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Israel, Egypt Announce disengagement Agreemeni The agreement on the dliengagement knd tepvaUoo of the military (orcet of Israel and Egypt wai made limultaneouRly last Thursday In Jerusalem, Cairo and Washington. Tbt announcement in the United States was made by President Richard Nixon who appeared live on television from the White House. The President hailed the troop disengagement agreement as "the first significant step toward a permanent peace in the Middle East." He congratulated President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Israeli Prime Minister Golds Meir for "the veiy c«i-

stmcUve spirit" they had shown in reaching ah agreement. Nixon added that he did not underestimate the difficulties which lay aliead in settling differences between Israel and the Arabs. He said the United SUtes could be proud of its role in helping bring about the agreement between the two countries and singled out Secretary of SUte Menry A. Kissinger for special praise. The events leading up to the disenagaement announcement began early on Jan. 17 when Kissinger returned to Jerusalem from Aswan after his third set of talks with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. He had nothing to say

on Unding at Ben Ciurion airport and drove off immediately with Eban for Jerusalem. -

to the Mitla and Gkli passes; Egypt to retain eight battalions — about 3,000 men — and 30 tanks but no SAM

missiles on the east bank of the Suez Canal; the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) to occupy a six-mile

corridor between the passes and the Suez Canal; Egypt to occupy the east bank up to the UNEF lines.

Several hours of meetings followed between Kissinger and ranking Israeli ministers which ended shortly before I p.m. At that time Eban told a radio interviewer that an announcement could be expected later in the day. According to unofficial and unconfirmed reports in Jerusalem released In Washiniton, the IsraeliEgyptian disengagement agreement calls for the following: An Israeli pullback


^COUNCIL BLUFFS. LINCOLN, OMAHA Omaha, Neb., Frf., Jan. 2B, 1974

Historic'Firsts'Highlight Federation Annual Meeting

Aawar Sadat (left) greets Secretary Klssiager st the i;.8. diplanal arrives la Aswan. Egypt, far a rwHid of telks.

Omaha — On the eve of hi* visit to Omaha, Or. Moses Roseii, Chief Rabbi of Rumania, is again making national news headlines. Dr. Ko«rn will speak t" Ibc Omaha Jewish coromaatty at the annaal meeting of the Jewhk Federation of Omaha to be heM Sunday, February 3, 1174 at 3 p.m. it the new Jewish Cammnnity Center. When he first visited the United States in 1962, Dr. Rosen brought documentary evidence that Valeria D. Trifa, a Michigan Bishop had been a leader of the notorious fascist Iron Guard in Rumania and was the man who directed an anti-Semitic program m 1941. Trifa was exonerated by the

Justice Department which upheld his claim that he was A victim of communist slander. Rabbi Rosen is currently visiting the United Stales on a three week lecture tour, and by coincidence, the U.'S. Immigration and Naturalization Service Is again investigating charges that Trifa lied about his past. According to Rabbi Rosen, Trifa lied in telling immigration officials when he came to the U.S. that he left Rumania In 1948 to escape the communists. The rabbi said Trifa actually left Rumania in 1941 when he and other Iron Guard leaders escaped to Nazi C^rmany after (}en. Ion Antonescu who became^ Prime Minister with the help of the Guard, later turned on the organization. Rabbi Rosen said there are 123 graves In Buchareit of victims of the I»4I pogrom. Rabbi Rosen himself lived through the three days of horror — Jan. Zl-23 — and

Power Failure Darkens Israel JERUSALEM, (JTA) The lights went out all over Israel this week as hard pressed power stations gave ^ip to enormous pressures from the elements and from consumers suffering from a bitter cold wave. Another freezing storm hit many parts of the country, The electric company said its main power station at Tel Aviv had lost part of its power leading to a chain of other failures around the country. Telex and telephone lines were down in many area* and Bacratary Uislagar aad Israeli leaders leave a Jerasalem betel after dlscusshig the troop with- traffic lights were out In drawal alaa. WWHecivtary Klaslager (Zad left) areHaieha DIalts (left), Israeli Ambssiidor to many cities causing traffic tie-ups and near chaos. . (^ U/. Oapoty PrcMtsr Ylfal AUaa (csalar) aad ParalgB MWatcr Abba Eban (right).


saM that several iiaws "I was In addition to the'addrcM put against the wall with a by Rabbi Rosen, new officers gun to my head. and members of the board of. "He said that Antonescu, directors of the Jewish ^although an ally of ^Mer, Federation of Omaha will be protected the Rumanian elected during the annual Jews. Nevertheless, hail ot meeting. •the 800,000 Jews in Rumania MeeUng HighllghU were killed in the holocaust. A (our of the new Jewish Rabbi Rosen said the Community Center will be regtainder were being held at 2 p.m. preceding the 3 prepared to be shipped to • p.m. meeting. their death when the invasion Morley Zipursky, president of the Soviet army saved of the Omaha Jewish them. Federation, urges all Since the war, aome 300,000 members of the community to Rumanian Jews emigrated to attend this very special anIsrael, making them the nual meeting. largest ethnic group in the "The meeting on February Jewish state. Rumania now 3 provides some unique haj some 90,000 Jews 'firsts' for Omaha Jewry," Zipursky said. "It will be the Britain Resunes first community event to be held at the new Center Arms Sales building. It will be the first To Mideast time, under the newly LONDON, (JTA) - adopted By-Laws, that all Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Federation members will be Douglas-Home told the House able to participate in the of Commons that Britain was election of Federation ofresuming arms deliveries to ficers and directors. In addition, the rare opportunity to the Middle East. In his address, the Foreign meet and hear the Chief Secretary welcomed the Rabbi of Rumania is vital to Israeli-Egyptian disengag- every Omaha Jaw." ement pact, which, he said, though it does not go so far as JCCtoOpen guaranteeing peace, certainly reduces very sharply Nursery SCIK)OI the danger of renewed lnFdlof74 military confrontations Omaha — A Nursery School between the two sides. In these circumstances, he to be held at the new Jewish said, the British government Community Center will open has decided to waive its in the fall of 1974. According previous ban on the supply of to the announcement made arms to the "battlefield this week, plans for the countries." This would seem Nursery School program are to apply to Israel and those now being developed and Arab countries bordering on details will be issued next it. Countries such as Saudi month. Those interested in Arabia were never considered "battlefield coun- receiving further informatfon tries" and were exempted about Die pVogram are asked to caU Carol at 342-lSM. from the previous ban.

Behind the Headlines

Israelis React to Disengagement (JTA) — TiM vnm and em of brad's dtngjmtmnT agracment with Egypt — u viewed by Itie general public and Imeli political ngiiree could be nimmed up io the by now dawic quMtion, "Ma lyeii" (What Now?) wfaidi hnbeen •akad by braelia at^xr every mtinr development in their natioii's 2&-year atruggle with its Arib neighbors. "Hie man in the street was suspicious because of the sorry history of past agreements with Egypt. The most bitter rccollectioo was of the Aug. 1970 ceane-nre that ended the war of attrition and was violated wilhiii hours by Egypt which began immediately to cdocentrate msw SAM missile batteries in the Suez Canal tone. Political analysts maintained, however, that the present agreement was the best Israel coiild have hoped for and, moreover, it did not have much of a choice. The only alternatives they pointed out were a new war that would coat precious lives or a continued high state of mobilixation •erioualy damaging the Israeli economy. Tlie m^ political factions in Jenisalein — with the notaUe aiciptlon of the Likud opposition — i-egard the diaengagenient agreement M overall favorable to Israel. Deputy Premier Yigal Alkxi obsiirved that the chances of new hostiUtiea with Egypt have been reduced to a minimum. If the Egyptians had wanted to atuck Israd one more time they (Would have done so before signing an agreement in which the United States played a decisive role, he uid. The very existence of a large United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) between the two sides, while miJitaiily of no consequence, has considerable poliUcal significaltce, according to AUon. Of important politieal significance at home is the fact that Defense Minister Mosbe Dayan, the Labor Alignment's most prominent "hawk" sees eye^a^ye with Foreign Minister AUM

13005 MARINDA (*•«<-»""«--) OpMi Hewaa 2i30 to 9 P JM.

Royalwood — 1 Block to Cotlin (Stwrt drtvt to Jewitfi D«y Sctwol and ntw JCC)


witft&f^ vMt off w Mv^t wcfvfta^

yiUtWrnH^trnm. •*•«, Si*. p«»nr, «*•*», irfIN« SnalM ««k taaHM Mb""*•'"""• iMm, <MIMM erihi •*••> hMM. 1 «i|wi»inli*inii. M rmtlm. <nt Sw, «h| ^m f^l^ M>>I >• MMwI. Uf«> 4.1 Cw toi^ (w S IMS onl r mt MM. CMM Mk






CALEiUR OF EWISH EVENTS iATUWAV, JANUASr 36 Hodossoh Onag Shabbot. Dr. Sher Home. 2 P.M. SUNDAY, JANUASY 27 NeyvJ.CC. Tour by Invitation 1-3:30 P.M. Bert) El MM'S aub "Breokfasl With The Rabbi" 9 A.M. Corear Woman Hodossoh Maeting, 3 P.M, Julio Jacob's Home

0* wMt SfTBCflWBf^

FHday night, Oayao defended the agreement on I that it would bring about ntrmaliia'ion of the region indnding (hedging the Suet Canal immediatdy following the separation of forces. While be conceded that Israel's new defense line — aosne 10 kiloraeters east of the canal — is not as good as the Ihie held prior to the Yom Kippur War, Dayan said that as long as Egypt really wants peace, wtii^ he believea to be the caae, the pullback is not really disadvantageous. Eban, who made the official announcement of the agreement on t>«faalf of the Israeli government Thursday said the accord marked a turning point away from the cycle of «ars in the Middle East and could be regarded as a first step toward a permanent peace. The separation of forces will strengthen tlie cease-Tire witlwut which it would be impossible to continue the Geneva paaoe conferenoe, Eban aald.

New Knesset Sworn In JERUSALEM - <JTA) Hie new KneMet — Israd's eighth — was sworn into office this week in festive ceremonies presided over by President Ephraim Katiir during which inter-party rivalries were set aside — for the nuunent at least — and gregarious geed-will prevailed. Premier Golda Meir, as the oiderst member, was sworn in first and she administered the oath to the other 116 members present.

boapluls will "aoen be with us with the trauma of the Yom again." The President alao Kippur War sUII fresh. She spoke of "a ray of hope" said much needed to be emanating from the changed, above all a disengagement agreement signed with Egypt last Friday a u u u u and the Geneva peace conference. He noted that this Knesset was considerably younger than any of its predecessors and included many more native-born Israelis. Mrs. Meir spoke briefly and COMIIMJOV UMGM Oa in general terms reserving OMNCR AT OvM MBV her major political statement IOCAHON: a«i cwm on disengagement on related AboOiriwiloGol matters for the first debate of OMstaaa.Tii'fNti the new Knesset. She said it MtMCOGXTMLLOUHM would be inconceivable if the k rauRMvowni "get rich quick" mentality •bKitiainli i|T« and socles inequities of the 1W7-73 period returned now m. , n • Txi

Katxfa- had all members rise in memory of larad's war dead and David Ben Gurion. He offered a prayer that all Israeli prisoners in enemy hands and Che war wounded still recovering in


JERUSALEM, (JTA) - A majority of Israelis bdleve that American Jews exert considerable influence on the VS. government with regard to Its policies toward Israd, according to a survey conducted for the Jewish Agency. Tke aarvey shewed that 7M per cent •( Israelis iatervlewed believe American Jews have tke inflaeace and M J per ceat believe (hey are exercisfaig K safncieetly'in Israel's favar. Another 17.7 per cent thought American Jews were doing "more or less" what

was expected of them and 16.6 per cent fell U.S. Jewry wu not doing enough to influence their government, J)nly 4.2 per cent did not believe American Jews could Influence their government and 21.6 per cent fdt they had "little" influence. The survey found that N.t per cent of Israelis believed that Jews tfarougbout the world identify with Israel and a large proportion of the re^ondents said they were omiieioaa of the amount of money world Jewry raises for Israd.

r«f «l«rlf. Uacliti *ai ' t» MwMn fMilM't NffM^a

tidf hr SAVMT RKO OMOUN. Optm avafy ^ iacMing Siw4ui. Cmy-Mt adart avaliUa. laadariNeaani«PJH.

ia<us.>»<iM ta/aMMt


laadl:ll«.M,-tPJI. HaasriSPJI.-IgPJH.

