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Emma Bunton helps spread some festive cheer at the charity’s Barnet Hospital toy drive Pages 12-13


19 Kislev 5778

Issue No.1032

Camp Simcha’s spicy Chanukah!



TRAFALGAR SQUARE 6pm Candle Lighting 6pm Candle Lighting2015 Thursday 10TH DECEMBER 5:30pm - -Candle 7:30pm Entertainment 6pm Lighting 5:30pm 7:30pm Entertainment TRAFALGAR SQUARE

Featuring world renowned accapella singing With Mayor of London, Sadiq KhAn Featuringthe the world renowned accapella singinggroup group The Maccabeats and the brilliant Neshama band. 6pm Candle Lighting The Maccabeats the Entertainment brilliant Neshama band. 5:30pm -and 7:30pm

5:30pm - 7:30pm Entertainment

Featuring the world renowned accapella singing group NG TINeshama A R The Maccabeats and the brilliant band. B CELE

10 YE


“We’re thrilled to be returning We're so excited to London We're soof excited tobe bejoining joining London to one our cities and We're so excited to befavourite joining London and it’s Jewish community for this and it’s Jewish community for this communities for the for first and it’s Jewish community thisnight of year's Chanukah in the Square! As year's Chanukah in the Square! Asthe the year's Chanukah in the Square! As the Chanukah. Chanukah in the Square is holiday that launched us into thepublic public holiday that launched us into the holiday that launched us into the public a powerful display of the tenacity of square and allowed us tous contribute our square and allowed usto tocontribute contribute our square and allowed our the London Jewish community and pirsumei nisa to the Chanukah pirsumei nisa toworld, theworld, world, Chanukah pirsumei nisa to the Chanukah their deep connection to both their has always had a very special place hasalways alwayshad hadaavery veryspecial specialplace place has tradition and city. Ittois both a in our hearts. Wetheir look forward ourhearts. hearts.We Welook lookforward forwardto to ininour modern day Chanukah miracle and, Maccabeats singing theof our at least Chanukah" in spirit, and a fulfi lment Maccabeats Chanukah" and singing the Maccabeats Chanukah" singing the songs of Chanukah with our and brothers mandate to publicise the messages of and sisters in thewith UK. our songs ofChanukah Chanukah with ourbrothers brothers songs of Chanukah”. - Julian Horowitz, member andsisters sistersininthe theUK. UK. and of the Maccabeats








Jewish News 7 December 2017


ABOUT THE EVENT ORGANISERS The Jewish Leadership Council is an umbrella organisation that acts as a central strategic body for the major institutions of British Jewry. We work to promote cooperation, assist with strategic planning, and deliver collective action to promote a confident and compelling narrative of UK Jewish life. www.thejlc.org jlc_uk

In 1959 Chabad Lubavitch expanded to the UK with a goal of making Judaism accessible and relevant to every Jew regardless of background. Chabad Lubavitch UK operates 48 centres across the country including 14 major university campuses, as well as eight schools and a Roving Rabbis program for small communities. www.chabad.org.uk ChabadUK

The London Jewish Forum is an advocate for the Capital’s Jewish Community, campaigning and influencing change in the public institutions that make decisions which affect Jewish lives. Rooted within Jewish values, we work across the community regardless of religious, cultural or political affiliations or beliefs, and with our neighbours. www.ljf.org.uk jewishlondon

Chanukah in the Square brings the light and excitement of this most joyful of festivals to the heart of Central London. With music, dancing and food, thousands of people can once again proudly and visibly celebrate our culture, faith and heritage. It will be bigger and better than ever and not to be missed. Simon Johnson, Chief Executive

The Menorah in Trafalgar Square joins thousands of Chabad Lubavitch public menorahs around the globe in sharing the message of Chanukah: That each one of us can be a baston of light and warmth to the world around us. Chanukah In The Square increases in popularity every year with added entertainment which will guarantee an evening to remember. Bentzi Sudak, Chief Executive

The Menorah lighting in Trafalgar Square has now become one of the iconic moments in London’s celebration of the winter season. Light is important in many faiths. Within Judaism the lights f the Menorah stand for tolerance, respect and religious freedom and e are required to publicise that messae to the world. How much better for Jewish Londoners to do so than the lighting of the Europe’s larget Menorah by te Mayor of our great city. Adrian Cohen, Chair




An an IN n for K ual pass idzan page ia! 39

Camp Simcha’s spicy Chanukah!


19 Kislev 5778

Issue No.1032


Emma Bunton helps spread some festive cheer at the charity’s Barnet Hospital toy drive Pages 12-13

Life imitates art

This stunning photograph by Ohad Zwigenberg shows Orthodox Jews protesting against enlistment in the IDF in Jerusalem. It’s one of the contenders for Israeli Press Photo of the Year. The winner will be announced tonight and all short-listed images will go on display at the Eretz Israel Museum from tomorrow until 20 January.

‘The right thing to do’ Trump says United States recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – as Palestinians threaten ‘bloodshed’ Donald Trump provoked a diplomatic meltdown and security alerts on Wednesday after agreeing to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, thereby recognising the disputed holy city as the capital of Israel, writes Adam Decker. The president said the move was “long overdue” and that by “finally recognising the obvious, that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital” was “necessary for achieving peace”, despite both Israelis and Palestinians claiming the city as their capital. Stressing “our lasting commitment” to a peace agreement, Trump said: “We are not taking a position of any final status issues, including the final boundaries or the resolution of contested borders. Those questions are up to the parties involved.”

The explosive move has been delayed by successive presidents since the US Congress passed a law ordering it in 1995, but Trump made good on his campaign promise to follow through this week, uniting the world in anger. America’s allies and enemies all lined up to pour scorn on Trump, with criticism from the UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, the United Nations, the European Union and Pope Francis also expressing dismay. In Israel and Jewish communities around the world, however, there was joy and relief, with many suggesting Trump had righted an historic wrong. “It’s rare to be able to speak of new and genuine milestones in the glorious history of this city,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “This

is an historic day… It was here that our temples stood, our kings ruled and our prophets preached. Jerusalem has been the focus of our hopes, dreams and prayers for three millennia.” Israeli President Reuven Rivlin also thanked Trump, saying: “There is no more fitting or beautiful gift as we approach 70 years since the state of Israel’s independence. Jerusalem is not, and never will be, an obstacle to peace for those who want peace.” Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said the relocation “sends a clear message to the entire world that the US stands alongside the Jewish people and Israel”. Israel considers both West and East Jerusalem to be its capital, so Trump’s embassy move is hugely symbolic and Continued on page 2

Trump’s announcement is greeted with anger in the West Bank



Jewish News 7 December 2017

News / Donald Trump’s Jerusalem speech

Anger over Trump’s Jerusalem decision Continued from page 1 a boon to Jewish groups around the world, with Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett saying Trump had “added another brick to the walls of Jerusalem, to the foundation of the Jewish nation”. However, there was deepening concern this week that the announcement may precipitate a further round of violence, with Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh saying: “Palestinians will not allow this to pass… Their options are open in defending their land and their sacred places.” He was not alone in suggesting that Trump’s decision could end up costing lives, with Jordan’s King Abdullah II arguing that “ignoring Palestinian Muslim and Christian rights” in Jerusalem “could fuel terrorism”. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan added that it could prove “a red line” for the Muslim world. Anticipating violence, both Germany and France immediately altered their travel advice for citizens travelling to Israel and the Palestinian territories, as the PLO’s chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said the move “pushes the region into the furnace of violence, chaos, extremism and bloodshed”. The Arab world’s vehement protests are unlikely to worry Trump who, in his first year as president, appears to have thrived

on antagonising the Muslim world, instigating a travel ban on Muslim countries and re-tweeting Islamophobic video content. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he would pull all Palestinian contacts with the US as a result, while Nabil Shaath, a senior Palestinian official, said any peace deal “dies here on the rocks”. Yesterday, British Prime Minister Theresa May said in Parliament during Prime Minister’s Questions that the UK had no intention of following suit, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted that it was “a reckless threat to peace”. Meanwhile in Europe, the EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini joined French President Emmanuel Macron in piling on the opprobrium. Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said: “Anything that escalates the crisis during these times is counterproductive.” And, in an extraordinary and highly unusual intervention, Pope Francis also made “a heartfelt appeal” to “respect the status quo”. He added: “I cannot remain silent about my deep concern for the situation… Jerusalem is a unique city, sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims, where the holy places for the respective religions are venerated and it has a special vocation to peace.”

Donald Trump in reflective mood at Jerusalem’s Western Wall in May

A MOVE MORE THAN 20 YEARS IN THE MAKING The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, voted for by the US Congress, provides for the relocation of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The law states that “each sovereign nation, under international law and custom, may designate its own capital” and that “since 1950, the city of Jerusalem has been the capital of the state of Israel”. Israel’s conquest of East Jerusalem in 1967 reunited

the city and in 1990 the US Congress unanimously adopted Senate Resolution 106, which declared that Jerusalem “must remain undivided and the rights of every ethnic and religious group protected”. Two years later they reaffirmed it in Resolution 113. The 1993 Oslo Accords of laid out a timetable for the resolution of “final status” issues, including Jerusalem, but lawmakers had urged the US

Secretary of State to relocate the embassy by 1999. In March 1995, 93 US senators signed a letter urging that “planning begin now” for relocation of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. “The United States maintains its embassy in the functioning capital of every country except in the case of our democratic friend and strategic ally, the state of Israel,” they said in the 1995 Act.


For more than 3,000 years, Jerusalem has been the spiritual centre of Jewish life and, since the foundation of the state of Israel, the centre of that country’s political life. The Knesset has been addressed by heads of state, government and key inter-

national institutions on no fewer than 55 occasions. Ambassadors appointed to Israel may reside in Tel Aviv, but they present their credentials to the president at his Jerusalem residence. Diplomatic staff meet with their counterparts at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. So why is it so controversial that the US is going to recognise what we already know, that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel – its seat of govern-

ment and its legal institutions? You’d be hard pressed to find a significant number of Jewish people who disagree with the notion that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. There are some who may dispute where its legal boundaries should lie – and that is a matter of political opinion. This move won’t change anything on the ground. The US is not passing judgement on what a final status agreement between the Israelis and

the Palestinians will look like. It is for the two sides, with the support of the international community, to reach an agreement. What is not up for negotiation is the undeniable link, going back thousands of years, between Jerusalem, the state of Israel and the Jewish people. It is telling that many of those who warn against recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital are also

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those who support unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood even in the absence of a peace process and the functioning institutions of a state. If they seriously cared about Jerusalem and the peace process, what better way to respond than to return to peace talks without preconditions, as offered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Jonathan Arkush is president of the Board of Deputies

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7 December 2017 Jewish News



Donald Trump’s Jerusalem speech / News

Muslim world unites in anger Jordan’s King Abdullah The Muslim world reacted in II spoke of the “ramificarare unison to Donald Trump’s tions” and called for unity announcement that the US would “to counter any action that move its Israeli embassy from Tel undermines the PalesAviv to Jerusalem, and in so doing tinian people’s aspirations recognise the divided holy city as for their own independent Israel’s capital. state, with East JeruThe Saudi foreign ministry said salem as its capital”, while the move would have “very serious Arab League chief Ahmed implications” and be “provocative Aboul Gheit said anything to all Muslims’ feelings”. to change Jerusalem’s It added: “This will affect the status would be a “dangerous US’ ability to continue its attempt Palestinians burn Israeli and US flags in protest measure that would have of reaching a just solution for the diplomatic relations with Israel if it went repercussions”. Palestinian cause.” The Organisation of Islamic CooperaTurkish President Recep Tayyip ahead. President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi of Erdogan said changing the status of Egypt said it would “complicate the situa- tion, which represents 57 states, described Jerusalem was a “red line” for Mus- tion in the region by introducing measures the move as “naked aggression” and said it would lose its mediating role as a result. lims, adding that he would withdraw all that would undermine chances for peace”.

May ‘disagrees’ with Trump’s move Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry said: “Even by Donald Trump’s abysmally low standards, to choose this point to move the US embassy and recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a breathtakingly dangerous decision.” A Yachad spokesman said: “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is also a divided city. Large portions lie beyond the Green Line and outside Israel’s sovereign territory.”

t. Es


Today I woke up to a less safe Jerusalem. President Trump’s announcement about moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem has not yet caused conflict but everyone is tense. I have already received messages from municipal sources regarding police preparations as they brace for a bumpy ride. Two years ago, 13-yearolds wielding kitchen knives attempted to start a third intifada and, two years before that, for the first time in the 17 years since my aliyah, we heard sirens in Jerusalem and had to duck for cover. Three of my four children had to evacuate their school bus to take cover by a wall from a potential missile. As Jerusalemites, we know the price of the conflict. We strive to find partners on

the other side who believe, like we do, that the beauty of Jerusalem, the place as well as the idea, is its diversity. We persevere regardless of danger because as Zionists we know Jerusalem is Zion. But what disturbs me more than the security implications of Trump’s move is the perception of its necessity. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the Jewish people as a matter of fact, heritage and tradition. Jerusalem is in our DNA. The geo-political implications of this announcement are game changing and could prompt a domino effect of global recognition of our right, as a sovereign nation, to choose our own capital. But today I can only pray it does not come at a heavy price.  Fleur Hassan-Nahoum is a Jerusalem City Council member and leader of the Yerushalmim Party


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of Jewish life for 3,000 years, since the time of King David. It has been Israel’s capital since 1948. The decision by many countries not to formally recognise this has been an act of post-truth petulance.” Prime Minister Theresa May said “we disagree with the decision to move the US embassy. It is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace.” Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, meanwhile, spoke of “concern”.


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In the UK, Jewish community representatives broadly echoed Donald Trump’s reasoning that moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was the right thing to do, even if British politicians disagreed. “It is bizarre that this decision should be seen as remarkable,” said Board of Deputies’ president Jonathan Arkush and senior vice-president Richard Verber. “Jerusalem has been the spiritual centre


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Jewish News 7 December 2017

News / Patel questions / Yates steps down / Poetry prize

Minister declines questions on Patel An angry Sir Alan Duncan refused to answer a question at a Foreign Affairs Select Committee meeting in Parliament – because it concerned Priti Patel, the former International Development Secretary, who resigned after meetings with Israeli officials during the summer b e c a m e public, writes Jenni Frazer. Frazer Patel’s friends complained bitterly at the time of

her resignation that people within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) had briefed against her, specifically alleging that Sir Alan (pictured), who is minister for Europe and the Americas at the FCO, had leaked details of 12 meetings with Israeli politicians. But when MP Ian Austin, a member of the Select Committee and of Labour Friends of Israel, attempted to confirm this allegation, Sir Alan flatly refused to respond, except to say: “We know exactly where you’re coming from on this and it is unacceptable.” During the closing moments of Sir Alan’s witness testimony to the Select Committee – primarily about how Brexit would affect FCO relations

Yates quits show over slur Reggie Yates has stepped down from Top Of The Pops after making “offensive” comments about Jewish music managers. The presenter, 34, had been signed up to host Christmas and new year specials with Fearne Cotton, but he will no longer be on the BBC shows after remarking, in a podcast, that a new generation of singers are “independent, they’re not managed by some random fat Jewish guy from

north west London”. In a statement on Twitter, Yates said he was “stepping down from hosting Top Of The Pops this year”. He wrote: “My comments are no reflection on how I truly feel, and I would like to apologise unreservedly to the Jewish community, people in the music industry and anyone else I have offended.”

with Europe – Austin asked him “when you first heard about Priti Patel’s visit to Israel and what you thought about that”. Sir Alan replied: “No, you may not [ask this question]. I think that’s a totally inappropriate question for a minister appearing as a witness in front of this committee.” Austin said it was relevant insofar as it sought to answer questions about relations between the FCO and other government departments. He said: “Would you like to assure the committee that you weren’t the source of these stories?” Committee chairman Tom Tugenhat MP said: “I think we will move on.”

GERMAN CITIZENSHIP CLAIMS If your parent, grandparent or great-grandparent was born or resident in German territory, then you may have a claim to German citizenship, even if your ancestor lost it. Benefits of a German Passport

• An EU passport and ID card, each facilitating easy travel across Europe • The long term right to easily live, work and retire in the EU, EEA and Switzerland

• Visa free travel to countries which require a visa for UK passports • One of the best passports in the world, according to the Economist magazine

• A first class well funded consular service What we do We assess claims, obtain evidence, prepare and submit applications with a letter of representation. We have a substantial library of laws, treaties, judgements and legal commentary. Judgments since 2000 have opened up more opportunities. We serve clients in any country. Rated on Google 4.7 out of 5 stars by past customers.

How to Contact Us UK tel: +44 20 7993 8975 • USA tel: 1-646-759 0976 Email: sarah@passportia.org Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4M 4SA

NOHR IS NAMED NEW JW3 CHAIR A top advertising executive is to take over as the new chairman of the JW3 Jewish community centre. Marc Nohr, who is also a Krav Maga expert, was unanimously chosen to succeed Michael Goldstein, who steps down early next year after four years at the helm. Nohr will join along with three new board members – executive search consultant Moira Benigson, J.K. Rowling’s agent Neil Blair and TV journalist Claudia Rosencrantz.

Priti Patel resigned last month

Aviva wins top poetry prize A Jewish poet described by a former poet laureate as “one to watch” in 2014 has won a major national poetry prize. Aviva Dautch, a former poet-inresidence at the Jewish Museum in Camden, was named as one of the winners of the Primers Poetry Prize 2017 on Monday, giving credence to Sir Andrew Motion’s prediction. Dautch, who won the International Jewish Women in the Arts Award from


Brandeis University in 2016, teaches English literature and creative writing at the British Library. She is well-known as an educator in the Jewish world, where she regularly lectures on Jewish arts and culture. She will be presenting at Limmud Festival in Birmingham in December.

