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Rosh Supplement

Edited by Brigit Grant

RH2 Jewish News


14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / Quiz

Cartoons and contributions by Paul Solomons and Brigit Grant



the d you to break te vi in as h n terrible 1. Your cousi ut his wife is a b , se u o h is h fast at .? cook. Do you..

and e that counts, It’s the gestur . ly us io ac gr e. hom a. Accept gel on the way s stop for a ba you can alway u bring ndition that yo only on the co t bu , pt ce Ac b. ssert. “Just as r, main and de along a starte a thank you.” d then ing catered, an c. Ask if it’s be t. no he says it’s decline when .” “I’ll be hungry

e been ould hav Today sh rst day of fi Emma’s stead she’s in school, in tarting treatment s hospital mia. e for Leuka

2. You a re raining off to shul o n Shab . Do yo bat – b u...? ut

a. Walk to shul as usua of rain, l. It’s on and if n ly a bit obody’s an ark, b uilding how ba d can it be? b. Go b y car. If y o u park a away, n block obody n eed kn ow. c. Stay at hom e. God unders will tand.

Yom Kippur is a serious time of repentance, but some require more forgiveness than others. Are you a honey or a bad apple? This quiz will decide, and hopefully you’ll have fun doing it...

it’s g, how kosher 3. When eatin

are you?

e time on the You spend mor . er sh ko ly ct a. Stri on Facebook. website than k r.u he os itk www.is but eating sher at home, b. You keep ko t count, does it? hen out doesn’ non-kosher w even eat a ng. You would hi yt an t ea ll c. You’ t it might h (if you though . bacon sandwic litical career!) further your po

4. You fi whistlin nd yourself g Wagn Ride o er’s Do you. f the Valkyries ..? .

back to hospital

a. Stop immed iately a thing fr nd quic om Fid kly cha dler to nge to cancel someit out. b. Carr y on. On e in the compo eye for ser to h the ant ave his i-Semit tune w ic h is c. Keep tled by whistli a Jew. n g . It’s a g How ca reat tun n you s e. tay ma d at him ?

ay ther passed aw fa ’s d n ie fr t n 5. A dista you...? is tonight. Do a iv sh e th d an

At this time of year, many families are getting their children ready to go back to school, Camp Simcha is here to support those who can’t. We need your help to make the lives of families of seriously ill children easier through our practical and emotional services. Plus by providing powerful positive experiences such as parties and retreats, we aim to bring some sweetness into their most difficult days. Please donate at www.campsimcha.org.uk/RH 020 8202 9297 office@campsimcha.org.uk Registered charity no 1044685

CS_JN_DC-v1.indd 1

12/09/2017 10:49

6. You we nt a function to last night. Do you...?

the shiva. It is hing and go to e of need. a. Drop everyt ople at their tim pe t or pp su to important tea and a u’ll get a cup of Yo a. iv sh e th b. Go to maybe get d friends and ol e m so e se s. bridge roll, business card hand out a few to ce an ch e th ale of Game of The season fin c. Stay home. Thrones is on.

a. Tell eve ryone: “It was love people, n ly.” A sim ot the mo cha is abo ney spent ut the on it. b. Tell eve ryone: “It was fabulo The flowe us. No ex r arrange pense spa m ents alon red. and the h e must’ve ostess wa cost the e s wearing a rth Oscar De c. Tell eve La Renta.” ryone wh at a traum The music a they put was too lo you throu ud, the fo gh. portions) od was aw and they s ful (and s a t y o m u all They shou next to yo ur arch ne ld have a meesa m mesis. asheena.

14 September 207 Jewish News



Quiz / Rosh Hashanah tip (200:1) es you a great iv g e u ag e ll Cup. 7. A co the Ascot Gold in g in n n ru e on a hors Do you...? t pass on the tip t a spieler, bu no re u’ yo m hi a. Tell like a flutter. to friends who l gift when the buy him a smal d an t be a on b. Put first. horse comes , tell no c. Take the tip a cruise one and take s. ng on the winni

10. A co ld ringing caller says th about l e ife insu y are you...? rance. Do

a. Say: “Thank you, I h always ave ins like to urance hear ab , but out alte b. Tell t r native o hem: “ ptions.” Thank Most of you, bu my frie t I’ m Jewis nds sell OK for h. insuran cover.” ce, so I’ m c. Tell t hem: “ To para Allen, if phrase you’d e Woody ver spe insuran nt a nig ce sale ht with sman, y an worse ou’d kn things ow ther in life t e are han de ath. Go odbye.”

8. An old er to have a friend announces he is goin second b armitzva g h. Do you ...? a. Congra tu

the pen s et.

late him a nd ask wh ere to sen d

b. Marve l at his de dication, one was e but say nough for you/your husband. c. Laugh and ask if he is conside ring a sec ond circumcis ion.

e on aves a messag le r e th o m r u 9. Yo ...? hone. Do you your answerp

her ve the sound of twice as you lo it to en st Li a. back. ll her straight voice, then ca ilen tell your ch e message, th . r” b. Listen to th te la dma me to call gran dren “remind lete it and e message, de c. Hear half th stead. call a friend in


g on to a weddin 11. An invitati d to te vi in ly are on u yo t u b s, ve arri ...? d ball’. Do you the ‘buffet an dings are mpletely. Wed co d an st er nd a. U nice to be make and it’s costly things to asked. go with ubbed, but still b. Feel a bit sn all. aridge’s after a gift. It’s at Cl l ust via mutua c. Air your disg s ed y the newlyw friends and bu a tea towel.

Wishing all our clients and the whole community a happy & healthy new year! At SweetTree Home Care Services we believe in the true meaning of the word care - We care about building genuine relationships, nurturing respect and ensuring that freedom of choice, individuality and dignity remain firmly in the hands of the people we care for. We have a full range of live-in or live-out support services to assist with both basic and complex care needs including; general and post-operative, dementia, learning disabilities, acquired brain injuries, neurological conditions and end-of-life care. Please contact a member the SweetTree team for a service brochure, advice or to book a free care assessment.

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MOSTLY As: Pat yourself on the back because you are a real mensch! An all-weather shul goer who is even warm to cold callers, it’s obvious why the rabbi chose you to 12. Your r abbi asks be a pudding. Atone only if you feel the need, if up as a lo dahlink, otherwise gay ga zinta hate. kshen pu you will dress dding on day in Ju MOSTLY Bs: You appear to be suffering from the hotte ly for the st charity fu tsetummelt (Yiddish for confusion). Mensch is so Do you...? n run. within your grasp, as you’re willing to cook rather than suffer someone else’s inedible food. But a. Embra ce your in you’re a bit of a yachna and rather than miss out, ner nood up spons le you’ll muck in half-heartedly. Repentance is on your a n d start sign ors. ing ‘to do’ list, but the good news is your mother still b. Tell the loves you, even though you don’t call her enough. rabbi you have clau will hand MOSTLY Cs: f you were a Catholic, you’d be spending s tr o p hobia, bu out water t to the run the day in confessional. What kind of a person eats ners. c. Say yes anything to advance their career? On second thoughts, , then guil t your fath don’t answer that. Putting Spurs before tzedakah and the puddin er-in-law g and go to be hunger before family is not how your parents raised you to S p u Chelsea in rs/Arsen al/ stead. and, by the way, you owe them a visit. So on Yom Kippur, go straight to shul and donate your racetrack winnings to the Kol Nidre appeal. And next time the rabbi neeeds a pudding, you know what to do.



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / Time to atone

“Never apologise, mister. It’s a sign of weakness,” said the late John Wayne. But then the Duke wasn’t Jewish. Repentance, or teshuva as it’s known in Hebrew, is the key theme of the Day of Atonement. With Yom Kippur fast (literally) approaching, we asked some nice people to reveal what they’ll be atoning for...



JACK MIZEL, Maidenhead Watching too many box sets. I just can’t quit. When I find a good one, the hours roll by and I’m oblivious to anything and everything going on in the house. That’s not right, but I fear that I’m on a cycle of repent, repeat. Could it be argued that watching Three days of the Condor, followed by the movie Atonement, count as honouring the Day of Atonement? If so, I did that last week.

ALISON SHAW, Chigwell I need to be in shul all day because I let down a friend. Her husband left her and she was devastated. We were friends with both parties, but it was with her I talked every day. We had coffee, lunch and walks together. But then I couldn’t listen any more, so I made excuses. Told her I was busy when I wasn’t. One day, I pretended I had a medical appointment, but was really having lunch with friends in the West End. I thought she

would never know, but unbelievably that was the day she decided to go to the same restaurant with her daughter. When I saw her come through the door, I was so ashamed. How do I begin to say sorry? GAYNOR FIELDS, Mill Hill I made my husband chilli con carne and lied when he asked if it was vegan. It’s a small thing, I appreciate, but not for a man who likes meat. I am the vegan and have spent the past year trying to inform others about the treatment of animals. Some people should repent for the way they reacted to this. And the chilli was vegan!

I got sick a while ago and ended up having chemo and radiotherapy. During that time, I shared the same treatment slot with a guy called Ian. We chatted in the early days. Shared jokes, anxieties... the black humour that cancer treatment provokes in people pretending to be strong. Then we got too sick to chat. Too irradiated and exhausted. Ian had a daughter, and his main worry was that cancer would deprive him of his voice. Treatment came and went. My cancer went into remission and I’m back to doing all the stuff I left behind temporarily. Three months ago, during a routine check-up I spotted Ian – on his way to the clinic’s exit door. He hadn’t seen me. I wanted to get up, walk across, shake his hand and say hi. But I didn’t. Because I was scared. What if he had no voice? I watched him leave through the swing door, feeling terrible. And I still do. How ironic, that I was the one who was silenced. MICHAL MADELEINE GOLDING, Israel I’ll be repenting for not moving to Israel 30 years ago and letting fear of the unknown stop me bringing my family here. There’s plenty of room for all of us.

CLIVE LEIGHTON, Edinburgh Too much time on Facebook. I think not being in the moment warrants an apology.

Shana Tova!

With your help Boys Town Jerusalem can look forward to another remarkable year Boys Town Jerusalem takes boys from the edges of Israeli society and provides them with an exceptional education, focusing on technology, coupled with unparalleled pastoral care. To support Jerusalem’s most remarkable school this Rosh Hashana go to www.boystownjerusalem.org.uk/support-btj or call 020 8090 8421 Reg. Charity number: 1100332

TRACIE ELMALEH, Arandene Open Space Too much time spent with dogs. It’s unavoidable as that’s how I make my living (Waggingtons for daycare and boarding), but I feel like I’m always apologising for not being available socially. Come to think of it, I’m always apologising, so do I really need to repent? STEVE BAILEY, Glasgow My trite reason for repenting is Game of Thrones. I’ve never ever seen an episode. Meant to watch it, but other stuff got in the way! A nice guy who lives downstairs works on the show, so I really should have... and I feel bad about it. I also have a more meaningful reason to repent.

STEVE ALTMAN, Ibiza For swearing, which I do a lot, because of the requests I get when I’m DJing. Also for the fact I haven’t been to shul for 10+ years and have no intention of fasting. But I’m repenting for all of it. STEVEN BERKOFF, playwright, London “Repenting? For knowing idiots.”

14 September 2017 Jewish News


From your very first breath to your last moments on earth, we will be with you. A beautiful baby is born. She is deaf. Who will A teenage girl is in crisis. Who will enable her to cope as the only deaf child in the school? A young deaf man has been evicted from his A deaf couple are scam victims. Who will stop them giving away their life savings? A deaf woman has dementia. Who will help her cope with everyday life? An older gentleman spends every day alone, shrouded in depression. hearing aids, ease his loneliness? A deafblind woman has cancer. Who will support her every step of the way and hold her hand as she reaches the end of her life? The

Jewish Deaf Association is a lifeline to vulnerable deaf people who have nowhere else to turn — people at all stages of life, within the Jewish community and beyond. Please donate as generously as you can, and remember JDA in your Will.

Together, let’s ensure that every deaf person gets the very best out of life.

Telephone: 020 8446 0502 Website: www.jdeaf.org.uk Registered Charity No. 1105845 Company Limited by Guarantee 4983830

jewish deaf association




Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / Charity pitch

APPEALING TO YOUR BETTER NATURE Debbie Collins discovers the ways different synagogues choose charities to support for the Kol Nidre appeal


osh Hashanah, at the head of the Jewish year, heralds a fresh start. A time for reflection and repentance when we aim to be at our most charitable and create better versions of ourselves. Tzedakah is a fundamental part of being Jewish and it is during the lead-up to Rosh Hashanah that the sermons and newsletters start ahead of the Kol Nidrei appeal. Announced at every synagogue on the first day of Tishri, nominated charities are a key feature of the service, but how are they chosen? With so many worthy causes represented by large, small, new or well-established charities, picking one over another can’t be easy. “At our shul, the requests come in from charities throughout the year, whereby everything

is collated and we make a final selection at our board meeting,” says Rabbi Marc Levene (pictured) of Belmont United in Stanmore. Meanwhile, at Shenley United Synagogue, the appeal recipients are decided. “ We agreed on supporting a couple of worthy causes, the first being Camp Simcha, which was nominated by one of our members whose family had received cancer support,” says chairman Phil Diamond. “We also selected Zaka, an Israeli-based search and rescue organisation, which is on hand at disasters worldwide, including the Thailand tsunami in 2004, where it helped search for Jewish people, ensuring a proper burial was received. Zaka was also at the Grenfell fire.”


r d Co et me ai g ls: le sa an ra wi h@ th le us ke t. or g

This year, Help Leket Israel, The National Food Bank, Continue its Mission to Rescue Fresh, Healthy Food for Israel’s Needy

As a leader in food rescue, Leket Israel collects and distributes over 2 million hot meals and 14,000 tons of fruits and vegetables annually for Israel’s needy

Leket UK, CP House,Otterspool Way, Watford WD25 8HP info@leket.org • www.leket.org • Reg.Charity #1126755

Kol Nidre Appeals make a huge difference to charities both near and far, at home and abroad

With so many charities knocking at shul doors, splitting their contributions and supporting multiple charities is a welcome option, especially to smaller, but extremely relevant causes. But at Finchley Reform Synagogue, Rabbi Miriam Berger (pictured) has implemented a different approach. “Rather than a yearly appeal, we have high holy day partners, whereby we raise as much as we can over a three-year period for that charity. “A proportion of raised monies also goes to the Movement for Reform, some for shul funding and then an Israel-based charity plus a local non-Jewish and Jewish charity. This has been the case for Langdon Foundation, a charity that enabled Jewish people to lead independent and fulfilling lives.” Community updates are given throughout the year at Finchley to see how time and money is being spent and there are regular ‘pushes’ over the three years to further raise awareness. “By focusing all of our efforts, we can make a bigger difference,” says Berger. “In the case of supporting Langdon, we have had some fantastic initiatives, including a bike drop and also training sessions on renovating bikes.” Ultimately, the final decision is that of the board, but many shuls keep their members’ wishes at the forefront. “Our members can nominate charities they wish to see on the Board’s selection, so there is quite a wide range put forward,” says Alex Pomerance, chair of Radlett United. “We narrow it down from about 15 to 20 charities and try not to repeat the same ones over a period, therefore allowing the smaller charities to be in with a chance. “We make our selection from six finalists, but we also try to help in other ways. A couple of years ago, Save a Child’s Heart didn’t make it to our final selection, but we still

opted to support them over 18 months, including big pushes on Mitzvah Day, where teddy bears were sent to young patients in Israel. It was a great way to proactively include our younger members.” Philip Spiers is the Kol Nidre Appeal co-ordinator at Kenton United and points out how wide they throw the tzedakah net. “The chosen charities are not always Jewish ones – hospices are a popular choice, and Kenton supported a local one recently, which they felt to be a worthy cause, owing to its popularity among the Jewish locals. Our community plays an active role and so we often support charities with a personal meaning. For a couple of years, we have supported Tikva, as well British Friends of Israel War Disabled.” One such charity that isn’t specifically ‘Jewish’ is Grief Encounter, which supports bereaved children and their families. Grief Encounter’s head of fundraising, Corinne Sugar, was successful in 2016 with the appeal to Radlett United. “Rather than just a general mailshot, we presented Grief Encounter’s Family Programme to the board. Our aim was to raise funds to provide a planned, long-term caring programme to the bereaved, featuring workshops scheduled throughout the year on poignant days such as Mother’s Day and Remembrance Sunday. “Our counsellors witness some dreadful incidents and we recently launched a Critical Incident and Trauma programme after the death of a pupil at JFS school. As seen with children affected at Grenfell, death has no religion and now, more than ever, there is a great need to raise more funding to be able to employ specialist counselling staff to respond to these incidents.” So now when the Kol Nidre appeal is launched at your synagogue, you will appreciate the thought that went into choosing a charity – and what a difference your donation makes. Rosh Hashanah is a time to reflect and think of others

14 September 2017 Jewish News



Wishing you Shana Tova

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Jewish News 14 September 2017

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14 September 2017 Jewish News



What are you wearing?/ Rosh Hashanah

NEW YEAR FASHION Brigit Grant rifles through the rails to get a handle on the season


fter the year we’ve had, cosy jumpers and large blankets seem the obvious fashion trend for autumn, along with head-to-toe armour to see us through winter. But designers don’t let world events stand in the way of a new collection and only give a cursory nod to global crises via a slogan tee. There are plenty of pertinent messages on sweats this season but, beyond that, the boundaries of ‘what’s on trend’ are very wide. You will notice that clothing for Fall 2017 is in fact very reminiscent of Fall 2016, as well as 2015 and beyond. Sadly, the days of being shocked by the innovative style of Westwood or McQueen are over and anything goes. Not that Karl Lagerfeld has stopped trying. The Chanel designer built a space station for his show during Paris Fashion Week back in March and his intergalactic designs account for the abundance of SILVER on the high street, most notably in puffas. Henry Holland has brought colour to the space age and JW Anderson declared chainmail to be the unexpected new party fabric, so those who fancy armour have got what they want.

