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Moshe Leshem, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary with the Permanent Mission of Israel to United Nations, will be the special guest of Omaha Jewish women at the annual city-wide Jewish Philanthropies Women's Day Tea, Wednesday, April 16, at 12:30 p.m. at Beth Israel Synagogue, 52nd and Charles Streets. Mrs. A. C. Fcllman, Women's Division chairman, and her co-chairmen, Mines. Harold Chcrniak, Manfred Krcitstein and Morley Zipursky, voiced excited anticipation about Ambassador Lcshcm's visit. "Every thinking, caring, Jewish woman should be present at this city-wide meeting," the chairmen said. "Ambassador Lcshem is an unusual, personaiity with an exciting background. He is an eloquent speaker with first-hand knowledge of the current crisis. Meeting with him promises to be an unforgettable experience. We urge all women to take advantage of this unusual opportunity.". Mrs. Fellman noted that Ambassador Leshcm has been a p a r t of Israel's Permanent 'Mission;to the United Nations 6ince February, 19G8. "His position gives him full authority to act as Israel's official representative," Mrs. P e 11 m a n said. "In view of the recent actions taken by the United Nations with regard to Israel, we are most fortunate to have the opportunity to get the firsthand information Mr. Leshem will bring us." Underground Leader •Moshe Lesliem was born during the last days of the Austro• Hungarian E m p i r e . He received his primary and secondary e d u c a t i o n in Brno, Czechoslovakia, where he also 1 attended the Thomas G. Masaryk University. His studiesWere interrupted by the Nazi .... : invasion of Czechoslovakia and the subsequent closure of all Universities as he reached tho • equivalent of a B.A. degree. During World War H, Mr, Leshem organized a s m a l l group of young people undergoing training in agriculture in preparation for emigration to Palestine and led them to join the Czech R e s i s t a n c e Movement. The group was engaged in collecting information — -which was clandestinely transm i t t e d to the Czechoslovak 1 Government in Exile residing in London, and through it to Allied Headquarters. In recognition of his activ-

, ities in the Resistance Movement, Mr. Leshem received after the war the Czechoslovak Order for Meritorious Services. He returned his decoration in 1907 in protest over the Czechoslovak G o v eriimenl's hostile attitude towards Israel. After the war, Mr. Leshem turned to journalism. In this capacity he covered the Israel War of Liberation for a group of Czechoslovak newspapers.

Special Note to: All Men Young Women Business Women Women Pacesetters Ambassador L e s h e m ' s message will be of unusual importance to ALL members^ of the Omaha Jewish Community. Forthat reason, we urge all who might not be planning to attend, to come to this special meeting. . ... ... . All interested men of the community are invited to join the women at this special meeting. All women who have already made their pledges at other meetings of the Women's Division arc also OrgeUiosharjj In this exciting afternoon. . Please come! "The Chairmen" Women's Division

His first encounter with Israel, between June and September 1948, was, in his own words, "sufficient to reveal where I really belonged." Israeli Posts In May 1949 he settled in Israel and in August of that year was accepted into the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. From 1953 to 1955 Mr. Leshem served as First Secretary of the Israel. Legation in Rangood, Burma. On his return to Israel he was placed in charge of a special information program directed towards the United. States. When Mrs. Golda Meir took over the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1956, he was appointed Press Officer and S p o k e s m a n . In 1958 he was Acting Commissioner General at the Brussels ^International Exposition. In the summer of 1959 he Was appointed Coiinsul of Israel for Southeastern United States with residence in Atlanta, G e a r g i a. Two years later he took up the post of Ambassador of Israel to tho Republic of the Congo in Kinshasa, and in 1965 became Director of African Affairs at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in .-Jerusalcm..Iu,tWs capacity ho accompanied Prime Minister" Lev! Eshkol on his A f r i c a n tour in 1966 and undertook a number of missions to Africa as Mr. Eshkol's Special Envoy;

Israel Anniversary Observance


The Omaha observance of the 21st anniversary of Israel's Independence will highlight the 65th annual meeting of the O m a h a Jewish .Federation. The 6:30 p.m. dinner-meeting will be field S u n d a y , April 20,"at the Highland Country Club. The annual meeting will also mark the completion of two years of service by Harry Sidman and his retirement as

president of the Omaha Jewish Federation, Mr. Sidman will bo cited for his many years of dedicated service to the Jewish community. Election of new officers will be held. Current officers in addition to Mr. Sidman are: Elmer Gross*-1st-vice-president; Isadore M. Treliak, 2nd vicepresident; Morton A. Richards, • treasurer; Robert M. Feinberg, secretary.'

Rabbi Isaac Nadoff

Rabbi Myer Krlpko

Mr. Sidman noted that the observance of the 21st anniversary of the State of Israel "takes on particular significance as the eyes of the world are turned to the explosive conditions in the Middle-East. The observance wiU'give us the opportunity to , voice our hopes arid support 'for the survival' and future growth of the Jewish State," Mr. Sidman said. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke.and Rabbi Isaac Nadoff will, participate in the anniversary observance, Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks will be out of the city and voiced his-regrets Mat being unable to participate. I deeply iregret," said Rabbi Brooks, "that, my schedule does not permit me to join with the Federation for the annual meeting -and to participate in the Omaha Jewish community's salute to the State of Israel." Reservations Invitations "were mailed this week to the entire Jewish com--munityfor the annual mooting, Reservations at $4.50 per plate should be mailed to the Jewish Federation of Omaha, 101 North 20th Street, Omaha, Nebraska. 68102.

Ambassador Moshe Leshem Ambassador" L e s h e m con- sfiFdy"dn" Communism In the tributes regularly to various Middle East. He has lectured publications and newspapers in and broadcast frequently on Israel, and is the author of a African Affairs.

Former Omahan, Rabbi Miller To Speak at Beth Israel Dinner The annual Beth Israel Synagogue Election Dinner will be1 "held Sunday, April 13/ in the synagogue social hall. A 5:30 p.m. cocktail hour will precede the 6:30 p.m. dinner. Guest speaker will be Rabbi Uri Miller of •Beth Jacob Congregation in Baltimore, Maryland. Rabbi Miller served-as spiritual leader of Beth Israel from 1932 to 1935. A co-chairman of the President's C o m m i t t e e on Civil Rights, Rabbi M i l l e r has earned national recognition for his service as a past president of the Rabbinical Council of America; >and past president of the Synagogue Council of America. He is a member of the Maryland Commission to

Rabbi Uri Miller

Study Problems of Drug Addiction, and a m e m b e r of the Maryland Commission to"study Medical Transplants. Dr. Paul Shyken is serving as general chairman of the annual dinner meeting. Members of his committee include: Mrs. Sam Berman, dinner arrangements; Mrs. Marshall Forbes, publicity; Mrs. Abner Rubin, decorations. Reservations may be mads through the synagogue office.

The High Cost of Israel's Defense Tel Aviv (JTA)-The budget chief of Israel's Defense Ministry disclosed' this week that _ the country was spending _ $2 million a day, seven days a week, for defense needs.'Gen. Jacob Hefetz, in a broadcast -over the Army radio network, also disclosed that Israeli gunners fired'$1.7 million worth of shells in four days of artillery duels with Egyptian f o r c e s a c r o s s the Suez Canal two week ago. Gen. Hefetz said the bulk of the defense budget this year will go to the Air Force to pay for 50 Phantom • jet fighterbombers, Skyhawk jets and -Hawk missiles, all purchased from the United States. But, he added, large sums would also be allocated to the Navy, artillery and other military branches. According to Gen. HefefcOsrael's'. defense budget this y^^ar is two-and-a-half times greater than that of the.year preceding,the Six-Day War.



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Lincoln Liqhts I B Y ,A"


. . -• . Editor's Note: This column of Lincoln Jewish news has been added to the Omaha Jewish Press in an effort to serve the Lincoln Jewish Community. The column is being coordinated in Lincoln by Mrs. Leo (Estelle), Rosenberg. Those with sews for the column should conMolder Drive; phone 489-5813. * • • Hyman Polsfcy, president of . the Lincoln Jewish W e l f a r e Federation, has announced the appointment of Gerald Grant as chairman of the 19G9 Federation Campaign. Mr. Grant is a CPA associated with the firm of Trachtenbarg, Rosenblum, Ilurwich and Grant He is vice-president of Tifereth Israel Synagogue and treasurer of the Broadway League. L. J . Messer and Charles Myers will serve as co-chairman of the campaign. Mrs. Irwin Goldenberg will head the Women's Campaign division. Mmes. L. J. Messer and Gerald Grant will serve as co-chairmen. The Lincoln Jewish Welfare Federation win hold a meeting for campaign captains and workers in both the men's and women's divisions, Tuesday, April 15,--at 6:30 p.m. at the Cornhusker Hotel. Gary Hill has been elected first vice-president of the Lincoln Multiple Sclerosis Association.

