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Today, Britain’s three leading Jewish newspapers – Jewish News, Jewish Chronicle and Jewish Telegraph – take the unprecedented step of speaking as one by publishing the same front page. We do so because of the existential threat to Jewish life in this country that would be posed by a Jeremy Corbyn-led government. We do so because the party that was, until recently, the natural home for our community, has seen its values and integrity eroded by Corbynite contempt for Jews and Israel. The stain and shame of anti-Semitism has coursed through Her Majesty’s Opposition since Jeremy Corbyn became leader in 2015. From Chakrabarti to Livingstone, there have been many alarming lows. Last week’s stubborn refusal to adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance

14 Av 5778

Issue No.1064


Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism, provoking Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge to call her leader an anti-Semite to his face, was the most sinister yet. Labour has diluted the IHRA definition, accepted in full by the government and more than 130 local councils, deleting and amending four key examples of anti-Semitism relating to Israel. Under its adapted guidelines, a Labour Party member is free to claim Israel’s existence is a racist endeavour and compare Israeli policies to those of Nazi Germany, unless “intent” – whatever that means – can be proved. “Dirty Jew” is wrong, “Zionist bitch” fair game? In so doing, Labour makes a distinction between racial anti-Semitism targeting Jews (unacceptable) and political antiSemitism targeting Israel (acceptable). The reason for this move? Had the full IHRA definition with examples relating

to Israel been approved, hundreds, if not thousands, of Labour and Momentum members would need to be expelled. With the government in Brexit disarray, there is a clear and present danger that a man with a default blindness to the Jewish community’s fears, a man who has a problem seeing that hateful rhetoric aimed at Israel can easily step into anti-Semitism, could be our next prime minister. On 5 September, Labour MPs vote on an emergency motion, calling for the party to adopt the full IHRA definition into its rulebook. Following that, it will face a binary choice: implement IHRA in full or be seen by all decent people as an institutionally racist, anti-Semitic party. After three deeply painful years for our community, September is finally make or break.

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26 July 2018


Jewish News 26 July 2018

News / Labour anti-Semitism NEWS IN BRIEF

EDDIE IZZARD WARNS CORBYN ON RACISM Eddie Izzard has warned Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that he needs to address the infighting within the party over anti-Semitism. The comedian, who recently won a seat on the party’s ruling national executive committee (NEC), told The Guardian Labour risked not being ready to attack the government and its Brexit plans, saying it is losing the ‘perception argument’. He cited the NEC’s revised definition of anti-Semitism this week as being the latest issue that needs to be looked at.

MP ACKNOWLEDGES JEWISH CONCERNS Labour is starting from a “very, very dark place” over anti-Semitism as it bids to win the faith of the Jewish community, according to a shadow cabinet member. Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey said the actions of a minority of members combined with the party’s failure to deal with them quickly had led to concerns. Recognising concerns about the party’s approach to the IHRA definition, she said: “We haven’t won the faith of the Jewish community.”

JN poll: 29% of Labour voter Nearly a third of Britons believe Margaret Hodge was right to label Jeremy Corbyn an anti-Semite and nearly one in three Labour voters say the Labour leader is letting the party down in his handling of anti-Semitism, according to a poll for the Jewish News and Jewish Leadership Council, writes Justin Cohen. The findings by ComRes come less than a week after the party’s ruling body provoked anger by adopting a new code of code including a widelyaccepted definition of antiSemitism but not all its examples – ignoring the pleas of dozens of rabbis and the community’s leadership bodies. A total of 2,036 adults were quizzed by ComRes between Friday and Sunday, amid a crisis that shows no sign of abating. Forty-eight percent of all adults polled and 29 percent of Labour voters agree that the Leader of the opposition is ‘letting the party down by failing to tackle anti-Semitism within

some parts of the party’. Just one in five say Corbyn appears to be handling the issue of antiSemitism well, with 35 percent of Labour voters agreeing and 24 percent disagreeing. Days after former Labour minister Margaret Hodge labelled her leader an “antiSemite and racist” to his face in an unprecedented altercation in the House of Commons, 31 percent of those polled claimed she was right to do so, including 13 percent of Labour voters, and 43 percent said they ‘don’t know’. Removing the latter category, a majority of 55 to 45 per cent agree with Hodge. Ilford North MP Wes Streeting said: “These findings underpin the damage our failure to tackle anti-Semitism is doing to the party’s reputation. It’s not just Jewish people who are right to be concerned – a great many decent-minded people are concerned. This is the responsibility of the leadership and the leadership alone.

Gardiner pushes for full IHRA adoption Barry Gardiner this week urged Labour to adopt the widely-accepted international definition of anti-Semitism with all its examples – a week after the party’s governing body provoked widespread anger by failing to do so, writes Justin Cohen. General secretary Jennie Formby has previously said the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition doesn’t go far enough and claimed Labour’s new code – which was adopted by the NEC a week ago – is the most comprehensive plan to tackle antiSemitism by any political party. But the shadow international trade secretary told Jewish News: “My view is that it would have been better for the party to adopt the IHRA definition in full with all the examples and then to add all the clauses necessary to make it enforceable rather than to appear to cavil and weaken the definition. “Having to prove intent may indeed appear to weaken the definition, but if it does make it easier to evict vile racist anti-Semites from our party then in my view that can only be a good thing.” Gardiner is the first member of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet to break with his leadership by advocating for the adoption of IHRA in full since the NEC voted to adopt a code of conduct that altered or left out four of the accompanying examples of contemporary anti-Semitism accompanying IHRA. He stressed that the Home Affairs Select Committee had “broadly” accepted IHRA but had proposed “clarifications” to ensure freedom of speech in discussions on Israel. He also pointed to the decision not to prosecute over

hateful statements about ‘Zionists’ at last year’s al Quds parade, where the CPS considered both the IHRA definition and the home office report. “My point is that the IHRA non-statutory definition of anti-Semitism on its own is simply not adequate to secure a prosecution. “It is similarly inadequate to secure the eviction from a party of a person who is willing to instigate a court challenge to the proposed eviction, as some members accused of anti-Semitism have been prepared to do.” He added: “My party is not anti-Semitic and will always be the party that champions those who are downtrodden.”

“If they want to be seen as a credible government, they need to start acting like it. It’s time to drop these silly proceedings against Margaret Hodge, adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition in full and start listening – genuinely listening – to the concerns of the majority of Britain’s Jews.” ComRes chair Andrew Hawkins said: “Today’s polling is indeed bad for the Labour Party and, when it eventually decides to tackle the issue decisively, the 34 percent of voters who today think the party has a serious anti-Semitism problem will take much convincing that it is trying to clean up its act. “But the poll is worse for Jeremy Corbyn because of those who express a view, most voters take the side of his colleague Margaret Hodge and her extremely serious allegation. “The big question electorally is whether Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is accused of not taking a tough stand

WALKER HAS GONE WALKIES AS CASES YET TO BE HEARD Dozens of outstanding cases of alleged anti-Semitism within Labour have yet to be concluded, despite the party’s pledge to clear the bulk this month – with a hearing not yet scheduled to decide the fate of twice-suspended activist Jackie Walker. Jewish News understands that the former Momentum vice-chair is on a lengthy holiday. With the summer recess about to kick off, the earliest a hearing could now be scheduled for is the autumn. Walker, who has twice been suspended by Labour for comments about Jews and the Holocaust, is among the most high-profile cases yet to be concluded. She was suspended for the second time in September

2016 after claiming during an anti-Semitism training session at party conference that she had not found a definition she could work with. She also questioned why Holocaust Memorial Day did not also mark other genocides, when it fact the annual commemoration does. She did not respond to requests for comment. Labour vowed in April to clear the “vast majority” of outstanding cases following talks between Jeremy Corbyn and the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council. Weeks earlier, the Labour leader told Jewish News there were 70 cases that must be tackled “as quickly as possible”. But, four months on, MP Keith Vaz, a member of

Jackie Walker has been suspended twice by her party

the national executive committee (NEC), told Jewish News there were still 50 outstanding cases. Earlier this month, the party set out measures it claimed would speed up discliplinary processes. In an article for Jewish News, general secretary Jennie Formby announced that smaller, specially-trained panels would replace the disputes sub-committee that meets “too infrequently. Complaints will be actioned within a set time frame, she said. A Labour spokesman said: “The Labour Party’s NEC recently approved wideranging reforms to strengthen and speed up procedures for dealing with complaints of anti-Semitism. Once in place, these will make our processes more robust, efficient and fair, ensuring cases are dealt with quickly.” In recent months, Ken Livingstone quit the party while disciplinary action was still pending and Marc Wadsworth was expelled for “grossly detrimental” behaviour after accusing MP Ruth Smeeth of working hand-in-hand with The Telegraph.

26 July 2018 Jewish News


Labour anti-Semitism / News

rs: Corbyn lets us down ends up like Donald Trump: that despite his unpalatability to many even in his own party, his loyalists will follow wherever he leads them.” Despite the leadership apologising for the pain caused by anti-Semitism in part of its ranks, one in three respondents who voted Labour at the last election still insist the party does not have a problem with the scourge. Sixteen percent of the party’s voters agree it has a ‘serious problem’ compared to 41 percent who disagree and 44 percent who ‘don’t know’. Among all those polled, 34 percent agree and 23 percent disagree. Thirty-two percent of respondents believe antiSemitism ‘seems to be on the rise in the UK’, while one in four disagree and 43 percent don’t know.

Forty percent of Tories and Lib Dems agreed, as did 31 percent of Labour voters. Twenty-six percent of Conservatives suggested claims of increased anti-Semitism in Britain are ‘exaggerated’, climbing to 32 percent among Labour supporters.

The poll was discussed as Labour MPs debated an emergency motion to adopt the internationally-recognised definition of anti-Semitism with all its accompanying examples into its rulebook – a week after just four MPs opposed supporting the definition in full. The latest motion – which will not be voted on until MPs return from the summer recess – was proposed by Louise Ellman and Ruth Smeeth, with the support of Luciana Berger. If backed Don’t by the parliamentary Labour know Party (PLP), the

national executive council still has the power to veto any change to the PLPs standing orders. Ahead of the debate, Ian Austin MP told Jewish News: “We can’t have a situation where Labour says it knows more about anti-Semitism than the chief rabbi, 68 other rabbis and the leadership of the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council. “The leadership of the party really has got to understand the huge level of distress they’ve caused. This is a crisis. Hopefully they’ll look at this again and come to their senses.” Corbyn has insisted the party’s ruling body was “not trying to re-write it [the definition], it has accepted almost all of it. What it’s done is also put Results of the Jew- alongside it a code of conduct ish News-ComRes because we will not tolerate poll showed oneanti-Semitism in any form third of Labour voters whatsoever”. feel the party’s He called for the debate to leader is failing to be delayed until September to tackle anti-Semitism ensure a greater turnout.

Q: Is Corbyn failing on anti-Semitism?

29% Yes, he is


33% No, he isn’t

HODGE STANDING BY HER ‘ANTI-SEMITE’ ACCUSATION The former Labour Cabinet minister who called Jeremy Corbyn “an anti-Semite” has stood by her accusation after a meeting of the party’s MPs. Speaking on BBC Radio 4 on Monday, Dame Margaret Hodge (pictured) defended her confrontation with Corbyn in the House of Commons last week, for which she may yet face disciplinary action. Hodge had taken issue with the party’s ruling body and its decision not to adopt all of the working examples of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism, instead creating a code of conduct that it says covers most points raised by the IHRA. One example states it is anti-Semitic to call Israel a racist state, which critics say impacts on free speech. Corbyn said he found the accusation “upsetting”, but Hodge stood by her words, saying “accountability and responsibility” rests with the party leader. “By refusing to adopt the

definition in full, he’s put himself in the position that he’s perceived by many to be antiSemitic,” she said. Meanwhile, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell blamed Hodge’s “haranguing” of the Labour leader on her “complete misunderstanding” of the party’s new code of conduct on anti-Semitism. Hodge’s BBC comments came hours before Jewish parliamentarians Ruth Smeeth and Louise Ellman tabled a motion at a parliamentary Labour Party meeting, calling for the full adoption of the IHRA definition. This was passed but will go to a ballot on 5 September.

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Jewish News 26 July 2018

News / Latest CST figures

UK anti-Semitism down 8% Semitism in the UK. Across April and May, when the protests at the Gaza border turned most deadly, there were an average of 150 incidents per month, whereas in January, February, March and June the average was 107. The CST said incidents “showing anti-Israeli motivation” were up 63 percent on the first six months of last year, and that events in Gaza “may help explain” the spike in April and May, but that there were other factors driving the consistently high levels, including the growing confidence of anti-Semites to express their views. The charity, which protects Britain’s Jewish community, said that while the number of anti-Semitic assaults against Jews was down by 26 percent, there had been an increase in online hate, which now comprises 22 percent of the total. Last year it comprised 18 percent. “Social media has become an essential tool for those who wish to harass, abuse and threaten Jewish public figures and institutions, or who simply want to broadcast their anti-Semitic views,” the CST said, revealing that the number of online anti-Semitic incidents in the second quarter was double that of the same period last year. “Targeted campaigns directed at individual victims can sometimes involve dozens of social media accounts sending hundreds or even thousands of tweets, images or posts using material usually created on neo-Nazi websites.”

The number of anti-Semitic incidents in the UK fell by eight percent in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period last year, but spiked in May as Israeli soldiers clashed with Palestinians on the Gaza border, writes Stephen Oryszczuk. Half-year figures published today by the Community Security Trust (CST) reveal there were 727 anti-Semitic incidents from January to June, the second highest ever recorded for that period, with almost a quarter coming from social media. Of most concern to CST bosses however was the “unprecedented” high level of anti-Semitic incidents being registered every month, with 100 or more in all but two months since April 2016. As with previous years, flare-ups between Israelis and Palestinians appear to have had an impact on anti-


Gaza deaths were behind May’s spike

Anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled on a fence and a park walkway in Leicester

The charity said Labour’s antiSemitism crisis had been referenced in 34 incidents, but across the board numbers had fallen. Damage and desecration of Jewish property was down 20 percent, threats were down nine percent, and abusive behaviour fell by seven percent. Although there was one incident involving a knife and 13 incidents involving other objects such as bricks or bottles, there were no incidents classed as ‘extreme violence’, which could include grievous bodily harm or threats to life. CST bosses welcomed the halfyearly fall in numbers but were careful to note that the figures were still at

record-high levels. “Any fall is welcome,” said CST chief executive David Delew. “But these are the second worst figures ever and continue a trend that has lasted for over two years. AntiSemitism is not a random event. It reflects the state of British politics and wider society.” National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Hate Crime, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton, paid tribute to the CST. He said: “We know all strands of hate crime are underreported. Charities provide a valuable alternative option for those victims who do not wish to report direct to the police.”

TWITTER AND FACEBOOK TAKE ACTION Facebook and Twitter removed the accounts of antiSemitic users this week, after lawyers and community security chiefs complained. Lawyers from the USbased Lawfare Project successfully issued take-down notices to Facebook over several accounts posting antiSemitic content including Holocaust denial. It follows controversial comments from Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg last week, in which he said the company would not remove Holocaust denial material because “there are things that different people get wrong, I don’t think that they’re intentionally getting it wrong”. Lawyers said Facebook’s content policy, “however wellintentioned, is both inconsistent and, in many European countries illegal”. Elsewhere, the Community Security Trust was applauded for pushing Twitter to remove the accounts of an anti-Semitic user, who wrote: “I wish Hitler had of [sic] wiped you bunch of horrible f**** out... I’d ethnically cleanse your putrid apartheid Zionist state.”



