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22 MARCH 2018


Seder with style Matzah in Ibiza Jewish Museum Paris Plus food, fashion and travel

Edited by Brigit Grant



Jewish News 22 March 2018

Long Lasting


Kosher for Passover & All Year Round

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22 March 2018 Jewish News



Art recreates life / Passover


JEWISH PEOPLE ARE NOTICEABLE by their absence in the Bayeux Tapestry, which is being lent to us in five years time by French President Emmanuel Macron. Our only connection to this 11th century hand-embroidered artifact is that its depiction of the Norman conquests in 1066 precedes the arrival of the Jews in England at William’s invitation. Of course, the sewing of the tapestry was over by then or there might have been a few more Harolds and one or two Irvings in the 70 metres of wool yarn, but it’s not a problem.

According to JN cartoonist Paul Solomons, there is a tapestry that predates Bayeux (see cover), with its depiction of the Egyptian conquests in 1391 BCE (before common era) and Moses inviting the Jews to the Promised Land. It’s all there from the birth of Mo to the crossing of the Red Sea and, on 30 March in Jewish homes across the globe, we will tell this story again, as it has caught on as a story in a way the Norman conquests never did. As for the tapestry below, in time it will fade and then we can lend it to the French.



Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / A plague on all your tables!

Turning THE TABLES Brigit Grant discusses the benefits of a themed seder table – and those who prefer to keep it simple FROM MICKEY MOUSE holding a piece of matzah to Dumbledore’s spells in a Haggadah, Passover ain’t what it used to be. The prayers and rituals performed on the evening of the 15th day of Nisan of the Hebrew calendar are the same, but the settings in which they now take place have been jazzed up by hostesses who enjoy putting their own spin on a seder. The arrival last year of The ‘unofficial’ Hogwarts Haggadah by Moshe Rosenberg was a gift to Muggles hoping to add some magic to their Magid reading. Let loose in Exodus, Harry Potter could have gone wild with his wand amid the plagues, but the author has stuck within the parameters of Passover and taken the philosophical route. Still let loose with the theme for a table, I could have floating candles (on strings), Ravenclaw amulets on wine glasses and Hufflepuff charoset. And I bet I wasn’t the only one. In other homes, other hosts, intent on bringing popular culture to the chagim, turned melons into plagues of frogs or made the service toddler-friendly with pastel plates to match. Given we know how the story ends every year, it is arguable that recreating the Red Sea parting with Lego figures makes it more exciting, but as the photos show, some of us still like to keep it simple.

Meet the cooking wizardess of Oz In Australia Amanda Ruben has become the face of Jewish cooking. In many ways she is a self-taught chef because her mother – a medical scientist turned caterer – was always busy working and did not have time to teach her daughter the ways of the kitchen. “My mother came from a very traditional Eastern European Jewish background – think cabbage rolls, gefilte fish and borscht – but her food always pushed the boundaries,” says Melbourne- raised Amanda who first wrote about food for the Australian Jewish News before turningto cooking full-time like

her mother and opening her own shop amd cafe Miss Ruben. “Even when my mum retired she still was too busy to teach me what came so naturally to her. And she never heard of writing down a recipe which is in part my inspiration for putting together my book, Feasting (published by Hardie Grant Books). The book brings together her fresh takes on classic recipes, as well as favourites from her cafe and deli such as carrot salad with miso tahini, Middle Eastern fruit salad with cashew cream, and a wicked recipe for pastrami. Amanda also has a menu for Passover.

22 March 2018 Jewish News



Table delights / Passover

Hunger Neglect Poverty Abandonment Serious illness Alcoholism Physical abuse Sexual abuse Drug addiction Bereavement PE SAC H
































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This Pesach, help Emunah break the cycle of 10 modern plagues to support Israel’s most vulnerable and ‘at-risk’ children.

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Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / Cooking With Kids


For Little Chefs

When Pesach catering starts to take its toll, let the children do the cooking, says Denise Phillips. Here are four breakfast recipes made with minimal ingredients that are the perfect substitutes for toast and cereal. All you have to do is clear up after them

Passover Blueberry Muffins I love these blueberry muffins – breakfast on the run and a lunch box snack or treat when needed! They freeze, too, so make them in advance. PREPARATION 15 minutes


150g cake meal 100g ground almonds 2 teaspoons Passover baking powder ½ teaspoon salt 110g butter 200g caster sugar 1 teaspoons vanilla essence 2 eggs 100ml milk 225g fresh or frozen blueberries (if using frozen, defrost and drain any excess liquid before cooking)

TIME COOKING 30 minutes

METHOD 1 Preheat oven to 160ºC / Gas 3.

MAKES 16 muffins

2 Line muffin tin with paper cases. 3 Mix cake meal, grounds almonds, baking powder and salt together and set aside. 4 Cream butter, sugar and vanilla essence until light and fluffy. 5 Add eggs and beat well. Add milk and cake meal mixture. Beat until combined. Stir in blueberries. 6 Fill muffin cases so they are two-thirds full. 7 Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until just golden.


Matzah Granola Breakfasts at Pesach can be a challenge to satisfy the family; this nutritious matzah cereal certainly helps to put off hunger pangs until at least 11am. It is delicious with milk or used as a topping for crumble or fruit pies. It is also super-portable for when you’re rushing out the door to visit family or doing activities with your children. Just bag it up and go. PREPARATION 10 minutes


Image courtesy of Neale James Photography

1 large box matzah (300g) – broken up into small pieces 400g pecan pieces 200g desiccated flaked coconut 200g slivered almonds 300ml honey 150ml vegetable oil 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon salt 100g raisins

TIME COOKING 20 minutes

METHOD 1 Heat oven to 180ºC / 350ºF / Gas mark 4.

MAKES 15-20 servings

2 Line two baking trays with non-stick baking parchment. 3 Combine matzah pieces, pecans, coconut and almonds in a large bowl. 4 Stir honey, oil, cinnamon and salt in a medium-sized saucepan. Heat over medium-high heat until boiling. 5 Pour over the matzah mixture; toss until evenly coated. 6 Spread mixture evenly onto prepared baking trays. 7 Bake 15 to 20 minutes, tossing occasionally, so the mixture browns evenly. 8 Toss matzah mixture with raisins; let cool completely. Store in an airtight container at room temperature or in the refrigerator. It will keep for several weeks.

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22 March 2018 Jewish News



Cooking With Kids / Passover

Mediterranean Omelette

Apple Matzah Brei

This is a tasty savoury omelette made with thinly-sliced potatoes, tomatoes, olives and red peppers. It is perfect for a substantial breakfast or packed school lunch, easy to slice and to carry in a lunch box. SERVES 6 people PREPARATION 20 minutes TIME COOKING 30 minutes

Breakfast or brunch – apple matzah brei is the perfect answer. Using Pesach storecupboard ingredients, this is easy to make and will hopefully satisfy hungry ‘little mouths’ for more than 10 minutes! SERVES 2-4 people PREPARATION 15 minutes TIME COOKING 10 minutes



250g baby new potatoes –thinly sliced 1 small red onion – peeled 2 tablespoons olive oil 6 eggs 1 red pepper – cored and roughly chopped 12 cherry tomatoes – cut in half 12 black olives – cut in half Salt and freshly ground black pepper

METHOD 1 Cook the potatoes in boiling water for about five to eight minutes until just soft. Drain and set aside. Slice the onion into rings. 2 Heat two tablespoons of the olive oil into a 20cm heavy-based frying pan. 3 Add the sliced potatoes and the onions and cook over a low heat for about 10 minutes until the potatoes are just golden. Remove from the heat. 4 In a large bowl, whisk the eggs together. Season well. Add the chopped red pepper, cooked potatoes, onions, tomatoes and olives. 5 Line the frying pan with baking parchment. 6 Heat the remaining tablespoon of olive oil in the frying pan. Pour in the potato mixture. Cook covered gently for 10 to 12 minutes until the mixture is set. Slide out of the pan onto a chopping board and cut into wedges.

4 large matzahs – broken into 4cm pieces 2 Granny smith apples – cored and finely chopped 1 tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon lemon juice 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 4 large eggs ¼ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon Passover baking powder Garnish: 1 red apple – cored and sliced

METHOD 1 Soak matzah in cold water for five minutes. Drain in a colander. 2 Mix the apple with the honey and lemon juice. 3 Whisk in one tablespoon of oil, eggs and salt, and mix together. Gently stir in matzahs. Mix in baking powder. 4 Cut a circle of baking parchment, slightly bigger than the frying pan. Insert into the frying pan (this prevents the matzah brei from sticking to the pan). 5 Heat one tablespoon oil in a frying pan over medium heat. 6 Spread matzah mixture evenly in the frying pan, pressing gently. 7 Cook until underside is golden, about four minutes. Transfer to plates.

PASSOVER MEMORY – DENISE PHILLIPS “When I was growing up, my mother, who was a great cook, would let me help her make the almond macaroons and cinnamon balls that she made every Pesach. Wearing a little apron tied around my waist and with my sleeves rolled up, I would have to kneel on a chair so I could reach the mixture…. The recipes were her mother’s and I still use them today, with a few variations. Because I was an identical twin, my mother would always make double the mixture, so my sister and I would have enough dough to make our share of biscuits without arguing! One important lesson I learnt from my mother was to cook them on a low oven temperature, about 150ºC, so they did not spread too much, and also to take them out when they are just cooked as they will harden as they cool.“

Y.F. Design Ltd.

Mediterranean omelette

Apple matzah brei



Jewish News 22 March 2018

AN OPEN DOOR ALL YEAR ROUND FOR PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES This year people we support have packaged and mailed our appeal with our Pesach Plague Dippers. It is your generosity that makes vocational and employment training possible.

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22 March 2018 Jewish News


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K empinsk i

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Basman/ Tenenbaum

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Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / Wine

Message with your BOTTLE Brie Bailey reveals wines with a story to make your seder sing


ery good drama needs more than one thread to make it interesting, and Passover is no exception. Granted the story itself is already packed with moments of tragedy (slavery), horror (the plagues) and adventure (the escape), but it’s familiar, so introducing other tales is a plus for the guest – and where better to start than with the wine? For as good as your tried and tested kosher tipple may be, it is unlikely to have a back story as fascinating as Cremisan, which is also kosher, but comes from a winery based at a monastery near Bethlehem and borders both the West Bank and Jerusalem.

With the mantra “cultivating peace through the vine”, the grapes used are grown from Shaffa (inside the Palestinian Territories) and Bet Jamal within Israel and the winery provides professional training and opportunities for local people from both sides. Founded in 1885 by an Italian missionary, Cremisan was built to care for the orphans in Bethlehem, and the winery was opened to create a source of income. However, years of cultivating the vineyards has turned Cremisan into a wine of international repute. And it is organically produced, but as a tale for your table, its uniqueness is the fact that it represents peace. There’s just as much story mileage to be had from Kishor, which is located in Kibbutz Kishorit, a home for adults with special needs, and they are all active contributors to life at the winery. The grapevines for

Full range available now New look packaging, enhanced shelf life, same great taste. For larger orders or for your communal sedarim please call us direct with your order 0208 802 1307 105 Dunsmure Road, N16 Tel: 020 8802 1307

Kosher for Passover


this kosher wine were planted in 2007 with the first harvest in 2010, but the grapes are extraordinary because of the terroir of the Western Galilee and its height above sea level. There are more tales to be had from MAIA as one of Israel’s most loved boutique wineries with its home in Kfar Tikva (the Village of Hope) where another residential community has people with special needs realising their potential through working in the winery. Then there are the stories behind the winemakers themselves. Eran Pick, is the only Israeli Master of Wine and through the Tzora Winery tucked away in the Judean Hills, and with the help of Jean-Claude Berrouet, the former technical director of Chateau Pétrus, has created some of the best wines in the country. And Itay Lahat, who despite being head of the Cellar Master programme at Tel-Hai College, lecturer at Ben Gurion University, consultant oenologist and viticulturist, also makes wine of such repute that it has been recognised by Wine Spectator and Jancis

The team behind Tzora Winery

Robinson OBE. 32°-34° Wines is the small independent importer bringing these Israeli labels to the UK after travelling the country sourcing wine of exceptional quality, but then discovered their remarkable stories. “In the past 20 years, a wine revolution has been underway, with internationally-trained Israeli winemakers returning home from France, California and Australia, bringing with them advanced winemaking techniques,” explains Dony Spiro of 32°-34°. “This has put Israel firmly on the map as one of the most exciting new wine regions, and its wines are achieving international recognition and winning prestigious awards.”

