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inner H a r r y Sidrnan, president of the Omaha J e w i s h Federation, has a n n o u n c e d that Philip \\A. Klutznick will be the guest speaker at the annual Jewish Federation Dinner-M e e t i n g, Sunday, February 18th, at the Highland Country Club.

riiili|» iM. Klutznick

Vol. XIA'I—18

IMllilll-iitlmi O f f l r i ' 11)1 N u O l l l l l h l i . N l ' b . "iHlTO, I'lmrif

A former Omahan, Mr. Klutznick is recognized as one of the foremost leaders of our times. He earned world-wide recognition for his activities as past



Three young women who have grown up in the Omnlia Jewish Community, have been named (o head (lie 1008 Young Women'.s Division of the 1908 Jewish 1'hilanthropiesI'niled Jewish Appeal-Israel Emergency Fund Drive. Mrs. Leo Kisenslall, general chairman of the Women's Division, has announced Unit Mrs. l U c h a r d I'Vllinan, Mrs. Joseph Itir.shenbaum and Mrs. Michael Solznum will direct the activities of the division which is limited to women age 30 and under. In announcing the appoint• ~ _ — • . . merits, Mrs. Eisenstatt noted the been ablv carried on bv each by the many youth services proparticular importance of the new Generation," she said. "The vided by our local Jewish agenYoung Women's Division. '"Our three young women who head cies. As young adults of the Jewish community has always the Young Women's Division community, they recognize their prided itself on the leadership this year reflect that kind of tra- responsibility to contribute, not which has, for so many years, dition. As children, they profited- only to the local community, but to the needs of our people wherever they may be. Their enthusiastic acceptance of the responsibility of thin division assures me that the young women in our midst do care. I'm delighted that they will be working with BEEUSHEBA (JTA) — Mrs. ing expelled from Palestine by me.". ••Beverly FeHinan. Paula Mu n w e:;s BenGurion, the Turkish authorities. They The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. wife of the former Prime Min- v/ere married at City Hall on Bloom, Mrs. Richard ister of Israel, died this week Dec. 5.1917. A fe wmonths later, Harold Fellman is the mother of a l'/iat the age of 70. Mrs. Ben- Mr. BenGurion returned to the year-old daughter and is expectGurion, who had been ill for Middle East and enlisted in.the ing the second addition to the several years, v/as rushed to Jewish Legion, the first Jewish family early this spring. An acBeersheba Hospital from her military uiiit in modern times, tive participant in a number of home in Sdch Boker after suf- which fought with Lord Allenby community groups, she serves fering a hemorrhage.. In*addi- to liberate Palestine from Turk- as Open Forum Chairman for tion to her husband, she is sur- ish rule. the National Council of Jewish vived by a son and two daughMrs. BenGurion joined her Women, publicity chairman for ters. husband in Palestine at the end Beth El Sisterhood, Book Fund Mrs. BenGurion was born in of World War I, bringing with chairman for 'Brandeis Women, Minsk, Uussia, on April, 18!>2 her an infant daughter, Geula,' arid has served on various comnnd was brought to the United who was born in New York dur- mittees for the Omaha Chapter States by relatives when she ing her father's absence. In of Hadassah. Maxlnc Kirshenbaum was 13. She s t u d i e d at the 1020, the BenGurion f a m i l y Mrs. Joseph Kirshenbaum has Brooklyn J c wi s h T r a i n i n g spent several months in LonSchool for nurses and l a t e r don where Mr. BenGurion was served as a worker and captain worked as a student nurse at sent on a mission for the Zion- in' p r o v i o u s campaigns. Th'e Beth I s r a e l Hospital in New ist Organization. T h e i r son, mother of a two year old son, York City. She met her future Amos was born there, their she is also active in the prohusband in New York where youngest daughter, Henana, was grams of Hadassah, Council, Brandeis Women and Beth • IsMr. BenGurion came after be- born later in Jeiusalem rael S i s t e r h o o d . She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Zweiback. Midge Sol/man With three small children to keep her busy, Mrs. Michael Solzmnn has also found time to participate in the various women's groups. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grenberg, she is a member of Brandeis Women, Hadassah, Council and Temple Israel Sisterhood. Education In a joint statement issued to the Jewish Press, the co-chairmen noted the direction they hope to take in their division. "We are hopeful' of course to raise as much money as possible in our division to aid the pressing needs of Jews everywhere, Pictured above, former Prime Minister David 'Bon-Gurlon particularly in Israel. We are, and life wife Paula tit Sde Bokcr, lite Ncgev liibbutz-where they however, more Interested In tlic lived prior to Mrs. Ben Gurlon's death ililu week.

~, •»«»

international president of B'naf B'rith and as a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Mr. Sidman urges all members of the community to reserve the February 18 date to take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet with Mr. Klutznick. Invitations and f u r t h e r details about the dinner-meeting will be mailed to the entire community next week.

.Si'cund ("lass I' I\il<l nt Oinnlin

SliiuU- Copy 10 O n Is l i n i e 4 Dollar*

Pictured planning activities for (lie Young Women's Division of the 1UB8 I'liilaiitliiopies campaign are the co-chairmen of the division (from left to right) Mrs. Joseph (Maxine) Kirshenbaum, Mrs. Kichard (Beverly) Fellman and Mrs. Michael (Midge) Solznuinbcr of gifts, rather than ihe size of gifts. It is our hope that we can involve every young woman in the community in this year's campaign. If we are to give the next generation the kind of Jewish community we knew

as children, then we must alert every young woman to her responsibility in giving. Presenting the needs to the young women of the community, and encouraging their support, will highlight th<» activities in our division."

London OTA)—Naval experts here held out little hope for the Israeli submarine Dakar and her crew of 69 officers and men, posted missing in the Eastern Mediterranean since last Thursday. Newspapers speculated meanwhile on the coincidental loss of tho French submarine Minerva which went missing off Toulon in the Western Mediterranean. The Times saw nothing beyond a "cruel coincidence" in the loss of the two underseas craft. The Daily Mail noted that NATO naval chiefs were "puzzled" by the disappearanca of two submarines in the Mediterranean within three days of each other. But naval officials emphasized that they had "no solid evidence" to link the disappearance with the Soviet fleet that has been operating in the Mediterranean in increasing strength sinca last June. . A massive international sea-air search continued to comb the area between Israel and Cyprus for traces of the submarine. Two British Argosy planes and a photo reconnaisance Canberra-typa plane are participating in the search from the RAF base on Cyprus. They v/ere joined by two Coastal Command Shackleton planes from, Malta. Four vessels of the U.S. Sixth fleet along with British, Turkish and Greek warships and 11 Israeli vessels criss-crossed tha seas in the area but so fas bavo turned up no sign of the missing submarine.

Friday, February t, J9CJ!


Nazi War Criminal Gels Prison Releas BONN UTAl - - A. notori ous li:,n war criminal, convicted of rurticipatioj* in tiie murder of is (>ii(i Jews at the Ausch itz New York iJTAI — Four major to achieve tin; for.ii 7 If*. . l:l;f;ty de;.lh camp. \va. rtlva.'ad fr om American Jewish organizations und pursuit of ha|iiiiiii;S t.-ii't. is prison this week alter fcrv )e:;;> than three years of a li active in human relations en- our binhnpiit.'' \( ar .••:{ ritence imposed on im dorsed this week President Mr. Scliary f::pri-f:'t(: the 'hy a Frank!urt court on Au Johnson's civil rights message

and urged prompt Ccnfrrt's.sionnl action based on the President's proposed new civil rights bill. Expressing support in messages to Mr. Johnson v.ere Beitram II. Gold, executive director ol the American Jewish Committee, Dore Scliary, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Le:ifiue of B'nai B'rith: Howard Squadron, chairman of the American Jewish Congress Commission on Law and Social Action, and Aclolph Held, president of the 'Jewish Labor Committee. Mr. Gold declared in ;i telegram to President Jolmson: "Your civil rights message spells out lontf overdue steps needed to enable all Americans

hope that ••(.'on;;rc!iM v.ill J'L.spoiid v.'ilhoul deliiy tu ynur call to aet upon this iiriently ni.»-ded and vital legislation, tin- »-narfmr-nt. of which is essential if our constitutional j*iKir;inU'C'S dl cqiial justice and equality of opportunity a r e to be m a d e ine;;nim;ful for all Aim rirana.''

Mr. Squadron askc-d tiie FresidenL to support eflorts in Congress to combine in ;• single bill his recommendations on lair housing and enforcement of the fair employment law with the pending civil rights protection act now in the Senate. Mr. Held called on the President "to give the full weight of your oil ice to the immediate enactment of this1 desperately needed legislation.'

ust Y The |reed man Ls Victor Capesins \V!R' was an SS ottirer and pharmacist at Auschwitz and was regarded as one of the worst a /1 e n d v r s tried Lit the first Auschwitz war crimes trial. His crimes includee theft of Jewish property for his personal use. The court explained its action by the fact that Capasiiis's appeal is still pendin<; before the Hi^h Court and said that it did not think the convicted man would try to escape. Capesius is a wealthy man. owner of several pharmacies in West Germany. His release Ls regarded here as the most serious of the increasing number ol releases granted convicted war criminals.

France -Re< Plane S PARIS UTAl — French Foreign Minister Maurice Couve de Murville has rejected the suggestion that France should lift its embargo on arms shipments to the Middle East because the ban has been seen as imperilling the regional balance of power by weakening Israel. The embargo, imposed during the Six-Day war last June, cancelled shipments of Mirage-V fighter.jets to Israel. Frenchmade aircraft are Die backbone

22 Countries Receive Israeli Teefinisat l t d Jerusalem iZINS) — 22 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America receive technical assistance from Israel, according lo official sources. Among them arc 16 in Africa, 3 in Asia, and 3 in Latin America. Negotiations with other countries are going on about s i m i l a r economic cooperation and assistance. The" Latin-American governments under consideraiion arc those of Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Peru which have requested Israeli s p e cialists. South Korea and the Philippines have expressed interest in the Israeli pattern of border settlements, nnd asked for instruction in Israeli know-how.


t1| »






BOSTON UTA)-'The obscure origins of the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion. a forgery that has been a basis for anti-Semitic incitement since the early days of the century, was described by Joseph C.



