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Samuel'at Didner

'Jerusalem'.—(J. T.'A.)-—Jewish immigration' to PalcsUna in the five yes r £.-/•„-_ L "period ending in. 11.>.) exceeded b / ten • •• Maurice Samuel, who will appear thousand the of Jews who at: the J..C. C. Sunday evening on emigrated from th» country. On the the "Sunday Night is Center "Night" program under the auspices of the other o t 'e 'hand,, tthe ron-Jewish Fourth High. Commissioner Community Center, will be honored tio'n'from'Palestine exceeded by near- guest at a dinner to be given by'the Gives _His .Inaugural ly Uto thousand the r.urr.ber of non- Omaha Zionist district at the Center Address Jews who entered t'r? country. at; 6:80 p. m., preceding-, his lecture.1 •Is to he Observed - " Jerusalem.—(J. T. A.)—Sir ArthC - 1"wp hundred invitations to the dinur Grenfell IVauchope was sworn in ner have been sent out to outstanding on December 5th as the fourth' High Commissioner' of •Zionist and non-Zionist leaders ih the Evei Palestine in a ceremony attended by city.. Morris Friedel is in charge of three hundred representatives of, govSisterhood-Sabbath will-be. observed all arrangements and has urged that Maurice Samuel author and lec= ernmental, religious and civil bodies". all who p2sn to attend - should get tills year.on Saturday, morning, De- i turer, vili discus? Can Jewry Sw> "I have come -with an open mind, "their reservations in as. early as pos-cember 5,-promptly at 1O:SD at Tem- vive?" Suhdar evening, November 29, without pre-conceived ideas, plans, or sible. ple Israel. - . _ . .. .. at S:lb p. ivi.,at Lhe .lewisk Com• schemes," the High. Commissioner deThis dinner in honor'of. the noted -. Mrs.-William L. Hoizman will con- j inu'.iity Center. " clared in his inaugural address.' a pa-j > Mr. Samuel's address will .be the writer and critic is the first of aduct the services and also give Four-Day am a soldier. I have served in many series of affairs-on the Zionist winter per . written . by .her containing1 a spe-j s«rond program, of the Adult Educa•- •: .. .by Council-of Social , • different countries 'whose prosperity program. ,/ . '. " ' cially important- message for the Sis- tion?.! Series giver, at the Centev OK I have trie<j to increase." > ; \< . • Agencies "• - - ••- • terhood. . Mrs. Nathan Mantel, presi..". Citing the opinion of LordPlumer dent of the Sisterhood, .will extend Center members. Seattle—(J. T..A.)"—The last hope the second High Commissioner of Omaha's second Social Recreation greetings, An especial combination of £:<fvs Palestine; Sir "Arthur declared it isof a determined group of Washington Institute,'. sponsored by the • Omaha As this will be the first rooming and experiences has made of Mr-j-rice his-belief iks well, that the first con- State citizens to force the WashingCouncil -of Social Agencies, will again of Ch&nuk&h, an unusually large con- Samuel one o the mos briUipw 'lee-ditjqns of prosperity, peace, good wil ton State Board of Education to in•be held ; at - the Jewish" Community gregation is expected for the occas- w.vevs or. the the Ameri American platform. and •understanding are • law and order, troduce Bible instruction in the public Center, for- four consecutive, days- beion. Among the Conner Co are art amazing, the second- are mutual confidence, Schools was frustrated when the ginning .Mondayr November ;.8O, and memory for books, men atid countries, trust and'faith-between the govern- United States Supreme Court refused enjding Thursday, December 3 scenes f.nd incidents, p. no nn equally to entertain jurisdiction of the case. ment and the people. : ' The institute ;will be conducted by amazing &bility to evoke sll those in " The" Chief "justice of Palestine! - A little less than a -year ago a J. R. Batchelor, ..district. representa- r Capetown— (J. T. A.)—The MinisU.UL clear, fluent and clawing: leoim-os. Michael Joseph" Francis MacDonnell, group of ^Seattle -and Spokane Bible tive, of,the National, Recreation, As- ter of- Interior of South Africa, Dr. Kis1 experiences range from diplcin his welcoming address warned the enthusiastk through George - Clithero sociation. Mr. Batchelor. conducted •Malan, "openly threatened retsliatorjrai ic negotiations find, soldicrinjr to new High Commissioner that "Pales- an elder' of the' First Presbyterian the institute last year with great suc- measures £gaiiist: the Jews if th if they editorial work and bricklaying, Hr tine is a distressful country,'too often Church, tried to force the introduccess and is ; prepared to improve the persisted', in expressing their pp opposiclaims ?, modpst m e of success the field of battle, and it is impossibl tion of a comprehensive, scheme of program of the present institute, intion to the new immigration quota Max Barish in fill. to succeed unless endowed with pa Biblical instruction in the public cluding "a number of items especially act, by supporting Dr. Steenkamp, schools, starting with the primary key, treasurer; Mrs. L. Neyeleff, sec- ^requested by these who attended the former Nationalist leader, arfei nowtience. Nc velist-—Pr,b!i ei p.f grades • aqd. ending • in. the University institute last year." i-etar>'; Miss Pauline Huhvitz," finanCincinnati—(J. T. A.)—Twenty-six At the age of thirly-thr»e Maurice head of a new party. "The country ' though smali,""- th cial secretary. ~ ,Two hundred restfscrations are ex- "I don't know how many Je-srs cities in 21 states throughout the Samuel has made a di istmct plaoe for Chief Justice continued, "is large in •of Washington. The petition filed with the State . The seven . commissioners of the pected for this year's attendance. agree with the agitation against the country have removed the study of j himself in 'die intellectual and liter-the thought's'of millions of people the world over' who" subject every actioi Board -of-Education demanded, among Talmud Torah are Max Barish, N. S. Among those registered are included quota act and against the Nationalist Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice'' I ju-y world. A series of Bevels, philoto a miscroscopie examination watch other things, that the Bible be read Yaffe, Harry Kulakofsky, Sain Beber, leaders in inany clubs and organiza- Party which introduced the act," de-from the public school curricula, in • sopKic works a,nd ira«si»lkms (out of at least once a day in. every school Joe Greenberg, A. B." Alpirii and Dave tions of the "several recreational in- clared Dr. Malan, "but I wish to warn the course of -the past decade, due to • half a dozen languages-) bear witness ing every deviation. - .'.-.. stitutions in Omaha. The program is those who fan it, that it will be very the efforts of the Anti-Defamation j to the richness of his iirvvard and oufc* "Palestine is composed of divergen that instruction be given in the Old B r o d k e y . '-•'•••' of considerable interest to those who easy to awaken -feelings of hatred arid New Testament at leas; twice a Barish, new president of the Talof the Independent Order i ward life, lie has been an inexliausicreeds, conflicting'" races and .aroused passions, .which create conflicting w;eek and that the reading and teach mud-Torah,' has been outstanding are actively engaged in club work against the Jews in the country." ible tvibutor to American and B'nai Brith. emotions. . -The-"High Commissioner's "ing of the Old and New Testament in the-business and communal life of with young folks as well as the older Asserting-- -that .the quota act was The Anti-Defamation L^rpv Ke has leel Omaha, since he came here from people. duty is therefore one of great gravity be made compulsory. passed in the interests of the Jews, « T~ 7 (I ' befen responsible for th" "^ ^ The State'Board of Education re- Sioux City two years ago. President "> F "> r IS anjj seriousness," the "Chief Justice The sessions will be held at theDr. .Malan,explained that the legisla- the "Merchant of Ver cc' fused'to comply; with the request and ofthe Reo-Barish Motor Co., he heads Jewish. Community- Center from .7:30 tion -was essential in order to arrest course of the past few I** J1 concluded. * '.•' ' .'. to, 9:30 in the evening on Monday, Clithero brought an action iii'the Su- Nebraska and Iowa. Mandate Not Mentioned. ". •:! preme Court of this; State %o compel ! Barish\ was president of the local Tuesday, .Wednesday and ' Thursday the feeling of hatred agsinsi the Jews schools ' in Marion, O.: I t " c: - c The address of the Chief justice, in the- School Board to force Biblical in- Jewish National Fund organization of the week.".of. November SO.-.;'..The which .threatened to develop because N. H.; Trinidad, Colo.. r« Pe the character of .Jewish, immigra- N. J. ' gloomy terms, contained not a single struction upon tije pupils. last year. Besides holding an execu- courses offered, .include: The Play of: tion-from Eastern. Europe. reference to the Mandate or to the Clithero's petition was denied on tive pnst in the Zionist or-jr*nii As the result of tht "•— Program*'foE:M:jiSs.;Grosps; Elements "la i"Iis;psst,,the:Js3ts fcsve always] protest, thsfecniorclass c" "* " Jewish National Home. This omis- the grounds that the State Constitui t h ' P i l P i M i S i l in the'Pilay.-Piogrraiu:^-.Music, Social. .., .•—- *,, acsion was • neisTala - in the address "of tio'n provides'that the public schools tively affiliated himsGlf with tn2 Jew- Games, Dramatics, iiahderafts,.Arts : the new High Commissioner as well. shall be "forever free" from sectarian ish Community Center activities, the Picnicing-, Home Play,' Music, Song friend," Df..Makn continued; "but 11^f IV ace for its d&ss " ' Contrary to custom, neither address control or influence.'' That another B'nai Britn, and other local, groups. Leadership, Instrumental , M u s i c , want to warn them that if they hit i tuted another. was translated into Arabic or He-constitutional provision states' that Very few school sv^ After; Tuesday's election, the offi- Stunt Songs and Glee Clubs; Games at us, they may rest assured we shall brew, but the Kiiig's Commission was "no public money or property shall be cers of the Talmud Torah outlined a and Socials: Committee Invitations, hit back." country now number the "If they go on with this campaign," school lists, a nation--' read in all ihree languages. appropriated for or applied to anyvery efficient and enlarged program Decorations, Refreshments, plan of The inaugural ceremony was religious worship, exercise or instruc- -for; the coming year, details of which the" pparty; • Dramatics,, Charades,, the Minister cf Interior asserted, "I made by the League re> C marked by extreme simplicity, in tion or the: Jsupport of any; religious will be announced soon-i Stunts, Pantomines, Plays, Dramatic can assure them that at the next elec- The cities from which he p contradistinction to' the " ceremonial establishment-" was presented during and Singing Games; Picnicing: the tion we shall force every candidate been removed in the past 1C i c greetings in the past. : MP the hearing of the arguments. picnic kit, Sunday School picnics, to reply unequivocally to "the question the following: Evanviile-. I~t J* Clithero appealed from the State What to do and How; Games and En- whether or not he is in fa\-or of re- deen and Hoquiam, Ym 1 -; I" tertainments: Mixers and Introduc- pealing the quota act. The Jews town, Conn.; Ft. William. O"'L. C"Supreme Court's decision to the tions, Stunt Nights, Progressive will then realize what they have done ada; Monroe, La.; ' Sirf"^"'T". ^ " United States Supreme Court, conGames, Active and Quiet Games, Con- in sacrificing the friendly relations Perth Ambor, N. I.; Pc--rc f Vtending that the State Constitution between them and the Nationalist Nashville, Tenn.; New prohibiting religious instruction, was London.—-(J. T. A.>>-—Funeral serv- tests, Special Days. Handcraft classes may be offered, section of the people," he concluded. Wilmington, N. C ; D contrary to the United States' Consti- ices were:held last week for Leopold tution. He sought to force the prac- Jacob Greenberg, editor of. the Lon- if there are a. sufficient number of Syracuse, N. Y.; Minot, tice of Bible instruction by a manda- don Jewish; Chronicle and the Jewish requests for them. land, Ore.; Cincinnati, C • r< Passes Away A large group of club sponsors of With the completion of all prelim- mus action but was denied relief, the World, one; of th,e founders' of political of ;Eerzl, who the Jewish Community Center are ex- Word has 'been received of the inary plans during the past week, court finding that the State Consti- Zionism and; intiqiate : death of Mrs.' O. Woolfson, 74, in final arrangements have been made tution specifically prohibits any kind diivi" « t - t h e " ' a g e ? o f s e v e n t y . '•'•••' ;\ •,= \ pected to' attend. Palestine. Mrs. Woolfson is survived veston, xes. Iil'i Greenberg, who was born 'in' for the Senior Council Chanukah of religious teaching with public by one son, hazar Woolfson, of Devils' Birmingham and educated at London " •••""••..". carnival, which will be held in the funds. Lake, No. Dakota; and seven daughtUniversity,served as editor of the Former Omalian Wins Jewish Community Center on SaturLondon Jewish ] Chronicle since 10OS, • Los Angeles Position ers, Mrs. G. Levitt of Lit&u, Russia: Celebration by F'rday evening, December 12. Nine con- UahhiMorris Taxon Mesdames , Ben Gershun and Dave making it one of thejnost.widelyread stituent organizations of the Council Omaha; Mrs. Tobie . AppelAnglo-Jewish, journals,onfive contivriH take part in the event, which is Honored at Memphis nents, until illness prevented his fur- Abraham Mark, formerly of Oma-Finkel, blum, Palestine; Mesdames W. Solo- The general public heta occupy the entire Center. ha and now prominent in Los An-monow, Sain Meyerson, and Hyroan ated free of charge to JJ " fSam Epstein is general chairman Rabbi Morris N.- Taxori, formerly ther participation. Mr. Greenberg geles . communal activities, has . just Fried of Council Bluffs. celebration being plai—'• was one of the most militant fighters of the carnival. He states that, ac- of Omaha, who is now affiliated with : been appointed Commissioner' cf E'nai Israel synagogue, I? Ths Woolfsons went to Palestine for Zioniim. • ' ' ' ' : . the Baron Hirsch tongregation of cording : to present plans, the' Center for the city of Los Angeles. seven years ago. Mr. Woolfson died cage, in commemoration -rf Together with Joseph Cowen, SirHealth ballroom will be given' over to a dance Memphis, Tenn., is~ being honored Mark for several terms has been anniversary, Dec. 6. throughout the evening, with inter- with a three-day celebration and in- Francis Montefiore and Israel Zang- president of the Hebrew Sheltering five years agp. stallation program at Memphis. will^ he was one of the founders :of A wide variety cf en missions while a half-hour dramatic Home there. Prague.—The income cf the Jewish being planned for the o sketch will be given under the direc- The ceremonies will take place to- political Zionism. 'A staunch defender Mark's appointment comes as a cli- National Fund in Czechoslovakia dur- Tfilliam Milder, chr.irr>— pp tion of Mrs. Herman Jahr.V Mean- day, Saturday, and Sunday, being of. Herzl's policy, he was entrusted hi ifld to his manifold activities in theing the fiscal year 1831 was one-half numbers, with the negotiations for the Uganda while, in the rest of the building, climaxed with the installation services sr coirimunal work. His appointment"rep r o j e c t . . ' -\ ;]'; . \ million kronen less than in the pre- will feature. Sunday. di t t displays dil d concesstunts, and ceived the unanimous confirmation of will occupy various rooms. the City Council, and a banquet was As a spscial feature, the official 1 tendered in his honor for the occasCouncil publication "The MegiUah,'' f> n, T*A/ ion. : will be issued on the night of the Mrs, Mark, formerly Lena Berncarnival to all in attendance. Accordstein of; tMs city, and daughter of ing to Joseph Solomonow, editor, an Mrs. Esther Bernstein Shames, is also eight-page edition" will be issued for : Nearly four hundred fathers &ndi Pbineas Wintroxsb f^.." Jerusalem.—(J. T. A,)^—The ruins of the finest'work.; . Several chalices very! active in Los Angeles communal the occasion.' Business" management sons gathered at the Jewish Com- j reels for the paper is being directed by of Sodom and Gomorrah have been (13 cm. high and 3! cirL thick) hav4 endeavors. :1s of comedies clos. niunity Center last Siuiday night atf rsing's entertainment. • uncovered north of the Dead Sea, on been unearthed, some of them with Sam Finkel and Lillian Koom. the Father and Son banquet, the Kilton AbrahasBS, . c The public is invited to attend. the left bank of the River Jordan, by relief ornaments and geometi'ic draw* tenth annual event sponsored by the sp.d sscreary of Temp c I Adult tickets may be purchased from Father..Mallbn,. Director of the Insti- ings. One vase contains the skull :of Social Service Committee o£ the Fed- toastiaaster of the ev, any member of the various clubs or tute Biblique Pontifical in Jerusalem, a 6-year-old child, who was probably \ III eration. The B'nsi B'rith joined this Frederick Cohn grave sacrificed to an unknown deity. at the door. Children's tickets are and his assistant M. R. Neuville. year in sponsoring the program. and Eibbi Da\id Gold^^.^ The discovery is of considerable im- . Skeletons are rare\ and the remains obtainable at the door only. portance, as the majority of the imod- of ovens indicate that bodies were Cantor P. Pinchik, nationally-known Sam Swartz, speaker for ths fath- ing- benediction. ern scholars have believed that the burnt. Parts of clothing, etc., pec-cantor, will appear in a, concert on ers, addressed himself to fathers and WcncB's WcafKrr O"<— doomed cities "were submerged by the torals of bone and alabaster are Sunday, November 29, at 8:30 p. m. sons present in an earnest plea to A special praise is d ~ t waters of the Dead Sea. This view, numerous, but rudimentary, but itat the Odd Fellows Hall, 19th and make the annual celebration more nificent work of the ,7c however, is not in-accordance with must be remembered that this was a Capitol Ave. than a" perfunctory gesture. Albert Welfare Organisation •*• i the Scriptures, which clearly indicate civilization of the third century B.C. . rCantor Pinchik ivas brought to'this Stein, responding- for the sons, asked dianer. VHthout their i country from Lenningrsd by the Chi- parents to give more of their 'time to event troiild not have b. that the destruction was by fire and brimstone and not by the flood, nor Packages to Russia- • pagd Opera company. Those spon- their children in lesiure time recrea- it was. Krs. F. S. Ml does it follow the Christian tradition Special Jewish food packages can; soring-his appearance in Omaha say tion as well as sharingg with them (Continued on 1.. " The third annual congiegationa which), ever since the; early years of lie:; has ' won an enviable reputation joy and .sorrow c^ ,.i""j >"e. dinner of "the Conservative Synagogue, the. Christian Era, has located Penta- now be sent to relatives in Russia'.at' through the power and beauty of his their 1 will take place, Sunday, Dec. 27, at 6 polis^;North,, and. not:South, of thea minimum charge and free of all vtiicfe and.that though he is a com- "These intimate contacts c-£ f^;,- " duty. The European-American Food paratively young man, yet his voice of experiences. are ' to ~-'?-c— r - V - * ' _ . i p. m. in £he auditorium;'of the Jewish' e a d S e a . , 1 •. • . ; :\ []•'•• Package corporation of New York has in artistry ranks him with the finest be the fathers; cf the future" " Community^ [Ced^er,1. jinier the; aus,-D: 'Moreoverthe Dead Sea is not of concluded. > .•",'•. , pices 'of thi sbryatLVe j Synagogue comparatively recent geological for- appointed Joseph 'Kadinowski, 1434 in Europe. An tinusually well lozrzcl s- : •N. 18, head of the local agency. Auxiliary. ' y ' ' ;* " ' ' ,' ' ' :.' ' ' ' ; ' mation; it'existed during the.glacier He has made many concert appear- grain furnished the entc*c —a;^ . Z The synagogue: .'feels' fortunate, in period, and; its level has undoubtedly . The food packages . a r c delivered ances in the tJhited States and is one the evening. Abner ^L *.~ t: right to the home in Russia, with no having one of the greatest leaders' of become lower since 2000 B. C , which of the -highest.paid artists in Ameri- Mrs. J. M. Malashoek I^J 1.1 . cc. Conservative Judaism, Professor Mor- is approximately the time of the pah'taxes whatsoever placed on them. Any can musical circles. niunity singing f ollotvi: , t c ^. amount of packages can' be sent at decai M. Kaplan of New York City, at ishment of the cities of the damned. In addition to old-tir."c^Z v i_ one time to any one person. All es-^ the //tiinner that .evenings ' "'•• '••'- The foundations of the houses, •Tablet, to .Freud-. known melodies, Abner j^c r u- c included in the cost of the Professor Kaplan is,appearing that covered with ashes, are "shown by j«nses are : ': -Prague.—A memorial . tablet. was fered s number of tier- ^ -~ ->, : • : . ,. night on the educational program rows of pebbles surmounted by walls package.. A special feature, if desired, is 'aunveiled at'the house, where Professor tened to familiar tane^. - - ; sponsored by the 'Jewish Community made of sun, dried brick.. " - .rush; delivery by radio- EadinowsM Sigmund Freud was born at Schios- and song novelties by ~ Center in its "Sunday Night is-Center r '.'••". Child Sacrifice. and the especially ele..~ r---*- sergas'se 117, Pribor, Moravia, on' the reports the packages are in great daNight" ; progranisv This particular The pottery found is very beautitricks of Kenneth Carls -" - •< ' oceasica o^ his savcaty-fifth asnirersmand, particularly because of their event is under the auspices of the dpy i audience and' ary. reasonableness. Conservative .Synagogue. srr^ etc.j ful, and the soblets, Havana.—(J. T. • A.)—Eight hunred Jews are' threatened. with deportation -from ' Cuba because of • alleged Communist leanings,- it is stated Max Barish was elected president in • the local papsr, '.'L'Information," of the City Talmud Torah for the* enfollowing a raid on the Jewish Cul- suing term at a meeting held Tuestural Society. ' • day evening at the Jewish CommunNo evidence of Communist affilia- ity Center. tions was discovered during the taid Other officers named - are Nathan at the Society's headquarters. Not- S. Yaffe, vice-president; Dave Brodwithstanding, the Governor of the Havana province ordered the Society's headquarters to remain closed.


