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JUN 2 4 1968

NCRAC Consultant Tells How Other Communities Are Aiding Dr. Jerry Hochbaum, Community Problems Consultant of tii:: National Community Relations Advisory Council, told a group of of more Ilian 50 lenders of the Omaha Jewish Cumnuiuiiy met ia a special Omaha Jewish leaders Tuesday. "My purpose is; to help determine g Tuesday to consider fhi> problems of the urban crisis and to probe possible use of what the Jewish Community can do to aid the crisis in our cities. the. Jewish communiiy resources, both liimiun and material, to inalce an effective contriand do something---we must!" A graduate of Ycshiva University, with a Master's Degree from bution toward the solution of those problems. The meeting resulted in a near unanimous Columbia University, Dr. Hochbaum earned his Ph.D. in Urban concensus of those present favoring Jewish eoinmiitiily involvement, and m-oiiiiiiendatiom Sociology from New York University where he serves as a member for inipleinentafion of specific programs. The meeting was called by •-'— •of tiie faculty. As consultant for NCRAC, Dr. Ilochbaum has traveled extensively aiding Jewish communities throughout the United Harry Sidnian, president of Hit! Hochbauni's report appears else- both day camp and Esther K. Omaha Jewish Federation. In where in this gaper. States in the establishment of positive programs of action. Newman, to see how many NeDr. Hochbaum reported on the various programs undertaken addition to members of the Fedgro children can be incorporMH. Report eration board, members of tin; by other Jewish communities, emphasizing that any program OmaC. M. Newman, chairman of ated into this year's existing ADL Community Relations Comha undertakes "must be directed to the needs of the community in local AJDL Community Rela- programs. general and must take into account the resources available.'' He mittee, American Jewish Com- the tions Committee, presented for I). An internal education projasserted that the "complete commitment of the Jewish community mittee members, presidents of consideration' the following four ect on the Urban Crisis and all all Jewish organizations and was indespensible to the success of any program efforts." synagogues, and campaign lead- recommendations of his commit- of its philosophical, sociological Internal Education manifestations be discussed as He stressed the need for an internal program of education ers were invited to participate in tee; , 1. Establish a businessman's they affect (he general and Jewwithin the Jewish community to alert Jews to the social and eco- the discussion and subsequent committee to gee if our Jewish ish community. This program nomic roots of the problems which have caused the urban crisis. recommendations. Special guest at the meeting colleagues with businesses in should be for all aspects of the He urged.the use of the Kerner Report in discussion and .study groups; as well as organized visits by member:; of the Jewish com- was Dr. Jerrey Hoclibaum, Com- the inner city need any assist- community: youth, adults, senmunity to the ghetto area to "see the-unbelievable conditions firut munity Problems Consultant of ance and further consult with ior citizens and should be dethe National Community Ilela; these businessmen about their veloped under the auspices of hand." Dr. Ilochbaum urged an education program for Jewish mer- lions Advi.sory Counsel, who re- human relations problems which the Federation and implemented chants and landlords In the j'.hetto area. lie emphasized the need to ported on how other Jewish exist because of the location of by the Center stnff. In order to counter the growing anti-Negro halt the growing feelings of "Jewish backlash" and "Negro Anti- Federations are meeting their their businesses. i t t e this program should responsibilities in this national Semitism.' 2. Tiie Federation immediatecrisis. A detailed account of Dr. ly review its camping program, (Continued on Page 3t (Continued on Page 2)

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Washington (JTA) - - State Department officials told thu press this week that an allegation by Israel that Soviet pilots were flying for the Egyptian Air Force was a maneuver to pressure the United States into approving the sale to Israel of 50 Phantom jets that it is seeking. The officials spoke for "background only" and insisted on anonymity. A press association report from Jerusalem attributed • to Israeli intelligence sources a statement that beCHAPLAIN FRANKLIN C. BKIvSLAU (first, right), one of the tween 70 and 10() Soviet fliers four Jewish chaplains In Vietnam, is getting ready (o eat in the were working as test pilots and new kosher kitchen in I'lui Hal. It was .set up recently in a small for Egypt and werD one-story building which has a corrugated tin roof and screened- .instructors flying extensive air patrols in sides. Partaking with Chaplain Ilreslnu of the kosher foods throughout the Middle East supplied by the National Jewish Welfare Hoard (JWIt) are (left to (Newsweek Magazine said sevright) Capt. Norman II. Springer, Lt. Scott I.. Koti of Scottsdalc, eral weeks ngo that 100 Soviet Ariz., and Sp.1 Gerald M, Epstein of Itockatvny I'arl;, N. Y., chappilots are flying Egyptian jets.) lain's assistant.

WASHINGTON (JTA) —. The Arab community on the West Coast is nervous over possible reprisals in the aftermath of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and has "gone into h i d i n g " ' ever since it was learned that the accused gunman Is an Arab, Sirhan Sirhan, the Washington Post reported from Los Angeles. According to I'osl reporter George Larduer, there is, at the same time among Los Angeles' 25,000 Arab-Americans, a "wides p r e a d rationalization, even sympathy, for. Hie murder for which Sirhan stands Indicted. Ills anti-Zionism is w i d e l y shared," Lnrduer' wrote and "time and again it is argued that the real villain is 'international Zionism' and secondarily, Kennedy's support of Jet fighters for Israel," Mr. Larduer said that "not a

few of the Arab-American organizations show the same sort of persecution complex so widely attributed to Sirhan. It also makes them candidates for the overtures of the American far right and white racists." Arab Groups

The Post report named four A r a b - American organizations that had been active before the assassination. They are the United American Arab Congress, formed after Israel's victory in the June, 1007, Six-Day War "to help raise funds for Arab refugees and to combat 'support of Zionism by the American press'; the American Arab Citizens Council; the Americans (of Lebanese-Syrian nncestry) for America; and the Arabic Society of Americanists. The United American Arab Congress ha3 likened Israel to "Nazi Germany" and "Fascist Japan" in its propaganda, Mr. Larduer re-

ported, "Sirhan does not appear to have been a member of any of the Arabic organizations in the city," he said, but "according to one report, Sirhan and several of his brothers attended meetings of the so-called 'American Arabs' which was allegedly n youth auxiliary of the UAAC." According to the Post report, the Arab community in Los Angeles has been the target of a few minor incidents by cranks since the assassination. But Sirhan's family is under tight security guard. Mr, Larduer said it was an open question how successful the Arab organizations have been in resisting overtures from the e x t r e m e right. "One UAAC newsletter last summer warned against 'white racist groups . . . coming out in support of the Arabs' and cautioniea Its members against aligning themselves with 'Ivitemongers' " I -

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Sinj;lt* Copy 10 (lent!) Annual ItatV <1 Dollar*

