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UK-Israel healthcare link set to boost NHS

Cash-strapped hospitals to benefit from country’s latest tech A new initiative to link the NHS with the latest Israeli health technology will be “the best thing we’ll do all year,” according to Britain’s ambassador to Israel, writes Stephen Oryszczuk. The ambitious plan is being sponsored by a British-Jewish philanthropist who says he wants the two countries to head into the new healthcare revolution “hand-in-hand”. David Dangoor, the businessman son of Sir Naim Dangoor, told Jewish News this week that the new business accelerator would aim to match Israeli innovation in digital health with Britain’s cash-strapped NHS. The idea is to identify which Israeli health technology companies could most

help the NHS then fast-track their development, with mentoring from IT giant IBM and paid-for visits to the UK. The UK Israel Dangoor Health Initiative will be launched in Israel at the official residence of the British Ambassador David Quarrey, together with the UK Israel Tech Hub, part of the British Embassy in Tel Aviv. David Quarrey, UK Ambassador to Israel, told Jewish News: “This has the potential to bring together the scale and the strengths of the NHS with the innovation of the Israeli tech scene. It is one of the most important things we will do in 2018 and should build a strong partnership paving the way to better healthcare for the benefit of all”.

Backers say the aim is “to create a pipeline of Israeli digital health innovation into the NHS” by picking two or three of Israel’s best early stage digital health start-ups and giving them the tools to work with the UK”. A decade ago, Dangoor sponsored a conference on renewable energy, bringing experts from Imperial College and the Weizmann Institute together. That expanded into health, first sponsoring the Anglo-Israel Cardiology Symposium, where top cardiologists from the UK and Israel travel to each other’s home countries to share learning, then sponsoring the British and Israeli Societies of Euro Gynaecology, which had their first meeting in London in November.

In September, former Prime Minister Tony Blair opened in his father’s name the Centre for UK-Israel Relations in Mishkenot Sha’ananim in Jerusalem in buildings built by Sir Moses Montefiore in 1860, the first settlement of the New Yishuv. “Montefiore was the inspiration for this UK-Israel theme that I’ve been following, because he was very much a person who made a lot of connections between the UK and Israel at a completely different time,” says Dangoor. “He would have been thrilled if he’d had the chance to do it today. We are privileged to live in a time when we can do this, with an actual Israeli society.” Continued on page 5


Jewish News 8 February 2018


News / Online hate / Shul preservation / Coroner concern

Baddiel calls for urgent crackdown on social media anti-Semitism By Jenni Frazer @Jennifrazer

Writer and comedian David Baddiel has made an impassioned plea for anti-Semitism “to be seen as just as important as other racisms”, adding that he believed Holocaust denial to be clearly anti-Semitism. But Baddiel, who clashed only last week on social media with ex-MP George Galloway, told a packed meeting in Parliament of the Antisemitism Policy Trust that his way of dealing with anti-Semitism on-line was to engage “robustly” and to mock his attackers. “The saying on social media is ‘don’t feed the troll’,” he said, but by hitting back he felt he brought the racists and antiSemites “into the light”. He had repeatedly been sent cartoon eyes – which he now understood to mean he was being “watched, as a Jew”. Baddiel said he received about 200 to 300 anti-Jewish tweets a day, and read out examples of some of them – but he said he had never reported any of them to the police. This was in stark contrast to the experience of the Labour MP John Mann, who, introducing the event on how to tackle online hatred, revealed that in the wake of his appearance last week

Left: David Baddiel with Karim Palant and, above, with Alexandra Routledge, Amy Wagner and Danny Stone

on BBC One Question Time he had received six tweets, the first of which “attacked me for being a Zionist”. He had not spoken about Israel or Zionism at all during his TV appearance. The tweets that followed detailed how the writer was going to murder Mann, how his wife and then his daughter would be raped. “I have just handed over this material to the police,” he

told his audience. “It highlights the nature and the scale of the problem.” Also on the panel were Dr Dave Rich, the CST’s head of policy, Karim Palant, the UK public policy manager of Facebook, Baljit Ubhey, director of prosecution policy and inclusion for the Crown Prosecution Service, and – in one of her first public appearances in her new role – the

minister for digital, culture, media and sport, Margot James MP. The meeting was chaired by Preet Gill MP. Palant said it was not for private companies to create policy on online hate but was “a question for society as a whole and not individual [social media] platforms”. All the speakers responsible for policy-making agreed the subject required constant review.

Schama bid to save old shuls


A rabbi, a priest, an imam and a Buddhist monk get into a Toyota truck. Instead of the opening line to a bad joke, it’s the start of the heartwarming advert, One Team, that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday.


























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Historian Simon Schama is backing calls for MPs to help protect Europe’s oldest and most vulnerable synagogues, after research showed 160 were at “high risk”. TV presenter Schama, whose five-part BBC series presented The Story of the Jews to a national audience in 2013, is presenting the case to save 3,318 historic shuls in Parliament on Thursday. Most of the synagogues are in central and eastern Europe, but some are in the UK, and attention will focus on those in the highest-risk category. These are synagogues that

are deemed to be of national or international importance and whose condition is rated as poor or very bad. Of those most at-risk, two are in the UK, including the gothic revivalist Merthyr Synagogue in Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, built in the 1870s, and the art deco Sunderland Synagogue, built in 1928 to a design by Jewish architect Marcus Kenneth Glass. Merthyr is the oldest shul in Wales but closed owing to a declining Jewish population in 1983. It now stands in disrepair, with a hole in its roof. Likewise Sunderland Synagogue fell out

of use 10 years ago, and is now occupied by squatters. “They will deteriorate further and could lose their listed status,” said Michael Mail, chief executive of the Foundation for Jewish Heritage, which is applying for lottery money to help salvage the buildings. “They are vulnerable to damp and rain and vandalism, and there is the risk that ultimately they may have to be torn down. It’s not just about saving the bricks and buildings, but they are a portal into the communities and people who lived there.”

JANNER’S SON PLANS PRIVATE PROSECUTION Lord Janner’s son has vowed to bring a private prosecution against the man at the centre of Westminster child abuse claims, who has himself been charged with paedophile offences. The accuser, who has only been named as “Nick”, sparked Operation Midland after he told police he had been raped and abused for nine years by the VIP gang. But the £2.5 million investigation collapsed without any arrests and Nick has appeared in court charged with possession of indecent images of children. His court appearance can be reported after a legal challenge.

• Natasha Kaplinsky, p20

May discusses coroner in Commons Theresa May appeared to back the Jewish community in its battle against a London coroner at Prime Minister’s Questions this week, saying faith-based considerations were “important”. May was asked about Senior Coroner Mary Hassell, whose area includes Hackney, Camden, Tottenham and Islington, after Jewish leaders had repeatedly called on her to be sacked. The point was raised in the House of Commons yesterday by Gillingham and Rainham MP Rehman Chishti, who said Jewish and Muslim communities wanted the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 to “specifically take into account people’s faith considerations, as in their faith loved ones must be buried with 24 hours”. The prime minister said: “It is important that we take into account specific requirements of someone’s faith, especially when they have lost


a loved one and are grieving. “I know that although, as he will be aware, coroners are independent judicial office, I understand that the Ministry of Justice is speaking with the Chief Coroner to see what more can be done, and I’m sure the Lord Chancellor will be happy to meet and discuss this issue.” The Board of Deputies joined an Orthodox burial society in Stamford Hill in calling for Hassell to go, after meetings failed to find a mutuallyacceptable solution. Hassell has said bodies will not be released ahead of others for reasons of religion and that decisions on autopsies will also remain free from religious considerations. Board vice president Marie van der Zyl thanked May “for her intervention on faith-sensitive coroner services and we are happy the government is taking the issue seriously”.

KYRA HAS FIRST LEG LENGTHENING OP A six-year old British girl from Brighton has had the first of several leg-lengthening operations in Israel by an Israeli surgeon who specialises in the field. Kyra Warrell, described as “joyful and mischievous” by her parents, was told she would have to have her leg amputated until the family found out about specialist Dr Dror Paley, who works out of the US and Israel. Kyra, who suffers from proximal focal femoral deficiency, which leaves one leg much shorter than the other, underwent the first operation this week at Rambam Hospital in Haifa. Her parents are still trying to raise £58,000 for further operations through crowdfunding.

8 February 2018 Jewish News



Holocaust Bill / Israel’s new star / News

Poles rubber stamp divisive Shoah bill Poland’s president this week signed into law a controversial bill that outlaws the mention of ‘Polish death camps’ and bans the blaming of Poland for crimes of the Holocaust. Andrzej Duda rubberstamped the bill, which has upset Jewish groups and Israeli politicians, after both Poland’s lower house and Senate voted to ratify it. However, he also referred it for judicial review, asking Poland’s constitutional court to evaluate the bill and leaving open the possibility that it might be amended. The law carries fines and prison sentences of up to three years for public statements that falsely attribute the crimes of Nazi Germany to Poland. Both Israel and the US have criticised the bill, arguing that it will allow Poland to whitewash the role of Poles who killed or denounced Jews during Nazi Germany’s occupation of Poland during the Second

President Andrzej Duda

World War. Diplomatic relations were strained this week after Poland’s government withdrew an official invite for rightwing Israeli politician Naftali Bennett to visit the country, because he had said he would “tell Poles the truth”. The Board of Deputies’ senior vice president Richard Verber said: “We acknowledge that Poles were victims too and there are many Polish righteous gentiles – more than any other nation. But the facts are clear that Poles were involved

directly and indirectly in the murder of many, many Jews.” Noting that the law was “almost entirely unenforceable,” Verber suggested it was “more for political capital than historical truth”. Karen Pollock of the Holocaust Educational Trust said they “fully understand the importance of using accurate language when discussing the Holocaust. However, we are deeply concerned this new law has the potential to inhibit objective research, discussion and education about the history of the Holocaust and could open the door to revisionism and denial”. Jonny Daniels, director of From the Depths, a Polish Jewish heritage organisation, said: “I believe in education not legislation and think the bill was unnecessary. But there is a legitimate claim on behalf of the Polish people to fight against the terminology ‘Polish death camp.’”


GEWOLB WEIGHS UP BOARD BID A Board of Deputies vice president has said she is “seriously considering” running for president at the next triennial elections in May, after current president Jonathan Arkush said he would not stand for re-election. Sheila Gewolb, the deputy for Cardiff United Synagogue, was elected to vice-president in 2015, and said she would make her final decision about whether to stand when nominations are called, on 26 March.



Ethiopian-Israeli teenager Eden Alene, a singer for the Jerusalem Youth Chorus, which is supported by Jerusalem Foundation UK, has won the Israeli X Factor. The 17-year-old won triumphed with a performance of Christina Perri’s Human Song. She said: “I dedicate this victory to my mother who made me who I am.”

t. Es

The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) has launched a scheme giving up to £300 per initiative to support social action projects. UJS has set up the initiative “to encourage the donation of time not money” and said the grants could either be given to individual students or a university’s Jewish Society (JSoc). Grace Diamond, JSoc officer responsible for social action, said: “Social action is a way to change what we feel is wrong in our society by introducing new ideas and processes for doing better in the future.”


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Petticoat Lane Market, courtesy of the Adrian Andrusier Collection

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Jewish News 8 February 2018


News / Football chants / ‘Shabbat’ plan / Livid over liver

Methodist churches inspired by the Chief Rabbi’s Shabbat UK initiative have designed a special Sabbath to coincide with the end of Lent. The initiative, taking place in churches across Lincolnshire, acknowl- Rev. Larkin, Thompson and Deakins edges the centrality of the Sabbath in Jewish life, He added: “The Church with Christian leaders in the seems to be losing more influcounty urging their flocks to ence over the world’s affairs. It “keep the Sabbath holy”. is therefore incumbent upon Currently, 145 churches are Christians to retain and fursigned up for the first Sunday ther develop an identity that in Lent this year, to com- will not only create a deeper memorate the temptations of sense of belonging but also Jesus in the wilderness, with impact positively upon the Methodists across Greater wider community.” Lincolnshire being invited to Mirvis said: “I send my very “take the Sabbath seriously”. best wishes to everyone taking Chair of the Lincolnshire part. The inclusion of the SabMethodist District, the Rev- bath in the Ten Commanderend Bruce Thompson, said: ments is an indication of its “It is often said that Jews centrality in our lives.” haven’t just kept the SabMethodists are invited bath, the Sabbath has kept the to refrain from using social Jews. Scattered, marginalised media for daylight hours on and often persecuted, prac- Sunday 18 February, as well as tising Jews have retained an shopping, gardening, cleaning identity.” and watching TV.