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FAGE 2—THE JEWISH. PKESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1931 trate the country's industry and com- gard to the position of the Jews iai merce in the hands of its own na- Mexico. The government •will always tionals. This is true of every other protect their rights." he concluded. country and can not he* regarded as anti-Jewish, discrimination." "Similarly," Senor Portes Gil continued, "the immigration restrictions cannot be regarded as a special measure directed against the Jews." Jerusalem.—(J. T. A.V—Ths volunWhen the anti-Jewish incidents in tary reduction in the salaries of the the market places of Mexico City entire University1 staff has made poswere recalled to Senor Portes Gil, he sible the opening of a new division'in declared that it may be true that biological studies at the Hebrew Uniminor incidents of an anti-Semitic versity, it was announced here by Dr. character have taken place, but that Jndah L, Magnes. Chancelicr of the he is not in possession df any facts University, that would indicate a widespread] "We stand "before a world catasmovement against the Jews. I trophe." stated Dr, Magnes, "-or per"The Jews whether rich or poor, haps before the (is^m of a greater era constitute a very significant element of truth, and wisdom. We have the in the life of the country," Senor privilege at the Hebrew University of and working in one of the great Portes Gil informed the correspond- living •workshops of history." ent. "They respect the Jaws of the land and the Mexican government has A merry heart niaketh a cheerful never had anything against them. There is no cause for fear with re- countenance.—Proverbs.

Salaries Reduced at Hebrew Uabrersityi

eenTkeim Told to MICHEL KRAIKE It would be a poor jest iiideed to journey of Vienna, go out of your way Interview Konrad Bercovici on unique to visit the daddy of all the psychopersonalities he has known, without analysts, Sigmund Freud. Here is a an introductory note about the author poet—but one who doesn't express his renowned for his gypsy tales. Ber- spiritual experiences in iambics. He covici'is one of the world's, foremost is a gentle soul ,who knows that life itinerants, and he finds an open door itself is the supreme poem, and has at royal palaces, peasant abodes, and tried to fashion his own as beautifulartist-quarter ateliers. Often categor- ly as he could. He is a delightful ized as -<x gypsy and a Koumanian bystory teller, and owns the sort of wit birth, by manner of living French, he which could only be inherited from lacljs none of the peculiar racial pride ancestors adept at splitting the casuso characteristic of the Jew. Once he istical hairs on Talmud. He shares attended a party in Harlem to which this century equally with Einstein, in colored society had been: invited. Most the judgment:of scientists and saof the negroes-, unaware that he was vants; but don't imagine he sits Jewish, voiced anti-semitic feelings around eternally studying the comunrestrainedly, but he said nothing jlexes of those about him. Not at all. just then. However, at the close of He will welcome you £ar more eagerChe party, when all were asked to in- ly if!you are not a 'case' than if you scribe their autographs1 in a journal, are. ! i remember the first time I ae calmly traced out his name in He- came to see him. He shook my hand braic letters! cordially and said: We sat talking in the lobby of the A Chat with Freud Algonquin, the favorite noon hour " 'I am very happy to see you, very haunt of New York's literati. Ber- happy. It is rarely that people come :ovici's swarthy, heavily mustached to me who don't really need me.' face was illuminated by the beatitude " 'It seems, Herr Freud,' I anbhat. comes during pleasurable recol- swered, 'that you are in need of me, lection. Leaning his chin on the knob for you apparently have a complex jf his case, he said: about complexes.' "If ever you are •within a day's "Freud proved a simple but Toyal

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ost at table. He laughed and sang without restraint, told excruciatingly funny jokes—the risque ones with a sly twinkle in his eye. It took but a few minutes for him to make me forget his formidable reputation—and to impress upon my mind indelibly his charming personality. For a few minutes Bercovici sat silent, ruminating in bis mind as if bestirring long stilled memories. Then he asked to be allowed to speak of one who was. gone, of Israel Zangwill, a man he had met in several countries but who had impressed him the most in New York where the unusual strangeness of his face, had made Berovici think of an arrogant Quasimolo, rasping and impatient.

Hangwill Reminiscence

"She is fascinating due to the intense sensuality of her make-up. And yet she is far from beautiful. She is .very-tall, and rather stout, and her generous lines have a languid voluptousness- about' them which attracts men's eyes, - Golden-red hair, brown eyes, and a typically Jewish cast of features—these idon't describe the exotic personality of his proselytized Jewess.. She has gone far—in a way —for the daughter of a small town jeweler and money changer. Unluckily for Roum'ahia's Jews her climb upward has given the enemies of the King a chance to harass them, and thereby vent the spleen of their antisemitism on the grounds of outraged national love/ The chauvinists accuse -the Je\ys,of using Mme. Lupescu as a weapon in the royal palace!"

The Bucharest Redhead, Bercovici saw*a great'kleal of her in Paris during the time the then exiled Carol was executing his coup d'etat in Bucharest. And he found her to be a daring and resourceful woman. When rumors went abroad that Carol had his 'Jewish courtesan with him in the palace, she went every day to the most prominent cafe in Paris, braving the gazes of the curious, the scandal mongers, and enemies, in order to prove to the world that shewas really not in Bucharest and thus spike the rumors that might injure her lover's chances to retain the throne. "And Carol loves her; at least he is desperately infatuated. I am sure she has'kept him; out of more trouble than history will ever give her credit for. She will be remembered as Du Barry is remembered; but my impression of her is of a highly intelligent, capable, strong willed woman who has shrewdly exploited her sexual allurements."

One midnight in London, after an unusual nocturnal adventure, Bercovici walked the streets in that lassitude Among Spam's greatest painters is which generally follows excessive ex- Ignace Zuloaga, who is part Jew, and citement. In the Temple Quarter he fearfully proud of that part. Possesscame, by some strange coincidence or ing all the fire of the romantic dons, mysterious will, upon a door with the he is a man quick to condemn the name of Zangwill on a little brass baser alleys in others, and quick to late. A moment later Zangwill ap- see the humor of a situation. Alieared on the doorsteps. It seemed though unheralded by newspaper fanre-arranged. fare, he played no small part in the However, "It's curious, very curious, but I recent Spanish revolution. ; have just been thinking of America— Bercovici gave an index of his charabout New York," he said after they acter by one anecdote. had greeted one another. "And you Zuloaga Paints the Soul were in a throng of people who ap"He painted a certain lady of high peared before me. I saw you as distinctly as I see you now. Indeed, it social rank who was Jewish but who seems like a continuation of &y WOOIT had kept this hiddfel$^acd_:was even, a. gathering."- And" he' grasped Bercovi- member of the Episcopalian chnrcli.' ci by the shoulders warmly—perhaps Of course, Zuloaga'knew, all about to convince himself he stood there in this, and felt keenly her distaste for the flesh. • • • : " that heritage which he esteems so greatly. Not once during the-process They traversed the Quarter, Zang- of painting her did he allow her to will's voice mellow and warm. He see the portrait. But when it was had been working late that night. He finished,-and she beheld it for the first wanted to take his unexpected guest time, she understood -what he had to Soho—"as good as the Latin Quar- done. ,He had used all Ms mastery fcerj the Latin Quarter of London. And with the brush to bring out all'the have you seen the two totems: Gog marked Jewish characteristics of her and Magog, the mascots of London?" face! And so there is at least one But a rain began to fall. They Zuloaga work of art the world doesn't parted company.- : ••'.-. . . see and admire. Perhaps it is fated "A strange genius," murmured Ber- to remain shut away from the eyes covici reflectively. "The ghetto mys- of men for a long time, if not forticism forever wanned his blood and ever, simply because this woman saw colored his imagination as it has few herself as she truly was, and was other Jewish artists." ashamed to exhibit her soul as he had laid it naked and exposed." Roumanian by birth, Bercovici was educated in Paris, and almost every Now and then somebody came out year he returns theTe; it is practically his jnaternal city, anj certainly Ms from the Algonquin's restaurant, and most beloved. Taking our way, figur- Bercovici had to halt in his narration atively, to the City of Light, he told to nod a greeting.. .He seemed to about two important French" artists know everybody; everybody appeared as contrary in their. Jewishness as the to know him. "And of course," he was saying, poles. One was Maurice Ossipivici, who wrote "Goha the Simple," a "there is Emma Goldman—I haven't French classic. He is one o* the most seen her in quite a long time. I remilitantly Judo-conscious men in in- member her years ago fighting the tellectual circles. Whereven he goes almost.impossible cause" of socialism, he shrieks aloud his racial derivatives, editing a magazine (with Sascba—" scorning any simple dignified acknowledgement of the fact as a fur- About Emma Goldman He leaped to his feet and was bo-stive attempt to deny it. ing in his gallant Gallic manner to "He took me to a party," laughed a young lady who had just then apBercovici, "at which •;were two young proached. I arose,. also, anxious to men who were ashamed to profess any get him to finish what he had been intimacy with .him. They themselves saying about the socialist crusader were Jews who had been baptized. who was later exiled from this co-aaWell, Ossiplviei can't be daunted. He try. But it was no use. He was exran up to them, and in the loudest cited, smiling, impatient to go. ' of voices bellowed: "Oh, yes, meet my daughter," he " 'Alright. What are you so modest about? Come on, you've done said turning to me; hurriedly. "Let very well in the. matter. We need the me hear from you again. I hope I've Jews everywhere—even in the Cath- been of help to you." "But you didnt finish about Emma olic Church!'" Goldman," I protest. Racial Origin to Light He had already bejrun to go off The other was Andre Favory, the with his daughter beside him. But he painter, whom very few people .in turned back for a moment. Paris knew to be an Israelite. Hjs . "Ah, yes, Emma—Low sha strugreal name is Grunberg, and he comes gled and starved and fought tt>r loiof venerable French-Jewish stock. ing Tattle. Years later T me: her in Curiously enoagh, his fame as an art- Paris where e v r y exile winds up3 ist has remained almost. wholly in- you know. And she s;'H something digenous, although many of his paint- about her infinite disn^p-'intmeut in ings have gone to, othe^1 lands'. The Soviet Russia whew .she- Had first way his racial origin "came,,to,light, gone when America lacked her out. according to Bercovici,-was-all the re- A woman, that Emma — introduced sult of an unhappyaffair Favprj .had 'Iblstoi, post'iievsii, and the, other with a laayU < ©isgiimtted 'and 'vindic- Russians1 into" the United States, and tive, she- announced; to all. who would really started a revolution, but not listen to-..b£E-that h.e.iwasra Jew, and the one she starved for." vowed that her soiree of information was- indisputable;, tHowever, her rev- : There were hundreds of other elation only added another tale to the unique Jewish personalities Konrad vast fund that has grown up around Bercovici could have' told me about. .the'picaresque Favory. \ • . ... But our interview-•Kas-.perfoxce at an end.


