatives of the institutions helped other members of the committee understand building and site problems,

Dorothy Hoekenberg, 3511 St. John's Rd., Des Moines, Iowa S0312, or Judy Rubin, M28 Woodland, Des Moines, Iowa MSU

New Services For Golden Agers Planned Des Moines — Several new services are being offered In the Des Moines community to enhance the lives of the' elderly.

Martia Isaaesea

DES MOINES - On million Jews in Israel. Sunday, April 21st, a ComThe memorial continued munity-wide Memorial with the lighting of six canService commemorating the dles. Cantor Spiro's chanting 31st anniversary of the of El Malai Rachamin (G-d, Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the full of mercy), a memorial Nazi Destruction of six prayer (Jacob Walzman) the million Jews and the recent Kaddish (Izydor FordowsM) massacre of U innocent and the singing of the Parpeople at Kiryat Shmonah, tisan song and Hatlkvah. was held at Beth El Jacob The program sponsored Synagogue. by the Jewish Cultural The service began with Society, the Synagogues and the reading of the Twenty- Rabbis, and the Jewish Third Psalm by Irving Karp Welfare Federation, was and Fred Badower. Remarks arranged by Jacob Szneler were tendered by Rabbi and Rabbi MarshaU Berg. Marshall Berg, Harlan Hoekenberg, Rabbi Jay Goldburg, and Marvin Pomerantz. The speakers Des Moines — A Loyalty noted the heroism of the Brunch for the benefit of Ghetto lighters in resisting an the Hebrew Theological enemy they could not hope to College will be held at Beth defeat and their courage not El Jacob Social Hall, to despair. It was stressed Sunday, April 28 at 11 a.m. that the Jewish people today Rabbi Israel Flshmust remember the holocaust weieher of the Executive and commit themselves In SUff of the College wiU order to save 3 million Jews in speak on: "Yeshiva the Soviet Union and to do Education and Jewish what has to be done for the survival and growth of the 3 Survival."

of the week. The cost of »1.00 includes transportation to and from the Home.

Crafts Accepted ByOmiqije Des Moines — Women's American ORT sponsors a consignment shop located in the Roosevelt Shopping Center with entrance from the rear parking lot. The shop accepts gently worn clothing for women to be sold on consignment. Now the ORTique is accepting handierafta on consignment also. Any art work or craft that can be hung on the wall in the ORTique is welcome. Items may be brought to the ORTique "Hiesday-Saturday 11 a.m.-9 pjn. The ORTtque offers CODIribulors an opportunity to receive SO per cent of the ORTique's profit and a SO per cent tax deduction or 100 per cant Ux deduction oit the ilams sold within M days.

Hadassah Plans Ice Cream Social Des Moines — The Henrietta Szold chapter of Hadassah is sponsoring an ice cream social, Sunday, May 26, from 12 to 4 p.m. on the lawn of Tifereth Israel, 924 Polk Boulevard. The featured attraction will be Floppy and Duane Eliot at 2 p.m. There will be clowns, Polly Pockets and balloon* for all the children. Ice cream, cake, cookies, and punch will be served. The admission will be fl.flO per person. Advance tickets may be obtained by calling Alice Friedgood, 22S-7478.

and the functional udlity of the structures for current and foraeeable programming. The next meeting of the Committee will focus on "Site and Utilization Requirements for combinations of Community activities." Sketches of how combinations of vsrious activities embodied in the "PrecepU for the Improvements of the Quality of Jewish Life in Des Moines" (educational-recreational' geriatrics-community-administrative activities) could be accommodated on the three synagogue sites and the Bookey Land will be presented.

CACBUKos^aphy AvaMaUmNow Des Moines — A bibliography of the materials that have entered the Community Action Committee planning process is avaikble at the Jewish Welfare FederaUon Office. The bibliography includes the listing of reports, important correspondence, the tape file and relevant articles. Copies will be distributed upon request.



Utt&r»to Th»edhor HELP!!! Every Week I get calls from our Public Schools. Moore School needs someone to read with a little girl once a waek for an hour. Nash needs volunteers in their Reading Center and some ck)thes for a family, a ai|:e six in girls and a size twenty-four and one half for a lady. Elmwood, School has a list of needs a page long. As Tifereth's Volunteer Coordinator for Public Schools, 1 am pleding for clothing and a few hours at volunteer iime to make Des Moines future bright. Please call if you are willing to help. Pal Newgaard. 2n-lMi.