Chelsea fans accused of antiSemitism despite campaign Chelsea supporters were heard singing anti-Semitic songs during Monday night’s match against Watford – just days after the club launched a high-profile project to stamp out the scourge among fans, writes Andrew Sherwood. The Premier League champions officially launched the campaign last Wednesday, which was backed by Jewish owner Roman Abramovich, who dedicated the game to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and the Jewish community. However, a Chelsea supporter who was at Vicarage Road, has told how he witnessed a torrent of anti-Semitic abuse from fellow fans, and had to be moved to another part of the ground by stewards “for his own safety”. Jonathan Metliss, chairman of the Action Against Discrimination charity, was “disgusted” with the chanting. He told Jewish News: “They were singing the usual songs about [former Tottenham player] Martin Chivers being a Jew and being circumcised and Yiddo chants.” Taking pictures of the alleged perpetrators, Metliss reported the abuse to nearby stewards, and was then moved to

Above: Launch of campaign at Stamford Bridge. Inset: Chief Rabbi and Abramovich with Gad Ariely of the World Jewish Congress

the family enclosure. Chelsea said in a statement: “This behaviour shames our club. We ask fans to report any kind of discrimination. We will be working closely with the police and Watford to identify those responsible and take appropriate action.”

Shechita crackdown on kosher liver sales The head of the London Board of Shechita has said “people will adapt” to new rules requiring livers to be koshered before sale. Chief executive Mark Goldwater made the comments in a letter to a Jewish consumer who had raised the problems associated with pre-koshered liver. He said the policy change came from the London Board’s Rabbinical Authority, consisting of the UK’s three most senior Dayanim. Until the start of the year, meat including beef, lamb and poultry needed to be sold prekoshered but liver did not, as consumers say this “ruins the flavour”. “The decision was taken after weighing most carefully all the issues, including their knowledge that the majority of customers who frequent our butchers may not be otherwise fully observant Jews,” Goldwater said. “They are the rabbinical heads of ‘mainstream’ Jewry in the UK and are fully familiar with the challenges facing the community.” Chefs and caterers had already adapted to the change, he said, because “for many Sans titre-5.indd 1

06/02/18 12:34

Photo by Shahar Azran



PAUL SIMON TO BID FAREWELL IN UK Legendary singer-songwriter Paul Simon has announced his upcoming tour will be his last. The 76-year-old artist revealed dates and venues for his Homeward Bound – Farewell Tour across North America, the UK and Europe from May. Simon said the shows, which include dates in Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin, will be a fitting culmination of a performing career that started in the early 1960s. The last performance will be in Hyde Park on 15 July.

All change for chopped liver

years” liver supplied to them has been pre-koshered. “We are confident that, in time, consumers will adapt and achieve the finished article they require.” Koshering is a process involving washing, draining, salting and drying, which is much quicker for liver than for meat and fowl. Until this year, consumers have been koshering the liver themselves at home, but now kosher butchers are having to explain to customers about the change. “Selling it already koshered ruins the whole flavour, texture and cooking process as it dries out too quickly,” said Jewish customer Tony Honickberg.

CCJ GRANT TO TAKE LEADERS TO ISRAEL The Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) has been given a grant from the Archbishop of Canterbury to take Jewish and Christian leaders to Israel and the Palestinian territories. CCJ said the money from the head of the Anglican Church’s Discretionary Fund “will make a huge difference” and allow the interfaith group to conduct its third study tour across the holy land in May “to hear the perspective of the other”. A CCJ spokeswoman said: “We are very grateful to Archbishop Justin for this generous gift, which acknowledges important work in education, dialogue, and social action between Christians and Jews and other faiths.”

8 February 2018 Jewish News



UK-Israel healthcare / News

‘We’ll pipe Israeli health tech direct to the NHS’ Continued from page 1 A businessman himself, Dangoor knows that life in a start-up is not easy, saying: “You need to find markets and quickly, because there’s competition.” He’s thrilled that IBM is involved with the accelerator from the outset because he started his working life as a systems engineer at the IT giant before moving on to other things (“there were too many clever people for me”). Dangoor hopes the accelerator will be mutually beneficial because “the NHS which is strapped for cash... New innovations and ways of doing things in a cheaper way can be of huge benefit to the whole population in this country”. He may be a grandfather but Dangoor is right up-todate with the latest technological changes set to revolutionise health, from the

affordable sequencing of the human genome, to personalised medicine, to today’s computing power and data mining, to working with intelligent systems to better and quicker diagnose problems. He’s excited by it and sees it in context. “It was 200 years ago that the industrial revolution really got going, and everything around us now is a result of that,” he says. “Now we are in the midst of a bio-health revolution with very similar parameters.” Israel is in a supreme position to take advantage and carve a lead in this, he says, because of the quality

of health records it has kept since its birth, in part because of its system of health insurance. “All that data is now being mined, information that was sitting there, we now have the capacity to digest and understand it,” he says, visibly excited by the prospects. “With all this new computer power and greater understanding and the breakthrough in genetics, we are absolutely at the threshold of a healthcare revolution and I’m hoping that Israel and the UK will be at the forefront of that, hand in-hand.”

What is it about Israel that makes it so good at breaking new ground in these areas?. “In part Israel became good at technology because it has had to defend itself,” he says. “Sometimes this means rockets to protect you, but it can also mean understanding to make the world a better place.” He loves the logo of the Weizmann Institute – “science for the benefit of humanity” – and says it’s no surprise Israel excels, given the nature of Jews as a people. “Jewish people have always been curious,” he says, recalling how his nonJewish headmaster used to say assemblies at his Jewish school were “never quiet”. Dangoor says Jews “ask questions all the time. We’re not regimented. We ask why, why does it work that way. It’s an ethos, a curiosity”

David Dangoor (inset) says Britain and Israel will work ‘hand-in-hand’ in health technology

He also gives credit to “the great founders of Israel” like Chaim Weizmann and David Ben-Gurion who he says laid foundations for technology before they were bought weapons. “They believed that would be Israel’s ticket to rapid self-sufficiency, and I think they’ve been proved right. We’re harvesting the fruits of their vision and foresight 80 or 90 years ago – dec-

ades before the state was founded.” Dr Samuel Cronin, healthcare innovation manager at UK Israel Tech Hub, said Israeli innovation in healthcare is “outstanding” and “aligns neatly with the NHS, a tremendous British asset that brings great pride to Brits around the world”.  Editorial comment, page 16

Colin and Jack, community centre members

“When I needed a friendly face to talk to, they were there”

Jewish Care’s community centres are full of joy and life, music and laughter. We’re here to support the whole Jewish community in London and the South East. If you need a friend, or just to get out of the house, we can support you too.

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Jewish News 8 February 2018

News / TV duo / Hotel and bookshop to shut

Aged 100 and taking jobs as TV presenters Two Jewish Care members – Beattie Orwell and Millie Finger – have been chosen to introduce Channel 4 programmes this week such as Countdown and Hollyoaks. Both 100 and regulars at the charity’s Brenner Centre in Stepney, they will recall their memories from the early 20th century from comfy armchairs before introducing their assigned TV show. The event is in celebration of 100 years since the first British women were granted the vote. Beattie, subject of this week’s

100-second interview in Jewish News, was born in Aldgate and worked as an overlocker in a men’s trouser factory. As a councillor in Tower Hamlets, she met the Queen and then Prime Minister, Edward Heath, and is proud to be the longest known member of the Labour Party. She has three children, 12 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and four great-great- grandchildren. Millie lives alone in a council flat in the East End, where she was born and raised. Featuring in Jewish Care’s campaign

Beattie Orwell and Millie Finger: on Channel 4 this week

dinner video, she turned 100 last March and celebrated at a party at the Stepney Jewish Community Centre. Her daughter died a few years ago and the only family she has left are a niece and nephew, neither

of whom lives nearby. She calls the Jewish Care Centre her lifeline, “giving me a reason to live”. Childhood friends from the same estate, they lost contact as adults but met again on Beattie’s first day at the centre.

SUFFRAGE ICON FRANKLIN TO BE HONOURED cett statue, to be unveiled this spring. The announcement marks 100 years since the first women secured the right to vote in the UK on the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act. In 1912, Franklin helped establish the JLWS, which was then the only Jewish women’s organisation in the world devoted exclusively to obtaining both

An education reformer and leader of the Jewish League for Woman Suffrage will be honoured by having her name and image etched into a statue in Parliament Square. Henrietta Franklin, who died in 1964, aged 97, is named as one of 59 women and men who fought for women’s suffrage to feature on the plinth of the Millicent Faw-

national and Jewish suffrage for women. It was described as “linking feminist goals with Jewish loyalties” and “combining secular suffragist rhetoric with Jewish terminology”. Members equated their campaigns with Anglo-Jewry’s efforts to obtain political emancipation, seeking to overcome discrimination and repression against Jews around the world.



Iconic Hendon hotel set to close this year A building at the heart of north London’s Jewish community has been sold to developers for an undisclosed sum. Contracts have been exchanged on Hendon Hall Hotel, originally known as Hendon Manor, with the building designated for “alternative use”. However, a spokeswoman said: “The sale will not complete until 2019 and

we will continue to operate the hotel until the end of 2018 with business as usual.” Familiar to many north London Jews, the 16th century mansion can trace its origins back to the Domesday Book and hosts many simchas. Its place in the national psyche was established in 1966, when the England football team stayed there during their successful World Cup tournament victory.

Final chapter for popular bookshop A Finchley Road bookstore well-known to the Jewish community will close after a quarter of a century of “surprisingly profitable” trading. Joseph’s Bookstore and Café will shut its doors at the end of March when its owner, Michael Joseph, retires. “After 25 busy and fruitful years the time has come to hang up my books,” he said, reflecting on a “satisfying,

enjoyable, enlightening and surprisingly profitable” period. He added: “Many thanks to you for all your support and friendship along the way. I will miss it and you hugely.” Joseph said he would host one last session of the Society of Jewish Study on 5 March, before a ‘Bye Bye Bookstore Party’ on a date to be announced.

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8 February 2018 Jewish News



Parental pressure / Cancer battle / News

Luciana Berger: ‘I was a slummy mummy’ Luciana Berger has said she was asked to travel more than 200 miles to attend late-night votes in Parliament despite having only given birth to her daughter just weeks before, writes Francine Wolfisz. Her revelation came during a debate on giving MPs with babies the right to vote by proxy,. Speaking in the Commons, the Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree said she was asked to travel to London last June, when her daughter Amelie was three months old, and again in September.

On that occasion, the 36-yearold, who is married to music manager Alistair Goldsmith, added: “I was in the Tea Room with my baby until after 10 o’clock at night. I can see Members bobbing their heads—arguably, that was not the right place for her at that time of night. As a breastfeeding mum, on all those occasions my baby came into the House with me.” She jested that she was at times “a slummy mummy”, but then described the challenges of having to travel with a young child.

“As any parent out there with a newborn will know, it is a challenge on some days just to take a shower— let alone to be able to get out of the house, get to the station, change the baby on a Pendolino train moving at 125 miles an hour, apologise to passengers for the projectile vomit and the crying, get on a tube, often using the escalators and stairs because there is no lift, and to ensure that no piece of important kit is forgotten for an important overnight trip. “For some babies, that will be the first time they are outside the homes

and places that they are used to. It can be quite traumatic for them.” Proxy voting, she told the Commons, would mean, “the representative role of any MP can continue without disruption”. Reflecting on campaigns to help improve early years provision for children, she added: “We need to lead by example and give the children of MPs the best start too.” Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom has asked the Procedure Committee to look into the issue of proxy voting and baby leave.

FACEBOOK VICE-PRESIDENT DESCRIBES CANCER STRUGGLE Facebook’s Europe vice-president has revealed telling her children she has incurable cancer was the hardest thing she has done. Writing in the Sunday Times Magazine, Nicola Mendelsohn said she was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in November 2016. Her diagnosis came after she found a lump, measuring less than half a centimetre, in her groin. A CT scan showed she had tumours all over her body. Mendelsohn said that alongside her husband Jon, they sat down their four children to break the news. “It is not a conversation I could

have imagined having with them, not even in my worst nightmares, until it hit me in the face,” she said. “It was the hardest moment of my life. “The children [aged 13-20] have been incredibly supportive. I promised them I would be completely honest about everything; I wanted them to understand that they could ask me any questions.” Mendelsohn, 46, vice-pres- Nicola Mendelsohn: tumours


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ident of Facebook in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said she and her husband spoke to each of their children about how they felt a year on, and how they had felt that weekend. “They said: ‘We take our cues from you, mum. You seem to be doing all right, so we’re doing all right.’ ” Mendelsohn, who along with her husband are co-presidents of Norwood, wrote that her type

of cancer was slow-growing and “currently incurable”, and that 60 percent of those diagnosed with lymphomas live more than 10 years. She is taking a “watch and wait” approach and will start treatment — chemotherapy and immunotherapy ­ — if and when symptoms worsen. She has given up processed sugar from her diet, and now exercises twice a week, so that ironically she feels “much healthier”. Mendelsohn said she wants to encourage others to check for the tell-tale signs of the disease. These often include sudden weight loss, night sweats, lumps and bumps.



