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us second-class mall matter on January 27th, 1921, at at Omaha, Nebraska, under the Act of March 3. 1870.

Says Average Jewish Girl Lacks Religion; Thinks Only of "Jazz" Mrs. Caroline Benjamin, Educator, Says Only Cheap Music and Movies Appreciated in "Bank Book" Homes. Special to "THE JEWISH PRESS." New York, July 20.—The average Jewish girl looks upon religion as a "kill-joy" and thinks of music in the terms of "Jazz", according to Mrs. Caroline S. Benjamin, -well known woman educator of this city. Mrs. Benjamin is nationally known as an educator of girls and has been actively identified with the Council of Jewish Women and its work. In her address on "The Council of Jewish Women and The Jewish Girl", she said: "Knowing well the Jewish^ girl, her attainments and the lack of the same —her sins of commission and'omission, I am forced to conclude that the \ various Sections of the Council and its members and the mothers at large have left undone a most vital, wonderful, essential work, a most splendid field untilled, unsown—hence a rather sterile result , . "I shall only speak of one appalling lack—which to my mind spells the Tinfulnllment of the whole law/and •the; prophets—all other omissions are more commentary. I refer to the atrophy in the Jewish girl of a religious sense in general and a Jewish religious sense in particular. ! "The average Jewish _ girl looks upon religion, which should be considered and was considered by our forebears as the very joy and main spring of life, as a kill joy. Thismay be applicable to the ^average young girl or person in general, but we* - are concerned now-only •with the Jewish; girt W.£r.George^ t h e ; English novelist,, said he noticed a belief amounting almost to a religion 4hat the young American girl must have a good time. And: this : seems true. For this her whole scheme of life is planned her clothes, her amusements, her light accomplishments. "Religion^ responsibility, restriction, are not the three E's to be cultivated in her curriculum", but are sacrificed on fiie altar of good times—good times at any cost, good food at any price, good clothes at the tailor's price, cheap shows at a high , price, good effort at no price. The Bank Book rules. • *Tbis is fostered by over-indulgent parents—the good mother without vision, and the poor father, so busy in the persuit of the wherewithal to pay for these pastimes, that his role in the scheme of home is that of the useful if not ornamental cash register, his right hand often cramped from frequent signature — lower right. What sort of atmosphere is. thus created? A home often where ths only book discussed is the bank book —the only music appreciated, the Jazz, the only • picture • viewed, the : movie. • : "I once wrote, to about forty-five heads of the best girls' schools in the country, asking their attitude as to receiving Jewish, girls and their candid reasons for rejecting them. It was not their criticism of the Jewish girls' love of display and lack of control of emotipns, appetites, etc., that impressed me, because this is applicable to other girls to a more or less degree, but what impressed me and depressed me was their criticism on the Jewish girl's not bringing a Bible withjher to school, not "bowing the head ^nd bending the knee* in prayer, not thinking that attendance at religious service should be a natural part of her life. We cannot be cultured without religion." MISSIONARIES PLAN CAMPAIGN IN PALESTINE AND EUROPE. London. (J. T. Agency.) The con, gress of British Missionaries held • here has decided on an intense campaign among Jews in Palestine and ; Central Europe. A special commit| tee has been dispatched to those places to study the situation and the possibilities of success. ;

Another Attack on Jewish Passengers in Poland. Warsaw. (J. T. Agency.) Jewish train passengers were attacked and beaten at the railroad station ia Tchernow, Galicia. Samuel Sheinberg, Wolf Potole, and Jajjs^&sssfS s s r e

SEEK RELATIVES. Rudolph Streit, Backengasse 52, Trappau, Czecho-Slowakei, is seeking the whereabouts of Wilhelm Streit, South Auburn, Nebr., and Sheina-Roche HandLatvia is seeking the present ler, Petrograder St. 58, Dwinsk, Latvia is seeking the present whereabouts of Anna Paje Greenberg, Nevinsville, la., according to the Joint Distribution committee. The American addresses listed here was the last known. If you know the present whereabouts of those being sought write to the Editor, Jewish Press.

Found no lush to America Hebrew Society. Aid Says Conditions Abroad* Are Exaggerated. Immigration conditions abroad have been exaggerated and there is no con* certed rush of foreigners eager to come to the United States, says Jacob Massel, who for eighteen months has been Commissioner of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society in Europe. Mr. Massel, who directed the work of reuniting Jewish families separated in.the war, submitted a rport of his activities at a meeting under the auspices' of'the society in Cooper Union. Mr. Massel said that conditions were not at all" so bad as pictured in reports to Congress. European Jews had no desire to leave tbeir native countries. Those" coming here were generally wives and children or other close relatives of "persons already established in this country. - Mr. Massel took a hopeful view of the future, saying that European Jewry soon would be in a position to take care of its own problems. AH that would be necessary for the Jews here to do would be to exfeud a ielping hand, he tolu his audience of 3,000.

Court Bdes Against State language Bill Fremont; Neb.,"July 21.—The case is in which: the German evangelical Lutheran syno'd of Missouri seeks to enjoin the governor. and Attorney General of Nebraska from enforcing the Reed-Norval act on the grounds, that the law is unconstitutional will be tried on its merits at some future date in the Dodge county district court.. ;: • ' The action was started in the Platte county, district court were the synod secured a temporary injunction restraining the state "from preventing the teaching of the German language and the hearing for a permanent order came up this morning in the Dodge county court with Judge F. W. Button on the bench. The state sought to show-that a court of equity was not the proper place for a hearing and was overruled on its demurer that there was no cause for action so that the case stands just were it did before. . ,-..-...

DENTAL STUDENT IS GIVEN JEWISH BURIAL Ann Arbor. - Louis Rosenberg, 22 years old, a senior dental student of Pretoria, South Africa, -died here on July 8 and was buried in the Machphelah Cemetery, Detroit, on July 13, Rabbi Harry Z. Gordon officiating. The deceased was given a Jewish burial at the request of- Dean Effinger of the Literary College, who got in touch with Nathaniel Gbldstick of Detroit and asked him to arrange matters for such burial. Mr. Rosenberg spent two years at the. Capetown University and was at the University of Michigan the past year. He was sick"24 hours.

Jews Repulse Polish Soldiers. Warsaw. (J. T. Agency.) A body of Polish soldiers sent to Tchenstiachava to restore order after an attack there on Jews waiting at the railroad station, themselves participated in attacks upon the Jewish inhabitants of the town, and desisted ^only when the Jewisiiyouth of the vicinity organized and drove them from the streets and houses which they had already begun to pillage. -•'•,.


Faith Needed as Preached by Hebrews By VICE-PRESIDENT CALVIN COOLIDGE. F I WERE PREACHING A SERMON to my fellow Americans I should take for my subject some text from the eleventh chapter of Hebrews, for therein lies the explanation of our past accomplishments and our future expectations. Whether you touch the mountain peaks of- our history or examine the foundations from which they have been- raised, you will find everywhere they have been the result of faith. Whatever builds up and incrases that faith increases the breadth of our civilization. Whatever tears down and destroys that faith turns us back toward barbarism. No one could •watch the developments on earth of the" past seven years without realizing- that the margin of safety is not so broad as it had before appeared. There is apparemrto all of us a greater need of that eternal vigilance which they tell us is the price of liberty. There is always a place for fair discussion, but destructive criticism- alone and the spirit which animates it produces no progress. It is time to turn our eyes not to the weakness of our institutions bat , to their strength. The Pilgrims of 1620 did not appear to be a very remarkable body of people but their pastor, John Robinson, had faith in them. That faith has given to him a place in history, while those who scoffed have been long since forgotten. The ragged band who gathered around Washington in that terrible winter at Valley Forge had very little of the appearance of a conquering


army, yet Washington had faith in them which has made him the foremost American. There were times when both forces in the field and the public sentiment of the country looked like anything but a strong support of President Lincoln, but his abiding faith saved North and South alike and reunited the nation for the great work that lay before i t Tt is time to turn our attention from those who criticize and destroy to those who have confidence, and build. There is little advantage in dwelling upon the imperfections of our government and its administrators or our social order and its management. It is lime to look not at our disadvantages but our advantages. It is time for that courage and confidence which has been the • characteristic of Americans. It is time for- the exemplification of that abiding faith which, has wrought the wonders of our civilization, which amid changes changes not, and out of weakness is made strong. It is time to renew our faith in the homely things of life, in thrift and industry and in the virtues which, have always centered around the American fireside. The true civic center of our municipalities will be found not in some towering edifice, with stately approaches, nor in broad ' avenues flanked by magnificent mansions, but around the family altar of the American home, the source of that strength which has marked our national character, where above all else is cherished a faith in the tilings not seen.

Gives Two Million to Poland tames Czarisf Spargo Sees Peril in Poland Rothschild French Institute. Paris. (J. T. Agency.) Lord EdPresent Policy mund Rothschild yesterday announced Calls oa Senators to Procure Information on Lithuania Boundary Dispute. Passage by the United States Senate of a resolution asking the State Department for information concerning the boundary dispute between Poland and Lithuania is urged . by John Spargo in letters to. Senators •Henry <Jabot Lodge-of Massachusetts and Frank B. Brandegee of Connecticut, made public recently. Mr. Spargo writes that he considers the situation fraught with peril, and says he believes the passage of the resolution suggested will not violate proprieties, and by indicating the interest of the United States will prevent a precipitate decision in favor of Poland at the League of Nations meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Spargo expresses that no one in the Senate has brought up the matter* and believes that the Government of this country is vitally interested in the dispute, notwithstanding it is not a member of the League of Nations and has not recognized "Mthuania. Without going into the arguments, Mr. Spargo, who says he has for years sympathized with the Polish aspirations for independence, says he can see no justice in the claims of Poland, particularly for the City of Viljia, which he considers as historically associated with Lithuania, both'as to its culture and economic life. ' Another matter which should receive immediate attention, he adds, is the neutral zone established by the League, which he charges the Poles : have violated. ~ "According to most trustworthy information which has come to me," Mr. Spargo continues, "the Poles have deliberately and systematically violated this neutrality, behaving much as they did in Upper Silesia. Indeed, according to my information, the situation is rapidly becoming critical. Altogether there is a most dangerous situation to be faced. "I assume that it is quite likely that the League of Nations will decide in favor of Poland. This it will probably do not because of any conviction of the righteousness of the Polish claim but rather because of a desire to. reach some sort of a settlement. •'•••_' t • "I take it that the central principle of American foreign policy is the speedy and, if possible, permanent pacification of Europe. Anything which tends to prolong the turmoil, and especially compromise settlement? wfiich hold the possibilities ofv further wars in the near future, must ol necessity be discountenanced by the •United States. As : one of the principal great powers of the world we have a legitimate interest and duect concern in the matter."

