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I'ulilii'.'iti'iu Offin! 101 ;sn. 2W\\ SI

'Sixpence* Closes This Sunday The Jewish Community Center's Studio Theater production of ''Half A Sixpence" will complete it's run this Saturday and Sunday evening. April 27 and 2«. at » p.m. at the Jewish Community Center. Enthusiastic audiences last weekend hailed the production as one o! the mast delightful theater presentations offered anywhere. Tickets for the two final performances are available at the Jewish Community Center or from any member of the cast.

The 2!ilh annual Minister's Institute will he held at Temple Israel, Friday, April 2(1 The annual institute is designed to inform-Christian Clergymen in the Onmha area about various aspects of Judaism. Some 100 clergymen are expected to attend."

Eban Says Israel Ready to Negotiate PARIS (JTA (-Foreign Minister Abba S. Khan of Israel indicated in an interview published here that Israel is prepared to negotiate permanent boundaries with its Arab neighbors arid certain questions relating to Jerusalem, such as free access to the holy places by all faiths. In the interview, which appeared in the Paris weekly, L'Express, Mr. Khun said that (he first step toward thawing cut the Middle East crisis is the establishment of "secure and recognized" borders. These, he said, would not be identical with the boundaries that existed in May, 1!)I17 nor would they conform with the present ceasefire lines. The Israeli foreign minister insisted that Kill"-Hussein, of Jordan could halt terrorist activities against Israel from Jordanian soil because he had the backing of his army. Mr. Eban noted that despite its aggressively anti-Israel position, Syria did not permit terrorist activities from its soil, nor did Egypt. He said, however, that Israel prefers the Hussein regime to one that might be closely aligned with Soviet Russia. He said that Israelis are confident about the future because, as time goes by, the Arabs will come to consider Israel a permanent element in. the Middle East..Peace is the final objective sought by all, he said, and once that is achieved, cooperation will be brought about by the common interests of nil nations in the region.

Guest lecturer will be Dr. Joseph II, Narol, Rabbi of Temple Israel of Greater Miami. Rabbi Narot will lecture at 10 a.m. on "The Meaning of Israel — for Christians and Jews." Tin; subject of his lecture at 1:110 pin will be "Tlie Drama of Jewish Worship — Yesterday and 'l<> day." A 12; 15 luncheon in Hit Temple .Social Hull will be served by members of the Ton pie Sisterhood. A Phi Beta Kappa Graduate of Western Reserve University, Rabbi Narot received his Doctor of Hebrew Letters degree from the Hebrew Union College where he has also served as a lecturer in Homiletics.

NICW OI'"I'"J('r.llS of the Federation nf Jewish Women's Clubs were installed at the final meeting of the year last Tliinsd.n. Mis. A. C. Fclhnan, out-going president, was presented w i t h a Presidential i*la<|U(; in recognition of her services to (he organization which is the unifying liody of all Jewish women's jjroups in the community. Pictured above with Mrs. Fcllman are the newly-elected officers. Lett to fight, Mrs, Morton Richards, first vice-president; Mrs. Fcllman; IMrs. Sam L., prcstdt'iil; Mrs. Fred Brodlscy, second vice-president; Mrs. Arthur Goldstein, secretary.

Dr. Isaac Sf-ernhill

Wii! Ee Honored

Dr. Joseph Narot He has served on the Executive Committee of the Central Conference of American Rabbis and as chairman of its Liturgy Committee. His community activities include past chairmanship of the Dade County Com: munity Relations Board; president of the Welfare Planning Council and membership on the Dade County Economic Opportunity Board. He is the author of five books on Judaism.

Dr. Isaac Sternhill of Council In celebration of Israel's 20th Bluffs, will be awarded the Ben anniversary, Beth El synagogue Gersbun Memorial Award at will have as its guest Dr. Edthe annual Jewish Welfare Fed- ward M. Gershfield, from the eration dinner Sunday, April 23, J e w ish Theological Seminary, 7 p.m. at the B'nai Israel Syna- for a Torah Institute May 'i, 4 and 5th. Members of the. comgogue. munity are invited to particiDr. Sternhill is being honored pate in the weekend's activities for his "outstanding leadership at which Dr. Gershfield will and contributions to the Council speak Friday night, Saturday Bluffs Jewish community." morning and afternoon, Sunday Dr. Abe Greenberg of Omaha 'morning and at the annual dinwill be the guest speaker at the ner Sunday evening. dinner, which also marks the In addition to his reputation opening of the Council Bluffs as a teacher and scholar Dr. UJA campaign. Gershfield is known as a vi brant spokesman for Judaism via radio, television and the pulIsrael increases pit. He is television program editor of the Jewish segment of

"Directions" and of the seminary's ''Eternal Light" series. • Rabbi Gershfield teaclfes Talmud in the Graduate School of the Seminarv and is also a Fellow of the National Joint Beth Dm ol the Assembly and the Seminary I' Following Fi id.iy e v e n i n g

Sales fo U.S.

Tel Aviv OTA)—Israel sold more and bought less in the United States in 1967 than it did in JflCf). The country's exports to the U.S. amounted to $8!).9 million last year compared to $77.4 million the previous year while imports from America totaled $195.0 million in 1967 against $221.6 million in 1900. Israel's unfavorable trade balance with the United States thus was decreased by $3(1 million.

PICTURED AUOVK are captains In the General Men's Division of the 1908 Jewish Philanthropies Campaign who inct lust Sunday at the home of IUcliard Fcllman, chairman of the division, to formulate plans for the campaign. Hack row, left (o right: Stuart Rocliinan, Itobert Nogg and Howard Kas-., low. Front row, left to right: Gerald Ilobcrnian, Itobert Znher, Louis Rich and Albert Bioch. Other captains not pictured Include Dave Wine, Robert Sllverman, Kenneth Welner, Sheldon Brodsky and Steve Itlekes, Marian Noddle serves as vice-chairman of the division.