JBD HONOUR FOR SHOAH SISTERS Jewish Blind & Disabled is to name its new £6.7million nine-bedroom development in Bushey Heath after two sisters who survived the Holocaust. The charity will name the wing, which will be adjacent to its Cecil Rosen Court building, after Berlin-born Dyna and Fala Weinstock, most of whose family were killed. Dyna survived Auschwitz and came to England with Fala and her brother David.

7 December 2017 Jewish News



Jewish Interactive Interfaith Hackathon / News

Meet the new Zuckerbergs Four students from Yavneh College are well develop a Virtual Reality (VR) app, interacon their way to being technology entrepretive online textbooks and computer games neurs after developing a winning app to improve designed to motivate students to learn, all of education during a 14-hour ‘hackathon’. which left organisers from Acorn Aspirations Jack Perchick, Iftach Sella, Ben Stankler, and Jewish Interactive in awe. Izzy Sinclair (pictured) formed a four-teen “I was inspired by the young people who team called Better Learning and pitched took part in this amazing Hackathon,” said their personalised education app to a range of Chana Kanzen, chief executive of Jewish judges including a Google executive and highInteractive. “The ideas, pitch presentations tech investors, who were left impressed. and prototypes were of such a high standard In total 50 children of different faiths you would have no idea that nearly everything attended the first-of-its-kind event at Work we saw was learnt from scratch. The teams Avenue – the Wohl Enterprise Hub – in worked well with their mentors and Finchley, from schools including Hasmonean, Etz Chaim and St Albans School, with nine teams comprising up to six children of different ages. The youngest group – of nine years olds – was made up of four boys, three of whom were from Etz Chaim and one from Rimon, in a team called School of the Future. The digital programme they developed was designed to help children who need more Iftach Sella Jack Perchick teacher attention or who may get very distracted in class. Elsewhere the hackathon – media sponsored by Jewish News – saw other teams

each other and were left buzzing with excitement for more.” With more than 25 prizes donated by sponsors at SODA, most teams went away

Izzy Sinclair


with something, while the winning team were invited to attend a national educationa technology awards ceremony, while others won tours of Google’s headquarters. “It was the most incredible tech-education event I attended this year,” said judge James Rosenthal, global agency director at Google. “Children from our community and all faiths, some as young as nine years old, developed and pitched polished, commercially viable apps in a Dragons’ Den environment, which is remarkable. “This is exactly what all our kids need to be focused upon if they’re to become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Sergey Brin.”

Ben Stankler

Left: the winning foursome. Insets: Some of the 50 hackers at work

Gal Yogev


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Creative: hope.agency

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Jewish News 7 December 2017



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7 December 2017 Jewish News



School dispute / Career advice / News briefs / News

Nursery teacher fired for living with boyfriend wins discrimination case A teacher at a Jewish nursery school in Hendon who claimed she was fired for living with her boyfriend has won her case of religious and sexual discrimination. Zelda de Groen, 24, (pictured), sued the Gan Menachem Nursery after losing her job in July 2016. She had worked there for four years. The Watford Employment Tribunal said de Groen’s experience with the school was “undoubtedly humiliating, degrading and offensive”. It dismissed the school’s claims that it was justified in firing her.

The tribunal will hold an additional hearing at an undetermined date to discuss compensation. In her lawsuit, de Groen asked for more than £19,300. The nursery for children under the age of eight was described as “ultra-Orthodox” in court. De Groen grew up in a Charedi home in Stamford Hill, but left “after many years of significant discontent.” She moved in with her boyfriend in April 2016. The couple married in July. In May 2016, they were guests at a barbecue along with some

school trustees and parents. During the event it became known that the unmarried couple lived together. Some parents spoke to the school about their objections to de Groen’s living situation afterward. De Groen told the tribunal that school managers subjected her to a “humiliating” hour-long interview in which they said it was time for her to get married. She also described their tone as “threatening”. She asked her managers for an apology but was given a letter notifying her of disciplinary proceedings. She was later fired.

HUB HELPS WORKING WOMEN Call for Galloway return former Labour MP, shared her personal story of the successes and struggles involved in developing her career. She said afterwards: “It was so uplifting to see people from all walks of life come together in one room, all of them committed to making progress in the world of work.” Entrepreneur Emma Gee, who runs her own jewellery business, delivered a workshop on start-ups. She said: “There was a fantastic atmosphere at the conference. I really enjoyed taking part and meeting so many interesting people.”

The chief of staff at Britain’s biggest trade union has called for George Galloway’s readmission to the Labour Party. Andrew Murray, until recently a Communist leader in the UK, works for Unite the union and played an important role in Labour’s impressive general election campaign after he was seconded to the party. In an interview with the Morning Star, Murray said it was “long past time” for Galloway to be readmitted to the party, after he was expelled

in 2003 for telling British troops to disobey their orders in Iraq. The two men worked together in the Stop the War Coalition, which organised the biggest anti-war march in recent British history, and this week Murray said Galloway’s expulsion from Labour was “vicious, illegal and disgraceful”. Galloway is a vehement critic of Israel and has refused to debate Israelis. He was a Labour MP for 16 years and once famously declared Bradford an “Israeli-free zone”.

Y L E T E L P M O C . . . . T N E R E DIFF

CHANUKAH TELETHON RAISES £50K FOR UJIA Almost 200 volunteers from Jewish communities across the country helped raise £50,000 for Chanukah Appeal from UKIsrael charity UJIA last weekend in a Super Sunday Telethon. In London, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow, young and old manned the phones to raise money, with teenagers from 12 Jewish youth movements and organisations among those fundraising. Money raised will help the charity pay for Israel engagement activites.

JLIVING STARTS £6M REFURBISHMENTS A housing association working primarily within the Jewish community has begun a major £6million refurbishment of several properties, starting work in Hemel Hempstead. jLiving, formerly known as Jewish Community Housing Association, has begun new development work on 32 kitchens, nine bathrooms and communal lounges at Maitland Joseph House, before the builders then move on to the housing association’s Montefiore Court property in Margate.

Gal Yogev

Creative: hope.agency

An “inspirational” conference helping women back into work and advancing their careers attracted a record 175 delegates this week. Work Avenue’s Women In The Workplace event, which was held on Tuesday at the employment charity’s business hub in Finchley, featured a series of workshops on making a career change, starting a business, smart social media, and being a woman in a man’s world. Guest speaker Gillian Merron, chief executive of the Board of Deputies and a


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Jewish News 7 December 2017

News / Charity award / Veteran degree / Kisharon grant

Stem cell donor honoured An engineer has been honoured by a national blood cancer charity for his work raising awareness of the need for more stem cell donors. David Gould, who works at Transport for London, was named Donor Champion of the Year by Anthony Nolan Trust after sharing both his stem cells and his story with his employer, who shared it with staff. The charity said this week that Gould’s actions “inspired countless people to consider becoming stem cell donors”, after he recognised the need for increased sign-up among young men and ethnic minorities. Gould joined the national register sev-


eral years ago, during his first few weeks at university when a friend was diagnosed with nonHodgkin lymphoma, and he got an urgent call in April of this year from the charity, telling him he was a match. “When you sign up, you don’t think anything of it, and when you receive a call, you think it’s someone’s family, how could you possibly say no? “I did what I thought was always the obvious or right thing to do. To receive recognition for it is amazing and lovely, but very unnecessary.” He added: “It’s a very simple procedure. Just lie still and let the machine do the work. It really is amazing how science allows you to do something so small and simple that makes such a massive impact on someone’s life.” A green plaque has been unveiled to mark the first branch of iconic fashion retailer Lord John. Founded in 1963 by Warren and David Gold, the brothers opened their first shop a year later on Carnaby Street, where regular customers included The Beatles, The Monkees and The Kinks. The current shop, Golds, is still run by the family, while among those at the unveiling was Warren’s daughter Lauren (pictured).

A centenarian who commanded Muslim troops in Burma before moving to the north-east has been given an honorary degree by the University of Sunderland at the age of 101. Mordaunt Cohen, pictured, who worked in the city as a solicitor before retiring, was known as “the white Muslim” during the war when, as a lieutenant colonel, he commanded the West African Air Assault Brigade. “We learned their language and tried to converse with them in Hasua [a West African dialect],” he recalled in 2015. “They called me the ‘white Muslim’ because I could talk to them about Father Abraham.”

£30K KISHARON GRANT A leading children’s charity has been given a £30,000 grant to fund music therapy for 35 youngsters. Kisharon Day School leaders said they were “exceptionally grateful” to be awarded the money from BBC Children in Need for the therapy, which teaches self-expression and aids language development in children and young adults. “In so many cases the music therapy project is lifechanging,” said Sora Kopfstein, headteacher of Kisharon School. “To have the guar-




Dozens of British rabbis have written to Israel’s ambassador to the UK to protest the pending demolition of part of a Palestinian village in the West Bank. The group of 35 progressive rabbis wrote to Mark Regev about the Area C village of Susiya in the South Hebron Hills, accusing Israel of acting “in bad faith” because similar buildings housing Jews are being left intact.

The Board of Deputies said it “warmly welcomes” the UK’s first vote against a UN General Assembly resolution urging Israel to return the Golan Heights to Syria. It applauded the approach as “the latest in a series of principled votes by the UK against biased resolutions on Israel in UN institutions”. The Board’s Richard Verber said: “We are very encouraged by the UK’s stance.”

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antee that we can now provide this therapy for three years is wonderful news.” The therapy helps pupils with learning disabilities, which means they cannot always be taught through traditional methods, and many who will benefit start off not able to communicate. Through music therapy, pupils “will be able to sing and in some cases verbalise and communicate,” the charity said, adding: “It gives them a chance to participate in a fun activity they may not have had a chance to do.”

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7 December 2017 Jewish News




Jewish News 7 December 2017

Special report / Union of Jewish Students presidency election

Meet the candidates The race is on to find a new president for the Union of Jewish Students. Stephen Oryszczuk offers a wry assessment of the three contenders Were Israel critic Annie Cohen to win the presidency of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) next week, it would trigger a political earthquake akin to that of Jeremy Corbyn’s takeover of the Labour Party. What chance, you ask. The similarities are several: both Cohen and Corbyn are socialists, both take the side of the Palestinians when it comes to debating the Middle East, and both play to a caucus largely ignored – until now. UJS can take credit for offering a level playing field – this is the second year running that one of the three candidates vying to lead it has been no fan of Israel – and one wonders whether you’d see this in the US. Indeed, Cohen says she wants to make the Jewish union more representative of and open to Jewish students who, like her, identify as “non-Zionist”. A progressive Jew brought up in Golders Green by a single dad “who made a mean schnitzel”, Cohen is studying history and Yiddish in London, and wears her Palestinian flag on her sleeve.

Jewish bloggers have written off Cohen as a “time-waster”, but while the chances of her heading UJS when voting closes on Friday are slim to non-existent, so, too, were Corbyn’s of succeeding Ed Miliband. So watch this space. Democracy has a habit of surprising us. Cohen is a former president of the UCL Friends of Palestine Society, and is now a member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JfJfP) and Jewdas, which in the UJS presidential elections last year supported Eran Cohen, who finished a distant third. Cohen is challenging Hannah Rose, former vice-president of the Jewish Society (JSoc) at Bristol, whose sister Ella is director of Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), and Lawrence Rosenberg, ex-president of Manchester JSoc. Rose, who describes herself as a Zionist and a feminist, set up Bristol’s Israel-Palestine discussion group, and promises to continue reaching out to “all Jews” if she were elected to head the student body (she writes “all” in bold letters). She adds that her campaign “isn’t about

my politics”, before outlining that she would “deliver thriving, empowering, peer-led networks”, whatever that means. Meanwhile, Rosenberg is a leader of the Pinsker Centre, an organisation that pledges its “unwavering commitment” to defend the state of Israel in campus discussions. He describes the boycott, divestment and sanctions supporters as “vicious” and promises “inclusivity”, but his vision of UJS is for an organisation doing more for A-level students, because “so many Jewish students get lost at university and lose a part of their identities”.


PRESENTATION Both Rose and Rosenberg feature in their campaign videos – a brave move. The former, if watched with the sound on mute, appears to be rapping, while Rosenberg appears to be holding a large imaginary brick throughout, as if channelling former Tory leader Michael Howard. Still, it’s a point for each for trying, while two points go to Cohen for having the wisdom to

produce a video featuring just graphics and a catchy Yiddish-English tune. Before that, she was represented only by a photo of her dressed as a chicken. If she’d been dressed as a bowl of chicken soup, we’d have given her three points. Note for next time.


FOOD Cohen’s big on beigels and says she’s not sure what offended her family more – the way she pronounces her favourite Jewish foodstuff or her loud and public criticism of the state we hold dear. Hmmm, close call. Rose, meanwhile, is keen on a hummus pitta, and while her mum doesn’t actually make hummus, “she buys it excellently”. Rosenberg is into schnitzel and when we say points will be awarded to those praising mothers, he duly praises his mother’s schnitzel. Unfortunately, he then takes it a tad too far, saying: “My mum is my absolute best friend, my dad too.” He continues: “When she treats the family to schnitzel Friday night? Oooooo, the

the ULTIMATE five star


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7 December 2017


Jewish News


Union of Jewish Students presidency election / Special report


PERSONALITY Always a tough one, given we’ve never met the candidates, but clues can nevertheless be gleaned. Cohen says “UJS doesn’t have to be boring”, thereby implying it is, thereby implying she isn’t. Rosenberg namedrops chums like Sir Eric Pickles and Dame Nancy Rothwell who “even changed the date of a visit to a local high school just so I could attend with her”, so we’re guessing he’s a take-him-anywhere kind of guy. Rose, meanwhile, wears baggy hoodies with long sleeves and liberally sprinkles words such as shlep and nachas into conversation, so we’ve taken a punt at her being the centrist personality of the three. Points? All three get a point for having one.

thought gets me hungry right now!” So, a point to Rose for non-sickening mum praise, while two points are deducted from Rosenberg for going way too far on a food question and for using the non-word ‘ooooo’. Cohen meanwhile neither earns nor gains points because we still don’t know how she pronounces beigel.


ISRAEL Yes, the big one. Rose says criticism “shouldn’t be hypothetical” but then bemoans only the length of time Israeli politicians serve and asks that Israelis be a bit more courteous to diaspora Jews – hardly hardhitting. Rosenberg says “being a Zionist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t criticise Israel” before proceeding not to criticise Israel, saying instead Campaigner for Palestine: Annie Cohen

Manchester JSoc’s Lawrence Rosenberg

that he “doesn’t need to be mouthing off about the only Jewish nation state”. He adds: “If you’re looking for the pro-Israel candidate, that’s me.” It’s certainly not Cohen. Asked what she’d criticise about Israel, she unfurls her dissertation. “Where to start?” she asks. “Racism? House demolitions? The siege of Gaza, condemning its inhabitants to devastating poverty with no freedom of movement or currently even running water? Ruling over millions of West Bank Palestinians without giving them the vote? Assuming they speak for the Jewish diaspora?” OK, point taken, Cohen, and talking of points, that’ll be minus 100. There’s two points for Rosenberg for taking Israel advocacy to a new level, but three points for Rose for demonstrating it’s good to criticise, just not too much.



POLITICS Cohen’s policies include better student parties and playing klezmer music loudly outside Lord Levy’s house until he donates to the UJS hardship fund, so we’re going to call her ‘left wing’. Rosenberg swears blind he’s not a student politician (“I’m just a normal third year”), but is an associate director at an organisation whose founder was caught on camera screaming Islam was “a violent religion”, so we’re unconvinced. Despite this, Rosenberg is definitely a two-stater, writing last month that “Israelis now have a state – and it’s now time for Palestinians to have theirs too”. This of course echoes the Labour Party policy of recognising the state of Palestine, and Rose is Labour, too, but Blair Labour, not Corbyn Labour. Focusing on anti-Semitism on campus, kosher food, Jewish holiday timetabling clashes and increasing awareness of UJS, she avoids

Bristol JSoc’s Hannah Rose

national issues, and could thus be considered the continuity candidate by those who know no better. FINAL GRADES... Cohen fails to graduate for not representing most Jewish students on the defining campus issue, but gains kudos for calling her manifesto an “anniefesto” and for coining the word “orthodoxnormativity”. Rosenberg graduates with a 2:2 as he “missed essay deadlines” because he was up all night trying to bring kosher food to Manchester’s Jewish students, so a hero, but a failed one. Which leaves Hannah Rose with a 2:1, largely for the line: “It is a littleknown fact the Rose family seder of 2004 is so holy, we still haven’t finished it today.”



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Jewish News 7 December 2017

Special report / Camp Simcha’s Chanukah Toy Drive

Spicing up Chanukah! Brigit Grant joins pop star Emma Bunton and Mickey and Minnie Mouse to spread some Camp Simcha cheer at Barnet Hospital


ickey, Minnie, Baby and Jade might not be the original line-up but, as a group, they brought much joy and laughter to the Galaxy ward at Barnet Hospital this week. The arrival of numerous large white bags emblazoned with the words ‘Camp Simcha’ was enough to initially arouse the interest of several small patients on the childrens’ ward. But it was the appearance of two wellknown mice and a Spice Girl that really put the spark into the annual gift-giving session, particularly as Heart radio host Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) had brought along her musician husband Jade Jones. Together, they charmed every toddler and nurse. Mickey and Minnie also did their bit as old feet (mice don’t have hands) on Camp Simcha’s Toy Drive, which this year collected a record number of gifts, which will go to 110 children’s wards in hospitals and hospices across London. With some 9,000 toys collected by 70 plus

Charity Reg No. 802559

Chanukah advert JN 165x550mm v1.indd 1

nurseries, schools, cheders, synagogues, community and youth groups, many volunteers were required for sorting, but Camp Simcha found them. On Sunday, more than 100 people turned up at Yavneh College Sports Hall to help, and children who would normally tear open packaged toys and games were carefully placing them in boxes marked ‘For babies’ or ‘For teens’. Sadly, Galaxy ward had both. In one room, Shreena Patel was holding her sevenmonth-old son, Diyan. He was admitted five

Above: Minnie Mouse helps brighten up the day of a young patient in Barnet Hospital’s Galaxy ward. Inset: Emma Bunton, and her husband Jade Jones, with another patient

weeks ago but, in his short life, hospital has been home because he has a hole in his heart. Bunton, who is also a UNICEF ambas-

sador couldn’t wait to hold him, particularly as he was hours away from being transferred to Great Ormond Street for major surgery.