The Jerusalem report said (his needs them. The status of the information was passed to the Israeli bid for the Phantoms U.S. Government some time ago. was said to-be exactly where it Israel reportedly stressed that was last January, when the Soviet arms aid totaling $1.5 President met at the LBJ ranch billios; had been poured into with Prime Minister Levi EshEgypt and had now turned the kol of Israel and promised t/> power balance heuviiy in the keep Israel's request under reArabs' favor. Israel has only one view. plane for every four Arab aircraft. The ratio was one to three at tin: start of the Six-Day War. The State Department officials said that the Israeli intelligence disclosure in Jerusalem was to some extent true, It was confirmed that between 70 to 100 Soviet Air Force experts were working as instructors or test pilots for Egypt. But the U.S. Tel Aviv (JTA)—An Israeli solsources would not confirm that dier was fatally wounded in a the Russians were actually fly- second day of exchanges between Israeli and Egyptian units ing widespread air patrols. across the Suez Canal during a Officials here said they had weekend in which fighting also received many "p r e s s u r e s" occurred on the Lebanese borfrom Congress to approve sale der and the Israeli-Jordanian of the Phantom jets. This had cease-fire line. The soldier was produced no results, they said, wounded in shooting exchanges because President Johnson re- near Ismailia. Another soldier mains unconvinced that Israel was injured during a 2Vi-hour artillery and motar duel across the Canal at Port Tewfik. SPECIAL SALE Jordanians opened fire on IsYiddish, Israeli and Cantoraeli positions in the Allenby. rial Records $.1.00 each on Bridge area which lasted 45 minutes but ended with no Isspecial sale for a limited raeli casualties. Two soldierstime at the Jewish Commuwere injured when their halfnity Center. track hit a mine in the Gaza Strip area. On Friday night, the Manera settlement was shelled by mortars from the Lebanese frontier but no damages were' reported. Two Arab saboteurs w e r e killed alter they tried to blow The Workman's Circle Dra- up a small bridge on the Arad matic Club will present a two road to fiilat. An Israeli Army act Yiddish mujical Play at the patrol heard the blast, and purJewish Community Center, Sun- sued the infiltrators, killing two of them in a brief fight. Twenty day, Juno 211, at 8 p.m. suspected El Fatah members Tickets at 75 cents may be were arrested in a surprise raid purchased at the door. All pro- by Israeli security forces at ceeds will be used to aid in the Kabatiyah, a village in the Jcnin support of orphan children in area oivthe West Bank. The IsIsrael. raelis also blew up a terrorist's The community is invited to house iri'a village south of Nablua.

Israel Plagued Weekend





J-ririav, June 21, iS«8

NCRAC Consultant Tells How Other Communities Are Aiding • Continued truin P.-IL'I: U

Dr. Hochbyum pre:.-.eii'.ed in general terms pi'f^.ram.i which have- been undertaken by oilier Jewish communities, I'locrams l>I.M,()(;i'i:S: Between the Jewish and Nej:ro communities in an effort to open lines of communication; end stereotyped news held by each group, and mo.,t importantly, to iearn first hand from the people involved what the real iici'ds are :<nii how the Jewish community can work with not for Kegro group;;. KKCKKATIOV: Aiding with the establishment and operational) rtcre.'itional facilities in the ghetto area, as well as making Jeui-h facilities such as camps, gyms, swimming pools, etc.. available to the general community. KKGI.Sl.ATION: Hriiij'.ing pressure to bear on elected officials for legislation needed to effect change. (TI.Tt'KAL: Promoting negro programs m Jewish Centers, cultural exchange program1.: Negro history clashes as well as the Kenerid areas ol art and drama. KIH'CATION: Promoting scholarship funds; providing Jewish volunteers for tutorial programs in Jewish facilities. KCO.N'OMIC OI'POKTl'MTV: Training programs for Negro youth in Jewish agencies and institutions. Ill'MAN KI'XATIONS: Institutes sponsored by Jewish agencies, either on an individual basis or in conjunction with other organizations in the community. Dr. liochhauni noted that, token operations" are no longer acceptable or sutlicient and and that only "continumj; commitment" would bring the desired results. Jewish Programs Touching on whether or not there should b " specific "Jcwi;;h proerams" to aid the urban crisis. Dr. Iloclibaum noted that a rearonab'.e case for a separate Jewish ettort can be niaite in that other Jewish communities are doing it and noting results. "As American citizens we certainly have a responsibility in this area." he said. "In addition, because we are J e w s a n d siilfereil the indignities of slavery, we must certainly demonstrate our strong moral commitnient for social justice for all people."

According to an Israeli source, authorities in Egypt. Syria and Iraq are respuii'-iblc- lor antiJewish measures in their countries and have c a r r i e d on a campaign ol anti-Jewish incitement in their .state-controlled press, radio and television. Some L'iO Kgyptiiin Jews, all heads of families, arc still in prison, the source said. They are said to be close to starvation, and have been deprived of all income, employment and property. No charges have been brought against them. "Their

only crime is being Jewish." the Syrian Jews are not allowed source said. t o . leave the country and Iho The J e w i s h community of International Red Cross, as well Egypt numbers y little less than as several diplomatic missions, 2.J00 about 1,500 in Cairo and have tried unsuccessfully to get l.OOd in Alexandria. They are exit permits for who wish either s.tateliss or Egyptian sub- to leave, the source said. jects, but all live in misery, the The Syrian Jews have been source said. confined to ghettos "where they Syrian Jews are subjected to constant presThe Israel source said that sure and extortion." They are there are some li.fiOO Jews in obliged to carry identify cards Syria About •>. mill live in Da- with the word .lev;" in red on it. mascus, a little over 1.000 in Some Damascus Jews have been Aleppo and the rest are in Kaiu- imprisoned. There have been ishli. Most possess Syrian na- eases of attacks, stoning and tionality and a few arc stateless therat.s. The Damascus Jewisii or are Iraqi or Iranian nation- cemetery has been desecrated als. •The Jews of Kamishli and and a paved road laid through Aleppo are on the verge of star- it. vation." the source said. "The A Syrian Army circular reLONDON IZINSI - - Dr. Dean condition ol the Kamir.hli Jews cently circulated c o n t a i n s a Newbauer ot the University of is particularly serious because "partial list" of Jewish shops California in Irving, has com- the town lies near the Syrian- and addresses, and forbids all piled an indexed assessment of Turkish frontier and its Jews Army personnel to deal with democracy in relation to the. eco- are constantly harassed on the them, on pain of severe penalnomic situation in various coun- pretext of security." Hetween ties, the source said, last August and September a tries. curfew was imposed upon them Iraqui Jews In his work Prcl. Newbauer and they suffered "great hardSince the Six Dav War. Iraqi refutes the widespread belief ship and privation." Their re- Jews have been subjected \<> that nations which develop eco- ligious objects were publicly ever greater restrictions and nomically and socially are more burned. deprivations. Laws have denied democratic than backward peothem civil liberties, freedom of ples, lie concedes thai a minim o v e m e n t and employment. mum of economic expansion is Many Jews live in fear of their required for a country to attain lives. Authorities including the? a democratic .society, but the .secret police, have threatened' moment that, minimum is surthem with murder. The source passed, the correlation between LONDON >JTAl The London economics and democracy ends. D a i 1 y Telegraph's Jerusalem said th.V. .telephone lines in'.o their h o m e s have been cut, In prepared graphs he dem- correspondent r e p o r t e d this many have been arrested and on s i r a t e s thai the Uuiien weekend ihat Bishara Satnmr'h released only after paying a emphasis on formal religious af- States occupies first place in Sirhan. father of Sirhan Risharn high ransom. In one such case lirmations. economic growth, but drops to Sirhan. the Jordanian accused a girl was arrested and repeatOn another rcligioas level, the 13th as a democratic gov- of assassinating Senator Hob- edly raped in prison, the source Dr. (ireenberg a d d e d , he de- ernment. Israel is l.'ith in eco- ert F. Kennedy, has received said. Jewish students have been tects a new dialectic of f a i t h nomic achievement, and 12th in a permit from Israeli authori- expelled from universities and and doubt as the events of the democratic development, v.hich ties to leave his West Hank vilmeans it is behind America eco- lage to t r a v e l to the United schools, and Jews have been Nazi period are re^xanuned. dismissed from their jobs. "On the other hand," he con- nomically, but ahead of it demo- Stales for his son's trial. cluded, '.'while religions observ- cratically. In Washington, it was reportance is b e c o in i n g more proEngland is listed first as an ed that Arab attorneys are seekfound. Jev.'.s are turning toward authentic democracy, and 7th in ing Stale Department help in more secularly as a result of economic prowess. In the same coming to the U.S. to defend Mr. the* existence of the State of order France is s e c o n d , and Sirhan. Two lawyers in Beirut, Israel. U n t i I now. Jews have Kith In.reverse order Sweden Lebanon, have offered to fly to WASHINGTON (JTA) - - The been a people without power. is 2nd. and •Ith; West Germany Los Angeles to aid in the de- FBI is investigating possible Now they must face the dilem- !tth and Kith; Chile 21st and liilh; fense. links between the violently racist ma of power -- its moral use Canada 4th and 15th. and BelMoussa Prince asked for fa- and anti Semitic National Stale and political reality." gium 12th and (ith. cilities to go to Los Angeles to Rights Party and the May 27 " c l a r i f y Uic circumstances bombing cf r, synagof-uc ;:; Mcrw h i c h surrounded Sen. Ken- idan, Miss., the" Washington Post n i l * if 1 I' nedy's assassination." He wrote reported this week. the U.S. Embassy in lieirut that The party has been recruitingbe should be informed on devel- Ku Klux Klansmen in the Meriopments in the case because dan area, the newspaper said. "the Arab people have the right Minneapolis, Minn. I'JTA)— ments and contributions of our to know the real motives that The FBI has evidence indicating; that some of the same people Four Minneapolis Saint P a u 1 people to modern civilization are made Sirhan do what he did." responsible for the bombing of rabbis have called ujwn the ignored or credited to the na- Mr. Prince would be accompa- a synagogue and a rabbi's house Jewish community to approach tional culture of liie country in nied by his assistant, Abdei in Jackson. Miss., last Novempublic school authorities willi which these Jews lived." In ap- II a m i d e 1-Ahd.ib. They have ber are also involved in the an appeal to include units and pealing for curricula about cabled an offer of aid to Wilbur Meridian violence. No arrests I.illlefield, Mr. Sirhan's courtcourses on Jewish history and Jewish contributions to world appointed public defender, in have been made in either of the cases but rewards have been and American history, the rabculture in curricular in public Los Angeles. posted. schools and at the University of bis acknowledged that they recognized the principle of churchMinnesota. state separation and did not The rabbis pointed out that educators'arc reorganizing '.so- want Judaism taught as a recial study programs with a view ligion in public schools. toward introducing instruction about the Negro. Indian and OMAHA'S LEADING MRS. ISADOItrC OSHKKOIT other minority group;;. The rabextends her (hanks (o her many Kosher Meat Market & Delicatessen bis making the appeal were Kassel Abel.son. Arnold Good- relatives and friends for the 551-5554 4415 Cuming cards, gifts, flowers, contribuman, Moses Sachs and Bernard tions to charily and other exRaskas. "At present the Jew is the in- pressions of good wishes ollered Open Sunday 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. visible man in world and Amer- during her recent hos|iilali/.iican history.'' they declared. lifjn. Pocket or Brisket "The tremendous accomplish-