Tel ^ 9 s. Tel Aviv (JTA)—Two of IsIstop government leaders of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schuch- rael's criticized the Four Power talks man and family were Mr. and the Middle East now underMrs. Hyman Ourch of Omaha. on way in New York, declared that Israel had no choice but to esMarcia Finkel is spending her tablish and protect secure borspring vacation from the Uni- ders with its neighbors, and reversity of Indiana visiting with iterated Israel's refusal to acher sister and family, Mr. and cept any Big Power proposals Mrs.. JfcuialdJUenar<fs_ir -__^ cinnati, Ohio. pardize its national existence. Yigal Alton described the Mrs. L. Messer, chairman of Four Powers as two Big PowW1CS (Women in Community ers and two formerly Big PowService) has been appointed ers. He said France was using ch: irman of the Janice Burton the Mideast talks as a forum Fund established to raise to regain lost prestige and $18,000 for medical care for asked whether France was a Janice at the University of Min- bigger or more influential power than Italy. nesota Hospital. He said Israel had no quarDr. John Moe of Minnesota will perform the needed sur- rel with efforts by the powers gery for the girl who has been to solve all of the world's magiven only 4 years to live unless jor problems provided they did she is given the corrective sur- not attempt to revive the "exclusive Big Four club"- which, gery on her spine. the Yalta conference, diContributions may be sent to at vided the world into spheres of Mrs. Messer at 6015 The Knolls, influence "for which the world Lincoln, Nebraska, 68512. is still paying a high price." He observed that the .Mideast Sunny Schuchman, Nebraska • was "no longer a vacuum but University student, is spending a region populated by independthe spring- vacation visiting ent sovereign states" not subwith friends and relatives in ject to the will of outside powNew York. ers. Moshe Dayan said Israel had Mmes. L. J. Messer^Hyman no reason to fear Big Four Bricker and Sidney Katz were talks because it was strong among the WICS who recently enough to turn down "proposals toured the Omaha Girls Job whose acceptance would be suicidal." He said Israel was Corps. "in the comfortable position of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hill are not havfng to call on the Big convelesing at St. Mary's Hos- Powers to save us" whereas pital in Rochester, Minnesota. the Arabs want the Big Four

Texas Jewish Paper Protests School Graduation on Friday

Barry Abrahams and Gary Chesnin have been named Nebraska R e g e n t s - A l t e r n a t e Scholarship winners. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Abrahams and Dr. and Mrs. HOUSTON, Tex. (JTAj—The Leon Chesnin. Jewish Herald-Voice has called on the Jewish community of Passover guests at the home Houston to confront school authorities over "insensitivjty" on their part to the religious feelings of the Jewish community and Jewish students. The paper editorially took exception to the scheduling of W a l t h a m , Mass. (JTA)— graduation exercises on a FriAmerican Jewish History Week day evening. will b e ' observed from April . It pointed out that "school 13-20 under the sponsorship of would conflict with the religthe American Jewish Historical ious observances of some of " Society:"" "-'--" the students." It-noted that The theme will be "Discover "when this was called to their Your Jewish Community," ac- attention in November* or percording to Bernard Max, So- haps October, the c h a n g e s ciety executive director, who could have been made. But an said there was a deplorable insensitive school system has lack of knowledge of its own little use for the decencies history on the part of the 400- which make up our democratic year-old Jewish community in process." North America. The editorial, citing previous

American Jewish History Week

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instances ;n which the religious beliefs of Jewish students were ignored by school authorities, asked: "Are we to continue"-to countenance this ; insensitivity to the detriment of our religious beliefs? Should there not be.a confrontation in this regard which would clear up the atmosphere and anticipate the differences which might arise without resorting to last minute appeals?"

Bible Okayed by British Official London (JTA)-A British defense official a s s u r e d the House of Commons last week that "The Bible is not among the, books by Jewish and Israelite authors" that British servicemen have been advised not to take them when they are posted to b a s e s in Mideast countries. . .Gerald Reynolds, minister of the Defense Administration, made the statement in a written reply to Laborite MP Ben Whitaker. British soldiers were recently advised officially not to take books by Jewish authors or clothing bought from Jewish_firms when they are "posted to Kuwait, the Persian Gulf oil state.


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Oppose Big Four Talks 'fo achieve for them what "fo they themselves were unable to achieve.' lie said the Ariibs were depending on the Big Powers to force Israel to retreat without a peace settlement. The return of Israel to the pre-June, 1907 borders coupled with the return of the Arab refugees of 1943 would amount

dent dent Richard Richard M. Nixon Nixon and other' world leaders that the Mideast was a "powder keg" about to explode. He said that view was "pure fiction" even though Egypt was trying to present it as a fact by touching off incidents along the Suez Canal. He said the canal fighting in recent weeks was "strictly a local affair" and observed " 1 1 i er Ey t "p i l1 i ky l t he declared. Gen. Dayan vigorously de- start a war it know it could not nied the contention by Presi- win.

Rogers Critical of Israel's Position on Big Four Talks Washington (JTA)—Secretary of State William P. Rogers, speaking at a press conference, criticized Israel.for opposing talks at the United Nations by the U n i t e d States, USSR, France and. Britain in pursuit of a Middle Eastern peace settlement. The Secretary said the United States Government "regrets the fact that Israel is so firmly opposed" to the talks now in progress. He said that the United States "has made it perfectly clear that we do not intend, and will not seek, to impose" a solution. But he depicted the talks as a vital in-, strumentality for easing tensions and finding a solution.

Bar and Has Mltxvah congratulations, also cards, for all Jewish holidays and special occasions. ; Meyers News Stand, 1502 Dodge

United States is proceeding to place great stock in the Big Four undertaking at the United/ Nations. His remarks made ft apparent that a gap is widening in Israeli-American under-' standing on the peace issue.

Polish Jews to Mark Uprising Anniversary

London (JTA)—Polish Jews will mark the 26th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising < on April 19, but it will be a lowkey celebration organized with-' out any official assistance or encouragemcnt,_according_to_ Folkstimme, the weekly publ£~ Mr. Rogers stated that no7 cation of the Jewish Cultural matter what formula the Four and Social Association in WarPowers eventually adopt, pie saw. United States will continue to In an apparent reference to believe that there must event-' the continuing anti-Jewish camually be some direct negotia- paign by the Warsaw regime, tions between Israel/and the the paper noted, "We will be Arab states. Although he re- celebrating the anniversary of jected an imposed peace, the the ghetto revolt in a changed Secretary made clear that if situation and in new circumthe Big Four did produce a for- stances. The activities of our mula, world public opinion Association nowadays are much would make it difficult for any weaker than they, used to be government in the Middle East . . . We have to organize the to turn it down. commemorative program chiefThe statements by Mr. Rog- ly with our own resources and ers > at his first formal press this goes both for speakers and conference, made clear that the other personnel."

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'Mother Moose' Target Of AJCongress Protest

New York (JTA)—An American Zionist leader claims that "a sudden awareness of black anti-Semitism" is causing inNew York (JTA)—The Amer- rights agencies privately ex- creasing numbers of American ican Jewish Congress disclosed pressed dismay over the AJC Jews to think of settling in Isthis week that the Xerox Corp. action." He said an official of rael. Jacques Torczyner, president of the Zionist Organizaagreed to withdraw 3,000 retion of America, spoke at a prints of an 1895 English edi- the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defama- ZOA aliya (immigration) contion of "Mother Goose Nursery tion League "who asked not ference here attended by some /Rhymes" following its com- to be named, declared: 'We've 500 persons. plaint that two of the verses stopped worrying a b o u t the According i n JML..Torczyner. —contained anti-Semitic and an- "cTa«iics'~yeaTs~ag6T'Th*ere~are' many Jews have become aware ti-Negro stereotypes'. more pressing i s s u e s these of black anti-Semitism as a reGeorge Soil, chairman of the days. 1 " sult of "the aggressive and acAJ Congress' commission on tive attempts of black militants law and social action, made to eliminate or take over busipublic a l e t t e r to him from nesses from Jewish merchants Xerox's public relations manand the recent teachers' strike ager, Thomas D. Anglini, who in New York City with its antiSemitic features." Mr. Torczyapologized on b e h a l f of the cautioned, however, that company's president. P e t e r Tel Aviv (JTA) — Defense ner McColough. for publishing the Minister Moshe Dayan declared anti-Semitism should not be the offending rhymes and prom- that (he c o m i n g summer sole motivation of aliya. "It ised that "this volume will be months will be a crucial period has to be motivated by the dewithdrawn and will no longer for Israel, militarily and- po- sire to live a full and total Jewbe available f r o m us." The litically, and urged the nation ish lire," he said. 1963 aliya •ame promise was contained to be prepared for all contin- from the U.S. was about 4.30O In another letter to Mr. Soil gencies. Addressing a meeting and is predicted to be about from Arnold Zolin, president at Kibbutz Merhavya, Gen. 7,000 this year. of the Arno Press, which is the Dayan said that events this c o - p u b l i s h e r of the Xerox summer would show to what "Legacy Library Facsimile" extent President Nasser was edition. prepared to commit himself to One of the verses to which all-out war "to try to push us the AJ. Congress objected be- out." He said Israel must make the ban with the lines, "Jack sold New York (JTA)-Rabbi A. fall gold egg/To a rogue of a best use of the time to prepare Bruce Goldman said that a for new, critical tests. He Jew/Who cheated him out of/ called for Increased arms pro- legal c h a l l e n g e was being The half of his due." duction, greater efforts to planned against a decision that /m.ttOT%ism7an^h^ dent counselor' at Columbia One choked his little self, and establishment of patterns of University would not be reliving together with the inhabithen there were nine." tants of the occupied territories. newed when it expires next Dismay Gen. Dayan y said Israel should June 30. New York Times reporter begin building new settlements He said he considered the Henry Raymont said that "Of- in areas which it does not in- decision a "reprisal" for his ficials of other Jewish civil tend to give up. support of the student revolt at the university last spring. Rabbi Goldman also said that he felt the decision . against renewal of his appointment was connected with an article in the alumni magazine, Columbia College Today, which apJerusalem (JTA) — Israelis lined a "double standard" ap- parently, had upset thes, universwere bitter this week over the plied by that body to Israel ity's Jewish alumni by its refSecurity Council's resolution and the Arabs in the Mideast erence to participation of Jewcondemning Israel's March 26 conflict. The Israelis said the ish students in the revolt. air raid in Jordan without condemnation meant that the The Rev. William F. Starr, mentioning Arab terrorist ac^ terrorists were free to do as tivities that provoked it. The they please but Israel was not the u n i v e r sity's Protestant final vote, ll-O, with the United permitted to take counter- chaplain, also was notified of States, Great Britain, Para- measures. It also meant, ac- non-renewal of his appointguay and Colombia abstaining, cording to Israeli officials, that ment. Rev. Starr, who called deprived the Security Council the Security Council accepted the action a "firing," was arof the unanimity it had been the Arab claim that the Arab rested for his direct participaseeking on Middle East issues. governments were not respon- tion in the student uprising. But there was anger here with sible for the terrorists although Notices of termination were the U.S. and Britain for not all member states of the Counthe. • two clergymen by casting negative "votes that cil were well aware that those .sent..Jo,., the agencies which fiad""enwould have amounted to a veto. governments finance, equip and dorsed their appointment. In In the Israeli view, the Se- otherwise encourage the gueril- Rabbi Goldman's case, it was las. curily Council's action underthe advisory board to the Office of Jewish chaplain, a 55member g r o u p of Columbia Jewish alumni. Notice of the termination of Rabbi Goldman's appointment was referred to the New York City Commission on H u m a n Rights by Paul O'Dwyer, the attorney who ran for the SenOmaha's Only U.S. Government ate last N o v e m b e r . Mr._ Inspected Kosher Meat Market = H ; O'Dwyer last January filed a complaint of a n t I-Semitism 1018 Farnam ' 346-5050 against the periodical, Columbia College Today, over the THIS SUNDAY'S SPECIALS article mentioned by R a b b i Goldman. Howe v e r. Rabbi Leon and Delicious Goldman said that Mr. O'Dwy-

