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15 JUNE 2017

Dining & Kids’ Days Supplement

Edited by Brigit Grant



Jewish News 15 June 2017

Summer Dining / Eating al fresco

Hampered By A


Are you a Grass Gourmet who cooks or a No-Prep Nosher who eats bagels en route? Brigit Grant does Jewish al fresco with the help of Denise Phillips’recipes

IT’S ARGUABLE THAT THE MOST important thing to take to a picnic is a large umbrella, but that’s a glass-half empty point of view. Optimists among us will dine al fresco even if the grass is damp. Adventurous types don’t mind wearing a cagoule if they have a view of a meadow filled with buttercups, although I recall an odd family picnic on a roundabout off the A1 when my father got sick of searching for a field. So much for Jewish love of the countryside, yet we persevere because of the food. In my experience, there are two kinds of Jewish picnickers. The Grass Gourmet who makes all of Nigella’s al fresco recipes from scratch (including the olive panini) and serves them garnished on shabby chic china from a much-used hamper. The clink of crystal flutes filled with passion fruit prosecco will lead you to the Grass Gourmets. And then there’s the No-Prep Nosher who got a hamper as a wedding gift, but prefers an M&S freezer

bag filled with food bought in Waitrose that gets half-eaten in the car. The behaviour of the many rest with our ancestors, who always left in haste with no time to make sandwiches. They did have matzah, which is much underrated as a picnic snack, with its crumbs for the birds. However, a biblical cracker pales beside the tantalising, ready-toeat food at Supreme in Edgware. The one-stop butcher and deli in Glengall Road has all you need for lunch on the lawn, notably pre-cooked chicken flavoured with delicious teriyaki sauce or honey mustard. Pargiot anyone? The Israeli dish is a Supreme speciality and customers queue for the deboned capon in duck sauce sprinkled with fried onions. With this tasty dish served with Supreme’s salads – beetroot, leek and tomato, broccoli – you’ll

Denise recipes for The Grass Gourmet Garlic & Lemon Chicken Skewers with Herb Flatbread & Smoky Tomato Salsa Use this recipe as part of a BBQ meze with chicken from Supreme Butchers & Deli. A Grass Gourmet can start the dough, marinate the chicken and make the salsa a day before. PREPARATION TIME 1 hour, plus rising and marinating COOKING TIME 30 minutes

For the flat bread 7g dried yeast 220ml warm water 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons dried oregano ½ teaspoon golden caster sugar 350g strong white bread flour 50ml olive oil – plus extra for greasing For the chicken 8 boneless chicken thighs (skin on if possible) Zest and juice of two lemons 1 tablespoon paprika 1 tablespoon soft brown sugar 3 garlic cloves – peeled and crushed 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons coriander – finely chopped

SERVES 4-6 people

For the Salsa 1 small red onion 20g fresh coriander 125g cherry tomatoes ½ red pepper – deseeded 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar 1 ½ teaspoons mild sweet paprika Pinch sugar and season to taste

be invited to sit on everyone’s blanket. To claim a Supreme dish as one of your own is wrong, but their potato salad tastes like bubba’s home-made version, so it’s worth a try. The falafel and dips from Ramona’s Kitchen will compensate for a NPN’s lack of effort, as Ramona is welcome at any picnic – although it’s her Me Too! aubergine babaganoush and award-winning houmous that gets the attention. Should you decide to picnic in your garden, Ramona’s Kitchen will spice up the familiar location with their chilli falafels and veggie burgers served with tangy relish, and if you come up with a recipe of your own, tell Ramona who will help you bring it to market. After 28 years as master cheese makers, Chevington’s in Manchester are dairy stars in kosher shops and all supermarkets. So whether you lean towards Gouda and

Gloucester or long for Lancashire and Red Leicester, Chevington’s make it with a Kedassia kosher seal. For a more sophisticated picnic, its mild Cheddar with cracked black pepper or garlic will do wonders for your water biscuits. Grass Gourmets also buy Chevington’s, but as an ingredient for their luxury quiches, as Jewish News chef Denise Phillips demonstrates with her recipe below. But let’s not forget the children for whom picnics are intended, albeit fresh air with iPads. A menu of Supreme’s chicken nuggets served with your (their) potato salad, carrots dipped in Ramona’s Kitchen houmous or, for a vegetarian option, as many Chevington’s Baby Chev cheeses as they can consume, will keep them happy. Even if you do end up picnicking on a roundabout off the A1. Supreme Butcher & Deli, 9 Glengall Road, Edgware HA8 8TB, T: 020 8958 8757. Ramonaskitchen.com/ T: 020 8830 8585. Chevington’s Cheeses available at kosher shops and all supermarkets

15 June 2017 Jewish News



Eating al fresco / Summer Dining

Garden Vegetable Quiche This is a delicious herb short crust pastry pie packed with summer vegetables. The secret of a good quiche is to ensure the pastry base is well-cooked, so that when you add the filling, the pastry does not go soggy. There are endless choices of vegetables that you can use to ring the changes – but look at colour and texture so that they blend well. I have used red and green vegetables that are in season. For the Pastry 250g plain flour Pinch of salt 2 tablespoons fresh mint/parsley 125g cold butter 1 Babychev Cheese – finely grated 1 egg 1 to 2 teaspoons cold water


Filling 110g runner beans – stringed, halved lengthways and sliced 110g fresh or frozen peas 25g plain flour 300ml milk 3 large eggs 4 Babychevs cheeses – sliced 3 small vine tomatoes – quartered Garnish: Dusting of black pepper and torn leaves of fresh mint/parsley

METHOD 1 Put the flour, salt and mint or parsley into the food processor. Add the butter, cheese and the egg. Continue to whiz together until the pastry cleans the side of the bowl. Add the water gradually as required.

neaten the edges and trim the excess pastry. Line the pastry base with foil. Fill with baking beans and bake blind for 20 minutes in the preheated oven.

6 Place the beans and peas into a saucepan of boiling water. Cook for three minutes or until soft. Drain and put into the pastry case.

2 Wrap the pastry in cling film and leave in the refrigerator to rest for 30 minutes. 3 Lightly dust the work surface with flour and roll out the pastry so that it fits a 25cm /10 inch deep loose based flan tin. (It needs to be approximately 8cm/ 3 ¾ inches larger to accommodate the depth of the tin.)

4 Preheat the oven to 200ºC/400ºF/Gas mark 6. 5 Carefully roll the rolling pin over the tin to

SERVES 6-8 people

PREPARATION TIME 20 minutes, plus 30 minutes chilling time

7 Using the same saucepan, add the flour followed by the milk, stirring continuously over a low heat until slowly thickened.

8 Beat the eggs into the sauce and generously season. Pour into the pastry case and scatter with the Chevington Babychev cheese and tomatoes. 9 Bake for 40 minutes until the filling is set and turning golden.

Cool for a few minutes before removing from the tin. Serve with a green salad.

METHOD 1 Mix the yeast with 100ml warm water. Leave for five minutes for the yeast to activate. In a large mixing bowl, add salt, herbs, sugar, flour, olive oil and the yeast mixture. Using an electric mixer, start to mix and gradually add the remaining warm water until a smooth dough has formed.

2 Transfer the dough to an oiled bowl, cover and leave to rise (about two hours). 3 Place the chicken in a shallow non metallic dish. Cover with all the ingredients, mix together and leave to marinate overnight or for at least two hours. 4 Bring the chicken to room temperature one hour before grilling. 5 Thread the thighs onto four large skewers (metal or wood) soaked in water for 10 minutes.