Jewish News 8 February 2018

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8 February 2018 Jewish News



Father killed / Belgium attack / World News

Dad of four murdered at bus stop

Family and friends of an Israeli father -of-four stabbed and killed at a West Bank bus stop on Monday have praised him as a dedicated teacher and family man. Israeli security forces are searching for the murderer, believed to be an Arab citizen of Israel from Jaffa, after the afternoon attack near the entrance to the settlement of Ariel, an IDF spokesman said. An IDF officer pursued the attacker in his vehicle and hit him but the attacker fled, according to the IDF. The attacker’s backpack was found containing a change of clothes and his identification card. Paramedics tried to resuscitate Rabbi

Itamar Ben Gal, 29, from Har Bracha, but he was declared dead in hospital. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered condolences and said security forces were “currently chasing the murderers”. Ben Gal’s widow, Miriam, said the community of Har Itamar with wife Miriam and their children Bracha was one he “loved later emerged of the incident online. so dearly and so wanted to Hundreds of people attended Rabbi develop”. Others praised him as “a good Ben Gal’s funeral on Tuesday in the Har teacher and educator”, “model father” Bracha settlement where he lived. and “amazing husband”. Video footage

‘CAR ATTACK’ MAN HELD Dayan honoured Police in Belgium have arrested a man suspected of trying to ram his car at an Orthodox man and his son in Antwerp. Security camera footage shows a black Seat Ibiza swerving sharply while speeding on Isabellalei, a central street in Antwerp, toward the man and boy,

according to the Antwerpbased Joods Actueel Jewish monthly. The man and boy jump behind a lamp post. The car swerves back wildly, returning to the road from its incursion into the pavement. The father ran after the car as it sped away. [JTA]

ROUTE : London Heathrow, Ho Chi Minh City, Siem Reap, Angkor wat, Hoi An Hanoi, Halong Bay

Europe’s top rabbis have congratulated Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu for receiving one of Germany’s highest honours. The dayan, who heads the European Beth Din, was awarded the Order of Merit in recognition of his contribution to the country’s Jewish community. Sigmar Gabriel, Germa-

Your weekly digest of stories from the international press ICELAND




Four political parties say they support a bill to ban nonmedical circumcision before the age of 18, which would mean a possible six-year jail sentence for those who carry it out. The four parties account for just under half the country’s parliament.

A judge in Paris has dismissed the ‘hate crime’ element to charges brought against a 28-year-old Muslim accused of killing his Jewish neighbour. Kobili Traore threw Sarah Halimi from the window of her third-floor flat in April. The charge of murder by racial hatred has been dropped.

A smoke grenade was thrown into a bookshop during a Holocaust lecture in the western city of Lviv. Witnesses say the perpetrator wore a ski mask. The Lviv branch of the Jewish youth group Hillel organised the event.

A US-born Chabad rabbi has been thrown out of the country because of his ‘extremist’ views, the eighth rabbi to be expelled in the past decade. Rabbi Josef Marozof has worked for 12 years in the city of Ulyanovsk, 400 miles east of Moscow. It is part of a wider drive to reduce the number of foreign clerics. Israel has begun to serve deportation notices to Eritrean and Sudanese refugees — up to 40,000 currently live in Israel — in a move criticised by rights groups.



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ny’s Foreign Affairs Minister, acknowledged the “crucial” role Ehrentreu has played in rebuilding traditional Jewish life in the country. Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt congratulated Ehrentreu, saying his contribution to European Jewry in general was “outstanding”.



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Jewish News 8 February 2018

Special report / Limmud FSU

‘We’ll reach out to Jews After 11 years of activity, having become the most successful Jewish grassroots volunteer-driven project in the Russianspeaking Jewish community worldwide, Limmud FSU has announced it wants to be even more successful in its goal of strengthening the Jewish identity of young Russian-speaking Jews. It hopes the next decade will take it to new heights, audiences and record-breaking achievements. As the organisation continues to grow, flourish and develop its 12 projects around the world, imaginative strategic thinking is needed to embark on its next steps. The leadership, led by chairman Matthew Bronfman and president Aaron G. Frenkel, and the professional team headed by executive director Roman Kogan, together with a devoted team of volunteers drawn from all four continents, embarked in the past few weeks on a process to address the chal-

lenges facing the organisation, while working towards a vibrant and sustainable future for Russian-speaking Jewry. Although Limmud FSU has proven its ability to attract unaffiliated young Jews, one of the most important targets in the next few years, starting with this year, will be to attract new audiences not involved with Limmud FSU or any other Jewish organisation or initiative, with an emphasis on young adults’ demographics. For instance, this year, for the first time Limmud FSU NY will take place in the heart of New York City, with high hopes that the new location will attract new audiences as well. Moreover, thanks to the generous grant of Covenant Foundation, Limmud FSU is able to concentrate on intensive volunteer leadership and Jewish education, which will add a new dimension to its activities in the US. The approved programmes will create a

Photos by Limmud FSU

Following 11 years of success and expansion, Limmud FSU announces some major changes in operations

ripple effect of enriched Jewish community, leadership, and learning among Russianspeaking Jews in the US. Limmud FSU founder Chaim Chesler said: “To harness the enormous potential for leadership, engagement and impact, and to ensure continuity, we will put a strong emphasis to

provide young potential leaders with an experience of Jewish learning and culture in ways that are intellectually challenging, spiritually compelling, and relevant to their lives.” Sandra F. Cahn, co-founder of Limmud FSU, said: “There are approximately three million Russian-speaking Jews in the world, and while

Join Altermans Solicitors as a Consultant Over the last 3 years, five of us have joined Altermans as consultants – to work in property, company commercial, litigation, private client and family law. All of us have been partners elsewhere, and know the pain of running a team, hitting chargeable targets and driving revenue. However, each of us knew deep down that what we wanted to do was find somewhere where we could work for our clients in a friendly and supportive environment. We










The firm is run by Gabriel Alterman, who is growing a business where lawyers can work on their own or build a small team that meets their needs. The firm is not a “virtual network”. We work together, talk together and respect each other’s expertise. We share fees, reward each other for referrals, and have regular gatherings – both social and work – to make sure we’re on track. If this sounds like a firm where you could find a niche and be at home, get in touch to arrange a chat and come and meet us. There’s no management-speak; just lawyers working together. You can contact Gabriel directly by e-mail at gabriel@altermans.co.uk or by phone on 07794 085 617. Our website is at www.altermans.co.uk for more details of the firm.

8 February 2018


Jewish News


Limmud FSU / Special report

keen to learn’ Main picture: Survivors next to Oskar Schindler’s grave. Far left: A previous Limmud FSU event. Left: A plaque honouring Schindler

they are bound together by many diverse threads, they are often not affiliated with established Jewish institutions, and many grew up with limited Jewish knowledge. “There is an acute need for programmes that nourish their group identity and in the next decade we will reach out for many more Jews who are hungry for knowledge.” The strategic plans come after an extremely successful year with a record number of 10,000 participants (including 2,000 in Israel and 750 in St Petersburg in December 2017). More than 50,000 participants have joined Limmud FSU activities worldwide. Limmud FSU is planning a global volunteer leadership summit in Poland for its leaders from nine coun-

tries in partnership with the March of the Living, with the goal of forming a network of young leaders who are educated in Jewish history, heritage, and culture, and who have the connections, skills, and tools to shape the future of the Russian-speaking Jewish community. Also this year is the flagship conference in Moscow in April, Limmud FSU Volga-Urals, Limmud FSU Canada, Limmud FSU Ukraine in autumn, Limmud FSU Israel as well as other locations. Frenkel said: “As we enter our second decade, we strongly believe that our proven educational and communal model will help to ensure a vibrant and sustainable Jewish future for young Russian-speaking adults, wherever they may live.”

SCHINDLER HONOURED AT JERUSALEM EVENT Amid the political and media storm caused by the controversial Polish law that criminalises those accusing Poland of complicity in the Holocaust, a special event took place in Jerusalem to honour a man who saved Jewish lives on Polish land. The ceremony was held in the Chamber of the Holocaust on Mount Zion, during which a plaque was unveiled in honour of Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist, member of the Nazi Party, and the saviour of 1,200 Jewish lives during the Holocaust. He employed them in his factories, which were located in Krakow and Płaszów. The Chamber was the first museum devoted to the Shoah in Israel, and was established in 1949. The event was initiated by Limmud FSU, together with the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany and March of the Living. Schindler died in 1974 and at his request was buried in the Catholic Franciscan cemetery on Mount Zion, near to the Chamber. A short ceremony took place next to Schindler’s grave. Lili Haber, the daughter of Schindler’s list survivor

Yaakov Lazar, who also serves as chairman of Krakow survivors organisation, said: “Schindler saved not only 1,200 Jews while endangering his life, but tens of thousands of souls, descendants of the survivors. We must cherish and remember him.” Following the ceremony, a plaque honouring Schindler was unveiled in the Chamber, and a special candle lightning took place in memory of the victims. Chaim Chesler, Limmud FSU founder and the initiator of the event, said that “the Chamber of the Holocaust is the place where the ashes of 250,000 Jews murdered in the Holocaust were buried, and this is the right place to commemorate one of the greatest Righteous Among the Nations.” Holocaust survivor Bronia Shkolnik, 86, said: “This event is very moving – to be here in the state of Israel and to cherish the memory of those people who saved so many souls.” Shlomo Gur, vice president of the Claims Conference in Israel, said: “The event is a tribute to the courage Schindler displayed in rescuing the 1,200 Jews. We must continue to remember.”

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Jewish News 8 February 2018

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8 February 2018 Jewish News



Jewish Schools Awards 2018

A class of their own! B

ritain’s outstanding Jewish teachers have been honoured at the Jewish Schools Awards. In its third year, the joint initiative between Jewish News and Partnerships for Schools (PaJeS) celebrates excellence in teaching, as well as highlighting the contributions of unsung heroes among non-teaching staff. The awards, sponsored by the Emmes Foundation, also recognised mental health and wellbeing champions in schools, who have provided exceptional pastoral support. Rabbi David Wilk, of North London Jewish Day School (primary) and Danny Baigel of Immanuel College (secondary) received honours for excellence in Jewish studies. Meanwhile Daniel Sunshine, assistant headteacher at Menorah Foundation School (primary) and Lelanie Grobler, head of psychology at JFS (secondary) were honoured for excellence in secular studies. Moses Kirosingh, caretaker at Eden Primary and Joanne Bernard, personal assistant to the headteacher at Yavneh College (secondary) were named as the winners of the award for exceptional contribution from non-teaching school staff. For pastoral support, Anna Livoti of Wolfson Hillel (primary) and Amit Singh Kalley of Hasmonean High School for Boys (secondary) were named recipients of the mental health and wellbeing champion award. A lifetime achievement award was presented to philanthropist Joshua Rowe, chair of governors at King David School in Manchester. Introducing Joshua Rowe on stage, PaJeS chair Sarah Anticoni reached for the superlatives to describe his achievements, and warmly recounted his impressive knowledge of “each pupil, parent and their siblings”. Collecting his award, Rowe said he felt “truly honoured” and paid tribute to the teachers in the room. “Teaching is the noblest of professions. Teachers shape generations and no one ever forgets a great teacher,” he said. “If I had my time again, I’d be a teacher – if I were good enough!”

