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| thy hand findcth to do, do It with thy might."-—E<s iff ill clestiastes, 9. 10. Ill

Ente *"* ' posto t/i-t

second-class* m&ll matter on January 27th, 1921. at Omaha, Nebraska, tinder the Act of March 3, 1879.



Public Invited

world Zionist Meet


Program Meeting

THE KU KLUX KLAN Comment by Leading Editorial Writers.


Post Office Now Accepting Packages for all Parts of Russia

Weizman and Sokolow Retain Leadership; Open Door for Palestine Demanded; Delegations Will Negotiate With League of Nations.

not more than five per cent. The "The Ku E u x Klan, rising to ex- "The reason the Jews are fighting Packages may now be sent to principal of the fund -will be dis- Dr. Frederick Cohn will be the plain in New. York City, in the per-us is because it is a known fact that principal speaker at the first open all parts of Russia, both in posed of in this.Manner: Twenty per son of a lady known as "Empress of wherever a city is well organized meeting.of the Bnai B'rith on next Europe snd Asia, except the cent for t i e National Fund, Fifty the Invisible Empire," says the Klan Klansmen always spend their money- Ukraine and Turkestan, acting Chancellor A very Issues State* per cent for the Palestine budget Thursday evening. He will talk on is not anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic with other Klansmen. The Klan raent Opposing- Societies t "Jewish Problems." Postmaster Herbert Daniels anand National undertakings, thirty per as alleged. "It is," says the Em-teaches the wisdom of spending nounced this week. Which Restrict I. A. Stalmastex, Chairman of .the cent for actual investment- in Palespress, "a Christian, Protestant or- American money with American Membership. This information comes as Intellectual Advancement Committee ZIONIST CONGRESS CLOSES. tine. All investments and enterprises of the Lodge, ,announces that several ganization, owing no allegiance to men."—Mrs. Elizabeth Tyler, "Em- most welcome news to hundreds in Palestine for the Keren Hayesod any foreign power and the Catholic press" of the Ku Klux Klan. Carlsbad, Czecho-Slovalda, Sept. will have to be made through the musical numbers, and a big-tfine and the Jew, "aider these conditions, Commenting on the above, the New of Omaha's citizens whose re- GALLS ON PUBLIC OPINION latives in Russia have been cut Late Wednesday Zionist organization. The Congress specialty vaudeville act, will also find automatically bar themselves." 14.—(J. P. A.). York World says editorially: The Eai-Klux-Jvlan will gain ao off from receiving material relief a place on the program. night, the Zionist Congress closed, also agreed that out of the fund "After a glance at the questionaire "That .settles" that. Jews and foothold at the University of Nefrom them for seven years. after having been in session ,for a loan bank should be established. The meeting is scheduled to start Catholics may go on living, but they and the list of requirements sent out braska. Packages will be sent via Engat 8:15, and will be held" in the large more than two weeks. Dr. Chaim Mizrachi Insists on "Kashruth". can't be Ku KIBX. It might be worse. by the Klan to applicants for mem- land, and cannot be registered. Attempts to form a unit among Weizman remains President of the The stormiest session of the con-hall in the Lyric Bldg. Once in Christian countries Jews bership there appear to be other reathe student body at Lincoln Ere beimg •world organization and Nahum Soko- gress was devoted to' a discussion on Members and their friends are could not own. land, practice medicine, sons why Jews should 'fight' the or- They should be securely wrapped met with strong exposition by Chan-. in oil cloth under the outside low will head the executive. The a resolution adopted by the Palestine cordially invited. • • v sit in Parliament, hire Christian ganization, but Mrs. Tyler has at cellor Samuel Avery. Chancellor covering and must have & changes in the executive generally Commission by 22 against 16 that servants, hold any office, or live where least the honesty, to cite openly the Avery is backed up in his stand hf customs declaration tag attached. are slight. The question of the per-all institutions in.Palestine suppo'rted they chose To -be forever shut out economic basis of Ku Klux prejudice. No package weighing over 11 B law passed by the "University; sonnel for the new administration by Zionist funds' should strictly obfrom being a Ku Klux 'Kleagle,' Radicalism is abhorrent to these Senate in 1909 which made memberpounds will be accepted. The proved a most difficult problem and serve the Jewish law. The congress whatever that bird may be, is- mild strictest of all 100-per cent Ameriship in any secret society cause for rate is 12c per pound plus s, until the" last minute seemed insolu- by a small majority tabled the recans—and all aliens, allCataolics, all punishment. ' 1 suspension from the university. strangers are abhorrent—because the transit charge ranging from 66e ble. The administration as it is now solution, and Herman Struck, one of "Ordinary men that are nothmg in '"Any student joining ""the K.u» composed follows: For London— the Mizrachi leaders threatened that SEEKING NEW FD3LDS FOB IM-particular but citizens feel gratsftd 100-per centers want to keep business to §1.14, according t o weight Klux-Klan will be suspended Inv and destination MIGRANTS. Weizman, Sokolow, Dr. Soloveitchik, the orthodox party would refuse to to the Ku Klux for pleasant words in their own hands. mediately," reads a statement issued Packages should be presented Jabotinsky, Idchtheim, Motzkin and participate in the work of the Keren "The activities of the organizers invented that take you back to real by the Chancellor from Lincoln on Joseph. Cowen. For President—M. Hayesod and National Fund. The Mr. Albert Rosenblatt, Vice Presi- fairies. The grand goblin, dressed in are rewarded, if not explained, by the at window No. 10 at the Main Tuesday. M. Ussishkin, Dr. Eder,' Professor storm broke at this point and an ad-dent of the Hebrew Sheltering and white and srs&iet, initiates you, ad-prcSts in membership fees, in copy- Post Office, from 7:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M. Pick, Dr. Eupin, Shprinzak and Ber-journment became necessary. Final- Immigrant Aid Society of America, ministering the oath without laugh- rights, in the sale of equipment. The Learning lasers ne nard Eosenblatt, the only . member ly, the matter was adjusted .by a left for Cuba on the Steamship Mon- ing. And the" grand book telling all activities of the members are quite "W6 mzy experience considerable chosen from American Zionists. Over substitute resolution introduced by terey to investigate conditions affect- about it is the 'Eloran/ which is fair as explicable in any community where difficulty im discovering the memberUssishkin's choice considerable de- Chief Rabbi Dr. Chajes in which the ing Jewish immigrants who have ar- enough, for Mohammed borrowed terrorizatibn or propaganda can be ship of the society," the Chancellor used to drive upstart" rivals out of bate was indulged in. Mr. Louis question was left to the executive, rived there and also to see,what op- from everybody. said, "but we hope that the. public lipsky and Abraham Goldberg, in with the stipulation that it would portunities there are for other immi- "The altar, of initiation is provided business. First and last the new Ku sentiment in the university will with an American flag, a Bible, bottle Klux is a business proposition." the name of American Zionists guard the institutions against any grants to settle in that country. prove t o be s© ' nearly tmaiiimowe Plans For Campaign Perfected. strongly opposed his candidacy. In disrespect being shown to Jewish Of late many steamers have ar- for water, fiery cross and a dagger. against forming t h e organizations. the economic council which will con- law and tradition.' The labor mem- rived in Cuba with many Jewish im- What could you add to that except a WILL ORGANIZE EXTENThe local Executive Committee of known BE t h e university Ku-Kluxtrol the Keren Hayesod, the follow- bers refined from voting upon this migrants. They have been received skull?"