"JOINT" CONVENES SANITATION .-•.-.- Joins Hartman Staff CONFERENCE. Ben M. Tatle has. joined the Warsaw. (J., T. Agency.) T)T* Smith of America; and^Drs. Plotz and staff of the office furniture"'departFreund have left here for Cracow ment of the Hartman Furniture where they will participate in a con- Company. ference .on-samtationwork>5sMch the Mr. Tatle was formerly associated Joint Bistributioii Committfcs -' has*

an additional 6gift of two million _ -,. ,. . ~ . , , . ,., ___ , , , . Jews Mragglmg m \ a m for Givic francs to the French Academy of „=_»_*_ ._ . *_ •*Rights Assured by New Science. Several weeks ago he grave Natioas. four million francs for the establishment of a new institute for the New York. (J. C. B.) The 'Nastudy of the exact sciences. His latfolj tion" of this est donation goes for the improve-!. ., week ... comments , _ in i . . ,, T , •-, „ ,f , ,;lows on the position of Jews Europe especially in viesr of recent ment of the London Gollege attached | T , . „ . . . developments in certain of the Eastto the Academy. E u r o p e a n •-•countries.


SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, A YEAR, $1.50. , NOTICE. The subscription price of The Jewish Press is now $2.50 a year. This new price does not effect present subscribers until their p r e s e n t subscriptions expire. All new subscribers are now being charged the new rate. The new price for papers sent out of the States of Iowa and Nebraska is $3.00 a year.

Advocate Contributing "Flow® Money" to Charity in Name of Deceased Person.

A nation-wide movement to indue* Jewish men and women to refrais from sending flowers to houses oi mourning but instead to contribute the "flower money" to some charitj in the name of the person who dies is gaining much popularity. In Omaha, following the death os J. H. Green, well known merchant Jewish Women Outraged Before many such contributions were received by the Jewish Welfare Fede •* Being Murdered. ration. The same was time followinj The White Russian rebels are re- the death of Emil Rothschild, graft sponsible for the massacre of a isum- man. Hardly a week passes that sev. ber of Jews. At Shatzki six Jews eral such contributions are not re•were Miled. At Omelna two Jews ceived. Following the receipt of th« were drowned. At Starigora, nineteen contribution, an embossed card u persons, mainly Jews, were executed. mailed advising the family of th«. At Minsk, forty-one persons, nearly deceased that the contribution to all Jews, were killed. At MohilefT a charity in the name of the decetised hundred and eighty Jews were killed, has been recorded and the name oi and Witebsk fifty-seven Jews, includ- the donor is given. ing Dr. Eisenstadt, were murdered. In regard to the tribuU About three hundred Jews lost their fund, Jacob Billikopf, the well knowc lives at Starfbuchow,. Orsha, Osipo- social worker, recently said: vitch, Ihumen, Tatarza, Bobruisk, Has ai^one attempted to estimate Borisoff Luban and Smolevitchi. how much is spent annually for flowThe Jewish teacher Mr. Anton Mar- ers •which go to houses of mourning, cus was murdered by an officer and Surely, the sum total must amoun! thrown into the Danube. His fiancee into high figures. The floral, 'expresattempted to revenge his death by sions of sympathy are placed wpos shooting the officer but was seized the bier and the grave and rernaie and dishonored. She is now insane. their until they wither and decay, A group of anti-Semites also attacked Only for 0. few fleeting hours do the? Jews in the streets and molested Jew-' give of their fragrance and then thcsy isn guests at hotels some of whom! die. Could not the money which p«rtbey flogged. i chased them have been expended m s Near Lingoin, a company of officers better sad more fitting and soldiers met a Jewish -wedding ..Could procession The soldiers attacked the "Just consider for a moment precession, Sogged all the men, and could be done with the hundreds oi outraged all the women. In addition, thousands which are expended a* they alsc robbed all present. nually for flora! expressions of symA few thousand soldiers of General pathy alone. The money conld be Wrangfel's fermer Crimean Force utilized to help muci;-neede(J hoswere brought to Tunis. The govern- pitals, orphanages, sanatoria and ment squealed to the factory ovmers neighborhood centers in our overt© Cud places for them. In many crowded metropolitan areas. In othei factories the Jews were dismissed and words, these large sums, which anex-soldicrs were put in their places. nually fade away with the perfume of billions of dying- roses, lilies-ofthe-valley, narcissus and carnations grouped about the caskets of deceased loved ones, could be utilized to mend thousands of broken lives and thus II establish real, vital monuments to the A commission of the Hebrew Shel- dead. Deceased relatives in the next tering and Immigrant Aid Society of world would be happier if they knew* America left for Mexico. The Com- that the equivalent of their funeral mission is composed of Judge Leon flower bill has been used to help some Sanders, chairman, and Abraham Her- poor little cripple or some forlorn man, members of the board of direct- mother. ors of the society, and Louis S. GottIn an address delivered in Chicago lieb, the society's Washington repre- some years ago, Mr. Julius Rosenwald sentative. said: Grief to All. The decision to send a commission "Every one of us must face the was arrived at in view of the fact that time when grief and sorrow touch many# immigrants who have gone to the welisprings of our tenderest Mexico were illegally entering t\.\ sympathy, when death robs us of United States. These have been arthe comfort and companionship of restad and were in danger 6f being those near and dear to us. Dursent back to Europe or might be shot ing such sad hours for others we while crossing the border. The Detry to console the bereaved. Our partment of Labor suggested that the attentions usually take the form Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant that custom has established— Aid Society of America send such a commission. j floral tributes. Mr. John L. Bernstein, the presi"But this custom indulged in dent, states that for some weeks past so lavishly has resulted in an exnegotiations had been conducted with travagent waste of money. the Mexican government and that Thousands of dollars spent for Judge Sanders had had a conference funeral flowers should be diverted with the Mexican ambassador in to a more beneficial purpose." Washington who said that his govRecently, upon the death of his ernment would look with favor upon mother—a .remarkable woman—Mr. prospective immigrants. The Commission will remain, in Rosenwald announced that no flowers MP/SJCO as long as will be necessary would be accepted at the funeral. He and its chief purpose will be to put added, however, that those who an end to the illegal entry of im- wished to do something in his mother's memory make contributions to migrants into fee United States. charity. As a result of this suggestion, thousands of dollars were donated to charity by persons all over ths B'NAI B'RITH LODGE country.

Jews Still Victims

"The situation of the Jews in Europe continues deplorable and should not be permitted to fade from i the consciousness of civilized men. More. than 400 children enjoyed j They are struggling in vais for the themselves at the first annual picnic j civic rights assured them by constitugiven by the City Talmud Torah tions or treaties in Roumania, EsthoThursday, at Krug park. The child-1 ma, and Latvia, and the Ukraine is ren met early Thursday morning at still the scene of frequent though the Talmud Torah school. Each of sporadic massacres. The area of antithe children was supplied with a [Semitic infection, furthermore, is large horn, which they used to good constantly spreading. The press esadvantage in the line of march from tablished by the Russian emigres with the school building to Cuming street, propaganda centres in Sophia, Conwhere they, boarded our special cars. stantinople, Belgrade, and actual poThe afternoon was spent in play- j grom organs—for the first time in ing games, and watching special history—in Berlir., London, and even swimming exhibitions. The following Yokohoma ,are seeking malignantly pupils received prizes in the various to saddle all the troubles of the races and contests that were held: world upon the Jewish people. Ralph Finkenstein, Freida Weiner, "The Republic of Poland is, in this Sam Weiss, Rose Mendel, Louis Mos- matter, in the lead and is rapidly besier, Lina Delrotie, Sadie Wolk, Sam coming a substitute for Czarist RusFerer, Sarah Weiner, Bessie Haspel, sia. The Jewish disabilities inherited Paul Steinberg, Sam Jorinsky. from the Russian regime are not reThe following committee were in voked. The Tribuna of Warsaw charge of the pupils: John Feldman, •frankly admits the pogrom propaganchairman, Mrs. P. Sher, chairman, da of the Polish priests, whose atwoman's committee; Mrs. A Romm, titude is exemplified by a certain Mrs. B .A. Simon, Mrs. S. Neveloff, Father Lutoslavsky's pronouncement Mrs. H. Levy, Mrs. A. Weiss, Dr. P. that 'only genuine anti-Semites are Sher, N. S. Jaff e, J. Gordon, Henry properly qualified to deal with the Monsky, B. A. Simon and the teach-! Jews in the name of the Polish peoers of the respective classes of the pie.' Thus anti-Jewish excesses are of daily occurrence and bear with an Talmud Torah. especial and tragic force upon the Jewish Deputies Protest Against Jews in the German communities of Posen accustomed -for many years to New Excesses. . Warsaw. (J. T. Agency.) Another full civic rights and unquestioned soattack on Jewish train passengers is cial standing. On Sunday, June 19, reported from Oschweizen, East Gali- street demonstrations took place in cia. Deputy Greenbauni and the other the cities of the province for the purJewish Seim Deputies have forwarded pose of preventing Poles, on punishto the1 Ministry of Interior an ex- ment of death, from dealing with haustive report on the many recent Jews or Germans. In Bromberg the attacks on Jews who travel on Polish Jews, many of whom have lived in trains. It appears that these attacks the city for generations, were threatare part of the economic war upon ened with expulsion within three days Jewish interests and are calculated to and the police with difficulty premake it impossible for Jewish mer- vented the destruction of the local chants to travel from place to place synagogue. To anyone familiar with conditions in that part of the world in pursuit of their affairs. such occurrences in the city of Bromberg will bring home, as few other JEWISH SHIPS CARRY IMMIGRANTS TO things can, the inhuman recklessness HAS NEW DEPARTMENT PALESTINE of the territorial shuffling and Constantinople. (J. T. Agency.) gambling of Versailles—which some The Independent Order of B*nai A Jewish merchant of this city by the Americans still insist we should ap- B'rith has secured the services of name of Mazza, has purchased sixteen prove." Elkan C. Voorsanger to take charge English steamships and has placed of its recently organized War Orthem on the Mediterranean Sea to RABBI ARRESTED FOR phans Bureau, Mr. Voorsanger will CROSSING FRONTIER carry Jewish immigrants from MediWarsaw. (J. T. Agency.) Rabbi also manage the Order's National terranean ports to Jaffa and Haifa. The first of these steamers, renamed Aaronson of Kiev who fled from Lyceum Bureau, which will supply "Zion" left Alexandria today with Ukrainia and crossed the Polish fron- lecturers to lodges and Jewish tier subsequent to the issuance of the organizations generally, and, in coseveral hundred immigrants. ; Polish government order, closing the operation with, the Anti-Defamation POLAND TO HAVE SPECIAL JEW- frontiers to refugees, was arrested League, will establish courses of ISH DEPARTMENT. and is about to be returned, desp;te lectures on Jewish subjects in Warsaw. (J.'T. Agency.) The Pol- the assurance that was given by the schools and colleges. He will also ish Cabinet has announced its decision Governor of Litsk District that he cooperate with Mr. Sidney G. Kusto create, shortly, a special depart> would be -permitted -to enter tise worm, .the* Director of Americanist* tjoa, in exteadiag the scoops ment for Jewish affairs whicH .'will be country, beeagge