The winners for each category received £5,000, while runners-up received £1,000, to spend on new projects and initiatives at their respective schools, courtesy of the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust. The audience also heard from Rabbi Dr Eli Kohn, who movingly described the creation of a “more effective, cohesive and engaging” Chumash curriculum with four colleagues. Their new curriculum has now reached nearly 10,000 Jewish students, including 7,000 pupils from 23 schools in the UK and 1,500 pupils in Australia. PaJeS’ Rabbi David Meyer said: “This year, we were overwhelmed by the number of nominations received. “Mazeltov to our worthy finalists. I would like to thank all the headteachers and staff – it is genuinely a pleasure to work with all of you. Your dedication and determination to see our children succeed is nothing less than inspiring.” Jewish News editor Richard Ferrer said: “All the teachers who made the shortlist for an award are a credit to our community. They are the reason parents are confident about choosing a religious education for their children.” Simon Johnson, chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, said: “It was an honour to host the Jewish School Awards. It clearly meant a lot to those nominated as there was deserved pride in their achievements. They are a wonderful celebration of the excellence in our Jewish schools.” “I would like to thank all the headteachers and staff – it is genuinely a pleasure to work with all of you. Your dedication and determination to see our children succeed is nothing less than inspiring.” The winners were selected by a panel of judges, including author and teaching consultant John West-Burnham, Maurice Wohl charitable Foundation chief executive Kate Goldberg, consultant paediatrician Dr Michael Markiewicz, businessman and vice-chair of the Portland Trust Sir Harry Solomon and Jewish News’ features editor Francine Wolfisz.

Photos by Marc Morris

Staff at Britain’s Jewish schools were honoured at the Jewish News-PaJeS education awards, writes Alex Davis

Top: All the finalists on stage at the end of the evening. Below: Host Simon Johnson, Jewish News editor Richard Ferrer and PaJeS executive director Rabbi David Meyer


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Jewish News 8 February 2018


Jewish Schools Awards 2018






Sponsored by The Grahame Charitable Foundation

Sponsored by the Morris family



Colleagues of Rabbi David Wilk, who is head of kodesh, say he “teaches from the heart, with a love of Judaism that comes across in every aspect of his teaching”. He has been praised by both Ofsted and Pikuach inspectors. Giving advice to other teachers, he said: “It can be a demanding career path, but it truly makes a difference and is tremendously rewarding. “Nothing can make you happier than seeing a child after a few years telling you how well they’re doing and realising you’ve played an important part in getting them to where they are today.” With the £5,000 prize money, Rabbi David would like to boost the school’s informal education programmes inside and outside the classroom.

Inspired by his own teachers at Immanuel College, Danny wanted to give back to the community by entering the teaching profession himself. According to his colleagues, Danny has made an “outstanding difference to the provision of Jewish studies at Immanuel College”. As assistant headteacher, his imaginative cross-curricular programmes have formed part of a unique curriculum, which includes events such as an ‘escape room’ on erev Pesach where students ‘escape from Mitzrayim’. “The power we have to really change students’ lives makes teaching truly special,” he said. Danny would like to use his £5,000 to improve the involvement of girls within Jewish education.

North West London Jewish Day School

Immanuel College



Sponsored by Jonathan and Sharon Goldstein

Sponsored by the Gerald Ronson Family Foundation



Moses (far left) is the premises manager at Eden and is praised by colleagues for the skill, expertise and patience he brings to the role. With a strong understanding of the school’s values, he acts as an effective role model to other members of staff. Asked how he inspires the pupils, Moses said: “I try to be myself and show empathy and care to everyone. If you’re passionate about people, working in a school is a brilliant way for you to shine. I feel like I’m a parent to all the pupils!” With the prize money, Moses would like to invest in the school’s playground, particularly the grass terraces. “My plan is to revamp these and to ensure all pupils, including those with special educational needs, have the best space to play in.”

During her 11 years at Yavneh College, Joanne (pictured, far left) has become a treasured role model to all her colleagues, both teaching and non-teaching. Her work, which includes being a PA, office manager and co-ordinating the school’s enrichment programme, has been praised for its unique attention to detail and impressive efficiency. She said: “Yavneh has been an amazing place to work and I loved it from the moment I started.” Asked how others could succeed in education, she said: “You have to love what you do and that attitude projects with children and colleagues.” Joanne hopes the prize will boost the enrichment programme and extracurricular activities.

Eden Primary School

Yavneh College



Sponsored by the PR Office

Sponsored by Heathside Charitable Trust



Colleagues praise Daniel as a “brilliant teacher and leader who cares for each child by insisting he gets to know what makes them tick.” Daniel (pictured, right) has been responsible for introducing competitions into Menorah, and creating a Historical Oscars programme for Year 6 students. His pupils’ Key Stage 2 SATs results show that the class achieved above local and national averages in reading. “Once you start teaching, you get such a thrill from being able to share information. Nothing beats working with children,” said Daniel. With the prize money, Daniel would like to develop training to improve mental health within the school.

Praised for her dynamic and exciting classroom, Lelanie (far left) has made psychology one of the most popular sixth-form subjects at JFS and also inspires parents, most recently when she led an evening on resilience and revision attended by 300. She said: “I absolutely love teaching. I wouldn’t want to do anything else but teach – it’s so important to everyone in the community. Asked her advice for other teachers she said: “You have to love your subjects and take that energy into the classroom. I share what I know, not just what is on the curriculum.” Lelanie will let her pupils decide what to do with the prize money. “I’m sure they’ll come up with something positive and lasting,” she said.

Menorah Foundation School


8 February 2018 Jewish News



Jewish Schools Awards 2018



Sponsored by The Rachel Charitable Trust

Sponsored by Leilai Charitable Trust



In the words of one of her colleagues, “Anna never falters in the kindness and patience she shows these children.” As part of her role supporting vulnerable pupils and those with different emotional needs, Anna’s goal is to ensure all students at Wolfson Hillel reach their full potential, build their self-esteem and, where possible, return to the classroom. Having moved from banking into teaching 13 years ago, Anna (pictured, far left) has never looked back. “I go into work every day and I enjoy what I do. Seeing the improvement and difference you make to the children is the biggest reward in my job,” she said. “I always try to get on to the level of my pupils and appreciate their abilities. I think it’s vital to be patient and not push them too far,” she added. “Their well-being is most important.” Anna will use the prize money for the Special Educational Needs department in the school.

A former student said of Amit, “No award is more suited to him than mental health and well-being… never have I witnessed a teacher go to such lengths.” As head of Sixth Form, Amit (pictured, far left) is seen as a dedicated, caring, generous and devoted teacher. In particular, he is praised for holding an ‘open door policy’, to which he strictly adheres at all times of the day. Amit said: “I stumbled into teaching by accident. When I finished university, I had to do something and I felt that teaching might be worth a shot – I’m so glad I did it in the end. “I aim to be there for the boys when they need assistance,” he added. “I listen and try my best to help them whenever necessary.” With the £5,000 prize money, Amit would like to further improve mental health support for students in the sixth form.

Wolfson Hillel Primary School

AWARD 9: LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD WINNER – JOSHUA ROWE MBE As governor, mentor and supporter of the King David High School in Manchester, Joshua Rowe MBE has been widely praised as a seminal figure in Jewish education. After taking up the post of chair of UJIA Manchester in 1990, Joshua raised funds to save Jews in Chechnya, Ethiopia and Belarus. However, one day a ‘light bulb’ moment came to him: “We were busy saving these kids, but who would look after them once they came here?” It was this realisation that sparked his intervention in Jewish education. At the time, King David High School was failing and the government was on the verge of shutting it down. Joshua was determined to turn the school’s fortunes around. “I told the teachers I don’t want hear things are marvellous. If one child has a problem at school, we all have a problem. There’s no such thing as everything is fine.” Focusing on the ethos of achievement, combined with the streaming system of grammar schools and the creation of a sixth form, Joshua played a seminal role in drastically improving the school’s fortunes. In 2016, The Sunday Times ranked King David High School as the third top comprehensive school in the country. Remarkably, Joshua still spends at least two hours every day at the school. He remains closely involved in all major decisions, presenting himself at parents’ evenings, school meetings and events on a regular basis. In 1999, the government recognised Joshua with an MBE for his efforts in education. A lawyer by training and a businessman by trade, Joshua laughs when asked how he balances his extensive commitments. His reply? “I don’t know – no one else is crazy enough to do it!”  Compiled by Alex Davis

Hasmonean High School


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Jewish News 8 February 2018

Editorial comment and letters ISSUE NO.



UK and Israel’s healthy relations Only a few years ago, if you wanted to see what health secrets your genetics hid, you’d have to spend millions of pounds and use a network of labs to sequence your genome. Now the same exercise costs as much as a second-hand bike, takes a fraction of the time and can be done using gadgets you hold in your hand. Such is the sometimes scary pace of change in the healthcare industry, one of the world’s largest markets. The future will be almost unrecognisable. Consider the microbiome, that bacterial ecosystem living in your gut. What they’re finding out about it now will soon revolutionise what we eat and how we feel. Likewise, knowing our genes will put an end to trial-and-error drugs, because we’ll know what works and what doesn’t based on our DNA. And with the advance of computing power, our problems will soon be diagnosed by intelligent ‘bots, with scans and imaging analysed earlier, quicker, more accurately and cheaper by algorithms. In short, healthcare as we know it will be turned on its head. Old-schoolgentandBritishJewishphilanthropistDavidDangoorknowswhat’s coming and has planned for the UK and Israel to head into this bio-health revolution together, launching this week an initiative that will pair the two countries in this field. Scientists in both countries are among the world’s best, and already work together in many fields. This initiative breaks new ground in pairing the NHS with Israeli start-ups to help nudge us along that revolutionary road. The motivation couldn’t be stronger. The NHS is sadly on its knees, forever ‘in crisis’ and is, it could be argued, desperately in need of a fundamental redesign because it was conceived in another era just after the war, a bygone age if you consider the pace of change in healthcare. Mr Dangoor is helping in a small way, as are Israelis, whose ingenuity and habit of asking questions will help humanity’s health for years to come. Watch this space...


Send us your comments PO Box 815, London HA8 4SX | letters@thejngroup.com

TO ACTIVISTS, ISRAEL SHOULDN’T EXIST After actively campaigning for Israel for nearly 10 years, a recent experience convinced me that Israel is not ultimately at fault. I was privileged to be at a pro-Palestine meeting where I was the only Zionist. The Q&A revealed much of the mindset of the pro-Palestine agenda, namely that Israel has no right to exist. This basic tenet by the pro-Palestine lobby is the crux of why a ‘peace agreement’ has never been implemented. The following is clear. Palestinians who live in Jordan and the West Bank are adhering to the futile belief that they have a right of return, but Jews have no right to a homeland. The narrative continues that the two-state solution will be based upon the borders of 1967. Rubbish. If that were the case, the conflict would have been resolved years ago. The bottom line is that the Palestinians want Palestine back as in ‘from the river to the sea’ or, pre-1948 borders.

Sketches & kvetches



...for the government to stop Hezbollah terror flags flying in London at the Al Quds Day parade on 10 June

Shabbat goes out Saturday night 5.58pm

Sedra: Mishpatim

Printed in England: West Ferry Printers Limited Published by: The Jewish News & Media Group. www.thejngroup. com. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or used in any form of advertising without prior permission in writing from the editor. Registered as a newspaper by Royal Mail. The Jewish News reserves the right to make any alterations necessary to conform to the style and standards of The Jewish News and does not guarantee the insertion of any particular advertisement on a specified date or at all – although every effort will be made to meet the wishes of the advertisers. Further it does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy Member of in the publication of an advertisement. Signatures of both parties involved are sometimes required in the case of some announcements. An order for an advertisement shall amount to an acceptance of the above conditions. Hotels, Audit Bureau products and restaurants which are not supervised are marked with an [N]. The Jewish News reserves the right to edit of Circulations letters for size and content without prior consent. Submission of letters is no guarantee of publication.

The fact that the majority of the refugees from 1948 are now dead means that their offspring have no memory of pre-1948 Palestine.

Mike Abramov By email

Ofsted’s policy is worrying Laurence Garber states in his letter that Ofsted only want children to be taught facts, which begs the question why they require the teaching of evolution, which is not claimed by anybody as fact, merely a theory (Jewish News, 1 February). More wor-

rying is the fact that because Darwin thought up this theory, Ofsted has decided that teaching creationism or not teaching the theory as fact is sufficient reason to close down a school.

Ann Cohen Golders Green


THIS WEEKEND'S SHABBAT TIMES... Shabbat comes in Friday night 4.49pm

Palestinian refugees in Jordan

‘And where do you think you’re going? That bell is for me, not you. Sit down!’

At the time of writing, the outcome of the judicial inquiry into the policy and procedure of senior coroner Mary Hassell in regard to the burial of Jewish bodies has yet to be decided. Your Sketches and Kvetches cartoon of 25 January) attempted to introduce humour into

the very serious situation regarding the release of bodies with the minimum delay for burial and was, I feel, in grossly bad taste. I fail to see how this can be a subject for humour and I would urge editorial control to prevent future gratuitous offence.