6 Heat on an outdoor BBQ or grill for six minutes on each side or until cooked through. Cook on a medium heat to avoid burning.

7 For the salsa, put all the ingredients in a food processor and pulse until chopped but not too fine. Pour into a serving bowl and season to taste. 8 To finish the flatbread, heat the BBQ or preheat the oven to 225ºC. Knock back the dough, then divide into six. Dust some baking sheets with flour and roll out the dough balls into thin flatbreads.

9 Brush olive oil onto the top and bake for about five to 10 minutes (if you are using the BBQ sit directly onto the bars oil sided down). 10 Repeat to cook all the flatbreads. Garnish: Wedges of lemon, sprigs of fresh coriander. To serve: Spoon salsa onto your flatbreads and top with your garlic and lemon chicken. Garnish with lemon wedges and sprigs of coriander.

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PREMIUM FRESH KOSHER BABY FOOD Made to order with Glatt Kosher meat & organic vegetables. Home delivered at your convenience or available in selected kosher supermarkets. Just heat and serve.

Your baby will love it! For menu options and to order for home delivery visit

Pantone 1795c

Pantone 362c

www.thebabynurse.co.uk KOSHER Under the supervision of Rabbi E. Shneebalg Edgware, UK



Jewish News 15 June 2017

Summer Dining/ Restaurant Club Favourites

Summer Lovin’ I’m a truly seasonal eater, says The Restaurant Club’s Louisa Walters. In autumn I crave casseroles and crumbles, in winter it’s all about puddings and pies, spring has me reaching for asparagus and lamb, and summer… oh I just LOVE summer dining! Suddenly salads are appealing and don’t even get me started on the ice-cream. Here are my favourite summer spots. for BRUNCH Nati’s on Priory, Crouch End* This bright, sunny, dogfriendly café belongs to the eponymous Nati. Hungarian-born, her love of baking started as child watching her grandmother stretching strudel pastry on the family dining table until it was perfectly see-through. When she moved to London, Nati developed an interest in artisan food and speciality coffee. Travelling in the Middle East, she

discovered local food, such as shakshuka and a typical brunch that includes eggs, salad, bread, spreads and dips, which promises to fill you up for the rest of the day! I head here regularly for avocado and slow-roasted tomatoes on sourdough toast with a poached egg. I never leave without a freshly baked cinnamon roll to take home.

prices in a funky, colourful restaurant. The dishes are inspired by street food eateries all over South East Asia. I love the freshly prepared salads, soups, grills, traditional noodle dishes (my favourite is the chicken Pad Thai), rice dishes, stir fries and curries and there’s a great cocktail list! The whole front opens up on warmer days with outside tables.

for PAN ASIAN BAW, Mill Hill From the guys behind Guglee Indian restaurants, BAW serves fresh, tasty and healthy pan-Asian food at affordable

Zala, Camden*

This gorgeous little place in the heart of The Stables in Camden serves the most fabulous fresh Middle Eastern food bursting with flavour. There are tables outside or you can sit inside – in warm weather all the doors are flung open and it’s bright and sunny. I love the whole baked sea bream with a side of bulgur and the apple malabi for dessert is unmissable. You also have to try the Levantine pizza. Best of all though is the free (yes FREE!) meze to start. Seven little dishes of total dreaminess and fantastic pita to scoop it all up with!

Bnova, Stanmore*

Galvin at Centurion, Hemel Hempstead*


A new venture from Michelin-starred brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin, this is a welcoming and informal restaurant in elegant surroundings, with magnificent views across the golf course where it is based. On sunny days you can eat outside on the terrace. Sunday lunch (£25.50 for three courses) offers the traditional roast, plus plenty of fish and vegetarian options. The roast cod with light curried dressing and the rhubarb cheesecake I had were both memorable. Everything is beautifully presented and the Galvin own label red/white wine goes down a treat. A little dish of truffles and macaroons is served with coffee – I love this touch.

Flying Sushi, East Barnet* Sushi is real summery food and my firm favourite for a sushi fix is Flying Sushi in East Barnet. This is For SUSHI a tiny weeny place with a highly-talented chef creating phenomenally good food. He’s really creative and offers great additions to the usual options. I always order seared beef tataki with coriander dressing, and tempura tuna sashimi roll with miso dressing.



This doesn’t feel like an Indian restaurant as it’s so spacious and airy. It has super-comfy chairs (this is one of my bugbears!) and it’s easy to park. I always struggle with decision-making when faced with a large menu, so the vegetarian platter solves all my problems for starters. My favourite dish is the Goan fish curry, which is creamy and tasty with succulent chunks of tilapia and much nicer than anything I ate when I went to Goa. The pomegranate and rose icecream is unmissable.

for CHINESE Zing Zing, Islington, Kentish Town, Kensal Rise, Elephant & Castle* I’ve never been one for takeaway – I often find that flavour and texture get lost in translation – but Zing Zing has been a game-changer for me. It’s designed to be taken out (you can’t eat in) and it works brilliantly. I especially love the miso aubergine, the salt and pepper mushrooms and the crispy shredded beef – it’s actually chunky shredded beef with proper succulent beef. The peach tea with lychee ‘pobbles’ comes in a cute jar with a fat straw.

15 June 2017 Jewish News



Restaurant Club Favourites/ Summer Dining food that just happens to be kosher. I can’t possibly highlight a favourite dish – I love everything and so will you.

But best of all are the Nutella and banana spring rolls, and Nutella s’mores spring rolls for dessert. All branches deliver within a two/ three mile radius, plus they are on Deliveroo, or you can collect.


The Creamery, Mill Hill* for DESSERT

Korova, Tufnell Park*

I absolutely adore this little bistro, housed in a former butcher shop. The ornate 1930s tiling has been retained and really adds to the ambience. Chef and owner Steve uses locally-sourced produce to create an exciting menu that is chalked up on a board and changes weekly. I’m still dreaming about the morel and black truffle risotto I had recently and a stunning salmon dish with a wonderful creamy sauce. Really good food, friendly service by Steve’s wife Sital and a lovely atmosphere. The bijou bar serves classic cocktails and some innovative special creations.

for BRUNCH Head Room, Golders Green and Delicatessen, West Hampstead I have to hand it to Or Golan – he knows how to make food seriously appetising. Head Room is his genius concept in collaboration with Jami - a fabulous milky café complete with an eclectic mix of vintage clothing for sale. A wide range of salads and seriously good shakshuka for when I’m being ‘good’ – indulgent challah toasties and amazing bakery yummies for when I’m not. Or has recently opened Delicatessen in Fairfax Road. Here Tel Aviv meets London in an Ottolenghi-type destination restaurant serving outstanding

Sip your coffee or try our enticing new evening menu with a choice of sharing platters, delicious mains and desserts.

With quirky decor and friendly staff, The Creamery is a divine little hangout dishing up artisan handmade gelato (regular and vegan), crepes cooked right before your eyes and doughnuts the size of a small child. Leave your diet at the door and enjoy pure extravagance! The Sicilian pistachio ice-cream alone is worth a visit. Tables outside for sunny days, more inside for cooler days and of course you can grab and go.

Shop from our ever-changing range of unique vintage and designer goods. You can drop off your donated items at the shop too.

*These restaurants offer a discount to Restaurant Club cardholders. www.therestaurantclub.com

Share how you are feeling today with one of our Heads Up workers. Pop in for a free chat or come to a weekly drop in session.