Israel to Ignore Jordan Demand To Cancel Parade Jerusalem.' (JTA)—Israel will not call off its Independence Pay military parade in Jerusalem on May 2 despite a Jordanian protest to. the United Nations Security Council. The parade, marking the 20th anniversary of Israel's independence, is scheduled to begin" in East Jerusalem. Informed quarters said that Israel would probably withhold its official reply to the Jordanian c o m p l a i n t until it was known what action the Security Council President intends to take. The Council is headed this month by Yacov Malik, chief of the Soviet delegation, to whom the protest was addressed. U.N; ..Disapproves It is known here that most U N. members disapprove ol the parade being held in Jcru salem, especially its r o u t i n g through the Old City, pbservevb recalled that last year the General Assembly called on Israel to take no steps to change the pre-June war status of the Old City which Israel has s i n c e united with the rest of Jerusalem. Because of official disapproval, foreign diplomats have not been invited to .tlie Jerusalem parade. Military attaches of the various embassies are expected to attend since their presence will have no political significance.


Dr. Kdward Gershfield services Rabbi Gershfield will speak in the S o c i a l Hall on "From Sinai to Yesteiday: The Old and the New in J e w i s h Law." His topic at services Saturday, will be "Women in the House of Israel" and at the Sisterhood Mother-Daughter Oneg Sh.ibbat he will speak on "The Family in Jewish Law". Young people of Beth El in grades 8 through 12 will hear Dr. Gershfield on "Half a Dialogue! What Judaism Says to You." Sunday at the a n n u a l Congregational dinner the guest teacher's topic will be "A Conservative Viewpoint on Jewish Law". Rabbi Gcishfield icceived his Bachelor's degiee from the University of Manitoba (Canada) and Masters Degrees in Greek and Latin from Columbia University and in Education ftotn Teachers C o l l e g e , Columbia University. In l!l(>!> he earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Jewish Law and Roman Law from Oxford University in England, after having been ordained a Rabbi with a Master of Hebrew Literature degree from the Jewish Theological S e m i n a r y in 1958. The "Weekend at Beth El" has been planned by the synagogue Adult Education Committee with Mrs. Norman Pred aa chairman.

£&$Bjp*te&t&t»£ -*c*^.-^# * ' v .

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11IK ii:\\ISII

- J4&L t


liiiltty, April 2«,

Boston Jewry Purchase As Gih Boston <JTA»—The Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Ciirat«r Boston announced this week it had purchased two buildings valued at $1,125.000 and contributed the structures as a frilt of the Jewish community to the Boston Negro community for cultural and educational use. The buildings, formerly the property of Temple Mishkann Tefila, are located in what is now a predominantly Negro neighborhood. Bernard D. Gro.s.sinrin, CMP president, emphasized that the funds to buy the buildings were obtained from private sources snd that no funds from the current CJP fund-raisinf; campaign were used. One of the buildings is a former synagogue with a 1,500 seat sanctuary, a chapel end a social hall. The other, a ichool building now occupied by the New England Hebrew Academy, has 20 classrooms, an auditorium, gymnasium, and cafeteria. Dr. Benjamin Rosenberg, CJP executive director, said he believed the gift was the first such action by any community. It was arranged after discussions with Negro leaders in which the Jew-

Soviet Jews Exercise 'Negative Freedom' London (JTA)—-Jews in the Soviet Union enjoy freedom oi expression of a negative sort, according to a report here by a Jewish community leader from a Western country who has just returned from a private visit to the USSR. The i n l o r m a n t, a trained and diligent observer, told the J e w i s h Telegraphic Agency that despite ceaseless attacks on Israel and Zionism and other pressures, the Jewish individual has as much freedom of expression as any o t h e r Soviet citizen. He exercises that freedom by refusing to attack Israel p r i v a t e l y or publicly. Jews say they see no reason why they should suddenly begin to hate Israel and l o v e the Arabs merely because of what they call "international politics," the traveller said. The young Soviet Jc'.v, the visitor declared, is the "new Soviet man," like the rest of his generation but with Jewish ancestors. "He considers himself fully entitled to have his own views about art, literature Slid politics, including Middle East politics.'1

Greefings From

I ifiiliP

WI^IPT^ When you want, the best in clothing and service ask for personal assistance from Omaha's most .talented staff of men's fashion experts.

iih Community Council t o o k rjuoted President Grossman's expart. A number of mj<ro com- pressed hope that the buildings "will confinr.e to serve as a community organizations are cooperating with cultural {.;roups mon bond that unites all men, in plans for a black Art Museum that they will be a source of nnd Drama Center to be housed pride and their future use a source of inspiration to our enin the buildings. The Boston Globe hailed the tire community." The editorial gilts as "grounds for prayerful commented: "who can doubt and universal rejoicing." and de- that these hopes will be fully clared that "the importance of justified and that this "ift will this cross cultural (jilt cannot stand as a perpetual testament be overe:.tim,'iU"d." The editorial to the brotherhood of all men?"

downtown . . . fecend door

JERUSALEM (JTAt-Special transportation from all parts of Israel is being arranged to carry Israelis and tourists to the viewing stands in Jerusalem for the Independence Day military parade.

ron. one of Israel's four holy cities to the Orthodox. Labor Minister Yigal Allon and Minislerw i t h o u t-Portfolio Menachem Beigin had voiced sup-' port of the plans of the Orthodox Jews in Hebron.

SYDNEY UTA) — Supporters of the Australian Nazi Party Jerusalem (JTA)—The Goverclashed with local Jews in a nor of the B a n k of I s r a e 1 melee that broke up a public warned the Government of inmeeting held by the Nazis to cipient inflation and signs that "explain their policies." Police price stability in Israel might reinforcements were called in be endangered following last and arrested six ]>ersojis who year's policy of economic slowwere to a p p e a r in court on down. David Horowitz reported charges of assault and . using at a Cabinet meeting that the indecent language. cost of living index rose by 3.5 A jeering crowd of about 400 percent b e I w e e n September, was on hand as the local Nazis 19B7 and March, IflfiB. T h e r e hoisted a swastika flag. A spec- was no increase during the cortator grabbed one o( the jackbooted Nazis and punched him responding period of the previin the face touching off a gen- ous year. eral brawl. The man who was London. Ont. (JTA)—Trustees punched was identified as Eric V.'enberg, leader of the Austra- of the Middlesex County Lav; lian Nazi Party. He received a Association have adopted a similar boating two weeks ago resolution prohibiting the holdwhen he tried to hold a meeting ing oi any affair or meeting of at any club or in a park here. Police had to the Associationthat restricts its extricate him and his followers establishment membership on the basis of from the crowd. race, creed or color. The unprecedented move was followed JERUSALEM (JTA) — The by similar action by the Faculty West Bank military government Association of the University of rejected an attempt by a group Western Ontario, comprising 78 of Orthodox Jews to establish per cent of the entire 700-man a permanent settlement in Heb- , university faculty. ron, a West Bank city, by announcing no residences would be leased to the group. The deFor Your Besf cision was in line with Government policy not to permit Jewish settlement on the Went Bank except by units of Nahal, the paramilitary youth organization, and these only by special permission. The group of 70 Jews from religious settlements moved into Hebron Hotel to celebrate Passover and later announced their intention of remaining in Hel>