£ • , - ' • • • • • •

There, is no' more unique living (Copyright 193L by the Jewish TelewQinan' than the enigmatic; MagdaXugraphic Agency,;Inc.). . p^£cu, the' paramour of. the Kouman? in-., .sovereign, .Carol 3EL- -And nobody , ;Moscow.-f-The Or.;- "society"for set!>iiy\vs; her better tlian Bercoviei who tling Jews On the Isi-d in'Bira Bidhas already written a great deal about Jan may fas liquidated, owing to the her. ; • • . . . . . . . . . . . lack of funds, it was indicated here.-

60th Anniversary T h e 60th anniversary of the Temple Israel congregation was appropriately celebrated last Friday •with special services and a special congregational dinner. The sermon of the evening was delivered by Dr. Leo M. Franklin of Detroit, who was' rabbi of Temple Israel from 1892 to 1896. Speaking en "The Dilemma of the Jews," he pleaded that the Jews of today take up the mantle of spiritual leadership of the world. He -urged more attention to' the ideals of Judaism and warned against too much, emphasis on material success. Rabbi Frederick Cohn in his address praised the men who formed th congregation and urged the present members to build well, on the splendid cornerstones which laid the foundation for Temple Israel. David Rosenstock, president of the congregation, also spoke. The anniversary dinner was prepared and served by the Sisterhood. Henry Eosenthal was chairman for the evening.

3 US \ !

i \ Our Seven ("ov""!!?

- - ; \ CANQISS







Tonight Rabbi Frederick Cohn -will deliver the sermon at the services at Temple Israel tonight on the subject, "The Challenge of Israel." •Tomorrow Morning The subject for the sermon at Temple Israel tomorrow morning will be "Messengers."

Successful Dance The Thanksgiving dance given by the local chapter of the Junior Hadassah last night at the Fontenelle ho-

A. comparatively sraall sum set aside eacb. year for an Equitable Life Ans.uJ.ty will guarantee you a fixed monthly iacorae of $100, $200,'$300 or $50Q for life*,- beginning at any age after 50. If you prefers the annuity may-be purchased by a lump-sum payment.






•••'..• OF T H E U N I T E D STATES 545 Omaha National Bank Bldg., Phone: AT 4567 OMAHA, NEBK.

Gertrude Gerfcer tel was attended by a large crowd. Randall's Royal orchestra played. Ida Daytch, general chairman, was

ran -Brakes and Wheel Alignment Are Important! _ .. . Are. Your .Brakes adjusted even? : • Does your car steer hard " - Does your car shimmy " ' ; Does your car weave in the Toad? • ••-'Do your tires wear on the side?




A31 Work Ciuicr Suporvision v,t Tneforr Trnipefl Men SOU Gt'AKANTEEB WE KKOVT OFR ,P00 cf New Brake fm<3 W h * eJ Alignment Equipment at Xour

Tobye Steinberg assisted by Gertrude Gerber, advertising director, and Tobye Steinberg, ticket chairman.




MI 3 Declares Mexican- Government . ;•. Will Protect' Rights ' • •: -of the Jews Geneva.—(J. T. A.)—Reports :ot anti-Semitism in Mexico were declared to be unfounded by Emilio Portes Gil,' former president o£ Mexico and now the first Mexican delegate to the League of Nations. The fullest equality is accorded to all citizens, Senor Portes Gil stated to a representative of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Reports of discrimination. • against the Jews, he said, are absolutely false. j "It is tree," he stated, "that there l*. is a movement: in Mexico to cs


Bvy the Best Coal

It is Cheapest In the g

OUR-SPECIAL Smokeless—Long Lasiing—-Tery Little Asli—A


PAGE ."S—THE- 'JEWISH- -PRESS," 'FRIDAY,'"NOVEMBER" 27, 19S1. tufbed possession, and • disposal of r^similate themselves to their „ sur- IS, • 17S1. On December 19 'of the jeets, without distinction of creed and jto assume fixed family names ta their property. A -week later, on Oct. adopt the language of the same year, lie abolished the poll-tax nationality to participate in the 'wel-serve in the army, in. each case the "§ Plans are complete for the Chanu- 21, 1781, Emperor Jossf issued an- roundings, and establish schools accord- directed tiie authorities to treat the fare and freedom of his government. first instance of the kind in Europe. kah dance and bridge sponsored by other order, abrogating all the laws country ing to modern educational principles, Jews like fellowmen, end command The specific ecclesiastical restricthe Daughters, of Zion, which, will be tttssa held a t the municipal auditorium on which had required the Jews to wear that they should be allowed to enter i&at Jewish children in the public tions the Jews dating- from • c all' high schools and universities, to schools should receive proper considSunday, Dec 6. ; : \ a distinctive dress. lease lands for agricultural purposes, eration, . . Cherished Plan. Those. who wish to reserve tables worked it, with Jewish hands, • The toleration decree, the so-called are asked to call Mrs. L Kulakofsky, The enlightenment of the Jews -was if they - to engage in all - mechanical Toleranzpatent, was • introduced, fcy • The • November : meeting.. of- the Atlantic 1S43, or Mrs. Louis Shaf ton, one of his cherished plans. To this •and trades, arts and wholesale commerce. the emperor with a stateiuest that ; Council of Jewish Women will be held Harney 6202. ; This decree was issued on October it was his a i n to permit all Ms sub- He .also compelled the .Tevcs in 17S7! for.^ht for Lr.t*-ic.n in<\:r>ci\'u"xicc end he demanded that the Jews should on Monday, November 30, at 2:30 p.•;.- Admission for the affair, will be 25 m. at the Jewish; Community-Centex. cents,- including both the bridge. ;and The Peace Study Group is sponsor- dance. -A bazaar will be held in coning the "program and invites'members junction; with the bridge and dance." and.friends to "attend/' Following the ; "I trust -that everyone -will give ? _- i l \ ; "program a tea "will be" given. --Mrs. their : fullest 'co-operation.: whenever 'A. H. Brodkey, chairman, - is in called upon to the.bazaar," : Sirs. S.^Flatt, president of the organcharged - •'• " • '"- " ization, stated. - "It is,only with the President William" Sealock of the - r rTTniversity" of Omaha: ; will be" guest helpof .every Jewish individual in the ^ ^ S ^ ^ •- , y y , • I. "speaker. - His- subject #01 he "Howcity that:we, can make this event a "Education; jCan]*" Further - Universal success." •_. .The j;pmmittee in charge ' Peace." - - Dr. - Sealock is a. newcomer aims to^ make this a real Chanukah -in Omaha,'and this will be his" first social ; affair where everyone, both young and old,- can enjoy himself. An •appearance" Before the Council.' - The - Nominating" Committee: "will outstanding orchestra will play. "make a report concerning "the election v-^ of a vice president. - - . • - .. The Daughters of Zion announce A board meeting will, precede the the following box collections for the regular' meeting at 1:30. • ' Jewish National Fund: Mesdames J. - The following • new. members -have B. JRobinson, J. Bosenberg, S. Katz, j^Ta." ~i^-,.U-a.-^!i.-*WiaaCi?^. •••»Si«»m« been-announced by-Mrs. Mose Yous- A. Hirsch,,A._-Kaplan, N. Levinson, a a b em; membership chairman: -Mesdames S.,Fellnaan,(tree.donation). -••, - - ~\; a The Ideal Bottling Co., featuring -Morris Brandeis,; Irviri C. .Levin,' "J. '' The organization requests all mem."Ideal beverages, purest and finE. Solomon, .K. W. Natelson/.LlBern- bers-who have" boxes to bring.them est," have - been - is. their present Wrecked Cars Eebuilt We Solicit : stein, Ahe.Kazlowsky, J;.A. Solomon, to the next meeting or t& call ithe location, 1S02 .Ko. 20th. St., for AUDITS . Curtains and Upholstering Your Business Sam - Goldblatt, Dave Epstein and committee.": -..; • -•'-. •the past fifteen years. Flans are SYSTEMS • ; > -Morris Brick. " - -• v - ; -- - ;'_ And CKD. Assure You : being made to enlarge their presDoors Tightened to Fit . _ eat plant and erect the most of E Pleasant Business ; INCOME TAX Woodwork and Painting • _ -The-Current^ Topics'course iander modern - beverage. plant", in the .the direction of Eabbi^pavfdA. GoldRadiator Repairing ' middle-west." ' • • ' .stein, wiUjmeet. at .the Jewish "ConvS ' : Sara' Platt and William Kaiman," inunity-Center Tuesday," December.i, officials "of. the company, have recElectrical Contractor "at "10:3.0 "a. ml". D£ Goldstein's " " . ently added another member to j"ect_wUl be "Fascism.^ "__ J the executive staff of the firm; 653 Electric Bide. I . r v ; •'. >.*-^r; 16th and 'Cuming Sts. 852 Brandeis Theatre Bldg. " JAckson 1045 " Peter Greenberg. " ' The Peace Study ~group" will meet — Moscow.—(J—T. A.)—-Bira -Bidjan, JAckson 7640 JA.4811 The Ideal Bottling features all Tuesday, December 1, following "Dr. Far" Siberian Soviet district, will not lines of beverages, Including pop, Goldstein's class- at —the Community be proclaimed' a" Jewish' republic-as lime rickey and 'pale dry gin<rer Center. "National Defense" is the stated last week by President Kalinin, ales. They are the distributors for text being used this year. Mrs. Her- it was officially indicated here. Inthis state of the nationally-known bert Arnstein will read a paper on stead it will be. established as a JewPrima beer. "Cqznznnnism Versus Fascism." As re- ish autonomous region, similar .to the When the Ideal plant is runview of Grandi's visit to the United Kalinindorf Jewish region in the ..-.-.•• -. -:•.-.ning at peak, thirty men are emStates and its influence on peace and Ukraine.Bowl for Your Before Buying ployed. They boast of the fact also a review of the Blanchurfan situ- - This plan became known through that it is a horne-owned instituation up to date will be given at this instructions issued ! by the Ziky the Health's Sake A New Automobile tion. jtime.; This group will meet the first Central Soviet Government, to the It Will Pay You Alleys Open "imaTthiraTuesday of "eachTnonth im- Far?!agtprn Rfcate Planning {fonrmtc;•~" TcTCOMtUt™™ ™ " mediately following the Current sion, which is in charge of the work ~' xiie Topics course. Mrs. A. H. Brodkey is of. upbuilding in. Far Siberia. The been in -its present locatics for Max Barish 0, — ^ r^r'nj^ f, the leader of the Peace department. Commission together with the Comzet tprelve years, and during all this is ordered to take immediate steps to time has been owned and operat*s e s , - - »• AK-SAE-BEN secure detailed figures governing all ed by Phil Krnisl. Paring- this . Women's Welfare -; branches in the economic and cultural BOWLING ALLEYS period their feature has been the - " — " n - r - r - . f- - - " - ' upbuilding of Bira Bidjan, "bearing • .. •Federation"."•svhistle bottle". This bererage 16th and Harney—4th Floor 507 So. 12 Street 2562 Famam in mind that a Jewish autonomous has been tested and approved by The December meeting of the JewELLIS snd LA HUE, Proprietors JA. 1997 ATIantic 11?2 the bureau of Good Housekeepish Women's Welfare Federation will region must be formed there by the •: . ing. be held at • the Jewish . Community end of 1933." - - - . Center on Tuesday, December 1, at Mr. Kruinl has lately vnder.'i S r j 2:30 p. m.. -. ; - - . .-'' taken the Vess Beverage in the The principal speaker of the afterlarge 24 ounce bottle and has noon will be Father Flanagan of the made a success of it. For the Father Flanagan Home" for. Boys. consumer's protection, all bottles Max Yaffe, Jewish violinist, is beeas A. Petersrr J.-M. CALABEIA An outline of the program of ac-ing featured as violin soloist with the sre filled and capped in a glassx( lowerstivities as 'an auxiliary of the Com-Harry Fisher orchestra now. appearBarber and Chirotonsor, Scalp covered room. The company has For .All Occasions munity Center will be' given- a t "the ing a t . the Ro'selaiid Gardens with the latest modem machinery' in and Facial Manipulations" J j j i G C t-Vl C €iX ••••"-•-"PP' ^ ' meeting. - • ": producing' this larg-e bottle. Stanley Hall. Arthur Euildinjr—2©8 So. ISth The nominating committee . will Yaffe is the youngest violinist in IsEiic ESSS "The sanitation of the factory Down Stairs make its -report and election of of- the Omaha Symphony orchestra.' He and the appearance of the delivery ficers will follow. All members are has been a radio soloist for the past trucks speak well for our bever•urged to'attend. . A board meeting five years appearing on many comages," I,lr. Kruml stated. "Also, . will precede the regular meeting at mercial and local programs.'. Helis Whistle has proven a favorite for The Sign of 1:30 p . m. . also in charge of all music at the j j Floral Displays many years." Barber—For Those Good Workmanship Our Specialty "Who Are Particular . Mr. Krmnl has devoted his 2004 Fcmam Strrrt Ladles JLaibor Lyceum E8S5E re. Sith Btveet—KB. Offices Brandeis Theatre 31dg life's work to the bottling- busii ATlantic 4486 Paxfoa BUUarfl Barber SJioj. ness. nf I t TTiffe Tlcwerf' OMAHA ; :; , ' lGth & Fornam Eva Morse, win. lecture before the Ladies Labor Lyceum Club "oh Tues~v day, December 1,'at 8:30. p . m . " The public is invited; admission is free.

'.daughters, ©f Zion



Ee§- 'Barish-Motor Co.




^ . WC

J . Ji.

.i ^


JS. <CA: '.,

*.-•• A. V."



..Thorpian Athletic Club - The. treasure hunt' given by the , .club last Saturday night, winding up with a banquet at Olive Crest, proved to be a highly successful affair. The1 committee in "charge was Sam Zwie Tjack, Samuel •Friedel,- and Irvin C. • L e v i n .

- • - • -•

- ------

••- -•..'. . . . . . .


National Tire &. Battery ;-;-"": ^ . -"




A Chanukah program, exchange of gifts, and refreshments" are" being planned for the Junior Hadassah meeting" of December 3.•-This' meeting is being sponsored by the Pep committee of which Blanche Binstein c h a i r m a n .

