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| Oh, to know §| i the joy of work ilj ilj {= and the happi- jji fjl ness that comes jjj

TheTOoral roan is the man who I makes the Golden | | Rule a part of 1 his dally life.

|H from doing good |||

HI to others! i VOL. I.—NO. 37.

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I m id as Eecond-clas3 mall matter on January 27th, 1921, at tn \ce at Omaha, Nebraska, under the Act of March 3, 1879.


Protocols of lion •Exposed as Fake by Ld N



•EEilctivities I Prejudice and the Jew to Open September 1; Welcome Sign isout

Montreal. (Jewish - Press Assiciation) One hundred fifty ."Ukrainian pogrom orphans to be cared for by Jews in this country arrived "yesterday in Quebec, according to telegraphic information received here: from that •Xbndon Times" Throws Light city. The children came in charge of W. L. HOLZMAN, CHAIRMAN OF on How Alleged Documents Mr. H. Hershman» the representative ADVISORY BOARD, MAKES ANNOUNCEMENT OF Were Forged by Unof Canadian Jewry •who- has spent PLANS FOR COMscrupulous Writer. many months in relief -work; thare.

j I

By JOHN B. KENNEDY . . - . . (Written for the "Columbia", a Knights of.Columbus paper.)

SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, A YEAR, $2,50* POLISH AMBASSADOR IN AMERICA RESIGNS Danzig. (J. P. A.) Warsaw reports that the Polish government has j accepted the resignation of Prince | Lubomirsky, the Polish ambassador to the United States. Owing- to the strike of a number of city workers, Warsaw is practically without water.! Committees Appointed to Rmm Money; Campaign to be Held according to information just received Holidays here.