Israel Rated Demoeralte Than U.S.

eest oncei

NEW Y O H K - - Jews, who have tended to reject the concept of "the chosen people" during the past 100 years because of their drive to integrate into ii more open society, appear ready to reaffirm this calling in the wake of the Nazi Holocaust and the founding of'the State of Israel. Dr. Irving Grcenberg of Yeshiva University told a closing-day session of the American J e w i s h Committee's (".2nd Annual "Meet ing"Major historic events have always reshaped J e w i s h life. While the whole world are survivors of Auschwitz, it is particularly basic to Jews to reaifirm life at 'all costs." New Concepts "The key to Jewish existence." he continued, "has been the willingness to accept the obligations of. ch'oseness. A new religious emphasis has emerged since the Holocaust. As a result, this generation of young American Jews is less self-conscious about its Judaism than were their parents. And ii is less sentimental and more critical of the synagogue. "While their parents practice a vicarious religion, manifested through communal activity and a limited synagogue attendance. this generation wishes to irlte.juate religion into its life. These young people are less conventional and have feweer hangups a b o u t their identity as Jews than their parents. "Unfortunately, the religious institutions, which are geared to the thinking of the late liKiu's. are unprepared for them. And because the young people are clearer about their identity, they will be less fearful of charges of double loyalty, which they wiii dismiss." The Holocaust affected religion, Dr. Greenbcrg pointed out, by bringing about a greater concern for the survivors — for h u m a n n e e d s , with a de-

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Israel Okays U.S. Visit of Sirhan Sr.

FBI Probes Bombing Of Miss. Synagogue


urge jewisn nisjoty

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Friday, June 21, 1988


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Group of 50 Endorses 4 Points Of ADL Committee's Program (Continued from Page 1) be implemented quickly and could iricludf a ('oiin,iiuiitv conference, special training lor all program chairmen of Jewish organizations on what program materials are available, incorporate a on Negro history, current problems in our

l i v i n g MitclicM T e l l , d i a i i m a i t o f t h e S o u c l ) i i f Ilic I m m l c , l u m u i i i u n p o f llic A i i i ' - i k , m I l a n d s o f l l . c J I C I fiivtTiily. d i - ' P l a j ' I lie S. V . A g n u n ( m l i l Meil il t o t h e p i i r u p i U u t ll • .mini \\ I DUIUI-I N IIIIII .T in N't ^ m l < ily. al v.liidi N i i l h a n i c l I . ( i o U K l e i n hciilecl left), f o r m e r A l l o m t y ( i c i i c n i l n l N e w V o r k Sl;itc a n d p r e s i d e n t o f tiic . \ m c i i c ; m l-'ricnd-, iif I h e H e b r e w U n i s c i i i l y r e c e i v e d Hie A g m w i M e d a l , l o o k i n g o n i n c . S a m u e l ttolhhci'x ( M . i n . l i n g i . c h a i m i a i i o f t h e H o a u l of C i o v c r n m s o f I h e l l c l ' i c w U n i v e r s i t y o f J e i u . a l e i i i : A v i a h a n i l l n r m a n , p r e s i d e n t o f l " c J l e b i e w L ' n i v e n i l y a n d M a j o r - G e n e r a l Yil/li:ik R a h i n . A t i i l n m a d o r u f Israel l o i h e U n i t e d S l a t e s .

Boston i.I'l'At— Tlie president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Reform rabbinic association, called for action to combat the "dangers to the American Jewish religions community .stemming from llw secular-oriented synagogue in a God-ignoring society." Rabbi Lcvi A. (Man. of Dallas. In his address before the 7!Hh annual meeting of the CCAH, jilso urged a redeiiuing of the role of the rabbi "who is heir to a tradition of an affirmative God-faith" but "now confronts 1a congregation whose member. ;, are affluent without the lielu. of God" and who "is troubled* by ~thr




dedicated itself to Communism while others have become convinced by technological and scientific advances that they "can do almost everything without God." He said that the Jewish future "is threatened by the colossal ignorance of .Judaism of the modern Jew more than by any other force without or within the community." and that while it is still essential to emphasize community fund-raising to ensure Jewish physical survival, "we must find new funds for our work in which we have neglected to a large extent tin; religious.needs of our congregations" it*iiii>iS Kuit*

his high calling to the busy schedule in which he is imprisoned." P.abbi Olan described "our nge as the most secular since the days of Constantine" in which one-third of the world has

Rabbi Olan said that the rabbi's traditional scholarly function has been subordinated in the congregation to that of an officiant, an administrator arid a public relations expert since "it is the secularized layman who

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Although Anti-Defamation League studies four years ago found less anti-Semitism among Negroe anti-Semitism has emerged pendulum has swung the other way" and a marked rise in Nogro.s anti-Semitism has emerged during recent tensions, according to Jason Silvcrman, regional director of the B'nai B'rith ADU Mr. . Silvcrman - spoke on a special CBS-TV program which examined the problem emerging froiti the riots here following the assassination of Negro civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. last April. Mr. Silverman said that Jews were singled out although they tried lo help Negroes because the Negroes expected something from them and they became the targets of Negro frustrations.

