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25 JANUARY 2018


Seaside Stories • Best Kosher Hols • Must Do Marrakech

Edited by Brigit Grant



Jewish News 25 January 2018

Travel / Beach in time

WE’RE ALL GOING ON A SUMMER HOLIDAY... If you thought getting away from it all included family and friends, you probably aren’t Jewish! Brigit Grant looks back at a history of travelling mob-handed to the seaside... Carole with parents Anne and Maurice in Brighton


hy does our community vacation en masse? We start out separately for a destination, but no matter how secretive the plans or far-flung the resort, there is always a familiar face at breakfast or in the pool. No one has ever identified the pioneering traveller who resets the Jewish compass and guides us to a new place, but he or she magically managed to get everyone to Mexico last December, Mykonos for hen breaks and Rhodes for family all-inclusives. Some are in denial about this group dependency and pretend to prefer secluded spots with no Wi-Fi and lots of nature. But if that were

true, there would be more Jewish tourists on the Galapagos than on Marbella sun loungers next to a bloke from shul. Of course, the reason we don’t stick a pin in an atlas to avoid each other is because we actually like being part of a gang; and spotting a Jewish face across a crowded cruise ship is reassuring – even if we don’t like them. The fact is we’ve been moving around as one group since Moses was the tour guide and some of our best times were in Brighton, Bournemouth, Cliftonville and Westcliff. Although the song had not been written yet, it was with an ‘Agadoo’ mindset that Jewish people headed to UK seaside resorts from 1940 until the end of the 1970s for holidays they never forgot. My father, Geoffrey, pictured on the cover, was among the first to enjoy Butlins in Cliftonville when owner Billy Butlin acquired several hotels there in 1950. For dad, it felt like a million miles from Stamford Hill and, without a ration slip, my mum Carole spent a wonderful weekend in Brighton with her parents in 1948. To this day, she loves tea on the terrace at the Brighton Metropole as it was tea that was all the rage at Jewish luxury hotels in the 1950s. Sandwiches and French pastries just an hour after lunch was part of the package, along with a Friday night Kiddush, at which the smoked salmon fountain was demolished in seconds. These days, only the Savoy might allow a chambermaid to serve biscuits in bed, but it was the norm at the Majestic, Cumberland, Cumberland Ambassador, Langham and East Cliff Court. Back then, ‘five-a-day’

was breakfast, elevensies, lunch, supper and late night salt beef sandwiches with pickled cucumber, so feeling peckish was unachievable. At the much-lauded and revered Green Park Hotel, food was also an obsession –but in an aspirational way. Owners Ruby Marriott, his wife Sarah, and her four unmarried sisters knew that the Jewish capacity for eating was only matched by the complaining and so they made sure food and service were of the highest standard. The Green Park’s history from 1943 to 1986 and what it represented as an extension of Jewish life by the sea is celebrated in Marsha Nuriya Lee’s documentary Tales From A Jewish Hotel, which is currently touring festivals, picking up awards and hopefully heading to TV. Narrated by Maureen Lipman, with reminiscences from Michael Grade and Lord Sacks, it conjures up a time when women wore mink stolls, shidduchs were made by the shore and zayda put on a suit and tie to sit in a deck chair. Edward Hayman was born in Bournemouth’s East Cliff Court Hotel, which was opened by his grandmother Annie Morris in 1931. Now owned by Hallmark, he remembers it as being “more relaxed than The Green Park and at the bottom of the rung in terms of orthodoxy”. But it was the dances hosted by his

Clockwise from top: East Cliff Court Hotel in Bournemouth, Neil Gold on Bournemouth beach, the Windsor Hall Hotel in Cliftonville, a party at The Green Park, and Dreamland in Cliftonville

mother, Sadie, that guests loved.“She was a fan of ballroom and made sure refreshments were passed around to the dancers before sending them to the card players upstairs.” Bournemouth was a favourite with members of the Facebook page Jewish Britain, but just as many had stories about Cliftonville, “it was like a magnet and we schlepped there every year to stay at the Shalom Hotel,” said Warren Grynberg. “My mother used to have kosher meat sent down on the train,” laughed Michelle Haynes. “We rented a chalet and the same families were there every year. We would all sit in a big circle on the beach and watch the Cox Twins perform at the Winter Gardens.” For Jonathan Goldsmith, it was the Windsor Hall Hotel that shaped his bucket and spade childhood. Turned into flats more than 30 years ago, the hotel was owned and micromanaged by Alec Brooks, who even controlled the fruit machine. “My grandad used to fill it with sixpences and then press the collect button so it all came back out noisily, just to see Alec panic,” said Jonathan. “If he thought he was losing money, he

25 January 2018 Jewish News



Beach in time / Travel

turned the machine off. It was the same if no one danced at his disco, and he would storm out and turn off the lights.” The Goldsmiths were regulars at Pesach, with Jonathan reciting the Ma Nishtana, and he remembers his father causing a riot when tea and salad sandwiches were served at 10pm, and dad asked for “more of the excellent smoked salmon”. “We even took my frum grandmother there one Pesach, and on the first morning she was visibly upset when the Italian waiter offered her ‘the usual prawns?’ This was in fact his pronounciation of ‘prunes’.” At the loved Redstones Hotel in Westcliff, Jonathan Epstein was one of the kids you might have seen fighting to ring the dinner gong, which

was typical of the kind of chaos that ensued when we arrived en masse to ride donkeys, overeat and visit Dreamland. But didn’t we have a good time? Eventually, we all followed that pioneering Jewish tourist to Motke’s in Knokke, Belgium, and then the kosher hotels in Lido Di Jesolo and Rimini. Jewish girls fell in love with dark-eyed waiters and zayda swapped his suit and tie for socks and sandals; but that image of British Jewry paddling together on the south-east coast belongs on a postcard, and we should sign it as a group.  Please email your recollections of these times and send photos to brigitg@thejngroup.com

into the swing of packing up the car with food and even observed kashrut in the tiny kitchen. “Our children would bring friends and they all slept outside under an awning,” says Bertha. “Everyone was so friendly and if anyone needed DIY assistance, they asked handyman Otto Deacon who was also from Austria.” Going through their photo album of Carmel gatherings triggers memories of huge fish and chip orders in Marlow, Sunday morning sherry parties and sunset games of Rummikub. “We had a chazan from Wembley join briefly and held a communal Friday night Kiddush,” adds Solly, looking fondly at his only wagon – a miniature caravan on the table. The absence of a real caravan parked on the

 For more information, visit carmelcaravanclub.co.uk



Enjoy a Winter Break in Bournemouth


f you thought hitching a wagon to your car and hitting the open road was strictly the preserve of the stoic Englishman, the Carmel Caravan Club (CCC) will be a surprise. For almost 50 years, the CCC has been a lynchpin in the lives of Jewish people with a penchant for caravan holidays. “You have to be a bit loopy in the first place as it isn’t a typically Jewish thing to do,” explains Sandra Martin, wife of treasurer Edmund. “But since we joined 25 years ago, it has allowed us to escape the drudgery of home and have as many mini breaks as we like with a group of people who have become our family.” Within that caravan family, Bertha and Solly Ohayon of Hampstead Garden Suburb, held a special place. After a dreadful holiday in Scotland in 1967 when they were forced to sleep in the car, Solly decided to invest in a caravan and off they went. “The club then had 70 families who went on about 20 rallies a year, many of them just a short

drive is still a thorn in his side as he reluctantly sold it three years ago. “He wanted to buy a motorhome, but I stopped him. We are too old now and all that packing and unpacking is hard,” says Bertha. “I still miss those bank holidays,” mumbles Solly. Sadly, CCC is “dying on its feet”, according to Sandra in Romford. “Young Jewish couples aren’t interested in caravaning and we’re down to 16 couples. But if they only realised how it opens up your travel options and keeps you young they would reconsider,” she says. Solly and Bertha prove her point.