Recently, in.the little town where 11 not fight religious or racial prejudices reside, there arose one of those typical as Catholics or Jews, but as citizens. small-town disputes that may either There is sufficient historical sympathy end in agape or assault and battery. between the Jew and the Catholic to A particularly stupid board of educa- warrant or, rather, to require a bond ING YEAR j A special meeting- of the KerpTS ] tion had invited the ritual officers of of fellow feeling in face of the multit Hayesod was h?-ld Wednesday night at London. (J. P. A.) The London an organization reputedly anti-Cath-1 form ways of active prejudice put inthe Court House to formulate plans I Times recently commenced the pubBy W. L. HOLZMAN olic to lay tfes corner stone of a new to practice against both at the preslication of a series of articles exposi for the raising of 825.000 during the | Every Jewish, boy or girl in the and expensive; public school. Protests ent day. The Jews are experiencing, ing the.manner in which the "Protoi coming holidays. City, from the ages of eight to twen- were made and the board, majestic in in a milder form, the bias exercised • Permanent officers will be elected | cols of the Elders of Zion" were against the Irish of a generation ago; ty-five, will find something of interits utter boviness, granted a hearing New York. (J, C. B.) Bernard forged. From the first two articles it i at the next meeting, est and appeal to him or her at the to the citizens who opposed the move. but the Jews ' have advantages that | The Keren Hayesod. established in 1 appears that the book which has Baruch, recently attacked by Stephen YMHA club-rooms this fall and win- Many, speakers had their say, all keep- the Irish never -ha\-e enjoyed and "served - European and American anti- Lausanne, editor of the Paris daily ter. The program for the "coming ing religion out of the question, sim- probably never will; with powerful Investigator States Tfoa *• <f»ft {accordance with the resolution of tiWM _,_,« ; London /.icnist "L-onfprence <Jvtly,l Semites so well, is nothing less^ thau "Mating was defended in an open let- season, now being prepared, makes ply challenging the board's right to agencies of propaganda at their com- 000,000 is Needed Imrae a copy of an attack upon Napoleon ter published today by Grosvenor B. provision for activities of -all sorts, for set a premium upon membership in mand, the Jews are able to give battle 1920) now legally incorporated under to Save Lives of the Third formulated in book form in Clarkson, Director of the Council of fun and frolic and for serious thought any restricted society by inviting the instantly and clamorously to their British law, is the agency of thr | Unfortunates. National Defense during the war. Geneva some sixty years back. World Zionist Organization for the enemies. And it:is in this hasty as well. Clubs, classes, entertainmembers of such a society to monoThe writer of the .Times makes evi- Lousanhe had " -characterized Mr. ments and social gatherings are all be- polize" a public function at the public mobilization and enforcement of their New York. " (Jewish Press Associa- I teblishment of the Jewish Nations: dent from the first that the individ- Baruch as "a braggart light weight" ing planned to give the boys and girls expense. While men of several races power that they may injure rather tion.) Returning from a trip which I Home. The directorate of the Kem ! ual who supplied Nilus with • the ma- and utilized the occasion of a vile at- —our boys a.nd girls—something to do spoke, the protesters represented but than aid their canse; they are check- he characterized as the most impor- Hayesod is responsible to the Worlf j terial was an unscrupulous plagarist. tack on Woodrow Wilson to criticize that will be beneficial, wholesome, two religious denominations— Catho- ing their antagonists at once before tant he has yet made, Dr. Boris B. Zionist Executive Committee and th* •The Daily News as well as the Daily Baruch as one of-the expresident's in- educational and entertaining. lic and Jewish—and the most forceful antagonism has developed to such a Bogen, veteran relief worker and one World Zionist Executive Committtee i* Herald welcomes the expose of a doc- timate advisers. speech was made by a Jewish doctor stage that it'can be unmistakably of the most important head workers responsible to the Zionist Conjtress. Mr. ciarkson states that he has dis- The Advisory Board of the YMHA oiment they condemned in no uncerwho, perhaps, has brought more seized and unmistakably crushed. And of the Joint Distribution Committee, . The Keren Hayesod proposes tr is co-operating with Young Judea, the tain terms upon its first appearance covered "many things which Mr. Council of Jewish Women, the various Christian babies into the world than possibly they are committing $100,000,000 during next flVfon arrival from Europe yesterday de- raise Baruch did for Hanee" and proceeds e a r s t o la r t h in this city. > e foundations of any doctor in the county. The illus- equally serious, if less strategic, er- clared that the most urgent problem j J' to detail numerous,instancesin which branches of the Jewish Welfare Fedtrious board, not having an inter- rors. They are not taking full advan- of ruined European- Jewry was the | Jewish. National^ Home. eration and other local organizations All monies collected by the Keren The protocols were first published Baruch helped France out of serious to make the club-rooms in the Lyric preter at its service to explain words tage of the value of persecution as a care and disposition of the freat army for general consumption in London. difficulties during the trying period Bldg. a Jewish center for all the of more than three syllables or un- unifier between, themselves, and they of 50,000 homeless and parcntless Havesod will be expended in Pale;;tinp-1 The protocols, it was alleged, of the war. Clarkson concludes with young people of the city. Since the ravel syllogisms with echeloned pre- are losing a measure of sympathy on Jewish pogrom and war orphans. through appropriate administrative showed that the Jews were working the declaration that these 'fforegoing YMHA is a member of the Federa- mises, rendered its verdictj the ritual the part of many sterling souls who Dr. Bogen indicated that the solu- and executive bodies toward an international govern- examples of Baruch's friendship" for tion, and shares in the budget, it can officers of the society in dispute have a natural inclination toward the tion of the problem rests with AmeriThe money raised by the Kerer-1 ment. They were supposed to have and understanding of the necessities be called.the Jewish Community Cen- whisked off their mystic robes for the persecuted of all races and creeds. Hayesod will be used in buying lanrl. can Jewry. The opportunities for . been drawn up at a meeting of lead- of your great-hearted Erance have ter of Omaha. Plans for the winter's inspiring ceremony. But the com- If the Jews, making use of their vast placing any large number of the little draining marshes, maintaining been taken almost at random from ing Zionists of the "world. ' work are designated to make it so, munity -first received an object lesson, propaganda resources, fight their fight pogrom victims in this country, are in ties, road building, operating; the mass of material before me." operating' j On these documents, which have topical and to the point; that dis- against religious End racial prejudice Dr. Bogen's opinion, slight and the for poor immigrants. actually. schools, and forwarding agriculture b1 been branded as forgeries from the criminators must heed the possible only thing for American Jews to do is in general, against the malicious t Every normal person likes to meet start, Henry Ford based his attacks and associate with other persons who union of the discriminated, for in this social and political ;proscription of any to give freely for their support and irrigation and so forth. on the Jews of this country. Many have the same desires, tastes and particular small town—and there are citizens as an act against t i e -peace training on the other side. of the articles of the Dearborn Insimilar— and prosperity x>£ ..all citizens, the;/ Believing the condition of European view-points as his ownj it is a natural many not so small that are s dependent dealt exclusively- -with human instinct. So people form or the reaction may be that -&n ©tended will build better than they know. En Jewry generally to be more hopeful these papers, now bi ided by Lord Vienna. (J.-'-T. A.) News from join clubs of various sorts as ah ex- citizenry may even throw out an elec- passant, it is rather strange that the [than it was. Dr. Bogen nevertheless; •'Northcliff's paper as a fake. private sources from Budapest indi- pression of this instinct. The activi- tive education board-on its collective Knights of -Columbus should have 1 emphasized the absolute need for cates that the condition of the thou- ties of the YHMA club-rooms • are ear. . been the only national non-Je"wiEli or- American Je-R-s to continue thair supsands of Polish Jews who have been based along this line, with boys and "MORNING POST" ganization of great numbers and pres- port of their brethern abroad and . Fighting Religious Prejpdkcs interned in Hungarian prison campi tige to condemn-the attack on the ((stated that BO less than £10,000,000 p ^ a t i o n of some girls clubs as the chief activity: There FOLLOWS "TIMES" for many months^ is a, tenible one. This incident, and many like It, proare clubs in the Association for boys " . ' jj . a r e urgently tl needed d d .for f th : h i £ c o n c e n t r a t e a largely the :heip...«£j Nr» vokes speculation. Recently, the hend London. (J. C. B.) The antiDue to the poor food", the unsanitary and girls from 8 to 10, 10 to 12, 12 When knighthood was in flo\rer sad j the orphans and to effect plans of re-jQ i t v h a V c ^ e c ^ e ( j to of the Knighte of Columbus saw fit Semitic daily, the Morning Post, takes f>1 : ^ i~M quite seriously .the recent articles and inhuman conditions among the to" 14,15 to lS^lS to 21,,,andjlubs for to..,atteBr.jrt: trd\?fceck: -the -rather -extra- the _ voice,'.pi,.-Eeme: shook -thrones in-j construction.- .Dr.^ Bogen will lay Ills j0 ^ *0He:-hal.f -day's lab.^ o imprisonedJewSj-jiumCTous -epidemics: memB"ers~'over 2f. "There is a Boy the'far corners of the earththere was 'report and plans, before the Joint Dis-j # ^ starvingm :n>-nv-=nirkpr 0 e vagant and fortunately forensic antiprinte4.1jy, the London Times, showing that the so-called "Protocols of the are prevalent. Scores of dea.hs. oc- Scout Club, a Junior Scout Club, a Serritic wave that is passing over the not, according to popular history, the | tribution Committee and will then jEuss ;* a _ The Amalg.m'M now beginning to recover frova a Elders of Zion" are faise documents cur daily! Despite the efforts of the Newsboys Club, a club to fill every United States. The press carried his common interest that now exists for issue a statement "to the public months1 struggle through" which manufactured by individuals'of rather "Joint" to improve their condition by need and answer every purpose. New words and the mails quickly brought Catholic and Jew; for, although the sending food and medicaments, *hings clubs are formed upon application of j succeeded in keeping the cloU'infc the reaction. The scores of letters Church, ever more tolerant than the HUNDREDS PAY LAST shady reputation. The Morning Post, TRIBUTE TO P I O N E E R j dustry • free from the former pviU, ofj however, refuses to rely on the evi- came tosBB& a pass that the interned 10 or more boys or girls to the Direc- received fall into three rough classifi- times in which she lived, protected " cations—those from Jews who express infidels and heretics within legal dence of the Times and promises to collectively declared that if sseps to tsr. Hundreds attended the funeral of the sweat shop system, and the free them, were not taken, they would In addition to the clubs, . various the most cordial gratitude for kind bounds, it appears- to have been some- L. Eosenblum, 63, Omaha Jewish, pio- appeal for Kussia finds its t'ciiSti; conduct an independent investigation", classes for boys and girls from 15 words boldly spoken at a time when thing in the nature of .sport for impe- neer, last Sunday afternoon.; Mr. Eo- depleted and its resources low, but assuring its readers, nevertheless, that go on 1 hunger strike. It is worthy of note that notwith- yeaiS of age and up, will be held this kind words are