<*/ '\!



of Israel's Air Force. T h e r e have been reports recently that French President C h. a r 1e s ile Gaulle reconsidering the ban and might soon order shipment of the jets to Israel. The Foreign M i n i s t e r s:iid that Israel's military supremacy had been proven so decisively during the war "that there is no problem, even if one takes into consideration recent Kussian deliveries" of weapons to Egypt and other Arab nations. He reiterated France's position that peace in lite region could be achieved by Arab recognition of Israel, solution of the refugee problem, free navigation in the Akaba Gulf and the Suez C a n a l and security agreements between Israel and the Arab countries, guaranteed by "the international community."



TEL AVIV (ZINS»—Dr. Yitzhok Margolin, a specialist in geriatrics, said here, that in 1!IG!I there will be in Israel a quarter of a million residents aged KO and over, comprising 10 per cent of the entire population. The number of oldsters have multiplied fivefold s i n c e the establishment of the S t a t e , whereas the genera! population has increased only three-fold Dr. Margolin added that the older citizens pose a difficult problem for the whole country, especially for the kibbutzim who are trying to solve it.

Harsch in the Christian Science Monitor, this week. Delivering into the "conspiracy theory of history," Mr. Harsch noted: "In 1864, a F r e n c h lawyer named Maurice Joly wrote a fictional book titled "A Dialogue in Hell Between "ladiiavclli and .Montesquieu or The Politics of Machiavelli in the 19th Century by a Con temporary." The purpose of the book was to discredit the reigme of Napoleon III. In 1903, there was continuing political unrest inside Imperial Russia. A scapegoat was wanted. The Chief of the Russian Secret Police office in Paris, General Ratchovsky, provided one. A p r o f e s s i o n a l forger n a m e d Golovinsky, who did work for the Ratchovsky office, produced a book laveled 'The Protocols of Hie Riders of Zion.' It was duly forwarded to St. Petersburg and was used as the excuse for pogroms. The book was both forgery and plagarism. Golovinsky had taken the Maurice Joly book and reworked if by attributing to 'the Elders of Zion' the sentiments which in Joly's book were put in the mouth of Machiavelli. And he took the words Joly had written for the devil himself and attributed them to 'the c h i e t elder.1 ' This book became the bible ol anti-Semitism. It was massively exploited by Hitler. It is widely circulated today in Arab countries and has recently been republished in Spain and Portagnl," Mr. Mnrsch wrote.

SNCC Seen as Hindering Ci¥ii lights Action by' Jews^ Washington UTAt- Jewish resolve fin civil rights issues has IJI tu "mitigated" by the- activities of extremist factions in the Ne;;ro community. 1'abbi .Jay Kniifin.'in. executive vire president tif B'nai B'rith. said :it n reception given by the (inter in honor of Mayor Walter K. Wasliin;;ton ami other members of the District of Columbia administration. Mayor Washington is ;t Ne;;ro. "The anti-I.srael position taken by SNCC 'Student non-Violent Coordinating Committee) and by the New Lelt conference in Chicago liist year has created confusion in the minds of Jews who had supported the goals of

the Nffiro revolution" Kabb! Kaufman said. "I think that Jews were ;in,".u!ariy free oi the corrosion of the white backlash until then, he said, •'but they are no lonj'.er and mti't be brought back to their former resolve and fervor." Mayor Washington told the IKiO guest:; at the reception that he accepted Rabbi Kaufman's challenge and called for a coalition ef business, religious ami civic leaders of the District "to help bring about tin; kind ol to'.v/i where we can live in peace and dignity." He warned, however, that "if we develop the ;-,ttitudes of negativism and defeatism, we may as well not make the effort."

Jewish Groups Ask Supreme Oour! Holing On Open Housing Law

l i e Six-Bay War

NEW YORK UTA.I--Seven national Jewish organizations and 81 local Jewish councils filed a friendofthecourt brief with the Supreme Court last week, seeking to halt the "dainaf;inj; social, psychological and economic effects on minorities— especially Negroes—of housing segregation." The various g r o u p s , all of which are affiliated with the National Community Helations Advisory Council, urged the court to prohibit housing discrimination by enforcing the fair housing section of the 19fJG C i v i l Rights Act. Edwin J. Lukas. legal counsel of the American Jewish Committee, and Samuel Rabinove. director of the American Jewish Committee's legal division, prepnred the brief for the organizations. The national organizations are: Ameiican Jewish Committee, Jewish Labor Committee, Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A.. National Council of Jewish Women. Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, and United Syna gogeu of America.

Jerusalem (JTA) •— Finance Minister I'inhas Sapir said tins week, in an interview with the army weekly Bamachaneh. he intended to resign in HIM at the close of the current Pai hament. He said he had been a Cabinet member for 12 yc-.u s and that he felt •(his was enough.'1 He disclosed, in another interview that the June war had cost Israel about $750 million in direct and indirect otit!;i>5. Intensive fund-raising abroad at the same time brought $:!50 million in addition to what Israel would have received this year if there had not been a war. He said about two-thirds of this money was raised in the United States. The figure on the overseas contributions was for ihe first 10 months of this year. He explained that the tlittti quarters of a billion dollars represented the cost of the war and expenses in rebuilding Israel's arrtitd forces in the prewar level. Since the Arab states have been receiving huge quantities of arms from the Soviet Union, "we will have to improve our defence forces accordingly" he added

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Egypt Warned On Jerusalem IJTAI — Lt.


Odd Hull, chief o! the U.Nr. ceasefire observers corps in tlie Mi'Jdk' East, left here for Cairo, presumably carrying a warning from Israel that slip will regard as a breach of the cease 'ire, any attempt by K;;yr>l to unblock the northern ertd of the Suez Canal. Israel lms agreed to the unblocking of tin? southern end of

Israelis Say Kaddish For Holoeaus! Dead JERUSALEM (JTA)-Memorial services were held this week in synagogues throughout Israel for victims of the Nazi holocaust whose day of death is unknown. At the Yad Vaslieni. tho Institute for the Remembrance of the Holocaust, ashes taken in 1947 from the Triblinka death camp in Poland were brought for burial. They were tinned over to the Yad Vashein by Prof. Jacob Shenkmsm. who was a member of a Jewish vengeance squad in postwar Europe that hunted down Nazi war criminals. The rites were attended by survivors of the holocaust and by public figures, -including Development Minister Moshe Kol. An eternal light was kindled in the Memorial JJall, where the ashes were deposited.


the Canal in order to free 15 merchant ;.hips that have been stranded there since la.'.t June. Cut Israel vetoed an Egyptian plan to carry out a simitar .survey in the North which is considered here as an at tempt to explore the technical possibilities of re opening the Canal without the agreement of Israel. Tlie agreement of both sides is required by the Israel-Egyptian ceasefire agreement of last June in order for either one to make use of the Canal. Gen. Hull is believed to be carrying Israel's objections to Cairo in the hope of avoiding any new incidents along the CanaL I'ofitical circles here believe that Israel would agree to the reopening of the Canal to ships of all nations, except those of Egypt as long as Israeli shipping is barred from the waterway. It is not considered likely however that Egypt would agree to such terms for reasons of national prestige and • because Egyptian tugs and pilots are re, quired to guide shipping through the Canal.

West Germany Reports Drop In Anti-Semitic Nazi Incidents BONN IJTA)—The West German Interior Ministry said in its annual report that, the number of Nazi and anti-Semitic incidents in West G e r m a n y dropped ii IiiG7 compared with VMiti. The report said that in 19(iC there were 4-19 such incidenLs while last year there were 3i>7 such activities. The report said that 70 p e r s o n s were sentenced during I0C7 by West German courts for such actions. The report also asserted that

Washington 'JTAi — The Administration urged C o n g r e s s this week to reject a proposed ban on cotton imports f r o m Egypt on the grounds thnt it •would hamper U.S. relations with Egypt and endanger peacemaking efforts in the Middle East at a delicate and promising Natanya (ZINS) — Following moment. Eugene V. Rostow, Un- the Six Day War, the purchasidersecretary of State for Po- ng price of Arab maidens in litical Affairs, told n Senate Israel fell sharply, and Arab Agriculture Subcommittee hear- parents of prospective brides ing that a bill passed by the are plainly worried—according House to ban Egyptian cotton to Israeli press stories. could also delay restoration of In prior years, an Arab swain U.S. relations v,-ith the Arabs had to pay his would-be fatherfind facilitate Communist pene- in-law the'hefty dowry of 12,000 tration. pounds ($4,000); now it is reThe cotton bill now before the duced to a third of that sum. Senate would ban Egyptian and The reason for this decline is Sudanese cotton because those the far greater 'number of Arab governments, w h i c li declared lovelies seeking wedding-partwar on Israel last June, severed ners in Old Jerusalem and West diplomatic relations w j tli - the . Jordan nowoccupied by the IsUnited States. Domestic pro- raeli Army. ducers of c o t t o n liad argued The marriage-market, as on that adequate supplies of the other markets, the rise and fall commodity were available in of prices are governed by the the United States. They con- supply and demand. Tlie numtended that d o l l a r s paid to ber of available girls is indeed Egypt helped President Nasser inflationary, buy new Soviet amis. there was no evidence of a Nazi

rriees on OesSine In Arab Bridal larfcet

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New York . . . In response to several important Jewish Youth conferences conducted durin.1' the mid-winter college vacation season, the editors ox the Heconslructionist magazine, in the current issue of the Jewish religious Journal, call for a revision of Jewish Sex Codes. The editors note that Jewish young people '"hesitate about going to the rabbi, assuming, rightly or wrongly, that they will be treated to a resume of what traditional Judaism has always had to say" on the. subject of sexual morality. While the editors were reluctant to set forth in detail exactly what a rabbi ought tell young people about sex relations before marriage, they, nevertheless, olfered a guide toward a new .Jewish attitude. Tin- guide includes "a (rank recognition of Hie fact that the traditional conception oi sex relations can no longer be accepted." The editors attack-a recently published pamphlet by the Orthodox Jewish religious community that advised young men not to touch young women. Such advice, the Reconstructionist magazine suggests, will evoke the ridicule of young