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Polish Regime Denounced Tel Aviv < JTA)—Thousands of Israelis attended a huge rally here commemorating the 2f>th onniversaiy of the W a r s a w Ghetto uprising at which the Polish Communist regime was assailed for its current antiJewish campaign. The rally, which was called by (he World Organization of I'olish Jews, was attended by Prime Minister I.evi Eshkol to demonstrate the Government's support of Polish Jewry though he did not speak. The principal speaker was Information Minister Israel G a l i l e e who described the current cunipnign against P o l i s h Jewry as a "nightmare." lie denounced M. Rozcnek, the Polish Deputy Minister of Culture, who used the occasion of the observance of the ghetto revolt in Warsaw to a c c u s e "Zionists" of using Nazi methods against the Arabs and to thar,",e that world Jewry had deserted Polish Jev/s during the Nazi occupation. The Organization of Nazi Victims in Israel declared in a statement issued before the rally thnt Rozcnek was unfit to hold his office as secretary of the Polish underground fighters organization.

Mr. Galilee said t h a t the "spirit and tenor" of Rozcuck's remarks "evoke tones w h i e h are sweet to the ears of the Nazi SS" and that the remarks "arouse deep r e p u V, nance in every civilized person, particularly if he has not forgotten the events of more than 2"> years ago which led to the destruction and enslavement of Poland as well as the heinous holocaust wrought on our people." He declared with bitterness that Poland, "upon wiiose soil Jewish g e n o c i d e took place, where millions of our brethren and people of oilier n a t i o n s were slaughtered, should have been the last country to ial! prey to anti-Semitic propaganda which is now engulfing it." He charged that the Polish Communist leaders '"do not even stop short of inciting hatered, making libelous attacks, canying out purges and imposing a regime of terror." He a d d e d that "the insidious attacks on Polish Jews remind us of the doctors' libel in Moscow." Man enters and departs this life crying and weeping. He conies nnd he leaves in love and ignorance . . . Kcclesiasles

Fags Thro*


/srae/ Recems PARIS (JTA)--Twenty-five of the .r>() Mirnge-V jet planes ordered by Israel have been transferred to Israeli ownership but are being held in storage in France pending the lifting of the French Government's embargo on military planes lor Israel, it was reported here. The technical "delivery" ol the jets was arranged by agreement be--

Goldberg Resignation Reported 'Imminent' United Nations. N. Y. f.ITAI Informed sources said here this week that the resignation of Arthur J. Goldberg as United States A m b a s s a d o r to the United Nations was "imminent." They also reported that he may be replaced by another Jewish leader, Sol. M. Linowit/., who is at present Ambassador to the Organization of American States. It was also reported that President Johnson may soon announce the resignation of Mr. Goldberg and the appointment of his successor. It was indicated that Mr. Linowilz was not the only candidate under consideration for the tf.N. post.

Technical Ownership twt/en Israeli military representatives and the Dassault Co., manufacturers of the supersonic, aircraft. The agreement stipulated that as each plane was completed to Israeli specifications, it would be transferredto Israeli ownership. F o r e i g n Minister Maurice Couve de Murville. however, informed the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, that the emhargo on military planes to belligerents in last June's Middle East war will be maintained. He confirmed that Iraq had ordered 31 Mirage jets and would receive them within two or three years. Israel made final payment on April 15, the due date, for the 50 Mirage-V jets it ordered from France two years ago. Sources here and abroad noted that Israel was now in a position to bring legal action against France for nondelivery of the planes. To Lilt or Buy in Real Esfafa Call



REED DAVIS CO. 558-2300

WASHINGTON (JTA) — State Department officials said this week that nothing new had developed in the American consideration of the pending Israel application to buy 50 F-4 Phantom jet fighter planes because of the disclosure this week that F r a n c e will sell jet fighterbombers to Iraq. The United States continued to "observe the situation' 'in keeping with the general outlines of the policy indicated in the communique issued in Texas following the ISshkoI-Johnson talks last January, it was stated.


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Mrs. Ajon Fniber, President Vol.

Carol's Commenfs It is a privilege unu a pleasure for me. as Preside nt <>! the Omaha Chapter. Urandeis University Women's Comm ittee, to greet the Jewish Community of Omaha and Lincoln. Surely it is lilting and projjer t h a t news of our work locally, nationally ;md on the campus at Mass., should r e a c h you through the pages of the Jewish Press. Brandois University's very foundation is for. like a free and newsworthy press, based on the highest intellfclual idea exchange, expressed o p e n l y and freely in an.atmosphere of educational excellence. fndeed. it is with pride that1 we bring you news of the varied activities of our chapter, all dedicated to enriching our individual communities, but at the same time supporting the key to education at all l e v e l s — THE LIBRARY OF BI1ANDEIS UNIVERSITY. Carol Farbcr We urge g you y to jjoin "us in our work in the sheer perl" pleasure l h sonal" that accomplishment brings. Sincerely, Carol Farbcr

Chairmen need workers and this year many, many women worked — adding to and really accomplishing the success of the Fair. Young, old, and inbetween—all gave their time! This BG7 Brandeis Book F a r was fortunate in every way. In addition to people giving their lime, many businesses assisted us by donating their services. The ANGELS were the follow, ing; Mr. M i l t o n Livingston,


y, April 26.