Ahead of Pesach, 32°-34° Wines have chosen a fantastic case of six boutique Israeli wines (three white and three red), to make readers’ seder night one to remember … hopefully!



Maia Mare White 2015 – Marsanne, French Colombard Maia Mare Red 2015 – Carignan, Mouvedre and Syrah Kerem Kishor White 2016 – Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier Kerem Kishor Red 2016 – Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Syrah Itay Lahat Lavan 2016 – Roussanne, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc Tzora Judean Hills Red 2016 – Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot These will be delievered to your door before Passover for £100 inclusive of VAT, duty and delivery charges. To place an order, email: sales@32-34 wines.co.uk quoting discount code DS2018 32°–34° Wines are pleased to announce exclusive rights to bring these wines to the UK


22 March 2018 Jewish News

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Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / Looking Lovely

Seder with

STYLE Louisa Walters get designer advice to create a Pesach table with pizzazz


hy is the Seder table different from all other tables? Because you sit at it for ages and it’s covered with symbolic stuff. Elijah’s cup, the matzah, the jug and bowl for handwashing, bottles of wine and the Haggadot. Some hosts even provide everyone with their own individual seder plate. Our family tradition is that everyone brings their own wine cup. Those who have a silver Kiddush cup bring that and those who don’t bring something else. I love seeing all the mismatched goblets on the table. Best of all, everyone takes their own cup home, which saves on the washing up! The seder table is at the heart of the evening and should reflect the festivity, and Mandy Chody, founder of interior design consultancy M&Y Interiors, agrees: “I always recommend a crisp white tablecloth for the seder table, to keep it clean and simple but, if you want to go for a dramatic evening look, ring the changes with a black cloth, red napkins and red flowers. Intersperse candles with the flowers along the centre and use charger plates in gold or silver… why shouldn’t the seder table be festive?” One of the biggest challenges is who sits where, and Mandy advises having a table plan and place cards to eliminate any potential clashes. “If you don’t have a big enough table, beg, borrow or buy trestles, but ensure they are at the same height for a uniform look. We had a client who regularly entertained lots of guests and we made her a long trestle table that attached to her original table, with the same top for a seamless finish,” says Mandy. “We made a hideaway section in the opening of her pocket doors to hide the additional table, making extendable eating very easy.”

“Creating a beautiful, stylish and ambient table for seder has never been easier,” says Joanna Hauptman, founder of bespoke furniture manufacturers Hyde House. “The idea is to adorn your dining table and create a warm, welcoming but stylish setting. Begin by selecting a theme or style that will carry through from your dining set and glassware to your flowers and napkins. With the plethora of dining sets and accessories available, there is something out there for every budget – from Tesco to John Lewis and from Zara Home to Anthropologie, the choices are endless. Don’t be afraid to create a contemporary look by selecting graphic printed or Oriental-style crockery and mixing it up with copper or gold-coloured cutlery to give a more eclectic feel.”

Joanna advocates the use of a tablecloth for a more traditional approach, and agrees with Mandy that it is a great idea to use plate chargers. “They can be highly decorative and add a sense of occasion to any gathering.” Lighting is also key. “A well-chosen pendant or chandelier over the table can create an important focal point for a room and give a subtle glow, but don’t underestimate the power of candles.* Used in repetition across a table in varying heights, votives and candlesticks can achieve an arresting, soft and inviting table setting,” says Joanna. “Flowers are often the pièce de résistance, and a well-designed and stylish vase is a worthwhile investment – particularly on a round or square dining table. Multiple bud vases can be very effective on a long rectangular dining table.”

to spend a fortune on tablecloths. Pick up a piece of fabric from The Cloth Shop on Portobello Road, and a different type of fabric in a contrasting colour to use as a runner. You could even dress the chairs with fabric if you wanted to, and tie a ribbon around each of them.” Olivia suggests having some fun in other ways, too, such as using a photo of each person as a place card or going with the theme of the festival and naming each of your guests as a different plague. “I once turned up at a seder with a box of locusts,” she says. “You’d be amazed what you can find on Amazon!” www.m-yinterior.com www.hydehouse.co.uk www.marionlichtig.com  Hyde House has its own range of decorative fragranced candles. Email joanna@hydehouse.co.uk for details

Interior designer Olivia Lichtig, who styles rooms and homes together with her mother Marion, agrees about the use of flowers. “Even if you don’t have a huge budget, spend what you can on flowers – they can change everything. Bulk out the arrangements with herbs, which create interest and lots of lovely fragrance. Flowers don’t have to just be for the table either – pin one to the back of each chair, for example.” Olivia likes the rustic look and recommends veering away from the ‘matchy matchy’. “If you have a large crowd, don’t even think about hiring chairs – get your guests to bring their own and embrace the eclectic look,” she says. She has some great ideas. “There’s no need


22 March 2018 Jewish News




Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / Hot seder

IBIZA SECOND NIGHT Alex Galbinski chats to model and homeware designer Caprice Bourret about her seder on a Balearic island and the remarkable Chabad rabbi who restored her faith


beautiful blonde on a sun-baked island and the commemoration of the Jewish exodus from Egypt make for an incongruous pairing – but not for Caprice Bourret. Next Saturday, the supermodel-turnedbusinesswoman will host a group of around 40 people in Ibiza for the second night seder, including some she has never met before. While the logistics are yet to be worked out, Caprice, who is renovating a home on the north side of the island, is very excited to throw out a welcome to guests who might not otherwise attend a seder. Her plan is to hire a restaurant – perhaps one run by Israelis – or an event space on the largest of the Balearic Islands. “The island has about 250-300 Jews; it’s quite a big community for such a small island, but a lot of people out there aren’t shomer Shabbat, and they aren’t particularly religious,” she tells me. “I want to do something to make seder fun, so they look forward to it, and not make it a

four-hour experience, otherwise I’ll lose people because they’ve never done it before.” Caprice has been in touch with Ibiza Chabad’s Rabbi Mendel Baitz, who will host a more traditional – and longer – seder, whereas she says: “I’m going to do the things that are absolutely necessary according to Halacha, but I’m going to shorten things. “You have to remember what is a mitzvah. What do you have to do for it to be a mitzvah for Pesach? You need the four cups of wine, you have to ask the four questions… you have to do the 15 steps, which we’ll do,” she says. Caprice’s guests will include her four-year-old sons, Jett and Jax, with her partner Ty Comfort, members of his family, her mother, Valerie, and friends of the couple who live in Ibiza. Ty and his family are not Jewish, and while Ty has celebrated Pesach with Caprice every year since they got together in 2011, this will be his family’s first seder experience. What do you think they’ll make of it, I ask.

She goes quiet for a moment and then laughs: “Oh dear! I don’t know!” Her sons, however, who attend cheder at the Chabad-run Village Shul in Hampstead, will be able to understand some of what is going on. “They go to shiurs on Sundays and they’re at the age when they’re taking things in. It’ll mean something to them, and therefore it’ll mean more to me,” she affirms. “It’s important for the children.” The family will use a Haggadah “for beginners” and Caprice is excited about setting the table scene. “I’m going to Kosher Kingdom to get stocked up, and will bring a massive, massive suitcase stocked full of supplies. “I’m going to have blue mesh to represent the sea, a whole bunch of my boys’ plastic people to represent the exodus story and I’m looking to buy a beard to represent Elijah. I’m going to make it animated, we’re going to act things out. I want the kids and my guests to have fun.” Becoming shomer Shabbat in her teens, Caprice now admits that she found some religious traditions less than inspiring. “A lot of the seders growing up, I always thought it was a chore, like ‘oh my goodness, here goes four hours of let’s go to sleep!’” While modelling and travelling – Caprice has been the cover star of more than 300 magazines worldwide and now owns her By Caprice lingerie and bedding ranges – she lost touch with her Judaism to a certain extent. She credits Chabad with reconnecting her to her roots and with making the religion more spiritually interesting. “Chabad is kind of like that – it dives more into the spiritual level and I think that’s why I like it so much,” she says. “Chabad has brought me back and I go to shul, occasionally – which I’d never done before. I’ve gone to shul on my own if the boys didn’t want to and it resonates with me.” She took a study lesson with Rebbetzin Devorah Leah to find out more about Pesach and the seder, and adds: “I want it to have meaning – to get rid of egos, go back to humility, get rid of some of the bad habits. This is a different approach and it makes it more interesting. It’s still tradition, but also with the spiritual meaning behind it. “I want it to be a fun holiday, and it’s nice that

Caprice in Ibiza with Ty, right, and friends

we do the whole story, but I want to know, how does it pertain to our life? I want people to be able to relate to the whole seder experience a little more, and for it to have meaning. “Let’s take a look within and make ourselves better … this is what seder’s about. I want people to come out and say, ‘Wow, that was one of the best seders I’ve ever had – that was really interesting.’” Lest she sound too earnest, Caprice, who last year had surgery to remove a brain tumour (and says she still managed to do a massive house clean ahead of Pesach), is up for a laugh. “The year before last, I went to my friend’s house for seder and I got wasted because they had so much wine in the cups!” she exclaims. “This time we’re going to have wine and grape juice!” I ask if she eats matzah for the whole eight days and she says yes. Any bread? “No chance – it’s a great diet! I shouldn’t say that…but it gives me a great excuse to keep off the carbs!” For more information about, and to purchase Caprice’s products and her new bedding collection, visit https: //gobycaprice.com, www.very.co.uk, www.wayfair.com and www.grattan.co.uk

22 March 2018 Jewish News


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Chag Pesach Same’ach!

Rabbi Lisa Barrett, Honorary Officers, Council and staff of SWESRS would like to wish the entire Jewish community a very Happy Pesach. We invite you to join SWESRS members and guests for our Communal Seder on Saturday 31st March 2018 at 7.00pm. Please call the Synagogue office for tickets and further information: 020 8599 0936 Throughout the year our doors are always open, ready to welcome you to our wonderful choral, family and children’s Shabbat morning services, along with our weekly Tuesday Lunch Club and regular Neshamah meditation services too. We would be delighted to see you at any time of the year….