89 Golders Green Road London NW11 8EN


Sunday – Thursday: 08:00 – 23:00 Friday: 08:00 – 18:00 Registered Charity 1003345. A Company Limited by Guarantee 2618170.



Jewish News 15 June 2017

Summer Dining/ Hot Dressing

If you knew

SUZY... Then you’ll be shopping alongside regular Brigit Grant

I BOUGHT A FABULOUS SKIRT YESTERDAY. It’s black linen, ruched at the side and looks great with the matching cami and a pair of strappy wedges. I didn’t intend to buy a dress as well (pale green, floaty silk) or the long fringe scarf in a complimentary hue, but once I’d tried it on...well, it seemed silly to put it back on the rail. Of course the tee shirts were seasonal essentials (black and white in a rich cotton which washes so beautifully) along with the long lace vest by Postcard From Brighton, which will double as a dress. So much for popping into Suzy D’s HQ just to say “Hello.” As a frequent visitor to Suzy D on Mill Hill Broadway I was slightly alarmed when the shutters came down for good last month. Granted there is a perfectly charming branch in Bushey which opened in 2003, but when I got the email announcing a relocation to their warehouse on Aerodrome Way, I was saved the trek. Big, airy and stocked with summer must-haves, the warehouse once only hosted sample sales, but now you can visit any time, park for free, peruse for hours and enjoy the company and styling skills of co-owner and designer Suzanne Doani. As boutique owners Suzanne and her brother Andrew realised there was a gap in the wholesale market, with a real need for “ in-season, always available, great quality, affordable fashion.” So in 2005 they established the SUZY D label and began manufacturing in Italy. They have steadily grown the label, which is now sold in hundreds of boutiques and store groups in the UK, Europe and latterly America. They also have a website and recently launched the Suzy D Club, which with a single joining fee of £50 allows members a 30 per cent discount on all own-label purchases and 10 per cent on others. This is a real bonus for Suzy D shoppers, who already feel like they are part of a club. Unlike other clothing establishments there are no judgy looks or pushy sale tactics, just endless enthusiasm for kitting you out for the ‘Jewish’ season, which can include everything from Ascot and uni graduations to Hyde Park concerts and barmitzvahs in the garden. For inspiration, Suzy D’s Leiselle Brower agreed to slip on skirts, pastel leather jackets, floral dresses and linen separates with some input from the boss. And then I bought them. suzyd.co.uk Suzy D Unit 7, Propeller Way, Aerodrome Road, Hendon, NW4 4BW Tel : 0208 202 7993/4613 Above: Suzy D and model for a moment, Leiselle

Left : Floaty floral and pastel leather

A Postcard slip dress

15 June 2017 Jewish News



Suzy says a high wedge will elongate your look

[N] Accessories to update old clothes

aRistorante maretto aRistorante maretto e Pizzeria e Pizzeria


20% OFF A LA CARTE MENU Valid all of June, Mon-Sun Min £10 spend, bring this voucher 20% A CARTE MENU 20% OFF OFFRuislip A LA LABranch

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[N] [N]



Jewish News 15 June 2017

Summer Dining/ Places to Eat


Pebbl es


o Eat

a Pebbles

to Eat


aice to Eat

Wishing our clients a Happy Passover


Discover Sea Pebbles We’re celebrating 27 years in business so we have two special offers for you


25% OFF from our Main Menu Lunchtimes – Monday to Friday SPECIAL OFFER 2

25% OFF on the last Wednesday of every month Both offers apply to food only. Excludes drinks.

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, Tim’s Bistro has done it brilliantly says Brigit Grant


ritish summers may blow hot and cold like a bad relationship, but there is an upside to this for indoor-only restaurant owners. Some have all-year appeal, simply because they are excellent, such as Tim’s Bistro. Set on that anonymous stretch of the A41 between Brent Cross and the traffic lights at Hendon Central, the location belies a five-star standard reminiscent of Langans in Mayfair. Those who frequented Langans Brasserie on Stratton Street from 1976 will recall its Parisienne café charm, modern take on British cuisine and a menu featuring co-owner Michael Caine in watercolour. Capturing the unique decor and atmosphere of a restaurant enjoyed by the likes of Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor is no small task, but business entrepreneur and Langan’s regular Tim Kelly has pulled it off. Having a former Langan’s employee to manage the show is key to its success and Jean-Pierre Auster brings the same relaxed formality that charmed movie stars, royalty and a lot of Jewish customers who got wind of his arrival in NW4. With additional silver service expertise provided by another Langan veteran Med Guerbaouy, diners get the best treatment from the moment they sit down. The menu caters well for those who only eat fish out, with starters such as grilled salmon escalope marinated in lime with warm potato scallion salad or smoked salmon, avocado and crème fraiche on granary bloomer. Fish for main includes lemon sole and smoked haddock and leak fishcakes with vegetarian options, such as Pommes lyonnaise tortilla with asparagus and Braised

shallots in a red wine jus with root mash. For those who ‘do’ eat anything the scotch fillet is sublime and almost too big to conquer. Before dessert – tarts, brulees and brownies – be sure to look at the walls. Just as Langan’s is adorned with paintings by Bacon, Freud and Hockney, keen collector Tim has followed suit with incredible portraits, landscapes and still lives. It’s a collection to rival the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition in size and variety and all the more impressive because it is down the road from Brent Cross. Wander beyond the Bistro to the rooms available for function hire upstairs and you’ll see a Damien Hirst just hanging there. Hirst and Parmesan soufflé without leaving Hendon? Thanks Tim. Timsbistro.co.uk, 020 8202 4000

15 June 2017 Jewish News



Places to Eat/ Summer Dining


this out Keith Sanford got wings for his birthday – and shared them Despite the inability to eat dessert, my wife had told them that it was my birthday, so when an individual apple pie arrived, (with ‘Happy Birthday’ piped in chocolate sauce around the edge of the plate), we were obliged to dive in, especially as warm apple pie, with ice cream, is a personal favourite. Again, we weren’t disappointed, as we enjoyed delicious light pastry, with a caramelised top to the offering. Those who don’t eat non-kosher meat or poultry, might consider Pecking Order’s Brunch (weekends, 10am to 4pm) to sample dishes like Smashed Avocado with sourdough, poached egg, truffle oil and chilli flakes or Salmon Smorrebroad, which has the oak-aged salmon beside a hard boiled egg, cracked black pepper and lemon labneh. Though we travelled to Stanmore for my birthday feast we later discovered there is another Pecking Order at The Hive on Camrose Avenue in Edgware, which is even closer to where we live. “We just have to cross the road,” said the redhead. Somewhere a chicken was chuckling. Peckingorder.co.uk Stanmore, 020 8930 3977 Edgware, 020 3757 5387



ecking Order is the colloquial term for the hierarchical system of social organisation. It is also the name of a tasty little restaurant in Stanmore, which serves a lot of chicken. The owners of this foul-focused diner are Dhilon and Vish, who met at university and their student humour survives on the punfilled poultry menu, which offers other dishes for those who don’t dig birds. We (the redhead and I) went there to celebrate my birthday and though I’m no spring chicken, the exposed brick walls, wooden tables and bare bulb lighting is the sort of modern interior I like. It felt rude not to order something related to chicken, so we opted for the Coca Cola smoked hickory BBQ smothered wings and the beer battered tiger prawns to start, (as we always share), followed by burgers, with various sides. The wings were outstanding, (messy as hell, but worth every napkin), while the prawns were crisp, plump and tasty and then, already regretting having ordered main courses as we were fast approaching ‘full’, the mains arrived, with excellent freshly prepared burgers presented with sides of zucchini frites, skinny chips, baby gem salad and house slaw. Worthy of mention is the fact the food was fresh and flavoursome, with unknown, but delicious dressings used for the salad, slaw, etc. of which some of the herbs/spices even we couldn’t identify, There was definitely a citrus type zing going on somewhere and it made a real change to have dishes far removed from the bland ‘let’s just add mayo’.