• tith ana Capitol Ave.—AT. &I27 . Xonx JPatronaso Solicitea


. • ;•'

" Preparations are well on the way to make the annual New Year Eve affair the club's outstanding' event. > The newly-decorated Some Hotel has again been engaged. The committee, consisting of L Levin, Morris FrankMas Yaffe lin, L Elewitz, and Dr. L Stein, are sparing no expense in their enter- Community Playhouse and has aptainment features, which - will be peared as soloist on numerous Temple cabaret style." A limit of 100 Israel services. _ In addition, he . copies is being made. played for Francis McMillian, famous and "for" the State Music ; Jr. Hadassah'- • - ; violinist," Teachers convention. ".',- The Omaha Unit of Junior Hadas- • Nate Hurwitz, Jewish saxophonist, _£a!h will organize several Young formerly with" I&y Miller's orchestra, Judea clubs Sunday afternoon,: No- is also a recent addition to the Rosevember 29, at 3 p. m., at the J. C. orchestra i personnel. All girls of-the ages from 9 to 13 and 14 to 17 are asked to attend the organization meeting." '


Batteries Serviced Sold and Guaranteed


• ' . . • • -

Vienna.—(J. T. A.)—The Jews of Austria are commemorating the 150th . A..Z. A. anniversary of the promulgation of On Monday, Nov. 23rd the A. Z. A. the Toleration Decree by Emperor ND. l.held a pfetThanksgiving Get- Josef H, the son and successor of the Empress Maria . Theresa, which together at the J. C. C. iEabbi Goldstein gave a short talk gave-recognition to the non-Catholic connecting young _ Judaism with religions in the Austrian empire and Thanksgiving. • Harry Trustin, an ad- opened a new era "for the Austrian viser, leld his audience spellbound in Jews by giving them their emancipa; ; ,, relating his. various, observations in tion. different parts of the world. Other The Emperor Josef was an admirer advisers who spoke are Harry Cohen, of Voltaire, and a disciple of the Mike Freeman and Stanley Levin. ' school of enlightenment, so that when - .•'Israel Hornstein of Boy; Scout he cams to the throne he adopted a .Scout Troop No. 72 gave two enter- liberal attitude towards the Jews of taining recitations;";.Two fast-moving his country, differing from that of his boxing matches -were p'rtt'.oa between mother, who had imposed: many reLouis Le^insbn and Charles Weisman strictions on them, considering it his and Art Lipp and Louis Minken. Sirs. duty to improve their conditioiu" Beatrice Levin rendered a few vocal , The principle underlying the decree selections.. to the accompaniment of of toleration published on October 23 Easiest I^rissman. . 1781, Vfas the guarantee to all reErvin Wezelmari, in charge of the ligious bodies, recognized by law, of affair, presided. Eefreshments were ( freedom of worship, the inanageiaent served. ox their own affair, and the tm

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PAGE 4—THE JEWISH PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1931 I ditto the same wonder about Jonn.

is the story of a liberal who sought they must look on while their kinsmen undergo to observe the -workings of middle- Roger Williams was a Puritan and I the excruciating sufferings of pogroms. Perhaps class reform tendencies in an intense- wonder whether Friedell would credit ly practical society. At the end of his him with being a Jew. I have a feelmany think that the Anglo-Jewish newspapers experience, the famous reporter ing that he would not be so quick to Published every Friday at Omaha, Nebraska, by are exaggerating the reports from Poland for the comes to the conclusion that liberal- include these among the Jews. EHE JEWISH PRESS PUBLISHING COMPANY sake of editorial hulabaloo. If so, they are misBut FriedelFs absurdity reaches its ism is virtually an unworkable phil.••••' SIOUX CITY O F F I C E osophy and that an empty throne is apex in another line. He goes on taken. For three weeks constant riots and atJEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER—308 Pierce Street trying to prove the MaJthusian theawaiting in every country. tacks have occurred. The situation has reached ory false. He begins one sentence as Subscription Price, one year - — - - - - $2.50 such a crisis that the Chief of Police in Warsaw By IN THE STRUGGLE FOS CIVIL follows: "The absurdity of MalthuAdvertising rates furnished on application liberty, for economic fair-play and for sla-nism is cleverly illustrated by has warned the Polish Jews not to appear on the RABBI LOUIS L NEWMAN an improved social order the churches Franz Appenheimer, etc" streets. Also, as a necessary precaution all syna, Office: 490 Brandeis Theater Building and synagogues must not be silent. REDUCTTO AD ABSURDAM Congregation Rodeph Sholom, New York Telephone: ATlantic 1450 gogues have been temporarily closed, a procedure Too often clergymen have been the Now can you match that? OAVID BLACKER - - - - Business and Managing Editor which has not been necessary within the memory apologists for political and industrial Malthus, a Christian priest, by FriefRANK R. ACKERMAN -Editor oppression. The churches must pardell's becomes a Jew. Because JTREDA BOLKER MILDER Society Editor of the oldest of Polish inhabitants. OTTO WARBURG, THE GER-' (built for the glory of God and to take of the "Weltverbesserungswahn" why? logic, Because he was a Puritan. DANNIE KATELMAN, Council Bluffs, la., Correspondent namely the fanatic desire to better hold commencements in.") Why human beings should vent their spleen man scientist who was recently VNN PILL - - - - - - Sinus City, Iowa, Correspondent But does Friedell say anything of Steffens is a reliable source the world. The struggle between enon a defenseless, peaceful, harmless people is be- awarded the Nobel prize for his work of Lincoln race of Oppenheimer whom he information inasmuch as he was lightened ministers and dictatorial the in cancer research, appears to be a quotes as demonstrating the absurdyond logic of reason. The Jews in Poland number Jew by origin, but a Christian by con- present in Mexico during its days of laymen over the issues of social pro- ity of Maethus. A COMMON BATTLEFIELD Would you ever sus3,200,000 out of a total population of 30,000,000, version. First reports of the award revolutionary upheaval. Nevertheless gress may oftentimes break out into Last week at a special dinner in New York approximately 11 per cent. In Poland's fight for led to the belief that the winner was it seems incredible to believe that disastrous conflict, but the churches pect from Friedell that Oppenheimer be a Jew? You never would. City the American Hebrew Medal, presented an- independence, the Jews played an important role. a member of the famous Hamburg Madero, so thoroughly a Mexican and synagogues must be unflinching might And yet Oppenheimer was a Jew, in their demand that justice be done family, renowned for its loyalty to land-baron, should have had Jewish nually to the man who did the most in promoting The price of Poland's freedom was a tremendous Judaism and Zionism. blood. The world is accustomed to in the market-place, in the public and a very emphatic one. Professor better understanding between Christian and Jew, loss of the vast Russian markets, a loss which for It is highly regretable that Jewry believe that all revolutionaries are arena, and ra the domain of industry. Oppenheimer was one of the first to an interest in the Zionist movewas given to Archbishop Edward J. Hanna of the most part was borne by Jewish merchants. cannot take pleasure unto itself for Jews and all Jews are revolutionaries. The self-paralyzed liberalism of a take ment. Steffens and the intolerant anarchism the award because Professor WarIt is a surprise to those who know San Francisco. Archbishop Hanna is noted for However, de«ip;to tiis reveise, the Polish Jews Now the question arises, why did has elected to step outside the better that in the instance of Madero, of an Emma Goldman -will then be his open-minded tolerance of other religions and unanimously hailed the resurrection of the Polish burg Friedell not mention the fact that the Jewish fold. A hundred years ago one of Mexico's greatest patriot-ideal- impossible. opponent of Malthus was a Jew? his humanitarian philosophy of life and richly nation as an act of historic justice to an op- this course would have been more un- ists, the old myth has been proved And the answer to that is—because derstandable, and perhaps even today true. deserves any honor of respect which we as Jews pressed nation. They rightfully expected that in if he had said that, it would explode academic or political aspirants chafcan pay to a prelate of another faith. The pre- a free Poland they would be treated on a footing ing at restrictions against themselves THE JEWISH PENCHANT FOR his whole theory. sentation dinner was under the auspices of the of equality with their fellow Christian citizens. as Jews, may take "the easiest way." defending radical doctrine even MIAMI: PIONEER WRITES Permanent Commission on Better Understanding Instead, they were paid in a manner most unex- We recommend, however, to Otto though it may be highly disagreeable, By DAVID SCHWARTZ Miami's pioneer Jew, Mr. Isidor Cois illustrated in a paragraph in Emma Warburg, a reading of Max Nordau's between Christians and Jews in America, and in pected. By oppressive taxation forced on the pre- "A Question of Honor" -wherein Pro- Goldman's autobiography: hen, sends the following: "In your current column, you reaccordance with the general purpose of the or- dominately Jewish industries, the Jewish mer- fessor Kohn refuses to abandon his "Edmonton, Alberta, proved a recBy DAVID SCHWARTZ. lated Adolph Kraus's delectable anecganization was attended by a group of repre- chants have in despair been compelled to give up heritage for academic preferment; ord-breaker. I came there for two WISE BfEN AND PEACE dote. He took z. keen delight in rewe point also to the example set for lectures. I stayed to deliver fifteen sentative Protestants, Catholics and Jews. I have just been reading "A Cul- peating this early reminiscence. This their ancient businesses—and still the impover- university Jews everywhere by the in one week, some days speaking tural History of the Modem Age," by {Continued on Page 8.) The motivating force behind the movement is ished Jews actually contribute over 40 per cent illustrious Albert Einstein, the great- three times. All the Jewish organiEgon Friedell, a German. The book 3xcellent. As we have advocated again and again to the National budget. By a policy of nation- est German since the war, and per- zations in tovrn and most of the Ca- has been widely praised, and I think nadian labour, special and educational Lhe greatest field in development of better un- alization of peculiarly Jewish industries, tens of haps of modern times. it is g-ood. groups invited me to speak. The two Jerstanding1 lies in the realm of education. It is thousands have been deprived of a livelihood; FRENCH JUDAISM IS EXPERI- extremes of the variegated audiences But even the most cultured of Gerwhen people of different beliefs can freely state and civil services have been slowly freezing endng a genuine renascence if the I addressed that week were factory mans seem unable to think of Jews during their lunch hour in the without their thinking cells being poisxchange opinions and find a common denomin- out Jewish employes. Squeezed out of the vital publication "Kadimah" -which has girls and thrown out of gear. come into my hands, is any indica- shop, and the faculties of Edmonton soned ator for their dogmas and tenets, become better parts of the Polish economic structure, the Jews tion. You -would think that education Published under the direction of College and the University of Alberta would tend to make a man fair mindacquainted with the other fellow's ideas, and in Poland find themselves on the brink of an un- Rabbi Hirschler, as a bi-monthly bul- at a tea arranged in one of the hotels; ed—to make a man catholic and apby Mrs. H. A. Freedman, the presiletin for the Jewish communities of broad-mindedly analyze and seek to know the paralleled collapse, with half of the Jewish popuof all sides. Our Jewish Mulhausen and Haut-Rhine, it num- dent of the Council of Jewish Wo- i preciative other side—it is only then that real progress can lation unemployed and facing starvation and the bers sages said, "Talmiday chochomin maramong its contributors Rabbi men." be made in banishing poisonous prejudice from PilsudsM government winking an eye at the out- Julien Weill, E. Meyer, J. Bloch, M. This readiness to listen to unpop- bim sholom baolam." "Wise men inular speakers is a highly becoming crease peace in the -world." Meyerkey, and others. the minds of human beings. Ignorance with its rages, because of political motives. It should be so, but I am afraid trait in the Jewish community. Judge It devotes special attention to the lack of understanding is the outstanding cause J_indsey, for example, has received a it's not always true. Education mere- j French Jewish youth, activities of Largest Showing Wholesale suicides; mothers selling their and contains illustrations by Max more hospitable welcome before Jew- ly enables some to distort tilings all for ill-will and bigotry. But, chicanery and subthe more. artfuge cloaked behind a meaningless mask of children for want of bread; the despair of a whole Norday, Laurence Levy-Bloch and ish audiences, despite their hearty opto his viws. By the same THE MALTHUS THEORY comeradie and fellowship is liable to do more nation crying to heaven for mercy—and the catas- Meyer Vinel. By its very name: position SELECT FOW from the season's token, Humanism has found many 'Kadimah" the publication strives to harm than good. Rabbi I. Warsaw in a syndi- trophic talons of economic strangulation ever indicate the spirit which motivates it, friends in Jewry, who, though they Listen to Herr Friedell. He is largest most complete showing of speaking of the Malthusian theory. cated article tells of his seeing a news reel of last tightening. These people paying with their namely a belief that Jewish life can find its doctrines unpalatable, are not He thinks it's a horrible theory, and BEs-Ehattss, Eagle and Yorke go ever forward. Zionism receives averse to hearing them expounded. I agree with him. The theory, in shirts, collar attached; separate year's presentation of the American Hebrew seared souls . . . because politics call for a scape- favorable and the needs of Sometimes the hearing which Rabbis short, as you know, is that food sup- collar to mEtcfc and demi bosom . . and where can a better scapegoat be the "Klal attention, Medal by Rabbi Landman to Newton Baker. To Yisrael" everywhere are give to the Humanists arouses pro- ply tends to increase in arithmetical styles— jse his words: "The silver screen did better. It found than the Jews, a trampled minority. Un- recognized. test in so-called "deist circles," but progression, whereas population tends re-enacted the Medal ceremony with due pomp. fortunately, we have no place where the oppressed With the addition of the Jewries of this unwelcoming attitude is not uni- to increase in geometrical ratio. JL to versal. to the "Israelitisch" Famine, destitution and death, MalIt showed Landman and Baker facing each other Polish Jews can emigrate. We can do little, ex- Alsace-Lorraine community of France, we may antiIt is not easy to account for Jewish thus Other Shxrts, $x.oo and $1.50 therefore held, were inevitable .vith genuine good-will, one giving and the other cept await economic adjustments which will cipate that new.forces will be un- readiness to give a forum to heretical for the great mass. There was no receiving the token of honor with: undisguised soften the ire which embitters the vultures now le'ashed which —will place French opinions. Perhaps it is due to our hope for the multitudes, said MalJewry once more-m the foreground of passionate desire for the truth; persatisfaction. As I was gazing upon the scene, I and which will put human feelings back in what world Je\%ry. .Congratulations are haps it is inquisitiveness and our hun- thus, and the attempt of charity to heard one woman say to the other sitting in the should be human hearts. due to enterprising Rabbi Hirschler ger for new mental sensations; per- relieve the pains was unwise. Let the starve in peace. The quicker, and his collaborators! haps we are more conscious of the po- people cow behind me: T h a t Baker fellow must be fishthe better. tential value of heresy because the ing for the Jewish vote for president. I'll be TWENTY-NINE PERCENT OF majority has always regarded us as AHA, THE YILLIAN damned if I vote for him'." While this but repmarriages contracted by Amsterdam heretics and protestants. Whatever MUST BE A JEW resents one voice, it may be the opinion held by Jews are intermarriages. This is an the cause, let us listen to "dangerous "And this was taught by a Chrisalarming proportion. In the seven- people" and "undersirable citizens" if tian priest," says Friedell indignantly. many Jews and non-Jews. This, in spite of the teenth century when the Pilgrims of they have a message, sincere, pene- "But this is not after all so strange fact that we think that the Commission on Better England noted that their children trating and humanitarian, to deliver in Malthus's case, when we rememBAIT FOR CONVERTS Understanding is genuine and sinceW as are Rabwere marrying outside their group, to us. Largest Showing ber that English Puritanism is really "Church. Deplores Injustice to Jews," stated they migrated to America in search bi Landman, Newton Baker, and Archbishop a Jewish religion." surroundings more congenial to the IN THE ANNOUNCEMENT BY A an Associated Press newspaper item in the Mon- of Herr Friedell, as you will notice, is Hanna. perpetuation of their community and synagogue organization of a recep- rather hot against Malthusianism, for SELECT KOW from the season'* day morning newspapers, and naturally one felt, its faith. tion and dance in honor to the Rabbi which I applaud him, and he is largest, most complete showing at The Jewish Press has, however, repeatedly The miracle is that Jewry has been and his wife, the following item ap- wrought up over the fact that a Chriswarned against the danger of good-will manifesta- on reading the headline, that it would not be a able to survive throughout the ages peared: "Come and pay tribute to tian clergyman should have evolved finest imported and American silks—s,a strictly fcasd made neck. tions which are insincere, and has repeatedly ex- blue Monday after all—that is if the reader were without migration. Nevertheless we Rabbi and Mrs. and at the same this theory. w e a r . Resilient construction. pressed its faith in educational programs: which a Jew or a liberal minded peruser of the news. have come to observe that unless we time spend an enjoyable evening." But he gets balm from the fact Here at last the church, and from the headline create a center like Palestine to which are built oh cornerstones of sincerity. Intelligent alone we didn't know whether it was the Catholic the more ardent, Jewish spirits may THE CHURCHES AND SYNA- that at the time England -was domiV JL to tj> nantly Puritan, and Puritanism, he beings, if they give thought to the subject or take church, or some denomination of the Protestant migrate, assimilation will quite over- gogues must never stand in the way holds, is nothing but Judaism. Gorgeous Mufflers, $1.50 to $5.06, of social progress; they must never ; the trouble to investigate; will easily recognize the faith that was now championing the cause of the whelm us. BAD PURITANS ARE be centers of reaction and toryism. snatllness of anti-Semitism. It does not take Jew. Enough for us it was, as a Jew, that the KISSCHENBAUM and They must recognize that anarchic JEWS, OF COURSE much, thinking to realize how greatly prejudice ^church, was deploring the injustice to Jew, and hisWILLIAM Cromwell was a Puritan and I just wife had robted taxi-drivers when radicalism in modern life is due in disfigures human thinking and distorts human enough* for us was it as a liberal, that the church their four children were starving. At large measure to the injustices of our wonder when Friedell thinks of Cromwell whether he regards him as a their trial; the District Attorney present social and economic order. feeling. Though in this country Catholics, Pro- was befriending a minority people. The biography of Lincoln Steffens Jew. John Milton was a Poritan and arose and said: "Your Honor, I am testants and Jews may find matters in which And then we read beyond the headline. Our about to make an unusual request. I their religions are diametrically opposed, their to suggest that your Honor be waned somewhat when we finished want as lenient as possible with these deAmericanism should be one and undivided. And enthusiasm the item. It told of a conference of the fendants. I also have investigated Americanism stands for religious liberty, freedom reading Largest Showing Methodist Episcopal Church, South, meeting in this case and I found that at the time nnd tolerance. In our country all are religiously Memphis, at which a resolution was passed "de- of this robbery the defendant's four were subsisting on water frea. Instead of battling one another, a far wiser ploring the long record of injustice and ill usage children alone. They had no food. They had SELECT STOW from the season's 1708 Douglas Street course is the one pursued by the Commission on of the Jew on the part of the professedly Chris- had only thirty cents' worth of food largest, most complete showing of - Better Understanding—to guard and to protect tian people." If the resolution had stopped there, for seven days prior to the robbery Omaha Athletic Club Building—Telephone ATlantic 7456 pigskin, saoclia, cape, uidined, silk and arrest." The judge placed the each other's religious from the prejudices of the we would say that finally the Jew had found a husband on probation and discharged lined, fur lined, wool lined. All You are extended a cordial invitation to examine our uniformed and the vicious and from unwarranted mighty champion, that a minority people had the wife, saying: "It is up to you standard soakers' first quality new and more convenient location at 1708 Doug-las Street, now. Remember, destitution is no deattacks upon Protestants, Catholics and Jews, by found a real friend. gloves— fense for crime. I am going to give Omaha Athletic Club Building, (ground floor). the fanatical and unscrupulous. Their fundaSi SO But, and the "but" looms large, the con- you both a chance." mental agreement on. major principles of social clusion of the resolution threw our enthusiasm The Jewish Social Service agency A to • Our selection of Fall and Winter fabrics is now very Chamoisette and Silk Cloves, righteousness and justice should be the basis on into low, and our high hopes out of the window, has interested itself in the case and complete. Standard quality is maintained, with a sub$1.50 which they should unite in battling a common for it invited the "Jewish race to investigate the there may be hope for the stricken stantial reduction in prices. family. The story of its tribulations, foe, irreligion. The cloud on the religious horizon claim that Jesus is their promised Messiah and however, draws back the curtain from We would greatly appreciate your personal call. is small but it is nonetheless real and threaten- King, as well as ours, and be saved." the life of the masses in the large city. Poverty is hateful and tragic; ing, and every spiritual resource possible will be In other words, the high sounding resolution leads to unsocial conduct of every needed if we are to chart a clear course to the was nothing more than a lot of sugar-coated ittype. If we adjust our economic orshores of safety. To that end—Protestant, Cath- street sweepings.—B. B. Messenger. der, we may expect to alleviate crime conditions and preserve multitudes olic or Jew-—we must be one. from the abyss into which the KirschIf the psychoanalyst can analyze, and the enbaums almost fell. priest listen, so can the rabbi.—-Rabbi L. Eliot POLAND'S PLIGHT FRANCISCO MADERO, LEADER "When the misery of economic prostration is Grafman. of the anti-Diaz revolution in Mexico twenty years ago, was of Jewish origaugmented by unspeakable physical violence to Largest Showing THE OPENING OF HERMAN'S CIGAR STORE "The COnfeSSional has both a historic and a m> according to Lincoln Steffens. innocent men and women, whose only crime is No. 2 ON OR ABOUT DECEMBER 1st This is the first time I have ever ;hat they are Jews, we stand in speechless help- psychological basis, and if ever the confessional learned of this, though I had occa-. SELECT MOW from t&e season's Located in The World-Herald Bldg. lessness . . . The outrages against the Jews are an was needed it is needed today when our economic sion to study Madero's life thoroughly larf est, most complete -showing of a few months agd after he had been 1504 Farnam Street offense against the Polish. Republic; We say to depression, our world-wide unrest has made of us murdered under the "ley fuga" by the lEfewovea sad Eoleproof fancy che liberals of Poland: Put a stop to the nefarious an unstable people mentality. Only today I was Huertistas. Madero's romantic strugsilks wool, silk aad wool hosiery. Featuring a Full Line of propaganda of your, zoological anti-Semites, who approached by two of my congregation who gle to liberate Mexico was the theme Heat figisres and slacks-— a college oration with the title: CANDIES — CIGARS — LUNCHES are poisoning the minds and the hearts of your wished to unburden themselves, and the cases are of f 5 "The Berayal of a Nation." I had numerous where such an unburdening: to a rabbi y o u t h . . . As for us, we will not be intimidated by occasion to deliver this address three Mew Autegart Hosiery,, would be of inestimable value—would be the times during my. days at Brown, the Mr. Herman Cohen invites all Ms friends rioting and bloodshed... " .and $z.o@ last occasion being at Commencement and customers to visit Ms new store. These words, taken from the protest by the means of saving a wrecked or a losing Kfe."- in the presence of the late Chief JusFederation of Jews in Poland, but partially ex- Rabbi Julius A, jLeibert, Temple Emanu-El, Los tice White, iA the old First Baptist ^,.^_^^_ ^^^ |* meeting house on Freeman street n press5 the feelings of world Jewry, as, helpless, Angeles/ ^