Talmud Toralt Picnic


Interrenes for Jews In Hungary, Warsaw. J* T. Agency.) Representatives of the American Joint Distribution Committee here yesterday apprpached the Polish Foreig^Minister with » view of preventing the internment of Polish-Jewish refugees now in Hungary, and requested taa government to furnish individual car* tificates of origin for the refugees m that they might be able to return to their homes in Poland. The Hungarian authorities - have announced that unless .the refugees, many. «fc then* homeless, and dependent? immediately, xeiaoved from







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The JewisK Student in the High Schools By ELIAS UEBEEMAN.

To All Wandering Jews

Specially written in honor of the Dedication of the New Home of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of America This is not going to be fuli of dry activities, talk well and even go in London: (Jewish Tel. Agency.) statistics about how many boys and tot athletics. They have no trouble . By LOUIS UNTERMEYER. Sir Alfred'Mond, member of the Britin. making our honor society for girls are in attendance at the various i Subscription Price, one year. .-„ . . . $1.50 Come to us with your wounds and losses, ish Cabinet, Sir Robert Waley-Cohen, which the only qualifications are city high schools. With a Jewisli Advertising rates furnished on application. Come to us on your hands and knees; James Kothschild, Sir Marcus Samuel, population in Greater New York of scholarship} character and service to NOT PRINTED FOR: PERSONAL PROFIT—Profits from the publica- about 1,500,000, it may readily be the school. You may rest assured Stumbling beneath the whips and crosses, president of the Shell Transport Comtion of; The Je\yish Press are-to be given to worthy communal causes. Lashed through the bleeding centuries. pany, Mr. Horst, chairman of the assumed that the number is large. that these girls doa't swell the numYou, who escaped the storm and welter General Electric Company of Great CHANGE OP ADDRESS—Please give both the old and new address; The writer is more concerned with ber of incompetent and ill-educated be ear© and sign your name. Of hates that hammered blow on blow, Britain and Albert Bclisha, a promian estimate of the quality of such stenographers. -..., Here, at least, you will "find a shelter; nent financier, are the signees of a boys and girls than with the quan"What is your conclusion?" Come, for you need us so. JEWISH FAMILY TIES. Memorandum of Registration, today tity. "Very hopeful," she said. "Young officially entered with the British z There has been a general loosening of tlie ties of the present A friend of mine, a non-Jew, who American girlhood will work oat its government, for the organisation of , Come to us in your rags of splendor; • . Jewish family. No doubt you have noticed it, and there is a was appointd to teach in a large own salvation. Where a girl is hopethe Palestine Economic Council which Walk erect in your tattered pride \ lessly inferior, conditions at home are probable chance that you have felt it "right within your own Junior high school composed almost is to cooperate with the Jewish Fight for your dream and never surrender, four walls. * I t hasn't been so long ago when it was the proud entirely of Jewish pupils, began his usually at fault." Agency recognized in the British Though death and defeat grin at your side. boast of ours that the ties of the Jewish family were tight- task with the feeling that there would The teacher of boys took a far Mandate over Palestine, for the Fling us the very fire that freed u s : bound and would never be loosened. It was something that our be little exertion in store for him. more one-sided view. He began an economic reconstruction of the Holy The burning rigor, tfc«>. flaming lore. Gentile neighbors envied and respected, but try as they would, "Jewish boys and girls are un- encomium when the writer told him Land. Keep us enkindled—and, though you need us, he desired an honest estimate. He usually bright," he, confided to me. they could not duplicate. There was a strong force that kept Come, for we need you more! the bonds intact. This force had as its foundation, custom of "I feel as if I won't have to work for was assured that what he said would be recorded without mentioning any Eiga, (J. C. Bureau.) Mr. Kreinin, centuries, Israel's pride, concentrated affection brought about by my salary." a vrell-knovm leader in Russian comcommon sorrow and suffering, and a deep, aged feeling of duty. "Look out," I warned, "dont over- names, that above all, the •writer munal life, has arrived here en route Ect in spite of the strong foundation, there was a weaken- estimate them. They're very much wanted what he said to be helpful to to America where he intends to ining. The ties became lax and more lax until the loosening is like, the boys and girls who are not our growing adolescent Jewish lad in now a general one. Maybe the swift currents of the present Jewish. You will find dull ones among the high schools. The little boy whese big round eyes haste or confusion and with never an terest Jevdsh organizations in relief "Yau can say for me," said the all day take in things that ha ticrks angry or impatient word. Neither for the Jews of Russia. At an open fast life of Jazz and popular movies, and toddle and fox-trot them as well as bright ones." teacher thoughtfully, "that he's all about and tries to arrange jntouan does he see him giving generously to meeting he declared that Jewish comfound a weak spot in the foundation and has begun its 'work He laughed incredulously. of destruction. Time will tell. •-•••-• '..--•..- . "I know," he said, with an air of right en masse. The Talmudical type under|tandable world sees his father all good works and enterprises, his munal life in Russia is absolutely The days of the close family bonds, when in times of sadness finality, "that when I was at college with the stopping shoulders and pale in the morning before he goes to ear never deaf or his hand closed; paralyzed; that Russian Jewry is dybrought on by death cr times of sorrow caused while living, the chap who led the class In scholar- complexion is a thing of the past. It business and for a little wh'ln after the little boys does cot. know his ing and that he sees no prospect foi there was a feeling- of affection, and pride of duty, which are butship was a Jewish young man who would do your heart good to see how he eotnes home at night. fathers' reputation as a good citizen, the future except in mass emigration. these boys turn out .for the athletic memories of yesterday, and will_be only dim recollections of a was working his way. He came of He does not know that his father always depended upon to support wonderful past unless there is a" sudden re-awakening. Right poor parents and had to work hard teams. Thsy're everywhere, took is two men—one, the man with whom measures for the public welfare within our own midst there are many aged parents in dire for his living, besides keeping-up with at the personnel of our crack base- he and his mother have ta live at either in the great city or in the circumstances who should be helped by children, now matured his studies. The boys-lfl:ed him be- ball team"—here the teacher rattled home; the other, one of the import- suburb where they live. to womanhood and manhood. Charity and %vel|are organizations cause he was, as modest as unassum- of? a number of Jewish names—"one ant men in the big city, whose word What the little boy sees, day after in every part of the country are making similar reports. ing. At the end of the college course of the best in the city. . They're a is weighty in large affairs. He does day, - is a surly man who gets up Because of this attitude many parents and many children he had all the honors ' there were,' speedy bunch and all there when it not even see him on thct train, chat- cross, buries himself in the newspaper are being forced into charity when relatives could take care of Phi Beta Kappa and enough medals I comes to headwork. In track events, ting affably with the ether men' who at breakfast with scarcely a word to to supply a champion sharpshooter. too, they're among the best. And in commute with him in tho mornings any one, and starts for business them without; making any especially economic sacrifices. Old age in its helplessness is commanding but little respect! No swank, no noise, just.pure merit. baseball, although they don't excell and again at night,'laughing a t barely a perfunetery good-by. And ia I'm' glad they're sending me to a as they do in basketball, they are the pocr jokes of others and making the evening he observes coming Dependent childhood creates but little sympathy! Will such a condition arise in Nebraska that a law, theschool where I'm to meet many Jew- holding their own." good ones of lus e r a . He has not home only a "tired business man," Never Eiace 1914 have author of which was a Jew, will have to be written on our ish boys and girls. If they're any- "How about tho scholarship of tho seen his father in his capacity as "the glua and heavyladen with the cares low prices 02 high thing like he was then—" Jewish boy?" statue books ? • life of the tarty"—the kind of man of the day, presenting to the f grade Pianos, Players or Henry Abrams. a lawyer of Indianapolis, who is a member "Don't expect too much," I warned, "Above the average slightly,' I of whom his fellows ring "For he's for whose comfort and happiness pieshould say, although I have found ja jolly good fellovr." of the Indiana legislature, recently introduced a bill providing and left him. Grands been offered. ..,;,;••; suinably he has done it all the gensotrre dumbbells.'' that any person of age and financially able must support his "or eral aspect of a bear with a sore The little boy does not know his Says He Was Shocked. Our $50,009 "Are there any diragrceable types father comes into the office with a foot. her- parents, wlio have grown too old to work in order to earn Piano Sale is your opporta livelihood or who are unable to earn a livelihood because of A few months later we met again. which arcs mere cr lcrs characteris- nod and smile for ever/ one: that he The man does not see himself with "Well, Mr. Crawford," I asked, "arc tic?" some physical or mental incapacity. unity to SAVE $150 to is adored by office boys and stenog- the little boy's eyes. If he did, perall the Jewish boys little geniuses "YOE," h-3 answered slowly. "A raphers, admired and beloved fey his haps he would think it strange that The bill is now a law and is being enforced in Indiana, $20® e s aa instrument, &vA and all the Jewish girls marvels of bright Jevrish boy is sometimes apt business associates. He does not see he could be two men so different. i - Just think—this law from the pen of a Jew! at Ihe same tis$e secure the to become a Smart Aleck, a know-it him concentrating all day long, ef- But even then he might not realize What "prompted Mr. Abrams to sponsor the law we do notintellect and attainment?" mo^ liberal terms ever ofSnow, but it is not hard to figure out. Mr. Abrams is active in "I have had the shock of my life,"> all ar.d thsra came. It is a boy of this ficiently and unruffled, upon each that the Kttite boy sees only one of charity work in Indianapolis and he must have viewed with he admitted. "I have found that even; sort who goes in for radicalism. The momentous affair in turn, without fered. /'''••" .^'/:"":; New York Post. past means nothing in his life. It is awe and disgust the appeals of many aged Jewish, parents for Jews may be dull." '-•¥. support when they had rich relatives who could take care of My friend was on ths road to the a good trait gone wrong, the instinct truth. Jewish scholarship and Jewish for probing and research becomes a them and not permit them to become charity charges. We hope that the time will never come when it will be personality remind one of that little destructive instrument. But fellows •girl who had a little curl in ths Long- cf this cort are by no means as numfound necessary to make such a law in our state. But we do hope that this law, now being published nation- fellow poem. You remember that erous as one might suppose. The wide-will act as a re-awakening stimulant to many of our people "when she was good, she was "very, other toys cither laugh them out of Prague. (Jewish Telegraphic Agen^and will again make them sense the wonderful feeling of affection, very good, but when she .was..