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underground movement in the: nation. Conceding that the extremist National Democratic Party had managed to rally all nationalistic rightist groups in West Germany, tlie report insisted there was no tendency toward radicalism in the country, either right or left. HAMBURG (JTA i—Tlie Hamburg branch of the Social Democratic party adopted a resolution here demanding that UIL> extremist National Democratic party (NPD). be banned "for tits sake of free -democratic development in Germany and because of Germany's r e p u t a t i o n aboard." The resolution said that '"the Government must find a way to outlaw the NPD." Tlie action was the first on the issue taken by any of the major political parties in West Germany. Recently, the national leadership of the Social Democratic Party, v/hich is a member of the West German coalition government, balked a Government plan to ban the NPD proposed by Chancellor Kurt _kiesinger. The plan called for an electoral law c h a n g e "which WOll'd jHcvciil Ui« NPD fiOlii

gaining seats in the Bundestag, the lower house of tlie federal Parliament.. The Chancellor opposes taking the issue to West Germany's highest Constitutional court, at Karlsruhe, out of fear that a ruling for the NPD would accelerate its success.

French Film at JCC This Sunday "Alpliaville," recognized as the best film by French director Jean-Luc Godard, who also directed '"Breathless." will be shown this Sunday at 8 p.m. in the Jewish Community Center's Cinema I series of exceptional film fare. , Sub-titled "A Strange Adventure of Lemmy Caution," "Alphaville" is a thriller about a coreputer-run civilization. Eddie Constantino plays a secret agent from Earth who is sent to this automated world to capture the powerful scientist wlio created it. The film points out that the evil to be vanquished is the progressive dehumanization of man. the film lias won a Grand Prize at Canne; the Golden Bear Award, the top award at the Berlin International Film Festival; and a major award at the New York iilm Festival. Included in the cast are Anna Karina. Akixn Tamiroff and Howard Vernon. Admission to the 6 pjn, performance at the Jewish Community Center is $L Tliis if the premier showing of the film to Ctouha audiences.

people. "A mere reiteration of a traditional code of Jewish ethics is not just useless: it is harmful." Advice to Adults The Ueconslruetionist editor's also advise Jewish adults to make available to young people the best knowledge concerning the psychological and social consequences of pre-mantal sex relations. Acknowledging that the pill lias removed much of the fear of pregnancy, the editors assert that sexual promiscuity may be a symptom of emotional turmoil. "There are consequences other than pregnancy of which young people ought be warned." Finally the Reconstructionist affirms "the primacy of the family in a Jewish approach to the problem of sexual morality." Hence, "whatever patterns of behavior lead to greater possibilities of establishing the home may be regarded as wholesome—even if pre-marilal .sex relations are involved." The 'new' morality may be not only new but wholesome: but it ceases to be wholesome and becomes only 'new' when it weakens the fabric of familv life.''

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Frlilay, February 7, 1BC8

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By Carl Alpi-rt . Tlie Israel army was able to liberate the Western Wall of the Temple in old Jerusalem in about 4H hours— but a ii y action connected w i t h landscaping the a r e a around it has become bogged down in Israel po litical b u r e a u c racy. More t h a n six months after the Wall came into I s r a e l i hands there is still no decision, and the differences oi opinion are b e c o m i n g daily more complex. Questions Part of the problem is a jurisdictional dispute. Who is to he responsible for the Wall- the Ministry of Religions, the Ministry of the Interior, or perhaps Tourism—or'the municipality of Jerusalem? Related to this conflict is an even more basic problem: is the Wall a religious, holy place, or a national secular shrine? In the. days immediately following the end of the war the problem was a different one. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis wanted to visit the sacred and historic place. The narrow litUc alley, of which the Wall formed one side, made such mass visits a physical impossibility. Control was still in the hands of the military, and so. with the same quick decision

w h i c h characterized the conduct of the war itself, army bulldozers arid tractors were, mobilized. Families resilient in the adjacent slums were evacuated to other hoiiies—and the entire area was levelled. The. approach to the Wall was transformed into a large field which could indeed contain the huge throngs who came in the weeks that followed. Historians point out that the loOioot length of exposed Wall is only a section of the remnant of Herod's T e m p l e . An estimated 240 feet of the Wall extend further, serving as part of other existing buildings, some of them claimed by the Moslems as religious s t r u ctures. Clearance would obviously create friction. Down L'lidrr But the Wall can be "enlarged" in another d i r e ction. Archeoiogical borings have revealed that there are an additional 17 l a y e r s of the old stones which lie beneath the present surface of the ground. The area b e f o r e the Wall is filled with the accumulated rubble and debris of the centuries, the ruins of successive generalions. At one section the Israelis have made a beginning at deepening the ground. Two additional layers of stone have been exposed, and already the Wall has gained in height and impressiveness. Before any further digging, however, there must be careful engineering and foundation tests to assure thai the Wall will not be undermined

and weakened to the point of collapse. The new lower area which has been levelled is officially reserved as a synagogue for worshippers, with the usual separation of the sexes. The upper level, set back from the Wall at normal ground height, is for spectators and secular visitors. Debate has w a x e d furiously over such issues as whether the two levels should be connected by a stairway or a rainp. Meanwhile the secularists refuse to stand back, They claim historic approach the Wall, with or without head covering: with or without their lady friends on their arms. The controversy c o n t i nues. No paving has been done. No greenery has been planted. Recent rains have transformed the whole area into a bog, and religionists and secularists alike are smeared with the s a ni e mud.

by I.. A. I'inciis Chairman, Jewish Agency Executive There is a lot of talk in Israel today, after the Six Days War, about aliya, out of a sense of urgency, even of impatience. We have the feeling that time is working against us. The leaders of Slate, rabbis, teachers, thinkers, even the ordinary man in the street speak of aliya in about the same breath with security and defense.