Henry Jacobs By email

8 February 2018 Jewish News



Editorial comment and letters

The Shechita Board has decided we are no longer capable of koshering liver at home. Only pre koshered liver is available in the butcher shops. This has been decided without any discussion with the people who matter, the customer. For 52 years I have koshered liver at home and then made chopped liver. It is not hard to do. I will not buy pre koshered liver. Pre koshered liver means that it is cooked and cooled before the customer takes it home and then cooks it. This is a health risk as liver goes off very quickly. Should the Shechita Board be

in any way. This was particularly ironic as on Shabbat most synagogues recite prayers marking the passing of relatives of members or attendees. Why was the day allowed to pass without mention?

Regarding your article, “Out of Africa and in to Israel”, on the basis of a single Mount Carmel jawbone (Jewish News, 1 February), Israeli evolutionists, like evolutionists worldwide, fervently seek to extend the age of humanity. Yet of the surprisingly scarce human bones, graves, artefacts, and records, which should be everywhere if homo sapiens really has been around for one million years, none can be positively dated as being older than 10,000 years, indicating that the Biblical time scale is much more likely. There is no evidence that our ancestors were apes or ape-like creatures, and no fossils have ever been found to link human beings with anything other than human beings.

Clive Boxer Vice chairman, AJEX

Amnon Goldberg Israel

Shoppers livid over kosher liver allowed to police me in my own home? What will they do next?

Patricia Stanton Mill Hill

SYNAGOGUES SHOULD MARK HMD This year’s Holocaust Memorial Day took place on Shabbat, 27 January, and was instigated largely as a result of the efforts of the Emeritus Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks. It is with considerable disappointment that I noted many synagogues failed to mark the occasion by reciting any memorial prayers, or acknowleged the special occasion


TATTOOS HAVE A PAINFUL PAST Rabbi Miriam Berger discussed the pros and cons of tattoos (Jewish News, 1 February 2018). In recent years, this practice has become more common in the wider community and perhaps more accepted, but anybody considering such a thing would do well to remember the permanent nature of these markings. If they can be completely removed, the process will be expensive and possibly painful. Not everybody will share this taste or liking of tattoos, which could have

a negative effect on a job applicant’s chance of success, and also perhaps in other matters, for example, matrimonial prospects. On a couple of occasions, I have been shown tattoos that had been applied against the wishes of the bearer: numbers on their arms! Any Jewish person contemplating a tattoo needs to remember that dreadful connection.

Warran Rolnis By email

Tune into this Friday’s Jewish Views podcast! • Learn more about the new UK-Israel health hub that’s set to revolutionise the NHS with the aid of Israeli technology. • Ahead of the Jewish Music Fair at Alyth’ on 18 February, Jennifer Jenkel from the JMI tells us about the event. • Lara Rosenfelder talks about a toy drive that’s been setup in memory HOW TO LISTEN... of Suri Dubiner, a PODCAST: Fridays iTUNES ‘The Jewish Views’ teacher who died WEB RADIO: Sundays at 10pm on Wandsworth Radio of cancer in 2016, ONLINE: jewishnews.co.uk aged just 34.

Technion research is changing people’s lives.


The Technion is a leader in the green technologies that help solve the enormous environmental challenges facing our world. In Israel, the lack of natural resources has led to innovations that help provide clean water and air, alternative energy sources and conservation. For example, Technion Professor Lilac Amirav is using the sun to split water and produce Hydrogen energy. Considering an electric or alternative fuel vehicle? That too may be powered by technology created by Technion researchers.


What are we, chopped liver?!

To leave a gift in your Will and support Technion scientists and researchers, please contact:

Israel’s No.1 Science and Technology University

Technion UK 020 7495 6824 info@technionuk.org Powering Israel’s Future



Jewish News 8 February 2018


Women’s equality in Israel tends to be a mixed bag RACHEL AZARIA MK KULANU PARTY


omen in Israel enjoy many benefits for which previous generations campaigned. Glass ceilings have been broken – the governor of the Bank of Israel is female, as are the current and former chief justices, while there are more women in politics than ever before (although still not enough). All of the five-year plans discussed in the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) are clear about the importance of integrating women in the army. But the picture is still mixed. Some of the challenges women face in Israel are: sexual abuse and harassment; childcare issues; religious integration in mainstream society; segregation of women in the public sphere; and there is also the issue of “honour killings” in Arab society. There were many laws passed to prevent

sexual abuse and harassment between 15 and 20 years ago, but it is only now being implemented and becoming an integral part of Israeli society. Still, a former president is in jail for crimes he committed against women, and progress is being made. Prostitution wasn’t talked about for many years in Israel. Now, at least, it is being discussed. There is also the issue of the relationship between religion and state and the contradictory impacts of the integration of the strictly-Orthodox into mainstream society. That integration is a good thing, but also means that the strictly-Orthodox are bringing demands anchored in their way of life, such as keeping distance from women, into mainstream society. Should we accept these demands as the price for the Charedi to become a greater part of society? Perhaps the answer doesn’t need to be binary. Related to this is the creeping drive to segregate and exclude women in public. This affected me several years ago when I stood for election in Jerusalem. Like every candidate, I wanted my photo on a bus for


the campaign. But, during a discussion with a bus company, I was told there are no women on Jerusalem buses owing to fears of violence from the strictly-Orthodox. We went on TV news, and a lawyer offered to represent me in the Supreme Court. The court ruled that what appears in the public sphere in Jerusalem shouldn’t be affected by threats of violence. It took three more years of campaigning about the right of women to sit where they want on a bus and not to be forced to walk on a separate

side of the street in a strictly-Orthodox neighbourhood, but ultimately legislation was changed. Change is coming to Orthodoxy in a variety of areas. Ritual bathing in mikvehs and the presence of attendants is already changing, kashrut is on the verge of change, and there is a debate on Shabbat. Marriage, divorce and conversion remain more complicated. This will take time and is connected to a larger question of the state of Israel defining what it means to be a Jewish state and the role of Jewish law. Israel in is trying to design a Jewish way of life that is based not on diaspora realities, but on a sovereignty that we have not experienced for 2,000 years. A central question is the role religion should have within this Jewish state. That debate goes on. There is huge advances in women’s equality and participation in society, but serious ongoing challenges that the Knesset and civil society must tackle. • The full version of this column is available in the new edition of BICOM’s Fathom journal – see www.fathomjournal.org

I’m a ‘bad Jew’ – and it’s a label I wear with pride CLAUDIA MENDOZA



ho is a good Jew is a question most people would understandably be nonplussed about. Some would be suspicious about the premise behind the thought. Others, rabbis perhaps, may well give a learned exposition about a righteous way of life and observance of the commandments. But to the left-wing supposedly antiracist types who usually raise it, there can only be a binary response and the idea of the “good” Jew is a very precise one. Good Jews are anti-Zionist. Which leaves Zionists as the villain of the piece. Just last week, former Labour and Respect MP George Galloway took to Twitter to call comedian David Baddiel “a vile Israel fanatic”. In an indignant riposte, Baddiel highlighted that his attitude to Israel has always been “entirely meh” and stating that Galloway really meant “Jew, vile Jew” by making a presumption of his politics because of his faith. To Baddiel’s defence came Momentum founder, Jon Lansman, seconding that

Galloway’s depiction of the Jewish comedian was in his view anti-Semitic given that Baddiel is a Jew “who’s talked about being non-Zionist”. Writing in The Times, Phil Collins posed a pregnant question: were Baddiel to have been a different kind of Jew – say, one vocal about the right of Israel to exist – would Lansman’s solidarity with him have evaporated? Or, to go one step further, was Lansman’s support for someone experiencing racism conditional on said person passing a political test? Jews see these questions played out on a daily basis. Reports of anti-Semitism in Europe are often greeted with a sigh and a sentence beginning “But if only Israel didn’t…” An example occurred just last month. Amnesty International UK was due to host a Jewish Leadership Council event about Israel at the United Nations, only for it to be unceremoniously cancelled a few days beforehand. Despite months of planning and discussions at all levels of seniority, Amnesty’s official reasoning at the eleventh hour was that it was felt inappropriate to host an event “by those actively supporting settlements”.

Amnesty’s claim was false. The JLC supports a two-state solution and has never taken a position on settlements. Amnesty could find no statement to contradict this so cited our (very public) opposition to United Nations Resolution 2334 – which we stand by – as “evidence”. If only Amnesty had gone to such lengths to find the very real and ample evidence available about one of its earlier partnerships with Moazzam Begg of the group CAGE. Amnesty’s work with CAGE resulted in the suspension of its head of gender unit – for criticising publicly the relationship with a man called “Britain’s most famous supporter of the Taliban” by The Sunday Times. Amnesty defended itself by saying “sometimes the people whose rights we defend may not share each other’s views –

but they all have human rights, and all human rights are worth defending”. It appears that only Jews are subjected to a political test. As a result, is it any surprise that many Zionists try to downplay their pro-Israel credentials to stand in good stead with so-called progressives? They learn the hard way that unless they completely disavow Israel, they will be shunned. In reality, such people are not progressive but regressive and there is no reason to seek their approval. While criticism of Israel’s policy can be legitimate, abjuring its very existence can never be. If stating this makes me a bad Jew, it’s a label I’ll wear with pride.



8 February 2018 Jewish News




Jewish News 8 February 2018


Help us save crumbling last witnesses to history NATASHA KAPLINSKY TV PRESENTER & NEWSREADER


rior to the Second World War, there were some 17,000 synagogues in Europe. Today, a little more than 3,300 of those remain, with 750 in poor or very bad condition, some on the verge of collapse. These statistics only came to my attention in recent months. However, one synagogue among those most ‘at risk’ made its mark on me 10 years ago, for very personal reasons. In 2007, as part of the programme I made with the BBC, Who Do You Think You Are?, I visited Slonim in Belarus to find out more about my ancestry. While there, I discovered that a number of my relatives on my father’s side had perished in the Holocaust. The Great Synagogue in Slonim was one of the synagogues where they would have worshipped – and on that same visit I stood inside its crumbling walls as my father’s cousin recited Kaddish for our lost family. Ten years on, this beautiful synagogue is even more run down, vandalised and structurally in danger. As the last testament to

the estimated 17,000-strong Jewish community that had lived there for centuries up to the Second World War, it feels very important to me that it is restored and preserved for future generations. This is why I support the work of the Foundation for Jewish Heritage, which is working on precisely that. It’s not just about saving architecturally beautiful and significant buildings – important as that is. It’s about saving the last evidence of once vibrant communities. These buildings should serve as portals to history, educating future generations about the Jewish life and their contribution to wider society, as well as the diversity of communities that once existed. With Slonim, and with the other synagogues highlighted by this project, the vision is for these buildings to incorporate Jewish museums, educational facilities and cultural centres. In the same way as my work with Holocaust commemoration was motivated by the need to create a record for future generations to learn from, the Foundation for Jewish Heritage’s programme is not just about acts of preservation. It is about increasing understanding, knowledge and empathy so we can combat the

WE ARE JUST ONE EXAMPLE AMONG SO MANY WHOSE HISTORY IS TIED TO LOST JEWISH COMMUNITIES THROUGHOUT EUROPE growing intolerance in the world today and the dangers of what that can lead to. A couple of years ago, my extended family and I returned to Slonim, 27 of us in all. We visited various places of significance to our family who had lived in the town, including the synagogue. There were hoardings around the building and we had to find a gap to enter but, once inside, we all felt the impact of this imposing building, which was part of our family’s roots. However, it was in very poor condition and we understand that its beautiful ceiling may not survive another winter. I know we

were all struck at the time by a feeling that we had to do something to preserve it and memorialise its community. On our return, we discovered the Foundation for Jewish Heritage had already begun a project to map the historic synagogues in Europe – and that Slonim was among those deemed a priority. While Slonim Synagogue has a special significance for my family, we are just one example among so many others whose history is tied to lost communities throughout Europe. Some communities migrated to other areas, but in many cases they disappeared as a result of the terrible events of the 20th century. These buildings are the last witnesses to their existence. Let’s save them before it is too late.  Natasha Kaplinsky is a TV presenter and newsreader who has worked for BBC, ITV and Sky. Last year, she was awarded an OBE for services to Holocaust commemoration. The Kaplinsky family is working with The Foundation for Jewish Heritage to try to help preserve The Great Synagogue of Slonim