Those who established the United States would be amazed at what it is today.



Don't be without meat (iuring the energy crisis. We can slilp meat to you by truck or bus: in group or individual orders. A simple collect call to (402) 658-8486. and your meat problems are over. We are by law able to ship Interstate because we are a government Inspected meat plant. (Est. 2317.)



AgrilM. 1174

Tifereth Israel Women To Host Midwest Conference DM MoiiM - Tiferalh Tifflrath ^College. ^oUege. She received decreet degrees bnei Women't League will from the Menorah Institute boil (he annual Midwest and the Prozdar of Hebrew Branch Conference of Teachers College, completing Women's Uufm for Con- her Hebrew education. Mri. Mrvation Judalim on April L«vine has organised and ». W, and May t, at the Uught in the nursery school 4>wnumn Holiday Inn. "We of the Sunnyside Jewish wiU do good deeds with an Center and in private and undenlandtng heart - it the public school systems. theme for the conference this Mrs. Henry Steinhaut, the year. midwest branch president, Delegates to the conference hat worked extensively with come from Winnepeg, her sisterhood, lerving at Canada, MianewMa, Mitaouri, patt-Presldent of Beth Nebraska, South Dekota, Shalom sisterhood. She has Colorado, Wisconsin, and served at Vice-President of Iowa. Program and Education for Mrs. Barry Pidgeon the Southern District, as (inference chairman) and Secretary of the branch, as Mrs. ALbert Mintier (co- chairman of Plays for the chairmtn) have t)een plan- Living of the Greater Kansas ning (hit year's conference in City area, at discuttion conjunction with local league leader and divitk>ri chairman nwmbert and the national (or the Jewlth Federation, board. and at a board member of the Attending the conference Family and Children't Serfrom the national board as vices of Greater Kansas City. tpealier consultant will be Once in fifteen years it Det Mrs. William Levine of New Moinet hosts this conference Rochelle, New York and Mrs. Henry Stcinhaut, branch to all Oct Moinet league members are urged to parpresident from Kansas City, ticipate in any tetiion they Mitaouri. would like to attend. Mri. Levine has a There will be a charge for Bachelor's of Science and Master's of Arts in Education luncheon and dinner mealt; from State Teachers College the ditcutsion and study in Botton and has taken post groups are open free of graduate work from Hinter charge

Baby fitter* will b« available for members at the synagogue (or daytime session* on Tuesday and Wednesday. For more information may be obtained by contacthig Mrs. Al Wbmick.


'ACrodoMl Sbewneee"



MoiMIMIlt Co.

ELEGANT 1, 2,3, and 4 bedroom apartments avail able now From $165 IIMi m

^^^ i^A^«a ^-l,,- a- Mi •

35 YMTS'ExptritoM with iw... lattsringondMsmoriate tf1ISa.Mli



l|9^ Delicious ^ RMdy-to-Sem hNMls fnm Ow

6^ Vita Herring

OtwIatiaMlU... All

$14» I Fried Chicken I ««r


OlMtHy mmt flavar

Mrt. Hawy aiaiahaiit

Mrt. WUIiaai Levhie

Swiss Cheese

Temple Will Host Regional Workshop Oaa MohMS — On Saturday, April V, Temple B'Nai Jeahirun will be the host for a wortibop coodncted by the Midwest Ragkm at the Unioa of American Hebrew congregation* for the menber coogragattoot in the area. ThaM Inclttda the congregations from Burlington, Cedar Rapids, Davaaport. Das Moioas, Dubuqua and Sioux City, lows, Rockford, 01.; Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska and Rapid aty and Shmx TaU, South DakoU. Following registrstion, Sahbath services and a luncheon, the Workshops wiU sUrt at 12:10 p.m. These workshops consist of the following ssnlaart: Religious School Teachers' seminar, conducted by Rabbi Alan Smith, of the Youth fSeryicai. ,(MH€i £Uler^ood

Parlfc,Lb. ««w^Hy^


Seminar conducted by Mrs. Maurice Friedman, presldeat of NFT8, Dtetrict M and the Temple Board Seminar, conducted by Frank J. Adier, FTA administrator B'Nal Jehudah, Kansas City.