He said that Negro anti-Semitism is dangerous and must be rooted out. A Negro spokesman interviewed on the program said that "absentee landlords" and "absentee merchants" were no longer welcome in the ghelto. He charged that white business men exploited the Negroes and declared that ghetto businesses must be taken over by Negroes.


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today defines the office of rabbi." The result, he stated, is a spiritual leader "left with a vacuum which is then filled with disquiet, often frustration and. at worst, despair.' The rabbinical leader restated the CCAR's position in opposition to the war in Vietnam. "We are witness to a callous enjoyment of prosperity, a bacchanalian revelry of luxurious living and sumptuous partying while children are burned with napnhn. boys are killed and wounded in the hundreds of thousands, homes are reduced to dust and millions are made

Bonn (JTA)—Ten former members of Hitler's police were acquitted in Bochum this" week of taking part in the killing of 8.800 Jews in Russia between 1941 and 1944. The court complied with the prosecution's demand that the men, now between 52 and 56 years of age, be cleared because they had acted under orders and their guilt could no longer be proved beyond reasonable doubt. Rio de Janeiro (JTA)—Fortyeight Brazilian Jews are en route to Israel aboard the liner Theodor Herzl to settle there. They comprise the fourth and largest group of immigrants to leave Brazil for Israel since January. 10GB. They are mostly young men and girls under 22 years of age.


• llquon • Sandwlehej

New York i JTA I—The Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Kunds has undertaken the first national .study of the Jewish, population of the United s t a l e s - a n d expects it to provide basic planning information never before available to the American Jewish community." The first phase of the study has been completed, according to Louis .1. Fox. CJFWF president. It consisted of the pooling of all known information on the Jewish population in every county in the United States, The next steps will be the selection of 10.000 sample households for personal interviews, drafting of a questionnaire and the actual interviewing. The study will provide basic information on attitudes, patterns of Jewish identification, intermarriages, the use of Jewish and other organizations and services, and contributions. It will also furnish basic demographic data —age. sex, vocation, education and similar facts. This data. Mr. Fox said, "will be an invaluable tool in designing and delivering services best suited to the current and future needs of American Jews."

religion:; school curricula. e!c. 4. The Omaha Jewish Federation should join with our Temples and Synagogues in immediately affiliating with P r o j e c t Equality. Discussion Following lengthy discussions on each of the lour recommendations of the ADL committee, overwhelming s u p p o r t was voiced by present for ths immediate implementation of the suggested programs. Mr. Sidman said that a meeting oi the Federation Executive Committee would be called within the week to give "serious consideration" to the views expressed and the recommendations lor immediate implementation of programs. A number of other recommendations of the ADL commutes were discussed briefly, including projects in the areas of homing, employment and finance. In addition, the group voiced s ti p p o r t of recommendations presented by Norman Hahn to: 1) Establish a tutorial program under the auspices of the Jewish Federation, involving local Jewish youth and using Jewish Community Center facilities. 2) Offer assistance to the Negro community for the establishment of a Negro Federation.

Educator Criticizes Recruitment Efforts Of Jewish Agencies

DETROIT (JTA)—A prominent Jewish educator has sharply criticized Jewish c o m m u n a l agencies for directing their manpower recruitment efforts to the "wrong places at the wrong time" and for appearing as corporations in size and behavior Renewed Purge pattern, thereby repelling the "best potential comOf Polish Jewry munal fields." London f JTA)—Polish Interior Dr. Judah J. Shapiro, in an Minister Gen. Mieczlaw Moczar, address at the concluding seswho heads the Secret Police, is sion of the National Conference lending a renewed purge of Pol- of Jewish Communial Workers, ish Jews, reporter Neal Ascher- attributed to these failings son said in the Sunday Observer. present manpower crisis in the tha ''Deep bewilderment, and shock Jewish communal field. Dr. among veteran Communists of Shapiro pointed out that vocaJewish <?x( r.sction are reported tional guidance in public schools by visitors returning to East is introduced at an early age Berlin from Warsaw," he said. level "when children and adoles"While many are still trying to are forming their vocaput a brave face on things, oth- cents d e c i s i o n s and aspiraers are on the edge of a nervous tional tions." Jewish recruitment for breakdown,'' he reported. personnel, however, Ascherson reported that one communal only pursued at college level Communist whose parents were is both gassed at Auschwitz and and beyond, he said. The starting age for vocationwho was politically persecuted iu the West, recently lost his job al infleunce, he maintained, as a journalist. He refused the should be in such institutions offer of a passport valid only as the J e w i s h schools synagogue, and community centers. for Israel.

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By BORIS SMOLAR I* A It I S M O 0 I) S: Jews in France are nervous following the turbulent .strikes and demonstrations. And tlit-y have a good reason to he. French Jewry is nervous because of the antiSemitic tendencies that were brought out into the open by young Gaullists during the student unrest in Paris and also because of the intense hatred which General tie Gaulle displayed against former Premier Pierre Mendes-France —a Jew— whom he considers his major political opponent. What bothers the Jews in France now is the lact. that among the Gaullists who have shown their strength in the huge demonstration on the Champs Elysee there are quite a number who, by t h e i r references to Mendes-France as a Jew, are serving the purposeof the antiSemitic elements in the country. Jews in France cannot forget that an opinion poil last year found 44 per cent of the French public in agreement with General de Gaulle's remark about Jews being a •'dominating elite." Nor have they forgotten that only two years ago a survey . found roughly 20 per cent of

The JDC oll'ice in 1'aiis lost no time in taking c;ue of tlnsi' reliifjces—the majority of (hem Irom North Africa. It mobilized i\onii ti auxiliaries, itlm cither by foot or by using ears from people who still had some gas lelt, undertook to deliver food and cash to the needy Jewish refugees residing in remote sections of tile city. This at a time when general welfare work in Hie city was compleiely paralyzed. .Some of the JDC employees volunteered to w a I k miles to deliver aid to the refugees daily. Incidentally, not a single Jewish w e l f a r e institution was cl'jttd in Paris during the general strike, despite the fact that tin; personnel belonged to the striking unions. By explaining to the unions the nature of their work, the employees were permitted to perform their lunctions. The JDC offices has remained open all the time and was in • touch with all Jewish welfare offices in the city. Thus, with the aid of devoted and eiiicient volunteers—mostly ladies—the JDC in Paris has prevented thousands of 'needy Jews from starvation in the days when they were completely isolated from the relief institutions,

By CAUL AU'KRT Haifa — Spillover from the thousands of mc-morand;< I have jotted down and which are beginning to bulge out of a jammed c u p b o a r d labeled: "Notes for a book on I s r a e l which ought to be written." Kibbutz Planning "Attention Future Parents'' read the headline of a notice in an internal bul!eli!) of a re".' kibbutz the first week in March "The local school will open a First Grade on September 1, 1974 Pupils will be accepted whose i "• / dale of birtti is \ ' ' up to December !i ' J '' s VI, 1%8. This ts ' ' your last chance Alpert —don't miss it!" Credit Hating A-l When Finance Minister Pinlias Sapir arrived at Lydda airport from overseas three hours earlier than expected, there was no one (o meet him. He hired a cab to lake him to his home in Kfar Saba, and only upon arrival discovered he had no money with which to pay. The

