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The Big

19 OCTOBER 2017

Everything you need for the perfect function

Edited by Brigit Grant


Jewish News 19 October 2017


19 October 2017 Jewish News



The Big Event



his supplement has been specially created to take the angst out of organising your big event and, best of all, it comes with its own show! A show that will help you to decide on the menu, the music and the magic that will make the simcha you’ve been saving for truly special. After years of attending other people’s ‘perfect functions’, you now have to dazzle with your own and by gathering all the experts under one roof, you can make it happen. There has never been a better time to be host as there is choice to suit all tastes and budgets. Marquees have never been more magnificent, bands more versatile and food so delicious. Even little things such as place cards and table plans are inspiring and when it comes to bespoke anything is possible. To think that ‘personalised’ once amounted to a name tag stitched in a duffle coat and now ranges from a custom-made Minions kippah to caricatured couple wedding shoes. The option to be original can start under the chupah with the breaking of hand blown coloured glass in a silk bag made by Jason Blair (07808 770547/ahavaglass. com). As a trained chazan, Jason was always troubled by the fact that an old light bulb was used for a ritual that has so much significance and meaning. So now in place of a 40-watt bulb, you can choose from a wide selection of vivid coloured glasses that, once smashed, are sent back to Jason and fused into something special such as a mezuzah, kiddush cup or a framed heart. And then there’s the function theme itself to consider for a bar or bat which, if you have an opinionated 12 or 13-year-old, will already have been decided. Perhaps you can pick the centre pieces. If you want to get married abroad, we have suggestions, but if you long to say “I do!” outdoors at home, the candlelit forest created by florist Marta Mason (07972 177423 / martamatsonflowers.co.uk) is a dream come true. Weather was no issue in the marquee (top left), which she filled with trees dressed with twinkling lights and glass balls and long tables covered with wild flowers. A fairy story setting befitting any couple’s big day. May we only meet on such spectacular simchas.

Brigit Grant Supplement editor



Jewish News 19 October 2017

The Big Event/ Bridal dress

If the dress fits It costs a fortune and you wear it once, but can you still slip into that wedding gown? By Brigit Grant It is the dress that changes your life. The only item of clothing you will ever own that alters a prefix because you step into it as a ‘Miss’ and then – hours later and worse for wear – remove it as a ‘Mrs’. Yes, it’s hard to believe that after weeks of peaking at it resting on a padded hanger, the same dress is thrown on a chair or, worse still, the floor, before being packed away, never to be seen again. But that is the joy of wedding dresses, be they fish-tailed, corseted or duchesse satin; they turn you into a princess for the day and the same cannot be said about a cardigan, not even the cashmere kind from Ralph Lauren. Not that you’re likely to try on a million cardigans before shouting: “This is the one” to the sales assistant and burst into tears or spend tens of thousands on a jumper and never wear it again. But that’s what women have been doing forever without regret, although their parents may have a different take on this. Of course, there are indus-

trious types who utilise their voluminous white frocks by turning them into evening wear or bed cushions, though I’ve yet to meet a former Jewish bride who revamped her Caroline Castigliano. It’s much more likely that one day your little daughter will rummage in mummy’s wardrobe and wear the headdress and shoes again, as I wore my own mother’s veil and heels at my grandma’s house. The dress, however – if not given to charity or the gemach if you’re Orthodox – will remain undisturbed, until that fateful day when curiosity strikes and you wonder if it still fits. Is it possible that the gorgeous gown you starved yourself into ahead of the big day will do up after years of making Friday night dinners and giving birth? Keen to know who has even had the courage to give it a go, I posed this question to members of the popular website – Jewish Women Talk About Everything – and was overwhelmed by the response. “I borrowed my dress from a friend, but after


Chava Kovacs on her wedding day, above, and wearing her dress on her fifth anniversary

having three girls, I don’t think I would fit into it. It was tight to begin with...” confessed Hela. “I can, but only because the corset lacing will make it tighter,” said the now skinny Nora. But some were brave enough to try their luck at my request, the first being Rebecca Spiewak in Israel who married in August 2010 and, after seven years and two children, slipped it on without a struggle. This encouraged Chava Kovacs, also in Israel, to step forward, although she admitted: “Not at the moment, because I gave birth two months ago, but I tried on my dress for my fifth anniversary and it still fitted. Let me drag up a photo...” And there she was in her living room wearing the dress. “I’m one of those ‘too busy to eat’ kind of mums. I have seven kids and no help...lol” she wrote, which was small consolation for the brides who couldn’t get it past their calves. That was not a problem for Michele Dujardin in New Jersey, who sent then-and-now pictures. “I got the dress off the rack from a really awful retail store. I hemmed and bustled it myself, but it had those attach ‘sleeves’ that never quite stayed up because they were set too far apart on my shoulders. I think I looked quite lovely in it then, but don’t find it as cute now that I’m older (and divorced).” Try though I did to encourage former brides

19 October 2017 Jewish News



Bridal dress/ The Big Event

closer to home to join the challenge, the take-up was slight, until Kate Silver from Arkley came along. Kate hated the thought of her dress being confined to a cupboard so much that five years after marrying Mark at The Dorchester in May 2010, she threw a party. The dress code obviously was wedding attire and her girlfriends were only too happy to oblige. “I’ve heard about people doing it on their tenth anniversary, but couldn’t wait that long and thought it would be a laugh,” said Kate. “Everyone was up for it, and we invited our closest friends and had such a fun night. Emma, Emily and Ruth wore their dresses and the guys wore tux. It was so funny to open the door to them and as they all came by cab, they were laughing, but also a bit embarrased.” With a chef preparing a four-course meal served at a round table with white roses in the centre and name places, it could have been a wedding. “And of course we danced like newly-weds after all the wine,” added Kate. Her two children, Jaden and Lexy, were too young at the time to appreciate they were witnessing wedding dress history, but Kate adored being back in her special gown. “Hollywood Dreams made it, and it was perfect. I would still choose it now!” Clearly the dress that changes your life can do so more than once.

Above: Kate Silver tries on her wedding dress. Left: Wearing it for her dinner party with friends

Right: Rachel Spiewak on her wedding day and, left, trying her dress on again


THEN Above: Michele Dujardin married in her dress with the sleeves. Right: She tries it on again



Jewish News 19 October 2017




Kings Oak hotel, Paul’s Nursery Road, High Beach, Epping Forest, Essex, IG10 4AE EVENTS@KINGSOAKHOTEL.COM WWW.KINGSOAKHOTEL.COM

19 October 2017 Jewish News



What to wear? / The Big Event

What did your MOTHER wear to your barmitzvah? THIS MORNING I saw a drastic post from a woman desperate to find an outfit for her son’s barmitzvah, writes Brigit Grant. “It’s for the shul! And I’ve tried everywhere!” she text-wept in panic. Suggestions for where to look came in seconds, along with commiserations for her struggle. For women who simply picked out a simcha dress in Wickhams on the East End’s Mile End Road in 1940, these reactions to her plight would seem disproportionate, but things are different now. Or are they? Surely a proud mother wants to look her best on that special day regardless of the era, and it’s even possible that the mother of the first celebrant in 13th century France agonised over which tabard to wear. The bigger question was whether her son thought she looked nice. The increasing number of batmitzvahs has allowed daughters in on the act and they always have an opinion about their mothers’ clothes, but do sons even notice? Clive Cohen and mother Lily “My barmitzvah was in 1953 in a marquee in my parents’ garden in Norrice Lea, Hampstead Garden Suburb. I can’t quite recall the colour of her dress, but I think it was mauve. My son Neal thinks I look cute in the picture and I do look happy. I don’t remember the song we were dancing to because it was their choice. Adults decided things then.”

Neil Gold and parents Joan and Stanley “It was 1966 and my mother – a former model – was always dressed in the height of fashion. My barmitzvah was at the Grosvenor Rooms in Willesden and my late father was meticulous about the arrangements. I recently found the notebook he kept with all the invoices and the contract with the hall. He even kept the price list for Frumkin’s wines. But my mother looked amazing, though I only realise that now.” Andrew Levy and mother Evelyn “My barmitzvah was in 1971. I am one of those rare breeds – a Jewish south Londoner and it was held in Brixton shul. My mother looked

lovely, but my lasting memory is that it was the same day Arsenal won the FA Cup as part of the double.” Alex Lynne and mother Rachelle “This is 2004 at The Renaissance Chancery Court in Holborn. I must admit that, at the time, I didn’t give mum’s dress any thought at all. But, looking back, she was extremely glamorous.” Josh Marks Newman and mother Melanie. “The service was in Temple Akiba, Culver City, California, on 14 March 2015 ,and then we had the party at FantaSea Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey. What did I think of mom’s dress? I don’t know why I should care.”

Clive Leighton and his parents Donny and Ruth “I always wanted a white suit as my favourite programme was Randall and Hopkirk. Thankfully, I wasn’t that into Star Trek, or I would have looked marginally more ridiculous. My mum organised and catered for what seemed like the whole diaspora in August 1975. Then, as now, she always glammed up. My folks had

managed to put their four boys through barmitzvah and I was so proud of them, considering they came from humble beginnings and without any tangible parental support. I was just ecstatic that my year-long classes were at an end and I could concentrate on only being visible when I wanted to be.” Robert Burgerman and mother Shelley “It was September 1992. Chigwell Shul on Saturday, Grosvenor Rooms on Sunday, and

the last Jewish function ever held there. The theme was ice-skating as that was what I was doing and all the tables were named after rinks and skaters. And my mum looked stunning. Classy and understated.”



Jewish News 19 October 2017

The Big Event / Here’s lookin at ya!

Who is the

fairest one of all? When it comes to a wedding, the answer to this question should be the bride, but what about the other family members? asks Brigit Grant. They might never admit it, but the mother of the bride wants to turn back time on her neck and décolletage, while a bar or batmitzvah mum wants to be mistaken for the sister. The rest of us are just happy to get through an emotional day with our mascara still intact. So here’s what they will need... SKIN PREP Take my advice and start working on your neck and décolletage well ahead of wearing anything that isn’t a turtle neck as the Americans call it and with good reason. Unless you plan to hold wrinkles and jowls back with a bulldog clip or keep a shawl around your shoulders, you will need to invest in creams and home treatments that work. Neostrata’s Triple Firming Neck Cream (£57) deals with pigmentation and texture of this area, which shows sun damage and age most. Use it nightly (although I also double up in the morning) and the ingredients: NeoGlucosamine and NeoCitriate (phew!) boost your hyaluronic acid and collagen production but, more importantly, reduce melanin levels to prevent pigmentation. facethefuture.co.uk

Cold Plasma Sub-D (£115) is a pedigree among creams as Perricone MD potions fulfil the brief. The double chin and sagging jawline decrease and the neck and décolleté are firmer– but you have to use it. For back-up, the Neuropeptide Nécolletage (£128) sorts out the horrid criss-cross lines along the neck and chest as well as discolouration. Pricey, but you get what you pay for. PerriconeMD.co.uk

Bryt Boost (£22) is a face serum for all ages that puts water into dehydrated skin, which can occur after a long haul honeymoon flight. Use it and you get that healthy glow. Fenwick and Ocado.com

19 October 2017 Jewish News



Here’s lookin at ya! / The Big Event FOR EYES

As your baby reads the Haftorah, the tears fall. Waterproof masacaras that stop a black trail rarely give you big lashes. These do:

For eyes, there’s Radara (£199) a four-week home treatment that imitates the microneedling process beloved by Trinny Woodall, but this is painless and as powerful. In a month’s supply, you get 60 microchannelling patches and a high purity natural hyaluronic acid serum pump to basically repair and replenish the eye area. Each patch is coated with a tiny microscopic plastic structure that when applied to the skin creates miniscule channels in the epidermis, which kickstarts collagen formation. If you love laughing, but hate the lines as I do... radara.co.uk askinology.com

Lord & Berry Scuba Pro (£14) is longwearing and length defining and 100% smudge-proof. Lordandberry.com

i love extreme volume mascara (£2.80) is made for girls who want volume during sports, so it should withstand wedding emotion. So affordable. wilko.co.uk

TOUCH UP Joan Collins is the woman you need in your handbag. Her compact Duo (£16) is a perfect 3-in-1 product for any bride or guest who only has room in her purse for a lipstick and her phone, but needs powder for the sheen. This compact has both and a mirror. Joancollinsbeauty.com & M&S

Perricone No Mascara Mascara (£25) is the one you take to the desert island, so when they find you, your lashes will look lifted, black and without clumps. perriconemd.co.uk and department stores

PERMANENT For non-invasive procedures that no one ever admits to having, Harley Street’s Deborah Forsythe is a wizard. A reassuring professional with a medical background, Deborah can administer botox that doesn’t send your eyebrows skyward and perform thread facelifts that stimulate collagen and make skin tauter. Deborah is now doing thread treatments on arms with loose skin and around the décolletage to erase sun damage. If you plan to reveal either in your evening gown, call Deborah Forsythe on 01564 777839 and there is a 15% discount for JN readers.