“This is my third Chanukah without Sally”. David, 85, receives Meals on Wheels.

7 December 2017 Jewish News



Camp Simcha’s Chanukah Toy Drive / Special report Two-year-old Isabela Dudici smiled the moment she saw Minnie and Mickey, and even more so when Bunton handed her a present. Camp Simcha UK is the only Jewish charity to deliver toys to children of all denominations in hospitals on this scale, and gifts will be enjoyed by young patients at the Royal Free, UCLH, Great Ormond Street and Royal Marsden, along with many others throughout the festive season. With the help of GIFT, a few hundred toys will also go to families who would otherwise be unable to give their children gifts this Chanukah. “I was expecting two other Spice girls to step out of those mouse costumes,” said a cheeky young doctor who was as keen to have his photo taken with Bunton as the nurses. Mickey, Minnie, Baby and Jade might not be the original line-up, but for the children on Galaxy they hit all the right notes. Perhaps Camp Simcha will sign them up.

Charity trolley dash cleans up


t was sixty seconds and counting for two Yavneh College students and Camp Simcha’s chief executive, Neville Goldschneider, who went on a‘supermarket sweep’ at Borehamwood Tesco to boost collections for the charity’s Toy Drive. Giving new meaning to the term ‘clean up in aisle four’ Year 7 students Bo Nathan and Jake Ebel, together with Goldschneider, managed to grab £200 worth of toys in the two-minute dash. The toys were part of the 9,000 gifts collected and then distributed to children of all denominations who are spending the festive season in hospitals and hospices in and around London. “We are very grateful to Borehamwood Tesco for so generously supporting us,” said Goldschneider. “They were such great sports and Bo and Jake were so fast and focused that we made good use of our two minutes. We got some wonderful gifts for the children.” Emma and Minnie greet a young patient

Camp Simcha voluteers help pack gifts

“Jewish Care makes miracles happen for 10,000 people like me every year” This Chanukah, will you help make miracles happen for more people like David who live on their own? For fifty five years, David lit the candles with his beloved wife Sally. When she passed away, he was very lonely. Then he met Sid. Sid delivers David’s Meals on Wheels. But he brings more than delicious three-course hot Kosher dinners. Every time he comes, he brings the miracle of friendship too. We touch the lives of 10,000 members of the Jewish community like David in London and the South-East every year. We need to raise £300,000 every week just to keep our doors open. Please will you make a gift this Chanukah and help make more miracles happen?


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Jewish News 7 December 2017

News / Chanukah in the Square / JCoSS boost / News briefs NEWS IN BRIEF

TEEN DESECRATOR IN COURT HEARING A Polish court has given a suspended one-year sentence to an American teenager for scratching his name on a barracks wall at Auschwitz concentration camp. Polish police arrested the yeshiva student, 17, in July after he was caught by a guide while etching his name into the interior wall, according to reports. The teen was ordered to pay 1,000 zlotys, or £200, to the Auschwitz-Birkenau state museum. He did not appear at the court hearing. [JTA]

AUTHORS VIE FOR £4K WINGATE PRIZE An impressive long-list of 12 books including novels and historical non-fiction has been drawn up and will be considered for the 2018 Jewish Quarterly Wingate Prize, the winner of which gets £4,000. This year’s list includes novels by well-known authors such as previous winner Amos Oz, with the selection covering three continents and spanning almost a century. The prize is awarded to the book judges feel best translates the idea of Jewishness.

All light on the night! Communal and religious leaders have said next Tuesday’s tenth Chanukah in the Square is expected to bring more than 5,000 people together in the heart of London. The annual gathering, for which Jewish News is once again media sponsors, celebrates the Festival of Lights with the communal lighting of a giant menorah in Trafalgar Square. It remains lit for eight days, with one light being lit each day during the festival. Last year the event was shelved because the dates fell over Christmas, when a large Christmas tree is traditionally erected in the iconic square. Reflecting on its return for 2017, Jewish Leadership Council chief executive Simon Johnson said Chanukah in the Square was “one of the best Jewish events of the year” as it “allows people from all backgrounds to enjoy Jewish culture”. The JLC is one of several organisations supporting the event, others being Chabad Lubavitch UK, the Mayor of London’s Office and the London Jewish Forum. Long-serving Lubavitch of Edgware director Rabbi Leivi Sudak this week said: “In its tenth anniversary, the Menorah in Trafalgar Square and the celebrations surrounding it, continue to be a beacon of light over London. “They bear the message of Chanukah,


UK CHARITY DRIVE FOR HAIFA CENTRE British Friends of Rambam Medical Centre held its 25th annual Chanukah bazaar on Sunday, selling toys and gifts to raise money to buy equipment for the hospital’s younger patients. The centre, which is based in Haifa, has already raised £8,000 to buy a new Mobile Anaesthesia machine, which means children don’t need to be transferred to the adult wards for injections. Funds are still needed to purchase a Mobile Transport Incubator, You can donate to its Chanukah save-a-baby appeal at: goo.gl/ BMztUp

Revellers in Trafalgar Square during the last Chanukah party there in 2015

that in the metaphorical struggle of light over darkness, we have to focus on proudly adding our bit of light and the rest will follow. “This year marks the 40th anniversary of the world’s first public menorah at City Hall in Philadelphia. Since then there are thousands of the public menorahs projecting Chanukah’s message.” Johnson said this year’s event follows hot on the heels of “inspiring” initiatives including the Chief Rabbi’s Shabbat UK, the ever-popular Mitzvah Day and this year’s events surrounding the centenary of

the Balfour Declaration. “Balfour 100 was the most co-operative and comprehensive community endeavour I have experienced,” said Johnson, who chaired the organising committee, adding that Chanukah was “the most joyful of Jewish festivals… It is a credit to our city that we are able to celebrate in this way”. Security, provided in large part by CST volunteers, is expected to be tight and Johnson paid tribute to those making it possible, saying that such a public celebration would not be possible in many European countries due to security concerns.

INJURED BOYS GIVE £25K TO HATZOLA Two Orthodox Jewish boys critically injured on a pilgrimage in Hungary have given £25,000 to medical emergency charity Hatzola. Yehudah Roitenbarg and Benjamin Cohen were hit by a truck while visiting the grave of Chasidic Rabbi Yeshayele of Kerestir and had to be flown back to the UK, with donors offering thousands of pounds to cover recovery cost.

EXPERTS SEEK COMMON GROUND Experts from the Department for Communities and Local Government hosted an event showcasing their efforts to foster “constructive dialogue” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This week’s event at The British Library heard from three organisations that have been working to foster a greater understanding of the conflict in the UK, including in schools, by such activities as workshops led by “moderate” Israeli and Palestinian activists. Among the three organisations is the Union of Jewish

Organisations spoke of fostering new dialogue

Students (UJS), one of the first diaspora Jewish organisations to support the mutual recognition of Israeli and Palestinian states.

The government has supported the union’s Bridges not Boycotts campaign, which seeks to “foster a space for informed debate and responsible dialogue, promoting community cohesion on campus”. A spokeswoman said: “All too often, conversations on campus are divisive and unconstructive, where those on different sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rarely come together. We recognise the complexities and nuance involved and we seek to export dialogue rather than import division.”

JCOSS ANNOUNCES BULGE CLASS JCoSS has announced it will be creating an extra class in time for September 2018 to “take some pressure off” the Jewish community in terms of school spaces. Patrick Moriarty, headteacher of the pluralist Jewish secondary school in New Barnet, said a “record number of applications” prompted the move, meaning that the extra 30 places will take the 2018/19 cohort up to 210 students. “We hope it will go some

way to help anxious families feel a little less concerned,” said Moriarty. “We have begun careful planning for the additional numbers and we are confident that it will be a smooth transition.” Parents struggling to get their children into a Jewish secondary in Barnet were last year told to send them to Whitefield School in Cricklewood instead, but take-up has been patchy at best. The recommendation

by Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJeS), a division of the Jewish Leadership Council, was made after the Whitefield headteacher agreed to offer Jewish studies. The Governors’ decision “to alleviate some pressure in the community and offer 30 additional lottery places” in the coming year comes on top of the school’s latest boost, with the opening of its new Dorfman Wing, which will house IT, art and other classes.

7 December 2017 Jewish News


Residential care at its best.

Spring Lane 170 Fortis Green, Muswell Hill, London N10 3PA Spring Grove 214 Finchley Road, London NW3 6DH • Spacious, fully fitted bedrooms with full en-suite facilities • Extensive communal lounges with free Wi-Fi to all areas • Dedicated activities teams managing a varied programme of entertainment, arts and crafts and external visits

• A varied and extensive menu catering to individual tastes • First class care backed up by the local GP practice, delivering bespoke programmes for each individual resident

• Highly experienced staff with the necessary expertise in

caring for older people, chosen for their understanding of the unique circumstances encountered in older life

• Specialist units including High Dependency for people with greater needs

With over 45 years of providing care, the Springdene Group is run by the same family that established its first care home in 1970. Having welcomed over 13,000 local people into its homes since then, the Group has developed an excellent reputation for providing care of the highest standard.

“We spoke with people who use the service and relatives. They told us they were happy with the care provided. For example, a relative told us that the care provided was “really, really good” and said, “the carers really engage with people, they are excellent.” We saw staff interacting with people in a caring and sensitive way and responding to their needs.”

For more information, or to arrange a visit, just call

020 8815 2000 or visit




YEARS of CARE E S TA B L I S H E D 1 9 7 0

Extract from summary of CQC report June 2013

Springdene CARE HOMES

Because life is for living Part of the Springdene Group with care homes in Enfield, Hampstead and Muswell Hill.




Jewish News 7 December 2017

World News / Bibi backtrack / Iran warning / Shekel ban

U-turn on corruption bill Benjamin Netanyahu has had to backtrack on a bill that would have stymied police investigations into him and his wife Sara. The prime minister’s forced about-turn on the controversial ‘recommendations bill’ came after tens of thousands of Israelis lined the streets of Tel Aviv for an anticorruption rally, chanting “shame” in the country’s biggest mass protest in years. The couple, who are being investigated for accepting expensive gifts from billionaire friends, have been at war with the media in recent months, with leaks emerging from inside the investigation.

Rabbi outlaws banknote of poet who wed non-Jew

Charedi Sephardi Rabbi Benzion Mutzafi this week said people should not look at the 50-shekel banknote featuring poet Shaul Tchernichovsky, as he was married to a Christian.

Benjamin Netanyahu and wife Sara

His allies in Likud have sought to shore up his flagging popularity with promotional events, while the ‘recommendations bill’ would end the current police practice

of recommending to prosecutors whether suspects should be indicted, and punish those found leaking details to the media. Critics said he was using his position to pour cold water on the investigations but, after the enormous crowd in Tel Aviv, he said the bill should “be worded in a way that it won’t apply to the investigation taking place into my affairs”. Police are examining whether Netanyahu agreed to stifle a newspaper’s competitor in return for favourable coverage, as well as a secretive deal to buy German nuclear submarines involving his lawyer.

Israel gives Iran warning Benjamin Netanyahu this week warned that Israel will not allow Iran to gain a foothold in Syria. He said in a video message: “We will not allow a regime hell-bent on the annihilation of the Jewish state to acquire nuclear weapons. We will not allow that regime to entrench itself militarily in Syria... for the express purpose of eradicating our state.” Foreign media reported last weekend that Israel launched five missiles from Lebanese airspace at the Iranian military facility. Syrian media reported it had intercepted some of the missiles and its

state-run news agency Sana reported that Israel fired “several” surface-to-surface missiles at a military post. Israel has carried out a number of airstrikes against suspected arms shipments believed to be bound for Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, which is fighting alongside Syrian government forces. It has also struck Syrian military facilities since the conflict began. The airstrike came as violence resumed in the Damascus suburbs while government and opposition delegations were at peace talks in Geneva.


The Tiger Who Came to Tea OLIVIER AWARD NOMINEE a musical play adapted and directed by DAVID WOOD based on the book by JUDITH KERR


HHHH The Times

HHHH Mail on Sunday NOW PLAYING UNTIL SUN 31 DEC BOX OFFICE 020 8369 5454 artsdepot.co.uk



Your weekly digest of stories from the international press... GERMANY


Israel has pulled out of a planned exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Frankfurt Bible Museum because German authorities could not guarantee their return to Israel if claimed by the Palestinians and Jordanians. The first scrolls were found by Bedouin in 1946.

Jewish groups promoting the cause of Kurdish independence have organised a large event in New York to coincide with similar efforts in Israel. Kurdistan, in northern Iraq, would be a natural Israeli ally in the Middle East. Kurdish fighters from the Peshmerga were instrumental in defeating Islamic State.

BRAZIL The Brazilian diplomat and Nobel Prize winner who presided over the UN vote held in 1947 to recognise the state of Israel alongside a Palestinian state has been honoured at a ceremony in Rio de Janeiro’s largest synagogue. Oswaldo Aranha was president of the UN General Assembly at the time of the vote.

POLAND The Polish government has ordered an investigation into a video featuring nudity at the former Stutthof Nazi death camp near Gdansk. Jewish groups traced the video to the camp and now want to know who approved filming. Seven Holocaust survivors have taken to the catwalk in the Israeli city of Arad to raise money for charity. Four were from the former Soviet Union, including Elizabeth Rodich from Ukraine, whose seamstress mother taught her how to make clothes.


7 December 2017 Jewish News




Jewish News 7 December 2017

Special report / Limmud FSU in St Petersburg

Photo by Alexandra Stepanova

A record 750 participants gathered in the former Russian capital of St Petersburg last weekend for the latest Limmud FSU three-day Jewish festival of learning and culture. The dynamic, volunteer-driver and pluralistic event was the largest St Petersburg Limmud festival to date, a fact that delighted founder Chaim Chesler. “We are extremely excited to be a part of one of the most vibrant and flourishing Jewish communities in Eastern Europe, with a rich cultural life,” he said during the conference. “This is our sixth event in St Petersburg – an important milestone for us and for the entire Jewish community in the area.” The festival featured lectures, workshops and discussions on the pluralistic spirit of Limmud. Participant Dr Aaron Weiss told Jewish News: “I was deeply impressed. It was remarkable in terms of the unprecedented number of participants, the amazing work done by a committed team of the volunteers and in terms of abundance and variety of activities, all of which were conducted at the highest level. “It is impressive to see active participation by different audiences of different ages from various backgrounds, all of whom unite into a Jewish community event for the continued development of Jewish life in St Petersburg.” Euro-Asian Jewish Congress president

Photo by Masha Lvova-Havdala

The Russian revolution

Mikhail Mirilashvili also congratulated the participants and expressed his commitment to the project: “We are pleased to be active partners of Limmud FSU,” he said. “EAJC is committed to ensuring that community institutions participate actively in all stages of the event, and that participants would receive information and motivation to become

active members of the community life after the conference. In Limmud FSU St Petersburg this year was just the exact atmosphere, and we’re extremely happy for it.” The top presenters this year included Linor Goralik, a Russian-speaking flash-fiction author, poet and essayist, and Elhanan Nir, Israeli poet and laureate of international and Israeli literary honours including the Wertheim Prize (2008) and Prime Minister’s Prize (2011). Also in the line-up were historian Lev Lurie, consul general of the State of Israel Olga Slov and Euro-Asian Jewish Congress executive director Haim Ben Yacov. Dmitry Dikman, senior adviser to the chairman of the board at Genesis Philanthropy Group, said: “We’re attracted by existing pro-

Young and old were among the 750 participants at last weekend’s Limmud FSU in the city of St Petersburg

jects where people are united by their interest in their Jewish roots and history. “In this sense, Limmud FSU conferences gather the most relevant audience for us – they unite students, families with children, lecturers and volunteers for several days. “If the participants are left with a feeling that they spent an educational and informative weekend, we’re considering our task fulfilled”. The weekend was made possible thanks to its team of volunteers led by Yulia Karasik, Natalia Emelyanova, Regina Pritula, Iulia Anokhina, Faina Roukhlina and others. Conference supporters included the EuroAsian Jewish Congress, Genesis Philanthropy Group, JDC, Jewish Religious Community, Nativ, Jewish Culture House ESOD, Russian Jewish Congress and the Community of Progressive Judaism “Sha’arey Shalom”. “I feel grateful and want to thank all the volunteers,” said event participant Julia Presman at the closing ceremony. “You can actually see and feel the spark in their eyes.”

Finding Jewish identity in Russian culture capital St Petersburg was a good choice for a Limmud gathering. The first Jews appeared in the city immediately after its foundation in the 18th century and it is now one of the most vibrant and flourishing communities in the former Soviet Union, with roughly 100,000 Jews, making it the second-largest in Russia. The cultural, social and religious life in St Petersburg’s Jewish community ties in with Limmud. The annual conferences, started in 2011, reflect high intellectual calibre and cultural-oriented programming, and the city is Russia’s cultural capital. “Limmud FSU is a hotbed for the expression and strengthening of Jewish identity, connection to the Jewish people and the Jewish tradition,” said the city’s Orthodox community director Rabbi Shaul Brook. “It is an excellent project and a model for finding paths to the hearts and souls of the participants. “The organisers of the event are a symbol and an example of how, with good will and willingness, we can find the common denominator that unifies all the members of the Jewish community in the city.” Yana Agmon, regional director of “Nativ” in

Russia and Belarus, said the festival was also “a safe place for young Jews to acquire knowledge, to learn, to learn, and then to learn more — to understand the Jewish past and to become a part of the Jewish and Israeli present. “The format of Limmud, which is based on the freedom of election of each participant, cannot characterise better the multifaceted modern Israel,” he added. “It provides an opportunity to plunge into the realities of modern Israeli society. We are pleased to see how the Jewish community of St Petersburg acquaints itself with topics related to Israel and meets Israeli representatives”. Daniel Jezmer, 25, a volunteer from Israel, said: “I flew especially to Limmud St. Petersburg to see how it is done in another country. “I wanted to share experiences and adopt some ideas and initiatives for the Israeli Limmud FSU, which I have been involved in for four years, and was also happy for the chance to meet old friends and benefit from the weekend. “I was struck by Rami Sherman’s lecture about the hostage-taking operation in Entebbe. I could not hope to get personally acquainted and communicate with the participants in this operation, so I’m especially grateful for it.”