—New York American. SION RELIGIOUS the Keren Hayesod has been busy Klan that the student who is ining were elected: Halpern, Barth, resolution. On_ the other hand, the by the Union Hebrew Congregation - STUDY CLASSES for the past three weeks perfecting clined to join from high and worthy. of Havanna but the task of caring for Naiditch, Feivel, Kaplansky, Shaken, budget was voted upon before Dr. them has become too great for the Special advanced classes for Sun-plans for t h e §25,000 campaign which moves will see his mistake, gTif) Peter Schwitzer of New York. Chajes had brought in his resolution Jewish community there and it has Seeking Relatives Here day school pupils will be organized will be launched in Omaha during "The university should be chtnv On. tiis principle adopted by Con-and the Mizrachi, by way of protest, appealed to the Hebrew Sheltering next Wednesday night, at the YMHA the Holy Days. acterized fcy a broad liberal spirit The following residents of gress, fifty per cent of the mem-refused to vota and Immigrant Aid Society of AmerOmaha are being sought by re- rooms. This work was to have been Final plans will be presented by of fellowship. Learning1 knows no bers of the body controlling the Kedone last- Wednesday night, but duethe Committee for ratification by distinction on race or creed. An ica to come to their assistance. latives abroad: to the electrical parade the meeting the Advisory Committee n e s t Tues- organization whose membership is r e ren Hayesod may. be elected of men Intensive Improvements Planned. In line with the policy of the SoH. Camel, whose address is was postponed. irrespective of their affiliation with The budget for the coming ciety to find new countries in which day night a t the YMHA dub-rooms. stricted t o "native born Americans* given as 2524 Seward St., with year provides 1or the expenThese classes, which will be under Zionism. immigrants from European countries relatives in Warsaw, named the direction of Dr. Frederick Cohn, Communications that have been r e - white and Protestant/ cannot fail to diture of 90,000 ""pounds for educaDetails of Keren Hayesod. tional purposes; more than 100,000 may settle, Mr. Rosenblatt will ascerChemel, and TemaFein or Pein, will be designed to raeet the needs of ceived from the central headquarters give oSense. to many students s » d As a basis for the collection of pounds for the settlement of im- tain whether Cuba offers any opporwhose relative Berl Brodatsky those pupils who are beyond the en- in New York indicate t h a t t h e work patrons, who in facing the common . t h e Keren Hayesod, t i e tithe was migrants; 50,000 for irrigation, sani- tunities for Jewish immigrants. of giving shelter and medical aid to is in Baranowieh. rollment age of the existing religious the newcomers in Palestine from the enemy, i n . the late war showed adopted, each Jew being expected to tary improvements and electrifica- Mr. Rosenblatt was accor; ^anied by were 300 per cent American on Any information - regarding schools. • • give 10 per cent of his income. The tion, and ai quarter of a million Jor Mrs. Rosenblatt. ; fesfefcle&eMg «f Incases*—-- •-• ••«.>".— —-• - their ~_.j¥jy;i*e%boiits ' ^houlsL ,l>e - -T2i£ orgsazsailoi^ of l i e Masses- wiE war-stricken centers of. E n r e j credit *" ifisfdfttioi^ which wfll help "A full report as to the situation I n communicated s i ' e n c e to the be supplemental- to the survey of already, commenced, "snd'.thst "I-make no accusation against a n y manifesto to aH Jews in the name Cuba and what opportunities it offers Welfare Federation, Sunday School attendance made by the-receipt of additional funds from interested in promoting the organisa>of the- Congress appealing for their the, development olcolonizatioh and for Jewish immigrants will be ren- Jewish Keren Hayesod Committees ihroEgia• ~" ~ Lyric Bldg. the religious committee1 of the Coun- oct the world this work will be in- tion, t u t the name itself . suggested cooperation in the rebuilding of industry. dered by Mr. Rosenblatt on his return. the old mob violence which. I r e cil *of Jewish Women, this summer. Zion. Much time "was 'spent on de- Among the* resolutions adopted by creased in scope. congress, the jnore important demember disgraced the country in my. All boys and girls eligible for-adbate over the disposition of' the "The fact that we have secured mission in the new classes are urged S5,000 in voluntary pledges before childhood days. I t seems to me t o Keren Hayesod funds. The Ameri- manded, an open door in Palestine HUNGARIANS START : be a t best an unfortanate designation to attend. TERROR AGAINST JEWS cans insisted that the Keren Haye- for Jewish immigration; the desire the start cf the campaign proper," to live in harmony with the Arabs, if the society is to be R really sod and the dividends it will bear Vienna. (J. T. A.) Pogroms said Chairman Taxon, "is a splendid patriotic one, to stand for law and should remain the property of the and a protest against. the Jaffa against Jews have started anew in WILL ASSIST IN UNEMPLOY- "JOINT'S" CONSTANTINOPLE indication of the liberal attitude of order as all true patriots musk" OFFICE LIQUIDATED entire Jewish people.. It was finally riots; that the League of Nations Hungary. The Hungarian pogrom MENT CONFERENCE. our people toward this most essential ratify the British mandate over Constantinople. <Jewish Telegraphagreed that the dividends should reparty, "Awakened Magyars," is again cause, and insures the absolute sacic Agency.) The office of the Joint cess of the drive." main part of an investment fund Palestine without, further delay; that responsible for the "terrror." This Mr. Herbert Hoover, » Zionist delegationsbe sent to LonDistribution Committee in ConstantiSecretary of Commerce, until 1927 after which the Economic group is responsible for pogroms that Washington, D. C. nople has been ordered liquidated. Council may declare' a dividend Of don, Jerusalem, t - Washington and have taken place in the towns of Jewish .Player WIps Golf National conference of Jewish This unexpected decision oil the part Geneva to negotiate with the .re-Finkerchen and Plutik. In Plutik a Social Service offers you i t s resources Championship. spective powers and-the League of Jewish doctor was murdered in the through contact with Jewish phil- of t i e directors has caused great disNations regarding the safeguarding street. Five Jewish bankers were anthropy throughout t h e country for satisfaction here as there exists no Bam Yousem, 2765 Gaming St.', won STEAMSHIP COMPANIES BLAftfof Zionist interests in Palestine; that arrested without any cause, and tor-either purpose of survey or purpose local organization to handle the work the municipal golf championship at FOR HARDSHIPS. the thanks of the congress are con-tared The Jewish population is flee- of organization of work in connection previously done by the "Joint" and Eimwood Park, last Friday. This with conference on unemployment. veyed to- the Committee of Jewish ing the town in panic. The outrages to care for the thousands of refugees was the first municipal tournsment (Signed) New York, <J. P . A.) — W. W. WILL SELL SHAKES ON OPEN Delegations in Paris for its efforts commuted are so serious that the and chaluzim now congregated in theever conducted locally, and fifty playSolomon Lowenstein, Hxtsband, Commissioner General ©f ers were entered. Yousem played five to procure and protect Jewish rights MARKET. President. city. Jugo-Slovakian Government decided matches and was victoriotis in each Immigration j E. J. Herming, A s in countries where they are entitled to* receive affidavits of the Jewish The above telegram h a s been sent by a large margin. He has won the sistant Secretary of Labor; Harry New York. (J. T. A.) The Pales- to minority rights; and that a mani- refugees giving details of -the ex- by the National Conference of Jew-BOYCOTT AGAINST JEWS tine Development Council, which was festo be issued to all Jews in all cesses perpetrated and to present ish Social Service t o Mr. Herbert IS RUINING POLAND Miller Park championship twice, and Landis, Assistant Commissioner a t Ellis Island, and the Commissioner lands calling upon them for their organized by the Brandeis minority them to the Powers and the League Hoover, .secretary of