•9th Olid "H" •«jM.nn










Israelis Say U.S. Jews 'Politically Powerful'

WIONUDAY, JANUARY M Hodossah Regular Maating Fadarotion Board Maating B'noi B'rith Breodbrookers, Firasioa, Noon

MM^Mi^ MV9>

willingness was required of each individual citisen to make sacrifices on behalf of the State and the nation.

CHOP suey

MONDAY, JANUABT 2t J.CC Sanior Adults, "Big Luncheon"


J i»Mi«gT tnBai Qtrigyjiijort whw he left Israd Friday, Eban toM reporters he bdleved Ote aineemeoi would prevent a surprise attack on Israd. "After all, this Is Its aim," be said. He stressed his hope that the agreement would have far-readitaig importance internationally. U.S. Ambaaaador Kennetb Keating! who was also at the airport, expreaaed satisfaction with the agreement. "I am happy the ** effort has culminated in reaching the agreement and I hope this is the first stage of a process that will end In a peace agreement," he said. Menachem Beigin, head of Likud's dominant Herut faction, accused the government of having agreed to a unilateral withdrawal. He accuaed the ministers of having been taken in by Kisainger's "whirlwind nocturnal negotiations" because their senses were blurred by lack of sleep. He likened Kissinger's formula to that of another VS. SecreUry of SUte - the late John Foster Dulles — who forced Israel to pull out of the Sinai In I9S6 without peace.


B-M Chickens ? 109 lAviao*



ColeSbw SAV110*


Bobety Egg Twitt Brand AJC frIcM •ffactiv* thru TUM^ Jm. 3Mi. W« raaarwa tM right to limit qwantltlas.

J»nu»iY 25,1974

The JawWi PiMt

Tours of New JCC Continue

'How Many Bricks Make a JCC?' ByLyadaMlrvtak ^Omikt — Oa Smday lU. lerMon klmoU 3M pcriou loartd the klmwt completed prtHlMt •( the Mw JewUh CmaauMlty ceater «Uk openmtoik* tku4 *Maliig tyn. To •U who itteaied the rtrit ol i MriM of lovn of the ccater, tke aew kalMlag wii • gcacfalloa dream realiied. After ytUTt •( plaonlng and dreamias. liib would be tbelr eeater. tkeir gift to (bemfchrtf aad (ata« Omaha Jew*. During the tovn, pragmatic youngsten fired quMtlom at the tour guidei, membera o( the Community Center itaff, "How many bricki did It Uhe to build the waibT", "When can I come •winuniag?" "How do you makea tauna bath?" "It's lo big. I need roller liotes to get •round!"

Becky CIplaho Teenagen and adidu were no lesi enthusiastic. Bluma Karpman, a Junior high sdiooi student, daughter of

How Many Bricks AU members of the Omaha Jewish community are being invited lo tee tlie new center. In additlcn to Beth brad congregants who toured last Sunday, the following torn have been scheduled. d. Members of Temple Israel ha ve been Invited to tour the center Sunday, January 77, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Those who cannot attend at the time suggested on the invitation msy join the tours ai^time during llie Open House. Tours for members of Beth El Synagogue will be held Sunday, February 10. A special tour wiU be held Sunday, rebruary 3, at 3 pjn. preoadtaig the 3 p.m. annual meeting of the Jewish Paderaboo of Omaha to be held at the new JCC.

Mr. and Mrs. Zelik Karpmanr was ewitcd about Joining the Center. "All my friends wU be Joining," she said, "I'm looking forward to swimming and playing tennis. And maybe I'll be able to learn to dance, I have always wanted lo." Mr. Karpman added that the new Center was the greatest thing that could happen to the community. Parents of young children particularly admired the nuriery scliool area with its one-way mirrors for observing classes in progress. Mrs. Bess Silverman commented "1 have only on<> word, fabulous. The niw center will be a ahowplace of the country." Mr. Abe Gendler could only wonder at the new building, "There are no words to describe it adequately," he said, "it is really beautiful, and amazing in its potential." Becky Cipinko and her hrsthcr Alaa Aaroa who toured with their grandpareaia, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Abramion were excited about Joining, too. They look forward to cojoylag (he Olympic tbed out-door swimmbig pool and Becky plans lo Join gymnaitlc classes. Alan hopes to go to Day Camp. There was an air of excitement and anticipation aa tour guides explained the various areas of the building and attempted to answer questions. The yoaagster who wanted lo imow how many bricki II lakes to make • Jewish Community Center might well have bee* loM that people, not bricks, sre the strength of a JCC. If the attitudes expressed Sunday are any indication, the New Jewish Community Center has that element of strength.

Tourism Revived ^MBwMtjniad aiaart Hart watttag <• begh Ikair la« eldM New JCC

Post Cease-Fire

Told \ \ I I f ( [' I I f. I

TEL AVIV, (JTA)-IBBt»ry sources have discloaed that » laraeU soldiers ware killed and lit wounded during the period Oct. V, itT^Jan. IS, 1»74 in which the cease-fire has been in effect. According to the soureea, the greateat number of casualties — 34 dead and W wounded — occurred on the Egyptian front. The toll on the Syrian front was six killed and 31 wounded. Transport Minister Shimon Peres said that the Egyptian cease-fire vkilatlons constitute a "mini-war of aggrsssion" and said it must be stopped, hopefully by poUtical means and not by war. DiauBsing the situation on the Suet Canal front Peres Mid i that a claim by Ukud that the Egyptians had moved long-range " anti-aircraft SAM missiles to the east bank of the canal would a not suri>rise him as both sides were trying to improve their



Part «r the leer party led by Bob Utvak, Center children's dta-ector, at Sunday's New Center open keas*.

Mr. and Mrs. Zellk Karpaua snd Ihelr dangkter. Csaiaianlt]' Center.


JERUSALEM, (JTA) Officials in Jerusalem believe toivisre lo Israel is now reviving after the post-war deep drop. December's figures published Jan. « show 40,700 tourists visited Israel during the X-mas and Chanukah month — some 4000 less than December, 1»72, but still much better figures thsn those of Nov. They brought the year's final total up to 661,000 compared to 737 .SOD in 1172. The 1973 figure wu thus a drop of some 19 per cent on 1972 and about equal U> that of 1971. The war ruined Oct. and Nov. tourism — and the industry Is now hoping that the Dec. resuscitation bode* well lor the new year.

Students Assail 'Superstar'H/m

Members of the younger generation are alike In many disrespeqtf.

Due lo this incident, the film will not be shown here, olfksiaU aaid.

BUENOS AIRES, (JTA) On the eve of Uie exhibition here of the film "Jews Christ Superstar," two cinema theaters were bombed and the distribution firm's store wai attacked by a group of youths who tried to cause a firm lo htm copies of the American-made film. Police detained six youth* carrying srms and gasoline cans. A leaflet was also fotmd in which a reaction against Jews wu asked by a group calling Itself "Patria Nacionallsta" (Nationalist Fatherland), which contended that the film is "gross offense by Jews against our God, our fatherland and our peofde."

sign up as members of the Jewish

l\icl)liinb^3arlt ELEGANT 1,2,3, atxJ 4 bedroom apartments available now. From $165. IIMk and Dadg*



ESTAILIIHID ACCOUNTS ty (uit rwtolnlng •xitMitg occountt, fov wtll Mirn |30,000 or mor* firtt yaor. Our btttlr>«H bvolvvt th« monufociur* ond Ml* of (Mcicllty clMmkal« to thm in6u»tt\ai, lnftm;Hon md comm«rc)ol munaH. W* or* willing to InvMl our ttm«, mofwy and •Hori In training th« right pvrKHi lo b«co«n« tuccMaful. W« or* « ma|Dr divltlon of a NYSE Growth Company. Thii potltion U In 0 tfnoti ottobllthad torritory of long-ttonding In port of Eofttorn Habrotko whtc>> Indudoi Lincoln ond Omoho. Wo offor on unllmltod Incofn* polontiol boaod on top C4)inmlaakint ond ropooi MIM, plut full company bon*flt». Wo provldo comprofYtnilvo clottroom ar>d ftold training and only portoni wfttt diroct tolling oxporlonco wtll bo contldorod for thli poiHion. For portonoi Intorvlow, wrH* ttoting ovporlonc*, oducMlon ond



JWHJWV 25.1974


iitomer b» tarry Kati JCC Youth Director

"~ UBTWHT mnro STAPP^ CONFERENCE: From Wednesday, January 16th to Friday, January itth, I attended (h« Fall conference of Dlitrlct SH BBYO Staff which waa held in Wheeluiii, III. Participating in this conference were Alex Balzer, National BBYO Field Supervisor; Maury Schwarti, Director, District Six BBYO; Mrs .Julius Burke, Chairman, District Six (Cornbell, ntinots, Michigan, North SUr-Mbmeapolis-St. Paul, Northwest Canada-AlbertaSaskatchewan, Red RiverWinnipeg, and Wisconsin); and the District Alef Gadol and Nisiah, Joel Wail and Janni Lehrer. ^ I have assumed the directorship of Cornbelt Region BBYO aa of Sunday, January 13, U74. On that date, a meeting, chaired by David Goldstein. Cornbelt BBYO Adult Board chairman, was held at the Omaha Hilton and attended .by Mrs. Louis Perlman, Chainnan of the National 4'aai B'ritb Youth ComIttistion; Dr. Max Baer, |Matknal Dirwtor of BBYO; 'Maury Scbwartx; Tcpreaentatives of B'nai ;:B'rith men, women, and "youth; Hy Tabachnicic, ExeoAive Director of the Jewish Community Center of Omaha; and myself. At this meeting, understandings were reached between the Center and B'nai B'rtlh which wUI lead to the •establisbment of concrete worldDg relationships between the two youth-serving I am looking forward to the •pportiauty of working with •Ibe Cornbell Regional and .Chapter officers and mem.feers, their advisors, and with .the Adult Board toward stengthening BBYO in Omaha and the region and

maluUliilin Its faigli atandarda.

JR. HIGH CYB MOVIE NIGHT PLANNED: On Saturday night, February 2nd,al8:0Opjn..theJr. High Center Youth Board invites all 7th through 9th graders to the movies to see the film "UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE" starring academy award winner SANDY DENNIS. A social will follow until 11:30 p.m. Admission: I1.7S per person. Site to be announced in the flyer you will be receiving in the mail soon. 8R. HIGH JCC BOWUNG LEAGUE: A dozen teen have expressed interest in organizing a Center Tsen Bowling League. I need to hear from more of you before 1 can schedule the organizational meeting thai will get us rolling. I'll spare some extra time to allow all those interested to get hi touch with me so iiiilK NOW! Send me your response form hi care of ttie "J " or call my office (3421366) before 5 p.m. daily. Absolute deadline: January Slat. TEEN TUTORS: Remhider to all high school Juniors and seniors who wsnt to organise a Onter Teen Tutoring Service. Requests have come hi to my office for tutoring in several academic areas. If you are proficient in a specific academic area and enjoy helping others, let me h«u' from you soon. Applicanta for tutorial positions will need letters of recommendation from their guidance counselors and teachers. REQUESTS FOR TUTORIAL HELP FROM STUDENTS OR THEIR PARENTS MAY BE MADE BY CALLING ME OR KAREN AT 342-136* BEFORE S PM. DAILY.


Do You Remember? ^ l( Years Ago t Misa Beverly Sharon Nooen Ibecame the bride of Mr. [Richard Fellman. r Mr. and Mra. Michad PUtt Lianiii 111 the birth of a Hiughter, Kimberly Rae. I

IS Years Aga

I Ted Sanford and Billy uCinsburg celebrated their |Bar Mitzvahs. Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. [Thudacoff announced the I of a son, Lawrence Bret.

announced the birth of a aoo, Arthur Lee. Mkhael PUU observed his Bar Mitzvah. S Years Aga

Miss Marcia Onstein became the bride of Harvey Lipaman. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grossman announced the birth of a son, Henry M.