7 December 2017 Jewish News




Jewish News 7 December 2017

Editorial comment and letters ISSUE NO.



Spreading tzedakah Tzedakah is one of the few words – after shalom and falafel – that those with limited Hebrew immediately understand. It is possible that some only learned it last Friday because that is the day distraught children at Jewish schools lambast their mothers for leaving their purses at home. “But I need money for tzedakah,” yell the infant philanthropists at their shame-faced parents who will never again forget the Hebrew word for charity. In the Hebrew dictionary, however, the ancient definition for tzedakah is ‘obligation’, which sounds demanding, but makes sense when you see Jewish charities in action. Camp Simcha’s annual Toy Drive is now a glittering fixture on the Jewish calendar and provides a valuable tzedakah lesson along with a useful distraction for kids compiling personal Chanukah lists on their iPads. With the gifts being given to children of all denominations in 110 hospitals and hospices, Camp Simcha has created the only charity event of this kind and deserves the sort of recognition only starry names can deliver. Of course it’s disappointing that no matter how worthy the cause, celebs of the faith are reluctant to step up to the plate, yet have no problem sharing their Jewish recipes or family trees with a mainstream audience. But who needs fickle affiliates when you can have a Spice Girl distributing gifts? Certainly not Camp Simcha. Emma Bunton, now the voice of breakfast on Heart radio offered to join the gifting event and turned it into something very special. There were smiles and laughter from the children – several of them seriously ill – when Emma [and two large mice named Mickey and Minnie] appeared with presents by their beds. Anxious mothers were delighted by the brief distraction as Emma offered kind words, concerned questions and gentle hugs. Every nurse who loved the Spice Girls had a selfie along with a few doctors who couldn’t resist and, when it was all over, Emma thanked Camp Simcha for inviting her. Understanding the meaning of tzedakah certainly isn’t a problem for Emma Bunton. Perhaps she could spread the word. CONTACT DETAILS Publisher and Editor Richard Ferrer richardf@thejngroup.com Publisher and News Editor Justin Cohen 020 7692 6952 justinc@thejngroup.com Foreign Editor Stephen Oryszczuk stepheno@thejngroup.com Features Editor Francine Wolfisz 020 7692 6935 francinew@thejngroup.com Community + Sport Editor Andrew Sherwood

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DAILY REALITIES OF LIFE IN ISRAEL The panicked reaction out about 10 yards along the road, to reports of gunshots and added that the bomb disposal recently heard in London’s team was on its way. Oxford Street reminded I darted back into the bank to me of an incident that collect my wife and to depart very happened to me and quickly but at that moment we my wife in Tel Aviv were summoned to his window by some years ago. the foreign exchange clerk, a genWe were in a short tleman of about 50. queue in a bank in DizenI told him what was happening goff Street waiting to oboutside the bank, fully expecting tain some Israeli currency Police on the streets of Tel Aviv him to make a hurried exit – with when we both noticed us trailing rapidly behind. that the street outside the bank had become He did not even raise an eyebrow. He simply strangely deserted picked up his pen, looked me straight in the eye We could see no people, no cars, no buses. I and said: “How much currency do you want?” went outside to take a look and encountered one That’s what you’d call a case of horses for of the policemen who had just cleared the street. courses, I guess! He explained that a bomb had just been found Alfred Levy Ilford in a lamp-post waste bin. He pointed the bin

Sketches & kvetches

THIS WEEKEND'S SHABBAT TIMES... Shabbat comes in Friday night 3.37pm

Shabbat goes out Saturday night 4.46pm

Sedra: Vayeshev

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“Great news. We’ve come up with a third option for the Irish border issue...”

BRAINWASHING TIME WITH TONGE It is a cold November night. Ten dedicated Zionists have taken time to attend a hostile meeting hosted by Baroness Jenny Tonge in Committee Room 6 in the House of Commons. The theme is The UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People: How to end 70 Years of injustice? We approach registration, to be told to wait, as our names are not on the list. We had registered and had our entry forms with us, so why was entry denied? Not because we were Jews. One Jew did enter (name can be supplied) and there were Christian Zionists with us too. The answer is simple the panel for the meeting included Tommy Shepherd SNP MP, Jennifer Tonge, Dr.

Garda Karmi and a few other notables. Need I say more? The two-hour discussion was to be littered with falsehoods, revisionist history and heaping blame on the Ashkenazi Jews who came to Palestine in the first half of the 20th century fleeing pogroms and the Nazis. This meeting, in my mind, was to be full of virulent anger and hatred towards the Jewish homeland and could not possibly be shared with the Zionists, could it? The meeting was a breach of democratic rights and a clear message that the leftwing are doing everything they can to brainwash gullible attendees. Mike Abramov By email

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Editorial comment and letters

A day to make us proud Having attended the AJEX march to the Cenotaph from Horse Guards Parade over three decades as a marcher and ex-serviceman (RAOC), may I say a few words on this year’s event. The day was cold, but thanks to AJEX we had hot drinks before and after and parade commander Ron Shelley MBE and his marshals for the three battalions that lined up were as usual outstandingly well organised. Everything went to plan. The Welsh Guards brass band was excellent, as was the chicken soup, hot chocolate and the address given by reviewing officer General Sir

Peter Anthony Wall. We replied with our customary three cheers and a lone mazeltov from someone in the crowd. Although numbers have declined over the past few years, it was a wonderful couple of hours for this loyal 88-year-oldplus to remember and enjoy and I will certainly look forward to next year’s AJEX gathering. Perhaps we will get some youngsters whose grandparents served our country.

midst. How many Muslim votes are there in the UK? How many Jewish? It’s purely a numbers game. Add Mr Corbyn’s appeal with the “yoof” vote and his potential for success is clear.

Nothing is more upsetting to me than a Jew who invokes the Balfour Declaration and says the rights of the Palestinians should also have been taken into account, as expressed by your correspondent Clive Jacobs [Jewish News, 16 November]. Has this myopic person heard of the Holocaust and the need to nurture the Jewish State, one which is ours? If statehood was granted to the Arabs on the West Bank, God forbid, we would in a short while be confronted by Hamas and all other terrorists. No, Mr Jacobs, Israel cannot afford a Palestinian state on its border. More’s the pity that far more Jews do not make aliyah. I didn’t for 32 years, to my extreme disadvantage. My granddaughter has, and is happy she made the move.

David Sherman Finchley

Bernard Harris By email

Stanley Fox Vice chair, Kenton Wembley, Willesden AJEX branches

CORBYN’S NUMBERS GAME Even if every Jew threatens to vote against Jeremy Corbyn and Labour at the next General Election, as suggested by letter writer J D Milaric [Jewish News, 30 November], it won’t make the slightest difference to his attitude to Israel and anti-Semitism in his


LUNACY TO INVITE LANSMAN As I said at Limmud last year, it is a disgrace and lunacy to let Jon Lansman speak at the festival, as he is going to do again this year. I ran Labour Friends of Israel for many years. I always clashed with Lansman, who I considered our worst enemy during all that time. Although we now have other enemies like Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, in my opinion Lansman is even worse. The Jewish enemies always are.

Lansman is now a permanent member of the executive committee of the Labour Party and trying to force the party to stay as left wing as possible. Methods of doing this include deselecting old members of the party and filling positions with the most left-wing and anti-Israel people he can find.

Lady Valerie Cocks Former chair Labour Friends of Israel

Tune into this Friday’s Jewish Views podcast! • We explore the ramifications of Donald Trump’s plan to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. • Jewish domestic goddess Denise Phillips tells us about her new cookbook, Celebrate Every Day with Denise Phillips • We meet matchmaker Jacqui van loen, HOW TO LISTEN... who won the New Dating Individual of PODCAST: Fridays iTUNES ‘The Jewish Views’ the year at the UK MW RADIO: Sundays 558AM at 12 noon Dating Awards. WEB RADIO: Sundays at 10pm on Wandsworth Radio ONLINE: jewishnews.co.uk and spectrumradio.net

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Jewish News 7 December 2017



Next time you’re ticked off on Twitter... breathe ALEX BRUMMER



s a financial writer, Twitter is an essential tool. More often than not, it is first out of the blocks with business, economic and financial developments. It’s often the place other writers boast of “exclusives”. But there is something else about Twitter and social media in general. It tends to bring out the worst in people. In my own field, it is astonishing to see respected economists, from some of the world’s best research universities, throwing insults at each other and questioning critics’ credentials. So intense and sustained can be the disagreements you wonder how it is these combatants find the time to fulfil the teaching and research schedules for which they are paid. One was reminded of all this by the Twitter storm evoked by US President Donald Trump’s retweeting of Britain First videos purportedly showing Muslim extremists engaging in ghastly acts. By now, no one should be surprised by Trump’s immersion in Twitterland. Nor should

we be fazed by his hostility to extremist Islam, symbolised by his efforts to block US borders from immigrants from supposed radical Islamic nations. The shock is that he should regard Britain First and outgrowth of Britain’s fringe right-wing movements as a respectable source. It took minutes for the Dutch authorities to make it clear that a video of a Muslim immigrant “attacking” a young Dutch man on crutches was false. There was also no evidence to substantiate the images of ISIS militants smashing a statue and throwing a man off a building. These videos were Twitter at its worst. That the president of the United States (POTUS) should embrace the videos gave them undeserved credibility. POTUS retweeting false information from a group the conservative Henry Jackson think tank describes as “unpleasant, ugly and hostile” was an appalling mistake and exposed his ignorance. Indeed, Americans have become so inured to early-hour rantings of a self-absorbed leader that they have stopped paying much attention. The uproar in the House of Commons, given air by Speaker John Bercow, was to give Twitter a respect and Britain First the oxygen of publicity.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ANYONE IN THE JEWISH COMMUNITY TO EMBRACE THOSE WHO DISPARAGE ISLAM Both Britain’s Muslim and Jewish community know this better than most. The anonymity of Twitter’s darker side allows groups such as British First and extremist individuals to propagate hatred with almost no likelihood of being found out. When, for instance, serious politicians are found tweeting stereotypes about the Jewish community the likelihood is that they will escape with not more than a rap across the knuckles. That is no excuse for anyone in the Jewish community to embrace those who disparage Islam and shout foul at politicians because, for instance, they disagree with Israel’s Middle

East policies. You don’t have to be a supporter of Palestinian boycott campaigns to think that Israel’s contribution to the siege of Gaza or its more repressive policies on the West Bank are obstacles to dialogue in the region. Jews must always be alert to anti-Semitism, but labelling and targeting people with different views to us about the region issues is counterproductive. Twitter and social media provides cover for hostile views. In much the same way as the Jewish community is outraged by some Labour Party member tweets about it, so Muslims feel hurt by attacks on them. This is especially so when they come from groups purporting to represent mainstream Jewish opinion when they don’t. It is right to reject radical Islamic groups tweeting hatred but they should not be confused with senior Muslim politicians seeking to do the best for interfaith relations. Next time you want to get angry on Twitter, control it. Fight facts with facts, don’t engage in rhetorical abuse for the sake of it and remember how hurtful personal attacks are. Best of all, don’t directly engage because that’s what trolls want.

Chanukah in the Square is set to light up London SIMON JOHNSON



hanukah in the Square is one of the best Jewish events of the year. Not only is it a great celebration of Jewish music, food and culture, it also symbolises that London is a great city to live if you are Jewish. In many ways, it resonates with the story of Chanukah – defiance in the face of opposition and victory against the odds. With increasing challenges to communal Jewish life all around the world, it is more important than ever to be able to take the time to celebrate our culture, our faith and our heritage. It is easy to be gloomy about Jewish life. It is easy to be scared by the issues around anti-Semitism. But Chanukah brings us together. Five thousand people are expected to attend the event next week in Trafalgar Square – a true representation of the community in London – from people of all faiths and none. On Tuesday we can celebrate with pride this most joyful of festivals. Chanukah in the

Square is a bright, exciting and loud celebration which shows our spirit and vibrancy. We are reminded all too often of the threats, incidents and pressures in society. But the fact that we have the right to celebrate, sing, dance and be Jewish, in the heart of London, is enough to show that our culture, heritage and faith is accepted in one of the most diverse cities in the world. This past year has seen a number of occasions to remind us of the spirit of the Jewish community. Both Mitvah Day and Shabbat UK were inspiring, and the Balfour centenary brought together thousands of people at events across the country to celebrate an important part of our history. Balfour 100 was the most co-operative and comprehensive community endeavour I have experienced. I am proud of how we put on such a fantastic range of events for everyone. Chanukah in the Square allows people from all backgrounds to enjoy Jewish culture. Our community makes a huge contribution to society in London, and this gives us the chance to proudly show our strength and spirit of togetherness. We are fortunate to be able to celebrate

Chanukah each year in this way, and on this scale, in such a big city. In many European countries, this would not be the case due to security concerns, the threat of terrorism and such. We are lucky to have the CST and the police to ensure appropriate security and allow an atmosphere and space to celebrate in this way. This is the most joyful of Jewish festivals, and it’s a credit to our city that we are able to celebrate in this way. Jewish people should be proud to be living in the UK, and proud to celebrate their culture in the heart of London. I hope to see as many people as possible in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday.

Mr Dreidl in a spin during Chanukah in the Square


7 December 2017 Jewish News




Why can’t we see eye-toeye more within our faith? LEVI SCHAPIRO



s a communal leader in Stamford Hill, I often hear how “we must work together with different faith groups”, but it saddens me to say I think our issue is more immediate: we need to work together within the Jewish faith. Yes, we look after each other, but the gap between the strictly-Orthodox community and the modern or secular community your paper typically appeals to is far too big. That needs to change, and I hope to help do so. Despite the difference in the way each of us dress, in our hearts we are all Jewish, believing in the same values. As Jews, we must be one and only one. There are small breakthroughs. We at the Jewish Community Council (JCC), which I founded four years ago, recently welcomed Jonathan Goldstein, chair of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC). His visit was welcome, and rare. Most secular Jewish organisations have, in the past, struggled to access the Charedi world. We at the JCC want to increase access and also

understanding. We want to build links and relations between these two sometimes different worlds, centred not far apart, in Hackney and Barnet. In short, we want to build a unity bridge. This means working together on issues of concern, such as delays with the coroner service and sharing best practice in our best organisations, which can only come about through inviting one another ‘in’. It means having an adult debate about things on which we disagree, such as ‘point of death’ for organ donation but, more importantly, it means working to find a common position where one can be found. And it means helping our respective communities to better understand one another. To this end, we at the JCC will work with Jewish News over the next few months to introduce readers to the wonders of Stamford Hill. Uniting means all of these things, but more than anything, it means leading. I founded the JCC in part to encourage the next generation of strictly-Orthodox leaders to get up and start leading. We’ve done a lot, whether it be setting up organisations that fast-track medical scanning and treatment for Crohns and Colitis sufferers,

LET US MAKE 2018 THE YEAR WE FIND EXCUSES TO WORK TOGETHER, RATHER THAN APART establishing a hospital-community volunteer network, working with the council to build affordable new kosher-friendly homes, or even arranging pre-Passover rubbish and recycling collections. Collectively, in our meetings with local and national politicians, it is our voice now being heard, and as young Charedi leaders, we are developing our skills of representation. But there is so much room for cooperation with our Jewish neighbours. For instance, we know there are leadership development programmes in the secular Jewish world, such


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as those run by LEAD, a division of the JLC. Does it not seem sensible that young Charedi leaders and young secular leaders create a forum to meet and discuss the challenges of the future? Such a forum – let’s call it the Young Leadership Initiative – would be where the next generation leaders across our two worlds would work together. Doing so would help bridge the divide. Likewise, secular umbrella bodies should start to ask for Charedi representation on their boards, and we can reciprocate. These baby steps can open up new worlds. They are practical ways to bridge the gulf between us. But however we do it, change will not come about by us agreeing that there are differences, nodding and carrying on. Let us make 2018 the year we find excuses to work together, rather than not. Let it be the year we all discussed, in our various board meetings and community catch-ups, how we could better appeal to every Jew in London, not just those like us. We in Stamford Hill stand ready to welcome this. We have a lot to offer and hope the secular world will be positively surprised by the scope and innovation of what we’re doing. Stay tuned to Jewish News to find out what we do and how.