Anti-Semitic incidents have been too high for too long, and today’s Community Security Trust (CST) report confirms that this situation is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future. Although the overall number of incidents reported to CST in

the first six months of this year was lower than the number in the same period in 2017, it was still much higher than totals we saw three or four years ago. It is now normal to record more than 100 anti-Semitic incidents per month across the UK, whereas this had been extremely rare. Each of these incidents represents a Jewish person who has had abuse shouted at them, seen anti-Semitic graffiti; a Jewish school child threatened on the bus;

or perhaps someone harassed on social media. CST helps victims or witnesses and supports police investigations and prosecutions, but these actions cannot turn off the tap of hatred. Anti-Semitism reveals important truths about the state of society. When hate and division grow, so does anti-Semitism. When extremist ideas get a hearing in mainstream politics, and when millions of people start to believe things that previously only cranks and obsessives thought were

true, anti-Semitism flourishes. The fact anti-Semitic incident levels have been so high for more than two years is not random. Think of what has happened during that period: the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum in the Labour Party; heated debates over Brexit; Donald Trump and a surge of support for xenophobic, anti-immigrant movements across Europe. Conspiracy theories, spread instantly by social media, blame Jews, “Zion-

ists” or “Rothschilds” for everything from jihadist terrorism to mass immigration. It is no coincidence incident totals went up when Labour’s ongoing problem of anti-Semitism was in the news and violence flared on the IsraelGaza border. However, we should remember that increasing numbers of people recognise anti-Semitism is not just a problem for Jews, and that it damages society as a whole.

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26 July 2018 Jewish News


Nation State Bill / News

Board’s concern at ‘regressive’ law The representative body of British Jewry is to register its concerns with the Israeli ambassador after the Knesset narrowly passed a “regressive” new ‘Jewish Nation State’ law. The unusual intervention from the Board of Deputies, which seldom criticises Israeli policies, was made on Thursday after the Knesset voted through a Basic Law that critics say establishes a system of first- and second-class citizens. In a statement, the board’s senior

vice-president, Sheila Gewolb, said: “While we celebrate Israel’s Jewishness, there is concern that some of the measures in this law are regressive steps.” She said democracy and diversity were two of Israel’s greatest strengths, and that “being Jewish is a wonderful thing, but this should not lead to doing down others”. Addressing equality concerns, Gewolb said: “All people should be valued and Israel’s Arab and other minority populations should be a treasured

part of society. The lesson of Jewish history is that societies are stronger when minorities are affirmed, and Demonstrators in Tel Aviv protest against the Nation State legislation they decay when minorities are degraded.” change” and “very concerning”. by passing the law, “Israel is saying She added that the board “will However, it was applauded by nation statehood is something to be be writing to Israel’s ambassador to Zalmi Unsdorfer, chair of Likud UK. proud of and will secure our people express concerns at these measures”. “It shouldn’t have taken 70 years, but for the next 70 years”. The concerns were echoed by as with all things connected with our He added: “It was sad to see Peace others in the community, including people, there may be a reason why Now and their bedfellows demonthe New Israel Fund, Yachad and reli- this must be the moment for further strating against this bill on the same gious leaders such as Senior Reform light to be given to the nations.” Tel Aviv streets on which their grandRabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, who He said that Europe was busy parents danced 70 years before to celtweeted that the law was “a serious subsuming the nation state and that ebrate the birth of the Jewish state.”

550 support petition against Board criticism Hundreds of people have signed a petition calling for the Board of Deputies’ senior vicepresident to resign and for the organisation to “never criticise Israel” before it is agreed by a majority at the next plenary session. It comes after Sheila Gewolb (pictured) issued a statement expressing “concern” about Israel’s latest Basic Law – the ‘Jewish

Nation State Bill’ (see above). Hundreds of British Jews, as well as centrist Israeli politicians, have been among the Bill’s critics, arguing that it creates first and second-class citizens and goes against the Declaration of Independence, which protects Israel’s non-Jewish minority. The Board joined several other Jewish

organisations in calling the Bill “regressive” and vowed to write to the Israeli ambassador with its concerns, but petitioners say it should have got approval at a plenary session, of which there are nine per year. The petition, which by Wednesday had 550 signatures,

was started by Israel activist Yochy Davis. Decrying a lack of “discussion, consultation or explanation,” Davis said the Board statement “damages the Jewish community both internally and apropos its relation with Israel” and argues that Gewolb should now resign.


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Jewish News 26 July 2018

News / Arrest anger / JW3 ‘boycott’

Protest after rabbi arrest Three Jewish denominations held a protest outside the Israeli Embassy in London on Monday, amid anger in the diaspora after a progressive rabbi was arrested in Israel for officiating at a non-Orthodox union. Religious leaders and supporters of Reform, Liberal and Masorti Judaism in the UK protested under a chuppah – the traditional Jewish wedding canopy – on High Street Kensington with a smashing of the glass. The protest was in support of Conservative Rabbi Dov Haiyun, who performs weddings of Jews outside the state-run Chief Rabbinate. He was woken at 5am last Thursday by police banging on the door of his Haifa home, according to Masorti Israel. Haiyun was interrogated for conducting the wedding of a Jew born of

from established norms of non-enforcement. “I am not a felon,” said Haiyun. “The police have been dragged into serving the Orthodox rabbinical court. This is a sad day for Israeli democracy.” The rabbinical courts say Haiyun performs “criminal and illegal” weddings for couples Rabbis against the arrest on Monday who are prevented from marrying under Jewish an extramarital affair, after complaints law, including those born of an extrafrom the local rabbinical council. The state’s involvement has marital affair. In Israel, it is technically illegal shocked Jewish groups around the world, because the spectre of Israeli for non-Orthodox officiators to perpolice acting on complaints from rab- form a wedding or civil ceremony, but binical councils is a radical departure Israeli police have never enforced it

and Labor leader Avi Gabbay called for “the first case to also be the last”. There was anger, too, in the UK. Senior Masorti Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg called for the Israeli government “to end all harassment of nonOrthodox Jews and to ensure complete freedom of religion within the Jewish state”. Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, chair of the Conference of Liberal Rabbis and Cantors, said: “This arrest and its manner was not Shem Ha’Shamayim – for the sake of heaven,” while Rabbi Fabian Sborovsky, chair of the Assembly of Reform Rabbis and Cantors, said: “We have seen the true face of the ultraOrthodox monopoly of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Progressive rabbis and Jews stand united against the appalling treatment of our colleague.”

Reform apology over Morris-Evans Reform Judaism has “sincerely apologised” for the “hurt caused” in the way it removed an Israel tour leader, after public anger over her participation in the ‘Kaddish for Gaza’ in May. In a statement on Wednesday, the Movement for Reform Judaism apologised for the “enormous hurt” it caused after first agreeing to “mentor” Nina

Morris-Evans (pictured) ahead of its RSYNetzer tour, before removing her after consulting partners including UJIA. She later flew out to Israel to lead a tour for Liberal Judaism, with the blessing of Senior Liberal Rabbi Danny Rich, but the case’s handling had by then drawn anger from 110 fellow tour leaders, including 45 from RSY-Netzer. In an open letter, they pledged to “reject

Need to talk? We’re here to listen.

the entrenchment of Israel’s occupation” and express concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza, while accusing the Jewish community of “bullying” those it felt were “outside the boundaries”. Morris-Evans said: “I welcome the apology issued by Reform Judaism, and the offer to set up an independent review of the processes which led to my dismissal.”

CALL TO END JW3 BOYCOTT An influential rabbi in Golders Green has ended his calls for a boycott of JW3, Jewish News has learned. Rabbi Yisroel Meir Greenberg, of Munks synagogue, was among seven ultra-Orthodox rabbis to sign a letter last summer urging followers to “distance themselves fully” from the community centre on Finchley Road, in opposition to its holding of events for the LGBT community. His name also appeared on a subsequent letter. But it’s understood that Greenberg – who provides religious guidance to schools including Hasmonean and Menorah Primary – has now removed his support for the boycott call. The original letter claimed JW3’s programme “promotes a way of life which is in total contradiction to Orthodox Judaism and Halacha. We are of the strong opinion that a red line has been crossed in launching campaigns that promote lifestyles forbidden and condemned in the Torah”. Early last year, the centre held a GayW3 event for the 50th anniversary of the legalisation of homosexuality. Rabbi Greenberg could not be reached for comment.

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26 July 2018 Jewish News


No2H8 Crime Awards / News

Time to nominate an anti-hate hero There are three weeks left to nominate people and individuals who have stood up to hate crime in the past 12 months for the third annual No2H8 Awards, which is being jointly organised by a Jewish-Muslim team. Anyone can nominate those they feel have tackled hate, intolerance and bigotry, whether that be directed at faith or race groups, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, or those with disabilities. Nominations for the 12 awards must be received before the closing date of 17 August, at which point the names put forward will go through two judging panels before winners are chosen. The awards are now in their third year, with this year’s theme being ‘upstanding’. Categories include

those working in law enforcement, parliament, media and local authorities, alongside anyone making a positive impact in their community to stand up to prejudice. Standing up against hate is a “distinctive characteristic of our country,” says awards chair Richard Benson, a former chief executive of the Community Security Trust and current president of Tell MAMA, which measures anti-Muslim attacks. Previous winners of the awards – which Jewish News proudly sponsors alongside national titles including The Mirror – include medic Dr Nasser Kurdy, who was stabbed in the neck outside an Altrincham mosque in September 2017 not long after working through the night to treat those injured in the Manchester Arena bomb.

Other winners include 13-yearold Jack Stanley, who got the Young Upstander Award. He was featured on TV documentary ‘Educating Manchester’ where he comforted – and made friends with – Syrian refugee Rani Assad who was bullied at school. His actions led to the hashtag #BeMoreLikeJack trending on Twitter. At the awards ceremony last year, guests were moved by the sight of Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg and Dr Imam Mamadou Bocoum walking hand-in-hand to collect the award for intercultural dialogue. Narrowly pipping Jewish Council for Racial Equality campaigner Edie Friedman to last year’s lifetime achievement award was photographer David Hoffman, who has spent 30 years capturing images of hate crime.

Winners: Imam Bocoum and Rabbi Wittenberg at last year’s event

“This particular award means a lot to us because there are so many people who have done such amazing work,” said Benson, who is working

Hate crime report ‘failure’ Hateful graffiti, including a swastika, daubed on the wall of a mosque

A government body assessing the effectiveness of the police has urged officers to better use hate crime reporting to see future problems. In its first report on the subject, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) also said a lack of central government recording meant there was no national overview of the problem. The inspectorate raised the alarm after

looking at responses to hate crime victims, publishing its findings in a report called Understanding the Difference. The report says changes to the way it is monitored could be problematic “because forces don’t have to report the numbers and type of hate incidents to the government; there is no possibility of using this data to inform the national hate crime picture”.

alongside Tell MAMA and Faith Matters founder Fiyaz Mughal. • Nominate at http://no2h8crime


A teenager with a previous conviction for making a pipe bomb found in his Nazi memorabilia-filled bedroom has been detained in a young offenders’ institution for a terror offence. Jack Coulson was convicted by a jury of constructing the device last year, and given a youth rehabilitation order. In the new prosecution, the 19-year-old, said to have claimed “all Jews should be exterminated”, admitted possessing a document or record for terror purposes. He was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court to four years and eight months in a young offenders institution.



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Jewish News 26 July 2018

News / June and Maurice mourned NEWS IN BRIEF

AZIZ LEAVES POST TO LEAD TECHNION UK The former head of the Zionist Federation and the JNF in the UK has ended his spell as a director at the United Synagogue to become the new chief executive of Technion UK. Alan Aziz, who was director of development and events at the US, said he was “very excited” to promote Israeli education, science and tech through the support of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. It is known for its ground-breaking research, and Aziz said he would work to “help maintain it as a world class centre of science and innovation”.

SCHOOL’S ROLE IN AUTISM RESEARCH A new Jewish special-needs school is to help a Jewish professor from the University of Cambridge studying whether autistic students are less likely to enter further education or employment. Professor Simon BaronCohen is leading the work at the Autism Research Centre. The team will work with newly-opened Gesher School, which provides a specialist learning environment for autistic children, to understand what factors stop autistic students from gaining a job or further qualifications.

Tributes to ‘fearless’ June Tributes were paid this week to Jewish social justice campaigner June Jacobs after she passed away on Sunday. A peace activist who also fought for women’s rights, she was later awarded a CBE having served as president of the International Council for Jewish Women and representing the organisation at the United Nations. Born in 1930, she first became active in the civil rights movement in the 1970s, chairing the National Council for Soviet Jews and risking jail to fly to the USSR to visit Jews who were refused permission to emigrate to Israel. She later recalled how she “used to travel to the Soviet Union with a tourist group and then break away from them” on trips on which she sometimes took her 17-year old daughter Keren.

From London, she became life president of Jewish Child’s Day and was a leading light in the fight for social justice in Israel, helping to establish the New Israel Fund in the UK and supporting the Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE) as a patron. On women’s rights, she was involved with the European Women’s Lobby and Women’s International Commission and represented the ICJW at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York. She was a member of the Black Jewish Asian Forum, vice-president of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, and a trustee of the Kessler Foundation, a US-based charity supporting people with disabilities. JCORE director Dr Edie Friedman

said it was “with much sadness” that she learned of her friend’s passing. “June was a supporter of ours almost since we were founded, and was one of the most outstanding advocates of social justice in the Jewish community and beyond,” she said. “Her passion and wise counsel are today needed more than ever and she will be greatly missed.” Adam Ognall, chief executive of New Israel Fund UK, said: “June was one of our founders and a guiding light for decades. She accomplished so much and did so with modesty, kindness and immovable values and strength.” Board of Deputies’ president Marie van der Zyl said Jacobs was “a fearless campaigner who did great work for the causes she adopted, including Soviet Jewry, ‘chained women’ and the cause

June Jacobs, who has died at 88 of peace in the Middle East”. She added: “A long-time Deputy, June served as chairperson of what was then the Foreign Affairs Committee. Her energy, enthusiasm and indomitable spirit will be sorely missed.”

UK’s longest married man dies, aged 106 Maurice Kaye, believed to be Britain’s longest married man, has died aged 106. He and his wife, Helen, 105, of Bournemouth, were married for 84 years. The couple met when Maurice Kaye was a traveling salesman for his father’s clothing business. They had been together for 88 years. The couple have two surviving children, seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Speaking after their anniversary last year, he said: “So much has changed, but

Maurice Kaye with wife Helen


Village Hotel, Centennial Park, 419-420 Centennial Ave, WD6 3SB

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we still have each other, thank God. We had a great day with fabulous entertainment from our gorgeous great-grandchildren. Now on to the next milestone.” The couple said they could have been celebrating their 87th wedding anniversary were it not for the fact that Helen Kaye had not been allowed to marry sooner, as she had an older sister and tradition dictated that she should have the chance to wed first.

“I didn’t think it would last a week, but it’s it’s lasted 80 years,” Maurice Kaye joked to Jewish News several years ago. Speaking following his passing on Monday, his daughter Tina said: “We’ve had the most amazing messages from people and they all talk about his sense of humour. He could just hold the whole room to attention. He touched so many people, who saw him as their adopted grandfather. He was incredible.”