NEW YORK, (JTA) Gaiiaa Panov hu told friends liw Is pregnant and has expressed the hope thst Soviet suthoritie* will allow her and her husband, Valery, to leave tlie Soviet Union for Israel before she gives birth, the National Conference on Soviet Jewry reported. The NCSJ also reported that David Axbcl, the prominent Soviet Jewish scientist who staged a marathon hunger strike several weeks ago, has received permission to emigrate lo Israel.




Sniinp MMS







Pototo SolodI 10*


Frvah fram #fc« M^rrlgol Bakmry OvMig

Russian Rye S^f^r I^^Haf NpW ^^^V* ^PS

wmMMrt ilMi l^r •nMk

js^JS^" Egg Bagels{^tt£.»


rfMH DMf

DeviJed Eggs


ClMlpi Liver


nx j^wwh wwi

April 2MW4

Senior Citizen Scene By ANNETTA BROWN

Marcy Noodell, Dr. and Mrs. Jack Noodell; Kimberly SERVICES: Piatt, Mr. and Mrs Michael FrUsy: Piatt; Daniel Rochman, Mr. SIMMUI Eve ServlcM fn the and Mrs. Stuart Rochman; Sancbury at S.IS p.m. Michael Snyder. Mr. and Mrs. Rabbi Myer S Kripke wUI Barry Snyder; Ben Stem, Mr. oHer a word to the Con- and Mrs. Moshe Stem; Aaron Mcrants. Weiner, Mr. and Mrs. KenCantor Chaim Najman and neth Weiner; Larry Widman, the Beth El Synagogue Choir Mr and Mrs. SUnley Widwill conduct the mutical man. SISTERHOOD service. Beth El Synagogue Satwday: Sisterhood, a member of the Morning Service 10 a.m. Mincha-Maariv Service National Women's League For Conservation Judaism, B p.m. BaMby: 9:30 a.m. Special hat chosen its delegates to the Service (or Yom Ha'atzmaut Midwest Branch Conference (brael Independence Day) to be held in Des Moines, Iowa, April 29, 30 and May 1 DaUy: Services at 7 a.m. and 7 at the Downtown Holiday Ion with the theme of "We will do p.m. ... good deeds" BAT MITZVAH Representing Omaha Beth JODIFELDMAN, daughter of Mr. aad Mr*. Albert El will be Mmes. Donald FeMmaa. will become a Bat Klein. Pres., Hal Luskee, SUn Mitzvah at the serviect, Widman, Ben Wiesroao, Friday evening. May I and Steven Luslgarten, Nathan Berg, Morris Fellman and Saturday morning. Hay 4. Leonard Goldstein. CONSECRATION Mr*. FeUman and Mn. SERVICE Goldstein will conduct the Pupils of Grades 3 and 4 wiO Monday evening sessions participate in a special concerning Israel Affairs and Consecration Service April 26 Soviet Jewry. at t:lS p.m. Consecrants and their parents are: Felicia Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. David Cooper; Elizabeth "SERVICES: FrMay: Faier, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sabbath Evening Services, Faier; Beckie Goldberg, Mr. CIS p.m. and Mrs. Louis Goldberg; Guest preacher will be Lance Meyerson, Mr. and Rabbi W. Gunther PUut of Mrs. Larry Meyerson; Holy Blossom Temple, Anthony Nogg, Mr. and Mrs. Toronto, Canada, whose topic Donald Nogg; Rachel Pred, will be "Revolution in Reform Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pred; Judaism." David Sandal, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbi PUut wUI have bem Harvey Sandal; Margie at Temple Israel during the Singer, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin day lecturing at the 3Stfr Singer; Phyllis Tabacbnick, Annual Institute on Judaism Mr. and Mrs. Hyman for the Christian Clergy. Tabachnick; Benjamin Wolf, BAT MITZVAH8 Dr and Mrs. Martin Wolf; The Bat Mitzvah of 8HARI Laura Yampolsky, Dr. and HOFFMAN, daughter of Dr. Mrs. Lawrence Yampolsky; aM Mrs. BUiae RoffmaB. Alison Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. will be celebrated at Iher Jerome Cohen; Elizabeth services, Saturday morning. Epctein, Mr. and Mrs. Robert May 4. Epstein; Marc Feinberg, Mr. Musical portions of the and Mrs. Stanley Feinberg; Randi Gordman, Mr. and service will be by the Temple Jerome Gordman; Choir under the directioa of Greenberg, Mr. and Miss Ida GItlin There wiU be a Sabbath Don Greenberg; Julie Mrs. Dee Horwich coffee hoar Bruce Horwich; Tom Satwday Sabbath Homing Sarviees Kahn, Mr. and Mrs Steward Kahn; Amy Mann, Mr. and 11 a.m.