Italian Food at its Best & More to Enjoy 4 Star food at 2 Star Prices    

          Try and you will come back  us  once    for more!   soon, ciao!  See you


Two courses Available Monday - Saturday 12 noon - 6.45 pm last to order Not available on bank holiday & on special dates. Open all day everyday 12.00 noon - 11.00pm Sunday and Bank Holiday 12.00 noon - 10.00pm

T: 020 8445 1188

Check out the website for our full menu

www.cocoricorestaurant.co.uk 1314-1316 High Road, Whetstone, London N20 9HJ




Jewish News 15 June 2017

Summer Dining/ More Food

THINKING about eating Nice weather, new ideas. Naomi Frankel visits the Jami café

NEED SOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT? Jami’s unique initiative, the recently opened Head Room Café, aims to do just that by addressing mental health issues in the Jewish community on a full stomach. The successful transformation of the old shop in Golders Green Road into a one-stop social enterprise, invites all to sip, shop and share for Jami. “Statistics show one in four British adults will experience a mental health problem each year,” explains Liz Jessel, Head of Development at Jami. “We are definitely seeing a change in how people are being more open to talking about mental health. At Head Room, we’re not making people call anonymously, we’re saying come have a coffee and if you want, there’s someone here who you can also have a chat with.” Head Room’s great appeal is apparent as I walk in. Its colourful furniture, dim lighting and hip wall art provide a relaxed, fun vibe. Inspiring framed quotes are dotted around and artfully placed leaflets and postcards provide information about Jami’s services. Two girls enjoying their meal are also impressed. “This place is pretty cool,” remarks Dina, 22. “We all know someone who is affected by mental health and this is a great way of making people more aware.” Adina, also 22, raves: “I feel like I’m in the heart of Shoreditch, not Golders Green Road. It’s awesome because it’s not just a trendy café, there’s so much more to it.” Head Room’s menu is the brainchild of the team behind SoYo and Pizaza. They are kosher dairy and Federation supervised and the chef Or Golan was former head chef under Ottolenghi. According to mental health organization Mind, “improving your diet can help give you positive feelings, clearer thinking, more energy and calmer moods.” Gal, the friendly Israeli manageress, reiterates this, saying: “We only use fresh, healthy ingredients, apart from the desserts!” Specializing in Middle Eastern style food, Head Room are especially known for their array of daily changing salads and I opt for an exotic mix of seared salmon, beetroot feta, heritage carrot and fennel kollorabi, washed down with a peach and papaya smoothie. The food is spiced to perfection and the smoothie bursts with fresh summer flavour. Over my meal, I chat to Daniel, 33, the main Heads Up worker at Head Room. The team of six are easy to spot in their bright purple t-shirts with “Heads Up” emblazoned across the back.

“We all have different styles of working. Some of us sit discreetly in a corner, while others will introduce ourselves to people who show signs of being willing to engage. An initial conversation allows us to signpost individuals to relevant support services from Jami and the wider community.” Daniel shows me a Feedback postcard, which is cleverly captioned “Pour your heart out,” set against a background image of tea being poured. “This helps those who are shy engage with Head Room workers,” he explains. “There are a few unobtrusive questions on the back and the chance to leave your details for Jami to get in contact.” Lunchtime has barely begun, yet the place is already packed with people of all ages and sectors of the community. Friends Vivian Lewis and Eveleen Habib tell me they have both been to Head Room before. “The food is very good,” remarks Vivian. “It was actually a conscious decision on my part today to come here and support Jami,” adds Eveleen. “I especially admire how they help their service users find work.” Sarah, 56, volunteers at the shop inside the café selling a affordable vintage and designer goods,.“I was introduced to Jami after I had a breakdown,” she explains. “They’re a wonderful charity who have made me a more active member of the community. headroomcafe.org

15 June 2017 Jewish News



More Food/ Summer Dining

Something FISHY is going on ON A LIST OF WORDS WHICH CONJURE UP SUMMER, bikinis, suntan lotion and sea pebbles are definitely among them - but Bushey? Just one chip and a forkful of Savvos Andreou’s fried fish will change your mind about that and explain why customers who live by the sea in Brighton drive back to Hertfordshire for haddock in matzo meal. Who needs deck chairs and donkeys when you can take Sea Pebbles skate and golden fries to Bushey Park and bask in the sun? And not just skate, but salmon fillet, sea bass and lemon sole, which is also available at Sea Pebbles in Hatch End, where there is a terrace for catching the summer rays. For the Andreou family, which includes wife Maria and son Chris, summer is the calm before the storm of the chagim and Yom Tov orders that would make Captain Birdseye’s sea legs quiver. We’re talking 2 to 3,000 pieces of fish for breaking the fast and all of it fresh from the sea as they don’t believe in freezing. The quality of their fish has earned Sea Pebbles many awards, but it is the loyalty of their clientele that means the most. Summer, Sea Pebbles and Bushey, obviously. Hatch End Tel 020 8428 0203 • Bushey Heath Tel 020 8950 4679 • seapebbles.co.uk

Keeping Kosher


Kosher dry-aged steaks? Aviv is shaking things up, says Debra Barnes IT MAY BE THE LONGEST established kosher restaurant in London, but thanks to a recent makeover, the Aviv restaurant in Edgware has a modern and fresh look that makes it seem almost new. In fact, this old favourite has been extended and adapted many times since first opening back in 1985. Now it can seat up to 170 diners, and accommodate private parties from 35 people up to exclusive hire for large events. It is even available for Friday night dinners and Shabbat lunch – perfect for a pre-barmitzvah celebration or post-aufruf meal. The menu still has the old favourites – there would be uproar if regulars found their meal of choice suddenly missing! – but every few months new dishes are introduced to keep it interesting. The new additions for this summer include premium dry-aged steaks, and as these are almost impossible to buy in the UK, Aviv will be dry-aging their own steaks onsite in special refrigerators. I was a little early for the dry-aged steaks when I took my family to Aviv for dinner recently. The promise of air-conditioning would have been welcome the week before, but on this particular summer evening it was cool, wet and very windy (remember that day ?) so

I was delighted that, thanks to the layout, the restaurant felt warm and cosy despite it being a pretty large space. We went for the easy option from the ‘spoilt for choice’ Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influenced menu, mixed hors d’oeuvres and mixed grill. The starters came beautifully presented and each of the nine cold and four hot dishes were delicious, our favourites being the Turkish salad (tomato, onion and coriander) and Cigars (minced lamb and pine nuts in filo pastry). The main course was a huge tasty meat-fest crammed full of lamb shishleek, chicken kebab, lamb cutlet, kofta and marinated chicken breast. It was all really good, accompanied by a choice of sides, and impossible to finish. We were stuffed to the brim and the restaurant staff asked if we would like to take home the left-overs, but I don’t like cold leftovers so graciously declined – but it was nice to have the choice. That is one Americanism that I think we should adopt more, so thumbs up to Aviv for offering. Aviv has not sat on its laurels during its 32- year reign as king of the meaty kosher restaurants and it has never been better. T: 020 8952 2484, avivrestaurant.com



Jewish News 15 June 2017

Summer Dining/ Nights Out in NW1

It’s CAMDEN Calling ... You can dine, drink and dance 24/7 in NW1, reports Brie Bailey AS ONE OF LONDON’S biggest tourist attractions Camden Lock market has had many incarnations and more than trebled in size over the past 40 years. From a single cobbled street and stalls around the lock where punks sat and spat, it is now a global outdoor arcade with a statue of Amy Winehouse. It is also a giant eaterie with every kind of cuisine, but the most memorable places to go for a food experience are Gilgamesh, Shaka Zulu, Ginger Martini and from next month Gabeto Cantina.