26 July 2018 Jewish News


Burial help / Charity aid / Arson attack / World News

Coroner’s service gets out-of-hours provision The Coroner’s Service covering Harrow, Brent, Barnet, Haringey and Enfield is to get an evening and weekend provision for dealing with urgent matters, in a move heralded by a large Jewish burial society. North London senior coroner Andrew Walker announced the out-ofhours service for the Northern District of Greater London yesterday, saying urgent requests could now be dealt with between 10pm and 12am on Saturdays and Sundays. The extra service follows a highprofile legal ruling against Inner North London senior coroner Mary Hassell earlier this year, in which she was told that failing to prioritise the release of bodies on religious grounds was discriminatory. Hassell’s jurisdiction covers Camden, Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets,

and has previously had to withdraw an out-of-hours service owing to a lack of resources. Shlome Sinitsky, for Adath Yisroel Burial Society, which successfully challenged Hassell’s notorious “cab rank rule” policy for releasing bodies, said: “We welcome this move, knowing grieving families will be comforted. We are grateful to coroner Mr Walker for his sensitivity and understanding.” Barnet Councillor Dean Cohen said:

“I welcome this news, which comes not long after Barnet commenced providing a 365 days a year registrar service. “I’d like to thank Mr Walker and Mr Sinitsky who were instrumental in bringing this about.” In his written guidance to coroners following the High Court judgement, chief coroner Mark Lucraft QC wrote: “In many coroner areas, there is no general provision of services outside of office hours… which depend on resources being made available by funding authorities.” Walker’s North London Coroner’s Service has been praised for its innovative measures, including audio recording of all inquest proceedings, offering a CT Scan as an alternative to an invasive autopsy, launching a coroner’s referral form available to all GPs on the NHS database, and providing a dedicated enquiries team.


This photo of Rabbi Gluck enjoying some down time in Stamford Hill has been shortlisted for the Portrait of Britain 2018. Christian Sinibaldi took it as part of his Hello Casenove project, focusing on ethnic diversity.

SHUL ARSON CHARGE A man has been remanded in custody and is due to appear before Exeter Crown Court on 23 August charged with arson at the city’s synagogue, which is the third oldest in the UK. Tristan Morgan, 51, appeared before Exeter Magistrates Court in Devon on Monday, charged with “arson, with the intent of endangering life”, but did not enter a plea. He was arrested after a man was caught on

CCTV pouring “an accelerant” into the synagogue and trying to light it. No one was hurt in the incident, which occurred on Saturday at 8pm, and the damage to the building was minimal. A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said officers “are meeting synagogue staff to update them on the investigation and provide local reassurance”.

Children deliver goods to Kurds

Jewish children aged five and seven helped Kurdish refugees

Three Jewish children aged between five and seven have begun their school holidays by volunteering, delivering shoes donated for refugees by their fellow classmates on the last day of term. Yavneh Primary School pupils Leo and Toby Charlton, both five, and Yosef Carmel, seven, delivered the shoes after a Facebook campaign asking the Jewish community to help Kurds who have “lost everything”. The initiative is the latest from Borehamwood-based charity Goods For Good, which works with industry to distribute overstocked and unwanted goods that may oth-

erwise end up in landfill. “We get a great response from mums on Facebook groups,” said charity founder Rosalind Bluestone. “Everything is needed, from shoes, nappies and sanitary products to toys and stationery.” Bluestone, who previously worked for World Jewish Relief, sends consignments to impoverished Jewish communities in Israel, Ukraine and Moldova, but said the plight of the Kurds warranted special attention. “These vulnerable refugees in Kurdistan have lost everything they own and are in desperate need of life’s basic necessities,” she said.


Jewish News 26 July 2018

DAY Trip Negev

to the


Past Present & Future Join us for an inspiring day trip to the Negev to visit communities living on Israel’s periphery. You will be welcomed amongst the 21st century pioneers truly living the Zionist ideal on the land they have developed since it was first established by the original Zionist trailblazers over a hundred years ago.


26th Sept SUKKOT

The Future of Israel Lies in the Negev

• Walk in the footsteps of the early Jewish pioneers in Kibbutz Negba and see a recreation of the Tower and Stockade that once stood on this spot. • Visit Kibbutz Retamim to learn about the challenges facing a modern desert community. • Meet young people from the JNF UK-funded leadership programme, Derech Eretz, as they prepare to take Israel into the future.



North West London’s ‘hidden gem’ care home The JewishChoice Elderly Care Campus provides residential, respite and dementia care within a wonderful, kosher, ‘home from home’ environment. Through our residential care home Choice House, independent apartment living at Choice Court, and our day centre community hub, Choice Friendship Club, we provide exceptionally high levels of care all on one site and at an extremely competitive price. Come and experience the choice and warmth for yourself by booking an appointment with our welcome team.

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26 July 2018 Jewish News


Building prize / Slavery fears / News briefs / News NEWS BRIEFS

COUNCILLORS ASK FOR SHOAH MEMORIAL Two Jewish councillors have submitted a motion to Epping Forest Council that the area should have its own Holocaust memorial in recognition of rising levels of hate. Cllrs Gavin Chambers and Howard Kauffman have asked fellow councillors to consider the proposal at their next meeting on 31 July. “I feel we need one,” said Chambers. “I feel with all the increase in anti-Semitism at the moment nationally we all need to play our part in reminding the younger people what happened during the Holocaust.”


Tiger Woods hit out at a heckler who attempted to put him off his final tee shot at The British Open by twice shouting “Free Palestine”. The spectator, sitting in a hospitality box, was ejected from the course at Carnoustie after twice yelling ‘Free Palestine!’ as the American was going through his backswing on the 18th hole. The 42-year-old, bidding for his first major win in 10 years, dropped his club and shouted out ‘no!’ when the fan yelled out in an attempt to put him off.

Bushey cemetery up for top architecture prize Britain’s most significant Jewish burial ground has been shortlisted for one of architecture’s top prizes alongside Lord Foster’s £1billion Bloomberg HQ building in central London and the 50-storey Leadenhall Building, known as ‘the cheesegrater’. The office buildings will vie with the United Synagogue’s Bushey Cemetery and its ‘rammed-earth’ design for the Royal Institute of British Architects’ 2018 Stirling Prize. It is the first time a cemetery has been shortlisted for the prize, but judges were impressed by architects Waugh Thistleton who created pavilions, a portico and thick walls of ‘rammed earth’ in the cemetery’s recent extension, which provides 17,000 more burial spaces for north-west London’s Jewish community. The £6m work on the 16-acre site in Hertfordshire includes two new prayer halls and reception buildings connected by a timber colonnade,

IATA 9123151-2

but it is the half-metre thick walls of rammed earth dug from the site that has captured judges’ imagination. “In keeping with the Jewish idea of being buried very simply... the buildings carry through the idea of returning the body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes,” said RIBA. “In contrast with the plainness of the buildings, the landscape is almost lush. The cem-

ABTA 28190


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Christian and Jewish religious leaders have committed their help to ending modern slavery and human trafficking in the hand car wash industry. The Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) this week said it would work with the Clewer Initiative to publicise the charity’s Safe Car Wash app, which lets people report concerns. The Clewer Initiative said there were up to 13,000 victims of modern slavery in the UK,

with many forced to work for little or no money in hand car washes. “Police raids in hand car washes in towns and cities up and down the country have unearthed victims living in horrendous conditions,” the organisation said. The CCJ has launched a Safe Car Wash resource, and its programme manager Jessica Spencer said it was incumbent on both faiths to act.

A GOLDBLUM AS BIG AS A DINOSAUR Bushey Cemetery has been complimented by RIBA

Expert Travel Ltd ATOL 3840

Jews and Christians aim to end car wash slavery

020 8922 1234

etery is surrounded by a tree belt and a series of balancing ponds to capture the increased rain water runoff fed by a clever drainage system.” Commentators have said the buildings, with weathered steel doors and oaklined rooms, have “a quiet, monolithic presence, with the sequence of spaces carefully composed according to the processional nature of Orthodox Jewish burial practice”.

An enormous statue of Jewish actor Jeff Goldblum has been placed on the bank of the River Thames near Tower Bridge. The statue, which is 25 feet long and portrays Goldblum lounging with his shirt open, was erected by a British streaming service as a temporary exhibition in honour of the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park.


Jewish News 26 July 2018

Special Report / Social media with a cause

Healthy connections A free app helps link cancer patients who want to talk, says Louisa Walters Social media has long been a platform on which people share and connect in good times, bad times and just for the day-to-day stuff. When the really big bad stuff happens, some choose to batten down the hatches, while others choose to reach out on social media. One inspiring young man decided to take things further and create his own platform. Jack Morgan, 21, a maths engineering student at Bristol University (specialising in AI and data science) was diagnosed with an extremely rare Stage III cancer in October 2017. Months of intensive treatment followed. The Alyth Synagogue member set up an Instagram page to document his journey with an honest and inspiring approach. Initially followed by close family and friends, it gathered pace and gained 3,600 followers. “Being on social media throughout my illness was incredibly positive,” says Jack. “I found it tremendously comforting to connect with other cancer patients, survivors and family members of patients, and rewarding to find them coming to me.

It’s mutually empowering.” However, Jack felt that there was a need for a dedicated platform to enable people in the cancer community to share with others. “When speaking to other patients and survivors I discovered that they don’t always feel comfortable sharing everything on social media as other people won’t necessarily understand. “Social media is filled with ‘stuff’ and when someone is going through cancer treatment they might not want to scroll through everyone else’s ‘holiday snaps’ so to speak.” Earlier this month, Jack, whose family lives in Finchley, launched Cnected, a free app to bring together anyone affected by cancer. He designed the app himself and built it together with another student at Bristol University. It has already had hundreds of downloads and support from the worlds of entertainment and sport, including comedian Matt Lucas and West Ham player Declan Rice. “My friend Jack Morgan has survived cancer and has created a dedicated community for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers,” tweeted Lucas.

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Prices range from £325,000 – £610,000 Long Leaseholds

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The free app is available on iOS and will soon be followed on Android

Declan tweeted: “My good friend Jack Morgan had a rare tissue cancer that they didn’t have a name for. He went through rough times but stayed strong and now is cancer free. With this app, he wants to help others and bring people together. Get downloading.” The app has been well received by cancer charities and The Royal Marsden, where Jack was treated, will be putting flyers in the hospital to encourage people to download it. He has meetings planned with many other highprofile charities and is filming segments for the BBC and Stand Up To Cancer. “The more organisations, survivors, patients, carers, family members and friends I bring together, the greater the benefit for us all,” he says. Jason Rigby, head of fundraising at Children with Cancer UK, says: “We are delighted to be working with Cnected. “Our aim is to make a child’s cancer treatment as least dramatic as possible and the creation of this app gives children a way to communicate in a way they understand.” Alex Zylko, communications and fundraising officer at Bowel & Cancer Research, says: “A diagnosis of cancer is a life-changing experience. “Living with this diagnosis is – for the individual, for their family, for their friends and for their colleagues – one of the hardest things anyone will ever have to do. Joining a community of people who, from experience, know what this is like [and] could make such a difference to people’s Jack Morgan launched the app after being diagnosed with a rare cancer

well-being while dealing with the disease. “We hope Cnected will prove to be a vital resource for anyone diagnosed with cancer, their loved ones, friends and colleagues.” Following intense and aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy for head and neck tumours, Jack has been given a clean bill of health. By bringing the global cancer community together via the Cnected platform, his aim now is to make life easier during the roughest times for those affected by cancer.  Cnected is available to download now free on iOS, soon to be followed by Android. com/gb/app/cnected/ id1401249185?mt=8w

26 July 2018 Jewish News


Residential care at its best. “It’s a very hard job you all do and the care you give the residents is great. It is difficult to describe an “atmosphere” in any organisation but the feel you get coming in and spending time here is a positive and uplifting one that you should all be proud of.”

Spring Lane

170 Fortis Green, Muswell Hill, London N10 3PA

Spring Grove

214 Finchley Road, London NW3 6DH

Spring View

Crescent Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 7BL

A new way of living, making friends and enjoying new activities supported by experts – moving to a Springdene home transforms the quality of life for many older people who find that living in their own home has become too difficult.

Springdene provides a “home from home” environment with:

• Highly experienced staff capable of developing bespoke care

programmes, centred on the individual needs of each person.

• Lively and stimulating activities led by dedicated staff including specialist art and music therapists.

“The fact that we were worried about mum going in to care has been replaced with worry for her coming out is testimony to the ethos in your home.”

• Extensive entertainment programmes ranging from local school choirs to professional musicians.

• Comprehensive menus catering to individual tastes. • Spacious fully-fitted bedrooms with full en-suite facilities, extensive communal lounges, dining rooms, terraces and gardens.

With over 45 years of providing care, the Springdene Group is run by the same family that established its first care home in 1970. Having welcomed over 15,000 local people into its homes since then, the Group has developed an

“Mum is noticeably much less lonely and had many more things to speak about when we visited, which we could do more often, with mum so much closer to our home.”

enviable reputation for providing care of the highest standard.

To arrange a visit, or for more information, just call

0208 815 2000

or visit

Springdene CARE HOMES Where life is for living

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Jewish News 26 July 2018

Special Report / Argentina attack anniversary

We’re still waiting for justice by Jenni Frazer @FrazerJenni

Last week saw the 24th anniversary of the Buenos Aires AMIA bombing, which killed 85 people and injured hundreds more. A meeting at the House of Lords to mark the anniversary was dedicated to the so-called “86th victim” – Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was murdered in 2015 as he was preparing to offer new evidence about the bombing. AMIA was the central headquarters of the Argentine Jewish community. Dr Ariel Gelblung, the Latin American representative for the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, which held the commemoration under the auspices of the Henry Jackson Society, explained that an investigation into Nisman’s death is one of four parallel cases in Argentina emanating from the bombing. Former president Carlos Menem, in office when the bombing took place, together with former Judge Juan Jose Galeano, among others, are subject to trial for alleged cover-up of the crime; former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman are due to be tried in the wake of a Memorandum of Understanding they signed with Iran, long held responsible for the terror attack on the AMIA building; and the case

against the five remaining Iranian suspects has been reopened. The meeting was hosted in the House of Lords by Lord Trimble, a Nobel laureate for his work on the Northern Ireland peace process. Argentine’s ambassador to the UK, Renato Carlos Sersale di Cerisano, read a message from the Argentine Foreign Minister, Jorge Faurie. He said: “Together with the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in 1992, these two attacks constitute the two major acts of international terrorism perpetrated in our country’s history... The Argentine Government is fully committed to seeking justice on behalf of the victims.... to ensure that all those involved in the attack are brought before the Argentine courts.” One of the most poignant contributions came from bombing survivor Anita Weinstein, who is AMIA’s director of its Documentation and Information Centre on Argentine Jewry and is a former director of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Argentina. She said: “I was preparing the 100th anniversary of AMIA at the back of the building, when the explosion left me on an open ledge above the carnage below... “I had become the target of hate, I, the

daughter of Holocaust survivors.” Weinstein said she was still determined to keep working for the Buenos Aires Jewish community. “I fought for justice. Once again, I chose life.” Gelblung revealed that only last week, one of the five Iranian suspects said to have been responsible for the bombing had appeared in Russia, which has an extradition treaty with Argentina. But no arrests were made and the man returned to Iran. QC Michael Caplan went through the legal options open to Argentina if any of the suspects were to visit countries with extradition treaties with it – including Britain. Dr Shimon Samuels, director for international relations at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, said he hoped “this meeting can be a first step in the pursuit of justice and closure for the families of terror victims and survivors of terror worldwide”.

Please contact Jacqueline Lansbury at

Above: Aftermath of the 1994 AMIA building bombing in Buenos Aires. Inset: Sersale di Cerisano and Alberto Nisman

26 July 2018 Jewish News

White Helmets / Facebook fears / World News

Israel saves hundreds in Syria rescue Britain and Israel worked secretly together to save Syria’s White Helmet rescue workers who were spirited over the Golan Heights border in a daring mission on Saturday night. Details emerged after more than 420 humanitarians and their families were saved by the IDF after they became trapped on Syria’s southern border, amid a government onslaught to retake some of the last territory still held by insurgents. Israeli troops closed roads in the Golan Heights hours before the operation and later transported the Syrians into Jordan at three points. Israel is still technically at war with Syria and military manoeuvres on the border must remain top secret. Britain, Germany and Canada agreed to resettle the White Helmets, a group set up in 2013 by former British intelligence officer James Le Mesurier and funded by public and private donations. They have saved thousands of lives, lost more than 200 volunteers and been nominated for a Nobel Prize. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the rescue mission was the right thing to do, after revealing that President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had asked him to help.