Bsth B

Omaha Temfrfabraal

Mrs. Harold Mann; Andrew Moiofr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul MoMf; Julie Nachman, Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Nachman; Amy Novicsff, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Novlcoff; Steven Waaaerman, Mr. and Mn. Jerome Waaaerman; Jelbty Zabin, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Neal Abramaon, Mr. Mrs. Marvin Abramaon; Hf^th ithia Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson; Jeffrey Gordman, Mr. an^ Mrs. Jerome Gordman; Carlene Hatch, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Hatch; Aaron Kaslow, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kaakw; Kimberly Kuahner, Mr. and TS. Marshall Kuahner;


BAT MITZVAH8 ROCHEIXE MOSKOVITZ. dai«hter of Mr. sad Mrs. MUtM A. MsahavlU. will become a Bat Mitzvah at the services, Saturday momliii, April n. The Bat Mitzvah of gHARI HOFFMAN, daughter of Dr. aad Mrs. Blalae Raffaua. will be ceMbrated at the aervkes, Saturday moming, Hay 4.

Omaha B'nai Jacob aeRVICES: Salarday: Horning Service*: 1:4}

a.m. Saoday: Morning Services: ( a.m.

Omaha Bethbraal SF.KVICE8: Friday: Traditional Evening Services (Kabaiat Shabbat) 7:13 p.m. -' Late evening family services will be conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff and Cantor Edward Betfcovits. Satarday: Morning Service: (:4$ a.m. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff and Cantor Edward Berkovits. The Talmud claaaes will be conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff at 7:30 p.m. followed at 1:00 p.m. by Mincha, Sholash, Sudoe and Maariv. Saaday: Moming Service: 9a.m. followed by breakfast and th« Rabbi's class on the Book of Geneais. DaUy: Services at 7 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. BNOT MITZVAH The B'not Mitzvah of LISA MICHELLE Gl SS, daughter of Mr. ant 'rs. Morton Glass; MICkELLE SUE KAIMAN. daughter of Hr, and Mrs. Ben Kaiman and DEBORAH SUE SIEGEL, dat«hter of Mr. Wayne Slegel, will be celebrated at the service*, Friday evening May 3 at I: IS p.m.

JUNIOR 8.V.O. REGIONAL 8HABAT0N The annual regional F.M.T.S. (Future Membership Training Seminar) for Junior S YOers will be held at Beth Israel Synagogue, Friday through Sunday, April 26-28th. We expect approximately 100 participants from Kansas City, St. Louis, Peoria, Des Moines and Denver. The theme of the event: "BEGINNINGS". YOM HAATZMAUT "FROM DAVID TO DAVID", an original Yom Haatzmaut presenlation, written by our Heh Claas teacher, Mrs. Barbara GurtenstelD, will be presented by the Heh Claa* students of our Tabnud Torah oa Friday evening, April IWh, during services at 1:15 p.mT and on Sunday morning at the Religious School's Yom Haatzmaut aaaemUy, 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary. All parents, memberi, relative*, and friend* arc bvited to participate in both event*.

DaaMoinaa CMkkmofflarMi SERVICES: Rcfular miayaa •anrleea.

Monday and Thursday and Sunday mornings, <:30 a.m. Salarday: Morning Sabbath aerviee, 7 a.m. Saaday; 8 a.m. at Iowa Jewish Home. Special Yahniet service, everyone is welcome. Mrs. Biber, secretary, 277-


DesMoinea Tampla B'nai Jeahurun SERVICES: Friday: • BAR MITZVAH8 DAVID BRIAN 8HAPIR040n of Mr. aad Mrs. Larry Shaplra, will become a Bar Mitzvah at the services Friday evening, May 10. The Bar Mitzvah of ANDREW KNEETER.W)a o( Mr. aad Mrs. DMM Kneeter, will be celebrated at the services, Friday evening, May 17.