Jewish News 7 December 2017


Pitting one Jew against another benefits no one SHRAGA ZALTZMAN



s part of my work at the Max Barney Foundation, which is focused on supporting Global Jewish employment, I’ve just had the immense privilege of spending eight days in Israel traversing the entire country, meeting the most inspiring people. This visit was an effort to gain a better understanding of the various populations, their strengths and some of the challenges they face particularly around employment and making a sustainable living. Before my trip, I had my biases and predispositions towards the various groups. What I learned was that while every group has its own challenges, I had it all wrong. From the 30-year-old Charedi lady in Mea Shearim who started her own small furniture business to support her family of seven as well as young boy she had adopted, to the Israeli Arab in Nazareth who ran a small delicatessen working 12 hours a day to make an honest

living supporting herself and her family, to the young Ethiopian man who against all odds managed to obtain a university education and is now a manager of a large retail branch of one of the banks in Tel Aviv, all of whom have a set of shared values; devotion to their families, dedication to their culture and religion, as well a strong commitment to work hard and support themselves with dignity and pride. There was one more characteristic they all shared. None of them knew anything about the others’ values, morals and ideals, which created a vacuum filled by biases and prejudgments. Israel is a country comprised of all kinds of people, much like an orchestra is comprised of different instruments. They all sound very different, but when they play together with every note perfectly timed in synchronised harmony, the result is outstanding. For this to happen there needs to be shared knowledge – it’s important everyone knows the repertoire and understands the other instruments, resilience (what happens if someone skips a beat? Do others help carry the music, or does blame culture mean individuals are

ACROSS SO MANY GROUPS, IT’S ALMOST ALWAYS THE VOCAL MINORITY WHO ARE THE RABBLE-ROUSERS pilloried rather than supported?), and finally commitment; months of rehearsal and planning go into a performance. To make sure all the preparation pays off, every member must stay focused and committed to the last note. If we understood each other better, ensured we were there to back up each other when needed and were fully committed to each other’s success, just imagine what we could achieve. As diaspora Jews, we, too, have a role to play. I recently read an article in a Jewish newspaper headlined: World Jews ‘more worried about

Charedim than Arabs’. As Jews we are fighting for our survival on many fronts and the pejorative overtones of this article are very disturbing. Across so many groups, Arabs, Charedim, etc… it is almost always the vocal minority who are the rabble-rousers and the silent majority of really good people who suffer the consequences. Charedi society in Israel isn’t perfect, but the fundamentals by which they aspire to live their daily lives are based on kindness to one another (gemilut chesed) and a dedication to their religion and families, which can’t be a bad thing. The modern world has to a large degree lost its moral compass, abandoned family values and developed into a very self-centred society. Perhaps this is what Charedim wants to protect themselves against? I don’t understand how pitting one group against another benefits us all. Surely it would be more interesting to read about the good being done and how globally we are a true light unto the nations? If we all focused on what unites rather than what divides us, the world would be a better place, and the Jewish people as well as the state of Israel would flourish and grow.

7 December 2017 Jewish News



Community / Scene & Be Seen


More than 45 scouts from the 16th Edgware group volunteered at GIFT this week for a special Chanukah session, packing up treats for the hundreds of families supported by the charity. Scout leader Steven Gafson said: “The scouts loved the meaningful yet fun experience, and are looking forward to returning.”


And be seen


The Venue in Borehamwood played host to a preChanukah family treasure hunt and party. Families worked together to solve clues and create their own matchbox Chanukiahs, as well as enjoying entertainment, music and dinner. Rabbi Adam Edwards, who took part in one of the teams, said: “This event was a great opportunity for Borehamwood families to get in the Chanukah mood with a treasure hunt, kids’ entertainer, a burger dinner and, of course, masses of doughnuts.”

The latest news, pictures and social events from across the community


Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis hailed Simon Marks Jewish Primary School in Stoke Newington “an excellent school that truly draws out the potential of every child”, when he opened a new building for nursery and reception children. Unveiling a plaque at the William Sharron Early Years Building, named for one of the school’s most devoted supporters who died in 2013, he praised the school as a beacon of provision for the very youngest pupils as they embark on their Jewish journey. Chair of Governors Howard Pallis said: “The opening of this new facility is a huge step forward for Simon Marks.”


Mark Regev, Israeli Ambassador to the UK, made a plea for compensation for Jewish refugees from Arab countries to be included in any peace deal between Israel and Arab states. Speaking at a concert at JW3, where he spoke of how his wife Vered was the daughter of Jewish refugees from Aleppo in Syria, he said a reconciliation for peace between Jews and Arabs had to be based on truth.

Photo by Sue Rifkin







Jewish News 7 December 2017

Scene & Be Seen / Community

Shul’s choral tribute



Northwood United Jewish Synagogue is once again inviting its neighbours in the area to celebrate Chanukah at a ceremony hosted by Three Rivers District Council at its Rickmansworth HQ. Call 01923 82004 or email admin@northwoodus.org for details.

London’s Gay Men’s Chorus, Europe’s largest gay male choir, performed at the historic West London Synagogue to mark World AIDS Day. Preceded by a memorial service, led by Rabbi David Mitchell, the event will benefit the work of two HIV charities – the Jewish AIDS Trust and the Israel AIDS Task Force.


Photo by Jeff Moore

Ten Ethiopian-Israeli kids, supported by Myisrael, celebrated their bar and batmitzvahs with the party of their dreams thanks to the fundraising efforts of their 11 UK bar and batmitzvah ‘twins’. The latter raised more than £13,000 to ensure their Israeli ‘twins’ were able to celebrate their rites of passage.


Palmers Green and Southgate Synagogue held its first baby blessing, when three babies born this year were blessed by Rabbi Emanuel Levy. He said: “The babies were wonderfully behaved. I think they really enjoyed it, and the fact three babies were born this year is a healthy sign for the future.”



19 June

100-SECOND INTERVIEW Celebrating our community’s centenarians... children and four great-great grandchildren – the newest of whom are twin boys, born earlier this year.

What was your job before retiring?

What is your happiest memory?

We had a retail shop in Leicester Square in the West End, where I worked.


TV presenter, restaurateur and author Prue Leith was guest speaker at a lunch at Jewish Care’s Betty and Asher Loftus Centre for 150 guests, sponsored by Maxwell Williams. She said: “As I get older, I visit more care homes. This one is a delight. It is well run and friendly. I would be happy to be here.”

to Jewish Care’s Princess Alexandra Home two and a half years ago. I live independently, with support from my family.

Name: Rebecca Joseph Date of birth: 19 June 1917 Place of birth: East End Where do you live? How long have you lived there? Where did you live before?

I got married and lived in Willesden. Our house was bombed during the Second World War, and we moved to Belsize Park, where I lived with my husband for most of my married life. After my husband was diagnosed with cancer, we moved to Edgware to be near my family. I then moved to Northwood with my daughter, who cared for me until I moved

Do you have any siblings?

I was the youngest of seven children, born to immigrant parents who came to England from Poland at a very young age. Did you marry?

I was happily married for 52 years to Harry Joseph. For my 100th birthday, we had a party at my grandson Lloyd and his wife Abby’s home. Do you have any children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

We have three children, who are wonderful and I see a lot of them, together with their spouses, my 12 grandchildren, 18 great-grand-

My happiest memory is the wonderful married life I shared with my husband. What do you consider your greatest or proudest achievement?

Living a long and full family life and, having turned 100 years old this year, seeing all the incredible changes that have taken place in my lifetime.

If you could live your life again would you do anything differently?

I may well have done some things differently. But life is a journey of learning and experience. If you could offer a piece of advice to youngsters, what would it be?

To try to be good Jewish people, appreciate and love your family and friends – no one is here forever. The secret for a long life is…

A happy marriage.

Who are your heroes of today and yesteryear?

My number one hero is my grandson Lloyd and, having lived through the Second World War, Winston Churchill. If you were granted one wish to see something in your lifetime, what would it be?

Peace in this troubled world.

Rebecca Joseph, above, as she is now


7 December 2017 Jewish News


Community / Scene & Be Scene

JW3 dinner is a record breaker

Photography by Blake Ezra

JW3 held its biggest fundraising dinner in its four-year history, hosting comedian Michael Palin as well as ballerina Darcey Bussell. More than 200 guests heard from Palin, who was interviewed by David Schneider, and Bussell, interviewed by BBC broadcaster Samantha Simmonds, with a special tribute video from former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Outgoing chair Michael Goldstein said more than 200,000 people had visited the Finchley Road centre in 2017.

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Jewish News 7 December 2017

Scene & Be Scene / Community

Balfour centenary concert

Photographs by Shai Dolev

More than 400 people were entertained by Israeli musicians at Cadogan Hall on Monday evening, to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration. Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev and Lord Jacob Rothschild, to whose great-uncle Walter the Declaration was addressed, were guest speakers on a night, which Regev said ‘celebrates Britain’s role in Israel’s rebirth’.

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7 December 2017 Jewish News




Film review / Lifestyle

IN THIS SECTION: Travel 32 Competition 39

Above (and inset): Menashe Lustig plays Menashe, with his on-screen son, Rieven, portrayed by Ruben Niborski

A true portrayal of Chasidic life The first film in 70 years made entirely in Yiddish has won critical praise. Its director tells Francine Wolfisz about the difficulties of making it – and the rewards


obody makes a film on a low budget with unknown actors in a language that no one speaks,” jests writer and director Joshua Z Weinstein. And yet, despite the obvious drawbacks – including this being the first film in 70 years made entirely in Yiddish – this unusual strategy has garnered critical acclaim for his latest film, Menashe, which is released in UK cinemas tomorrow (Friday). Set within Brooklyn’s strictlyOrthodox community, the story revolves around a kind and hapless supermarket assistant (played by Menashe Lustig), who, in the wake of his wife’s death, is prevented by Jewish tradition from raising

his young son, Rieven (Ruben Niborski), alone. The child is instead sent to live with Menashe’s strict brother-inlaw, Eizik (Yoel Weisshaus), leaving Menashe heartbroken. Frustrated by his situation, he asks his rabbi for one special week with Rieven before the first anniversary of his wife’s passing, to prove himself as a man of faith and fatherhood. Weinstein, who was born in New York and raised in a family of “just regular, run-of-the-mill Jews”, has largely spent his life as an outsider to the tight-knit world of Brooklyn’s Chasidic neighbourhoods and admits to finding them “fascinating”. During his younger years, Weinstein recalls his grandfather, who

owned a toy store in Brooklyn, gifting some of his stock to Russian orphans through the Lubavitch community. “The Lubavitch group is Chassidic, but it’s the only one that does outreach and they use mobile phones and computers. But these are not the people we made the film about,” he explains. “Everything I thought I knew about Chasidic Jews was wrong. Most Chasidic Jews are not like the Lubavitch; they are so much more insular, dogmatic and really following rules that haven’t changed in hundreds of years.” It was a world into which Weinstein wanted to delve further and make a film about, with the caveat that it would not simply show men with

beards and big hats and speaking in English. Unlike previous portrayals of the Chasidic world on film, Weinstein was clear he wanted to produce something authentic, “because that world deserved an accurate representation of itself”. But to do so was not without its obstacles. Firstly, Weinstein was adamant the actors had to speak Yiddish, even though it’s a language he himself does not understand. “To do the film in English would have been ludicrous,” he declares. “Whenever you see Hollywood films trying to show this world, it’s always in English with a few funny Yiddish words thrown in here and there, but nobody speaks like that. “We really lent backwards to ensure it was all in Yiddish, even though it meant the film took much longer to complete.” His next challenge was ensuring the cast were themselves from the strictly-Orthodox community – not an easy task by any means. “There are hundreds of thousands of people in that community and most of them were against what we were trying to achieve,” laughs Weinstein. “Only a few dozen showed up for auditions.” As a result, his telephone number was distributed throughout the community and eventually he was able to pull together “an incredible group of performers”, including his lead actor, Lustig. Of his first meeting with Lustig, who lives in a Chasidic community in New Square, New York, and works as a grocer, Weinstein tells me he was “blown away by this large clown, who was one part hilarious and one part brooding”. He adds: “You could really feel the anxiety and weight of life on his shoulders. So there was something very captivating about him.” Director Joshua Z Weinstein

Knowing he “wanted to write for something that existed”, Weinstein found himself inspired by Lustig’s own story. He learned how, in 2008, Lustig’s wife had died suddenly and the community had decided it would be better for his young son to live with a foster family. “The film is his emotional truth,” explains Weinstein. “In some ways it was quite traumatic for Menashe, because we were digging up the most difficult moments of his life and having to live them every day on set. But he also really enjoyed the opportunity to act and do something different.” Since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Menashe has received positive reviews from the critics – as well as from some unexpected quarters. “We thought there might be a backlash, but the Chasids have also been supportive of the film,” Weinstein reveals. “They like that it doesn’t sensationalise their lives. Many don’t go to the cinema – but some secretly do – and tell me that the film shows just how their lives really are. They appreciate that.”  Menashe (U) is released tomorrow (Frid ay)


Jewish News 7 December 2017


Lifestyle /Put A Ring On It!

Our bling thing! When Prince Harry finally decided to pop the question last week to his American actress girlfriend, Meghan Markle, he did so with a ring he had designed himself. With bespokemade engagement rings becoming more popular, Deborah Cicurel spoke to five couples about their proposal stories and that all-important task of choosing the ring

Daniella-Jade and Adam Flowers Daniella-Jade and Adam first met on a night out in 2010 while at Birmingham University, after his chewing gum accidentally became lodged in her hair after approaching her for a chat. Flustered, he dropped her bag on the floor and lost most of her make-up. The next day, he messaged to apologise and they have been together ever since. They got engaged in 2014 and married two years later in Israel. “Our engagement story is equally as dramatic, as exactly three months before he popped the question, Adam accidentally sent me a picture of the ring instead of sending it to his parents,” says Daniella-Jade, who is aged 28. “To say I was shocked was an understatement.” Three months later, Adam, 29 and from Radlett, proposed at Chewton Glen while staying in a treehouse. “Adam proposed with a stand-in ring, which was a princess cut from Swarovski,” says DaniellaJade, who is from Bushey. “This was a cut I was so sure I wanted but, after trying it, I decided it didn’t suit me. “We have a good friend who is a jeweller and I went to him with all of my ideas and asked if he could create something. Two weeks later he sent me a sketch and it was perfect. He let us see a large collection of different size, colour and clarity stones and pick what we wanted and I found the most perfect stone in a fantastic clarity. Three years later, I am still in love with it and marvel at it daily.”

Eli and Rachel Gottlieb Eli and Rachel had known each other for years, both attending Bnei Akiva camps when they were younger, but got together in 2011. “In 2015, Eli proposed to me in his back garden,” recalls Rachel, 25. “He set up a large sparkly collage, displaying lots of photos of us throughout the years.” They got married in August last year in Manchester and decided on the style of the ring together. “We went to several shops in Hatton Garden and sat for hours being educated in the world of diamonds,” says Rachel, who is from Leeds. “We both liked the cushion shape diamond as it was different to other rings we had seen. We also liked the idea of having little diamonds surrounding the central diamond. The most important quality of the diamond in our eyes was the colour. We made sure both of us were very happy with the ring.” Eli, who is 26 and from London, adds: “Choosing the ring was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. We saw many different rings, and in the end, we had it made by a friend. Although we deliberated at length, Rachel was the one who was going to wear the ring and so it needed to be something that she could envisage herself wearing for many years to come.”

Saul Muzlish and Shoshi Stanton

Saul and Shoshi dated for four years and got engaged this year. “I proposed in Leicester Square at the exact spot we first met,” Saul says. He surprised her with a scrapbook. “At the back of the scrapbook was the ring attached to a ribbon,” says Saul. “As Shoshi saw the ring, I came round the corner with her favourite flowers.” The proposal and ring were both a surprise for Shoshi, 24, who hails from Birmingham. “Shoshi is a devoted eco-warrior,” says Saul, 23, who is from Pinner. “She is the most morally upstanding person I have ever met. There was no way I could buy a ring off the shelf, so I got one custom-made. I went to a company called Brilliant Earth, where they make rings made of 100 percent Fairtrade gold and 100 percent conflict-free diamonds. I got the ring in white gold with a round stone from Canada. “Shoshi is neither flashy nor materialistic, so I knew she didn’t want a big stone, she just wanted it to be shiny. I taught myself all about the world of diamonds and found a lovely stone and chose a willow-style twisted setting.” The couple plan to marry next June.

7 December 2017


Jewish News


Put A Ring On It! / Lifestyle Sam Marks and Emma Dekan Sam and Emma were together for nearly nine years before Sam pulled off a romantic proposal at a hotel in Lake Garda, Italy. They met at a house party in Leeds, went to university in Birmingham together and are getting married next May in Cambridge. “I had put together a special proposal playlist and surprised Emma on the balcony of our room at sunset,” says Sam, 28. “I made my speech, then got down on one knee and gave her the ring. I always knew she would want something intimate without people there to distract us.” Sam, from Bushey, was inspired to create the ring after seeing one he liked at a vintage shop in London. “I took pictures of it to my jeweller, who helped me improve on the design and work on my budget.” The ring was a surprise for Winchmore Hill-based Emma, 26. “She didn’t know about it and, because of the intricacy of the design, it took me five months of ducking and diving to get it made secretly,” Sam adds. “I’ve always been very traditional and wanted an opportunity to pick a ring myself. Luckily, she loves it.”

Gaby Newton and David Boast Gaby, 26, who is from Bushey, and David, 29, from Guildford, met four years ago at work. They started dating two years later and got engaged in September during a trip to Iceland. “David planned the proposal well in advance,” says Gaby. “We got engaged in an area called Diamond Beach. The land is black sand and covered with bright blue icebergs and glaciers that have washed up onto the sea.” The destination was chosen by David with Gaby’s engagement ring in mind. “David knew I wanted a sapphire, which is why he chose to propose somewhere that resembled the style of the ring,” she adds. “I’ve always wanted a unique engagement ring and was inspired by Kate Middleton’s ring. I think he felt nervous about designing the ring himself, especially as I had a specific style in mind, so he proposed with a dummy sapphire ring and we designed my actual ring together.” They plan to wed next year in London.