Dayan Sees Summer As Crucial Period

Pag» Tltrea

Jordan Will Get Arms WASHINGTON (JTA)—The Defense Department has disclosed that new munitions shipments have been made to Jordan by the United States and that Jordanian soldiers are receiving and will continue to receive training at Fort Monmouth, N. J.( and other U.S. military installations under special arrangements with the Amman Government. The disclosure, contained in a letter from Harry H. Schwartz, deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Near East and South Asian Affairs, to Rep. Seymour Jlalpern,^ equipment .that the U.S. has sent or will send to Israel. U.S. Position .Rep. Halpern took issue with do not see what is 'more reathe Defense Department's as- sonable' a b o u t collaboration sertion that Jordan was being with Arab terrorists which is armed because "it continues to precisely what the Jordanian be in the national interest to Government has been doing tP_ encourage and s t r e n g t h e n a notorious degree." He said those moderate Arab states he would investigate g r a n t s who are trying to follow a more reasonable course of national providing free tr a i n i'n g and' development than some of their free arms for Jordanian forces neighbors and to preclude the at the e x p e n s e of American Soviet Union from gaining un- taxpayers. He also said that contested influence throughout "since the Defense Department the area." has seen fit to publish in such The Congressman said, "I detail the military items sold to Israel, I am going to ask for a similar listing of the jets, anti-aircraft and weapons systems given to Jordan." According to the Defense Department official, Israel will er would not be the attorney . receive additional Hawk' antifor the planned legal battle aircraft missiles, gas masks and related chemical warfare against .his dismissal. equipment and other Jje told the J e w i s h Tele- defense graphic Agency that there was military supplies including 50 "growing concern" in the Jew- Phantom jet fighter bombers. ish community about non-re- The disclosure was in response to an inquiry made by Rep. newal of his appointment and Halpern claimed he had that he expected support for evidence who that new American his legal battle from Jews who arms including missiles were felt that Columbia f a c u l t y delivered to Jordan aboard the members and students should American cargo ship "Steel have a decisive voice ~ln~suclr Rover" of the States Marine^matters, rather than alumni. Isthmian Line. He also said that the plans for Mr. Schwartz conceded that that legal effort were not yet sufficiently developed to indi- the "Steel Rover" carried a cate when and how the effort shipment of munitions to Jor- • would be made. He was named dan but said there were no associate counselor in 1966 and missiles aboard. He said the training was provided-to Jorfull counselor in. July, 1967. danian troops here under a U. S. grant for that purpose as well as on a r e i m b u r s a b l e basis. He noted that the U. S. continues to supply Israel with - Tel"Aviv (JTA) — The military training and technical head of Israel's weapons deinformation on a wide variety velopment authority foreof matters. Israeli pilots are cast this week that the napresently in the U.S. training tion would be able to proto fly Phantom jets. " duce all of its arms requirements within the next 10 years. Yeshayahu Lavi told Why the Yellow Pages? the -annual -meeting -of - the ~""Tryftne™" Israel Engineers A s s o ciation that by 1979 the defense industry would be employing some 60,000 engineers. 2555 Farnam St.

Rabbi Plans Legal Battle Over Firing by Columbia U.

Bitter Reaction in Israel to United Nations Condemnation






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Sidelines By Mickey Gereliek If I have .often voiced my support for-views expressed and stands taken by the campus population.: As ah individual I'm entitled to my opinions. ~ From time to time I have been accused of leaning too heavily on the side'of the young people. zPerhapsA have, but as an individual Tin "entitled to lean where I like. Recently, however, there was criticism that the Jewish Press gives too much space to views of young people, without presenting the other side—and that makes me angry. Whatever my personal views may be, the Jewish Press gives space,to all views offered from either side of the" generation gap. If there seems to be. a preponderance of youth views, it's because those are the ones that most often come across my desk. Whatever the "establishment" has to say at the card table or the cocktail party, few ever pen their views for the Jewish Press. A case in point was the recent Confrontation of college youth and adult leaders at a Conference sponsored by Hillel in Washington. In addtion to the news report of the conference, the Jewish Press printed excerpts from a paper delivered TbjrRonald-Wotfson-aUhejneeUing, I'm told that there was much talk around town about Ronnie's paper, but only three chose to write the Jewish Press. It took a former Omaban to pen (and not for. this paper) a scathing'reply to the w h o l e -business.-.. _..;. _'.;\ Rabbi Irving JMtosenbaum, spiritual leader of the Chicago Loop Synagogue, also wr'tes a regular column for the Chicago Jewish Seminal; In a recent column, Rabbi Rosenbaum Teally '.'socked it to them" about-the youth conference. In .an.effort, to show that the Jewish Press does want to express all views, and at the risk o f raising Rabbi, Rqsenbaum's wrath for quoting him without permission, the following excerpts are from Rabbi Rosenbaum's March 20 column in the Chicago Sentinal. Read on, all, you critics, here's one for your side.

agonized and in which it has acted. To be sure, they were not yet even in diapers when the Jewish establishment—the American Jewish Congress in particular—launched together with the NAACPtheJegatibattlefoENegro civil rights. Perhaps they were still too preoccupied with the pangs of toilet training or of adolescence to be aware of the fact that during the fifties and sixties the AntiDefamation League and the American Jewish Committee were devoting a major portion of their resources to fighting, not anti-Semitism, but Jim Crowism. They may have been to busy reading "Superman" or "Mad" (or Playboy"?) to have noted the disproportionate number of rabbis in the "freedom rides" and "sit-ins" and voter registration campaigns and southern jail cells. But now that they have -reached the "age of reason" they might be expected to read a little American Jewish history before t r y i n g to make some. America's Jews have fought the battle for racial justice and will continue to do

IWrife as I Please

Never a Dull Moment By Carl Alpert Haifa—In Israel there is as much drama, glamour and excitement on the home front as on the border. Never a dull moment, e v e n for t h e quiet I citizen at home.! For example: est w o o d e n hut in Yavne used as a synagogue c a u g h t fire, the police suspected arson. The 51-year-old suspect who was picked up adAlpcrt mitted the act. Motive: a dispute over who should get Maflir! Return Match Soon. Foreign Minister Abba Eban treasures a memento which proves that he met and got the better of Richard M. Nixon. It happened in 1957, on the golf course, when the two were paired against each other in a tournament. At the time Nixon shook hands with Eban, like a good loser. Bachelors Banned. A lawyer Is not permitted to plead a case in a rabbinical court if he Is unmarried. The Minister of Religions explains that since the rabbinical courts deal only with- marrlagef^divorce and.. similar family matters, it is advisable (hat the lawyers have some first hand knowledge of these affairs. Further, principals In such cases, especially women, might; feel squeamish about giving testimony on intimate matters before an unmarried lawyer. 1 Burn the Tax Files. Income tax authorities in Israel will in April begin burning all Files for the years prior to 19G5. Taxpayers who may.object should contact the tax office at once. The Customer Is Always Right The Haifa Better BusP 'ness Bureau took" a poll of almost 5,000 citizens asking what they valued most in their shopkeepers. They rated '"fixed prices" in third place; "choice .goods" second; and expressed top preference for "courtesy."

A True Patriot. The press r e - ; ported recently that a 31-ycarold prostitute known as the "Mama of llcersheba" is well known for her patriotic feelings. She entertains soldiers at a 25 per cent discount, and during the Six-Day War volunteered her services without charge...-,... - S h a d e s of A. D,XJordonl Fiftykibbutzim now use I.B.M. computers to program their costing and raw material stocks. The manual work schedules of the kibbutzim will also be laid out by the computers. Rabbinical Blessing. A Chassid came to the Rebbe of Vishnitz in Bnai Brak and asked

for a blessing on his n e w car. The' good rebbe lifted up his hands and blessed: "May thou travel on the highways a n d may thou offer lifts to soldiers, and by virtue of same thou shall b e protected from all evil . . ."' Reverse Strategy. Aklva Nof, member of the Knesset, com* plained that lectures to encou_r£ age a higher birth rate were given evenings in Jewish villages, while Arab villages were sometimes subjected t o nightly curfews. The thing to do, h e advised, is to reverse the process: Give the Arabs cultural talks, and Impose night curfews on Jewish towns.