Dress, House of Fraser, £125

Chunky knit


Jumper, River Island, £35

News that big jumpers are in was well received at my house (my husband’s in knitwear) and, with a midi skirt, long boots and a beret, you will be well and truly covered.

Silver skirt, Topshop, £110

Jumper, £35, skirt, £39, Marks and Spencer

Crochet jumper, Zara.com, £39.99

Silver puffa jacket River Island, £65

Leather jacket with embroidery, Glamorous.com, £90

Steal your kids’ hot dog bag, Marks and Spencer, £12

Shana Tova to all our friends and supporters

Red or pink It might be a garment in RED, the hue of the season, or PINK, which is a derivative and makes a statement. Both colours suit all skin tones, so colour up! Jumper H! by Henry Holland, Debenhams, £16

Crombie jacket, £59, pink jacket, £35, and velvet heels, £25,

Trousers, Dorothy Perkins, £25

Skirt Studio by Preen, Debenhams, £75

Skirt H! by Henry Holland, Debenhams, £40

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Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / What are you wearing?

Fur trim, embroidery and plaid A FUR TRIM improves everything, according to Miuccia Prada, and tops, skirts and even jeans scream “touch me” this season. Although we have transitioned away from the seventies and shuffled into the influences of the eighties and nineties, BIBA, the greatest seventies label, has turned out some fabulous combinations for House of Fraser and jackets in feel-it fabrics with lots of EMBROIDERY. M&S has many Halston inspired slinky dresses and FAUX FUR is multicoloured. Velvet, sparkle and feathers turn the ordinary into interesting and there are padded shoulders for the brave and PLAID for the practical. Otherwise it’s open season – so wear what you like.

Jumper, Mantaray at Debenhams, £16

The Plaice to Eat Coat, Marks and Spencer, £89

Multicoloured fur coat, House of Fraser £179

Coat, Miss Selfridge, £95

Fur jacket, Topshop, £89

Biba coat, House of Fraser, £119

Plaid skirt, Debenhams, £55 Ankle boots, Marks and Spencer, £49.50

Jeans with fur trim, River Island, £45

a Pebbles



Jumper H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams, £45

a Pebbles

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14 September 2017 Jewish News


RH11 ‫בס׳ד‬

Kids cupboard They look good in everything, so choosing something for little ones to wear to shul is simple. Here are some suggestions……. Dipped fur coat, outfitfashion. com, £26

Velvet pom pom shoe, outfitfashion.com, £16

Powder blue coat Monsoon, £50

Judaica Shop

Jacket, Monsoon, £34

Embroided skirt, Monsoon, £26

Parka with fur River Island, £35

Shirt and waistcoat, Monsoon, £33

Shanah Tovah! Wishing all of our customers a year of health & happiness. Order your fruit baskets, fruit plates or flowers for Rosh Hashanah.

Pleated dress, Monsoon, £32

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Jumper, House of Fraser, £39

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Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / What are you wearing?

Fur trim, embroidery and plaid A FUR TRIM improves everything, according to Miuccia Prada, and tops, skirts and even jeans scream “touch me” this season. Although we have transitioned away from the seventies and shuffled into the influences of the eighties and nineties, BIBA, the greatest seventies label, has turned out some fabulous combinations for House of Fraser and jackets in feel-it fabrics with lots of EMBROIDERY. M&S has many Halston inspired slinky dresses and FAUX FUR is multicoloured. Velvet, sparkle and feathers turn the ordinary into interesting and there are padded shoulders for the brave and PLAID for the practical. Otherwise it’s open season – so wear what you like.

Jumper, Mantaray at Debenhams, £16

The Plaice to Eat Coat, Marks and Spencer, £89

Multicoloured fur coat, House of Fraser £179

Coat, Miss Selfridge, £95

Fur jacket, Topshop, £89

Biba coat, House of Fraser, £119

Plaid skirt, Debenhams, £55 Ankle boots, Marks and Spencer, £49.50

Jeans with fur trim, River Island, £45

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Jumper H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams, £45

a Pebbles

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14 September 2017 Jewish News


RH11 ‫בס׳ד‬

Kids cupboard They look good in everything, so choosing something for little ones to wear to shul is simple. Here are some suggestions……. Dipped fur coat, outfitfashion. com, £26

Velvet pom pom shoe, outfitfashion.com, £16

Powder blue coat Monsoon, £50

Judaica Shop

Jacket, Monsoon, £34

Embroided skirt, Monsoon, £26

Parka with fur River Island, £35

Shirt and waistcoat, Monsoon, £33

Shanah Tovah! Wishing all of our customers a year of health & happiness. Order your fruit baskets, fruit plates or flowers for Rosh Hashanah.

Pleated dress, Monsoon, £32

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Jewish News 14 September 2017

!‫שנה טובה‬


There’s never been a better time to make Aliyah. ‫זינוק בעלייה‬

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael and Nefesh B’Nefesh have joined forces to help new Olim tap into the unique Aliyah opportunities in


Jerusalem and Israel’s North and South.

Nefesh B’Nefesh invites you to a variety of events and meetings in your area to help you plan your successful Aliyah. TO REGISTER: WWW.NBN.ORG.IL/UK • 0800-075-7200 WORKING IN COOPERATION TO BUILD A STRONGER ISRAEL THROUGH ALIYAH

14 September 2017 Jewish News



Face and bodycare / Rosh Hashanah


Brigit Grant scans the shelves for new year improvement products and meets a woman with a bare face philosophy and another with a lot of lip

Boom! Time As a hugely successful make-up artist in the seventies, Cindy Joseph painted the face of every supermodel and celebrity. Then, when she was almost 50, Cindy was approached by a casting agent on the street and asked to pose for a Dolce & Gabbana campaign to be shot by Steven Meisel. As a silver-haired model, Cindy was the face of brands from Aveda to J. Crew, but it is as the founder of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph that she is making a stand against products that disguise age. “We are told that only youth is attractive,” says the Californian pro-age

campaigner, who is now 66. “Negative concepts of ageing are make-believe and invented and we make them true by believing them.” So rather than fill in the lines and furrows, Cindy is celebrating them with a pared-down skin and cosmetics line consisting of colour sticks or rather Boomsticks (glimmer, glo and color).

“Working as a professional make-up artist for more than 27 years, I’ve learned the skin on our bodies is the same from top to toe,” informs Cindy. “To protect, nourish, and moisturise your whole body, all you need is one product.” To tie in neatly with Rosh Hashanah, Boomstick Glo contains raw Pupekea wildflower honey as well as virgin olive oil, vitamin E and beeswax, and it goes around the eyes, on the face, lips and neck. “Honey is a natural collagen stimulator and an anti-irritant ,” says Cindy. Add the colour stick for lips and cheeks and Boom!, Cindy insists you are good to go – and she has a growing fanbase of women who agree. Happy in your own skin is a good way to start the new year – and, at £25 per stick, it’s affordable. boombycindyjoseph.com

Leading the way in orthopaedic treatment Get back on your feet sooner and benefit from: Nationally and internationally renowned consultants delivering personalised care Spire Bushey Hospital carried out more knee replacements than any other private hospital in London in 2016 A choice of over 40 orthopaedic consultant surgeons Fully equipped gym and hydrotherapy pool to support rehabilitation. The pool relaxes muscles, relieves pain and reduces stress on bones and joints Pre-habilitation programmes from our expert physiotherapists to improve recovery Fast access to appointments, available 7 days a week Excellent infection control



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Private healthcare may be more affordable than you think. Contact us today for details:

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Heathbourne Road, Bushey, Watford, WD23 1RD

Head, Face, Shoulders, Knees &Toes There is a smell I love that one associates with spas, and Hello Sunshine Energising Body Oil, by ethical company MOA (£22.50) recreates it with a blend of organic eucalyptus, lemongrass, marjoram and pine. Softening skin with a post-massage scent every morning is a very mindful way to start the day. www.moa.london

There isn’t a self-tanner I haven’t tried in an attempt to stay golden after my hols. Through the bitter experience of being two-toned and pungent, I can tell a good fake from the first squeeze and Lusso Self Tan Lotion For Face and Body (£19) is a keeper. Organic ingredients, easy to apply, dries fast and the tan fades smoothly over seven days. I’m using it twice a week until the weather changes! lussotan.com

No Thin Lips™ Secret Lip Plumper (£15) is not all that complicated to understand. If you want volume and hydration as a boost rather than hit and miss filler, this new plumper, which stimulates blood flow to the lips comes highly recommended.



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / You are gorgeous FACETIME HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT FROG PRINCE? No, not the cursed amphibian longing for a smacker, but the lipstick created by Jewish cosmetic queen, Poppy King. The emerald green lipstick which on contact transforms into a magical rosebud hue is just another beauty triumph by Australian-born King who created her own line – Poppy – when she was just out of high school in the nineties and was lured to the corporate world of Estee Lauder in New York. It wasn’t for her, but when you’ve already founded one multi-million pound company, launching another is no big deal. Hence Lipstick Queen, the home of pout perfection. Poppy admits to embracing her Semitic features – “a large nose and curly hair” and cites them in interviews as the reason for challenging the conventional idea of beauty. She deserves a kiss for doing so. Frog Prince (£22) available at John Lewis

Fruity chagim

Word is that if you put peppermint oil, coconut oil, sweet almond Oil and virgin avocado oil on your hair...it will grow. Rather than question it, my husband and I are trying the combo which is blended in Peppermint Hair Remedy by Alchemy Oils (£25). The peppermint has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, insecticidal and antispasmodic (what?) properties and wakes up your hair, while the oil filled with minerals and nutrients (calcium, copper, folate, iron, potassium, magnesium, etc) stimulates the scalp. Growth is due to follow. alchemyoils.co.uk

Remember when a ‘spot’ meant cancelling your weekend arrangements or heading out with cement mix on your face? Thankfully cover has evolved and there are now products such as Chameleon Concealer (£19.95) which contains magical new tone-matching and soft-focus technology for perfectly concealing skin prone to redness,spots, bumpiness and sensitivity. ‘Encapsulating technology ‘means it actually changes colour to match your skin tone. So no more Polyfila. skinshop.co.uk

For eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, coldsores, stretch marks and acne.....the Jojoba Company have come up with Jojoba Oil, a multi-tasking balm that soothes and reduces the effects of all the above. It really is a wonderful product and if you put it on your hair before you dive in a pool, you’ll keep the colour. Evidently you can even use it on insect bites. thejojobacompany.co.uk

With apples and pomegranates dominating the festival fruit bowl, it’s only natural to wear fruit in fragrance form. Sarah Jessica Parker or Carrie Bradshaw as I prefer to call her has notes of apple in her perfume Lovely(£40) as well as lavender, bergamot, creamy orchid and white amber.Wonder what she and her nice Jewish husband Matthew Broderick are doing for the chagim? Available at Superdrug It’s citrus at M&S with the Monotheme ‘Il libro degli Agrumi’ collection (£22) which has mandarin and pomelo at their core. Created in Venice by master perfumier Lorenzo Vidal, they are very delicate scents, though Tangerine is the symbol of fortune and wellbeing which is encouraging. If you prefer to stick to your own signature scent there is a new way to apply to it. By phone. The Ferrari Fragrance iPhone Case (£30) allows you to talk and spritz, and you’ll get it through security at the airport as it holds Available from Boots.

Individual therapy as individual as you

Wishing all our clients a happy new year

Individual therapy is ideal for clients looking for weekly therapy with one of our highly trained, caring therapists. We specialise in treating depression, addiction and anxiety, and can also help you in issues around personality disorders, relationships, trauma and problems within your family. Contact us for your free – and totally confidential – initial phone consultation.

We build packages to suit your needs.

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Reaching the inner you

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14 September 2017 Jewish News



You are gorgeous / Rosh Hashanah THE NEW YEAR GIZMO ONE OF THE GREAT JOYS of foreign travel is soft water. Haven’t you noticed the way your shampoo lathers and your skin feels silky after a shower in Spain? Now thanks to Israeli creator Ofir Neuman and his partners, you can have that same experience at home. Their invention the ORB SPA Vibra Soft (from £39) is a new shower head that turns hard water – known for damaging and prematurely ageing skin, dehydrating hair, and aggravating sensitive skin conditions – into softer more soluble water. It is also a vibrating sonic massager that, used directly on the skin, exfoliates, helps exercise and arthritis pain, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Not enough? Well it also reduces limescale. It’s rare that I am able to fit and operate gadgets and devices, but this was easy and the results... I’ve got Spanish shower hair. orbspa.ecocamel.com/home

If you’ve spent the year in lash extensions give them a breather and use RapidLash Serum (£39.99) and RapidShield Daily Conditioner (£28).The serum strengthens against breakage with its various proteins and vitamins and keeps the moisture in the lashes. Available at Boots rapidlash.co.uk

Apples, honey and pomegranates are appropriate .... Apples & Bears Pomegranate & Aloe Vera Bath Wash (£18) brimming with rich Punic Acid which slows down the effects of ageing, so you can be younger next year. applesandbears.com

You only have to go as far as Southgate to stock up on the best eye makeup remover around. Made by Cetuem, a family run company of bio chemists, this remover strengthens eye lashes and shifts mascara. All the products are excellent. so call 020 8368 0008 or head for Cetuem 115 Brunswick Park Road, N11 1EA

An Israeli-made shower demands Israeli-made bath products such as Canaan Organic Bath & Body Gel(£13.90 ) made from pure organic olive oil, jojoba, and macadamia nuts or Mineral Mud Soap (£2.90)which is a mix of mud, olive oil, aloe-vera chamomile and magnesium. Used daily it can prevent acne,excess perspiration, skin fungus and Psoriasis. deadseashop.co.uk

The Lab would like to wish all of it’s Jewish members a very happy

Rosh Hashanah!

Mill Hill, 1a Hall Lane NW4 4TJ 020 8457 3300

Muswell Hill The Avenue N10 2QE 020 8482 3000

labspa.co.uk 10825_Lab Ad_Jewish News Issue 1020_Rosh Hashanah.indd 1

11/09/2017 14:53



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Serving Holocaust refugees and survivors nationwide

T: 020 8385 3070 E: enquiries@ajr.org.uk W: www.ajr.org.uk

 AssociationofJewishRefugees  @AJR_London

FROM OUR KISHARON FAMILY TO YOURS - SHANA TOVA This year people we support have designed, packaged and mailed our appeal with Shana Tova cards. It is your generosity that makes vocational and employment training possible.