Like Camden Lock itself, the venues, which are all part of The Camden Dining Group, are unique and tap into the quirky and stylish elements that pervade the area. Gilgamesh is named after a hero from Mesopotamia, who set out on a quest for immortality and the restaurant/bar/club which opened in 2006 is renowned for its spectacular £5million interior. Enormous dark wood carvings that could easily be relics from a museum adorn the walls of rooms where cocktails are served against a Babylonian backdrop. The restaurant, which is always heaving, serves South East Asian, Chinese and Japanese-inspired dishes at big round tables, but for parties its platter presentation. The restaurant also has a retractable roof – and face it, who doesn’t want to see the stars on a Camden summer night. If Mesopotamia isn’t your thing, you can walk around the corner to London’s

largest South African restaurant, Shaka Zulu, which is a 27,000 square foot restaurant/bar and club on two floors guarded by a myriad warrior statues. Ostrich and Zebra are on the menu, but if safari mains are not your thing, just go for the cocktails, live music and dancing. It’s back to Gilgamesh for Ginger Martini, which opened last October in the former Tea House and where you can now eat sushi overlooking the Stables Market and have even more cocktails. Gabeto Cantina opens in July, so before then think about investing in a Camden Dining card for discounts in this ever growing empire. Visit Camden-dining.com

■ Established in 1985 ■ Carefully sourced, quality ingredients ■ Comfortable and modern surroundings ■ Welcoming atmosphere ■ Set Menus, full al la carte, kids and business lunch menus ■ Private event booking available for 35–170 guests ■ Friday night and Saturday Shabbat events ■ Glatt Kosher under the supervision of the Federation of Synagogues Website: avivrestaurant.com Aviv Restaurant

87/89 High Street

Email: info@avivrestaurant.com

Edgware HA8 7DB Telephone: 020 8952 2484 / 020 8381 1722

Opening Times: Sunday to Thursday 12:00–14:30 / 17:30–22:30 & Saturday evenings October to April

15 June 2017 Jewish News



Talk Turkey / Summer Dining

It’s the TASTE of Eastern Promise Brigit Grant tries to get the secret to one man’s shish success


t’s hard to imagine anyone being as enthusiastic about a restaurant than Cetin Kaygusuz. As he watches a diner (my husband) enjoying lamb chops, it’s hard for him to focus on anything else and when I struggle to finish a very generous mixed lamb and chicken doner, he picks up a fork and does it for me. If he were just another customer, such behaviour would be questionable, but he is the owner and wants patrons to enjoy every mouthful. Named after Cetin’s daughter, Melissa Ocakbasi Restaurant in Whitchurch Lane is a minute from Canon’s Park station, but could just as easily be a minute from Istanbul’s Taksim Square with its authentic flavours and charcoal grill. Turkish food is popular because it is good and we all have our favourite local, but rarely does one come across lamb this memorable. “What’s the marinade?” I ask Cetin, but he isn’t willing to share. Colonel Sanders-like secrecy over his herbs and spices puts him ahead of the competition and the customers keep coming back. And Cetin knows what all his regulars like to eat. “Chicken shish” he says to one by way of a greeting, while another is addressed as “Yogurtlu Adana”, which is not his name, but a dish of tender minced lamb with tomato sauce and yogurt. There are many vegetarian dishes created with aubergines,peppers and mushrooms as well as falafels, but Cetin has become very popular within the community for catering parties with his meat on charcoal grills and called recent client Ray Sofier for a thumbsup. Arriving in the UK from Istanbul with lots of hotel experience, Cetin worked in restaurants – among them Sami’s in Golders Green – to learn as much as he could before opening his own. Now doing 120 covers a night and picking up Good Food and Trip Advisor Awards, he hopes to open another, if only to keep his other daughter Denise

happy. Oh, and the best thing about Melissa’s is they serve salad in a separate bowl from the shish. “Who wants hot salad?” asks Cetin. Yet another secret to Melissa’s success. melissarestaurant.co.uk 020 8951 5252




Jewish News 15 June 2017

Summer Dining/ Buon appetito

BUONA VITA Whetstone Brigit Grant finds the pasta from her past in N20

On my first visit to the Italian Riveria I ate penne amatriciana, too much zuppa inglese (trifle) and fell in love with a poliziotto(policeman). Suffice to say he wasn’t on duty at the time. There is something very special about Italy and luckily you don’t have to get on a plane to enjoy it. A drive to Whetstone is all it takes, as that is where George Sgaro serves up his very own pasta amatriciana at Cocorico. Not that his culinary repertoire stops with spicy tomato sauce for George and his chefs cover all bases at his modern trattoria with open kitchen, where you can see the flames beneath the pans and watch the dish you ordered being prepared. George was born in Rimini and learnt everything he knows about lasagna and tiramisu from his mama before heading to the UK to learn about hotels.

Then he put down roots, married, had children and opened restaurants. You may know his distinguished face from Al Fresco across the road, but it is at Cocorico where he now greets guests from 12am to 11pm daily. On a Monday night while other restaurant owners are counting cutlery, George’s place is more than half full which is good going in a venue that does 170 covers. “You need to book at the weekend,” he says in a sing-song accent. Cocorico does great things with artichokes and grilled as a starter with rocket, lemon and scattered dried tomatoes they do mama proud. A vast tricolore for the husband, avocado for the little one and then on to our respective amatriciana, spaghetti bolognese and escalope mains. George has dover sole, halibut and salmon for his Jewish customers who keep coming back for the personal service. They also go to his other restaurant San Giorgio in Finchley, which is another Sgaro big hitter. Cocorico has a long bar for late night drinks; tables on the street, gelato for the heat – when you close your eyes, you could be in.....Whetstone. cocoricorestaurant.co.uk 020 8445 1188