Shabbos Full Board



Bertha and Solly with his small caravan


drive from London,” says Solly, 92, who even towed his beloved caravan to the south of France. Vienna-born Bertha, 93, who arrived in Britain on the Kindertransport, was not initially as enthusiastic as her husband, but she soon got


____ B+B


www.watergardenbmth.com info@watergardenhotel.net I +44 (0)1202 55 55 65

Under the supervision of Rabbi Yosef Alperowitz Chabad of Bournemouth

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Jewish News 25 January 2018

Travel / Peasant’s Palace


Mountains, tagines, massage and Yves Saint Laurent. Alex Galbinski discovers all that Marrakech has to offer, while wishing she had more bags for shopping


urning off the main road from Marrakech, driving along a very bumpy track, and up to the outskirts of a Berber village, we were cased by various cats stretched out languorously in the winter sun. Just a 40-minute drive from the Red City – but a world away from its hustle and bustle – was Le Palais Paysan (‘The Peasant Palace’), a large boutique hotel and our home for the weekend. With the panoramic backdrop of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains against an azure sky (pictured), the hotel’s views were breathtaking; it was the perfect seasonal getaway. After being shown our quarters – one of 16 deluxe and beautifully-designed rooms, decorated in muted tones inspired by nature and punctuated by splashes of colour – my friend and I were welcomed with Moroccan tea and traditional pastries on the open terrace.

Your mind can’t help but quieten as the truly magnificent backdrop takes its hold. All of the rooms (with twin or king-size beds) have floor-length patio doors opening onto a private balcony, with views over the valley. We toured the hotel and its sevenhectare grounds, complete with perfectlymanicured green lawns, pink bougainvillea and aloe vera plants that were a strong visual juxtaposition against the arid red of the desert. Walking through the carefully created paths flanked by olive and lemon trees, we met the animals – horses, donkeys and goats (there is a petting farm) – before being shown the pond, pool and Jacuzzi. Lunch was filling; lamb, served with beef sausage and couscous, or fish, cooked in a traditional tagine, and profiteroles with ice cream. As the food is cooked fresh on-site, using produce

Fromleft: The view from Le Palais Paysan’s pool, the hotel’s living area, and one of its rooms

from the hotel’s vegetable garden, the chef is extremely accommodating to food preferences. The staff, most of whom are locals, are attentive without being intrusive. More active types can arrange to go golfing (there are courses nearby), trekking in the surrounding villages, horse-riding or cycling (the hotel’s bicycles are free to use) and you can even take an Arabic calligraphy class. We, however, took ourselves off to read by the pool overlooking the mountains (it was too cold to swim), before indulging in a traditional oriental massage; the orange blossom oil further calming the senses (you can also choose an authentic hammam treatment).

With the setting sun, there is a chill, the edge of it perfectly offset by the real log fire in the stunning grey tiled lounge that features a stunning chandelier, helped by a cocktail in hand. The next morning, heavily fortified after a breakfast of traditional Berber eggs,

home-made yoghurt and pancakes, we stopped off at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech, which only opened in October, but has already attracted scores of visitors. Alongside his clothing collection – which includes ‘Le Smoking’ tuxedos and jumpsuits he famously created for women, as well as his signature colour bloc Mondrian dress – the museum also displays drawings and photographs that document the history of the fashion house. There is also additional space for temporary shows and the current one comprises André Rau’s photographs of YSL’s friend and muse, the actress Catherine Deneuve, a research library, auditorium, bookshop and café. Located just next door is the Jardin Majorelle – named after its creator, the French painter Jacques Majorelle, and later acquired by YSL and his former partner Pierre Bergé in 1980. They are busy; every traveller to Marrakech no doubt wanting to see the exotic plants and striking blue and green paintwork for themselves. After this couture experience, we hit another of Marrakech’s cultural spots: the famous souk, with its winding alleyways and hidden treasures. Having last

25 January 2018 Jewish News



Peasant’s Palace / Travel shop). Next time I’ll bring more bags. Jews have lived in Morocco, and among the Berbers, since the Roman times. Before the establishment of the state of Israel, there were more than 350,000 living in the country, but now, only around 2,500 remain, mostly living in Casablanca. King Mohammed VI of Morocco has publicly committed

Clockwise from top: Spice and pottery stalls in the souk, a yad, and the hotel chef’s tagine

visited the city in the summer of 2001, the smaller crowds and cooler temperature this time made for a less frenetic experience, and we chuckled as we listened to the patter of the market traders plying their wares. “It’s better than Asda price! Buy one, get one free!” they cried, cajoling passers-by to their stalls overflowing with spices of every hue, leather goods, rugs and more. Coming with only hand luggage, I was forced to be restrained, so only bought a traditional Moroccan bowl, but did consider the leather slippers, hammam towels and general trinkets on offer (including what looked like a ‘yad’ beside a Star of David amulet at one

to conserving spaces of cultural dialogue and coexistence and, last year, arranged for the Essalam neighbourhood, a historic Jewish area in Marrakech, to be restored to its original name of El Mellah. Indeed, one of his senior consultants, André Azoulay, previously advised his father, King Hassan II. Philippe Taburiaux and Horst Reddmann, the Belgian proprietors of Le Palais Paysan, also own Talaa 12, a chic and luxurious eightroom riad in the medina, a serene bolthole

from the hectic life just outside. After taking in the hotel’s stunning courtyard with its orange trees and hidden seated areas, we had a tasty lunch of dips (the aubergine and lentil dips were particularly delicious) followed by chicken tagine with preserved lemons served on the roof terrace, where diners can sit on white loungers protected from the sun by a canopy. Wandering through the Jemaa el-Fnaa, the central market square, it was too early for the snake charmers, but I did watch traders setting up their stalls for the long night ahead before heading back to the calm oasis of Le Palais Paysan. The next morning, we joined the hotel’s chef, Hafid Aid Chiba, and other guests for an informal cookery demonstration, where he patiently showed us how to make a seabass tagine, cucumber salad, cured fish with lemon, ginger and olive oil, and a salad dressing with avocado, which we then enjoyed for lunch, along with a refreshing local Moroccan rosé. It was the ideal end to a wonderful weekend. Just a three-hour plane ride from London but a world away, Marrakech makes for the perfect short – or long – break and one that will, I hope, be repeated before too long.  Alex was a guest of Le Palais Paysan, where rooms cost from around £160 per night on a bed and breakfast basis. Details: lepalaispaysan.com

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Jewish News 25 January 2018

Travel / Better in Bali


It is that critical time post-wedding when a couple needs to chill somewhere spectacular. Stephen Oryszczuk road-tested Bali on your behalf


oneymoon – cue audible sigh. It’s the post-wedding wind-down, the relaxation, the food (“don’t stare, it’s the first burger she’s been able to eat in months) the calm after the glasssmashing storm. Those well-earned two weeks are for pure luxury, pampering, bubbles – both to drink and to bathe in – and the exotic location you pick is where you’ll be flicking through your wedding photos and showing off to your Facebook friends. To assess some of the best options, Mrs O and I flew 7,730 miles to review two top-tier hotels in Ubud, the central Balinese town made famous in the book Eat, Pray, Love, later made into a film starring Julia Roberts. Why there? Because this is as lush and as exotic as it gets, because the Balinese are the friendliest people on Earth, because we’d never been and because up in the highlands you get the ‘real’ Bali, not the overcrowded beach variety of the south. Oh, and because Ubud has some of the best hotels in the world. Two of these are The Viceroy and The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah; the former is very good indeed, the latter spectacularly good – and cheaper. Both offer private pool villas, and of the two, The Viceroy sets out its stall most obviously as a honeymoon destination (Chedi is so good it needn’t set out its stall as anything... In fact, it needn’t have a stall).