DaaMoinaa BalhB Jacob SERVICES: Friday: (: IS p.m. Saturday: Moming Service 9 a.m. Kiddush and Jr. Congregation, ll a.m. Torah Stady with Rabbi. 5:30 p.m. Mincha and Sbalosh Seudos. 0:4$ p.m.

DeaMoinea Hfereth laraal SERVICES: Friday: B p.m. Rabbi Barry Cytron; Cantor Spiro and the Choir will officiate. Salarday: Moming Service 9:30 a.m. Torah Study Leaaon, 10:15 a.m. Mishna Study Group 5 p.m. Haftorah Chanting group 9 p.m. Mincha, Maariv $:45 p.m. Saaday Meralag 8:30 a.m.

CoundlBluffa B'nai laraal SERVICES: Salarday: 9 a.m. Saaday: 9 a.m. Beth services will be ceadaeled by Mr. Sam Sacks.

Unoobi B'nai Jaahurun SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Conducted by Rabbi Roberi Kaiaer.

tJnoobi Tlfarath laraal SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. Saturday: Mombig Service*. 9 a.m. Jr. Coflfregation, 10 a.m. Saaday: llffilin Chrt>, t a.m.

With over SO members present Ust Monday, our meeting was really fabulous, and a good lime was had by aU. It wu not as hectic as the one two waefcs ago for your temporary columnist, who also holds the position of Financial Se<!reUry. At that meeting, Mr. Fiaher's bh-thday occasioned an unusually large number of donations. What with gathering the news, writing the column, and taking donations, I Just couldn't keep up and yelled "Help." Mrs. Blanche Kaiman came running and ably auisted in tabulating the donation, as she did again this week. Thanks, Blanche, for a job well done. There will be one more meeting at Beth El Synagogue before the meetings begin at the new Jewish Community Center. For all who have expreased concern about transportation to the center, watch this column next week for the lateat word. Our next meeting will be something *pecUI. We wiU show an Israeli (ibn and will celebrate April birthdays. Let us know if you have a birthday in April. Beside* the regular menu, we will serve cake and ice<ream. Our trip to Kansas aty will lake place June 3, 4 and $ (Monday, Tuestlay and We<kiesday.) It wiU be a gala event. We plan to visit Truman Library, the Ooun's Center and many edier interesting places. Call MoUie Delman to make your reservations. New member* are Celia Wolfson, Arthur Friedman and Pearl Bernstein — welcome to the chib.

PERSONALS Dmid •• OrMS Ihonht l<l« many r»(«tvM and lrl«nd* fof Ihalf good wlth*>, >tow«r«, cordt. aonollont ond otfMr •xpfMtlont o< good will during hH recent he»pHalitolion.

Sorry to report that Sarah Langer ia indiapoaed, we mil* her. We are glad to report that Bertie and Jack Lazar bi ClaiAaon HosplUl are progressing nicely. The following donations were received: from Mr. and Mrs. Harold Siegel in memory of her mother, Geisha Weiner; Ida Kahn in honor of Mr. Fisher's birthday; Mr. and Mrs. Wever in honor of his sister, Bertha Cohiick's birthday. The following donations were received for the recovery of Bertie and Jack Lazar from: Mrs. Ida Kahn, Sylvia Stein, Mrs. Sarah Berman, Rachel Swartz, Anna Lippett, Ethel Bleiweiss and Dora Arbitman. ^ Donations were made by: Leah Adelslein as birthday greetings to Mrs. Helen Papier; Dora Arbitman. Edith LorU*. Roee and Sam Poska, Sarah and Louis Langer and Motile and Lou Delman as get well wlshea (or Mrs. Dave Silverman. Keep smiling'.

Dr.aiMiMrt. ••nn«tf nsMHiln CocdMIr mvti* oil d *\t/n Irttndt and ralMlvM ••MonMaoDh IHOTI M *» a«t MIgir** ft itwic ««MghlW

SMMltoy PrMay.May 10.1«74 mm\%PM.