What Is Black Power?

Stokely Carmichael and the Stokely Carmichael Has handNew Left helped elect Richard ed them a weapon, a very powM. Nixon and a few "white erful weapon. backlash" governors, congress- r I've noticed this in the mail. men, and sheriffs. As to the war in. Vietnam. Here, too, not simply individual "Black power" not only For 20 years the hate letters Jewish lay leaders and rabbis, helped elect these politicians have come in, unsigned of but their official organizations but also encouraged the unrea- course. But Stokely Carmichael —eg. the Union of American sonable fear of the civilian Por has given them courage. Many Hebrew Congregations, the Cenlice Review Board in New of these hate mongers now sign tral Conference of American York, and helped bring Jhe en- their names even on printed Rabbis, and the Rabbinical Astire civil rights movement to a letterheads. sembly of America—have spohalt with the alienation of the Many people in the South felt ken out more forthrightiy and white liberals and the Jews. frustrated during the civil engaged in as many or more There are people who dispute rights movement. Many people action p r o g r a m s as theirthis. There are reasonable peo- in the North were equally frusChristian counterparts or secuple, liberals, who say how could trated. Inwardly these people lar academic organizations. Stokely Carmichael with about feared the "unfamiliar," feared If some of these great young 175 followers do all of this? the Negroes' competition. for liberals had'-come around to They "say after all, "black pow- jobs, feared the Negroes' intruthe Hillel Houses on their camer" means nothing more than sion in their neighborhoods.' puses instead of being too self"policital power." • But they could not fight back, haling or snobbish to identify But "black power" is. not with the Jewish community, what the Negro leaders say it not the decent people. they would have found dozens How could they fight a group is. It is not what the Village of opportunities of working conVoice says it is. Black power of Negroes kneeling on the sidestructively in the Peace mover is hot what the New York Re- walk in front of Woolworth's ment or in behalf of racial jusview of Books says it is. "Black praying to be allowed to eat hot tice. Power" is not even what Sloke- dogs at the snack bar? How could they fight a Negro protest ly Carmichael says it is. As to their stricture on Jewwhich was using Christianity as ish education. It may indeed "Black Power" is what the PSYCHOLOGY was recoga weapon for social justice? - • The <50 or so Jewish-students,. be that Jewish education in the jiized. in, the Talmud. The trac-^? white segregationists say it Is. United States is dull and trivial:That ^Black Powcr'Us rcaUy ..~.But.,along,^tgMyuCjie!u, drawn from 30 college camtate WuvIn'"coJrameiiis'"onP'th'e ' 1 puses had a great time telling It is certainly in need of inten- criteria for analyzing human a lot of stuff-and-nonsense, Is micliael with "black power, ' sification and refinement. But totally irrelevant. All that i s . and all these many thousands the adult leaders of 27 national behavior.. ' :, is that hundreds of of people, exclaimed, "Where » • • • • -; . relevant Jewish organizations just how even then, it will still require thousands of whites who did not have you been all these years? incompetent and irrelevant they work and study and never, JEWS played a leading role in - were; and their elders practi- ever, rival in excitement sit- the introduction and manufac- think It decent to speak out Come to papa! Now you're talkcally reveled in masochistic ting in a president's office oh ture of paper in various lands; against civil rights during the ing. Now we understand you." delight with each taunt and ac- taking over an administration the earliest known paper mill in past ten years, have now found With "black power," Mr. building. cusation flung at them. Spain w a s established and oper- their tongues. Their tongues Carmichael spoke the language and their influence. Does Judaism "cop.put" on ated by Jews. (JTA) •?•• of the Ku Kluxer. The only difWhat are we accused of? the ethical issues of the college ference is that any three Ku Here is the indictment: ' campus? . Kluxers know more about that (1) We are too concerned If these ethical issues are, as kind of "power" than all the; 22 with anti-Semitism. stated by one participant, sex million Negroes put together,'-; (2) We are not concerned and drugs, the answer is "JudaAnd the danger Is far frenv enough with supporting eco- ism does not cop out." It has over even if Stokely Carmichael nomic and social reforms for a great deal to say about these loses all 175 or his followers. the Negro community. matters; and rabbis have been With the advent of "black pow(3) We are not concerned stating and will continue to exer" we face the danger of the enough about the war in Viet- press Jewish positions on these race issue becoming polarized. matters: But more often than nam. This could lead to a quarter not, what Judaism has to say (4) Jewish education is dull, of a century of cold war, white is,"No." -,r—r--..:.-.-..-.-_:-. 7 trivial, aM:"unimaginative. and black. Willi polarization And I have found that quite (5) Judaism js "copping out" comes the elimination of proon the ethical issues which per- regularly, no matter how much test) sit-ins, or parades. No forvade the American campus. - you have worked on, worried ward movement. Wo "moveOne __woujd_ think that these_' jibout and serioiisly examined ment" of any kind. dewy-nosed Cdlumbuses had one orthese campus issues7~ii I have to smile~wTieirr~readT discovered America. If they your answer is still, "no," you about who will run for Presihad been with the Jewish com- are accused of/"copping out," dent in 1972. We do not know. munity for the past couple of If one agrees with everything If the race issue becomes polardecades instead of off on trips'' the student wants, or thinks he ized we could enter upon a peof their own, God-knows-where, wants, he .is "relevant." If one riod during which men will be they wouldJknow that these are says,, "that's.••••L i°-no"' why, precisely the areas over which God help you—you are'irrele-" elected governor, senator, and the J e w i s h community has v a h t ! - • • •'•-••'i-U',>••'•even" president and all he has : • to do is holler "black power." Stokely Carmichael has given them the opportunity to avoid the indecency of shouting the old obscenities. "BlacH power" may do the trick. This Published weekly on Friday beginning the last week in August is the moment when we all need through secqutl week jn July by the Jewish Federation of Omaha. the help of two'great Americaij Second ami Pcstope Pold « Omaha, Htbr,' • Anmiol Subscription, M00. AdvertUlna Rotet en Applfcollon. , • forces, the church, and thit 1 Publication Offlct: 101 North 20lh Street, Omofio, Nebr. Ml££ Ptione 1C-11&4. business community. They can . help save the situation. Editor MRS. ROBERT •



Did You Know?

Friday, April 11, 1000



Women's Division: What Makes It Click? The cily-wide meeting Wednesday, April 16, at Beth' Israel Synagogue will climax the activities in the Women's Division of the 1969 Philanthropies Campaign.

If past experience is any indication, it will be a well-attended, well-organized, highly successful event. What makes the Women's Division "click?"

_ WOMEN'SDIVISION Mrs. A. C. Fellman, General Chairman '.. Co-Chairmen Mrs. Harold Chcrniack, Mrs. Manfred Kreitstein Mrs. Morley Zlpursky •

'•-'••: CAPTAINS

Wafrair Frohman ' Morton Glass Leonard Goldstein Barlon Grecnbero Samuel Kaplan Charles Klmmel Kevfe Klrshenbaum Marvin Kohll Stanford Llpsey Donald Lubln Rkhard Martin Mlllon Mlnlz Orvel Milder,

Mmtl i Arthur Adl«r Edwa/d Belgrade J«Ck Belmont Frederick Cassmen Irvlno Charney Jack e . Conn Allan Culler Norman Denenberg J a c k s . Eptliln Philip Fox Leon Frankel Lloyd Friedman .

Charles Monasee Sidney Oaten Sol Parsow Norman Pred Larry Rolfmats Jerold Rosen Sidney Schwartz stuarr Simon Ramon Somberg Philip Splzman Jay Stoler

WORKERS Mrras.: Sidney Abraham Alvln Abrarnun Leon Alexander Harry Allsuler


Hynwfl Bflman Sam Carman Sheldon Gcrnsleln Albtrt Blocn Harold Block Isadora Boudanotf M. Ronald Brooke/ Sidney Brooks Marvin Brooksicln Elllelt Brown Louis Canor _ Jack B. Cohen Bennet L. Cohn Jerry M. Cohn Seymour Cohn Hainan Cooper Harold Cooperman Arlhur Davldun Sam Davit Jack Dullch Harold Epileln Irving D. Epstein Lawrence Epstein Willis Epileln A|en Fartwr • Robert Felnberg Stanley Felnbcrg . Philip J. Faldman Charles Fallman - Harry Ferensleln Barnard Flitter Albert Fox Alfred Frank Mctvln Frteman Arthur Friedman J. J . Friedman . Nathan Glmpia ' Nathan Gllnick Max Glvot Joseph Goldware Hany Ooodblnder.-. Arthur Gould Jack Green A v n m Grcenberg Henry L. Greenbera David* Gross lonac Grossman Paul Grossman Charles Ggis Norman Hann Mayer Halprln Sheldon Harris Ernest Hochster •ernard Hockenberp

Haitian Kaplan Maurice Karpen Haitian Kartman Harold Kasln Stanley Kalelman Julius Katiman -Jack Kaufman Morris Klrshenbaum Martin Korman David krantz Max Kreltman Leonard Kulakofsky Morton Kulcsh Mendei Landsman Jay Laihlnsky Max Loshinsky Jacob Lefkowltz Mlllon Lchr Leonard Lewis Harry Lincoln Harvey Llpinun Joo LIpton Steven Luslgarlen Edward M. Malastiock Stanley Malastiock Justin Manvltz Morris Margolin Owen Meyerson Carl Milder Edwin Milder Myron Milder Jack Motad Milion Nearenbero B. Robert Newman Sam 5. Newman Marian Noddle * Dona Id Nogg Ernie Nogg Harold Novak Isadora Osheroff Maurice L. Pepper David C. Plait Alex Plolkln Harold Pollack Donald Polsky Michael Prcd ' Ramon Pred . Ernest Prletman Morrlt Raznlck Oavld Relis Bert Render David Rica Donald Rlct Norman Rica Harry Rlchman Albert Rlmmerman Norman D Rips Abe Rodman Blalne Roffman Norman Roffman Oavld Rominlk