To order your cards or donate visit www.kisharon.org.uk

Personalised honey jars packaged by people we support also available at www.kisharon.org.uk • EQUAL, 818 Finchley Road, London NW11 6XL • 020 8457 5000



14 September 2017 Jewish News


Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year

Get back to being you this New Year, faster...Myers Medical Group offer a wide range of Health Assessment packages, that can be tailored to answer what’s on your mind. For more information or to book an appointment, please call: 0208 347 3883

HIGHGATE PRIVATE HOSPITAL 17–19 View Road, Highgate, London, N6 4DJ T: 020 8108 4708 E: enquiries@highgatehospital.co.uk W: www.highgatehospital.co.uk

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Jewish News 14 September 2017


14 September 2017 Jewish News



Looking good / Rosh Hashanah


TO FITNESS You know you’ve picked the right gym when you see Anthony Joshua (inset) lying on the floor on your way in. To be honest, I was on my way out, but when you spot the world heavyweight boxing champion (all 17 stone, 11lb of him) doing stomach crunches by the mirror and smiling through them, you have to go back in. The gym for me used to be a lot like going to the dentist (better on the way out), but since joining The Laboratory in Mill Hill, the fear has gone and in its place is a feeling of euphoria. This is particularly true after a class with Sphinx (top) as the man in signature Egyptian pattern lycra takes no prisoners. Slink away to the back in his Ultimate Conditioning class on a Monday and he will find you. Cower in the corner of his Body Pump session on a weekend and he will call your name and shame you into raising your metabolic rate. But Sphinx is also rather sweet

and when I declared I could not lie flat on the floor due to historic dizziness, he arranged my benches so I could. And that’s the thing about The Laboratory. The instructors leap, bounce and yell, but they are also watching and correcting pupils, so you are never left behind or in danger of injuring yourself. So when Henri gets on his bike to instruct Schwinn Cycling – that’s low impact cycling – he checks the saddle height if you’re a newbie and offers a cushioned option. With classes happening throughout the day in the spacious studio, there is always something new to try, and I have. Remarkably, I’ve also gone back for a second and, although it takes an hour to cool down after Body Combat with Chi, I am ready to take on the

world after surviving her high energy mix of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu and Tai Chi. I should mention that they serve salt beef at The Lab cafe and you’ll probably see lots of people you know about the place, because it is more of a stylish club where you can swim, get a massage and maybe exercise than a regimented gym. Although I’ve probably leant on more crosstrainers chatting than I’ve stepped on, I’ve definitely got into the gym. Given time, I may be crunching with Anthony at The Lab. The Laboratory Spa and Health Club 020 8457 3300 or visit labspa.co.uk

ROSH ‘HAIR’SHANA AS 70 PERCENT OF THE WORLD’S MALES ARE at risk of balding before they enter their sixth decade, Jewish men should not feel alone. But if your hair defines you and you don’t want to lose it, there is an effective option that doesn’t cost the earth or look like a transplant. Away from the ridiculous remedies posted on Facebook, the Jewish-owned company Hair Development has come up with an innovative non-surgical hair replacement that is undetectable and available to both men and women, including those who have suffered hair loss because of alopecia and chemotherapy. For 40 years, Stanley Levy has been at the forefront of creating extensions and wigs and, realising the need for a new type of hair replacement, he came up with a system using 100% human hair that is fitted one strand at a time into a unique translucent membrane. This innovative membrane is so natural it contours with the shape and size of the scalp and is undetectable, even up close. As the hairs are added individually, they can also replicate the natural direction of growth and achieve a perfect match with your natural hair colour, texture and wave. At the Hair Development studio on Mile End Road, clients arrive hourly for appointments to start the transformation that begins with a close examination of colour and texture. “We have hundreds of strands in stock, but we also have a custom made service to create the perfect match,” says Stanley. Jewish News reader Simon Shaw, who is thinning on top, wants to keep his signature style and so went to Hair Development where, during his first appointment, a hair sample was taken to create an identical match. In a few weeks, Simon will have his old hair back, and it will be his secret. The results will be revealed in our Simcha supplement. “I’m anxious, but my hair matters to me,” he says. “It’s hard to believe I’ll have it back.” Call for an appointment with no obligation, on 020 7790 4567 or 0800 1804567. Visit hair-development.com or hdhairreplacement.com



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / It’s shocking!

SHOCKED INTO SHAPE The year ended electrifyingly for some women in north London. Brigit Grant was one of them Less of a grapevine and more of a vineyard, nothing stays secret in northwest London for very long. Thanks to the proliferation of cafes serving avocado on granary toast, ladies who once lunched now breakfast and share gossip over granola. Occasionally someone says something interesting. Something along the lines of: “Have you seen X? She only exercises for 20 minutes a week and looks incredible.” Now, as one who considers exercise a form of penance, the notion of ‘X’ getting big results with small effort is seriously interesting. Of course, I’ve done classes, and once I realised Zumba and Tae Bo were not celebrity kids’ names, I hip rolled with the best of them. But EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) was about to change everything for me, as it did for several women I saw buying challah who were suddenly half the size. Spotting my friend Tara looking fabulous on Facebook in a waistcoat full of wires, I pressed for information, which led me to Louise Margolin. Operating from a studio in Hendon with colleague Tibor Koln, and in her Mill Hill home, Louise makes a

living shocking people. Designed as a rehabilitation aid for elite athletes, EMS technology then got a reputation for helping mere mortals with weight loss and improving muscle. Cristiano Ronaldo knows all about it and is currently flaunting the definitive six-pack in an advert attributing his Adonislike attributes to this system Football apparently does nothing for his physique. Louise is well-versed in the benefits of EMS and credits her own weight loss to the technology. If her arms and torso are evidence of what’s to come, I was happy to take 2,000 volts, but apparently this wasn’t necessary. Although I came in gym kit, I had to swap it for a skintight T-shirt and three-quarter-length gym trousers Louise provided. Made from 95 percent breathable cotton (so nothing stands in the way of the electrodes powering through your muscles), the deeply unflattering outfit did nothing for me. And when Louise attached the wet pads to the waistcoat, wrapped the straps around my arms and legs and attached the wires to the machine, I was modelling the ‘suicide bomber meets dumpy ninja’ look.

Louise explained that EMS technology provides the equivalent of an hour’s workout in 20 minutes by giving your muscles electric shocks as you work out. She switched on the ‘mother ship’ to give me a taste of the current that initially was barely a tingle. But as I was told to raise my arms, bend my legs and do lunges, Louise turned the dials and the current surged through my limbs, most obviously in my bottom. Although you can’t see results straight away – it takes about four sessions – EMS stimulates 90 percent of your body’s main muscles every time you use it and, as well as body-shaping, it improves posture and reduces back pain. I could feel it in my arms and legs straight away and after a few sessions there was tautness in my muscles and I could see definition. With EastEnders stars and Jewish brides on a mission among her clientele, Louise is understandably in demand and relies on word of mouth. In north-west London, that doesn’t take very long – but you won’t hear it from me. • Louise Margolin: 07976 244084

Me Too! foods wishes all our customers a Happy New year and well over the fast! Don’t forget our delicious dips for your tables over the Chagim!

www.metoofoods.com Like us on

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The majority of our products are Gluten Free, please check the label before purchasing.

AND TO ASSIST... Dr.Ceuticals Tummy Tone (Boots, £19.99) is a new firming body gel containing the slimming properties sea algae and brown seaweed. It is clinically proven to tighten and firm stubborn areas such as the waist by up to 18% in just 28 days and with EMS in 20 minutes.


14 September 2017 Jewish News





Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / Middle Eastern menu



What better way to mark the end of tumultuous year than by sitting round the table together at Rosh Hashanah. In the spirit of unity and understanding, Denise Phillips has prepared a Middle Eastern menu that breaks with tradition, while presenting the hope that those who eat together, stay together.

Moroccan Roasted Beetroot with Pomegranate and Pistachio Salad For many Sephardi Jews, beetroot and pomegranates are all part of the Rosh Hashanah seder. This spiced side salad dish is perfect to enjoy after the special blessings for good omens. PREPARATION TIME 25 minutes



1 Preheat oven to 200ºC/ 400ºF/ Gas mark 6.


600g beetroots – scrubbed and cut into wedges under 1cm 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon cumin seeds ½ teaspoon fennel seeds ¾ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon cracked black pepper Balsamic Glaze

50ml balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon maple syrup Garnish

1 pomegranate – seeds only 50g roasted pistachios – crushed 1 tablespoon orange zest and orange segments 3 sprigs of fresh coriander

We’ll take the weight off your shoulders When there’s nowhere else to turn, Paperweight can help you take control of your financial, legal and administrative affairs. 020 8455 4996 www.paperweighttrust.com

Charity Registration No. 1146302

SERVES 4-6 people

2 Toss beetroots with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cumin, fennel, salt, pepper in a bowl and coat well. 3 Place on a parchment lined baking sheet and roast until fork tender, stirring every 15 minutes, for about 45 minutes. 4 To make the glaze, put the vinegar and maple syrup in a small saucepan on medium low heat, and reduce for about five minutes or until you have about 3 tablespoons’ worth. 5 When beetroots are done, place in a serving dish and toss with balsamic glaze, pomegranate seeds and pistachios. 6 Garnish with orange zest, orange segments and sprigs of fresh coriander.

14 September 2017 Jewish News



Middle Eastern menu / Rosh Hashanah

4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil/ rapeseed oil divided, plus 1 teaspoon 250g basmati rice 500ml water

2 medium-sized onions – peeled and roughly chopped 200g carrots – peeled and coarsely grated 75g dried apricots – quartered

100g dried figs – stalk removed and quartered 50g dried cherries 50g pistachio nuts Zest of 1 lemon

Garnish: Seeds from one pomegranate and sprigs of fresh mint

SERVES 4-6people

METHOD 1 Combine salt, sweet paprika, turmeric, cumin and black pepper in a small bowl. Set aside. 2 Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a deep saucepan with a lid. 3 Add rice and spices and stir well. 4 Cook over medium heat for about 3 to 4 minutes, stirring constantly and making sure the rice gets well coated with the oil and the spices.

Syrian Carrot and Raisin Rice

5 Add 500ml water. Bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat to low. Cook for 20 minutes, remove from heat and let it sit for 15 minutes covered.

The food of Syrian Jews contains many elements of cuisines from a wide geographic area, including Spanish and Italian influences, as well as the Far East, making rose water and lime important flavours. Cinnamon, turmeric, sweet paprika, cumin, allspice, saffron, olives and preserved lemons are often incorporated in their delicious cuisine. This rice dish typically includes sweet additions to a savoury dish perfect to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.

6 In the meantime, heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil in a non-stick frying pan.

COOKING TIME 45 minutes


1 teaspoon sweet paprika 1 teaspoon turmeric


2 teaspoons salt

1/2 teaspoon cumin 1/2 teaspoon black pepper

7 Add onions and carrots and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes stirring frequently, adding water, one tablespoon at a time if necessary, to prevent from burning. 8 Transfer onions to a plate and in the same frying pan heat 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Add dried fruit and pistachios nuts and cook over medium low for two minutes, stirring frequently. 9 Once the rice is ready, fluff it with a fork, add onions, dried fruit, pistachios and lemon zest and toss well. 10 Garnish at the end with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds and sprigs of mint on the rice.

Shana Tova! Best wishes from the US for a happy and healthy New Year. To find out details of services at all the following United Synagogues (including affiliated, associated, and supported synagogues) visit: www.theus.org.uk/communities Beds & Cambs Luton Peterborough Central London Central Chelsea Hampstead New West End South Hampstead St John’s Wood Western Marble Arch Essex & East London Chigwell & Hainault Hackney & East London Highams Park & Chingford Ilford New Redbridge Romford & District South Tottenham Woodford Forest Herts Borehamwood & Elstree Bushey & District Hemel Hempstead Potters Bar & Brookmans Park

Radlett Shenley St. Albans Watford & District Welwyn Garden City North London Barnet Cockfosters & N. Southgate Enfield & Winchmore Hill Finsbury Park Hadley Wood Highgate Muswell Hill Palmers Green & Southgate Woodside Park

Edgware Kenton Kingsbury Northwood Pinner Ruislip & District Stanmore & Canons Park Wembley South & West London Catford & Bromley Ealing Kingston, Surbiton & District Richmond South London Staines & District Sutton & District

North West London Alei Tzion S.Yorks Sheffield Brondesbury Park Finchley Golders Green West Midlands Hampstead Garden Suburb Birmingham Central Hendon Magen Avot 020 8343 8989 Mill Hill


North West Middlesex Ahavas Yisrael Belmont

The United Synagogue Registered Charity No. 242552

@unitedsynagogue unitedsynagogueuk

Dina* was abused by her uncle but no-one would listen. With your support, she’s looking at a positive future. This Rosh Hashanah, please help Emunah provide life-changing support to Israel’s most vulnerable and ‘at-risk’ children. Please donate at emunah.org.uk/donate or by calling 020 8203 6066

British Emunah Fund registered charity number 215398

* Name and image have been changed



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah/ Orthodox traditions in Stamford Hill

CHAREDI, STEADY, GO! T Naomi Frankel sheds light on how the strictlyOrthodox in Stamford Hill prepare for the high holy days

he shimmering water of the small pool reflects off the pristine white walls and tiled floor. Separate doors lead off to multiple bathrooms. Although this may sound like a trendy spa, its actually one of Stamford Hill’s ladies’ mikvahs (ritual pool). “Charedi men immerse in their mikvahs before Shabbat and festivals, but the women will do so the day before Yom Kippur to be ritually pure for the holiest day of the year,” explains Gitty, a mikvah attendant. Unlike the monthly ritual, which is highly discreet and follows strict rules, preparation for Yom Kippur is more relaxed as it is tradition based rather than law. Although they immerse individually, the women wait en masse in reception. With Yom Tov chores to get back to, they chat as they anxiously await their turn. “I become more like a bathroom attendant organising the flow of people coming through,” Gitty reveals. I soon learn that the pre-high holy days’ hustle and bustle applies to all areas d“A of preparation in the Charedi community.


Wish all of our friends

Wish all of our friends

and supporters and supporters

A happy, Ahealthy and sweet happy, healthy and sweet New Year 5778 New Year 5778 Rabbi Aryeh MBE & Mrs Devorah Sufrin

Rabbi Aryeh MBE & Mrs Devorah Sufrin Rabbi Odom & Mrs Henny Brandman Mrs Brocha Muller Rabbi Odom & Mrs Henny Brandman

Mrs Brocha Muller


Head Office & Gants Hill Centre

Branches: Buckhurst Hill Centre

EppingHill & Westcliff Head Office & Gants Centreon Sea

Buckhurst Hill Centre

Shops, including Berry’s, pictured above, are fully stocked for the new year

Malky, a mother of seven, tells me how the chores are shared in her home. “There’s so much more to do before Yom Tov, so I train my kids well! My big girls cook and bake from an early age. They help me make traditional meals, which include tzimmes (sweet carrots) and kugels, as well as a variety of meat dishes.” Malky tells me that many Charedi women don’t buy honey cakes but prefer to bake their own using trusted family recipes. Like many other large Charedi families, Malky has regular cleaning help, but insists her boys pitch in at busy times. “My seven-year-old can clean the bathroom like a pro,” she boasts. At Berry’s, a popular local grocery shop, it’s hard to get inside as it is packed, with buggies parked haphazardly at the entrance. Cherubic- looking young Chasidic children pass me by, clutching full baskets. Established more than 30 years ago, Berry’s has many loyal customers and owner Dov Gefen believes the secret is the personalised ‘heimishe’ service offered. “If I don’t have something when someone places an order, I go out and try to find it elsewhere,” he says. Berry’s prides itself on its competitive prices during this season. “We offer a 20 to 30 percent discount on products, but most people still opt for the more expensive brands,” he explains. “This is because there’s a real focus in the community to splurge on the best products for Yom Tov.” Lining the shelves is an assortment of soft, luscious, locally-baked honey cakes from Renbake, Woodberry Down and Indig’s Heimishe bakery. Dov tells me that fine wines are high on the list, too, as well as the popular

ready-made ‘simanim,’ eaten symbolically at the Rosh Hashanah meal after specific blessings to ensure a good new year. A visit to Little People, one of the many local Charedi-run children’s clothing shops boasts rail upon rail of vibrant matching outfits. There is a mixture of designer and European brands and the prices reflect this. A colourful floral and organza piece catches my eye . It retails at a cool £79. The sales assistant manages to talk to me in between constant interruptions from customers vying for attention. “I haven’t stopped since I came in for my shift at 2pm. We get our Rosh Hashanah stock in at the end of July and pieces go very quickly.” I probe as to why many Charedim prefer these shops to places in the West End and she says it is because they feel strongly about supporting fellow Jews. “We also cater in terms of modesty and, as it’s local, they can bring their kids to try clothes on.” Suri, a young Satmar Chasidic woman is shopping with her sons for Rosh Hashanah. She is buying matching outfits and says that many Charedi women do this as “it’s much simpler and the effect is cute.” She also relates that, in accordance with Chasidic custom, she dons a “white headscarf and apron” on Yom Kippur, which complements the white kittel (coat) her husband wears. Like many others in the community, Suri and her husband buy most of their clothes in N16. She also reveals that she shops online using supervised access at the Heimishe Business Centre, as internet use at home is frowned upon. But even though she can’t shop online after midnight like so many of us, Suri like all her friends and the rest of the Charedi community will be ready for Rosh Hashanah.