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SETS WEDDING DATE Miss Ida Platt has set Dec 20 sis the date for her marriage to Peter Greenberg. Miss Platt has been the recipient of many lonely affairs, many more are being planned. WED IN GOTHAM Miss Zena Bernice Maizel of New York, formerly of Omaha, was married yesterday to Sidney Pollack of New York at the Society for the Advancement, of Judaism there. Miss Maizel moved to New York •with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samnel Maizel, several years ago. She is a graduate of the Central High school here. ANNOUNCES ENGAGEMENT Mrs. S. Shividelson of Sioux City, l a , announces the engagement of her daughter, Prances to David Greenberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Green"berg of this city. BOSENBAUM-DOCHER ENGAGEMENT Mr. and Mrs. B. Bosenbanm anxounce the engagenpnt of their daughter, Miss Ida Sosenbaum, to Alex Dochen of Austin, Texas. TO BE WED Miss Cylia Gershun has set Dec. 25 as the date of her -wedding to Morris Gershuny of Chicago. The couple "will make their future home in Chicago.

FORMER RESIDENT ENGAGED TO CHICAGOAN Mr. and Mrs. Neimark of Chicago announce the engagement of their daughter, Jessie, to Dr. Nathan Dansky of Los Angeles. Dr. Dansky is a former resident of Omaha -where he practiced for eight years. He is now in Los Angeles Specializing in diseases of children. The date of the marriage has not yet heen set.


SILVER ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. William E. Jaffe will leceive a t their home, 2221 Spencer street on Sunday from 5 until 9 o'clock in honor of Mrs. Jaffe's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Ginsburg who are celebrating their silver anniversary. No invitations-are—being issued. Mr. and Mrs. A. Ginshurg entertamed at a family dinner on Thanksgiving day. Their daughter, Miss Leone Ginsburg of Chicago, attended, and will remain until Sunday night. DR. LEVINE HOST Dr. Victor E. Levine entertained at a dinner party Tuesday evening at the Fontenelle hotel for a number of officers of the Regular Army and the Besexve. The guests present included CoL O. E. Engler, Col. H. C. Hall, Maj. W. R. Campbell, Maj. H. C. Sweeney, Maj. T. T. Harris, Maj. C. E . Foster, Capt. E. H. Mitchell, Capt. H. H,. Elhart, Capt. Frank C. Yates, Xieut. O. C. Micbelznan, Lieut. James W. Morton and lierit. R. D. C. Wood.

CALENDAR Sunday, November 29 Psi Mu Dance. 3 p . m . Center ballroom. Zionist Dinner. Honoring Maurice Samuel. 6 p. m. Lecture. Maurice Samuel, lecturer and author. 8 p. m. Monday, November 30 Recreational Institute. 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, December 1 Meeting. Jewish Women's Welfare Organization. 2:30: p. m. Board meeting. 1:30 p. m. Eecreational Institute. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday, December 2 Recreational Institute. 7:30 p. m. Thursday, December 3 Eecreational Institute. 7:30 p. m.

-pointment of committees for the coming six months. Di. Irwin Osheroff is president; Al Wolf, vice president; Herman Wise, treasurer; Meyer D. Kasper, secretary; M. J. Iipp, sergeant-at-arms. Entertainment and publicity committee consists of Herman Wise, Aaron Brooks and M. J. Iipp. Athletic committee: . Dave Green, Nate' Peltz and Ralph Lepac. Membership committee: Al Wolf, Morris Sebring and John L. Gross. Initiation committee: Dave Beber, Morrie Sebring and John L. Gross. Good and Welfare committee: Harry Osheroff, Al Sebring and S. Fried. A New Year's Eve affair will be held at one of the local hotels for members of the club only. The club is planning its annual winter dance to be given the early part of February.

Coming Events Sunday, December 6 Psi Mu Dance. 3 p. m. Center ballroom. Monday, December 7 Meeting. Chesed Shel Ernes. 2:30 p. m. Saturday, December 12 Senior Council Carnival. 7 p. m. Wednesday, December 16 Lecture. Professor Samuel D. Schmaulhausen, on "Sex in Civilization." 8 p. m., under auspices Omaha Community Forum.

"Sunday Night Is Center Night" An educational program for the Jewish people of Omaha every Sunday evening. Free to active and senior members of the Jewish Community Center. Sunday, December 13 Concert. Hazomir Singing Society, concert of Jewish music 8 p.m. Sunday, December 20 A. Z. A. Day. Sunday, December 27 Lecture: Professor M. M. Kaplan.

TEN YEARS AGO Temple Israel celebrated its 50th anniversary, and three former rabbis, Rabbi William Rosenau, Rabbi Abram Simon, and Rabbi Leo Franklin, delivered special sermons and addresses. The mortgage on the Temple was burned at the Golden anniversary banquet. There was a Thanksgiving dance at Harte hall and Desdones orchestra played. Miss Edith Heavenrich of Detroit was the guest of her brother, Herbert S. Heavenrich, and Mrs. Heavenrich for several weeks. Mrs. Reuben Kulakofsky entertained at an informal party at her home to honor Miss Celia Richards of San Jose, Cal., and Mrs. Philip foolish, formerly of Chicago. The Pi Tau Phi fraternity gave a surprise party Sunday evening on Mr. and Mrs. Bert H. Hane who moved into their home at 520 S. 51st Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Warthaimer spent Thanksgiving at Lake Geneva, Wis., where their sons attended Northwestern Military Academy. Mrs. M. Blank of Sioux City was the house guest of Mrs. S. Weinberg for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. A.-L Kulakofsy and family, formerly of Sioux City, la., moved here. The Pricilla club met at the home of Mrs. Dave Green.

By l i r a David .11. Newman

Annual Dinner Dec. 27 The vromen of the Auxiliaiy are already making preparations for the third annual congregational dinner. It wi'J take place this year on Dec

APPLE CANDY PIE Place in. a buttered dish a layer of sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon and white sugar. Continue with these layers until dish is f iEed. Then mix -with 3-4 cup flower, 1 cup brown sugar and 1-4 cup butter, spread over the top and bake until apples are done. Serve with whipped cream.


Professor Hlordecai M, Kaplan, the outstanding leader of Conservative Judaism in America, vrill deliver the kA address c-f the evening. Please reCascle lighting' time, Friday eve- serve Sunday evening, Pec, 27. ning, Nov. 27, 4:15. They are never RUIW thst are accompanied with noble thoughts.—SidServices Tomigfet Eabbi Goldstein -wilt speak os "Do j ney.

HONEY DROP CAKES 1-2 cup butter, 3-4 cup sugar, 1-2 cup honey, 1 egg, \k tablespoon lemon juice, 11-2 cups flour, 11-2 teaspoons baking power. Cream butter end sugar, add honey, beaten egg yolk, and lemon juice. Mix well. Add flour and baking powder, which have Been Eifted together. Fold in egg white beaten. Put in gem pans and bake 10 to 15 minutes in hot oven.

Matinee Dance j Sponsors The sponsors for the next matinee dance to be given at the Center Sunday afternoon under the auspices of the Psi Mu will be Mrs. H. A. Wolf and Blanche Zimman.

Young Folks Temple League The Young Polks Temple League's opening meeting will be held on Sunday, Nov. 29, at the Temple Israel annex, from 3:30 to 5:30. Refresh-^ ments will be served and all are welcome. Eeservations are being taken by Eita Mantel, Harney 5711.

Change is inevitable in a progresOmaha, a law student "at Denver "Unisive country. Change is constant.— versity, was awarded a first place on the varsity debate team which will Disraeli. meet a team of Robert College, of Istanbul, Turkey.


Miss Rose Steinberg, a student at the University of Illinois, spent Thanksgiving with friends in Ghicago.

Children Owe Their Parents Anything?"

Arranges Stunts

Kitchen Chats

Omehdt Stifle Center Hyman Goodbinder Hynian Goodbinder heads the stent committee for the Senior Council Chanukah Carnival to be held at the Jewish Community Center Saturday evening-, Dec. 12. Goodbinder reports that everything is in readiness to give the Jewry cf Omaha not only its first carnival cf this kind but also "the best it will ever witness."




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PI TAU PI Phones AT 4744 — JA 7855 The Sigma Rho chapter of Pi Tau Pi held their election of officers at the Blackstone hotel Sunday, November 22nd, and the following officers were elected and installed: Walter 1 MAX KAPLAN 1 Schimmel, president; William Feiler, S -wishes to announce . A vice-president; Harold Cherniack, sec- | that 4 retary; Al Lew, treasurer, and Harold Kroloff, associate editor. Al Lew p JOE RADUZINER p was chosen as the local delegate to is now vrfth the & the Pi Tau Pi Conclave which will he &. SOCIAL NOTES Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Freed have held at Philadelphia, Pa., December • • motored here from the West Coast, 24 to 29. snd are visiting "with Mrs. Freed's Call him at xaoibsr, Mrs. Beeky# Brown. Mrs. OMA-CHI CLUB Word has been received from the Freed was Miss Pearl Brown before HArney 1102 1 Oma-Chi club, an organization in Chiher marriage several months ago. to picfc t>p your next bundle cago composed of former Omahans, of the election of officers and apMrs. M. Zalfe entertained sixteen guests at a luncheon-bridge at her home at 617 Lincoln Blvd. last Thursday afternoon in honor of. Mrs. Brodkey of Los Angeles, Calif., who is •visiting her sister, Mrs. H. A. Wolf.


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"Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Erman left Wednesday morning for Minneapolis •where:they spent Thanksgiving. Dr. Erman will return Monday and Mrs. Erman will remain for several weeks. Benjamin Laytin has returned to the Lord Lister hospital for the third lame in five months due to a general breakdown. Al Batt left Tuesday night for St. •Xrfjnis where he will sperid Thanksgiving.

Miss' Rae Borslcy left Saturday for New York on a buying trip.

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Mr. and Mrs. M. E Pessen have moved into their new home at 2503 Country Club Ave. They will have a housewarming party on Sunday, Nov. 29, from 3 until .9 .o'clock*

Crepes — slieer woolens — •heer crepes RUfl chiffons, Snnflay uiglit t,M. party

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-. .

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.Telephone Etsrect, 0ra»b«


-• ,

CLINICAL CFIS-IIKOLOGY— TS cf Chicrgc's unique crlno clinic studf s p-Iso^er at Cook covty ja"1. Their reports BLUE-BLOODED CHINESE— Mrs. WiUiam K. Vanderbilt, left, and Mrs. Kobert Pierrepont, pose in their ball costumes st the "Feast of the Lanterns," Chinese party held at the American Women's association, New York.

es the pres-

A GALLANT—^Upon arrival in Baltimore, the first act of Signor Dino Grandi, Italian foreign minister, was to kiss the hand of his hostess, Mrs. John W. Garrett, wife of the U. S. ambassador to Italy, -while Signora Grandi looked on.


i,^.^ * if

REMEMBERING SOLDIER DEAD—These photos, just received, show striking Armistice Day ceremonies in Paris and London. At the left, the Arc de Triomphe at .the height of exercises attended by President Doumer, Premier Laval and other notables. At the right, crowd thronging London historic Whitehall pay silent tribute before the Cenotaph, Britain's shrine to the war dead.

THEY, TOO, LIKE ZOOS—Though they are the daughters of the Emperor, and Empress of Japan, Princess Tak3 and Princess Teru nevertheless enjoy seeing wild animals, jtist as aay other youngster •would. Pzincess Taka is the tiny child, and Princess Teru Ig shown in white, second from left. They are"seea leaving the sop,,ifl ^HgJ?-^ 1 ??-"^.yffi;thehr


POSTED GHIL—Kiss Margaret "iT-'ijt c£ PhecnisAilie, Pa., who posed lor the To*3 C"O^s poster she is holding, hi5 feeeu in Phila- • delpMa te aid the ffteenth an« rual roll call drive of the organisation.