What made the arthritic snail sit up and applaud? JENNI FRAZER


am sensing an understandable weariness on the part of the community as it faces yet another hurdle in the long-running saga I can only call ‘Us versus Them’. Perhaps it is exemplified by Jonathan Arkush’s decision to step aside from the unenviable job he once fought so hard to achieve: that of president of the Board of Deputies. For who, these days, would want to be firefighting day in and day out, a seemingly relentless and unending situation? Example one: what Arkush rightly described as Labour’s willingness to deal with anti-Semitism in the party as “with the speed of an arthritic snail”. On Sunday, distressingly, we learned that the snail was, it appears, not only arthritic but apparently paralysed, as Labour has seemingly agreed – courtesy of the new numerical make-up of the National Executive Committee – to re-admit people suspended from the party for various types of egregious

anti-Semitism. One such person was Mike Sivier, a Labour activist who rejects accusations of Holocaust denial and whose re-admission came with the proviso that he must attend a workshop on anti-Semitism – a rider he has refused and therefore not been allowed back. And who, I wonder, is going to make Sivier attend – the man who wrote it may be “entirely justifiable to say Tony Blair had been unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers”? Example two: Jeremy Bowen’s extraordinary report on BBC News at Ten about the Ahed Tamimi case in Israel, a report so full of prejudice that even the arthritic snail might have sat up and applauded. Ahed Tamimi, many readers will be aware, is the 16-year-old Palestinian whose slap of a remarkably restrained IDF soldier has landed her in the Israeli courts. Bowen, wandering the front yard of the Tamimi family home, managed to present the teenager’s story in a manner that would almost be worthy of parody were it not so serious. I am grateful to We Believe in Israel for

pithily summing up the main points against this report: that Bowen did not mention that Tamimi, daughter of a family constantly at odds with Israel, as is their right until and unless that opposition is expressed as violence, was charged with 12 different counts for six different incidents, not just the slap; that her aunt, Ahlam Tamimi, was involved in the 2001 Sbarro restaurant bombing in which 15 civilians died and 130 were wounded; that the Tamimi family has consistently refused to “forswear bloodshed”; that Bowen did not say what the IDF were doing in Tamimi’s village in the first place; and that of all the Israeli voices Bowen could have chosen to speak about the teenager,

he picked the MK Oren Hazan, suspended that day from the Knesset for mocking the disability of a fellow MK, and who, grinning to the camera, said: “If I was there, she would finish in the hospital for sure. Nobody could stop me. I would kick her face, believe me.” I cannot believe that Bowen, a seasoned reporter, did not know who Hazan was when he chose him as the sole Israeli comment on the Tamimi case. There must have been cheers in the BBC Jerusalem studio when Hazan made his gruesome remarks. So if it is a war, a war of attrition, I make the current score Them, 2, Us, nil. No wonder our leadership is weary.


8 February 2018 Jewish News



Community / Scene & Be Seen

1SONGS FOR THE BOYS A total of 21 pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 at Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School Choir participated in the Boys Town Jerusalem Annual Primary Schools’ Choral Festival at artsdepot to raise funds for the charity. The school’s Deborah Harris said: “WIJPS was delighted to once again support Boys Town Jerusalem. We are so proud of how they performed. For many pupils, this was the first time they had sung in front of an audience. They enjoyed every minute and were very excited to be part of this important fundraising event. We can’t wait for next year!”


And be seen The latest news, pictures and social events from across the community Email us at community@thejngroup.com


Magen David Adom (MDA) UK kicked off the year with a successful dinner party at 34 Mayfair, in London. Supported by Sami & Nadine Aysoy, Chemi Peres, son of Shimon, was the guest speaker, and addressed 60 MDA UK donors, while Brian Kalms, a new recruit to the MDA UK board, spoke about how MDA in Israel has played a significant and vital role in his personal life as his children have been recipients of MDA’s services in Israel. MDA UK chief executive Daniel Burger said: “It was a real honour to meet and welcome Chemi Peres to London at our event. We were delighted with the support we received from a great mix of donors, including significant foundations that have supported us for decades, as well as new donors from the next generation.”

3BATMITZVAH HONOUR Josephine Greenhalgh was the first girl to celebrate her batmitzvah at East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue since its migration into one building. Josephine is pictured with Rabbi Richard Jacobi at the synagogue, situated in Marlborough Road, South Woodford.



The Ladies Circle of Chabad of Buckhurst Hill held their annual fundraising dinner, where they team up with a charity of their choice – this year’s being Jami – to which they donate some of the proceeds. More than 90 guests were entertained by the worldrenowned Fabian Sisters, with speeches made by Rebbetzin Henny Brandman and Jami’s Louise Palmer, who spoke about the important work the charity does.






Jewish News 8 February 2018

Scene & Be Seen



Rabbi Binyamin Bar organised the fourth annual Jewish Learning in Southend for its extended community. The event began with a meal for Tu B’Shvat, before participants were entertained by Lord Monroe Palmer, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords.

Israeli students mind the gap Tribe and the University Jewish Chaplaincy welcomed 50 gap year students in Israel to its UK Jewish Job Fair, where attendees had an opportunity to hear from Jewish leaders, including Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, who spoke about the unique rewards of a career in the Jewish community.

PHYSICISTS AWARDED Year 13 Immanuel College students Dexter Goodkind and Alexander Root (below) celebrated winning silver medals at the British Physics Olympiad. The boys are now ranked in the top 210 students nationally. Benjamin Harari, Sam Stakol, Joel Sheena, Kezia Sinclair-Horne, Davar Kirschel, Gabriel Bauernfreund and Ethan Diamond were all commended.


Chigwell and Hainault Synagogue hosted Alan Fell, who spoke about the Heritage Lottery funded project London Jews in the First World War. Chairman Lindsay Shure said: “One man’s father was interned and was called a ‘dirty Jew’. He hit the anti-Semite over the head with a hammer and was jailed for seven days.”


1917 July


100-SECOND INTERVIEW Celebrating our community’s centenarians... of support from my family in a ground floor flat. I visit Jewish Care’s Stepney Community Centre twice a week – I don’t know what I’d do without it. I meet my friends and have lunch. I love it there.


Dorian Nineberg got his hands on a new Fiat 500 after buying the lucky raffle ticket at the Topland Business Luncheon for Jewish Care. Collecting his car from Glyn Hopkin Fiat in Chadwell Heath, he said: “Nobody expects to win big like this. I’m incredibly proud to support the organisation.”

What was your job before retiring? Name: Beattie (Beatrice) Orwell Date of birth: 7 July 1917 Place of birth: I was born in Aldgate

near the end of the First World War. My mother always told me I was born as the Zeppelin bombs dropped around me. Indeed, a bomb landed only a mile away in Bank. I’m the youngest of three sisters. We were always close and my father died young, so my mum brought us up to be strong and independent. We were bombed out in the Second World War and spent time in Oxford, went to Leeds for four years and then returned to London. Where do you live?

I live independently, with plenty

I worked as an overlocker in a men’s trouser factory. I’ve always been involved in local politics, taking an active role against the fascist black shirts in the Cable Street riots, and later I was elected as a local councillor in Tower Hamlets. In 1966, my husband served as mayor of Tower Hamlets and we used our political influences to help shape the area. It was a marvellous year; we met the Queen and prime minister of the time, Edward Heath. I am proud to be the longest known member of the Labour Party and, in 2014, I met the former Labour leader Ed Miliband and talked to him about the issues I feel passionate about, such as housing and elderly care.

Did you get married?

I married John Orwell at Albert Square Police Station in 1938. We had a tiny party; my aunt made us chicken soup and a nice tea. We were very poor. Do you have any children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

I have three children who are wonderful and I see a lot of them, their spouses, my 12 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren – the newest of whom are twin boys.

Do today’s young people have it easy compared to when you were growing up?

Yes, definitely.

Are the elderly given the respect they deserve in Britain today?

Some are, but not all.

The secret for a long life is…

Eat work, work hard, be happy.  Video: Watch Beattie talk about her life at jewishnews.co.uk

What news story has had the most impact on you over the years?

The end of the Second World War.

If you were granted one wish to see something in your lifetime, what would it be?

I’d like to see my family grown up. If you could live your life again, would you do anything differently?

Marry a rich man!

Beattie Orwell today

8 February 2018 Jewish News



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The JLE’s new wing hosted more than 160 young professionals for an evening in the presence of author Martin Pistorius. Speaking about his New York Times bestseller, The Ghost Boy, he told the audience how he was a happy, healthy boy until a mystery illness left him in a virtual coma at the age of 12, the physical and sexual abuse he suffered and how he waited for death until one day, a visiting carer noticed how he was trying to communicate and began the process of his rehabilitation.

Photo by Blake Ezra








The oldest and youngest member of Southgate Progressive Synagogue’s Religion School, Ilana Keren and Alice Dack, planted an olive tree in memory of former Life President Hilda Schindler, who gave 52 years of dedicated service as its head teacher.


Borehamwood and Elstree Synagogue’s Rabbi Alex Chapper and his wife Eva, together with Rabbi Garson of JRoots, led a group of 40 members on an emotional trip to Poland to honour the memory of Holocaust victims. Places visited included Oskar Schindler’s factory and the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II Birkenau.

Shabosos L’menucha held another successful Shabaton at Wickham, with 175 people, including 65 children with special needs, spending an exciting musical Shabbat alongside famous singer and badchan, Michoel Schnitzler of New York. Shabosos L’menucha also organise events on Purim, Chanukah, Chol Hamoed Pesach and Succot, as well as taking some children out every Shabbat afternoon.


Jewish News features editor Francine Wolfisz visited Year 5 pupils at Hertsmere Jewish Primary School in Radlett as part of Book Week and spoke about how newspapers are put together. Afterwards, the budding reporters made their own front pages, complete with headlines, pictures and stories. She said: “The pupils were really enthusiastic and interested to hear about the important role newspapers play in our daily lives.”

10 BOYS’ BIRTHDAY Boys Town Jerusalem students joined Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Ambassador Mark Regev and 220 guests on Tuesday to celebrate the school’s 70th anniversary. The charity’s Kate Reuben said: “The event was really special and raised more than £175,000.”

Family announcements Mikayla Shane celebrated her batmitzvah at Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue

Sarah Herskine & Oriel Zobin celebrated their wedding at Finchley United Synagogue

Photo by Kate Swerdlow Photography

Photo by Gayle Bromberg

Daniel Barnett celebrated his barmitzvah at Northwood United Synagogue

Photo by Blend Photography

Photo by Neville Bloom

Mia Costa celebrated her batmitzvah at Shenley United Synagogue

Have you had a recent simcha? Send your picture to picturedesk@thejngroup.com



Jewish News 8 February 2018

‘WJR helped my family flee’ More than £1.2million raised at World Jewish Relief ’s annual dinner as charity brings plight of Ukraine’s community into focus

Photos by Andy Tyler Photography

Scene & Be Seen / Community

Keynote speaker at London’s Guildhall was Philippe Sands QC, who told 500 diners how WJR helped his family escape Nazi Europe in 1938, before talking about his book, East West Street. He told guests: “It is an honour to be here tonight to support this extraordinary organisation,” before urging people to donate to help those in need. At the dinner, which was attended by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev and hosted by the historian and broadcaster Jacky Klein, guests heard about the charity’s work in the past year supporting more than 42,000 people across 19 countries.



An exceptional event From March 30 to April 08 Eliane Levy eliane@parisworldclub.com US :

+1 646 328 4709


+972 7 22 587 744

FR :

+33 1 82 28 85 20 +33 6 35 57 18 43

8 February 2018 Jewish News




The doctor will see you now... / Lifestyle

IN THIS SECTION: Wonder women 26-27 Caption competition 35

‘Workplace stress has become an epidemic’ More than 12 million working days were lost to anxiety and depression last year but medication is not always the answer, Dr Ellie Cannon tells Francine Wolfisz


s he walked into his local surgery, one patient truly believed he was displaying the symptoms of a heart attack. With difficulty breathing, pain all over his body and a racing heart, many would have been forgiven for thinking the same, but Dr Ellie Cannon’s experience told her this was in fact a panic attack brought on by work-induced stress – a condition now so common that the World Health Organisation calls it “a global epidemic”. Working as an inner-city GP since 2006, Cannon has certainly seen her fair share of patients affected by work-related ill health, with latest figures revealing that more than half a million people in the UK are in fact seeking help for this very issue. Last year alone, stress, depression and anxiety accounted for a staggering 12.5 million lost working days. Rather than simply doling out medication, Cannon believes taking a more holistic approach to the problem can effectively help those affected, as outlined in her new book, Is Your Job Making You Ill? “It can be quite a scary position to find yourself in this situation. For many patients they worry about jeopardising their income, their career or feeling stigmatised,” explains Cannon, who works as a GP in St John’s Wood. Looking at national statistics, employees within the public sector are more likely to develop workrelated stress.