Epping & Westcliff on Sea www.chabadonthehill.co.uk www.chabadepping.co.uk www.chabadsouthend.co.uk

www.chabadilford.co.uk www.chabadilford.co.uk www.chabadonthehill.co.uk www.chabadonthehill.co.uk www.chabadepping.co.uk www.chabadepping.co.uk www.chabadsouthend.co.uk www.chabadsouthend.co.uk

A selection of honey for Rosh Hashanah


14 September 2017 Jewish News


Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year

R E H S O K E U AVEN 7 1 0 2 N O I T O PROM from

ages Catering pack e hire! u n e v g n i d u l c ÂŁ85.00* in T at subject to VA *All prices are um rate and minim the prevailing 0. numbers of 15

58 Regents Park Road, London N3 3JN

020 8371 6050/52 www.avenue.uk.com functions@avenue.uk.com



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / Eating out



ear the phrase ‘Israeli chefs’ and who do you think of? Yotam Ottolenghi? Those guys at Honey & Co? Or is it ‘that one who started the Palomar’? It’s likely, but there are many more. The influx of exciting new Israeli restaurants opening Or Vaizer these past few years accounts for the arrival of the staff chefs on our shores and some are great personalities. Israeli food is not a thing as such, says Or Vaizer, who together with his friend Lee Penn established shakshuka haven Café Loren

Café Loren is known for its shakshuka

in Camden two years ago. “What we think of as Israeli food comes from all over the world, from people all over the world who settled in Israel,” he explains. “Falafel originates from Egypt, shakshuka from Morocco, lots of dishes have their roots in eastern Europe and the spices we use come from all corners of the globe.” I’m already planning lots of really inventive Vaizer describes the fare at Café Loren vegetarian dishes. Lentil stew is a favourite,” as Mediterranean, and they opened it to he says. fill a gap for this type of cooking in Camden. Earlier this year, Vaizer and Penn opened “Before Café Loren, there was no Mediterranean food in the market,” he says. “In Hendon, Golders Green and other Jewish areas, yes, but we wanted to bring this experience to a wider audience.” Vaizer is vegetarian, which is possibly why perfecting the shakshuka became his life’s mission. His is made with fresh rather than tinned tomatoes, and you can really taste the difference. It’s also mopped up with challah rolls rather than pita. “I will be in Israel with my family for Rosh Hashanah this year and Above: Delicatessen. Right: Chef Or Golan

Louisa Walters chats to the Israeli chefs who are cooking up a storm here in London

Hummus Lina, also in the Stables market. This is ostensibly a takeaway stall, with amazing homemade hummus piled with sumptuous toppings. “There is more and more Mediterranean food in the market now,” says Vaizer. “I think we started a trend.” Indeed he may be right. Earlier this year brothers-in-law Tomer Niv and Alon Shamir opened Mediterranean grill Zala in Camden Market. Niv is a wellknown chef in Israel, and worked at the celebrated Rama’s Kitchen in Jerusalem before it was destroyed in a fire last year. The chef at Zala is Greek and has put his stamp on the menu, resulting in meze, Levantine pizzas and

The Raphael Recanati International School wishes its 2,000 students from 86 countries, and their families,


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Eating out / Rosh Hashanah


gorgeous grilled dishes. The place has a Tel Aviv vibe, with simple but quirky décor and seriously flavoursome food. The most exciting new opening in this field is Delicatessen, the ‘kosher Ottolenghi’ in Fairfax Road, although chef Or Golan is at pains to stress

that in his view the menu isn’t Ottolenghiesque. It might seem an interesting location for a kosher restaurant, but Golan says he saw potential for kosher food in the Swiss Cottage/Maida Vale/St John’s Wood area. Golan trained under Ottolenghi and says that Head Room café, which he opened in Golders Green last year, is indeed in that style, with a counter groaning with colourful salads and mouth-watering pastries. “It’s natural for me to do this type of food,” he says. “Growing up in Israel, vegetables and fresh food are in my blood. People love it and I love cooking it for them.” Delicatessen sprang out of Golan’s desire to provide food that he loves to eat on Shabbat. It was originally destined to be a takeout (hence the name) providing food for Shabbat and Yom Tov, but then he decided to utilise the space and open a restaurant as well. It was a gamble that paid off – almost straight away they were fully booked every night. Eran Tibi It’s been a busy year for Golan, who is involved with Soyo as well as Head Room and Delicatessen. “I will atone on Yom Kippur for all the times I’ve shouted at my staff!” he says. Golan agrees with Vaizer’s view that Israeli food is a melting pot of different cuisines.

The Head Room café

flavour. It’s how we eat at home.” Uri Dinay, founder of falafel favourite Uri Dinay Pilpel and the healthy Mediterranean take away Badolina, brought Israeli food to London to keep his grandfather’s legacy alive, “I learnt everything I know about falafel from working at my grandpa’s falafel stand in Israel from the age of 14. When he wanted to retire I made it my mission to make him a legend,” he says. Pilpel was born in 2009 and so Dinay’s Israeli grandfather’s legacy lives on in London. It’s in very good company.

“We always try to mix thing up and find solutions to problems, and this is reflected in the way we cook,” he says. Eran Tibi, who recently opened Bala Baya in Southwark, which he calls a poem to Tel Aviv, agrees. “The essence of Israeli food comes from its soul, from generations of different cultures from the Middle East to Europe who picked the best of each dish and added their own twist.” Then there is Amir Chen, who owns Strut and Cluck on East London’s increasingly desirable Commercial Street, says that in an Israeli restaurant there are no limits, no borders – everything is possible. “The food is so appealing,” he says. “It’s colourful, light and full of Zala in Camden market for a Mediterranean grilling

Prime fishmongers supplying top quality fresh fish daily, experienced fishmongers, quality service and keenest prices.

Wishing all our customers new and old

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105 Dunsmure Road, N16 Tel: 020 8802 1307 dagimfoods@hotmail.co.uk



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Rosh Hashanah / Out to eat



Louisa Walters, founder of the Restaurant Club, takes her pick of new eatery openings across Mill Hill and Borehamwood

and If staying in is the new going is out, no one told restaurant very owners and diners in MILL HILL and BOREHAMWOOD. This past year and more, the two areas have seen an explosion of new independent restaurants, with some opening in both locations. With nearly 19,000 residents in Mill Hill, a further 31,000 in Borehamwood and visitors to both, that’s a lot of mouths to feed. After years of little change in Something sweet and sugary at The Creamery before bed It’s all about colour at Baw Cafe on the Hill Best book at Hudsons MILL HILL, Delisserie was the popular among the healthy-eating attracting a lot more people to the area.” first of the new wave of brigade. Not exactly BOREHAMWOOD, but just down the road in restaurants back in 2004. “I brought it to MILL HILL to “We chose the area as it Elstree, Kiss Kiss Italian restaurant has been warmly welcomed has a good number of young to the area. It is warm, bright, sunny and much lauded for offer a unique concept of healthy families making up our being possibly the only restaurant around where Dover sole is eating through plant-based and customer base,” says owner Ian affordable. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, MILL HILL has had vegetarian food,” says owner Saad Davies. As the demographic of Aslam, who brought HC Medspa its own food revolution. Bluebelles of Portobello gave the area a and Yogo Pink to the area. much-desired ‘cool’ café – all artisan breads, smashed avocado, BOREHAMWOOD followed After just a couple of years bare brick walls and mismatched chairs. suit, 11 years later, he and his in Whetstone, Hudsons owner Next up was BAW café – another brothers-in-arms venture brother and business partner Martin Ment turned his focus from the boys behind Guglee (Indian) in Swiss Cottage and Justin chose to open a flagship Jewish fuel at Deli House Brewed + Pressed to please towards MILL HILLfor a second West Hampstead. BAW brings super-tasty pan Asian food to branch there, too, in 2015. With the popular Deli House already well-established for salt beef branch of his popular American brasserie. “The area is going MILL HILL for the first time and has been extremely well received. and deli-style food, this was a brave decision, but it seems there through a bit of a revival with loads of new shops opening,” he Then a few weeks later, is space for both. says. Within a week of opening, he was turning people away and Kiyoto opened its second Kosher style fits in nicely alongside the licensed offerings, forward bookings are now very much advised. branch, and this was closely which include Sami’s (more salt beef), Flipside and Mr Baker. Much-loved but in-need-of-a-refurb Fratelli closed its doors followed by Canons, a fish and Really good burgers ‘r us’ at Flipside, which has a young trendy for six weeks this summer and recently reopened as Mill & Brew, chip takeaway, which ironically feel to it and the hangout of choice for carnivorous teenagers. an all-day dining hangout complete with leather sofas, hi-lo is on the site of the bygone Mr Baker has that whole ‘Tel Aviv canteen’ thing going on fish and chip restaurant seating, and a really good food offering. – display counters and tables groaning with indulgent breads, La Carpa D’Oro, which longWith so many restaurants competing for business in MILL pastries and salads, plus a host of hot dishes (milky) to order. Then time MILL HILL residents HILL, Natasha Matthews saw a niche for something different of course there’s Pizaza – bright, fun and all things pizza – and remember fondly. and earlier this year opened The Creamery, serving up crepes Orli... where else better for an eat-in bagel or a takeaway challah? Brewed+Pressed, which and ice-creams. It is open late to capture the post-dinner dessert The most exciting opening in BOREHAMWOOD for years serves mostly plant-based food, market as well as being somewhere to stop off on the way home is a total innovation for the area Bluebelles for breakfast after a night out – which these days doesn’t involve going very far. is Kiyoto sushi restaurant, which opened in July 2015. Brothers Adam and Jason Balsam (what is it with Borehamwood and brother-run operations?) got Romford & District it right from the off, and from Affiliated Synagogue day one people were queueing out the door. “We chose Incorporating Havering Jewish Ladies BOREHAMWOOD as we had 25 Eastern Road, Romford, a feeling the area would start to Essex, RM1 3NH become more of a destination Wishes all the community a for food and shopping,” says 01708 741 690 Adam. “You have the Boulevard, Happy New Year studios, offices and lots of new homes and schools, which were Sushi in the Wood 14 Claybury Broadway,

Gary Green Memorials

Rabbi Yaacov Singer and Reverend Gary Newman the Honorary Officers and Board of Management of

Redbridge United Synagogue wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and well over the Fast Sinclair House Woodford Bridge Road, Redbridge 020 3031 6929

Clayhall, Ilford, Essex, IG5 0LQ Tel: 020 8551 6866 Fax: 020 8503 9889 41 Manor Park Crescent, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 7LY Tel: 020 8381 1525 Fax: 020 8381 1535 www.garygreenmemorials.co.uk

Wishing Wishingthe the community community a happy and a happy new year kosher Passover

For membership enquiries please call: For information telephone 01708 741 746 190 01708 690

Charity No. 1121253


Incorpo Incor 25

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The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School Nurturing Excellence

to 4pm Open Day – 1pm Saturday 7 October 2017 For boys aged between 5 and 18. Booked tours available throughout the year

www.habsboys.org.uk Independent School of the Year 2017

Headmaster Peter Hamilton MA

Balfour 100

From Declaration to Start-up Nation Celebrate Rosh Hashanah in this landmark year of Balfour 100 by buying a £100 Mazel Tov Israel bond and receive a special edition Balfour 100 presentation pack. Since 1951

Contact Us: bondsisrael.com/Balfour 020 7446 8670 infoEN@bondsisrael.com

Your capital may be at risk This advertisement has been issued by the Development Company for Israel (International) Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and registered in England No. 01415853. This is not an offering, which could only be made by prospectus. Your capital is at risk, the rules under FSMA for the protection of retail clients do not apply. An investment in any of these bonds will not be covered by the provisions of the Financial Services Compensation scheme, nor by any similar scheme. Israel bonds are intended as a long-term investment as they are not listed or admitted to dealing on any recognised investment or stock exchange nor is there any established secondary market, as a consequence Israel bonds are not readily realisable before their maturity date. DCI (International) Ltd is not the issuer of these bonds, they are issued by the State of Israel.



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Rosh Hashanah / Home cooking


When it comes to high holiday hosting, there is no such thing as too many cooks says Debbie Collins Acquiring folding chairs and filling foil platters before the shofar is blown keeps a Rosh Hashanah hostess on her (or his) toes. With ever-growing numbers invited for lunch, dinner, and everything in between, how to hold, handle and enjoy a festival feast depends on the individual. Here are some varied viewpoints from members of our capable community. AVRIL FINE, Edgware

Avril’s got things down to a fine art and doesn’t tend to stress about prepping as she begins planning a week or so before Yom Tov for her traditional meal. “I invite all the family for lunch – it’s about 15 of us. I make my own gefilte fish, which is my Booba’s recipe and I always serve chicken soup. I usually make fresh

ratatouille, gedempte balls and some roast chicken as well.” Avril’s guests will stay on all afternoon for some delectable home-made desserts, such as apple flan, fruit strudel and the obligatory leckach (honey cake). NATE FREEMAN, Swiss Cottage

“My brother and I would watch our mum prep for Yom Tov, so food has always held an interest for me and I find it really relaxes me. With so many Yom Tov meals to think about, I think my wife is genuinely happy to pass the first day lunch responsibility over to me! I usually take the day off work before Rosh Hashanah, so I can do final prep, having carefully planned what I’m making a week or two before. During the week, I try to make some dishes for the freezer

L’Shanah Tovah, uM’tukah!

Rabbi Lisa Barrett, Honorary Officers, Council and staff of SWESRS would like to wish the entire Jewish community a very Happy and Healthy New Year for 5778. We invite you to join SWESRS members for the High Holydays Services at Oaks Lane, Newbury Park. FREE tickets for 18 – 27 year olds – Check out Jeneration.org website for further details. Please call the Synagogue office for tickets and further information: 020 8599 0936 Throughout the year our doors are always open and we are happy to welcome you to our wonderful range of services and activities such as our Tuesday Lunch Club. Shabbat services include Choral, Musical Family and Children’s services, as well as Neshamah meditation services. We would be delighted to see you at any time of the year…. Why not take a look at our website for further details? www.swesrs.org.uk

to get a head start, like mincemeat pastries, my home-made ice cream and a fantastic chocolate meringue cake, which the kids love. We have about 16 people over – just family. Parents, in-laws, my brother and his wife, plus all the kids. Even though I prepare the whole lunch, we always have my mother-in-law’s chicken soup to start – she makes it, she brings it, I don’t argue!” ADIE BEARE, Golders Green

“There’s a group of us South African families and we rotate Yom Tov each year. We do it the South African way, where it’s all about the evening meal, not the lunch. About three days before, I bury myself away in the kitchen and make everything fresh from scratch – I don’t like to freeze anything. We start with my Booba’s herring salad with celery and spring onion, served with my home-made kichel (cookie). My guests love both dishes so much that I now sell them to order! Lots of fresh salads, roasted vegetables and soup, served with home-made perogen (meat pies in puff pastry). I always like to serve a couple of meat dishes, as there are so many of us. A rib roast, slow-cooked lamb shoulder and also some chicken. Plus, tzimmes and prunes is a must, to represent the sweetness of the New Year. Our guests stay until at least midnight and there are always leftovers for lunch the following day.” MICHELLE LIPOWICZ, Mill Hill

Working as a professional cake decorator, Michelle is well-used to planning in advance and knows her quantities without even consulting her recipe books. “My family would go to shul and then head back for lunch and an afternoon of entertaining the little ones, so we have carried on that tradition and kept things ‘tight’ for first day Rosh Hashanah lunch. When you invite friends too, the family tends to get less of the

attention, so we keep to just family, as it creates a very special bond.” Post-it notes and diaries are Michelle’s planner of choice. “It’s how I work best – I list out dietary requirements and favourites, things that have worked well and little tweaks that make a dish extra special. There are post-it notes everywhere!” With a busy work schedule, Michelle tries to prepare as much in advance, filling the freezer with meat strudels and vegetable kugels. “My guests always anticipate a delicious dessert from me and, because my father is a butcher, they know the meat is going to be good! Following my father’s Sephardi influence, much of my food emulates flavours and spices, which guests always seem to enjoy. I will try to serve one red meat dish and a chicken option. For dessert, I will have maybe frozen a pavlova that can be decorated with fresh fruit, but I will always make a fresh dessert, usually something decadent and chocolatey.” SUZY RINKOFF, Edgware

With six children, that’s almost one trestle table accounted for, but add in parents, in-laws and siblings, and you’re going the full length of the dining room with up to 20 guests. “I work full time as a primary school teacher and although it’s a lot of work, we are frum so it makes things much easier to host at my house. I find Rosh Hashanah is such a solemn time, whereby Hashem is deciding our future, so I try to prepare as much in advance so I can focus more on prayers. I find deas online and Facebook groups are really helpful for menu ideas.” Suzy bakes a fresh challah with raisins for the day, plus a honey cake that can be made in advance. “The tricky part is if Yom Tov falls later in the week and then rolls into Shabbat. Now that takes some serious planning!” I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling hungry… Have they blown the shofar yet?