Will it last? The thought that runs through everyone’s head, but I’m talking about make-up and if you really want your brows and lips to stay put, permanent make-up done by an expert is the answer. All brows fade and MOBs will appreciate getting them back, but they must look natural and the brilliant Kim Balaskas is your girl. kimbalaskas.com, 07894 828084

Specialists in wedding and event planning here in the UK and in Florence, Italy For a bespoke and personal event planning service contact: Michelle Jacobs michelle@ritzy-events.co.uk Mob: 07734 976459 www.ritzy-events.co.uk





Jewish News 19 October 2017

The Big Event / More beauty GO GLITTER


Many visitors to last year’s show left with something special from Pop Fusion, the interactive entertainment company run by Naty d. Her glittering signature ID tattoos are usually on the request list of any informed batmitzvah girl (and mum), and the company has had another fantastic year working with some incredible event companies at exclusive venues. Pop Fusion has a growing team of professional creative artists which now includes hair braiders who can do hair stencilling, hair metallics, hair charms, braiding and UV hair gel. Unisex in its appeal, Pop Fusion can even have a customised hair stencil made so your guests can have your logo sprayed in their hair. On its way is a range of retail products including Bling in a box and tattoo name places. Pop Fusion: 07815 110880

How about a photo as you’ve never looked before as a reminder of his luck at landing you? Based in Shoreditch, Urban Vibe is the boutique photography studio that can make it happen. A day in the company of Urban Vibe’s talented team includes hair, make-up and the sort of photo shoot that only top models enjoy. As you sit there, looking fabulous after the session and review the images, you will want them all, but don’t forget to give one to him. Urbanvibestudios.com / 020 3735 7204


Solitaire Salon & Laser Skin Clinic offers a variety of treatments from traditional beauty including threading, waxing & facials to innovative & cutting-edge treatments including laser hair removal, Caci and mesotherapy


Lycon hot wax Brazilian & Hollywood Full leg, full arms, underarms and bikini

LASER (Course of 5 and 1 FREE) Underarm Full leg Hollywood

£30 £50

£175 £800 £375

Stanmore 020 8954 2288 Whetstone 020 8446 1006 www.solitairebeauty.com

With branches in Stanmore & Whetstone the Solitaire Team are always happy to help follow us on Twitter

say hi on our Facebook page

APPOINTMENTS NEEDED please quote Midweek Offers 2017 Mid Week Offers Ad_2017_165x128.indd 1

18/10/2017 17:03

19 October 2017 Jewish News



More beauty / The Big Event HAIR...AND LOTS OF IT


If there is ever a day when long hair is essential, it’s the day you walk down the aisle. Long locks are also a good look for any simcha hostess who wants to turn heads. Growing it is an option, but to really roll out the Rapunzel vibe, get Hair Development Extensions. These are the extensions A-listers choose and the answer to looking good all through your honeymoon. You might also want an up-do and the extra length allows imaginative hairdressers such as Joshua Altback to create something sensational. Hair-development.com / 020 7790 4567

When Sorbet opened on The Broadway, Mill Hill, I thought it was an ice cream parlour. Wrong. It’s another in the chain of beauty salons that belong to Jewish South African Ian Fuhr. He brought Sorbet – which has 200 salons in SA – to Britain just for the community it would seem, as there are also Sorbets in Temple Fortune, Crouch End, East Finchley and Muswell Hill. All the skin treatments are either Dermalogica or Environ, which is a South African range that is brilliant for acne. Nails, massages and a home-grown skincare collection, not to mention a range called Sorbet Man, which is either a) A stylish Mr Whippy or b) a skin regime for your husband. Visit Sorbet at our show, or see sorbetsalons.co.uk.

WHAT’S THAT SMELL? Roja Dove, a master perfumer, says signature scent is a no, when you say “I do”. “The perfume must have no relation to any memory that has gone before,” he explains. Listen to the man or try his own Roja Parfums, which go on sale this month at The Wedding Gallery,the world’s first permanent wedding retail, planning and inspiration destination at One Marylebone. There are other fragrances for the bride, among them Ghost Dream (£27) a gorgeous mix of natural rose, orange flower and jasmine and Monsoon’s Rose Gold (from £24), the fragrance of which includes tuberose and lemon in a lovely bottle.

Magnet Photographer All the fun of a photobooth and much much more We create the atmosphere with props and lights. A professional photographer captures the action. Every photo is printed onto magnets at the event. Photographs are not restricted to one area. No limitation on the number of photo magnets. The perfect memento for every event.

Get a 25% discount with promotion code:



C a l l To l l F r e e O n 0 8 0 0 - 0 8 8 - 5 4 8 5


Jewish News 19 October 2017


The Big Event / Beautiful bridalwear

Finding Debbie Collins offers a shortcut to stores that stock perfect gowns

ABOVE: Ivory founder Sian Hughes Cooke in her dress MAIN PHOTO: Bridalwear by Marshmallow

FROM THE DAY they can dress themselves, little girls know what they want to wear. But when it comes to the wedding dress there’s a lot of dilly dallying. Obviously it has to be a “dress like no other”, but finding something that isn’t too white, too lacy, too ‘poofey’, too expensive or too plain makes for a tricky time. To simplify the process, start at Shimmering Ivory Bespoke Bridal Couture, where owner and designer Sian Hughes Cooke specialises in fairy tale gowns. Sian wanted her own “dress like no other” when she was preparing for her own wedding 12 years ago, but couldn’t find it anywhere and so made the decision to design and make it herself. If only it were that simple for the rest of us, but Sian was more than equipped for the job, with more than 20 years of international experience working as a senior lingerie designer in New York to designing for major London retailers. With direct access to the best fabric contacts in Europe, Sian produced a one-ofa-kind boned corset and skirt for her big day, which still hangs proudly in her Harpenden studio, close to St Albans. From there, Sian began producing dresses for family and friends, including one who had bought a dress for her Indian wedding but the company went into administration mid-dress production. Sian came to the rescue and not only was the result one of her favourite creations, but it was also the turning point for taking the plunge and officially setting up Shimmering Ivory as a business six years ago. Each dress is as unique as the bride wearing it and Sian makes it her business to meet each bride at her studio, a very relaxed environment, where they can discuss exactly what the client is after. “I always like to meet my brides, as designing and buying a dress is such a personal thing, plus styles often change. Back detailing has been very current. I try to involve the bride as much as possible and a relationship definitely builds up from

Shimmering Ivory bespoke dress

19 October 2017 Jewish News



Beautiful bridalwear / The Big Event

the ‘I do’ dress the initial consultation and subsequent fittings. It’s a very personal process and one that I love being part of, through the excitement and even the wobbles!” It is definitely an old-fashioned service that Sian and her team provides. “The fabrics come in from Europe, but the cutting, embroidering and hand-finishing are all done in my studio. If the client wants to make a change, they have the opportunity to do so.”

Sian always tries to accommodate bridal requests. “White dresses are obviously the most popular, but I love it when brides become more daring, working with fuchsia pinks, ice blues and my favourite (apart from my own of course!), a beautiful green, beaded, embroidered dress for a ballerina bride.” In addition to bridal dresses, Shimmering Ivory also provide outfits for mother of the bride, plus shoes, tiaras and trains. Barbie would love it. Shimmering Ivory, Derwent Road, Harpenden AL5 3PA/ 07967489606 DOWN THE ROAD in the heart of St Albans, Marshmallow Bride has been offering designer and bespoke bridal wear for more than 30 years. It is one of the few specialist boutiques that doesn’t outsource alterations as they are expertly fitted in-house by a team of highly skilled and experienced dressmakers. All gowns can be customised according to a customer’s own personal requirements, including build ups, straps, boleros, detachable jackets and many different belts to complement the desired look. Marshmallow also has a designer who can create a dress from toile to finish. As the name of the store suggests, Marshmallow makes a bride feel sweet and comfortable from her first consultation with one of its experienced stylists who remains a ‘personal assistant’ offering undivided attention. Finding the dress of your dreams has never been simpler. Marshmallow Bride, 12-14 Victoria Street, St Albans. 01727 833823

A perfect bridal solution created by Shimmering Ivory


ABOVE AND LEFT: There are many options for the Marshmallow bride

13 13 for

What is your 13 FOR 13 fundraising project? You can be as creative as you like!

Walk/run/cycle 13 miles

Take 13 dogs for a walk

Paint & sell 13 paintings

Sell cupcakes over 13 days

Invite 13 friends round for a film night

Remain silent for 13 hours


PROJECT Lovely legs Unless you’re getting hitched barefoot on a beach, you’ll need tights under that dress. And good ones. With so much choice, it’s tricky knowing which hosiery brand won’t give you a low gusset or rolling waistband. Heist, a north London based company that started in 2015, worked with 67 women over a year, going through 197 samples, before coming up with a design that fixed every issue from digging waistbands to itchy legs. Knitted and hand-finished in northern Italy, Heist tights have a waistband that doesn’t pinch, fall down, dig in, twist or roll because they use a sportswear technique to adapt to your waist instead of fighting it. The toe seams are hidden for comfort and finish, so you can wear open shoes and you can choose between two heights – low to sit on your hips or high, to hug your waist. You won’t find a better pair of nudes for a bride. From £19 to £21 from heist-studios.com

Want to raise money on your special occasion? Money raised goes towards a Bar-Mitzvah for a disadvantaged child at Boys Town Jerusalem

Why not join the Boys Town Jerusalem 13 for 13 Bar–Mitzvah Project

www.boystownjerusalem.co.uk rachel@boystownjerusalem.co.uk 020 8090 8421

Reg. Charity number: 1100332



Jewish News 19 October 2017

The Big Event / Dressing-up

Dressing for the

SPOTLIGHT Brigit Grant finds the right gowns for a big entrance

Unless you’re a huge fan of thank you speeches, there is only one reason to watch award ceremonies, and it’s the red carpet. The parade of glittering gowns worn by the likes of Nicole, Reece, Charlene and others is a feast for the eyes and we all wish we could dress like that some day. And now YOU can. In the role of mother of the bride or hostess of the bar or batmitzvah, you are required to don an outfit worthy of a big entrance. But where will you find that dress? One of the joys of being a Hollywood diva is being dressed by stylists who bring beautiful clothes, matching shoes and a Harry Winston diamond necklace to the front door. But thanks to Dynasty London, that option is also available to you. The company – a talented team of designers and suppliers – has an online function wear shop to rival the best Rodeo Drive has to offer and at prices that won’t keep you up at night. The in-house design team uses only the finest fabrics, prints and hand sewn embellishments to create the latest and freshest collections every season.