rare and who even ask cunious kings and counts to capture senblum died last Friday afternoon has been among the first to ret on no occasion did it commit itself to standing the pretense made by the Po- winter. Present plans include a gym. if, being Jews, they can be admitted a handful of bearded Jews and to following' an extended illness. in a way that will net at least R the authenticity of the "Protocols." lish Government a few months ago to class for girls, dramatic and pub- to the K. of C.; those from Gentiles charge them so much for every hair Burial Was in Pleasant Hill cemet- ter of a million dollars for thf sufAPPEALS FOR CHILDREN intercede for .her Jewish, citizens by lic-speaking classes, choral class, Bible of various religious affiliations who in their beards that was not extracted ery. ferers. The Jewish "Welfare Federation to- •protesting to the Hungarian govern- study class, etc. ,T.iese classes will all denounce any attempt to shield a race without lather. The Jews^—who have Conferences continue in Jewi&h disMr. Rosenblum came to Omaha ment, no passports have been issued be conducted by expert instructors, which the writers believe is receiving had ample revenge on Christendom thirty-two years ago and for the past tricts of New York with a vi«"v of or*. I day issued the following appeal: • and are all worth attending. Addi- some measure of the strictures it has by marketing certain safety razors twenty-eight years, he operated a j ganizing a drive for Russian With the opening of school just a as yet. tional classes will be formed from long merited, and, thirdly, those from that are not .always conscientiously grocery store on North Sixteenth More and more organisations few weeks off, the Federation must YOUNG MEN'S CLUB begin providing new outfits of clothtime to time, and will be announced Catholics who believe that a sober and safe—are somethimes reminded of street. teer assistance daily. The daily Tui~| intelligently directed combination of those medieval barbarism and asked ing and shoes for the 75 children unin the "Jewish Press." He is survived by his widow, and dish newspapers constantly nrge TO MEET TUESDAY der its care. Much money can be ' The first iregular meeting of the The "social activities of the club-, Catholic and Jewish offensives against to believe that the Church connived seven children, Mrs. S. Frotan, Mrs. dividuals and societies to contribute I saved if the friends of the Federation Young Men's Jewish Welfare Federa- rooms form a very popular feature for religious and racial prejudice deserves at such personal persecutions. The M. B. Priesmajj, Mrs. M. Chipkin, so that the movement to aid KU&BU,J will remember it when considering tion will take place Tuesday evening the young folks. In addition to the a trial because of its inherent promise fact that the countries where Cath- Mrs. A. P. Kendis, and Harry, Sam, promises to grow into one that new outfits for their own children. August 30, at the-Y. M. H. A. room parties and dances given from time of ^success. With due consideration olicity predominates are precisely and Joe Eosenblum. envelop all of New York Jewry. The Federation can use and will be in the Lyric building. At this meet- to time by the various clubs, the for the vital statistics of optimists in those where the Jew is permitted to glad to receive any clothing that has ing all the members of the club will YMHA holds semi-monthly dances and this land of thr free, there is reason develop his talents unmolested refutes OLD RESIDENT OF OMAHA.] ORGANIZE NEW CLUB become outgrown but is still we.iraT, be -divided into teams to make a can- entertainments for all its members. to believe that the third class of re- this clumpsy attempt to make the The Hersl Club, a new organization DIED. b'le. Clothing and shoes that are badly vass of the city to try to obtain prac- These socials, attended only by Jew- actors are the seed sown on good Jew diffident in the face of Catholic for study and social activities, has Mrs. Esther Herman, wife at Mr-! friendship. . torn or worn are of no-use to the Fed- tically all the young men in the city ish boys and girls, and under proper ground. been formed here. Henry Heyman, died at the family! eration. An objective, not a subjective, com- It is conceivable that even the most • The first affair of the club will be residence Wednesday morningbetween the ages of 16 and 23 to join supervision, are undoubtedly the best f Anyone- having clothes that xan be the organization. Teams also will be places for our young people to at- bination is meant, of course. Fusion charitably inclined Christian, survey- a dance st Kel-Pine's Dancing Aca- an illness of several months. used by the Federation will kindly organized to'assist the older federa- tend. The environment, the com- of forces is not only impracticable, ing the social and industrial life of demy, Sunday evening, September 11. Heyman had resided in Omaha forj panionship and the entertainment giv- but obviously puerile strategy. And, his community, may be alarmed at bring or send them to the office in the tion group in collectioli of money. The life of Herzl and other great the past thirty-five years and b r i {Continued on page 2.) Lyric building. Large quantities will The Young Men's. Federation was en at the^Y social evenings are all of course, Catholics and Jews should Jewish leaders will be studied by large circle of friends here. Bhr -;*J be called for by phoning Jackson 3230. organized on April 12 at the Loyal of the very- best, and are intended to members of the cleb who are leaders survived by her husband r*nd J hotel. More than 100 members bring Jewish boys and girls together in the younger Jewish set. Harry Herman; two brothers. MrowAMERICAN ZIONISTS were admitted to the organization a in clean and wholesome recreation. Kahn and Abe Kahn of this city *«v".| All Jewish holidays are celebrated by the initiation meeting. All the memADOLPH S. OCHS HONORED sister, Mrs. A, Block of this OFFICIALLY ANSWERED the clubs meeting at the Y, either bers are urged "to be present at the New York. (Jewish Press Associa- Funeral services will be hold London. (J. P. A.) The Zionist through their own or general protion.) Celebrating- the completion of the residence, 3330 California — world organization has just issued a next meeting, Tuesday evening. New York. (Jewish Press Associagrams. Jerusalem. (Jewish Telegraphic t a ^ quarter of a century s-ince Mr, Friday at 2:30 p. m. and burial w Blue Book in which the charges made The Advisory Board of the YMHA Agency.) Justice Louis D. Brandeis tion.) An' announcement just made JEWISH WORKERS ORGANAdolph S. Ochs, took charge of the be at Pleasant Hill with Rabbi S. against the world leaders' by the forIZE RELIEF FOR PINSK appeals to the Jews of Omaha to re- of the United States Supreme Court public in this'city states that the 1D- New York Times, and converted it Schwab of Sioux: Falls, South mer American leaders are-answered in gard the club-rooms as its community has been elected as a delegate to the GEZKOM (Jewish Committee in EusWarsaw, August 12. (Jewish Telefrom an insignificant publication into officiating. fulL At the same time Sir Alfred center, to help develop the work of International Zionist Congress; ac- sia) has established special departgraphic Agency.) The Jewish workers one of the greatest daily newspapers in I Mond takes issue with the Americans in all making our boys and girls and young cording to the results of Palestine ments "- -'- " tbureaus " — " ~ '*for — "the " vhandling "<""""1 who have broken away from the party of Pinsk have organized, a committee the country,the entire staff numbering j V I E N N A JEWS^JWILL men and women into good Jews and elections announced here today. Jus- of mails between Jews in Russia and in a letter appearing in today's issue to help the unfortunate victims of the close upon 2,000 honored the publisher AID REFUGEE^ good Americans, to urge and encour- tice Brandeis is the American leader their relatives --and friends in Amerof the "Jewish Chronicle." Sir Alfred fire that destroyed almost the whole and owner at a special gathering arNew York. (Jewish Press Abacage their children to use and enjoy of the minority group in the Zionist ica. The full details of the work of maintains that the Europeans are town. They volunteered to distribute ranged for that purpose. Mr. Ochs tion.) The Joint Distribution Ct. the YMHA privileges and pleasures. Organiation, which is opposed to the this department ~and the manner in right and proposes to lend them his the food and clothing sent them by who received numerous congratulamittee lias received information which American Jews can take adTo the young folks of the city the present leadership in that organizaentire co-operation. The "Jewish the "Joint," to put up tents in the Board sends this message—the YMHA tion, and he will therefore not partici- vantage of it for ,tne purpose of trac- tions from friends and admirers all Dr. Bernard Ivoim, one of its eh*?"j fields, and to keep watch at night. ' Chronicle" comments on_ the Zionist over the world, took occasion to an- representatives in Europe thai tte Many men, women, and children and the Club-rooms are not -our pate in the forthcoming meeting. The ing their relatives, will soon be made nounce the establishment of a pension Blue Book and lauds Dr. Weizman's "Alliance" of Austrian Jews has prepublic. wander among the ruins in; the hope YMHA or our Club-rooms. The YMHA Congress opens on September 1st. stand. ' . - • • , ' • fund for all employes of the paper. mised him its 'cooperation in hrlp;np| of finding some of their worldly goods is YOURS—the Club-rooms are 1 Jewish refugees. OPEN-NEW-MARKET HAMMERSTEIN TO PRODUCE that may have been spared by the YOURS—they are meant fof YOU DR. BOGEN RETURNS APPEALS IN BEHALF' OF A new Kosher meat market will be IN LONDON ' . • TO AMERICA fire In a few- days, groups of work- and we want YOU to use them. No * A HEBREW THEATRE AUSTRIAN, CONSULS INmatter what your age is or what your opened at 1613 North Twenty-fourth New York. (Jewish Press Associaers will be organized to clear away the New York. (J. C. B0 Dr. Bogen, London. (J. P. A.) The noted Rus- STRUCTED TO VISE tastes and desires, are—you: can be street Saturday night under the mantion.) Arthur Hammerstein, son of the representative of the Joint Distribu- ruins and to start the rebuilding of London. (J. C..B.) Thanks to sian singer, Chaliapin, in the course pleased and suited at YOUR club- late Oscar Hammerstein, announced! agement of Samuel' Pried and David ..».-..-•.'. ' tion Committee in Poland, is due to Pinsk.intervention of Dr. .Robert Slrickor, of a communication to some local rooms. You can spend many happy yesterday that for some time to come, Kuklin. arrive in New York on the Aquitania. the Austrian, minister has friends appeals to the Jews outside of and enjoyable hours there—and we Both Mr.-Kuklin and Mr. Fried have and until conditions in the local theaLITHUANIAN SOLDIERS the Austrian consuls in Trieste Soviet Russia to aid the ejcMing Hewill be glad to welcome you whenever had years of experience in the kosher tre field would improve, he had made MADE NO POGROMS RUSSIAN REFUGEES brew theatres founded in thai; country Jerusalem to vise the pair-sports of • arrangements to produce plays in Loar \ butcher business; * London. (J. P.-A.) The local of- you come. €< r BARRED FROM BESSARABIA Fall activities will commence Sept. don. Mrs. Hammerstein who was con-1 All meat in the new market will be by Habimah,' the organisation for Palestine <le!egates to the Zionist ? Vienna. (J. T. A.) The Rouma- ficial representatives of Lithuania Hebrew productions. Chaliapin re- press, to pass through Austria or, nian Government at'Bucharest has is- have issued an official dpnial of re- 1st. For complete details regarding testing a suit with two of her step- j kept under glass. The counters, cases- cently made public an appeal to all their way to Carlsbad. The sued an order closing the Roumanian cent reports that Lithuanian soldiers classes," clubs and other activities . -e daughters had a decision rendered . and shelves will be of marble, workers in art and literature in be- had previously refused to vis*** frontier •« refugees from Ukraine and had made a pogrom upon a Jewish Mr. Samuel Schaefer, Director, "at 303 against her in the Federal District I "We expect to make this market the half of the starvinp Russiansfor *hm Palestine delegates. finest in Omaha,",said Mr. Fried. Lyric Bldg. or call Athlantic 3840. Court. I community near Vilna. Russia. .