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Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / Tweets and Netflix

Passover tweets and the

UGLY AMERICAN Brigit Grant trawls Twitter for seder hashtags and corners comedian Rob Schneider

The Wingate & Finchley Football Club Would like to wish all of their members old and new

A very Happy Pesach

Based on how well he sings about Chanukah, Adam Sandler has to be on most people’s seder guest wish list. So imagine how it feels to be invited to the Zohan’s home for Passover. Rob Schneider knows because he has hunted for the afikoman more than once in Sandler’s home. “We’ve been friends since we worked on Saturday Night Live together – and that was 30 years ago, so if I’m in town I go to his seder,” says the comic actor best known for the film Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and other saucy roles in Sandler’s films. Rob was in London last week for one night only to test the comedic waters with his stand-up show, which has sold out across the States. “I was going to call the show The Ugly American, but that goes without saying. As for the theme, well, I consider it my job to challenge the audience and give them an interpretation or possible ways to see the world as it is without going mad.” The San Francisco-born funny man of Jewish/Filipino parentage currently has no faith in either of America’s political parties, but is particularly cynical about the Democrats. “The left represents intolerance in the guise of tolerance and while neither of the two major parties serve the people, censorship and the attack on free speech is coming from the left – and it is important to make fun of that. It’s too easy to make fun of Donald Trump, I would rather step up and make fun of the people making fun of him because there is an equal amount of phoniness and fake self-righteousness coming from them.” Along with reigniting his stand-up roots, Rob is also writing the third series of Real Rob, his TV docu-series on Netflix, which follows the trials of his everyday life with his real-life wife Patricia and daughter Miranda. Rob wrote, produced, starred in, directed and

financed the entire first season and makes a point of featuring the stresses of having a young child, a beautiful wife and being stalked by oddball fans. It also offers an insight into the benefits of fame, which includes living in a good neighbourhood in Los Angeles. “The Kardashians live across the street, and Justin Bieber, and Adam [Sandler] is close by,” notes Rob. For the record, the Schneiders, Bieber and the Kardashians don’t get together for street BBQs, but Rob does take his new daughter Madeline to baby music group at the Kardashians. Personally, I’d rather go to the Sandlers.  Visit robschneider.com for tour dates. Real Rob is on Netflix

22 March 2018 Jewish News



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Balfour 100

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Jewish News 22 March 2018


LOTS TO WINE ABOUT Pesach presents an intriguing combination of challenges posed by the drinking of a significant amount of wine at the seder. The seasoned wine lover who relishes dry ‘big reds’ favoured by the cognescenti looks forward to an evening in which the copious consumption of fine wine is lifted by becoming a key part of the awesome spiritual drama of the seder. However, these high alcohol and generally quite acidic wines are designed to complement food. With the Arba Cosos not covering consumption of wine at the seder meal for simchas, which does call for this style, we are left with drinking tannic high octane wines in quantity on their own, which apart from not showing them to fair advantage can be physically taxing (and sleep inducing!) to the drinker. For this reason, and especially for the first two Cosos drunk on an empty stomach after the rush of erev Pesach, we suggest trying lighter wines. Merlot is a popular choice, especially in French Bordeaux blends which tend to be less alcoholic. Here’s our seder selection... 1. Chateau Trijet (RRP: £14.99 on offer: £11.99) produced with organically grown grapes, is an harmonious mixture of Merlot (70%), and Cabernet Sauvignon (30%), 13.5% alcohol, Supervision: OU - Zekbach, silky tannins, good balance notes of red berries and spices fill the nose. 2. If you want to play it safe or prefer a semi-dry as an ‘aperitif’ wine, Lambrusco is a good choice, especially given it’s elegant bottle and lively fizz. Enjoyably semi-sweet and balanced out by the slight tannin, Lambrusco Rosa, a speciality of Italy’s Emilia wine region presents fragrant strawberry scents with hints of red fruits and spices. (white also available) 9.5% Alcohol (RRP£12.99 reduced to £12.99) Supervision - Rottenberg. 3. A welcome newcomer to the kosher wine scene and a very agreable option for the first two Cosos at a great price is: Memorias del Rambam, the first kosher wine from Utiel-Requena (Valencia, Spain) made from the local speciality grape Bobal, bright red colour and fruit-driven vivacity, refined but deep, structured, with a pleasant finish and an elegant balance, 12.5% alcohol offered at the great price of £12.99 (RRP: £17.99). Supervision OU. 4. Another ‘easy drinker’ to start things off is an old favourite (serve well chilled): Herzog’s White Zinfandel, a typical technically innovative Californian method of making a ‘blush’ (light pink wine) from a grape associated with alcoholic dry reds Lively and refreshing with aromas of fresh cut strawberry and cotton candy. A crisp texture, bright color and distinctive fresh taste. 10.5% Alcohol. (£10.99 reduced to £7.99) Supervision: OU, Rabbi Weinberger, Rabbi Teichman. 5. Next comes a wine which it is a privilege for Hadar to offer at a price which represents probably the best value on the market for an iconic and great Israeli wine: Recanati Wild Carignan Reserve, sourced from a unique ancient vineyard on the slopes of the Judean hills, where the roots of the vines must wind their way deep underground in a constant search for life-giving water. Carignan is emerging (like Cabernet Franc) as a grape which while worthy of producing good wines in it’s native south West France, like Malbec in Argentina is reaching new heights in Israel,




not to be missed! Alcohol: 14.5%Supervision: OU and Bedatz Beis Yosef. RRP: £32.99 reduced to £24.99. 6. Dessert calls for a sweet wine and a good choice would be Teperberg Essence Fortified ‘Port’ style. Unusually made from Merlot grapes and aged for 16 months this is not ‘cloying’ having a clean not overly extracted ‘raisiny’ profile and with some pleasing contrasting acidity. the nose is redolent of dried fruits, plums and chocolate morphing into a long satisfying finish. Alcohol: 16.1% Supervision Badatz Eida Chareidis RRP: £29.99 Hadar price: £22.99 7. After all the heavy reds, it might be wise to celebrate Hallel with some ‘fizz’! Yarden’s Brut Rose is about the closest you can get to Champagne, outside the jealously guarded corner of north east France and Hadar have reduced the price from £29.99 to £19.99. Given the reputation Yarden has for producing some of the best kosher Chardonnay, a key grape in Champagne making, truly a taste worthy of Royalty.




Other wine offers in store, suitable for various types of meals over yom tov: 8. Clos Mesorah reduced from £56.99 - £44.99 This represents the pinnacle of Spanish kosher wine making, achieving a score of 93 from ‘Wine Challenge’ Rich with concentrated and layered fruit, well integrating mouth coating tannin, building into a massive attack of spice, buttered herbs, and good cedar that fills the mouth. 9. Galil Mountain Yiron and Meron reduced from £32.49 to £21.99 – Quality for price winners at the top end of winemaking. Hadar are delighted to be able to offer the same price for remaining remarkable 2009 harvest bottles (normally £39.99). Yiron is a Cabernet Bordeaux blend while the Meron is a Syrah dominated ‘Israeli Meritage’. TO ORDER Hadar Kosher Supermarker 301- 303 Hale Lane Edgware HA8 7AX Call: 020 8958 4666




22 March 2018 Jewish News



Cherished Judaica / Passover

A lot on their PLATE Alex Galbinski goes in search of seder objects with meaning

The seder plate Gerry Gruneberg owns is not one you can find in any shop. It is neither elaborate, nor has it any monetary value. But for the 85-year-old and his family, it has a very special place on their table. Born in Leipzig, Germany, Gerry fled to England aged six with his parents, arriving a couple of days before the outbreak of the Second World War. His parents, Paul and Grete, were both the only survivors of their close families. “My parents’ brothers and sisters and all their children were killed in the Holocaust,” says Gerry, who now lives in Borehamwood. However, in 1940, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, fearful of the possibility of spies among the German refugees, ordered many of the ‘enemy aliens’ into internment camps. “My mother was sent to the Isle of Man, where she became the camp’s hairdresser, and my father was sent on a ship called the Dunera with many other Jewish German and Italian refugees to Tartura, a camp in Victoria, Australia,” recalls Gerry. “Having been a top executive in a textile company, he became the camp’s cobbler and shoemaker.” Gerry’s father befriended Emil Frank, a teacher and chazzan in his native Germany, who became the camp’s rabbi and carpenter. While in Tartura, he fashioned a seder plate out of plywood for them all to use. Coincidentally, Gerry and his mother became friendly with Emil’s wife and children on the Isle of Man. “So much so that when we got released, we shared a house with the Franks,” Gerry says. “When the men came back from Australia in 1942, they joined us, bringing with them the seder plate. When the Franks eventually made aliyah more than 50 years ago, they left the seder plate with my parents, and when I got married, my father gave it to me. We used it until my children got married, and my youngest daughter, Karen, 54, has it now. We use it to this day. “It’s a big link to our past and indirectly to what happened to us when we came to England, and to the family that we lost. It’s very unusual because nowadays they’re all manufactured and designed, but this is a very basic seder plate. It meant a lot to me, and means a lot to my three children and eight grandchildren – they all know its history.” A crystal goblet will take pride of place on Sharon Katz’s seder table in Efrat, Gush Etzion, Israel, having been treasured for years and transferred across continents by her great-grandfather.  Reb Avraham Zvi Kletzkin was the shammas of a little shtetl on the outskirts of Slonim, on the

border of what was then Poland and Russia, at the end of the 19th century. Aside from having to wake everyone up for shul in the morning, he was also tasked with guarding the synagogue’s wine. “This may not seem like a big deal, but the area in which my great-grandparents lived was overrun with pogroms, just like in Fiddler On The Roof,” explains Sharon. “Cossacks came riding in on their houses, burnt homes, ransacked everything and stole whatever they could.” Under her great-grandfather’s kitchen table was a secret hole in which he kept the wine and his own Kiddush cup. “Lined with gold around its lip, it was the only precious thing the family owned,” says Sharon. After the pogrom of 1903-4, her great-grandfather, a former tailor who had made uniforms for the Czar’s army, decided to send his older sons to America to earn their keep and be able to bring over the rest of the family. He had taught them his craft, and in America they worked as tailors, eventually earning enough money to send for the other three brothers. In 1913, they all sent for their parents and two younger siblings. “The family was as poor as Tevye,” admits Sharon, 62, “but they had one special item they brought to America; my greatgrandparents Kiddush cup. It still has gold around the lip, its crystal stills sparkles, and it is treasured more than any other possession we have.”

Nikki Tapper, star of television show Gogglebox, uses her late grandmother (her father’s mother) Belle’s seder plate, which she admits is not fancy. “It’s china and the segments come out. It’s quite old-fashioned and not one I’d choose if I were buying one, but it’s my grandma’s and it’s sentimental.” The forty-five-year-old, who lives in Edgware with her husband and two children, shares the seder plate around her large family. “It’s a special time because we all get together and we take it in turns to make seder and use my grandmother’s plate. Someone volunteers to host, but if you don’t keep Pesach, you can’t use it.” The family, with around 45 members on Bella’s side, can get a bit boisterous – in a good way. “We’re all a bit lively and rowdy,” Nikki laughs. “One year,

we kept stealing my grandma’s brother’s cutlery and he didn’t realise. We always get told off for talking by the older generation – they say we’re older now and don’t need to talk, but we have great fun.” Susan Azulay’s seder plate, which looks like Spanish pottery, is also quite simple in design, but it was a gift from Rabbi Emanuel Levy, who officiated at her wedding to Jonathan in 1997. He also officiated at Jonathan’s barmitzvah in Southend, so the plate is cherished by the couple. “We celebrated and hosted our first seder five weeks after we were married and have hosted first night seder in our home ever since,” explains Susan, 46, who lives in Canons Park. “The plate reminds me of our wedding and of Rabbi Levy and that’s why it’s so special,” she affirms. As Jews are commanded on Pesach to tell the story of our exodus from Egypt, personal items such as seder plates and goblets handed down the generations help us to connect to our family’s heritage.



Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / The Inbetweeners As Pesach approaches, we’re reminded that Chol HaMoed is the perfect time for memorable family outings. A picnic a party, a museum or a film – it’s all about time together with a matzah or two in tow! But what to do? Cue the Kidadl app (kidadl.com) which was founded by Finchley Reform Synagogue member and mum of three, Hannah Feldman who wanted a better way to discover and book brilliant days out she knew her children would love. Kidadl started in 2016 as a Facebook community for like-minded local parents, but grew to include tens of thousands of Londoners who wanted access to the best of what’s on for their family – personalised to the ages and interests of their kids. Here are Hannah’s top picks for Chol HaMoed, which can all be found and booked on the Kidadl app. SUNDAY, 1 APRIL Superflex: One Two Three Swing! Tate Modern Defy gravity as you swing through the Tate Modern’s famous Turbine Hall. The installation isn’t going to be up for much longer, and it’s a must-visit for everyone wanting a little lift. Open Sunday, 1 April, Monday, 2 April (10am-6pm) Family Takeover, Camden Arts Centre Drop in to the Drawing Studio to work alongside professional artists and other artsy families and create your own works of art. Explore key themes and work with everyday objects to inspire truly unique creations. Open Sunday, 1 April (2pm-4.30pm) MONDAY, 2 APRIL Day Out with Thomas, Buckinghamshire Railway Centre All aboard a fantastic day out with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Little fans will be thrilled to meet the Fat Controller and take a ride in a steam train. Open Sun 1 April, Monday, 2 April (10.30am-5pm)

FESTIVE FUN Dinosaur Trail, Knebworth House Explore the Wilderness Garden and encounter prehistoric creatures, from a T-Rex to a woolly mammoth along the way. Pick up a trail quiz and tick off all 72 ancient beasts you encounter as you meander the woodland paths. Open every day of Chol HaMoed (11am-5pm) TUESDAY, 3 APRIL DC Exhibition: Dawn of Superheroes, O2 Arena Delve into the DC universe to explore the world of comic book heroes and villains. Superhero fans young and old will delight in a behind-the-scenes look at legends such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, and much more. Open Sunday, 1 April from 9.30am; all other days of Chol HaMoed from 10am Pinocchio, Lyttelton Theatre Watch a lonely puppet become a real boy in this magical classic tale at the Lyttelton Theatre. Sing along to your favourite songs, and ‘give a little whistle’. Showing every day of Chol HaMoed (7pm, additional matinee performance at 2pm on Wednesday, 4 April)

WEDNESDAY, 4 APRIL Stories & More! Forty Hall & Estate Escape into a world of stories, rhymes and craft activities. Younger children will be enchanted by the stories followed by a visit to the estate farm, where they can meet sheep, ducks, goats, and more. Open Wednesday, 4 April (10.30am) Burgh House and Hampstead Museum Pack a matzah picnic and head to this house steeped in art and history, where you can dress up in old-fashioned costumes, take part in interactive trails and quizzes, and attend art workshops and exhibitions. Kids of all ages will be totally immersed. Open Sun, 1 April, Wed, 4 April and Thurs, 5 April (12pm-5pm) THURSDAY, 5 APRIL Cloud 9, Francis Combe Academy Get into gear for the ultimate obstacle course, combining Ninja Warrior, Gladiator and Total Wipeout. If you’re up for an energetic day of fun, this is the perfect activity to get you moving. Open Monday, 2 April - Thursday, 5 April (10am-5pm) Charles II: Art & Power Family Challenge Buckingham Palace Travel back to the 17th century in the Queen’s Gallery and find out whether you’d have been one of the king’s trusted advisors or if you’d have been banished abroad as you play an historic adventure game. Open every day of Chol HaMoed (10am-5.30pm)

22 March 2018 Jewish News



Funny Games / Passover

& GAMES Keep everyone laughing on the night of all nights with some Hebrew humour... Why do we have a Haggadah at Passover? So we can seder right words.

This is a little known tale of how God came to give the Jews the Ten Commandments.

A Game of Two Halves Introducing Jewish Monopoly, the Hebrew edition of the strategic business game that combines the mitzvot and Jewish values with a throw of the dice. And then there’s Egyptians, where the object of the game is to become Supreme Pharaoh by collecting a full set of Pharaoh cards and safely entombing them in your pyramid.

God first went to the Egyptians and asked them if they would like a commandment. “What’s a commandment?” they asked. “Well, it’s like, THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY,” replied God. The Egyptians thought about it and then said, “No way, that would ruin our weekends.” So then God went to the Assyrians and asked them if they would like a commandment. They also asked: “What’s a commandment?” “Well,” said God, “It’s like, THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.” The Assyrians immediately replied, “No way. That would ruin our economy.” So finally God went to the Jews and asked them if they wanted a commandment. They asked, “How much?” God said, “They’re free.” The Jews said, “Great! We’ll take TEN!”

Chag Pesach Sameach Any

6 £5

A little boy returned home from Hebrew school and his father asked: “What did you learn today?”


“The rabbi told us how Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt,” said the boy. “How?” asked his father. The boy said: “Moses was a big, strong man, and he beat Pharoah up. Then while he was down, he got all the people together and ran towards the sea. When he got there, he had the Corps of Engineers build a huge pontoon bridge. Once they got on the other side, they blew up the bridge while the Egyptians were trying to cross.” The father was shocked. “Is that what the rabbi taught you?” The boy replied, “No. But you’d never believe the story he DID tell us!”

£1 each

1 50g

1 50g

Rabbi Steven Dansky, Rabbi Yaacov Gary SingerNewman and Rabbi Yaacov Singer and Reverend the Honorary of Management Reverend GaryOfficers Newman,and theBoard Honorary Officers and of Board of Management of

3 0 0g

Redbridge United Synagogue

wish everyone a and wish everyone a Happy Healthy New Year and well over the Fast

Happy Pesach

Sinclair House Woodford Bridge Road, Redbridge 020 3031 6929


w/c 19/03/18 Available in selected stores. Whilst promotional stocks last. Offer/prices may vary at morrisons.com and Morrisons Daily. Rakusen’s Passover Matzo Crackers and Rakusen’s Tea Matzos £1, 67p/100g • Rakusen’s Passover Flame Baked Matzos £1, 33.3p/100g.


Jewish News 22 March 2018


Passover / Plague Time


Jewish News cartoonist Paul Solomons says: ‘You’ve Haggadah have a go’

22 March 2018 Jewish News



Chefs / Passover

MASTERCHEFS Louisa Walters gets seder recipe inspiration from professionals

OR GOLAN is the culinary genius behind Delicatessen, the fabulous new kosher Middle Eastern restaurant in Hampstead. He says: “Pesach for me is all about family. If you go to Luton or Heathrow in the days leading up to the holiday, you’ll find all the Israeli kosher restaurant staff, which means that we go straight from the airport to the family home full of family members, food and love. This transition from regular nights to chag night is a very special time for me. “I love the fact that in most traditional Jewish homes, during Passover we eat seasonal food you can only find this time of year: super fresh lamb, artichokes, broad beans and wild garlic. For me that’s a real treat! One of my favourite dishes is a stuffed lamb shoulder – it can be prepared and cooked the day before (in fact it’s better this way) – and just reheated to serve at seder.”

NATALIE ALLEN owns Sweet Things bakery and café in Primrose Hill. “A chocolate orange combination is always a winner for me for dessert on seder night,” she says. “It reminds me of dark chocolate-coated orangettes we used to have at Pesach growing up. At Sweet Things, we make a chocolate orange cake packed with ground almonds – it’s completely gluten free and Pesach friendly. Without the ganache, it’s dairy free too. It’s always really popular in my shop and with my family.’ Natalie’s cake recipe is a well-kept secret but there are plenty around, such as Nigella’s. SAMUEL GABAY grew up in Israel just after the declaration of Independence when the country was starting to get on its feet. He joined the army and fought in the Yom Kippur and Six-Day War. But his adult life has been spent here in the UK and, in 1985, he opened Sami’s, the first kosher restaurant in London. “I host the seder at home surrounded by family members and guests and our special dish is a traditional roasted lamb, which is connected

to the Korban Pesach (the sacrificial lamb) .We also serve chicken with potato latkes, which is the children’s favourite, and Sami’s specialty chopped liver, which we make with chopped onion, eggs, salt and pepper, and herbs.” JULIETTE JOFFE and husband Russell own restaurants across north London – Chez Bob, Monkey Nuts and Café Bob, which is opening in Mill Hill after Pesach. “We host a large seder at home and my husband is in charge of the main course – he makes a superb beef tzimmes,” she says. “It’s the perfect dish for seder as it can be prepared in advance, it feeds a lot of people and it’s sweet, savoury and warming all at the same time. The base is brisket, to which he adds garlic, onions, carrots, prunes, apricots and cinnamon. Delicious!” Born in Paris to Tunisian parents, caterer and cookery teacher FABIENNE VINER brings colour and variety to her seder table in the form of many interesting salads to start with, followed by Msoki, a mixed meat dish with loads of vegetables. “We are able to eat kitniyot

at Pesach, which helps,” she says, “but we often have guests to seder who can’t, so I have to cater for them too. The Msoki has a range of meat, such as chuck, brisket and rib, plus I add bone marrow for extra taste. I let the meat cook for an hour and then add lots of different vegetables, herbs and allowable spices, and let it cook in the oven for four hours. Our family tradition is to break up matzah on the top.” Fabienne’s salads include potatoes with cumin and grated eggs, carrots with coriander and harissa, courgettes with crushed nuts, harissa, olive oil and lemon juice, and a variety of aubergine dishes. For dessert, she serves a Genoese cake with orange-blossom ice cream. “One of my favourite childhood memories is of the night before seder, when the family would gather in the kitchen to eat baguettes with grilled meats and a special dip made with chopped parsley, coriander, harissa, olive oil and lemon,” says Fabienne. “We would fill the bread with the meat and be careful not to drop any crumbs! My mum would cover the table with foil and we would eat straight off it.”

Or’s stuffed lamb shoulder with Swiss chard, rice, dried fruit and nuts Serves 6


2.5kg boneless lamb shoulder, flattened 400gr basmati rice, washed 100gr toasted mixed nuts One bunch Swiss chard, washed and coarsley chopped Two bunches coriander or parsley, coarsley chopped 100gr chopped mixed dried fruits Handful ras al hanout Salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 150 C

Boil 400ml water in a medium sauce pan, add the rice and cook covered over low heat for eight minutes until the rice is half cooked. Allow to cool. Place cling film over a clean and spacious work place. Place lamb shoulder on top and rub with ras al hanout and seasoning on both sides. Mix the rice with Swiss chard, herbs, nuts and dried fruits and add three teaspoons of ras al hanout. Using a large tablespoon place the filling in the middle of the lamb then wrap the shoulder around it (like a tortilla wrap). Form a very tight roulade by righting and folding with the cling film a few times. When very tight wrap with aluminium foil. Place in a roasting tray in and bake for two hours. Remove foil and film and cut into thick slices. You can heat the slices 15 minutes before you wish to serve to guests. Garnish with fresh herbs, pomegranates, olive oil and honey.

Tip: this dish is best cooked a day before - remove the roulade from the oven and keep in the fridge overnight.