The question of aliya and the the idea of aliya, to stress inurgency of the demand made of cessantly that a true and full Jews in the Diaspora to come to Jewin') life can be lived only in Israel has become more poi- Eretz Israel, in the State oi Isgnant t h r o u g h the fact that rael. A movement must be set on Diaspora Jewry came forward foot to inculcate the knowledge so enthusiastically to meet the that only in the Jewish homeland can there be any meaning serious .challenge presented by for independent Jewish lite the Six • Day War emergency. in aanJewish atmosphere in a The citizens of Israel received Jewish framework and that only inca 1 c u 1 n b I e encouragement in the Jewish homeland can the from the fact that the Jewish Jewish heritage in the spirit of people throughout the world Jewish tradition be promoted stood heart and soul behind the. and strengthened. State of Israel during its most .Synagogue Responsibility difficult days. It is precisely on Such movement must stem this account that expectations from the foci of Jewish lift- iu thi; Diaspora, primarily'the Jewran high 'or a continuation of 1 this spirit. People in Israel to- ish communities and synagogue ! which are the nuclei and centres day say: If you showed your willingness and your ability to of communal life. All synameet the challenge in time of gogues carry on variegated soemergency, why not do so again cial and cultural activities irt Editor's Note: Sometime ago out of respect for their fellow Jewish college youth throughout •it present so as lo prevent the addition to p r a y e r meetings in "American Judaism" the Jews, ,?nd so that their Gentile the nation, Judaism is not cate- formation of a nw emergency? which give them the status of publication of the Union of friends can respect them, such gorically divided into Reform, It is precisely because you have communal c e n t r e s . All syna. American Hebrew Congrega- activities should be more care- Conservative, and Orthodox fac- shown that you are wholeheart- gogues must, therefore, place tions', a Cornell freshman—Miss fully planned. tions. There is union felt he- edly identified with us, that we aliya at the centre of their activities. Special committees for tho Lesley Spimg—wrote, "It is cause all of us are Jews, with Challenging Yearsnow urgently expect .such identimost unfortunate that at this As everyone tells us. the col- common heritage bonds. Serv- fication to become more tangible encouragement of aliya should be set up in all synagogues, and point m our live-, 50 many young lege years are those of ques- ices are Conservative and an special meetings and confermen and worm n lo~,e contact tioning, challenging and chang- effort to accommodate all the and real. Loyalties ences should be called for tho with their lehgion . . ing our beliefs-religious anil degrees of observance that are most of ii-s just cannot relate otherwise. This is ns it should represented. Our services are The question of aliya must not encouragement of aliya. Special (to Hillei religious MTUCCS) . . . be, for no one should ever cease meaningful to all who attend for be interpreted as a call coming Sabbaths should be set aside for you will rarely if ever, hear us to ask questions that car. never many reasons. They are con- from Israel to the Diaspora. In iiliya and the sermons should speak about religion. None oi be fully answered. Indeed, it is ducted by students for the stu- all seriousness it must be .;aid be devoted to that topic. Above us was a rehginui enthusiast at the questioning that is impor- dents, and suggestions are al- that while the Jewish people are all, the synagogues and their home, but at school, religion is tant. But isolation from the real ways accepted and often adopt- still laboring under the impact rabbis, wardens and congregatvut ie^-j impuitaiit" of the historical events and the tions, both young and old, must world is an unnatural and dis- ed as to their content. great salvation that Israel ex- see to it that an aliya atmoFollowing is a rejoinder to advantageous state. As much ' Too Much Hebrew' perienced, unprecedented since sphere pervades so that within Miss Spring's views, addressed exposure to the whole society The Reform students have the to American Judaism. Miss Ei- during the years that our minds opportunity to speak up, but few the time of the Maccabees, the a short period at least one memleen Stem, writer of the rebut- are most active should be our ever bother with constructive Jewish communities of the Dias- ber of every family undertakes pora cannot afford to be dis- nliya to Israel. It should be extal, is the <l.iuglitc-r of Mr. and aim. Most Jewish students find most confine them- loyal to themselves and unfaith- pected of every rabbi to underMrs. Emanut-1 Stem, of Cleve- their campus experience unique comments; to, "There is too much ful to the great hour that has take at l e a s t one year's adland in that it is the first time they selves can truly feel their minority Hebrew," and never appear arrived. They must turn the de- vanced study in Israel. mand toward themselves and As the president of the Uillel status; the majority have lived again. This is not a time to speak of We have attempted something say: "We will arise and go up! Foundation on the University of in Jewish neighborhoods and "relations" or "contacts." Tho Cincinnati campus, I h.tve come gone to high schools with high that has worked out very well— Of course, much depends upon time has conu to give tangible into contact with many people percentages of Jewish students. the Conservative prayer-book is us. The Israeli economy must •who share Lesley's views. To be It is not harder to be a J e w - employed, but many of the pray- provide employment and sources expression to the idea and ideal rather one becomes aware of ers done responsively in Eng- of livelihood for. all the immi- of "one people." And it must ho quite honest, I do not. To .say, "Being a Jew is not what it is really like to be a lish. Also, in many of our serv- grants, and create suitable ac- done today. Aliya must be placed ices the different prayers and commodation and housing. In- at the centre of thought and as easy at college as it is at Jew in the Christian world. traditions in praying are ex- deed, the Jewish Agency has activity of every synagogue in home," is a statement that fills plained, for the benefit of those given serious consideration to the world. Not a Detriment me with anger. Was it easy to be a Jew in Em ope in the I USD's The majority of Jews on col- who either never learned the the problem, turning it into a and 194O's? The.answer is tra- lege campuses do not belong to why, or who have forgotten— top priority. The Jewish Agency, rz gically obvious, and yet many their respective Hiliel Founda- since their thirteenth birthday. in close collaboration with the Judaism is more than partici- Israel Government through the practiced their religion and aid- tions. There are various reaed the perpetuation of Judaism. sons offered, but few are signi- pation in Hillei. One is not a Jewish Agency-Govern m e n t When the things most import' ficant. Very common among the Jew because he attends services Joint Authority, must continue 1» YBAItS AGO snt to the Jewish college youth Reform Jewish youih is the on Friday nights and doesn't go improving the process of absorpEdward Trc-ller Celebrated his to beer parties. One should not ere, "Who's going. put with "reason" Lesley offered,—that tion and introduce greater ef- Bar Mitzvah . . . Gail Shrier •Whom? Who's been pinned, and the services are "definitely Con- blatantly show a Jewish label ficiency. However, we shall be was elected president of tho •what fraternity is having a tea. servative." This is,true on my wherever he goes, but he should unable to go ahead with improv- Tenipe Israel Youth Group. during the weekend?" our faith campus also, but I consider this always keep in mind what it ing immigrant absorption unless 20 YEARS AGO is surely in danger. an asset and not a detriment, means to be a Jew. On the col- a large scale movement arises campus you serve as a re- in the Diaspora to propogate Shirley Belzer and Al Sorkin I cannot say that the whirl- My Jewish background is most lege presentative of a faith many of were married . . ' . Rabbi and wind life of college and all of specifically Reform. I was con- your fellow students may know Mrs. Myer Kripke announced its facets are to be ignored by firmed and graduated from the relatively little about. One should the birth of a daughter,. Nc-tta, Jewish students. Most of them high school of The Temple in respect his religion, and practice The Jewish Press are vital to our development in- Cleveland. Presently I am a it as he sees fit, whether it be 25 YEARS AGO Published weekly on Friday beto mature young adults. How- teacher in" the Isaac M. Wise Re- through keeping kosher or tak- . ginning tlio last week In August Harvey A. Roffman entered ever, each aspect should be put ligious School in Cincinnati. part in Civil Rights move- through second week in July by Wenlworth Military Academy. , into its proper perspective. Hebrew Union College is two ing The important thing Is Jewish Federation of Omaha. 30 YEARS AGO There is nothing more annoying blocks from my campus, mak- ments. to take leave of absence JKcr.d Clou Police* Fold than reading of the Jewish fra- ing very easy access for Re- not Merriom Lieb and Harold) at Omofta, Uttr. from Judaism during the imAnnual Subvirlctlcn, (4.00. Arivtrtlttpg form services for all occasions. ternities and sororities on camCooperman announced their en* college years. Anyone ' Rale> on Application, pus scheduling their beer par- Yet I am deeply immersed in portant gdeement... Mr. and Mrs. pn> Publlcoilcn Olflce—101 Ho, Wh Strut, can be born a Jew, but it takes Omuho, Ilibr. pficnt WM3ii. Hillel activities. Why? ties for Friday nights. They are •vlcf Kranlz announced the birth a man to live a Jewish life. not expected at services, but Mrs. Robert Gcrelick, Editor of a daughter, Judith, . To. me, and to a minority of