Safety: a child is comforted after the mission

“These are people who have saved lives and whose lives were in danger,” tweeted Netanyahu. “I therefore authorised their transfer via Israel to other countries as an important humanitarian gesture.” The resettlement arrangements were coordinated by Jordan, whose leaders have already taken in more than 630,000 Syrian refugees since 2011. The country, which has very few water resources, has now said it cannot take any more. In a statement, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt paid tribute to the White Helmets, who had “saved over 115,000 lives during the Syrian conflict, at great risk to their own”. “White Helmets have been the target of attacks and... we judged that, in these particular circumstances, the volunteers required immediate protection.”

ZUCKERBERG FACES SHOAH BACKLASH The head of the Holocaust Educational Trust in the UK has described comments from Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg [right] defending the right of people to “get things wrong” by denying the Holocaust on social media as “highly problematic”. The angry reaction follows an inter-

view with technology news website Recode in which Zuckerberg said Facebook had decided not to remove Holocaust deniers from the popular platform because their intent could not be implied. After a firestorm of criticism online, he subsequently clarified that he “absolutely

did not intend to defend the intent of people who deny that [the Holocaust]”. Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, was among those who reacted with disbelief to Zuckerberg’s interview, in which he discussed free speech and Facebook’s role in policing ‘fake news’ and misinformation.


Your weekly digest of stories from the international press GERMANY

Diaspora Jewish organisations have praised the Muslims who joined Jews on a ‘kippah solidarity’ march through Berlin last Sunday. Earlier this month, a Jewish man was assaulted in a city park after a gang noticed him wearing the Star of David, and an Israeli man wearing a kippah was beaten in the street.

will have to ‘register’ after politicians in Lower Austria suggested the idea because they wanted to curb animal slaughter without pre-stunning. Jewish groups said the move had echoes of the listing of Jews in the 1930s.


Diplomats have downplayed concern that Jews and Muslims in Austria who eat kosher and halal meat

Turkey’s Relations with Israel and Britain Dr Simon Waldman analyses the impact of Erdogan’s re-election at a Meretz UK meeting on

Thursday, 26 July - 7.30 pm 10a Canfield Gardens, London NW6 3JS (Note: NOT at JW3 or Broadhurst Gardens)


An American court has ruled that Jews are a protected ‘race’ under the Civil Rights Act 1964, in a decision that may affect discrimination law in areas like employment. After a football coach sued a Louisiana college, US magistrate Mark Hornsby cited sociological, anthropological and DNA studies in his decision.

Best of Frenemies:

Waldman is a fellow of King’s College London and the Istanbul Policy Centre, Turkey. He will also assess Turkish ambitions in the Middle East. Contributions of £5 and all welcome! A Tunisian Jewish businessman published photos showing Arab men holding a barbecue in a Jewish cemetery. The mayor of Sousse, Tawfiq al-Oreybi, said police were investigating the incident and would take appropriate action.

Event page via and also see Contact

Event supported by Hashomer Hatzair Trust



Jewish News 26 July 2018

Editorial comment and letters ISSUE NO.



A closed tent?

Relations between Israel and the diaspora have been tested like never before in recent days, first with an Israeli law that most observers say demotes non-Jews to second-class citizens, then the arrest of a progressive rabbi for officiating the marriage of a Jew born out of wedlock. More worryingly, the Jewish nation-state bill could have been worse. It took the intervention of non-governmental organisations and the Israeli president to bin a clause legalising segregated communities and another requiring judges to consider the Torah in secular criminal cases. What is happening? To proud British Jews, Israel is both “a Jewish state” and “a democracy”, and the erosion of either is existential. Jews who have showered Israel with money and support in the knowledge that she stands up for minorities now seriously ask whether they can still say that. As if the nation-state bill weren’t enough, Israeli police arrested a progressive rabbi for officiating in non-Orthodox ceremonies, in an aggressive pre-dawn raid on his home. While technically illegal, the state has never before stepped in to act as an ‘Orthodox security service’ for those officiating non-Orthodox unions. That it has now crossed a well-observed line is a huge deal to millions of progressive Jews worldwide. In Israel, too, anti-discrimination values are also being questioned, with an estimated 100,000 Israelis having attended a rally in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Sunday night to protest against a new law that does not allow gay couples to use surrogates. What happened to ‘open tent’ Israel, which welcomed Jews of all stripes and sought to protect non-Jews in a Jewish state? The ultimate symbol of openness in Jewish tradition is the chuppah – open on all four sides. How apt that this should have been the focal point of Monday’s Israeli Embassy protest.


Send us your comments PO Box 815, London HA8 4SX |

IT’S NOT RAINING, IT’S SPITTING Dame Margaret Hodge rightly has unashamedly contributed took the opportunity to call under Corbyn’s leadership. It does out Jeremy Corbyn last week. not bode well. Corbyn has history, and his No doubt many will believe well-publicised anti-Zionist that keeping a low profile and not views will no doubt manifest ruffling any feathers will ride out themselves if Labour comes any issues. to power in legislation against However, to keep saying Israel on many levels. it’s raining when someone is These would include, via blatantly spitting at you is a very trade arrangements, attempts dangerous appeasement position, to demonise and arrest leading which our history unfortunately Israeli politicians and military illuminates. heads when they travel and Making aliyah is and will be a acceptance of the boycott, very good option. Staying silent divestment and sanctions Anger: Dame Margaret Hodge is not, as at times the UK Jewish (BDS) movement and all population’s stand on this has it encompasses. been quite deafening. This anti-Israel action continues to morph into Stephen and Batia Vishnick anti-Jewish sentiment to which this Labour Party Tel Aviv

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“So, in the event of a no-deal Ten Commandments, do I still get to covet my neighbour’s ass?”



You report “Hundreds protest against ‘racist’ Labour at Westminster demo” (, 20 July 2018). What did they hope to achieve? Comrade Corbyn has been sticking two fingers up to the Jewish community for years, using delay tactics at every opportunity. His plan all along was it would just go away or he’ll offer another pointless meeting. What does it take for the protesters to realise he isn’t listening? Corbyn knows what needs doing but chooses not to. No amount of protesting is going to change him. Russell Ballen By email

I hope members of Na’amod and those who said Kaddish for anti-Semitic and anti-Israel murderers might come to think differently, particularly when Corbyn is elected. No doubt Israel would take them in if they ever needed to move, but wouldn’t it be poetic justice if she did not? These actions will not save you if the chopped liver ever hits the grater. Conspiring with the enemy didn’t save many last time. It’s easy to do these things when it’s not your child who is being buried. John Harris Hendon

26 July 2018 Jewish News


Editorial comment and letters

Demeaning the dead I refer to the letters ‘We defend Kaddish for Hamas’ by Emeritus Professors Benjamin and Reiner and ‘Mindboggling ignorance’ by Roisy Nevies (Jewish News, 12 July 2018). For me, Roisy is spot on and the professors are wrong. Those who participated in this action (and others who supported it) at the very least misunderstand the nature of the Kaddish prayer. What they have certainly done is cause great offence and distress to the vast majority of us who’ve said Kaddish for our lost loved ones. This is amplified when those loved ones died in the Holocaust or in military conflicts defending our homeland or terrorist attacks inside Israel. Those saying Kaddish have also demeaned the souls of the departed, for whom we’ve tried to ease the passage into the world to come. Saying Kaddish for our adversaries killed while trying to kill us will do absolutely nothing to advance the cause of peace in the region, whether via a two-state


solution or any other arrangement. Peace, Baruch Hashem, between Israel and the Palestinians can happen only when the evil Hamas regime is no longer in power. Those who’ve chosen to say Kaddish publicly for dead Gazans must expect to attract the opprobrium of the many who disagree with them. And when passions are running so high, the language used often sinks to a new low. So let me state it here, respectfully: Do not recite Kaddish for our enemies; say it for our own casualties.

The letter from the Emeritus professors defending those who said Kaddish states that they support them “whether or not many of those killed were Hamas supporters”. How about if most of them actually were members of Hamas? And how about if they had arrived at the border with the specific intention of killing Jews? Do you still support those who said Kaddish?

J D Milaric By email

Ann Cohen Golders Green

NA’AMOD MUST HELP HEAL I was sad to read about the Na’amod group that confronted Birthright participants as they left Luton Airport to fly to Israel. Tommer Spence seems an intelligent young person, who writes that he went on a Birthright trip himself and “had a deeply meaningful experience” (Jewish News, 19 July). There are divisions and problems within the Jewish community, at home and abroad, as never before. It would be so much more productive if Na’amod could use its intelligence and energy to help to heal these

divisions. Instead, those who oppose Israel and the Jewish community can point to such organisations to justify their hatred and rhetoric. After all, the Birthright trip is free, and it seems rude and ill-mannered to accept free flights and accommodation (from America that is a substantial amount of money), and then, once you arrive, to leave to go to Palestinian groups. We need some more achdut (unity) both here and in Israel.

Mrs M Cohen By email

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Jewish News 26 July 2018




s an Israeli born to American parents who were deeply rooted in the Peace Corps and the left-wing movements in the US and Europe during the 1960s and 1970s, I have always had great respect for the British Labour Party. I could not say I agree with many of its political policies or overall outlook, but as an institution with a great heritage of integrity and service to the people, it stands out as one of the great movements in modern history. Sadly, however, history now seems to be where that reputation belongs. The leadership of the party has chosen to turn its back on its principles in favour of a politics that is not for the many but for the few, or at least for all but the Jews. The long-running saga of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has been well covered in the Israeli media, with many on the left and

right shocked at the unimaginable disregard for the sensitivities of the Jewish community, let alone the well-being of the Jewish supporters and MPs of their own party. Yet what we have seen last week marks a truly new low. Rather than deal with the issue of anti-Semitism, and tackle the root cause of this vicious poison running through the veins of the Labour Party of late, the party’s governing body has chosen instead to redefine what constitutes anti-Semitism, thus allowing its members free range to commit acts of racial hatred with impunity. As Israel’s Minister for Diaspora Affairs, and as head of the Jewish Home party which is committed to fighting for the rights of Jews all over the world, I want to offer my support and appreciation to Chief Rabbi Mirvis, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies, for their brave and unwavering stand in the face of this perhaps unprecedented assault on the rights of the Jewish community in modern Britain. Even against a background of rising antiSemitism in Europe and around the world, to

TO WITNESS SUCH VITRIOLIC ATTITUDES BEING EXPRESSED IN THE MAINSTREAM OF BRITISH SOCIETY IS TRULY SHOCKING witness such vitriolic anti-Jewish attitudes being expressed in the mainstream of British society is truly shocking. It must serve as a reminder for us all to stand united in the face of the attacks on our people. Of course, it is no surprise that the clauses of the nearly universally accepted IHRA definition of anti-Semitism that the party disregarded relate to Israel. Jeremy Corbyn, in welcoming extremist speakers and representatives of even Hamas and Hezbollah as friends, has made clear his dislike for Israel, and his preference to cosy up to those who have as their stated aim the destruction of the Jewish state. But more worrying for me is that in denying causing offence – well beyond acceptable

criticism – to Israel constitutes anti-Semitism, the Labour party is seeking to drive a wedge between the Jewish people and their homeland. By proposing that it is not anti-Semitic to suggest Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the UK, the Labour Party is looking for Jews to distance themselves from Israel, their ancestral homeland, and the land which is home to more than six million of their brothers and sisters. Israel remains committed to working with the Jewish communities around the world to stand up to all expressions of anti-Semitism, and to strengthen Jewish identity, and the bond between Israel and the Diaspora. Because, while the Labour Party has forgotten its history, it will not be able to make Jewish people turn their back on theirs. [N]

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Pope gives hope to those battling climate change DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS, BOARD OF DEPUTIES

his month I attended a conference at the Vatican to mark the third anniversary of Pope Francis’s encyclical on protecting the environment, known as Laudato Si. The gathering included 300 people from 100 countries, including representatives of different religions, governments, nongovernmental organisations, indigenous peoples and youth. We met to discuss how we could organise to convince governments, businesses and our own communities to do more to tackle the grave threat posed by excessive human consumption and manmade climate change. The highlight was an audience with the Pope himself, who addressed us before taking the time to meet every single one of the delegates. As well as being a tremendous privilege, the Pope’s message was striking. His Holiness echoed his predecessor,

Pope John Paul II in saying, “We must encourage and support an ‘ecological conversion’”, and said that religions have a particular role to play in this struggle. The Pope’s approach to the issue is compelling. He makes it accessible by focusing on the human impact of damage to ‘our common home’. Too often, the challenge is described by scientists in complex terms that are inaccessible to most of us, with prescriptions that principally refer to the industrial-scale use of fossil fuels by enormous multinationals. Meanwhile, those of us who try to do our




bit, by recycling and trying to avoid plastic where we can, can often feel that the effort is unrewarding, given the enormity of the task. But the Pope and the Vatican organisers made it real for us by making this a story about human suffering, particularly of the world’s poorest, giving a key voice to the communities on the front line of climate change. One of the most powerful moments of the conference was hearing from Marshall Islands poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, whose stirring poem reflected the imminent threat that her homeland is facing, as it is only two metres above sea level. Few major Jewish leaders would dispute the importance of care for the environment, but it often comes fairly low down on our community’s priority list. This could not be a more mistaken attitude. Care of our planet is so essential to Judaism that it forms part of the Creation narrative itself. As it says in Genesis 2:15, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and protect it.”

Humanity is clearly working our earth to breaking point, utterly failing to protect it. For this reason, we must do more with initiatives such as the Eco Synagogue project, which seeks to work with synagogues to make them more environmentally friendly. So far, it counts among its members five of the biggest Orthodox, Reform, Liberal and Masorti communities, but many more should join. Please ask if yours will do so. At the Board of Deputies, we have started asking the government to create incentives for all faith buildings that can to move to renewable energy sources, like solar power, in the way that it has done for schools. This would model environmental leadership to those who use and view our buildings, while saving money too. All of us must do what we can to protect our common home. If we carry on in this way, we will create a growing level of catastrophe that could even lead to the destruction of human life on earth. Once we are gone, over time, the planet itself would likely recover. But none of us would be here to see it.

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I support Palestinians and quit Labour JOHN STRAWSON



ast week I left the Labour Party due to the failure of the National Executive Committee to adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition and examples of anti-Semitism. Despite the pleadings of the Jewish community, the Labour Party instead arrogantly adopted its definition, which effectively licences forms of anti-Semitism. It created a test of anti-Semitic “intent,” which is not in the IHRA definition, which would be difficult to prove while allowing for comparisons to be made between Israel and the Nazis. Worse, if this were possible, it would allow members to claim that the creation of Israel itself was a racist endeavour. For me this was crossing a line and transformed the party of which I had been a member for decades into an institutionally anti-Semitic organisation.

The Labour party leadership claims the reason for not adopting the full IHRA definition and examples is because it wants to ensure free speech on Israel and Palestine. Yet the IHRA definition explicitly says that “criticism of Israel similar to that levered against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic”. As a staunch supporter of Palestinian selfdetermination and an opponent of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory after the 1967 war, I regularly criticise Israeli policy. For a period of 11 years, I was involved in a European project supporting Birzeit University’s Institute of Law. I was a visiting professor teaching at the institute and participating in conferences several times a year. I was there during the worst of the second intifada and I know something about how dreadful the humiliations and oppression of occupation are. I agree with the International Court of Justice that the wall that has been built on Palestinian territory is illegal.