By David Schwartz The English word "assassin"' comes from the Arabic "Hashashan" smokers of Hashish. During the 12th century, a mystic group of Moslems dedicated themselves to the «•* - murder of their enemies. The Israeli cm ly, Yediot Achranot, c a r ri e s a s t o r y , quoting some source that the shooting of Robert Kennedywas the work of such a revived group. A kind of internationalize d "• Schwartz El Fatah. The purpose of this murder band is to cast such terror internationally that it will cause political leaders to be afraid of lending any support to Israel. The Israeli paper admits there is no proof for this but points out that Arab papers in Lebanon recently carried stories urging the organization of an international band. It is the kind of an idea to appeal to tha fantasyloving Arab. Arab Fantasy The Arabs are highly prone to fantasy. Some of it may come from Hashish. There is a great deal of Hashish smoking in the Arab lands. Mohammed banned alcohol and Hashish takes its place with many. ..,-.. But the Arab mind, perhaps because of the long stagnation of the Middle East, seems naturally to lean to fantasy, even without drug assistance. One might have surmised as much from the statements, by the Arab leaders before and during the Six-Day War. Nasser announced he would destroy Israel. (With Hashish, he could not have said more.) The Syrian leader used the term "wipe out" instead of destroy. Another Arab leader invited the foreign correspondents to have dinner with him the next week in Tel Aviv. All that he left out was the menu. As soon as the war started, Cairo announced that the Haifa refineries were burning and Tel Aviv was being reduced to ashes.

There is the same retreat from truth in the stories that come from the family of Sirhan. Over the radio it was reported that the young alleged assassin told someone in California, that in the first Arab-Israel war he had seen an Israeli soldier cut off the breast of an Arab woman. Of course this is utter nonsense. Sirhan is 24 years old. Then ii° was four v/japc o]H Probably at the time he couldn't tell a woman's breast from an egg sandwich. It is interesting to note that the New York Times, a day later quotes Sirhan's father—in an interview in Israel—and the father says his :;on was greatly disturbed by the bombs dropped by the Israeli soldiers. There is no mention of a woman's breast. He apparently was not disturbed by the. bombs dropped by the Arabs. In the first war with the Arabs, almost every Jewish family in Israel lost at least one member. The father in Israel, says his son was also grieved by the assassination of King Abdullah, but no mention is made of the fact that Abdullah was assassinated by an Arab. Israel's Friends Robert Kennedy was a friend of Israel. So are Mr. Humphrey, Senator McCarthy, Governor Rockefeller, Mr. Nixon.. All have expressed friendship for Israel. So was Woodrow Wilson, who was proud of the American association, at least morally, with the Balfour Declaration. So was President John Adams, way back in the beginning of this country, who as the second President of the United States, wrote to Mordecai Manual Noah expressing his support of the Zionist idea. So also was the Emir Feisal, the Arab who did most to win independence for the Arab states, and who felt that the presence of the Jewish state would help with the Arabs in bringing the Near East out of the ' 2,000 years of stagnation and in step with civilization, end this vision may yet be realized, if the Arabs abandon their fantasies. ><

i rencurnen imt-i-uciriiiic "io r«

serious degree." about half of these openly so. Many Jews in France are far from taking easy a report revealing that one of the French i n t e 1 ligence services checked last year on Jews working in defense and atomic installations, and that government authorities quietly investigated alleged "undue Jewish influence" in com-. munications media. Unofficial sources had it that the police .services looked with more than their usual routine interest into tiie activities of Jewish organizations. There are, of course, many GiiuUists who bear no anti-Jewish feelings. Many disagree even • IMIVI n^nar^l fla Gr^ljIj^'S ^resent:

negative stand on Israel. However, there is no question that there is hidden antagonism today against Jews in the ranks of the rightist parties in France. Jews are. therefore, awaiting anxiously the results of the new parliamentary elections in the country which are scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 23. They are not exactly alarmed but they are apprehensive. JDC BLITZ 'KKLIKF: The American Joint Distribution Committee added a glorious chapter to its history during the turbulent days of the general strike in Paris. There are thousands of Jewish refugees . in France toi'.ay—many of them old and sick—who depend on relief. Hundreds of them are being fed hot meals in JDC-sponsored kitchens, while others arc receiving aid in cash from Jewish philanthropic organizations financed by the JDC. During (he strike—when no autobuses, no subways, not even (axis were running—these needy Jews could not reach the soup kitchens. They had no means of transportation that could bring them (o the kitchens or to relief offices. Owners of private cars, even if they wanted to help (hem, could not do so because (hoy had no gasoline to rim the tars. . CASUALTIES The twenty years of the Arab-Israel war has claimed the lives of 7,506 Israelis, the Israel Government disclosed last week. Some 2.0C9 died in terrorist raids, 4,487 in the 1947-48 war, 191 in the 1956 Sinai campaign and 759 last June.


..'.. . ..•.,., .


driver accepted a haxlily-wiitlen J.O.I'. Quid Pro Quo A ::e;ilou.-j Habadnik rabbi, uifjuj; a non-religious friend to leyg U'fillin idon phylacteries) daily was confronted with an offer ol a deal. 'If you stop your chain-smoking completely, I'll put on U.-fillin," .said his friend. The nibbi assented without hesitation, and according to lr:st reports each has kept up his end of the agreement. Dangerous Israel A new and expensive piece of machinery lay idle for many months because the Swiss expert required to set it up refused to come to Israel unless an insurance policy of 300.000 Swiss francs was taken out on his life. The Israel treasury linally recognized the emergency nature of the case and approved the expenditure of the premium in. foreign currency. Legal Illegality Because of the shortage of trucks on Israel's r o a d s (he .-minorities have not been prosecuting in cases of overloading up to .'!5 per cent. Now, to reduce wear anil (ear on (he roads and on (lie vehicles, the Ministry of Transport will permit illegal overloading only up to 30 per rent. Glass of Poison, Please Though the Israel Consumer's Assoication has been protesting for nine years, Israel's lawmakers have not yet banned the packaging of dangerous poisons in bottles which are identical with those used for soft diinks. Numerous cases of accidental poisoning arc reported each year

for this reason, but the Ministry of Health says that "technical" problems have delayed the passage of legislation. Kagcr to Immigrate Much attention was attracted by a clever advert' -nient in the Jerusalem Post, headed: "We're Too Young to Work—but Our Fattier Isr't!" The ad continued: All fix of us want to move to Israel. Our father knows all about apartment building.'-:, analysis, cost control, planning, etc. He even knows Hebrew (und so do we). He's the smartest father in the world. We like him and so will you. You're interested? BcautiiulII Apply liox No. . . . Gastronomic Department An Italian fish company has reached agreement with the Israel Fishermen's union for tho purchase of any quantity of octopus with their catch, but because there is no market for tho non-kosher creatures In, Israel they have been throwing them back into the sea. A delicacy in Italy, octopus will letch from .$250 to $500 per ton, depending on quality. A b o n t !J0 tons a month nre expected. Population Increase Young newly-wed couples ill Holon wore intrigued by :i letter signed by'the .Mayor of Kanislii (Jan, inviting them to move to his "Garden City" and receive free homes there on condition that within three years they would add three children Io (ho population. The Mayor of Kamath Gan was also intrigued — and he has asked the police to ascertain who has heen forging his signature to the letters.