- bad, it- or liny naturally outgrow it." cy.). Dr. Chains Weizm&nn arrived 'pride and duty which they are loosing sight of in this age of she was horrid." Mr. Crawf ord, with "What eke would':yon suggest?" here on Monday . afternoon fent reinfinite tact and delicacy, has begun "That tho^Jewish boy tske special turned to London immediately after speed, toddle, and Jazz. to develop some of his protC£C3 of care cf his personal appearance and addressing the Greaier Actions ComI extraordinary promise, but h- no cf his etiquette. He must learn to and holding several consultaTHE JEW MAKING HISTORY. longer lets his enthusiasm for tin overcome unthinking prejudice some- mittee SHALL WE SURVIVE? tions with members of the Zionist ExA recent newspaper item informs It is not always necessary to read Jewish people" blind him to patent' times directed against him. . Good ecutive. Dr. Weizmann's presence is Tis that an African tribe dwelling on the records of the past to realize the defects. breeding goss a 4ong way." urgently required in London where the rim of Sahara was forced to part of the Jew in the making of his- In searching for the Frulh, tin! Here the case rests.? It •would not the Arab Delegation is daily exrected. migrate to the coast because the tory. A-perusal of the headlines of writer sought out representative seem from these - opinions that the In his address, Dr. Weizmann statterritory it originally occupied had any modern daily newspaper reveals teachers; one in a large g high'Jewish girl and the Jewish boy have ed that following his return from $430 pg become uninhabitable through contin- constant flashes of Jewish activity in school and the other in a large boys'; any faults which ara ^ generic, faults America a series of strong demands Pianos reduced ued drouth. In its new habitat this current world affairs. On opening the high school. What they said is paerssd ! which may not bo overcome by a had been placed before the British tribe found that it could not compete morning newspaper early in the pres- on for what it is worth./It must be changes ox environment or influence. government. These demands Per Week. with the more energetic jind more ent week, the reader's eye was caught borne in mind that in each'ca~e in-1—Tha American Hebrew. for political and economical concesprogressive peoples among whom it by headlines such as these: "Germany dividual judgments aro expressed—j — sions. He felt that the demands would was thrown. With.characteristic fatal- to open trade with Russia, says War- and not the generalizations accepted D E L E G A T E S TO ZIONIST be acceded to and that thus ecconomic ism the chiefs of tha tribe thereupon burg, spokesman of German trade;" by all. CONGRESS NOMINATED activities on a larger scale would "Trotzky predicts money will be cause decided to follow a policy of tribal "The Jewish girl," said tho first j New-York. (J. T. B.) The followannihilation. Marriage has been of war between England and Amer- teacher.approached, herself:_a Jewess; i n g h a v e been nominated as delegates be made possible in Palestine. But strictly forbidden.- There is some- ica;" "Lasker to prevent sixteen mil- of refinement and culture, "is in seme jt o t h e W o r i d Z i o n i s t Congress which j Dr. Weizmann stated that the S12C- T\7cr.iy-tvo feet cf double copand all of these undertak- per ceil. For a few days only of thing poignantly pathetic in the lion dollar monthly shipping loss;" respects different from her compan- C O J w e n c s m Carlsbad on Sept. 1st: ings depended on the financial support installed complete ready to use— spectacle of this moribund people 'Gompers re-elected President A. F. ions. She She is, is, for for one one thing, thing, more more KCT. H. Sfftsliaflaty. of American Jewry and that he vould AI) giving up the struggle of life and of L.;" "Trying to make dictatorship tense and reacts more decisively to JHw)5or Isanc XalJitch Joseph Ba Kabbl S. M. Npches therefore return %p America together Ifermnn of proletariat kosher, says Socialist." fho rafl,iMMn about «-»,«..4."t,^_ T-P she _t-* *_n_ Ifer deliberately choosing death. the influences her. If falls Frank Emamiel Neumnun Herman conheira with prominent Zionist leaders and Sounds like the report of a pretty A. S. Orlans Keulscn Bralnia The Jewish people all over the in with studious girls, she vies with Herman Telephone Atlantic 4430, spend an entire year in the .interest I,eoiirtril M. Palitn ColiUfim world have'never faced more de- good day's work for the Jew. No them in scholarship, but if she hap- Zalmart Cutler r.eujamin llnbalsky of the Keren Hayesod. EiUin KzcUicI Kablnowltz termined brutality and oppression wonder the Niluses and Chestertons pens to join a group of fluffy ruffles William Dr. TJaer ICpstuin P. SI. ItasUin , Dr. Weizmann expressed the view 1 and Fords are scared. The Jew seems Fishman licrnard G. Kiclmrds than they do today. From everyshe becomes as irresponsible and Jacob J. Gnbriol T.ouls KobisoTi that the British government au'l the 203r Honii Twesty-TMrd St. to be just as handy in the managing where come tidings of persecution flighty as the rest. You wouldn't IV. (Tnrn Henry ItosenVianra many British statesmen whom ha han of world institutions as he is in the Slorris Rothenberg ltabtii H. R. Gold and slaughter. "Whether it be the suspect she had a brain at all. Michael Snlit Ab. Goldberg seen since his arrival in England, $600 P l a y e r l'.ernnrd Rhelvin latest pogrom in the barbaric hinter- running of a pawn shop or a clothing "It's nothing but good times and A. J . GoVclstein intended no modification of the BalX. J . Goldstine KUwara Spiegel store. It is interesting to observe the Pianos reduced d; lands of Europe or another sophist dances and 'fellers.' And my, how liorls Gnvbplsky x 8o!omon Hufrin Haher SItss ITpnrletta Szold four declaration but it was necessary assault from some.anti-Semitic snip- variety of partisan iaterests as well she can chew guml In class and out Julius to «S Isnnc Harm T,onis Topkls to -obtain political and economic ing post in England or America, there as general influence denoted by the she seems to be out after the mara- Emonnel T<nznrns To£t Terms-r-52.50 Per Week privileges, rather than academic conHoffcnberg' Mntnnel tlntermyef is much to dishearten us, if we ware names suggested; Warburg, the cap- thon- .gum-chewing record. Books arid I.Saintiel Knliflnowltz Dr. A. M. Hilkowlch sent to the Zionist program. Kranior Philip Wattenberg not made of strong stuff.t The sun italist; Trotzky, the Sovietist;. Lasker, • studies are matters of secondary con- Slorris A Few Exceptional I. A. lessors Rev. I. Wetntraub Dr. Weizmann suffered a physical Pf. Schmaryn never sets on Jewish agony; But. the Bourgeois; Gompers, the "Trades cern.' Very often' this type drops out Pf. Schmaryn Tjcrn Kavid Havid VTerhelowsky Werhe Bargains in Used 1 breakdown during his "address, and YV. LeWinr-EpsteinK. A. Wlrwr : thanks to the Almighty Lore , who in Unionist; and Solomon and Orr, the before graduation. You see, school E. Louis Xipsfcy -• •"W. - - - "e Meyer the session had to be interrupted to Pianos. . - •. ' His omniscience sees fit to try our Socialists." Add to these names of a is too slow for her. Usually her as- Morris Marfpvlies Leon ZolotkoK permit him to receive a physician's 3Xf. P. J. Schweitzer' souls, no cry of Morituri salutamus! single day's record in the world of sociates are older than herself and Bernard A. Rosenblatt $300 Marshal! & Wenattention. shall be'wrung from our lips. No economics and politi(Js those other she envies the" freedom from home Miss Lotta Xeyensohn del! $125 bay them sfe Rnbbl Snmirel Benjamin. doom has been pronounced for tis by names which consistenly appear from work and school obligations enjoyed Br. 1400 Sterling $158 BemSon Mossiusohn Mrs. l»nvitl cle Soln Pool Jewish Composer Coming td New the leaders of ~ our faith. "We refuse time to time in the world of science, by her sisters of shop and office. In M SS75 Valley Gem . . . . . . $ 1 7 5 Peter J.'Schweitzer York. to be shell-shocked inta suicide. - We philosophy, psychology, literature, spite of all we can do, she seldom $400 Davis & Sons $185 intend to live <Si and to fight on until and law, and the result will reveal a learns .how to dress properly. Greek Patriarch Sells Portion of London. (J. T. Agency.) Boris $400 Richter $195 319 South 16tli our last oppressor has. perished and partial survey of the very remarkable "Diaphanous waists, ultra-short Mount Ziott. Levensohn, a well-known Jewish com$425 Schmoller &• NSuetuntil.'••all the world's man-made sor- role the Jew is playing in-tie^ l*r $240 skirts, openwork stockings, drug store Jerusalem. (J. T. A.) It is an- poser, left here for New York where Phone Deugias S40® $473 SchrrsoSler & Muelrow is tossed into- the-oubliette of tic making of present day history. bloom, Pierrot pallor about the nose nounced here that the Greek Patriarch he intends to produce some of his ler $250 time/—American Hebrew. Einstein, Bergson, Freund, Brandeis, —all these are her inalienable per- of Jerusalem has sold tp the local latest musical compositions. Reading are but a few of the names quisites. She's a sketch. If she* only Zionist Organization a large tract ISalse yevi* celce'don from first magnitude with which the mo- realized how f uimy she is to a dispas- of land in his possesion on Moiint A GROSS INFRINGEMENT. of dern World is conjuring in trying to sionate observer! A plan we have of ZiOn, close to the citadel of David. 5 \i c !i faraens rsakes as It is entirely proper to publish jus- Worth living. So long as An immense and beautiful edifice making them wash their faces is doHar&man, Emorasn, StegeT tifiable criticism of governmental con- the Jew has idealism and vitality tact anywhere,- of Wrongs committed enough to furnish such-names, he ing some good. But you can't keep formerly the centre of all Greek & - Sens, KcPhaii, Jindeman religious activities in this city ig sold )y individuals of any race, but the at-*need have no fears of the mouthings a complete change of wardrobe for as part of the purchase. 6 Smls, B:.!ir Bros,, Hereach<gjrl wha doesn't know how to )smpted indictment of all American of anti-Semites. The God of Israel dress properly/' bert and SskmcKsr & Mnelitizens.of the Jewish race is, in our today as Of old neither slumbereth nor Soviet Authorities to Aid Jew* to ""' 7 ' T C T ' K N O W THAT-• •-- , = ^ _ . r _ _ "Of course, you don't mean that opinion, a gfoss infringement on their sleepeth.—Indianapolis Jewish Chron- Jewish girls have these attributes exEmigrate. "$ghts, and a wicked perversion of the icle. •/• clusively V Riga. (J. T. Agency.) It is reV^gitimate functions of & free press. Ho matter where you porteed front Moscow that the ComThe timejsvill come, we have no doubt, Above Average in Intelligence. live! irei* can /'take missariat of Emigration is taking "Shen Henry Ford will be appalled by Jewish Leaders in Upper Silesia "Not at all. But there are enough steps td facilitate the emigration of advantage of tMs Sale! are sold by the sole agent Arrested, $he cofl^eepjences of his misconduct^* •• of them/to form a class all by them- such Jews as desire to leave; the G-et in touch witJnas— 3ot in this country, where-intelligence Danzig. (Jy T. Agency.) The In- selves. There: is very little in com- country", evea if they belong to catecall, phono or wilte. Condemns him, but abroad, where his terallied Commission in Upper Silesia taon between a girl of this kind and gories liable to military service er Minister; utterances will be acted ttpofi Ms arrested mSny prominent leaders one of what I might call tha scholarly compulsory labor. The Commissariat PRINTING—STATIONERY—OFFICE STJITPLIES , h a horrible way. -Racial hatreds, of the Jewish communities there on refined group of Jewish girls. To haa communicated 'with the Jewish aroused, are the most implacable the charge that they assisted in the me, as a Jewess, these latter repre- communities in Scandinavian coun118 South 17th-Street, Baird Building:, 17th and Douglas Street. *iid ineradical of all evil passions. organization of German battalions sent the .Jewish heritage. They are tries asking them to call a conference Phone Jackson 0779 £OES FDllD KNOW IT?—Chicago during the recent disturbances in the above the average intellectually, are where the details of Jewish emigracotmtr* ^ S r 5 2 3 ^ . £ - ? = s t _ . , t in the literary, fittd art tion; will bo