FfWay, Frbniary 2, 18C8



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uniquely modern, and is highly readiness to condone and even respected and e s t c e m e d by approve, although not encour- , many as a marke of substantial age, homosexuality on the basis human progress." of 'genuine love,' 'fulfillment,' A .spokesman for Reform said and "happiness."' that the Union of Amercian HeMoral Love brew Congregations has taken Rabbi Lamm observed t h a t no official stand on the matter. He .said it was discussed by the ••the exaggerated i m p o r t a n c e National Federation of Temple Christians have traditionally ac.Sisterhoods at its convention corded to the term 'love' and two years ago, but as yet has the hedonistic ethic of the connot been considered by a Union temporary Western World, have joined together to kick away biennial. HE QUOTED from the resolu- •whatever is left of social and tion adopted by the Sisterhoods religious r e s t r a i n t in a progressively amoral society. To as follows: that a homosexual rela"The Bible treats homosexu- aver should be judged by ality as an 'abomination' <cf. tionship same criteria as a heteroLev. 1U:22, 20:13) and penalties the one—'whether it is infor its practive were severe. To- sexual to foster a permanent day, however, enlightened men tended of love'—is to abanunderstand that homosexuality relationship the last claim of representmay be a symptom of psychi- don ing the Judaco-Christian tradiatric evaluation." tion.' " Christian View He than asked: "Are we not The issue of homosexuality to use a reductio ad broke into the news when !)() justified ly ripe in the Far Kast. lint per- there for jiu jitsu. In Tel Aviv, Episcopalian priests from New absurdum, in using the same By DAVID SCHWARTZ reasoning to sanction an adulthaps the way through the stom- some Japanese have opened up Hebrew teachers are in great ach is the better method. Once a place to teach karate and York and three neighboring dio- erous relationship? Love, fulfilldemand. Even in far off Japan, - you have them really hooked on jiu jilsu, and it has stirred great ceses t o o k the position that ment, and happiness can be athomosexual acts like all sexual tained in incestuous contacts it was reported during the past gefilte fish, chopped liver, krep- interest. behavior cannot be classified as week, they are clamoring for lach and latkes, they stay with So, despite the hostility that right or wrong per se. Canon too—and certainly in polygamHebrew teachers. you. Heine thought that it was seems to poison the atmosphere Walter D. Dennis, of the Ca- ous relationships. Is there nothA brother of the Emperor of the Jewish diet which kept many the world, there is also evi- thedral of Church of St. John ing at all left that is 'sinful,' 'unJapan is a fine Hebiuw scholar. Jews faithful. Many of the Jews of dent vein of interlinking unity. the Dcvine stated the case as: natural,' or 'immoral' if it is There is a gi eat r<~ - ] who ran away from Jewish life, Whata better illustration could "A homosexual relationship be- practiced between 'two -consentdeal of inteiest "~ he said, sneaked back every there be of this than the story tween two c o n s e n ting adults ing adults?'" in Japan in the now and then to get a bit of the of the actual transplantation of would be judged by the same RABBI LAMM, whose views Bible, and that Jewish cuisine, when no one a human heart of a half-black criteria as a heterosexual mar- are being incorporated into an has been one of was looking. man in a Jew? riage--that is, whether it is in- article he is preparing for "Jewthe reasons lor So, in one place, the Hebrew Some years h a c k, Rahbi tended to foster a permanent ish Life" m a g azine, asserted the demand for that "As a Jew, I deeply regret language is winning friendship, Harry Englander, then of I'rovi- relationship of love." Hebrew t e a c h in another Jewish kreplach. ilence It. I., was i n v i te d to THE NEWSPAPERS a l s o this c h a n g e in direction in ers. A l s o the There is a reverse process too. preach in a Negro church of quoted a Dutch Catholic theol- Christian opinion on homosexuJapanese are in We picked up :i copy of an Is- (hat city. The colored preacher, ogian, the Rev. Edward Schille- ality and other moral issues. It terested in Israeli Hebrew paper Hie oilier introducing him, said of Dr. beeks, as stating that "Many is bound to accelerate the derael. A couple of 'day and read a review of'Da- Englander: "Ilis skin may be theologicans now t h i n k we terioration of what is left of the hundred of them „ Schwartz mon Kiinvon's works in Ilt'hmv. Mhile, hut his heart is as black should say that, in .some situa- moral fabric of society, and will have resided in undoubtedly have its effect on various kibbutzim in Israel, and And, in (lie Jerusalem Tost, we us any of yours." Now that tions, for some men, homosexu- non-Christian citizens as well. ality is a moral good because it it is reported that a Japanese read a stoi * about the erazi; slory is for real. is the only manner in which Traditional Judaism will now kibbutz will be established north they can experience sexuality." face even greater difficulties in of Tokyo. All the Japanese need its espousal and realization of now to feel that they are in IsCommenting on these views, Torali values in the context of rael is to yet n few Arabs there, Rabbi Lamm, who is considered Western civilization." like Nasser, who won't sit down a liberal Orthodox spokesman, to talk to them, and maybe inIn conclusion he said that said he realized "that some of augurate a Japanese Israel the more liberal Christians will "Judaism began its career as Bond campaign. dismiss the Jewish view (of ho- the standard bearer of morality mosexuality) as 'j u d g cniental' in a world which mocked it. ApSomething of (he same Heor 'Pharaisaic', but that seems parently, it is destined to carry braic influence seems (<> lie perto be the fate of any belief in on in the twentieth century in By IIAKRY GOLDEN vading China or, at least, the moral or spiritual absolutes. It the same sense of isolation and freer part of it and the. rity of is the price one has to pay for —I pray—with the same sense Hong Kong, Recently, on telerefusing to succumb to a thor- of dedication." vision, the correspondent in Hong Kong reported that ii Lin- Chicken Soup and the Supreme Court ough-going relativism or 'situational morality.'" tly Jewish restaurant, opened The chicken-soup makers of It sounds simple enough. CerIn Ilnng Kong, is doing booming CONTINIIINC IIIC said that busintfcn. Tin: Chinese arc lap- the world quarreled with tlie tainly it is not an arcane or "what bothers me in reading Israeli scientists have recentruling of the Department of exotic recipe. But I have yet to the reports in the press on the ly developed new tobacco strains ping up the gefilte fish, pastrami Agriculture. The D e p a r tinent see anyone duplicate that soup. recent Episcopal conference as which are resistant to blue mold, and Jireplaeh. They can't get enough of Ihem. The CBS corre- had insisted that chicken soup I guess she knew it was a great well as earlier papers by Swed- and which give up to 29 per spondent said this constituted a be at least 2 per cent chicken. gift to her family. ish and British churches, is the cent higher yields. The soup-makers of the world revolution. Chicken soup cured any intook it right up to the Supreme We used to know a rabbi who Court. But the court said, "Yeah, disposition for which you did was very eager for Jews to un- if you're going to make chicken not h a v e to be hospitalized. dertake missionary activity. Ho soup, 2 per cent of the soup has Colds, bronchitis, 1 a r y n gitis, broken bones, concussions, bad thought the field was particular- got to be chicken." cuts—chicken soup was an unBefore I leap to a dissertation bottled remedy which needed no on chicken soup, the panecea of shill. the Lower East Side, the peni2 Per Cent cillin of my, youth, let me reOf course in those days a mark that this r u l i n g has A PUOUI) PHOSELYTE opened up new fields to the broiler was a luxury. Farmers saved the chickens for their I.had no idea eighteen years scholars and pedants. eggs. Today, I understand, it ago, after sharing the civil vows This is not the first time the is hard to find soup chickens. of matrimony with a Jewish girl, Supreme Court has taken chickthat I would myself be a Jew en with its session. The Supreme Apparently it is harder than we some day, Court ruled over 30 years ago imagine judging from that 2 per I point this out because my that Roosevelt's NRA was un- cent, Whether a canny houseconversion to Judaism did not constitutional. The case which wife can make chicken s o u p come about because of mar- made the law involved a butch- from a broiler is something I shall leave to the modern in-ariage. One might ask, why then? er who was selling chicken. jiffy cookbook editors. My answer is simple, "I chose Chicken, in fact, almost did to embrace Judaism because I In the Common Market. There There are as many ways of found the monotheism and the- was a vicious dispute between preparing chicken as there are ological freedom of Judaism is (who else?) and Bel- of preparing soup. The Spansomething with which I can France gium, I believe over what was iards prepare chicken a la Valive; consequently, I made my common and what was market- lenciana but they don't need commitment to Judaism and I able, as far as chickens their Supreme Court to instruct go, firmly believe that by living as a them to use 100 per cent of the This Is Charles Zizelmait, a former Cuban farmer, and his family Chicken Feet Jew my life will be enhanced who recently arrived In the U.S. via airlift from Havana to Miami. My mother always included chicken. The Italians commit end will provide the spiritual Theie hnppy people have Just been resettled with the assistance of 100 per cent of the chicken to fulfillment which I have sought the chicken feet. She said the chicken cacciatore. Nor do the United Hias Service and the Cuban Refugee Center, on a beautiful feet produced the gelatin. We for many years." Winter-homo estate off the Gulf Coast of Florida, where Mr. Zlzelman) Yugoslavs stint on the chicken have to figure the feet are more will supervise Cuban farm workers and be responsible for mainteI find it extremely difficult making chicken paprika. nance of lawns nnd oardens. Cows, sheep and horses are raised on not to express openly the joy I than 2 per cent of the chicken the farm, nlso corn, rice, beans and other vegetables, No one expects a whole chickhave derived from being an Or- so things have really gone down In addition to Mr. and Mrs. Zlzelman, members of the family are) hill since I was a boy. She put a en in one of those 2-for-2!)c cans. thodox Jew. Maria del Carmen 11, Carlos 8, Jaime 4, Guadalupe 3, and Mr, Zizet* This, my fellow Jews, however hen into Vh quarts of water, But 2 per cent? What do they ManV mother, Mrs. Marts Artlles. ••«••• ' .terse, is why I am a proud Jew. added carrots, celery, parsley, expect to heal with 2 per cent? In expressing thanks to United Service, Mr. Zlzelman wrote Judaism has done much for me, : salt, onions and dill and after How,much love is that? No one •'I am enjoying It here «nd learnlno more each day. I am working I fervently hope I can be wor- b r i n g i n g the soup -to boil, , will ever get the boys' out of hard to put everything In order and my new associates are vtry cooked it over a medium heat the pool hall with 2 per cent • t h y o fi t . ••••.-, kind and helpful to me," chicken soup. ,L«s(«r J. Doucei, for one and one-halt hours. , New York—A leading Orthodox spokesman d o c la r e d as "scandalous" recent statements by certain bodies and commissions of various C h r i s t i a n churches on homosexuality. . Babbi Norman Lamm, of the Jewish Center of New York, and professor of philosophy at Yeshiva University, said that while he does not believe that homosexuality between two consenting adults should be treated as' a criminal offense, "to declare homosexual acts as "morally neutral' and at times as "a good thing' is scandalous." IIIC INTKKPKETICD Jewish law as viewing the act as an "abomination" and said it "can-

not be legitimized in the eyes of Judaism." Conservative View The Conservative p o s i t i o n was researched by Rabbi Everett Gendler of the Jewish Center of Princeton. He concurred . with Rabbi Lamm on the Biblical view of homosexuality and recommended also that "laws forbidding homosexual relations between consenting adults . . . be stricken from the hooks." lie found the Biblical insistence on regulating even the intimate details of a man's life as inconsistent with the modern view. "IT IS Tins general categorical approach to men in general

which most troubles the modern conscience, and which provokes the greatest inner resistance," he said. "The unique development in modern life has been individual liberty broadly, conceived; large areas of life not regulated by any authority, areas to be determined solely by individual preference. The constant e x p a n ding of such areas which the individual must determine on the basis of his own daemon, genius, temperament, constitution or inclination; the conception that the individual must himself find the way which suits him, that path which will yield him tlie greatest satisfaction from life: this is



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United Mias Helps Cuban farmer To Find Home On Florida Estate

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Friday, rrliriinrjr

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¥sfr P.M.

I Beffo Israel

Beih El

Temple Israel

(Jl'KSTION': Why Is it that modern lum-rals are more sul)(hied, while in former yean, there was much crying at fum-rals?