Ben L. Rosen : Oavld Rosenbaum Ptilllp Rosenblatt Hubert Rosenelum Alvln Ross Elliott Rubin ' Mlllon Saylan Max Scheuermann Bernard Schjmmei Harry Schwartz Maurice B. Schwartz Leonard Segal Jane Sellner Frank Sekar Mlllard Seldlrl Jules Shapiro Morris Shapiro Stanley Shapiro Irvln Sherman Rodney Shkolnlck Harry Shrago Sam Shykcn Alan Simon Ray Simon Irvln Singer William Siref Harold Slosburd Abe Sluiky Joe Sokolof John Solomon Louis Somberg Mlllard speler Morris Slalmasler Julius 1Stein • Marvin Steinberg Charles Stern Henry L, Slern Meyer Stern Donald Sturm Marvin Taxman Adolph Trost YaleTruslln " Stewart Tully Sam Turkel Paul Veret Bennet Wagner Jamet Wan Herbert Well Kenneth Welner Ira Whltebook Harry Wlgodsky DivaWlnsv Leon Wlnfroub PhlneeJ Wlnlroub Richard Wnlroub Richard Wright Allen zalkin Edward zorlnsky Warren Zwelback

The secret is many women who "care." As chairman of the Women's Division, Betty Fellman cared enough to spend many long hours recruiting the campaign leadership • and meeting with them to formulate campaign "plans. "UnderTher leadership, with the help of her co-chairmen, the activities of the various Women's Divisions were carefully planned and executed, •:.'' ;••""' •'' ' : •' Results in the Women's Div i s i o n thus far show marked I n c r e a s e s -—and it didn't "just happen.". It happened because many women—chairmen, majors, captains' and. workers cared enough to spend their time and.their efforts to get the campaign message to all Jewish women In the community. ; ,.• ; The meeting on April 16 will culminate many hours of work on the part of many women. The names on this page are those of women in our community who care. The pictures represent some of the things (hey care about. It is these women who "care" that make the Women's Division "click."

THE LONG, SLOW JOURNEY TO FREEDOM for these East European migrants has brought them to a transit center, but it will be months before they can move on to permanent havens. While they wait, the Joint Distribution Committee, with funds from the United Jewish Appeal's campaign, must care for them. YOUNG WOMEN'S DIVISION / Co-Chairmen Mrs. Robert Epstein, Mrs. Manny Goldberg, Mrs. Sherman Neff Mmes.: ' Thome? Bernstein Richard Glaier David Goldstein Don W. Gretnbero

Martin J. Lehr Cliff Levllan Robert S. Nogg Arthur Novak William Novak

Mmes.: ' Charles Arnold Arnold Ban Lawrence Batt Marshall Bernstein Michael Blatt Peter Brodkey Ronald Budwlg Lawrence Chapman Michael Erman Richard W- Fellman Allan Forrnan David L. Frledland Allen R. Gllck William Goldman Robert Golonka

"SHE'S FINE," , says y the nurse. But Israel d more public bli health h l t h facilities. filii d needs Few doctors live In the drab development towns, but under UJA-supported Joint Distribution Committee programs, traveling teams visit local clinics,. •. ,

WORKERS Jerome Gordman , Nelson Gordman Gerald Hoberman Bennel Hornsteln Arnold Joffc Richard Juro Larry Kavlch James M. Kagan Joseph • Klrshenbaum Jarold S. Kohll Howard Kooper Robert Kully Michael Lazer John Okun Allen Passer Lawrence paiof

Steven B. Redler Philip Schrager Martin Sopblr Stuart Tucker*

Steve ftlekes Stuart Rochman ' Jerry A. Ros«n , Bernard Sax Robert Shapiro Gerald Sherman Jack Shrago Steven Silver Jerry Sluiky Donald Stern Norman Veltzer Lawrence Yampolsky Michael Yudelson Laurence Zacharla Robert Zuber

ANOTHER BUSLOAD OF NEWCOMERS debarks at one of the raw new development towns built to house Israel's overflow Immigration. Funds raised in UJA's 1969 campaign will help the Jewish Agency improve conditions iri these "frontier" towns. BUSINESS WOMEN'S DIVISION .:,„:_..•--..-.._ Co-Chairmen Mrs. Abe Mozer, Mrs. Alice Heeger

• Mmes.: '. ' i Lillian Becker. • Isadora Dansky:' ' David Creenbero Nathan Marbelslone Oscar Slullky • Mmes.: • , ,.' Louis Borsky . Edward Dolgolf Harry Frankel Stuart Freed Phil Freeman • Elizabeth Fried . Mable Frledel Harold Garber Beverly Glllnsky — •Phil Guggenheim Samuel Horwich : Julia Jacobs > ' George Kagan Samuel E. Kalmen Guslav Kaldagg

THE NEW GENERATION READS FOR THE OLD. At least a third of the1 adult population In-Israel'B developmcnfr'iowns—largely from" backward Moslem lands—Is illiterate In any language. But UJA funds will help to achieve "An educated and cultured country."

, > CAPTAINS Jean Soshnlk Harry Saltiman Julia zuker • • - :

1 WORKERS Marshall Kalz •;.'•' Eddie Kavltch Abe Klolz : Harry Janger Jack Joseph ' Hyrnan Levme ; Mark! Lorlg , Josef Mayer .• Sol Mlrolf —Ben -Newman Edwin Rosenblalt Charles Ross Nathan Schneider Fannie Sherman Anne Soskin Louis Sobrln

Misses: - ' Rebecca Bercovlcl Lee Greenberg • Elizabeth Hart Lillian Slutzky /Marian Slraini Dorothy Welner Misses: Besse Blank Myrtle Freeman Gloria Friedman Cella Lapldut Theonne Klotz Hannah Motz Julia Motz Sylvia Parllman Eva Schwartz Belle Slegel Beatrice Somrrier Ida Spring Jeanette Welnstein Gayle Wezetman

TO BE FREE TO LIVE AS JEWS,,tens of thousands of immigrants fled from North African countries in the past five years, like this guardian of (he sacred Torah. In 1969, Israel faces another year of unusually heavy immigration.

PACESETTER DIVISION Co-Chalrmen Mrs. Edward E. Brodkey, Mrs. Morris Grossman Mrs. Maurice Kntzman „ MAJORS , Arthur Goldstein Dan A. Gordman • Stuart Muikln

Joe M. Rica Harry SIdmen

Alfred Soptilr Milton oTwaldbaum

Robert Kooper Arthur Kultkoflky Mathlai Levenson Irvln c. Levin William Lohrmtn Lester Marcus J . Mlllon Margolin Alfred S. Mayer uakMeyerson Isaac Nadoff C. M . Newrrun,. Jule M. Newman Nathan L. Nogg Nathan Novak

William Radvzlner Morton Richards Henry Rleket N. Julian Rips Mlllard Rosenberg Meyer N. Rubin Benlamln Shapiro David Sherman



Javld e . Beber toberf Bernsleln •dward O. Brodkey Idwln e. Brodkey itax Canar

Dave Cohn Harry DuBoff Leo Eltenslatl l a m Epsf»ln

Harold P. Farb«r Alfred Fiedler . Herman Friedman Richard Goldman Herman Goldstein Edwin Gerellck Maynard Greenberg Arlhur M. Greene Joe Guis Manning C. Handler1 U u r Kaplan Daniel Kaltman Dave Katiman l a m L. Kalzmitt , .


Haarry N a t n Trustln T e r Naathan -Ab» Verier Turner Ab V iH.r Welnar Isadora Seymour Zoob

"AAAH, THAT'S WONDERFUL! At the JDC School for the Deaf in Israel, a little boy crashes the sound barrier, learning to pronounce words he could not hear before. Funds from United Jewish Appeal campaigns help support JDG's special program for the young handicapped—mentally retarded children, cerebral palsy, sufferers, poUo victims and blind and deaf youngsters.

"7.. -I



Friday, April 11, 198»