Smith, of Chicago; Margaret Busier,, of New York, sisd Ar,n Bay Bkreis, of Col



PAGE 7—THE JEWISH PRESS, FRIDAY; NOVEMBER 2f> 1931 Service Co., with offices in the Securities building. They deal in adjustments, collections, and-investigations.

<Continued fTom Page 1) man of the committee in charge "of all preparations for the dinner gave painstaking every detail of arrangements. Others on the committee included.: Mrs. J. M._ Malashock, Mrs. L. Neveleff, Mrs. B. A. Simon, Blanche Zimman, Mrs. Mrs. I. Stalmaster, Mrs. Wm. L; Holzman, Mrs. H. A. Wolf, Mi-s. A. Greenberg, Mrs. Michael Katleman, Mrs. E. Cassman, Mrs. D. Sherman, Miss Florence Levy, Miss Lillian Levy, Miss T. Goldstein; Miss Shirley BarIsh, Mrs. Max Holzman, Mrs. M. Bernstein, Mrs. . Charles Levinson, Mrs. J. M. Stein, Mrs. Harry Lapidos, Mrs. Sophie Monsky,Mrs. "H; Hirshman, Mrs. "David • Cohn,: Mrs. Sam Cohen, Mrs. A^StalmasterVH Ben Glazer, Mrs. Jules' Newmabj-Mrs. H. M. Newman, -Mrsl? David' Ferer, and Mrs. Abneiv Kiuman. : ; : • Dr. Philip She'r!was chairman of . the. Father and; Son Banquet?commit-' tee. Others on; tW'aiinmiitee -representing the B'nai.B'ritliand the Jew-1 ish Women's Welfdre 'Organization included: Dr. A, .Greenbefg, Mrs."L. Neveleff, Mrs. J.-Alberts, Mrs.*Wm. Alberts, Max Barishr.Dr^ Meyer Beber, Eabbi Frederick. Cohn,-Eabbi David A. Goldstein, Philip. Elutznick, Mrs. R. Kulakofsiy,-.Mrs.-; J. M. Malashock, Mrs, M.-EosenWattr,-LteoRosenthal, Harry Silverman, Irvin Stalmaster, Mrs. A. Wolf, Joe J. Greenberg, Abner Kaiman and Harry B Cohen. Bernard L. Rosenthal, activities secretary, assisted the committee in the planning and arrangements of the banquet. "

NEW York—(J. T. A.)—The first copy of a special illuminated atlas of Palestine, the cost of a single copy of ;-which is $400, has arrived in the United States. The atlas, which presents scientific data on the Jewish National Home', past and present, from the time of Moses, is the work of Commander Rhanzadia, Captain Commander of the French Navy and League of Nations expert on Mosul territory. The work represents a labor of love undertaken by the Captain in recognition of the training he received in the schools' of the Alliance Israelite to which he came as a poor Armenian refugee 31 years ago. The atlas is being distributed by a special commission of which Justin God^rt, ex-secretary' of the.State of

for the visitors the decision. vorced wife of a German non-Jew. "Judge A. B. Frey" presided, while The Spanish law, which is based Arthur E. Bostwick, Dr. Harris Lif- on Catholic law, does not recognize shutz and Victor Packman judged the divorces, and Mrs. Donato is still contest. Mr. Packman substituted regarded as a German. Not until for Mr. Mathie, who could not at- the Spanish law is changed whereby tend." divorces become possible through civil proceedings will Mrs. Donato be able to regain her Spanish citizenship and take her seat in Parliament.

verting Jews to Catholocism suffer. I Catholic priests have been warned not E OUSEWO RK WANTED to engage in arsy anti-Semitic activities. I! By colored \e.<>. ,-. *OPF not work Satiu-davs, V • i l l ciadly -work IRVIK C. X.EVIX i i o n Sundi-vs. F 0" cierenoe. call AStornej- at Law ilobinson Dru<_ \X Ebsiei. bQQO.


SCI Electric Building.


Ben Kazlowsky and Ephriam Must Amend Marks, Omaha debaters who traveled ^/Constitution to to St. Louis a week, ago to debate Seat Jewess ! with and -win from St. Loois "Y" -,:•••'.-'Lest Conversion Suffer person i-.ll of the outstanding stock, of \ debaters, received: much praise for il Budapest.—Lest their work of contheir abilities. / . . Madrid.—HJ. T. A.)—The SpanUpon inouoii duly m.ide. secondt>cl :nid KNOW A L L MEN UV T H E S E F l l E S 13XTS, tli.'it: At ;i mce'iiiig1 of the SfocklioIGers of t h e 'J.Hp-j'op .Service iSfor^p. Inc., htjid in the Citr o£ Omalia. Nebraska, on the 27th. (]:\y o£ Octoher. VJ'.'A, in sicCfrt-niice Ti"J*J3 the An.icJns oi Irn'orpornrjon of said corporiuion, 1 there Avpre pl'es^nt in

Creditor*? S i ice Co. Ailiustni

Col; actions — In vc-si. ijrations tiirrieil the sirticics of incoriiorntion nf said corporation v;ere cJianc^d find amonarities BWg. ed in the lollowiiis particulars, io-wi:: ARTICLE I. r.KTT K-X j JOE L, O''1T FN— A The Tinme of This' corpomrion <*h:ill he "Associate!1. Grocers, Inc." pnd the trade _JL««»—.i J M M I U M J m-im Jl symbol shnH be "A. G." Upon motion dn^y rnade, secnrnied and . csrrk'd it %v;as further resoivotl ihni ihe j j, rtE ;<lei.t :,nd secretary of this ^ r p n r a Wc&ver's Qcaaers & Tailors ; t i 0 T J b p - c n ( J they tire bereliv raitivnrized to sign, file and publish said'enwndment sis U j / ;.- a v recn'reG Pressincr and Repairing witness We name and corporate son! of Better Cleaning, ; h j s corporation hx the president rtr.-pSed for Less this 2fth dr.T of OctofcT l h e secretary ber. V.CI. VTe Call (of nn«5 l>eliver

,.",("• Ish government will have to amend The "Y" Journal, the official.pubFRADEXBUKG. STALMASTEK & I5EI5EK lication of the St. Louis Y. M. fc Av " its; constitution in" order to enable OSCAR T. DOKItK, P. 31. KLE.IZX1CK, ;;--a Jewish'iwoman to take her. seat Attorneys. in its issue of Friday, November 20*; 630 Omaha National Uank Bldg. says the following:"Two fiery young in the Spanish Cortez to which she .•''.."•' XOTtCE OF IXCORPOKATIOS OF orators came six" hundred miles .from has been elected. AMERICAS INVESTORS, IXC. Omaha to debata a strong "Y" team: r. " The woman rn question: is Mrs. ». , . , , . • . . .., , .Kotice »s hereby given that the underand then hurried back .to their home . Margarita Donato, daughter of a Signed haveo f incorporated nnrior the laws i r r E k : : n s town after gaining a hard-earned vic- German Jew, Nelken, who came to ?vrpelm?*! ,^ / t .', ' , "AMEIi.It.AN INVESTORS, INC. whose plnce tory. The vote of the judges was two" Spain many years ago, and the di- of business is nt Omaha, Nebraska. The to one in favor of the visitors. The nature of the-business-to he transnctcfl is investment bnsiucss, lncludins subject was '.Resolved: That the spir- FUiBEXBCRG, StAI-ilASTEn & BEBEK n(hegeneral puroli.'iSe 'and s;i)e of securities, d ••:-•' Attorneys itual and cultural integrity Of the the leasing and holding of real estnte. Tlie • TIP-TOP SERVICE STORES, IXC, C50 Omaha National Bsnk Bids., authorixeU capital sioci; is $10,000.00. r.ll of liy 13. TV. Ilernstein, President. Jewish people require the creation of which, is. common, nnU S100.00 is the par XOT1CE ; OF SALE M. ilopen^tohi. Se'Tetarv. a Jewish state in;.Palestine.' The Jen Jn <he District Court of County, j value-of each Ehare. All stock is «o"be In theAttest: Presence of: Irvin C. I>evir.. ; r a s . 11-JScals upheld the negative. . . : -:; " ;ind sfifiil be Jion-nsppaid for when issued s y "virtue of aFdecree-and.©filer of sale issued "out of '.the : District; Court ojE. sclssabSe.- The corporation sh.ill com• .'"As..usual":.the f'Y!'; ^debaters S .eorit.nue f*>r fifty yrnrs. The corglas Countj'j -Xebrnfefea, .and; in purstiFrance is Chairman a n d Baron E d extremely1 stfong-ih tfc constc .por.-jtiou"shall not subject, itself to nn inmund Sothschild is Honorary Presi; debtedness ill excess of iwo-thirds of its :phase of: th4 debate.; In" the rebuttal,; ; capital stock, but this restriction si-iill not dent.' " . . " ' ' '•••••'•••-'•] ' • - ' • " ; -.'• • --'•'• l ; 5 however;,* :jt; '•Was M- different storyi in, Ilhilip M. Klutzuick:. is plaintiff and apply to any mortgage indebtedness. The j ilOWever, :lt•'•'.was',^,-"-»different-'StoiryjThe fiprV^ SIWIT! T.nwe.'fiif _.-i-n+/viTT'n> Xebraskn Securities Investment . Corporii- nffairs of the corporation shaHi l>e conf n e i i e r y a w t povyeijil- o r a t o r y of t i o n i s defendant; the undersigned will nt dr.cted by a." Uoaril of not less than two ; Hitter for President v ;/ -c_npraim M a r k s ; and: Benjamin K a z - 10 o'clock a . m . on the 12th day of Liecem- directors. :in«l ofiiwrs consisting of a ] f= her, 1931. a t - the east front door of the President. Vice-President. Secretary and _ .Berlin.—Adolph Hitler,• by" his own lowsky of Omaha gained for th^ni en- Douglas County Court house of the City of Treasurer, any two of which may be lield j^3 admission, plans to submit his name thusiastic bursts of applause from pmaha, Douglas'County, Nebraska. Sell «i by the same T«.rson, ar.d all officers shall jjgj public auction to the highrst bidder for be'rlecttil by the Board. The I as-the""next candidate-for the presi- the audience that attended.''[It" was cash the folio-reins descrilwd : 'property, all nic'etii'.g of the corporntion shall . be-held | §! dency of the German republic, it was this dynamic, rebuttal -which gained represented as -stock of-.the 'Fidelity Old «i>--the; first-ilonday of January of ench