ANSU'KK: It is well to understand that, actually, Jewish tradiSKKVICKS: SHISVICKS: tion iillows a tiiiie for weeping by .settin;; aside the lirt>t three days. FKIIIAY: IS: 15 p.m. l i l l H A Y : 11:13 \un. FRIDAY: Kabbi Sidney 11. Brooks will 'Hie original eulogy was actually employed to eucouiai'.e Ilia Hiiblii Myer S. Krip!:e will Traditional M.-rvi(.v iKobbnhi;; oi! icialo. .Musical portions of niourners to cry. There would even be prolcKsiuiial wallers v,-lii» (leiivi-r tiie Si-iniO!:. His topic Shabhos): 5:15 p.m. the service will bi- provided by Laic- Friday K veil in..; Family will lie: "O|irn lloti.iin.i;—In .My Cantor Manfred 1'. Kutlner and would he engaged to help people cry. Crying is considered even 1)7 Service: 8:15 p.m. conducted by (•(.imtrv—In My City—On My the choir, under the direction modern psychologists as an effective way of releasing one's emoRabin Isaac N;idoif, Cantor Ja- S t r r c l . " C a n t o r Aaron I, ol Miss Ida Oitlin. tions mid alleviating a state of tension. Public weeping helped th*< ami tin* Choir will conduct the. col) Lclkowitz ;iiul the choir. Immediately f o l l o w i n g the mourner to release his emotions and to feel that he is not alone in An (Jncf, .Sh;\bb;it will toliov.' musical s^rvic.'. service. Hie fourth in the cur- his grief. the services. rent Sabbath Discussion Series SATIKDAV: Some modern iunerals amongst Jews seem to prefer a more SATUKDAV: on "A Study of Changing HeMornin;', Service: In a.m. Morning .Service: i!:1."i a.m. lh;iiuis Moral and Spiritual sophisticated air. This niiiy be the reason, directly or indirectly, Mincha Maariv: ,~>:15 p.m. The Cantor's c!a.;s in Tor.ih Values in Specific Age Groups" for the decrease in tears slic-d. It is questionable whether this development is to he considered a step forward and progressive. reading will inert 41 minutes be- Sl'Nn.W: will be held. Modern man. who is trying so hard to demonstrate that he can confore Mincha. Morniii;: .Service: 'I ;i in. speaker will be Mrs. trol his emotions at funerals, is now beginning to .show his weakRabbi Kadoff will conduct the DULY: Charles W. Hamilton, Jr., retired ness on so many other occasions. He seems to he looking for an Taliiuid Class ;U 4 :•)."> p.m. lolServices at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Dean of Women and Associate escape while, at the same time; dosing his eyes to the normal, lowed at 5:15 p.m. by Miiichu. Professor in Sociology, Croigli- natural means afforded him by both nature and tradition by siicli Sliolc.-'.h Soudos and Maariv. ton University. She will .-speak things as crying at funerals. I!.\lt MITZV.UI on "Young Adults." SINDAV: More recent observers have capably analyzed the situation by Morninfi Services: '.) :i.m. folA Sabbath Col lee Hour will saying that nature, through Divine Providence, has given us many DAVID CltOSS, son ol .Mr. lowed by bretikltist and the Rab- and Mrs. Gary 0, Cross, will be held. resources with which to face life's situations. The ability to cry \% bi's class in "EihicH oi the Fa- become Bar Mitzvah at the serv- SATURDAY: 11:30 a.m. one of the tool.s we are given to help ease the pain of tragedy and ices Friday evening and Saturthers." suffering. Repressing our tears at a time when we can we'll usa day murnin:,'. February 2 and 3. I1AK MITZVAIIS DULY: them is ceratinly not the healthiest p.sychologieal'beluivior. . JiONAI.I) I ) K A \ KOLASKY, Services at T a.m. and 5:15 s o n o f M r . and Mrs. Allied KoCOXSI-XISATION p.m. The a n n u a l Consecration liisliy, ;md KON'AM) rKltlJKH.' ADULT KULCATION Service recognizing the begin- I'lNKKI., son of Mr. and .Mrs. Three courses of study meet iliii;: of children';; formal .study Leonard Finlu'l. will each beeach Wednesday evenii:;; from in Talmud Tnrah, will be held come Bar Mitzvah at the servFebruary ,'(. 8,15 to 9:1.") p.m. Course:; offered Friday, Frbni.iry it. at II p.m. ices Saturday, 4 * » (' include: Bo|;i lining Hebrew; HeChildren who will be consebrew Vocabulary and Oral Ex- crated include: Mike Abramson, STUDY HKOIT The .Sisterhood Morning Cofpression; Hebrew Melodies.Leigh Ann Bernstein, Pamela fee with Uabbi Sidney II. Brooks Cooper. Debra Diamond, John will be held Wednesday, FebruCONSKCHA'I'ION 1 ^su/r^t Faier, Betsy Fredricks, Ellen The annual Consecration Serv- Freeman, Eddie Fried, Lauri ary 7, at 10 a.m. at the Temple. Announco fho Appointmont of ices of the Religious School will Gould. Martin Greenberg, Dibe held Friday evening and Sat- ane Huberman. Marc Kahn, Mururday morning. Februarv 'J and ray Kutler. Steve Molad, Jodi 10. '" Nadler, Nancy Nachman, Maro$ Account Roprosontative Participating the Friday Eve- sha -No;;g. Mark Pred, Tina Renning Services' will be the Pri- der, Kclyi- Rice, Michael Rich- SERVICES: Give Nate a ring at 345-1000. Have him explain mary class, aleph, of the ard.-. Debbie Rips, Robert Ro- FKIIMY: 5:15 p.m. our specialized collection service for your slov/ Talmud Torah. sinsky, Eileen Sadofsky. Mark SATURDAY: Saturday morning, newly en- S.'ifcrstein. Glenn Slierling, Mike Morning Service: li:-15 a.m. pay, delinquent and problem accounts. rolled students of the Sunday Simon. Michael Wassennan and Mincba: 5:15 p.m. followed by School will participate in the- Brenda Zalkin. bholesh Seudos and Maariv, morning .service at approximateA reception in honor of the SUNDAY: ly 10 a.m. Morning Service: 7 a.m. consuerants, hosted by their parThe consecrunts are: ents, will be held in the social DAILY: Sunday School: David Abram- hall immediately following the Services at 6::J0 a.m. and 5:15 soti, Linda Abramson. Cyntbin service. p.m. Abramson, Miriam Aizenberg. Cantor Aaron I. Edgar will Bridgett Bolibot, Morris Karp- cond.'.ct the Talmud Torah Choir tnan, Brian Bogdanoff. Brad at the Consecration services. FinWe. Idelle Karpen, Howard * * t HKIIKCCA GUSS KoniKin, David Moore, Marti Funeral services were held Rosenblatt, Mark Siegel, Mark MEN'S CLUU A program for men interested Monday, January 2!), 1'jGS, for Stein.'. Robert Wertheim. Marcy in making Friday evening at Mrs. R e b e c c a Cuss of -1903 Wax home a rich and meaningful ex- Cuming Street. Interment v/as Talmud Torah: Ellene Abraperience for the entire family at Golden Hill Cemetery. hanison, Marty Jo Bresel. Shcri Survivors are: husband, BarCohen, Sharon Comisar, Uich- will be initiated Wednesday, ney; son, Fred, Omaha; brother, February 7. atti Bohbot, Rutll Cuici'i, oay This Sunday—S A.m. TO 5:30 P.m. Rabbi Katz will meet with Mike Rieter, Chicago, Illinois; Elewitz, Terry Finkle, Gordon sisters. Mickey G i l b e r t , Los Gendlcr, Jeffrey Glass, Robert Both El fathers in the syna- Angeles, Calif.; Esther HoltzResponse to our sale last Sunday was beyond our expec< Gorclick, Cindy Lehman, Stev- gogue chapel immediately after man and Bertha R o s e n z w e i g , en Katlctnan, Paula Mandell, the evening Maariv service Chicago. rations. As a result, our supply was depleted before all (approximately 7:lf> p.m.) for 3d Bruce Marko, Brenda Moskf> our customers could be served. vilz, Ellie Ostrow, Stacie Park- minute sessions every Wednes- MICHAEL KRASN'E pr, .Jeff Ravel, Debbie Roffman, day evening. The men will learn Funeral services were hefd So that no one will be- disappointed, we have (arranged Robert Stein, Howard Wax, Geof- and practice the steps involving Sunday, January 28, 19G8, for personal Sabbath eve observto repeat the sale offers again this week. frey Wertheim. ance in the home. Materials will Michael Krasnc of 1G37 Country • • * Club Avenue. Interment was'at be provided. Nl.'RSKRY'SCHOOL All men interested in creating Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Plump and Delicious Registrations are still being Survivors arc: v.-ife, Lena; a spiritual climate for positive accepted for the second semesdaughters, Mrs. Louis (Beverly) Jewish living for their families, ter of Nursery School. For furLegs and, Rock Island, Illinois; ther information call Mrs. Mar- are invited {o join these sessions Mrs. David (Muriel) Bernstein, Thighs . . . . . . . . L b . aimed at teaching "How to lie a tin Korman, 393-2189. Omaha; sisler, Mrs. Lawrence good Jewish father." (Reg. 79c U>.) Krasne, Council Bluffs; brother, Joe, Los Angeles; 3 grandchildren; 2 greatgrandchildren. MONA LISA Queen Esther MRS. MAX ntOUNSIC thanl.s House of Glamour her many relatives and friends COSMETICS 553-7000 for the cards, Rifts, flowers, con- III No. 501b All Personal and Housekeeping Heeds tributions to charity and other 10 Export Hsir Styliilt Sizes . Lb. expressions of good wishes ofDirect lo Your Homo from . MISS CAL, Rocaptionicf fered during her recent illness, (Reg. 79c Lb.) FULLER BRUSH COMPANY MISS JERRY. Sfyl» Director ROSEM.E UBOWSKI, Dealer Call 551-0574 for Appointment Feinberg's Package .SI:KVKI;S;

To Serve You Better

Collection Bureau


Doctors' Business Bureau

B'nai Jacob Adas Yeshuron


4902 Harnoivon






American Continental Art Gallery

Has Rofurnod fo Omaha and It Sailing



(Reg. 79c)

1802 ramnm

MclNTYRE OLDS-CADILLAC 126 East Broadway, Council Blufft

Como in and See Jerry Before You Buy! Omaha Phorm 346-0J38

Immodfafo Datively on New Cadillacs

• Sandwich*. * Dalleafeita*

7830 Dodge St.

Plenty of Free Perking FREE DELIVERY (Except on Sunday Spec ids)

Friday, Frtirunry 2, 1808


Gummers-Passer Engagement Told Mr. Richard Cummers hn;> announced the engagement of his daughter. Claire Melanie. to Jeffrey Alan Passer, son ol Mr. iiiiil Mrs. Stanley Passer. The bride-elect attended the University ol Missouri in Columbia, jmd is currently completing tier junior year :it the University ol Omaha. Her linnce, a junior at Creighton University, will enter the University of Nebraska Medical School •in the lall. An August If! w e d d i n g is planned.

BIKKK CIIOMM A Salad luncheon and business meeting will be held Wednesday. February 7. at J2;.'iO p.m. «t the Jewish Community Center. Bingo will follow the meeting. Members of the Senior Citizen's Club are invited to attend the luncheon. Mrs. Rose Ktiklin is in charge of luncheon arrangements. Reservations may be made with Mrs. Jake Wine, S51-GfUJO.