: ' ' Flayer Pianos



*Say It With Flowers" •;.


Stenographers and Bookkeepers

Stafford's Carbon Paper and Typewriter Ribbons :

b—THE JEWISH PEESS THURSDAY, HJLY 21> 1921. PEIEDMAN-WOOLFSON Miss Madeline Cohn entertfiiaed 260,000 Francs Collected For "Y" TRIMS MUSICIANS | YOUNG. JUDEA NEWS The marriage of Miss Stella Woolfsixteen guests at her home Sunday Ukrainisn • son, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. for Miss Stella Woolfson. Vienna. (J. C. Bureau.) Tie new-llr. and 3Hrs.-M.-L. Woolfson enter-' Woolfson, to Mr. Joseph Meyer FriedA meeting of the Young Judaea The Y. M. H. A. baseball team dely created Central Belief Council for tained at a dinner party "Wednesday man of TTduncil Bluffs was scheduled Senior Club was held Sunday at the feated the fast Omaha Musician's .ball BUY SAFE Ukrainian Jews hss succeeded in colJewish Hotel Attacked by Soldiers evening for the out-of-town guests to take place this" evening1 at •• seven home of Eose Mirikin. team Sunday morning at Elmwood lecting 200.000 francs for relief pur. and Women and Children who are here to attend the Friedman- o'clock at the home of the bride's Plans for the future of the cjub park, by a score of 13 to 4. poses. 50,000 frsnes were collected in Beaten. Woolfson wedding. were discussed and decided upon. The game was closely played until parents, in the presence of the famParis, an dten million kronen in this ily. Rabbi Frederick Cohn -will offi- Molly Seiver, club reporter, has the seventh inning, when Gordon, star Our guarantee and mar word is citv. Announcement has been made of ciate. moved to Minneapolis. pitcher for the Musicians, slightly Warsaw. J. T. Agency.) Further as good as & bond. the marriage of Miss Bertha Fiedler, The bride will wear a gown of real Mary Moscoe was elected to take weakened, and the "Y" batters taking alarming reports of excesses and We have satisfied hundreds of daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Spanish lace over ivory satin and veil Miss Server's place as reporter for advantage of the chance, scored sis pogroms against Jews reach here yoxtr friends. ! Fiedler of New York City, to Mr. of tulle held by a chaplet of orange the remainder of the term. runs during the inning and in the fol- from all parts of Poland. Isadore Fiedler of this city. The mar- blossoms. She' -will carry a shower lowing inning, the "Y" batters again The soldiers of J£orfanty now re-, CEIEOPODIST AND BE&VTT riage took place in New York on bouquet of brides roses, lillies of the Young Judea Senior d u b Toy Drive. gathered four runs. After this inning turning from Upper Silesia carried, fe.:-..^; SHOP. ..;... ;.:•:-:• 1514 Dofigre Street. July 1 after which Mr. and Mrs. valley and delicate ferns, and will be The Toy Shower Drive being con- Gordon quickly found himself and re- out a four-hour attack on the town S -Phone: Botsgl&s 5G1S Fiedler spent their honeymoon at the given by her father in marriage. ITtlti e n d JSLatacy. Douglas 2333. ducted by the Young Judea Senior tired the next three batters of the of Kieltz. Catskill Mountains. They will make Miss Rhea Friedman of Chicago, Club has been postponed for an un-i Y" team without any possible dam- The military forces and police were their home in Omaha. I age. The "Y" team took the lead in powerless to prevent their activity. sister of the groom, will be Miss definite time. tlie ver In the town of Last another y first inning of the game, Woolfson's only attendant and will The toyed starved children of | Mrs. Max Kaplan will ..entertain wear . orchid chiffon and carry Palestine are destitute for these play- j gathering three runs^ on four_ hits, group of Korfanty's insurgents atFOUKDEDIS57 . I twenty guests at bridge Saturday Ophelia* roses. Mr. Herman Fried- things. What do you do with the sur- The Musicians tied the score in the tacked a Jewish hotel and beat most afternoon at the Prettiest Mile Club man of Council Bluffs, a cousin of the plus toys that your children have no fifth inning and held the "Y" menof the guests including women ana children, most brutally. for Miss Hanna Greenblatt, whose groom, will be best man and little use for? Do you throw them away? until the seventh. marriage to Mr. David Cohen will Pauline Bernstein and Jerry Yudel- Why not call one of the Y. J. S. C. Bernstein was again on the mound Jewish passengers on the railroad take place during the next month. son of Council Bluffs will act as members or call Minnette Gross, Har- for the Y. M. H. A. team and wasline between Bleshno and TchenstochWednesday afternoon, Mrs. Sam flower girl and ring bearer. ney 5236, who will call for these play- in superb condition. He was given OTO were mistreated and thrown splendid support as his team mates the cars. One Jew by Cohen will entertain thirty guests at Southern smilax and palms will things in person. bridge at her home for this bride- make the background for a bower of We will appreciate any call- of the played errorless ball behind him, Jacob Yachimowitch was elect. pink roses and gladiolus before which various organizations who have col- Bernstein allowed but two free passes wounded and taken to a to the initial bag and struck out ten pital. the ceremony •will take place. Miss lected toys. of the opposite players. With the Mr, and Mrs. M. Kulakofsky left Janet Gilinsky and Mr. Philip Krasne i-defeat of the Musicians, the "Y" team Sunday for Des Moines to be joined will play the wedding marches.. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hiller and has been greatly encouraged and have by Mr. and Mrs. S. Davidson, from Following the ceremony a wedding children and Mr. and Mrs. Al. Drey- booked games with faster teams, where they will all go to Mount reception will be held. The out-of- foos left yesterday to motor to Estes Clemens, Michigan, to remain for a town guests include Mr. and Mrs. I. Park and other points in Colorado, among these are the Fort Crook soldiers and the Hugrhes-F&rmer team No Sprlogs—Honest Weight month. Cohen, Miss Delia Cohen, Mr. and where they will remain for several of Council Bluffs. The Musicians, Mrs. Wolf Liebowitz, Miss' lihea which met defeat at the hands of the HOBAST ELECTRIC Mr. Joseph, Lazarus will leave Sun- Friedman and Mr. I. Friedman, father Y team, had defeated the Knights of day for New York City for sis weeks. of the groom, all of Chicago. GRINDERS; CHOPPERS Miss Besse Stock and Miss Ann Columbus team, a local Class A team. After a wedding trip to the Great Wintroub, "who have been spending • AND MIXERS. Mrs. J . H. Elulakofsky will have as Lakes, Mr. Friedman and his bride the past two weeks at Lake Okoboji,, her guest during the nest week, Miss will be at home in Council Blnffs. Poland Closes its Frontiers. Service and Sales: will return Saturday. Sara Lurie of Des Moines, who will Warsaw. (J. T. Agency.) The 13th AND JACKSON STREETS arrive Saturday. Announcement of the marriage of Mrs. B. H. Boasberg and Mrs. E. M. Polish Ministvy of the Interior anPhones: Miss- Stella Bessel, daughter of Mr. Handler entertained sixteen guests at nounces that after the month of July.! Toledo Scales Dong. 76S2 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Levjnson and and Mrs. Louis Bessel, to Mr. Max all refugees from Soviet Eussia and I children are at Colorado Springs for Levin, which took place Monday eve- lawn bridge Saturday afternoon for Ukrainia who cross the Polish frontier Hobart Electri: Doug. 7396 several weeks. ning at the Nineteenth and Burt Miss Sylvia Landow, of Chicago, who will be arrested and returned. The streets synagogue, comes as a com- spent the week-end with Mrs. Hand- crowded conditions in Polish border , We have on hand Used and towns has become so impossible that j Mr. and Mrs. L. IL Eosenbaum of plete surprise, as this wedding was ler. Rebuilt Machines. the. authorities are taking steps to Kansas City are the guests of Mr. and scheduled to take place in the early Miss Erna Eeitstein of Davenport, remove the homeless and dependent Mrs. Jules Eosenbaum, who have fall. .The ceremony took place in the recently moved into their new home presence of the immediate families who has been the guest of the Misses to interior districts and will hereafter in Leavenworth Heights. of the bride and groom •with Eabbi Dora and Eae Wolcwitz for the past prevent the entrance of any persons j Morris Taxon officiating. Following several weeks, left for her home attempting to flee from Russia and j Office Hours 9 to 12 a. m.; j Mrs. J. M. Erman and small son, the ceremony, a -wedding dinner was yesterday, accompanied by Miss Bae Ukrainia. 