Defends Bernard Baruch Against "Matin" Attack

Jews Interned in / Hungary Mistreated

Palestine Jews Sect Brandeis as Delegate

PAGE 2-^THE JEWISH PRESS THURSDAY; AUGUST 25, 1921. flie may be safely permitted the luxury New York who appeared more re- JEW HEADS MOVEMENT According to the writer, a strenuous of at least one domesticated bete-noir. cently somewhat tired! of continually anti-Semitic .campaign is now being FOR BUDGET CUTconducted throughout Mr. Henry Ford's title to similar in- giving for relief, are again awake town and vilPublished every Thursday at Omnta, Nebraska, by A .HEAL dulgence is, as the phrase has it, notto the serious needs of the situation. . New York. (Jewish Press Associa- lages and the movement is supported THE JEWISJJ PRESS PUBLISHING COMPANY. ' tion.) Samuel A. Lewisoan, the notEverywhere, the plight of the milso good. The celebrated protocols of by the Socialist-revolutionaries no " MOREIS-E. JACOBS, Manager. the Elders of Zion, to which he haslions of Jews in Red Russia is the ed financier c^ this city, has been less than by the reactionary eleOffice, Pour, Bailed Bldg.—Telephone Jackson 2372. given wide publicity ,are not even chief topic of discussion. The Peo-chosen head of a local committee ments. '. Subscription Price* ona year....... $2.50 interesting. They are probably the ple's Relief Committee, together with which will conduct a campaign for reports of/a rather obfuscated young the Arbeiter Ring and the Yiddische a reduced budget. The committee LANDESCO ARRIVES IN POLAND. Advertising rates furnished on application. ' WITH KEAL journalist who, some time or other, Gewerkschaften, have called a con-will seek to initiate citizens into •-Warsaw, August 11. (J. T. A.) NOT POINTED FOR P E K S O N A I J fPROFIT—Profits from the publicamethods which will lessen the govstrayed into, an obscure Hebrew ference at which plans will be pertion of The Jewish (Press are to bo given to worthy communal causes. Laadesco, th© representative of His lunatic asylum. Certainly IWr. Ford fected for the gathering of funds to ernment's expense. Joint 'Distribution Committee, arrived CHANGE OF ADDRESS—Please; giro, both the old fend new address; v lias no right to generally attack any save, starving Russian Jewry. IS THE ANTI-SEMITIC here yesterday from America. He •.... .-- ba van and sign'your name. '• body of his fellow-citizens. I for one, PROPAGANDA IN announced that the new "Joint" am heartily in favor of suppressing JEWS FORM RED SHIELD SOVIET RUSSIA scheme for constructive relief activAS HOLY DAYS APPROACH. his "Independent," not only because ORGANIZATION. Berlin. (Jewish Press Association.) ities in. Poland would be put into As the Holy Days approach—the most important of the it causes more trouble than it is Jewish calendar—let-us* right now, take an inventory of our- worth, but because it absolutely de- New York. (Jewish Press Associa- A recent number of the official Rus- effect at once. selves. Let us really find out just what we have accomplished pends upon the whims of a man whose tion.) A special dispatch to the Newsian Communist organ "Pravda" 318 South Fifteenth Street. during the past year. --.; best service to society is clearly in York Times reports the formation deals with the question of anti-Sem- JEWISH COLONY NEAE It is the sport center of Omaha. CONSTANTINOPLE ATTACKED « Let us not: wait until we step into the Synagogue or Temple the development of automation and in Geneva of a Jewish organization itism in Russia, The writer declares Full baseball ticker and score Constantinople. (J. T. A.) The on Rosh H&shona or Yom Kippur to sui*vey the period of twelve not journalism. Like more than one to be known as the Red Shield and that the various forces which are board service. Tickets on sale months past and then ask forgiveness for our sins. Let us think American of inventive genius, he is to correspond to the Red Cross. It now combined in opposition to the Jewish colony Messilah Ha-^-hadashah now about them and t r y to amend and rectify before we enter philanthropic as an expert, i u t scjnae- is aimed, the report says to make present government find in anti- (The New Way) was attacked by Tur- for Schlaifer-McCae fight. We Semitism one of the means whereby kish, bandits and Its inhabitants mercihave some of the best seats God's House of Worship. what demoniacal as a dabbler. Withal, it international. they hope to stir up a full measure lessly beaten. Many valuable agriculin the house on sale . here. And if we do, we can step into the Synagogue and Temple it is profitable to contrast the inof trouble for the Soviet authorities. tural implements and house furnishTHE COHENS with lighter tread and untroubled, conscience for then we will stant activity on the part of civic This is an invitation to you, hjave accomplished a portion of the objects of t h e Holy Days bodie3 against Mr. Ford's journalistic They have told in song and story ings i zve carried off. ' Visit the Sportsman, Take even before the services have commenced. Of the Kalmuck and the Turk, enfant terrible, whereas tha most advantage of our rest The questions are simple ones. If you cannot satisfy your maculate "Menace" was given the Sung the everlasting glory Office Hours 9 to 12 a. in.; own conscience with their answers, s start a t once to make honest freedom of every city in the Union, rooms at any time. Of the Kelly, Shea and Burke, EXPERT DRESSMAKER 2 to 6 p. m. amends and by the time you enter your place of worship, be it save Detroit, and the hoary old bug-But apologies should flow in 1 We carry a complete line of Specializing Temple, or Synagogue, you can say a "life well lived". To the fiercest fighting c l a n bear of a "K. of C. Oath" yet.goes cigars, cigarette and candies. in Fashionable Gowns. Let us start with the home. There is the root of t h e exist- through the mails to scare all good Yes, the newest name is Cohen; Box cigars our specialty. ence of cur life* and civilization. Have-you produced t h e right little noricomformist boys from the He's the top hole fighting man. . Mrs. Bernstein CHIROPODIST environment for your family? Have you encouraged and helped ferocious Sisters of Charity who carry S808 Wirt Street. rhon« Webster G8«S your children in obtaining'a good education? Have you aided in their specified quota of guns, ammu- Here's to Ikey, Abe and Izzy, Telephone Douglas 5165 1 keeping -.your children clean and neatly clothed? Have you nition, and violetn poisons about their Here's to Ignatz, Moe and Jake. Room 204 Bushmsn Block pointed out to them the path of righteousness and helped build meek persons. Sure, the pace they set'was dizzy Archie Jacobs Jake Katleman We want live wires to sell our for them high ideals of living by our own exemplification? Have And they made the Heinies .quake.. 16th and Douglas Sts. high grade toilet preparations The phenomenon of joint hatred of 318 South Fifteenth Street. you led them to the Sunday School or Talmud Tqrah so t h a t £h 3 Catholic and Jew is not new, al-Some said gold was their delighting, to the trade. Men with car (A few steps south of Farnani they may know of their forefathers and of their religion? preferred. Liberal commissions. inougby rdespite.: their war-time suc- And that business was their soul. on the vest side of tlie street.) And in connection with your family have you forgotten your cess, it appears to be undergoing re- Well, they made their business fighting relatives in far-off ruined Europe? We all know of the terrible vival. Unfortunately, common sense 2219 Leavenworth St. BUY SAFE And kicked Kaiser for a goal! conditions there. • A t this time give a practical thought t o your is not the birthbright nor the naturalipoor relatives in destitute Europe. zation appurtenance of American citiWIEM YOU BOY JEWELRY - There is no question about this.—The tape measure of a zenship. Until our schools teach the You will find them in the Bowery • FROM US, YOU "BUY SAFE" And in Hester street and Grand, man is his heart. If his heart is big, in the eyes of God, he is love of God and the love of all God's Our guarantee asd our word is And th^ir manner may seem flowery "one of t h e big men of the community*, even though he toils creatures that that love implies and as good as a bond. As they talk with either hand. in the ditch. ."If his heart is small, in t h e eyes of God he is a inspires; prejudice and: bigotry will We have satisfied hundreds of "small man of t h e community", even though he be a power of continue to make divisions to which. But you'll do well to remember yojir friends. •strength and influence or a King Midas of gold. THat those hands can turn to fists, Satan cannot give his personal attenAnd that three years, corns November What is t h e measurement of your heart? . Have you given! tion. ...'-.....' your full share t o charity. Does t h e record ; of t h e Jewish The Catholic and the Jew, _ by Those same Cohens led the lists! Welfare Federation here, t h e official- centralized" philanthropic preaching and practicing, each in his —Maurice Morris in N. Y. Herald. 1514 Dodge Street. -Phone: Douglas 5 6 1 9 — Society of t h e city, contain yo~ur name? But t h a t is not all, does course, understanding and toleration the figures after the name show t h a t you have done your full and the correction of confounding of ANNOUNCEMENT. share, comensurate with your means? Or are you one of those the knaves and fools who profit by I. wish to announce to my who bargained in charity when t h e solicitors called and felt t h a t prejudice, will provide a moral alliance you got a "cheap buy", even in the bartering of bread for the valuable to this America that is Buf- pupils and friends that my piano studio at 305 Lyric needy and hungery? • fering so patiently under t i e heel of Wildings has been opened for Did you do your share in the war drives while t h e boys the Americanizer. the coming season. were battling the foe on "No Man's Land"? Even in regard to yourself you have many questions to answer. Have you aimed toward better and higher things of life ? Have you in your business and profession maintained lofty Wanted by couple with tenideals and ethics? Have you earned your income during t h e 39so jZ&eai: Family, Lotf Great as a city and great as a year old son TWO ROOMS in past year in legitimate business, honorable and beyond approach? centre is New York. Events pass home with private family. Use Have you done your; share of reading during t h e past year and surpass each other. News, reof kitchen desired. Must be in ; ;{''••?! i ' i v \ i " f *;.;-.. good location. Box 466 JEWin order to broaden your viewpoint and to gain knowledge of t h e ports, sensations, reliable and ISH PRESS. doings of t h e world? Have you realized your civic duty and groundless contend for attention and have you-done your-share" in making your community a better chase each another into oblivion. place in whicl^to live?;f ;'•-'• \ Nearly all hold the interest of the Have you -done your share in spreading t h e gospel of your general public and affect Mm to a religion? What have you done in building up the Synagogue's far greater degree than he is conHarry H. Laplflus. Pres.-Trea8. •: Jos. Pepper. Vice-President. JtortatcrtHS SedaatlM CMW* and Temple's vinfluence among t h e Jewish^ families of this scipus of, often even stamping his W. 0 . Cr«. Secretary. community?. r . . - ; • : > : . _ mood. Omaha Fixture & There are but a few, of t h e questions you can easily answer. That New York;, holds particular You will think of many more of them. " D o n ' t - w a i t until t h e interest for Jews is small wonder. It Supply Co. and buy them at Holy'.Days'.to .'answer- them; answer them now a n d then make is not only a great city in so many COMPLETE STORE AND your amends, and when t h e Holidays do arrive you can feel t h a t respects, but it possesses the world's OFFICE OUTFITTEES the important days are not sham b u t really mean something greatest Jewish community. In such, We occupy over 70,000 eaoar* feet to you. • ' , . • . - . a vital and throbbing center much Soathwest Corner BROTHERS 319 South 16th Street happens and of these happenings, EleTcntb and Oonctas ptrecti. Phone: Doajrlas 2724 MOTOR, CARS do not incline toward sports' a t col-there are some that interest every Phozia Douglas 3400 OMAHA. N E a lege—possibly they labor under the average individual. (Continued from page 1.) delusion that college i s a place where New York is now • of particular what has been termed the penetrative the collegian should incline toward interest to Jews becduse it' is the power of the Jew. But even if the study. But in boxing, the most un- center of Jewish life throughout the Christian lacks charity, he should compromising of ' all contest sports, world. The leading Kohillah in have sufficient power of penetration nasal clues frequently lead to t h e American Jewry, Jews in every himself to understand that the Jewidentity of Jewish participants where country look to it for help and inearns whatever success: he achieves. names do not. I t is true of America spiration. Palestine cannot be reHe may earn that success by dubious that our. Jews do not shine in agricul- built without the aid of American i methods, even by illegal methods, b u t ture or railroad" building, b u t there Jews—is the pronouncement of the the Gentiles can m a t c h . t h e Jews .in. are racial and environmental reasons entire Jewish press of the world; naughty practices. I t is the unusual for this. Under our economic system without their cooperation, the Balcleverness and commercial energy 'of, a quickwitted race finds easier access four Declaration may remain a the Jev/ that makes .him a menace to prosperity than along t h e plowed scrap of paper; England's good-will when he is without education or reli- row; the inbred speculativenes3 and towards us—a • meaningless desire gion. We-see', this exemplified most commercial acumen of the Jew, t h eand the great sacrifices of the strongly in America.' TJp a large ex- result of centuries of political pro- Chalutzim, a wild flight of fancy. tent our popular entertainments a r e scription, does not readily turn toward The fate of many thousands of directed by Jews, who have tangible the slower if less hazardous processes pogrom and war orphans is in the and in some cases regrettable control of wealth accumulation. hands of American Jews. Thousand of our spoken and silent drama, who When t h e argument against the of little ones are hovering between produce, perhaps, most of our crook Jew narrows down to the charge of slow starvation and a hopeful future and sex plays, our vulgar vaudevil's, extreme personal thrift. Scotland and depending upon the efforts in their At the New . Lower Prices our lecherous burlesque, our aphro- possibly New England may protest. behalf by that great almost unknown disiacal billboards, who market chorus The Jew" is 5 hot less generous than mass composing the Jewish, comgirls- and decollete.'.gowns, who write his fellow citizen of different racial munity of New York^ HEN so m&ny stares are featuring pieces| WE FURNISH ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE. I rotten songs and sing them rottenly. extradition. I n -profiteering, in a l l people are justified in asking if tltey-feature And Jews are not alone in looking But-who on earth patronizes and tol- the degrees of legalized fraud and anything else." . . I . PERSONAL SERVICE WITH EACH 5 to New York for the turn of events. erates* all these; things ? The J e wdiversified usury that go unpunished Governments and empire rulers frePOLICY — LARGE OR SMALL § only? ' Greater Nebraska is featuring the finest-clothes in these United States, certain Jews quently interest themselves in the § in. the world fit the new. lower prices. Prices less may be more proficient than Gentiles, Anybody who h a s visited a Ghetto sentiment of New York Jewry. than market conditions warrant. anywhere, or, to be specific, t h e but they a r e no more morally guilty. There is- little activity at this Potash and Perlmutter area of New Politically, they are. the only racial moment in New York. There is inTHOUSANDS OF SUPERB SUITS FOB .York- a t the noon hour when t h e group that h a s been bold enough to deed almost a total -absence of that 5 5th Floor Saunders-Keraiedy Bldg. S identify itself in large masses with YEAR AROUND. "WEAR. countless tailors, cutters, arid buttonconstant and rushing social life Tel. Tyler 3160. • ; | hole makers and merchants troop t h e the thunderously denounced schools of which is characteristic of New Yorks | street, has probably twitched nostrils radicalism. Viewed without the "un- autumn, winter or spring. The heat a t unpleasant odors'and. blinked eyes hallowed light of almost inevitable is intense, leading men are away a t unhealthy faces-^but precisely the jealousy, the position of the J e w inbut the great mass is here and their PHONE: DOUGLAS 2793. same sensations m a y be experienced America and i n t h e world is n^ot one sentiment is the truest : measure of for which painstaking apology need by Visiting a group of thoroughly Asd other reliable smartly styled passing events. And from their at. Christian'sewer workers plying their be made. titude it is evident that the next clothes at $29, $25 aad $30. trade. Eeligion or race cannot bear G. K. Chesterton, whose personal winter will be chiefly devoted to the stigma of brutal economic neces- contact with Jews has not been entirer sity!. •:•'•-•.. ••• '•'-;..' - • -...'••. ; ly satisfactory, once told t h e . writer hard intensive woik for the relief of Russian war-victims.. Selett Your-Fall Suit A ow v . - - Adaptability of Jews that when t h e stone ' of any great The general reports regarding There a r e men who write learnedly scandal w a s rolled over, Levantines that the Jew is not assimilable, arid as would scatter for safety like so many famine in Russia and the special reif the ridiculous charge could be ants. An especially narrow and rash ports brought back by Jewish represtrengthened by further folly, they judgment for an especially rash-and sentatives and made public in tho point to the sparsity of Jewish candi- generous soul to make. But Chester- Jewish press of the desperate situation of our brethern in Soviet-Russia dates-for honors in contact sports. ton's services to common sense a n d has left a deep, impression on the FOR MEN AND W O M E N COMMERCIAL PRINTERS-LITHOGRAPHERS -STEEL DIE EMBOSSERS There may be many .reasons why Jews civilization a r e so extraordinary that public mind. The Jewish masses of OCVICES