A single Dynasty gown can have more than 10,000 hand sewn crystals and be constructed from more than 25 metres of varied fabrics, which can only be music to the ears of an anxious MOB. Best of all, you don’t have to be a Hollywood size 0 to wear Dynasty as its new line Dynasty® Curve is a tribute to plus-sized customers who do not want to be singled out in the glamour stakes. Cut to compliment curvaceous figures in sizes 14 to 28, it is styled without compromising on design or sophistication and the pieces are cut on a larger block so the measurements are better proportioned and fit and flatter all body shapes. And if by chance you are the star of the show as a second-time around bride, Dynasty has outfits as perfect as the Abydos Champagne dress and jacket made of Mikado jacquard and lace. Slim, classic and flattering, it comes with a coordinating soft, longer length jacket with three-quarter length sleeves and a diamante clasp at the waist. Like it and Dynasty will deliver to your door – just don’t expect Harry Winston diamonds. Visit dynasty.London or call 020 8736 0200 for stockists

the ULTIMATE five star

Visit us at stand B36 this Sunday, 22nd October at the Simchas Live exhibition at the Village Hotel, Elstree


With state of the art lighting, a pillar free environment and decadent ambience,The VIP Lounge is an exceptionally spacious and unique venue that is the perfect choice for your celebration. Kosher Kitchen available for Jewish Caterers, Complimentary Car Park, Licenced for Civil Marriages, Conveniently located in the heart of North West London



020 8951 4441

Above: Dynasty’s Pandosia long dress in ice blue Right: The Abydos Champagne dress and jacket, which is made of Mikado jacquard and lace

19 October 2017 Jewish News



! 7 1 0 for 2

r e f f er h O s l o ia c eK v e i s p S 85* lu c £ n i m l-

Al fro s e g ils! a a k t c e es Pa rd o clud f x e l Cal person anpdly p r s pe T&C’s a i e c VAT, * Pri

58 Regents Park Road, London N3 3JN

020 8371 6050/52 www.avenue.uk.com functions@avenue.uk.com



Jewish News 19 October 2017

The Big Event / Ariella

Dressing for the

SPOTLIGHT Should you wish to venture out to shop, Ariella in Brent Cross is where to go, although there are other concessions in nine House of Fraser stores. Founded in 1966 and acclaimed as one of Europe’s leading fashion houses for cocktail, evening and occasion wear, Ariella is renowned for offering exclusive, original and beautiful styles for fashionconscious women around the globe. Reason for more jubilation from MOBs and barmitzvah hostesses who have Ariella’s co-founder Achilleas Constantinou and his team to thank for the selection of stunning couture in a range of fabrics. These include traditional silk chiffons and lacquered lace, which are also available on the company website and the House of Fraser and Debenhams sites. Ariella has solutions for anyone who needs a function frock with a range of silhouettes that vary from hourglass to Empire line, knee-skimming hems to dramatic fishtails. Celebs often wear Ariella on awards nights and the company even has a red carpet range, which should serve you well as you hit the spotlight. Ariella.com or call Ariella Brent Cross: 020 8203 0844

American Dreamgirls star Amber Riley in Ariella

Ariella’s Fenton dress, £236

Middleton’s maxi dress, £159

Cecily gold foil printed maxi dress, £189








50 T


Ideal venue for your forthcoming Simcha!


6 E 19


Civil marriage ceremonies, Weddings, Bar Mitzvah Celebrations Oakington Manor School Oakington Manor Drive Wembley HA9 6NF Contact Adriana on 0208 795 7517 or

Shop the Collection at Ariella Brent Cross,

lettings@oakmanor.brent.sch.uk www.oakingtonmanorhalls.co.uk

Ariella 7 Thayer St W1U 3JH or online at ariella.com

19 October 2017 Jewish News



Well-dressed male / The Big Event

Let’s talk about HIM Men may not be a priority in the simcha planning process, but they need a suit

Impeccable offers all manner of menswear


t often feels as if weddings and even barmitzvahs are all about the women. Try as they might to have a view, most men assume their only function at a function is budget control and even that is flexible. Clothing, too, is a female decision, but men now have the necessary fashion savvy and beards to choose their own clothes. And they want to do it in a place where other men can advise and reassure. That’s not to say that women aren’t welcome, but a man can walk into somewhere like Tux Lux in Mill Hill and know he’ll come out with the perfect suit for the occasion. Experience and a passion for menswear enabled Tux Lux to create its own brand, TuxLux, and the company is always striving to be innovative with its designs. Alongside its own label, it also sells other renowned brands that they work with closely in order to create an individual look for each customer. From slim fit, tailored fit to classic fit, Tux Lux has a wide choice of morning wear, evening wear, lounge suits, formal attire for Royal Ascot, black tie events, and boys’ formal wear. From the traditional black to French navy, Air Force blue and the elegance of grey tones, colour is a client’s option and Tux Lux’s collection of waistcoats have been designed and made exclusively to complement the tailored suits and shirts. Under its care, a groom or barmitzvah boy can choose a suit using the finest quality fabrics, and complete the look Below and above right: Formal wear is Impeccable’s area of expertise

with a luxurious selection of accessories. It also offers lightweight suits that are ideal for a wedding abroad and they can all be co-ordinated to fit in with a colour theme. Impeccable in Hatch End has a name that’s guaranteed to inspire a man who needs a confidence boost and some genuine direction. Formal wear is Impeccable’s area of expertise and they can provide it with great service and competitive prices. Even TV presenter Eamonn Holmes wore an Impeccable suit for a wedding and the brand has been providing suits for simcha hosts for generations. Alongside its ranges of formal attire for men, you can hire dinner suits and tuxedos for black tie events and buy an extensive range of lounge suits, dinner suits and morning wear, together with a choice of dress and party shirts, ties, cufflinks, shoes and other accessories. And should you want a waistcoat to match the bridesmaid’s dress, there is a bespoke service and they will make the waistcoats and cravats to your own specification. You can even hire evening wear in a hurry, if you discover your old suit doesn’t fit or that the female in your life doesn’t like it. After all, it’s all about the women.

caterpillar creative limited

Above and right: Tux Lux CONCE PTUAL sells its own brand and those of other designers to ensure the man is on trend


Tux Lux, 24 The Broadway, Mill Hill. 020 8906 1515 / tuxlux.co.uk Impeccable, 339 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End. 020 8421 1111 / impeccablewear.co.uk

• The UK’s Finest Surprise Singing Waiters and Chefs, • •

perfect for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs The ultimate surprise entertainment for your event, specifically tailor-made for Jewish Simchas Unforgettable songs you will know and love, such as ‘To Life’, ‘Tradition’, ‘Shalom’, ‘Mazal Tov’ and a memorable Israeli ‘hora medley’ to finish (optional)

• After an unexpected announcement during the meal, your guests experience a fun, moving and memorable performance, with unforgettable impact

• Highest quality shows with the finest and most experienced soloists, •

who have all played leading roles in musicals in the West End Optional Jewish Tenor, who has experience as a chazzan, can sing well-loved liturgical music as part of your service or event, lead services such as Grace after Meals, and join the surprise show afterwards “Gentlemen you were wonderful, thanks for coming to Tel Aviv to make my 70th Birthday so special” Dame Shirley Porter “Terrific performance guys” Ray Kelvin Founder of luxury clothing giant Ted Baker, at his son’s Bar Mitzvah

Contact: Rebecca, Andy or Rory T: 020 7993 2874 M: 07961 350 751 E: Rebecca@EncoreEntertainment.co.uk www.JewishEncore.co.uk JewishEncore

Looking forward to seeing you at Simchas Live on Sunday - stand A11!



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The Big Event / Talking pictures

In the


We always bring along the best photographers to our show. Here they exhibit some of their work and talk about their strategy for success and why they love the job

STEVE HAMPSHIRE “I love photographing bar and batmitzvahs and feel honoured that families choose me to capture their simcha. But I love the onlookers’ expressions too, catching the atmosphere of the simcha. As a function photographer, I aim to catch all those special moments and love taking quirky shots like this one, left. A young girl giggling expresses what a fun time she’s having, being the centre of her family’s attention and feeling special. And the shot of Max, above, with his name lit up – I love this one because he is looking thoughtful before the party begins. It’s a special moment to cherish this time forever.” stevehampshirephotography.com

GARY PERLMUTTER “I love my job!” After all, what could be better than being invited to your simcha and being part of your special day, capturing such wonderful memories that will last forever? Every function I attend is different and it is that variety, even after nine years, that motivates and inspires me to produce stunning images that will live on, long after the food is eaten, the flowers wilted and the balloons deflated! My clients’ feedback is often along the lines of, ‘Wow, you recorded moments that I didn’t see’ and also ‘You were so unobtrusive, we forgot you were there!’” garyperlmutter.com

DAVID MORGAN “I am a photographer who has shot hundreds of weddings all over the world. Many have been Jewish weddings. “I love shooting Jewish weddings… from the pace of the Israeli dancing to the emotional intimacy of the chuppah. “Whether you are having an Orthodox, Reform ceremony or ‘Jew-ish’ wedding, I have experiences of all Jewish wedding traditions and am skilled at getting the pictures that count.” maketimestandstill.co.uk

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Talking pictures / The Big Event PAUL LANG “To be a successful function photographer, you need to get to know your clients so you can produce your best work for them. I spend quite some time chatting with them to find out their preferences, and include a pre-wedding shoot for all weddings. I will always visit a venue beforehand if I have not been there before. I can then plan for shots in fine and inclement weather. “On the day, you need to be skilled at taking photographs under time pressure. You also need to be able to anticipate what is going to happen next and liaise with other suppliers such as the band, toastmaster and caterer so you work as a team for your clients. A day or two after the function, I post a selection of my photographs on Facebook for my clients and their guests to see while they are still in the party mood. When I deliver the finished pictures to my clients, it gives me immense pride and job satisfaction to see the happiness in their faces from the images I have produced for them.” paullangphotography.co.uk

JEREMY FREEDMAN “I love simcha photography because photographing people at the most important and happiest times in their lives is simply the best job in the world. I love to bring out people’s personalities in my photography and with my creativity deliver them an album that they and their family will cherish.” freedmanphotography.co.uk

On Sunday 22nd October 2017 at the Village, Elstree Salt Caterers under supervision of the London Beth Din are proud sponsors of the Jewish News Exhibition Come and watch our chef making sushi for you to taste and see our candy cart display!


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Magnet photography / The Big Event

May the

force be with you Anyone who has been to a function in Israel will know that there, the art of the simcha has been mastered. So it makes sense to borrow a few of their most popular elements. MagnetPhotographer.com has become a must-have at Holy Land parties because no one leaves a wedding, bar or batty without a magnet. It’s the keepsake memento that doesn’t fray or fade and, after living in Israel for 18 years and attending between 20 and

30 simchas each year, Michael Katz could see the appeal. “I saw that every simcha had, in addition to a stills photographer and a videographer, a magnet photographer,” he says. “In fact, no simcha in Israel is complete without a magnet photographer.” As guests take their pick of props and pose throughout the event, the photographer prints all the pictures, each of which is then mounted onto an individual magnet and presented as a farewell token or favour, as the Americans call it. “The magnet photographer moves around each event freely to catch more of

the atmosphere,” Michael explains. “And all the photographs are printed to a very high quality using dye sublimation thermal printing, which means no ink, no smudged photographs and longer-lasting prints.” Additionally, custom borders and texts can be added to each print, creating the ultimate simcha souvenir. Magnet photography is still in its infancy in the UK, but Michael believes we will fall in love with the service once we see how much fun it offers. You will never pass your fridge again without thinking of that function. Anyone in the UK can book this service via the website magnetphoto grapher.com or by calling the freephone number 0800 088 5485. In conjunction with Jewish News Simchas, there is a special promotion of up to 20 percent discount on bookings November. made before 15 November

Yanky & Suchy




020 3070 3211 www.levcomarquees.com


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The Big Event / Scene-stealers

BLAKE’S SEVEN BLAKE EZRA PHOTOGRAPHY is a London based agency supplying high-quality imagery to clients in various sectors all over the world, headed by news and celebrity photographer Blake Ezra, whose images have been published on front pages of newspapers internationally. The aim is to bring that steely determination, calmness under pressure, eye for detail and unprecedented amounts of hard work to clients in other sectors who are unsatisfied with the many run-of-the-mill photographers out there. The company photographs weddings for private clients all over Europe, corporate events for some of the most recognisable brands in the world, editorial commissions for newspapers and magazines, and portrait shoots either on location or at its studio.

