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Page 64   Friday, 2020 52 The THEJewish JEWISHPress PRESS  Friday, January November17, 1, 2013

Community Currents Preschoolers in the Rambam Day School of Savannah, Georcommunal issues were on the agenda of giaImportant learn about the last Rosh Chodesh meeting of the Rabbinical Allithe Aleph Bais ancetheir of America/Igud HaRabbonim. The organization and names.

On Sunday, October 13, the Yeshiva of Central

Rabbis Discuss Anti-Semitic Crimes, Jewish Burial, And 2020 Queens kicked Census off its Parent-Child Sunday Learning Program.

escalate in a few short years to 80 percent. crucial mitzvah. Rabbi Zohn urged rabbis to discuss with congreAnother speaker was Inspector Mark Molinari, gants the need for them to treat this as an issue of meis commanding officer of NYPD’s Hate Crime Task met at Congregation Kahal Bnei Matisyahu of Flat- mitzvah and teach their fellow Jew to prepare for a Force. He told the assembled that hate crimes in bush, where Rabbi Yaakov Klass, presidium chairman proper Jewish funeral long before it becomes an issue. Brooklyn are up 56 percent. The bulk of the hate of the RAA and Senior Torah Editor of The Jewish Rabbi Zohn asked that the RAA to join him in crimes involve property crimes (approximately 80 Press, serves as rabbi. this mission, and the percent are swastikas drawn on property). He said Rabbi Klass sponsored organization passed many times the perpetrator is ignorant of the swastithe festive meal and gatha unanimous resolu- ka’s historical and emotional significance. ering in memory of his tion granting Rabbi Inspector Molinari said that “from the police commother-in-law Mrs. Chana Zohn the full support missioner down, the Jewish community has the full Spanier, a’h, and father of the RAA in spread- support of the NYPD and that the NYPD takes hate Mr.Earlier Anshelthis Klass, a”h. ing awareness ofofthis month, the Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation held its annual commemoration Ra- crimes seriously.” Among the topics adFinally, Samuel chel Imeinu’s yarzheit. A buffet dinner was held at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center on October 14. The dressed speaker were the Milestein from Cenkeynote was imporRabbi Jonathan Rietti who gave a dramatic presentation on the relationship between RatanceImeinu of anti-Semitic vio-Geulah. sus 2020 spoke of the chel and the nal lence, rabbinic collegiality, “great need to make healthcare, Jewish burial, certain that the Jewand the national census. ish community is Rabbi Elchonon Zohn, properly counted and director of the Chevra Kadiparticipates in the sha of the Vaad HaRab- A partial group shot of some of the rabbis at the RAA’s Rosh census.” He said only bonim of Queens and found- Chodesh Teves Conference: Rabbi Dovid Katz, menahel, 49 percent of Jews er and president of NASCK RAA; Rabbi Chesky Blau; Rabbi Yaakov Klass, presidium living in Boro Park (National Association of chairman, RAA; NYPD Inspector Mark Molinari; Rabbi Menwere counted in the Chevra Kadisha), spoke dy Mirocznik, executive vice-president, RAA; Rabbi Yaakov 2010 census and that about his organization’s role Shulman, menahel, Bais Din of the Igud HaRabbonm; Rabbi this undercount hurt in preventing cremation. Menachem Lichtenstein, public affairs chairman, RAA; the New York and the Sadly, in Speaker some places, such community RabbiRietti Gil Student, director, Halacha Commission, RAA; Inspector Mark Molinari; Rabbi Yehuda (Leonard) Blank, Jewish Keynote Rabbi Jonathan Pikus, Chaim Deutsch, and former Evelyn NYPD Housing chaplain and current director of as important infraand Evelyn close Haies,tofounder president as Florida, 50 per-andRabbi HananiaRabbi Elbaz, Yechezkel presidium member, RAA; Rabbi Moshe Haies. of RCRF. cent of Jews are cremated. Schmerler, director, RAA; Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Serebryanski; Chaplaincy Commission and External Affairs, RAA; Rabbi structure and securiStudies show that this sad Rabbi David Toback; Rabbi Mordechai Samuels; and Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik; Rabbi Yechezkel Eichenstein, the Zidi- ty funding depend on number has the potential to Simcha Silverman. census figures. tchov Rebbe; and Rabbi Yaakov Klass.

The Chesed Fund & Project Ezra of Baltimore along with Secure Community Network (SCN) conducted meetings with the Monsey community, including Vishnitz chasidim, on practical and simple safety techniques and emergency response plans. Large training sessions took place last week took place with over 250 and 500 attendees, respectively.

Honorees pose behind the Jewish Mother’s Day cake donated by Pressers Bakery Avenue M. (L-R) Mark Langfan, Breaking the Silence Award; Rabbi Yechezkel Pikus, Rahel Imeinu Community Chessed Award; Evelyn Haies, Fran and Stephen Epstein Actualist Award; Esther Lamm, Young Leadership Award; and Mitchell Shapiro, esq., Rachel Imeinu Activist Award.

On October 2, Zicharon, an organization that assists people on issues relating to dementia, hosted an informative evening in Menorah Hall featuring experts U.S.renowned Senator dementia Cory Booker (D-NJ) who provided the audience with much-needed advice anddelivered information on dealing thisFedremarks to thewith Jewish disease. Among the speakers were Rabbi Eliezer Kaminetzky; Dr. Gary Kennedy, chief of Ge- Seeration of Northern New Jersey’s riatric Psychiatry at Monteore Medical Center; and Matt Kudish, senior vice president of he curity and Safety Summit, where caregiver services of the NY Chapter of the American Alzheimer’s Association. condemned recent anti-Semitic attacks

in the state and across the country and called for concrete action to better protect the Jewish community. The summit focused on unity, assurance, and education by bringing elected officials together to discuss how local, state, and federal leaders can deter and diminish the occurrence of anti-Semitism, hatred, and violence. Earlier this month, Booker, along with Sen. Bob Menendez and New Jersey Assemblyman Gary Schaer, called for a signifiAt the 47th Annual Yeshiva Darchei Torah Dinner. cant increase in government funding to help protect (L-R) Rabbi Boruch Rothman, NYC Comptroller Scott communities from targeted hate crimes and domesStringer, and Rabbi Yaakov Bender. tic terrorism. These grants support non-profits at Matt Kudish

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Currents section, e-mail risk, including synagogues, faith-based communi-

ty centers, mosques, churches, and other religious institutions to improve their safety and prepared-

Dr. Gary Kenneday

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