2 to 6 p. in. Jimmiey who have been visiting Mrs. served fit the home of the groom's Wolowitz who-will remain in DavenThe Clothes You Need ASK BRITISH DO3IINIOXS TO ! Bnnan's mother, Mrs. A. Dobrin of parents, Mr. and Mra. A. Levin, Mr. port for a week. ADMIT JEWISH REFUGEES. j Minneapolis, for the past two "weeks, and Mrs. Levin left immediately-to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Achtenberg of motor to Minneapolis and the Minnereturned yesterday. London. (J. T. Agency.) The Joint | at Kansas City are the guests of their Foreign Committee of British Jews! sota lakes _and upon their return to CHIROPODIST parents Mr. and Mrs. S. Robinson. Scores cf "WerM's Famous Miss Martha Cohn spent the week Omaha will be at home at the El lias approached the * Premiers of the \ Telephone Douglas 51G5 They wfH remain for about three British Empire now attending the I Beudor apartments. end at Fort Dodge with friends. weeks, later motoring to Chicago Imperial Conference here, regtirding j Boom 204 Buslunan Block the admission of a limited number! For Mrs. M. Bugenstein of Cedar. Mr. and Mrs. 33. Irving Zidelle had and ilkmeapolis. .- : 16th and Docslas Sts. cf Jewish emigrants from Poland j Kanids, Iowa, who is the guest of as their week-end guests, Mr. Zidelle's Mrs. Sol Klein and 31iss Lottie Clothes made to sell this yes? at $40.00 ' MrsJ-S, Guttman, Mrs..V. M. Ganz father and sister, ;Mr. J. Zidelle and 1 and • Ukrainia. to 575-00—superb hand-tailored suits entertain next "Wed} Hirschberg entertained sis guests at luncheon on Miss Sonia Zidelle of Dallas, Texas. for men and young men. nesday at Mr3l Klein's home at a Friday. Mrs. Emil Ganz entertained They left for their home' Tuesday. Palm Beach. Suits, linen shower for Mis3 Bess Felson, twelve guests at dinner Sunday and n Tropicals, Mohair, Silks whose engagementto Mr. Joe Shine on Monday Mrs. B. Sinclair gave a Mr. H.- Bernstein and* H r . Ben of Spencer, Iowa, was recently an150 bridge luncheon at the Fontenelle Isaacson left Saturday to spend a Hotel for Mrs. Bugenstein. On last month in the east, visiting Chicago, nounced. Wednesday Mrs. Guttman entertained St. Louis, Buffalo -and New Y«rk. Mads to sell this season »t Berlin. (J. T. Agency.) Professor at a Tea at the Conant Hotel for her Albert Einstein has accepted the into S50.CM) guest. iMiss Sylvia. Fox left Tuesday to vitation of the Commissariat of Edaspend several weeks at the Minnesota cation to deliver a series of lectures ",Mrs. Max Eosenbaum and children. lakes. in Soviet Eussia. Einstein is making and Miss Edith Eosenbaum will lesve preparations to leave Berlin shortly. Sunday to fpend two months in New .Mr. and Mrs. Morris Katleman "en- He will proceed to Moscow and then CSMAH*,. : York. to Petrografi to lecture on his Theory tertained twelve, little guests Friday rCOEEECT ATT&EEL FOB MEN ilNB "WOKEN to celebrate the seventh birthday of of Relativity. During his stay in Soviet Eussia, Professor Einsteia will Mr. and Mrs. Max Brodkey of Sioux their son, Beldon. Wliether away at college, on a vacation or be permitted to engage in activities City, Iowa, are spending several days PHONE: DOUGLAS 270S. business trip, the home folks will want to know witli -Aeir daughter, Mrs. J. Arkin Miss Berta Newman left Saturday fo rthe Hebrew University in Jerusahow everything is going. and Mr. Aikin. to spend several •weeks in Chicago lem. with friends. . Imnniae the tingling surprise o£ the folks at *liffi«W^Ofltee^teA J«*|EBS» fj0$&. ffSS&flBfi; Miss Xee Abrahamson left Saturday home at suddenly receiving your long distance., -to spent several wseksin Chicago and sMiss Ann Sigal, daughteer, of Mr. greeting and the pleasure you mil take in hearMilwaukee. While in Milwaukee, she end Mrs. Sam Sigal, is in Chicago ing their voices. will be the house guest of Mr. andj where she will visit ior several weeks, Wherever you are, drop into your home Mrs. Ellis Hassel. Mrs. Hassel -was later going to Milwaukee. office for a few minutes each day over '''Long oaesBBWSS nantus Green of this formerly Miss Ann USiiVKS w » « Distance." • . ,, , Mrs. Lee Rothschild of Des Moines, city. Etelnsr Electric Sleai' Pistes are about nait for is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chopper Btation-to-station calls from S:30 nnfl Coffee 3Sm. Eothscidld, who have recently taken a p. m. to midnight; about cneMrs. L. Simon and Mrs. J. Simon & Used Scales ol All iourth midaignt to-4S0 a. in. entertained fifteen, guests at a bridge house in Dundee. Hates for Bale. luncheon at the Athletic Club- SaturS.OCSC FEANK DEE day for Mrs. H. Block and Mrs. I. The Misses Helen Eobinson, Maxyj City Representative Moscoe, Anne Selicow, Lillian Kooper, j NORTHWESTERS HirscnDerg of El Fasoy Texas, who 5x0 Po. XOtSi St. EELL TELEPHONE Greenberg, 3>hone DOuslas 3322 are spending the summer with Mrs. Ida Hoffman, Bessie COMPANY Eebecca Azorn, CeKa Kurs, and Celia 23. Simon. . Braude. spent the /Week end at Camp Brewster. iluuuuHmiiinuiumninmnniuuiHuii Mrs. J. L. Wolf entertained twentyfive guests at a bridge luncheon today Mrs. H. Greenberg and daughters, at her home in Lockwood for her Mrs. Jack Albertes and Miss Euth house gnest, Mrs. IX J. Marx of Greenberg spent the past month in is Music is the language of the jsj Cleveland. Mrs. Marx will remain Minneapolis with Mr. >jid Mrs.- M. S soul which is best expressed in 3 about a week longer. •S Eosenblatt's masterpiece, 'S ICogan, returning Monday. : = "ELOKAY XESHONO," I Eecord No. 55,125. = The Enigits of Zion elected Sam On next Tuesday evening Mrs. ,5 •2 The best ever sung by = Minkin, president; Joe Nitz, vice Diamond, Mrs. Pregler and Mrs. ,= -• Eosenblatt .S president; Nathan Adelson, secretary; Julius Eayman will ' entertain fifty ;£ Another big treat to the Jew- S The Man Wiio Plans Morris Fi'aschman, treasurer; Meyer couples at a dancing1 party at- Hans- is" ish people of Omaha is Cantor =s is Mordechany Hirschman's first Goldberg, . reporter, and Philip Eo- com Park for Miss Grawoig and Miss His Fatnre Systematicallj record "EOCHEL MEYAKA OL = senbloom, sergeant-at-arms at their Bae Eayman, ot Pittsburg, who is •= = BONAIHO" Now on sale here. = and'flolds to His H a n semi-annual election recently held. the guest of Mrs. Eayman. S He is known as the second = S Caruso, and this record is -a = Persistently "William Joseph and Sam Minkin were =• great contribution to the mus- S chosen to supervise the programs for Miss Eose Eosenblatt of "Winnepeg, S Starting Siisclay J WiH Attain Success,as a icial world. S the coming months. ; Bars Only * 'Canada, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. •=-• These are a few of the new = Natural Course of Events P. H. Eosenblatt and will remain un- ~ss Yiddish records just received. S 72,968—"Homiz Alef.* * = A Savings Account is One Miss Rachel Eayman of Pittsburgh, til about the first of September. Many S = "Schluf Mem Feigefe." = of these Essentials that Pa., is here -visiting her "brother affairs are being planned for Miss 5 72,61!^-"Dns Zwaita Wafc." = Every Thoughtful Man "You Enow What I = Julius Eayman. Many affairs are De-Eosenblatt, among them being a lun- = Knows Cannot be Disre- 4% Interest on Ssvings S • " Mean." .ss ing planited in her ho$or. cheon at the Athletic Club to be given garded if his Success is to Interest iA = Wednesday for sixteen guests by Mrs. = 72,956—"Ich Alain," rtt be a Certainly. S "Kein Palestina." = •teeied by s ' —THURSDAY— Dave Sherman. Mrs. I. Eosenblatt Mrs. A. H. Diamond and Mrs. Jess Onaranty Fan3 of f&c We have the most complete = Remember It Takes Only $i. State* ef Kehritabn. Tour Pregler, who have just returned from and Mrs. P. H. Eosenblatt are plan- 5s stock of Jewish, Hebrew, and all 5 fund* stili.ieet to •wllhto Start Your Account Chicago where they attended the ning a dancing party to be given at 5 Victor Tecords in the city. = ii eotlee. Hascom Park, Tuesday, August 2, to = Call Webster 2042 and we will = wedding of their sister, Miss Carrie glad to deliver on approval .— . . . Ill... Grawoig to Dr. Henry Barancik, have which forty couples iave been invit- s5 be any records you might wish to H as their guest their sister, Miss ed. S hear. = Beatrice Grawoig of -Chicago, TuesEighteenth and Famaia Streets day afternoon, Mrs. Pregler enteT- Mr. Dave Eosenstock left Thursday 33. \T. Gckcfanaa, Vre*lSeai XI. C. GelsclBJBU, . tained eighteen guests for Miss Gra- for a motor trip through Minnesota Weteter 2042. II. SS. Kregh, Ajmistnat Cssbier 1S24 Xarih n t h Street. woig, who will remain here for some and Wisconsin. 39e will return about