Russian Experiences Related Omaha — Armed with gifts of bubble gum, panty hose, Hebrew books and other "hard to get items," two Omaha Jewish women and their daughter* visited Russia last mohDi. Mn. Ervln Simon and her daughter Julie; Mrs. Leonard Goldstein and her daughter Gail, were among the 300 member tour group from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The four women returned with tales of exciting experiences uniquely different from those of the other tour members. For Mrs. Simon and Julie, the trip was the opportunity to meet a whole family of cousina for the first time. "I never knew my father's sister or her four daughters," Mrs. Simon said, "although I've been corresponding with my cousins for many years What a thrill to meet a whole family for the first time." Mrs. Simon's family in Russia includes 2 Doclors and a chemistry teacher. Tlie fourth cousin, a dentist, Recently emigrated to Israel. The chiklren of one of the doctors are also recent emigres. Mn. Simon said that her couaina and their families seem to be rMsoaably comfortable and that all bold responsible professional positions. "Nevertheless,'' Mrs. Simon said, "all are planning to go to Israel and they seem to think that by 1975, the whole family will have emigrated." A iaiprtse fw Mrs. SIBMB were plctares which appeared IB the Jewish Press 2 wecki ago. Ideatlflcd ia the paper aaly as recent Soviet eadgretl* Israel, Mrs. Maiaa qalcUy Uealified the* as her csaalas! Mrs. GoMstein's motivation was different. She became deeply interested in the plight of Soviet Jewry last year during a visit to the Soviet Union with her husband. Meeting and helping Soviet Jews was the primary purpose for her return visit. Mow daes aae ga abaat •MCthig Jews la RasslaT For Mrs. Goldstein and Gail it was seemingly simple. They had idvice from the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry. They had names and addresses. When possible, they phoned to arrange meetings. Frequently, they simply took a cab, knocked on the door and introduced Ihemaelves. They met many Soviet Jews during their visit and were somewhat surprised that all talked freely about their situations. According to Mrs. Goldstein, applications for exit visas frequently results

BACK FROM RUSSIA: Seated fraoi left. Mrs. ErvlaMniaa aad Mn. L*«aar< GaHsteki, 8Uadkig, Jalie flhsMa and GaU titUtUtu. in lose of jobs and removal of tdepbooes, "but through the grapevine, these people manage to keep in touch with each other." The highlight of the trip for the Goldsteins was a meethtg with Dr. Benjamin Levich, the world-famous physicist, his wife Tanya and son Alexander. Another son, Yevgeny, was picked up by the Soviet Police on May 16 and sent to Siberia. Difficulties for the Levich family began in March, 1972 when Dr. Levich, then the head of the Oept. of Chemical Hydrodynamics at Moscow Univenity, applied for exit viaas for his family. Shice that time Dr. Levich lost his job, his telephone, and most recently, contact with his son. Yevgeny Levich, an sstrophysicist, won his doctorate 5 years ago at the age of 20, the youngeat in Soviet history. Now serving as a private in the army on

the Soviet Mongolian border, young Levich is in poor health and a source of great concern to his parents. It wss for Yevgeny that the Levicbes gratefully accepted a gift of packets of Carnation Inataat Breakfast which Mrs. Goldstein bad brought with her. « Mrs. Goldstein said that mail from the United States provided great moral suppori for the Soviet Jewish fecipients, "and at the aame time," she said, "it l««pa the Soviet officials aware that Americans are still concerned about Soviet emigration policies." The same is true, she said, about phone calls which many American families make wecUy to families in Soviet Union. She alao i the importance of letlan to Soviet officiaU. What else ihsald ABerlcaas be tMag ahsMt the plight af Soviet JewryT

Accordhig to Mrs. GoMstein, writing lettera and making phone calls to families there are vital. In addition, she urged suppori of Radio Free Europe as well as efforts to further inform all Americans about the problems of Soviet Jews wanting to emigrate to Israel. Mrs. Goldstein looks forward to visiting Russia again. On the next trip, however, she plans to bring with her larger quantities of Hebrew books and records which were the most appreciated of all the gifU she bro««ht.

Omoha's No. 1 Fcmiily Restauront

Ba where the actkw Isshopplng, sttows, tun—In either Wast OmatM or in CouncM Bluffs (2 minutes from Downtown Omaha).


Color TV In every room. overaitad beds... indoor pool , • • lounoas . . . saunas .. • game room snd fnaaiino raoma . • . rfgMwtMratht action ta( MfciliitMr

2* Years Ago

Mias Gkwia Kohan became • bride of Oooald Vann. HarrM NepeuMick Myron R. Marho were and Mrs. Arnold I announced the birth , Richard Alaa. . aadMrs. Sam Dian«ad

JoMnsoif( OpmEvarYDuf. 11:tOA.M. W 10P.M.

MOTOR LODGES Oawlw Ti a t-w


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LBTTCR TO GOLOA eMtor-t M«c: RecenUy the - Jeninlrai POH pHnled a r«w of Ciw many letten received by Gold* Meir from tupporten all over the world. AoMif Ibc leUert iclecled by the Jcmalein Pwl was eac freai 13 year eU JohB Piraot of Omaka. Joka'i IclUr It la difficiilt for tomeone aa youni aa myaelf to undeniand why one nation of people ahould have to •tniggle against all odda to maintain the right to live freely in their own country, twt I know Madame Premier that it ha< been that way for hundrwh of year* now. There la i^ottMT people in history to be tried at the people of Iirael have been tried. I don't know how you people keep maintaining your courage and ydur pride, but It is a marvelous thing for the young people of the world to see. I am ChritUan by faith, feat that has noUilog to do with ' whether I %Ut or do not sUc witk the people of Israel. I don't know enough about ^the politics of war to know what Is really Just or who is really at fault, but I do know eiMMgh to say that the people of Israel have auffered enough and fought enough and have risen up enough to be declared a nation of people that deserve to live in their own land with the dignity that they have earned. JehaPbiMl DISENUAGEMENT (MEANS WITHDRAW/UIsraeli leader* have voiced their willingness time and again to. meet anywhere, anytime, with Arab leaden for peaceful settlement, "niroughout. Egypt and the Arabs have rejected Israeli advances for negotiation by face to (ace discussions. The Arabs say Israel is bluffing with offering peaceful negotiations. The Arabs can "call that bluff" by showing their own willingness for acceptance of talks. If Israel then refuse* to meet, it will prove once and for all that the Arabs were right. But the Arabs know Israel is NOT bluffing, and their persistent refusal to face Israel In negotiation makes manifest the utter lie of the Arab position. Negotiation* could work out mutually defensible and sensible borders. Everyone in

that area could live, and let live, in peace and growing prosperity. Together, in peaceful cooperation, the Middle East can be made into a productive garden benefiting all, ' We hear talk of "troop disengagement" between Israel and her attackers — this is a euphemism for Israeli retreat. So, let the Egyptians draw back to the west side of the Suet, and they will have disengagement. The reopening of the Suez will be of little or no benefit to the West, but of enormous military advantage to Russia. la Oct. 1(71, the war exacted a heavy peaatty freai Israel precisely because Israel's cablaet voted to accept a "first strike". Why? Te prove to the world that tlM Arabs were bleedthirsty sggretsan, which Israel has always laiewaT Aid now, having proved it, hew deafening Is the silence from the Vatkrin and all the other capiUls ot the world! As long as the Arabs persuade themselves that they have but the one goal of extirpation of Israel as a State, with the concommitant slaughter of as many Israelis as possible, the more certainly must Israel resist any overtures, either from Arabs, or from the Big Powers, which might serve to hasten such Arab goals toward implementation. The recent parliamentary elections in Israel clearly indicated that a substantiany growing number of citixens are becoming hawkish in their attitude. Should the dove Welcome the butcher as he approaches with hi* sliarpened, drawn knife? Israel grows more hawkish because the Arab* permit her no alternative against Arab vultures who seek to eiitice Israel into unilateral withdrawals from the batUelinedrawn boundaries, which will expose the dove's neck more surely. Better live hawks than dead doves, Israel believes. DAVID LAZARUS WOMEN: SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT! We women must not weaken our strong President Nixon, elected captain on board the U.S. ship of State. Instead, we must help plough through Watergate's raging sea. Sylvia Estrada

Kiss and Tell ' TEL AVIV, (JTA) - Israeli* tend to hide their in public while Arabs are prone to display their :s. And thereby hangs a tale. VS. Secretary of State Henry A. Kiaainger told laraell that Arab* are smoochier than Israelia when they greet foreign diplomats, or, at least, Kluinger. The Secretary, who was in good spiriU during a reception given in hi* honor by Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and hia wife, explained why he "wu selUng out Israel." The IM gMsU at Uayaa's baae Ustcaad eageriy. "Yei kaaw why I am selUag yea wrtT Becaase la every Arab capital I aai met by Ike rsrelgB Mhilster wbe weleaacs •e wMrlaiidktasaasatadr cheeks. AU kew Akka Eka« . has aaver givea aie the least Uttle kiss."

Tn4 aMwMI fflMS

Congregation B'nai Sholem held "modern Orthodox" services at Hyland Dancing Academy, 2424 Famam, in 1K3. Professor Nathan Bematoln spoke and Cantor Wolf Weinstein of Baltimore chanted tlie musical portions of the service. Fred B. Chemiss, secretary of the organization, stated that modem orthodoxy waa an "attempt to Americanize Jews and keep them in |lw faith of their fathers." The following story appeared in an 1878 issue of the

For generations Jews have been heard to lament, "It's hard to be a Jew." Thekattle cry of this generation, however, may well be "It's bard to know wbe is a Jew!" The "Who Is a Jew" question was raised when the new State of Israel enacted the Law of Return. The Law provided that any Jew wrho came to Israel was entitled to immediate citizenship. Inadvertantly, the law also provided the basis for long and heated debates to determine who Is a Jew? The matter was temporarily resolved in 1970 and the law simply stated that a Jew is one born of a Jewish mother or one who has been converted to Judaism. Orthodox Jews have never been happy with that definition. It is the view of Orthodoxy that conversion must be "according to Halacha" and interpretation of that phrase means that only Orthodox rabbis could perform valid conversions. The Issue is making Iht beadllaei again with tbr demands o( liraei's National Rellgloai Party that the Law *( Return be changed, making eonversioBs performed by Reform and Ceaservative rabbit Invalid In attahting Israeli cltlzenihip. Thsl't the CMdItion the NRP has set to Jofai Mrs. Meir's new cealtthm geverameat. Since two-thirds of the world's JewisH population are not in the Orthodox camp, there has been somewhat less tluui happy reaction to the power play of the NRP. As a matter of fact, the leadership of the Reform and Conservative movementa in America are fighting mad. Mrs. Meir haa heard from ' Rfeform ahd COnstrvative

rabbinical leaders In America •as members, it is not likely urging her to reject pressures that they will back down in for change in the Law of their campaign to prevent the Return. Similar messages Are change on the definition of a being sent by many American Jew, which would brand the Jewish secular organizations. non-Orthodox as "secondSince the establishment of class" Jews. That's where the matter the State, Israel's religious life has been controlled by the stands at the moment, and all Orthodox, especially by that I have to say is, "poor Mrs. faction which refuses to Meir." There is little chance recognize the legitimacy of that she can form a governother forms of Judaism. They ment without the religious have chosen this time, when party, but what happens to their political ckxit is at its Israel-Diaspora relations if highest, to press their case. she bows to the NRP Reform and Conservative demands? She needs a Jews are concerned lest they government to function, Init be legislated out of Judaism, she also needs the help and or at least out of ita Israeli support of two-thirds of variety. Rabbi Alexander Diaspora Jewry. Obviously, the time has Schindler, president of the Union of American Hebrew come for the religious leaden Congregations, said that the of both Israel and the quarrel is not with Orthodoxy, Diaspora, Orthodox and nonbut with the political use that Orthodox, to resolve the problem ahd provide some is being made of it. Orthodox Jewish groups in means for peaceful coAmerica have assailed the existence. If Israelis and Arabs can Reform and Conservative movements for interfering in talk to each other across a Israel's political structure conference table, certainly and for questioning Israel's the world's Jews should be able to solve this problem in religious authorities. Since the Reform and the same way. Dr. Kissbger — HELP! Conservative movements in America claim the majority of religiously-affiliated Jews

The Jewish Press PuUithwl wMlcly on Fridoy by Jawish Fedarotion of Omoho.

IMortimsr Graenbarg, Exacuttv* Director Stanford Lipsey, Prau Conmitt** Chairman ' Mrs. Robart Garatick, EdKor »n. Sidnay MIrvith, Assistant Mrs. kvin C. Kaiman, Advirtiting Manager Smtand CIOM fotloga Paid •t Omotio, N«kr. and 01 •ddHlonol mollln«aHlc«. Annual SubKrIplIwi I7.S0 AdvofSilna *a«M on AaMcoSon Ik* iHti* MM b «t mvMWb tar *• IvhMh •! turn iMdHt c MiMitMMl PiMnSwi (MMK 101 Ma. Mti It.. Omaha, Nobr. UIM. Ptniw 14I-ISM.