“These are seven of my favourite wedding photographs, from a collection of many. For me, every photograph should be underpinned by three main elements: lighting, composition and expression. Usually one of these elements takes centre stage, but the others should always be considered.”


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A safe space / The Big Event

A space of your own

If a simcha on home turf appeals, Levco Marquees has got it covered

In much the same way that you check out reviews on Amazon before buying anything, a testimonial on the page of an event supplier speaks volumes. A satisfied customer gives you the confidence to proceed, and Levco Marquees’ website is full of reassuring recommendations. “Showed tremendous patience and were very polite and helpful. The marquee looked amazing!” says a client from Muswell Hill. “Really felt looked after from the moment I called until the job was complete. Very reliable and easy to work with. Can recommend with complete confidence,” says another in Notting Hill. The service specialists at Levco Marquees know how challenging it is to plan an event, set up the venue and make it a success. That’s why they go out of their way to offer comprehensive marquee hire solutions for all your gazebo and tent needs, and provide the expert advice and resources required to make smart decisions about solutions that will enhance your event. Years of experience has made Levco Marquees one of London’s most creative, reliable and professional marquee providers, and the company has a signature style as well as the world’s best manu-

factured marquees for hosting a wedding, bar or batmitzvah. And hosting in your own home is such a wonderful and personal thing to do, particularly if you have Levco to help with the planning and implementation. The starting point is a free on-site inspection service with a member of its trained staff, who will advise on the marquee to best suit your special occasion. Of course, by hiring a marquee, you are more in control of the number of guests you can invite, as hotels have a limited number of seats, but Levco can adjust the size of your marquee to accommodate an expanding list of invitees. Hotels also pale in comparison when it comes to themes, because Levco can customise everything to your taste, from the curtains and furniture to the flooring and lighting. Best of all, a marquee in your garden means you won’t be late for your simcha and you’ll be home before your guests. Levcomarquees.com / Tel: 020 3070 3211

By hiring a marquee, you are able to customise themes and colours and ensures you have control over the guest list

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19 October 2017

The Big Event / Wed away


A chuppah overlooking the Kotel is just one of the magical things available in Israel

Louisa Walters considers options for making a plush wedding abroad

With more than 30 years’ experience of making weddings and other events in locations all over the world, party planner Michael Crooke of MC Productions says that Israel has it all: wonderful venues in magical locations (“How can you beat a chuppah overlooking the Kotel?”), guaranteed good weather in the summer months, phenomenal kosher caterers, fantastic bands, chazanim and rabbis and, above all, the magic of the Jewish homeland.

“There are heritage/historical venues, vineyards, gardens overlooking the sea, ancient Caesarea, the dramatic backdrop of Masada and, of course, incredible hotels – but it doesn’t matter which you choose, it all has the magic of being in Israel,” says Michael. In Israel, people get married on any day of the week except Saturday, and the partying can go on for days. “Your guests will probably be staying for a few days, so you get so much out of the wedding experience. Kick it off with a Friday night dinner or a beach party before the main event a couple of days later,” says Michael. Despite being cheaper, you do need to factor in a few visits to Israel, but Michael says that you can pretty much leave the whole thing to him once the key decisions have been made. Michelle Jacobs, founder of Ritzy Events, has arranged functions in the UK, but when her friends were planning a wedding in Italy and struggling to work with the party planner out there, Michelle stepped in. Everything went without a hitch, word got around and, before she knew it, she was being asked to do more weddings in Italy. “Making a wedding abroad not only gives you the attraction of an outdoor wedding (although there are no guarantees on weather in Italy!), it makes the event last longer and, if you time your guests’ arrival right, creates a ruach build-up that spills over into the wedding itself,” she says. “It’s a big ask to expect people to travel abroad to a function, so you do need to entertain them beforehand with a welcome event. “ Is it cheaper? In Israel, yes. “It’s less formal and less expensive than the UK, while being more emotional and, in my experience, more special,” says Michael. “I got married in Israel and it was a dream.” In Italy, however: “Overall it is not cheaper,” says Michelle. “The venues are cheaper to hire than a central London hotel, catering is more affordable (and usually better!) and there is a kosher caterer in Rome if that’s what you’re looking for, but then there are the hotel bills, the two or three planning trips beforehand, and most people fly over a show band from the UK as Italy just doesn’t have the kind of bands that make a Jewish wedding into what we want it to be.” So what you get, for the same money, is a weekend-long celebration in a dreamy location. There are castellos and renaissance villas, vineyards with olive groves, borgos (medieval villages that can be taken over in their entirety) and magnificent hotels. Michael points to the advantage of using a British party planner to make your wedding abroad. “I’m British, but I live in Israel, which means I totally understand both markets. Technology has made it all so much easier as meetings can be held on FaceTime or on Skype.” Nicole and Brad are making their daughter’s wedding in Florence next year. “We were very taken with the idea of a destination wedding where we get to spend time with our guests over the course of a weekend,” says Nicole. “Until we visited with Michelle to look at potential venues, a wedding in London was still an option but, once we found our venue, we never even considered home. One of the best things has been the trips out to Italy –

Nifty nuptials at a castello in Florence

each one has been an amazing experience and has brought the two families together in a way that might not have happened if the wedding was in London. “Michelle has been with us every step of the way and we have regular meetings with her. This level of service would not be available with an Italian planner and having to deal constantly via email would not have worked, particularly managing the guest list, invitations and liaison with the London Beth Din.” Hilary and Mike made their son’s wedding at a magnificent castello overlooking Florence earlier this year. “We looked at venues in Malaga and on the French Riviera first,” says Hilary. “We were hosting a whole weekend, so we wanted there to be something additional for guests to enjoy. In Malaga, there were beach areas, but a lack of cities and culture. France was prohibitively expensive and the traffic along the coast road is always a nightmare. “We only looked at venues in Italy that were Natalie and Richard at the Algarve’s Vila Vita Park in Portugal

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Wed away / The Big Event

(of the UK) within easy reach of Florence or Pisa to make travelling easy for our guests. Florence stood out as being an attractive place to visit, with varied attractions to cater for different tastes. “For those who did not want to sightsee, we chose a hotel that had a garden with a swimming pool. The weather is less predictable than Spain, so it was necessary to have a good wet weather plan, but in Spain it is really too hot. “Generally speaking, Italy is cheaper than the south of France and, in my opinion, is much prettier than Spain. Because it does rain, it is much greener and the food, on average, is better.” Natalie and Richard got married in Portugal 12 years ago. “We chose to get married abroad because we wanted warm sunshine and a smaller wedding – although there were 190 people in the end! Everyone we wanted to be there made it to share our special day,” says Natalie.” The wedding was at Vila Vita Park, a beautiful five-star hotel in the Algarve. “We used a local wedding planner, who was extremely helpful and enabled organisation to be much smoother and less stressful,” says Natalie. “I believe it was less stressful than arranging a wedding in London. The whole thing was more relaxed and informal than it would have been at home, plus it was much better value.”

HOLY LAND LOVE My husband, Gideon Levy, and I met on JLGB tour in 2009. Following university, Gideon spent a year in Aish HaTorah Yeshiva in the Old City and, after my studies finished, I followed suit and went to seminary at Midrashet Rachel V’Chaya, which was also in Jerusalem. This was the first time in our relationship that we had ever lived in the same city. We got engaged in June last year and both agreed we wanted to get married in Israel, specifically Jerusalem. Coming from Glasgow, people thought that we would opt for a wedding of bagpipes and haggis! But for us to get married in Jerusalem meant so much more. We got married at Beit Shmuel in December, during Chanukah, an extra special time. Our chuppah was outside overlooking the old city. We felt so spiritually uplifted to join as husband and wife in a place that meant so much to us personally, but also to the Jewish people. Our ancestors could only have dreamt of marrying in Jerusalem. by Hayley (née Simons)



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The Big Event / Knight to remember



Meet the DJ you won’t want to party without... The George Benson hit could be an anthem for DJ Knight. Recognised by his sartorial elegance and signature hat, Kwame Knight (his real name) is an internationally-renowned multi-genre DJ and event planner who has been making parties soar for more than 20 years. Running the gamut from award ceremonies and bar/batmitzvahs, to milestone birthdays, product launches and luxury weddings, Knight has also built up a corporate client portfolio that includes Mishcon de Reya, Reebok, Lulu Guinness and Stella McCartney. He was the first DJ to host an event inside the Petronas Towers in Malaysia (421 metres above sea level), but is just as happy to spin at the Savoy, Dorchester, Claridges or your garden. This year, he has been hired to host in America, France, Dubai, Switzerland and Italy, although we’re still only in October, so who knows where he will be called to next? But he did have time to answer the following: What’s been the highlight of your year? “Being flown out to Cannes in the south of France to DJ at a Jewish wedding that took place at Castellaras Le Vieux, which has breathtaking views overlooking the city” Castellaras Le Vieux

If a barmitzvah or batmitzvah wants to make a big entrance, what songs do you recommend? •

24K Magic

Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

Drinking From The Bottle – Calvin Harris ft Tinie


What has been the most requested song? “Currently it’s Despacito (Remix) (feat. Justin Bieber) – guests request this song over and over again!”

Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida

Don’t Stop The Party – Pitbull

Boom! Shake The Room – Will Smith

What do you think makes a function great (apart from your presence)? “All the various components of the event planned and co-ordinated with precision and plenty of alcohol! Heh heh.”

Starships – Nicki Minaj

Bom Bom – Sam and the Womp

Instructions – Demi Lovato

Cake By The Ocean – DNCE

When the audience is a mixed-age group, how do you keep the balance right? “Research. Find out what the different generations are into and I always listen to music and keep my music collection up to date with all styles and genres of music. You never know what someone will ask for. So I’m always prepared.”

Kwame Knight, event planner / producer 07956 104 086, 020 3130 4040 eventsbyknight.co.uk accelerate-productions.co.uk

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Viva la inspiration / The Big Event


THE STARS! Some Jewish weddings you wouldn’t want to miss. Sadly, you weren’t invited... Marilyn Monroe married playwright Arthur Miller on 29 June 1956 at Westchester County Court House in a civil ceremony. Two days later they had an intimate Jewish service.

Paul McCartney married Jewish-American heiress Nancy Shevell in London on 9 October 2011. They attended Yom Kippur services at St John’s Wood Liberal, where Nancy received a blessing in honour of her upcoming marriage.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were married in an Orthodox Jewish ceremony by the prominent New York Rabbi Haskel Lowenstein. Ivanka converted and said: “It’s been an amazing and fulfilling experience for me … One of the jokes I made when Jared and I first started dating is, I’m a New Yorker, I’m in real estate. I’m as close to Jewish, with an ‘i-s-h’ naturally as anyone can start off.” Adam Sandler and Jackie Titone were married in Malibu in 2003. Their bulldog, Meatball, wore a yarmulke as he brought the rings down the aisle (pictured top right). Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller were married in a Jewish ceremony in Sonoma, California, in October 2011.

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman were married in 2014. “We had a very traditional wedding ceremony with Rabbi Rubenstein and I did the ketubah,” said Drew. “We wore the yarmulkes and we did the chuppah … it’s a beautiful faith and I’m so honoured to be around it.”

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman were married at Staglin Family Vineyard in Napa, California in November 2005 (pictured right). They divorced in 2010, but she did learn some Yiddish in the intervening years....

Look no further and #feeltheremedee

10% off for JN readers

Looking for a DJ? Weddings | Barmitzvahs | Birthdays | Private Parties London | Manchester | Tel Aviv | Eilat

Hailing from Essex and available to cater for your event!

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky married in July 2010 in an interfaith ceremony officiated by a rabbi and a Methodist minister. They wed under a canopy before the end of Shabbat, with Marc wearing a kippah and tallit.

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied were married in August 2012. They had a Jewish ceremony in Big Sur, California, served a vegan menu and were wrapped in a tallit during the service.