commerce. The Danzig. (Jewish Press Association.) is also acknowledged as an expert at Boston yesterday conferred in. this ice-skater. Zionists after their rupture with the help in reestablishing Israel as a of Nations. conference felt that i t should p u t In the course of the address delivered He is employed at the main post- city on the problems and difficulties Zionist Organization of America, has nation. a t the disposal of Secretary Hoover in Warsaw by Deputy Diamant, the connected with the regulation of imoffice. decided to establish a Credit Union and President Harding in the work speaker declared that Poland's offiILLINOIS STATE TO Palestine Officials Must Know migration in this country. Speaking and Peoples' Bank in Palestine^ The that is being planned to alleviate the cial boycott of the Jews was ruining INVESTIGATE FORD'S Hebrew. to newspapermen, Commissioner Carlsbad. <J. T. A.) It was anformer project of forming a" cooperatie" country and was chiefly responsiANTI-JEWISH PROPAGANDA- unemployment situation during the nounced here today that Antonio Jose General Husband said: tive grocery society has been dropped. The Congress adopted the proposal ble for the present crisis, says a recoming winter, the resources of the Almeida, president of the Portuguese "The spirit of t h l law is just, i&s Beginning next week the Council will that all Zionist' officials and mem- Chicago, I1L (Jewish Press 'Associa- conference through its contacts with port from that city. bers of the Executive 'located in tion.) Charges filed with State's AtRepublic, has presented s • valuable offer the preferred stock of the bank principles are sound, tat I must adPalestine must know Hebrew or torney Crowe, that the publishers of Jewish philantropy throughout the collection of books and old manu- mit that its rigid enforcement hag for sale on the open market. Send your New Years Greetings learn l i e language within a year, the Dearborn Independent were vio- country. through the Jewish Press. Call scripts to the library of the Hebrew entailed too many hardships upon These decisions were reached at a The congress decided that no newlating the criminal laws by ;printing Organize Department of Information. Jackson 2372 before Monday evening. University in Jerusalem^ immigrants I still believe these wn» .meeting of the Concil, held on Sun-federation or other body can affiliate inflammatory articles against the Beginning September 1st, the Budesirabde results csn be avoided -, . day, September 18, at the offices of Jews, will result in an investigation reau of Jewish Social Research will Nathan Straus in the Aeolian Build- with the organization unless, it have «l5n£ ortunately, we are handia membership of 20,000. This deby this state of Ford's campaign have a Department of Information ing, New York City. Judge Julian capped' by riot, having authority to cision will seriously affect the posi- against the Jews. If it develops that and Statistics under .the active charge penalize steamship companies for ., W. Mack presided and among those tion of. the Order, Sons of Zion the laws have been broken, further of Dr. Harry S. Linfield. This departpresent were Justice Brandeis, -Dr. which desired to retain its indepen- action will be taken, it was. said at ment is being organized with the bringing aliens to o\Jr shores whSR Stephen S. Wise, Nathan Straus, Mrs. the agents know that; the monthly generous co-operation of the AmerMary Fels and Jacob de Haas, secre- dent fiharacter and yet work'hrough the State Attorney's office. quotas have been exceeded. A p the organization. ican Jewish Committee. If one should say, "Thou art a Jew, 4 tary of the Council. B parently this was an oversight by TESTS VERIFY EINSTEIN The purposes of the department Of race for centuries downtrod!" • In a statement issued after the The question of a Jewish legion the -framere of the law. THEORY—AMERICAN will be to maintain a highly special1 would.reply: "So was he, too, meeting to a representative of the which the father of the original le"A steamship company can b» SCIENTISTS SAY ized library upon Jewish matters; Whom you've exalted to your God! Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Mr. degion Vladimir. Jabotinsky, pressed made to tslce back the alien, but is Is it a stigma kin to be Haas stated that "the Palestine De- and valiently, fought for at the con- New York. (Jewish' Press Asso- to keep in touch with current Jewish not required to refund the passage With him who preached in Galilee?" velopment Council which has been in- gress, was not brought forward, ciation.) According to a statement affairs through the medium of l i e money, nor can we impose a fine of corporated has caused to be organized, and at one point it seemed as if made by Dr. Frank Schlessinger, Di- Jewish and general press and through such magnitude as to discourage t h e If one should say, "What are the deeds the Palestine Cooperative Company Jabotinsky would resign from the rector of the Yale Observatory, which a development of a system of foreign gamble. I believe this will soon b e The Jew has done!" I wouldTeply: with a share capital of $1,000,000, the executive, but he was prevailed upon has just been made public, practical correspondents; to make readily remedied. There was a bill pending tests carried out at Mount Wilson, not to aggravate the situation any available to individuals and institumajor portion of the stock divided "The corner-stone of modern creeds at the recess giving us power to fin© California and various other astro- tions interested any such information; into $10 and 5 per -cent preferred moreWas laid t>y him in years gone by. steamship companies $200 for every Much time was devoted to discus- nomical laboratories abroad, have to issue" bulletins and current news stock, which will be offered for sale He broke the gyves of tyranny alien above the quota brought overfully confirmed the correctness of the beginning next week. . The first quar- sions over cultural . and educational digests whenever the department And taught the worlds humanity." seas, and also to compel them t o Einstein theory. problems in Palestine. It was deter of a million dollars of the Comcollects whatever is obviously original refund to the immigrants the price pany's capital will be devoted to the cided to transfer the headquarters and serviceable information; to colIf one should say, "Thy cult is old!" of their passage coming here. I establishment .of a Credit .Union and of the National Fund, from the AMERICAN CONSUL IN WARSAW lect statistical and other informationI would reply: "Why, so is Truth! have assurances that this measure. Hague to Jerusalem. A sanitary and RESUMES GRANTING OF VISAS. al material for the American Jewish But like the brilliancy of gold APeoples' Bank in Palestine." readily passed when congress It still shines with untarnished youth. The larger part of the first quarter health department, is to be created Warsaw. (J. T. A.) The American Year Book a s well a s to help the meets again. by. the new executive. The efforts consul here has, after an interruption Whatever truths your church may show, Bureau of Jewish Social Research of a million dollars has already been "I believe the parsage__of tati of the "left" bloc to have Aranowitz of several weeks, resumed the issu- generally in collecting material of a The Jew professed them long ago." collected and wthin a few weeks, Mr. measure authorizing- a heavy fine in the executive proved vain. ance of visas to Polish citizens. Visas general, Jewish, sociological nature. Sol Kosenblum of Pittsburgh, the MILTON GOLDSMITH upon the steamship c o m p a s s will are .given on condition that the pro-Organizations and individuals intreasurer of the Council, together in "Detroit Jewish Chronicle". go a long way tow*u:d stopping- 4Ju$ spective immigrant establishes with terested are urged to use to the •with several of his "associates, will Send your New Years Greetings satisfactory certainty that he will distressing scenes that have so "*t* leave for Palestine for the purpose of through fullest extent the services of this the Jewish Press. Call cently been enacted or *"'* organizing the bank. departmen* Jackson 2372 before Monday evening. leave for America during the year.