111 Ko. 4Sth (>:ear 13«M1C€)—OL, 149(


stated here by the* Berlin "Ybrwaerts." " " -

Line InBurance^Coinpany, a Nebraska cor- yoar. These Articles in:i}- !>e amended, poration, the certificate ntimbers of said any regular or special meeting: o NOTICE OP IXCOirpORATIOJf OF .TFW- stock and the number1 of shnres represent- stocfe-iolders on the vote NTER ed by each certificate being set out ns two-thin.K of all ig. stock. follows: I.\ WITNESS WHEREOF. The parties I£_0 .Recently of Ne^w York City 1KYIK C. t-EVJN Ivofiee is hereby given'that a corporation No. 1200 for 1000 shares: Xo. 1201 for liave hereunto subscribed-their Barnes on|C_4 has .been formed under the laws of the ST4 Attorney at l a w . shares; Xo. VM2 for 1037. shares: No. this CtU day of November. 3031. 1805 No. 2ith St. Webster 6161 Mate(Of -Nebraska providing for cliaritabJe 1203 for 1005 .shares; JJo. 1204 for 9ST. SOI Electric ldi R. J . HOT,T1SBBUG. and fraternal societies. A. 11. SCHLCKTER. shares; Xo. 1203 for. SC7"-s5iares: Xo. 1200 The name of the corporation is Jewish 9S0 shares: Xo. 1201 for TiTO shares: I n Prfwnce of: To:Brian Taylor, -whose place of residence Community Center and Welfare Federa- for "ri-13-St-4t -for 042 -shares: Xo. 12C0 for 002 SAM BEBEK. is unknown and upon ivboiu person.*]] tion. . . . . . . No. 120SXo. 1211 for:S3T shares; 1210 for service ol summons cannot be had. de- The principal place of transacting its Shares; sh.ires: Xo. 1212" for SG3 shares; Xo. MOXSKV, KATI-EJIAX & GKODIXSK1", fendant: business is the City of Omaha, Douglas 890 1213-for 912 shares: No, 1214 for !»3!> IS" Omaha Xational Eanl; B!dg. . . . You are hereby notified that on the 20th County, .Nebraska. shares; .Xo 1215 for 940 shares: Xo. 1210 day of July, 1931, Koby Taylor, as plainThe objects and purposes for "which ~ the for SOS shares: Xo. 1217 for ft4S shares: NOTICE OF IXCOltrbUATIOX OF tiff filed her petition against you iu the corporation is organized and to which all >'o. 121S for fiC2 shares: Xo. 1219 for CKT3 AXTST1X 'APAKTSESTS,- IXC. District Court of Douglas County, Xe- of its property and. resets-shall be de- Phares:Xo. 1220 for CO*-shares: Xo. 1221 Xotice is - hereby - given that the tmdeTbrasta, ami recorded iii Docket 27C onvoted, are: (;>) To engage in social, bene- for SG3 shares: Xo. lZJZ'Xor <',0S shares: sigued h:^ve formed a corporation t:nderv 1'age 3i>2, thereof, 1 he object and prayer volent, philanthropic, nud educational ac- Xo. 1223 for r>33 shares: No. 522-t for ](K)1 laws of the State of Nebraska: that Of trhicli petition is to obtain a divorce tivities; (b) To centralize fund-raising ac- shares: Xo. 1225 for ."i(X) shares; Xo. 122G the the nnme of-said corporation is' AXJSTIX from you on the ground of ^wilful aband- tivities for philanthropic, social -and. edu- for SG"> shares; Xo. 1227- for SS4 shares. IXC. and the principal J onment without just cause,, for1 two years. cational purposes, and to make contribu- Also one certain surplus note in the sum APAIITMEXTS, OPEN OFFICE place of transacting its business is the City tions to such Jewish institutions, causes of $4,0i3.2S made and executed by the of Omnha, Dougias County, Ton nre refjnired to ncstver said petiXebraska. The A. G. Reuben, former Nebraska tion on or liefore the 27th day of Decem- and agencies entitled to support, financial Conservative Casualty Insurnijre Company general nature of the business to be transotherwise; (e) to establish and main- to the Xebmskn InvestKient. Socuritios Cor- acted by, and the objects of. said and Iowa University student, and Joeber, 1931, or said petition against you TVIH or corporatain in Omaha, a Jewish Community Cen- poration, dated .Peeember 24, 1D29, and tion are to acquire, own, hold, niaintrun be taken as true. • , JL. Cohen, Creighton University ter 1 Building for the- purpose of perform- signed by Rees Wilkinson. President, and and operate the property known as the ing generally,, the functions of a social H. E. Ben'zel, Secretary; such sale to satis- Austin Apartments and locr.ted £t SSth and graduate, have formed the. Creditors H-13-31-4L HVBY TATLOH, Plaintiff. center; (d) the corporation-shall have the fy the judgments, liens and encumbrances Streets in the City of Omaha, right to- acquire- by purchase, lease, gift in said decree set forth and to satisfy nil Davenport Douglas County, Xebraskri, the legal dedevise, or otherwise, and to boia-nnd mancosts accrned and accruing costs, all as scription of which real estate is set out nt age any .and : all property, real or per-- provided for in said decree. in the Articles of Incorporation; to sonal. convenient or necessary Ttor the ac- Dated a t Omaha, Xebrnsta, this 23rd day length purchase, lease, hire and otherwise accomplishment of any of its objects, with ot October, 1031. quire any and all personal property necthe right, power and -authority to sell, essary or incident to the maintenance and PHILIP M. JEXUTZX1CK. alienate, enenmber and dispose of said operation of the said above mentioned real ll-20-4t.:. property or any part thereof, when ana if estate with the power to sell, dispose of, such action may be necessary to accomlease. Convey, mortgage or otherwise enplish any of its objects: (e) All property, t a w Office cumber, the srdd real estate anil personal uuless the same be held ns "trustee for property or any part thereof and to do p 'SIAI.SIASTEK & BEBEK some specific benefit, shall constitute a any and all things necessary and proper trust fund for the uses and purposes here- C50 Omaha National Hank B'n3^^ Omaha. in connection with the holding, mainteninbefore stated. ance and operation of the said real prop• KOTICE OX* IKCOKPCRATIOX OF The corporation shall commence business erty; to borrow or raise money nnd to I'poii filing of its Articles of Incorporation "SiMGOXD M I L L K E ^ I CO3IPAXI" •issue 1>OD<1S, notes, mortgages, debentures, with the County ;Clerl_.ofDo%]fis County, S I'KES- stock or other obligations for tent purpose KXOW A Lthe L J- I E S BT THESE h:ive formrd Nebraska, and the duration <yt the corpora- ENTS, that T, £ d f d and in exchange for moneys received by it tion -shriJl bo tifrp^raa-l: The -membership a. corporation under tte of the State or for property purchased or acquired by Shall consist of nil Jewish persons who of Nebraska. The n n r r .s the corporait or for any other object or purpose in '> MILLINERY and_ about its business; to guarantee sitv contribute toward or pay pay membership p tioa- shall be "SAMt ffl to any y of. the jfbllowinRt Jevish Ci>MPAXS" with it- " ' -pal place of dividends or bonds or contracts or other i jfbllowinRt- i333£ i Jevish -«a. Ice gen- oliligatioiis 5n connection with the .aeeor-^ * munity C n t r off Omaha, O h Community Center tile Qmnha business at Omaha, "_CL tran- plishmejit of the objects hereinabove set ' Welfare" Federation-an'd Community Qh Cliest, eral nature of tbe butt.- 4_ to r be sacted and the . object ; ;.i v" I > o s e f o r forth and the Jewish Philanthropies. . . ^ '••... p find to make nnd perform contrnc": ."The 'manajremcht of tlie-.'affjiirs. « t ^ B e Which this- corporation is orsunized and of every kind k i d incidental i i d l to or. corporation Ehall iii aft-jjxecnti p t o Ehall ho.-rested hores j e t r e e&tat.lis&fed shall; be to lci'se, own, control for the attainment or furthering of any cT -operate the-busines;s. o|! wholesaliijjr or the objects herein enumerated. The autl>C i t t consist of 23 Tnembers.- IirrrdCommittee to UJiaery nud ladies' orized capital s-.ock of the corporation J? Uition to the officers and Executive.CominitJco.: Jco.: tthere h e shall -he he n Boartl offtro^rnors teady-tq-wsur' and jrene^il nicrchnndisp. $1G,J,000.00 divided info .3000 shares of coir-Tfcicl eachh Jewish J i h , orgauizationi in <ir to; carry, on the-traSe: or business of mon -stock and SG00 stares of preierrej on T,-fcicli OmaJiii Which has C been in. existence Sot -maii'iifaexuring," prodQciBS^. bxiyin_c. sellr stock, nil of the par value of.$25.00 each ' more .fhrtn One year; shall be : entitled- to 1in'jr/ importing, export.oe "and otherwise The preferred stoclc or any psrt thereel . representation. •: ;; ; • , r tlealinsin any and all tinds of rlothiug av be 3ret.iretl by the Doard of Director^ j 'Xhese articles may be amendefl at any itnd^merchandise; to. buji; own. sell, lease, at any tirae-niter January.1st. 1933. at par. \ annual or special meeting called for thaV improve, or. otherwise dedl. in ami: with plus any unpaid dividends accumulate-! [ purpose, after submission of proposed real estate, of every kind' or-character and tliereon. The.preferred stock is prelerrfil ; personal: property .including the as to''dividends, and ss to assets in tl-e ' amendment,-signed by at least 25 members, with and • securities"- of other corpora- event of liqindation, dissohition or wine- J thirty days In advance of such meeting, to Stocks tions; to loan and to borrow, money and to ing up, voluntary or involuntary, of tl.f ; the Executive Committee. hfll make, execute . and ' deliver mortgages, enrporatior., all to the extent and under \ oM>no!.2r. rall ^Vrasta. this 2Gthaay bonds and other securities, to secure the the Terms 22-d, conditions as set fon.h _t. i repayment of any money- borrowed and full in. the Articles of Incorporation. TJ e i HEXHY-MONSKI ~ to take ns security for the payment, of any corporation shall commence business x:poi f rooiiey loaned niortsages, bonds and other the filing of These Articles in tile office of , ' -. • P-VM'BEBBR . ' :' securities, and to do any and nil other the County Clerk of Douglas County, N>- ' , MItS; SADIE S. KULAKOFSKSf HAIHIT'Sir/VERSIAN things necessary to the carrying out of i, ra ska, end tlie. issuance of 50% or morp the principal purposes .iibove enumerated of its total authorized capital stock AHE • GOT^nSTEIX • nnd to do any and nil tilings pertaining shall continue \;ntil January 1, 2040, unie-.s • : IU1 P H I t I P SHEIl MRS.: JIORKIS LETT ' . to the carryii-g on of ._,__£ business above sooner dissolved by the affirmative vo e ' described. '••'-•• ' ITARIJT 15. ZISTAIAN of not less ihan two-thirds of the enti-^ •• The authorized capital stock shall be outstanding capital stock. With the asse: t ,i A . C . A L P I K N •,-••'• $3,000.00 and all of saicl stock shall be in writing of the holders of f>6 2-3 > r '• , MU& HEKIJEUT ARXSTEIN ' common, and' of. the par value of $100.00 cent' of all the capital stocl. of the corpor* ( ,A. tJlnSENBERRvper. share and all of said stock shall be ntion issued and ojitsf-Lnriing, or parsuaT - ' , . "J. .7. GREKXBERG fully, -paid up- and ncn-r-ssessnblc ; &vid to the votes' given in person or bv prosi. : ARK ETEnZBERtt-: stock may be issued for ;cash, real estate, by stocUliolders holding nt leapt «G 2-"<~c • ? \ ' ' '• . ,11-UlRS--XiAPITITTSpersonal property or persotia! services. the issued and ' outstanding stock of th^ •: • JACK:-W." M A K E R •.'••• The corporation shall commence doing corporation which 3s represented :.»<- rofi u ; ; - . •. , H A R l t T - 1 U I . A 8 H O C K -••'.-.• MHUlfj MILPEli business upon- the filing of its articles upon in person or by proxy nt a meet.-i r • M UHUlfj M I L P E l i ' • : " ' - MRS, T,Ot71S XEVET.ETF with the County Clerk of Douglas County, Epec-ally called for that pnrpose, or at :,p I • IRVIN STAI.MASTEIl Nebraska, and shall continue for a period animal meeting, g, the Board of Directo--. •- HAKEt A. WOr.P of fifty years from said date. Tlie high- E have power ant! rsutliority to •• . MRK.H .A. VTOT.F est amGunt of indebtedness Khali not ex- assign, transfer, convey, or otherwise dis• . - ISIDOIl ZIEGLER ceed two-thirds of its capital stock, but. of. the property and asset? of t. e .this restriction shall not apply to indebt- pose 11-20-4L - - . . corporation an entirety or going con-edness secured by morrgfiges or liens upon cer.i on suchasterms nnd conditiocs as tj e any of the corporate property. Board of IHrectors deem fit, rigM I The affairs of this corporation shall be and Just, either forshall Xaw Offices or bouiis. cr ;, by a Board ot Directors consist- shares of stock ensh of any it FKADENTSURG. STAI<3IAST£K. & BEBEK managed ing of not less than two members. The or corporations, or for spy bindcorporatioi Mother will be "so -delighted with';the .Christmasor species ; C50 Omaha Xational Bank Blfls^ Omaha. .iiinual meeting of the corporation shall be of property or obligation or securities ; gift". . . ."an- Electric -Range. It will he a gift XOTICK OFJlXCOUFOItATtON "OF Tield on the first week day of January of The highest nmofmt of indeftteth-ess cr f' that she can. enjoy every day of the year. - I t will . '.'MltBEK Oil- COSIPANX" : : each year, at. which meeting . the stockto which-the corporation, is nt a! y , KNOW A L L ' / M E N : RT ; T H E S E PRE&- holders • shall - elect a Board of Directors liability save her hours of drudgery and make'cooking a to subject itself shnll not excised t r c - • ENTS/fhat the undersigueU have lormed a mid: thereupon the Board shall elect, a time real joy. ' • '" * *\ ' ~~ ', thirds of its capital ptock and in no eve"t •{ corporation '«n3er* the laws" of the S&te of President,- a' Vice-President, . a Secretary exceed." ?110.000.00. The afEaSrs of tl>e ! Xelxraska." l i e ! lame of the-'corpatniion and a-Treasurer. Any. two of said offices shall corporation shall be administered by fi , I shall be "MILDEU OIIcCOlU'ANX'? with* raay be held by one ana the same person. of JJJrectors. the number of. whit>. its principal place of business -at"Omaha, .These. articles. may be" 'r__neiide<l at niiy Bonrd. shall be fixed by the By-laws, but sfcr.11 vr . Nebraska. The objects of said corporation regular, or special meeting of-the stock- not 3 nor more than o: the direcshall'be to operate and "maintain hi! estab- holders by a two-thirds ; vote of-the out- tors less-than : stnll elect a President, Tice-rresicler.t, •' lishment, for. the handling In: nil ways._of .standing stock. :••'-.•_-''_, • Secretary and Treasurer. ' lubricating oils, greases, gasoline, and .pe-" • -IN "-WITNESS WHEREOF.' tbe parties HARRY A. TTOI.F. troleum products of every feind and-nature have hereunto subscribed their names this H. H. ACnRBACH, ?{ and all kindred a.rticlea and to acqclre by 30th day of September,r.I331. HEXKT. MOXSKT.






the entire Family










_ . _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !









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— Sold onEasy Terms —" '.< •'



You will like the atmosphere at the Morrison Hotel All outside rooms vrith bath, circulating ice water, bedbead reading lamp, and Servidor Nearest to stores, offices, theatresand railroad stations. Garage iarilities. LEONARD HICKS Dircttw

purchase or otherwise and. to rlispose of • JUIJTUS SAMTTELSON, •• . B. H. KOOFF.R. in any maiiuer stock, bonds,* debentures SAM L." GOLDBLATT. J. J. GREEXBEHG. and sectiritie3 of every kind iirid ilescxipr In the presence of: '••-"• ll-0-31-4t. 11-1S-S1-4T ' IncorporEtcrs. tionand toesercise "all the rights, powers "••' IRVIX STAXMASTER. and privileges .ot. ownership thereof "and to lead money ana negotiate-loans upon any security; to parchnse, lease, hire or otherwise ocfiuire real aiid personal propDealer in Jc zish Books and erty or aiiy interest therein ana sell, dispose, lease, convey, mortgage or otherOther Religious Articles wise encumber the • said' property~ or any part thereof and any improvements thereTelephone WEbster 3527 2429 Becatnx Street on, and to do each and everything necessary, convenient or proper to carry, out the objects-herein specifically enumerated and • . I just received a supply, of Chanuka. articles: Chanuka candles particularly the operation of. business for and "candlesticks, very beautiful brass and silver plate. Also, Chanthe handling of |all kinds ol, peiroleom ukali greeting cards. Anyone baying any of the' above-raentioned products whether -wholesale or retail. ' The authorized : capital stocfc-shall_ be articles trill get the story of Chazi-jkah in Er.plish zzii Jcvcish vcith. $23,000.00 and all • of said slock shall be Benedictions and Hymns of Chzr^lzch ABSOLUTELY FREE. common and of the par value or $100.00 -I also want to call your attention to t>e fr,rt that 1 handle the per share. Said stoclc. shall be fully repaid best Taleisim, silk and T>-OO1. at very noderrte prve?. -r... also the up- and' non-assessable. The' corporation shall commence doing business upon the er p c t : s best and most beautiful Shabos candlestick?, tcth. s-Iver filingof its articles with the County-VClerf the very best sterling silver. _| of Douglas County,' Neoraska, nnd -Ehall Don't forget about my e r a make Kcslu:r S^J-p continue for a period of fifty years from said date. .The.highest amount of. infiehtKosher articles of whieb I am tLs c' czt. . . edness shnll not exceed two-thirds ^pf its capital stock, but this restriction shall not apply to indebtedness secured rby: mortgages or liens opon any of the corporate property. The affairs of this corporation shall be managed by a.Board of Directors of not less than two .members. .The annual meeting of the corporation shall be held ou- the second Wednesday in January Of each year, at which meeting the stockI. 1 W holders shall elect a Board of Directors and thereupon the Board shall elect a Also fat hens, fresh ccuntry c_rss cr.i live 2sii President, s. Vice-President, n Secretary and a Treasurer. Any two of said offices, Vvre deliver to all parts of the cityexcepting those cf President -and ViceITesident m a y be hela by one 2C<3 the Call t2s and'be convinced same person. These articles may bn amended at any regular or speciar meeting of the stockholders by a two—thirds vote of the ontstar.ding stoeS, IN WTXNESS WHEREOF, -the parties hereunto snbscribed their n:imes this 2Sth A. ST.OLLER, Proprietor day of October,- 1S31. ELI.A MILDER, WEbster 4215 1708 Nortk 24tb. Street BAE EHACKSXJ31K, l a tl'e pTesence of: E. J . HOLDSBERG. ll-€~31-4t


Don't Buy an EICCT

frig-erator until yov • gate Williams


ICE-O-MATIC vvliich has 15 great fv.r.iui"r- . o olhe^ E.rcTric Kc^1"' rc-r^oi cr..