Planning for perfection! Deborah Cicurel speaks to the founder of Letizia Events about creating beautiful bespoke parties for her clients From watching the sun set over the sea, to vast desert landscapes and enchanted forests, there are few places Letizia Piatelli hasn’t worked her magic to create perfect bespoke events for her clients. Twenty years ago, Piatelli started her boutique planning company, Letizia Events, and has since arranged everything from intimate celebrations for 60 guests to spectacular weddings for 800. “Planning parties in Israel is influenced by people coming from abroad,” she says. “Each client brings up a new idea or a new inspiration from their own country. “There wasn’t much when I first started, but now there have been so many ideas and we are able to produce very high-level events, from creating a venue in the middle of the desert to planning a wedding in Caesarea or Masada.” With clients coming from all over the world, including France, Gibraltar and the UK, as well as Panama, the USA and Brazil, Piatelli works with a range of influences, and can create beautiful weddings, bar and batmitzvahs and parties in Israel, as well as her native country, Italy. She takes pride in her company providing a level of personalisation that makes its events stand out.

“I don’t just want my guests to come to Israel and party,” she says. “It’s not just about the main event: I want to bring in meaning. “For example, if I have a barmitzvah, I will arrange the guests to meet Israeli soldiers to help understand Israeli and Jewish values. “Another time, I arranged an event at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and I made sure guests could do tours related to their origins. It’s not just about making a party, but it’s about bringing meaning to the celebrations.” Piatelli is also very hands-on with her clients, whether they are a couple getting married or parents organising a barmitzvah. “I am very dedicated,” she says. “Once we start working together, I have a full relationship with the client, meaning they can call me, consult with me and get very involved in the planning.” While planning events can present its challenges, Piatelli has real passion for her work. “I love bringing it all together,” she says. “It usually takes six months to organise an event. You invest energy, stress, pressure, thought and money, and the most beautiful part of it is seeing the scene and elements all coming together.”  Details: letizia-events.com


Jewish News 7 December 2017


Lifestyle / Travel

Where legends are born

Francine Wolfisz follows the Cornish coast and discovers a place of pirates, kings and natural wonders


ales of swashbuckling heroes, shameless smugglers and spinechilling sea creatures are all well and good before bedtime, but the chances of you spotting a real-life pirate on the streets are fairly low. At least, that was what I told my children before we ventured off to Cornwall, birthplace of myths, magic and ancient legends, where mermaids and giant killers rub shoulders with pixies, wizards and wild beasts roaming the moors. And of course pirates. We didn’t think we would spot them so soon after our arrival, but there they were – The Pirates of St Piran band – alive and well and really getting the crowd going, as part of the colourful Cornwall Folk Festival held each year in Wadebridge. This vibrant Cornish town forms part of the Camel Trail, a picturesque 18-mile route along a disused railway line, which is popular with walkers, cyclists and horse-riders. Wadebridge is also just a stone’s throw away from the stunning Polzeath beach and Pen-Y-Les, a charming and modern, three-bedroom cottage in the quiet hamlet of Edmonton, which provided the perfect base for our holiday.

The owners have thought of literally everything for a comfortable stay, from toys, games and DVDs for youngsters, to a well-equipped kitchen, utility room, spacious dining and lounge area and outside storage box filled with all kinds of beach paraphernalia. Much to the children’s delight, there was even a horse and pony staying in a field to the rear of the property, and a sweeping view of the coastline down to Padstow. Taking advantage of the last burst of summer sun, we journeyed first to Great Western beach in Newquay, around a 30-minute drive from our holiday base. Situated between Towan and Tolcarne beaches, Great Western is fabulous for surfers and has plenty of little caves and rock pools for youngsters to explore. When the weather permits, the azure waters and sprawling beaches of the Cornish coast really are a sight to behold. From sandcastles to real castles, our next destination was Tintagel, the fabled birthplace of King Arthur.

From top: The beach at Newquay; outside the Eden Project; a friendly visitor at Pen-Y-Les

Top: The stunning north Cornish coast; Left: Inside Pen-Y-Les, near Wadebridge; Above: On a visit to the Eden Project

This strategic site was once a stronghold for rulers during the Dark Ages and when in the 12th century, Geoffrey of Monmouth described Tintagel as the place where Arthur was conceived, Richard, Earl of Cornwall, decided to build a castle here. Much of it has since decayed over the centuries, but the dramatic coastal landscape helps keep the legend alive. Back in the main village, King Arthur’s Hall, opened in 1933, is an ambitious recreation of the castle, with 72 stained glass windows illustrating the legend, designed by Veronica Whall. For the craftsmanship alone, it’s certainly worth a visit. From the past to the future, our next destination was the Eden Project, located just three miles outside St Austell. Awe-inspiring in its vision, what began as a disused china clay pit has been turned into an epic showcase of the world’s most important plants. There’s a reconstructed rainforest, where

giant species of bamboo and rubber trees dwarf their spectators, to a Mediterranean paradise filled with olives and grape vines, and all encased within two gigantic biomes. One can only marvel at what can be grown inside these inflated plastic domes and indeed there is talk of one day using the same system on the moon or Mars. We spent our last day at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, located just 10 miles from Falmouth, where a Jewish community once settled and a synagogue building in Gyllyng Street still stands. The sanctuary was set up in 1958 by Ken Jones for sick or injured marine mammals. As well as getting the chance to learn more about starfish, otters, penguins and other marine life, we also heard heartwarming stories of rescued pups, as well as seals now living full-time at the sanctuary. From myths and legends to natural wonders, Cornwall is certainly a place we would love to return to again and again.

FRANCINE’S TRAVEL TIPS Francine spent six nights at Pen-Y-Les, near Wadebridge, bookable through Cornish Horizons (cornishhorizons.co.uk) and Original Cottages (original cottages.co.uk), from £532-£1,267 per week. For details, see Tintagel Castle (english-heritage.org.uk), The Eden Project (edenproject.com) and Cornish Seal Sanctuary (visitsealife.com). For more information, see visitcornwall.com

7 December 2017 Jewish News



Orthodox Judaism

SEDRA Vayeishev

RABBI NAFTALI SCHIFF ‘Behold the master of dreams is coming!’ Joseph’s brothers derided their younger sibling for his fantastical delusions of greatness and leadership. However, whether we recall them or not, the virtual reality simulation we experience can often be an expression of our hopes, dreams and aspirations, with a fair amount of absurdity mixed in. Chalom, the Hebrew word for dream, is made up of three root letters, chet, lamed and mem, which, when rearranged, provide us with concealed insights that teach us how to maximise their power. Dreams are often aspirational, but to realise them we need to fix our sights on the goal and then fight to overcome all the obstacles that stand in our way. The letters of chalom can therefore be rearranged as lochem, to fight. While our natural instinct might be to push out of the way people who prevent us achieving our dreams, one who is confident in the power and truth of their vision ought to rearrange the letters again to be mochel, to forgive others, and move on. The way to achieve our dreams is to discover what we are willing to let go of, for the sake of achieving our greater dream. The greatest Jewish visionary of all time, Abraham, is told “Lech Lecha”, to let go of the baggage of your past to build a brighter future for the whole world. The Jewish nation is one of dreamers, as we sing every week, at the end of history, when our destiny has been fulfilled, we will be hayinu kecholmim, as dreamers, people who have fought for their beliefs and let go of the things that are of lesser importance, to invest in the visions of a magnificent future.

Naftali Schiff is CEO of Jewish Futures Trust

It’s Biblical

Everything wanted to know about your favourite Torah characters, and the ones you’ve never heard of...



Of all the characters in the Bible, one of the nastiest and lowest is Doeg the Edomite. He was King Saul’s herdsman. When David fled from Saul’s increasing violence, he was received at Nob, where Abimelech the High Priest received and fed him, on the pretence of his being on the King’s service. David escaped, having been given Goliath’s sword, as witnessed by Doeg. Saul was so paranoid that he accused his servants of helping David, whereupon Doeg volunteered that the Priests of Nob had helped him. In his fury, Saul summoned Abimelech and all the priests, and ordered his servants to kill those who he alleged had been disloyal. When they refused, Doeg came forward and carried out the impious act himself. David never forgave himself for implicating the good priests in his escape and mentioned his guilt in a psalm. In Midrash, Doeg is a nasty opponent of justice and right. He causes havoc in Israel by trying to preserve Agag from death, trying to arrange an alterna-



tive site for the Temple, arguing that David’s descent from the Moabitess Ruth disqualifies him from ruling, and declared that his wife Michal was not actually married to him. The violence of his behaviour and his extreme treachery mark him as outside the norms of civilisation, but more than this, have been used by the rabbis as an archetype for Edomites, morphing into Rome and, by extension the Christian

Church, in its days of persecution of our religion. The Roman soldiers who destroyed the Temple are portrayed as Edomites, and therefore the cunning duplicity of Doeg has become a symbol of non-Jewish enmity and malice.

Zvi Solomons is rabbi of the Jewish

Community of Berkshire in Reading, JCoB.org


Jewish News 7 December 2017


Progressive Judaism

The Bible Says What?

Progressively Speaking

‘Those who break Shabbat will be put to death’ BY RABBI DANNY RICH The concept of Shabbat – a regular period of cessation from the daily tasks and an opportunity to recuperate and reflect on the natural world and on the human being and its capacity to be free – is perhaps Judaism’s greatest gift to humanity. But, if reading the Torah literally, there will be few verses as personally worrying as this one: “One who profanes the Shabbat shall be put to death; those who do work on Shabbat shall be cut off from their kin.” (Exodus 31: 14) Exodus was written at a time when it was believed that coercion, whether by local authorities or divine intervention, was the best method of persuading Jews to keep Shabbat. Today, in Progressive Judaism at least, we try things a bit differently. Like Jews of all denominations, Liberal Jews seek to make Shabbat special by gathering their families and friends, visiting neighbours,

studying Jewish texts, lighting candles, attending synagogue and concluding with havdalah. But where we differ is that, in celebrating Shabbat, Liberal Jews will use technology – including public and private transport – if it facilitates that celebration and brings a dose of oneg (joy). In seeking to make Shabbat both different and special, we should abstain from daily work and tasks that may be onerous or prevent the possibility of the appreciation of Shabbat. But it is crucial to understand, however, that Liberal Jews both ‘do’ and ‘do not do’ on Shabbat, because it makes the beauty and purpose of Shabbat real and not out of fear from neighbourly disapproval or Divine retribution. The best way of encouraging Jews to keep Shabbat is not via death threats, but to invite them to experience its beauty.

 Danny Rich is the Senior Rabbi of Liberal Judaism

Would the Maccabees hate what Chanukah has become? BY RABBI DEBBIE YOUNG-SOMERS I’m not sure the Maccabees would recognise Chanukah today. The freedom fighters who opposed all things secular achieved an incredible, some might say miraculous, military victory, which ironically is recorded for us in the two books of Maccabees. You can find them in the Apocrypha, or the intertestamental books Christians preserved between their testaments. Chanukah isn’t recorded in the Tanach. But they would’ve been horrified by Christian and secular influences on Chanukah today. The first Chanukah was a belated celebration of Succot, missed during battle (hence eight days). The institution of a regular celebration at this time made sense, bringing festive spirit to the darkest time of the year. Chanukah is timed to coincide not just with the shortest days, but the darkest nights, with the new moon arriving in the middle of the festival.

Chanukah is so commercialised

But the books of Maccabees don’t mention a miracle of oil and certainly don’t suggest we celebrate with eight nights of gifts. The miracle of the oil is a story first laid out in detail in the Talmud, written around 500CE. Chanukah continues to change. Our great-grandparents had the custom of giving gifts of money to Torah teachers at Chanukah; one isn’t supposed to make a living

teaching Torah so this was a way to help them make a living indirectly. This ‘Chanukah gelt’ is now represented in chocolate money, and the gifts answer the consumerism of Christmas. But Chanukah has huge amounts to offer, even if it isn’t the most important festival and has picked up some bad habits along the way. To have hope in the middle of winter that light will return, and that a few passionate individuals can change history, are good things to celebrate. Must we worry that the Maccabees wouldn’t have liked Chanukah? The festivals that do make it into the Torah have also changed and been added to. So while we could certainly make an effort to give more ethically and learn more spiritually at Chanukah, knowing the Maccabbees would not have liked Chanukah needn’t necessarily worry us – indeed, they probably would not know or like much about rabbinic Judaism at all!

7 December 2017 Jewish News



Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts

Ask our

How to stand out in the jobs market Facebook HQ London 12 September | 6pm - 9pm Doors open 5.30pm | Tickets £5

Our trusty team of advisers answer your questions about everything from law and finance to dating and dentistry. This week: Regaining a driving licence, ‘common law’ rights and starting to exercise...



Dear Carl Last December I was disqualified from driving for three years. I now have the opportunity of work as a driver. Can I apply to get my licence back early? James Dear James It is possible to apply to a magistrates’ court for the return of a driving licence before the expiration of the period of disqualification, depending on a number of factors. These include the length of the disqualification, the amount of time that has passed since you were disqualified and the reasons for needing the licence to be reinstated. The court will also look


FREEMANS SOLICITORS Dear Rebekah I’m planning to move into my partner’s home. Do I have any rights if we break up? Emma Dear Emma It is a common misconception that couples acquire ‘common law’ rights after

living together for a certain period of time or having children together. Unlike married couples, if you break up, the courts cannot divide up finances or property between the two of you just because it might seem fair. The problem is that if you break up, it may not always be clear who owns what. Without taking steps to protect yourself, you could end up with no legal rights to your home and no financial support. Although parents have financial obligations towards their children, partners are not entitled to financial support even if one partner – often the mother – has given up or reduced work to raise children.

at the character of the person disqualified, their conduct subsequent to the disqualification, the nature of the offence, any other circumstances of the case that they think are relevant. However, there are time limits that restrict when, or indeed if , an application may be made If the disqualification is for under two years, the entire period of disqualification has to be served before the court will allow any application. If it is between two and four years, the waiting period is two years. If the disqualification is between four and 10 years, you have to wait until at least half the disqualification has passed. If it is over 10 years, you have to wait five years. Unfortunately, in your case, as the disqualification is between two and four years, and as it seems you have only served around a year, you will not be able to make an application until at least next December 2018. When you do make an application, please contact a specialist criminal solicitor, as the process and application are quite complex.

As the law does not provide basic protection, you should seek professional advice about the steps you can take to protect yourself. These include setting out in a ‘cohabitation agreement’ your intentions regarding property and finances, and how you intend to support any children you have. If, in the future you acquire property together, you should ensure you are also named on the deeds, and enter into a declaration of trust if your intention is to own in unequal shares By taking these precautions, you can avoid arguments and potentially costly court battles down the line. For more information, please do get in touch.

Keynote speaker

Julia Hobsbawm

Interview skills · One-to-one CV clinics The perfect CV · Social media for job search Resource’s top tips on how to get a job

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Where there’s a Will there’s Registered in England Number 5211299 Charity Registration Number 1106331

LOUISE LEACH DANCING WITH LOUISE Dear Louise I really want to start exercising and love to dance, but feel so low about myself, mainly because of my weight. I also have no selfconfidence. What is your advice on taking the first step? I’m asking as I cannot bring myself to come, but really want


Our highly qualified team will: · Offer expert legal advice. · Reduce Inheritance Tax liability or eradicate it completely. · Ensure your Will is legally watertight & validly executed. · Act as Executor in the administration of your Estate. All this is entirely free of charge*, when you leave a legacy to JNF UK to help support its vital work in Israel. For a free no-obligation consultation contact 0800 358 3587 | wills@kkl.org.uk | www.kkl.org.uk

*Terms and conditions apply. KKL Executor and Trustee Company Ltd (a Company registered in England No. 453042), is a subsidiary of JNF Charitable Trust (Charity No. 225910) and a registered Trust Corporation (authorised capital £250,000).

to get out of this rut. Can you help? Rachel


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Dear Rachel First, please don’t feel alone – many women feel like this, whether it’s after having a baby or simply from the general stress of life, which can get you down. If you have a friend to go with, that’s a good place to start as you are less likely to pull out if they are giving you a lift. Failing that, you need to tell yourself that you can do this and you will do it. Once you take that first step, the rest really is easy. I have had times when I’m tired or it’s cold and I haven’t felt in the mood to go to class

(although I have very little choice when teaching!), but going is always the best thing. The energy and adrenaline you get from the endorphins that are released when you exercise leave you feeling pumped and ready to take on the world. We get testimonials from our ladies that are so powerful – it’s amazing to see the positive impact that dance and exercise is having on the state of everyone’s mental health, not just physical. I really hope you do make it to class (I’ll even come to pick you up if you’re local!). Otherwise, good luck – but remember, you can do this!



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Ask Our Experts / Professional advice from our panel

Our Experts Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@thejngroup.com CHARITY EXECUTIVE


SOCIAL WORKER CAROLYN COHEN Qualifications: • Supports couples dealing with infertility and reproductive health. • Strictly confidential helpline. • Specialist medical support and information. • Counselling for individuals and couples and educational events. • Expert medical advisory panel.

CHANA 020 8203 8455 Helpline: 020 8201 5774 / 020 8800 0018 www.chana.org.uk info@chana.org.uk


ELAINE KERR Qualifications: • Able to draw on the expertise of Norwood’s professional staff team, including social workers, educational psychologists, drug and alcohol specialists, speech & language and occupational therapists, teachers, psychologists, benefit advisers. • Expertise in services available for children and their families and young people with special educational needs, and adults with learning disabilities.

TREVOR GEE Qualifications: •Managing director, consultants in affordable family and corporate health insurance. • Specialise in maximising cover, lowering premiums and pre-existing conditions. • Excellent knowledge of health insurers, cover levels and hospital lists. • Board member UK International Health Management Ass • LLB, solicitor finals, FCA Regulated 773729.

SHANTI PANCHANI Qualifications: • Experienced Designer with more than 25 years’ experience in German and English kitchens and have supplied kosher-friendly kitchens for more than 10 years • We provide a full circle approach from designing, supplying and installing your new kitchen including appliances and speciality worktops. • We deal with suppliers who are flexible in design.