1.1. A. S. To Investigate Opportunities in Cuba

Early fledges fa Keren

iipsii M§st Iidiicif Iif

Jewish Social Workers . Offer /lid To Government

Minority Zionists to Organize Palestine

J Would Reply

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THE JEWISH PRESS PUBLISHING COMPANY. Office: 482 Brarideis Theatre Building.—Telephone: Jackson 2372. Subscription Price, one year. ......:.... . ~—.._...$2.50 Advertising rates furnished on application. . NOT PRINTED FOR PERSONAL PROFIT—Profits from the publication oi The Jewish Press are to be given to worthy ;communal causes., ; CHANGE OF ADDRESS—Please give both the old and new address; be sure and sign four name. • l i n n


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ANTI-KLANNERS. Public opinion the country over, is rising to protest the actions and activities of the Ku Klux Klan, The "New York World" has been printing an expose of the deep secrets of this so-called patriotic order, and. has brought down upon itself the Klan's revenge in the form of a suit for libel. Editors of secular and lay papers are backing up the "World" in its fight for real Americanism, in name and in deed. Representative Tague introduces a resolution in1 the House asking for a federal investigation. State and municipal officers do likewise throughout the forty-eight states of. the union. Attorney General Daugherty makes a report to the President based upon findings of the Department of Justice charging many violations of state and federal laws. Here in Nebraska, Chancellor Avery of the University sets put to fight the Klan tooth and nail, He calls on public ijpinionfor Support. Chancellor Avery has public opinion with him, as have the vast numbers of educators, editors, publicists and public men who form the anti-Ku-Klux-Kianners. The Klan is "an organization of Protestant Americans" and as such is anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish, anti-foreigner, and evidently lanti-everything else. Organized upon the crudest principles of mob-rule, with fantastic garb, symbols and nomenclature the Haii has enrolled thousands of members whose mentality would average that of a twelve-year-old child. Brought face to face •with threats of punishment for violation of rules of obediance, "even a twelve-year-old knows when to stop. Let us hope that ;$he Klansmen do too, and that the thousands of pillow-cases and sheets that have robe I erstwhile Klansmen. in their midnight ^exploits are even now being stealthily returned to their proper places. Meanwhile let the Government act officially in disbanding Tile Klan for all time. Meanwhile, too, all credit to tlie "New [toxic World" and to CHanc.ellor' Avery, and the rest who have Opened fire on the Klan. .^


are now at home at 602 South Sixth street, Council Bluffs.

versity of South Dakota* Misj Merie Courshon, the University of MinneSiiti,, Oct. S Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis have sota. Mr.- Edward Pill leaves soon Yom Klppnr ....... TVed., Oct. 12 Sncroth (First Day); _._:.JMon.i Oct. 17 The first open meeting of the Junior returned from their wedding trip to for New York to attend Columbia Succftth (Last Day)—Shlmlnl __Mon.. Oct. S4 Auxiliary of the Council of Jewish California and are at home at the Atiereth..... Slmchntli Torah_™ .Iocs,, Oct. 25 Women was held Thursday evening Sioux apartments. Mrs. Davis was Roali-Chodesrli Chearan. .•Wed., Nov. 2 formerly Miss Isabel Baron. Kosh-ChoilcBcli KlslevDed. 2 at the home of Miss Leah Krasne.


; . Pnbllsbed etery Thursday at Omaha, Nebraska, by


i .

66SZ—I0S1. X'ear's E T C . . :

ChanulcaU (Feast of DedJcatlon) „ _Mon., Dec. 26 BGS2—1922, Son., Jan. 1 Rosh-Chodesch Tebeth Fast of Tebfth........ Toes., Jan. 10 Iiosli-Chodesch Shebat Mon., Jan. 30 Rosh-Chodesch Adar ': _"*V-ed., Blar. 1 Purlin (Feast of Esther)- flies.. Mar. 14 Itosh-Cboaesch Nissan _Thor's., Mar. 30 Passover (Pesach) _ .Thnrs., Apr. 13 Passover (Seventh T>aT)~~_.Wed... April 19 Kosh-Chodesch Iynr. .Sat, Apr. 29 .Tues., May M 16 r^fh-choX'sTh ...Snn., May 28 Shabnoth (Confirmation Day) 3Fr., Jane 2 Rosh-Chodesch Tammm! Toes,, Jnno 27 Rosh-Chodesch Ab-.,.: Wed., July 2G Feastrof Ab—......_._^__._..._Tlnirs., At»jr. 3 Uosh-Chodesch EUul -JTrl.,. Aug. 25 56S3—1822. New Year's. Eve __Frl.. Sept. 22'

(Mrs. Charles Saltzman will enterThe -members of the Ivre Club will tain the semi-monthly club at her hold a banquet Sunday evening at the home Monday evening. } West Hotel for the purpose of ini—_ " I stalling the newly elected officers. Miss Fannie Gilinsky returned ' M r - Harry Goldblatt has been elected Monday afternoon from Fort Dodge, president; Mr, A. Agranoff, \-ice-presIa.. where she has been visiting for ident; Mr. Lester Heeger, secretary; and Mr. A. Kroloff, treasurer. the past week.

Mr .and Mrs. Sam Agranoff have Mrs. Ethel Hoffman and daughter, Mrs. Ben Wolpa and son returned returned from a months visit at Maclast week from Duluth, Minn. Mrs. kinac Island, Michigan Wolpa and Mrs. Hoffman had been Tells of Interesting Jewish Miss Mary Daskovsky has returned living at Duluth during the summer after having spent the week in OmaColony in Cochin months. ha with Mr. and Mrs. J. Arkin. New York* (Jewish Press AssociaA baby boy was born to Mr. and tion.) P. MV Wiswall in the course Among those who have taken apartof a contribution appearing in a New Mrs. J. J. Brown, Saturday. xngnts in the new Sioux Building are: York Herald, gives an interesting account of a Jewish settlement in A daughter was born to Mr. andMr. and • Mrs. E. Grueskrn, Mr. and Cochin. The writer relates: Mrs. W. Bernstein Sunday at the Mrs. E. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Pill, Mr. and Mrs. M. Nussbaxus, Mr. ^'Strange as i t may seem, there is Jennie Edmundsoa hospital. and Mrs. J% Robinson and Mrs. E. a colony of Jews in Cochin, Eonie are Krueger. white and some, due to infusion of native blood, are brown. Locally they Among those who- will leave this are known as white and black Jews. At the meeting of the Jewish LaOne of the districts in the city of dies Aid Society held last Friday, the week to resume their studies at the Cochin is called Jewtown. The try-following officers were elected: Mrs. various colleges and universities are: ing climate has made the white Jews, Gertrude Gugenheim, president; Mrs.; Messrs. Abe Baron, Louis Peskin, Will especially the women, pale and Esther Block Shire, vice president; [ Goodsite and Abe Brodkey who will anaemic, but the sturdiness of the Mrs Henrietta Speier, secretary; Miss enter upon their junjpr work at the race persists. The synagogue, with Sara Friend, treasurer of charity; University of Michigan; Miss Ruth its bronze pulpit pillars and Chinese Mrs. E. A. Schloss, treasurer of emer- Galinsky and Miss Calmon Golder will tile floor, is one of the sights of the gency. return to the University of Chicago. town. The library of the Boyal ColoHerman Slitsky will attend the Uninial Institute in London, places the The funeral of Mrs. Ben Cohen was coming of the Jews in either the first held Monday at the family home. or the eight century. Can it be pos-Burial was in Chicago. Go to the sible that they have maintained their identity for the whole of the Christian Brandeis Printing MIss Bertie Berger of Omaha visera?" ited with Miss Irene Adelson last Department week Miss Adelson left with Miss Send your New Years Greetings Berger on Tuesday for Omaha, where for your through the Jewish Press Call she will visit with Miss Martye WeinJackson 2372 before Monday evening. stein.