The Viceroy’s USP is that hopelessly romantic view, down the winding valley, through which monkeys roam, long-tailed blindingly-white birds fly, and strange rare tree shrews scurry. The five-star hotel’s rooms, restaurant, bar, small pool and new spa all cling precariously to the top of the bank in pleasant but limited grounds. At 25 suites this is not a big hotel, but it is routinely voted one of the best small hotels in the world, and one of the best ‘honeymoon hotels’ with so many awards it’s running out of space on the walls. Our room was a deluxe terrace villa, the highlight of which was the balé, a small Balinese pavilion, positioned elegantly above a private outdoor heated infinity pool, from where we read, sipped fizz and gazed through drifting mist at the Petanu River gorge. Inside, under ylang-ylang thatch (the smell of which is not as nice as it sounds), was a bed the size of a football pitch, so big that Mrs O and I entered from our respective sides and waved to one another. Likewise the palatial bathroom had more marble than most palaces. Make it to the bar, and the staff will mix you delicious cocktails using local ingredients such as tamarind, while

in the kitchen, a mix of Balinese and Belgian chefs offer both Indonesian and European food for those of you – like Mrs O – not yet brave enough for the country’s famously savage spices. The Viceroy is excellent in many areas, but it is also very expensive, and for us, it didn’t reach as high as it could have. For instance, we sat down to our romantic candlelit dinner to a card welcoming ‘Mr and Mrs Santayoshi’ (if only our surname were that simple…). Likewise, while the Balinese are the most polite, gentle and generous

people on the planet, the staff at The Viceroy sometimes seemed to be just going through the motions. Our main complaint, however, is that, in such a small hotel, you are surrounded by other honeymooners, and it is difficult to feel special when all your neighbours are special, too. No such problems across town at The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah, Ubud,

It’s all about ‘Eating, Praying and Loving’ at The Viceroy in Ubud where the monkeys roam and the white birds fly

25 January 2018 Jewish News



Better in Bali / Travel

Everything about this hotel reeks of class, to the historical artworks of national importance adorning the walls, to the ludicrously tasty food (try the Dutch-inspired Rijsttafel dinner and local dishes such as nasi campur or ayam sambal tomat), to the staff, to the stunning setting, in extensive, fascinating grounds, featuring cascading lotus ponds, pavilions and statues of Ganesh,

one of the Leading Hotels of the World, where we soon ran out of superlatives. Run brilliantly by a Swiss manager, but owned by an Indonesian architect, here be an oasis of private butlers, panoramic views of jungle and mountains, with night-time fire dances, blissful spas and infinity pools that lick the emerald rice paddies from where ducks occasionally pop in for a swim.

Plan Your

the Elephant God. We are fortunate enough to have become increasingly experienced at reviewing and have never not found a fault with a hotel, however insignificant, but we were at a loss to find even the minutest flaw at this property, even after five days of looking. This makes Chedi our first ever 10-out-of-10 and the ultimate place to spoil yourselves after the big day and escape the family. Book Villa 6 for seven days of unimaginable bliss and seclusion, and let your private butler take the strain. And no, I’m not talking about your new husband.

 Stephen was a guest at the Chedi Club and Viceroy hotels. For details of the Chedi Club, visit ghmhotels. com/en/tanah-gajah or call 0062 (361) 975 685. For information on the Viceroy, see viceroybali.com, or call 0062 361 971 777

The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah is Mr and Mrs O’s first ever 10-out-of10 hotel


Holidays In Prague!


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Jewish News 25 January 2018

Travel / All about Eshet


If Israel on your vacation list, start talking to Eshet, says Mel Newman


Feel at home

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here are many ways to get to where you want to be, but some routes are better than others. For efficiency and know-how, Eshet is better than others at getting people to the Holy Land. The company must be good because its staff are relied upon by tour operators who want to get the most out of Israel, as well as anyone else who wants their visit to run like clockwork when they get to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or even Ashdod. As an Israeli company Eshet are the resident experts and have mastered the art of entertaining on home turf , while offering the most comprehensive selection of Israel tours, be it Christian, Jewish or interfaith. If you have your mind set on transporting family and friends to Israel for a bar/ batmitzvah, Eshet is ready with suggestions to make the trip exciting and can rustle up an itinerary for a special interest tour. Ministers, rabbis and other clergymen seek guidance from Eshet for congregation tours and

a solo traveller who wants the tailor-made experience can call on them. As one of Israel’s leading tour operators, nothing is out of the question, be it pilgrimages or corporate incentive programmes. For the latter, Eshet Incentives & Conferences organise big management events and launches in a range of venues. The Eshet website, which covers every aspect of a visit to Israel for business or pleasure, shows that a single trip can take you to the snow-topped peak of Mount Hermon in the north to the heat-drenched desert of Eilat in the south. Eshet can get you to both better than most.  eshetincoming.com Tel: +972 3 608 6200

25 January 2018 Jewish News



Timeless Luxury Pesach 2018


WITH AVI & BELINDA NETZER A GUARANTEE FOR THE E BEST ITALIAN N PESACH HOLIDAY! 15 years of experience as professional hosts Choose between two amazing locations: the luxury of GRAND HOTEL RIMINI and the charm of MY KOSHER HOTEL CANAZEI Ski on the Dolomites or enjoy the seafront on the Adriatic Coast

Organized tours to visit some of the most beautiful Italian places The refinement and abundance of the best Italian kosher cuisine



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Jewish News 25 January 2018

Travel / Israel all year

ISRAEL: A COUNTRY FOR ALL The Holy Land has all year appeal, says Alex Galbinski


srael is a land of contradictions,” explained Boaz, an Israeli I’d just met in Nachalat Binyamin’s craft market. I had remarked that the first group of people we’d seen after our arrival in Tel Aviv the previous day had been Hare Krishnas, and that the first shop on one side of Carmel Market belonged to Jehovah’s Witnesses. “I’m a Buddhist,” he nodded, unphased. As we walked to a cashpoint, we discussed life, the legal profession (he had studied in Greenwich), and why Eastern doctrine is so popular in a country holy to so many religions. Welcome to Israel. As a food enthusiast, I had plotted my family’s week-long itinerary around restaurants – there’s a reason Israeli chefs are influencing culinary trends around the world. But the first night was unaccounted for, and we found ourselves in Café Dizengoff, where we overheard one family raving about the cauliflower in tahini sauce. Well, our children fell over themselves to inhale the fried florets

Some of the salads at Old Man and the Sea

Above: Colourful food stalls at Shuk HaCarmel. Right: Enjoying the beach at Tel Aviv

they would have spurned at home – and the rest of the meal was none too shabby, either. Our bellies full, we lay down our heads in our one-bedroom flat just across the road from Gordon Beach. Managed by Tel Aviv vacation rental company Sea N’ Rent – whose portfolio comprises around 70 apartments ranging from


AS A GUEST of the Vista at Hilton Tel Aviv, you are looked after from the moment you land at Ben Gurion International Airport. A chauffeur-driven limousine can be booked to pick you up from the airport, thereby avoiding any hassle waiting in the taxi queue. Just 50 yards from the beach and only a short walk from Tel Aviv’s shopping districts, restaurants and cultural landmarks, the Vista at Hilton Tel Aviv, located on the upper floors of the Hilton Tel Aviv, on Hayarkon Street, serves as a home from home. On arrival, guests of the boutique hotel’s 197 rooms and suites are whisked upstairs to be personally checked in by the dedicated staff in the exclusive and elegant Vista Lounge which boasts a 180-degree view of the Mediterranean Sea, the marina, and the city. It is also where visitors can enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast, beverages and snacks. Bedrooms and suites (complete with twin or king-sized beds) have great views through their large windows or private

balcony. The hotel offers five kosher eateries, including Japanese Yakimono Sushi Bar, Café Med, which serves the famous Hilton Breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner at weekends and high holy days, and chef Victor Gloger presents French and Mediterranean fine dining at his exclusive gourmet restaurant, Chloélys. Vista guests have access to all the hotel’s facilities, including a Thai spa, outdoor saltwater pool, lounges, a medical centre, upmarket shops and conference facilities. More than nine million people have stayed at the Hilton Tel Aviv since it opened 53 years ago. Its staff look forward to welcoming you.