IN THE PAST THREE YEARS, THE LABOUR PARTY HAS TURNED INTO THE LARGEST 0RGANISATION CIRCULATING ANTI-SEMITISM However, I can make all these criticisms without resorting to anti-Semitism or calling for the destruction of Israel. In any event, anti-Semitism hardly aids the cause of the Palestinians. There is also another fundamental principle; the creation of Israel was ethically correct. The Marxist Isaac Deutscher called it a “historic necessity”. As the United Nations partition plan recognised, Jews have the right to self-determination. The rationale for Israel was the profound anti-Semitism that ran through the sinews of Europe over centuries. Those who support Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) often attack Israel as a racist state – something the Labour party defi-

nition would allow – but Israel is not a racist state, it is a refugee state. In the past three years, the Labour party has become the largest organisation circulating anti-Semitism. It has been enabled by Jeremy Corbyn, who has not only refused to fight it but has become complicit with it. As he is my MP, I have written to him several times. In his last letter to me dated 24 April 2018, he wrote: “The evidence of my sincerity in dealing with this problem will be in the elimination of anti-Semitism in our movement.” I now understand that what he actually meant was that anti-Semitism would be eliminated by a weaker definition.

This is state interference at its most arrogant BRIAN GORDON



ur Orthodox community is embroiled in a highly unpleasant dispute with the education authorities. The result could monumentally affect the future freedom of Jewish life in Britain. Owing to a newly-formulated interpretation of laws supposedly introduced to promote equalities and community cohesion, schools across the board stand to be mandated to teach pupils a wide variety of cultures and lifestyles, including those that may be forbidden within their own faith ethos. This policy is being rolled out under the mantra of “British values”. In documents issued by the Department for Education (DfE), it has been proposed that all educational establishments, specifically including faith schools, must have lessons regarding sexual relationships. In order, supposedly, to combat discrimination and extremism, they must teach explicitly and in a positive fashion all the statutorily defined “protected characteristics”. This includes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgen relationships and gender reassignment.

These proposals, backed up by draconian methods of enforcement for noncompliance, including summary school closure orders, fly in the face of this country’s free, democratic way of life. Their implementation against faith schools would be an outright assault by secularism and humanism on traditional religious values. Orthodox Jewish schools have never had a tradition of teaching pupils about the intimacy of personal relationships in anything but the most subtle and spiritual way that the study of Biblical and Talmudic texts may afford. As for other cultures and lifestyles, whereas it is totally unacceptable in Jewish teaching to negatively discriminate and preach intolerance, those protected characteristics that are scripturally forbidden cannot possibly be discussed and promoted in the classroom. I am sure such a taboo would apply equally within Christianity, Islam, and any other faiths to which the Bible and traditional family values are sacred. Equally alarming is a proposal to forbid the teaching of “creationism” as an absolute truth, above other scientific theories, concerning how the world and human beings originated. There is also a demand


for pupils at any school not to be taught in a manner that discourages them from interacting in the fullest sense with those of the opposite sex. It is one thing to apply these directions to mainstream non-denominational schools if that is perceived to be politically correct and parents approve. To impose such liberalist values on the schools of established faiths that fundamentally reject them is state interference at its most arrogant. It is curious that, until now, virtually all public protest has come from the Charedi community. Schools, synagogues and organisations within the modern Orthodox sector should be urged to vocalise their concerns alongside, since they likewise stand to be affected by the scourge against faith schools.

And if the crisis ultimately requires the Jewish community to make common cause with other faiths, then, subject to rabbinical guidance, we should do so. The question to be asked is how a Conservative government committed to parental choice and educational diversity could wish to adopt such destructive antilibertarian measures. In the case of the DfE, it has left an opening for left-leaning civil servants and Ofsted bureaucrats to dictate policy to suit their own ideological agenda, ahead of their elected superiors. A robust, unified campaign to preserve faith school freedom targeted at politicians at all levels is urgently needed. The new Chinuch UK umbrella body has been established precisely for this purpose. Its representatives must campaign relentlessly for the sake of future generations. They must not allow themselves to be appeased into the slightest compromise on concepts that strictly-Orthodox schools cannot and will never teach under any circumstances. It must not be forgotten that religion is itself a “protected characteristic”. If that protection is destroyed, the term “British values” will be rendered bankrupt.

26 July 2018 Jewish News



Warsaw archive that meant justice to many ALEXI KELATY



utside academic circles, few of us have heard of the Oneg Shabbat Archive or an exceptional man called Emanuel Ringelblum. With the assistance of associates, he created a top-secret record also known as the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, documenting the tragic fate of 3.5 million Polish Jews. Ringelblum was an historian and social worker. Perhaps the combination of the two is


what gave him the foresight to set up the Oneg Shabbat (Joy of Shabbat) Group at his home, a week after the ghetto was sealed in November 1940. The group’s aim was to gather a confidential array of articles, essays and items documenting day-to-day life in the ghetto. Notebooks were given to hand-picked writers, teachers and scientists among others, who were encouraged to record their experiences under German occupation. Apart from information in the form of sweet wrappers, and pieces of art and poetry, the project became a unique social study touching on issues such as schooling, economic conditions, the situation of the children and relationships as it became apparent Jews were being exterminated. The secrecy was so tight most of the collaborators were unaware who else was involved. Eventually, the archive was buried in 10 metal boxes and three large milk urns and, like its confidential birth, only three of the 70 members knew of their location. This was risky but necessary to protect them from being discovered and destroyed by the Nazis. Sadly, Ringleblum, who with his family had gone into hiding, was found and shot at the

The Warsaw Ghetto, pictured in 1941

ruins of the ghetto. Three members survived the war, Hersz Wasser, his wife and Rachela Auerbach. Some truths are meant to be told and, miraculously, Wasser found one urn. The second was found accidentally by a Polish construction worker in December 1950, but the third has yet to be discovered. The archive is more than a collection of dire last testimonies written at a time of deadly uncertainty. It is a time capsule of a nation trying to shout out to the world the truth of what was really going on and a chance to be remembered. When the Nazis stripped the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto of their possessions, they also

stripped them of any dignity, sensitivity or love. The residual piece of humanity was their ability to document their thoughts, a welcome escapism in such a bleak time or perhaps a chance to be remembered one day. These articles are their moments of hope and wishes that someone one day would find them and know the truth, and with the hope that their unexpressed emotions would not die, as they did. Our rabbis teach us that the important deeds we do in our lifetime are considered to be our children. Although the authors of the archive were murdered and unable to live free and fulfilled lives, the evidence they courageously tried to preserve for us was like their only legacy. The simple task they undertook brought justice to many, with the archive used as evidence in the Nuremberg trials. In the words of Rabbi Shlomo Farhi: “Strength is the challenge that is in front of you, bravery is for a challenge you don’t know.” In the merit of the courageous and brave contributors to the archive, our history as a Jewish people was not rewritten and retold, but written and told.



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Jewish News 26 July 2018

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Community / Scene & Be Seen


Some 500 visitors to Clore Tikva School’s summer fete helped raise more than £8,000. Guests enjoyed activities, including go karting, slime making, meet a reptile and face painting. Mel Philips, chair of Fundraisers At Clore Tikva said: “Thank you for coming to support the school. Seven months of planning came to fruition and I couldn’t be prouder of all involved. We are an amazing school and our kids deserve the best.”

And be seen


This week’s news, pictures and social events from across the community

Helicopter rides, fast cars and princess carriage rides were just a few highlights of a Camp Simcha retreat for seriously ill children and their families. More than 150 family members spent a fun-filled three days in Daventry with the aim of bringing together families for respite and joyful experiences, while all their medical needs are catered for. Parent Leeann Cohen said: “Retreat was amazing. I can’t put into words what it does, but our spirits are lifted. We are so thankful to everyone who makes it happen.”

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Around 400 guests helped Chai Cancer Care raise £275,000 at its ‘360 Degrees’ Manchester dinner. The funds will enable the Jewish community’s cancer support organisation to continue its services in north and south Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. Speeches were made by Dr Ian Ellis, senior lecturer in clinical genetics, University of Liverpool and Chai client Michal Mocton, and guests were shown films detailing Chai’s work. Chairman Louise Hager said: “The reception and support we have been given from the northwest community has been overwhelming. This has been a truly memorable evening and we are deeply grateful for everyone’s outstanding generosity.”


Jewish Care’s Family Fun Day saw a record turnout of 2,800 (including Ariella Keene, pictured), who helped raise more than £24,000 to help enhance the lives of residents at Jewish Care’s Princess Alexandra Home in Stanmore. Guests enjoyed activities including bouncy castles, tea cup rides, bungee trampoline, laser quest, arts and crafts, face painting and cricket with Middlesex Cricket Club coaches. Daniel Carmel Brown, chief executive designate and director of fundraising and marketing, said: “It was a pleasure to see all ages come together to have fun and support Jewish Care.”

Photo by Dina Ehrlich






Jewish News 26 July 2018

Scene & Be Seen / Community



More than 30 clients and guests joined KKL Executor & Trustee, JNF UK’s legacy department, for a summer day trip to Eltham Palace. Participants explored the award-winning gardens, before visiting the Art Deco Mansion, set in a medieval palace setting. A guided tour around the house, the childhood home of Henry VIII, included taking in the medieval Great Hall.

Photo by Leivi Saltman Photography






6 BUSINESS AWARDS More than 200 people joined employment and business support organisation Work Avenue at its offices, the Wohl Enterprise Hub in Finchley, in celebration of business success. Flagship award Business of the Year was won by SnapRevise (pictured main), Popcorn Shed, started by cousins Sam Feller and Laura Jackson (pictured inset), won Start-Up of the Year, with Katie Taylor named Entrepreneur of the Year. Work Avenue CEO Debbie Sheldon said: “The businesses we recognised have become successful through dedication, perseverance and determination. What links them all is the drive to... never give up despite some bumps in the road.”


Year 6 pupils at Moriah Jewish Day School in Pinner, took part in Tribe’s Kosher Apprentice competition. The children spent two weeks designing new kosher products, packaging, advertising and marketing before cooking their products. Tribe judges judged the ‘Banana Surprise’ product as the winner.


Woodford Forest United Synagogue, together with Chabad Buckhurst Hill, hosted an event with US speaker and Michigan State Supreme Court Of Appeals panel Judge Justice Richard Bernstein. Registered legally blind since birth, he spoke about his struggle, purpose in life and how his Jewish faith has given him strength. Working with the IDF on employment of the physically disabled in the military, his ideas have now been adopted as the model for the UN.


The British Friends of ALEH’s Young Committee held its first event – a fundraising pub quiz at the Adam & Eve pub. More than 100 people helped raise £2,000, which will go towards medical equipment to support ALEH’s severely disabled children in Israel. Liron Rosiner Reshef, British Friends of ALEH’S director, said: “This is an excellent start for the young committee. They showed great enthusiasm, and talked about ALEH very knowledgeably.”


Beit Halochem Centres in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem welcomed around 400 Year 9 JCoSS, JFS and Immanuel College students, who heard from veterans about their IDF experiences, injuries and subsequent rehabilitation at Beit Halochem and were given the opportunity to play sport with them. Spencer Gelding, executive director of Beit Halochem UK, said: “We’re delighted pupils were able to see first-hand how Israel supports our brave veterans.”

Your family announcements Raphi Brassey celebrated his barmitzvah at Radlett United Synagogue

Talia Berman celebrated her D’var Torah at 96 Shenley Road Photo by DM Photography

Photo by Paul Lang Photography

Photo by Contributor

Sara and Menachem Rabin were married at The Cavendish Banqueting Suite

Photo by Kate Swerdlow Photography

Gabrielle Wilton celebrated her batmitzvah at Stanmore United Synagogue

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26 July 2018 Jewish News



Theatre / Lifestyle

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The rise and fall of the Lehmans Alex Brummer on the National Theatre’s epic tale of brothers who built an empire


he very thought of sitting down to a three-hour play at the National Theatre, with just three actors and a financial theme does not at first blush sound like great entertainment. But The Lehman Trilogy showing at the Lyttelton is much more than that. The play traces how three Jewish brothers from Bavaria turned an unpromising small shop selling low-value cotton items to working class customers in Montgomery, Alabama, creating what, until its demise a decade ago, was a world class investment bank. In many ways, the story is not just that of Lehman, but that of Wall Street. As outsiders, New York’s Jews were never really as welcome as old line bankers working in the great establishment money centre banks JP Morgan, Citibank and Chase Manhattan. Their route to the financial top began in the Deep South as cotton traders, dry goods store owners and other such

basic occupations. It was from these low level beginnings that Lehman, Goldman Sachs, Lazard and the other investment banks developed. What is remarkable about the Lehman story is how Judaism shaped the lives of the original three protagonists: Henry, Emanuel and Mayer Lehman – refugees from Germany. Every triumph is hailed with the cry ‘Baruch Hashem’ although it is unclear how many of the Yiddish and Hebraic expressions were understood by a mixed audience. The play takes you right through the cycle of Jewish life, from shiva and growing a beard when Henry, the first brother to arrive in the US, dies. This is followed by an elaborate process of choosing the right Jewish dynastic marriages as the Lehmans progress up the social scale. The neatest thing about the production is how the three actors, Simon Russell Beale, Ben Miles and Adam Godley play multiple roles, not just as the brothers,

Simon Russell Beale as Henry Lehman

Simon Russell Beale, Ben Miles and Adam Godley in The Lehman Trilogy

but as their business associates, as the next generation of the Lehman family, as the potential and actual brides of the brothers and even as babies. The transformation from selling cotton scarves and working people’s clothes into high finance began when the brothers realised they were not just retailers. They invented the role of the middleman. The plantation owners, struggling to sell their wares at a decent price, were persuaded to sell raw cotton to Lehman. The plantations received the cash they needed to buy seeds and other equipment, and Lehman sent hundreds of wagons of cotton up north. The life cycle of the first generation of Lehman brothers was governed by the onset of the Jewish holidays. Other themes come through strongly. The importance of family, reputation and business ethics. When the south was devastated by civil war, the Lehman brothers managed to persuade the governor of Alabama to invest in the Lehman cotton bank, which financed reconstruction of the state. Eventually, the pull of New York, the opportunity for coffee, as well as cotton trading and a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, transposed the brothers and their descendants to New

York City. Soon they became pioneers in investing in railroads and steel. The company’s values remained rooted in joint family decision making, Jewish business ethics and prudence. This was both their strength and undoing. After the 1929 Great Crash, the Lehman family decided that, for its own survival, it should steer clear of the rescues for other banks organised by JP Morgan. The Lehman bank prospered, but as the family ran out of heirs, it turned to a new generation of traders headed by Richard ‘Dick’ Fuld to take on the legacy. The bank moved from investment in real assets into trading exotic paper and found itself the first victims of the crisis that arrived a decade ago. When Fuld and his colleagues passed the hat around, the other banks remembered Lehman had stood aside 80 years earlier and refused to come to the table. As Jewish and family values vanished, Lehman lost its way. It is a brilliant introduction to a history that led to the financial crisis, skilfully directed by Sam Mendes.  The Lehman Trilogy runs at the National Theatre until 20 September