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Gifts for the host / Rosh Hashanah




If you’re a guest at someone’s new year table, Alex Galbinski has found some great gifts to show your appreciation

Kisharon is selling honey dippers, Rosh Hashanah greeting cards and handmade personalised honey jars produced in conjunction with people it supports with learning disabilities, who are also helping to package honey cakes. The dippers cost £7.50, honey jars from £2.50 to £5.50, a pack of four cards £3.50, and cakes from £12.95. Buy from the charity’s Equal Gift and Homeware store, 818 Finchley Road, NW11, or via kisharon.org.uk

KEEPING TABS This honeycomb clock grabs attention for the right seasons (it has a silent quartz movement). Created from high quality sustainable bamboo, it makes the perfect gift for bee lovers and design fans. Available from buproducts.co.uk, £21

PROJECT ENVIRONMENT Award-winning company Plan Bee, founded by ex-advertiser and video producer Warren Bader, is dedicated to halting the honey bee decline. It partners with brands, businesses and individuals to promote their values through the support of honey bees. It also makes its own artisanal products, available under the Origin Honey – which has just received kosher certification under the KLBD – or Beehive Brae labels. planbeeltd.com, from £2

SOFT TOUCH This washable filled cushion features an intricate design of pretty golden bees embroidered on a grey linen effect fabric. Measuring 46cm x 45cm, it is available from kaleidoscope.co.uk, £18


Serve your apple and honey on this quirky vintage-style bamboo apple tray. This eco-friendly tray is bright, cheerful and biodegradable. Matching items are available, all from dotcomgiftshop.com, £12.95

This 14 karat flash gold plated Chrysalis Nature Bumble Bee and Hive expandable bracelet might help remind you that anything is possible when you put your mind to it! WatchShop.com, £35

STAND TALL Inspired by a beehive, this solid oak cufflink stand provides an innovative and stylish alternative to a cufflink box. Holding nine to 12 pairs of cufflinks within the framed polished stainless steel inlay, with space on the back ledge for his watch, it is designed and handmade in North Wales. It can also be personalised and is available from mijmoj.co.uk, from £25



This set of four bee coasters by quirky brand Sass & Belle is made out of ceramic with a cork-based back to protect furniture. Featuring a different design on an assorted collection of pastel colours, they’re available from tuttidecor.co.uk, £9.99

This handmade colourful purse features a geometric cotton lining and can be used as a purse, pencil case or make-up bag. Measuring 13.5cm x 19cm, it has a bee on the front and bright green cotton drill on the reverse with a matching green zip. Available from notonthehighstreet.com, £14

BOTTOMS UP! This colourful trio set includes Gamla Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet wines, along with quality Spiegelau wine glasses, teamed with delicious chocolate pralines. The gift set is completed by miniature faux apples for a truly sweet New Year. kosherwine cellar.co.uk, £110.99

SEASONAL BEST Greens of Highgate arrange beautiful baskets containing the finest seasonal fresh fruit. The gift wrapped baskets vary in size, from small (£25) to extra large (£80). They deliver free to north London areas, but can distribute further for an additional charge. They also prepare dried fruit and nut plates (from £20), and apple and honey plates. greensofhighgate.com

SWEET SUPPLY Art of Honey is an ethical British company started by a group of friends who are passionate about the connection between bees, farmers and consumers. It supplies the highest quality raw acacia, canola, chestnut, English Blossom, forest, and linden honeys and has now received kosher certification via the KLBD. artof honey.com, from £7.50



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / Holy times

How it happens in the Holy Land As we stock up on fried fish and set off on the shul crawl, Adam Sonin asks a cross-section of Israelis how they celebrate...

Roy & Or

Roy and Or have been together for nine years. They live in Kiryat Ono, near Tel Aviv, with their twin girls Elya and Liri, aged 3½. Every year in mid-September there is a special smell in the air, people are calmer and nicer, no one is honking in the streets and there is a feeling of respect everywhere. We live a secular life, but were raised traditionally celebrating Rosh Hashanah with family and friends when I was young. All my uncles, aunts and cousins came dressed in white and about 30 people sat around the table and ate my grandmother’s special chicken soup. We waited for my grandfather to come back from synagogue and on Yom Kippur we joined him out of respect, but we were really just waiting to ride our bikes. Rosh Hashanah still matters to us because it is a time to reflect on the past year and think of the upcoming one. Of course, it’s much nicer when you don’t have to cook for 30 at your home and you get invited to your parents. That’s where we will be this year and my mother will cook and we’ll bring a few dishes, then after dinner sing new year songs before heading to the Golan Heights for two nights with the girls. Neither of us fast, but I remember waiting to turn 13 so I could. Now I mark Yom Kippur by saying “sorry” to friends and loved ones, but I’ve been good this year so I don’t have much to apologise about.

Adina & Morris Adina and Morris live in Jerusalem and are modern Orthodox.They have three children As we come from a religious background, we’ll spend most of the high holy days at synagogue and gather for a meal with close friends at our house. Family don’t come as we won’t drive and they live too far. My mother-in-law lives close by so she usually joins us and sometimes non-religious friends drive over. There is a tradition at Rosh Hashanah where people place the head of a fish on the table as a sign of good luck. We never do this, but when I was a child, my mother asked me to make an arts and crafts fish head every new year, and I only ever remembered her request after the candles had been lit. Then one year after candle lighting, I ran to my bedroom and made a fish head out of a sock. My mother was thrilled and used it every year after that, but I felt bad and full of guilt – well in to my 20s – as I had sewn this sock puppet together during the festival. I eventually told her about it, but she didn’t care and continued to proudly display my fish head made in sin!”

Tamba & Dikla Tamba and Dikla have just celebrated their second anniversary. They live in Eilat where Tamba grows dates on a kibbutz and Dikla is a dance teacher. We both grew up celebrating Rosh Hashanah. My dad is religious so it has always been an important thing to my family and although Dikla’s family isn’t religious, we both look forward to celebrating the holidays. We alternate the family we go to, but we are very lucky because our families do all the preparations and don’t let us help. Left to do the cooking ourselves would be a problem because we both think the other one is the better cook when in fact we are both useless. For Rosh Hashanah, Dikla is always in charge of making matbucha, a Moroccan salad, and we buy presents for our families. Sometimes on Yom Kippur we go to synagogue in the evening. It’s a holiday that means a lot to us and we fast together and see family. As kids, we used to go out on our bicycles in Eilat because the roads are empty. One year we road down to the sea, but on our way back (uphill) we realised we had no water. After four hours we got home dehydrated and exhausted. Which was symbolic.” Carmit is a single mother of one, who is expecting her second. She lives in Jerusalem. I lived in Boston for six years, where high holy days were an opCarmit portunity to see how Jews abroad celebrated. I’m not religious, but would visit other synagogues and communities and then have a dinner where I would explain the customs to non-Jewish friends who joined us. When I returned to Israel, I spent Rosh Hashanah travelling, as somehow my Judaism was less important. For me, the holidays were just an opportunity to go hiking and I went to Georgia and Nepal. I met other Israelis travelling and for Rosh Hashanah one of us would bring an apple and one would bring honey, but we didn’t talk about it. It was an alternative celebration. Yom Kippur is a special day when everything is silent in Israel. And I have my own tradition, which is to write about my year and what I’ve been through. It’s my closure diary. For me it’s symbolic and spiritual. Since becoming a mum, I’ve been celebrating and fasting with my relatives. It has become a more family-orientated time of year.


14 September 2017 Jewish News




Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / What to watch




aised on classic movies (Guys and Dolls, The King and I) by his Jewish mother, Jake Gyllenhaal had no use for them playing Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman

Nothing flourishes in the autumn like entertainment, and Jewish talent is at the heart of quite a bit of it. Brigit Grant has the list

in Stronger, a film based on the amputee’s memoir about the tragedy. Jake, who produced the film, is already tipped for an Oscar – his second after Brokeback Mountain. And then there’s Blade Runner

Odeya Rush, right, in Coup d’Etat, starring Michael Caine and Katie Holmes

2049 ( where have the years gone?) out in October and starring former Jewish carpenter – that’s Harrison Ford, not Jesus – alongside Ryan Gosling in an apocalyptic sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-film. Among the new faces on the big screen are Odeya Rush, a 19-year-old Israeli actress who was in the 2014 film The Giver and along with a number of other films currently in post-production, she is in the comedy Coup d’Etat co-starring Michael Caine. He plays a British-Caribbean dictator, she plays an American teen and together they start a high school revolution. If you’re left wondering how some films get made, turn your attention to Zoe Kravitz, daughter of Lenny, who has joined the cast of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel. That’s not

scheduled for release until the new year (the other one) along with another entry in the Star Wars anthology, which features Alden Ehrenreich as the young Han Solo. Ehrenreich was discovered by Steven Spielberg at a friend’s batmitzvah (that happens all the time at the Apollonia) and made his debut in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. Another young man of the faith (his dad is of Russian

Aiden Ehrenreich as Han Solo in Star Wars

14 September 2017 Jewish News



What to watch / Rosh Hashanah

Right: Jake Gyllenhaal in Stronger. Bottom: Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2049. Inset: Zoe Kravitz

will as much dialogue as there are bullets because Sorkin loves words. Perhaps he could string a few together for the President Trump in the new year.

Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein the musical with Lesley Joseph, right

Jewish descent) is Ansel Elgort, who was the eponymous Baby in the film Baby Driver and will shine again in the upcoming Billionaire Boys Club about wealthy boys in a get rich quick scam. Although Elgort’s mum isn’t Jewish, his grandmother served in the Norwegian Resistance to German occupation during the Second World War. Due for release in December is Menashe, directed by New Yorker Joshua Weinstein, who made his first featurelength narrative feature entirely in Yiddish. The film, about Chasidic Jews in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, has wowed critics and made a star out of Menashe Lustig, who is not about to ditch his streimmel for Hollywood. Back in Hollywood is the one and only Larry David in a new series of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, but sometimes Hollywood comes to us, notably in the form of Mel Brooks,the greatest living Jewish comedian

(sorry Larry) . Mel will be in town at the end of this month for the opening of his musical, Young Frankenstein, based on his 1974 film of the same name. Birds of a Feather’s Lesley Joseph has a starring role, although, sadly, co-writer Thomas Meehan will not as he passed away last month. Finally, a crucial word about The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, who has finally turned his talents to directing. Molly Bloom is about an Olympic-class skier who for a decade ran the world’s most exclusive highstakes poker game before being arrested in the middle

of the night by 17 FBI agents wielding automatic weapons. No doubt there

5778 ‫השנה‬

Norwood’s Children and Families Service is funded entirely by voluntary donations and needs £2 million a year to reach vulnerable young people and their families. One of the many young people we’ve supported is Georgia . . . “I had a very difficult childhood. Problems at home left me isolated and vulnerable to bullying, with little confidence. I was so lucky to have my Norwood social worker Alex. She gave me the strength to believe in myself and carry on. I now work at Norwood’s Unity service and will be studying psychology. I want others to have a future they are proud of, just like I have.” You can help people like Georgia and her family. Not just this New Year, but EVERY year. Donate securely online at norwood.org.uk/jnappeal or call us on 020 8261 7645.

Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm



Patron Her Majesty The Queen Reg charity No. 1059050



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / Giving back

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT Louisa Walters chats to Joshua Pelled, the co-founder of an inspiring charity a charity that supports young individuals aged five to 24 who are forced to take time out from education owing to medical circumstances – both mental and physical. It offers mentoring, tutoring and workshop programmes that cover a vast range of subjects, professions, and areas of interest.

If your child falls ill with a medical or mental condition, the most pressing thing on your mind is to get them the right treatment to get better, But there is another issue, too. When Joshua Pelled suffered from cancer as a child, he was taken out of school while he underwent surgery and treatment. Nathalie Holt had to drop out of university when she had cancer. There was nothing in place to help either of them bridge the gap back to normality, nowhere to turn for advice on how to reintegrate. They are determined that others going through a similar situation shouldn’t have to face the same difficulties. At the beginning of this year, the two friends launched Bright Futures UK,


What relevant background/experience do you have to run a charity? At school, I was MD of a successful Young Enterprise team that got to national finals. My time spent in hospital has given me an understanding of the procedures of hospitals, and the way teams/staff operate. I also have a lot of contacts with medical professionals from my time spent in and around them. How is Bright Futures funded? Through a mixture of private donors and fundraising activities that we put on. How do people find out about Bright Futures? We are partnered with a number of NHS trusts, and have marketing material placed around medical buildings. Our staff go in every now and again to be a point of contact.

We are working on lots of social media campaigns and we are also proud that so many people have found us simply by word of mouth. What kind of feedback have you had from people you have helped? They tell us Bright Futures has been so helpful in finding out what they can do once they’ve finished treatment. A note we received read: “I don’t think I would have been able to keep up with school if I didn’t have a Bright Futures UK tutor.” Tell us about your staff Our programmes are run by volunteers who have expertise in a certain field/ topic, people with qualifications, and those who have an interest in making a positive difference to someone who is suffering from illness. We say to people who want to work with us: “Don’t give us money – give us your time and make a direct difference to a young individual’s life.” We give all our programme leaders training in how to be a mentor/ tutor/workshop leader and these skills can be carried through to whatever career path they follow.

Can children not get all the support they need from their school when they are ill? Schools are incredibly supportive, however, there isn’t enough done to make a real difference during this period. If there is no intervention, there is a very likely chance (and a lot of proof ) that young individuals will feel isolated and overwhelmed, and not know what to do to move forward. Why do you feel it is important to offer this kind of support to children/teenagers who are ill? The medical aspect always comes first and the most important thing is to get better (we only work with people who are going to recover), but the after-care and getting back to yourself, your goals, and what you want to achieve is often left on the back-burner and forgotten about. Once young patients finish treatment or are in recovery, it’s difficult for them to know how to pick themselves up again and carry on as normal. That’s where we come in – to help them see that they have a Bright Future and to help them work towards it. www.bright-futures.uk


Improving lives keeps Camp Simcha on track Focusing on the whole family is at the heart of everything Camp Simcha does to support those in the community coping with serious childhood illness. “We know that when a child is really ill everyone is impacted,” says chief executive Neville Goldschneider. “‘Normal’ family life is wiped out, just when that child needs the strength of his or her family more than ever.” In the past year, the charity has tried to reach more families coping with a wide range of serious childhood illnesses, while expanding the services it offers. Its team now has 14 part-time family liaison officers who help deliver more than 20 different services and 8,500 hours of care per year to some 1,000 family members they directly support. Together with the charity’s hospital

programmes – delivering balloons, cuddly monkeys and seasonal gifts to children of all denominations in hospital – Camp Simcha impacts the lives of more than 8,000 children throughout the UK. In the past 12 months, the charity’s services team has made more than 7,000 support calls throughout the UK, provided 2,500 hospital transport journeys, more than 1,000 sessions of home-based art therapies, 500 counselling sessions and 80 packages of respite care. Equally important is Camp Simcha’s fantastic programme of retreats, parties and outings for all the family. The charity ran around 25 events this year, as well as four annual retreats. These powerful positive experiences provide brief periods of joy and normality that help keep families together during times of extreme stress and turmoil. This year’s retreats catered for more than 600 people. Sarah Babad, whose son suffers from a complex medical condition affecting his heart and other areas of his health was full of praise. “We’ve been to several Camp Simcha retreats and each one is just incredible, but more importantly, it is also a rare time for us to be together as a family. “Our son’s procedures and hospital admissions are all over the country, so we are

frequently away, which the other children hate as they miss out on time with us.” In its mission to support every member of the family, Camp Simcha particularly focuses on siblings, who are often the forgotten sufferers when a child is ill, and, in April, an after-school sibling art club was launched at ‘The House’, the charity’s head office in Hendon. Leah Greenberg, 11, is the oldest of five children, two of whom have gastrointestinal conditions, one a particularly serious allergic gut condition, resulting in frequent hospital stays and a very complicated ‘at home’ care regime. “I love it because I get out of the house,” says Leah. “I’m so happy to go to the group as I don’t really get to do art at home because my parents are at the hospital.’ This summer brought the charity’s second ever overseas challenge, for which 16 Camp Simcha supporters, including service users, raised more than £75,000 trekking the 72km Coastal Freedom Trail across the Pyrenees. It was one of the most travelled routes used by Jews to escape the Nazis during the Second World War. This was the culmination of a year

of fundraising events including the charity’s annual dinner, which raised £2million and the first Illuminate dinner, targeted to younger audience of supporters. Summer also brought Camp Simcha’s annual holiday scheme, Keshet. With a wide-range of outings and activities for children of all ages, Keshet enables Camp Simcha children to have as much summer fun as any others, but with full medical support. As well as new services, partnerships with organisations such as Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice; Bliss, the premature baby charity; Jewish Digest – the Crohn’s and Colitis charity; Diabetes UK and JDRF UK, have meant the charity can pool resources to reach more people and better serve existing families. “Without government funding, we are entirely reliant on donations,” notes Neville. “We have welcomed these partnerships as combining our resources in an efficient way, making every penny we receive count for the families we support.” www.campsimcha.org.uk or call 020 8202 9297

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Volunteering / Rosh Hashanah

PAY IT FORWARD Jewish Volunteering Network president Ros Preston reflects on a year of dedication and decade of volunteering I have been volunteering all my adult life, starting from the age of 22, which was soon after I married. I have had experience in local, national and international organisations and, having not attended university, I believe this work has been my training for life. I became involved in Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN) soon after it was set up when I was approached by the founders, the late Judy Citron and Susan Winton, inviting me to become president. Only Susan knows why they asked me, though Judy and I had worked together when I chaired the Women in the Jewish Community review for Emeritus Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in the early 1990s. But regardless I was honoured to undertake the role of JVN president. I believe my contribution to JVN over the past 10 years has been chiefly one of oversight. Having had many years of experience, I was very aware of the shortfalls, difficulties and obstacles that one can expect in the field of volunteering. And so I have tried to be a source of guidance and practical advice, willing to lend a friendly hand whenever wanted. In the past 12 months, JVN has blossomed and as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, I believe this has been a landmark year. We have solidified our base both financially and throughout the organisation. We now have a strong Board with some new trustees recently joining; we have the most excellent continuing chairman and life patron; and of course, one of our greatest assets, our chief executive. With regard to the programme of work – JVN has instigated an accreditation for charities, acknowledged by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations), regarding management of volunteers; delivered training packages; helped to hold a conference on governance and advised other faiths on how to set up similar organisations within their own communities. This year has been one of consolidation and progress, culminating in an amazing achievement: we have been presented with The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, a great honour and reward to our hard working, dedicated professionals and all volunteers. One very personal “stand-out” memory during my time with JVN was the wonderful celebration the charity made for me at The Grove Hotel, to celebrate my 80th birthday. It was a marvellous thrill for me to see so many friends and colleagues I have met over many years join the party.