Miss Rhoda Levin Will Be Bride of Harlan Priesman Editor's Note: This column of Lincoln Jewish netis has been added to (lie Omaha Jewish Press in an effort to serve Hie Lincoln Jewish Community. I lie column is boinj,' coordinated in Lincoln liy Mrs. Leo (Kstclle), Itoscnberg. Those with liens for tlic colinnii should contact Mrs. Kosejiherg ;it 701 Mulder Drive; phone INfKiHi:!. •


Rabbi San f o r d Radius will represent the Jewish Chautau(|iia Society as lecturer at Doam: College in Crete. Nebraska Tuesday. February 0. He will speak on "A Rabbi Looks at the Long Hot Summer." Mark Edward Kuslmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Kushner, will observe his Bar Mit/.vah Saturday, February :s. at !)::)() a.m. at the Tifcreth Israel Synagogue. A Kiddush luncheon will lollow the services.

was Mrs. C. M. iNickj Newman ot Omaha, Mrs. Arthur Hill is chairman ol the Women's Division. Mrs. Soshnik is co-chairman. Gary Hill was named the recipient ot the annual Distinguished Service Award presented by the Lincoln Junior Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Hill was cited for his contributions to civic, religious aiu1 charitable projects. Dr. Nathan Simon has been elected Department Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the annual election of the St. Elizabeth Hospital medical staff. Leo Hill and Joe Silverniali are among the members of the hospital Advisory Board.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Levin of Texas City. Texas, announce the engagement of their daughter, Rhoda, to Harlan W. Priesnian, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Priesman of Omaha. The bride-elect attended the University of Oklahoma at Norman, Oklahoma where she was affiliated with Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority. She is currently teaching in the Houston, Texas public school system. Her fiance attended the University of Oklahoma where he was affiliated with Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. He is currently attending the U n i v e r s i t y of Omaha. A late .1 u n e w e d d i n g is planned.

Barry Synder has been honAmong the January graduates Miss Klioriu Levin at the University of Nebraska ored as the Nebraska )!Ki7 "Alan Faye Modcnstein, daughter Of The Year" by the NorthwestJulius Misle has been elected was Mr. and Mrs. Eli Modenstein. ern Mutual Life Isurance Compresident of the Lincoln Car of The recipient of a Bachelor of pany by selling more than Dealer's Association. Science Degree in Education. SI,25(1,000 Life Insurance poliMarlene Petack of Park ForMiss Modenstein will teach in cies. The monthly luncheon meeting White Plains, New York. )tKA\r)i;iS WOMKN rest. Illinois has pledged Sigma Cy Seilchick has been named /mother course in Gourmet of the Tifereth Israel Sisterhood Delta Tan Sorority at the UniAndrew Goodman, son of Mr. Cooking is slated to begin in will be held Tuesday, February and Mrs. Joseph Goodman, re- State Finance Chairman by the versity of Nebraska. March. Mr. Bernard Schimmel fi. at I2:.'io p.m. in the synagogue ceived a Bachelor of Science Nebraska Young Democrats. social hall. will again direct the classes. Ed Rosen has been elected Degree in Business AdministraCharles Ginsburg, son of Mr. Mrs. Morris C. Fellman of tion. Those interested in participresident of the Omaha Car and Mrs. Yale Ginsburg, was pating in the Gourmet Cooking Omaha, vice-president of the Dealer's Association. among the students cited for program should contact Mrs. 'Mid-West, Branch of the National Richard Miller has been elect- academic achievement at the Thomas Bernstein, .'jM-4955, im- Women's League, will 1 speak on "Combined Campaign.' ed a regional trustee of the Na- University of Nebraska College mediately. Mmes. Morris Elsherg and tional Jewish Hospital and Re- of Medicine's annual H o n o r s Henry, Misle are in charge of search Center. Dr. A. Greeiiberg Convocation. He was the re. SKMOK CITIZENS Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L, Jo- was re-elected a B'nai B'rith cipient of a scholarship to the "Tlie Golden Twenties," a film luncheon arrangements. Mrs. on sports, politics and enter- Nate Unger is in charge of dec- seph of Austin, Texas, announce trustee to the free-care nonsec- National Institute of Health F'ellowsbip. tainment of the l!(20 era will be orations. Reservations may be the birth of a daughter. Mellisa tarinn hospital in Denver. shown Monday, February 5, at made with Mrs. Nathan Simon, Beth, born January 22. HKili. They also have a son, Jack BenJ:30 p.m. to members of the jamin. Senior Citizens Club. Guests' rue Grandparents are Mrs. Jack welcome. The Women's Division of the For furtlier information about Jewish Welfare Federation met Joseph of Omaha and Mr. and the Weekly Monday film pre- this Wednesday for a dessert Mrs, Otto Bendorf of Breckensentations,'call Carf We.stling at luncheon at the home of Mrs. ridge, Texas. 342-136G. Joseph Soshnik. Guest speaker Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Nachman of Council Bluffs, Iowa, anBy ROSALIND S. ZUNSEIt nounce the birth of a son. James er. Slice fine and add water in Mushroom and liai'lcy Soup Steven, born January 17, 1%8. which mushrooms soaked to They also have a daughter, Ju- 2 lbs. flankcn water for soup. If using fresh Sam Sachs has been elected nagogue at the annual meeting lie Ann, G dried mushrooms or '.i 1b. mushrooms slice mushrooms Grandparents are Mr. and president of the Council Bluffs held January 21. fresh and stems in '.i-inch pieces. Mrs, Morris Nachman and Mrs. Jewish Welfare Federation, and •3 tablespoons pearl barley Brown onions in small amount Other officers include: Rich- Mary Wcinberg of Omaha. will serve as chairman of the 3 quarts water of fat and add to soup. Cook Council Bluffs KMifi United Jew-. ard Gordon, vice-president: Jer2 onions diced about three hours or until meat JEh' Appeal Campaign. Sam ome Katz, Secretary; Leslie 2 teaspoons salt tender. If more water necessary Cousin Club Snltzrnaii was elected vice-pres- Krasne, treasurer; A. C. 'Chick'1 add .same after combining above It teaspoons paprika ident and will serve as co chair- Perils, fina-icia! secretary. Mrs. Ben J. Gfr.sliiin will be If using dried mushrooms ingredients. Cover and cook man ol the campaign. Named as trustees wrre: hostess at the luncheon meeting wash and soak in water to cov-. gently. Other officers elected include February II at 12 Mrs. Harry Cherniss, secretary, Lloyd Krasne, Max Harris, Wednesday, nnon at the Conant Hotel. Those and Sam Meyer.son, treasurer. Dave Gallner, Leo Meyerson unable to attend are asked to The annual dinner will be held ENROLL YOUR CHILD TODAY call 551-1181. April 2H at which time Dr. I and Saul Suvalsky. Sternhill will be the recipient for One or More Sessions of the of the Ben J. Gershun Humanitarian Award, 1968 Camping Season at the

Recipes for the Jewish Cook

Council Bluffs News Notes

Ed Tepperman was elected president of the B'nai Israel Sy-

Ediar Beau Dance The annual Ediar Beau Dance will be held Saturday, February 3, from 8:30 p.m. to midnight at the Blackstone Hotel. Joanie Abramson and Beth Malashock «ire co-chairmen of the event. Beau candidates include Tom Milder, Bruce M u s k in, Steve Nogg, Rayim; Dave Rifkin, AZA. ]; Steve Neesman, Chain) Weismann AZA; Andy L u b e t k i n , AZA 100. The Leslie Smith Band will provide the music for the semiioim.d dance 1)K AM) MKS. Jl'MIN HAM (hank their many relatives and friends for (he good wishes sent ihroiigh telegrams and Beth-EI< Grains nn the occasion of (heir recent marriage. To List er Buy In Real Eitate Call



Cona A "Galerie Petite"

» Aft Gelltry Fefliuring Contemporary Ar«j Artiiti • Custom Picture Framing n Our Shop • Peiniing: Cleaned and Re stored

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Reserve Space for Your Child Today

Aroa Code 402 Phono 346-2323

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Business or social parties'have more prestige when you entertain at. The Sheraton because you can always expect the finest in accommodations and service in newly-decorated meeting rooms or private p a r t y rooms. Complete facilities for every requirement and a . large-scale catering service with menus to fit exacting tastes. Call f Mr. Ernest, for reservations and full details.

Sfoeraton-Fontenelle PHONE 341-6220

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1st Sossion, 2 Wks. July I-July 14 $125 $140 2ndSossion,2 Wks. July I5-July 2 8 . . . .$125 $140 3rd Session, 2 Wks. July 29-Aug. I I $125 $140

I )

Full S e a s o n , 6 W k s . July I-Aug. I I . . . . . $ 3 7 5 $ 1 4 0






Friday, February 3, I aim

Bj' Chillies A'liiiitl tor More InforiiKtUoii (Jail the Athletic Office, Sl'-MSGU

V 1, SPECIAL I'UOGKAM HARRISON SCHOOL For the next four wi.-eks a special afternoon of recreational activiti(:s will be oifciTC.1 for boys and girls in kindergarten through sixth grade. Tin.- program will be held at Harrison School from ',' to 5 p.m. Fee for the four Sunday sessions is $1. IVec to Center member;;. YOUTH COINCIL ' A ' LEAGUE A.X.A. No. 1 was again, a jinx for the Ravi in squad as Bill '•Beaver" Gilinsky led his Mother chapter with 12 big points in the second half to a 57-fiH upset victory over top seeded Rayim. Poor shooting from the foul line and a lack of depth on the bench accounted for Rayim's loss. Jerry Raznick led Rayim witli twenty-five points. An ailing Steve Noun, out of the game until the final minutes, fouled in desperation four times in the last 10 seconds to regain possession for bis team but Simon's 2 foul shots wrapped it up for AZA No. 1. A.Z.A. No. 1 hi. 2 ii 5 6 2