The Commandment of Auschwitz



loping technology, accelerated By Abraham KinslUnger changes and an ever-shrinking Editor's note: The following I read your letter in The Jew- world, to go "in the ways of article appeared in the 1958 isith Press and I wish to bring the elders." sue of Hamcvaser, the student out my own views while comStudents today do not want publication of Yeshiva Unimenting on your letter. versity. The writer, son of Mr. You are definitely proud that to be ignored or joined; they and Mrs. S. Kintslinger of seri0li5]y._\Ve.. Omahar4s a _ s e n i o r s t u t J e n t a t you are a-Jew, but-i-questioivyour recognition of other Jews. abdicate the role of the adult Yeshiva University and LiterAccording to you, a Jew is a as soon as we relax the "crea- ary Editor of the student pubhypocrite if he calls himself a tive tension" between the gen- lication. Jew but doesn't keep kosher or erations. It requires us both to * * * ~ goes to work on Saturdays. listen and respond. If we listen -Twenty-three years after the I am a Jew, and most proud we will notice that although the European H o l o c a u s t , Emit of it. But my family does not young people sometimes seem Fackenheim wrote, "If In May, keep kosher, I eat pork, and I to be calling for "confronta- 1967, the Christian community don't go : to Sabbath services tion," what they really want is did not cry out against a secevery Friday night of the year. s e r i o u s conversation. This ond Auschwitz, It was not beDoes that make me a hypocrite means that we must not only cause of its indifference to the or any less of a Jew? I believe words emanating from Cairo ' that it does not. I am still very be willing to listen to them as and Damascus, but rather bethey explore our religious and much Jewish, and I do not hide ethical values for the things cause It did not hear them. It that fact. they can believe in we must failed to recognize the danger I went through eleven years also argue, debate and disagree of a second Holocaust because of religious . school: Hebrew where and when it seems ap- It has yet to recognize the fact of the f i r s t . " (Commentary, classes, Bible and h i s t o r y August 1968) classes, Confirmation, and even propriate. The tension* between the old graduation from Temple High Before we begin to assimiSchool. I was president of my and the young is a necessary late the shocking truth of this youth group and very active in one in the progress of any civ- statement,' we must first acTemple functions and the Na- ilization. We can no more live cept our complicity in making tional Federation of Temple the lives of our children and it true. For too long we have grandchildren than they can been u n w i l l i n g to face our Youth. Reform Judaism does not pro- live our lives; and the sooner past; and if we have found fess some of the old orthodox we and they realize iU the soon-t Christians insensitive to the traditions because the purpose er the seemingly unbridgable holocaust which threatened to of the reform movement was chasm and gap between gener- destroy us in the Spring of to modify the interpretations of ations will amazingly diminish. 1967, then we are also to blame Judaic law, and bring the old Harry G. Mendelson for not articulating a response religion into a modern setting. I agree that it is very sad that only four per cent of the _. American Jewish community recognizes its reliigon. But, Mr. Katskee, since you and I both acknowledge our Judaism, then By HAROLD ADLER, Regional ADL Director ~ I believe that our common heritage makes us equally Jewish. The Nebraska Legislature is (LB 1033) be introduced in the now considering many impor- state legislature to give the Phyllis Corenthal Ohio State University tant matters that have been City of Omaha the authority to discussed by the Omaha ADL enact civil rights legislation. Committee which serves in the This was also one of the recomTHANKS On b e h a l f of Cornhusker capacity of the community re-' mendalions made by the FedLodge of B'nai B'rith. I should lations arm of the Omaha Jew- eration and the ADL Committee in their presentation "before like to express our thanks to ish Federation. LB 718 is officially known as the Study Committee, An open Rabbis Brooks, Kripke, Nadoff and Newmark for their excel- the Nebraska 19G9 Civil Rights hearing was held this w e e k which is more popularly with Mayor Sorenson b e i n g lent presentations during the kAct recently concluded adulf Jew- n o w n a s t n e F a i r Housing among those speaking in favor ish education series on the He- blU - T h l s legislation is modeled of this legislation. brew Bible. I hope that their after the Colorado Fair HousPassage of this legislation great efforts to infuse our com- ing Law whicli has been in ex- will enable Omaha to develop munity with the importance istence for several years and the ways and means to solve and value of Jewish learning has proved to be effective in its own human relations/civil will bear fruition in the years opening up housing for minor- rights problems without having ——to come: the State or-Fed" ity- groups.- LB-718,-now—in to rely-upon t _r I also thank the co-operative committee, has basically the eral'lfovernment Th7s~willfEive spirit andEl, generous hospitality same coverage as the Federal us the opportunity to try and of Beth Beth -Israel . and. Act and the only real criticism solve • our own problems. -Temple Israel Synagogues as one can make of the bill is that It is important that ask well as the general chairmen, it lacks s t r o n g enforcement your state senator to you support Dr. Paul Sbyken and Mr. Philip powers. when they reach the Wayne and the many ladies At tiiis time, we do not know these bills of the Legislature. Letwho served. how the bill will read when it floor count and should be Because of the large attend- comes out of committee or ters do I again remind you that ance and interest in this series, what a m e n d m e n t s will be sent. two bills, LB 718 and LB I hope the community will give added to it once it reaches the these have been endorsed by serious attention to f u r t h e r floor of the legislature. The 1033, the Omaha Jewish Federation community-wide programs of Omaha Jewish Federation and and the Omaha ADL Commitadult Jewish education. the ADL Committee are on tee. • Steven Riekes, President record as favoring this bill as The matter of state aid to Cornhusker B'nat B'rith it was introduced. The Mayor's Ad Hoc Study parochial schools is an issue Committee on the Omaha Hu- that must be faced up to by the THE GENERATION GAP Legislature next week when it The present generation gap man Relations Department considers LB 1033 in an open recommended that legislation hearing. This act provides for a Constitutional amendment to fear. Somewhat like the repeatbe presented to the voters in ing every year of the going out 1970. This amendment states ' of Egypt, almost every major that parochial schools will reera in Jewish history is replete ceive state aid in the amount with generation gaps—from the up to one-third the amount that 5 YEARS AGO gap between the generation of Jeffrey Hochster celebrated it costs to educate a child in Jewish slaves in Egypt and the public schools. new generation bora in the des- his Bar Mitzvah. 15 YEARS AGO Traditionally, the organized ert that entered the Promised J e a n e t t e Blumberg and Jewish c o m m u n i t y in the L a n d . . . and down to our! very Aaron David Bear were mar- United States has generally op- own times. ' We seem to have forgotten ried . . . Renee Plotkin became posed state aid to parochial that many of us have lived the bride of Morris Handelman schools on the basis that it through changes that represent . . . Ozzie Katz and Donald violated the s e p a r a t i o n of a vast chasm of thousands-of Nogg announced their engage- church and state as set forth in the First Amendment of the years between our early child- ment. Constitution and b e c a u s e of 20 YEARS AGO hood in a_pre-industrial age, to Manya Friedel and Alvin our strong support of the pubthe age of electronics, computers, air and space travel. Are Nogg announced their engage- lic school system. we, the older generation, "not ment . . . Mr. and Mrs. Don My purpose is to alert the radically different in-our man- Cohen announced the birth of community to this issue that ners and morals from that of a son. Harvey. we will be discussing locally. our grandparents in the old It is a complex and most diffi25 YEARS AGO • country, and even of our own Madeline C h e r n l c o f f and cult question that will demand parents? Yet __. we ... expect .... our Maurice Katzman announced our attention and thoughtful discussion.

ADL Notes



children, born in an age of gal- their engagement.


to the one which did destroy- people perish. They are com* us in the nineteen-forties. manded to remember the vicWitli typical modern glib- tims of Auschwitz, lest their ness, we have endeavored to memory perish. They are forsupply purposefully facile an- bidden to despair of man and swers to the questions of our his world, and to escape into past, answers which have more either cynicism or other worldoften skirted the issues than liness, lest they cooperate in ~confronted'1hein;— -delivering -the -world-over—Aa— Too many of us have ac- the forces of Auschwitz. Finalcepted with blind faith the epic ly, they are forbidden to demyth of death and regenera- spair of the God of Israel, lest tion and applied it to twentieth- Judaism perish." century Jewish history. Such a The Holocaust, then, should view accepts the rather unfor- - not be viewed as an unfortutunate European debacle as a nate prelude to the establishnecessary prerequisite to the ment of Israel; but rather Isestablishment of the State of rael should be viewed as a Israel, and the almost apo- necessary consequence of ths calyptic victory over our en- Holocaust. emies in the Six Day War as a Israel is symbolic not of ths' signal that, once again, God's world's pity, but of the resoluin His heaven and all's rela- tion of a b r o k e n but detertively right with the world. Not mined people not to grant postquite. For the indescribable humous victory to Hitler. sufferings of millions of innoThe Six Day War can1 bs cent victims, while forever in- seen as the super-human effort explicable, does in itself have of the Jewish people to reverse a spiritual and existential sig- the trend of history, and again nificance which is too ominous "to deny Hitler a posthumous to be shunted aside by apolo- victory." (The phrase is far getic platitudes. from figurative. The w o r d s that flowed so maliciously Attitudes Before we can apprehend the from Cairo were very probably significance of the Holocaust,, written by the same men who, we must first recognize its twenty-five years earlier, had uniqueness: that it s t a n d s broadcast them from Berlin.) Posthumous Victory alone as a crime sui generis in the history of mankind. But there are other ways of We must resolutely repudi- denying Hitler a posthumous ate such odious comparisons victory, and regrettably many as Hiroshima, Leningrad, or of us have failed in that deDresden, which liberals have nial. tried to foist upon us, because Whenever a Jew decides not as the calculated consequences to attend the yearly memorial of specific military objectives service for the Six Million and they are irrelevant in the face the heroes of the Wanaw Ghetof the systematic, irrational, and brutal slaughter of the Jews. The Omaha Memorial ObWe must face the most trauservance for the victims of matic experience of the DiasNazism will be held Monday, pora in all its grisly horror, April 14, at 8 p.m. at Beth not objectively, not antisepEl Synagogue. The entire tically, but rather with every Jewish Community Is urged shred of human compassion to attend. that we possess. And we must come away from this confron- to uprising, he Is tacitly actation w i t h an awe for the knowledging v i c t o r y to the dead, and not merely a firm, forces of Hitler. (After all, was but a visceral commitment to notjlhe whole point to wipe out the moral imperative which is even the memory of the murthe legacy of Auschwitz. dered Jews?) The commandment w h i c h Just as we were and are witarose from the human rubmble nesses to the world of God's of the crematoria gave a new rcvealation on Mount Sinai, so , dimension to Israel's role-as - must we-now also berwitnessesr— a "light among the nations," to the barbarity of man, servfor "the Jew after Auschwitz," ing, not to chronicle a gruew r i t e s Fackenheim, "has a some past, but rather to presecond sbema ylsroel; no sec- serve a tenuous future. > ond Auschwitz, no second Berevents in May and June gen-Belsen, no second Buchen- ofThe 1967 have taught us just how wald—anywhere In the world, great is the task which lies befor anyone in the world." ' fore us and how awesome the Once in "history Israel saved responsibility. The greatness man from worshipping his han- of the task was borne out by diwork; now we must save him the profound silence of the from worshipping h i m s e l f . Christian community In the Once, the demon to be exor- wake of an impending second cised was the diabolical divin- Holocaust; the awesomeness of ity of nature; today it is the the responsibility lies in the diabolical divinity of technol- dire consequences of our failogy. ure. Here is where the commandment of Auschwitz bears upon every Jew. I.n d e e d. It has Words cannot express our sinseared its message into the cere thanks to all the wonderful collective soul of the Jewish people who sent us messages of people. And Fackenheim tries sympathy at the time of the to formulate its essence. death of our beloved husband, "Jews are forbidden to grant father and brother. posthumous victories to Hitler. The family of Samuel They are commanded to surJ. Horwlch vive as Jews, lest the Jewish

Community Service


Sea or call Charlotte Rich »!