Tzedek’s Stories of Freedom This Pesach, support our work empowering communities and creating economic freedom. As our thoughts turn to re-telling and celebrating our journey to freedom, we also think of those who are still not free from extreme poverty. This Pesach, please buy one of our Seder table tokens to tell the stories of three women our work has empowered and directly support our education and livelihoods work in Northern Ghana and India. With each purchase you will receive a token as a visual reminder of those still not free this Pesach, a story to re-tell, and make a valuable donation to Tzedek to enable us to further our international development work. To find out more about our Stories of Freedom this Pesach please visit our website: www.tzedek.org.uk or phone Lucy on 0203 603 8120



Jewish News 22 March 2018

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.J/DPE&XWOHWV 3Kg Lamb Cutlets Â&#x2026;3NJ ÂŁ14.95 P/kg

6SHFLDO2IIHUVIRU Special Offers for Passover 2018! 3DVVRYHU First course: )LUVWFRXUVH

3Kg Chicken Schnitzels .J&KLF .J&KLFNHQ6FKQLW]HOV ÂŁ9.95 P/kg Â&#x2026; Â&#x2026;3NJ

Chopped liver & egg and onion Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘&KRSSHGOLYHU HJJDQGRQLRQ GeďŹ lta ďŹ sh Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘*HÂżOWDÂżVK Moroccan ďŹ sh (salmon) Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘0RURFFDQÂżVK VDOPRQ

Prime Bola .J3ULPH%ROD ÂŁ13.50 P/kg Â&#x2026;3NJ

Second course: 6HFRQGFRXUVH Chicken soup Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘&KLFNHQVRXS Â&#x2021; 9HJHWDEOHVRXS

Main course: 0DLQFRXUVH â&#x20AC;˘ Roast chicken or savoury chicken Meat balls Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘5RDVWFKLFNHQRUVDYRXU\FKLFNHQ Roast potatoes Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘0HDWEDOOV Ratatouille, courgettes or tsimas Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘5RDVWSRWDWRHV Mixed Israeli salad Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘5DWDWRXLOOHFRXUJHWWHVRUWVLPDV â&#x20AC;˘ Coleslaw salad Â&#x2021; 0L[HG,VUDHOLVDODG â&#x20AC;˘ Fresh fruit salad dessert Â&#x2021; &ROHVODZVDODG Â&#x2021; )UHVKIUXLWVDODGGHVVHUW

3Kg Chicken Mince .J&KLFNHQ0LQFH .J& ÂŁ7.00 P/kg Â&#x2026; Â&#x2026;3NJ

All for ÂŁ15 per head If you would like to change any of these dishes in the $OOIRUÂ&#x2026;SHUKHDG

main course, the price will be changed to ÂŁ17 per head ,I\RXZRXOGOLNHWRFKDQJHDQ\RIWKHVHGLVKHVLQWKH â&#x20AC;˘ Cooked goulash PDLQFRXUVHWKHSULFHZLOOEHFKDQJHGWRÂ&#x2026;SHUKHDG

â&#x20AC;˘ Braising steaks Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘&RRNHGJRXODVK Chinese Turkey Â&#x2021; %UDLVLQJVWHDNV Â&#x2021; &KLQHVH7XUNH\

3Kg best mince .JEHVWPLQFH ÂŁ7.80 P/kg Â&#x2026;3NJ

wish WeHZ LVKaDlOlOoRur c : XUFust ha XVWome g K a C s h D &KDJ.a DVKer RPHrUsV& Am Y ael HUV  9eH'Sa $P<isr LVUDHO

6Dmeach! PHDFK We are under the strict supervision of the London Board of Shechita. All our meat is Glatt kosher and Chalak Bet Yosef

&RQVXOWRXUZHEVLWHIRUD & RQVXO Consult our GHOLYHU website for a delivery in your area GHOLYHU\LQ\RXUDUHD All these offers are for IN STORE only and not on deliveries. All these offers are for IN STORE only and not on deliveries.

Please pre order early to avoid dissapointment

15 Russell Parade, Golders Green Road, Golders Green, London NW11 9NN 5XVVHOO3DUDGH*ROGHUV*UHHQ5RDG*ROGHUV*UHHQ/RQGRQ1:11 Web: www.menachems.co.uk | Email: info@menachems.co.uk :HEZZZPHQDFKHPVFRXN_(PDLOLQIR#PHQDFKHPVFRXN

22 March 2018 Jewish News



Charity / Passover


The Jewish Deaf Association’s annual service allows everyone to hear the words

JDA member Moshe Moshy sets out a seder plate


hey come to catch up on the latest news, eat a good meal and retell the journey of the Jewish people’s escape from slavery. But the story of Passover unfolds not through the spoken word but with the hand movements of signers interpreting the rabbi. A seder at the Jewish Deaf Association really is different from all other seders because it brings together those who would be unable to participate in a traditional service, and it is the only one of its kind in Europe. “The JDA’s lively, fun and fully accessible seder enables everyone to join,” says chief executive Sue Cipin. “Most of the service is carried out by the deaf people themselves, who sign the various blessings and explanations. A highlight is the song Who Knows One?, during which each table signs particular verses for all to see.” The officiating rabbi’s explanations are interpreted into British Sign Language (BSL) by an experienced Jewish BSL interpreter and the asking of questions is encouraged and not restricted to the official four in the service. “Last year, I led the service for the first time and it was a remarkable experience,” says Rabbi Rachel Benjamin of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St John’s Wood. “It was a joy and a privilege and I am full of awe and admiration for the members of the Jewish deaf and deafblind community – and for the incredible work the charity does to support them.” Rabbi Benjamin will be back again this year to take the service on Wednesday, 28 March. “Every spoken word appears on a big screen too, so nobody misses out on a thing,” adds Sue, who last year welcomed all members and visitors to the newly-launched JDA cafe. “We have a kosher kitchen, serve delicious kosher meals and, together as a community, mark all the major Jewish festivals, but our interactive Passover seder is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives.” For more details about the JDA seder lunch on 28 March, call 020 8446 0502 or visit www.jdeaf.org.uk

ABOVE: JDA members ready for a delicious Passover meal LEFT: JDA member Ann Hart and Anne Senchal with Rabbi Rachel Benjamin, centre

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GLEAN FOR THE NEEDY An Invitation to a Family Happening

Pesach 2018 Sunday April 1st 10:00-2:00

Fields located in Central Israel Centre manager Danielle Jacobs and JDA chief exec Sue Cipin with the JDA Haggadah

Pick vegetables for distribution to Israel's needy Please bring water, hats, closed shoes (A MUST!) sunscreen and comfortable clothes Serving as the country’s National Food Bank and leading food rescue network, Leket Israel works to alleviate nutritional insecurity in Israel. Each year, with the help of over 50,000 volunteers, Leket Israel rescues 2.3 million hot meals and 30+ million pounds of produce and perishable goods. Food that would otherwise go to waste is redistributed to 200 nonprofit partners serving the needy; reaching 175,000 people each week.

For Registration and Information:

varda@leket.org • +972.52.743.3541

Leket Israel HaSadna 11,P.O.Box 2297 Ra’anana, 4365006 www.leket.org

JDA member Ruth Lawrence explains the eating of the Hillel sandwich in sign language



Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / Norwood Farewell


As he steps down as chairman and trustee at Norwood, David Ereira offers advice for the future to our charities. He just hopes they will listen, he tells Brigit Grant


haring one’s anniversary with a

bike ride is unusual – but not for David Ereira. As the chairman of Norwood celebrating a 25-year association with the charity’s celebrated cycle rally is fitting, although ironically he doesn’t ride a bike. “I’ve never taken part in a rally, for which I’ve been berated,” says David, who does own a motorbike. “But to share my time with an extraordinary event that has raised £25 million in 25 years is special.” However, while the cycle challenges continue through 2018 across the frozen lakes of Finland and ancient trails of Nepal, David will retire as chairman and leaves the board on 31 March. This will be his first Passover in a quarter of a century that won’t be preceded or followed by ‘Norwood business’ – at least not officially. For although he has had a farewell party and toasted his successor Neville Kahn, it is unlikely any organisation could dispense with someone of his knowledge and experience in fundraising and services. So why let him leave? “Because it was time,” says David emphatically. “It is vital in the name of good governance for the old guard to make way for the new, and I chose to step down to

allow young talent to lead the way. For 25 years, I’ve been telling people to make room for a new generation. Now I have to set an example and do it myself.” While it is arguable that, at the age of 53, David is an infant in community leadership terms, he is fundamentally opposed to overstaying his welcome, as he was once the trailblazer who shook things up at Norwood after attending his first business breakfast. “At the time, I couldn’t understand why I was one of the youngest people at the event. I spoke to the then executive director Sam Brier and told him the charity was in danger of missing a whole generation of young supporters and the message that would connect them, albeit that it required careful handling because of confidentiality around Norwood’s services.” Less of a front man and more of a creative architect with a business brain, David was still willing to make enough noise in 1992 to gather a group of like-minded people and form Young Norwood (YN), and by holding the meetings in family centres, he familiarised supporters with the range of services the charity provided. The first Young Norwood event – a breakfast at Claridges – raised £40,000 in three minutes and other YN committees promptly sprung up,


David with Norwood’s Lady and Lord Mendelsohn, trustee Ronnie Harris and Boris Johnson


Donate Your Chometz to



Tuesday 20th March: 9am - 12pm Wednesday 21st March: 9am - 12pm at The GIFT Warehouse Above: David with the winners at Norwood’s Volunteer Recognition Awards at Allianz Park in 2017

Sunday 25th March: 11am - 2pm at The GIFT Warehouse, 61-63 Watford Way, Hendon, NW4 3AX Golders Green Beth Hamedrash (Munks), 9 The Riding, Golders Green, NW11 8HL Adeni Shul, 127-129 Clapton Common, Upper Clapton, Stamford Hill, E5 9AB

Left: David with David Cameron

Volunteers needed at the above times to help sort and pack. GIFT will store your chometz, sell it through Dayan Abraham & then distribute after Pesach. For more info call the 020 8457 4429 or info@jgift.org

www.jgift.org Registered charity 1153393

22 March 2018 Jewish News



Norwood Farewell / Passover

eventually taking them to their current figure of 3,500 young adults who are connected and helping to support the charity. Being asked to single out aspects of Norwood of which he is proud, he says, is like asking a father to discuss his children. “Where do I start? I have 80 services, a workforce of 2,000 supporting 4,000 individuals annually. I am proud of them all.” But he can be drawn on some of his more memorable moments, and cites sitting on Norwood’s long-term fostering and adoption panel for 10 years as one of them, and placing more than 70 children into family homes as one of his biggest accomplishments. “I got direct experience in all of the opera-

tional services, which enabled me to sit with David Cameron at Downing Street discussing the care bill, and I am very proud of organising the first communal conference to bring together special educational needs coordinators and headteachers and help them recognise issues within their schools.” Raised in Southgate by parents who impressed upon him the importance of tzedakah, David has been philanthropic since he was a small boy helping his mother hand out meals on wheels to the elderly. As a young man, he fought for the right to sit at the same table as older lay leaders and defied their preconceptions by contributing extensively. “I joined the board without having a chequebook. For some reason, it was perceived that if someone could write a cheque, they had the credibilty to lead. I would argue that leadership in our community is about having the talent to lead from the front and not from the pocket.” Now, as he exits from the Norwood podium, he hopes that long-serving trustees across the community will follow his lead and make room for young people with big ideas. “I also future gaze at where the community has come and what the challenges are ahead, and it concerns me. The community is shrinking, trust funds are diminishing and younger people won’t have the disposable funds for tzedakah that we do. “Because of this, smaller charities need to look at consolidating and bigger ones that overlap should join forces. My hope is that younger people will have the energy, ability and foresight to make that happen. We just have to let them do it.”

“Why is this night different from all other nights? Because for the first time in years, I’m going to be able to hear the service and join in the Seder. And it’s all thanks to JDA. They introduced me to this amazing piece of technology. It’s simple, portable and instantly I could hear more clearly. Now I can have proper conversations with my friends and family. My best moment? When I hear my little Libby sing the Ma Nishtana. It may not be in tune, but I’ll love it anyway!” We’re ensuring all people with hearing loss get the very best out of life

Support For Life

0208 446 0502 www.jdeaf.org.uk Charity Registration No. 1105845

David Ereira inspires members of Young Norwood at a charity event at Emirates Stadium

Left: David with YN members at an event in 2015 and, right, meeting the Queen in 2008



Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / Clean Up


The cleaning countdown has started and these products will help The Shark is the Gal Gadot of hoovers, i.e. Wonder Woman, which is required for Passover cleaning. Cord-free with Duo Clean and Flexology technologies (that’s two brush rolls removing dirt from carpets and hard floors), it is lightweight with a removable/rechargeable battery. From £249.99 at Amazon, Argos, Curry’s, Very, Sainsburys and direct from Shark at www.sharkclean.eu/uk

Don’t be alarmed if you hear that Israel is on red alert this week, as it has nothing to do with terrorism or security threats. The alert is a warning for parents – notably mothers – who leave their children unsupervised while cleaning for Passover. Evidently, while the grown-ups search for chametz, the kids get into all sorts of trouble, frequently ending up in A&E. And they aren’t the only ones intent on finding the last breadcrumb and making the windows shine; overzealous homeowners have been known to slip off worktops and ladders – or, more tragically, outside windowsills during the big sweep. So the removal of leavened products at Passover can be high risk, but it’s also a good time to splash out on new cleaning products and arm your children with a duster to keep them out of danger...