University and the Misses, Mottle Krueger, Rose Baron and Eunice Sampson will attend Morningside College. ^

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ZIONIST PROBLEMS. :: ^ • - The Zionist world congress which ended its sessions at -Carlsbad last night (Sept. 14) was no exception to other world •congresses we have heard of. Its proceedings were characterized by the difficulties and the conflicts which arise when aspira- The Mogeri-Dovid Young Judea ttj tions have to be translated into deeds. I t was the first Zionist 61ub celebrated its first anniversary j congress before which the problems connected with the upbuilds Sunday afternoon a t the home and Arthur Friedman, ing of a Jewish homeland in Palestine appeared in concrete and. Maorice special invitation extended to the pressing form. I t met under the shadow of an official statement Blossoms of Zion,was which also helped by the BritisB. government which was regarded by many dele- to celebrate the anniversary. The afgates as tantamount to the revocation of the pledge given in .the famous Balf our Declaration. Pi-eceeding events in Palestine ternoon was spent on playing various did not lend themselves to optimism. Native Arab hostility to Zionist aims had culminated some time. before in sanguinary riots at Jaffa. The policy of Sir Herbert Samuel; the British Mrs. S L. Goldblatt entertained th& High Commissioner in Palestine, was criticized as nnsympathie to semi-monthly card <lub at her home Jewish rights. Beyond,that there 'Was a whole mass#of problems this afternoon. arising out of conflicting tendencies within the Zionist movements-questions of policy and of administration^ economic and The Ladies Aid Society held Its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon financial. ,•.,-.•. Such difficulties inust be regarded as inevitable in any at the home of Mrs. A. Aginskee. project wheii theory passes into action. The outcome at. Carlsbad has been, on the whole, in the direction; of accepting the Mrs. S. Snyder, who has been ill at "sibber lessons of hard fact. There has been a shift away from her home, is reported to be improvthe belief that the restoration of Palestine can be primarily ing. attained through political action. Greater stress has been laid* ion organization for real pioneer work in the way of land reclama- Miss Hazel Berger of Denver, Col., tion, land settlement, road building, industrial development, and field secretary of the National Jewish -education. Sir Herbert Samuel recently retorted upon critics Hospital for Consumptive, who is of his policies with the doubt whether, the Jewish people wascollecting funds for that hospital ts showing t h e requisite qualities of patience and steadfast courage visiting in Omaha. Miss Berger is which the great task called for. The Carlsbad congress seems also the gaest of Miss Freida Goldto have taken that admonition to heart.—New .York BveningT?ost. berg oi? Council Bluffs.


Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Nathanson and.

ROSH HASHONOH-YOM KIPPUR JEWS. ~ family, formerly of Webster City* la., f The fall holy days come late this year, but they are gradually approaching, anyway. There will soon be the usual rush for seats in the .synagogues for those two days, the usual over- Fred R« Shaw Flower Shop crowding, and the usual improvisions of places of worship outPhono 101. .side of the synagogues, For the number of Rosh Hashonoh- The Best of Ererything In Flowers and •Yoin. Kippur Jews is steadily growing. Confections at Moderate Prices. •''.. ' We are not complaining. A Rosh Hashonoh-Yoift Kippur 545 W. Broadway, Next liberty Theater, Jew is still better than a not-eyen-once-a-year Jew, or a Christian BLUETS. IOWA. Science Jew. The, saddest thing is a Jew who is iio Jew at all any more. Yet we feel that a-once-or-twice-a-year-Jew does not [4.6 his full duty to his brethern and his faith either. : Hairy H. Lapldns. Pres.-Treai. Every Jew should b^ an all year roiind member1 of a Jos. Pepper. Vice-Pfresfaetit. J synagogue. To" allow ethers to support the synagogue the entire w. G. Dw, Secretary. ;year, and then to make'a paltry contribution by the payment for Omaha Fixture & seats-bn Rosh Hashonoh-Yom Kippur is to take undue advantage iof other people's sacrifices. In plain English it is "sponging" dp. Supply Co. » ':iothefs. - • " • COMPLETE STORE AND But it is not only material support that is due the syriagogtie OFFICE OUTFITTEES : from every right-minded Jew, but also moral support. And this t\*e occupy OTer 70,000 square feet •'ihoral support is not forthcoming iii the proper measure wheii . fiocthirest Corner. •fee absents himself the entire year with the exception of the one Elertntb and Doagtas Sttttii. Phone: Dondfls 2724 lor two holy days. Human beings are imitative, and they are O3IASA. NEB. •evei* ready to follow a.bad example rather than a good one. \That is the reason why the number of the Rosh Hashonoh-Yom 1 Kippur Jews is on., the increase. It is for the leaders of thedJiiiiiiimiiiiiimiiiimimmimiiiiiimiiiL Jewish community, and its representative men to set the pace In the other direction.^—Jewish World. i For the Best Line of H

with the Zionists. There S • • .. C. 3. CABtSON. 1514 North 24th Stret. is considerable dissatisfaction with S London. (J. C. B.) Sir Herbert the activities of the delegation. The S . Tel.: Webster 1591. Samuel demanded of a conference of report of the "Morning Post" con| Shoes for the Whole Family Arab notables that he had called, that firms a report we gave several days at Low Prices. the Arabs recognize the Balf our Dec- ago, that the Palestine Arabs are disfor Tlilrty-one Xcars. laration before starting to draft the pleased with the delegation how inS Same Location Conner Alley. constitution for Palestine, according London and^ that : a movement has to a report from the Jerusalem cor- started to recall this delegation and respondent of the London "Morning send another instead. . • Post." The Arabs: refused outright Omaha's and issued, a statement that the Arabs Newest and Finest Equiped ' could, under no circumstances, recog- JEWISH ATHLETES Bath-House. • nize. England's. pledge to establish a IN CONFERENCE Baths,. Massage, Hot Packs, ; Jewish* homeland in Palestine. Danzig (Jewish Press Association.) Electric .Treatment, Samuel made his demand of acon- A conference of Jewish athletes and Inhalatorium. •ference of 46 Arab, notables whom he representatives of the sports organhad -caDed together to help him draft ization "Hamachbi" it at present in Faxtos Hotel Turlcish Baths the/constitution for Palestine and progress in Riga according to inCONCANNON BEOS., Props. work out plans for an elected parlia- formation received here from that 1401 Farnara St., Basement ment. The Arabs now refuse to par- city. Jewish young men from LithuEntrance. ' ticipate in further meetings. ania, Latvia and Esthonia are partiTelephone: Tyler 5731, The "Morning Po;st" further reports cipting in the meeting. OMAHA, NEB. '

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| " -Sixteenth and Chicago Strebts |s 5 • The services will be conducted by RABBI = HERMAN TM. COHEN, formerly of Kansas 5 City. • Re"% . A. Monsky snd Mr. L. Harris S will.officiate £s cantors. 5 Our s'ervices will be modern' orthodox, sonife of th6 2 features of which sre: 2 " 1. Sermons ift English.. 2 .2. Reading of somfe of the prayers • S :' la EngHsh ss wel as HefereWi S . •; • 8. A uniform prayer book, copies ©f fr&icti; m&y be obtained &i the Rail. iecortea at the services. .4. Admission •£«• all tins services $2.00 per person. s For your eonveaieace, you may buy .• S " • yote tickets at the following places:, ... Rosenberg .<fe Co., 402 North -Slth Street. •' teifeowlti Jew AT SUfe, Ms Sutitlt iBih BtMl N. W. Kaliil, -Rialto Thetlte &|ldliif. •. ': R & Roininek* 514 Jforth lilth Street.

I8 v 4 1

vPAGE 3^-THE JEWISH PRESS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 192f. and on Tuesday evening Miss Ethel I . The :Ea-Oth Society -will have a Miss Madeline Cohn will have as OMAHA LOCALS Reuben gave a dancing party at her [meeting at the home? of Miss Lillian her guests on Saturday the Misses.