those in the Bauhaus style to luxury accommodation with rooftop terrace – ours contained everything we would need for the next few days. This included a kitchen, towels, toiletries, Wi-Fi, satellite TV – and complimentary chocolates and a bottle of Israeli wine. Sea N’ Rent staff are happy to arrange extras, including laundry and airport pick-ups, or to provide tips on where to eat (I, however, had done my research) and what to do. Providing the personal touch, they meet you with the keys and show you around your new pad. They are always on call; we had a problem with our hob and someone came straight away and fixed it. The next morning, we hit the city’s oldest market Shuk HaCarmel (open Sunday to Friday). Juxtaposed to the Judaica and Middle Eastern keepsakes were fruit and vegetables, sweet pastries, clothes and electronics. The craft stalls (open on Fridays and Tuesdays) are platforms for the talented painters, jewellers, Fimo designers and pottery sellers, and we even spotted two from whom we had bought goods during our last trip, seven years ago. My daughter came away with a hamsa necklace, and I with a wall decoration. Shopping is, however, not a favoured pastime of my husband or our children, so we honoured a promise to hit the beach. With unseasonably warm December weather, there were sunbathers, joggers (I even joined them twice), cyclists (you can hire bikes from the local Tel-O-Fun or other companies), shell collectors and volleyball players all out in force. It was good to soak up some rays when we knew we’d otherwise be shivering back home. The next day, we took a taxi up to the ancient port of Old Jaffa, where we explored the beautifully-painted narrow twists and turns of its alleyways and popped in to the Frank Meisler Gallery, where it is possible to – carefully – touch some of the exhibits. Meisler, who came over himself on the Kindertransport, is the artist behind Kindertransport – the arrival memorial at Liverpool Street Station. Another popular attraction is the Shuk Hapishpeshim, or flea market, in Jaffa, where, alongside the general bric-a-brac, you’ll find antique as well as contemporary treasures. Eateries line the market for some light relief. Speaking of food, we had been prewarned

Toilet humour Caption to go here xxxx Caption to go here xxxx

about the portion sizes, so arrived hungry to a warm welcome at the infamous Old Man and The Sea restaurant, which is flanked by fishing boats in the Jaffa harbour. Twentythree mouth-watering salads later – including hummus, falafel, cucumber, beetroot, cauliflower, cabbage and aubergine – we worried about being able to do justice to the baked grouper, but gave it a good go. We’d heard good things about the revamped old train station area, Ha Tachana. Now a fashionable space with boutique shops and a vintage carriage you can clamber aboard, it is great to wander around. The children spent a decent amount of time trying to complete the puzzles in the toy shop, a perfect antidote to screens. Tel Aviv is known as the White City owing to some 4,000 unique Bauhaus-style buildings, and those interested in architecture will be treated to more stunning designs and European-style homes and businesses along tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard and nearby. Aside from a reputation as serving up a great brunch, Hotel Montefiore in the Lev Halr district, is a perfect example of classical luxury. We, however, tucked into sweet potato pancakes, the house speciality of Shenkin Street’s culinary innovative and trendy Orna and Ella restaurant, along with other seasonal dishes. Speaking of indulgence, for our last two nights, we treated ourselves to a stay at the Renaissance Hotel, located even closer to

25 January 2018 Jewish News



Israel all year / Travel

SEASONS Gordon Beach. With all you’d expect from a top-class hotel belonging to the international Marriott brand, we were looked after very well. Breakfasts are a lavish affair, with many type of cheese, yoghurts, fish, eggs, cereal – and cake! We used the pool that overlooks the beach to maximum effect (there is also a saltwater public swimming pool nearby) and our children were delighted with the views, and the space and privacy afforded by our rooms. Escape rooms are becoming extremely popular in Israel so, on our last day, we booked in for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed room at Escape City (which has eight other rooms). We were tasked with making the special chocolate machine work and finding out the secret recipe – and completed our assignment just in time. The same was not true of our holiday, which could have gone on forever.  Alex stayed at the Gordon Beach Sea View apartment managed by Sea N’ Rent (seanrent.com), which costs between $140 and $200 per night. She also stayed at the Renaissance Hotel (marriott.com, where a double room until the end of February 2018 starts from $270 including breakfast


Above: Sea N’ Rent’s Gordon Beach Sea View self-catering apartment. Left: A café in Old Jaffa

LEARNING A BUSINESS FROM THE GROUND UP IS THE BEST WAY TO DO IT. The Fattal hotel chain is proof of that because it was founded by a man who started his career in hospitality as a waiter. It was from these humble beginnings that David Fattal gained the necessary insight into what customers want. His progression from serving at tables to possessing his own hotel management was fast but, aged 41, he owned the Fattal Hotels and took over the prestigious Meridien Hotel in Eilat. And the rest, as they say, is history – but David has kept true to his ideals of giving the customer value for money and making sure to fulfil their needs. So much so that Fattal, whose portfolio consists of more than 120 hotels in 14 countries – 38 of which are in Israel – is more than wellplaced to cater to the needs of its discerning guests. The brand offers luxury breaks in Israel at the Herods Hotels and Leonardo Hotels and U Hotels. Others, including NXY Tel Aviv and Hotel Rothschild 22 Tel Aviv, offer the perfect urban getaway. Whatever the style of hotel you are after, the Fattal brand is able to offer it, be it romantic, luxury, boutique, family-friendly, beachfront, spa or business. And if you’d like to ensure your stay is as stress-free as possible, some hotels also offer a stay on an all-inclusive basis, meaning that activities – for example yachting and snorkelling – and meals are included at no extra cost. If you are bringing the children, you can be sure that they, too, will enjoy themselves in the kids’ clubs, which are equipped with all the latest entertainment. They’ll love it as much as you do.



Jewish News 25 January 2018

Travel / Kosher Costa


Passover is just weeks away, and Laurent Cohen knows where you should spend it


here was a time when being kosher on holiday meant packing a worsht in your suitcase along with any other kashrut food that could be fitted into airtight containers. But all that changed when operators such as Laurent Cohen came along, offering delicious kosher catering in first-class hotels. Laurent’s company, KDeluxe Easy Kosher Holidays, has been hosting with flair for the Jewish festivals for more than eight years in the Costa del Sol. “We offer all services, facilities and activities necessary to make your stay with us enjoyable and relaxing,” says the host, who also organises heritage tours in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. These tours offer unique and premium experiences to discover the culture and Jewish heritage in the Iberian peninsula and its surroundings.

But before a tour, there is Passover to think about, and Laurent has thought of nothing else since putting together a nineday Pesach holiday (30 March-9 April) at the five star Barcelo Sancti Petri Spa Resort in Costa de la Luz. This luxury hotel is located by the long, fine sandy beach of La Barrosa, with five outdoor swimming pools and natural lakes set over 35,000 m2 of lush tropical gardens. What better time than Passover to enjoy a spa that ranks among the best in the world or stay in one of the African, Balinese, Avant-Garde and Presidential themed suites? Holidays are always enhanced by staying in a room you never want to leave, but Laurent’s entertain-

Kosher Mehadrin hotel on the Garda Lake

Open all year round

HOTEL OLYMPIC KOSHER HOLIDAYS, SIRMIONE Food shop • Café • Ready made foods • Restaurant • Shul with a Sefer Torah Ideal location for star trips to Venice, Verona, … Milan, the Dolomites and Switzerland Plenty for children and youth

Passover in Italy 29/3-8/4 Including flights to Verona, transfer and half board in the hotel or in a local resort

www.kosherholidays.net w w w. h o t e l o k h . c o m


ment programme is hard to resist. While the younger guests take part in sports competitions, games, singing, and other surprises, the grown-ups are free to go bowling and enjoy the Hindú Siddharta Lounge Bar and the Dublin Bay Irish Pub. Throughout the holiday, there will be inspiring religious activities and the guest speaker this year is co-founder of Henry Schein International, Rav Shaul Benzadon who specialises in maxillofacial surgery. The rabbi lives in Israel and leads the project Tashema: clarification of the Talmud in Spanish. Guests also requested Rabbi Aaron Kampf from Manchester, who will be there. If you do want to venture out, there are optional tours to Cádiz, Málaga, Sevilla, Gibraltar, Granada and Tangiers, but the alternative is to make Pesach all about relaxing and then join Laurent on a heritage tour. The one arranged for Portugal takes in Madrid, Serra da Estrela, Oporto, Estoril and Lisbon, with many more stops along the way and nights spent in luxury hotels with great kosher food. “Everything we do is in a strictly kosher gourmet framework,” says Laurent. “Our team of professional chefs and supervisors are there

to make the experience unforgettable.” With the number of guests returning on the increase, it could easily be a case of ‘Next Year in ... Costa de la Luz with KDeluxe Holidays.  Visit kdeluxe.com T: 0034 607 652 083 E: info@easykoshercatering.com