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New York Letter


"Say It With Flowers" ROGERS


Prejudice and the Jew


Your Property Protected

I FIRE I TORNADO I Are You And Family Protected Against I ACCIDENT



In Clothes



Kuppenheimer Good Clothes



"ANNOUNCE ENGAGEMENT , stone HoteL Two hundred invitaMr. and Mrs. J. L LeBowski of Newi tions have been issued and the York' City announce the engagement wedding will take place at 7:30 Wins by Forfeit, of their daughter, Euth, to, Mr. Ben- o'clock. ^ Y. M. H. A. baseball team took jamin P. Fanger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. 11 Grossman entertained i 'fts second forfeit game of the season, M. Fanger of his city. thirty guests at luncheon at her ,'jfenday, Tvhen the strong Maccabees Miss LeBowski, who has been visit- home Wednesday for Miss Hirsch. of Council Bluffs failed to show ing at the Fanger home during the Last Thursday Mrs. Mose Steinberg j'for the game. No game will be summer, is a graduate of the Wadley entertained thirty guests at a card "Syed by the Y team this Sunday School in New York City and also of party at the Blackstone and next .account of the Y. M. H. A. picnic, the Society of Applied Arts and De- -Thursday Mrs. Henry Fox will enterthe Y team will meet the fast signs. She has been extensively enter- tain at an Orpheum party for this Greek team in its next game. tained during her visit in Omaha. bride-elect. Mr. Fanger is a graduate of the rs. ~D. B. Cross lias returned f rom Omaha High School and of Columbia Miss Marie Gordon, •who has been |extended trip through the east. University and in September -will en- attending summer classes a t the le in the east she visited with her ter his senior year in the College of University of Chicago, leaves next ers,5, Miss Khea Fromkin, formerly Law at Columbia University. He is week for Seattle, Washington, where fiaha, and Mrs. J. L. Weiss of a member of the Sigma Alpha Nu she will teach, during the coming Fraternity. Haven, Conn. year. With Mr. and Mrs, LeBowski who fessrs. J. Frieden and Sam Horn have been visiting at the Fanger Mrs. P. Orkin of Sioux City is ained eight' guests Thursday home during the past two weeks, Miss spending several days in Omaha with ng at Peony Parfe-fof Miss Ida LeBowski, Miss Annette Fanger and relatives. an of Gskaloosa/Iowa, and Miss Mr.. Fanger will leave Monday for One hundred, invitations have been, Josenbaum of Centerville, Iowa. points in Canada, Detroit and Niagara Falls, before returning to New York. issued for the dancing party, which and Mrs. Henry Eosenthal and Miss Fanger "will enter;.* school in will be given tomorrow evening at Hanscom park in honor of Misses b-ter, Beatrice, and son, Eobert, New York. Baylia Freiden and Esther Brown, ned today afternoon spending six THORPEIAN NEWS. both of whom are graduating from sin California. The Thorpeian Athletic Club added the Omaha High school of Commerce. engagement of Miss Sarah another game to its list of victor: ies by defeating the Omaha Printing ns} daughter of Mrs. J. Lewis, to RABBI TAXON BACK. David:Cohn, son oi Mr. and Mrs. Co. at Miller Park by the score of 13-0. Only one hit was allowed the . Rabbi Morris N. Taxon and fa3ohn of Ottumwa, Iowa, has been Printer's due to the excellent'pich mily, who have been spending1 a ounced during the past week. The 3ding will be solemnized during the ing of Knnechy and the good support month's vacation in the east, reof the "whole team. turned to Omaha Thursday. |ter.