Capitol-Spotlight IO

ll By MILTON FKIKDMAN Washington—The State Department is embarrassed to find the United States Cavalry troops in Korea coming to the rescue of Israel's application to buy Phantom jet fighter-bombers. Israel's plight has apparently had a greater impact on American soldiers stationed along the ceasefire lines in Korea than it has on the policymakers. Members of Headquarters Troop and '"A" Troop. Fourth Squadron, of the historic U.S. 7th Cavairy are patrolling the Imjin River to block Communist guerrilla penetration. They are within sight of North Korean positions. A trooper was dismayed to read in a newspaper from home that Israel was threatened by a Communist-armed buildup but that the Administration refused to sell Phantom jets to the Israelis He called this to the attention of the men in his troop, They were indignant- over this apparent stu pidity in U.S. policy. Friedman Troop Protest The name of Rep. Bertram L. Podcll, New York Democrat, was mentioned in the newspaper as urging approval of the Phantom transaction. Rep. Podell was rather surprised to receive an A.P.O. letter from Korea bearing 75 signatures. The troopers wrote that "we lend our support wholeheartedly to your efforts on behalf of the only democratic nation in tiic .Middle Kast—(he State of Israel." They explained that they were stationed facing the North Korean Communists "and we know and understand what it is like to live under the threat of MIGs lurking just across the border." Rvnrpccjncr tfjnchjri with the J s r ^ i i s "iTi-^nnin17 ih{? !in6 a^inji-fc

totalitarian aggression in the Middle East," the troopers urged action on the jets. They called it a "vital issue." "As it is vital for us here in the Republic of Korea to have modern jets to defend ourselves, we feel that it is just as vital for Israel to have F-4 Phantom jet fighters. As American soldiers, we support our friend and ally, (he Stale of Israel," said the men of the 7th Cavalry.' It has been established that the signatories represented a crosssection of America—white and black, Protestant, Catholic and Jewish. The White House and the Department of State and Defcnso were asked to comment. None of the officials had anything to say.

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, : MRS., ROBERT, GERELICIC,. Editor i


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Friday, June 21, 1068

P:ice Five


By Mickey Gerclick On this p;\;;e is an c-xiict re- and trouble to wi ite to our f \< dproduction of a full page adver- eil officials in!iihj;t<ni ,i(i tisement which appeared in the vising them of our views? June l.'l, lSClt issue of the New How many of us tnki the tune York Times. It was an impor- and trouble to learn Hie vi< ivs tant advertisement for a num- of our representatives in Con ber of reasons. jjress before we elect them'-' 1. In a very few words, ConI reK"et that in spite of his gressman Hesnick summed up honesty and courage, Congress tlio perilous position of the State man Resnitk lost his bid for the of Israel. Senatorial nomiiuition in the 2, As an elected official, Con- New York primaries -but tint {jrtjssinan Resniek made his too is n basic pait ol Aineiicjii position known to his constitu- government. ents. As a political candidate, Con;i, It served us an important gressman Kcsnick fulfilled his reminder that frei> speech is responsibility 1:1 in a!: 1 n g h:s still a basic part of the Ameri- views known. A<; an American can way of life—that it is not citizen be used his right of fiee "un-American' 'to question, to speech to protest picsent govvoice opposite points of view ernment policies. As a Jew, as or even to "protest" in an order- well as an American political ly way the actions of the Presi- candidate, he openly reaffirmed dent of the United States. his commitment to Israel's, right to live in peace. Senator lU'.snick's New York All of us can learn much from Times advertisement was ob- this New York Times advertiseviously part of his political cam- ment. paign for the Senatorial nomination in the New York Democratic Primary race. But it has a message for us as well. Are we as informed as we should be- — as • Congressman Hesnick apparently -is—of the present perilous position of Israel? If we oppose—as he does— present State Department policies in this area, have we made our views known? How many of us take the time

5 YKA1SS AGO .John Zysmun was elected gav"rnor <J! ('oriilwsker IJ o v s M.ilf




<•< l e -

IIIMI' d In:, Mit/vah C.rb.u.t Chudac-oll was inst.ilkd .is pj cident of JIf vr.ih IJltr 10 v i : \ i t s A(;o S.iiidi ,1 I i-lier and M.min K.ohll .'innoiincec1 their engage iiieiit , . . Mr and Mrs. Marlon SiiinbiTg .umounced the IJIIHI ot a daughter, Jane Di bra Gary Cloldst in was .nv.udcd the" $ 1.200 Iidwaid I..mgley Sc-iiol a r.'i h i p for Archilei tin al I'l'iirlnalc studies 13 VKAItS A<iO C.'iiol Zenip ,ky and H C miller v/ere married . . !).: vida Krutniau hi came the brido of Richard Winlroub . . . Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Katelnian announced the birth of a d.mglitcr, Deborah Ellen .'!() YHAICS AGO Mirriam I.ieb and M.irold Cooperimin were married . . . Lillian FriedUmder and Harold Stern announced their engagement.

• jSj CITY Or I lillDSKiGElES

m *

I• •-• | 1 „ „ .



We have just received the June 14 issue of the Jewish Press. To say the least, my husband and I were quite disturbed by the lead article, "Arab Fa-n:\tielsm Blamed in Kennedy Murder." The title and the first paragraph seem to promote the very thing that the rest of the article says is to be avoided. Your news service is the only one to mention "Arab Fanaticism" out of the many articles I have read. Surel". Eeveral million Arabs are not guilty of the irrational act of one man; and no rightthinking American is going to subscribe to this idea. I fail to see any merit whatsoever in the entire article—but object most to the biased title. I regret you saw fit to publish it. Mrs. Jerry KiupinsUy TV PROGRAM NOTE Sunday, June 23, 12:30 p.m. KMTV Channel 3 The Eternal Li«iit: "A Conversation With James Michener with NBC News correspondent, Edwin Newman.

Did You Know? The Roman emperor HADRIAN wanted to convert Jerusa lem into a Roman capital and rename it after himself, but the Jews rebelled under Bar Kochba in a three-year war. which historians say was the most difficult of Hadrian's reign, •


I protest the American airlift of jet planw, tanks, ammunition and arms to the Arab wor!A

If we make the Arab world strong enough, they will again attack Israel as they have done thrca tfcaca bsfore. This tsrns, it cuy well bring a confrontation with Ru«ia and trigger a third World War.

I protest thw trtatmtnt of Iarael-the only dance racy and our only friend in the Middle Eaat.

Israel is in peril; launched war against her three times in the past twenty years. • Facing across her borders the mounting supply of (sophisticated Ruuian missiles, jet planes and tanks, • Threatened nightly by Arab terrorist*, who are Infiltrating from Jordan on a campaign of pil' lagc and murder of civilians, • Living hour by hour with the certain knowledge that the balance of terror is rising against her from

Mr, President, you have proven your friendship for Israel a hundred times in the past. Plea«, prove it again now, Prove it immediately by tending lorjel the Phantom jet3 ehc needs to maintain the balance of power and peace in the Middle East. Prove it by backing Israel's just demands that «he be given freedom of every international waterway. Prove it by supporting Israel in her earnest and constant efforts to negotiate a lasting peace W e must not let Israel stand alone. She asb only

What are we doing about it, Mr. President? Axe we sending Israel the fifty Phantom jet fighters the desperately needa against growing Arab air


JEWS first came to China from Persia in the year 1000 A.D., settling in Kai Fen Fu. They assimilated, however, and had virtually disappeared by the end of the 10th century. •

Why? So they can How up more busload* of innocent Israeli echoolchildren?

ESHKOL is not just the name of Israels .prime minister. It was the name of a Jewish publishing house founded in Berlin in 1923 and is the name of a citrus fruit grown in Israel. *

I protest the renewed shipment of American areas to Jordan,

The FIRST BORN, according to H e b r e w tradition, receives epeclal privileges and a double snare of the father's inheritance. But modern Israeli law does not recognize special privileges for the 1 first-born.

Are we sending modern missiles? ' The answer is no! Instead we're «ehding m o w to the Arab world. More plane*. More ahelfo Mow g t m Marc bulleO. 3 t o » tatea.

Congressman Joseph Y. Hesnick House of Representativei Vuihfrigten.D.C.