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4^-THE JEWISH PRESS THURSDAY, JULY 21, 1921. • Thursday evening, complimenting her cousin, Miss Ethel Helfet, of New

often. When 1 do get time to go to rather go to jail than have a Jew like gian Zionists made a strong addrest schul once in a while on a holiday, Finkelstein for a landlord. He's criticizing the present leadership of that's, different, .but I didn't know I everything the goyim Bay about us the movement, but concladed with th< By ELMA EHRLICH LEVINGER. . was going to have one living under- and much worse. As I always tei. declaration that all differences of Sent by our CoundJ Bluffs News (Copyright, 1921, by-Elma Ehrlicb 1/evln.ger. All rights reserved.) neath, us all the time. ThefirstF r iGoldie, it's Jews themselves that opinion would be waived and that the bureau. , Belgian Zionists would work heart Sent by our Dea Moinea News As I often tell my wife, Goldie, it's! to see if he could run the car him- day we was there it was all right, but make the worst rishus. and soul for the Keren Hayesod. the next week. Muriel give a little bureau. Jews themselves that make the most'self. I said I'd have him arrested for " Harry "Cherniss, newly elected presbirthday party to her frinds from FURTHER REPORTS .OF assaulting my Morris and he told rishus.. ident ofike Ctuncil Bluffs lodge of London. <J, T. Agency.) The next ACTIONS COMMITTEE the B'nai B'rith, announced the com- Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Goldman enter- Take our landlord over on the West Finkelstein, and be (Finkelstein) the kindergarten. I t was her birthday and.I.never saw nothing in the Bible! session, of the Council of the League MEETING mittee for the coming term as ' fol- tained at a theatre party and luncheon Side, for instance." A guy with a | next time I threatened to break my about not dancing on Shabbas, even' Prague. (J. T. Agency.) On of Nations which opens in Geneva on lows: heart of stone and such a geldfressher! lease if he didn't have the window Tuesday, honoring Counsellor jnd if my poor mother selig used to yell Thursday a secret session took place September 4th, is expected to settle Intellectnnl Advancement Committee— Mrs. J . W« Eosenthall' of London, I wouldn't shame myself to call him a shades fixed, told me I could leave if we even played a mouth organ on at which the Jabotinsky resolution definitely the question of the PalesL. H. Katelman, Chnlrman; Isadore Aginakee, r England, who are visiting in Des Jew, even if theagent says he does go any time I wanted to and he felt like Saturday. They was dancing arid't favoring the creation of a Jewish Le- tine mandate. I^eo Krasne, Moines this summer, and Mr. and to schul cgiaybe on Rosh Hashonah giving me a present for going. I told playing games and maybe yelling"a] gion, was discussed. Much opposition Hurry Perelmeter, "Wru. Z. Cherniss. Mrs. L. A. Cohn of Peoria, 111., guests and Yom Kippur. It's Jews like him Goldie then I'd move the first of the little when the rabbi called up through was in evidence, the meeting being a that make rushus among the goyim month if we had to live in the Grand Propaganda Committee— of Mrs. H. Lehmann. The '• resolution Karl Brandels, C h a i n Central Station till we found another the telephone he didn't expect goyim very stormy one. and keep the Messiah away. Harry H. Lapidus, Ptem.-Tnm Jay Cherniack, to have any respect for us, but he however, was finally adopted. Jos. Pepper. Vie«-Preel<Ient. place. I know when me and my chilBelieve me, we didn't want to move Cfcns. Saltzman. • W. G. Urs, Secretary. Mr. and Mrs. L; Davidson and wished we'd keep quiet on Shabbas, The committee determined that A. Apinsfcee, j dren are being insulted. once we got settled on Central Park Saia Steinberg. ' ' family are sending several weeks at Omaha Fixture 4k We had a terrible time finding a anyhow, after jumping on his head all there was to be no change in the date the Hotel Virginia, Long Beach, Cal. West, even if the telephone service Social Serrice and Organization week. Such chutzpah! I told him of the congress. Commissions were flat. I t wouldn't have been so bad was always enough to drive you meCommlttetv— * Supply. Co. They will tour Yosemite park and San back through the telephone, "I don't O. Hochman, Chairman; . . Francisco. En route "home they will shugga, arid we couldn't keep no maid if Goldie didn't have such high-toned like to talk fresh to a rabbi, but if yoii appointed to prevent a list of candiC01.IPLETE ETOEE AND Sara Snyder, . Mose Bernstein, "' '" <• visit Victoria, British Columbia, Lake 'cause the kitchen bedroom wa3 soj ideas. To hear that woman talk you'd object when my poor children have a dates to the congress for the chairOFFICE OUTFITTERS Rabbi M. Komanoff. '. ";' ' . Louise, Banf and the Canadian rock- dark. Me and Goldie slept in a dark J think she was born in the bridal cham- little innocent fun, you'd better move manship of the congress, and to arW* OCCDP.T Anti-I>efamation Commute*— . ever 70,000 square fe«t ies. They will be in. the west six room, too, and so did the children, ber of the Commodore or one of them to Jerusalem or somewhere you'll find range th« congress program. Arthur Preidep, Chairman; EkHjthwent Cor»«p but we're not high-toned hired girls other swell hotels where they charge Rosoff urged the creation of a comLouis Katelman, weeks. • Herman Krasne, it quiet." And I hung up just like and was willing willino- to tr> take H t o what What we wa ! voil mission consisting of theoretical and Photie: Vovffm* Q72i you ten ten dollars dollars a niVJit night and extra if and wft we was Herman Meyerson, O5SAKA. NEB. that. I'm a good Jew, even if I practical experts on colonization. O. Hochmati. you want to take a bath. She didn't could get. Of course, the shickshas One of the large social affairs of don't go to schul often since we John, Fisher representing the BelEntertainment Committep-r this week will be the afternoon party objected to the children, too, just like like this one because the kitchen was moved uptown, but I aint ashamed of Simon Steinberg, Chrilnnr.n; too small—like she intended to do that rishus ponum of a Mrs. WilJinx Steinberg, given on Saturday in the Younker Lawrence Krasne. own cooking any more- and this my religion and I'm straight in bus« tearoom by Miss Tillie Haskell in liams below us, who always sent word her n iness and that's what counts most, Denver Hospital Committee— prenuptial courtesy to Miss Mary up she had a headache when little !° e wasn't in a good enough neigh- anyhow, but I aint going to deny my Sam tinyder. Chairman; A. Giliusfey. Chapman, whose marriage to Mr. Muriel used to jump on and off thej^orhood for the children and in an- children anything, even if we do live Nuthan Adier. Frank Simon of Middletown, O., takes davenport for exercise. I should wor- other one Muriel couldn't have her on top of a rabbi. CJerelpud Orphanage Committee— place August 28 at the Sisson, Chi- ry she made her chandeliers shake. own room and Goldie wouldn't stand He's been complaining ever since, A. Ajrinsliee, Chairman: •. I always say a child's a child only for that, like the children wasn't cago. Sam Freldiaan, so you can see we aint any too comLouis Cherniack. . once and let them enjoy themselves brought up to sleep three in a bed fortable since we've been living on Among the guests who will share when they was little and before their if the neighbors like it or not. Publicity Committee— •;-•-:----.-•. the west side even if we are in a Just arrived a sKlpment of Gotham Brand the courtesy are Mrs/L. S. Taube of Leo Krasne. Chairman: uncle Ike died out in Utah. Now Maurice Gilinsky, Kansas City, Miss Inez Boyr of Los I can tell you we didn't sleep on no flats in New York ain't growing on grand neighborhood. And yesterday, 5am Steinberg. Underwear, knee length and sleeveless, of Angeles and Miss Izabelle Valentine bed of roses in that flat even if Goldie bushes anyhow and we was lucky to being the first of the month, the agent did have our hair mattress renovated At the regular meeting; of the Bnai of Ames, la. czme to collect the rent and it was . the finest materials, consisting of Silk Striped before we moved up from downtown. get anything without sticking our that Irisher we used to have over on Brith, which was held Wedensday The affair will take the form of a noses up in the air because they forYes, %ve usea used co to live above evening at the Danish hall, commitMadras and fine Madras Ches Cloths at less Central Park West! I almost fell xes, we uve downtown downtown aDOvei . , , Lt * tees were appointed to make a can- personal shower for the bride-to-be. my store and I ain't ashamed who f* *° v ? U t + f a, c f d . ar ,. cl °f e j through the floor when I saw him. The hostess will be assisted by her knows it. Goldie used to help me out d| l dT?n t 7* than the cost of the goods alone. fixtures, h k e t h e e electric l e c t n c hlight vass of the city for funds to adopt mother, Mrs. H. Haskell. kW i ld d S h t drive me "What are you doing here?" I said. !!L thought thon Goldie would s:: on Fridays and before Yomtov when Siit five war-orphans. The quota is ?500. "I came to collect the rent," he said, j While they last the Yehudim '11 come in to buy a meshugga with her grossartig ideas "Mr. Finkelstein gave me this new j chicken even if they ain't got a bit before we got what we wanted. The Hebrew Educational club held building along with the others on the | of bread to eat with their herring on When we got what suited her more west side." its first outing and picnic Sunday Monday' breakfast, and it didn't hurt than the others, though nothing could afternoon at Big Lake, on the outI thought I was going meshugga. her neither. She used to do the house- satisfy that woman she's got i t so "Mr. Finkelstein!" I guess I must skirts of the city. More than twentyProbably few people are aware that big in her head, I thought we'd have five members were present. According four of the most prominent cartoon- work and the sewing for her and the have yelled it, I was so excited. "He to the committee in charge, the club ists in the "United States are Jews three children in them times and shei peace for a while. A fint doa't own these flats. I rented-mine J just the right part of Madison will hold a v/atur carnival during the and that three of them are not much didn't know what it was to have a i from Mr. Gladstone, and he's a perwith a front hail that locked like a later part of July or the first part of beyond fheir thirtieth year. They sick day. And now she's like crazy grand hotel entrance and all kinds of fect gentleman and promised to make August. • . , . are Hy Mayer of "Puck," Edwin Mar- if she's without a shicksha a week all the repairs I wanted Mm to." cus of the "New York Times," Ruben j and gets all the children's clothes' conveniences, even m one of "1 guess he could promiss anyThe Misses Esther and Helen Cher- Goldberg of the "Chicago Daily News" ready-made and comes home from her j *** bedroom walls to put your vain- thing." real sarcastic'. - "He'.s been j niss left Sunday for a trip to Min- and Harry Hershfield of the Hearst card club as tired as if she'd been ables