Jewish News 26 July 2018

Lifestyle / Shabbat cuisine

A new kosher restaurant is offering Friday night and Shabbat lunches. Francine Wolfisz speaks to its owner



n his younger years, nothing made David S Levin happier than standing in the kitchen, helping to stir the Hungarian-Jewish delicacies his mother and grandmother had diligently prepared and imagining one day running his very own restaurant. Like many of those mouth-watering meals, his dream has deliciously simmered over the years and finally comes to realisation with the opening of Tish this weekend. Described as a contemporary restaurant and bar, Tish is the first kosher restaurant to open in Belsize Park and offers an allday, dairy-free menu of European cuisine, including traditional Jewish fayre, as well as a clear nod to Levin’s Hungarian roots. Breakfast options range from challah French toast with pear compote and maple syrup or fresh fruits (£6.50) to London-cure smoked salmon on seeded rye (£7.50) or, for hungrier customers, the Tish Breakfast, featuring ox tongue and onion hash, chestnut mushrooms, roasted plum tomato, choice of eggs and toast (£9.50). Lunch and dinner starters include Tish Hungarian bean soup (£7), chicken soup with kneidlach (£7) and tuna tartare (£8.50), while

organisations wanting to host a meal, mains include dry-aged rib eye steak adding that he’s already received (£29), crispy duck leg (£19), pan “numerous group bookings” roasted mushroom strudel for family celebrations and (£14.50), braised salt beef synagogue events. brisket (£21) and slow roast The South Hampstead shoulder of lamb (£24). Synagogue member tells Catering for up to 160 me: “I have been thinking customers, Tish is open about opening Tish for many from 7am to 12.30am and, years, partly as a tribute to my unusually, offers a fixed mother, Veronica, and grandprice Friday night dinner mother, Anny Klein, and partly and Shabbat lunch, bookable in because I think London deserves advance. Levin is already anticipating Owner David S Levin a fantastic kosher destination that rivals other top restaurants. “tremendous demand” for this “The concept started as a small seed, which service, which is readily available in New York, Rome and Tel Aviv, but not so widely offered over the years grew in complexity and proportions. It has been a long journey that has in London. He explains: “Up until now, tourists and been both exciting and challenging. I am business travellers didn’t have a proper option fortunate to have worked with many talfor Shabbat. They either have to find them- ented individuals who helped make my dream selves a meal in someone’s home or eat take- a reality.” Of the obstacles he has faced along the away in their hotel room, neither of which are way, Levin admits that “every aspect was always ideal or practical.” Likewise, he expects there will be take-up a challenge”, adding that “opening a restaurant from families wanting a break from preparing is a complicated business”, but is pleased to a large meal for Shabbat, busy professionals or see everything finally coming together for the

Head chef John Ellison, pictured, formerly worked at The Ivy and Bob Bob Ricard

Butternut squash and pearl barley risotto

big launch on Sunday. That includes everything from the interior, boasting a 15-foot ceiling, mint green wood panelled walls, four grand brass chandeliers and cream and green checkerboard terrazzo flooring, as well as the menu, on which Levin collaborated with head chef John Ellison. Ellison was previously head chef at Bob Bob Ricard, Soho, and at The Club at The Ivy, Covent Garden. Levin says: “We interviewed many chefs and John was by far the favourite. He was very intrigued about kashrut and did quite a lot of research before we met him, which we found very impressive. “In addition, he is very personable, warm and funny. He was delighted at the prospect of working in an open kitchen, which some chefs find intimidating, as he enjoys interacting with diners and front of house – and, of course, he’s a fantastic chef!” From the extensive menu, Levin has already picked out the Challah French toast and Tish Hungarian bean soup, made from a traditional heritage recipe, as his favourite starters, alongside the Tish meatballs, based on his mother’s original recipe and slow roasted lamb for mains. For dessert, he hotly recommends Bramley apple strudel with apple sorbet. In Yiddish, the word tish means table and there’s no doubting Levin has literally brought much to the contemporary kosher table with his new restaurant. It also has another connotation in the Chassidic sense, with a tish meaning a ‘joyous meal’, something Levin no doubts hopes all his customers will experience. He adds: “In recent years, there have been no luxurious kosher restaurants suitable for a special occasion or a business meeting. “I want people to be excited about their dining experience and enjoy unrushed, casual luxury with family, colleagues and friends.”  Tish, 196 Haverstock Hill, London NW3. Details: 020 7431 3828, or

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We cater for all your special occasions and celebrations, from weddings to birthdays and dinner parties. Our function room is capable of accommodating up to 150 people. Vadi Restaurant at Palmers Green

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Vadirestaurantpalmersgreen2007 Vadi - Ponders End 020 8805 9838

Vadi - Palmers Green 020 8882 2228


We ensure that all people with hearing loss get the very best out of life

I couldn’t go out and, struggling with my hearing aids, I became very isolated. I really missed talking with my family on the phone. JDA’s new home visiting service changed all that! Their technology specialist came to my home, fixed my hearing aids and brought me a new phone. It’s such a relief to be able to hear more clearly. I must call my daughter to tell her what happened on Judge Rinder today!

020 8446 0502



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Lifestyle / Travel

Right on the Lucy Daltroff visits the stunning coastal resort of Étretat in Normandy, the inspiration for French Impressionists and home to one of the most unusual gardens in the world



t’s easy to imagine Monet setting up his easel and painting the wonderful views in a series of paintings from the small, but charming French seaside resort of Étretat, located in his native Normandy. The erosion of the chalk cliffs has resulted in spectacular arch formations, which are a gift to artists at any time of the day. In fact, it was this stunning backdrop that features in Monet’s famous painting The Cliff, Étretat: Sunset in 1883 and inspired dozens of other works. Étretat is just a 30-minute drive from the port of Le Havre, but I am not here just to see the rock face or the charming old town with its lovely hotels and restaurants. Rather, my main purpose is to visit the famous Les Jardins D’ Étretat, which are reopening for the season. The road from the centre of the town is quite steep and initially just a small church, the famous Chapel of Our Lady of the Guard, built in 1856, is visible, shielding the summit. Turn the

Above, Étretat’s famous cliff formations; left, boats on one of the picturesque beaches; right, a sculpture in the gardens

corner however, and just a bit further down the path the entrance to Les Jardins dramatically appears, revealing what can be best described as something somewhere between an agricultural Alice in Wonderland and an art gallery. Its position on the side of a hill means that it consists of gently descending winding paths,

Lucy Daltroff enjoys the sea air at Étretat from one of the walkways along the beach

all with the stunning bay providing a remarkable backdrop. Features include a tree with a big wind-up key half-way up the bark. Turn the key and music plays. A well-trimmed group of bushes represents the movements of the ocean with its swell and tides. Nearby, a planted path leads to a group of wicker figures, one hugging what represents the last tree on earth. The whole place is a haven for birds too and their constant song adds to an overall feeling of peace and tranquillity. In other corners, strangely-shaped stone sculptures shimmer in the sun. The most dramatic feature to my mind is the series of large sculpted heads, which lie face-up on the topiary and have been produced by the Spanish artist Samuel Salcedo. Each countenance is different and each displays its own expressive set of facial expressions. Then, suddenly, when everything seems rather too ephemeral, a very practical and huge 10-metre-long table is found right in the centre of the gardens. Even that is extraordinary, however, as it is fashioned from a single oak. Another special feature in the gardens is the lovely Normandy-style Villa Roxelane. It is used solely for special occasions and not generally open to the public but there is a snack bar next door offering refreshments. The gardens were originally planted in 1903 by a famous actress known only as Madame Thébault. She was a friend of Claude Monet, himself a keen gardener. The estate lay abandoned until three years ago, when a Russian landscape architect named Alexander Grivko, the art director of the London-based garden design and landscaping company IL Nature, discovered it while in the area on holiday.

He negotiated with the local council to buy the land and when I met him he told me via an interpreter a little more about the project, explaining that salty air combined with the high altitude made it difficult to grow plants so it took two years to rebuild, with a team of 30 people. It was, he told me, “the most difficult venture I have ever undertaken” – a big claim, as he has undertaken projects all over the world and runs a company that boasts offices in London, Paris and Moscow. Monet was not the only famous artist to gain inspiration from Étretat. Another was Gustave Courbet, whose large 1870 painting, Étretat - Cliffs after the Storm, painted on a wet summer’s day, is a highlight of the impressionist section of the Musee D’Orsay in Paris. Viewers are drawn to it by the clarity of the light just after the rain and the balance of air, land, rock and sky. Like many other works of art on display in major museums around the world, the painting is now known to have been stolen from a Jewish family by the Nazis during their wartime occupation of France. The original owner was a Jewish émigré from Russia and her husband, who dispatched the Courbet painting for sale before they were arrested and deported to Auschwitz. The childless couple died there and there is currently a new bid to try to restore the work to their heirs.  Lucy travelled by Eurostar (www. and visited Les Jardins d’Etretat (

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Orthodox Judaism


Va’etchanan BY RABBI NAFTALI SCHIFF In a dramatic opening line, Moses pleads with God to be allowed to realise the goal of leading the Promised Land. According to tradition, he begs, pleads and implores 515 times before being commanded to stop. Rashi says the first word of our sedra, Va’etchanan, “and I implored” is one of 13 words used to describe the act of prayer. As is well known, when a culture has a number of words to describe something, it means the concept occupies a central role in their lives. When there are limited descriptive words, the concept is of minimal relevance. These 13 words are not synonyms. Each one is a unique and distinct technique for approaching the Almighty in conversation. These are described in detail in Rav Shimshon Pincus’ classic words, Sha’arim be Tefillah or Gateways to Prayer. A shaar, or gate, is a point of entry into another person’s world. Relationships live or die on successful communication. Each type of prayer represents a unique pathway to developing a real relationship with the Almighty. Sincere prayer is so much more than attending services, standing up and sitting down at the appropriate times and even reciting the correct words at the right time. We know there are many ways to communicate with each other. As Jews we have an opportunity to learn how to do so with God and in so doing, developing our own personal relationship with Him.  Rabbi Naftali Schiff is the founder and CEO of Jewish Futures Trust

Torah For Today What does the Torah say about... Medical cannabis BY RABBI ARIEL ABEL Parliament is currently debating a Private Members’ Bill asking for the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes. So, what does the Torah say about this? The Torah’s approach to herbal medicine is positive, although the risk of damage to health through addiction means that even use in moderation is questionable. Before drinking a Kiddush cup, we declare ‘savri’, which means ‘exercise caution’. This is because not only is moderation required, but also knowing when to take benefit and when to abstain altogether.

Extreme pain suffered by patients is equated in scriptural and halachic sources to an existential threat to life itself. When King Saul was in his death throes, he preferred to die rather than suffer extreme pain. Rabbinic sources do not criticise him for this. In the early medieval period, Moses of Oxford applied the example of Saul before the assizes of the Sheriff of Gloucester to argue that suicide is not forbidden in Judaism if the pain is impossible to bear. Nowadays, thank God, excellent standards of pain relief mean this argument is


usually unnecessary. However, self-medication is just as perilous as non-medication. Only responsible, registered and accredited practitioners, who carefully observe the developing condition of one who uses cannabis should administer and track the provenance and dispensation of every drop and gram on the permitted market. The Torah itself is compared to both the elixir of life or a death potion; it depends on the doses administered, when and to whom. Current evidence indicates that cannabis oil is neither addictive, nor does it contain the effects of other forms of cannabis. If this is so, the grounds on which one could object is the stigma attached to its use. These grounds are irrelevant to Judaism, as what matters is relieving pain, not what non-sufferers declare for ideological reasons.

Rabbi Ariel Abel serves Liverpool

Old Hebrew Congregation and is Padre to HM Armed Forces

We specialise in soft and hard landscaping, composite decking & artificial lawns. Supply plants, shrubs & trees

Free design service

020 8502 9550 | 07736 670531 | |

Creating that perfect garden for you


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Progressive Judaism

The Bible Says What? Progressively Speaking Why are there no modern miracles?

Was the Thai cave rescue a miracle?

BY RABBI DR RENÉ PFERTZEL We read many stories in the Torah where God performed miracles. It is not, as we may understand them today, an attempt to bend the laws of nature, as such things as laws of nature did not exist. They were instead a sign that God has intervened in the natural course of nature, God’s creation, to make a point and to assert his divinity. But even if they acknowledged miracles as God’s prerogative and power, the rabbis felt somehow uncomfortable with this idea. Our sages established a principle that occurs several times in the Talmud. For example, it is said: “One should never put himself in a dangerous situation and say, ‘A miracle will save me’. Perhaps, the miracle will not come. And even if a miracle occurs, one’s merits are reduced” (Shabbat 32a). Elsewhere, in Exodus Rabbah 21:6, the rabbis explain that the parting of the sea during Israel’s escape from

Egypt was pre-planned by God as part of the creation. We seem to have lost the sense of wonder when something extraordinary happens. We resist the idea of a God performing miracles as something unnatural. We have a better understanding of the laws of nature and the impossibility to bend them. And yet, we are still using the word ‘miracle’ when something unexpected, unthinkable, or unhoped for happens to us. This may be in our private life, such as the complete recovery from an incurable illness, or collectively, such as the rebirth of Jewish life after the Shoah. Maybe miracles occur today, and we cannot see them. Or maybe we should accept that as human beings, we are also capable of performing miracles, of changing the course of events for a better purpose.  Rabbi Dr René Pfertzel serves Kingston Liberal Synagogue

BY RABBI MARK GOLDSMITH On 23 June, 12 young footballers aged 11 to 16 and their coach entered the six-mile-long Tham Luang cave system in Thailand. They became stranded behind flood waters two miles in. After a daring rescue attempt, which lasted until 10 July, all of the boys and their coach were brought out to safety. During a press conference, one of the boys called their rescue a ‘miracle’. Was it? In Jewish understanding yes, it was indeed a miracle. A miracle for us is an act of partnership between the best of human endeavour and the values and power that we receive from the Divine. The parting of the Red Sea, as the Israelite slaves escaped Egypt, is one of our best-known miracles. Although in the Torah it is presented as a straightforward act of God, our Midrashim extend the story and give two accounts of how people made it possible. In one, Nachson ben Aminadav,

The Thai team after their rescue

later head of the Tribe of Judah, waded bravely into the sea up to his nose before the sea parted. In another, all of the women of Israel courageously took their children by the hand and walked into the sea. Without human partnership, suggest the Midrashim, miracles can’t happen. In the Yoma section of the Talmud there is a long passage about people needing rescue. It describes a child being lost at sea and continues with people being buried beneath a collapsed building. The passage insists that any

Shabbat or festival observance must be suspended so that people go to help rescue those in peril. Their rescue may then be considered miraculous, but that is because people acted in accord with the best in themselves. We are God’s hands for miracles to occur. We sing al ha-nisim on Chanukah, thanking God for the miracle of the Maccabees’ resistance against the crushing of Judaism, which meant there was still a Jewish Temple in which the Menorah could be lit. The football team got out because divers and their back-up rescuers risked life and limb to get them out. Tragically, diver Saman Kunan lost his life in the attempt. The miracle was that people used all their God-given ingenuity, courage and strength – and succeeded.  Rabbi Mark Goldsmith serves Alyth Synagogue

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Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts

Ask our

Man on a Bike will get you working fast!

Our trusty team of advisers answer your questions about everything from law and finance to dating and dentistry. This week: Making divorce less of a battle, switching health insurance and strict liability traffic offences...


FREEMANS SOLICITORS Dear Rebekah How can I make my divorce less confrontational? Nina Dear Nina I’m a strong advocate of encouraging couples who divorce to do so in a way that seeks to avoid conflict and acrimony. English law does not allow for no-fault divorce unless couples are separated for at least two years. This means couples may have to use ‘unreasonable behaviour’ as a ground for divorce. Many are unhappy about this as they see it as being forced to slate the


PATIENT HEALTH Dear Trevor We’ve been with our health insurer for some years. Is it a good idea to change company to save money? Bobby Dear Bobby There are several good reasons why it can be beneficial and also some which could affect your cover – each case must be

separately considered as there are several factors to a private health insurance policy that could influence your decision. You may consider the list of hospitals at your disposal is no longer necessary or may require extending. You may, over the years, have been having treatment on the NHS and so are no longer relying on private cover, which if you were to change insurer, can make a huge impact on costs. Each medical history is unique, and I frequently advise clients changing a policy to save money that it would not be advisable where the requirement for treatment of that condition is continuing. Cancer is not regarded by the insurers as a chronic condition, so where a

Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac • networks • virus problems • • broadband & wireless systems • New computers and everything else you may need for small businesses & home users Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on

020 8731 6171

other person when they would rather not, resulting in avoidable friction at an emotionally difficult time. Family mediation can offer couples an opportunity to discuss and agree upon the particulars to be included in a divorce petition in a safe and managed environment. Even if your preferred route is not mediation, it is usually a good idea for you or your solicitor to share the proposed divorce petition with the other person, so he or she has the opportunity to comment before it is filed with the court. You can also reduce conflict by seeking to reach financial arrangements and other arrangements for any children without going to court. There are a number of different options, including family mediation and collaborative family law, both of which provide the opportunity to reach your own arrangements in a safe and supported environment. For further information, please contact me ( or Mark Kosmin (mk@, phone 020 7935 3522.