accompanied her to New York, where .Miss Sophye Weinsteinr Arthur from a trip to Chicago and Dee she will remain for several months. Weinstein and Max Fromkin of Oma- Molncs. ha motored to Lincoln to spend the A meeting of the Ivre Club was held vceek-'end. Miss Martye Weinstein, Berlin. (J. P. A,) Anti-Semitic Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gottstein and Wednesday evening at the ho:ne of who has been the guest cf Miss Irene journals from Warsaw received here daughter, Gretchen, of Des Moines, Harry Marx. Adelson, returned home with them. accuse the Jews of being responsible la., motored to Lincoln Sunday to visit for the fire which recently destroyed with Mr. and, Mrs. A. S. Sandlovich. Miss Pauline Friend is visiting relSir. Ben Shapiro has returned home | a great .portion cf the city of Pinsk. atives in Nebraska City.. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wessel of .Nebraska City are "visiting relatives in Mr. and Mrs. Julius Spigle have as Lincoln. their guests Mrs. Harry Dansker and Miss Nellie Newmark has returned son, Alex, of Kansas City. home after having spent three weeks in St. Louis, Mo. Miss Anna Greenbaum of Denver, Colo., is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Mrs. Edward Nathan and son, Cy- M. A. Newark. rus, left Tuesday for New York, where they will join Mr. Nathan. After a few weeks in the east, they will sail The Eukrania Society gave a picnic for their home in Yigo, Spain. Miss at Bruce's Park Sunday for the benFannye Nef sky, sister of Mrs. Nathan, efit of the Eukranian Relief Fund.



Y, M. ft A. OPEN. GAYETY OPENS. Julius Newman has returned All clubs or organizations desiring Lincoln where she was visiting The Gayety theater will' open for her mother, Mrs. R. Snader and to use the Y. M. H. A. club rooms for meetings during the coming season the season on Saturday> September ter Mrs. H. Marx. will get in touch with Mr. Samuel 3. Manager Joktisoit of the show ', i Mrs. F. L. Mandelbaum and chil- 'chaefer, the director, as soon as pos-r house announced a general reduction 3, and Mrs. Mandelbaum's motaer, sible. Program of activities for the in prices. Frank Perlson of Chicago who Y. M. H. A. groups is now being ar- [ The opening attraction will be j;is visiting her daughter, spent the ranged and an/ surplus meeting rooms A Whirl of Gayety". J "My playhouse has been remodeled past week in Lincoln with Mr. and will be assigned to outset organizations^ The available surplus is very during the summer and-I am now lire. W. Wolf. limited and organizations are urged to ready for my many friends," said Mr. Johnson. Miss Tillie Seglin is at the Wise make reservations immediately.' Memorial ospitaL where she underVISIT& COAL MINES went an operation. Morris M. Rosenblatt of the Consumers* Coal company is now in DenZUBER-COHN Council Bluffs News ver on a tour of inspection of coal Sent by The marriage of Miss Bettie Cohn, bureau. mines there. According to word redaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Cohn, to Mr. Herman'Zuber of Fremont took vived here, Mr. Rosenblatt has made place at the bride's home on-Sunday contracts to furnish screened coal here- The Blossoms of Zion club' held its in the presence of the relatives and at prices less, than are now being regular meeting Wednesday, at tHe Synagogue,; Election of officers took close friends. Miss Eva Cohn was her charged by thfr city. place for the ensuing term. The folsister's only attendant and. Mr. Sam Weinberg of Fremont acted as best Miss Faye Gerelict left Friday eve- lowing were elected: Rose „ Shyken, man to Mr. Zuber. Rabbi Grodinzsky ning for St. Paul, Minn., where she president; Esther Wolf, vice-presiread the marriage lines1. Mr. and Mrs. will be an attendant at the. Leibo- dent; Tillia Markowitz, secretary; Zuber will make their home in Fre- Bialac wedding which took place Tues- Toby Kateiman, treasurer. The club day evening* Mr. S. C. Bialac is of has also planned a large entettainmont. Omaha, and Miss Leibo of Str Paul, nienfc" a Jfairlfdrtihe members, among Minn. Miss Gerelick ynS. be gone for these will be a theater party Sunday Mr. and Mrs". Arthur Rothschild several weeks. afternoon and a picnic, -which will be have taken an apartment at the Blackgiven, Wednesday, August 31, at Fairstone Hotel for the winter. Mrs. Herman Krasn©. 6i Council mont park." Bluffs entertained thirty guests today Mrs. A. Weiss entertained twenty- at luncheon followed by bridge at the five guests at luncheon on Tuesday at Blackstone hotel for Mrs. Leo Krasne, Mrs. J. Krasne Trill entertain Monher home for Miss Celia Rose, whose whose marriage took place during the day afternoon at an Orpheum theater marriage to Mr. B. F. Margolin will past month- Mrs. Albert Lane and party in honor of her- guest Miss R. Nekritz of New York City. take place on Sunday. -Mrs. J. Slosberg^pf Los Angeles were out-of-town.,guests. Mrs. S. Goldblatt and mother, Mrs. Mrs. M. Fanger and Mrs. S. L. GoldM. Fanger of Omaha, entertained blatt of Council Bluffs entertained at Mrs. Fannie Simon, who was seri- Tuesday afternoon at a luncheon at a luncheon followed by bridge at ously injured in an accident Wednes- Hillcrest in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jones' Tuesday for Mrs. J. I. LeBows- day, is slowly improving at her home. J. I. Lebowski. ki of New York who is-the guest of Mrs..Fanger. Fifty guests were presMrs. David Adler of Chicago is a Mr. Henry Nathanson of Webster ent. ' , guest at the home of her aunt, Mrs. City, la., spent the week end,with his Flora Rosenstock. sister,- Mrs. A. Gilinsky. - Sam Gordon is at the Wise Memorial Hospital where he is recovering Mr. and Mrs. Herman Orschel of Mrs. E. Marcus entertained Wednesfrom an operation. Chicago are visiting with their daugh- day afternoon at the Athletic club at ter, Mrs, B. F. Lewis and Mr. Lewis. a luncheon, in honor of her mother ! Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Marx and for several weeks. In the late fall Mr. and sister, Mrs. Abbert Lane, of Calismall son have returned from Chicago, and Mrs. Orschel expect to move to fornia, both of whom are .spending the < ' where they have been for the past Omaha to take up their future resid- vacation with Mrs. Marcus. month and have as their house-guest ence here. Miss ?Ruth "Marx of Sioux City. Mrs. Herman Krasne entertained Miss Blanche Frank leaves Satur- this afternoon in honor of her daughMiss Dorothy Goldstein entertained day to spend the week with,Miss Ger- ter-in-law, Mrs. Leo Krasne, formertwelve guests at a dancing party Sat- trude Blank of Sioux City, Iowa. ly Miss Evelyn Goodson. urday for Miss Garita Herzogg of Lincoln who is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Mrs. Sol Zien and children of MilMiss S'Keva Snyder "will- entertain Samtiel Katz. . waukee who have been spending the for sixteen guests Saturday afternoon past weeks with Mr. and Mrs. B. It. at a party in honor of Miss Mattie Mis. Frank Dee and children ar- Boasberg, will leave Saturday for Hirsch. rived .Friday ^rom Chicago to. join their home. Mr. Dee here where they will make Miss Reva Gilinsky will entertain tehii future home. Mr. Dee has purMiss Iva Siegel and Miss Nettie Sunday afternoon in honor of Miss chased a house at 5116 California "St Abrams entertained thirty guests "in- Mattie Hirsch and Mrs. Leo Krasne, Where they will take up their -resi- formally Sunday afternoon for Mrs. formerly Miss Evelyn Goodson. There dence,; Max Levin, who before her recent will be twenty guests at the afternoon marriage was Miss Stella Bessel, On party, according to Miss GUinskyMr. and Mrs. Harry Lapinus and Tuesday, afternoon Mrs. William Boaschildren returned Friday from Colora- berg entertained at a card party-at Mr. Jay Cherniack returned Tuesdo -where they have been spending the her home for this bride. Mr. and Mrs. day from Sioux City. past month. Levin have taken an appartment at the Rolland. Mrs. J. J. Slosburg returned Monday after spending some time in Chicago Many affairs are being given for Mount Cleniens,; Michigan, and De-, Mrs. Albert Lane of Los Angeles troit. California, who with Mr. Lane have No Springs—Honest Weight been spending the post week at ,the Miss Pauline Selicow entertained Fontelle. Wednesday Mrs. M. Marcus twelve guests informally at her home entertained thirty guests at luncheon HOBAkr ELECTRIC Saturday afternoon for Miss Rosella at the Athletic Club f o r Mrs. Lane GRINDERS, CHOPPERS Vefbin of Fremont, who is the guest and for Mrs. J. Slosburg, Sr., of Los AND MIXERS. of Miss Anne Zalk. Miss Zalk enter- Angeles. Monday evening Mr. and tained for her guest at an Orpheum Mrs. J J. .Slosburg will entertain sixty Service and Sales: party this afternoon. guests at a dinner dance at Hillerest 13th AND JACKSON STREETS Mrs, Max Simon entertained thirty and Tuesday Mrs. Morris M. Rosenblatt will entertain twenty guests at Phones: guests at luncheon followed by bridge a luncheon at her home for Mrs. Lane. Toledo Scales Doug. 7682 Wednesday at _ the Blackstone hotel Hobart Electri:. Doug. 7396 for Mrs. I. Hirschberg and Mrs. Harry Bloch' of El Paso, Texas, -who are the The wedding of Miss Mattie We have on hand Used and guests of their mother, Mrs. B. Si- Hirsch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hirsch of ^Council Bluffs mon. Mrs. Hirschberg-leaves Sunday Benjamin Rebuilt Machines. to. Mr. Irvin'Steinberg"""will" take for her home in El Paso; Mrs. Block September. 11 at remaining for about two seeks.