m. Goldie made a b:g fuss over fixing to sell the building for the last neapolis and the Minnesota Lakes. newspapers, whose "comics" are daily doing a week's Washing. If my uncle it, but we never used the safe any six months.' And now Finkelstein Selig in Utah we never knew a thing! .a.cna u s e ^ c h l I d r e nt *' a s a l w a >' s f; owns i t " He takes out his note book seen in the Chicago American. Mr. and Mrs. Castelman and family, Hy. Mayer and Edwin Marcus de- about except we heard he'd turned! ^ ™«i it ana nobody but me could and fountain pen" like ahirays. " I l l formerly of Omaha, now reside in the vote their attention to what may be Mormon, or something hadn't died and ; 1"member .the combination and work put down everything yeu want,", he *' Bluffs. . .: termed "graphic editorials" of a seri- left little Irvin all his money just eve $QS SOUTH I6& STREET SECURITIES EWLBINQ ' , ° *" ValuableS w e says, "and maybe Mr.'Finkelstein will / 'cause we took a chance and named • , , „ . , ous or humorous vein. Messrs. Golddo something for you if he can afforl Mrs. H. . Meyerson entertained berg and Hershfield have specialized the baby after him, we never would I 80 * 1 h e r Pktinum breast pin and sac i t Bat he told me he didn't expect Thursday afternoon for six guests, in on comic series, taking a recognizable have been yelling for hot water and' ^ears 'em out all the tune so we, to mak,e enough out of this building honor of her niece, Miss Dorotthy funny character and putting him decent elevator service on Central didn't need a place to lock 'em up to pay taxes." Kcmdler of Oskaloosa, la. thru unique situations calculated to Park West and hiring a wash woman i n - T h - p a f e w a s ^ a n o t h e r luxury I couldn't say a word, I was too quicken the pulse, stimulate the and sending the children to a private , w e h a d to P a yf o r ******* m u s k r o o m ' full. I feel like I don't wast to move Miss Libby and Abe Markowitz left imagination or -tickle the fancy of kindergarten. And Goldie would h a v e . ' w h e n w e c o u l d ' u s t a s w e l 1 h a v e P u t r.gain for a hundred years, even Sunday morning for Chicago, HL They the reader. Each in his original kept on working and never had time the victrola in the dining room like they'd let me break the lease, and I'd will spend the week at Chicago, from manner has many thousands of ad- to know she had liver trouble or what- always, and the extra built-in china where they will go up Lake Michi- mirers and all stand out as masters ever that swell specialist said ailed closets which was so big I had to buy j gan. • ' ••""-• builders in their particular fields. her. Anyhow, my poor uncle Ike left Goldie two sets of crystal or whatBut Most prominent of the cartoonists, Irvin all his money in his will, and ever she calls it to fill 'era. Mrs. S. Goldblatt entertained for Goldie she said she'd;be comfortable as long as we call him Irvin, which fifty guests at a bathing party Sun- and acknowledged by many as the don't sound so Jewish, Goldie says, it in the new place and-1 said I'd try foremost "serious" cartoonist of day at Lake' Manawa. America, is Hy. Mayer, since January, won't hurt the child.a bit to have to be, but I knew from the minute I signed the lease for two years I Miss Freida Goldberg, who has been ,1914, contributing editor of Puck and Isaac on his birth certificate. wouldn't be comfortable after the first visiting in Colorado during "the past for more than a decade preceeding But I was saying we didn't have of every monthl Then I'd begin wormonth, arrived home Sunday. Miss cartoonist of the New York Time.:. any too good a time in our new place rying about paying that month's rent Goldberg spent several days in Pueb- Mr. Mayer has won internat:: fame even if the rent was over what it again. I'm ashamed to tell you what lo, Colo., viewing the .ruing of the by his striking graphic criticism of ought to be. And the worst of it was} ^~*™ t U s"just"for alone and life and events, and is almost as well recent flood. I couldn't kick to the agent like I ] G o l d i e m a d e m e Ure a second girl known abroad as he is in this coun- wanted to. He was an Irisher and 'cause one shickslva couldn't be ex• The Semi-monthly Card club held a try. He was born in Worms, GerI knew it would tickle him to death pected to look after such a big place. bathing party Sunday afternoon at many, Sept. 18, 1868. Lake Manawa. Twenty-four members Edwin Marcus is the successor of to hear a Jew call another Jew names But I liked the landlord when I all the time. Especially as I know went down the office to sign the lease were cressnt. Omaha's Hy. Mayer on the New York Times. what a rishus ponum that agent was. | WE FURNISH ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE.' "Si — a perfect gentlemen, and, thank Newest and Finest Eguiped zsz:x' Like Hy Mayer's, his cartoons are He never signed my receipt the first God, he wasn't a Jew. I don't believe Bath-House. Hi "" " •" marked by depth and reverence, as of the month without telling me his I PERSONAL SERVICE WITH EACH . I Baths, Massage Hot Packs, Elec{well as high purpose. Mr. Marcus is friend's best friends was Jews and in showing rishus, we can't afford it, | tric Treatment, Inhalatoriozn. but I don't ltke to do business with = POLICY — LARGE OS SMALL" .= 35 years old. SIS his father's best friend was a rabbi Yehudim. He was just grand to me— Rueben L. Goldberg of the New and that sort of stuss—and you know said there was a few things needed Mrs. G. Margolin and Miss Minnet York Mail has originated a number what that always means. in the place and lots of repairing, but CONCANNON BEOS., Props. Margolin of Omaha, Nebr., are guests of striking and laugh-provoking car- I swallowed everything I could, but he'd attend to everything. I should 1401 Farnam SW Basement in the^ home of Mr. and Mrs. J. toon series, among which are "Foolish it wasn't easy to pay out my good just see the agent about it the next = • 5th Floor Saisnders-Kesmedy. BIdg. ' 5 Entrance. Greenberg. They have been enter- Questions," "I'm the G. ," "They All money for dark rooms and rotten time he came for the rent. I signed { Telephone: Tyler 57S1 5 . . TeL Tyler S160. ' ' s tained at many social affairs during Look Good When They're Far Away," service. Not that I couldn't afford it a lease for two years and felt better OMAHA, NEB. "What Are You Gonna Do with I t ? " as good as the other tenants. I put already. I know I'd get along fine ^ their visit in the city. "Phoney Films," "This All Comes Un- some of little Irvin's capital into the with him. Miss Florence Livingston of Sioux der the Head of Pleasure," "Its AH wholesale poultry business and I was Falls, So. Dak., visited for. several Wrong," and "I Never Thought of doing fine. But even a millionaire The moving was terrible. Expensive and Goldie was sick in bed aldays with Miss Bessie Crusiner. Miss That." ain't going to be cheated. I wrote most from worrying 'cause they Crusiner entertained eight guests at Asked how he happened to strike the landlord so and a lot of things she got for a prize at a • dinner, in her home, Thursday on the "Foolish 'Question" idea, he more I bet he didn't pin on the wall. smashed her card club and genophed some of evening, complimentary to the guest. said: And I'd havd said more but the girl the linen. If the movers the last "One day I was looking at my I dictated it to is so lady-like I didn't' shicksa did, so it was alldidn't, the same to Mrs. Abe Piel, Misses Mollie board, wondering how I could fill the want to hurt her feelings. She comes Goldie. And they broke the le£ off Krueger, Nettie krueger, Mrs. Sam space I was alloted for the next day, from a fine family, all school-teach- •- - - Bailin, Mrs. L. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. when it occured to me that I might ers, and her brother is a druggist. the buffet and scratched our new . "Which means that you can now purchose your lugS. Kassove, Mrs. J . Mospw and draw a picture of someone asking And she's a wonder—when I read over davenport table. . . . Honest, I didn't gage considerably under the 1920 price. We are now get a good sight's sleep for a month. children motored to Lake Okoboji someone else a foolish question. The the letters she takes down for me Goldie was always laying awake tellfeaturing good, durable bags and suitcases, in fact, lugmost foolish thing I could think of they don't sound like I said them at where they •will spend two weeks. gage that you'll be proud to own, at— right then was a woman asking/ a alt, and yet she swears she don't ing me something new she found scratched or broken. The Jewish. Educational Alliance man who had just fallen from a six- change a word. Arid she's a grand But we got moved and cast at last . ield a dance, "Wednesday evening, teenth-story window if "he was hurt. speller. thought we'd like the new place. The it Grabbe's Park. A six apiece "No; I was just taking a beauty sleep! ; Whit, was I talking about? Oh, flat, I mean, and having hot water he replied. The next morning I re>rchestra furnished music foisthe ceived many telephone messages and yes, that Finkelstein our landlord. whenever we wanted it, and an eleletters with answers to foolish ques- God knows how much money I spent vator boy who minded the switch on postage to him and he didn't have board grand but used to make a face The first annual picnic of the Mt. tions, and I knew that the idea had the politeness to write me an answer. if the children wanted to go up or made a hit." ; Sinai Brotherhood was held a,t Crystal He just told the agent to tell me he'd down in the elevator once too often. Mr. Goldberg was born in San fix the plumbing and the electric light Our neighbors were just grand at Beach, July 19. Baseball games, that didn't know if it was coming or first, too. Much sweller dressed than contests : and dancing, furnished the Francisco, Calif., in 1884. members diversionment for the day. It was to Hairy Hershfield, the going and the tile in the bathroom those an the west side and lots of young cartoonist of the Evening jour- when he got around to it. To hear them seemed to have their own cars. Misses Fannie Agranoff, Lillian nal, that the "tired" professional man him talk, Finkelstein was an awful Of course, we didn't get acquainted owed the wholesale arid refreshing You will be agreeably surprised at the splenBeman and Rose Hendlyn visited in stimulation that' comes from melo- rushed man, but he wasn't too rushed with none of them. You can't get did qualities you will find at these low prices. Wessingt<mr S. Dak., with Mr; and dramatic action. " Mr. Hershfield not to jsend around for the rent every familiar with your neighbors when month. : you^move up-town, Goldie says. You Mrs. S. Goldstein. . 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Four Foremost Cartoonists Are Jews

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TORNADO I family Protected

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Vacation Bags and Suit Cases

FRELING & STEINLE 1803 Faraam St.

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July 21, 1921  

Jewish Press

July 21, 1921  

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