Business Printing Service 314-324 South 26th St.-Phone 342-3950


'. '. •'• -',"•'

• -.

Friday, April 11, IS69


Page Sevea


ue Activities $ Organizations t'andlellghtlng: 6:39 p.m.


I | Temple Israel \ \ Beth Israel \

SERVICES Friday: 8:15 p.m. Rabbi Myer S. Kripke will deliver the sermon. Cantor Aaron I. Edgar and the Choir will .conduct the musical service.

SENIOR CITIZENS The Senior Citizen's Lounge at the Jewish Community Center will be open Monday, April 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lunch will be served at 12 noon. All interested senior citizens are invited to participate in the Monday activities..

old Rosen and Melvin Weiss, Trustees of Cornhusker Lodge of B'nai B'rith. Philip Wayne is chairman of the event. All members and their wives are invited to at- tend. A special invitation is issued to all non-members and newcomers to Omaha to join the festivities, anytime between 8:30 p.m. and midnight.™. There is no charge for the^ party, however, thoseplaHniiif"^^" to attend are asked to make reservations with Mrs. Steven Riekes, 333-8498 or Mrs. Philip Wayne, 333-1564.

SERVICES SERVICES Friday: 0:15 p.m. .Friday: Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks wilr Traditional Service, Kobolas officiate. His sermon topic will Shabbos: 6:45 p.m. be: "Is Humanism A ContraLate Friday evening Family NATIONAL COUNCIL diction of Judaism?" with ref- Service; _ 8:15 p.m. conducted OF JEWISH WOMEN erence. toErichfromm^ "The——Satwday: -••—-" — Revolution of Hope." by Rabbi Isaac Nadoff,- Cantor, •-"••"••The - f i n a l study g r o u p - s c s * on "Our Children and Morning Service: 10 a.m. Musical portions of the serv- Jacob Lefkowitz and the Choir. sion Youth in Today's World," will Mincha-Maariv: 6:45 p.m. ice will be provided by Cantor Saturday: Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. be held Tuesday, April 15. The Sunday: Manfred F. Kuttner and the 1 p.m. dessert luncheon will be Choir, under the direction of conducted by Rabbi Isaac Na- held Morning Service: 9 a.m. at the home of Mrs. Paul doff and Cantor Jacob LefkoMiss Ida Gitlin. Dai|jr: Blotcky, 8405 Indian Hills A Sabbath Coffee Hour will witz. Services at 7 aim. and 7 p.m. Drive. Cantor's class in Torah Readfollow the service. » • * Guest speaker will be Mrs. ing will meet 45 minutes before Saturday: 11 a.m. • BAR MITZVAIIS ' Marjorie Huntley, a member of Mincha. JOHN FREEMAN, son of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Frank Rabbi Nadoff will conduct the the Psychology Department and Advisor, at the Univer- of Syracuse, New York, an• .-•^...jmd Mn. Melvin J. Freeman, BASMITZVAII Talmud Class at«»45 p.m. fol- Student The Bas Mitzvah of WENDY sity of Nebraska at Omaha. will become a Bar Mitzvah at nounce the birth of a son, Lawlowed at 6:45 p.m. by Mincha, the services Friday evening and RICE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sholash Sudos and Maariv. rance Joel, born April 6, 1969, ' Donald A. Rice, will be obCORNHUSKER LODGE Saturday morning, April 11 and Grandparents are Mr. and' ' served at the service Saturday, Sunday: B'NAI B'RITH ' • « » Mrs. Walter Frank of Omaha April 12, at 11 a.m. Morning Services: 9 a.m. folAn "After-Dinner Champagne and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Stone / DELL PERELMAN, son of lowed by breakfast and Rabbi's Dessert" will be held Saturday, of Wichita, Kansas. • * • 1 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pcrelman, BAR MITZVAH class in " E t h i c s of the Fa- April 19, at 8:30 p.m. at the , and RICHARD SLUTZKY, son Four Seasons Club House, 5050 RICHARD FOX, son of Mr. thers." of Dr. and Mrs. Ben Slutzky, and Grover Street. Hosts for the - Dr. and Mrs. Irving Green Dally: Mrs. Philip Fox, will bewill observe a joint Bar Mitz- come Bar Mitzvah at the servServices at 7 a.m. and 6:45 party will be Messrs. Alvin announce the birth of a. son, vah celebration at the services ice Saturday, April 19, at 11 p.m. Abramson, Harold Novak, Jer- Michael Alexander, born April • • 5, 1969. They also have two Friday evening and Saturday a.m. other sons, Douglas Phillip and morning, April 18 and 19. • • • Peter Osoff. • • • SISTERHOOD COFFEE Grandparents are Mr. and MEN'S CLUB The Sisterhood Coffee with Mrs. Gerald Gross of Omaha Plans are being made for a Rabbi Sidney II. Brooks will and Mrs. J o s e p h Justin S. Priesman has been Committee for the Omaha and Mr. Town Hall Meeting, S u n d a y , be held Wednesday, April 16, at of Los Angeles, Caliinstalled as president of the Chapter of the Federal Bar As- Green April 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the so- 10:30 a.m. at the Temple. fornia. Mrs. Hyman Osoff of Printing Industries of the Mid- sociation. cial hall. „ • • « Omaha is the great-grandlands. Marshall Kushner was Ray Simon will serve as mod- MEN'S CLUB mother. among the newly elected memerator for a panel discussion. Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks will The Men's Club Brunch will bers of the Board of Directors. Members of the panel will inrepresent the Jewish Chauclude: Jack Green, Beth El be held Sunday, April 13, at 10 David Gross Feted S y n a g o g u e president; Yale a.m. at the Temple. Arthur S. Raznick has been tauqua .Society as lecturer at Richards and Morley Zipursky, • Morris Hoffman, Director of appointed to serve on the Fed- Hastings C o l l e g e , Monday, On 88th Birthday vice-presidents; Ernest Win- Education at Temple Israel, eral J u d i c i a r y Nominating April 14. Rabbi Brooks will A number of out-of-town troub, immediate past presi- will speak on "Religious School speak on "Israel's Message to guests, family and friends of dent; H. Lee Gendler, School and Communications — ProbMr. and Mrs. David Gross, Board chairman; Morton Rich- lems and Solutions." You." Guests will be welcome. joined Omahans in the celebraards, Dues Equalization chairtion last week of Mr. Gross' man; Richard Wintroub, Adult Dr. David M. Kipnis, St. 88th birthday. Education chairman. Louis, Missouri, a member of B'nai Jacob Miss Nancy Ann Silverman the board of directors of the Among those attending the A Coffee Hour will follow the the bride of Joseph A. parly at The Holiday Inn were Diabetes Association, their Adas Yeshuron became .discussion. All members arc inLimprecht, Wednesday, March American daughters, Mrs, Aaron spoke in Omaha this week atvited to attend. SERVICES 26, 1969. Judge Donald Brodkey Malsberg. San Francisco, CalCrcighton University and NeFriday 6:45 p.m. officiated at the ceremony at ifornia; Mrs. Sidney Kramer Saturday: the home of the bride's parents, braska University Colleges of and grandson, Robert Kramer, SISTERHOOD Medicine. Morning Service: 8:45 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Robert SilverNapa, California. A"totally blind native".'Israeli Dr. Kipnis' Omaha visit was Mincha-Maariv: 6:45 p.m. man. The bridegroom is the Others, i n c l u d i n g sisters, who graduated with h o n o r s sponsored by the Dr. Morris SUNDAY: son of Mr. and Mrs. Hollls J. nephews and nieces were: from Oxford University in EngMargolin Lectureship Fund. Limprecht of Omaha, Morning Service: 7 a.m. Mark Goodson and daughter, _ land and is how a graduate stuThe newlyweds arc making The fund was* established sev- Marjorie, New York; Mrs. E. dent at the University of Chi- Dally; eral years ago to honor Dr. A. Goodson. Los Angeles; Dr. Services at 6:30 a.m. and 6:45 their home In Oakland, Califorcago will address members of nia, at 5248 Clarcmont Avenue. Margolin for his work in the and Mrs. II. S. Frankel, Clarthe Beth El Synagogue Sister- p.m. field of diabetes. The fund proinda. Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Henhood at 12:30 on April 15th in vies the means of bringing ry Kopp, Edith and Ollie D. a special program honoring the medical diabetes experts to lec- Gross, Chicago, Illinois; Sonja 1 ___36persons_qLall denominations. ture-in Omaha,— Rothkop and James-Malashock^ wnohave worked on the Synagogue sponsored braille committee. HAROLD WOIILNER JACOB FELDMAN The Jewish Federation of Omaha • In announcing the guest apFuneral services were held Word has been received of pearance of Raml Rabbey, the Monday, April 7, 1969, for Jathe death of former Omahan, p r o g r a m co-chairmen, Mrs. cob Feldman, age 78, of 1815 Cordially Invites You to Attend Harold Wohlner, in Dallas, Robert Schiller and Mrs. Alan No. 50th St. Interment was at Texas, April 8, 1969. Funeral Wolfson, explained that the Its Annual Dinner Meeting services and interment were in Beth El Sisterhood braille com- Gplden Hill Cemetery. Survivors are: wife, Esther; Dallas. mittee has been transcribing and Observance of the Twenty-first . „".. Survivors are: wife, Helene, " for twelve years and has sent sons, Morris, Omaha; Alfred, '•""'••"•• material to forty states and Minneapolis; brothers, Dave, 7076 Briar meadow Drive, DalOmaha; Harry, Minneapolis; 4 las; sons, Ronald, Dallas; Anniversary of Israel's Independence .'•<,' - inany foreign countries. Pacy, Kansas • City; brother,; ' As a special feature the chor- grandchildren. Norman Wohlner, Omaha;'sisWith the Participation of ' ' us from the Nebraska School ter, Heline Landers, Beverly for the Visually Handicapped HARRY GREENBLATT Funeral services were held Hills, California. will perform. Guests invited Rabbi Myer S. Kripke and to the luncheon include mem- Monday, April 7,1969, for Har* bers of the board of the Ne- ry Greenblatt of 2235 St. Rabbi Isaac Nadoff . braska Foundation for the Vis- Mary's. ually Handicapped. Survivors are: wife, Edith Sunday, April 20, 1969 • .. .•' The 12:30 p.m. luncheon will Rae; daughter, Harriet; brothR.OIIANUEBBG ers and sister. .: Ijbe preceded by the regular 10 f at.-6:30 P.M. - A-Barbeque_Party-^vill-be-——a.m. board meeting,"Both will held Saturday, April 12, at 6:30 take place in the synagogue ISAAC II. COWAN Highland Country Club ; •-Funeral services' were held p.m. at Benson Park Pavillion. social hall. " Co-ordinator for the afternoon in Chicago, Illinois, March 31, - is Mrs. Phil Kutler, assisted 1969, for Isaac II. Cowan, age YES1I1VABOWL AZA 100 will compete against by Mmes. Leo Berman, Sam 85, of Oak Park, Ulin6is. InterJewish Federation of Omaha Chaim Weizmann AZA in the Kohn, Morris Franklin, Harry ment was in Chicago. 1 101 North 20th Street . • ' , • , Ferenstein, William Schneider, S u r v i v o r s are: Mrs. Har- annual "Yeshiva Bowl" to be and Harry, Goodbinder. Baby- ry A. Wise, Sr., Harry A. held Friday, April ll,*following Omaha, Nebraska 68102 sitter service will be provided. Wise, Jr., Mrs. Barbara Paul, services and the Oneg Shabbat 1 Reservations may" be made by of Omaha; Charles and Walter at Belli Israel Synagogue. . calling Mrs. Jake Turck or the Wise and son Irving, Oak Park, Tho Yeshiva Bowl follows the j Iho Omaha Jewiih Federation to be held on Sunday, April 20,1969, Synagogue office. Illinois. • format of the television College at tho Highland Country Club. . • „' ' Bowl. All questions, however, relate to some area in Judaism. Rabbi Isaac Nadoff will serve as moderator for the contest. • Mike Sellz of AZA 100 and. Bennett Greenspan of Chaim PHOTOGRAPHER Weizmann AZA will serve as 817 South 36»h Street — 345-1044 team captains. •