25 January 2018 Jewish News



Kosher in the Serengeti / Travel


Keeping kosher on safari is not only possible, it is the ultimate experience, says Brigit Grant


ntil you have smelt morning in Africa, you’ve never breathed pure air. With no city pollution to taint the scent, your olfactory sensors go into over drive and you can smell the trees, the soil and even the sun. But there’s a lot more to an African experience than the air, particularly if you intend to go on safari and get up close to the animals. This is the holiday on everyone’s wish list, but for those who keep kosher, it’s hard to imagine separating milk and meat in the middle of Tanzania’s Serengeti or South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Rabbi Yoni Isaacson did imagine it and has made it happen with Africa Kosher Safaris (AKS), the luxury tour company he founded 17 years ago and has been perfecting ever since. Known affectionately as the “Safari Rabbi”, Yoni grew up in Johannesburg and studied at Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh and the Yeshiva Gedola but, rather than settle in a synagogue, he set up a kosher safari operation under the strict supervision of the Beth Din of South Africa and offered Jewish people a chance to see the splendour of Africa and still keep kosher. Preparing delicious fresh food in the largest game reserve in South Africa – Kruger Park– under strict kashrut supervision takes some doing, but Yoni’s team make it look effortless. At the helm are executive chef Tonderai Allan who grew up in Zimbabwe and studied cooking in Johannesburg. AKS visitors refer to him on their comment sheets as “the best chef in the world!” As the man behind the Big 3 – breakfast, lunch and dinner – his food sets up guests for a day out looking for the Big 5 (elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion, leopard), which are all in the park somewhere. With full-time sushi and pastry chefs preparing their daily delicacies, vacationing with AKS leaves clients torn between eating and animal watching. But Yoni makes sure they do it all, be it on a regular packaged tour or a personalised tailor-made adventure. Although AKS is positioned at the top of the market, it has tours to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. Among the many tours the company offers is the Best of Southern Africa,

which is 10 days of taking in the beauty of Cape Town which, timed right can mean Shabbat at one of the many synagogues; Victoria Falls and then off-road game viewing in Kruger Park. OffRabbi Yoni Isaacson road is the best way to do safari because you see many more animals away from the tour bus route. There can be few films on a company’s website that compare to the one that introduces African Kosher Safari (aksafaris. com) as it gives you a genuine sense of what the lodgings and destinations will be like and reviews by guests. To say the guests looked like they were having a good time is an understatement, and it’s hard to not be envious when you see their encounters with a leopard and baby elephants. But why be envious when you can be there and take Shabbat under the stars on the Serengeti off your wish list.  enquiries@aksafaris.com +972 (0) 52 392 1883 / 001 973 685 6352

Hays Travel




UNBEATABLE HOTEL PRICES TEL AVIV David Intercontinental Royal Beach Dan Panorama Melody Grand Beach JERUSALEM David Citadel Inbal Dan Panorama NATHANYA & HERZLIYA **NEW West Lagoon King Solomon Dan Accadia Sharon

£137 £131 £99 £75 £68 £149 £110 £87

£95 £60 £132 £65

PLUS MANY OTHER HOTELS AT AMAZING RATES. Prices are per person per night sharing a double/twin room and include breakfast. Subject to availability. Date restrictions may apply.

Book early to avoid disappointment Flights and packages available



• Flights • Cruises • Hotels Package holiday or tailor made BEST SERVICE BEST PRICES

BOOK TODAY FOR THE BEST DEAL Call Naomi Mendel on 020 3384 0564 or 020 8904 7808 www.haystravel.co.uk/naomi-mendel naomi.mendel@hays-travel.co.uk



Jewish News 25 January 2018

Travel / Kosher and Gorgeous


ost husbands with Jewish wives live in dread of holiday packing, but if they are kosher they hide in the attic. Anything that isn’t nailed down will find its way into a holdall, as ‘baggage allowance’ is of no consequence for a woman trying to pack saucepans, sarongs and kneidel mix into a suitcase. New Yorker Bryna Landes can now laugh at the idea of squeezing a frozen fowl in with the flip flops, as she was one of those women who dreaded packing for vacations. “Inevitably it meant taking my own food and cookware and knowing in advance that my family and I would not exactly be eating gourmet food while on vacation,” she recalled. As luck would have it, her friend Eve

Berman went through the same packing hell and rather than continue shouldering the heavy luggage, the two women founded Kosher Casas, a business aimed at giving kashrut-observant Jews an easy way to eat in exotic locations. But exotic is too generic a term for the 90 properties they offer in Costa Rica. Varying in size and price, picking between gorgeous villa A and gorgeous villa B is the only task for their clients. Kosher Casas have similar magnifcent properties available in Anguilla (have you been there?) and Sri Lanka, where the company is offering an uber-stylish


NO MATTER HOW FAR you want to travel, it’s easier to get the trip sorted closer to home. Woodford Green works for a lot of the community and that is where you will find HOLIDAY DESIGNERS and its team of experts. Dan Lion launched the company in 2011, after working in travel for more than 25 years. “For most, that would be a scary thought, but I’ve loved every minute of helping my customers see more of the world,” says Dan, who is full of useful tips for travellers, the lastest of which is “To get a MiFi with a local data SIM, so you can have your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you go. That way you’ll have Wi-Fi at the airport, in the car, on the beach, at the top of a mountain or even getting lost around town!” Hopefully with his team planning the excursion, you’ll know where to head, and

chances are they’ll be suggesting Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, Sri Lanka and the Maldives as destinations, because they know they know every beach, cove and bar. “We pride ourselves on unrivalled personal service and will ensure you receive value for money,” says Dan. “We will tailor your holiday to suit your exact requirements from our selection of first-class and luxury hotels. Service and attention to detail are our priorities, and we aim to provide the very best customer care, enhanced by the excellent relationships we have with our chosen airlines, hotels, dive centres, golf courses and local partners.” From that introduction, you may even want to take Dan with you on your hols. holiday-designers.com or call 020 3384 0023

Passover experience this year in a 15-bedroom beachfront villa, where you can combine leopard spotting at the nation’s game reserves with a glatt kosher seder prepared by the on-site chef in addition to kosher all-day snacks and cocktail service. All of the properties in each country are koshered by the local religious authority before each arrival and stocked with top quality kosher beef, poultry, cured meats and groceries. Clients can pre-order from a wide selection of kosher prepared foods, hire a private chef, or assemble any combination of options. From cutting boards to patio grills and utensils to dishes, everything is toveled

and koshered. Kosher Casas initiative means the complications of bringing meat across a border are finally over, along with the need to frequent the same kosher-friendly destinations. And if the villas set in these beautiful vistas, rainforests, safaris and beaches have function appeal, Kosher Casas can help coordinate any event, be it a wedding, bar or batmitzvah, family reunion, milestone celebration, corporate incentive or teambuilding group. Just remember if the bags feel light, you have the inventive Bryana and Eve to thank for it.  koshercasas.com T: 001 914 278 9454 Email: info@koshercasas.com