Sobell Rhodes 10x2 953_Layout 1 16/11/2016 14:59 Page 1

consultant has given an all-clear to a patient it can definitely be useful to ask us to review your options since other companies will still give you full cancer cover and could be much cheaper. Just a note about transferring cover. One is to transfer on a moratorium, which means conditions going back five years are not covered for two years. Another way is a ‘switch’, whereby the new insurer will simply carry over your existing policy on the same terms where you simply are able to satisfy the new insurer’s declaration. On the other hand, other companies prefer a full medically underwritten plan. I’d be happy to help you if you need more information.

was his responsibility to ensure he was insured. Is there anything he can do, as he was told to use the car by his boss? Frank


NOBLE SOLICITORS Dear Carl My son works at an estate agent at weekends and drives a companybranded car to get to viewings with clients. He was stopped recently by the police, who said the car was uninsured. It now turns out that the insurance had run out and he has been told he will be prosecuted because it

“I’m so grateful for your brilliant service and proactive advice; this has saved me a huge amount of tax. When it comes to property advice there is no one better!” Ben Sarner- Director, Harkalm

Wouldn’t it be great to work with an accounting firm who understands your challenges? As you can see Sobell Rhodes has saved other companies like this one thousands on taxes, helped them reduce their hassle factors – and taken away their headaches.

Avoid these headaches that cost business owners thousands each year. Call or e-mail us today for a copy of our free ebook! Tel: +44 (0)20 8429 8800 Fax: +44 (0)20 8866 2157 Email: Web: Elstree office at Unit 501 Centennial Park | Centennial Avenue | Elstree | Hertfordshire | WD6 3FG | UK West End office at 33 Cavendish Square| London | W1G 0PW | UK Pinner office at Monument House | 215 Marsh Road | Pinner | Middlesex | HA5 5NE | UK Watford office at 54 Clarendon Road | Watford | Hertfordshire | WD17 1DU | UK

Dear Frank Insurance offences are known as strict liability offences. In other words, you either have a policy that covers you or you don’t. Even if you have been misled into believing there was a valid policy, when in fact none existed, you would still be guilty of the offence but you may be able to argue ‘special reasons’ to persuade the court not to impose penalty points or a disqualification. In your son’s case however, S.143 (3) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 provides a

special defence for employees using vehicles in the course of their employment. He will need to get a formal signed statement from his employer confirming that: 1. The vehicle did not belong to him; 2. The vehicle was not in his possession under a contract of hiring or loan; 3. That he was using the vehicle in the course of his employment (i.e. not in his private time or for non-work reasons); 4. That he never knew, nor had reason to believe, that insurance was not in force. If he can satisfy the court that all of these elements were in place, then he should be found not guilty at trial, or the prosecution might drop the case.


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Ask Our Experts / Professional advice from our panel

Our Experts Do you have a question for a member of our team? Email: CHARITY EXECUTIVE



TREVOR GEE Qualifications: •Managing director, consultants in affordable family and corporate health insurance. • Specialise in maximising cover, lowering premiums and pre-existing conditions. • Excellent knowledge of health insurers, cover levels and hospital lists. • Board member UK International Health Management Ass • LLB, solicitor finals, FCA Regulated 773729.

CAROLYN COHEN Qualifications: • Supports couples dealing with infertility and reproductive health. • Strictly confidential helpline. • Specialist medical support and information. • Counselling for individuals and couples and educational events. • Expert medical advisory panel.

PATIENT HEALTH 020 3146 3444/5/6

CHANA 020 8203 8455 Helpline: 020 8201 5774 / 020 8800 0018



ELAINE KERR Qualifications: • Able to draw on the expertise of Norwood’s professional staff team, including social workers, educational psychologists, drug and alcohol specialists, speech & language and occupational therapists, teachers, psychologists, benefit advisers. • Expertise in services available for children and their families and young people with special educational needs, and adults with learning disabilities.

NEIL POOLE MBA DipPFS Qualifications: • Experienced in providing comprehensive wealth planning services to individuals, couples, families, trustees and businesses • Retirement planning and pension review • Family wealth preservation • Financial risk identification and mitigation

SHANTI PANCHANI Qualifications: • Experienced Designer with more than 25 years’ experience in German and English kitchens and have supplied kosher-friendly kitchens for more than 10 years • We provide a full circle approach from designing, supplying and installing your new kitchen including appliances and speciality worktops. • We deal with suppliers who are flexible in design.

NORWOOD 020 8809 8809

NEIL POOLE 07710 757 503




MAXI ROSE Qualifications: • MD at RCUK since 1999. Grown the business into three substantial UK branches serving clients worldwide – USA, Europe & Middle East. • Telecoms specialist in business & consumer mobile solutions, landline and broadband services and Ofcom Telecoms registered reseller. • Successfully established the RCUK International Travel

STEVE WAYNE Qualifications: • Owner of Benjamin Stevens established in 2004 with offices in Edgware and Bushey and dealing with all surrounding areas. • Specialist in buy 2 let investments and managing lettings portfolios. • Deals with residential sales locally and an expert on all things property in North West London. • Partner at Frederick George & Co

SUE CIPIN Qualifications: • 18 years’ hands-on experience, leading JDA in significant growth and development. • Deep understanding of the impact of deafness on people at all stages of life, and their families. • Practical and emotional support for families of deaf children. • Extensive services for people affected by hearing loss/tinnitus.

RCUK 020 8815 4115







JONATHAN WILLIAMS Qualifications: • Jewellery manufacturer since 1980s. • Expert in the manufacture and supply of diamond jewellery, wedding rings and general jewellery. • Specialist in supply of diamonds to the public at trade prices.

DAVID SEGEL Qualifications: • Managing director of West End Travel, established in 1972. • Leading UK El Al agent with branches in Swiss Cottage and Edgware. • Specialist in Israel travel, cruises and kosher holidays. • Leading business travel company, ranked in top 50 UK agents. • Frequent travel broadcaster on radio and TV.

CARL WOOLF Qualifications: • 20+ years experience as a criminal defence solicitor and higher court advocate. • Specialising in all aspects of criminal law including murder, drug offences, fraud and money laundering, offences of violence, sexual offences and all aspects of road traffic law. • Visiting associate professor at Brunel University.

JEWELLERY CAVE LTD 020 8446 8538

WEST END TRAVEL 020 7644 1500

NOBLE SOLICITORS 01582 544 370




CAROLYN ADDLEMAN Qualifications: Lawyer with more than 15 years’ experience in will drafting and trust and estate administration, eight years at KKL Executor and Trustee Company. Keeps in close contact with clients to ensure all legal and pastoral needs are cared for. Member of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

STEPHEN MORRIS Qualifications: • Managing Director of Stephen Morris Shipping Ltd. • 45 years’ experience in shipping household and personal effects. • Chosen mover for four royal families and three UK prime ministers. • Offering proven quality specialist advice for moving anyone across the world or round the corner.

LOUISE LEACH Qualifications: • Professional choreographer qualified in dance, drama and Zumba (ZIN, ISTD & LAMDA), gaining an honours degree at Birmingham University. • Former contestant on ITV’s Popstars, reaching bootcamp with Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw and Kym Marsh. • Set up Dancing with Louise 10 years ago.




• •

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Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts




MELVYN SOBELL Qualifications: • Chartered accountant FCA. • Accounting, taxation and business advisory services. • Specialises in forensic accounting. • CEDR accredited mediator. • Expert witness advice for all financial matters.

EWA KOZLOWSKA MSHAA Qualifications: • Fully qualified, HCPC registered, Hearing Aid Audiologist. • Specialist in hearing healthcare including tinnitus management and wax removal. • Fully understands the impact of hearing loss and will work with you to find the best solution for your unique hearing needs and lifestyle.

IAN GREEN Qualifications: • Launched Man on a Bike IT consultancy 15 years ago to provide computer support for the home and small businesses. • Clients range from legal firms in the City to families, small business owners and synagogues. • More than 18 years’ experience.

SOBELL RHODES 020 8429 8800


MAN ON A BIKE 020 8731 6171




DOV NEWMARK Qualifications: • Director of UK Aliyah for Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organisation that helps facilitate aliyah from the UK. • Conducts monthly seminars and personal aliyah meetings in London. • An expert in working together with clients to help plan a successful aliyah.

BAYLA PERRIN Qualifications: • Free professional service delivering immediate practical help with domestic administrative matters, assisting those alone and in crisis. • Providing workable solutions for debt management, budgeting, bills, utilities, insurance, welfare & benefits, form filling, financial correspondence, bureaucracy and divorce procedures. Cross communal and throughout London.

HOWARD GOLD Qualifications: • Member of the Federation of Master Builders. • Member of the Consumer Protection Association offering an underwritten insurance backed guarantee of 5 years on all projects. • Providing a tailored end-to-end property service for residential property clients in north and north-west London. Focusing on a quality service.

NEFESH B’NEFESH 0800 075 7200


HPS 077 1005 7233 / 020 8457 1320



ANDREW MILLER QC Qualifications: • Mediator with more than 25 years of experience of using mediation to economically resolve commercial disputes. • Queen’s Counsel (Barrister) with 25+ years legal experience of conducting commercial cases. • Providing a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to the court litigation process.

HAZEL KAYE Qualifications: • Able to draw on the charity’s 45+ years of experience in providing specialist accommodation designed to enable independence. • Knowledge of the features and innovations that can empower people to undertake everyday tasks and awareness of relevant grants and benefits available. • Understands the impact of a diagnosis of disability.

ROHIT SHETTY Qualifications: • M.S (Orth), DNB (Orth), FRCS (Tr & Orth), Dip (Tr & Orth) • Clinical Interests: Minimal invasive keyhole spinal fusion, spinal injections, Complex adult deformity and reconstructive surgery • Main sub speciality area of interest is adult reconstructive deformity

AMQC MEDIATION @ 2TG 020 7822 1260





SHARON GLASSMAN Qualifications: Born and raised in Israel. Worked in the private sector. 15 years experience with new olim while working for the government. Vast knowledge of the Israeli business and labour market.

LESLEY TRENNER Qualifications: • Provides free professional one-to-one advice at Resource to help unemployed into work. • Offers practical support, workshops and networking opportunities to maximise job prospects. • Expert in change management and people development. International Coach Federation certified coach helping people with career development and midlife change including dilemmas around ageing parents.



• • • •


NICKI BONES Qualifications: • Registered mental health nurse with more than 30 years’ experience in areas supporting people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. • Founding member of SweetTree Home Care Services. • Proudly leads SweetTree team to the forefront of home care and specialist services delivery.



Got a question for a member of our team? Email:

Gain a clear perspective on your financial future


REBEKAH GERSHUNY Qualifications: Member of Resolution, Law Society Accredited and registered with the Family Mediation Council. Collaborative family lawyer, with more than 20 years’ experience and founder of family mediation practice, Evolve Family Mediation. Promotes a constructive and non-confrontational approach.


I provide a comprehensive wealth management service, offering specialist face-to-face advice tailored to you. My services include: • Investment Planning • Retirement Planning

• Inheritance Tax Planning • Intergenerational Planning

For further details please contact:

Neil Poole MBA DipPFS Mob: 07710 757503 Email: H2SJP29007 05/18


Jewish News 26 July 2018

Watford United Synagogue Tenancy Support Advisors x 2 (1 permanent and 1 f/t for 1 year)

Salary: £30k pa dependent on skills and experience Hours: 35 hours per week Following a recent restructure of our Tenancy Support department, we are looking to recruit 2 Tenancy Support Advisors to join our busy and exciting team. Reporting to the Head of Tenancy Support, the Tenancy Support Advisors will be responsible for establishing and maintaining effective lines of communication with our tenants and their families. The postholder will work closely with our tenants and their families as well as with a range of internal and external key partners in both assisting tenants to maintain their tenancies and providing a welfare benefit advice service. You will have a minimum of one year’s experience of dealing with vulnerable tenants/ customers and providing advice and guidance, experience of liaising with external agencies and be able to remain calm and professional even when under pressure.

Closing date for applications: 10th August 2018 Please email or telephone 0208 371 6611 ext 603 for a full job description and an application pack.

Cheder Teacher - Salary: £60 per session Watford United Synagogue is looking to appoint a teacher with leadership responsibilities to work in our thriving Cheder. The start date will be September 17th 2018 or after the yom tovim if required. The successful candidate will lead the Cheder to ensure it is providing the highest possible level of Jewish education. This will include managing the assistants to ensure they develop activities and age-appropriate events/programmes/outings for the children, developing a rounded religious curriculum ensuring it is regularly reviewed, updated, and tailored to meet the needs of the children, making the learning fun and interesting and working with the Cheder Parent’s keeping them up-todate with any developments in the Cheder, advising and assisting where appropriate. You will be expected to demonstrate good organisational and leadership skills, an ability to manage others and to communicate effectively. Closing date for receipt of applications – 3 August 2018 To view the job description and apply for this position, please log on to our website United Synagogue Registered Charity No. 242552

Registered charity No.259480


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Win a luxury spa break! / Fun, games and prizes

WIN A MINI-BREAK FOR TWO AT TITANIC SPA, WORTH £300! stay that includes a light lunch, delicious evening meal and a breakfast hamper. The winners will also have access to the signature Titanic Heat and Ice Experience, a sensual journey through a labyrinth of cool and warm experiences and culminating in ultimate relaxation!

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TO BE IN WITH A CHANCE OF WINNING, ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: Titanic Spa is nestled in the…. A: Cotswold Hills B: Yorkshire Pennines C: North Wessex Downs

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The WZO and ZF run subsidised Ulpan (Hebrew language) classes across the UK. For more information, contact or call 020 8202 0202

9 12



14 16

17 19



The Hebrew word for 'elephant' is… pil ‫פִּיל‬ *** From the book Hilarious Hebrew – the Fun and Fast Way to Learn the Language, available on Amazon and in book and gift shops around NW London.