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15 June 2017 Jewish News



Buon appetito / Summer Dining

Mangia Mangia… Debbie Collins discovers delicious Italian food on suo portone (her doorstep) Amaretto Ristorante in the heart of Edgware, has been serving the patrons with a penchant for perfect pasta, pizza and more for over twelve years and have no intention of stopping. This is proper Italian cooking like mama used to make as owner Shani and his bornand-bred Italian ‘famiglia’ run the joint. Their style proved so popular that they branched out to Hendon and Golders Green with fiery Italian success. “Our customers come back each time for the good food and great service.” says Shani. “We are open every day except Monday and it’s always busy, especially our new ‘extended breakfast’, which we serve from 12pm to 4pm daily. Customers can enjoy eggs benedict, scrambled egg with avocado – lighter lunch options. We try to react to customer requests and now serve glutenfree pasta.” Italian restaurants are of course nothing new, but do it well and you’ll be packed


out every night of the week as we soon found out. And it’s not just dining reservations – Amaretto are used to catering for weddings and barmitzvahs, often hiring out the venue exclusively. I visited mid-week with my husband and two mini food connoisseurs (my two daughters). With a 7pm booking, there were already a few people dining inside and all of the al fresco tables were taken by customers enjoying a leisurely drink on a balmy night, watching the world go by. Shani greeted us and showed us to our table and recommendations were made with Shani clearly having a knack for reading new clientele, especially kids, who are warmly welcomed at Amaretto. Two ice cold apples juices with pink straws and my girls were quickly won over. We opted for a selection of starters including freshly made minestrone soup, some mixed olives and a portion of Amaretto’s ‘infamous’ pizza garlic bread which

has the thinnest, crispiest base with just the right amount of tomato sauce. Not even the crusts were left, which is a rarity for my kids! With Italian music filling the air, we felt as if we were on holiday, having found a quiet little gem tucked away on a busy high street. However, that feeling of thinking you are the only ones ‘in the know’ was extremely short lived, as there was a steady surge of diners that continued to flow through the door for reservation and takeaway collections. Mains were served and did not disappoint – extremely generous portions of al dente penne


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arrabiata, the freshest, finest Italian spaghetti served with home-made tomato sauce on the side and a delicious salmon steak grilled to perfection. All plates were wiped clean (with the last slices of garlic pizza bread) and just when I thought my family were fully sated, the dessert menus were presented and my youngest suggested ‘one chocolate fudge cake, four spoons.’ Who could argue with such logic? amarettoristorante.co.uk 020 8958 9099


Jewish News 15 June 2017


15 June 2017 Jewish News



A nice cuppa / Summer Dining

TEA times a lady AS A NATION OF TEA DRINKERS, Brits feel a challish for a cuppa and cake around 3pm most days. In winter, a more elaborate spread of toasted things with hot chocolate is saved for weekends and then summer comes along with all its fruit and flowers and only strawberries, scones and cream will do. Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club does both in 200 sprawling acres of immaculately landscaped grounds in the charming town of Ware in Hertfordshire. The Jacobean-style hotel has wood-panelled libraries, open fireplaces and for those who like a hole in one, an 18-hole championship golf course. There’s a spa, exquisite restaurant dining options and a leisure club with a heated indoor pool and a well-equipped fitness centre. But let’s talk tea, which takes place in four individual rooms – the Zodiac, Cocktail Bar, Oak Hall and the Library. The classic Hanbury Manor afternoon tea is a speciality, offering finely cut sandwiches, freshly baked scones and a selection of delicate French pastries. An extensive selection of teas are a perfect accompaniment, as is a glass of the finest champagne. Make a day of it why don’t you, as the spa offers as many massages as the restaurant has teas. You can also have all the other treatments – facials, foot rubs and manicures – and it was with a new shade of fuschia pink on their tips that Beverley Sanford and daughter Leanne toasted tea cups. T: 01920 487722, marriott.com

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Kids’ Days / Fun and Games

Jump for your


Alex Galbinski takes a leap of faith at Flip Out YOU USED TO HAVE TO TRAVEL quite far to go trampolining, but more and more venues are opening up. Flip Out Brent Cross, which opened just over a month ago in Staples Corner, is already proving popular. Billing itself as the UK’s most advanced trampoline arena, trick park and ninja skills centre, it is certainly great fun. We went early in the day, and had the run (and jump) of the centre. With a one-hour slot on the trampolines, the kids leaped about. My son was coached by Zac, an older boy in his early teens, and bettered his front flips, while my daughter loved showing us how she cartwheeled with soft landings for a change. Forgetting my age and fitness levels, I tried to navigate the ninja warrior course, where you hang, swing and just hold on. Let’s just say I didn’t get very far. “Why don’t you try it?” I asked my taller and fitter husband. “I know my limits,” he replied, while we watched those younger ones who were able to conquer the course. Our children loved watching my husband


Summer Day Camp at


Who For:

Infants: Boys & Girls 3-6 years old (Pre-school - Year 1)

Juniors: Girls only 7-11 years old (Years 2-6)


How Much:

£80 per child including a milky/pareve hot lunch* *(menu can be given on request)

Sibling Discount: 5% discount for 3 or more siblings

1 Week: 31st July - 4th August

(siblings do not have to be part of the same section of camp)

*(There will be no lunch on Tuesday & Friday)

before 1st June (Shavuos).


To Book: (or for more info) Mon, Wed & Thurs: 9.30am - 3.30pm Email: info@ljfc.com Tues: (9th Av) afternoon only 1pm - 3.30pm Call: 020 8209 1117 Bursaries MAY be available if applied for Fri: 9.30am - 1pm

and I battle each other, Gladiator-style, with long beams, cheering as he knocked me off the ledge into the foam pit below. They competed against each other, taking running leaps into another dedicated foam pit, which they found easy to traverse (it’s incredibly hard for adults!). After the allocated slot, there is another half hour to try out the laser maze challenge, where you have to navigate the room while dodging the static and moving beams. My kids loved feeling like disciples of James Bond, even if they did get caught out once or twice. The centre, which is open seven days a week, offers a ‘Zen Zone’ with a meditation room, a Sky lounge and a café. As well as serving hot and cold drinks, food and snacks (including kosher sweets and crisps), there are plans for hot kosher food as well as a nail bar. Parents with children under five can bounce together in a special ‘mini flippers’ session in a designated area that is safe and fun. Parents at this session go free during off-peak times. flipout.co.uk

The Great Escape BEING LOCKED IN A ROOM with your children (or indeed with anyone) might not be for everyone, writes Alex Galbinski, but at Kidz Escape, the aim is to break out of themed escape rooms. Located in North Finchley, the venue also plays host to many activities for children. Its tagline is ‘Sing, Dance, Create’ and there is plenty of scope to do all three. There are two dedicated escape rooms – one is the school of wizardry based on Harry Potter and the other is the Magic Lamp room themed on Aladdin. Both are suitable for ages eight plus (with an adult present) or age 13 on their own. The minimum number of escapees is three, the maximum eight. However, with Harry Potter-obsessed children, we chose the former and spent an hour locked in a room, attempting to solve the mental and physical puzzles that had been set for us by a senior wizard while the clock counted down. It was so much fun but, sadly, we can’t tell you too much about it as we’d give away spoilers. We can reveal that there were padlocks with combination codes that we had to open with clues – and some real surprises. Lest you worry about getting stuck in the room forever, there’s someone watching via CCTV to give you clues if you need them (we did). Luckily they can’t hear talking in the room otherwise they would have heard us arguing over who wanted to open which lock and hold the – oops, we can’t say! Kidz Escape opened in December and the classes it offers are varied: singing, flower arranging (creating your own with silk), drama dance, and discos on the first Sunday of every month.