Various Clubs Elect Officers. Mr. L New is confined to his home cago for a week before their the newly elected officers of the in Coancil Bluffs due to illness. Many parties are being given" for home. Mrs. H.' B. "WeinStelff 'had 1 Levey on Sunday. Tecla and Jeanne Blach of Burming- Thorpeian AtWetic Clab were inPrior ts> the Slichoth services to be IVliss Martye Weinstein, •who Ifeaves eight guests at the Orpheiim 6n Tues-1 Golding, of Los Angeles, California, stalled at a dance given by the Club Mr, aad Mrs. Harry Lapidns and field at the Eighteenth and Chicago •— Tuesday to enter Ames College. Sat- day afternoon and Miss Sophye f 5lhe Progresse Gub of the Y. "St. H. Chicago where they win attend the at Hanscom Park Thursday evening, Miss Estelle Lspidus left Srnidsy for urday afternoon Hiss Sara Segelman Weinstein entertained a t her home'A. is planning to organize a football university, after sunuaering in the September 15. The officers are: A.Rockford, Illinois .where Miss Lapf- Streets Synagogue Saturday evening a full report of the World Ziotsis* ^entertained for Miss Weinstein at a oh Thursday evening. teaift composed of members«of the west. Meyers, president; S. Steinberg, Tiafi- das wili efiter Eockf ati college. MT- 3ottgres$ recently held st Carlsbad card party, -when twelve guests were president; Bert Brown, lecretary; B. and Mrs. Lapidus will remain in Chi- will be1 read club-. present. Monday evening Miss Estttej Herman Jam* has come-^from the The Women's Auxiliary to L O. B. Abrahams, treasurer; S« Barson, reKattleman, entertained a t a *Md party' Arkansas -University a t little Rock Mrs. A. Levey and. daughter, Sadie, B. Lodge No_ 354 will give its initial porter; I. Leyinson, athletic director; to be laboratory assistant to Dr.> are spending two weeks at Excelsior public dancing party of the season S Friedel, custodian, M. Wezelntan Sergius, Morgulis a t the University Springs. on Thanksgitdng eve, November 23, and H. Gerstein, sergeants-at-arms; of Nebraska medical college. Jahr a t the Hotel Fontenelle, to which the L. Frieberg, J. Moskovitz and L. Cohn, | New Kosher Meat Market - § was a former. Creightoif'student. About fifty Oinahans drove to Fre- public is invited. board of trustees. For comfort, style and good we&e in the corset line call S Most Sanitary Kosher Market 5 mont Sunday to' participate in the s in Omaha. 5 ' Sendf your New If ears Greetings twenty-fiftn wedding anniversary The Brotherhood of Temple Israel At the reunion meeting of the Ka 5 Fresh Meats = through the , Jewish .'Press. Call celebration of Mr. and Mrs. A. will give a dance at Peony Park on Dee Mo Club held Monday, Septems§ a n d Delicatessen. = Jackson 2372 before Monday evening. Zlotky of that city. Wednesday evening, September 2S. ber 12, at the clab rooms, election of Webster 5€€2 officers resulted i s the following: £ D r e s s e d Chickens O u r = Members of the Omaha chapter of Sam Kaplaa, president; J . Msrer, H , Specialty. " .. E Mrs. H. Crounse and Mrs. J. Hafin = FRIED & KUKLIN, Owners. = the Pi Tatt Pi Fraternity entertained have returned from Esxelsio* Springs The first meeting of the Sisterhood vice president; H. Dabinsky, secreta5 1613 North 24th Street. . = at a luncheon on Tuesday at the where they have been for the past of Temple Israel will be held Monday ry; A. Marcus, treasurer; Dave,ManAH «orsets guaranteed to satisfy. = Tel,: Webster 4330. = Brandeis Restaurant for Ralph Cohn four weeks. vita and Morris Shapiro, sergesnts-stafternoon, September 26, m the vestry ' — • We deliver to all parts E who left Tuesday, for Ann Arbor, to of the temple. The main business of arms. ~ of the city. 5 resume Ms studies at the University of Michigan. Dr. Frederick Cohn was Dr. J. N. Lande, formerly of Wichi- this meeting wiH be the formation of At the special meeting of the Junior also a guest. Fourteen -were present. t a , Kansas, is visiting with his pa- sewing circles for the winter, after Welfare Organization held Sunday rents, Mr. and Mrs. N. Lande. He which there will be a social hour; afternoon at the YMHA cluh rooms, win remain for several weeks before Miss Sylvia Kulakofsky and Miss Iva At Temple Israel on Friday evengoing to Chicago where he will do Mrs. H. J. Cohn, who has been vis- Siegel were elected president and ing, Dr. Frederick Cohn will speak on We have the largest and best assortment "The Chosen "Temple." On Saturday postgraduate work in internal medi- iting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. vice president respectively, to succeed cine and pediatrics. Moritz Meyer, returned Saturday to Miss Diana Gross and Mrs. David of New Year cards and "Boefcteta in th© city* •' morning he will use as his subject, No Springs—Honest Weight her home in Chicago . Cohen, formerly Miss Hannah GreenCome in and be convineed, "Blessings and Cxtrses." The Misses Dorothy and Ida blatt. Miss Rebecca Bercovki -was HOBART ELECTRIC Mrs. J. Adler, who has been visit- pird entertained Sunday evening at Mr. and Mrs. H_ L. Walton, who appointed cliairm&a of the social GRDdjERS, CHOPPERS their home for Mr. Abner Vanger of have been making their home in ing Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Kirschbraun, Me'ma, Nebraska, who is the guest Omaha for the past year, leave committee and Miss Ann SoseaMatt AND MIXERS. BOOKS AND STATIONERY SHOP, left Saturday for her home in Chica- of Mr. M. Van. The out of town Thursday for Kansas City, where they was appointed to take the place of Miss Estelle Lapidus on this comgo1411 Fsrnass Street. guests included Messrs. Edward Falk win reside v. mittee. Service and Sales: A son, Robert, was born to Mr. and and Jack Dobrosky of Siou* City and 13th AND JACKSON STREETS Mr.. L. Aifenbrecht of Xos Angeles. Mrs. N. W. Naken entertained sixThe new officers of the YoEng Mrs> Julius Weil of Lincoln, Nebras- Fifteen couples were present. Phones: Judea Senior Club are Blanche Altteen guesta Wednesday at her home ka, Mrs. Weil was formerly Miss wien Mrs. Joseph Iiebovitz of St. man, president; Anne White, vice Toledo Scales t)oug. 7682 Fannie Livingston of this City. Joseph, was the complimental geest. president; Mary Moscoe, secretary; George Sugarman, former OmaBa Hobart Electri: Doug. 7396 Spe cialtj £ Specialty Lump Mrs. IiebOwits is visiting with hex Tobie Steinberg, assistant secretary; attorney now living in Chicago, was Mrs. W, Wolf and Mrs. H. IieboMinnette Gross, treasurer; and Asae Nice Lsrge Lumps ThmtjnfMj Sere® We have on hand Used and witz of Lincoln are spending, the week in the city this week, guest of his mother, Mrs. M. Tatle. Selkow, reporter. brother, Martin L. Sugarman. with Mrs. H. H. Goldstein and Mrs. Rebuilt Machines. f*erT«H Delvd. 4 Miss Berta Newinaa and Mrs. A. The next meeting of this club will per Tea Delfd. S. L. Mandelbaum., Mrs. Louis. Feltman and Miss Flora Greenspan entertained the members be" held on Sunday, sit the YMfiA "" Bienstock will entertain fifty gtt&sts of the CKo d u b Soaday afterneoa for Club rooms. on Saturday/ September 24, at a lun- Miss Irma Gross, who leaves soon A meeting of the X. T. C. dab v&s ALL SIZES cheon and miscellaneous shower, s t for Lansing, Michigan SIZES held Tuesday evening, September 20, the new Bofgess-Nash Tea-room, Sir, You'll' Like the Sett WtvM FrsEklim Co^, I1L complimentary to Miss Diana Gross, Mrs. J. Rosenblatt aad children re- at the YMHA club rooms wfcss cite Ifollowiflg officers were el#ted: whose marriage to Mr. Sol Novitsky turned Thursday from California, CLEAN, HOT, LONG LASTING •will take place on Sunday, Novem- where they have been spending the • Blanche Altnusa, president; MeEie ; Grossntaa, vice president; Bose Fin^ past sis weeks with Mrs. Rosenblatt's ber 6. Delivered pet Ton brother, Mr. J. Wintroub a t Los An- ] secretary; Helen Eeikes, ss^stant FALL SUITS s«iretary; Eos® Fellmsa, treasurer; IN FALL TO? COATS Miss Leah Solig of London, Eng- geles. Rebecca. Asoxiii* rEpcrter; Aass IN FALL GABERDINES land, arrived last -week to make her WMte, s€rgeaE.t-at-£rm& The s«xt Members of tha Young- Jadea Petroleum future home with her aunt, Mrs, H. jaeeting will "be held oa October 4. ; NEW FALL SUITS FOE M E N ' A N D Junior club •vsrere entertaiB®3 at a Solig. Coke party Sunday afternoon at th® home Sead year New Years Greeting* of Miss Sara Fish, when games and AH Mmi, K« Ash Mrs. Hr Solig had as her guests for through the Jewish Press. Call several days Mrs. 3. Shapiro and Max dancing formed the divertlsemetit. Jackson 2S72 before Monday eveaiag. *0esleri i» Shapiro of Lincoln :. NEW GABERDINES FOE MEN AND YOUNG MEN A. S. Musklii, Sales Mgft, per "Toa Mr. N. W. Naken leaves Friday for ft 0530 Chicago to attend the wedding of his brother Mr. M. L Nak~n to Miss Gene Ludgin, which will take place SunNEW. FALL TOP COATS FOB MEN AND" YOUNG MEN day. :