BOOKING DETAILS: Doron: 07984 858 934 | doron@djremedee.co.uk | www.djremedee.co.uk

DJReMeDee |


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19 October 2017

The Big Event / Food

Adding SALT If caviar, sushi or five-spiced chicken fit your function menu, there’s a caterer you must meet You can’t miss Stephanie Cramer. Hostess with the mostess doesn’t even begin to describe the sparkling South African owner of Salt Caterers, who is a double for Kat Slater and an essential part of any simcha. Stephanie puts the fun into function while dealing effortlesslywith the formalities that go with staging a big event. Since entering the catering market, Stephanie has redefined kosher catering, taking inspiration from global food trends and coming up with original additions such as Salts’ kosher caviar and vodka bar, desserts served by roaming waiting staff and barmen who flair making cocktails.“We never stop developing our menus and continue to push the boundaries of kosher food,” says Stephanie, who only uses the finest, freshest ingredients from local suppliers. “We want our clients to have the occasion of their dreams.”

How do people know they have been catered by SALT? At the core of everything we do it is our attention to detail and service. Clients choose Salt for our style, fun, creative dining and I now have repeat business. In one year I catered three weddings for the same family. What do you insist on when providing food for a function? For weddings, I often insist we provide a food station during reception as guests are starving after the chuppah, usually a salt beef bar with

Moonlite Entertainments has been operating in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, London and the Home Counties since 1980. We value our reputation of providing a reliable and professional service to our clients and benefit from excellent working relationships with our suppliers. Moonlite Entertainments are very well-established events and entertainment company and specialist in providing entertainment for many occasions such as Weddings, Bar mitzvah, Private and corporate events etc. We supply Mobile Discos, experienced DJs, Bands, Dance Floors, Lighting, PA systems, Photo Booth, Rodeo Bull, Fun Casino Tables and SIA Licensed Security Guards etc. A glance through the website will give more detailed information on the various aspects of the services that Moonlite Entertainments offer. Music is always vital to any celebration and a DJ from Moonlite Entertainments will not disappoint. Any particular genre or mix of music can be provided, with specific playlists if requested. Background music at the appropriate moments with floor filling dance numbers are all part of the DJ’s repertoire. With so much to think about when planning an event it is worth spending some time browsing our website and contacting us for a no obligation quotation. Whatever the occasion we can help you to make it a success.

Please contact us on: 07970 275998 or 01727 841025 or email info@mle80.co.uk www.mle80.co.uk


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Food/ The Big Event

to your simcha viennas and latkes goes down very well while circulating with canapes. Have you changed your menu much in the past five years? Things are pretty much the same, but I’m always looking for different ways to serve and present dishes. Sometimes people eliminate a starter as there is so much food at reception, which is the best part of any event. Street food is very new and we are creating interactive food stalls as buffets. Can you recommend a Salt three-course meal from your menu? STARTER: Roast shredded duck and watermelon salad. MAIN: Five spiced chicken, potato stack with heritage carrots . DESSERT: Deconstructed Eton mess. How much does your South African background impact on your menu selection? The South African influence comes in when it’s the summer and we do traditional “braai” or, as we call it here, barbeque – we were inundated in the summer with celebration barbeques. Saltcaterers.co.uk/ 07891 781 606

SIMCHAS IN STYLE… set in a quiet, suburb on the outskirts of the capital, hendon hall is the perfect venue to bring your family and friends together to celebrate. With stunning architecture, beautiful rooms and unrivalled food options, there is no better place to hold your engagement, weddings, birthday party or special occasion.

PERFECT BAR AND BATMITZVAHS… Hendon Hall’s impessive rooms and suites are perfect for these most important occasions. Give your coming of age celebration added sparkle with a Champagne reception, a professional toastmaster or a band playing exclusively for you. Everything goes to plan from the moment you get in touch leaving you and your guests to relax and enjoy the magic. Please call our events coordinator on 020 8457 2500 for information and inspiration Hendon Hall Hotel Ashley Lane, London NW4 1HF handpickedhotels.co.uk/hendonhall




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The Big Event / Got a plan?





JW3, 150 guests So many parties take place in the evening, it’s refreshing to organise a daytime event. JW3 offers superb facilities along with outdoor space –a rarity in a central location. And so, on a beautiful afternoon in May, guests enjoyed cocktails and canapes outside, while kids had both indoor and outdoor entertainment options. Another reason we’re fans of JW3 is because of their restaurant, Zest, which offers fabulous (supervised kosher) food at reasonable rates. Having previously worked with this client, we knew about their penchant for dancing and so incorporated a 30-minute dance session with a wonderful Israeli dance teacher. The disco then kicked off with a pre-rehearsed performance by the bat mitzvah in conjunction with a hand-tutter! And if you don’t know what that is, call KP Events, on 020 8883 7411

DID NEXT… Micklefield Hall, 200 guests Probably one of our favourite venues, this stunning 16th century barn is situated in Hertfordshire countryside and the couple wanted an outdoor ceremony with their chuppah idyllically situated on the grass under a tree. The surrounding lawn was laid out with croquet, blankets and cushions, and a jazz band for a real British summer’s day feel. We did get away with the al fresco ceremony, but had to move things indoor as the threat of a downpour loomed large on the horizon. Once indoors the setting was very rustic with miniature cacti turned into name places and dazzling arrangements of wild flowers in jam jars as centre pieces. Fabulous supervised kosher catering and an amazing eightpiece band ensured a good time was had by all.


Marquee in garden, 250 guests This event took several months of planning and tinkering with all kinds of ideas. The basic challenge was that the client a) wanted to host at home in a marquee ; b) wanted 250+ guests and c) doesn’t have a garden the size of Hampstead Heath. The key was to maximise available space, while ensuring all the sofas, cube seats, poseur tables in shades to match the ‘clubstyle’ theme would fit into the marquee beside the stage, dance floor, PA and lighting. We also chose the caterer (canapés, bowl food, desserts and a full cocktail bar) introduced the client to a fabulous band who were able to incorporate the clients’ two kids (both accomplished musicians) into the band on sax and drums. And then there was the kids’ entertainment –challenging, for 100 kids - but not with casino tables, tattoo artists and a photostudio. With all the extras, the build took four days.

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Got a plan? / The Big Event



MICHELLE JACOBS, OWNER OF RITZY EVENTS is passionate about delivering sensational and memorable events, with meticulous attention to detail and creative flair. From fairytale castles to contemporary modern venues, Ritzy Events have the knowledge and expertise to bring your ideas to life – and all within budget. “We always set out to deliver your dream event (not ours!!) in a calm and efficient manner,” says Michelle. Thus ensuring the entire process is stress free and enjoyable for the hosts.

Michelle likes to think about all of the senses when planning an event, be it a wedding , bar or batmitzvah or other party: • SIGHT: Stunning visual styling • SOUND: Great music (and other entertainment) • SMELL: Delicious food • TOUCH: Different textures to create an emotive atmosphere A careful blend of all four coupled with meticulous attention to detail creates a stand out event that “sparkles”.


• Always start with your guest list. Don’t just estimate the number but write a list.

Add a contingency of 20% to the total number (yes, really – we can guarantee you will have forgotten people or meet new friends you would like to include.)

• Think about your budget; how much are you prepared to spend on this event

(and then work out if you can afford to go 20% above this…. because you will!!)

PoshPics Photobooths & Magic Mirror

• Don’t underestimate the importance of good entertainment – and stretch your budget to the maximum on this spend. You want to give your guests a great time.

• Make your event personal; don’t just copy what others before you have done, add in bespoke touches to reflect you and your family.

• Don’t have a clue where to start? Do not underestimate the value an event planner will

add with their access to an entire database of venues and suppliers and you can be reassured that nothing will be forgotten or overlooked. A good wedding or event planner will assist with maximising what you get for your spend, so ultimately it pays for itself.





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The Big Event / Amazing props

SNAP, CACKLE & thought it would compliment David’s Video Production business Chevin Video and it’s gone from strength to strength. Last year we were a part of over 300 Simchas and can now offer our clients a choice from 5 different styles of Wackybooth inc 2 Wacky Magic Mirrors and even an Inflatable Booth.

It’s that time at a function when putting on a cowboy hat, false moustache and over-sized specs is the only thing to do. A time to get silly courtesy of Sarena & David Chevin who love that ‘Wacky’ hour when guests pile in their Wackybooths and behave like children. Sometimes they actually are children as posing with their amazing props has no age limit. So, over to Sarena & David...

part of people’s celebrations. Our Fab Magic Mirrors offer an alternative full Length glamour shot along with lots of other fun Interactive features so guests have a great choice of products.

What do you love about it? How can you not enjoy a job that involves working with people having a great time?! Everyone loves dressing up and jumping in a Wackybooth and we love being

When did you start Wackybooth? Five years ago when clients kept asking us to recommend a Photobooth company. We


Quote TUXL17 in store to receive a special promotional offer on your first order. Valid until 31st December 2017. Not to be used in conjuction with any other offer. Upon presentation of this advert in store - no duplicates/photocopies accepted.

24 T H E B R O A DW AY , M I L L H I L L , N W 7 3 L L W W W .T UX LUX . C O . U K | 02 0 8 9 0 6 1 5 1 5

Can you fit into any space? We do have Photobooths of all shapes and sizes but generally we need an area of around 2m square. What is the starting price? Wackybooths prices start from around £500 for a weekday event depending on what package you choose.

What can you do in the booth to have even more fun? That’s cheeky! But on a serious note, all our Wackybooths have built in wind machines, a choice of colour or black and white print options, choice by touchscreen of over 30 different backgrounds and we also use an external social Media Ipad Station to instantly upload your favourite images wherever you want. We also continuously rotate our extensive range of props to keep all the pictures looking fresh and original all night long. sales@wackybooth.co.uk or call David & Sarena on 020 8502 7232

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Perfect blend/ The Big Event

BLEND IT ALL TOGETHER When the simcha is over only the memories caught on film remain, so you need the best company to create them. Blend Video and Photography are a family business, run by husband and wife team Shelley and Adrian Kelaty, now in their 14th year. “There are

those who think that being a photographer or videographer is owning a decent camera but in my experience it is 20% technique and 80% relationship with the client,” advises Shelley. “It is really important that you find someone you make a connection with because they will be your eyes and ears for the day.” “The connection comes with experience,” continues Adrian, “but you have to know how to read the situation, recognise possible tensions and anticipation. For example, the bride is getting ready and the door is opening, daddy is coming in and you know to capture that special moment.” Over the past few years, Blend have moved over from videography to cinematography. “We specialise in making films to be shown in cinema, not videos. Our films are stylish documentaries which capture the essence of the day, but are driven by the ‘narration’ of the Groom, the rabbi, the bride or the best man,” says Adrian. “We use the same techniques when filming a wedding as when making corporate films and adverts.” Recommendations from friends and family are also important and Shelley is delighted that

Middle Temple

most of their work comes through personal endorsements. “We know that your special day is not a photo session but a celebration so we make sure we get the formal shots, but the rest is reportage.” Staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies, the duo are basically camera geeks and enjoy nothing more than playing with our drone which we use to get aerial shots for outdoor chupas and events!” This year they have launched their sister company Dronerz offering aerial video and photography. “Most clients don’t realise that it is illegal to offer drone services without a license and insurance,” adds Adrian Kelaty. “Apart from being a skilled pilot, there are

many aspects of flying a drone that are essential for elevated photography: meterology, cartography, legal issues – and the paperwork for each flight operation is endless!” Adrian spent a year getting his aerial license and although there is constant study and monitoring, he says it doesn’t take the fun out of it. “Watching a live feed from hundreds of feet in the air on your phone is breathtaking,” he adds. “With our drones we’ve filmed weddings, bike rallies, charity and corporate events. We are just waiting to be approached by the Mossad – although we won’t be holding our breath!” blendvideo.co.uk – 020 8905 3659

Ancient splendour. Unique location. Bespoke quality. All in the heart of London. events@middletemple.org.uk 020 74274820



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The Big Event / Tables with character


Innovative Lynne

proactive events

LYNNE BRENT OF LYNNOVATIONS has been wowing guests with her table centres for more than 16 years, ensuring tailored solutions for every client. From lit table centres to large names to flowers to balloons, sweet tables, signing boards and post boxes. “Creating something totally individual according to each client’s needs” is what Lynne does best. Take her ‘food’ theme created for a barmitzvah boy who wants to be a chef; the oversized food displays were commented on by all. The large cocktail glass/feather displays were for a batmitzvah girl who wanted pink and ‘wow’. Lynne created the ‘wow’ with lit pink organza, a flurry of feathers and crystals

cascading from a giant cocktail glass. The handbag/shopping displays were for a batmitzvah girl who asked for shopping, designer style personalised handbags and a large dose of pink! The large Carmel glittered letters provided the entrance for a batmitzvah with lit sweet tree accompaniments. Letters can be supplied in glitter, acrylic or mirror finishes. The lit displays with mirror balls and aeroplanes were for a barmitzvah boy who wanted a red theme incorporating a nightclub feel and aeroplanes, in keeping with his passion. lynnovations.info or call 07889 387218



Discos DJ, Live Disco MC... Entertainment Acts, Musicians, Dancers, Circus... Production Lighting, Themeing, Decor & Centre Pieces... Group Entertainment Casino Tables, Photobooths, Inflatable Activities, Sweet Stations, Chocolate Fountains & Magicians... 121 Entertainment Tattoo artists, Body Art, Caricaturists, Balloonists, Bling Bar, Nutty Number Plates... Event Help! Planning & Management, Venues, Invitations, Catering, Photography, Novelties...

HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE ‘BULLET BOOTH’ YET? If the answer is “yes” then you will have a selection of photos featuring twelve of your friends leaping about, wearing hats and glasses. If not, then it’s time to contact Photobooth Magic. As one of the UK’s ‘premier hire photo booth Companies they can facilitate this sort of group enjoyment and their Bullet Booth offers interactive touch screen, video messaging, unlimited shots, Marryoke (Video Karaoke) magic photo and photo personalisation. But all of their booths are fully customisable both internally and externally and prints can be personalised with your messages, logos and graphics. You’ll receive instant prints on the night as well as on a usb to share and enjoy for years to come.

photobooth-magic.com / 07764 449 444

Tel: 08452575005 • www.proactiveevents.co.uk

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Party eats / The Big Event

Great expectations How do you make sure the food at your function meets the standards of foodie guests? Louisa Walters investigates

Food story caters to every challenge


e have become a nation of foodies – ever more discerning and ever more adventurous on our search for the next great meal out. Restaurants and pop-ups are springing up all over London, food festivals are thronging and street food markets are thriving. Apart from our expanding waistlines, what’s not to like? This does, however, provide somewhat of a challenge when you are making a simcha. When your guests spend a large amount of their time (and money) devouring exciting 25-ingredient dishes at the latest MiddleEastern opening in Soho or queueing up for so-good-the-calories-don’t-count innovative indulgences such as halloumi fries at street food markets, you want to make sure that the food at your event passes muster rather than needing someone to pass the mustard. Food Story caterers rose to this challenge from the off. “Our menus represent a departure from the kosher ordinary,” says managing director Matt Rickard. “There’s no meat-andtwo-veg in sight. We push ourselves to align our menus with award-winning restaurants and submerge ourselves in the restaurant experience as much as possible to stay on top of current trends and service etiquette. We change our menus seasonally and offer bespoke menus where the client sits with us to draft their own special menu.” Food Story has a strong focus on sourcing the best produce available and pays close attention to the development process, which includes flavour, texture and the guest experience in its entirety. “We strongly believe in our product

Choc Me Up serves the sweetest shwarma

as restaurant food, and this is reflected in everything we do, from our uniforms and the modern table settings (including the cutlery, glassware and our choice of plates) to the food and the service,” says Matt. As a testament to this ethos, Food Story is looking into launching a pop-up restaurant. Stephanie Cramer of Salt Caterers says that food and service is key to any event,

Salt’s chefs work in five-star restaurants

exactly as you would expect at a first-class restaurant. “Most of our chefs also work in fivestar restaurants and they translate their nonkosher restaurant experience to the kosher catering world,” she says. “A recent client wrote to us after her wedding to say that the dining and service experience was as good as she had experienced at any top restaurant.” Presentation is absolutely key in a world where self-confessed foodies regularly post photographs of their food on social media. “If people snap photos of our food, we take that as a compliment,” says Matt. “It’s the way of the world now and some guests are proving to be rather good at it!’ Stephanie agrees: “When guests take photographs of food at my events I am really flattered. Plus there’s the added bonus that people posting on Facebook and Instagram is instant free advertising for Salt Caterers.” Individual stands such as sweetie stalls and chocolate fountains have long been a ‘thing’ at bar and batmitzvahs, but have really come into their own since street food has become so popular, and are now being seen regularly at weddings too. There’s a huge amount of choice out there and some great new ideas popping up. Bubble Waffle is an innovative new dessert from the team behind The Falafel Queen, which you may have spotted if you do the rounds of street food markets. A concept that originated in Hong Kong, where it quickly became a craze, Bubble Waffle is a bubble cone that can be filled with all sorts of sweet treats – cream, Oreos and salted caramel sprinkles anyone? “Our Bubble Waffle is great fun and creates a talking point at any function,” says brains-behindthe-brand Star Covington. In a similar vein, Choc Me Up is dessert’s answer to shawarma

– imagine a rotating chocolate doner kebab, where the shavings get piled into a pancake ‘wrap’, melted and topped with fruit, marshmallows, smarties, cream and so on. “We wanted to give people a chocolate option that’s a step up from a chocolate fountain,” says Chco Me Up co-founder Micaela Blitz. “Something like this creates a real feature at an event. It’s fun queueing up to get your shawarma, watching it being assembled and deciding on what filling to have. This all combines to create a buzz. People love it!” What ever happened to good old fashioned party favourites? Don’t worry, they are still around. Innovate Chocolates manufactures kosher Belgian chocolates and confectionery items such as fudge, honeycomb (milky or parev), toffees, peanut chews, chocolate pretzels, chocolate medallions with toppings, wide variety of chocolate covered nuts in (milk or dark), all of which can be popped into favour boxes. For something a bit more fun, they also do chocolate bars and lollies with designs

Bubble Waffle deserts from Hong Kong

printed on the wrappers. Stephanie likes to add an extra something to events too and recently installed a caviar vodka bar at a wedding. “This was an absolute treat for the guests, most of whom had never seen it before,” she says.

Com e a long and vis us a it t The Sim c ha Sho w!

Photobooths & Magic Mirrors 020 8502 7232 info@wackybooth.co.uk www.wackybooth.co.uk



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The Big Event / Tricks of the trade

THE MAGICAL MEN I must confess I’m a sucker for magic, says Brie Bailey. Blame it on my inner fairy, but if there is anyone at a party who can make things disappear, I’ll find them. It’s the mechanics and sleight of hand that fascinates me and after an entire evening with Dynamo, I still couldn’t begin to fathom how he did his tricks. At the show this year ,we have three maestros of magic, but reading about them can’t compare to seeing them conjure live...

Stephen Barry Stephen Barry is a multi award-winning magician, mind reader, hypnotist and pickpocket who shatters all the cheesy clichés of a typical magician. You won’t find any spotty silk handkerchiefs, bunches of flowers or rabbits in top hats. Stephen joined The Magic Circle in 1997 and was later promoted to Associate of the Inner Magic Circle. A favourite with VIPs and celebrities, Stephen has been the resident magician at the TV Choice Awards and Inside Soap Awards for the past 10 years and, in 2014, gained an exclusive contract with Gilgamesh and Shaka Zulu in Camden as their regular magician performing Saturday nights from 7pm to 11pm. Stephen can perform, mix and mingle, table to table or on stage to your own personal requirements. Adapting his style to offer a bespoke service, Stephen can be the ice-breaker at a wedding reception performing tricks alongside canapés or on stage as the cabaret.

Exceptional venue for social events of any occasion such as: • Weddings • Birthday Celebrations • Private parties • Bat/Bar Mitzvahs Self-catered (Dry Hire) or Catered by us whatever your preference. We look forward to making your event special or simply come and enjoy our Afternoon tea! BWepping.com 0208-787-9988 events@bwepping.com Larissa - M&E Supervisor

When Derren Brown describes another entertainer as “absolutely amazing”, you take notice and that is what he said about Matthew Garrett, who won the highest award in the UK for close-up magic – The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of The Year. Matthew can transform a mundane function into an unforgettable social event, and his philosophy on magic is to relax his audience and then astound them. He can do tricks between courses at a wedding or barmitzvah or a full show, and his appearances on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky are a testament to his ability to entertain. professionalmagic.com / O7511 933 386

stephenbarry.co.uk / 07787 556083

Best Western

Contact us on:

Matthew Garrett

Joshua Hennes Joshua Hennes may be at the threshold of his career as a magician, but being almost 16 works in his favour when entertaining young people, as they identify with him. The JCoSS pupil got into magic aged seven, although it was then just another interest alongside football and “a lot of tennis and surfing, including competing at the Maccabiah Games”. But it was perfecting origami, yo yo and juggling that turned magic into more, and much practising for friends and family led to Josh becoming a member, and finalist, for close up and stage performances in the Junior Magic Circle. Performing at exclusive events around the UK and several internationally has prepared Josh for what he hopes will be a long run doing simchas. 07983533612 / @joshmagician

FOR VIP’S WHO DON’T WANT TO TRAVEL TRAVELLING LONG distances for a celebration isn’t that much fun. It makes the day longer, and can even turn it into a costly weekend stay or it involves parking costs (or tickets) which no one wants. But it is possible to get exactly what you want for your simcha – if not better - just seconds from home. Since its inauguration in 2004, The VIP Lounge in Edgware has been the venue of choice for some of London’s most spectacular and unique weddings and events that have delighted thousands of discerning clients. The VIP Lounge is the signature suite - majestic and highly versatile - it can be configured and decorated for an impressive variety of functions, ensuring a unique ambience for each and every event. The event theming services ensures that happens they bring every client’s vision for their event to reality with their creative skills and an extensive stock of table décor, linen, crockery, cutlery, lighting devices, modern star cloth draping, wedding stages and elegant mandaps. The Regal Lounge is also part of the venue and can be used for a romantic, intimate Civil marriage ceremony or a glittering and glamorous champagne cocktail reception with floating canapés. It can

also be transformed into a luxurious dining area, with beautifully arranged food displays and live cooking stations. The Regal Lounge leads through to a fully fitted bridal suite, photography room, washrooms and baby changing facilities. The VIP Lounge and The Regal are available on a dedicated hire basis and there are also full catering services available and by all accounts the food is delicious. And let’s not forget the large complimentary car park which is the icing on the wedding cake. theviplounge.com / 020 8951 4441

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Slice of history / The Big Event

A location for all time It might be called Middle Temple, but it’s the tops for a wedding day If you are going to get married in London, why not immerse yourself in the city’s history and bring a sense of occasion to your special day. In short, a function in a traditional venue is a fasttrack to feeling royal and there aren’t many girls who don’t want to be a princess bride. Built between 1562 and 1573, Middle Temple Hall, in the heart of London’s legal quarter, is the definitive location for a couple who want to host a memorable event. And if judges and lawyers are among your guests, they will appreciate your choice, while others can marvel at the surroundings. Just a few minutes from Fleet Street, The Strand and Embankment and overlooking the River Thames, the secluded environment lends itself to corporate and private events because it houses some of the most imposing event space in London. To think it is possible to hold a formal dinner, wedding, bar or batmitzvah in the place where the first recorded performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was staged in 1602 is an extraordinary privilege. And to add to its charm, it was here in The Parliament Chamber that Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy were memorably engaged. With a rich tradition of romance, Middle Temple’s past members have included poets and playwrights who have been inspired to craft tales of passion and revelry. Try to imagine for a moment what a wedding in such a place would be like. If you choose the breathtaking Elizabethan Hall, it would give your function a real wow factor. An impressive setting for ceremonies with up to 100 guests, wedding breakfasts from 70 to 100, and