There are karaoke rooms, indoor crazy golf and a heap of creative arts activities – including ceramic, T-shirt and canvas painting; make a bear; pencil case decoration, suncatcher colouring; silicone modelling; and sand art. They host all sorts of parties, both with one theme or a combination, the rooms are available for hire and there is a café on-site. My kids were buzzing afterwards and have already asked if we can return. “Would you recommend it?” I asked them. “Of course,” they replied incredulously. “It’s amazing!” facebook.com/kidzescape

15 June 2017 Jewish News



Kids Go Too/ Kids’ Days

You’ll never guess who


Francine Wolfisz goes in for some star-spotting with the little ones


orget Vanity Fair’s after-party– as soon as we walked through the door, I instinctively knew we had arrived at the place to be seen. Of course the Beckhams were there, as well as Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Kate Winslet. If only I could have made my way past the throngs of women, I would have found myself seated next to George Clooney, but without much luck I turned instead to the newly-single Brad Pitt. It was the least I could do in the face of his impending divorce to Angelina Jolie, who stood just metres behind us, green eyes glaring in our direction. The party in the right-hand corner of the room was in full swing, thanks to the Bollywood stars who turned out in force, but it simply wouldn’t be a party without the likes of Kim and Kanye posing and taking selfies. Not that they needed to, given the amount of paparazzi. OK, so we weren’t really in a room filled with the great and good of Hollywood, but it certainly felt like it here at Madame Tussauds in Baker Street, London, which opened its

doors in 1835. Each lifelike figure takes around four months to create from 250 precise measurements and 180 photographs of the subject. A staggering 100,000 hairs are individually inserted into each head. Detail is key, with red silk thread used to create the veins in each eyeball and knotted rope to create the look of veins on the body. My husband could be somewhat forgiven for politely standing behind a woman taking a photo of Tom Cruise for what seemed like ages – only to discover she was in fact another waxwork! On the day we visited, we took along our two children, aged six and nearly three. They were perhaps less impressed by the A-listers than they were by the likes of Shrek, ET and Tinkerbell – the smallest figure ever produced by Madame Tussauds. For my daughter, Ella, another treat was sitting next to One Direction, while my son, Zack, seemed quite enamoured with Brittany (see right). They equally loved the Marvel figures, clambering onto the back of Spiderman and staring in wonder at all 14.7ft of The Incred-

ible Hulk. There’s even a dedicated section, featuring light sabers and all, for Star Wars fans. The Spirit of London ride is great for any age, with passengers climbing into a mini taxi to enjoy a brief history of the capital over time. There were a few attractions along the way where I would exercise caution for younger visitors. The recently-launched Kong: Skull Island experience is truly mesmerising with its interactive 18ft animatronic head of the jungle monster, but can prove a bit too much for the little ones. Likewise, the rumbles, roars and water spray jetting out during the Marvel Super Heroes 4D experience is brilliant fun, but probably best enjoyed by children aged 8 and over. The Voice UK experience, where visitors can sit in replica chairs alongside will.i.am, is also restricted to older ages, but strangely not the oval office where Ella and Zack took turns sitting with Trump, then left for No 10. Given the UK’s current political storm, there’s perhaps no harm in giving them a little practice running the country… Madametussauds.com



Jewish News 15 June 2017

Kids’ Days / Keeping them busy



“It’s all about your future earning potential,” says Alex Galbinski to her children at KidZania


he children were giddy with excitement when we told them we were going to KidZania. And they did not stop bouncing when we were there. Billed as the ‘indoor city run by kids’, I did wonder whether I would get bored during their four-hour slot. How wrong I was. There are more than 60 real-life activities inside KidZania, which is located on the first floor of Westfield London, ranging from doctor and dentist, police officer and firefighter, to pilot, actor and singer. There is also the chance to ‘work’ in a chocolate factory, learn to play the drums and be employed in a fashion recycling centre.

The ‘jobs’ earn them KidZos (the KidZania currency), which they can spend on leisure activities. Well, they did not know what to do first. And, if I’m honest, I was as excited as they were by the possibility of trying out different professions. My six-year-old son became a police officer, preventing people from crossing the cordon where firefighters were putting out a blaze in a building and paramedics were checking for injured people. To relax after his shift, he scaled a climbing wall (paid for with KidZos). At the Fruit and Nut Bar Makery, he developed his own bar using dried fruit, puffed rice and chocolate buttons, while I took the opportunity to have a sit-down in the Grown Ups’ Garden Shed.

He was extremely excited to show – and eat – his creation. “You can’t not try out journalism!” I excitedly said to my nine-year-old daughter, pushing her into the Metro-branded newspaper. After a briefing by her ‘editor’, the 20-minute exercise involved her ‘interviewing’ people and returning to the office to type up her story. After editing, she had a printed front page with her byline. She also enjoyed working as an air hostess, while my son captained the plane – all inside a real BA aircraft. They also appeared on Al Jazeera TV, worked as fruitologists to make smoothies, were advertising executives, air conditioner technicians (going on a tour through KidZania’s air conditioning

duct) and, needing a fast buck, did rounds of couriering, delivering supplies to the hospital and bank. With 75 KidZos, my daughter opened her own bank account, kindly lending her brother some money so he could, too. Children aged eight and above can be checked in to KidZania (security is tight and everyone wears tags so they can be tracked inside the complex) and picked up at the end of the slot. My only gripes? Entry isn’t cheap and the food (not included) was basic. But, mostly, they really need to make a version solely for adults! kidzania.co.uk

15 June 2017 Jewish News



Keeping them busy / Kids’ Days

L plates for summer Instead of driving you mad this summer, let your children drive themselves. Debbie Collins let her daughter accelerate AS SOON AS THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH, most children like to get behind a steering wheel. It starts with a Little Tikes yellow car and moves swiftly to the driver’s seat of

your own vehicle for a go at the hooter. The Beckham sprogs then get electric Mercedes ML350s, while the rest wait for their provisional license to plop through the letterbox. Ahead of that day, we all try to encourage our kids to learn the ways of the road, but rather than wait impatiently until their 17th birthday for a real spin, Young Driver is a nationwide organisation that runs driving schools for under 17s. With sites all over the country, I booked a half-hour Sunday lesson for my 10-year-old daughter, Millie, opting for a manual vehicle; automatics are available and all vehicles are dual control. Hour-long lessons are also offered, which is what Zac Tinger from Radlett did with a group of friends as a 12th birthday treat. The idea is that you ride along and swap out over after half an hour. We arrived at the multi-storey car park by John Lewis and took the lift to the fifth floor, where we found a rooftop of activity gridded out with cones and barriers to simulate a road layout, with ‘real’ two-way traffic.

After a very easy check-in, our instructor Nicholas took Millie over to the vehicle and talked her through the lesson. Accompanying adults do not have to ride along, but Millie invited Grandpa with for the ride while I watched like mothers do from the viewing area. The lesson covered key road skills, such as roundabouts, reversing and chicanes, with notes made by the instructor in a handy progress booklet that you get to take away. Half an hour was over within what seemed like minutes and Millie emerged beaming from the car with positive words from the instructor. I had a quick chat with Millie and Zac about their experiences and this is what they had to say about the Young Driver experience: What did you enjoy the most? Millie: I know it probably wasn’t more than 15 or 20 miles per hour, but it felt great to move so fast. The instructor gave great tips and advice, so I think I learned so much in just half an hour.