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'Friday, June SI, lfl«H

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© Ac nj;;

8 : 4 0 |».tn. I . S ' l 1 O \ : W l i v a r c t h e m i r r o r s c o v e r e d h i ;i I K I I I S I - ( i f I I I H I I I H -

Befn Israel j j SKIt VICES: FRIDAY: Traditional Services iKobla.s Shabbosi: 8:30 p.m. SATt'KIIAY: Morning Services: !!:!."> a.m. Cantor's class in Torah Heading will meet •),"> minutes before Mincha. Rabbi N'adotf will conduct the Talmud Class at ii p.m. iollovvrrl at 8::tO p.m. by Mincha. Sholash Seudos and Maanv. SUNDAY: Morning Service:-; at '.) a.m. followed l^y b!v<fikt:^t nfi'.i r^''l>bi's class in "Ethics oi the Fathers." DAILY: Services at 7 a.m. and ;i::iii p.m. BAR MITZVAH The Bar Mitzvah of Al.I.KN" ROBKHT KATZ, son ol Mr. itnd Mrs. Leroy Kalz, will be eelebrated Saturday. June 2'L at 8:45 a.m.

Befn E/

SKIJVICKS: I KIDAY: li 1 "> p.m. Hab!)i My.-r S. Kri ke and Cantor Aaltm I. Kdd;;ar ill otliciate. S.VllitDAV: Morning Scrvici.* Hi a.m. Mincha Maariv: •)."> p . m . Sl'\l)AY: Morning Service: !t a.m. DAII.V: S'TWCKS nt . 3iul 7 p.m.


B'nai Jacob Adas Yeshuron

,si:uvici:s: I ItlDAV: «:::() p.m. SATl KDAV: Morning Service: 8:15 a.m. Mincliri: K:!!0 p.m. followed by Sho'iesh Seudos and Miuuiv. SIXDAV: Morning Service: 7 a.m. DAILY: Services at 6::'.O a.m. and 8:.".O

Recipes for the Jewish Cook By ROSALIND S. ZUXSER Chicken Chow Mein A 4 or 51b chicken stewed 2

i.ab!r*>pooni ui uil or CntCiC-

en fat l'j 2 '/.» \i

cups of sliced onion" cups of sliced celery 1b mushiooms sliced cup of minced scallion.s 'optional) 1 can of bean sprout.-; 'optional) 2 cups of chicken soup 2 tablespoons oi cornstareh 3 tablespoons of soy sauce V-i teaspoon of paprika 1 can of chow mein noodles (optional) crisped in oven 1 Ib. boiled rice toasted almonds 'optional) Saute vegetables except bean sprouts lightly in oil about two minutes. Dilute cornstarch in 2 cups of chicken stock, add to 3t>GVt: taTiu COOrv u n t i l

with above c u s t a r d . If preferred, flavor c u s t a r d with h«uor instead of vanilla. Put custard between layers and on top of same, Garnish cake with 1 cup of a l m o n d s , blanched, split and toasted. Refrigerate cake overnight.

Temple Israel


ANSU'KK: Various reasons are ollen-d to explain this pnu.ti< •• Sonii' it on the mystical explanation that this prevents tin; soul of the departed from beinj.; rdlected in the class and tbu--5 IltlOAV: allows the soul to rest in peace. Others claim that this is done t'» Summer Services at ibc early prevent the mourner from looking at himself in ;/ state oi |.;riel and hour of 7:'.',() p.m. in the Milton despair. Also. il is claimed that a mourner should not think of linnand Corrine Livingston Chapel sell but rather "lose himself" in a universal atmosphere. In addiRabbi Sidney H. Brool:s and tion to this a mirror is an object which induces vanity in a pcrsmi. Cantor Manlred KuUner will oi- Mourning is a condition where vanity is certainly proven void. liciate. ' Some ofler a very practical explanation of this custom. Gcii'Tally. there are prayer services held in a house ol mournini;. It H forbidden to have mirrors in a room where services are beinj1, held so that the possible impression of prayin;> to iinite beinj;.; 'such as men. idols, iif;iires. etc.i is prevented lroin bcinc projected. There are some who say that the mirrors are covered because Warner Kroliman has been the soul of man is the "image of the Creator." Heath simply meain electi-d president (if the Nation- that 1 the Divine Ruler has 'removed bis imaiie" from this bwly. al Association of Livestock Deal- Tli!!. !. the mirrors arc to indicate that as a result of Hu; ers and Order Unyers. Mr. Froh- death which has taken place »v can no longer see the inflection man is currently serving as ol the imatje ol the Creator in the countenance of this particular president of the Omaha Live- ]H'rson who passed away. * * * stock'Traders Exchange and is <)I ISMON: Why is it thai the iimmm-r traditionally eats liii a past-president ol the Livestock lirst meal alter tlie funeral from that uhicli has been prepared by Foundation of Omaha. others? A\SU'i;U: Because a mourner is forbidden to eat of his ov.n at the first meal after the burial. This restriction is drawn Irum Robert Frank, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morton Frank, has been several verses in the Bible which inter that he ate his meal from awarded the Arthur K. Bran- others. Two reasons are advanced for this practice. One claims that dcis Award, given annually by this is done because the mourner is in his lowest ebb of interest, Brandeis Store, for outstanding almost wishing to die himself alter the burial of a loved one and scholastic achievement. He is a therefore not concerned and often unwilling to partake of food. The l!)li« Ri-aduate of Pratt fli-li responsibility was therefore placed on his neighbors to make suro. that this practice is done to provide the neighbors with an immediSchool. ate means of offering consolation. A mourner feels very mucli alone. Observing that others have immediately taken an interest to go to the trouble of preparing the lirst meal impresses him with Robert Bernstein has been the feeling that he is, indeed, not alone and that I here are .others elected a member of the board who care about him and share his grid. of directors of the Omaha National Bank. Mil. AND MRS. J E F F ALTMONA LISA KUI.KR tl>:mU tlicir iiiany relaHouse of Glamour tives anil friends for (he cards, Frankie Weiner, daughter of I No. 50lh 553-7000 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weiner, telegrams and uniongranis sent 10 £<pcit H»if StylMi placed third in the fours t a t e them on the occasion of tiieir MISS CAL, R»cnpKoniif Western Recio.ial. Gymnastics rrtonl marriage. MISS JfP.RY. SlyU DiMclor Meet held in Omaha

Next- Door to Arlan's Deph Store

it tttiCn-

ens. Add 2 lower quarters and 1 upper quarter of chicken cut into one-inch cubes, soy sauce and bean sprouts and cook for one minute. Stir thoroughly and serve over hot boiled rice and garnish with the white meat of the fourth quarter of chicken cut into strips, c r i s p fried noodJes and c h o p p e d toasted blanched almonds. Tipsy Cake Soft Custard 4 egg yolks lightly beaten 'i*cup of sugar 2 cups of scalded milk Yi teaspoon of vanilla flavoring : • . '• salt to taste Stir the salt and sugar into the egg yolks. Add the scalded milk gradually. Cook above in a double boiler over hot water until mixture coats the spoon. Stir coastantly. Remove from double boiler add flavor ing and refrigerate until needed. Take two layers of slightly stale sponge. cake and lightly sprinkle with wine, brandy or whisky. Put any kind of jelly between layers and cover same

JEWISH WAR VETERANS Lester Doucet has been elected Commander of the EpsteinMorgan Post No. 260. Jewish War Veterans of the U.S. : Other officers installed by National Executive Committeeman William Milder include: Mas Kanner, Sr. Vice Commander; Morris Levin, Jr. Vice Commander; Nate Marcus, Quartermaster; Abe S. Miller, Adjutant; Louis Passer, Service Officer; Sol Lagman. Historian; Max Belgrade,, ,Sgt,-at-arms;, Ed Simon, Chaplain. . -

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A Chef s Specidi, Homemade Goodness, Lb. Prices Good Through Thursday, Juna 27

THREE LOCATIONS Westroads 72nd end Dodga Saddle Creek at Dodgo



Jritla.v, Jnu«- if,



Miss Nancy Mokiesky Marries Michael Zumoff in Temple Rite



•J Mis.