While the average rate is 1,600 per 100,000, within the nursing sector that statistic almost doubles to 3,000 per 100,000. Cannon, who writes a weekly health column for the Mail on Sunday and is a resident GP columnist for Best magazine, says: “There are obviously jobs where the stress is much worse, resources are constrained and the pressures are much higher. “People who work within the charity sector, as aid workers or nursing staff, also have to deal with a job that is emotionally draining, so there are many reasons why certain professions are more vulnerable to this problem.” The National Labour Force Work Survey also suggests more women than men are affected, though this can be partly explained by women having “a greater likelihood” of disclosing their mental health problems. “Sadly, mental health is still seen as a weakness and men can fall into that way of thinking. They are often told to “man up”, rather than admitting work is making them feel ill.” Stress can manifest itself as anxiety, panic attacks and addiction,

as well as physical conditions, including high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia. “It’s a relatively common consultation for me to see someone coming in and saying they feel ill all the time,” Cannon tells me. “But once you unpick what is really going on - that they are not sleeping as well as they should be, working too hard, not exercising

“BEING ON SOCIAL MEDIA TOO FREQUENTLY CAN DAMAGE OUR REAL-LIFE RELATIONSHIPS AND ADD TO A SENSE OF LONELINESS or eating well, or having the time to relax – then it becomes obvious their immune system is suffering as a result of stress, rather than any underlying physical problem.” While Cannon believes medication can certainly help alleviate the problem, she always advises her patients to try and look after themselves better, eat well and have time to relax. Part of the book outlines practical ways to alleviate issues at work, including taking time off or seeking legal advice, as well as building resilience to help cope with similar situations again in the future. Turning off from phones and emails after work hours is another practical way to help reduce stress. “Twenty years ago you could walk out of the office and not be expected to continue working, whereas now we are available all

the time, 24 hours a day, because of smart phones and emails. “Just a few months ago, France recognised this problem and gave workers the right to disconnect. “So there was an acknowledgment workers have the right to feel they don’t need to be connected all the time.” While it sounds simple enough, talking through your problems with friends and family can prove the most effective remedy of all. “Being on social media too frequently can actually damage our real-life relationships and add to a sense of loneliness,” adds Cannon. “Taking the time to have proper conversations and connecting with family and friends isn’t just something that makes us feel better – it’s actually hugely important to our overall sense of mental well-being.”  Is Your Job Making You Ill? by Dr Ellie Cannon, £14.99 (paperback) is available now



Jewish News 8 February 2018

Lifestyle / 100 years of empowerment

Celebrating a century of inspiring Jewish women One hundred years ago this week, women scored their first victory towards achieving equality. The Representation of the People Act added 8.5 million women to the electoral roll, who were eligible to vote for the first time in the 1918 general election. Over the next decade, the first female MP was elected to Parliament and by1928 the vote was extended so that all women over 21 were eligible. In celebration of empowered women, Francine Wolfisz pays tribute to 10 Jewish females who helped change the world in the last 100 years... ANNE FRANK Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank, born in Frankfurt, Germany, on 12 June, 1929, is the author of one of the most widely read accounts of the Holocaust and a symbol for the lost promise of more than one million Jewish children who died at the hands of the Nazis. After fleeing to Amsterdam when Hitler came to power, by 1942 she was forced into hiding and spent the next two years writing in her diary. She and her family were sent to Bergen-Belsen in 1944, where Anne, aged just 15, died from typhus. Today her diary has been translated into more than 60 languages.

ROSALIND FRANKLIN English chemist and X-ray crystallographer Rosalind Elsie Franklin was instrumental to discovering the double helix structure of DNA – but her contribution to this field was only recognised posthumously. Born to a prominent British-Jewish family, she is best known for her X-ray diffraction images of DNA, particularly Photograph 51, which inspired a West End play starring Nicole Kidman as Franklin. She died in 1958, aged 37, of ovarian cancer.

GOLDA MEIR Israel’s first (and to this day only) female Prime Minister, Gold Meir was known as the “Iron Lady” of Israeli politics well before the same term was applied to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. David Ben-Gurion, under whom she previously served as foreign minister, described her as his “best man in the government”. During her tenure, she met with world leaders to promote her vision of peace in the Middle East and in the wake of the Munich massacre of 1972, she ordered Mossad to hunt down and assassinate the suspected terrorists. She resigned in 1974, following the Yom Kippur War and died four years later, aged 80, of lymphatic cancer.

BARBRA STREISAND In a career spanning six decades, Barbra Streisand, 75, is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress and filmmaker. She is among a handful of entertainers who have been honoured with an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award and is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, with more than 150 million albums and singles sold worldwide. With the release of Yentl in 1983, Streisand became the first woman to write, produce, direct and star in a major studio film. She won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, becoming the first (and to date only) woman to win that award.

8 February 2018 Jewish News



100 years of empowerment / Lifestyle RUTH BADER GINSBERG Born in Brooklyn, New York, to Russian-Jewish immigrants, Bader Ginsberg, 84, is the first Jewish woman (and only the second woman) appointed to the United States Supreme Court. She was a wife and mother before starting Harvard law school, where she was one of the few women in her class, and transferred to Columbia Law School, where she graduated tied for first in her class. Bader Ginsburg has spent much of her legal career advancing gender equality and women’s rights.

DOROTHY LEVITT Born into a prosperous Sephardi family in London, Dorothy Levitt became the first British woman racing driver and holder of the world’s first water speed record, earning her the soubriquet, The Fastest Girl On Earth. A pioneer of female motoring, she also taught Queen Alexandra how to drive and invented the rear view mirror before it was introduced by manufacturers in 1914. She died in 1922 aged 40.

SHERYL SANDBERG American tech executive Sheryl Sandberg, 48, is the chief operating officer of Facebook and founder of the Lean In Foundation. She is also the first woman to serve on Facebook’s board. Prior to this position, she served as vice president of global online sales and operations at Google. Her 2013 book, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, addresses issues with the lack of women in government and business leadership positions and has sold more than two million copies worldwide.

HELENA RUBENSTEIN Entrepreneur Helena Rubinstein was the founder of her eponymous cosmetics company, which made her one of the world’s richest women. The eldest of eight daughters born to Polish Jews, Helena emigrated to Australia in 1902 with no money and little English. However, she soon found a market for her jars of beauty cream, made with lanolin, or wool wax, which she found in abundance in her adopted country. Combining the cream with lavender, pine bark and water lilies, the jars were soon flying off the shelves. Within just a few years, she opened shops throughout Australia and then London, Paris and New York, making her brand one of the world’s first global cosmetics companies. She died in 1965, aged 92.

BETTY FRIEDAN Activist Betty Friedan was a leading figure in the women’s movement in the US and author of the seminal 1963 book, The Feminine Mystique. She cofounded and was elected the first president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), which fought for women’s rights and later the National Women’s Political Caucus. She died in 2006 aged 85.

DEBORAH LIPSTADT American historian Deborah Lipstadt, 70, is best known as the author of Denying The Holocaust. It was a book she was later forced to defend in the British courts, alongside proving Hitler’s genocidal murder of six million Jews, when she was sued by David Irving for describing him as a holocaust denier. The legal battle was regarded as so significant that the Israeli government released Adolf Eichmann’s journals to help her case. After five years, the Royal High Court of Justice ruled in favour of Lipstadt in April 2000, prompting her to exclaim: “History has had its day in court and scored a crushing victory.”


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Lifestyle / Travel

The charm of China


n my recent visit to Shanghai, there were many things that left me smiling. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease and safety of the underground, the honesty in restaurants when women left behind their handbags while going to the buffet, the expected air pollution that thankfully never appeared – and the moreish taste of red date yogurt. Yet my favourite experience in China’s largest city – which is the most populous city in the world – was a Jewish tour led by Israeliborn journalist Dvir Bar-Gal. I was lucky to get a place in the group. Bar-Gal seems like a busy man, but we did meet and it seemed appropriate the chosen location was at the Fairmont Peace Hotel, the glamorous art deco masterpiece where the rich and famous have gathered for years, and which underwent a renovation in 2010. The surprise was learning that the place owes its existence to the Sassoons, a wealthy Iraqi-Jewish family. It was David Sassoon’s son, Elias, who first left their Bombay base in 1844 to trade in China and it was grandson Victor who founded what was then The Cathay Hotel, living in the penthouse floors. Famous guests include Charlie Chaplin, Bernard Shaw and Noel Coward - who here completed his play, Private Lives. After exploring some of the beautiful rooms and hearing that Victor at one time owned more than 1,800 properties in Shanghai, we walked to the very heart of Shanghai, The Bund, which consists of dozens of beautiful historical buildings lining the Huangpu River. It was there with a backdrop of boats, eager tourists and, just over the water, the Pudong

Lucy Daltroff travels to Shanghai and discovers the very Jewish roots of the world’s most populous city

district’s futuristic skyline that we learned Jewish settlers came to Shanghai in three waves and this, the first tranche, consisted mainly of Sephardic Jews. They also included a branch of the philanthropic Kadoorie family from Baghdad, who

Shabbat Shalom from Shanghai! a kosher shop, pre-school, Sunday Hebrew Despite travelling to China for 30 years, classes even a mikveh. I have only just discovered the full extent The community imports beef from of the Jewish community in Shanghai, Uruguay, chicken from Beijing and lamb writes Peter Harris. from Mongolia. In fact, a supply arrived from On a previous visit, I met Kevin Whyte, Mongolia while we were there to provide the a Jewish businessman living in Shanghai Jewish community with lamb for a year. and warden at one of the three Chabad Other Jewish community centres operate synagogues in the city. He invited my son in Hong Kong, Kowloon, Beijing, Chengdu, and I to join him for Friday night dinner the Yiwu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Ningbo. next time we were in town. If you are on holiday in Shanghai, visit After candle-lighting and synagogue The Bund, the old colonial area, and all service, we sat down to enjoy a five-course the other places of interest, but don’t miss Shabbat meal in their restaurant. There were more than 50 of us, thousands of miles Friday night with the Shanghai Jewish Hongqiao community. away from home, sitting down to dinner from all walks of life and varied Jewish For more information, visit chinajewish.org backgrounds and observance. There were visitors from Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Canada, France and Israel. Rabbi Shalom Greenberg came to Shanghai 18 years ago with his wife, and enthused the crowd with plenty of singing and clapping. The atmosphere was joyous. Aside from providing services, the Shanghai Jewish Centre has a restaurant, Brian Harris, Kevin Whyte, Rabbi Greenberg and Peter Harris

tive wrought-iron Star of David on a front door, built another famous hotel, The Peninsula. but of course the good news is that nearly all of Between them all they set up many of the the residents survived the war. city’s landmark buildings, including Sassoon Following the war, and with the founding House, the Metropole Hotel, and the Embankof the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the ment Building, enabling the Bund to develop community dwindled, with many emigrating into the major financial centre of East Asia. to Israel, the United States, Australia and Later, Silas Hardoon, also from Baghdad, Hong Kong. Today the Jewish community was responsible for constructing the main numbers approximately 2,000. shopping street, The Nanking Road. Arriving back to my hotel, there was just time Suddenly I began to see the largest city in to regather my strength to visit the Shanghai China through a quite unexpected Jewish lens. World Financial Centre and get a panoramic In the 1920s, Russian Jews fleeing the view of China’s biggest and richest city. A city pogroms began to arrive, and the community that hugely benefited from its Jewish citizens increased further in 1938 to 30,000, with arrivals and which did much to save their lives. from Germany, Austria and, later, Poland, as Jews escaped Nazi persecution. The next stop on our Jewish tour was to the north of the city, to the Hongkou district. During the war, the Japanese occupying forces interned the population and relocated them to the ‘Restricted Sector for Stateless Refugees’ in an overcrowded square mile. American-Jewish charities and local families aided them with shelter, food, and clothing. It was sobering to visit the tiny tenements in what is still one of the poorest areas of the city, and even to see a decora- Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, formerly Ohel Moshe Synagogue

LUCY’S TRAVEL TIPS Lucy stayed at the Dorsett Hotel, Shanghai, dorsetthotels.com/shanghai. She was a participant on Dvir Bar-Gal’s tour of Jewish Shanghai, shanghai-jews.com, and visited the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

8 February 2018 Jewish News



Orthodox Judaism


It’s Biblical

Mishpatim BY RABBI ARIEL ABEL Mishpatim – the first statute book of Israel – might sound like heavy reading, but is surprisingly varied, and concise enough not to lose a lay reader’s attention. Starting with Hebrew slaves, the list proceeds through interpersonal conduct and moves on to moral sexual behaviours and duties to God. Areas such as how to behave towards one’s enemy are also looked at. Elements of how to treat terrorists, prisoners in detention and their families fall under this heading; human rights are relevant even to those who have abused others, even ourselves, and those rights emanate from our responsibilities to them. Macro-issues of how to run a humane economy and refrain from abuse of system are treated, followed by sustainable land cultivation and husbandry. It is remarkable that such details are tackled in a desert, but the Israelites were neither ignorant of agriculture, nor planning to stay longer than two years in the desert.