Zac: The roundabout was great fun to steer around and I really liked working the indicators. It’s definitely made me feel more road aware. What did you find the hardest manoeuvre? M: Definitely reversing, as you have to look in every mirror and all around you before pulling backwards. Z: Everything was almost the opposite in difficulty, so things like braking that I thought would be easy, were actually quite tricky because you have the clutch to think about as well. Would you consider doing the driving experience again? M: Yes! (much nodding) Z: Yes – it was great to not have to wait until you’re 17. I think I’ll be a much better driver than Mum! youngdriver.eu

Nature’s treasure Keeping her kids busy for free turned Alex Galbinski into a geocacher IF LIKE ME, your children are unable to walk for more than five minutes without whingeing or demanding something, geocaching might be for you. Having heard positive reports from other parents about geocaching, which is an outdoor treasure hunt using hand-held GPS devices, we were keen to give it a go. There are more than two million geocaches worldwide, with varying degrees of difficulty,

sizes and shapes. As we had arranged to meet up with some friends near Hampstead, I registered at geocaching.com with the basic membership (there is also an app for iPhones and Android) and typed in the postcode, which threw up details of two nearby ‘caches’. Mentioning the words ‘treasure’ and ‘hunt’ to the children made their eyes light up, so I was careful to downplay the quality of this treasure, priming them beforehand that it was more about the taking part than the acquisition of possessions. Having read the rules, we noted that we should sign and date the cache logbook and understood that if we took anything from the geocache we should leave something of equal or greater value. We would then need to re-hide the cache exactly as we found it and share our experience online. For each cache, you are given an encrypted hint (a code that you crack yourself – or you can cheat and get the phone to unscramble instantly) to help you along. Our first geocache was the one at the Vale of Health Pond on Hampstead Heath. “Small cache in the semi-wild eastern part of the Heath, next to a nice pond (no swimming here though). Will hold most smaller swaps and TBs [travel bug or trackable tag that is attached to an item],” we were told. “Sit down and enjoy the view of the pond.

Then look for the cache, a small clip-lock box with some green/black camouflage. Mind the thorns.” It took a while for us to find it, but find it we did – with hardly any moaning from the kids, or adults! We left some inexpensive trinkets in the cache – it was very full already – and went on our way to the next, The Hollow Lair of Hampstead (pictured, above), which seems to have now been dropped. This was a trickier one to find but more rewarding when we did, as it felt like we had worked harder –

and walked further through rougher ‘terrain’. It was exhilarating being in the open space without any electronic devices (except for, er, the phone, strictly for its navigating purposes you understand), getting fresh air, sloshing through the winter mud and doing something that was free. And, it being Hampstead, we were also able to discover a posh café where we geotracked some hot chocolate and cake. Result. geocaching.com



Jewish News 15 June 2017

Kids’ Days / Meerkats in Paradise

Where the WILD THINGS ARE... Brigit Grant discovers Paradise is being with children and animals


hen my daughter suggested Paradise Wildlife Park as the place to spend her tenth birthday, I agreed. What better way to mark double digits than with me, my girl and meerkats, as well as lions, white tigers and an Egyptian fruit bat or two. What I didn’t count on was the additional 18 girls from her class, her cousin and several outof-school chums to prove three’s not a crowd when you’re celebrating. And so with the resolve of the Pied Piper and a bag of fruit snacks, we went to Paradise, which I’m happy to say, lived up to its name. Unleashed in the park with wrist bands, the children – all girls – got very loud, spotted a gorilla and promptly climbed all over him. So much for the dignity of primates, although

thankfully he was plastic and the girls were more respectful of real animals. Paradise Wildlife Park has an extraordinary collection of wild cats, monkeys and reptiles, along with my personal favourite, the sloth. Of course the very existence of zoos is an issue for some, but the Sampson family, which owns Paradise in Broxbourne, are involved with numerous conservation projects. These were given clarity when we met Martin Hill, a big cat keeper who has worked with the tigers for 20 years. One, called Indy, who sadly died, was the only tiger to visit Great Ormond Street Hospital, which receives the proceeds from Hill’s children’s book about it, A Tiger By My Bed. Finding time to watch the shows, see dedicated feeding sessions and race through the adventure playground wasn’t easy, but we managed it. Now the summer is here, kids can paddle, splash or swim in Paradise Lagoon. A pre-booked lunch – pizzas all round – at the café, followed by an impromptu musical session with paper cups almost signalled end of play, but we left via Pirate’s Cove where half became Captain Jack Sparrow and the others girlie captives. Cue more squealing, followed by singing in the car. Yes, it was relentless, but the old adage about children and animals doesn’t apply when you’re in Paradise. pwpark.com

SOUL Food 19.5 NIS

BILLIONIsraelis rely on charity to eat properly. Naomi 175,000 VALUE OF E ECONOMICreports on the charity that makes sure they do Frankel TH












Waste and Rescue, a staggering 1.2 million tonnes of food is suitable for rescue annually and is valued at eight billion NIS. Leket works to ensure this number drops, as 50 percent of wasted food can be rescued and is suitable for human consumption. UK development co-ordinator, Zara Pomson-Provisor, believes Leket Israel is an “all round win-win situation”. “For just £1, Leket Israel can rescue £4 worth of food that would otherwise have been wasted, polluting the environment and causing economic loss,” she says. “ It is such a simple idea to take food from where there is too much and deliver it to where it is needed most.” Annually, Leket rescues and sources more than £30 million of fresh produce, prepared meals, dairy products and manufactured goods. The food is received from farmers, MILLION TONS OF FOOD food producers, army bases, hotels, restaurants and even wedding halls. The 175,000 IS SUITABLE FOR RESCUE weekly recipients include families, youth at ANNUALLY risk, Holocaust survivors and the elderly. AND IS VALUED AT OF THE FOOD WASTED IS RESCUABLE BILLION This incredible work is made possible with AND IS SUITABLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION NIS the assistance of 100 employees, 12 delivery

WHILE WE ALL PICNIC IN THE SUN and eat on restaurants terraces, it is easy to forget those elsewhere who cannot afford to put food on the table. In Israel, there are 175,000 needy people who, without the help of the charity Leket Israel, would not have hot meals or fresh produce each week. Leket Israel was founded in 2003 by American lawyer Joseph Gitler, who started a one-man volunteer operation to FOOD WASTE respond NATI ONAL to the paradox of growing hunger and ORT REP poverty inAIsrael N D Ron E Sthe C Uone E hand and signifi6 waste on the other. 2 0 1food cant IN ISRAEL According to the National Report of Food The Economic, Social and Environmental Impact




Food For All / Charity



15 June 2017 Jewish News





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Leket also runs workshops to teach people how to eat healthily and cheaply. Sivan, 66, is a single mother of two sons. She lives with her twin brother and cannot afford the treatment and medicine for her depression and other health issues. She visits Eshel Avraham soup kitchen daily, which is provided with food by Leket. “I have started to care a lot more about health,” says Sivan. “I go to workshops that give me tips for healthy eating, but I take so many pills every day – I need my vitamins and this is the place where I get them. I only eat one good meal a day, so I make sure to do it right when I’m there. I felt embarrassed at the last soup kitchen I went to. Here, I feel like I’m respected.” leket.org










vehicles and tens of thousands of volunteers, some of whom sort fruits and vegetables and others who pick in the fields. Leket supplies surplus food to more than 195 non-profit organisations (NPO), including soup kitchens and after-school programmes for children at risk, to community centres that send food packages to the homes of the needy from all backgrounds and regions of the country. As an umbrella organisation, Leket Israel also works to support its NPO partners through nutrition education, food safety, and capacity building projects designed to improve their professional standards. All food must be kept refrigerated, untouched and transported in strict conditions and Leket consistently checks this food, as well as ensuring that the needy are treated with respect.



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Food rescue is an alternative to food production. In that, it prevents the use of additional resources, reduces costs and avoids most of the negative environmental issues that occur during food production.


Food rescue reduces social gaps and increases food security for weaker population groups.


Waste reduction reduces pollutant levels, greenhouse emissions, and use of finite land and water resources.

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Jewish News 15 June 2017

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