13—No 2

The HK>7 Bi aiuleis Book Fair xvas the most successful to date. The success wa.s due to the combined support of the e n t i r e chapter. Everyone working together is a guarantee ,'cr at1 compli.shiiient. Mrs. Harold P . Karher was •coordinator for the 10C7 Book Fair. The following w o m e n served a s chairman: Procurement -Mrs. Morion Levitt: Sack Distribution — Mrs. Kenneth Ropen; Book Pickup - - Mrs. Irvin Sherman: Phonotori—Mrs. Warren Zwoiback; F o l l o w - u p calls — Mrs. Joseph Kirslienbnum: Publicity—Mrs. Harlan Noddle, Mrs. Morton G l a s s ; Signs—Mrs. Sol'Friedman and Mrs. Avrum Greenbcrg; Marking and Sorting—Mrs. Donald Stern, Mrs. Joseph Ortega, Mrs. Maurice G i l m o r e ; Arrangem e n t s — M r s . Charles Rosen-stock, Mrs. Myron Milder; Staffing — Mrs. Henry Greenberg, Mrs. Michael Solzman; Youth Council C o o r d i n a t i n g — Mrs. Robert Epstein, Mrs. Leo Sisenstatt; Posters—Mrs. Ajon Farber, and Corrcspodence — Mrs. Gary Goldstein.



Mrs. Roberi Epstein, Editor April, l!K.iS



Unique! Exciting! Stimulating! These adjectives and many mure describe our May meeting. This will be an afternoon no one will want to miss. John W. Kostitch of Kuslltch Inferiors and Francis L. Simotid of Simonds Florists, will display table decor and floral arrangements for e v e r y home, from french provincial to modern. The program chairmen for the May meeting are: Mines. Myron Milder, Howard Krantz, Michael Alberts and Bennett Wagner, Their committee chairmen, who have been working most diligently are: Publicity, Mrs. Morton Glass; Luncheon, Mrs. Sheldon Brodsky and Mrs. Sidney Taren; Calling and Reservations, Mrs. Bennett Hornstein, Come join us on Wednesday, May 1, at I2::so p.m. at the High-

t T


land Country Club, fur Hnnideis University's "Designs Jor Entertaining," Arrive e a r l y for a Sherry Hulir; a view 'if Lois Mildor's miniature paintings, and then partake in Mr. SlmilzV, spe-

A young re.ider \ iews (lie 'G7 Hook I\iir stock.

•Working for others is fun and rewarding. I am sure all of you ' nave heard these words or similar ones many times before, but, do you understand their real meaning? If you'do, then I know vou agree with them. ' , More and more the young women of the community are finding this out—to give is to receive. The job doesn't matter—calling committee, Gray Lady, chairmanship, officer. The important thine i s that YOU are involved. I know that keeping a household running with small children is a busy job, but 1 feel everyone can spare afewhours a month to do something for someone else. The mazing thing is that once you try it you will see how fulfilling it is. Please don't take my word for it; that voluntary work of any kind makes a better person out of you—try it out for yourself. Today is the day for you to decide what interests you and become a part of that organization. While you a r e endeavoring to find out about the world outside the home, remember the Brandeis University Women's Committee We* would love to have you join fis in furthering the Library »t Br.indeis University.

Brandeis Women's Committee was extremely pleased with this year's Book Fair. In addition to the monetary profit of the Book Fair, we know that we fill a definite need in our community. The people uho came to the sale appreciated the opportunity (o buy used books. Book Fair Is an experience which is gratifying to all who parllcipale". We thank everyone who helped achieve its success in 1367. Brandeis University's Library appreciates the elforts of every man, woman, child, and business. Thank you! T h a n k

vou!! • Dues! Dues! Dues! Yours Brandeis could use. Pav itNOW. Here is how; Send A Check to: Mrs. Howard Ki•antz 9223 Davenport

please make your reservations with Mis. iiennett Hornslein. o.ifl lil3!> or Mrs. Bennett Wagner, .'!!i:'-7117. Price of the luncheon is .VUI5.


A Nice Way to Remember Hook donations are memorable gilts for you and your loved ones, and for the generation to come who seek knowledge and truth through the book.'; we place in the Brandeis University Library. Vimr ('(iiitriliiilioii of: $1-S4 Helps the Book Fund Grow. $5 Places one new volume in the Library, with name plate of the Honoree, $!!> Buys three books and entitles Honnrre to Book Fund Album. $25 Buys subscription to learned journal, wilh name plate of lionorce in ;mnii:i| volume. $!i00 ICslrihlishes a Major Book Collection. $100 Establishes a .Special Hook Collection. * * * To celebrate or eommemoraU' all special occasions, rail .Mrs. Richard Fellman, .Mrs. Itobcrl Hooper or .Mrs. Sanfiiril Kasnrr. Contributions have been made by the following: In Honor of .Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ferer by Mr. Edward Zolinsky. In Honor of the recovery of "Mr. M. M.'Orei'iinerg by Mr. and Mrs. Ajon Farbor. In honor of .Air. On en Meversnn by Mr. and Mrs. Stanlord I.ipsey. In Honor of Thomas Kogcr Newman by Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Turek. In Honor cif the new home n( Mr. and Mrs. Yale Iticliards by Mr. and Mrs. Ted Sanford. In Honor of Until Itivliin by Mr. and Mrs. Ernie NogR.

Slate'of Officers Hertz Rcnt-A-Truck,- Mr. Sam Wolf, I-Go Van and Storage, Crossroads Mall, Ilinky Dinky, Alamito, G r a y . s t o n e , Kimball Laundry, Omaha Lace Laundry, Markel Laundrv, Baker's, Shaver's, Central M a r k e t , Buffett Grocery, R a n c h Bowl. Rose Bowl, R a n k . s , Papillion Boy Scout Troop, Offutt Boy Scout Troop, Grace-Mayer Insurance Company, All Makes Typewriter Company, Builders Supply Company, Television Stations KMTV, WOW, KETV, Northwestern Bell Telephone, Radio KBON, WOW, KFAB. KOVVII. World Herald, D u n d e e Sun, Jewish Press, Brandeis Store, Service Life Insurance Company, Philips. Goldstein-Chapman's, Nelson News, Gordon Van and Storage and Mr. Gerald Gross.

eial jiciiiritx t luncheon.