Little Bicks Gan Shani Nursery

Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue ...where learning is child’s play

BRAND NEW BABY ROOM OPENING SEPTEMBER 2017 12 months - 5 years Little Bicks Nursery in Stanmore Synagogue (outskirts of Edgware) offers outstanding secular & Jewish education in a warm & caring environment. Monday-Thursday 8am - 6pm Friday 8am - 12pm We serve Kosher hot meat meals 2 and 3 year old funding available - including 30 hours

To register visit www.littlebicks.co.uk and to book a tour email: stanmore@littlebicks.co.uk call: 020 8954 0841

London Borough of Barnet

The Solomon Schonfeld

Hasmonean Primary School Ros Preston, right, with JVN director Leonie Lewis and chairman David Lazarus

Naturally, I am extremely proud of JVN’s progress over the past 10 years. From its humble beginnings, when the name JVN was rarely recognised, to today, when the organisation has become an important cog in the Jewish community wheel and its steady growth has in turn become a major contributor to society at large. I believe volunteering is something that is now more widely acknowledged as a force for good, enriching the life of the individual volunteer and giving strength and support to the charities they serve. Finally, regarding my role as president, I don’t know when the organisation will decide that they want to get rid of the ‘old girl’ and find somebody younger, but that would be totally right. I am a great believer in people being moved on so new blood can come on board. This year, we will be holding our first fundraising dinner. I’ve been to a few over the years but know that I will have shivers down my spine as I enter the hall, see our charity’s name in lights and the room decked out in our purple and orange colours, with hundreds of friends, supporters, and donors present and ready to enjoy a splendid evening. I hope and pray that everyone who reads this message will have an opportunity at some point to contribute their time as a volunteer. It makes such a difference. It certainly has to my life.

8 – 10 Shirehall Lane, London NW4 2PD Tel: 020 8202 7704 Fax: 020 8202 1605 Web: www.hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Head Teacher: Dr Alan Shaw, BA (Hons), MA, EdD.

Prospective Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Reception Parents are invited to an Open Morning on Thursday 26th October 2017 from 9.30 – 11.00 am. There will be a presentation by the Headteacher in the main school hall at 9.30 am followed by a tour of the school. For security, please contact us with the names of attendees. Email: admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Applications for entry in September 2018 to Pre Nursery & Nursery must be received by Monday 18th December 2017. Applications for the Reception Class in September 2018 must be received by the School AND Barnet by Monday 15th January 2018. You will need to complete two separate forms: • The Common Application Form to be returned to the London Borough of Barnet (online) • The Hasmonean Primary Supplementary Information Form (on our website) to be returned to the School

A copy of the Governors’ Admissions Policy and Application Forms are available on request from the School Office or on the school website.



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Rosh Hashanah / History lesson

MAKING A CONNECTION WITH JEWISH REFUGEES Helping Holocaust survivors and those who escaped persecution is a life lesson for one AJR social worker Christine Brazier is one of 13 social workers employed by The Association of Jewish Refugees to support around 50 members. After qualifying in Liverpool in 1991, Christine worked for a number of local authorities in the north-west and then as a social worker for the Independent Living Fund until its closure, when she decided to look at vacancies within the charity sector. An advert for the AJR immediately caught her eye. “I looked at the website and found myself engrossed,” she explains. “I had some knowledge about the Holocaust, but it was never talked about when I was younger or discussed at school. I wanted to know more and thought the job sounded fascinating.” She hasn’t been disappointed. Her clients include AJR members who fled to the UK as refugees, some as young children via the Kindertransport or as camp survivors. She also provides support to spouses, and second generation members whose Holocaust family history impacts on their own lives. Christine visits her clients on an ‘as needed basis’; some monthly and others only once or twice a year. Her work is wide-ranging and includes assessing home care and various funding grants, and assisting with life certificates, required by those eligible to receive compensation or a pension from Germany or other European countries.

“A lot of information is required, including background history, health needs and financial details, which can become stressful for clients, so you have to be very sensitive,” she explains. Christine visits members who are socially isolated and provides information regarding local activities and services, makes referrals to the AJR volunteer services, which include a befriending scheme and computer help. “Emotional support and personal empathy is very important,” she says. Some of her clients are Orthodox and Christine has very much enjoyed learning more about the Jewish religion and culture. She recently made a private trip to Vienna, inspired by the desire to find out more about many of her clients’ origins. “My previous jobs have sometimes become mundane, but with my AJR clients I feel far more connected, and I learn something new every day,” she enthuses. “Their testimonies are amazing, and it’s a real privilege to help make their lives easier however I can.” Sonia Strong has spent most of her 86 years helping others, so asking for help doesn’t come naturally to her. That’s why she prefers to think of her relationship with Christine, who is her AJR social worker, as a “caring friendship” rather than a service. Sonia, who originates from Magdeburg in Germany and grew up in what was then Palestine, describes herself as a “professional volunteer”. She has done charity work for years, whether for

Christine Brazier with AJR member Sonia Strong

WIZO, the Holocaust Educational Trust or the AJR itself, but she is the first to admit she is getting older, especially after an accident two years ago that left her with great difficulties walking. Christine assisted Sonia with some home care funding, meaning she now has a private carer to help with cleaning, shopping and health appointments, and can also cover the cost of much needed physiotherapy and taxis. “Christine is lovely to work with and has been enormously helpful to me,” says Sonia who, partly thanks to Christine’s encouragement, will shortly receive a SPF Connect computer. “I’m very grateful to the AJR for providing me and others with this service. Many of us had to make our own way through the world, so it’s fantastic to now have some help.” For more details, visit: www.ajr.org.uk

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FunTech Virtual takes the learning environment to a whole new level. As well as teaching cutting-edge tech skills (applications, coding, GCSE & A Level), it also teaches children to work with virtual technology that will surround them in their future. We offer a complete tech learning path: from the fundamentals of computing through to qualifications and advanced level coding.

Now enrolling for academic year 2017/18 Call 01628 621216 or visit www.funtech.co.uk to book an assessment lesson.



FunTech Virtual Lab

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Second chance/ Rosh Hashanah

SHANAH TOVA AND A NEW START The JNF offers abused teenage girls in Israel a real chance in life. Jonathan Sacerdoti shares one young girl’s story At first glance, Noam looks just like most 14-year-old girls. Her long, dark hair blows across her face as she sits outside watching the setting sun disappear somewhere beyond Gaza. But Noam has an extraordinary story and the seriousness of her voice hints at the terrible trauma she has suffered. As most of us are thinking about spending Rosh Hashanah with family, Noam has other concerns at this time of year. When we meet, she explains that she only came to live at Eden Karmia four months ago. Eden Karmia is Israel’s therapeutic home for teenage girls who have been abused. The home provides for the girls’ every need, including food, shelter, protection, therapy, schooling and, of course, love. “It was really tough when I got here,” she says. “I didn’t know the crew and the other girls here.” But despite being a new arrival – some of the girls have been living there for years already – Noam already calls it her “second home”. “At home, it’s only me and my mother. My father left when I was four and my sister lives abroad where she is a medical student,” she explains. “When I was raped by a close neighbour, everything was terrible. I didn’t feel safe at home any more. He was hurting my life, but here nobody bad can reach me.” Every year, thousands of girls in Israel suffer abuse at home. In the south of Israel, there are very few options for these girls, but for those who are looked after at Eden Karmia, there is the chance to benefit from a unique therapeutic model focused entirely on helping young women with the specific issues they might have as a result of their abuse.

Based near the Gaza border in kibbutz Karmia, the home cares for dozens of girls who the courts have removed from their families. “They protect and keep me safe here,” Noam explains with a sigh of relief. “But Rosh Hashanah can be the hardest time of year. I know I can’t live with my mother at the moment, but she is the most important person in my life. I can’t wait to see her when I get to visit for the chagim.” For those girls who cannot go home in the holiday period, Eden’s social workers will hold a communal dinner to mark Rosh Hashanah and will continue to look after them over the holiday just as they do during term time. Noam is happy to be returning home to be with her mother and says she feels safe now thanks to the confidence she has developed at Eden. “At home I’m going be with my family,” she says. “I have a sister, who is getting married soon, and I’m really looking forward to the wedding in Denmark, where she lives.” Noam’s wish for the new year is simple: she wants to return home. With the help of her carers, teachers and therapists at Eden Karmia, this could become a reality. Despite all she has been through, she sees the new year as a chance for a new start. “I want to be a surgeon” she says, her face lighting up. “I want to go and study in America. My sister is in medical school and I feel like I’ll regain my strength to follow in her footsteps.” * Noam’s name and some minor details of her story have been changed to protect her identity. • JNF UK supports Eden Karmia. To find out more and to donate, go to www.jnf.co.uk/eden

Noam hugs her friends and housemates at Eden Karmia


Paperweight Trust “Who will rest and who will wander, Who will live in harmony and who will be harried, Who will enjoy tranquillity and who will suffer” At this time of year we are bidden to focus on the past and the future. For many of the clients of the Paperweight Trust the past has not been rosy, but together with Paperweight, the future looks considerably brighter. Our goal this coming year, with the aid of over 100 sympathetic, resourceful and energetic volunteers is to restore restfulness, harmony and tranquillity. We have observed first hand that this objective is not fanciful. When domestic crisis hits – in the form of family breakdown, loss of a spouse or partner through death or serious illness, or when half of a loving stable couple succumbs to dementia – the normal become abnormal. Regular correspondence of a financial nature becomes overwhelming, problems mount and before long a crisis of both confidence and capability ensue. Our volunteers step in to provide order and calm. They tackle issues in order of urgency and importance. They deal head on with banks, HMRC, local government. They tackle overcharging and indifferent creditors, they liaise with all the main social care organisations and ultimately they settle the household into a more manageable system, showing the client what he or she can achieve on their own.

We wish all those we have helped and will help in 5778, a Sweet and Happy New Year. Paperweighttrust.com

020 8455 4996



Wishing all our clients a Healthy and Happy New Year! Please contact us to view our Venue for your forthcoming Simcha! Oakington Manor School Oakington Manor Drive Wembley HA9 6NF

Contact Adriana on 0208 795 7517 or lettings@oakmanor.brent.sch.uk www.oakingtonmanorhalls.co.uk



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Rosh Hashanah/ A cut above

A HAIR-RAISING WAY TO HELP CHILDREN The charity Zichron Menachem is asking for a different kind of donation Elana Michelson’s son Elihu was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in October last year. Since then, her life has been a blur of hospital and doctor appointments with her son, while also caring for her other children. However, one bright spot has been the help her family has received from the Israeli organisation Zichron Menachem. From valuable advice to respite trips for the family, Zichron Menachem has guided Elana over the past months as she has navigated her family’s new reality. In May, the Rechovot resident joined 39 other parents of children with cancer in Israel for a week away in London. The all-expenses paid respite holiday gave the parents a much-needed break and a chance to bond with and learn from parents in a similar situation. Held every three years in London, the group visited historic sites, went on a boat ride on the

Thames, saw the West End show Stomp and visited Madame Tussauds. “You don’t realise how much pressure you are under until it’s gone,” said Elana, one morning during the trip. “Even if we have some free time at home, we are still always thinking about what we could or should be doing. This trip to London lets us completely relax. Everything is taken care of for us and it gives us energy to be able to take care of our families again with a smile when we return home. “Zichron Menachem not only brought me on this amazing trip, but my son is being cared for by their volunteers while I’m away. They take him to his daily radiotherapy appointment and entertain him during the day.” Respite trips like this are just a small part of the many services the organisation provides. Zichron Menachem offers its support to every child and young person in Israel under the age of 25 who

Parents of kids with cancer came to London for a respite trip organised by Zichron Menachem

is living with cancer, irrespective of their ethnic background and religious beliefs. It has helped thousands of families, organising free camps, running the House of Dreams day centre in Jerusalem for children with cancer and their healthy siblings to learn and have fun, collecting blood components, counselling parents, and organising donations of hair to provide thousands of children and young adults with customised wigs. In the UK, one of Zichron Menachem’s main activities is collecting hair donations to make wigs for both Israeli and local children who have lost theirs during treatment. On 5 November (from 11am to 5pm), Zichron Menachem

will hold an open hair cutting with food and fun for the whole family. Women and girls who wish to donate 12 inches of hair will receive a complementary style and there will be three exciting opportunities to win prizes. “It is inspiring to see the unbelievable unity of people from across the Jewish world supporting each other,” said Eli Seliger, chairman of Zichron Menachem UK. “We are grateful to our many supporters in the UK that we are able to help children and women with cancer who have lost their hair feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.” www.zichron.org

Qualify as a bookkeeper Take your first steps towards a new career. Brand new bookkeeping course commencing November 2017. Information evening Date: Tuesday 26th September 2017 Venue: WE Hub, Redbourne Avenue, London, N3 2BS Time: 6.30pm - 7.30pm Course is accredited to the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers)

For more information, please contact reception@theworkavenue.org.uk or 020 8371 3280 www.theworkavenue.org.uk Registered with Charity Commission 1164762

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Specialist support / Rosh Hashanah

WHERE CHARITY BEGINS Sue Cipin, chief executive of the Jewish Deaf Association, reflects on a year of aims and achievements


hey say that time flies, but in the charity world it seems to go even faster because there are never enough hours to get things done. To fundraise. To motivate. To develop new projects. And, most importantly, to make a difference to the people who need our help. Yet hard as it is to believe that a year has passed since I last heard the emotive sound of the shofar, here at the Jewish Deaf Association, we have achieved so much. As the chief executive, this fills me with immeasurable pride. Since 1951, the Jewish Deaf Association has provided professional, personalised, compassionate care and support for everyone whose life is affected by deafness – people of all faiths and none, at all stages of life. With no support from government or local councils, deaf people are fast becoming a forgotten people, and our charity refuses to let that happen. But with no marketing department and no dedicated fundraising department, we have to be jugglers and, as a small yet farreaching charity, we have many balls in the air. We continue running our essential and life

enhancing services for deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people, while also making the time to write our own appeals and promote our work. The advantage to this is that much more of every pound we raise goes directly to where it’s so desperately needed. I wish everyone could see for themselves the work our incredible staff does, so I must tell you that while providing our regular range of community services, our incredible staff and sign language interpreters were also: • Stepping in to interpret for a young deaf mother giving birth and unable to follow the midwife’s instructions • Training Jewish Care and residential home managers, to enable their homes to become models of good practice in caring for older people with hearing loss • Supporting a deaf teenage girl contemplating suicide as a result of bullying


NANCY REUBEN PRIMARY SCHOOL 48-51 Finchley Lane, Hendon NW4 1DJ

Nancy Reuben Primary School has an Ofsted Registered Playgroup, Kindergarten and a Reception Class. • An Independent Orthodox Jewish Primary School for Children age 2-11 years • Wrap around care for Playgroup and Kindergarten • Outstanding academic achievements

Open Day

Tuesday 24 October 2017 at 9:30am Please email to register

Welcome and introduction by our Head Teacher followed by a tour of the school Nancy Reuben Primary School was established in 1999 as an Independent