OMAHA DAILY REPUBLICAN under the headline "A Bogus Rabbi — He is Soliciting Subscriptions for the Establishment of a Jewish School Somewhere in Africa: "A Jew named Abrahams, who claims to hold the office of Rabbi, is in the city, having come hither from cities down the river. He called yesterday morning on the President of the Congregation in this city, represented that he spoke and understood no language except the Hebrew, ahd that he was soliciting contributions for the establishment of a Jewish school somewhere In Africa. His credentials were examined and as they appeared to be all right, an endorsement was written in his subscription book by the president. Abrahams was gone some hours, when he^returned and reported that his solicitations had been very poorly rewarded. "In the meantime the morning null had brought . letters from Leavenworth, branding Abrahams as an impostor. This information, coming immediately to the President, he was glad to see Abrahams call a second time. He asked to see the subscription book, which Abrahams handed him. The President, turning to the page on which at a previous hour of the day he had written his endorsement, wrote across the face of the same in English the words, "I believe the bearer to be a first-class fraud." Abrahams, who in the morning could speak and understand no language except Hebrew, read these words, written in English, and tried to grab the book from the President's hand before he had rinished writing the last word "fraud." A policeman was called in who kept Abrahams at bay, until the president had concluded his writting and signed the same. Then the book was returned to Abrahams, and be was allgwed to depart. He says he is on his way to the Pacific coast."

JeWJSh Quiz BoX By RabU Samuel Fox QUESTION: What It Judaiim't sttltade toward homosexualsT ANSWER: In the Bible homosexuality is outlawed and declared te be most undesirable (Leviticus 20:13) (Leviticus 18:23). The fact that the Bible outlaws it indicates that the Bible was aware of ita existence among other people. Homosexuality is considered a violation of the will of the Almighty who created mankind as a "male and female" species.Thia is why the Book of Genesis makes it a point to describe creation of man and his mate — woman. Homosexuality would, therefore, be considered unnatural. Whatever is unnatural obviously defeats the purpose of the Creator. Jewish tradition, therefore, regards homo*exuality not merely as an ordinary sin but also as an abominable act on the part of man.

Januaiv2S, 1974

Thf J#wMh fiMi

Omaha Federation Approves $1,589,298 Allocation for 74 Omaha - The recommendaUoM cf the Omaha Jewiih Federation Budget Committee for the allocation of $l,SI»,2W were amended and approved this month by the board of directors of the Federation The funds were raised in the 1973 Omaha Jewish Philanthropies Campaign and will be used for services and programs during the current year. The Budget Committee, under the chairmanship of Joe

Upton and Harlan Noddle, held a serlea of meetings ftudying budgets and allocation requests from agencies served hy the Onuha campaign. The Budget Committee recommendations were based on the data presented at these meetings. It was noted that nearly two-thirds of the total allocatioo, tl,02t,464 was .designated for ftfe United Jewiah Appeal and Israel Emergency Fund caiqpalgoa.

Omaha Philanthropies 1974Allocations OVERSEAS ANb ISRAEL Federated Council of laraeU Inst Hadaaiah, Youth Aliyah Hebrew University and Tedwioo Mizrachi Women National Committee for Labor Israel ' Pioneer Women's Organ JTalwn United Hias Service United Jewish Appeal Regular Campaign UJA: Israel Emergency Campaign

:....'....<«> r 10,000 3,1K SOO 7S0 7S0 1,000 2IS,000 .814,464

NATIONAL COMMUNITY RELATIONS SERVICES American Jewish Committee * , |^ American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry i^ American Jewish Congress 750 Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith S,WO Jewish Labor Committae 900 Jewiah War Veterans 200 National Community Relatkms Advisory Council

HEALTH AND WELFARE, NATIONAL SERVICES. CULTURAL AND RELIGIOl/S 8ERVICE8 American Association for Jewish Education | SOO Council of Jewish Federations am. •Velfare Punda 10,12S National Jewish Welfare Board 6,801 Institute for Jewiih Life (CJFWF) B'naiB'rith Youth Service Appeal Jewish Braille Institute Jewish Chautaqua Society . .* National Foundation for Jewish Culture North American Jewish Student Appeal HebrewTheological College, Chicago Jewish Theological Seroiiury, New York City Reform Jewish Appeal Minor Institutions, U.SA

|},eoo 7j -ISO sgo joo %\,1/n jjgo \j^


B'nai B'rith Safety Award Goes to Edward Borchers Omaha—Tbe annual B'nai B'rith Safety Award was presented to F. Edward Borchers at the annual meeting of tbe Omaha Safety Council held Tuesday, January 22 at tbe ifilton Hotel. Joe Elrman, Vice-President of Henry Monsky Lodge, made tbe presentation. Mr. Berchert, weU kaewi . !• Oauha tor kh maay civic services, was cite4 far his sixteen years ef service in a leadership capacity wUh tbe Omaha Safety CoaacU mken he still serves as a trastee. Before hia retirement, Mr. Borchen worked for Swift and Co. for 44 years. Guest speaker at the fDeetlog was tbe jiewlyfleeted President of the National Safety CouncU in (Oiicago, Vincent L. IWnay,

Pononoli MH. NATHAN (MAT) KACrMAN oppTKlotci ifM Ihoughtfulnatf ol h*r many rdotivM and frj«nd« in Nwtr liind •upraMiont a( flood, wtthtM lor her rocovoff.

MR. MMSSAN yaHOCAM Ml thanfcs hit mony r*lotival and fritndt lor th«tr cordi. jifti. Ilowort, contribut ions to chorfty ond otfi#r •)cpr»«ftlo«it of flood wifttws 'mrod during hit raconf hotpitotiiotion ortd birthdoy. AIIWnONi Anyofw rwmod STtllN having rololivat in Itrool

nanwdUOTKIN PUoM conHxl DON STERN 01397-1200 I hav* 0 (onvr tor you.

former Commissioner of the New York Safety Department. Mr. Botchers is the lith recipient of this award which was initiated by B'nai B'rith in Omaha in list.

Birth Mr. and Mrs. Joel Allen announce the birth of a son, Aharon Menashe, born Janurary 21, 1974. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harry Allen, Lincoln, Neb., Mrs. Claire Gload, Corham. N.Y. Greatgrandmother is Mrs. Max Arbitman of Omaha and the great-grandfather is Mr, Max Kasden of New Rocbelie, NY.

JEWIMi EDUCATION m OMAIM Beth El Subvention .::..:..:.:......:.;;: :.;7:r;;~,|t^ Beth Israel Subvention il I7> Temple larael Subvention >. ; .14,112 Jewish Day School 7,550 Jewish Education Bureau -12.000 $eo.S60 PEDERATION PROGRAMS Omaha Oommuaity Relations Committee $ 14,000 Dr. Philip Sher Home for the Aged 67,500 Esther K.Newman Camp ^ 1S,000 Jewish Federation of Omaha _... 46,127 Jewish Community Center 110,000 (including Library and Jewiah Cultural Committee) . Jewish Preas 19,JI2 Mikvah 280 Leadership Development Grmv $1,000 ReUremenlPund ....5.985 tm,iM CAPITAL REPAOiS Camp Pod Repairs and Other Renovationa


TOTAL ALLOCATED Shrinkage Allowance Campaign Expenae: Year rotoid Billing and collection expenae » TOTAL DISTRIBUTION

What Can YAD Do for You? ByRichPcari If you don't see what you want, ask. That's the attitude YAD. (Young Adult Division) is taking — and, as about 95 of Omaha's single young Jewiah adults can Attest, that at-


^^gg I1.4nj64 32,S44 78JOO ft,8M,20B

Tbe Library at the Jewish Commnlty Center is temporarily closed In preparation for the move to the new Center building. Pictured above, LlbrarUn, Mrs. Edythe Wolf, surveys the emptied shelves. Voiunleers are still needed to kelp catalogae aad pack periodicals and nagaxlaes.

Senior Citizen Scene By BERTIE LAZAR Monday, January 28 will be our big luncheon. Rose Poska and het' helpers will prepare something good as usual. Tbe price is the same, <i.SO. Please call for raaervatioos 10 we will know bow many to prepare for. Call Mollie Oelman or Karen, 342-1366. Attending the meeting of the committee on transportation held at Lincoln, were Betty Weissman, Mollie Delman. Min Cutler, Yetta and Jack Saylan and Bertie and Jack Lazar. Twenty-four people from the Senk)r Adult Oub and the Dr. Philip Sher Home attended "Disneyland on Parade". It was a delightful show, the oldsters enjoyed it as much as the children. Msuiy Ihanki to Blanche Kalman, Annetta Brown and Anne Dandy for assisting Rose Poska last Monday. Get well wishes to Zigmund Hessel at St. Joseph's Hospiital; Mary Trachtenberg il Clarkson Hospital; Frank Sekar at Lutheran HospiUl and Mike Morris at St. Joseph's Hospital. YetU Saylan and BeUy Weissman are home with bad colds, as is Elsie Wever.

Convalescing at home are Belle Givant, Dave Flanchek, Abe Fisher. We look forward to your return to otti^~ meeUngs. We wek»me back Beverly Bartholow from her trip to England. She will have some interesting things to tell us at our next meeting. It's a pleasure to see Panny Manvitz and her father, Leo Ostrovich, who was ill with a bad cold for two weeks. Happy to have Libby Sterenberg, Herschel Friedman and Mrs. Rachel Swartz back. We missed you. Donations this week were received from: Mr. and Mrs. Morris Sterenberg, in memory of Mae Mirmelsteln; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Silverman for the recovery of E. E. Rosenbaum of Portland, Ore.; Stm and Fanny Manvitz and father as get well wishes to Sigmund Hessel; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lutz in memory of E^vin Eisenberg and in memory of Mae Mirmelsteln; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Morris as get well wishes for Sigmund Hessel; Leah Adelstein for tbe recovery of Herman Friedlander.

Beth B Men's Club Will Hold Breakfast

titude is producing results. with a visit to the Strategic The »S partied to the music Air Command operation at of "Rock and Roll Revival 'OffuU Air Base, a brunch to '74" at the Thomasville be hasted by the men of Apartments clubhouse last Y.A.D. and a special program Services, led by Dr. Ben Omaha - Gadi Eisenman, Saturday night. YAD of entertainment for the folks director of the Aliyah Office Kutler, will begin at 9 a.m. in members Kay Bernstein, at the Sher Home. in Chicago and former the chapel and breakfast will Gary Colick and Howard Upcoming are a cultural Jerusalem attorney, will follow in the Social Hall. Borden knew what they exchange between A2A and speak to members of Beth El Mr. Eisenman will speak on wanted to have, and they BBG members and Y.A.D. Synagogue Men's Hub at a "Israel — from an Israeli's made it happen. Now this trio people and an inter-city party "Breakfast With the Rabbi" Viewport." All members are of happy party-planners is basted by Kansas City young Sunday, January 27. urged to attend this event. worUng on a March bash that adults. promises to be even better. Can you think jf something But that's not aU that Y.A.D. hasn'tT It's your Y.A.D. is doing — not by a responsibility as a member of longshot Omaha's Jewish young adult SUrt with a coffee-Uatsch community to speak up. Call Sunday for a vialting Israeli Kay Bernstein (393-5471), ,, W« have room"or a f*vi/ more youngsters lawyer. Then comes the Rich Peari (5ei-»4S6), Debt » In our highly successful "Fun N FriendKings-Knicks basketball Abrams (303'4990) or Larry 5 ship" club. We meet on Wednesdoy aftergame Wednesday night and Katz at the JCC iiO-iaU) and noon at MTHISRAIL WTItT. New York ballet in UDCOIII tell them what's on your I. ff'«•«>, "tj^y *he Oyer. yaPi^ I Saturday night. Follow that mind.


CALL 3414)088 LEVENSON'S mr ooniMitBNEa, iR. *«• ftiaiiasi RMMKaf


The Jewish Press '


Nornian,Krivosha Chosen to Head 1974 Lincoln Campaign

sy ii£if|oc| ue activities SBRViCES; Friday: Traditional Evening Service* (Kabalat Shabbat) 6: IS p.m. . Late Friday evening Family tervicei will be coaducted by Rabbi Isaac Na4M( and Cantor Edward BerloviUatSilSpm. Satarday: llor«ing Service: t:« p.m. conducted by Rabbi Isaac Nadofl and Cantor Edward BeftoviU. Talmud Clat* will be conducted by RabU Isaac ' Nadoff at 5:45 p.m. fdUowed at (:» by Miocha, Sholash Sudoi and Maariv. Saaday:•

Morning Service: 9 a.m., followed by brealdast and the RabU'f class on Ihe Book of

SERVICES: Friday: Sabbath Eve Services \n the Sanctuary at 8:15 p.m. Rabbi Myer S. Krlplie wUI deliver the sermon. Cantor Chaim Najman and the Beth El Synagogue Choir will conduct the musical service. Salarday: Morning Service: 10 a.m. MIncha Maariv Service: 6:15 p.m.