The ELEPHANT is ill, he needs to take a PILL


ACROSS 1 Hard, unfresh (bread) (5) 4 Make the sound of a kitten (5) 7 Debt note (inits)(3) 8 Vehicle with a saddle (7)


9 10 13 15 16 19

21 Receding tide (3) 22 Lawful (5) 23 Place of access (5)

DOWN 1 Sheet of canvas on a mast (4) 10 11 2 Arousing laughter (7) 3 Decorate with a raised design (6) 4 Dirt (4) 18 5 Part of a curve (3) 21 6 Garland (6) 11 Beseech (7) 12 Punch repeatedly (6) 14 Lacking in ease of manner and Edges of the mouth (4) tact (6) Have a break (4) 17 Any worshipped Droop (3) film star (4) Compulsion (4) 18 Cleverly and with skill (4) Against (4) Making an agreeable 20 Lump of firewood (3) sound (7)

Last issue’s solutions ACROSS: 1 Siphon 4 Talc 8 Bye 9 Gum tree 10 Reset 11 Named 13 Doped 15 Album 17 Whistle 19 Urn 20 Stem 21 Watery DOWN: 1 Sober 2 Press-up 3 Ought 5 Air 6 Creed 7 Amen 12 Mob rule 13 Downs 14 Data 15 Arena 16 Money 18 Ice

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By Paul Solomons

Jewish News and Titanic Spa have teamed up to offer one lucky reader a spa break for two worth £300! Titanic Spa is the multi-award winning haven of luxury nestled in the Yorkshire Pennines that allows guests to experience true spa indulgence the natural way. As the UK’s first eco-spa, Titanic Spa is powered by solar panels and uses its natural spring water source to create the most refreshing plunge pool and salt-regulated swimming pool. With organic and vegan spa rituals available, and even electric car charging ports on site, Titanic Spa is not only a beautifully peaceful sanctuary, but an eco-friendly and sustainable way to indulge. One lucky reader and a guest will win the Simply Spa Break for two, a decadent overnight

Terms and conditions: One winner will receive the Simply Spa Break for two, a decadent overnight stay that includes light lunch, evening meal and breakfast hamper and the Titanic Heat and Ice Experience, worth £298. Visit must be taken within six months, Monday to Thursday. Subject to availability. Prize is as stated, not transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or exchanged in whole or in part for cash. By supplying your email address, you agree to receive marketing information from the JN Media Group or any of its affiliates and carefully-selected third parties. The promotion excludes employees of Miroma and the promoter, their immediate families, their agents or anyone professionally connected to the relevant promotion. Proof of eligibility must be provided on request. For full Ts and Cs, see jewishnews. Closing date: 9 August 2018.


Jewish News 26 July 2018

Business Services Directory


Carer Auxiliary Nurse


Available to support you in your home. Days/nights. Very reasonable rates.


Top prices paid

Call 0208 958 2939 or 07495 026 168

Call 01277 352


Epstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc. Dining Suites, Lounges Suites, Bookcases, Desks, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lights, etc.

Man on a Bike will get WE fast! BUY ANTIQUES you working

House clearances Single items to complete homes MARYLEBONE ANTIQUES - 8 CHURCH STREET NW8 8ED

07866 614 744 (ANYTIME) 0207 723 7415 (SHOP)

VERY HIGH PRICES PAID. FREE HOME VISITS. All Antique Furniture Hille & Epstein Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Paintings, Porcelain, Glass, Bronzes, Ivories, Oriental & Judaica Antiques etc.

Full house clearances organised.

FOR APPOINTMENTS SUE&ON: All quality furniture CALL bought sold. 0800 840 2035 or 07956268290 OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.

Best prices paid for complete house clearPORTOBELLO RD LONDON. ances including china, books, clothing etc. Also rubbish clearance service, lofts, sheds, garages etc & Welfare

FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL SUE ON: 0800 840 2035 or 07956268290 ARE YOU BEREAVED?

contactWHICH Gordon Stirling IF YOU Please DON’T KNOW WAY TO TURN, 020 8960 5401OUR or HELPLINE. 07825 224144 REMEMBER Email: For confidential advice, information and support don’t forget Jewish Care Direct.

OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.

Counselling for adults children who are PORTOBELLO RD&LONDON. experiencing loss. Support groups offered. Call The Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service in confidence


020 8922 2222


For confidential advice, information and support contact us on


JCL Antiques Ltd. 07791 798492



020 8922 2222 Charity Reg No. 802559



No further, your


Hall & Randall Plumbers

020 8951 3881 |

020 8207 3286 home 020 8386 8798

Sheltered Accommodation We have an open waiting list for our friendly and comfortable warden assisted sheltered housing schemes in Ealing, East Finchley and Hendon. We provide 24-hour warden support, seven days a week; a residents’ lounge and kitchen, laundry, a sunny patio and garden.

For further details and application forms, please contact Westlon Housing Association on 020 8201 8484

Company Number: 3024499

Jami supports and represents Are you a Jewish woman experiencing domestic violence? people illnessdoacross Withwith abusemental in your home, you worry about your children? the Jewish community. We are here to help #jamithinkahead

Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems, new computers and everything else you may need. For small businesses & home users.

Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on

020 8731 6171 •

A Wi

with free support, advice and information and confidential counselling.

Give support Get support Get involved Kosher• refuge provision• available for women and children in need.


Free Confidential National Helpline 0808 801 0500 020 8458 2223 | • Reg Charity No. 1003345


020 8953 2094 office



“Better “BetterSafe SafeThan ThanSorry� Sorry�

For Forall allyour yourheating heatingand andplumbing plumbingrequirements requirements | |boiler boilerrepairs repairsand andinstallation installation| |complete completecentral centralheating heating| | | |power powerflushing flushing| |complete completebathroom bathroominstallation installationservice service| | | |landlords landlordscertificates certificates| |project projectmanagement management| |home homepurchase purchasereports reports| |

All AllNW-London NW-Londonpostcodes postcodescovered covered

07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12


07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12 Not shabbat



Home && Maintenance HOME MAINTENANCE



Oversurgeon 20 years experience ď ľTree ď ľFencing ď ľPatios Friendly, reliable & ď ľGarden Maintainers personal service. competitive rates Very Clearance ď ľGarden Hedge Trimmers

STEPHEN: 342 422 Contact On:07973 07944240186 02084400226

TIME DRYCity CLEANERS and Guilds Elect

of electrical work u SpecialistAll Drytypes Cleaning – Jewish Garments Rewiring, extra sockets, BT points, Economy 7

Free pick up & delivery, same day storage heaters, Shabbat time switches, securi LED spotlights, fault finding, CCTVportable ap services, repair / alterations landlord tests andTottenham, house buyer’s surveys. 188 Philip Lane, London. N15 4JW For an efficient reliable and friendly

TEL: 0203 719 2678 on Call Harvey Solomons 8958 6495 / 07836 648 554 W:020 E:


Man on a Bike will get you working fast!

We hav warden in Eal warden





Home & Maintenance

Counselling for adults & children who are experiencing loss, and support groups. Contact The Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service in confidence



For furt Wes

Charity Reg No. 802559 Charity Number: 1047045



Established over 60 Please look at our website foryears. more details Know who you are dealing with.

Glass, Bronzes, Oriental Judaica Antiques etc. Call Ian Green,Ivories, Man on a Bike & on 020 8731Full 6171 • house clearances organised. Please look at our website for more details

CHARITY & WELFARE 020 8951 3881 • 07765 693 160 17-443-ER Helpline advert v1.qxp_Helpline 85x45mm 24/11/2017

Books, Manuscripts, Ephemera, Works of Art and Silver

Stirling of Kensal Green




Ep Dini D


Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac




Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems, All Antique Furniture Hille & Epstein new computers and everything else you may need. Diamond Jewellery,&Gold, For small businesses home Silver, users. Paintings, Porcelain,

closed Sunday & Monday



Cash paid for Mink jackets, coats, boleros, stoles, also fox coats, jackets etc. Wardrobes cleared

Antique – Reproduction – Retro Furniture (any condition)



26 July 2018 Jewish News


Business Services Directory STONEMASON



Gary Green Memorials 14 Claybury Broadway, Clayhall, Ilford Tel: 020 8551 6866 Fax: 020 8503 9889

Gants Hill

41 Manor Park Crescent, Edgware, Middx Tel: 020 8381 1525 Fax: 020 8381 1535

12 Beehive Lane Gants Hill, IG1 3RD Telephone

For current promotions freephone

0800 018 7275


130 High Street Edgware, HA8 7EL Telephone

Memorial Masters The Handel Smithy,105 High Street Middlesex, HA8 7DB

0207 754 4659 0207 754 4646


New Memorials • Inscriptions • Renovations across the U.K

New memorials Additional inscriptions & renovations

Rosh Hashanah Supplement Out on Thursday 6th September

To advertise, call us on 020 7692 6929 or email LEGACY- LEAVE A GIFT IN YOUR MEMORY

1 in 4 people will experience mental illness. Leave a legacy to Jami to support those with a mental illness across the Jewish community.

020 8458 2223 #jamithinkahead

Remember our future Please remember the future of Jewish children by remembering Jewish Child’s Day in your will. It is the legacy that will last a lifetime. To find out more call 020 8446 8804 or email

Reg Charity No. 1003345 Registered Charity No. 209266

Secure our


children’s future

Please include

CST in your Will

Trojan House, 34 Arcadia Avenue London N3 2JU t: 020 8371 1580 e:

Charity no. 1042391

Every gift makes a difference

Charity No: 1077913

020 8457 3700

15-040-ER Small legacy advert v3.qxp_Legacy 16/11/2017 08:26 Page 1

HELP US CONTINUE TO BE THERE FOR OUR COMMUNITY WITH A GIFT IN YOUR WILL. Call Alison on 020 8922 2833 for more information or email Charity Reg No. 802559

Legacy advert 84x40.indd 1

Leave the legacy of independence to people like Joel. PLease remember us in your wiLL.

eNABLeD visit or caLL 020 8371 6611

Registered Charity No. 259480

07/04/2017 Your legacy is a gift for young disabled children to make their lives easier by remembering us in your will.


Phone: 0203 3979837

Registered Charity: 1155729



Jewish News 26 July 2018


Charity raisers are mud for it! ENDURANCE Twenty-one students and young professionals were pushed to their physical and mental limits as they raised £15,000 for Jewish Blind & Disabled’s Young Patron campaign in a Tough Mudder challenge. Competing in the endurance event, they completed five miles, mastering 13 obstacles – all while getting extremely muddy in the process. JBD chief executive Hazel Kaye said: “It was incredible to see the amount of effort these young people put into the challenge, and their fundraising. The money they raised will help our tenants continue to overcome obstacles of their own, which can

sometimes be something as simple as making a cup of tea. “The nature of Tough Mudder, as we saw, was to work together as a team and to unite in getting to the finish line. This group showed remarkable loyalty to each other and proved what is possible when we all work together with a common goal.”

Participants raised £15,000 for Jewish Blind & Disabled’s Young Patron campaign

Jets honour star players


North West London Jets held its Annual Awards Ceremony where players were recognised for their efforts over the season. Its five teams (including the U9 Red team, pictured) compete in both the MGBJFL and Watford Friendly League, across U7, U9 and U10 age groups. Club Secretary Aaron Weichselbaum said: “We’re an inclusive club and welcome players regardless of their ability, seeking to improve both individual and team play through our training programme and match day coaching. Our U13s were runnersup in the WFL Sportsmanship rankings, as a club that puts a lot of emphasis on being respectful, we are delighted with that accolade.”


1 2 3 4

Ladies and girls dance keep-fit 29 July Inter Shul tennis tournament 29 July – 6.00pm-8.00pm 11th Edgware Cub Pack 30 July – 6.30pm-8.00pm Ladies Pilates 31 July – 2.00pm-3.00pm

How did you keep active this week? Send details of what you’ve been up to and forthcoming events to:

5 6 7 8

Nightingale staff’s fundraising run CHARITY Four members of Nightingale Hammerson’s staff raised more than £3,500 for the charity’s homes by taking part in the Virgin British 10km run. Led by CEO Helen Simmons, who finished in a time of 57:35, the funds will go towards Nightingale House in South London and Hammerson House (currently closed for redevelopment) in north London, for older members of the Jewish community. A regular fundraiser, she also achieved her target of breaking the one-hour time for a 10km run,

Tribe Summer Camp: 1-12 August Krav Maga 1 August – 7.00pm Israeli dancing class 1 August – 7.45pm Kenton Shul – 020 8907 5959 Tone & Stretch class 2 August – 9.30am


Summer Friday Night Garden Party 27 July – 7.30pm

and was joined on the day by Nightingale Hammerson’s Director of Operations Andrew Leigh (58:43), Activity Team Leader Jacqui Beyer (1:19:04) and Activities Coordinator Anselle Marschaus (1:19:03).

Gymnast plays Hasmo a flying visit SPORTS DAY Hasmonean Primary School welcomed Commonwealth Games goldmedallist Steve Frew to its Sports Day. The Scotsman, who won the men’s rings competition at the 2002 Games, led workshop activities for the pupils, while body percussion activities were led by a member from the cast of ‘Stomp’. In addition to the usual individual and team activities, the children also heard from Lord Polak and Matthew Offord MP

26 July 2018 Jewish News



10 TOP TIPS TO AVOID DELAYS WHEN SELLING YOUR HOME Thinking about marketing your property for sale in 2018? Simon Nosworthy, Head of Residential Conveyancing at Osbornes sets out his top 10 tips of things to prepare now to avoid delays when it comes to selling your home: 1. You need to find out how big your outstanding mortgage is, and if there are any early redemption penalties. If you contact your mortgage provider they should be able to provide this information in writing or over the phone. 2. Put together the title deeds for the house. The deeds to your house maybe with your mortgage provider if you have one. Many mortgage lenders do not hold title deeds anymore, so you may have received the property’s deeds when you purchased the property or if you have recently re‑mortgaged. These maybe with a solicitor that you have used in the past so please check. This is especially important if you are selling a leasehold property as

it can be really useful to have the original lease if this is available. 3. Locate all planning permissions for recent work done to the property. You should definitely have this paperwork available for work that required planning permission in the last 10 years. If these documents have been lost, you should be able to obtain copies from the Local Authority. 4. Locate all building regulations consents for work done at this property. For example, if you have had a new boiler installed post 1st April 2009 you will need to provide Gas Safe certificate. If the boiler was installed before that date then a CORGI certificate should be provided. If these documents have been lost, you should be able to obtain copies from the Local Authority or online from the certificate provider. 5. Locate all warranties and guarantees for any works done at the property. For example for

replacement windows or cavity wall installation or timber and damp treatment at the property. If these documents have been lost, you should be able to obtain copies from the guarantee or warranty provider. 6. If your property has been built in the last 10 years then you should locate your original home building warranty. 7. Obtain a set of recent utility bills (the water bill is most important, but your legal representative will probably also ask for a council tax bill and maybe electricity). If you pay your bills by direct debit, make sure to get an annual statement from the utility provider and give that to your legal representative instead. 8. Locate notices that you have received in relation to neighbouring properties such as party wall act notices or notices of planning applications and decisions for these properties. 9. Have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) done. An EPC gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years. It also provides information as to how you could make your home more energy efficient. An EPC is required for every sale. If you are selling

through an estate agent, your estate agent can assist you with getting an EPC done. 10. If your property is a leasehold property, request an up‑to‑date ground rent receipt from your landlord or managing agent. If your property is leasehold and you have a share of freehold and the freehold is owned by a company that is limited by share capital, then you need to ensure that you have the original share certificate to hand. Taking the time to obtain and locate the documents and information listed can save days or even weeks at the end of the sale transaction and avoid the needless frustration that so many sellers feel when exchange is delayed. To speak with Simon on any property issue you can contact him on 020 7485 8811 or e‑mail on

Simon Nosworthy, Partner Mark Freedman, Partner Osbornes is approved by the Law Society under their Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS).

Residential Property | Commercial Property | Property Litigation

THE BEST SOLICITORS WE’VE COME ACROSS Our estate agent recommended Osbornes to us and we are so glad we took their advice. Their process was smooth, professional and co‑operative throughout… efficient, friendly, easy to get hold of and very swift to action matters. The advice provided to us when matters got sticky was very sound and we would definitely engage Osbornes in the future. They really are as good as the reviews they get.

Simon Nosworthy, Head of Residential Property 020 7485 8811 | CAMDEN: Livery House | 7–9 Pratt Street | London NW1 0AE HAMPSTEAD: 28a Hampstead High Street | London NW3 1QA Osbornes Law is a trading style of Osbornes Solicitors LLP. The firm is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority no. 558740

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26/06/2018 16:09

40 Jewish News

26 July 2018

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