Clean dirty pans by warming up white vinegar and water to loosen dirt, then rub bicarbonate of soda around the pan with the pot scrubber for a sparkling clean finish.

CURTAIN CALL There’s no doubt your curtains need a good dusting and, although washing them is a pain, Phoenix Gold FreeFlight is a cordless iron, which means you can reach both ends of the ironing board without having to stop and untangle the cord. The ceramic soleplate heats up from cold in less than 30 seconds, and the reheat time, when placed back in the dock, is only six seconds. Stubborn creases are a thing of the past and this smooth piece of kit glides across all fabrics without sticking or snagging, while a precision tip gets to the trickiest areas around buttons or between pleats. £49.99, available from www.jmldirect.com

22 March 2018 Jewish News



Clean Up/ Passover The Minky Window Vacuum and Finishing Cloth has a spray bottle and microfibre head, which cleans windows, mirrors, tiles and showers. Designed for one-handed use. this is perfect if you have to hold on to a toddler at the same time. £29.99, www.minky.com

Passover spotless means cleaning behind the radiators with a Charles Bentley Heritage Radiator Brush. With a long, flexible wire, small brush head and wooden handle, it is perfect for dusting small spaces. £7.99, buydirect4u.co.uk

Bored with the bleach on the shelf and the smell of Cif ? Then try these sparkling products with fragrances that are almost edible..... Vamoose smells minty and cleans kitchens with a foaming action. (£4.99) Clean-ology lemongrass and orange glass cleaner is eco-friendly and full of essential oils to clean glass. (£4.99) Hob Heaven Ceramic Hob Daily Cleaning Spray and Antibacterial Ceramic Hob Cleaner ooze citrus and are non-scratch (£3.99). (£3.99) Orange Oil Wood furniture polish will conjure up an orange grove in Israel while nourishing your tables and chairs. (£6.99) All available from www.lakeland.co.uk and branches at Watford and Brent Cross

Your booba knows a good clean requires a bit of elbow grease, and that means going old school with the Charles Bentley Heritage Cleaning Caddy, which has a real scrubbing brush and ostrich feather duster. £12.99, buydirect4u.co.uk The Bentley microfibre triangle mop picks up dust and dirt without the need for detergents and is also great at tackling wooden floors. £7.99, buydirect4u.co.uk



Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / Giving

Passover GIFTS & TOYS Alex Galbinski suggests some fun gifts to keep children occupied that keep to the Pesach theme, while you get on with the prep that is needed…

The Playmobil History Pharoahs Pyramid has five mysterious chambers, each with a cunning puzzle or trap that will test the skills of any tomb raiders attempting to get their hands on the ancient treasure. £59.98 from www.johnlewis.co.uk

This corrugated paper craft set and felt finger puppet set to create the 10 plagues will certainly keep little ones busy for quite some time. Includes stick on eyes and other embellishments. £9.99 and £6.99, www.cazenovejudaica.com and Judaica stores/kosher supermarkets

My children loved working for their reward with this Egyptian excavation set, which includes a Sphinx, mummy and pyramid to dig out, a mummy skeleton and one of six assorted trinkets. £9.95, www.dotcomgiftshop.com A beautiful wooden and colourful camel jigsaw by Yair Emanuel will test children’s spatial awareness as well as teach them their aleph bet. £35, www.contemporaryjudaica.co.uk Visit Contemporary Judaica’s pop-up shop on Sunday, 25 March, from 10am to 6pm at JW3, 341-351 Finchley Rd, London, NW3 6ET.

Pesach cards with an inner chuckle will make any recipient smile. £8.50 for a pack of five, bellajacob.com

Rite Lite’s Passover memory game is a great way for children to learn and play over the eight days. £9.99, Judaica stores and some kosher supermarkets Anne Shooter’s second cookbook, Cherish, features recipes she cooks for her family, with flavours from the Middle East as well as Eastern Europe. £25, published by Headline Home

This beautiful seder plate by Elad Lifshitz, of award-winning Jerusalem-based design firm Dov Abramson Studio, is inspired by ancient Mesopotamian incantation bowls. £66 from www.etsy.com/uk

22 March 2018 Jewish News




Elegant Living for the Over 60s

Artist, Sculptor

Osprey Court gardens

For a special present visit the studio

Newly refurbished properties are available to buy in our outstanding Heathside development on the Finchley Road in Hampstead. Each property is equipped with 24-hour emergency systems and every development benefits from beautiful landscaped gardens, communal facilities such as lounge, guest suites, house/estate managers and on-site parking. Osprey also has properties in Marlborough (Town Mill SN8 1NS) and Bromley (Challoner Court BR2 0AB) - Each development can be viewed on our website.

020 8445 0054


Prices range from £325,000 – £610,000 Long Leaseholds


For further enquiries, please contact Lorraine Wash on

www.jackiekingcline.co.uk info@jackiekingcline.co.uk

(020) 8569 8364 or email lorraine.wash@ospreymc.co.uk

10 Golders Green Road London NW11 8LL Opposite Cafe Nero 10 Golders Green Road London NW11 8LL

Suit Bargains from £85 Suits from £79.50

Opposite Cafe Nero

Sports Jackets and Blazers all Overcoats HALF price Suitsfrom from £79.50 £79.50

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Lightweight casual jackets Large from £39.50 SizesLarge a Sizes specialitya speciality Open everyday & Open everyday & Sundays tilSundays 5:00pmtil 5:00pm

We accept We accept



Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / Dressing Up

What a PLATE IDEA! PASSOVER IS JUST ANOTHER FASHION TOPIC on the list at The Real Style Network and Vogue in America. While simarlarly stylish publications in the UK might struggle to even name a Jewish festival, those who determine the trends in the US bring a couturier’s eye to the chagim as they seek out tableware and dress the hostess for the night that’s different to all others. Here Brigit Grant uses the Ka’arah (Hebrew for seder plate) as colour inspiration for festival fashion Sosandar Forest Green D Ring Flute Sleeve Dress £59 Sosandar £59


H! by Henry Holland £40 Sosandar £69

Studio by Preen Coat £120 Dress £69

Wallis Dress £50


Elvi The proton midi skirt with pleat panels £39

RJR John Rocha dress £65



Wallis Multicoloured ruffle wrap dress £55

Monsoon Victoria paisley print dress £59

Debenhams Stella Nova £169

22 March 2018 Jewish News



A home in Israel / Passover

A place with

PROMISE If you’ve ever dreamed of owning an apartment in Israel, this could be it...

ALL THAT TALK ABOUT THE PROMISED LAND at this time of year triggers thoughts of buying property there. Simple as it may have been for our ancestors to just find a hill and set up a tent, choosing the right place in the right location today is harder. Or at least it was until the David

Promenade Residences was built. This immaculately designed 28-storey building in Tel Aviv sets new standards in prestigious living and features one of the most breathtaking glass exteriors of any property with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea from every apartment. Uniquely, this residence merges modernity, individual character and style in one building and it stands in an unrivalled location on the Tel Aviv Promenade – one of those rare places where the scenery is always changing. In essence, it is an obvious property choice for discerning buyers. David Promenade Residences was designed by the renowned firm Feigin Architects, which started in 1963 and is headed by Yehuda Feigin and his sons Dov and Yoel. The firm specialises in comprehensive architectural planning for hotels, luxury buildings, offices, shopping malls, public buildings, and industrial buildings, as well as sports centres and hospitals.

For all your party planning needs in Israel. Corporate events, a stylish wedding, a magical bar mitzvah or special celebrations Contact Tomer Matzri to help you create an unforgettable event

Call: 020 7101 3878 or 00 972 523335878

Over the years, the firm has been responsible for planning many of Israel’s most acclaimed architectural projects, including the InterContinental David hotel in Tel Aviv, the Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem, the King David Tower in Tel Aviv, the David Dead Sea Resort & Spa Hotel, the Grand Court Hotel in Jerusalem, the Royal Beach hotel in Eilat and the Ice Park Eilat. Feigin Architects has also planned a hotel on Ulloi Street in Budapest. The apartment interiors in this sensational property are the work of British interior design company ARA Design consultants, who are masters at blending luxury with convenience in an urban chic setting. The David Promenade Residences project is led by the large real estate development company, the Nahal Group, which specialises in the hotel sector, owning and managing such renowned properties as the InterContinental David in Tel Aviv, the David Dead Sea Resort & Spa hotel and the Grand

Court Hotel in Jerusalem. If the apartments, the view and the location are tempting, you will appreciate that owners can also enjoy the luxurious facilities and outstanding services on an à la carte basis at the new world-class and adjacent David Hotel Kempinski, including spa, gourmet restaurant, room service to the apartments, and other services. In addition to the use of the hotel facilities, residents will enjoy first-rate amenities in the residential tower. At a time of year when Israel is on your mind, this could be the property that takes you there. Visit www.dpresidences.co.il or contact the exclusive agents below: Holland Real Estate: Eyal Hartogs: +972 (0) 506 575859 Neot Shiran: Samuel Van Kote: +972 (0) 503 955554 Noam Dzialdow: +972 (0) 995 59556



Jewish News 22 March 2018

Passover / Going out-out


and the Bible

What with all the pyramid building, raising of family and cooking everything from scratch, Israelite women were short on ‘me’ time EARLY TOMB PAINTINGS, frescoes, and mosaics suggest that the use of cosmetics was widespread among people in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, but there isn’t much physical evidence to draw on when it comes to the Jewish women on Moses’ watch. Lots of mixing bowls, palettes and perfume bottles have been unearthed in excavations throughout Israel and in the Old Testament one of Job’s daughters is called Keren-happuch which in Hebrew roughly translates as “Horn of the Black (Eye) Paint,” which could be a reference to the amount of eye liner she wore. There’s no doubting the softness of the Israelite womens’ skin as they


used copious amounts after bathing enhanced by aloe, balsam, cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh, and saffron. Balsam was seriously popular and the Roman historian Pliny mentioned that during the Jewish War in the first century C.E. the fighters attempted to destroy all the balsam plants to prevent the conquering Romans from taking them. Packing for the Exodus can’t have been easy as the last minute rush to get ‘out out’ probably resulted in a lot of kohl pots and lip palettes being left behind. But it’s the early trials of these women at buffing, polishing and applying colour that lead us to the enhancers that allow us to go ‘out out’ looking good.

Arriving in the Holy Land was a chance for the Israelites to dress up and party. The olives they used in their body oil are from the Israeli vines used by Oleo to make their Capernaum Extra Virgin Olive Oil and natural beauty products.

COLLAGEN FILLERS Back then a lot of sun and fewer off-the shelf vitamins and nutrients would take their toll on women who knew nothing about collagen in any form. That said even we are impressed that you can drink collagen as a shot and sort out wrinkles. LQ Skin, Hair & Nails is heralded as the non-invasive answer to collagen fillers and in one hit - collagen, Resveratrol and hyaluronic acid – along with a broad spectrum of advanced antioxidants will deal with lines, wrinkles, loss of skin tone and make nails stronger.