Starts Sunday


s ••<

"The Invisible

• * Alt •


'Life's Darn Funny" Who, Having Discarded His War-Time Cronies,

"Southern Harmony Four"

LARRY SEMON ... in...

The Bakery"' Will assume control of the lowered scale of prices at


I •E.

For Burlesk's 13th Consecutive Season

Starting Sat. Mat. Sept. 3 2S5SL. "A Whirl Of Gayety1' Inaugurating a new epoch in the realms of Magnificent Musical Burlesk,

MAT. DAILY - NEW SBQW EVERY SATURDAY Box OSce opens Thursday, August. 31, at 10 A. M. Season reservations may be made.

'.'For Ec&rtomissi TrsmspmtstismT

3R town or ooantsy use, the F whole year through, Chevrolet "PB 43" Sedan affords complete satisfaction, > • Kere is a good looking, roomy enclosed car whose performance is reliable and whose cost to run is exceptionally low,

CHEVROLET MOTOR CO. IA Division of General Motor* Corporation)

CHEVROLET MOTOR CO. 2659 Farnam Street.


NEW MEAT MARKET We vnsfa to announce to our many friends that \?e will open a new up-to-date Kosher Delicatessen and Butcher Shop at 1613 North Twenty-fourth Street, Saturday night.

CheefekrFB 40"Sedan, $1575,/, o.

A ¥ery ieaitifi Assortment Row On land

• We invite the Jewish public tq visit our establishment.

Our market will be the most sanitary in Omaha. All meats will be kept in glass and marble containers and in new up-to-date refrigerators. All our tables are marble-covered We have had considerable experience in the Kosher meat business. Cleanliness' and "your money's worth plus quality" will be our working motto. Try us once and you will be convinced.

The Kosher Market 1613 North Twenty-fourth Street. David Kuklin and Samuel Fried, Owners.

- STATIONERY- OFFICE SUPPLIES' Phone Jackson 0770 118 So. 17th St., BAIED BLDG., Betw. Dodge & Douglas

There is no connection, between the AMERICAN STATE BANK and the American Bank Building Company, sgainst Trbieh a suit ioz a receiver was filed in Federal Ccrurt at Omaha on August 22. The American State Bank is not responsible for any of the acts or^ obligations o£ the American Bank Building Company or its officers and directors. THE*AMERICAN STATE BANK is located at ISth and Farnam streets, Omaha; the American Baiik Building Company's building project was located at 19th and Farnam, Omaha, one block distant. No offices or director of the American Bank Building Company is in any way connected -with the A'METITCAK STATE BAKK. The AMERICA^ STATE BANK is organized under the banking laws o£ Nebraska, and its deposits ere proteefed by the Depositors' Guarantee Fund of the State of Nebraska.. 2>. W. 'Jfiiselm&n, President.

D. C. Geisfclman, Cashier.

H. M. Kro^h, Assistant OashitT.



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The-advertisers in this department; are "Leaders of their respective lines and are co-operating with us in this endeavor. They are entitled to your patronage. SEE THAT THEY GET IT. frame of mind. Money matters genFord's men were gathering material erally are worrying nearly everybody. with which to attack the Cahtloics. Wilson put a Jew on the board and to Ford read of it in this paper, looked read the Ford paper one would think it up and put a stop to it. Ford had the Jew was the whole thing, instead* j been rather displeased over a stateBy E. G. PIPP, Editor Pipp's Weekly. of the control being in the hands of .ment by Father Toole regarding non-Jews. his attacks on the Jews, but had no Dependable Insurance Ford for President!- How does that With a tone almost like that of Ab-' inherent dislike for Catholics although sound to you? That has been in his salom, the Ford paper sows its seed some of his men had. Anyhow the Since 1869 head for some time and there are new of discontent. Here is a paragraph: Catholics have a large vote. indications that it is there yet. Read"Where is the money? This is the The Ford men figure that the Jews ing the July 16 edition of the Ford country that is supposed to be the fi- have only three per cent of our popupaper one is reminded of Absalom: nancial center of the world—where is lation and that there is a natural prejAbsolom.-was the son of David ' the money?" udice against them on the part of the The son was about the handsomest young You get the impression that the other 97 per cent, and they think this man of his day, was ambitious and something of a politician. He wanted to become ruler over his peo- Jews are holding it all back from you 97 per cent can be capitalized into a ple before his father had finished with the and what ydu need is a Ford at the : • • -' EEMEMBEB Ford movement. (, job. and went about it to create dissatisVisit Our faction among the people with • toe way national helm to straighten things out. They make no allowance for the things were being run. Absalom would wait near the gate of the But you want some nior«j tangible American spirit of fair play. " city, and when men went up to get jtheir evidence .than his seeds of discontent adjusted, Absalom would actost The writer of this was never any Do away with drudgery and make dispute; them on the way back, especially the loser, to show his desire to reach the White part of these movements of "Ford for j and tell him he had a j u s t cause, and would House. house-work a pleasure by the use -. ..' • With. Tour.Order for give, out the Impression that with Absalom of modern electrical appliances. President," but has every detail of it j running things exact justice for all would He never lets iip when .he goes after from men closely connected with it result \ ANYTHING Absalom did work up quite a revoit,,ahd a thing, and his candidacy for the The "Electric Shop" is on the at one time made his father take to the Michigan delegation to the Republican and who have always been reliable, j EvT THE WRAPPING ground floor of the Electric build- hills, and Absalom pursued with thousands One man still has a petition given him ing, South-east corner of Fifteenth of men. ." PAPER LINE national convention five years ago was on which to get signatures. j arid Farnam streets. But that handsome head Qf hair or Ms got caught In the branches of an oak tree but a starter. , It begins to look now as though if and the animal on which Absalom was At the time of the Senatorial elec- Ford gets into the game another time riding walked out from under him and left him suspended there until some of David's Phone Douglas 6403 men came v and put the finishing touches to tion a dinner was given in the Detroit it is likely to be as a Republican. j him. ' Club by Ford's friends at which FireAnd when tho news.: was brought to He is attacking the acts of the Demo-. David ha mouroed-and cried out "Absalom, stone, the tire man, and personal my son Absalom, -my sonT' crats, and in talking to a newspaper friend of Ford, said he would give his "Buy Midwest Milk" Ford's paper is trying the Absalom whole fortune to make Ford President. written recently, Mrs. Ford asked retrick of making the public dissatisfied. They felt so sure of the Senatorship peatedly that the statement be given The times are not the best, and that plans were made to launch the to the public that "Mr. Ford is now and always has been a Republican." ; many .people are in a dissatisfied Presidential boom. r


Martin Bros. &. Co •










Henry Fotd And The Presidency

are not only expensive from the standpoint of resetting- the glazs, but because your windows £.re rendered useless. . Place your Plate Glass Insurance where _ your claim will be quickly adjusted.