SERVICES: Friday: Sabbath evening services 8:15 p.m. lUbbl Barry L. Welnsteln will speak on "What Is the Meaning of Peoplehood?" Musical portions of the worship service will be by the Temple Choir under the direction of Miss Ida GiUln. There will be a Sabbath Coffee Hour. Satarday: U a.m.

Saaday: t a.m.

BAR MITZVAH8 The Bar Mltzvah of PHILLIP GIN8BURG. son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ginibarg. will be celebrated at the services, Saturday, January 26.

DaUy: Service* at 7 a.m. and 7 BAR MITZVAH ROBERT CHAPMAN, son of Mr. and Mrs. David CkapnMB, will become a Bar Mitivah at the services Friday evening, January 2S January M.

TODD MICHAEL KIR8HENBAUM, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kevee Kirshrnbaum, will become a Bar Mitzvah at the scrvtcei, Saturday, February I. ^

SERVICES: Salarday: ( a.m. Sanday: ( a.m. Both lervicci wilt be caadacled by Mr. San Sacks.

MEN'S CLUB • Temple Israel Men's Club will qwnsor a Chess Tournament to begin Sunday, January ^ at the Temple from 1:30-4 p.m. There will be three agegroup classifications. Further information may be obtained by calling the Temple office.

.and SBtiAda)t_]Dfflriulni. Swvjces at 7 cm. and <:15 p.m. KAMMAir BYO Due to unforseen circumatancet, Kadimah SYO caaealiad the White EHephant SaJe which was to have been lield January 20. TV sale, in the form of a regular auction, has been rescheduled for Sunday, February 3, sUrtIng at 10:30 a.m. Admiuion to the auction it free or by payment of one ileni which can be auctioned offLight relreshmenU will be sold.

SERVICES: Salirday: Morning Servicea: t:4S a.m. Morning Services: S a.m.

SfclRVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. NFTV NFTY will hold a FamUy Bagel Breakfast, Sunday, January 27 from 8:46-10 a.m. in the Temple Social Hall. Reservation, $1.75 for adults, ll.ts tor children under 7, may be made by calling Gary or Barb. 256-7336 or Jamie, 378-1340..

STUDY GROUP . Starting Wednesday morning, January 30 at 10 a.m., a new aeries of six tassions will be held in Temple Social Halt. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks wiU discuss "What it the Forei of Reform Jadaism?" a study of the origins of Reform Judaism and its contemporary practice. Books will l>e provided and coffee will be served.

LINCOLN - Norman Gaiter, Sheldon Kushner, Krivosha has been named Steve Seglin; Ira Shreiber, Chairman for Ihe Lincoln Captain, Dick Pocras, Dr. Jewish Welfare Federation's Robert Shapiro, Jeffrey 1974 campaign. Mellen; Frank Ullman^ Mr. Krivosha, who visit^ Captain, Leon Chesnin, Ezra Israel with Governor J. Kohn, Dr. David Levine and James Exon's party last Charles Kuba. The annual loint religious year, Is a former Lincoln City Attorney and is now General • services sponsored by the Federation will be held Counsel to Lincoln General Hospital and Lincoln Electric System. He is also State chairman for Israel bonds and is the personal legal advisor to Governor Exon. In announcing the slogan for this year's campaign. "Let Israel Live", Mr. Krivosha said "The sacrificial giving to Israel by American Jews will 'Let Israel Live.'" Mark Allen Simon, son of ^ Mr. Krivosha named Ihe Dr. Nathan Simon, will following workers for the 1974 Friday, February 8 at 8 p.m. campaign: Harry Allen, and Saturday, February 9th Captain, Nate Bernstlen, Tifereth Israel Marion Graetz, Irwin Synagogue. Goldenberg, Robert Pitlor; Synagogue Bill Davidson, Captain, Dr. Simon invites the Charles Sherman, Herb congregation and friends to Friedman, Morris Maline, attend the Oneg Shabbat Abram Mlsle; Charles Coren, which will follow Friday Captain, Andrew Goodman, evening services and a lunR. Ro^nberg; Hyman cheon on Saturday. Polsky, Captain, Jerry Grant, Sponsors for January Bob Handelman, Leo HUl, Max Neiden; YaleGotsdiner; Kiddush at Tifereth Israel are Captain, Everett Evnen, Paul Mmes. Morris Maline, Sheldon Kuahner, Bernard Wishnow and Dr. Nathan Simon.

Services to be Held at SAC

Omaha — Captain Marshall Freedman, the new Jewish Lay Leader at Offut Air Force Base will conduct a children's service Friday evenhig, February 1 at 7 p.m. in the SAC Memorial Chapel. Mrs. Susan StroUa wUl be the hostess at the oneg shabbat following the service. An adult service will be conducted the third sabbath in February. Further information may be obtained by calling Captain or Mrs. Fneedman at 2942650 (office) or 291-5414 (home).

^hhafh Condfe Lighting niDAY, JANUARY 25,6(11 9M. rMDAY,riUUAIIY 1.6120 P.M.

Benediction for Kindling Sabbath Lights:

The Lincoln Chapter of B'nai B'rith will sponsor a stag party at the American Ugion aub, 5730 "0" St., January 29 at 8 p.m. Card games will be arranged and there will be movies and a bar. Admission is 92. Members are invited to bring new and prospective members. The evening group of Hadassah will hold a "(^sino Party" Saturday, January 28 at 8:30p.m. at Tifereth Israel SocUl Hall. There will be casino games, prizes and refreshments. Chairman for the event Is

Friday March I at the Soutf Street Temple at 8 p.m. Th< sollclUtlon of funds will beglr on |)unday, March 3 and tlu drive will end with the annua' meeting and dinner March 31 The next meeting of th( captains and workers will be held January 30 at 8 p.m. at Congregation Tifereth Israel, 3219 Sheridan.

Mrs. Steve Seglin; decorations, Mrs. Jeffery Mellen; publicity, Mrs. Robert Handelman; tickets, Mrs. Harold Itfovicoff, 4234974 and Mrs. Steve Seglin, 489-4330. Tickets are $8 per couple. Everyone is invited to attend. Naomi Misle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Misle will graduate from Lincoln Southeast High School ii\ January. She plans to attend college in the fall. Tifereth Israel Congregation sponsored Adult Education classes Monday, January 21 from 7:30 - 9:45 p.m. at the synagogue. The classes featured a seminar, "History of Zionism" by Harry Allen; ' 'M q dern Hebrew Literature," a study of short stories by modem Israeli authors, instructor. Rabbi Mark Bisman. Following a coffee break, a nim series and discuasion were held. Tifereth Israel Sisterhootf Board meeting will be held January 29 at 1 p.m. at the Synagogue.


SERVICES: Friday: ^^; 8pro. Conducted by Rabbi Robwl Kaiser.

SERVICES: Friday: 8 p.m. , Saturday: S:30 a.m. Torah Study Lesson. Saoday: Morning service, 8:30 a.m.

Borukh Atah Adonoy Eloheinu Melelch Hoolom, Asher Kideshanu Bemitzotov Vetzivanu Lehodlilc NerShel Shabbat. (Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord, Our God, King of the Universe, Who sonctifies us by His Comnxindments and has commanded us to kindle the Sabbath lights.)


This Service Presented as a Courtesy by

SERVICES: Frtdsy: 8 p.m. SalMTday: Morning Services, 9 am Jr. Congregation, 10 a.m Saaday: I Tiffilin Club, « a.m.

SERVICES: Friday: 8:15 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. Saaday: « a.m.


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Beef Cubes•ri^.-Mi^i Tender YearfngLJver

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Lean Ground Beef

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Turicey Hhdquarteis TurteyWings

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Extra Special Whole Piietsaw..i8.«iri

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Jmutry 39k >974

dea^ iiioiiiefti iie^ivjv ii^eetm€>ii 1974 And Beyond EJMM-'I Male: The foUoirlng >i the Prwident's report presented at the Annual Meeting of the Federation by Harlan Hockenberg, president. The meeting was held January >0 at the Tiferelh Israel Synagogue . club house.

Perhaps an appropriate subject for our consideration is the question of what is our single most important Federation challenge for 1974. In order to respond to this inquiry, we should inventory our human and physical resources on a local community basis. laitially aad OIMI lai' porlantly are Mr bamaa resanrcet. We are 3,IM persons repreiealing aboat 8S( boHiFhokb. We have in our community three Rabbis, articulate in their representation of particular religious philosophies of Judaism: Rabbi Marshall B«rg of Beth El Jacob Synagogue — orttodox, Rabbi Barry Cytron of Tifereth Israel Synagogue — conservative, and Rabbi Jay B. Goldburg of Temple B'nai Jesburun — reform. We have one Cantor, he being Cantor Pinchas Spiro of Tifereth brael Synagogue. We have a Federation Executive Director, Dr. Gerald S. Ferman; Executive Director of the Iowa Jewish Home, Carl Rogat; the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Center, Herb Parmet; Executive Director

of the Bureau of Jewiah Education, Shiomo Benderly; and Executive Director of Jewish Family Services, Ulyan Carson. In addtion, we have several capable instructors at the conununity Hebrew School and Sunday schools and are richly endowed with academicians at Drake University, College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, Iowa State University, Grinoell College and the University of Iowa. Further, there are unique talents among our business, professional and housewife ranks. Next, what are our physical resources? In the category of capital assets, we have one reform Temple, one conservative Synagogue and two orthodox Synagogues with well appointed adjoining classrooms, . library, recreational, kitchen and social facilities. There are three cemelaries. There is an Iowa Jewish Home with 42 beds, five retirement apartments and supportive facilities. There are 15 acres of land owned by or committed to the Federation west of Dowling High School on Buffalo Road. Without comment on the specific value of each of the ktentifled capital assets, 1 think you woukt agree their minimum total value to approximate $2,500,000. !• further dedalBg aar pkysleal res4Wrces, we must eiamiae the Tiedckah perfornaace of Ihb commualty.

The aaaaal camkUied •pcraliiig NdgeU at ear Taaipia aa4 Ihraa Syaagagaes b appraxlaalely |ns.tM. Aaaaal daes lo aad apecial campalgai by local ckaplcn of nallaaal Jewish argaaliaUaas yield aaatfeer tM,MM2S.M(. Durfaig Ike War of Ike Saaa last October. Dcs Maiaea committed tl.Mt.M* for Ike hunan needs of the people of iirarl. Tkis spriag we will ratee tXH.TSS for oar local aad aatieaal services. Tkb foadbig aehievemeni follows a 1173 spriag Campaiga of llJUtMt for oveneas, local aad aaliaaal needs. Tkere are canpelllag local and Inleraatiaaal reaiaai wky KTS will toack tZ.Stt.OM lor conblaed needs. On or before tfce firtl Psssovrr Seder, tim.m tt Israel Bonds will have been purchaied. la it conceivable that we have all the enumerated assets, both hutnan and physical, and lack only the perspfet^ttve and the will to utilise such assets to achieve our community's nuximum potential?

HELaiA.BCflMSTEiN 3934111



desolation and ruins of the cities and the abandoned heaps of Russian artillery. In spite, the losses from the Yom Kippur War, the Israeli people and soldiers still have that fighting spirit. Many of the Israeli songs popular with the young.people in the army are patriotic songs. The army is so patriotic that Mrs. Jack Silverman described ft as the "Yankee Doodle Army." The Silverman family were joined by their son. Bob, who is IpendJng a year at KFAR BLUM, a sophomore high school program. Other members of the four were: Bill Jagiello, Gerald Levy family, Al Lipsey family. Jim Bucksbaum, and Avraham Steralidit family.



The maximum time, talent and treasure pledge of every Des Moines Jew in this enterprise is Imperative. No one ituxM do less for a Jewish community which is already a legend among her sister North American cities.

DES MOINES - Rosclind Rabinowitz, head of the Israel Task Force, Bobbie Leiier, Co-Chair Person and Dr. Ferman participated in a Regional meeting called by the Couh(!il of Jewish Federations and Welfare



The great expectations for enhancement of the quality of Des Moines Jewish life, the promise and peril of Mid East peace negotiations, and the vibrations of Soviet Jewry compel immediate acceptance of this challenge.