(iss Steinberg

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The Herzl Girls will hold their first meeting of the season on Sunday afternoon at the home of Miss Elsie I&rwitz, when all members are fcsing urged to be present.

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Mrs. Dorothea Golding of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, was buried at Pleasant Bill Cemetery Sunday morning, when Rabbi Frederick Cohn. officiated; Mrs.. Golding was eighty years old, having resided in Plattsinoufli for the past sixty years. She is survived by two sons, Dr. Daniel Golding ,of Los Angeles, California, and Byron Golding of Plattsmouth.


The Women's Welfare. Organizatioa will give a card party at the Blackstone Hetel on Wednesday afternoon, October 19. ..

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and money to misanthropy instead of world." philanthropy,; to spread hatred in* * * * * * The unexpected happened. Nobody stead of love, to arouse the ape and The most ridiculous accusation ever imagined that "the land of the the tiger in man, instead of cultivat- made against us by the exploiters of I free and the home of the brave" could ing his heaven-born gifts. Stand up the forged Protocols is that we are are not only expensive from the standpoint of resetting1 the glass, ever be infested by the soul-destroy- like a man and confess that you made in a "conspiracy" to dominate the but because your windows are rendered useless. ing poison of anti-Semitism, and the a grievous mistake, and you will be whole world. We, Jews, the Lord Place vyour Plate Glass Insurance where your claim will be last person that could be thought of honored by all men, except by those knows, are not given much to' .to be the promoter of such evil pro- slimy little creatures who swarm united action which is implied by quickly adjusted. paganda would have been the famous around the office of the "Dearborn conspiracy but, we ought to da Independent" to sell their soul ^or ! motor man Henry Ford. more of working together hereI do not propose to follow in the gold. . . . . . . after. I mean, of course, not footsteps of those who reply to Ford's But while this agitation is going on any secret plotting for an evil purPhone Atlantic 0360 640 First National Bank Bldg. attack by attacking his motives and we are confronted with a grave probpose as your enemies claim but a character. Of course it is hard for a lem of how best to prevent its maligJew to suppress his feelings when nant growth and'counteract its evil concurring in action or endeavor. We speaking of this modern Hainan. It influences. We venture in the follow- ought to "conspire" more to make the St requires an almost superhuman effort ing to suggest a few thoughts bear- world a safe place to live in for the Jew and any other race that happens Does It Need Cleaning to follow Jesus injunction, "Love ing upon the solution of this problem. fill Parts of the Werid your enemies." ' or Repairing? In replying to the slurs cast upon to differ in physiognomy or religious • We assist you 1B gettingports and £ive jou expert But I am inclined to deal fairly the Jewish race I would first of all beliefs from the majority of the peo- NOW IS THE TIME TO . HATE on European conditions. ple surrounding it. EXPERTS DO TEE WORK.. even with an enemy, and shall proceed recommend: Tooil Be Surprised at. Onr Rates. We help yon to cet yom selaAnd, indeed, the preaching of the on the assumption that Mr. Ford— CleaniBg done by Vacuum •withtlves In Europe to this country. Count Forty. out causing dirt. TTe Save satis| unlike his predecessor Haman—is ac- Thomas Jefferson, the author of the •brotherhood of man has been the tactorlly cleaned over 100 furnaces i tuated by no personal grudge against immortal Declaration . of Independ- special mission of the Jewish race, the past month. Val. J. Peter & Co. CALI. 0-ACKSOIf ISIS. i any Mordecai or Esther. I assume ence, said: "When angry count ten for Greece taught art. Rome Law. STJSA5ISKIF TICKETS Judea righteousness. If the Jewfurther that he is not the man with a your reply; if very angry, a hundred." FURNACE VACUUM GLEANING € 0 . FOREIGN EXCIIAXGB ish people had given to the world shrivelled heart and a dried up soul, Nothing will arouse a man's anger as 1814 Cnrolnjr Btreet. 13C7 Howard St., Oraahs, Neb. ! TS> Install Gilt Efice F Thone ATlantie 0310. and, therefore, I would ask him, "Mr. much as an attack upon his race. Be- nothing more than this one sentence. Ford, how can you do what fore replying, count forty: Why for- "Here, O Israel the liord oxir, God is one,", its contribution to! you are doing ?" ty? Because that is the number of the world's civilization would have Neither Jew or Christian can &- ecnturies during which, the Jewish Y o u r position Is ford to violate any of the Ten Com-race has been known: in the world. been Inrge enough. For the doctrine that God is one, is so all embrac• • correct, and shoals! mandments, "the foundation stone of The thought of this fact alone will be be s u p p o r t e d by all civilization. Mr. Ford persists in sufficient to make you cool down and ing and far reaching that it may be said to contain the essence of all i breaking the Ninth Commandment, every fair minded "Thou shalt, not bear false ' witness to get into a calm and serene state of human civilization. If one God is the \ person. mind, ready to reply with dignity and Father of all men it naturally follows i against thy neighbor." , decorum. You remember the famous that we are all brothers and ought to • It has been proven beyond any reply made by Disraeli in The House j doubt that the so-callgd '^Protocols of of Commons when some of his polit- deal with each other as such. • For the life of me I cannot see the Elders of ZioH** are?^ miserable ical opponents taunted him with behow any man who professes to believe forgery, plannedfand conco&ted by the • * • Ox * • * minions of thetlate.but uijamented ing of Jewish descent. He said some- in God can hate and persecute a! Hoffmann Funeral Home. brother'man who is a child of God,! Czar'of Kussiaf America's wisest and thing like this: Disirifewtor* "When the ancestors of the honorand in whom God dwelleth. For I ! noblest men have emphatically deable member of the House were still truly believe that God dwells in every j clared that those "Protocols are based on falsehoods," and yet Mr. Ford in living in the wild forests half-naked human being, unless that human be-] his '^Dearborn Independent"—appar- in a state of barbarism, worshiping ing becomes by evil thoughts and j ently independent of fairness and rea-images of stone, my ancestors were deeds so corrupt that God can no: (PALMER GRADUATE) son—continues to spread these ab- living in Palestine, and the royal oc- longer dwell, in him. He that hates' cupant of the Jewish throne was comsurd lies about the great Jewish conhis fellow man denies the Fatherhood Second Floor, Elks' Phone Jackson 3672 spiracy Is not this a flagrant viola- posing the Psalms of David which are of God, as God is sure to withdraw, still used in every church and home from him and leave him in the pos- ' tion of the Ninth Commandment? of the civilized world." session of the spirit of evil, commonNor is this all. The tragic history Heinrich Heine, who in his youth ly called the devil. Can you, Mr. \ HGLCGMB of the Jews shows all the pogroms was inclined to look with content upon : FOOD CHEMiCAL Ford, afford to be left without God? against the Jews were preceeded by B i s c u i t C®« his own race, writes in his confessions PRODUCTS CO., INC. . SOLOMON GOHEN : the spreading <-f falsehoods about the Manufacturers of in Pipp's Weekly. ••SNOW WffiTE Jews among t i e ignorant and vicious made in his maturer life, the following significant sentences: r o o u s AKD CHsacrcAxs. part of population. The breaking of "Now I perceive that the Greeks IXATOBIXG EXTRACTS. the Ninth Commandment paved the . V. S. Tat, 918 Jf. 16th St. Phone AOaatie 4SS4 MISS SOKOLOW MARRIES were only handsome youths, but the way for the breaking of the Eighth Office.) London. (Jewish Press Associaand Sixth Commandments, for pillage Jews have always been men powerful, stubborn men, not only in the days tion.) I t •was announced to-day that NORTHWEST READY and murder. of yore but even at present in spite Miss Sokolow, the daughter of NaROOFING CO. ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Nay, nay, Mr. Ford, you are on the of eighteen centuries of persecution hum Sokolovr, the noted Zionist j BoofiKjr ever old g APPLIANCES & SUPPLIES wrong track. You are engaged; in and misery. I have since learned to Also asphalt shingles and! build-up roofs. Fire resisting rn<J dnrsble. an enterprise which if <• successful know them better, and to value them leader, has just married the Jewish.: Grandee Electric Co. All work gnsrauteeg. Easy terms. ; would make you wish you had never more highly, and if pride of descent scholar and musical authority ChapPhone Harney £5~4 • been born. You are "giving your narae were not always a childish thing, I linsky. It,-is understood that they Office Ruff •Warehouse: S122 I»eaTcnTrortl! I&ll.Homu-d St. Fhone Atlantic. •will settle in Canada. •' might feel proud of the fact that my progenitors were members of the TIRES TUBES noble house of Israel, that I am a ACCESSORIES i descendant of those martyrs who have SESJViriFACTCKEKS. Chiropodist si»d Beacty B4tb and Farnam Street. given a God and morality to the Shcp MEY-MER-CO. Brand world, and who have fought and Established ISM Th® Home of Good Ice Cream Beverages and Syrups. suffered on all battle fields of the 15th and Harney Streets. S19-S21 So. l « h St., Omaha. Kebr. and Home Made Candy. *• Phone Boaelas SS3S