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PAGE 8—THE JEWISH 'PRESS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER^, 1931 icity -of • New i'ork has..about tweaty.?. :: Mr. .and Mrs. H. iSaltzman enter. iftvc times the Jevv'ish;-'pufralatiou -of taincd t'.vo hundred guests at a-<fio* jBaltimorev -If New York'' were'to: sup[ Ilrarsd'ay evening,'Nov."26, portits Jewish charities, .by the' Bal•ai'th^ synagogue- tit ."618 '"Myn$tei timore ratio, it would ncd<l io rai.e Str2ct, in celebration of their fifty-% . Louis A. Baron, -prominent resident something like Vi5,060,COO.' Manifest'fiftii.. wedding anni v'exsary. ^ of Sioux City, died in his home, 71G ly, it does not do -this. 1 have riot town puest.s inciusiesl Mr. and Mrs* 23nl Street, Monday morning, as a the -figures -about 'me, -but i should L'-'dies' Auxiliary ' of Taltntid' Torah Abe R. Marcus-End children of Fair* MISS ANNA PILL. (Jurntspotuteilt '\ result of a sudden heart attack. & imagine it raises..just ..aboat a third to Sponsor Bridge Ps'rty T.!ondcy. bury, Nebraska: ami Mr. and Mrs. '••••-• • • Baron was born in Russia;- coming to- o f t h a t amount* The Ladies Auxiliary of the Tal- Harry Saltr-man of Ksrlan,-, lows, •Sioux City,- with-his parents, when •:.; In other words, • for Jewish- pur- mud" To'rsh ' vrill • sp&nso'r••'& "'ben'entivlrs. llarcus is a daughter of th© very young.. He-lived most "of,his jposes, ione JJaltimare J«sv is equal to Saitzrnans, and Entry SaJtzrnan is pijrtjv- next..Monday . three New- York .-Jews. ' life in S:oux City. . ~ ~ Nov. 30th, : at 'eight- o'clock at- the •a jjrancison of Mr. and Mrs.11. SaltzI Surviving him ere the widow,-Dora; !LAW ' O1-: • DIMINISHING^ ' Eagles Hail.' .JH-cstesses fot -this--afone- son,; Axnojd,- and . ope-. daughter, fair wil] be the Hesdames.'Abe Gil-' •Dena. • He .is also survived' by. .six jof the Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Shiloff aninsky, Lords-H. Katelman, M. KofT-j: brothszs, Barney, Morris, Sam*--Ed- ;•' Baltimore "is: perhaps a mite more •man, Dave-.'Fox, S. Shyken; and H". •r«iud Torali Society will hold a meet* nounce the engagement of their ward; and Louis Baron of..Stpux City, loyally -Jewish, than the average Jew- Kracse. • ing next •_ We.dnesdsy nftemoon, DPC, daughter ii%reda,. of Chicago, formerly Joa Baron of Chicago; and two: sisters',,'yet on the'whole, the - -A.-prize. will be .given ;at each table, the-p}T»affoguc at €3,8 6f Sioux City, to Mr. PhilH. Stone, -<M Mrs. ~MHK Brodkey,' and .Mrs. Abe showing of Baltimore may be taken" and refreshments will also b- served. \^™^{ A i i m o n i b c r s a r e ™&d son of Mr. and Mrs, I. M. Stone of as representative' "of the response of • ../,_., .'...• ' j attend. York City. EJnboratc Program Planned for Goodsitc.' the smaller town,' arid statistics, would Everyone is urged -to attend as a Local Drive to Open With Gath- Nev; Mr. and. Mrs. Shiloff will be at good time is assured. probably show that the average out_Mrs. M. L. Marks left Monday for : tho Annual Oc,; ering at Shaare Zion home to' friends Sunday afternoon, In S'ehoal Debates cf-New York Jew-is, worth for Jewish Hutchirison, Kansas, to visit het Synagogue Bsbbi Cohn to Speak Tuesday casion November.29, from. 3 to G, honoring daughter, Mrs. John B. Quigley, an?! Herman Wigodsky, Edward Miller purposes between two and a half and Rabbi' Frederick Gohn of Omaha their daughter and Mr. Stone, who Mr. Quigicy. ' The local drive for the Allied Jew- have motored to Sioux City for .a . Shaare Zion Synagogue will honor and Abe Singer represented---,thp three New York Jews. will give the second of a series of ChrestomathianvClub,-at Central Hi^'i , ' The cause of this is, of course, not book reviews and lectures next Tuesish Campaign v ill-open -with a large Fathers and Sons of the congrega- in' ! ;. ' L. J. Richards left Wednestheir annual. debates'held • at 'the that the New York Jew is made of day afternoon, December. 1, at. the. {ia"Mrs. mass meeting, Sunday- afternoon, shmrt stay. v for tion next-Monday .evening, November any different meat than the Jew of „ . , » , , " , ,. „ i . St. Paul and Minneapolis, November 29, afrSo'clock. The meet- •; Mr; and Mrs. L. Eirenberg of Del- SO; when theJannuat-Father.arid Son school: recently.'••- ' ' a t 2: Baltimore • or Detroit or Kalamazoo. S,Lfn,d' ^ ? a t r e - hzl]room ^01 Minn., to spend several davs visiting ing will be held a t the Shaare Zion mont, :S^ £>., announce the engage- Banquet will-be' given, in the Siiaare It is. simply a'case' of the Law of Di- o ciock. 1 his. course is sponsored by.J relatives. r Synagogue. " .-^ • • - > •.-..-.-•..-•.. ment of their daughter,. Miss Cecyle Rabijj • SpeSke'v at Sheldon ' '_____ '•"'.' the local chapter', of -the. Senior '.Ha- j The Allied Jewish Campaign in- Eirenberg, of Sioux City, to;'; My. Zion social Hall."i.' '*'..: ' •'~-'~' '""•• "' •Rabbi Theodore N. Lewis spoke be- rjunishing Returns..'•; dassah. Every .'member is.urged to The •.Council Bluffs Talmud Torah A varied prograni has been arrangcludes four national groups, The Joint Harry Marsh", of Parkston, S. D. •>., fore members of-the Commercial Club LESS ''PROM." MORE • . Distribution Cp tnmittee, the . B'nai . No date for the wedding, has been ed for the evening.! Rabbi Rabinowitz at Sheldon^ Iowa, last Monday noon. As the Coinjnu.aity'grows beyond a1 B'rith Wider Scope Drive, The Amer- set. Miss Eirenberg •• is a.' former will offer the banefliction before the His subject was"'WKat It Means to ican Palestine Drive; and the Ort. The student^.at the University of South dinner, which _will bs served at 6:45. a an American Citizen." •• • < .. : • certain point, the Cofiimunity feeling grows increasingly less instead of next Tuesday. The public is invited afternoon, Dec. 6. The Junior Confunds which are. raised are propor- Dakota. . . , Morris Slutsky and • Joe; Ginsberg to attend. more. gregation and Tzofium Club' will <rk'e will speak .in bahalf of the. sons; tioned accordingly to, these grougs. ,_ The community machinery, can be i-Chanukah party for all'the chikiMrs. J. Merlin entertained members John; C Levin • will. speak in behalf Sioux City's, quota for this year is geared to a point, in a smaller city put him at- the head of that depart- ren. §8,000. Mr. A. M. Davis, chairman of the J. U. L. Club at an evening of the fathers, and Master Milton where the individual can scarcely es- ment because 1 wanted the best availof the drive, has expressed his grat- bridge, last Monday evening, com-, Mazie will speak in behalf of the . • ... . cape contributing his share. The able man In the country for that : The. Council Bluffs Chapter No, f1 - (Continued frinn Page -4.)itude and satisfaction over the~co-op- plimenting her guest- Miss Martha grandsons. place. When I selected him, I did not of th« A. Z. A. .will hold a'meeting charity slacker becomes impossible. eration workers are giving, even prior Dunner of Kansas City, Mo. Jack Merlin will sing a group of : S3; In New York there are too many consider his'race cf religion. I did tnext Wednesday evening, Dec, t o t h e opening of the drive. - • A buffet supper, with. Thanksgiving; songs. , Kelly Abdo, who appears over reminds me of my..long and pleasant not care whether he was racially a j he home of Milton Yudelson. association with him. . On my last for anything like this surveillance to . -Mr. Davis will-preside at,the meet- appointments, concluded the evening's KSCJ-will be heard in a group of ing- Sunday. .Speakers, will include bridge. vocal melodies. Mr. Gilbert Renhie, visit "with his family, shortly before be possible, and those who have any Frenchman, a German, an Englishman . The . AgUi'ias Achim • Society will Mr. Arthur. Adams.of New York City, master of ceremonies at the RKO, he died, he submitted a manuscript desire of being counted out, have no or Jew, or vrh£t his politics.-were, or hold a meeting next Thursday eveanything like that. I selected him beFifty membersandguests -of the treating of '-he crucifixion of Jesus difficulty in satisfying themselves. field representative of the Joint Diswill; sing-a group" of songs, accomning, Dec, S, r,t eight o'clock al the tribution Committee, who will stop in Question Club enjoyed an Annual panied at the piano by Gilbert Kra- from'a lega) standpoint, which he" inBut the towns outside of New York cause I thought he would make a Essies Hall. great secretary, . not for any. other Formal Dinner Dance, Thanksgiving tended to publish in book fnin. We Sio"ux City foy the .meeting. . Rabbi should really-not-be offended. If New mer. Mr. Kramer wil also offer sevH. K. Rabinowitz and Rabbi Theodore evening, in the" Marble Room of the eral accordian. numbers. . parted with the understanding that he York does not give so much, it makes reason whatsoever, and I was justiThe Council Bluffs Lodge No. 688 N-, Lewis will speak briefly on-the West Hotel. A .short play "Eve in JSvelyn'?, will would visit Miami the following win- up this deficiency by talking more. fied in my choice." of Independent Order of the Lee Herzoff and his orchestra.furnAnother guest was Jacob H. Schiff, B'naitheBrith importance of the Drive. ; ^ .offered under the direction of ter and have me celebrate with him Besides, has it not been written—it is held a meeting Monday Mr. Edward E. Baron, local'attor- ished music for dancing. Decorations Mrs. E. J.. Fribaurg. ,The cast of in its revision and publication.. I read more blessed to give than to receive? the great financier, who didn't hear evening at the Eagles Hall. Dr. A* and favors were in keeping with the very -welL When he was called to ney will speak in behalf of the Wider players includes Miss Rose . Riaff, every line of his. voluminous tosihu- TE'DDY'S EMBARRASSING Green berg .of Omaha gave a report1 speak, he rose and said: Scope Drive of the B'nai B'rith. Mr. season. Miss Sarah .' Goldberg, Raymond script and found it to be the strongest the Executive Committee meeting MOMENT ; "I was.glad to have something to of L Singer-will speak in behalf of the Members of the Junior Hadassah Friedman, Henry Fisher, and Ray- repudiation of Jewish responsibility in of the District, Grand Lodge No. 6 the historic tragedy,I ever read." The Saturday Evening .Post has a do with the selection of Sir. Straus which Ort. They will give an outline of the g a v e a .<kid,> p a r t y j Tuesday evening, mond Fisher.; . he attended in Chicago last juicy little anecdote, going back to as a member of President Roosevelt's week. Plans work and program of; these groups, K ; d d i e g a m e s a m ) bridge were followMr. A. H. Baron will act as toast- ARE ALL J E # S EQUAL? were made for a bridge the days of Oscar Straus. It seems cabinet. When the Colonel was Presi- party to be gives and discuss the efforts of the com- ed • by -refreshments. master of the evening. Community Dec. 14 for memThe city of Baltimore, as this is a banquet was tendered Secretary dent, he sent for me and -told me he bined agency. singing will feature a group of bei's and their families. Mr. E. E. Baron is treasurer of the Mr, and Mrs. Ben Skulein celebrat- son^s arranged by Mrs. S. H. Shulkin. being written, hafTjtistr concluded its Straus,; at which President:.Roosevelt desired to name the most prominent and raost able' Hebrew citizen of Nevr local drive; Miss "RoseMipman is se- ed their 30th wedding anniversary A special feature of the evening drive for the Jewish charities. They was one of the guests. Jerusalem.—Akram Souitsr, editor It was a small dinner snd every- York for Secretary cf Commerce, and retary; Mr. Morey Lipshutz, publicity Thanksgiving day with a dinner in will be the Three-Generation Table, raised something like ?S50,000 for of the Arab paper "Al K&yat," was that purpose, and accomplished the asked me to select the man—" body made a speech. When it caKW the Chicago Beach Hotel, in Chicago. which will seat fathers, sons and director. feat in a couple of weeks. Colonel Roosevelt's, turn,-'-'he .said: '.- : - Mr. Schiff was astonished at the placed under $500 bone] as-a guaranThe meeting Sunday, will be ar- Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Preston grandsons. .-..-.-• ' I believe there are between 60,000 "Mr. Straus was' 'Secretary ~<>f • the laughter that stopped his speech. Even tee of.grood behs,vior over a. period cf ranged., by E. N. Gruesbin. with, the Heller of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Morey Lipshutz is chairman a year. assistance" of M. Ei. Friedman, E. " E. Ellis Bottfgheimer .and daughter of of the. committee on • arrangements. and 80,000 Jews in Baltimore. The great Department of Commerce.".' 1 the Colonel joined in it. Peoria, Illinois, Mrs. S. Schulien and He will ba assisted bv I. H. Lsvin. M. .Baron, ^leyer Shiloff, and Morey Lip; Miss Carrie: Newbower of this city* E. Friedman. A. I. Schwartz, Robert shutz. • V'. •'; "Mfs. Bobbrtt Sha&hian and Mr. and Sacks, Eli Robinow, John C; Levin, Mrs. Sol rSchulein of New York City. Lester Heeger. Reservations may be made with John C. Levin. Mrs. M A . .Miss . Gertrude. Kopel . of - • Sioux Herzoff is : in ; charge of the menu. ; ;Ifa!ls visited- with friends' in the city "qifer Tha'ii&sgivingjday. *-_. . 1 Eabbi Albert Bend, John Lansberg Temple Israel in Minneapolis, .j : [ jMrs. Harry Belkin of West i £eg' guest speaker; p k > at. $. $Eounfc; .- ;SinaiIndiana, is. !a guest at thie home "of Heads Congregation l this : eVeniflgi^ti 'the; regular jher'parents^ Mr. and; Mrs. :Max HolTemple jaiuL ' : ; ; service. Rabbi; 3Iihda,^ who Will be John Lansberg was re-elected presiintroduced to^the;:congregation;: by \Mr.: ai)d;; vMrs. Harry Harry BaUin, BaUin, of of dent of Shaare Zion Synagogue at. a \' ; Mr.: ai)d Atkinson,'i ;NebraSka, k announce the h recent meeting of the; Board of Dibirth of a - daughter, ' at the St. rectors of the Congregation. r • Eabbi" Minda is a rnernbfer '6i the Joseph Hospital. -Mr..I. Chssen was re-elected vice,trjoion of Americari Hebrew Congrega-. president; Mr.j A. Mazie, treasurer; tions committee on line November { Bernard Rivin, son of Mr. and Mr.-James Greenstone, corresponding tour. Each year during the month of Mrs. H. Kivin, of Scotland, S. D., secretary. November the Union, whose - offices will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah, •CJET are in Cincinnati, send .speakers to Saturday morning in the Shaare Zion coin, Nebraska, where he is enrolled £?EQAL OFFER : [ the various Reform Congrega.tioris, in Synagogue. . in- the University, to spend the ©a behalf of the work of the Union. Miss Evelyn Pinkus was hostess to Thanksgiving holiday with his parGOODYEAR members of the Iota Tau Sorority ents, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sherman. Doable .Eagles last Tuesday evening. Bridge ..'.was Mr. and.. Mrs. Max Cohen and IHKI • followed by refreshments. ! daughter, motored to. Lincoln, • at Temple Bazaar Mrs. Abe Meyers has returned to Nebraska,.Eunice, Thursday to spend the. with their son, Gerald, who A large attendance.was present at her home in Des Moines, after spend- week-end is enrolled in,the University of Nethe Second Annual Bazaar.given in ing several weeks in the city visit-; b ' ' the Social Hall, of iMount Sinai Tertple ing ..her parents, Mrl and MrsMB. , _ ; . . . Rosenthal. by members of tKe "Sisterhood. The ! MrsJ Ben. Levin will be hostess to That is why Goodyear sales are going. _ah east : at a rate'beyond &ny previous record. i Hall'.wa's.deeoratedj carrying out a ; Miss Roseannette Barrent enter- members - of- her. bridge club, next Building many-milHoss more, tires :a year than' any- other corapssiy, Goodyear en. Bijlical theme. '. Because^ of the in-; tained members of the Delta Dekas Wednesday afternoon. After, the afternoon's play, a luncheon vdil be joys greater -experience aM lowest costs—cam give more for yoar raoEey. dement weather, it was postponed Club Monday evening in her home. from. Monday evening; to Tuesday Bridge was 'played at two tables; served. Come in-and get'the benefit—the best tires—-lowest' prices—backed by. «mr 'friendly Miss Tillie Shindler entertained a evening.. "'',,.'/.'•*"•'"••'''' • ' after which a luncheon was served. group of friends, Wednesday eveMrs. Herman. Miller, chairman- of service. . .. '•'••'' the Ways and Means committee was • Mr.' and Mrs. Cecil Seff have ie- ning, on the occasion of her birthin charge of the affair, with Mrs. Wil- turned from" their honeymoon in day! Games and bridge were follow-' FILL YOUR RADIATOR.\TITK liam Lazerej: and Mrs. J. H. Greeh- Kansas City and Omaha; and are ed by a buffet supper. at home in the Stellart Apartments. berg co-chairmen. ' : Jack Gorchovv is confined to his Fred Sherman arrived in Sioux home, suffering from an injury he reBrotlierliood's Dinner City, Wednesday evening, from Lin- j ceived while - playing. • - -



:! '.'.Council I


Guest' Rabbi at

Dance QII December 2

Plans have been made for the Annual Dinner Dance to be given by the Mount Sinai Temple Brotherhpod. The affair,, which will be an" elaborate one. will be held'in the main'dining room of the Warrior Hotel. The date has been ;set -for Wednesday evening, December 2. - The dinner, which will begin at 7 o'clock will be followed by dancing. • The committees in' charge include Mr. E/N. Grueskin, chairman; Mr. E. A. Goldstein, Mrl' Sil Krueger, and Mr. Morris Pill.

Drive up today and let BS drain and H*aslj yosr radiator and ill if -Trith-alcohol for yosr .winter driviag..

Auxiliary Card Party The Ladies Auxiliary pf the Workmen's Circle-664, "will give a.benefit Bridge Party, Tuesday afternoon, December "I," in "the home of Mrs. J. Shapiro", 1123^-llth" Street. During the afternoon, an electricpercolator, for which* raffle" tickets have already been sold, will be raffled of?. ' ' 'The. committees in charge of the party are' Mrs. M» Dervin, .Mrs. J. Zeligson and Mrs. Shapiro."

mm? a

"We i:sad the multitude". V7ith Tasty Poods



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