Des Moines Participates In Chicago Conference

Bureau of Jewish Education By Ljran Carwa the British government. Julie ~> The fifth grader* at the Rabinowitz spoke on her trip Bureau (rf Jewish Education to Russia and gave a slide under the direction of Ahuva presentation. Again, the Epstein, have been working youth will be active in writing hard to express their feelings V.B. Congressmen, Dobrinin about the Syrian POW's and — the Russian representative the Soviet Jews. In the past lo the United Nations, and to two wMla dwy have sent .President Nixon. Misslea Report gqoup and individual letters Now more than ever to the Red Crosa ofdoes in Switzerland and Washington, tourism is important to President Nixon, and Syria to Israel's survival. A recent e^reai their feelings on the pilgrimage was organized by Syrian POW situation the Bureau of Jewish Several of the Rfth graders Education under the wrote personal letters leadership of Avraham thanking ' Holland and SIcmliciit. President Nixon (or their The highlight for many of support. those on the trip was their Sunday, January 20 was travels to the various military "solidarity with Soviet Jewry installations. The aftermath Sunday". The fifth graders of war was apparent from the saw a filmstrip and listened to a record oo the case of a Riasiaa boy's attempt to have a Bar Mitzvah aided by

What new borinm are open lo us if we manage and not voriiiip iutitutioos, committkm. boards and committees? I submit for your urgent consideration that the major It74 Federation challenge is to marshall .and mobiliie Des Moines' human and physical resources in full and equal partnership with our religious institutions and k)cal chapters of national Jewish 6rganizations to sarve the broad spectrum of needs of the Jewish people without loss of autonomy or identity by any of the partners.


Funds and the United Jewish Appeal on Wednesday, January ISth.


The Conference focused on the UJA picture to date and community relations programs vIs-a-vis the Energy Criats and the Middle East peace. In the course of the day the three Des Moines participants evalusted some of the Israel Task Force programs lo date and the Agenda for the next aeveral months. WANTA08 Vohiatcers waaled. Wort at your convenience. Call GIna or Carol at 244-1144. Waaled: Part lime )«b as janitor. Call Ulat244-3I«.

SHUKERrS KOSHER MEATS DURmaos: Don't be without meat during the energy crisis. We can ship nneat to ych by truck or bus; k\ group Of individual orden. A simple collect call to 14021 558-8486, and your meat problems are over. We are by law able to ship Imeritate because we are a government inspected meat plant. (E»t. 2317,1

Ckatowaa ^ the Local Needa Caaipalga 8<aa Eagman sad CaChalrMua Dr. Gleaa Panell al work plaaataig Ike March Caaq^iga.

Rabbi Leiyveld Urges Moral Aid For Israel Des Moines ~ A well attended Annual Meeting of the Federation featured an inspiring presentation by Rabbi Arthur Lelyv«ld. Past President of the American Jewiah Congreu. The Rabbi, leader of Fairmont Temple Cleveland, spoke about the relationship between American Jewry and Israel. He noted the deep coonection, psychological and alao direct bond in terms of friends and family that American Jewry has with the Israelis. He stressed the need for tourism in Israel and urged participation of American Jews In Aliyah programs. "Jn both these ways," he noted, "we can

Do-it-Yourself Reservations DES MOINES - A new "Do-it-yoorself" reservations system has been devised for the Temple B'nal Jesburan Sisterhood luncheons. In the future, no calling committees will be used, instead, each member ia asked to contact the circle chairman and make the reservation.

help Israel meet the OOBtinuing crisis." Tjie President of the Welfare Federation called for a maximal utilization of community resources and a report from Richard Levitt, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Community Action Committee noted that the year of li?4 will be one of decisions and action. The meeting was organized and chaired by Milton Brown and the refreshments were sponsored by the Women's Federation, Lois Copple, president.

B'nai B'rith Women Tell Future Plans Des Moines - The Des Moines Chapter of B'nai B'rith Women will hoU a Bake Sale Sunday, January 27 at 10:30 am. at Richman Gorxfanan West. All proceeds will go to the Israel emergency fund. The interfaith Brotherhood tea is planned for February 19 at Belh El Jacob Synagogue. Tbit will be a city-wide event.

PAREN1S: BOB LiTVAK. Director of Camp' Esther K. Newman of the Omaha ( Jewish G>mmunity Center, will be at, the Des Moines Jewish Community Center, on February 3rd, from 1 P.M. to 6 PM. to Show Slides Of The Camp and Meet With You and Your Children. We Believe We OHer One Of I The Finest/ Camping I Programs In The Country And We * Appreciate The OpIportunity To Shore .Our Program And 'Facility With The I Jewish Community I of Des Moines.

January 25,1874

[ryew Board Appointed I For Women's Federation DES MOINES - The following women have been appointed by the Pre«l(Jent of .the Jewiih W<l(are Federation to serve on the Board of Women'i Federation: President, Lois Copple; First Vke Prestdent, Dorothy Bucksbaum; Second Vice President, Janice Zuckert; Third Vice President, Roslta Rabinovitz; Secretary, Judy Rosenberg. BMrri Memkeit arc: DUme Matuloff, Ronnie Wolf, Nechama Pnisak, Joyce Swarts, Bobbie Leiser, Charlotte Elmets, Joan Mannheimer, Ann BluRienlhal, Melva Bucksbaum, Joanne Friedman, Prances Rosin, Robbie Winick, Zona Pidfeon, Annette Isaacson, Janet WoU, Maryan Nadel, Evelyn Goldberg, Alice Davidson, Ruth EogflMn, Rose Feintech, Judy Rubin, Estyre Hockenberg, Beu Waklinger, EUen Tabor. The Prealdents of the Jewish women's organfautions automaticaUy are members of the Women's Federation. They include: Iowa Jewlah Home Gtild,

Kram«r8p6alcs ToCivltanClub DES MOINES - On Monday, January- I4tb, Charles E. Kramer, head of the Speakers Bureau of the Soviet Jewry Committee addressed the Ovltan Cub, a service organitation with a number of chapters scattered throughout the central part of the United States. Among the participants weia members of the faculty of Drake University and the clafgy. '

Rttth Silk; Beth El Jacob Sisterhood, June Daniels; Temple B'nai Jeshurun Siaierhood, Ann Friedman; TIfereth Israel Women's League, Shirley Pidgeon; Children of Israel Sisterhood, Rose Biber; B'nal B'rith Women,' Betty Epstein; Brandeii linlv. Women'i Comm., Lenore Brody;

Editor's Note: The following letters were received by Des Moines community leaders IhUwedi: SENATOR CLARK SUPPORTS ISRAEL Over the last few months, we've been In touch about the situation in the Middle East and the need for the United States to continue its support for Israel. Because of your interest and concern, I Ihcught you'd like to know about some ' recent devekipments in the Senate. Just before the holiday recesi, the Senate approved the new foreign aid bill with a t2.2 billion Buthoriutlon and appropriation for emtfgiMcy aid to Israel. Up to $1 .S billion of that assistance can be an outright grant. The rest will be in loans or credits. I sapperted the bill — net only betassc of recent develspmeate in the Middle East — but becanse of oar loagsIsndlBg moral eomrattmeat io Israel and its freedam. This positive American support comes at a critical time for Israel — both politically and miliUrily. The October 6th war was the fourth war in the Middle East, and for Israel It wu the

transportation and mail (17 per cent). It is clear to moat observen that prices will continue to soar in lt74. The first indication wss the Increases In prices of oil and gasoline that went into effect recently. Gsaoline for motorists waa up by 4t per cent and heating oil 40 per cent. Cooking gas Incraiuad in price by SO per cent and industrial fuel by 90 per cent. Heavy fuel oil used in the cement and electric Industires haa gone up nearly 100 per cent in price.


John Kallna mOKHMAPHM

•17S«ffli MMi S«rM« — S45-10M

NATUIAL COLOt -»•< ( s

Annual Report Distribution Des Moines — The Annual Report of the Jewish Welfare Federation, distributed at the Annual Meeting, will be distributed through the agencies and other institutions of the Jewish community instead of a genA-al mailing. Those finding it difficult to get the report from the above locations, are aslied to phone the Federation Office and it will be mailed..


Black and Whit*

I »"•> ii*%# •»h»f'• J »'».j

most expensive. To meet the Arab attack, It cost more than $6 billion, more than its entire national budget. The new foreign aid legislation will help make up that deficit without sacrificing Israel's military strength. As you know, negotiations between Israel and some of tlie Arab nations are underway In Geneva under the sponsorship of the United Nations, the United SUtea. and the Soviet Union. Everyone hopes that the conference will result in a return of all the prisoners of war, an agreement on international borders with nteaningfid guarantees, and an aid to the Arab policy of oil blackmail. But It is Important to remember that these negotiations rest on one Indispensable fact: a continuing balance of military (lower in the Middle East. Without that balance, there probably wouldn't be a (ieneva peace conference, and there wouldn't be a [lermanent peace. That's why U.S. support of Israel Is so important. Dick Clark U.8. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED IN ISRAEL As I am aure you know, now Is the time of the citrus season In Israel. Because most of the men in Israel are still mobilised, more and more volunteers are needed to harvest the crops In order to enable Ihe country to export the fruits and not lose preckMs markets abroad. There Is, moreover, a growing need for volunteer labor in industry and in Ihe (owns. This need Is parlicularly felt, for example, In hospital maintenance and Kientiflc laboratories. To meet these manpower requirements a number of programs have been arranged to help channel the volunteers into the most HUitable categories with regard to Ihe time they have available and to their skills. These programs last for differing periods ranging between one month to a year, and are open to all volunteers between the ages of lS-30. Besides the above programs there is also a special Sherut La'am program In which the commitment is to work on a Idbbutz for six months.

The importance of these programs cannot be exaggerated. Israel today is faced with what will undoubtedly be a long and arduous struggle. Peaife is stiU far distant and until that time the Jewish people are alone. May I urge you, therefore, to do all you can to promote these programs and bring (hem to the a((ention of the young people in your community. Further details can be obtained from your local Isrseli Shallach or from: AZYF Israel Programs, 210 South Sute Street, Chicago, lUinois 60604, (312) 9»W7 Ariel Kerera Israeli Vice Conrnti For Cultural Affairs

Basketball for girls In grades 7-9 begins Friday. January 25 at 3:30 P.M. The girls will play weekly games using official rules, and the winning team will receive a trophy at the annual banquet in March.

The movie "Sallah" will be shown at Beth EI Synagogue Social Hall this Sunday, January Z7th at 7:30 P.M. This comedy stars Topol and is offered to the community at no cost for members of the center and $1.00 to non-members. Brochures for WinterSpring classes and activities, have been mailed to the community. Those who have not received the brochure are asked to call the Center.

Des Moines Mail Box

Cost of Living Soars in Israel JERUSALEM, (JTA) Israel'i coat of living index roae by tt.4 per cent in 1973, the highest rise in 21 years and the upward spiiiil is continuing, according to figures released ' by the Central Bureau of SUtistics. Acctrdlng to the 1173 figures, Ihe cost of housing led the inflstionary trend with a 42 percent hike. Next on Ihe list was furniture (30 per cent); food (2i per cent); home maintenance (14 par cent); education (SO per cent); cMhing (19 per cent); health I'^l per cent); and

Senior Hadassah, Shirley Berg; Hadassah Business & Professional, Sophia FersfaHifeid; Eleanor Roosevelt Group Hadassah, Ruth Kjimlnsky; Henrietta Szold Group of Hadassah, Sharon Koren; ORT, Gail Barmish; MIxrachI Women, Rote Biber; and Pioneer Women, Biyna Elmeta.

Tha Jawiah Praaa

The Center is organizing a Singles Adult Group for singles between the ages of 22 and 28. If you fall in this age group, please call the Center office, 274-3467, and place your name on the mailing list.