• Coaching and reassuring a mum whose baby was rejecting her first hearing aid • Packing up the worldly goods of an 87-yearold deaf man as he began a new life in care • Lending money to a young deaf mother who had found herself penniless and starving when her benefits payments had been stopped in error without her realising • Jumping in an ambulance to A&E to support a deafblind man having difficulty breathing • And interpreting at a Jewish day school enabling a deaf mum to follow her little boy’s involvement in the school play… a beautiful end to a difficult week! We are developers. So when a homeless deaf signer started sleeping in his car on the forecourt of the Jewish Deaf Association and a deaf family turned up at our door starving and penniless because they had nowhere else to turn for help, we knew we had to address the dire lack of access to services for deaf people. We launched BSL Tuesdays Information & Advice Service – a kind of Citizen’s Advice Bureau for deaf people – and four years on, the numbers pouring in show how crucial this specialist service is in enabling deaf people to overcome obstacles they face in daily life. And when we saw at first-hand the loneliness and depression of older people with hearing loss who are living in care homes, we knew something had to change … fast. JDA’s generous donors helped us raise enough money to launch a vital new hearing loss outreach service. By training staff to understand and address the needs of older people with hearing loss – which includes diagnosing deafness, communicating efficiently and making sure hearing aids are working effectively – our specialist team is giving older people back their zest for life. JDA’s pioneering new outreach service is bringing about radical change. With the help

Selective Orthodox Jewish School for over 200 children aged 2-11. The school is centrally located in the heart of Hendon and attracts pupils from Hendon, Golders Green, Finchley, Edgware and across North West London. Application Forms and details are available by Email: admissions@nrps.co.uk or Telephone: 020 8202 5646 www.nrps.co.uk Youngsters enjoy a family fun day out

Top: Jewish Deaf Association’s volunteerrun Dcafe. Above: A trip to a ‘clay cafe’

of our supporters, we can enable more older people in care to be a part of the community they live in, and enjoy the things that hearing people take for granted in their final years. We are artisan bakers. Large chains can offer mass produced wares, but if you want a loaf baked with love, that not only tastes better but also makes you feel good for supporting the independent retailer, you go to the specialist. There are many large and competent charities doing great work. For the deaf or hard of hearing, there is only the JDA, where we know every client and are small enough to be flexible, tailoring our services to each individual’s needs. Every member of our deeply caring and talented team puts their heart and soul into making sure that everyone who turns to us for help is helped. We ended our year with the opening of on-site eaterie Dcafe run by deaf volunteers who are unemployed or retired. Training programmes in everything from food hygiene to first aid equipped them for the job and when they served lunch to our guests on 5 September, the sense of achievement was palpable. So we end 5777 knowing that every single donation to the JDA has made a meaningful difference to our work and community, and all future donations will be hugely appreciated and put to excellent use. Helping to ensure all people with hearing loss get the very best out of life is what we do every year. www.jdeaf.org.uk



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / JFS open day



With its open day on 26 September, one Jewish school is setting out its store The Jewish community is extremely fortunate to have within it some of the best educational provision available in the state sector. The most well-established of these schools is JFS, a school that has for many years had a proud tradition of securing outstanding results at public examinations. Year on year, JFS is at the top of the league tables for non-selective state schools and this year was no exception. The results from August mark a record achievement for the school at both GCSE and A-level and JFS has achieved the status of being the most consistently successful non-selective school in the country across Key Stages 4 and 5. This is all the more impressive when you consider that the school is truly comprehensive. There is no examination prior to entry and the requirements for entry to the Sixth Form are considerably more inclusive than schools and colleges with a selective intake. The ALPS (Advanced Level Performance System) results, which rank schools according to

their A-level results and examines the progress made by students was published just last week, and gives JFS a score of 1.33, placing it in the top one percent of all schools nationally. The fact this is based not only on outcomes or raw results, but on the progress made by all children, is truly exceptional and reinforces the school’s tremendous reputation for securing success for students of all academic abilities. It also recognises the outstanding provision of teaching and learning across the school. Results like these are testament to the tremendous impact of support offered to children at JFS and speak volumes about the changes that have taken place at the school over the past 18 months under the leadership of executive headteacher Deborah Lipkin and headteacher Simon Appleman. While the results of the school have been excellent for many years, and the school has developed a national reputation for its Sixth Form and Oxbridge programmes, it is the progress made by students who are not the

highest attainers that has really improved. Focusing on every child as an individual and ensuring that interventions are targeted and data driven has had a tangible impact on results. The school has additionally identified that the provision available across the community needs to better cater for the demands of a changing job market, offering a different pathway with new expanded curriculum options. With this in mind a new range of vocational qualifications was launched for 2017 and the uptake has been impressive with courses in catering, childcare, business and media proving extremely popular. A new fundraising campaign has already raised more than £1 million towards the

expansion of the school’s technology provision. A further range of technical qualifications to serve the needs of the entire community will be launched at JFS from next year. The school is also placing a great deal of focus on the well-being of students and staff, working in partnership with a number of communal organisations and professionals to offer a suite of services on site as part of a multidisciplinary team. These are exciting times at JFS and the community should be proud of the achievements of this venerable institution. The JFS open evening is on Tuesday, 26 September. Visit: jfs.brent.sch.uk

www.nacelesl.co.uk • info@nacelesl.co.uk Tel: +44 20 8343 3567 53-55 Ballards Lane, Finchley Central, London N3 1XP

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14 September 2017 Jewish News



This was not a typical ZAKA rescue mission. This time, the people of Houston and Miami did not need ZAKA ’s specialist rescue and recovery skills. What they needed – and what ZAKA provided – was a helping hand. Help in clearing the wreckage caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma; providing generators in the homes of the sick and elderly; distributing food and emergency supplies. The ZAKA volunteers worked with both the Jewish and Christian communities, in the true spirit of this UN-recognized humanitarian volunteer organization. With your financial support, ZAKA will continue in 5778 to bring help from the Holy Land – whenever and wherever help is needed.

ZAKA. A Light unto the Nations.


British Friends of ZAKA 233a Golders Green Road, London NW11 9ES | 020 8458 5391 To donate online visit: www.zaka.org.uk | Reg. Charity No. 1099639




Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / Learning


Caron Kemp looks back at a year of highs and lows for Jewish schools


he academic year began with a review of the future of north-east London’s only Jewish secondary school, Kantor King Solomon. Once the most densely populated Jewish community in Europe, the school’s current Jewish intake stands at just 30 percent of its roll. Yet both at the time of the review and when the findings were published in February, the notion of relocating the school to north-west London was universally rejected. Shortly after, the much-anticipated application for a new Jewish secondary school was also rejected, with the Department for Education citing the fact that time dedicated to faith education was disproportionate compared to core subjects. Eve Sacks, who spearheaded the Barkai College proposal, was informed by email that it had not shown its curriculum was “sufficiently broad and balanced to prepare children for life in Britain”. Just days later, hopes of more educational choice were further dashed when Kavanah College’s similar bid, backed by the United Synagogue and the Office of the Chief Rabbi, was

also turned down by the Department. Our education system was dealt a further blow in February when Hendon’s strictly Orthodox girls’ school Beth Jacob Grammar was demoted to Ofsted’s lowest grade of inadequate. Boasting 246 pupils aged 11 to 17, the school’s leadership was criticised for being well-meaning but ineffective, with improvements needed in safeguarding, teachers’ performance and pupils’ progress monitoring. Inspectors also criticised the school for not teaching girls about different lifestyle choices and sexualities, and for poor careers advice, despite noting that headteacher Mrs Gluck had made some improvements since joining in 2014. With rumours rife, plans to increase capacity at both JFS and JCoSS were confirmed in March, with a combined offer of an additional 90 places gifted from September 2018 entry onwards; 30 at JCoSS and 60 at JFS. In a joint statement, JFS executive headteacher Deborah Lipkin and JCoSS headteacher Patrick Moriarty said: “We believe that our proposed expansion strategy would solve this under-capacity and would have a positive impact on the long term

sustainability of Jewish schools.” It wasn’t long before Barkai and Kavanah Colleges combined their efforts and the merged New Jewish High School bid was announced with Rabbi Joseph Dweck, the head of the S & P Sephardi Community, agreeing to serve as the religious authority. Backers intend to submit a bid to open in north Barnet or south Hertfordshire as soon as the government announces the date for the next round of applications for free schools. In other news, 11 Hebrew teachers took part in a four-day seminar in Israel this spring, organised by the Partnership for Jewish Schools (PaJeS). Samantha Benson of PaJeS said the programme had given participants the tools to “support and inspire their colleagues”. Simultaneously, it was announced that teachers at Jewish schools are to get specialist training in spotting and dealing with mental health issues among children after community leaders identified a “worrying increase” in the number of cases being reported. The initiative, which follows a major funding donation by Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust and the Wolfson Jewish School’s Fund, will involve workshops for school staff, run by mental health and well-being charity Place2be. Ofsted delivered mixed fortunes before the summer holidays beckoned, with Southgate’s Wolfson Hillel Primary School celebrating, after inspectors graded it outstanding, while a Charedi boys’ school in Stamford Hill faced closure after Ofsted assessed its pupils to be ‘at risk’ owing to poor safeguards and sanitary conditions. Yesodey Hatorah Boys School, which has 671 pupils aged five to 15, was told by inspectors that procedures must “urgently” be set up to ensure staff “routinely undergo necessary vetting checks”. The fee-paying school was also criticised for a “damaging” lack of hot water facilities and “unacceptable arrangements to share both toilet and washroom facilities with

male members of staff.” Meanwhile, theincoming headteacher at Nancy Reuben Primary School in Hendon said in a statement that the school had been “standing still” since an Ofsted inspection three years ago ruled it “requires improvement”. Anthony Wolfson, who joined the Modern Orthodox school in April, made the frank admission in July, and gave reassurances that the new senior leadership team would be in place by the start of term in September. In better news, Lubavitch Ruth Lunzer Primary School in Stamford Hill, maintained its status as a good school after a fresh inspection from Ofsted. With a shortfall of Jewish secondary school places still a hot topic, the mayor of London rejected plans to redevelop Hasmonean High. Sadiq Khan turned down the proposal to enlarge the girls’ division in Mill Hill and relocate the boys division in Hendon next to it. The school was advised to submit revised plans that make better use of the land, following worries over the loss of the green belt. Expansion was made easier for Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomoh, an independent Chasidic school in Golders Green, when they were believed to have purchased Hendon Reform’s former building for more than £6 million. And yet all the ups and downs seemed worth it this summer, with an impressive haul of top grades across the board for both A-level and GCSE exams. Among the landmark moments for the community was a first full set of A-level results, of which a third were A* or A for the pioneering student cohort at JCoSS, who joined in 2010 when the school first opened. And with exceptional GCSE results all round, despite a change in the grading system, Rabbi David Meyer, executive director of PaJeS, congratulated students and the high standard of education being delivered in Jewish schools across the country.

14 September 2017 Jewish News



Teaching / Rosh Hashanah


An appreciative message from a very special school

HOME TECH FUN Can your son create electronic worlds using T Flip-Flop switches and half-bath circuits? Does your daughter eat Bezier curves for breakfast and script with her eyes closed? If none of this makes any sense to you, fear not – your children will understand. More importantly, they will love FunTech. With after-school coding clubs more popular than a trip to the sweet shop, children as young as six are making their own PowerPoint presentations. However, schlepping them to classes they enjoy can sometimes be a chore – but what if they didn’t have to leave home to do the thing they most enjoy? What if they could access a computer club from home and be part of an electronic classroom without ever having to leave their bedroom? Fun Tech Virtual Labs make that possible. The company, which was started in 1996 by Philip and Sheineez Barber, offers computer enthusiasts the chance to enter their Virtual Labs and take part in scheduled, real-time, interactive classes, delivered by one of their brilliant tutors. The electronic classroom allows children to put up their hands, tutors to take over screens for demonstrations and the exchange of documents. Whether it’s coding, website design or developing their IT skills, a term-time course with Fun Tech will get your child where they want to be – on the computer. And in October half-term, when you want to keep them occupied, FunTech is running day camps in Hampstead and Maidenhead. “As well as developing new academic and tech skills, our camps are also a fantastic opportunity to meet similar creative, ambitious young people,” explains Philip. “With our tutors – who are some of the best in the country – day campers are encouraged to push boundaries on screen as they learn, but they are also taken outside to the nearby playing fields for ball games and general letting off steam.” The days are well-planned at the Ofsted-registered FunTech academies, which allow would-be technological masters (and mistresses) to get a head start in subjects that fascinate them. “If they need reassurance, parents can contact us to discuss their children’s suitability for one of our classes,” says Philip. “FunTech has given thousands of kids a truly memorable teaching experience in the school holidays, in a safe and stimulating environment.” Available for ages six to 18, FunTech Camps and term-time courses will give your children the computer and technology skills they need to impress friends and pave the way for GCSE and A-levels in the subject. They may even teach you a thing or two and, if you set them up in the virtual classroom, they will never be late for supper again. • For more information on FunTech’s courses, visit funtech.co.uk or call 01628 621215

Nacel English School has had a long-standing relationship with the Jewish community in north London – and it is proud of it. Formally known as Twin Towers English College, Nacel was founded in 1990 and has since welcomed groups of Israeli students to London on short school trips, and some individuals for longer periods, to improve their English. Many Jewish families in the area send their relatives and au pairs to this English school to improve their English language. The school has special subsidised prices for local residents and au pairs and offers excellent standards of English teaching, all of which is accredited by the British Council and by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. The school provides local students with a free level test and free trial lesson to ensure they are happy with their class. It offers great flexibility, allowing courses to be tailored to fit around people’s busy schedules, so students can book regular holidays, choose the amount of hours, the days and even the times that they want to study. Even though the school teaches many local and au pair students, the majority are international and need the school to provide accommodation in the area. Many of these students choose to stay in the school’s residential accommodation, but a big number prefer to stay in host family accommodation provided by the school, as this is a perfect setting for cultural exchange and integration. The school’s database has many Jewish families who have worked with it for many years and have recommended friends and family to also host international students. Families find it a rewarding experience, beneficial to the education of their children, and it also affords them to an income from renting out their spare rooms. Many long-standing friendships have been made by hosting a student, and in an increasingly globalised world, it is important for children to become familiarised with other cultures and languages. Nacel English School London would like to thank the Jewish community for its long-standing support and co-operation and wishes you all a very happy new year! nacelesl.co.uk

SINAI SCHOOL, the Biggest and the Best! Supportive





✔ Nurturing Early Years environment ✔ Outstanding Key Stage 2 SATS results ✔ Achieving academic excellence ✔ Breakfast and After School club ✔ Fantastic sports facilities ✔ First class Jewish education ✔ A Maths Mastery school ✔ Family education programme ✔ State of the art facilities ✔ Large outdoor area for play time ✔ Parent car park / drop-off zone ✔ Government universal 30-hour free* schooling for nursery children *subject to eligibility

We will be holding an open morning and evening in November Contact eangel@sinai.brent.sch.uk

Sinai is located next to JFS

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year

RH46 Jewish News


14 September 2017

Dan Hotels Israel

Where pleasure is a way of life Gorgeous beaches - Thrilling destinations - Endless sunshine Discover the ongoing pleasures of a Dan Hotel vacation. Whether it’s the legendary King David in Jerusalem or resort hotels on the Mediterranean and Red Sea, every Dan hotel is a landmark destination that reflects the spirit of its surroundings. And thanks to our wide range of locations, the options are endless for enjoying the beauty, history and diversity of Israel.