NORWOOD 020 8809 8809 www.norwood.org.uk elaine.kerr@norwood.org.uk

PATIENT HEALTH 020 3146 3444/5/6 www.patienthealth.co.uk trevor.gee@patienthealth.co.uk

THE HOME CONSULTANCY 07738 067671 www.thehomeconsultancy.com shanti@thehomeconsultancy.com



MAXI ROSE Qualifications: • MD at RCUK since 1999. Grown the business into three substantial UK branches serving clients worldwide – USA, Europe & Middle East. • Telecoms specialist in business & consumer mobile solutions, landline and broadband services and Ofcom Telecoms registered reseller. • Successfully established the RCUK International Travel

STEVE WAYNE Qualifications: • Owner of Benjamin Stevens established in 2004 with offices in Edgware and Bushey and dealing with all surrounding areas. • Specialist in buy 2 let investments and managing lettings portfolios. • Deals with residential sales locally and an expert on all things property in North West London. • Partner at Frederick George & Co

SUE CIPIN Qualifications: • 18 years’ hands-on experience, leading JDA in significant growth and development. • Deep understanding of the impact of deafness on people at all stages of life, and their families. • Practical and emotional support for families of deaf children. • Extensive services for people affected by hearing loss/tinnitus.

RCUK 020 8815 4115 www.rcuk.biz maxi@rcuk.biz

BENJAMIN STEVENS ESTATE AGENTS 020 8950 7777 www.benjaminstevens.co.uk Steve@benjaminstevens.co.uk

JEWISH DEAF ASSOCIATION 020 8446 0502 info@jewishdeaf.org.uk www.jewishdeaf.org.uk





JONATHAN WILLIAMS Qualifications: • Jewellery manufacturer since 1980s. • Expert in the manufacture and supply of diamond jewellery, wedding rings and general jewellery. • Specialist in supply of diamonds to the public at trade prices.

DAVID SEGEL Qualifications: • Managing director of West End Travel, established in 1972. • Leading UK El Al agent with branches in Swiss Cottage and Edgware. • Specialist in Israel travel, cruises and kosher holidays. • Leading business travel company, ranked in top 50 UK agents. • Frequent travel broadcaster on radio and TV.

CARL WOOLF Qualifications: • 20+ years experience as a criminal defence solicitor and higher court advocate. • Specialising in all aspects of criminal law including murder, drug offences, fraud and money laundering, offences of violence, sexual offences and all aspects of road traffic law. • Visiting associate professor at Brunel University.

JEWELLERY CAVE LTD 020 8446 8538 www.jewellerycave.co.uk jonathan@jewellerycave.co.uk

WEST END TRAVEL 020 7644 1500 www.westendtravel.co.uk David.Segel@westendtravel.co.uk

NOBLE SOLICITORS 01582 544 370 carl.woolf@noblesolicitors.co.uk




CAROLYN ADDLEMAN Qualifications: Lawyer with more than 15 years’ experience in will drafting and trust and estate administration, eight years at KKL Executor and Trustee Company. Keeps in close contact with clients to ensure all legal and pastoral needs are cared for. Member of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

MICHELLE FREEDMAN Qualifications: • 15 years’ experience as a family law barrister, specialist in divorce and financial relief. • Approved by the Bar Council to undertake public access work. • Can be instructed directly by the public for legal advice and representation without having to go through a solicitor. • Appearances in the media, including BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Newsroom Southeast.

LOUISE LEACH Qualifications: • Professional choreographer qualified in dance, drama and Zumba (ZIN, ISTD & LAMDA), gaining an honours degree at Birmingham University. • Former contestant on ITV’s Popstars, reaching bootcamp with Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw and Kym Marsh. • Set up Dancing with Louise 10 years ago.

KKL EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE COMPANY 0800 358 3587 www.kkl.org.uk wills@kkl.org.uk

MICHELLE FREEDMAN 07465 880 123 www.clerksroom.com freedman@clerksroom.com

DANCING WITH LOUISE 020 8203 5242 www.dancingwithlouise.co.uk louise@dancingwithlouise.co.uk

• • •

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Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts




MELVYN SOBELL Qualifications: • Chartered accountant FCA. • Accounting, taxation and business advisory services. • Specialises in forensic accounting. • CEDR accredited mediator. • Expert witness advice for all financial matters.

EWA KOZLOWSKA MSHAA Qualifications: • Fully qualified, HCPC registered, Hearing Aid Audiologist. • Specialist in hearing healthcare including tinnitus management and wax removal. • Fully understands the impact of hearing loss and will work with you to find the best solution for your unique hearing needs and lifestyle.

IAN GREEN Qualifications: • Launched Man on a Bike IT consultancy 15 years ago to provide computer support for the home and small businesses. • Clients range from legal firms in the City to families, small business owners and synagogues. • More than 18 years’ experience.

SOBELL RHODES 020 8429 8800 www.sobellrhodes.co.uk m.sobell@sobellrhodes.co.uk

BLOOM HEARING SPECIALISTS 020 8869 9999 www.bloomhearing.co.uk pinner@bloomhearing.co.uk

MAN ON A BIKE 020 8731 6171 www.manonabike.co.uk mail@manonabike.co.uk




DOV NEWMARK Qualifications: • Director of UK Aliyah for Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organisation that helps facilitate aliyah from the UK. • Conducts monthly seminars and personal aliyah meetings in London. • An expert in working together with clients to help plan a successful aliyah.

BAYLA PERRIN Qualifications: • Free professional service delivering immediate practical help with domestic administrative matters, assisting those alone and in crisis. • Providing workable solutions for debt management, budgeting, bills, utilities, insurance, welfare & benefits, form filling, financial correspondence, bureaucracy and divorce procedures. Cross communal and throughout London.

HOWARD GOLD Qualifications: • Member of the Federation of Master Builders. • Member of the Consumer Protection Association offering an underwritten insurance backed guarantee of 5 years on all projects. • Providing a tailored end-to-end property service for residential property clients in north and north-west London. Focusing on a quality service.

NEFESH B’NEFESH 0800 075 7200 www.nbn.org.il dov@nbn.org.il

THE PAPERWEIGHT TRUST 020 8455 4996 www.paperweighttrust.com info@paperweighttrust.com

HPS 077 1005 7233 / 020 8457 1320 wwww.hpsuk.com howard@hpsuk.com



ANDREW MILLER QC Qualifications: • Mediator with more than 25 years of experience of using mediation to economically resolve commercial disputes. • Queen’s Counsel (Barrister) with 25+ years legal experience of conducting commercial cases. • Providing a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to the court litigation process.

HAZEL KAYE Qualifications: • Able to draw on the charity’s 45+ years of experience in providing specialist accommodation designed to enable independence. • Knowledge of the features and innovations that can empower people to undertake everyday tasks and awareness of relevant grants and benefits available. • Understands the impact of a diagnosis of disability.

STEPHEN MORRIS Qualifications: • Managing Director of Stephen Morris Shipping Ltd. • 45 years’ experience in shipping household and personal effects. • Chosen mover for four royal families and three UK prime ministers. • Offering proven quality specialist advice for moving anyone across the world or round the corner.

AMQC MEDIATION @ 2TG 020 7822 1260 www.2tg.co.uk amqc@2tg.co.uk

JEWISH BLIND & DISABLED 020 8371 6611 www.jbd.org hazel@jbd.org

STEPHEN MORRIS SHIPPING LTD 020 8832 2222 www.shipsms.co.uk stephen@shipsms.co.uk



SHARON GLASSMAN Qualifications: Born and raised in Israel. Worked in the private sector. 15 years experience with new olim while working for the government. Vast knowledge of the Israeli business and labour market.

• • • •

ERIC SALAMON Qualifications: • Provides free professional one-to-one advice at Resource to help the unemployed into work. • Offers mock interviews and workshops to maximise job prospects. • Expert in corporate management holding director level marketing, commercial and general management roles.

THE JEWISH AGENCY FOR ISRAEL 020 8371 5258 www.jewishagency.org sharong@jafi.org

RESOURCE THE JEWISH EMPLOYMENT ADVICE CENTRE 020 8346 4000 www.resource-centre.org office@resource-centre.org



REBEKAH GERSHUNY Qualifications: Member of Resolution, Law Society Accredited and registered with the Family Mediation Council. Collaborative family lawyer, with more than 20 years’ experience and founder of family mediation practice, Evolve Family Mediation. Promotes a constructive and non-confrontational approach.

NICKI BONES Qualifications: • Registered mental health nurse with more than 30 years’ experience in areas supporting people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. • Founding member of SweetTree Home Care Services. • Proudly leads SweetTree team to the forefront of home care and specialist services delivery.

FREEMANS SOLICITORS 020 7935 3522 www.freemanssolicitors.net rg@freemanssolicitors.net

SWEETTREE HOME CARE SERVICES 020 7644 9554 www.sweettree.co.uk info@sweettree.co.uk

• •


Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@thejngroup.com

Wherever you travel this December, RCUK Mobile has you covered No matter where you go, make the most of your calls, texts and data

RCUK MOBILE... Total peace of mind

mobile@rcuk.com | 020 8815 4111 | www.rcuk.com

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Consultant Solicitor For immediate start in Holland Park

Patron Law is an independent boutique firm of solicitors based in the Holland Park area of London, with a second office in Surrey. The firm has busy departments in: • Real Estate • Litigation • Commercial • Private Client We are looking to expand into other practice areas, particularly Family and Employment. We are now looking to increase our ranks through bringing in consultant solicitors with a following on a fee-share basis, to be based in the Holland Park office and/or via remote working. Suitable candidates will have an entrepreneurial streak to complement strong technical legal skills and interpersonal skills. For more information: Please contact Benjamin May at benjamin@patronlaw.co.uk

10 Golders Green Road London NW11 8LL Opposite Cafe Nero 10 Golders Green Road London NW11 8LL

Suits from from £79.50 Suits £79.50

Opposite Cafe Nero

Raincoats from £49.50 Overcoats Suitsfrom from £79.50 £79.50 Overcoats from £79.50 Trouser Overcoats Bargains from £25 £79.50 All trousers £25 each 2 pairs £45 Trouser Bargains Raincoats from £49.50£25 Top quality Blazersfrom and£49.50 Raincoats Sports Jackets all Half Price

Large SizesLarge a Sizes a speciality


Open everyday & Open everyday & Sundays til 5:00pm Sundays til 5:00pm

We accept We accept

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Win a KidZania pass / Fun, games and prizes

WIN AN ANNUAL PASS TO KIDZANIA, LONDON! Jewish News and KidZania have teamed up to offer one lucky child unlimited entry for a whole year! KidZania’s annual pass, worth £129, also includes five free adult tickets and discounts on food and beverage, merchandise and birthday parties. There are many places to take your children in the capital, but none they will want to return to as much as KidZania. The indoor city run by kids at Westfield London, Shepherd’s Bush, manages to combine career lessons with endless fun by offering four to 14-year-olds the chance to try

more than 60 real-life entertaining activities. In a single day, they can be a doctor, a dentist and a police officer or a fire fighter, actor and singer. And all before lunch. At KidZania, your children can learn what it’s like to be part of the

others that teach them a new skill where they have to pay with kidZos but, like in real life, once the money is gone, they must earn more. There is even a bank where young workers can open an account. The inviting and colourful interior is peppered with cafés for accompanying adults to relax in, but children aged eight or over are able to enter KidZania unsupervised, because it is a safe and secure environment run by trained staff. Getting your children to leave once their four hours is over is the hardest part of the visit.  For details: KidZania.co.uk

flight crew aboard an aeroplane, or work in a chocolate factory preparing the finest blend, which can be taken home as a souvenir at the end of the day. There are some activities for which the children are rewarded with kidZos, the city’s currency, and

Hilarious Hebrew Hilarious Hebrew Word the Week Word ofof the Week



B. Stratford







18 Conclusively (7) 19 Bodily organ giving its name to a variety of bean (6) 20 On a former occasion (4)


7 8




The WZO and ZF run subsidised Ulpan (Hebrew language) classes across the UK. For more information, contact ulpanuk@wzo.org.il or call 020 8202 0202


12 13


15 16




*** From the book Hilarious Hebrew – the Fun and Fast Way to Learn the Language, available on Amazon and in book and gift shops around NW London. www.hilarioushebrew.com

ACROSS 1 Smoker’s briar (4) 3 Leave isolated (6) 8 Having made a will (7) 9 Breathable mixture of gases (3)


10 Of paint etc, that can be rinsed at the tap (5‑5) 13 Disputed ground (2‑4‑4) 17 T ___, Marc Bolan’s band (3)

DOWN 1 Trail (4) 2 Italian staple dish (5) 4 Bind (3) 5 Collect (5) 6 Ridicule (6) 7 Deep hollow place in rocks (6) 11 Appertain (to) (6) 12 Warm hooded jacket (6) 14 Assorted (5) 15 Artificial fibre (5) 16 Early harp (4) 18 Price for a service (3)

Last issue’s solutions ACROSS: 1 Sash 3 Psyche 8 Gumdrop 9 Mob 10 Gain ground 13 Off the cuff 17 Cur 18 Ailment 19 Police 20 Edge DOWN: 1 Sign 2 Samba 4 Sop 5 Cymru 6 Embody 7 Branch 11 Recall 12 Toecap 14 Feral 15 Field 16 Stye 18 Arc

All puzzles © Puzzler Media Ltd - www.puzzler.com

See next issue for solution.



By Paul Solomons

The Hebrew word for 'elephant' is… pil ‫פִּיל‬

Closing date 21 December 2017

C. Shepherd’s Bush


The ELEPHANT is ill, he needs to take a PILL


Terms & Conditions: One winner will receive a KidZania annual pass worth £129, which includes 12 months unlimited entry, five free adult tickets, fast track entry into the city, 5% discount on selected food and beverage outlets, 10% discount on birthday parties and 15% discount on merchandise. Additional terms and conditions apply, available at kidzania. co.uk. Prize is as stated, is not transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or exchange in whole or in part for cash. By supplying your email address, you agree to receive marketing information from the JN Media Group or any of its affiliates and carefully-selected third parties. The promotion excludes employees of Miroma and the promoter, their immediate families, their agents or anyone professionally connected to the relevant promotion. Proof of eligibility must be provided on request. Normal T&Cs apply and can be found at jewishnews.co.uk/about-us/promotions terms-and -conditions. For full Ts and Cs see jewishnews.co.uk. Closing date: 21 December 2017.


7 December 2017

Business Services Directory


Carer Auxiliary Nurse


Top prices paid Antique – Reproduction – Retro Furniture (any condition)

Epstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc. Dining Suites, Lounges Suites, Bookcases, Desks, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lights, etc. House clearances Single items to complete homes CHURCH STREET ANTIQUES - 8 CHURCH STREET NW8 8ED

07866 614 744 (ANYTIME) 0207 723 7415 (SHOP)

Call 0208 958 2939 or 07495 026 168

Call 01277 352



Man on a Bike will get WE fast! BUY ANTIQUES you working Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac


Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems, All Antique Furniture Hille & Epstein new computers and everything else you may need. Diamond Jewellery,&Gold, For small businesses home Silver, users. Paintings, Porcelain,

Charitywww.antiquesbuyers.co.uk & Welfare

FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL SUE ON: 0800 840 2035 or 07956268290 ARE YOU BEREAVED?

STUART SHUSTER - e-mail - stuart@churchstreetantiques.net

OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.


Counselling for adults children who are PORTOBELLO RD&LONDON. experiencing loss. Support groups offered. Call The Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service in confidence

020 8951 3881 • 07765 693 160 17-443-ER Helpline advert v1.qxp_Helpline 85x45mm 24/11/2017 10:02 E: enquiries@jbcs.org.uk



VERY HIGH PRICES PAID. FREE HOME VISITS. All Antique Hille & Epstein Counselling forFurniture adults & children who are Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Paintings, Porcelain, experiencing loss, Silver, and support groups. Glass, Bronzes, Oriental &Bereavement Judaica Antiques etc. ContactIvories, The Jewish

Full house clearances Counselling Service organised. in confidence

For confidential advice, information and support contact us on

020 8922 2222 helpline@jcare.org Charity Reg No. 802559



0800 & 840 2035 or 07956268290 CHARITY WELFARE OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS. PORTOBELLO RD LONDON.



No further, your


Hall & Randall Plumbers


020 8953 2094 office 020 8207 3286 home 020 8386 8798 hallandrandallplumbers.com

Stirlings of Kensal Green Established over 60 years. Know who you are dealing with. All quality furniture bought & sold. Best prices paid for complete house clearances including china books, clothing etc. also rubbish clearance service, lofts, sheds, garages etc

Please contact Gordon Stirling 0208 9605401 or 07825224144

Email: gordonstirling65@gmail.com



Sheltered Accommodation We have an open waiting list for our friendly and comfortable warden assisted sheltered housing schemes for Jewish people in Ealing, East Finchley and Hendon. We provide 24-hour warden daysWHICH a week; aWAY residents’ lounge and IF YOUsupport, DON’Tseven KNOW TO TURN, kitchen, laundry, a sunny patio and garden.


For further details and application forms, please contact For confidential information and support don’t forget Jewish Direct. Westlonadvice, Housing Association on 020 8201Care 8484

020 8922 2222



We hav warden in Eal warden

For furt Wes

Charity Reg No. 802559 Company Number: 3024499

Jami supports and represents Are you a Jewish woman experiencing domestic violence? people illnessdoacross Withwith abusemental in your home, you worry about your children? the Jewish community. We are here to help #jamithinkahead

A Wi

with free support, advice and information and confidential counselling.

Give support Get support Get involved Kosher• refuge provision• available for women and children in need.


Free Confidential National Helpline 0808 801 0500 020 8458 2223 | info@jamiuk.org advice@jwa.org.uk • www.jwa.org.uk Reg Charity No. 1003345 www.jamiuk.org

Home & Maintenance




Please look at 020 our website for more details 8951 3881 enquiries@jbcs.org.uk | www.jbcs.org.uk www.antiquesbuyers.co.uk

Charity Number: 1047045


Ep Dini D


Glass, Bronzes, Oriental Judaica Antiques etc. Call Ian Green,Ivories, Man on a Bike & on 020 8731Full 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk house clearances organised. Please look at our website for more details

closed Sunday & Monday



Cash paid for Mink jackets, coats, boleros, stoles, also fox coats, jackets etc. Wardrobes cleared

Available to support you in your home. Days/nights. Very reasonable rates.