Barker Block

The Brinn& Jensen

Electric Shop"






P. MELCHIORS & SON • MACHINE WORKS Industrial and Automotive Jlachlnistff. Carburetor and Ignition Repairs. Starter Kins Gears for Auto JFIy Wheel* 417 South 13th Street. Telephone.:: Jackson 8550

United PfavisMift Stores . for.

if 70a call the

Frontier Towel Supply 1815 California Street. Thone Donsias 6291

MEY-MER-CO. Brand Beverages and Syrups.



819-331 So. 14th S t , Omaha. >*ebr. Phone Atlantic 2S83


The Omaha Tobacco Co. AYholesalers of

Made by


Best Home Coolclng at Very Reasonable Prices — Satisfaction Guaranteed.

R. GOLDSTEIN, Proprietor


Oar pen ter Paper Co. Distributors of

Western Bond—and High Grade Stationery

. •> TKY STTNDGREVS ,• • - 2?nt-rltlons- Home Hade



Sundgren Pie Baking Co.

1517 Harney St.' •' Phone Douglas 8707

271b. and Martha-Sts. Harney 16G2 Manufacturers of Brass; Bronze. Aluminum and Soft Gray Iron Castings. You are assured of soft castings, as •we machine some from every heat in out'own shop. Standard- size cast Iron bushings' in stock.


1404 Donglas St.,

Phone Market W90

Omaha, Jfebraska.

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916 N. 16th St.

ICE CREAM CO. W33 > \ 18th St.

Made from Your Own Feathers. Warm in -winter: cool in summer. Cost less and last longer than cotton. Phone UB. for samples of ticking and estimates.

OMAHA PILLOW CO. 1907 Cumlng Street.

Jackson 2467

Vinegar-Picldes-Cooperage Pure Food Products

Phone TJonglas 4607 20th and Fierce St.. Omaha, Nebraska.

TVe mkk«t i t look like new. Call ' Douglas 9097 A raan •will call with samples.



Rich and Smooth. Phone Webster M06

Established 1SO0 15th snd Harney Streets. Phone Doafflas 2333

8203 Cumins St.

Phone Douglas 4726

Sherman Mercantile Co. Wholesale Grocers Specialties 1511 Cnmlng St. Phone Atlantic 12« DISTRIBUTORS JACK SPRAT FOOD PRODUCTS. Omaha, Nebraska.




Theodore Volz & Son TAILORS ,. G28-33 Securities Bulldlnjr; . •;' • • 16th and Farnam Sts. Telephone:, Jackson S508

UNION FUEL COMPANY Office Telephone Jackson 0268

209 South 18th Street

Always Ask for


(PALMER GRADUATE) f Second Floor, Elks' Building.

SNOW WHITE (Bejr. 17. S. Pat. OEico.)

of I*OOI>5 A.VD 'CEEMICAI.S. FLAT'ORIXG EXTRACTS. D18 3f. IGfh St, Phone Atlantic 49G4

Wholesale - Dealers In Bntter, Egg* and Poultry. 1213 Howard St.

Omaha, Nebraska.

K. A. FORD.President and General Manaper. Council Bluffs (Iowa) Office 934 So. Main Street. Phone 363

. . . . w i t h . ...


Estes Soap Chips and Water Softener (Combined) At all Grocers.

401-403-403 South 10th St.

NORTHWEST READY ROOFING CO. Kencly Eoofinp "over old shingles. Also asnhaJt shinfrles and builc-up roofs. Fire resisting an(t flnrable. AIT work guaranteed. Easy terms. Phone K y Office and Warehouse; SI22

and Meat Sicers


Esfes Laundry Tablets


1'our Furnace and Insert a



Omaha Sign Company


"Builders of Better Signs

923-931 West Broadway, "COUNCIL BIAJFFS. IOWA. Telephone 3163

riione Atlantic 0681

10GEIS COKFECnOHERY S4th nnfl I'arnnn? Street.

Tlie Honie of Good Ice Cream and Home Mack Candv,

• — ,'.•• V ' j—^»- >-."-**J) P*t <••#•'*"


Chopper »nd Coffo. SI5II.

Used Scales of A. Mates for Snle.

.FRANK DEE City Representative

Ambulance Service Equipped with X*nli»otor. All Calls Answered Promptly.




1511 Eon-Ktd St.

Ford Transfer & Storage Co.


Druggists and Stationers

Granden Electric. Co.

Omaha OfHee: 813 I>onclas Street. Omaha Phone Atlantic 2536

An Ideal- Washinc Combination.



Phone Jackson 1680

Why Buy Tin? Buy Bird Brand Coffee in Tubes.

Jackson 3873

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' It e n •

Stelner Electrie Bleit-

1117-10 Dodge St.


EikI Thrall 1W%. P, C.


Joseph Polack & Son "Make Warm Friends"

Harle-Hnas Ct>.-

Phone Webster OStS

017 South 16th Stre«t.


Hoffmann Funeral Koine.

We Deliver the Real Goods.

Chiropodist gnd Beauty Shop -


Have Your Furniture Reupliolstered


Leo A. Hoffmann



Est. 1891.


Val. J. Peter & Co. • STEAMSHIP TICKETS AND • • • TOKEreV EXCHANGE ' : ISO" Howard St.. , Omaha, Neb. rhone AT lantic OStfl.


Atlantio 5241


V,'c holp you to col yonr relatives in Europe to fhifc country.

1814 Comic* Street. We Install Oilt Edge Fnrnans.



Real Estate :: :: Insurance



CX E. Enigler & Co.

Sealed in Sanitary Waxed • Wrapper at Xour Grocer.



"Manufactured in Omaha" BAKER ICE MACHINE CO.

316 SontB 15th Street—Vp ' Stairs.

4BE7 So. 24th St.

•\Ve assist yotj in fret tinsr passports and give you export advise en Europynn conditions.


Y o u r position is correct,. and should be s u p p o r t e d by every fair minded person.

Phone Atlantic 0360

Steamship Tickets to mi from all Parts of the World

SOW IS THE TI3O3 TO HAVE EXPERTS DO T E E WORK. You'll Be Surprised at Onr Kates. Cle.iEiEir done by Vacuum without causing dirt. VTe hare satisfactorily cleaned over 100 furnaces the past month. CAUL JACKSON 1E1S.

AH that the name implies.



The Dry Cleaner of North Omaha.




Does It Need Cleaning • or Repairing?

lever Mercantile Co., lee.


640 First NationsLBank Bldg.


B.tfJis, *

srjissn.sre. Hot Pacirs, Treatment. Inhalatoi'iuiu p>i»tn St.. (H Telephone: Arlnntiv 61M



ELECTRIC—CO3IKEKCIAL Modern JFoctory, 1118-20 STortb 18th St. V ' Phone Webster 0*29

See Demonstration 318 So. 10tU Street.

TRIMBLE BROTHERS Wholesale JFruit and Vegetables

N. W. Cor. Eleventh and Howard Sts.




55% to 85% 8avefi on parts for all makes of cars. We carry a - complete line of new ring gears, pinlonjj, as3e' shafts and springs^ for almost any ma&e of car. 1318-1330- IVest Broadway, t U P F S . IOWA. PHONE tU.

THATCHER PIANO CO. Phone Jaclison 30$0


MAX OLSEN & CO. "WTaoIesale Distributors for • 'SCHMIDT'S ^ Malta, Select, Bock, Ginger Ale, Hires Root Beer



Office and Warehouse; 917 So. Main St. Telephone 142 COONCII,.BLUFFS. IOWA.

Trust Department. Safety Deposit Boxes.

Call Atlantic 2364

Eafes for Space this S p e c i a l Page given on application.

. .*. far...



Omaha, Kebras&a.

Jewish Press Jacksoa 23K

Balrfl Bids.

! •


v ' " : . ; • . *




Dr. Frances ,H. Turner Office: Bratideis Theatre Bulldlne. 17th and DouelaR Streets. riione Atlnntic 8R3S

toieweg I Seioeatgen WHOLESALE GKOCERS Phone Jackson 1302

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August 25, 1921  

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