For information & reservations ISRAEL: Call Dan Reservation Center: 972-3-5202552 Toll Free from: UK, Germany, France, Belgium: 800-326-46835 King David, Jerusalem | Dan Tel Aviv | Dan Carmel, Haifa | Dan Jerusalem | Dan Eilat | Dan Accadia, Herzliya-on-Sea | Dan Caesarea Dan Panorama Tel Aviv | Dan Panorama Haifa | Dan Panorama Jerusalem | Dan Panorama Eilat | Dan Boutique, Jerusalem | Dan Gardens Ashkelon

Experience The Best

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14 September 2017 Jewish News



Family vacations / Rosh Hashanah


FAMILY Louisa Walters enjoys a rare family holiday in Marrakech FAMILY HOLIDAYS are a precious commodity – even more so when the ‘children’ reach adulthood and seemingly have far better things to do with their time than spend it with their parents. But if you dangle a bright enough carrot they might just bite, and for this reason we chose Marrakech as the destination for a recent trip. Lured by the fascination of a different culture and the mystery of the Medina plus, of course, a luxury hotel, free food and alcohol and wall-towall sunshine, our grown-up kids, aged 23 and 20, were really keen to come with us. We stayed in the Palmeraie district, a 15-minute drive away from the Medina. Le Deux Tours is a beautiful, rustic boutique resort. Thirty-seven bedrooms are located in a series of traditional Moroccan villas, which are dotted around lush, wild gardens. Some of the villas have private pools. The tranquillity of the place makes it a welcome escape from the mayhem of the Medina and meant that our trip had the perfect balance of touring and relaxation. A visit to the Majorelle Gardens owned by Yves St Laurent to see the magnificent cacti collection is a must. Majorelle is the name given to the intense, deep shade of blue paint that is used all over the city. The gardens are in a smart area of town with a few lovely shops and cafes. From here we headed by taxi to the famous La Mamounia hotel for coffee on the terrace. We had a slight kerfuffle at the door when they initially refused to allow entrance to our son because he was wearing flip flops (it was 37 degrees). Moorish opulence and lavish gardens are the signature of this hotel, famously frequented by Winston Churchill who has a suite named after him. We took a four-hour walking tour led by the extremely knowledgeable and engaging

Mohammed, who is au fait with Jewish visitors to his city. He told us that only 200 Jews remain in Marrakesh, yet there are two synagogues. The Lazama Synagogue is open daily to the public and is the prettiest I have ever seen, with a stunning blue and white tiled courtyard. The building dates back to the 16th century. We also saw the beautifully preserved cemetery, which has whitewashed tombs and sandy graves, making it quite unique. This is the largest Jewish cemetery in Morocco but, despite its size, the graves have three burial layers. Many famous and respected tzadikkim are buried here. Mohammed took us to the stunning Bahia Palace, where we saw many examples of beautifully restored Moorish architecture. He then steered us through the winding alleyways of the famous Medina, and we gloried in the rich colours of the clothes and shoes for sale, the smells emanating from the herbs and spices and the animated sounds of sellers selling and buyers bartering. Mohammed showed us the leather auction, with piles and piles of leather hides covering the floor; they all looked the same to us, but the artisans were haggling furiously. It was tempting to relax by the pool at our hotel, but we took a day trip into the Atlas Mountains for lunch at Richard Branson’s famous retreat Kasbah Tamadot. He bought this magnificent residence for his mother when she fell in love with it on a trip to Marrakech and the whole family visits often. Previously home to an antiques dealer, it is filled with wonderful antiques and has been decorated in fabulous Moroccan colours and designs. On the way, we visited a Berber village and market and saw the primitive way in which this tribe lives and shops. Many of them still live

Louisa with her husband and children, Georgia and Daniel, in Marrakech

without hot and cold running water, electricity and heating and use mules for transport. My son had his hair trimmed in a makeshift barber in the market for six dirham (50p). There are many glamourous, vibrant restaurants in Marrakech with nightly belly dancing shows and live music, but our favourite was Le Foundouk, a rooftop restaurant in the heart of the Medina where the entertainment is listening to the sounds drifting upwards from the lively streets below. Dining al fresco in the velvety warm night we feasted on tagines and pastillas ( traditional Moroccan sweet and savoury pie containing chicken/ meat and almonds) and washed it all down with Moroccan mint tea, which is poured from pretty silver teapots into dainty glasses. Best thing of all? Five precious days with my family in a place that suited us all.



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / Spa delight

IT’S ALL GREEK FOR ME Zuzana Kasparova reflects on a tranquil visit to Halkidiki


t’s OK to rough it when you are younger but, as an adult, it’s nice to travel in style – particularly when you are visiting a country for the first time. So as a newbie to Greece, I wanted to make it comfortably memorable and that is exactly what I got at the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort in Halkidiki. The hotel officially opened in May 2016, but in the short time it has been operating, it has already won a gold at the Ethos Greek Hospitality Awards 2017 as the ‘Best New Greek Resort’, ‘Best Greek Thermal Spa Resort’ and ‘Best Greek Hotel Marina’. It is also nominated in this year’s ‘World Luxury Spa Awards’, so as

Zuzana, left, enjoys the Greek sunshine. Above: The panoramic pool at the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort for the ultimate relax

the new kid in the Aegean, it is making a sleek splash. The term dream holiday is used a lot, but there is no other way to describe how I felt when I saw the blue sky, turquoise Aegean sea and

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smelt the clear salty air. Absolute tranquillity is the perfect setting for a place devoted to wellbeing and the thought of a long weekend in such a place was truly a dream come true. The resort rests on a long stretch of sandy beach, secluded within sheltered Kanistro bay, along a pristine coastline with a beautiful private marina overlooking the Athos mountain (more than 2000m high) on the opposite peninsula. Miraggio houses 300 elegant, spacious rooms, 236 of which face Toroneos Gulf, 48 with private pools, furnished in lavish contemporary style and with the latest technology. There are double rooms offering stunning views over the lush hotel gardens, junior suites with their own private pools, larger family suites and deluxe duplex suites complete with private pools. Furthermore, there is a fully operational and appropriately equipped convention centre with maximum capacity for up to 450 people, ideal for prestigious events catered for with sophistication. The ideal spot to say “I do.” The spa of the title offers a wide range of treatments, including the special Greek Spa menu, which offers various massages with honey, yogurt, olive oil and milk. My friend and I tried one of the resort’s Harmonia Balancing Massages for detox and muscle relaxation, and it was an absolutely heavenly experience. Healing waters include a large thalassotherapy pool fed in directly from the sea and four thermal pools, both indoor and outdoor. These are filled with thermal waters of the region and a thermal well-life suit with steam baths, a Finnish sauna, tepidarium, herbal sauna, cold plunge walking path and two experience showers. If you are an active person, there’s archery,

yoga, table tennis, etc, going on throughout the day, along with tennis, basketball and beach volleyball. You can also hire a bike, motorcycle or car directly at the hotel to explore the local area. As a first-timer I was interested in seeing more, and we took a day trip to Meteora organised by Miraggio. A few hours of glorious scenery and then on to see Meteora’s six monasteries, which is one of the UNESCO’s protected treasures and a truly unforgettable experience. Even though our first day of the trip was rather fresh at only 13ºC (not yet spring), we enjoyed warm sunshine, beaches and pools for the rest of our stay as the temperature rose to a pleasant 19ºC. Even the evenings were warm, and we took a nice walk to the marina to watch the sun set behind the horizon. The warmth and hospitality of the Greek people stayed with us wherever we went, particularly that of the hotel staff. And the hotel is designed for all ages, with Miraggio Kids’ Planet offering a football academy, astronomy, pirate ship building, kids’ radio station, pool games and pirates battle designed for children aged four to 17. The resort has many restaurants, among them the traditional Kritamo, which serves Greek food, the Portofino, which offers Italian, and the Toroneo seafood restaurant. On our way back to Thessaloniki airport, we were admiring the rolling fields of olive trees and our driver informed us that the Halkidi region is famous for its large green olives as well as dark pine tree honey. I can’t imagine eating either again without picturing myself at the Miraggio. miraggio.gr/en or call (+30) 2374 440000

14 September 2017 Jewish News



Local mini-break / Rosh Hashanah


CLOSE TO HOME Caron Kemp didn’t have to travel far for the perfect girlie getaway It may only be a mile or so down the road for some of you, but The Grove is an authentic countryside resort and, with its sprawling golf course, exquisite spa, kids’ club and wide variety of activities, we should celebrate the fact that it’s in Watford. Why schlep to the Cotswolds when you can stay in 300 acres of manicured land and get home quickly if the alarm goes off? The property has been a favoured getaway destination among the rich and famous since brothers Daniel and Stuart Levy took ownership in 1996. Popular with golf enthusiasts, it is also ideal for a girlie getaway – hence my visit with bestie Mel in tow, for 24 hours of pure bliss. The tastefully decorated Sequoia Spa, with its stunning black mosaic indoor swimming pool and all the mod cons you’d expect, is the ideal spot to while away the hours sipping complimentary herbal teas in a fluffy white robe. A new addition to the vast Natura Bissé and ESPA treatment menu is a mindfulness massage. Promising to not only undo the physical knots of everyday life, but to help relax the mind and

release emotional anxieties, I felt I was the perfect candidate to see if it lived up to the hype. This holistic, deeply relaxing and clarifying experience focuses on both mind and body to help reduce stress. The therapist skilfully guides you through breathing and visualisation techniques before the metamorphic zones on the feet are massaged to help rebalance and ground, before a soothing, deeply therapeutic massage is continued up through the body to promote positivity to the mind, finishing with a re-energising scalp massage using warm rose quartz crystals. I think it’s fair to say that I’m naturally quite cynical when it comes to mindfulness, but I found the 80 minutes in the stunning room, adorned with flickering scented candles and mood music, peaceful to the core and, in the hours that followed, I really did find my zen. (Obviously it disappeared within moments of hitting the A41 back to north London). The Grove has 227 rooms and ours was a stone’s throw from the main reception and offered beautiful views across the plot from our

GERMAN CITIZENSHIP & PASSPORT BY ANCESTRY & RESTORATION If your parent, grandparent or great-grandparent was a German citizen then you may have a right to German citizenship and passport, even if your ancestor lost citizenship. We assess claims, prepare applications and help obtain evidence. We serve clients in any country. Mike & Sarah are our German speaking legal advisors in London. UK tel: 020 7993 8975 USA tel: 1-646-759-0976 Email: michael@passportia.org 23 Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, City of London, EC4N 4SA PLEASE NOTE that we are now in the City of London near Bank, Mansion House, St Paul’s and City Thameslink stations www.passportia.org/citizenship/germany

large sash windows. The sizeable walk-in shower and state-of-the-art wall-mounted television were welcome additions. Dinner was taken at The Stables, one of the three celebrated on-site restaurants. Priding itself on simple food served to perfection, all home-cooked in the wonderful, comforting setting of the estate’s original stable block, we pulled up a corner pew and supped on Prosecco until our meal arrived. We had salad starters, with flawlessly-cooked sea bass as a main, and the exceptional staff were only too happy to offer our desserts of sticky toffee pudding and baked vanilla cheesecake as room service. Breakfast in the infamous Glasshouse offered a spectacular buffet and was swiftly followed by a visit to the notorious Walled Garden to soak up the last summer rays. With its urban beach, Ofsted-rated outstanding kids’ club, badminton court, giant chess, football pitch, croquet and large outdoor pool framed by comfortable cushioned deck chairs, I’d think twice before heading for Luton airport.

From top: Caron and Mel relax at The Grove, a deluxe bedroom, and The Stables restaurant

Prices start from £340 per room per night on a bed and breakfast basis. Various spa packages are also available. For more information, visit thegrove.co.uk



Jewish News 14 September 2017

Rosh Hashanah / Royal weekend

WEEKEND LIKE A KING Everyone feels like royalty at Hartwell House Hartwell House Hotel is only 40 miles house. We stayed in the Duchesse d’Angouleme north-west of London in the heart of the room, named after the daughter of Louis XVI Vale of Aylesbury, but it is a long way from and Marie Antoinette, who resided there real life unless you happen to be royalty, with his uncle for five years. I hope she was as writes Zuzana Kasparova. So, if you want comfortable as we were. After settling in, the modern amenities in magnificent settings sunshine called and we set off to explore the and only want to spend an hour on the train, 94 acres of parkland, landscaped by a contempothis is the place for you. rary of Capability Brown. From the station, A lengthy stroll around it is only few minutes’ the house revealed various drive by taxi to Hartwell hidden treasures and where, on arrival, we were surprises around every warmly welcomed by the corner, be it church ruins hotel director Matthew or 18th century sculptures. A C Johnson and house We also discovered two manager Adam Parsons. all-weather tennis courts Sir Simon Jenkins Our room was located on and in the gardens many the first floor of this stunning historical house of the herbs and vegetables are grown for the with a view overlooking the lush grounds. hotel kitchen. Hartwell House has a remarkable history: its After a couple of hours walking, we were most famous resident was Louis XWIII, exiled really tired and that was a signal to enter the King of France, for five years from 1809. And Hartwell Spa, housed in a splendid building once a property hosts royalty, standards are set. modelled on an orangery and containing a Hartwell House has 30 bedrooms and suites generous-sized swimming pool, spa bath, steam on three floors. All of the ‘boudoirs’ (Louis room, saunas, hot tub and gymnasium. XWIII’s term) on the first floor, where we They also have four treatment rooms were accommodated, have been named after providing a wide range of enjoyable massages members of the Bourbon family. Many of the and facials you only ever have on a mini-break. rooms have four-poster beds and all are decoThe house is an ideal setting for special rated in a style reflecting the character of the occasions such as weddings or anniversaries,

“Hartwell is the best that can happen to a great house if there is no family to guard it”

Lockton Real Estate & Construction wish you a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year

and might even stretch to hosting a princely barmitzvah. We ended our first day at Hartwell with a delicious three-course meal by candlelight accompanied by live piano music. After breakfast the following day, Adam kindly gave us a guided tour around the house, which has both Jacobean and Georgian features. There are outstanding decorative ceilings and panelling, fine paintings and antique furniture in its elegant and spacious rooms. I was most taken with the dramatic Gothic hall and staircase, with its Jacobean carved figures, one of them even featuring Sir Winston Churchill. After our stay, I was not only fully rejuvenated and relaxed, but keen to tell friends about the place. What I will remember most is the pride and passion of the staff at Hartwell House looking after this historical gem, where all guests feel like blue bloods, no matter what their pedigree happens to be. A night at Hartwell House Hotel starts from £250 pp/pn

Zuzana in the Duchesse d’Angouleme’s boudoir and, left, Hartwell’s stunning grounds in all their glory



For professional advice on your real estate, construction, contingent risk and legal indemnity requirements; please contact:

Paul Feldman +44 (0)20 7933 2454 paul.feldman@uk.lockton.com


Justin Warents +44 (0)20 7933 2222 justin.warents@uk.lockton.com


Real Estate & Construction are part Lockton Companies LLP. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. A Lloyd’s broker. Registered in England & Wales at The St Botolph Building, 138 Houndsditch, London,. EC3A 7AG. Company No,. OC353198

0203 675 7200 | info@allianzpark.com | allianzpark.com Allianz Park | Greenlands Lane | NW4 1RL

14 September 2017 Jewish News



Travel / Rosh Hashanah


THAN NEVER Brie Bailey has some last-minute travel ideas to kick off the new year in style...

Mare Monte Hotel in Greece

If the Jewish New Year includes resolutions, mine is to take more holidays – and you don’t have to travel too far for a last burst of sunshine. Greece is warm until mid-October and, judging from the way the community has taken to Mykonos, there’s still time to try another island. Spetses is the most remote of the Greek Argo Saronic islands and is small enough to explore over a long weekend. Secluded, hidden coves with sparkling clear seas and beaches close to waterfront hotels and pensions, Spetses is more traditional than Mykonos and more affordable. Stay at Mare Monte Suites, a boutique hotel that occupies an 18th century mansion

renovated by its owners, the Markou family. Located in the peaceful old neighbourhood of Agios Mamas, which is only a fiveminute walk from the harbour’s picturesque promenade,the property has six luxury units and availability now. Visit: maremonte boutiquehotel.com It may be too late to hear the shofar in Israel, but there are other festivals to enjoy there, and in places you may not have visited. Safed is a small picturesque town located in northern Israel, 900 meters (3200 feet) above sea level in the mountains of the Upper Galilee. It is one of the four holy cities together with Jerusalem, Hebron and Tiberias and is a truly charming town, consisting of narrow cobblestone alleys filled with artists’ galleries,workshops, museums, ancient synagogues and charming stone houses. Situated high up on the mountains in the heart of the artist’s colony Spectacular Safed

King David and Ruth Rimonim Hotels

d’Isere in France. stands Ruth Rimonim, one of the most picturDeparting 10 December, it is £599 per esque hotels in the world that is built on the person for seven nights and includes free lift ruins of a 17th century Turkish Khan. It has 76 passes, flights from Gatwick and Heathrow, elegant rooms with private facilities and West resort transfers, breakfast, afternoon End Travel can book it for you. West tea and a three-course evening meal endtravel.co.uk, 020 7644 1500. with wine. With evening childcare A new year resolution worth and entertainment thrown in, it’s time keeping is a commitment to stay at the to get your skates (skis) on. Visit: The King David Hotel in Jerusalem, markwarner.co.uk or call before you get any older. Overlooking 0333 305 9795. the Old City of Jerusalem and steeped The pound may not look like much in history, there is a reason why this against the dollar, but New York is hotel is the preferred choice of world still as fabulous, and never more so leaders and celebrities. Val D’Isere capthan in December. Naomi Mendel at Renowned for its warm welcome, tion to go here Hays Travel is a big fan of the city that never tastefully appointed guest rooms, suites and sleeps, and can put together a weekend package function halls, Travelink will book it for you that takes in tours in time for Simchat Torah. Visit: travelinkuk. and restaurants. NYC com or call 020 8931 8000. welcomes you with If you are ready to embrace the cold, open arms, and so Mark Warner’s Big Ski Sale is on, and enthusiwill Naomi. astic skiers can take advantage of the free Call 020 3384 0564, lift pass deal, valid on all dates across the or email naomi. season, saving up to £263 per person. You must mendel@hays book by 9 October 2017 and a sample package -travel.co.uk would be a stay at the Chalet Hotel Le Val New York City


Jewish News 14 September 2017


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