Above and left: Middle Temple Hall is the perfect location for a simcha

informal receptions up to 500, you and your guests can sit on the same High Table where generations of Royalty have dined. The 29 foot long table is believed to be a gift from Elizabeth I and was made from a single oak tree from Windsor Forest and floated all the way down the River Thames to Middle Temple’s doorstep. The hall can be set up in a variety of ways to suit formal or informal dining before you dance the night away, underneath the magnificent double hammerbeam roof. The Prince’s Room, flanked by the surrounding historic redchimneyed buildings, presents the perfect opportunity for up to 100 guests to meet for a drinks reception , prior to dinner in the hall or Parliament Chamber. The working fireplace is the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs, along with the room’s wooden carved panelling and can accommodate 60 guests for a ceremony or 40 for a smaller

intimate dinner. When Prince William was called to the Bench on 6 July 2009 in Hall, the room was renamed to commemorate this royal occasion. There are many rooms to suit any number of guests at Middle Temple and its experienced events team will assist with every step. Whether it is a large party for 300 guests or a small reception for 30, the team will ensure everyone has an amazing experience. Middle Temple can accommodate blessings and Jewish wedding ceremonies and work with selected suppliers to provide wonderful catering. And then there is the garden, where guests can enjoy a rare level of privacy while viewing the twinkling lights of the Embankment across the lovingly maintained lawns and award-winning gardens. The tranquil Rose Garden provides an idyllic setting for more intimate receptions and has been renowned for its beauty since Shakepeare’s time. Your photographs taken in front of the fountain and ancient Mulberry trees will remind you that, on your wedding day, you were part of London’s history. middletemplehall.org.uk/ 020 7427 4820

City slick simcha A Drake & Morgan venue is an eye-catching option for dinner or drinks to compliment your big day

Even if you don’t opt to have your event at a Drake & Morgan venue, we sincerely recommend that you go to one for lunch, dinner or drinks. Their bars and restaurants are not only visually impressive, but unusually for central London locations they combine space with a feeling of intimacy. Of course, if you do drop by to either The Anthologist on Gresham Street, The Folly on Gracechurch Street or The Drift on Bishopsgate, you will want to visit the others in the group or settle on one as the venue for your function. Whatever the occasion, Drake & Morgan can cater for anything from intimate drinks and canapés to sit down dinners and dancing and they have quirky spaces to suit, including stylish open plan bars, cosy restaurants and stunning alfresco terraces. Obviously there’s food in the restaurants as Drake & Morgan feed thousands every day. but if you have a preferred kosher caterer, they are welcome to use the kitchens. There is a resident team to offer guidance from the initial concept to the big day itself and they will deal with all the bits and bobs such as cards and

table numbers customised to fit your theme, arranging candlelit corners and soft lighting for mood and even providing faux fur blankets to see off the chill. The enviable city-centre settings are close to the best transport links so guests will have no trouble getting to and from your celebration. Whether you’re inviting 50 or 500, Drake & Morgan is ready and waiting. Email : Ido@drake-morgan.co.uk / visit: drakeandmorgan.co.uk Drake & Morgan’s stunning bars are visually impressive, combining space with a sense of intimacy



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The Big Event / Camden cool

Simcha by the lock Dancing the Hora in Camden has never been as fashionable, so give it a go...

RAPHAEL’S FALLEN IN LOVE WITH LEARNING AGAIN. Norwood’s specialist educational support service, Binoh, helps children to overcome barriers to learning and grow in confidence. And nothing beats the smile of a happy child. FIND OUT MORE about Binoh at norwood.org.uk/binoh

norwood.org.uk/binoh info@norwood.org.uk 020 8261 7651

Gilgamesh When Gilgamesh appeared in Camden 11 years ago, no one imagined it would become the most sought-after simcha venue. Set within the cobbled lock yard filled with a relentless troupe of tourists shopping for knick knacks, it was the last place you’d expect to see Jewish celebrants in their finery on a Sunday night. Boy were we wrong. Gligamesh has not just made its mark as an award-winning critically acclaimed pan-Asian restaurant, but it has torn up the function rule book and shown that a Babylonian-style palace is the only place that can turn dancing the Hora into the finest nightlife experience. And rather than rest on its gilded laurels, Gilgamesh continues to make improvements and the glass citadel on the roof has recently undergone a comprehensive makeover, so that the breathtaking restaurant now features a fully retractable roof, multiple bar and lounge areas with several private events spaces, including the Champagne bar and a private Chef’s Table.

Over the years, Gilgamesh has welcomed movie stars and high society up its escalators and it will offer the same enthusiastic greeting to your guests. The alluring interiors and flexible spaces are made for a social celebration – and there is flexibility, should you wish to transform any space completely or simply keep it as it is. The on-site event manager will guide you through this and every detail of your event, from planning to execution, so you will have no reason to worry. With the main restaurant offering open plan space that can accommodate up to 220 guests for a seated dinner, 170 for a dinner dance or 800 for a standing reception, you just have to decide how many you are asking. Do remember that if you are keeping it small there are private dining rooms, but if you are living it large these can be turned into break-out rooms. But do bear in mind that once you tell people your chosen venue is Gilgamesh, they will all want to come. www.gilgameshbar.com/020 7428 4922

Shaka Zula Just around the corner (think 10 steps at best), Shaka Zulu is another venue that’s perfect for your party. London’s largest South African restaurant opened its doors in August 2010 with a special royal blessing from the Zulu King, HRH Goodwill Zwelithini and it is set over a groundbreaking 27,000 sq ft in Camden’s Stables Market. The lower floor of this stunning venue is complemented by a display of 20ft high warrior statues which will appeal to the bar mitzvah and his crew and the Mezzanine level has a champagne bar and cocktail lounge overlooking the stunning braai restaurant. Every bit of Shaka Zulu is covered in carved wooden murals which brings an artistic element to a simcha and it has all the additional perks with several semi-private areas, a fully equipped green room ( in case you are excepting celebs) and a state-ofthe-art Martin Audio sound system to create the perfect event. It’s also worth knowing that they offer preferential rates to charities which is a recommendation in itself. Be sure to have a cocktail when you check out Shaka Zulu because they serve the best and your guests will thank you for them. Shakazulu.com/020 3376 9911

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2 Course Menu £6.90 per person Monday to Friday 12pm to 4pm ays Except public holid


Melissa R e s tau ra n t Delicious Turkish Food at affordable prices MULTI-AWARD WINNING EATERY “Wonderful food, friendly staff, and incredibly reasonable prices.”

Good Food & Trip Ad visor

OPEN Mon-Thurs - 12-11pm, Fri-Sun 12-11.30pm melissarestaurant.co.uk info@melissarestaurant.co.uk Find us on

020 8951 5252

2 Station Parade, Whitchurch Lane, Edgware, HA8 6RW Next to Canons Park Station

Free Hummus and Cacik for every tab le


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Encore / The Big Event

A funny thing happened at the simcha... Brigit Grant will never forget the night the chef sang

By the time you get to my age you’ve seen every sort of entertainment a function can deliver. Comedians, conjurers, rapping DJ’s and family-made videos – I’ve witnessed them all, along with the speeches and boiled salmon and it was always pleasant but predictable. And then it happened. An aunt seated beside me at a barmitzvah was moaning about the vegetable selection when a chef appeared from the kitchen. Was he about to challenge my ungracious relative? I pondered, but then he started singing and it was magnificent. Could this gifted soprano really be

responsible for the consommé and croquettes or was he part of Encore Entertainment, a company that delivers something unique and unexpected to a special event? The answer, of course, was the latter and it is directors Andy Searle and Rory Campbell who I have to thank for silencing that aunt. Now a global cabaret sensation, Encore was founded 10 years ago by Rory who has had principle roles on the West End stage (Cats, My Fair Lady, High Society) and Andy (who performed as Gaston and the Beast in ‘Beauty And The Beast’ at the Dominion) and their pedigree is the reason the ensemble in aprons are so good. Encore’s fine tenors and sopranos can blend into your simcha before making a vocal splash you will never forget and there is more. They had the chutzpah to add Jewish Encore to their repertoire and the division is lead by Rebecca Wicking who appeared in the hit Musicals Hair, Chess and Rent and more recently, “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway if you don’t have any Jews”,

which was performed in Tel Aviv as well as The Other Palace in Victoria. Joining Rebecca in renditions from Fiddler on the Roof and other Jewish favourites is Danny Lane who had ‘There’s no Business like Show Business’ as the entrance music at his barmitzvah, so you can only imagine what fun he will be.

Performing alongside them is Alex Jacobs who is currently starring in “Footloose the Musical and Anthony Flaum a lyric tenor who did solos for the English National Opera, but more importantly (for us) recently starred with Bryn Terfel in Fiddler on the Roof. Anthony has also sung on the synagogue circuit and with a little persuading will perform selected liturgical music as an additional option during a Simcha. That he can do it in a chef’s hat with a waiting staff ready to harmonise makes for a night you will never forget. I certainly haven’t. encoreentertainment.co.uk 0207 993 2874



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The Big Event / Music to your ears

It’s all about


‘It doesn’t happen often but at a recent wedding, I was so blown away by the quality and raw talent of the vocalists and musicians, I just had to marvel at The Function Band’ Managing director Dan Rosen has been setting the industry alight for a remarkable 15 years and, together with his father and business partner, Bradley, own The Function Band. As well as the band, they offer fantastic production and event management, all carefully executed by their in-house team. “People relate to the father-and-son partnership as it feels like family, and they like that feeling while planning their function, as looking for a band is a crucial part of any big day. If you want to remove the stress of planning your day, our event management service can help you with finding the perfect venue, caterer, etc, and help your entire event run smoothly from start to finish” explains Bradley. “Whether you have The Function Band DJ Live consisting of between six and 10 people, or The Function Band Showband of nine to 20 people, the chemistry is still the same. Our set lists are completely bespoke,” adds Dan, who cites favourite standards, chart hits, and everything in between, as part of The Function Band’s repertoire. “If we don’t know it, our talented singers will learn it, and we discuss the set list with the hosts so we know the songs they love as well as the ones they don’t! Every event is catered to each client’s needs.” At that fabulous wedding, the client requested a live Garage set so he could MC, and The Function Band DJ Live delivered it brilliantly as they did every song that night. You will want to see them again. thefunction.band facebook.com/TheFunctionBand 01727 680 981

The Function Band can provide line-ups to accommodate any space and budget, from DJs and singers up to a 20-piece band and beyond

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Location, location, location / The Big Event


VENUES to consider


Imagine having a wedding beside a 100ft swimming pool in a private walled garden filled with the sort of poolside lounge furniture you only see at Nikki Beach in Marbella. Now try picturing that same party in London. You can’t can you? Yet it is entirely possible to have just that in the Pool Garden at the Kings Oak Hotel near Epping Forest. At the pool your wedding guests can enjoy a BBQ served by your own personal chef or a summer buffet. There is even a Tiki bar serving champagne and cocktails. Should you be wanting a wedding inside, but with a summer theme, The Beach Club with its upper and lower terraces, star lit ceiling and views across the pool provides the perfect setting and is as close to having an ‘outside’ wedding as you can get. The Kings Room with its state-of-the-art lighting system that bathes the space in a beautiful array of colours is the jewel in the hotel’s crown and seats 120 for dinner. Capacity for simchas ranges from 30 to 300 guests and though catering is available, the Kings Oak Hotel can be being hired out on a venue-only basis. kingsoakhotel.com


The Village Hotel is not just a great place for a simcha show – it’s a great place for a simcha. And they love to host a wedding, be it white, pink or even a Trekkie wedding , they’ve got it covered. There’s a dedicated special events planner to sort out every tiny detail from rehearsals to room layout and making sure hubby-to-be’s favourite dish is on the menu. Great relationships with local suppliers takes the pain out of finding photographers,florists and chauffeurs. For larger gatherings there’s the Inspiration Suite and for smaller, more intimate ceremonies there’s a selection of function suites or restaurants. Special packages called Love and Loved Up include a complimentary bedroom for the couple , a red carpet and six month gym membership. A function that gets you fit? Perfect. village-hotels.co.uk