“Better “BetterSafe SafeThan ThanSorry� Sorry�

For Forall allyour yourheating heatingand andplumbing plumbingrequirements requirements | |boiler boilerrepairs repairsand andinstallation installation| |complete completecentral centralheating heating| | | |power powerflushing flushing| |complete completebathroom bathroominstallation installationservice service| | | |landlords landlordscertificates certificates| |project projectmanagement management| |home homepurchase purchasereports reports| |

All AllNW-London NW-Londonpostcodes postcodescovered covered

07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12


07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12 Not shabbat




Home & Maintenance COMPUTER

• Desktop & Network Support • Systems Development & eCommerce • Email & VoIP Telephony • IT Security & Compliance



City and Guilds Elect

All types of electrical work u

Rewiring, extra sockets, BT points, Economy 7

storage heaters, Shabbat time switches, securi Over 20Response years experience Rapid IT support for your PC & Mac LED spotlights, fault finding, CCTVportable ap

Is your company spending too much on IT or do you simply require an overview of your existing infrastructure? Call us today for an informal chat and let us show you how we can make technology work for you.

Friendly, reliable & Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless landlord tests andsystems, house buyer’s surveys. service. personal competitive rates Very new computers and everything else you may need. For an efficient reliable and friendly Call Harvey Solomons on For small businesses home users. STEPHEN: 07973 342&422

0208 099 1007

020 8731 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk



COMPUTER REPAIRS No Call Out Charge - No Fix No Fee - 7 Days/Evenings

020 8361 7975 020 8906 0084 07950 817 102


020 8958 6495 / 07836 648 554

Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on

TAILOR Home & Business, Data Recovery Troubleshooting, Crashed systems virus removal and internet setup Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10



020 8458 8306





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Business Services Directory Mrs Clarke 4x1 995_Layout 1 22/03/20 CLOTHING STONEMASON

FURS WANTED Cash paid for Mink, Fox, Coats, Jackets, Boleros etc.

01277 352 560



Gary Green Memorials

New memorials Additional inscriptions & renovations

14 Claybury Broadway, Clayhall, Ilford Tel: 020 8551 6866 Fax: 020 8503 9889

Gants Hill

41 Manor Park Crescent, Edgware, Middx Tel: 020 8381 1525 Fax: 020 8381 1535

For a lady to call

12 Beehive Lane Gants Hill, IG1 3RD Telephone


130 High Street Edgware, HA8 7EL Telephone

0207 754 4659 0207 754 4646






Bridge lessons with Harold Schogger FREE TASTERS, BEGINNERS, & INTERMEDIATES 2 Free Taster Sessions Tuesday 16th January 2 New Beginners Courses Tuesday 23rd January 2 New Intermediates Courses Monday 22nd January


GUARANTEED SUCCESS www.haroldschogger.com 0208 905 3877

Covering North London Providing: Home care, Live-in, Overnight Care Quality assured, with care plans tailored to suit you according to your wishes.


Our services include: • Preparing meals • Personal care going to bed • Washing/ironing

• Medication prompting • Help getting up or

Contact one of our friendly professional team to discuss your needs on Tel: 0203 621 4525 Mob: 0737 604 6049

Email Sales today at sales@thejngroup.com

info@angelichealthcare.co.uk • www.angelichealthcare.co.uk Angelic Care Recruiting Agency Ltd. North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, New Southgate, N11 1GN


Leave a legacy and create the future leaders of Israel

020 8458 2223 info@jamiuk.org www.jamiuk.org #jamithinkahead

1 in 4 people will experience mental illness.

Youth Aliyah Child Rescue Trojan House, 34 Arcadia Avenue, London N3 2JU t: 020 8371 1580 e: info@youthaliyah.org.uk www.youthaliyah.org.uk

Leave a legacy to Jami to support those with a mental illness across the Jewish community.

Charity No: 1077913

Remember our future Please remember the future of Jewish children by remembering Jewish Child’s Day in your will. It is the legacy that will last a lifetime. To find out more call 020 8446 8804 or email info@jcd.uk.com

Reg Charity No. 1003345 Registered Charity No. 209266

15-040-ER Small legacy advert v3.qxp_Legacy 16/11/2017 08:26 Page 1

HELP US CONTINUE TO BE THERE FOR OUR COMMUNITY WITH A GIFT IN YOUR WILL. Call Alison on 020 8922 2833 for more information or email arubenstein@jcare.org Charity Reg No. 802559

Secure our

Leave the legacy of independence to people like Joel. PLease remember us in your wiLL.

eNABLeD visit www.Jbd.org or caLL 020 8371 6611

Registered Charity No. 259480

children’s future

The British Friends of Reuth

People come to Reuth broken, with no physical and mental independence. The patients need your legacy to help rebuild their lives T: 020 3286 4100 E: info@reuth.org.uk W: www.reuth.org.uk Charity no: 1126124

Please include

CST in your Will

Charity no. 1042391

Every gift makes a difference legacy@cst.org.uk

Legacy advert 84x40.indd 1

020 8457 3700


07/04/2017 14:47

7 December 2017 Jewish News




How did you keep active this week? Send details of what you’ve been up to and forthcoming events to: andrews@thejngroup.com

Brady see off Bayern to reach semi-finals MGBSFL The clash of the top-two in Division One saw Faithfold A extend their lead to eight points after they beat Scrabble 6-3. David Leiwy bagged a hat-trick, playermanager Avi Markiewicz scored twice, with David Kizneris also on target. Simon Moses’ double, plus Oli Sade’s strike saw Los Blancos beat Redbridge B 3-2, while four goals from Mitch Hahn helped Redbridge C to a 9-1 win at Temple Fortune. Ashley Rubin scored a hat-trick, with Dave Green and Josh Kalinsky also on target. Division Two leaders Catford & Bromley were beaten 4-3 by FC Team, player-manager Mitch Young scored twice, with Richard Salmon and Adam Rones also on target. Alex Elf’s hat-trick helped Raiders C to a 6-3 win over Real Hendon. Ben Kaye scored twice, with Liam Stein making it a sweet six. Straw Hat Pirates and Faithfold B drew 3-3, Aron Gale, Ben Mandell and Jono Nesbitt scored for the former, Tony Plascow’s double and Joel Barnett’s strike replied for The Greens.

Premier Division leaders Brady Maccabi made light work of Division Two highfliers Bayern Mincha by booking a place in the semi-finals of the Cyril Anekstein Cup. Two goals each from Reiss Mogilner and Charlie Kassler, coupled with Graeme Grossman’s strike saw them to a comfortable 5-1 win. Manager Joel Nathan said: “We beat a good young team, however in all honesty we didn’t really have to get out of second gear. But we’re now in the semi-final and that’s all that matters.” Oakwood A join them in the last-four after they beat Raiders A 3-1 in an all-Premier Division clash. Josh Cuby, Dave Woolman and an own goal sealing the win for Daniel Kristall’s side. In the Premier Division, Hendon United were held to a 3-3 draw by London Lions White. Yoav Kestenbaum, Zac Lewis and Avi Korman fired them into a 3-1 lead, but Josh Shack’s double and Josh Weiner’s strike earned them a point. London Lions Blue moved up into joint-third as Josh Bloom’s double helped them to a 4-0 win over Camden Park. Liron Mannie and Charlie were also on target.

 Division Two champions L’Equipe has

become the latest club to fold from Jewish football. Full details: jewishnews.co.uk


Brady Maccabi 5 Bayern Mincha 1 NL Raiders A 1 Oakwood A 3


Hendon United 3 London Lions White 3 London Lions Blue 4 Camden Park 0 P Brady Maccabi 8 Hendon Utd 5 Redbridge A 6 London Lions Blue 8 Oakwood A 4 London Lions White8 NL Raiders A 7 Camden Park 6

W 5 4 4 4 3 2 1 1

D 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0

L 2 0 2 4 1 5 5 5

F 24 17 17 22 11 16 10 3

Dif Pts 8 16 10 13 7 12 4 12 6 9 -9 7 -11 4 -15 3


Catford & Bromley 3 FC Team 4 NL Raiders C 6 Real Hendon 3 Straw Hat Pirates 3 Faithfold B 3 P Mill Hill Dons 8 Bayern Mincha 9 FC Team 8 Catford & Bromley 9 NL Raiders C 9 Straw Hat Pirates 9 Hertswood Vale 9 Real Hendon 8 Fairlop FC 5 Temple Fortune B 8 Faithfold B 10

W 7 6 6 5 4 3 3 2 2 2 1

D 0 1 0 1 1 2 1 2 1 0 1

L 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 4 2 6 8

F 32 24 36 25 30 17 16 16 13 10 13

Dif Pts 18 21 6 19 19 18 9 16 11 13 -5 11 -8 10 -8 8 10 7 -25 6 -27 4

Brady Maccabi B 4 Marshside 1 St Johns Wood Tigers 1 EHRS 7 London Lions B 8 Temple Fortune 0

EHRS Stonegrove London Lions B St John’s Wood Glenthorne Marshside Temple Fortune Hendon Harriers Brady Maccabi B

P 9 5 8 6 7 7 4 8

W 8 4 3 3 2 2 1 0

D 1 0 2 1 2 0 0 2

L 0 1 3 2 3 5 3 6

F Dif Pts 40 30 25 32 26 12 19 -8 11 18 -5 10 23 -4 8 9 -12 6 5 -6 3 12 -21 2


Edgware Tigers Black 3 BPR 1 HMH Tel Aviv 1 Alyth 1 Edgware Tigers Orange 11 HMH Eilat 0 HMH Negev 3 Hendon Utd Red 4


Faithfold A 6 Scrabble 3 Redbridge B 2 Los Blancos 3 Temple Fortune A 1 Redbridge C 9 P W D L F Dif Pts Faithfold A 8 7 1 0 42 25 22 Scrabble 8 4 2 2 31 15 14 Oakwood B 6 4 1 1 21 9 13 Los Blancos 7 4 1 2 19 5 13 NL Raiders B 6 4 0 2 20 7 12 Redbridge C 8 3 0 5 18 -1 9 Redbridge B 6 2 1 3 15 2 7 Temple Fortune A 9 1 1 7 15 -27 4 L’Equipe 8 0 1 7 10 -35 1



NL Raiders Chigwell Athletic London Lions A Brady Maccabi A Scrabble HMH

P 7 6 6 6 8 7

W 6 4 3 3 1 1

D 1 0 1 0 1 1

L 0 2 2 3 6 5

F 24 27 23 14 12 8

Dif Pts 17 19 15 12 7 10 -8 9 -12 4 -19 4

Edgware Tigers Orange HMH Negev Edgware Tigers Black Hendon Utd Red HMH Tel Aviv BPR Hendon Utd Green Alyth HMH Eilat

PW 10 9 9 7 9 7 8 4 8 3 9 2 9 2 10 1 8 1

D 7 1 2 3 3 6 5 8 6

L 1 1 0 1 2 1 1 1 1

Pts 27 22 21 13 11 7 7 4 4

Reiss Mogilner scored twice for Brady in the cup win over Bayern Mincha



U18 – Lions White 2 AEK 3, Hadley Wood 6 Brady White 3, AEK Gold 2 Brady Red 0 U16 – Harvesters 1 Lions White 1, Lions Blue 4 Hilton & Fin 3, HMH United 3 Alex West 1, HMH Raiders 4 Alex South 2 U15 – Harv North 3 Lions White 1, Lions Blue 1 AEK Black 3, HMH Foxes 5 Harvesters East 2, Alex South 4 Brady White 3, AC Finchley West 5 Brady Red 1, HMH Panthers 5 AEK Gold 2 U14 – Lions White 3 Berkhampstead 3, 100% School 3 Lions Blue 2, Brady White 4 Belstone 2, Whetstone Jags 4 Brady Red 0, HMH Dynamo 3 Omonia White 2 U13 – Ware Youth 3 Lions White 4, Brady White 3 Turnstyles FA 1, Hinton & Fin Rev 5 Brady Blue 3 U12 – Lions White 2 Croxley Green Black 1, Hampstead 0 Lions Blue 2, Northwood White 4 Lions Green 6, Brady Blue 1 Borehamwood 0, HMH Wanderers 1 Brady Red 0 AC Fin North 13 HMH Dynamo 0


MGBJFL: U10 – Joe Berman 4, Raphael Davis (HMH Netanya), Leo Brown (HMH Haifa) U9 – Gavriel Pakter (Hendon Blue), Aaron Leiwy (Hendon Red), Matteo Pachon (HMH Eilat), Joe Klein 4 (HMH Herliya), Immanuel Levy, Itamir Dadon, Ari Herman (HMH Eilat) U8 – Gadi Jacobson (Hendon Green) U7 – David McWhir (Hendon), Jacob Gerschlowitz (Hendon Gold), Zev Solomon (NWLJ) WATFORD FRIENDLY LEAGUE: U16 – Daniel Mellor (Lions Blue), Shneur Levin (HMH Raiders) U14 – Louis Samson (Lions White), Chase Calvert, Noam Tabbouche (Hendon Netanya), Nathan Gellman 4, Saul Norton (HMH Fire) U13 – Josh Woolf (Brady Blue), Aron Graham (HMH Galaxy) U9 – Shua Barr (Hendon) EXCEL: U14 – Tom Chumbley 5 (HMH Cobras)

Davidson turns in a masterful display MASTERS A hat-trick from Ashley Davidson (pictured) helped Division Two leaders EHRS Stonegrove maintain their 13-point lead. Dean Schulberg’s double, coupled with strikes from Ian Leader and Adam Kern rounding off a 7-1 win against St John’s Wood Tigers. London Lions B are up into second, thanks to an 8-0 win over Temple Fortune. Gideon Barnett scored half their goals, with Danny Schindler, Michael Abrahams, Arthur Duke and David Kyte’s penalty completing the scoring. Marshside were involved in another highscoring draw, playing out a 4-4 thriller against Brady B. Scott Ansher put Brady ahead on four occasions, with Darren Coon’s double and Gill Barrel and Jason Rich goals earning Marshside a point.

7 December 2017 Jewish News




Goldstein helps England to first win


Russell Goldstein helped England’s futsal team win its first piece of silverware as he starred in a four-nations tournament win last weekend. After playing in a couple of friendlies against Wales, which saw him score in a 2-2 draw – he travelled with the squad to Edinburgh last weekend, where he helped them to a maiden win. Beating the reigning champions Wales 3-0, a 5-1 victory over Northern Ireland set up a winner-takes-all clash against the hosts – which saw him get on the scoresheet, in a 5-0 win. Reflecting back on the tournament, and his time in the team, he said: “I’m currently playing some of my best futsal, which is why I’m enjoying playing for England right now, as well as at club level for Helvecia, the champions of England, were I play with nine England teammates.”


1 2 3 4

Pre-Chanukah Hoverboarding & Dinner 10 Dec – 5.00pm-9.00pm office@millhillsynagogue.co.uk Yoga for ladies 10 Dec – 8.00pm office@southhampstead.org Street dance (3-5-year-olds) 11 Dec – 3.50pm www.jw3.org.uk 11th Edgware Scouts Group 11 Dec – 7.30pm-9.15pm office@edgwareu.com

5 6 7 8

Siblings skydive for Camp Simcha


Skydiving sisters Hannah and Rachel Goldstein raised nearly £2,000 for Camp Simcha when they took part in their latest fundraiser for the charity. Hannah, a teacher at Immanuel College and Camp Simcha ‘Big Sister’ volunteer for the last four years, said: “It was pretty scary sitting in the plane waiting to go but after the 30-45 second free fall, where I think I screamed a lot, it was amazing. I loved it.” Rachel, 19, a student at Nottingham University, said: “I’m pleased I did it but it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone! I’m also very grateful that everyone was so generous in their sponsorship because I can honestly say I will never, ever, do that again.”

Ladies Keep-fit club 12 Dec – 7.00pm nwes@newwestend.org.uk Table tennis at Norris Lea 12 Dec 7.00pm-10.00pm nltt@live.com Fitness for restricted mobility people 13 Dec – 10.30am www.jw3.org.uk Tone & Stretch class 14 Dec – 9.30am office@muswellhillsynagogue.org.


Chanukah concert with Steven Leas 13 Dec – 7.30pm-9.00pm Central Synagogue – 020 7580 1355

Spurs legends honour Alfred Alfred Leader’s loyal support to Tottenham Hotspur was recognised last weekend when he was presented with a signed from six legends of the club. Having followed the club for the past 83 years, the 95-year-old names his favourite players as Jimmy Greaves, Danny Blanchflower and Dave Mackay, while more latterly, Glenn Hoddle, Paul Gascoigne and Gary Lineker. The club treated 15 of Alfred’s nearest and dearest to full hospitality and tickets for the match, with Alfred saying his greatest memories of following the side were the league titles and numerous cup wins.


Alfred pictured with (l-r): Darren Anderton, Alan Gilzean, Paul Allen, Martin Chivers, Clive Allen and Micky Hazard

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Jewish News 7 December 2017



7 December 2017 Jewish News



The Story of Chanukah



About the Trafalgar Square Menorah





Jewish News 7 December 2017


• Free doughnuts and gelt • The Maccabeats and The Marc Levene Band joined by Akiva school • Avromi Freilich, Steven Leas and Adam Musikant • Special appearance by Dreidelman!

A Message from our media partners “Chanukah isn’t Chanukah without the community lighting up Trafalgar Square, so we all missed out last year when this magical event took a break. Now Chanukah In The Square is back, let’s double the celebration! Jewish News is again delighted to be the media partner for the community’s biggest party of the year. We look forward to savouring the Festival of Lights with thousands of our readers on the night.” Richard Ferrer, Jewish News Editor


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