THE TRAVEL KIT WOULD HAVE BEEN A WINNER FOR THE ISRAELITES who were always on the move and Bryt skincare make one of the best, according to make-up artist Carol Brown who says: “Skin should be prepped to receive and hold make up comfortably. It’s important that products don’t conflict with each other and I particularly like the Bryt Calm Serum as a primer or to dilute a

BRYT PRO Kit £46.50 from brytskincare.co.uk

foundation making it more of a tinted moisturiser. The BRYT Pro Make-up kit is light enough to be effective and a good all-rounder.”

SKIN,HAIR, NAILS & EYES Thankfully leaving in a rush for us doesn’t mean you can’t lift the eyes which is what the ampoules do in Fabulift Fabulous Eyes after being left on for 15 minutes. Ten hours later it’s still working. 5x2ml Ampoules( £29.99) or 10x2ml ampoules ( £39.99) from Idealworld.tv


FACIALS AND MASSAGE Facials featured in biblical beauty regimes but ahead of going out in the 21st century the Cetuem SCR Gold Rejuvenating Collagen Facial is the one that will nourish and plump your skin to give it a more youthful appearance, while the Cetuem SCR Gold Illuminating Facial helps purify and brighten the skin complexion. Maintenance after both comes with Cetuem SCR Gold Serum which from personal use I can say is the best skin management available in a bottle as it mimics injectable treatments. Call Andrea Vasilou on 020 8368 0008 or visit Cetuem in New Southgate to get a 15% JN discount until April 20.

EYES Liner did for the Israelites what REVITALASH Volumising Mascara (£24 )does for women now who want volume and length without clumps or smudgy flakes, while RapidLash Serum (£39.99) and RapidShield Daily Conditioner (£28) gets lashes in shape for mascara with proteins and vitamins. Stick with it every night and you will see the difference. Available at Boots and rapidlash.co.uk

When it comes to biblical beauty, noone cuts it quite like Delilah (as played by Hedy Lamar) and now she has her own range of lipsticks. Used by supermodels such as Jourdan Dunn, this turbo-charged roll-on lip product contains six different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid to get the most effective plumping and hydrating results. It comes in 5 shades, Belle, Beau, Breeze, Blossom, Flame and Retro and it can even be used as a primer for lipstick.£20 each and available from: www.delilahcosmetics.com, (online and in select stores), Spacenk.com

22 March 2018 Jewish News



Simchas overseas / Passover

The easy way to simcha

IN ISRAEL Planning an overseas celebration requires help from the right person

AS A PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN who entertained at many events, Tomer Masri had a bird’s eye view of the best and worst simchas. From the stage he could see what made a party swing and what was missing when it didn’t and armed with this knowledge he was able to set up his own event management company in Israel. With more and more functions being held in Israel, finding someone who is reliable and an

expert at organising events is essential. Tomer Masri is that someone and with 10 years of experience in the industry and an impressive contacts book, he is now one of the go-to event producers for overseas customers. “Reliability, sharing and transparency, along with providing service and personal attention is what I offer,” says Tomer. “I plan and personally accompany the hosts through every event ,from the first meeting stage, to building a concept, choosing the right location to managing the suppliers and the various service providers.” Tomer looks after the technical details, preparations and is there holding his clients’ hands on the big day. “Each event is unique, special and important regardless of size,” adds Tomer. “A top priority in my company is to keep to the budget, but still reflect the taste and character of the customer and his guests. My job is to listen, respond, plan, and create an unforgettable experience.” Whether it is a sophisticated social event, a stylish wedding, a magical Bar Mitzvah, or any

other reason for celebration, Tomer has unique ideas and because he knows the right people, he can save unnecessary costs. He is also incredibly organised and sends out detailed schedules to all those involved in the simcha and he has the sort of well-trained staff that one might not associate with a function in Israel.

“ I want the celebrants to land directly at the event without any effort,” says Tomer with the confidence of a man you’ll want to meet. Email : tomer79@ymail.com Phone: 052-3335878 www.tmevents.co.il

Bank Leumi (UK) wishes you and your family a happy Passover

In the UK, our team of finance specialists has the expertise and knowledge to maximise clients’ new business opportunities and support them through changeable market conditions, providing a comprehensive range of hi-tech, commercial, international trade and property finance solutions.


Shalhevet Mandler

Head of International Commercial & Hi-Tech Finance +44 (0)20 3772 1794, smandler@bankleumi.co.uk

Scott Grant

Relationship Manager, International Commercial & Hi-Tech Finance +44 (0)20 3772 1792, sgrant@bankleumi.co.uk

Relationships. Expertise. Solutions.

Your Specialist Bank

To find out more details or to see how Bank Leumi (UK) can meet your company’s needs, please speak to:

Chris Anderson

Assistant Vice President Relaonship Manager- Premier Banking Tel: 020 3772 1600 Email: canderson@bankleumi.co.uk

Bank Leumi (UK) plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.




Jewish News 22 March 2018

Travel / Exodus

Weekend in WINCHESTER Louisa Walters checks into a luxurious B&B in the Hampshire city of Winchester and goes on a tour to discover its rich Jewish history


eekends away. Long walks along the river, shopping at outdoor markets, browsing in boutiques, cosy dinners in intimate restaurants – Winchester has it all plus, of course, a magnificent cathedral, which is worth the journey alone. But what you possibly didn’t know is that this most English of Hampshire cities has a rich medieval Jewish history. When I go away overnight, I want to bed down somewhere that’s at least as nice as my own home and isn’t just geared up for the business traveller. I discovered somewhere so gorgeous in Winchester I almost don’t want to share it for fear that I’ll never get a room again. But Hannah’s B&B, owned and run by the eponymous young lady herself, is simply too special to keep quiet about. It totally smashes the image that ‘B&B’ might conjure up in your head and is far more along the lines of a luxury boutique hotel. An ode to Farrow & Ball, the building was lovingly restored by 28-year-old Hannah and her family. For one so young, she has got the knack of hosting down to a fine art. Guests are

welcomed with home-made scones and cakes (more often than not gluten-free as Hannah promotes the ‘free-from’ way of life) in the beautiful lounge or outdoors on the charming terrace in warmer weather. A large grand piano takes centre stage in the hall-cum-breakfast room, lending the whole place an air of auspicious grandeur. The bedrooms are high-ceilinged and have huge comfy beds with wonderfully luxurious bedlinen and many quirky touches from Hannah’s mother’s gorgeous interiors shop a few streets away. They are equipped with giant wall-mounted TVs hooked up to Netflix, while the bathrooms have copper taps and showers and the mezzanine-level bath is reached by a very unusual handmade step ladder. Hannah has compiled an information guide to her home city, listing things to do and suggested restaurants. She is also on hand to chat and answer questions – it really is like being a guest in her house. At her suggestion, we went for a long walk through town in the afternoon and took in the delights of the shops and the street market selling candles, fancy cheeses, clothes and artworks.

Hannah’s B&B is more luxury boutique with huge comfy beds, a grand piano and Netflix on the TV

Back at base, once showered and changed, we helped ourselves to a drink from the wellstocked honesty bar and headed just a few steps down the road to Kiyoto Kitchen for dinner. This is a very special place, owned by a charming Indian man married to a Malaysian lady, with a chef from Japan. Outside of the highend Japanese restaurants in central London, I have come to expect to eat my sushi in small, cramped places with bright lights, basic furniture and tables squashed closely together with the dishes being prepared in full view. But this is a ‘proper’ restaurant – with tablecloths! And so it began – a conveyor belt of exquisitely-presented and expertly-executed Japanese dishes. Sushi-grade salmon lightly smoked with cherry blossom tea. Beef tataki with a tangy home-made ponzu. A highly unusual sea bass tempura with ground seaweed in the batter, wonderful vegetable gyoza and then the signature dish: the Winchester roll. This is the world’s first sushi roll (with smoked trout) to use wasabi leaf instead of seaweed and the wasabi comes from a wasabi farm in Winchester. Who knew?! We learned a little-known fact about blackened cod – the fish generally used for this dish is sablefish. Kyoto’s was an extremely good rendition of this dish, melting in the mouth with that sweet miso glaze. After one of Hannah’s hearty breakfasts (a pressed juice, poached eggs with avocado, homemade granola with home-made compote, and tea served in pretty glass teapots), we set off to meet out tour guide Steve outside the Guildhall, a magnificent Victorian building in the heart of the city. He walked us along the River Itchen, past Winchester College, which has existed on

Use our beautiful space for your social event (Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday celebrations etc.) Self-catered with a private full service kitchen or catered by us.

0208 787 9988 ext. 1007 or email: events@bwepping.com Kyoto Kitchen is home to the Winchester roll – famed for its Winchester grown wasabi

its present site for more than 600 years and is the school that inspired the founding of Eton College a few years later. We toured the 1,000-year-old cathedral and the Old Minster, where the first Christian king of Wessex was crowned in 611, where King Canute was crowned in 1017, and where King Alfred was buried. William the Conqueror, who was recrowned here, invited Jewish merchants from France to England in 1070 as moneylenders and traders, as Christians were forbidden to lend money for interest. This is how Winchester became one of the earliest, largest and wealthiest Jewish settlements in England. Steve took us on the medieval Jewish trail through a small area of the city. We walked past the home of Duceman, a wool merchant whose mother Licoricia was Winchester’s most famous female moneylender. When her husband died, she was imprisoned in the Tower of London until she paid 5,000 marks in death duties. We saw the site of other properties owned by wealthy Jews, and learnt that Jewry Street used to be called Scowterestret Street (Shoemakers Street). It was close to the castle where the Jews’ Tower served as a Jewish refuge. In 1287, all the Jews in the city were imprisoned in the tower to make sure they paid a large tax (20,000 marks) imposed by King Edward I. Jews had close business connections with the church and, indeed, two Jews, Abraham and Jaceous, held land given them by the abbot of Hyde Abbey. We visited the location of the medieval synagogue and, in the cathedral, Steve pointed out various paintings that feature Jews and even a Star of David in one of the stainedglass windows. Towards the end of the 13th century, Winchester’s Jewish community declined as Jews were expelled from England. Perhaps the best known Jews of the modern era are Greta and Jack Habel, Holocaust survivors who settled in Winchester after the war and founded The Winchester Bed Company, a business that still thrives today. www.hannahsbedandbreakfast.co.uk www.kyotokitchen.co.uk www.visitwinchester.co.uk


22 March 2018 Jewish News




Jewish News 22 March 2018

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Wales At Sea A coastal celebration took Zuzana Kasparova to Bodysgallen Hall


f you know 2018 is the year of the sea, give us a wave! It’s Wales that’s celebrating the ocean for 365 days and with good reason as the country has an outstanding coastline with an 870 mile path peppered with fens to towering cliffs, hundreds of harbours, coves, inlets and islands and 230 beaches. With that sort of landscape it’s worth inviting visitors for special events at the harbour towns, modern marinas, ancient castles and elegant Victorian and Edwardian resorts. I decided to splash in on their celebratory year and have a weekend at a traditional Welsh house at Bodysgallen Hall (meaning “house among the thistles”) This National Trust owned hotel is located is in North Wales and an ideal base for epic exploring after a three hour train journey from London Euston alighting at Llandudno Junction. It was from that moment of arrival that I was breathless – not from exercise, but because of the incredible scenery that takes in the wide mouth of Conwy river scattered with

boats of all sizes and surrounded by the unconquerable walls of Conwy castle, which in turn, is sheltered by the tall peaks of Snowdonia. Our first morning was bright and crispy, so my friend and I decided to start our adventure exploring the towers and abbeys of Conwy and the castle which was built by Edward I during his conquest of Wales around 1283 and is a truly exceptional fortification protected by UNESCO. The town itself is one of the finest remaining examples of medieval walled towns in Britain and retains three of the original gateways. We also took an exciting walk around the pretty yacht filled harbour and dropped in on Britain’s Smallest House which is a renowned landmark in Conwy and built originally as a fisherman’s cottage. After having a delicious lunch in one of the many picturesque cafés, we hailed a taxi to our weekend residence.

www.crystallinedrycleaners.co.uk Hampstead Branch 450 Finchley Road Childs Hill NW2 2HY Tel: 020 7435 9667 Mill Hill Branch 129 The Broadway Mill Hill NW7 4RN

Bodysgallen Hall has 31 bedrooms split between the house and cottages, each with its own outdoor space. Our ornately decorated bedroom and living room had a stunning view of the beautifully manicured hall gardens, Conwy castle with the harbour at the foreground and the peaks of Snowdonia as the definitive backdrop. We simply couldn’t get enough of this view at any time of the day it was always different and changing but always breath-taking. To complete the already perfect day, we set off to explore the beautifully kept gardens and forest full of snowdrops beyond before dinner. The next day started with a swim before breakfast at Bodysgallen Spa and time in the steam room and sauna. Later in the day I treated myself to a full body aromatherapy massage, one of the many on offer here, feeling completely rejuvenated and relaxed afterwards.