Lots of things have changed in north-west London, but the Hendon Hall Hotel has been a constant. Elegant and spacious, it has retained it has also retained its old-school charm and is the perfect place to tie the knot this side of town. For the ultimate wedding/ princess experience you could take over the whole house: lounges, terraced gardens, restaurant, Pembroke Suite and bedrooms. hendonhall@handpicked.co.uk 0845 072 7448/ 020 8457 2500

Mill Hill Synagogue is the proud owner of the sort of hall that will spark a return to shul-based weddings. Big, bright and airy, the Ner Orre Community Centre is the result of a £3.2million project that began as a rough sketch in 2003 and, 58,0000 man hours later, became a space to serve its ever-growing community. It can aso do big functions with a 280 seat capacity in the main space, overlooked by a distinctive perimeter mezzanine, with a spacious foyer for the bride and her entourage to make an entrance. Shul halls have never been lovelier or better equipped with a sound system to rival Wembley Stadium. So prepare for the decibels and lots of dancing. www.nerorre.co.uk, 020 8959 1137


Park, Madison and Shaftesbury are the names of the rooms for hosting weddings or bars and battys at the Holiday Inn in Temple Fortune. Though they vary in size, the service and assistance you get is consistent and the Park particularly has the potential to have any theme you like. There are numerous wedding packages available and its proximity to where so many of us live, makes the hotel a realisitic and affordable option and easy to visit for a viewing. avenue.uk.com


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We are a London based mobile bar and cocktail company with a fresh, open minded approach to bartending. We can bring our bartenders to any event, whether you are looking for a bar service at your wedding, bar/batmitzvah, corporate event or simply at your home, we can make your event extra special. Our cocktail masterclasses are also perfect entertainment for team building, garden parties and during the drinks reception at weddings‌. we’ll have your guests in high spirits while they wait for your gorgeous selves to arrive. We offer a professional bar service for all types of events throughout the UK and can supply all levels of service from just a bartender to a full bar package to give you piece of mind. Our team of highly trained and experienced staff will provide an excellent service, making your event one never to be forgotten. Our staff will stay in contact with you all the up to the day of your event to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day. There are some plus points to providing the drinks yourselves, but the costs can be extremely expensive, that is where we can help, as an experienced mobile bar hire company we can work out how many drinks to provide on the number of guests attending‌. No waste. We are here to support your event!


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Try these / The Big Event

WHO YOU GONNA CALL? All events companies have something unique to offer, so you will want one that suits your personality and needs. Here are some of the best MY BIG DAY EVENTS offers the full range of wedding and party planning services. Whether you are looking for a wedding or party DJ to suit all audiences, a photobooth hire for additional fun at an event, or all types of venue decoration including mood uplighting, stunning dancefloor hire, starlight backdrops or giant LOVE letters, they’ve got it all. The company prides itself on exceptional customer service and they can adapt to any environment and meet any type of request, no matter how large or small. They have vast experience of wedding and party venues in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire so can make educated recommendations for you about how to ensure you have the very best celebration possible. They are also fanatical about music and know some outstanding DJs and if you’ve got a specific, demanding audience, or a wide ranging group of guests they can advise you on song selection, performance times, equipment required and venue decoration. My Big Day Events will free you up so you can really enjoy your big day. mybigday-events.co.uk/ 01727 614900

MOONLITE ENTERTAINMENT is a specialist event hire company offering a mobile DJ service, photo booths, rodeo bulls, disco domes, casinos and more than you could possibly imagine. Founded as a mobile DJ in 1980, they have since then catered for every kind of party, wedding and corporate event. They it understands the need to create extra space at a function particularly for kids and their inflatable Disco Dome with outstanding sound and lighting system is one of those extras you won’t appreciate until it’s there and once it is, you’ll be delighted. Compatible with iPods, iPads and iPhones, it is the perfect area for little ones, while the adults get to grips with Moonlite Entertainment’s Rodeo Bull. Moonlite knows how to party! moonliteentertainments.co.uk/or call 07970 275998

It would be easier to say what RENDEZVOUS EVENTS don’t do, than what they do because the list is so long. Suffice it to say that if you need a venue, a marquee, set design, a DJ or film and multimedia services this is a one-stop shop. Recently they posted this on their site which gives you an idea about why they are so popular. “After hosting Rafi’s barmitzvah, we were thrilled to be approached by the Glass family to organise Boaz’s barmitzvah at the Glasshouse in Camden. The Glasshouse is a versatile space and our day began bright and early with draping the space to create an impressive entrance and make a pop up cloakroom. After that the heavy lifting began building the dancefloor and stage whilst setting up the DJ equipment and lighting. Finishing touches included uplighters around the venue, lanterns lining the entrance, flowers dressing the tables on the ground floor and edible sweet trees upstairs for the kids. Later a selfie photo booth, racing car game, magician and dancers brought the party to life and the dancefloor was packed right up to the last song.” Sounds like your sort of party? rendezvous-events.co.uk/ 020 3468 2911

You know exactly what to expect from EVENTS BY NATASHA from the moment you go on to her website because it is beautiful. So many events organisers have a tab for a blog, but it has no content, while Natasha’s entries are a must-read. Based in north-west London,Natasha Levine is a graphic design graduate and she has always had a passion for events. But her eye for detail and input at the functions of family and friends were so well received she decided to launch her own business. Maximising budget and excellent contacts in all walks of the events industry are what Natasha brings to an event and her Bespoke Wedding Design and Management package covers everything from finding the venue, caterers and photographer to the entertainment, invitations, flowers, favours and bridal fittings. You won’t want to say “I do” without her. Eventsbynatasha.co.uk/ 07974 027773

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The Big Event / Must have

THE MUST-HAVE LIST Here are the people and services you’ll be needing for your big event... REEL SIMCHA Martin Scorsese might like to have a word with CSS Video – particularly if his cameraman goes missing. The production team behind such classics as Elior Cohen’s bar mitzvah and Sophie Bellau’s bat mitzvah create Hollywood standard simcha videos that any family would want to own. Shooting on hand-held cameras with the confidence of award-winning cinematographers, CSS capture the hidden moments that make a simcha so special and the final edit includes unmissable footage. A standard package includes full coverage from the hour before the Mitzvah families arrival and continues until the guests depart. For this one professional videographer operates two cameras. Later you receive a feature a 60+ video documentary on DVD, Cinematic highlights video on DVD, USB and posted on your Facebook page and all editing of the final product is delivered within 6-8 weeks. There are other packages, but a visit to their website will give you a taste of what to look forward to. www.ccsvideo.co.uk/ 07791539401

CHUPPAH HOORAY After meeting in January 2014, Ruth and Steve Veng set the date of their wedding - May 14th 2017. They decided that Steve, with his background in carpentry and joinery,would build the chuppah for their special day. Their florist was so impressed with the chuppah that she mentioned that a business contact was looking to hire a chuppah for a summer wedding. Ruth and Steve agreed to hire their chuppah to this contact and that’s how Creative Chuppahs began! When does planning for the chuppah start? At the first meeting with the wedding party. At this stage, the prospective bride and groom are shown material and structural samples and the design of the chuppah begins.

spersed with decorative beading.

Is there anything you can’t do? We offer four basic templates, but are happy to design a chuppah with our clients from scratch. We can also supply custom-made mechitzas and aisle runners.

Does anyone ask to keep it? We build chuppahs for sale or rent although, so far, the preference is for rental.

The most unusual request? We have been asked to design and build a mechitza made with material panels, inter-

How many do you create in a weekend? We can supply up to two chuppahs per weekend.

What is the starting price? Our prices start from £350 for all four chuppah designs. creativechuppahs.co.uk / 07879 057360

PROFESSIONAL DANCING Oranim is the UK’s Premier Israeli Dance Troupe. They are trained by some of the foremost choreographers of Israeli Performance Dance. As well as dancing in high profile Jewish and Interfaith events – they have just performed at TLV in LDN and can be seen at the upcoming Balfour 100 celebration – Oranim are also available for your personal simchas. They specialise in performance that carries through to leading Israeli and Simcha Dance with your guests. They are a wonderful addition to a celebration in their vibrant costumes, styles of dance ranging from Chasidic and Oriental to modern high energy Israeli, and huge enthusiasm. The Israeli Dance Institute also has Performing Troupes for children, youth and more mature dancers – all of which perform on a regular basis. idi.moonfruit.com/oranim/020 8209 3155

JUST JIM Jimmy Lee began DJing at the tender age of 13, doing school discos and friends’ parties. From then to this day he has continually been a DJ. Even when changing to day work to focus on starting his family DJing has always been a passion so every weekend gigs take over. Few DJs are as caring as Jimmy who doesn’t believe in a one size fits all budget and his services can be elaborated or simplified according to spend and personal taste. “Your event is as individual as you are,” says Jimmy “So we prefer a consultative approach and are happy to visit you for an initial, no obligation meeting to offer that level of customer care.” Jimmylee.co.uk / 01245 350 515 / 07891 511 315

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Must have/ The Big Event FRAMED FOREVER Formed in 2016, Magniv is a a photo-entertainment company run by a team of experts in the UK events industry. Magniv primarily provide instant photo magnets during events and they magnetise invitations, save-the-dates and personalised items. Creating a storm in the private events industry after months of preparatory work to ensure they provide the best service, Magniv launched their first marketing campaign and have not looked back “Providing longlasting, tangible memories of your special events,” is what they offer and what they deliver. Magniv.co.uk /0113 323 1655

HIT SQUAD DJ Hit Squad DJ knows that entertainment is key at a function and unless the bride was in Steps or the groom part of Blue, it’s up to this company to provide top entertainment. Hit Squad DJ provides entertainment with quality performers, professional sound, lighting and a vast selection of music from the 1950s to the Current Chart with a DJ. It also has female tribute acts – Girls Allowed and Madonna; a ventroliquist Chris Hylett and an impressionist Christopher Gee. This is where to go for hilarity and hits. hitsquaddjsandentertainment.co.uk/ 02393 000039 JS ENTERTAINMENT Need a popular corporate event entertainment hire company? Then call JS Entertainment as they have everything you’ll need if you’re after from interactive game hire, fun food, bouncy castles and photo booth hire. This crew are just bursting with party entertainment ideas and with more than 100 different games and attractions to choose from they can make your event a success. It’s all delivered nationwide with the same superb customer service, whether you are a household brand or just a household! Air hockey, Batak, Beat the Buzzer, Giant Chess, Pop Corn Machine. And if you fancy a snow blizzard for atmosphere, look no further. jsent.co.uk/ 020-8505-8222

LEIVI SALTMAN Leivi Saltman has been passionate about photography since he shot his first image at the age of nine. Capturing events and architecture are his speciality and he can wax lyrical about both. “What amazes me about architectural photography is how a building can make scenery look beautiful,” says Leivi who has worked for a variety of places where he learned new tricks and creative techniques. “Using only the highest quality equipment and software, I will stop at nothing to achieve the desired shots and at simchas I do my upmost to get the unseen moments as they are the ones you will remember forever…” leivisaltman.wixsite.com / lsphotographyevent 07784018496 SOVEREIGN PHOTOGRAPHY Jason Morley loves gadgets and sports cars and his favourite place in the world is Thailand, but the more important point is that he is a co-founder of Sovereign Photography and takes great pictures.Jason decided photography should be about fun and laughter, filled with natural expressions and spontaneity. Capture the moment is the motto he works by. And that is what he and his fantastic team of photographers and graphic designers have dedicated themselves to ever since. Take a look at the website to see what Sovereign can deliver or if you’re stuck for a gift buy one of their vouchers and let someone else have a professional portrait done. They’ll love it. sovereignphotography.co.uk/ 020 8441 6060


020 8959 1137 • info@nerorre.co.uk • www.nerorre.co.uk



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