Mr.ondMn. MoH GlaM

Mr. WayiM St«g*i •irtend on Imttetion lo oil their raletlvw and friend* le thar* In iht jov ol th« c*M(ailon ot the tot Mtttvoli e< thoir doughier*

UsoGlast babbie Siegel nil I No Pcnenal kivltatiant Have Boon tonl

Sahhaih Candle Lighting RIIMY,AnULI«,7i4iML miMT.APIIlM,7t5SPJU Benediction for Kindling Sobboth Lights: Borukh Atoh Adonoy Elohoinu Melekh Hookm, Asher Kimshonu Beimtzvotav Vetzivonu Uhixttik NerShelShobbot. (Blossad art Thou, 0 Lord, Oir God, King of tho UniverM, Who sanctifies us by His Commondments and has commonded us to icindle the Sobboth lights.) This Service Presented os a Courtesy by


OMAHA SiBnNaS AMD hOAXABBOCUOKm attiCM « inti S Ha,n*y S4|.r*r0 arm 4 WMI oo<9* Road ssr-jsoo 4rat s 2«ti SI. rsi-oeso


April 26,1874



Neal Unger and Allen Shaw will attend Boy« State (or one week at the University ot Nebradu in June. They were choaen for their icholartUc ratingi in high icbool. Neal will represent Southeast High and AUen,

Slimnastics Ladies, lign-up now and join one of our Slimnastics cbMM and let us show you bow to fight "the battle of the bulge". 6 weeks can male a difference! Slimnastics Classes. MeeU on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Starts; May Oth-June I4th Fee: $8.00 (6 weelcsi Meets en Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:30 a.m.10:30 a.m. SUrU: May 7thJune itth. (6 Weeks) Fee: $6.00 According to a chart prepared by Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. the percentage of persons 10 percent or more above best weight are: Age: MEN WOMEN 30-» SI 23 30-39 U 41 «M9 60 St 6) 67 S7 61 Why not be different? You can see how overweight slips up on people. If this has happened to you why not change the picture? Choose a good figure, a zest for living, more enjoyment of life, a new outlook and fine health, rather than bulges, fatigue, overweight, selfconsciousness and the health hazards of extra pounds. Babysitting service is available for any child whoac mother is participating in the Slimnastics class. The fee for the servke is 75 cents an hour.

Uncoln High Mrs Simon Gaiter, Hadaaiah Life Chairman, announced that Mrs. Charles Keller liai been added to the Life Member raster. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Goodman announce the birth of a daughter, Leah Jane, bom April 19, 1974 Grandmothers are Mrs. Joseph Goodman and Mrs. Dorothy Koiak, both of Lincoln. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lashinsky of Phoenix Ariz, announce the engagement of their daughter Ilene to Steve Silvers of Phoenix. Mr. and Mrs. Silvers of Tucson are parents of the future groom. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Max Lashinsky of Lincoln and former Omahans Mr. and Mrs. Sam Saltzman of Pboenix. vi A June wedding is planned.

Many Soviet Jaws ObMTva Passover LONDON, (JTA) - Jewish sources in the Soviet Union report that Passover was celebrated in many parts of the USSR. In Moscow, the synagogue was crowded (or the services. After the service on the first night of Passover, the militia moved into Archipova Street, where the Moscow synagogue is located, and dispersed groups of young Jews. Among (he homes where the seder was celebrated were those of Prof. Alexander Lerner, Leonid Koshevoy, and Leonid Bielopolsky. A number of Soviet Jews sent Passover messages to Israel. One of the messages was signed by 213 people. Nine Jews in Kiev sent a message to the Jewish community in Birmingham, with whom they were in contact over the year*.

Hebrew Speaking Premier in Denmaric JERUSALEM (ZINS) Hebrew-speaking prime ministers, outside of Israel, are a rare breed. One such, however, is Denmark'i Prime Minister, a former priest, who learned to read and speak the language in order lo be able to study the Bible in the original language in which it was written.