25 January 2018 Jewish News




Jewish News 25 January 2018

Travel /Holiday calling


A travel agent needs to be on top of the news, writes Bronte Bailey


t is arguable that Naomi Mendel is as much a problem solver as she is a travel agent. Years in a business that is built around questions from travellers has taught her that you can never know too much about the world. After all, she is sending her clients on a journey and as a personal travel consultant at Hays Travel, the largest independent travel agent in the UK, she wants them to have the best time. Advice, useful tips and resolving any issues are as important as the flight schedule and hotel reservation when Naomi tailors a trip for her clients and she has a lot of them. Naomi is also up to speed on all the travel news for 2018 and is keen to mention the withdrawal of credit card fees by most airlines

and travel companies. “These will no doubt be added on in other hidden charges,” she says, before moving the discussion to taking a child out of school during term-time (and the risk of paying a fine) in order to make a considerable saving on a holiday. “Last year, more than 100 parents per day were prosecuted for doing that. A total of 20,000 were prosecuted annually over four years,” adds Naomi. The Supreme Court ruling that parents could be prosecuted for unauthorised absences means that many more families want competitive rates on flights and hotels and Naomi does her best to source them. With Israel as her speciality destination, the rising flight, hotel and living costs in the country is a concern. “But there should be something to

suit most pockets,” she says. Her favourite hotels in Tel Aviv include the David InterContinental, the Dan Panorama and the Hilton and, for the more budget conscious, the Metropolitan, Grand Beach and City. “I also recommend the ‘boutique’ style hotels for those who want something a bit different and they would be the Shalom and Relax, Melody, The Rothschild and the fabulous Norman, which is always busy.” In Jerusalem, but in no particular order, she likes the Inbal, David Citadel and the King David but, if price is an issue, says the Dan Boutique, Brown Ha’Moshava and the Arthur will, she says, “exceed expectations”. Away from the holy land, Naomi sends clients on city breaks to Bilbao, Seville, Copenhagen and Reykjavik. “In other news, the Dan group have opened their first property outside Israel,” says Naomi. “They have gone to India and The Den in Whitefield, Bengaluru, is beautifully appointed

and situated near to the city’s IT parks and business areas. “It’s very exciting, and so is the launch of many new airline routes for 2018, including direct flights to Fort Lauderdale and Nashville, a non-stop flight to Perth, Australia, and Ryanair will be reinstating its flight from Stansted to Rimini, which will open up the Adriatic coastal resorts, so it’s very likely that Rimini, Riccione Cattolica and Milano Marittima, which were very popular in years gone by will be holiday headliners again.” Need interconnecting rooms for your children? A hotel with access to the beach with a pushchair? A car hire company that doesn’t cost the earth? Well Naomi is the problem solver who makes holidays happen. It’s a shame she’s not a headteacher!  naomi.mendel@hays-travel.co.uk: haystravel.co.uk/naomimendel 020 3384 0564 / 07778 739 342


Nikki Jacobs was married at Shendish Manor and can’t stop going back


t’s a big relief when a hotel you book online looks as good as it does on the website. Shendish Manor looks particularly picturesque on a computer screen, but is even better when you see it up close. Located in Apsley, Hertfordshire, Shendish Manor is a special place for my husband, Marc, and I because we were married there nine years ago and have been back every year since. It was a beautiful cold sunny day in December 2008, and the 160-acre estate looked magical. Returning last week for our anniversary, it was equally magical as we cruised along the driveway and saw the old Victorian building ahead, which was turned into a stunning modern hotel. Being back there, I couldn’t help wishing all our friends and family were with us, but Marc was glad they weren’t! On our big day, I was too busy worrying about my make-up, hair and gown to really appreciate just how special Shendish Manor is, so it was nice to be able to kick back this time and enjoy the scenery.

On arrival, we were welcomed by receptionist Amy, who was an instant reminder of how charming the staff are and why we chose to say “I do”in their company. Amy told us all we needed to know about the property, from what to do and where to go, then showed us up to our room and guess what – it was the honeymoon suite! We were thrilled as it is an amazing room, full of luxurious traditional fixtures, a stunning four-poster bed with beautiful silk drapes and a dreamy free-standing bath that you can just sink right into along, with all the perfect fluffy extras that you’d want in a five-

star hotel room. No sooner had we hung up our coats than there was a knock at the door and Amy was standing there with a big bowl of fruit and a box of chocolates. It was a really nice touch and most welcome for a pregnant woman who no longer has to worry about fitting into her wedding dress! After a restful afternoon and a lovely walk around the stunning grounds, we got ready for dinner. The service was great and the food was absolutely delicious, particularly Marc’s steak and my lamb, which was served with a beautiful sauce, potatoes and vegetables. We both ordered dessert, only to then receive a lovely “happy anniversary” cake, but managed to eat all three – it would have been rude not to! Breakfast the next morning was a fresh and bountiful buffet with choices of cold, continental, and hot food. The staff couldn’t

do enough for us at Shendish Manor – and the great thing is you don’t have to get married there in order to visit.  shendish-manor.com 01442 232220





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‫חצי‬ ‫רבע‬ www.jewishnews.co.uk



Flights to Israel fo r special prices

With Kraus Holidays

Ye’arim Hotel Ma’ale Hachamisha

+972-(0)3-9348788 k r a u s @ 3 0 1 0 . c o . i l

Personal guidance and assistance of Kraus Holidays staff

Tours, shows and children activities

Kosher Mehadrin By Rabbi Shmuel Bornstein

Organised religious services provided

akjY]d `gda\Yqk \]ka_f]\ ^gj qgm by specialists with expert destination knowledge D]jg\k P]d =nan L]kY[` LY[cY_]

6 fa_`lk ^jge £688hh + Includes Flight & Private Transfers Yam

Tel Aviv

fr £799pp

Leonardo Beach

Tel Aviv

fr £830pp

Leonardo Art

Tel Aviv

fr £845pp

Shalom and Relax Tel Aviv

fr £899pp

Dan Panorama

Tel Aviv

fr £999pp

Isrotel Tower

Tel Aviv

fr £1055pp


Tel Aviv

fr £1499pp



fr £1060pp

Dan Accadia


fr £1320pp

Leonardo Plaza


fr £990pp

West Lagoon


fr £1035pp

Imdla[]flj] `gda\Yq oal` Ekjgl]d

2 fa_`lk Kja]fl F]jmkYd]e * 3 fa_`lk NgqYd >]Y[` P]d =nan Bjge £0+304hh Includes Flight & Private Transfers

Combine 3 nights in Jerusalem with 4 nights in Tel Aviv, staying at 2 of the Isrotel Exclusive Collection hotels

@Yf Dgl]dk L]kY[` LY[cY_] Dan Panorama Tel Aviv from £1350 per person (excluding flights). Price includes 10 nights’ accommodation and 1st night Seder meal, 2 dinners and 3 lunches

Herods Tel Aviv from £1400 per person (excluding flights). Price includes 10 nights’ accommodation in a newly renovated Executive Room, 1st night Seder meal, 2 dinners and 3 lunches

AadYl Safl]j Dgda\Yqk • Book your 2018 holiday to Eilat now • Competitive prices with flights from London and Manchester (via Tel Aviv) • Stay at your favourite hotels on Israel’s Red Sea coast • Call us now for prices and availability

All prices are based on 2 adults sharing

Tel: 020 3384 0028 www.israelholidaydesigners.com



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Travel / Easy EU travel


eff ’s four grandparents had all been murdered in 1942 by the Nazis, so he was perhaps an unlikely candidate to apply for German citizenship. His parents had been lucky enough to escape Germany on the Kindertransport and they had met later, in England, where they set up a factory employing other Jewish refugees. But Jeff is one of many people – among them a large proportion of Jews – who, just before, and definitely since, the Brexit vote, began to look into whether they could get an EU passport. Jeff, and others, are researching if they can reclaim German citizenship from ancestors who left or fled persecution. But obtaining the documention (birth or marriage certificates) and details from German authorities can be tricky and time consuming,

especially if you don’t speak German. Passportia, a company set up in 2013 specialising in citizenship law, can help. It provides legal advice for applications for citizenship of the UK, Germany and Ireland, and is familiar with cases where the applicant has ancestral or family connections. “Applications for German citizenship now account for more than half Passportia’s work,” explains founder Bruce Mennell. “I did a test case in early 2016 for restoration of German citizenship that had complications, but went very well.” The two types of enquiry Passportia mostly deals with is where a person is already eligible, typically through a German parent, grandparent or great grandparent, or where a person would have been eligible had their German ancestors not lost their citizenship or lives due to Nazi oppression. The restoration the company applies for is under Article 116 of the German constitution of