The infill Nominating Committee consisted of Mrs. Charles Hosenstock, c h a i r m a n and Mines. Leo F.iseii.stntt, Robert Epstein, Robert Faicr, R.iymon Somberg, They submitted the following slate of officers. President Mrs. Ajon Farbcr Vice-Presidents Mrs. Sanford Kasner Mrs. Warren Zweibeck Mrs. Bennett Wagner Dues Secretary Mrs. Howard Krantz Recording Secretary Mrs. Donald Polsky Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Gary Goldstein Treasurer Mrs. Norman Halm Directors T r i m Expiring 19G9 Mrs. Maynard Greenbcrg Mrs. Robert Kooper T m n Expiring 1970 Mrs. Ben Shapiro Mrs. Allen Kohan Term Expiring 1971 Ivfrs. Harold Farber Mrs. Ernest Nogg

Gourmet cooking fever caught 20 of our Brandeis University Women this fall, as Bernard Schimmel taught the whys and wherefores of gourmet cooking. The classes were held in the homes of our members, We want to thank all the women for so graciously opening their homes to us. Mr. Schimniel taught the women to make the epicurean delights they have always heard about —Rack of Lamb, Crabmcat en Brochette, and Chicken a la Kiev to name only a few. The Gourmet Cooking Class was a tremendous success. Thank you Mr. Schimmel for your knowledge and your time. Without you wo couldn't have done it, Also, we appreciate the endeavors of our co-chairmen, Mrs. Abe Venger and Mrs. Tom Bernstein. Watch for the announcement of the fall scstion It is going to be bigger and better than ti/er.

In Ilnnor of Ihe recovery of .Mrs. iiennelt Winner by, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ilahn, Mr. and Mrs, Richard Feliinan. In Honor of the fortieth anniversary uf .Mr. and .Mrs. Johnny Winsti-n by Mr. and Mrs. William Katzman, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fellman.

1968 Book Sale . The wheels are all ready in motion for the I!Mi!) Brandeis Book Fair. Mrs. Bernard Schimmel and Mrs. Henry Grcciihorg have been named co-chairmen. These two women have worked oii previous Book Fairs, and wo know that their experience will add to the success of the V.Wi Book Fair. We feel most fortunate this year as we have procurred a permanent book depository at the Prom-Town House Motel. It is open year around for your convenience. When you are in the process of spring cleaning don't throw the old books out— take them to the Brandeis University Book Depository.

Party at Sher Hame On February Gth, Hrandeis University's Women Committee held their animal party at the Doctor Philip Slier Home for the figed. The afternoon consisted of a movie procured from the Jewish Community Center Library, refreshments and conversation. The residents enjoyed themselves reports Mrs. Harry Rochman our hospitality chairman. Mrs. Itochman was assisted by Mrs. J. M. Malashock and Mr.'). Bcrnhnrdt Wolf. We thank theso women for their time and efforts.

j| < In f Nliiuwirl iheiik (I r n a y to gourmet cooking.

Friday, April 2fl. 19C8



Puge Five

Capitol Spotlight By Mickey Gerelids f


1 am a happy, healthy Jewish uoinan and I don't play golf! HOW'H that for a .shocking statement. Furthermore, I have no •intention of ever playing golf in the future, which makes 11H• very much a part of the "out" group, when most of my peers are very, wry "in." While many men have long been addicted to this dubious F-port. it is only in recent years that the craze became part of the female Jewish community mid my af;e group was hit the hardest. This is the ;i|;e group that, is old enough not to he tied down by .small children; yaunj^ enough to weather physical exercise find fat enough to need it. I fit .the description, hut when the masses of middle aged matrons headed for I he club house, I silently stole the oilier way. The reason is simple. I'm lazy. Even il I was coordinated enough to hit the ball (which I'm not) who needs it? My idea of exercise is turning the pages of a good book. I prefer air conditioning to sun suffering, sitting to walking and I'm .stubborn enough not to change my mind. I have no argument with those who find pleasure on the golf

course. My husband plays golf regularly. My sons give it a try on occasion. Indeed, some of my best friends are golfers. For who choose to play I say, "(icy. I'.e/.interlieit." All ! ask is a little compassion for of us who have resisted the golfing craze. Please don't try to convert us.,. ft happens every year about this time. When the gollers take to the greens, it's as if the rest of the world .stops. The heated discussions on religion, politics and sex which highlight social gatherings during the winter months suddenly stop. Instead, there are the endless accounts of (lie "battles of the goll balls." Nothing is duller to the nongolfer than a rehash of IK holes of golf. It it t when you're in the minority, (here's little you can do besides hoping that (he first snow comes early (his fall. So it is Hint 1 offer this plea on behalf of those few of us who still think of a slice as a piece of bread. We're happy in our lazy ignorance; don't try to change us. We wish all our golfing friends a fantastic year on the fairways, but, spare us the details.

By Michael Sell*

less elaborate, for the guests "expect" a real celebration and nearly all parents want it to be said that they gave a "nice liar Bas Mitzvah."

Recently I attend the out-oftown Bar Mitzvah of a distant relative. The evening service was followed by a reception wilh extravagenl pastries and a "Bar Mitzvah" cake. After the Saturday morning service, some 200 people were entertained at a luncheon in the synagogue social hall. The meal was prepared by 12. cooks and arranged by ,'i caterers. That evening, at a large hotel in the city, the proud parents gave a cocktail party in honor of their son. A C piece band provided the entertainment. The following morning, a brunch was held and everyone left carrying large parcels of left-overs. The Bar M i I z v a !i bey was happy with his newly acquired .gifts, but will the experience have lasting value? Will it shape the course of his life or was he only a "macher for a weekend." I asked a few teenagers for their opinions on current Bar Milzvah practices. *


Mark Hoffman, Senior "I feel that there are three basic problems involved. First, the boy or girl is too young and c a n n o t comprehend the full meaning of Bar/Bas Milzvah. Second, the service is aimed towards participation, but not towards meaning and significance. Third, parents turn'the occasion into a gala social event. They plan receptions, hire caterers and resort to other extremes which alter the meaning of the Bar Mitzvah ceremony." * * • I'alty Shnfer, junior . "The real meaning of a Bar/ Bas Mitzvah celebration is often lost amidst parties, luncheons, Bnd presents, However, I feel thai those who are directly concerned do realize the religious importance of the occasion. It's u n f o r t u n a t e that everyone doesn't appreciate the reason for the celebration and that many lose themselves in the s o c i a l aspects. I doubt that Bar/Bas Milzvahs will become