The Victorian resort of Llandudno is about a mile away and a drive around the Great Orme takes in that aforementioned coastline and the Isle of Anglesey. There’s loads for kids in this little town as it has the longest cable car in Britain and they can trip through the time at ancient bronze age copper mine to the ride in the Tramway through the Great Orme Country Park. But there is enough to do for everyone, as it was bright and sunny with a bit of wind and we decided to take a stroll along the promenade and onto the pier before setting off to explore the town centre and to warm ourselves with coffee at the local tearoom. The local Llandudno Jewish community is very small, but still runs the shul and during the summer Llandudno is a popular destination for Chareidi and Hassidim, with various activities and popup kosher shops servicing the religious visitors. A day outside builds up an appetite, so we were looking forward to our dinner at Bodysgallen Hall restaurant which has 3 AA Rosettes and is an experience to remember. The hotel’s award-winning chef John Williams prepares Welsh cuisine with much of the produce picked from the local vegetable gardens within the hotel’s grounds. Excellent service, imaginative menus and delicious and well-balanced dishes and as a vegetarian I had that rare experience of not being disappointed with their choice of vegetarian dishes. The 17th century house -Bodysgallen Hall’s grounds cover over 200 acres of National Trust gardens and parkland which is great for walking fans who can start exploring the Wales Coast Path as they leave the hotel. As I am one of those walking fans, I wanted to make use of the proximity on the last day of the stay and explore the path that led us to the hill with an obelisk above the Bodysgallen which had more unforgettable views of Conwy, the snowy peaks of Snowdonia and that sea they will be celebrating all year.  www.bodysgallen.com Llandudno, North Wales, LL30 1RS Tel: +44 (0)1492 584 466. B&B priced from £185.00 per night based on two sharing

22 March 2018 Jewish News



We don’t just help them survive. We give them a future. The need for our Youth Villages to take in children is more urgent than ever before. We provide warm and supportive communities where young people can live, learn and heal together. Be an active part of Israel’s next generation.

Help us to help more at-risk children. Donate what you can today. Go to youthaliyah.org.uk Join the conversation


Youth Aliyah Child Rescue Trojan House, 34 Arcadia Avenue, London N3 2JU t:020 8371 1580 e:info@youthaliyah.org.uk youthaliyah.org.uk Registered charity no.1077913




Jewish News 22 March 2018

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We’ll always have Brigit Grant went en famille to the City of Love... and loved it


f you need to be reminded of just how fabulous Paris is, watch the first three minutes of Woody Allen’s homage to the French capital. Panning across Boulevard Haussmann, Notre Dame and the Quai De La Tournelle, those early shots in his film Midnight in Paris are a visual prompt to visit the city of love immediately. The dramatic scenes we have witnessed in Paris over the past few years has deterred some from going, but UK cities have also been targeted by terrorists, so it feels right to hop on the Eurostar in a show of solidarity. The trip was also historic for us because it was my daughter’s first time in Paris. As city breaks are usually adults-only, I hoped she would cope with sightseeing on foot for hours at a time – and in the rain. Confused by the fact that she could travel by train under the sea and not see any fish, she was then as excited as I’d hoped when we arrived at Gare Du Nord and all the more when we arrived at our hotel – Pavillon des Lettres on the prestigious Rue des Saussaies, around the corner to the Elysee Palace, home of the president. The hotel itself is a favourite with the fashion crowd, but as Paris’ first literary hotel, it is the ultimate location for writers. Each of the 26 rooms and suites are dedicated to authors in alphabetical order from A for Anderson to Z for Zola. We were in the B for Baudelaire suite at the top of the building and though the décor of muted beige with adjoining black slate bathroom is luxurious, the small rooftop windows with a clear view of the Eiffel Tower conjure up an image of a writer’s garret in the artistic 1800s. Pavillon des Lettres is a property where details matter, so on arrival one is presented with a ‘Blind Date With A Book’ – a novel wrapped in brown paper typed with clues to the content. There is also a form on which guests can reveal their reading preferences, so an appropriate book can be sent up for bedtime and I should also mention that breakfast on room service was a baker’s feast with croissants light as clouds. Downstairs in the voguish lounge, a log fire is surrounded by hefty tomes on art and architecture and given more time, an evening devoted to words in luxury would have been on the agenda. But the city beckoned and our girl’s must-see list was long. Undeterred by the rain, we did a quick selfie stop at Le Bristol – the hotel in Woody’s film – and then headed for the Eiffel for an eyeful of the city. More walking and still no complaining with the promise of a souvenir or two and then it was back to dress for dinner and cabaret at the Paradis Latin on Rive Gauche which is owned

by Harold Israel and his brother Sidney. In 1830 this theatre designed by Gustav Eiffel was a hot spot for Honoré de Balzac and Alexandre Dumas, but it’s now an alternative to the Moulin Rouge for a performance of the Can Can supported by trapeze artists, jugglers and a lot of topless ballet. Yes, topless. When I asked if the show was suitable for children, I was told it was and reassured by the fact that they have a kids menu. But serving nuggets alongside nudity is not an issue in France and one can only admire their joie de vivre. My daughter certainly did. More serious matters followed the next morning with an arranged meeting at the The Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme or mahJ as it is known. Based in the Marais the museum is housed in the remarkable 17th century Hôtel de Saint-Aignan which echoes with the voices of the Jewish occupants who once ran businesses in its warehouses that have long since disappeared. The museum opened in 1998 and the tone of this very special place is set by Louis Mitelberg’s haunting statue of Captain Dreyfus which guards the courtyard and continues within where cases and walls hold enviable collections of religious objects, manuscripts and art by such talents as Chagall, Soutine and Kikoïne, representing Jewish history across Europe. Few will have the privilege of being given a tour by the museum director Paul Salmona and on a Saturday to boot, but the Sabbath opening policy brings more visitors of all denomi-


22 March 2018 Jewish News


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PARIS nations. With Salmona taking us round at top speed (he had an appointment) my daughter got to see and learn enough without being bombarded and was very taken with the exhibition on Asterix creator René Goscinny, which is coming to the Jewish Museum in London. I was on the hunt for Passover stories and the painting by El Lissitsky was one of many fitting exhibits. Without a little darling in tow, the tour of the Marais that followed would have been longer, as guide Pascal Fonquernie leaves no stone unturned because he knows the history beneath it. With Pascal you get to see the shops that were once Jewishowned with only a mezuzah as evidence and the ones that still have signage and now serve the best falafels. Passing chasedim en route from synagogue, one notices how they walked closely together, an indication of the fear that remains in a targeted district. Our last French supper was at the elegant art deco restaurant La Coupole which is an old haunt of my husband’s and Picasso’s – clearly both men of good taste. Buzzing with Parisians celebrating birthdays, it was a grande finale before a final sleep in the Baudelaire suite. Weekend breaks don’t get much better and now my daughter will always have Paris.  Hôtel Le Pavillon des Lettres, Tel: +33 (0)1 49 24 26 26, reservation@pavillondeslettres.com  Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme www.mahj.org/en  Marais guide Pascal Fonquernie is + 33 952 892 406 / mobile + 33 782 34 44 40 Email: parismarais@noos.fr



Jewish News 22 March 2018

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SPRING signals simchas! Love is in the air… now you need a location


ith days to go until Pesach and the sight of eager daffodils in the park, spring is in our grasp. With it come the wedding invitations. Receiving an embossed invite is the cue for more proposals and finding a venue that is perfect for the big day.

Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire bursts into flower in the spring, making it a great time to visit the property and see it’s potential as a wedding venue. With its own stunning private gardens overlooking the Camellia Lake, there can be few locations more suited to saying “I do” than The Sculpture Gallery which can host a religious or civil ceremony and reception.




We cater for all your special occasions and celebrations, from weddings to birthdays and dinner parties. Our function room is capable of accommodating up to 150 people. Vadi Restaurant at Palmers Green

ith w nt er ou ch sc u di vo % is 10 th

Vadirestaurantpalmersgreen2007 Vadi - Ponders End 020 8805 9838

Vadi - Palmers Green 020 8882 2228


Accommodating seated parties of up to 250 guests and a purpose built dance floor when they are ready to party, The Sculpture Gallery can also provide the perfect backdrop for photographs be it the rose gardens or Camellia House should the weather turn unfavourable. The property is also set up and experienced in the art of staging a Jewish wedding with its own wedding planners offering an unrivalled level of service and supervised kosher banqueting department. They will also recommend other kosher caterers and toastmasters who know how to orchestrate a simcha. The private rose garden and terrace are south facing and ideal for a marriage ceremony under a chuppah created to the couple’s specifications. The estate also has The Woburn Hotel and the Safari Lodge which is also available to host weddings, though The Sculpture Gallery will make a couple feels like the sort of setting

a Royal couple would choose for their nuptials. Now you just have to get there first. Oh, and if you are still undecided about where to host your wedding this year, Woburn Abbey still has availability. 01525 292 172 or visit www.woburnweddings.co.uk

22 March 2018 Jewish News



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LET’S GO ALREADY... It’s proving to be a longer winter than we hoped for and the thought of sun and a summer exodus is all too tempting. Here are some new destinations to consider: The Abaton Island Resort & Spa opens this spring on the north coast of Crete. 152 impeccably designed suites, 71 open-air pools, five restaurants, a spa run by Elemis… Are you there yet? www.abaton.gr

The Katikies Hotel

Mykonos has become very popular with those who like the idea of an uber stylish Greek island and the arrival of the Katikies Hotel this summer will only tempt more of you. 35 suites with private pools and jacuzzis, a champagne bar and a guest-only restaurant. Ding dong! www.katkies.com Fancy bringing out your child’s inner archaeologist or nurturing their green fingers? Costa Navarino in the southwest Peloponnese in Greece. Young guests will be taught how to dig for artifacts with specialists or plant seeds, pick fruit and veg and then cook with a chef. Educational and tasty. www.costanavarino.com

The Abaton Island Resort & Spa

Costa Navarino

If you are off to Amsterdam or heading to the Netherlands with children then make a point of visiting Efteling which is a theme park filled with fairies, trolls and wild rides. With an enchanting forest that is home to 29 famous fairytale characters, it is the fun stop after a cultural stay in Amsterdam. www.efteling.com Mauritius and the Maldives are well visited but the Philippines offers as much beauty, unspoilt beaches and five star hotels and Philippine Airlines have fantastic flight package that will allow you to make it a two-centre visit and take in Hong Kong too. The people are fantastic and you could be the first of your friends to visit. www.philippineairlines.com/en




Wishing all my prices clientsand a Most competitive old fashioned personal service


Tel: 0203 384 0564 Mobile: 07778 739342 Personal Travel Consultant Naomi.mendel@hays-travel.co.uk haystravel.co.uk/naomi-mendel Naomi Mendel at Hays Travel



Jewish News 22 March 2018



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