Mlchiicl Zumoff

Miss N.'ini'.v Makiesky became the bride of Michael Zumoil. Sunday. June Hi. I!l(i8. Kabbi Sidney H. Brooks and Cantor Mnulred V, Knltner officiated at tiic noon ceremony in I he Temple Israel Livingston Chapel. A reception followed at the Indian llill.s Inn. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kdwnrd E. Makiesky of Omaha. i\Ir. and Mrs. Nathan Zimmff of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania are the parents ol the bridegroom. Mrs. Robert Feld^ardeii. Silver Springs. Maryland, was matron of honor lor lif-r si.slor. Another .sister. Miss .Susan ol Cambridge. Mnssachuseits, was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Miss Roberta Hotkins. Forest Hills, New York and Miss Anita Sailer. Hampton Bays, New York. Joel Zumoff, twin brother of the bridegroom, was best man. Ushers were Hobert Fcld^arden, .Silver Springs. Maryland; Jack Ginsberg, Arlington Heights. Illinois and Arthur Sontag. Chicago, Illinois. Following a wedding trip to San Francisco. California, the" newlyweds will make their home at Ilifj West Hist St. in New York where both will enler the New York University Graduate School in the fall.

It affirms that churches, synagogues and the nation's .schools should piny a vital part in sex education and urges their leaders to do so. It further sets forth guidelines for the treatment of moral values in a pluralistic community. The most difficult problem in introducing .sex education into Tel Aviv (ZINSl—This sunmier the schools is the question of Israelis ore mussing to tour Eu- values and norms for sexual berope, a p;s:;timr from which havior, the joint s t a t e m e n t fhey were deprived last year emphasizes. because of the war, Now it ap"It. is impnrlmrt thai sex edupears they are eager to make cation not be reduced to the up for lost time. mere communication of inforThose in modest circum- mation." the statement says. stances plan to go tn Cyprus "We are convinced it is not only where the cost of ;i week's vaca- possible but necessary to recogtion is listed at IL :mo iSldO). nize certain basic moral princiTin: more affluent are bent on ples, not as sectarian religious si thrcf-week junket in Europe doctrine but as the moral heriat tlie price of IL 2400 f$700). tage of Western civilization." At the same time, the stateThe heavy exodus is expected in .Inly and August, with Spain ment cautions that where differand Portugal luring the majori- ences of opinion exist on what ty of the Israeli holiday Keeker;;. is right and wrong sexual be-

NEW YORK N. Y.--Tlie first statement on sex education ever framed jointly by official Catholic. Jewish mid Protestant-Orthodox groups wns announced by the lnterfaith Commission on Family Life.

Tourism in Reverse

Beverly Kent, Richard Cohen To Wed August 18 in Detroit Judge and Mrs. fieorge I). Kent of Detroit, Mich., announce the engagement of their daughter. Heverly Klen. to Diehard Cohen, son ol Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cohen, formerly of Lincoln, now of Denver, Colo, The bride-elect is a senior, majoring in psychology, at the University of Michigan. Her fiance, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cohen of Omahaand the late Mr. and Mrs. Dim Mill of Lincoln.'is a sophomore in the University of Michigan Medical School where he is affiliated with Phi Delta Epsilmi Medical Fraternity. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, he served as president of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. An August I" wedding is planned at Ahava.s Achim Synagogue in Detroit, Midi.

Miss Sheila Collision

Goldston-Polikov Engagement Told Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Goldston, former Omahans, now of S :ic r a in en to. California, announce the engagement of their daughter, Sheila Lynn, to Marvin lJolikov, son of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Polikov of Omaha, The bride-elect attended Sacramento City College and is ('iirrentlv a student at the University of Omaha where her fiance also attended school. A November 2\ weddinj; is planned at Beth El Synagogue in Omaha.

havior, "neither the sponsors of an educational program nor the teachers should attempt to give definite a n s w e r s or to represent their personal moral and religious beliefs as the consensus of the major religions or of society generally." The Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox groups agree that primary responsibility for .sex education rests with parents and guardiflits of children. They recognize that some parents '.vis!: supplemental y iieip from synagogue, church, or o t h e r agencies. Therefore, they counsel e:\ch faith to provide resources, leadership, and _opportunities for its young people to learn about their development into manhood and womanhood, and for adults to grow in under.standing of their lolps as men and women in family and socie tv Sex education, the statement a s s e r t s , is not only for ..the youpfj. but is a lifelong

Editor's Note: This column of Lliifuln Jewish news has been added to the Omaha Jewish I'ress in an effort to serve the Lincoln Jewish Community. The column is being coordinated in Lincoln by Mrs. Leo (Kstrllc), Rosenberg. Those v.ith news for Hie column should canIncf .Mrs. Rosenberg at 701 ."Mulder Drive; phone •18!)-58i.1. Debbie Neideu has been appointed to the International Service Fund Committee and Barbara Kuklin has been named to the Social Awareness Com" mil tec of BBYO.

H Past :md Present Presidents Convention vv;is held at the Tiiereth I.srael Synagogue June M-lti. A I'roup of J9 out-of-town niembers p;irtieip;iU.'d in ;i Leadership Workshop composed of p:r;t ;ind present presidents. Scpbiinie Sehaffer. C a t h y Kushner and members of their eonimitU'e were in ch;ir;;e of nrr;iiigenient.s. O.s.sie Skoff is ReijioiKil Cluiinnnii for the Midwest region.

The USY annual Mid-West Ite-

Amoii" Hie (,'tietits at the -lOtli wedding anniversary celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Mfiurice Veta in El Paso. Texas, were Messrs. and Mines. Charles Poska and Dave Zolot of Lincoln; Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Poska and children, Allison and Neil of Bartelsville. Okhihoma.

H. Robert Milder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Milder, has been notified that he has been named to the Dean's List at Arizona University. Tucson. Arizona, where he has just completed his junior year in the College <>f Engineering.

n.'ibbi Sanford Ragins of the South Street Temple recently participated in a panel discussion on "The Moral Implications ol Organ Transplants" presented for the Lincoln Interprofessional Society.

Jerry Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hurry S m i t h, has been named the recipient of a $1,000 Western Electric Scholarship. He is a student at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, wliei'e iifc is majoring in applied math and computer science. Judi Goldberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goldberg, was among those e a r n i n g straight "A" grades at the University of Omaha where nhe is a junior majoring in Sociology.


A Car Wash will be held Sunday. June 2II. from 12 to 4 p.m. at'the Standard Station, 'JOth and Center Streets.

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Itichaid Josephson. ••on of Mr and Mrs" il.iriv Coodbinder. was named to the Dean's List at t h e Univeisitv of Missouri where he has just compkud bis



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Friday, Juno SI.

of Israel

There's no time to beat' around the bush. Look at today's headlines. The story has not changed since last June. That desperate fight These immigrants for existence saved Israel have escaped from persefrom obliteration but cution and deprivation drained her funds. In the for a new life in Israel. meantime, thousands of They need food, shelter, immigrants are flooding medicine, clothing, educain from all over the world tion, rehabilitation.

But now, in the aftermath of war, the people of Israel can no longer help provide everything necessary. The people of Israel are struggling to build a

nation and they're struggling to keep it from being torn down. The Six-Day War is over. But the emergency is not. Yes, we know you gave generously before. But the need is greater than ever. And the immigrants are our responsibility. Give.


Israel Emergency Fund off the UJA les k

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June 21, 1968  

Jewish Press

June 21, 1968  

Jewish Press