1949, which says: ‘Former German citizens who between 30 January 1933 and 8 May 1945 were deprived of their citizenship on political, racial or religious grounds and their descendants shall, on application have their citizenship restored.’ However, this is not always as straightforward as it seems and some people fall outside of Article 116, the implementation of which was made more restrictive by court judgements in the 1980s. Others still are unable to source the necessary documents, which are often stored at local level in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic or other Eastern European countries, and have trouble finding proof that their ancestor was in fact a German citizen. “If we can’t locate primary evidence, we’ll try to build a case based on secondary evidence,” says Mennell. “We have a comprehensive set of laws, judgements and commentary, so we can work around people in a borderline situation. We prepare the application very thoroughly, and our case workers speak German, so we have a higher chance of success .” The company carries out pre-screening to ensure the prospective client has a reasonable basis to qualify for German citizenship. If they do, they are invited for a consultation where the strength of their case will be established and after being given the go-ahead to act, they build the case. The company claims a 90 percent

success rate for obtaining citizenship. “So far we’ve never had a refusal,” affirms Mennell. While he and his caseworkers don’t usually ask clients their motivations for wanting EU citizenship, sometimes the clients tell them. “The main reason is to maintain the ability to live, work and travel in the EU. There are benefits of dual passports for business people as some countries don’t require a visa if you have a German passport. “Sometimes they want it for children – to keep their options open – and maybe they have some anxiety as to what the future of Britain holds as there is uncertainty,” he says. “For others, they want to assert their identification with the EU, and sometimes we get people who have some kind of cultural interest in or connection with Germany – they’re Jewish, their link is a grandparent, they can speak some German... It’s a minority, but it’s more people than I was expecting,” Mennell admits. His caseworkers have heard some “extraordinary” stories of escape from clients whose German ancestors were hidden in other countries during the Second World War, while others had unusual migratory patterns after leaving. “We hear many stories where people experience loss and have escaped or emigrated,” Mennell acknowledges. “They have survived trauma and change and demonstrated an incredible capacity to survive and adapt.”  passportia.org






March 30th till April 8th 2018



1 hour from Barcelona


Thursday 29th March Sunday 8th April


Featuring the know cantor Boaz Davidoff





A Glatt Kosher Mehadrin holiday, under the expert supervision of Rav E. CREMISI Dayan of the Kehila B.Y. Meir Montreal





For more informations please contact:

ENGLAND: 0044 20 38 07 05 05


Spa, indoor Pool, Sauna Trips, Spectacular evenings, splendid Mimouna ! Special program for English speakers. The Hotel is reserved for our group only. Hotel secured and fully privatized by Olam Holidays !

USA : + (1) 646 975 94 58


Under supervision of GEB ROK TS



Because only the best is good enough for you !

Dayan of Amsterdam

UK : +44 (0) 203 318 2194 www.olamholidays.com


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Jewish News 25 January 2018

Travel /Kosher everywhere


The world has opened up to the idea that keeping kosher does not quash the desire to travel. Here are some of the great places you can stay, keep Shabbat or enjoy the chags Hotel Tropic Park 4 on the Costa Brava

The beach in Salou in Spain

Best Negresco Spa Hotel in Salou on the Costa Dorada in Spain

GERMAN CITIZENSHIP CLAIMS If your parent, grandparent or great-grandparent was born or resident in German territory, then you may have a claim to German citizenship, even if your ancestor lost it. Benefits of a German Passport

• The world’s best passport according to the Economist (2017) and Henley Passport Index (Jan 2018)

• An EU passport and ID card, each facilitating easy travel across Europe • The long term right to easily live, work and retire in the EU, EEA and Switzerland

• Visa free travel to countries which require a visa for UK passports • A first class well funded consular service What we do We assess claims, obtain evidence, prepare and submit applications with a letter of representation. We have a substantial library of laws, treaties, judgements and legal commentary. Judgments since 2000 have opened up more opportunities. We serve clients in any country. Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google by past customers.

How to Contact Us UK tel: +44 20 7993 8975 • USA tel: 1-646-759 0976 Email: sarah@passportia.org Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, City of London, EC4N 4SA

VIVA PASSOVER You can tell a lot from testimonials and those featured on the Olam Holidays website are absolutely glowing. Clients rave about the food, the hotel and when someone writes : “We were also extremely pleased and impressed by the heimesh quality of the religious services, the stirring & instructional lectures and the cultured, modern orthodox and non-ostentatious manners of the other participants”- it can only serve as a recommendation for Olam’s plans for Pesach 2018. Held at the Best Negresco Spa Hotel in Salou on the Costa Dorada in Spain, this will be a pesach holiday for the whole family. Salou itself is a popular seaside resort, west of Barcelona and the hotel is right on the front near the Playa Larga. With Port Aventura theme park a short drive away as well as a string of beaches interrupted by rocky coves, and a landscaped promenade. At the Negresco, the children have their own club and the adults their own spa and gym, but with guests there for the festival they will want to know that the gourmet food is

Glatt Kosher and the Pesach programme itself includes talks from French radio presenter Proffesor.Yossef Paperon who teaches hassidism at the Sorbonne in Paris and Rabbi Jonathan Tawil who headed the Jewish Society at LSE and officiates at Hampstead Gardens Suburb Sephardi Minyan. With two Seder nights in English and Hebrew, a roster of top name comedians, many Jewish and Israeli vocalists as well as illusionists and magicians, it will be a Passover to remember. The full board vacation package is for 10 nights, 13 Nissan-23 Nissan, March 29 -April 8, 2018 Visit: olamholidays.com or call 0203 318 2194

Malgrat de Mar

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU “‘So if you aren’t a travel agent; what are you?’ is one of the most frequent questions I’m asked,”says Ben Robbins, founder and director of Bespoke Kosher Travel. “The simple answer is I’m a bespoke kosher tour operator who set out with a vision seven years ago to change the way Jews travel and more importantly ‘where’ they travel.” In recent years, Bespoke Kosher Travel have opened up an array of new destinations where people can holiday and still enjoy kosher food. “It’s about allowing people to enjoy all aspects of their holiday and not have to worry about there the next meal comes

from,” said Devorah, a travel expert at the company. “Our clients are at ease knowing they can call on us at any point and we can help. So many of our new clients tells us that they have never worked with a company that offers such a personal and unique service.” Take Mr and Mrs Klein. They wanted a family holiday to South Africa without the worries and BKT worked to understand what they and their children enjoyed doing, as well as what they didn’t. Along with the extensive programme and bookings they made for the family , they also dealt with Mrs Klein’s concerns about their daughter’s food as she had major allergies and so the caterers ensured the menu met her exact needs. “Bespoke Kosher Travel provided everything from an excellent guide, perfect accommodation and even included a Havdallah set for our villa” said Mrs Klein. “While we were there we changed our mind about one of the activities, and Ben in his calm and happy manner cancelled the plans and rearranged

25 January 2018 Jewish News



Kosher everywhere/ Travel

Olympic Kosher Holidays

Passover with Royal Dream is at the Hotel Tropic Park 4 on the beautiful shores of the Costa Brava in the resort of Malgrat de Mar. The French-based company are your hosts and there is nothing they haven’t thought of to make your Pesach celebrations perfect. The hotel has a gym, sauna and four swimming pools including one on the rooftop which has a superb view of the Mediterranean. Tennis court, a soccer field and an Israeli style breakfast buffet to kick start the day, this is a property to suit all ages and it is worth noting all of the rooms were renovated in 2015. For Passover the packages includes, daily buffets, private or collective seders, Royal Kidouch is served on holidays, and all afternoons are punctuated with minyans, lectures ,snacks and treats. French and Spanish chefs prepare the delicious Kosher food and special meals are available for children and babies. Barcelona is near by and the medieval village of Girona and for those who like to shop at Passover there’s the La Roca Village Outlet. Clowns for the kids, Hassidic singing for the