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Harry F.ugcl, 8th grader "Most kids look upon the Bar Mitzvah as a time to gel gilts and a lot of recognition. I spent a lot of time preparing lor my Bar Mitzvah, but it really didn't influence me that much. The gifts are all I have to account for the experience." • * * Nathan Fchlinan, junior ' i t is very difficult for a boy or girl to comprehend the meaning of the ceremony. They put (t lot of Work into it and strive to do their best, but they are disillusioned when they see that their parents are primarily interested in the receptions. Of course they are concerned with how well their son performs, but they don't realize the true significance of the ceremony." * .* * •It is very hard to say what can or should be done about the current Bar Mitzvah Barbarism. Many people go to great l e n g t h s to make it a social event, and unfortunately, they usually succeed, with their children no more the wiser. It certainly seems that it is time to reevaluate the situation, both from the standpoint of the young person and his parents.

Jason Silverman, Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League, has stated that a grave

5 YEARS AGO Louis Bernstein of Council Bluffs was named the recipient of the Ben Gershun Memorial Trophy . . . Carol Simons celebrated her Bas Mitzvah. 10 YEA Its AGO A group Bas Mitzvah celebration was observed by Barbara Givot, Susan Katzman, Marilyn Lewis and Harlene Schapiro. 15 YKAKS AGO Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Rubin announced the birth of a daughter, Susan Rene . . . Fred Simon was named Youth Bowler of the Month.

Snapshots of Jewish History] -25 YEARS AGO THIS. WEEK SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE—The Nazis established three labor camps for Polish Jews, it was learned, at Lublin, Auschwitz and Birkenau. The Birkenau camp was reported suffering the highest mortality rate. Meanwhile, the Gestapo blocked all frontiers to foil attempts of Jews to escape. * * * LONDON—Prime Minister Churchill upheld the White Paper as a guide for Jewish immigration to Palestine. Accordingly, no more than 29,000 imigrants would be permitted entry in the Holy Land until March 1944. * * * LONDON—Polish Premier Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski declared in statements that post-war Poland will be a genuine democracy and that Poland's Jews will enjoy full equality, freedom of religion, speech and c'ultural'pursiiits. • m * * IS YEARS AGO'THIS* WEEK WASHINGTON—German Chancellor Conrad Adenauer said here that the West German Government considers the reparations pact with Israel "a moral obligation" that is taken "extremely seriously" by oil German people.

. *

Publication Ct)lu~W tio. Join Street, Omuho 1<«I r Phcrw 343 Kit

Mis. Robert Gcichcli, IJlitor

^ g j ^

Milton Friedman Black Power extremists have revealed that Iherc- is a method in the madness of burning and looting. T h e i r slated intention _mOTm^_^_ , is to make so- f \ called g l i t t t o j ,' ; areas of the Uis ' trict of Coltiin ' _;;. *' bia and other ' communities "Ju i ,„•»-' denrein" (free of j Jews) — an aim ol Hitler. Fanatics have disrupted meetings in which re- Friedman sponsible 1 e a ders, white and black, sought to plan a cooperative reconstruction of the inner city. One such meeting, convened by D.C. authorities, heard an extremist depounce white merchants with the public charge that "no one puts the touch on the black man like the Jews with their 300 percent interest." A concept of Negro nationalism was advanced wilh implications for every city where a Negro ghetto exists. "This land will b e l o n g to its people . . . We can't live with the white man who gyps us . . . Let them go to their suburbs . . . We drove the moneylenders out of the temple before and we can do it again." At another meeting here, the militants took over and actually ordered all white participant.1; out of the room. Advocates of "black ownership" proclaimed that while-owned enterprises will be burned again and again and again." Since approximately one-half of the mercantile and property damage sustained here was suffered by Jews, concern is felt by Jewish businessmen. But an even deeper fear pervades the whole spectrum of Jews devoted to integration and human equality. It is apprehension lest the Government appease Black Power segregationists to tiie extent of creating two nations, one white, another black.







WASHINGTON—President Eisenhower received Isrndi Foreign Ministtr Mo-he bhiircll on problems ol the Middle


crisis has developed in the words. The enemies of Ihe black wake ol tin' riots. It is his view people are •'Zionist Jews" acthat Jews are dedicated to an cording to handbills distributed open society based upon inte- here. Not all Negroes go along gration and brotherhood. But with such nonsense. One Negro black fanatics are denouncing businessman told an extremist the "Jew stores'' while white that "You don't own anything extremists urge police stute on this s t r e e t but your big mouth.'' measures against Negroes. Federal Action liiaek 1'iMver Federal authorities in WashThe concept of Negroes eontrolling the business liie. educa- ington are adopting policies on tion, housing, and other aspecls tin- ghetto that will be reflected of ghetto neighobrhoods has nationally. The tendency now been accepted by the Govern- appears to attempt to cool down ment. The U.S. Siiuill Business the riots by accepting the preAdministration lias announced mise that Negroes can decide that it will defer "disaster are-a" the fate of white businessmen loans in D.C. until long-range who operate in colored neighplans are made for an inner borhoods. This trend is troubcity acceptable to Negroes. A ling to advocates of civil rights. master redevelopment plan is They see a danger in the inbeing drafted by one Govern- creased separation of the two ment-subsidized Negro group, races. The report of the PresiPride. Inc., that would give Ne- dent's Commission on Civil Disgroes control of all business, orders voiced similar concern. social and political activities in On the other hand, advocates the area. Pride has demanded of elementary social justice see that disaster loans to burned- merit in the Negro drive to rid out merchants be suspended un- the inner city of exploitative til the black control plan is com- merchants who prey on the uneducated and poor. < pleted. Charles Y. Lazarus, one of Moderate Negro spokesmen, like the Washington representa- America's leading merchants, tive of Dr. Martin Luther King's has charged the ' businessmen Southern Christian Leadership with "inexcusable callousness" Conference, have avoided all ref- toward explosive urban proberence to Jews. But he tended lems. Lazarus, President of the to explain the burning as a blow American Retail Federation, against, "exploitation''- and a said: "Just ask yourself how a form of "instant debt reduction/' whole generation of corporate . He said there wan great "anger 'executives could drive their Caand venom" among Negroes dillacs through the slums of against proprietors of stores America and not know that, one that sell appliances, clothing, day, these ghetto poor would jewelry, etc., , on credit. The rise to threaten both the cor"Blackmail's Volunteer Army of porate balance sheet and the Liberation'' does not mince whole fabric of American life."