Calendar of Events Sunday, January 27 10:00 B'nal B'rith Women Bake Show — Richmond Gordman Center Basketball League Jewish Community Center Film — evening Monday, January 28 11:45 ORT MeeUng 7:30Special Bd. Mtg. Jewish Family Services Wednesday, Jaaaary >• 7:30 p.m. TIfereth Israel Board Meeting

Boycott Urged of Aid to Arabs LOS ANGELES, (JTA) Leaders of The Boycott Standard Oil Committee (BSC) have called upon the United Slates government to cease shipping food, and technological and military equipment to Arab countries participating in the Arab oil boycott and called for a freeze on the price of gasoline until the issue of oil company complicity in the oil ahortage can be resolved. SI FrumUn and Zev Yaroslavsky, leaders of the BSC. declared that "buslneaa as usual with Arab countries who are cutting us off from resources vital to our survival is unacceptable." The two said they were particularly incensed over continuing shipments of such goods to Saudi Arabia, one of the

leaders of the Arab boycott. "While Saudi Arabia leads the oil boycott against us, we are continuing shipments of phantom Jets,, drilling equipment, and other technok>gical assistance to them," the two said. Turning to recent conspiracy charges against oil companies, Frumkin and Yaroslavsky declared, "We tend (0 believe every word of wha( has been said regarding oil company complicity in the shortage. There Is too much evidence to make us think otherwise. Accordingly, we are calling upon the government and or Congress to impose an immediate freeze on the price of gasoline at the wholesale level until proper investigatory bodies resolve the conspiracy question," they said.

I by land, se^, or air

The Jewish Community Center's Thursday Club will hold its next meeting Thursday January 31 at 1:00 P.M.

SYO-BBYOPhm Square Dance Des Moines - A SYOBBYO social wlU be held Saturday, January 26, at 7:30 p.m. at (he Waveland Club House. All youth are Invited to attend the event which will be a square dance, featuring refreshments and music.

You'll never feel it. Or rMicule, humiliation, embtrrsssment or criticism. understanding and


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The Center will offer another tumbling class for Wednesday morning 10:3011:30 A.M. The class for three , and four year olds will be held Thursday 3:30-4:30 P.M. Beginning the week of February 10, 1974. Those interested may register by calling the Center.

What you will feeds

travel f aire gets you there...

The sixth game of the Junior-Senior Sunday Basketball League will be played on January 27th. The schedule is as follows: 1:002:00P.M. Bucks vs Bulls 3:004:00 P.M. Warriors vs Majors 2:00-3:00 P.M. Lakers jrs Knicks 4:00-5:00 P.M. Vips vs Hawks. The basketball awards banquet will be held Sunday March 17,1974 at the Beth El Synagogue Social Hall.


aaiallMlitiaw CAIU OnMha .... 391-6700 Lincoln .... 4«»-7164 DM MelnM. 2764944 Sleuaaty .276-«99t


Th* Jawah PmM

JwMUY 2S, W74

Program of Activities Planned By Omaha Zionist Federation r Omaha - Mrs. RoaalieK. ^Gnul, yke president of the Omaha Zionist Federation ' has announced that February ; 10 to March 10 has been I declared National Aliyah ^Moath. Omaha will participate bi I lUt prajecl with the vhlt •! "Ga4i EUeanaa. Midwest ' Aliyab Represeatative. who > will be In Omaha January H — a. Future gatherings will \, Include foroe of the 20 Israeli > public figures who will be in I the United States speaking on ' Aliyah.

By Mareia Hsbiaasa _ Sub-zero weather and sky ^high snow didn't deter LOVE volunteers and others from participating in Rome activities in January. On January 6, Columbia student, Joel Stem and his friends played guitar, piano and sang for very appreciative residents. Lena Grossman's reading 'Of Yiddish stories on the morning of January 9 was also enthusiastically received. Weleanie U the feUowiag •ew valaaleers: Sheila Aadenaa, MeOyc Marcaa. jalia Fan. BUUe Segal. Sadie

YAD Calendar Saaday. Jaaaary 27 • - YAD-Hillel Coffee

with IsraeU attorney at Debi Abrams', S$IC S. 107th St., 'BSVPan-4»M. Wcdactday. Jaaaary M ; T:M p.m. - Kings vs. NY ^Knicks basketball. City Auditorium. Setarday, PebraaryZ I > p.H. — Jrifirey Ballet of rNew York in Pershing ^Auditorium, Lincoln. Call ^Francie Shrier for tickets, ^s«47n. [: Sea day. Fehnaty 17 i Noaa — Brunch H Rich fPearl's, 1130 N. 47th Ave., lApt. S RSVP 55S445S. \i Tacsday, Febraary 19 f 5:45 p.m. - Tour of SAC [Headquarters. RSVP hiandy ' eene, 2B1-3M2. SMday. FebnMry U I :M p.a. — variety show at Philip Sher Home under of EUie Yager and Sparling. Satarday, March t YAD grubby party, ^Ume ind site to be announced Satarday, March M Inter<ity party hosted by lasas City young adult

The Israeli ScholarinRMMtnce, Shmuel Schnitxer, •pooMred by the Jewish Qilturai Committee and the Omaha Zionist Federation, wtll be in Omaha February 17-24 (or Community and University lectures. "In March." Mrs. Grad Said, -two braeli high school studeoU will visit Omaha, Uncoln. Sioux City and Oes Moines as part of this ongoing program." Mrs. Grad also announced that a meeting to discuss

CAREER WOMEN OF HADASSAH Career Women of the Omaha Chapter of Hadassah will meet Swday, January 27 at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Julia Jacobs. Mrs. Rosalie K. Grad will speak oo "Wanea's Lib. Aay Style." Mrs. Grad is Cochairman of the Jewish Cultural Committee of Omaha and is on the National Board of Pioneer Women. A coffee hour will pnoeed the meeting. All membert arc urged to attend.

OMAHA - Mr. and Mrs. Clifsttr Caia, of Northbrook, IB, announce the engagemewl of their daughter Judy, to Stuart Smith, aon of Mr. and Mrs. Harry SroiOi of Omaha, Neb. Ibe bride elect U a graAute of Indiana Unlvenity where she received a bachelor of arts degree in Merchandising. Her finace is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, where he received a bachetor of science degree in Chemical E^ngineering. He was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. CurrenUy associated with the law firm of Clausen, Hirsh, Miller and ^Gorman, Mr. Smith graduated with distinction from the University of Nebraska Cbllege of Law. The couple plans a Mnrefa wedding in CUcago.

n.ii.n 111.111-11.11 riIi.r



• •'


Omaha Organizations miwii<>«MM>^Mii»<i^»»i*i*i*'^^i"^^^*^

Harvey Aronson has been elected a vice president of Peter Kiewit Sons' Inc. and iU coosiruction subafallary, ttie Eater Kie^t SouljC^., Debbie Dcnenberg and Warren Weiner were two members of the Central High School's math team which won the second annual South High School Math Contest. Robert M. Upaey has been named vice president of J.

Upaey and Associates, advertising and public relations firm. The Board of Director* of America Beef Packers, Inc., has announced the apointment of Richard L. Robinson as group vice-president in charge of marketing. Robinson moves to this position from that of executive' vice-president of Roberts Dairy Co., and American Beef subsidiary.


- HOUSICUANINGrnaSIREMEMMIKADASSANI . I W* d«sp>r«f»ly IM«4 erfdb wirf ends of glos*-' j iKMr*, brk-c-brac 4SIMS. pots and pons, swosii-1 I Ing •Mlioncos, clothing en hongoral Wo nn-! amrd a pickup trwcK. thonK you lor bring- i ' Ing ceentrlbutlona to our storo — It's doduct'^



Janger, and Jeaaie Veitser.

Welcome back to a couple of Tuesday ladies, Liberty Faier did her flrst post-vacation Shig4-tong on January. IS, and its good to see Sally Appel again after a kmg absence. The January 14 Wednesday nighl movie was "Halleluiah, I'm a Bum," with AI Jolson at his best. Sam Zweiback, looking fit after a month's absence (for surgery,) took the Friday Cersmks group to Lucas Hall on January 18. It's good tohave you back, Sam. On January 20, Marilyn Berman brought some, students of the Suzuki method of learning music to t)ie Home. These adorable youngsters, ages 3-12, were thoroughly enjoyed by all who heard them. ~ Some programs we're looking forward to in the coming weeks are: Nancy Ellis and her Barbenliop Quartet on January 38. MarfcZalUn, who will sing on January 29. ' "Kid Million*" our Wednesday night movie on January SO. We close with thanks to our irreplaceable every other llnnday night bingo callers Anoe and Iz Levioaon. Soo •* MfM SslscNMt 44


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KTHBRODKIY CaM far Appalati—wt

i You can't take it with you, ipt that's about the only place iiu«aa#o-wiibout it.

plans for the cdefaration of Yom Haalxmaut, Israeli lnd»p«odiiw Day, wiU te held Tuesday, January 29 at 1 p m. at her home, 1019 N 90th St. Representatives of Hadassah, Mlirachi and Pioneer Women to the Omaha Zionist Federation wiU attend.

Smith-Cain Engagement Announqed






Mv 4 mtUi lor 4*f>«*(y Oflvf oood In U i o>ii>. Hnpi •»<>• praKiM<« CI antnriM

mu-cuc br IM> on— mtm Jviv li. II74

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^••wrll Houu* It « Ht^.tlfiM Ttaoomiih ol Oonofti

TtW JflMnih PiMS


Key in to the


Chapter of 4+ A 45^ A open the door to a Whole New Worid

Hadastah Tours for You! Tom to UTMI coatiiNM, ai they must, if bnel it to regain iwwtod moral and




economic tupport. Tourt bring people, and people bring buying power to a country that must not let her economy lag. Hadattah tpontort complete B, 10,15 and 22 day tours to Iirael willi many Plua featurea you want. CaU Roae Newman, 3>l-i«14 for Information of tourt to Israel. Check with her alto on Get-Away" Holiday Adventure tripi to Madrid, Hawaii, Mexico and the Orient.

BookBorQshi YOU, an average member of Hadusah In Omaha, are the "lUr" of this new book by Marlln Levin. "Balm In GilMd" ii the story of Hadaaaah, and it I* an uciUng publication. Tkert are only five boaki left ler Ibe ipeclal price if If-W- CaU Dwa Cabaa, Ul1144 er Elataw Feldmaa. UlMtn to bold one far yo«. Patarc boehi will MU ler ttM. UwWmmnOWM Sid Wintroub hat often taid her potitlon of Life Membenhlp chairman It pure pleasure. It't exciting to aee to many new Life Membera in Hadaaaah, and to Sid, it't pure plaaaure to »»y "Thank you!" It't never too late to become a Life Member. Your tlSO it witely tpent for a full lifetime memberthip<%^^4n Hadattah. Call Mrt. Phineat Wintroub, S56-3035, or if the it out of town, call Mrt. Norman Prad, S»-tS62.

MWIIPIMIMMRS TO M HONOMD MatdomM: Jo* Isvlniky, Carold Groit. Jaronw Milder. Donald A. Rico. Mourico foldmon, Horold Epitoin, Chorloi Wllllocnt and SIdnoy Cohan. auoincM mni tt utanliiiiBl Ufa Mill Loo Croont>oro, Dorothy Ringlo ond Mrt. Jotoph Mayor. 1 Motdomot Mon YoJin, Edward Borfcovllt ond Ron WlndorVimior i Cindy and Alliion Kohll, doughlori of Mr. ond Mri. Jorold Kohll. Aniylntnick oi Grooloy , Colorado and Mra. Mi<ho*l Kotimon of Miami. Florida.

Response In returing the Unen Lifeline envelopet wat very good. In cate you overlooked it, please tend your envelope now to Mrt. Ted Sanford, MIO Underwood, Omaha, Nebraika 6>132.

Bring Your Banks Your Lifetaving Bank* (formerly Eye Bankt) hold $5.00 In dime*. Pleate brfaig yoar baahs with yo« U Ui( Jtnaary M meetlag. C»Chab'meii Jane Kalakofsky aad Sharl Wdaberg wUI be (here lo eeBeet yoar banks and give yea aew ones In retara. "Dime-A-Thne" ... what an easy way lo contribute a Uttle extra to Urael.

Slftor lorvlco provided


AAditpaekIng of wliltot ... on bohott of th* tntir* Omoho Choplor ol Hoddoftoh. we with 0 HAPti illlTHDAV lo o door ond gonoroui Irlond. Roto UurVikin. Thit It tMr 80th bklhdoy. Moy tho bo woll ond octlvo for mony. mony moro yoort.