Humm to Speak at JCC Sports Awards Night Omaha — Dave Humm, one of the premier quarterbacks In college football and a candidate for All American and Heisman Trophy honors will be guest speaker at the 27lh annual JCC Athletic Awards Night.

k<»rner b> L arry Kat/. JCC Youth Director

% This Sunday, April 28th, is need do is suggest them to the the opening day for the new staff and every effort will be Jewish Community Center of made to make them Omaha. Juntor and Senior available. This is your High youth will find two iCenter! By virtac of your spacious, comfortably fur- membership, you have the nished, and well-equipped right to participate in the Lounges and Gamerooms planning of programs and that they helped design when acUvltlrs you want to enjoy. our new "J" was in its On opening day, staff will b« planning stages. They will present to provide infind an interesting assort- formation, answer qaeslk>ni. ment of classes and special receive suggestions, and help Interest groups offered at you get involved. Hope to see convenient times. They will you then! find a professional staff ready to serve them in every way SUMMER EMPLOYMENT passible to insure that they EXCHANGE PROGRAM: get the MOST out of their New job listings: Persons 18 membership. The significant and oMer are needed by a part about ttie Center's youth local restaurant chain for program is that Its par- immediate employment in ticipants help determine the various capacities. For further infbrmalion, call me program. Teens who have been at the "J'.'.. . Also needed are unaffiliated with any of the mother's helpers for the existing Nationally-sponsored summer, and young men to do youth groups and want to general lawn and household form their own informal repair work. Details available "social clubs", will be helped by contapting my office to do so. Those Interested in between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. becoming a member of daily. BBYO, and are in need of more information about that organization will be able to get it now that our local AZA and BBG chapters are receiving direct service from the Center Youth Department. II you have been interested in developing new skills, hobbies. Interests, whatever, and don't find your interests listed among the Center's program offerings, all you

Sponsored by the Health and Physical Education Department of the Jewish Community Center, the event will be held Sunday, May S, 1974at7:00 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center Auditorium, and will recognize the achievements of participants in the JCC athletic programk during the past year. After two years of stardom at the University of Nebraska, the Las Vegas lefty holds a host of Comhusker passing records. His quarterbacking has led the Big Red to 17 victories, only four losses and two ties, as well as impressive triumphs in the Orange and Cotton Bowls. Humm currently holds seven Nebraska passing records, shares an eighth and

Dave Humm

is within easy reach of remaining career records In his senior year. As a sophomore, Humm was the rocket-arm that fueled Johnny Rodgers toward the Heisman Trophy, as he fired a record 2,2S9 passing yards and a record 18 touchdowns.


Rye Bodrooffl Ranch 1617 South 107th Strest.

A grsal team I Governor Jim Exon, ont ot Nebraska s most tftective and popular leaders - snd Jtrry Wtialan, llie Gov•rnor's personal clwics lor Lt Oovernor, an •«p«ri«nc«d. hard-working adfflinlslrator.

Three iiraplocM odd to the charming warmth of this sprowling country provincial ronch. Just two blocks watt of the Happy Hollow Club n«ttl«s tt>i» S-bedroom homa on ovar % acr» of ground. 304oot master b«dreem ond 4 othar bedrooms on main floor; ovarsizad family room with breathtaking view, and separata formal dining room. Finished bosement and 3-cur goroga with circular drive. This custom ranch in District 66 ho* an atmosphere that is both extremely comfortoble and quietly rich—a combinotlon difficult to find. 3900 square feel but under $80,000.

LENORE POLACK Wurrfeiww Oallsry of Honsee •rtheiMirMiffc

'9334M13 or 393-3444

playing in trees isfun,but stayawayfrom the dectric wires

Paid by th* Exon-Whalan Committae, lorcn IcKiar, Owlrmon. 2t3l Swvall, IHicoln, Nalir. Don Zcrn. FIrMnc*

Choir mon. 3117 N. f3ril. Omolia.Neb.



AtiriiM, 1874

TODAY is the 26th anniversary of the birth of Israel. TODAY is Israel Independence Day, the time to express the hope, the joy and the unity which Jews feel for one another and the people of Israel. TODAY is the day to help sustain the humanitarian effoJts which enhance life and uplift freedom.


TODAY is a day of Jewish solidarity, a national day to collect cash which is so urgently needed for social programs for immigrants and the people of Israel. TODAY is the day to keep your promise and pay your pledge. Olvm to ihmJifilMh Community Campaign* of

Jewish Phlianthropios Omaha

Lincoln Jewish Welfare Educotion

Council Muffs Jewish Federation


Uncoln, Nckrwka MMM

Council Mufh. low* SI Ml

Dot Moines Jewish Welfore Federation DM Moino*. Iowa


April 26, 1974  

Jewish Press

April 26, 1974  

Jewish Press