Lake Garda

the day. If there was ever any questions he was always available to ensure everything went smoothly and even arranged a babysitter so we could enjoy a night in Cape Town.” “From annual holidays, family trips of a lifetime, to business trips, we really cover it all,” says Ben. “We have found many newly marrieds enjoy the personal service for honeymoon planning in exotic destinations and not have to eat tuna from a tin can!” David and Leanne are a case in point as they wanted ‘something different’ for their honeymoon but did not know where to start. “We knew it had to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience but combined with kosher food and keeping Shabbat,” explained David. “Bespoke Kosher Travel suggested Sri Lanka and we were sold. The accommodations were outstanding, the food delicious and fresh and we didn’t have to arrange any of it! We worked out the itinerary to our preferences with Ben’s input, as we wanted some days just to relax

grown-ups and the tastiest food every day sounds like a win for Passover. Visit: www.royaldream.co/ +44 203 807 0505 Tel: Israel: +972 586 431 387 LA DOLCE PESSACH When it comes to great value all year round and an ideal destination for Passover the hotel Olympic Kosher Holidays – in Italy is as good as it gets. The kosher le’mehadrin 3 star hotel is set in a beautiful, pastoral and peaceful area surrounded by water and abundant greenery as most of south Lake Garda. It is also conveniently just a few meters from the picturesque beaches of Lugana Di Sirmione and close to the old town of Sirmione. With so much scenery to explore, a hotel that is affordable and caters to your Kosher needs is what is required in all seasons and this property has 12 well designed rooms, large gardens and a playground for the children. The spacious meat restaurant has an enticing menu and there is a pizzeria and coffee shop (dairy area) with local specialities such as pasta, pizza and ice cream, as well as the Israeli dishes falafel, hummus and a variety of salads. The grocery store has a big variety of kosher products including wine, fresh bread, challot, canned food, eggs etc and if holiday means no cooking, after a day of sightseeing there is a take away service that even includes meals for Shabbat with challah and wine for Kiddush. The Passover package for 2018 can be viewed on the website and give you a real flavor of

Hotel King David in Prague

what’s to come for the chag, but don’t forget the Olympic Kosher Holidays hotel is always ready to welcome you. Visit: hotelokh.com, +39-030-9904794 or email: info@kosherholidays.net SEDER IN PRAGUE It may not have crossed your mind to choose a city break to celebrate a big chag, but it will when you hear about the Hotel King David in Prague. The history of the Jewish people in all its forms lies at the heart of the city so celebrating Passover will be memorable. The hotel on Hybernska Street is a five star boutique property that is just 15 minutes’ walk from The Jewish Quarter and closer still to within to Wenceslas Square. Open all year round it is also kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Eliyahu Rotenberg from Jerusalem and the Rabbinat Kashrut department of the

“FOOTSTEPS OF THE WONDER RABBIS” Visit Rabbi’s Way in Hungary with Gábor Balogh who will arrange for exclusive trips to Budapest and Debrecen in Hungary and Kosice in Slovakia. Gábor will arrange for you to visit the three stations, which are – Nagykallo being the closest, the cemetery in the village of Aujhely being the most important MAAD being the most beautiful. Gábor and his very experience staff will pick you up upon your arrive at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport and take you to some of Hungary’s most historic Jewish cemetery’s. They can also take the stress away from your visit by arranging accommodation to suit your requirements and to include kosher food.

by the beach. It all went smoothly and to our budget.” With Bespoke Kosher Travel working with more and more destinations including China, Vietnam, Costa Rica and Australia as well as South Africa, Thailand and India, you could soon be another one of their happy customers. For more information call 020 3151 1660 or email info@bespokekoshertravel.com www.bespokekoshertravel.com @bespokekosher (Twitter)

Jewish Community in Prague and has its own synagogue and mikvah. The Pesach package for ten nights includes a seder dinner and the option of visiting Karlovy Vary and Dresden as part of a tour. If you’ve always planned to visit Prague, make it this Passover. www.hotelkingdavid.cz Email: info@hotelkingdavid.cz Reservations: +420 774 002 530

Gábor is available anytime on 07801757898 to chat about your next special visit to Hungary!



Jewish News 25 January 2018

Travel /Chic seder

PESACH: with pizazz and on the piste Seder on skis or resting in Rimini ? It’s your choice...


o fully appreciate what a five star Passover looks like, you need to reserve a room at the Grand Hotel Rimini in Italy with My Kosher Hotel. After 16 years of hosting what they describe as a “timeless luxury pesach”, the company knows what is required to create a stylish festival celebration in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Newly-refurbished the Grand Hotel and the Residenza Grand stand at the centre of a large and exclusive private park facing the sea, with the private pool and beach, situated on the Adriatic coast. As a poor child in Rimini, film maker Federico Fellini would stare through the gates at the vast ornate hotel that was built in the early 1900’s and once he had money, he adopted a favourite suite. Recognised as a national monument with its rooms still decorated with Venetian and French antiques of the 18th century, it is within these exquisite walls that My Kosher Hotel offers a first class Pesach glatt Kosher package under supervision of Rav Rabinowitz shlita Admur Mi-Biale. Everything has more gloss and shine at the Grand from the professional kids

club to the tableware in the dining-room. For the duration of the festival a special conference hall will be used as a shul, where the resident Rabbi will also offer Shiurim and lectures. But that is not all My Kosher Hotel is offering. In Canazei, a delightful village at the foot of the Dolomites Avi and Belinda Netzer are fusing seders with skis at the year round 4* kosher hotel. Based in Alba di Canazei in the heart of the Val di Fassa ski resorts network, the Netzers want you celebrate Pesach while tackling snow-covered slopes and eating the best of Italian kosher cuisine. It is possible to ski from December to April, so you should be able to go off piste during passover. Whether you opt for the dizzy heights of the Dolomites or the height of luxury at the Grand in Rimini,My Kosher Hotel will make it unforgettable.  Mobile. +39 338 1709221 / +39 333 2896806 info@pesachitaly.com

4 Imperial Place, Maxwell Road, Borehamwood, WD6 1JN


Fellini’s favourite hotel the Grand in Riminiwith its ornate reception and spacious bathrooms. Below Avi and Belinda Netzer at My Kosher Hotel in the Dolomites where skiing is a must

25 January 2018 Jewish News


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V I Pesach Fi r s t C l a s s E u r o p e


SICILY Hotel Valtur, Italy SPAIN Le Meridien


VENICE Kempinski


CRETE Avra Imperial

Additional offers for Pesach in hotels across Israel on-line@tourplus.co.il www.tourplus.co.il

kosher holidays tailor made by experts


The leading hotel in Europe situated on a private island in Venice, Italy.


expand your world personalised itinerary

kosher food delivered

tailored to your budget

At B e sp oke Kos he r Trave l we unde rstand the ne eds of the kos her tr avel l er. Ou r kn o wle d g e of des ti nati ons gi ves you the ul ti mate e xperi e nce wi th fres h kos her meal s. S o wh e t h e r i t's your annual hol i day, ci ty break, bus i ness tr i p or s peci al occas i on L e t us m ake your dre am a real i ty!

CALL US ON 020-3151-1660 info@bespokekoshertravel.com @bespokekosher

BOOKED YOUR SUMMER SAFARI YET? With 17 years experience as the leading gourmet kosher safari operator, we offer the ultimate kosher tours and safaris for a variety of tastes and budgets.

Running through July and August and on demand Email: enquiries@aksafaris.com • www.aksafaris.com


www.bespokekoshertravel.com @bespokekoshertravel




Jewish News 25 January 2018

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Discover the authentic Israeli experience with Fattal Hotels & Resorts, combining the very highest standards of modern hospitality with all the historical and natural wonders of this remarkable country. All of the 38 FATTAL hotels are accessible to leading tourist sites, while the chain trademark of warm hospitality, comfortable rooms and delicious meals ensure that your vacation will be especially memorable for all the right reasons! A genuinely warm Israeli welcome awaits you!

38 Hotels Nationwide

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