S.O.S. Safeguard Our Services In every dltaster Hadassab hat alwayt been ready to do two thlngt - meet the emergency Ind go on. There it no "Ceaae Plre" In the War of Healing! The b«a^t, the woundt, the amputationt, the terrible toll of livet and auffering — thete face the Hadaaaah pertonnel dally. It takes your Hadattah Medical Organization doUart to help them do thit gigantic Job. If you haven't tent in your H.M.O. check yet or If you haven't been called and wish to participate, pleate send your check to Mrt. Morrit Stalmatter, 1407 N. SI St. 6U32 or Mrs. Charlet Fellman, 2885 Read Sl.nill. The money It still needed detparately!





idi 11.15

Yearbook Corrections (Wi«n wain tbin diinai lit yotif Toorboehl MMI

COVfflHMITOM TO HlaOi amy tiliiti. IM l«*. I* mttmm, Im Mkt, ?•> •

Newsy Cf MM i*lMH( MC>



Mnnmtu,noMAi NND WUH MM ^••^ ton i^ ll hiNBe tmtm, kt» 1m*i MM MM*

niuNCi MM WOMEN) Brnm. SiMI Mnoi, tai. Iim r JL IMt. I. •• tmm, mtml taNi.

I in til |iff»t)wi*ii iM*. •*.§(«) •iTtr, <Ni>KI»j ItW f^tllSl*. Ifc WIM)

Borgain Box


MiloMtWkT MaMilHli

Names to Know For all klndt of special occasions ... tad and glad. In hooor ... in memory ... and "Jutt because" pALL: Bargain Box Mrs. David Brodkey K3^)343 HMO Gift Canlt Mrt. David Katzman Ml-0228 Mrt. Jullut Katzman II7-2S7S Mrt.SUnleyWidman nM4»S J.N.F. Treis Mrs. Eugene Rich .: 311-5353or 733-53S3 Mrs. Ernest Prietman SU-V751 Mt. Scopus Fund-Mrt. Julius Stdn tMWM LifeMemberthip-Mrs. Phineas Wintroub a6«-203S Mrs. Norman Pred SS3-1952

CAMMIWOMIN HMMHM (taffMd •« IMw OMianaflem) iiwtHJiiniiiiitaa

Hadattah't Bargain Store needt your old fur coatt, clean ck>ihe8 on hangers, dlthet, pots, pant, all saleable ilenu in good condition. All items are tax deductable. Bring them to the ttore at mi Famam Jutt Wett of "Klng't" Sunday thru Friday 11:00-4:00 Sales from this store have filled' many-a-quota to keep the merchandise coming . .. and if you've got a little time ... call iMen Brodkey, 553-0343

naoi 4kiml1hltm

Motto a wUh — and mek» a phorw coll for roMrvetion* . . NOW . . . Ml*. Joha Irooluteln 391 •7S24 — Mr*. Horold Epiloln 393-5137 — Mrt. Irving Koti 333-4965.

UnenUfeline Hundred* of ibeets, pillow cases and gowns are used daily in Hadasiah hotpitalt. More linen* are needed to fill the shortage produced by the war. Your dolUrt help keep the hospital linen ciotet


oi^Piwm "•*••• ••• ••

mnVATKMS luncheon $2.75

Mill IMl IliMM'.

Oneg Shabbat On Saturday, January W at 2 p.n^ Hadaaaah will sponsor an Oneg Shabbat at the Dr. Sher Home. Our 7th grade Young Judea group will provide the afternoon's entertainment. . Thanks for making the arrangements'go tolMrt. Joe Sokolol and her co-hottettet, Mmet. Charlet Fellman and Jack Noodell.

....utaiM '...ii»«M*

Mill n,««iH (till 111 m MMNmiilUtfkitm r Miitirt (iNfcnt MA PiMMk Nk (M| o tiin»ilsitlM)M»imitiii*tt*(««) I. «NwjM h.) wt»—•! WM (M) i,W^(liMM)l4Hlt.M*i«.|M) l(Mlw|l4lta.M|«l)

MMW Mtmt mm* tIMM

tn4ai MTIM


iyhii Bani attd IliMPjI. PUQi

Mn. 9IM HMMUMi m

wt (CMQ IMtl l.«. n Sw., Noil RL MIM Ilk, «B, 1414 M tot. amftt, Wt. (Mtr) Tt4a,lhi1(fcattH*WHii>il4i ».«.• tfilm,»m,imd,tmi TUnOOK tTArn Mr*. Mai (twa) UMmhy CMAWOt Of miWIOMt Mf*. NMtox (am) Morfoll* con ko Toorkooh oo fofoKT.



nl MTVlCVt

V.t.lWI.1 IWnttMHIVATWMt e*MP>«4 391-4511


JmutrrTSi, IfM

'Man of the Year' Award for Gokia JUNIOR BOYS BA8KETBALL The 1974 Junior Boyi . BatketBall program gets underway this Friday, Janbary Sth from 3:45 p.m. - to 5:15 p.m. at the St. UIK Gym. >*• Teams have been selected and (he boys divided to assure equal competition. The four 'Neam have been named for famous Jewish Basketball Players and Coaches to help the boys become aware of Jewish heroes in the world of sports. Teams are: Adolph Schayei, Coach-Dave Rubaok: Mike Berstein, Terry Wtdman, Bobby Katzman. Craig Lemer, Adam Wagner and Jim Cunningham. "Red" Aaerkack, Coach-Larry Ruback: Adam Zweiback, Jeff Stem, Randy Greenberg, Colin Cushman, Steve Goldberg, Jeff Plotkin, Scott Schneiderman and Scott -Tatehnan. Maarice PadoML€«aeh-Jim McEntalfer: Hubert Ban, Marc Robinson, Tucker Magid, Jeff Kir^shenbaum, Tommy Morford, Lance Meyerson, Mitch Warren and Jim Respelier. Red Holtiman. Coach-Mike Zahm: Danny Rochman, Larry Widman, David Cohen. Mark Miller, Kevin Saltzman, David Gilinsky, Tommy Kahn, Robby Godfrey and Todd Ely. .

MIDGET BASKETBALL Vann Realty continued its winning ways last Sunday with a 34-9 victory over Dean's Camera Center. Jeff Ferrin led the victors with 16 points. The second game saw Oihaha Paper Stock get by I_CQ-VaQ 17-10 in a wellbalanced offensive contest. Omaha Paper stock had six "{tlayers akling their scoring while being led by Joel Brodskys' 5 points.

Midget Playmaker of week: Mike Kaminitz Midget Defensive playen of the week: Marshall Pied and Joel Brodsky Ganet ichednled for Saadsy, Jaaaary 27 have been ciacelM. OLYMPIC BASKETBALL The upaet of the season took place Sunday as First MidAmerica defeated previously unbeaten Ski Racquet 34-33 in a see-saw contest. Bruce GoMbergs' two free-throws with a minute remaining proved to be the vrinning margin as First Mid-America held off repeated surges by Ski Racquet. Kevin Scudder had 16 of his 18 points in the flrsl half to lead Ski Racquet while Randy Belmont lead all scorers with 24 points. The other game saw Kohll's take a methodical victory over a stubborn David Lee team 30-18. Andy Robinson had 16 points for the winners while Danny Meiches had 8 points for David tee; Olympic playmaker of the week: Randy Belmont Olympic Defensive player: John Stem Ganei icheduled for Sunday, Jaaoary 27 have bM*-caaeaJlad _, L_ Ken Milder and Dan Sherman ledf NFTY with 16 and 13 respectively while St>ve Gendler had 14 points for the Inserii. Rick Onich and Gordie Gendler led AZA 1 "B" with 12 and 10 points in their hardfought victory over AZA 100. Steve Katleman had 13 points to take game honors. Free-Throws were the key in the "A" league as AZA 1 "A" used accuracy from the line to beat Chaim Weizmann "A" 42-34. Chaim Weizmann was 0-10 from the line while AZA I "A" was 10-15 from the charity stripe, and that turned out to be the winning edge. Bob Stanley had' 16

points lor the winners. The other game saw USY pulled away from Lincoln AZA no. 3 in the second half and win 49-38. Scott Kirshenbaum led all scorers with 25 points. • SCHEDULE 8«aday,Jaiiary{7 9:00 a.m. — AZA 1 "B" vs NFTY 10:00 a.m. - Chaim Weizmann "B" vs AZA 100 11:00 a.m. - AZA I "A" vs Lincoln AZA'no. 3 12:00 p.m. - Chaim Weizmann "A" vs USY

Golda Metros been named to receive the Judaic HeriUge Society's 1973 "Man of the Year Award." The award medal shows Mrs. Meir in front of the Knesset buikling in Jerusalem with the simple legend, "Golda." The inscription alongside the Israel flag on the reverse of the medal, "... honors Golda Meir for a lifetime of service to the Jewish People and devotion to cause of peace. Kislev5734, December 1973." Robert Weber, president of The Judaic Heritage Society, in explaining the Society's selection for the award, stated, "Golda Meir has come to uniquely embody in her petson the moral character of Isreal's struggle for survival and peace." The medal is available lo collectom in gold on sterling and in sterling silver, at a cost of t27.50 and $20.00 respectively. Full informaton about the "Tribute to Golda" Medal is available from The Judaic HeriUge Society, 866 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017.

WOMEN AND GIRLS FORM COMMITTEE The Health and Physical Education Committee is now in the process of forming a Girls' and Womens Subcommittee, chaired by Saranne Gitnick. This Committee will pUy an integral role in the planning of JOC Health and Physical Eklucation programs in the ' new Center. If you »rt in"leresied In s«T^g on HilJ" Gas Masks issued sUb-committee, please call Saranne Gitnick at 333-1934 or To Israeli Soldiers Chuck Arnold, Director of TEL AVIV (ZINS) HeaMh & Physical Education. Israeli troops on the front 342-1366. lines have been supplied with gas masks for protection -*HMf^ V-All.« IT V against the use of poison gas BASKETBALL LEAGUE by Egyptian and Syrian Big scores highlighted Usl forces in the event fighting is weeks action as Mastercrad resumed. continued winning with a 63This followed intelligence 46 victory over Partime Help, reports that the Arabs had and Pumas upset Veas stocked quantities of poison Beverage 68-57. gas, and had supplied their In the opener, Tom Kirown men with gas masks, shenbaum exploded for 23 protective chemicals, and full points to pace Mastercraft in instructions in chemical their lopsided victory. Stan warfare. Widman and Rich Bernstein had 19 and 14 points respectively for the losers. The nightcap found balanced scoring to be the key as four cagers scored in double figures for Pumas led by Mike Gallners 21 points and Ed Belgrades 18, Dan Katskee and Mickey Coren SilMiWagM added 14 and 13 points for the winnen. Larry Ruback led the losers with 19. T.E.E. H.E.E. itaad lor Tacknical Baginaaring SCHEDtLE ExciUanoa. And Highly Wednesday, January M EitrtvaganI Estrti. 6:30 p.m. — Pumas vs Stindaid •quipoanl Itka: Mastercraft • SaMy front diic bialua • Ovarhaad cam •naio* 7:30p.m. — Partime Helpvs • RacUnina fronl budwto Vest Bev^age • TioladgUia • WhitawaUt SI* til* Small Cu Enait SENIOR HI "A" AND "B" roar DMtua daalar, ior a LEAGUE BASKETBALL inalaridiiv*. Action in the JCC Senior Hi Drir* a D«lann...tli«n League last week saw NF1T ittii: ease past Chaim Weizmann "B"4«-24aiMl AZAl 'B" edge an inspired AZA 100 team 36 FROM M8SM4 WimPnOE 32.

The JCC Ladies Slim-nastics Class is still open for anyone interested. Join us on Monday,. Wednesday OfKi Friday nu>rnings from 9:30 a,m. until 10:30 a.m. Classes ore held at the St. Luke Gym, 11810 Burke St. Professional ejcefCiswr^ Weights- —*——^£\ir%f\lwyi training and oerobioe in under the supervision yourself of Chuck Arnold, good shape X>INNOW


r^ m


TsU aa< the flkart" sHt - MDw Hick. 7 foM CrelgMsa Blsejay gafhMmre g«U \m» Ike pkUire witb the JCC MMget Mag Ihcir exUUtiaa garae at the Civic AadlUrlan. alwv* (krt I* light) FrMt Row: Jeff Epsleta, Mike Mk« LaslgartcB. J«c GaUstda. Scatt SeUaa awl BUI .Bacfcitow: MtteKaaOiiu, JaaSkaag. JaffPerria. Dkk MarskaV Vn» wU JsH Bradsky.

PET LODGE ItlMW.taMrMIlMtll Omaha's Most ComplMe Pet Shop



Frank Sinatra; Deaa Martin nip Wiisa. am Ton Jones






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1M Internationally Know Acter-Slngar-lmpreMlonli HCM t Appaorad With Such Sta ft at ^m

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CaniMtm MItchall on TV' HIGH CHAPARRAL Also Appoaring

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January 25, 1974  

Jewish Press

January 25, 1974  

Jewish Press