comes a compromising ChamJARRING MISSION Israel is again in danger of berlin and fails as a negotiator. being lulled into a false sense Therefore, with all due respect of security .by those who believe to Abba Eban's outstanding abilthat Dr. Jarring is on a "good- ity as an orator, Israel is in dire need of a team of skilled, will'1 mission. silent diplomatic negotiators to In the final analysis, the ob- match wits with and deal with, ; jective of U. Tlmnl's sweet-talk- the smooth shrewdness of Jaring agent, Dr. Gunnar Jarring, ring and U, Thant. is to rescue and save the image By the same token, neither we and position of both Nasser and U. Tliant by restoring the mean- nor our representatives in Washingless "armistice" pretzel lines ington have the right to sit idly that existed prior to June 5th, by while World Peace and~ when U. Thant hastily withdrew Ameriean interests are being the U.N. troops to accommodate jeopardized in the Mideast by the "Dulles" policy of our State Nasser. Jarring's job is to compel Is- Dept. without protest. Sol A. Daim, rael's withdrawal from all the liberated areas of what was at Detroit, Michigan. times* parts of "Palestine," by art, guile, or persuasion; by BRAVO "commitments" to "understandHalf a Sixpence, "a great big ings" and interpretations of the bloomin' musical hit" on BroadU.N's perfidious r e s o l u t i o n s way, certainly came into full without direct negotiations or bloom at the Jewish Community treaties of peace. To accomplish Center last weekend. this, in the manner of all good Having seen both the original fishermen, "fishers of men" performance in New York also known as diplomats, Dr. and the Road S h o w Company Jarring is baiting the hook wilh that was in Omaha, I can honminor temporary achievements estly say that the Jewish Comthat appear to be in Israel's munity Center's Studio Theater favor. production upstaged the profesAt the same time, the U.N. is sionals. encouraging and apparently perThe cast, under the direction mitting marauding Arabs to ex- of Ira Raznick, is more than haust Israel's patience and at- professional. They have a certack and harass Israel by re- tain freshness and exuberance peated raids with impunity; to that will make even the most enable U. Thant's Gunnar to Jar seasoned theater goer sit up Israel loose from her present and take notice. strong positions of safety. Jim Roddy as Arthur Kipps, History teaches that those is a polished performer as well who fail to profit from their mis- as the show's choreographer. takes are destined to r e p e a t Jim received a standing ovation them. Israel need not go back at the end of the opening night thousands of years for the trag- performance, and those of you ic lessons taught by the be- who saw the show know why. trayed promises of a Pharaoh Those of yon who haven't after each of the Ten Plagues. seen it, h a v e another chance Israel needs only to refer to this weekend. The f i n a l permore recent experiences with formances will be given this unfilled promises, temporary Saturday and Sunday evenings a r m i s t i c e and meaningless at II p.m. at the J.C.C. Tickets truces arranged by Count Ber- arc available at the door. If yo&. nadotte, Ralph Bunche, John enjoy good theater, don't miss Foster Dulles, ct hi. it. • • • ' • • As a Mile, a gifted orJlor beMis. Nathan (Lois) No\.iU