Leo A. Hoffmann

-Haas Co. , D. C

Meyer Mercantile Co., l i e .



ICECREAM CO. Rich and Smooth. 1433 JS. 18th. St.

Phone Webster 0106

Baker Ice Machines


"Manufactured in Omaha" BAKER ICE MACHINE CO.

OMAHA PILLOW CO. 1907 Cumins Street.

Jackson' 2467

Wholesale Distributors tor

*' S C H M I D T ' S Malta, Select, Bock, Ginger Ale, Hires Root Beer

Office and Warehouse: 017 So. Slain St. Telephone 143 COtTNCrL BLUFFS. IOWA.


Real Estate :: :: Insurance 1517 Harney St.

B ! ; WADE « « „


Phone Douglas 8707

A.F.HMRMADNFG.CO. Vinegar-Pickles-Cooperage Pure Food Products

Phone Douglas 4607 30th And Fierce St., Omaha. Nebraska.

TRIMBLE BROTHERS Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables la

' CC:.

•rti fe -hi


Have Your Furniture Reupholstered We make" it look like new. Call Douglas 9097 A man will call with samples.


OPB SEW LOCATION Corner. 10th rand , Douglas Streets. Masonic Temple Bids. :• Our iiine±—~ AMWIN. BI/UNGTON. HAMILTON. HOWABD UPRIGHTS. GKANDS. - PLAYER PIANOS.

THATCHER PIANO-CO. Phone Jaclison 8068


Z&t . Us liemore the Door from

Youc Furnace and Insert a .

fci ' w.


• tn

See Demonstration 310 So. lBttt" Street.

Call Atlantic 2364 . . . for...


2208 Cumlng St.

Phone Douglas 4726

Sherman Mercantile Co. Wholesale Grocers Specialties 1511 Cumins St. Phone Atlantic 1247 DISTKIBCTOKS JACK SPKAT FOOD PBODUCT8. Omaha, Nebraska.

OMAHA PURE FOOD CO; 2119 Cumins St.,

Omaha. Nebraska.

Rates for Space on this S p e c i a I Page given on application.

Jewish Press 483 BranuelB Bide.

Tel. Jackson 3378

Why Bny Tin? Buy Bird Brand Coffee in Tubes. SAVES rOC MONEY.


Jackson SS7S .


liOt Donffloa Street. Distributor* of- .44 Cigars.


Douglas 6SS7

Ambulance Service with AU Calls Answered Promptly.

; JOHN A. .GENTLEMAN 3411 Farnam St. • Phone Maxntr 0382

Stelaer Electric Heat' Chopper' and Coffee i n n . Used Scales -of All filalres for Sale.

... for...

City' Kepre«entatiTe SIS Go. ICth. St. ' Phone ta S3


Est. 1S31.

Phone Jackson 1680

Joseph Polack & Son Wholesale Dealer* in Butter, ! Eggs and Poultry. 1213 Howard St. Omaha, Nebraska.

Phone Market

LADY CHIROPRACTOR In Active Practice Since 1810.

Dr. Frances H. Turner


Office: Brandels Theatre Bulletins. I7t8i anfi PonplaB Streets. Ph Atlantic 3833


Omaha Office: 813 Douglas Street. Omaha Phone Atlantic £558

Ford Tranofer & Storage Co.

R. A. FORD. President and General Manager. Council Bluffs (Iowa) Office 034 So. Main Street. Phone 363

B TREATMENT T CONVINCE TOtT OF OtK . SINCERITY. Trust Department. Safety Deposit Boxes.


Estes Laundry Tablets .. .with . . .



Druggists and Stationers

Always Ask tor



SI6 N. 16th St.

An Ideal Washing Combination.

528-32 Securities Building, 16th and Farnam Sts. . Telephone: Jackson 8706


Baytoi Detroit-AsbnGatk Scales and Heat Steers

All that the name implies.


Theodore Volz & Son TAILORS

R06 u-S C01FECII

FRANK DEB "Make Warm Friends"


N.W. Cor. Eleventh and Howard Sts.



G. E. Engler & Go. •••


We are now ready to supply IMPORTED RUSSIAN and TURKISH cicarettes," tobacco and tnbes

Atlantic 6241

Made from Tour Own Feathers. Warm in winter; cool in .summer. Cost less and last longer than cotton. Phone us for samples of ticking and estimates.


Phone Atlantic 28S9

55% to 85% saved on i>arts for all make3 of cars. We ' carry- a complete line of new ring gears, pinions, axle Bhafts ana springs for almost any make of car. 1318-1330 West Broadway, COUNCH. Dinners, IOWA.

Sondgren Pie Baking Co. ~ 24th. and Hickory.



TRY SUNDGREN'S Nutritions Home M&de


401-403-405 South 10th St.



WHOLESALE FRUITS 823-031 West Broadway. COCNCI1. BLTIFFS. IOWA. Telephone 31C3

• Estes Soap Chips and

Water Softener (Combined)

216 N. Idth St Branches ttt Central Tuble Supply and Food

* At all Grocers.

irsieweg I Schoeitt^n -WHOLESALE GROCEKS Phone Jackson 1302



15very If jtra call the 1S1R California Street. Phone Douglas G2S1

*i .

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September 22, 1921  

Jewish Press

September 22, 1921  

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