Tichauer Hilton' Cackin Gilinsky Simons

II. pis. 5 9 3 13 0 10 0 in If 7

20 17 IR. fl. '.', 3 C 0 11 3 1 1 0 3 0 • 1

Parsow "Nogg Eaznick Marantz Bernstein •Wolfson

21 * •



57 pis. 9 12 25 3 3 i 53

* •

In the s e c o n d '"A" tilt Bob Aronson's twenty points proved unhelpful for the 100 hoys as Gliaim .Weizmnnn won <>0-4G. Altan Huback, and Andy Libernian combined for thirty-nine points. The controversial "best shooter,'' Allan Ruback scored sixteen of his points by faking with a quick game glance upwards to the stands and then driving. The Chaim Weizmann press was p a t t e r n e d after U.C.L.A.'S. 1-21-1, caused seven turn overs by the Century Chapter. Coach '"Johnny Wooden''— Jerry Rosen is preparing his boys psychologically for next weeks game against league leading Rayim. CHAIM 'WEIZMANN "Iff. Ratner '.." 4 Katz 4 Liberman 7 Halperin 5 Kutler 4 Wiseman 1 Ruback .11 • • AZA No. 100



HAronson 7 Rosen 4 Hochstcr . . . . . . . . . 2 Tepperman . , . . , , . 2 Sophir 1 Malashock ..3 19 ...

ft. 0 1 2 0 4 0 1

pis. 8 •() 1G 10 12 2 Ti

i) no »• 6 0

P's. 20 8 1 5 1 5 0 2 0 0

YOl'TII COt'NCIL •i: • LEAGUE This war, the hi;; game for AZA No. 1 for if they won the "15" league would have been thrown into a tie lor first place. The upset didn't happen however as I5ob Cipitiko gunned his Kayim brothers with 15 points to a win. Steve Pit lor and Hob Kiikin combined for twentytwo points on driving lay-ups and fade away jump shots. Mark S i n g e r was the real work horse underneath for Rayim as he pulled down most of the offensive and defensive rebounds and also led his team with II! points. KAYJM "B" fR. it. pts. Blumkin 3 0 6 Cipinko -1 7 15 Singer !) 0 13 Waldbaum -1 2 10 Jacobson 2 3 7 22



III. i; B Rifkin 2 G Rilkin Pjtlor 5 2 Fleisher B. Kirshenbaum .. 1 S. Kirshenbaum . . . 1

It. 1 1 1 0 0 0




A.Z..V. No. 1




n5 n

4 2 2


In a low scoring game, the C h a i in Weizmann "B" team squeaked by AZA No. 100, 20Iff. Trustin hit on seven, and Jeff I.fayper led the losers with nine points, five on foul shots. CIIAIM WKIZ.MANN "It" fg. ft. pts. Trustin 3 1 7 Josephson 3 0 • 6 Epstein 1 1 3 Shukert 1 1 3 Fellman 2 1 5 Tom Friedman . . . 1 0 2 11

4 20

VARSITY LEAGUE R. C. Cola tripped the bottle Wednesday night with ;i decisive win over Mastereralt Furniture, 4:!•:!!!, Mickey Sacks tried to leiid Ills team to a win with thirteen ol his eighteen total coming ii> the lust half. Dan Kalskr-e and Bill (;insbur<; combined lor twenty-nine points tor the winner:;. li.C. COLA h',- »• V^' J! fiitifibul1!; <) Katskee 5 Kii-dlor 1 Brodsky 2 Colin .' 2 Hi 11 4:i MASTEIUTtAIT F U R N I T U R E . fg. II. pis. Rosenblatt I 1 -'I LuslKartell " 1 1 Sacks 7 4 III Rimmeiman 2 1 f> Ross II :s '•> Hoi-nstoin 1 0 2 14

Mayper . . . . , Schwartz

a, 5 0

pis. 9 0

Slosburg . . . . . . . . . 2 3 Taxman 0 0 Beber . . . . . . , .•,, •, o 2 4 •



7 0 ?. 18


"B" LEAGUE GAMES, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY i 9:00 a.m.-Chaim Weizmann vs. Rayim. l't):00 a.m.-AZA No. 1 vs. AZA No. 100. * * <<. YOUTH COUNCIL " B " ' ALL-STARS NAMED Named to the Youth Council "B" League All-Star team are: Ron Epstein. Mark Trustin, Bob C i p i n k o , Mark Singer, Jerry Waldbaum. Irv Blumkin, Bob Rifkin, Gary Rifkin, Andy Lubetkin, Dave Slosbtirg.


* * * The bottling Companies made it two in a ruw as Mason's Root Beer squeaked by "licklin Linnber. 53-52. Dick Zachari'i and Cliet Stoler hit for thirty-six points, mostly on driving layU])s. Allen Noddle led Micklen with six buckets. MASONS ROOT BEER f«. rt. pis. Goldberg 3 • 0 r. Stoler !t 1 1!) Stern 0 9 0 Muskin 3 1 7 Zacharia !l 1 1!» VVillfli.skv 1 0 2 2.") MICKLIN LUMBER-. fg. Noddle . (3 Belgrade 5 Engstrom 4 Hobennnu 5 Plait 2 Friedman '!•

AZA No. 100 ig. 2 ...0


24 •

3 53 ft. 0 1 1 0 2 0

pts. 12 Jl !t 10 (i 4



GAMKS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7 7:00 Cola vs. Masons Root Beer. :;:«(; p.m.-Mastcrcrnfl vs. Micklin.

YOUTH COUNCIL BLUE AND WHITE TEAM Teams have been selected for the annual High School Blue and White Basketball game which will l>e played Saturday, February 24 at II p.m. at the J.C.C. Blue Tram Altan Huback, Howie Halprin, Dave Katz. Andy Liberman, Bob Kutler. Jerry Raznick, S t e v e Simons. White Team Terry Wiseman, Perry Ratner, Allan Parsow, Alan Bernstein, Dave Rifkin, Larry Cackin,'Bill Gilinsky, Bob Jacobson.


Jit. B'NAI B'RITII BOWLING LEAGUE Because of a Cily Howling Tournament at the Ranch Bowl the lir:;t three weeks in February, there "ill In- no Imulm;; liy Hie Junior It'nai IS'iitli League until February


All league members are urfr/'d to pass tin.1 word along to their teammates. Bowling «ill resume Simday, February 25, at 1:30 at the KaiU'li llowl.

MIDGET BASKETBALL LEA«I:E SEVENTH & KKillTII GRADE Doug Taren's 5 loot H\vi:;h in sudden death overtime decided the tightest jjiiiiie ol the year in seventh an(! eighth f;r;ule play as Bor.slif.-ini!>' delealttl Milder Oil •IS-lil. With second left in regulation play.-Bruce. Itielmrds hit on the identical shot T a r e n made, and was fouled to boot. With a chance to win it n!l,Richards shot sprang off the hack ol the rim ;md sent the game into oveiliini'. The ball changed hands four tiiin's without a basket, but was endi'd in overtime quickly in sudden death. Tom Lincoln, Mike Staenbcrg and Gary Cohen turned in their best performance of the season. Milder Oil's thirty-two point surge in the .second half was not enough to defeat the cool, .steady playin;; Boisheim crow.

New York fJTAl-Thc nation's first college newspaper in the Hebrew language has been established by students at YeKhiva University's Erna Michael College of Hebraic Studies hero. The newspaper, "Hamashkif" (The Observer), has been created, according to co-editors Hurry T. Iierkowitz and Milton M. Mnrkowitz "to stimulate interest among college students in Hebrew as a living language.' 1 Washington <JTA)--An international tribunal to try international Communism for crimes against Immunity, comprised of eminent world jurists from Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia anil Latin America, will hear testimony about anti-Semitism in tho So ic-t Union and other abuses. The "trial," to be held by experts on Communism, will bo field at Georgetown University's Hall of Nations, here, February 19-21. Attorneys for the prosecution and the defense have been invited to participate. Among witnesses will be Dr. Joseph Dunner, of Yesliiva University, N''W York, who will testify on the status of the Jewish community in the Soviet Union. The "indictment" was served on tho Soviet Embassy here today.

In the .second game of the afternoon, Novak Cadillac came within six at one point in the third quarter, but the rebounding and shooting of Jim Harris and Jay Parsow was too much for the Novak boys. Mark Ruben led the lasers with six. and Harris ended the game with fourteen. I'IF'III AND SIXTH ORADE GA.MKS SUNliAY, FEBRUARY 1 1:45 p.rn.-f-Go-Van vs. Greenberg Ins. 2:1,0 p.m.-Tretialts vs, H. Z. Vending.


Melbourne UTA) — A grove of 10,000 trees will be planted near Gaza in memory of the late Prime Minister Harold Holt of Australia, who drowned last month, it -was announced by Asher Joel, national president of the Anzac Memorial and Forest Committee in Israel, of which the Prime Minister was a patron.

3:30 p.m.-.Milder Oil vs. Novak Cadillac. 4:30 p.m.-Borslicirns xs. Pioneer Uniform. MIDGET LEAGUE AM. STAR PRACTICE In preparation for the annual basketball games with Sioux City, the Midget Basketball AllStars will have their second practice Saturday, February 3, at the J.C.C. Fifth and Sixth Graders will practice from 5:30 p.m. to 0:45 p.m. Practice for seventh and eighth grade all-stars will be held from 0:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.


r o i t ri;nsi)NAr, KEIIVICT; I OK l ; M I IIIIM III

AIANA«;J:MKNT C A M . III:IUI W I M I I O I ' I I 03.1-IUi:! or 853-311^0

The Jewish Community Center I Presents

John Kalina PHOTOGRAPHER 817 South 36th Street — 345-1044



A . And

Black and White

Written and Directed by Jean-Luc Goddard

8 46


"A" LEAGUE GAMES SUNDAY, FEBRUARY .4, 11:00 a.m. • Chaim Weizmann ys. Rayim. 12:00-AZA No. 100 vs. AZA No.l. .

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February 2, 1968  

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February 2, 1968  

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