Friday. A[>rii S3. J669

iD\J U "aiA TUESDAY HICK SCHOOL a u d i t o r iu in. 120 & Center. isinvini AI. WINNKKS HIGH SCHOOL A professional camp adminis- supervises the activities of l'lO Awards for the various activiI'll) yard dash- Fred Tich; Ji.VSKKTBAM, I.KACl/K ties throiijjliuut the year will ba trator, former camp director, children. AZA No. 1. In the opener, Mu:;l:iiu Seam TS\ yard dash Jay Shuktrt, presented. "We are extremely pleased teacher and educator, Mrs. rolled past tlie Mures five givChaim Wt-izmai'in. Margt' Allen, will head and .su- with our staff for this summer," HICALTSI ( L I U MAYS said Mr. Ross "with their exing the losers ;i four yiimi! los- 410 yard rim •-• Ron W e i s s , "Membership has been on the pervise this summer's girls staff perience and ability, and adaping streak. Working tin- bail and (.'iiaini Wvi/.maim. and activities at the Esther K. tability to meet the needs of taking 1 ami \\ .shots to (-very !"!() relay- -I/red Tichaiier, Dave i n c r e a s e and participation one shot taken by Mares team, Rilkiu. Larry Catkin. Jerry I'.ood." stated Jim M o r t o n , N e w m a n Camp. Alan lioss, our children." Health Club Director. "We are Camp personnel Chairman, reMuskins crew :;ci the pace nevSpace is still available for Satiolsky. Hie first and final two weeks er to be overtaken. Mares then Shot Put '-Altan Kuback, Chaim f.;lad to our members back ported this week. from their vacations in Florida, periods of the can)]) season. ParWtiziu.'inti. put on a full court press at hall Mrs. Allen, who teaches in ents are urged to enroll soon, time but I.ooney, Maranlz. and Kroad Jump Keith Tep])ermciii, Arizona, California. Israel and an Iowa high .school, attended as space is nmniiif; out, with AZA No. I'lO. Europe. Some of the fellas even SUicker easily broke it. liruce tin: University of Omaha. Wayne Muskin, fiivorin;; an injury. Solth;;ll Tlinnv •• Allan Ruback, had a chance to IIHC their recip- State University, Arizona .Stall.; children being accepted on a first come first served basis. (.'Iiaini Wfi'/.Tiiarin. rocal membership c a r d s ' with played at a minimum while University, and has completed other Centers. For those ol you graduate work in counseling coaching his squad to the vic- Sl'I'KH SUNDAY Kl : .\l)AV Israeli cattle farms last year L only (letStarling Sunday. April 2!Hh who have no! been coining in, and guidance. Mrs. Allen served ting 10 tallies was th lloor the Centers' Athletic Depart- we miss .seeing you and hop!.' as an administrator lor the produced a total of 255.006,000 general for tlie \ vimicrs. C ampment will hold five weeks nf you'll find time to drop in real (iirl Scouts and has extensive pounds (S'!5.00l),'l(l0) worth of training in camping and camp- meat compared with 217.000,(»0t> bell was high ior the los e n ; ;;cl- Sunday Fimday activities at soon,'' pounds worth the previous year. Future Plans craft and in the supervision of tiny 15 points. M e m o r i a l Park. Hoys and (JTAi Consideration is being given activities related to nature. Girls, Kindergarten t h r o u g h . MISKINS II'.AM Fourth Grade may enroll. Activ- to .setting aside one alternoon a fli- It. pts. Mrs. Allen joins the adminisweek for a Father and Son time LOOIH'V . 0 nr:.\F. i s i . v n ; INVCSIOUS ID ities will include crafts, sports trative team at the camp which in the Health Club for this sum2 :md naniK. hikinj;. s p e c i a l Stcckcr includes Director. Sherman Pos- no voi H A M : IIKII HI.I WITH II l:a: Associate Director. Jack .. (i 12 events ami LOADS OF FUN. mer. VOI it'.vi. ruori-;KTVf Rosen Later in the year plans are Molad. and another Unit Head. lie program is free to Center It Marantz c, 'Imember:; roil putMi.vw. SI:IIVICI; bein;: made for a limited Womor 25 cents for ncm;; Marl: Klein. A staff of 20 coun. . "i i:i Epstein . ., roil KMT.Iill'.SOilJ en's Division. members. j selors and specialists completes •) 0 MAN.\<;I:MI-:VI" Richards < M I . mini w IVI iioiii the counseling complement that 0 Lincoln Y(HTil H U N C H . OLYMPICS SEVENTH A. EHiHTII (JKADF. With the Youth Council track ,S<>(•TISALI, TEAM 1'RYOt.TS and f i e l d meet over, a new Fielding, halting, hitting were MAHKS TKA.M List Your Homo With Olympic year begins May !i: .stressed last Sunday at Memorpts. Softball .starts the season off at ial Park from 2 p.m. till :!::!() Marcs . . . . Elimvood Park on .Sunday morn- p.m. as Keith Wagner, David Gallagher ings. The clubs have been hold- Kutler. Rich Bernstein. Larry Simons . .. ing practice, and graduatin.L; sen- Ruback, Mike Forinan, Bennett Mcmbort of \\\a MutflpU Ltilinij Campbell . :: ij iors will play (heir last Y.C. Rodick. Bob Cohen, Loron Wine, Mnlashock event. I) 2 Mike Stnenberg and Steve RoFor Personal Service Call Belmont .. (i (i 'ibis year has been the closest sen looked pretty good whipping Perimeter (I 2 in Youth Council competition the ball around the barn. with three out of the four clubs 17 (i 10 battling all the way for the Residence, 553-1582 Office, 341 -3160 Olympic title. Who will be tha Now Is the Time to In the night cap. Rilkins Ma- winners in '00? Participation is 1704 Douglas StreetArrange for Dependable rauders and Josins Bombers the key to winning the big trohooked up in the best f;ame of phy, loo per cent effort and de- Summer Lawn Care! the season. .losins team will) termination all play an imporReasonable Rates clutch baskets in the final min- tant part. utes by.Jim Rice, and l!oh Ci- Hats off to all the boys who 16 Years Experienco pinko made the difference for participated in the Centers' AthSodding • Seeding the close win. Cipinko is the* letic program this year. key to the Josin triumph week Fertilizing ° Pruning alter week. Cipinko rebounds, AWARD NIGHT For Fryo Eitimatfis Call The annual Athletic Award scores and keeps his teammates together. The standing Night has been scheduled for MEL joke is give the ball to Josin Wednesday evening. May 15th, 455-4072 and you'll never see it again. 7 p.m. at the RichmruiGordman Josin fouled out in the fourth period but his team held on for MARVIN rJ. NEWMAN ha? het-n in tlie i n / n t m e n t banking bu to*'.* the victory, and proved that tor B\mo A CIK'II years. He attended Omaha University, tinbra^M they are still number one. The University, and the £Jat;son School of Finance. Before joining J. CLIFF rtAHTL and COMPANY, Marvin was associated with thrco dntin» final score read 7204. Dave Ri(ni'i'>hcd New Yofk |rtvt*%tnu;ht banking fums. Many of your friend* PHOTOGRAPHER nml hi'ighbors liave already put Marvin Newman to work for them. kin for the losers and .losin for Hz'i a gOvd JOti. He voir l i u a C'JvJ job fuf yuu, luv, the v/'i n n e r s each hit for 25 817 South 36th Street — 345-1044 points. JOSINS TEAM NATURAL Black and '•'





Cipinko Liberman Givehand Nixon Rice

7 3 5 1 ...4

a. 3 f> 1 0 0 0


25 20 7 10 2 8




Member, Midwest Stock Exchange lomrrun ind prefirrtd slocki; jnunicipit i n j corpsuli tiondi; mutual funii; sovernrnent «ctncy bunds.

1605 HOV/ARD STREET 342>7262


ili. «. p

B. Rifkin D. Rifkin G. Rifkin Cackiti . . Pitlor . . . Blumkin . Gilinsky .


7 25 2 12


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23 *


18 04


Games Tuesday, April 30 6:00 p.m.—Rifkins vs. Muskins 7:00 p.m.—Josins vs. Mares WEIZMANN WINS Y. C. TRACK MEET

Chaim Weizmanh took four first place honors Sunday in the Youth Council Track arid Field IWeet. Altan Ruback of Chaim Weizmnnn was the meet's high individual scorer with C points. He came in first in two out of the three field events, taking the shot put and softball throw.

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TEAM SCORES 1. Chaim Weizmann 2.A.Z.A. No. 100 3.A.Z.A. No. J •J.Rayim

PTS. ](J 10 9 7

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April 26, 1968  

Jewish Press

April 26, 1968  

Jewish Press