miss Silverman Wed In Home Ceremonies


John Kalina



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Friday, April It, 1969


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Seven American Teenagers Leave For Jerusalem To Participate In 10th International Bible Contest 7

Center Sports By Charles Arnold For More Information Call (he Athletic Office 312-13CC


YOUTH COUNCIL WRESTLING AZA No. r won the annual Youlir Council "WrestHngToiirnament Sunday with a total of eighteen points. Mike Goodman, from the Mother Chapter pinned Ron Finkle for the featherweight title in 4:31. David Alloy of Rayim outpointed a gutty and determined Ross Margolin 21 to 8. Fred Tichauer of AZA No. 1 was unanimously voted the outstanding Y.Ci wrestler as he pinned both of his victims in less than a minute. Larry Josephson of Chaim Weizmann and Jeff Taxman of AZA No. 100 put on the best • match of the meet, with Josephson a seven to two victor. Sandy Cipinko, a Freshman from Rayim pinned Gordie Hoberman of AZA 1 in 5:23 for the heavyweight title. Standings AZA—18 points Chaim Weiz—11 points Rayim—10 points AZA 100—4 points

- ."A new athletic event, Speed-'r bjfltp^irbegin tKs~SuMayT6i' Youth Council players. Speedball is combination of football, basketball and soccer. Games will be played at Adams Park, 33rd and Bedford. Sunday Schedule 10 a.m.—AZA^l vs. Rayim 11 a.m.—Chaim Weizmann vs. • . AZA 100 MIDGET LEAGUE .The Cardinals overlook the Bears in. a close game last Sunday by the score of 32 to 29. John Freeman was high scorer for the Cardinals with 12 points. David Duitch added 10 ' points. Doug Tarin had 16 points for the Bears. The Eagles defeated the Hawks in the second game, winning easily 42 to 30. David Katz and Eddie Epstein combined for 21 points for the Hawks. David Finkle led the Eagles with 13 points. GAMES, SUNDAY, APRIL 13 3:30 p.m.—Hawks vs. Bears 4:15 p.m.—Eagles vs. Cardinals

Seven American teenagers leave for Jerusalem on Sunday, April 13th, to participate in tho tenth International Diblo Contest sponsored by the Dcjiartment of Education and Culture of tho Jewish Agency on Israel Independence Day, April 23rd. (I. to r.) Yaakov S. Halpern, coordinator of the American contest in :whlch 20,000 youngsters in forty-six U.S. and Canadian communities competed; Dr. Abraham.P. Cannes, director of the Department of Education and Culture of tho Jcwllh. Agency-American Section; Yaron Reich, of the Yeshiva of Elatbusb,,Brooklyn, N.Y.; Gillian


Pulverenfe Monument Co.

5eo or Coll

Justin Norwich

Seb (Subby) Pulvertnl*

35 Years' Experience With Jewish Lettering and Memorials 2211So.8rh

PICTURED ABOVE: Sheff Katskce and Harold Coopennan (front)! Nate Novak and Bob Newman (back), try out the newly —re-surfaced Handball Courts at the Jewish Community Center. '

WALSTON & CO., INC. Membtri Ntw York Stock Exchangs and Olh»r Principal Exchangt* 1801 FARNAM STREET. OMAHA, NEIRAIKA -


346-4555 AREA CODE 402 .



Softball . . . . . . . . . . Football Badminton , Basketball "A" Basketball " B " Wrestling , ; . . . . . . Swimming Volleyball "A" . VoUeyball " B " Paddleball Singles Paddleball Doubles Bowling "A" Bowling "B"

10 10 1 .10 ,10 - 1 ..,..7.5 " 3 3 5 2 3 10

YC PADDLEBALL Irv Rodin of Rayim waltzed to the YC Singles Championship by defeating Jeff "Taxman of AZA 100, 21-2, 21-2. Rodin disposed of. Dick Bernstein of Chaim Weizman in the semifinals 21-0 and 21-1. Mike Muskin and Al Lincoln turned back Gary Rifkin and Steve Pitlor to give Rayim the Paddleball Doubles Championship.


3 1 8 1 3 5 1 10 5i '

5 5 3

Chaim AZA No. 100 Wtlimmn


5 3 0 3 5 0 3 1 10 2

2 1 1

10 5

1 5 0 5 1 3 •0 •

5 1




TERMITES? _ _ N o N f e d T o g , Afraidt U1IKN biiylnf or nellinr a borne or a l)U«lnc«», or cvrn Alien you •UKprct TKKMITl: nrlivlly, or damaee, call a PKOFKSSIONAI-!

Phone 341-0088 mm •EMEN.SB.N ' smm PEST CONTROL SERVICES, INC. 1407 Homey


l«r Charge


Buy While You Gem! Fitted by an Expert Call


. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

Office: 346-5815





Kat7crsdorfcr, Ycslilvo University H.S. for Girls, i; New York City; Howard Koenitr, Joel ltravermaii U.S., Brooklyn N.Y.; Kehavcam Amir, Coniul General of Israel; Lenorc Luba, Hannah Academy H.S., Mew Itaren, Conn.; Philip Lerncr, Yeshiva • University U.S., New York City; nnd Dr. Airiel ElBenbcrjr, New York, prominent Jewish educator • who is a co-chairman of the Board of Sponsors of the contest. Two of the seven contestants, Stephen Shaul, Community Hebrew Academy,. Toronto, , Canada; and Edna Brzowsky, Yeshiva University H.S. "for Girls, Brooklyn, N.Y. ore not In picture. .

Home: 556-9939

You've got a ringside seat reserved to watch the live telecast on Channel 6 of the 1969 Masters Golf Tournament, tomorrow from 4 to 5 P.M., and the final round Sunday, 3-4:30 P.M.y co-sponsored by the Travelers Insurance Company and our Agency. I hope you will enjoy the" show. You know, in golf, follow-through often makes the difference between a good player and a duffer. This is just as true with insurance as in golf. As an Insurance Counselor I have the independent status, train« ing and experience to give all your insurance matters complete followthrough, whether it's estate planning, pension or profit sharing, commercial or personal insurance. .'. "'\ Give me a.caH for a round of golf, a round of insurance, or both.

Barton H. Greenberg

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April 11, 1969  

Jewish Press

April 11, 1969  

Jewish Press