Everything wanted to know about your favourite Torah characters, and the ones you’ve never heard of...


The statute roll concludes with a reminder that Hebrew practices are not merely a cultural phenomenon, but part of code of loyalty to one God. Setting the statutes into practice is achieved by calendarising festivals, and they are summarised near the end of this week’s reading. God then sends an angel to guard the Israelites. Perhaps with so many social and legal practices to integrate, the Israelites cannot devote all their time to watching out for themselves and need some help against their enemies. The last section relates how the young Israelites celebrated the Sinai revelation, fully viewing God’s presence. Thereafter, Moshe ascended Sinai and remained there 40 days and nights. But the celebratory ending is a lining at the edge of a dark cloud that presages the cult of the Golden Calf.

 Ariel Abel is chaplain to HM Forces and rabbi of Liverpool Princes Road Synagogue



“I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of Hashem, that he shall return the heart of the fathers to their children, and the heart of the children to their fathers…” (Malachi Chapter 3). Elijah the prophet (pictured) is widely assumed to be an incarnation of Pinchas, the grandson of Aaron, who took dramatic steps to prevent widespread licentiousness among the children of Israel. In his day, Elijah took a similar stand against the wicked King Ahab (husband of Jezebel) and earned fame for his successful showdown against the false prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel. He stands up for what he believes to be right, often at great personal cost. His presence is ubiquitous in Jewish history and rabbinic

literature and is unique in Jewish consciousness in that his death is not recorded as such; rather he is described as ascending to Heaven in a chariot of fire. The Maharal of Prague explains that since he departed this world without dying, he is able to reappear in later generations — this is because his mission transcends

the barriers of time. Stationed in Gan Eden, which means the garden of time, or timelessness, he can journey through different eras in history with access to all times. His immortality suggests that his mission, as well as ours, has not yet been fulfilled. Elijah, being the harbinger of the redemption, has an honoured place at the Seder. Following grace after meals we open the door in the hope that he will come and inform us of the final redemption. Before the coming of Mashiach, with the restoration of prophecy, Eliyahu will appear again to help the Jews return to Hashem.  Rabbi Jonny Roodyn is educational director at Jewish Futures Trust


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Open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm (anytime) Saturday 9am to 1pm (by appointment)


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Progressive Judaism

The Bible Says What?

Progressively Speaking

‘God turns people to ash’

Are charities right to return money from the Presidents Club?

BY RABBI PETE TOBIAS An offering in an early Monty Python book was God’s school report. The divinity teacher was not happy with his pupil. He wrote: “Poor. Keeps disputing Biblical facts on the ground that he was ‘misquoted’.” When I first read this, some 50 years ago, I wasn’t terribly impressed with God either. I found his random zapping of hapless humans somewhat unreasonable. An example is in Leviticus chapter 10 when Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, commit what seems like a relatively minor crime of entering the Tent of Meeting, but are reduced to ash by an outburst of God’s temper. But look at where and when this part of the Torah was written down and things become clearer. Solomon had just died and the kingdoms of Judah and Israel had separated. Jeroboam was the first ruler of the Jerusalem-less kingdom of Israel, and said to be at “constant war with the house of Judah”. Jeroboam even set up a shrine at Beth El

to prevent his subjects going to the Temple in Jerusalem, part of Judah, and brought in some renegade Aaronide priests to minister there. Jeroboam’s sons were Nadab and Abijah. Those names are remarkably similar to the two sons of Aaron who got zapped in the wilderness. Coincidence? Of course not. You see, God didn’t write that Aaron’s sons were zapped. Those words came from a scribe in Judah trying to discredit the hated Jeroboam. Indeed, I’m pretty sure these two didn’t exist as Aaron’s sons at all... just Jeroboam’s. A Biblical audience hearing that two people with those names went into the presence of God would know just who they were and what the outcome would be. The Torah is full of vengeful authors having their enemies bumped off by divine wrath. Poor God. He does indeed have every right to claim He was misquoted.  Pete Tobias is rabbi at the Liberal Synagogue Elstree

BY DEBORAH BLAUSTEN For generations Jews and scholars have grappled with the question of how to treat good things that come to us from problematic places. An example discussed in the Talmud (Moed Katan 17a) is the question of whether you can learn Torah from a wayward or disgraced sage. The Gemara concludes that this is not possible, even if his Torah is needed. Though the truth of the teaching is not questioned, the rabbis are concerned about giving legitimacy to improper conduct. They perceived accepting Torah from a sinner as some kind of endorsement and worried about the future influence this scholar might have on the behaviour of their students. The concern motivating charities who have returned donations from the Presidents Club appears to be similar. They do not wish to be seen to endorse the behaviour that

is reported to have occurred at the events that raised the money, and are concerned about legitimising further actions of this kind. Should they return the money? Jewish teaching appears to suggest that this depends on what the charities knew when they received the money. The Orthodox halachic authority Rav Moshe Feinstein taught that in the case of a Torah written by a heretic, the scroll could be used if it was written before the writer sinned. This is an important idea because it suggests that if the community acquired the scroll in good faith, and

before a transgression had occurred or was known of, then they can use it. This is a helpful guide for approaching the question of how charities should act now. If charities acquired the money knowing what happened at the event, then taking that money constitutes endorsement of the kind that the Jewish teaching explicitly prohibits. If charities received the money in good faith, before the terrible behaviour at the event was exposed, without knowledge of previous claims but having done appropriate due diligence, then they should not need to return it. Just as learning from a wayward scholar doesn’t redeem that scholar, none of this changes the status of the acts that occurred at the event. The dinner remains a problem, but charities acting in good faith should not suffer from the sins of others.  Deborah Blausten is a rabbinic student at Leo Baeck College

Glorious food contemporary turkish cuisine whetstone 020 8445 2196

edgware 020 8951 4460

hatch end 020 8421 1525

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Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts

Ask our

Struggling to hear the TV? Missing out on family conversations? Hearing just not what it used to be?

Our trusty team of advisers answer your questions about everything from law and finance to dating and dentistry. This week: Making aliyah, dealing with a flood, and investing in jewellery and diamond courses

We have the technology to make a difference.


JEWISH AGENCY Dear Sharon I’m a 27-year-old single man looking to make aliyah to a kibbutz, where I can get acclimatised to life in Israel – a place where I can focus on learning the language and culture without the stress of finding a job and renting an apartment. I’m observant and affiliated with the Modern Orthodox movement so a setting with kosher food, Shabbat accommodations and so on is important. How do you suggest I go about applying to live on a kibbutz for the first couple of years after making aliyah? Max


HPS Dear Howard Unfortunately we have had a catastrophic flood in our home. A water tank in the attic burst and flooded the two floors underneath. Carpets and walls are completely drenched and the ceiling in the living room has collapsed. This is a terraced house, probably around 100 years old.

It’s the family home and we’re absolutely devastated. I have contacted our insurers, who are delaying a date to view the damage. In the meantime, I’ve found other accommodation for our family until the house has been refurbished. I’m very much hoping that the repairs will be covered by the insurers, but what other aspects are there that I should consider? James Dear James My recommendation would be to ensure that the source of the leak is cut off and that you remove all wet or damp coverings, such as carpets

Dear Max Way to go on your well-thought out plan for a successful aliyah! The Jewish Agency runs a network of absorption and Ulpan programmes to serve the span of Jews and family structures that make aliyah. There are kibbutz programmes specifically geared for singles and/or married couples without children that would suit you well. On these kibbutzim, olim can live and learn about the culture, land and language of Israel over the course of six months. It’s considered an intensive and effective way to adapt to life in Israel. In addition, you could enter a kibbutz setting later on in your aliyah process, but getting a spot is not guaranteed. I’d be happy to discuss with you absorption options in a city setting, which some find best suits their single lifestyle. For details, or to set up a consultation, call me on 020 8371 5258 or email sharong@jafi.org

and curtains, as much as possible. If you have not done so already, hire some dehumidifiers from a tool hire company and install them in all the affected rooms. This will help the rooms to dry out quicker and mean that your building contractor will be able to start the repairs earlier. Your house needs to be dry before your builder can start the repairs. Don’t forget to keep all your receipts to give to the insurance company at a later date. If you need any extra help, please feel free to contact me and we can arrange a visit.


JEWELLERY CAVE LTD Dear Jonathan I’m probably the youngest person to ask you a question. I had a fantastic barmitzvah last month and was fortunate to get quite a bit of money as presents. I‘d like to invest in something sensible to have some cash for when I’m older.

jewish deaf association

Get the very best of life

Margot Katz had no family but she had KKL Margot Katz fled Germany in 1936, leaving her family behind. Margot never married, and was without family in her later years. When she passed away KKL administered her Estate, made burial arrangements and said kaddish for her. Since 1948, KKL’s dedicated team have been providing caring and professional Wills and Estate Planning services, which are free* of charge when you leave a Legacy to support JNF UK’s vital work in Israel. We’re here. Just call and we’ll come to you.

0800 358 3587 wills@kkl.org.uk *Terms and conditions apply. KKL Executor and Trustee Company Ltd (a Company registered in England No. 453042), is a subsidiary of JNF Charitable Trust (Charity No. 225910) and a registered Trust Corporation (authorised capital £250,000).

My second question is that I also have a fascination with diamonds and would really like to learn about them. Please can you help? Nathan Dear Nathan For sure you are the youngest person ever to ask me a question. I always recommend people to buy gold sovereigns or Brittanias, as they are exempt from capital gains tax, and easy to store. This means that when you are much older, say in 40 years time, you will not have to pay any tax on the profit. Additionally, a gold

sovereign today is approx £220, and probably in 40 years’ time a sovereign will be £1,000. So this way your asset should appreciate very nicely, and you won’t be penalised by the government for tax on your hopeful large profit. I hope you like my recommendation, and if you would like to come in, we have good stocks of gold sovereigns. To your second question concerning wanting to learn about diamonds, I would suggest that one day you apply to the GIA and undertake one of its fantastic courses. After having done this course, your diamond knowledge will be second to none.



Jewish News 8 February 2018

Ask Our Experts / Professional advice from our panel

Our Experts Do you have a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@thejngroup.com CHARITY EXECUTIVE



NEIL POOLE MBA DipPFS Qualifications: • Experienced in providing comprehensive wealth planning services to individuals, couples, families, trustees and businesses • Retirement planning and pension review • Family wealth preservation • Financial risk identification and mitigation

CAROLYN COHEN Qualifications: • Supports couples dealing with infertility and reproductive health. • Strictly confidential helpline. • Specialist medical support and information. • Counselling for individuals and couples and educational events. • Expert medical advisory panel.

NEIL POOLE 07710 757 503 www.neilpoole.com neil.poole@sjpp.co.uk

CHANA 020 8203 8455 Helpline: 020 8201 5774 / 020 8800 0018 www.chana.org.uk info@chana.org.uk



ELAINE KERR Qualifications: • Able to draw on the expertise of Norwood’s professional staff team, including social workers, educational psychologists, drug and alcohol specialists, speech & language and occupational therapists, teachers, psychologists, benefit advisers. • Expertise in services available for children and their families and young people with special educational needs, and adults with learning disabilities.

TREVOR GEE Qualifications: •Managing director, consultants in affordable family and corporate health insurance. • Specialise in maximising cover, lowering premiums and pre-existing conditions. • Excellent knowledge of health insurers, cover levels and hospital lists. • Board member UK International Health Management Ass • LLB, solicitor finals, FCA Regulated 773729.

SHANTI PANCHANI Qualifications: • Experienced Designer with more than 25 years’ experience in German and English kitchens and have supplied kosher-friendly kitchens for more than 10 years • We provide a full circle approach from designing, supplying and installing your new kitchen including appliances and speciality worktops. • We deal with suppliers who are flexible in design.

NORWOOD 020 8809 8809 www.norwood.org.uk elaine.kerr@norwood.org.uk

PATIENT HEALTH 020 3146 3444/5/6 www.patienthealth.co.uk trevor.gee@patienthealth.co.uk

THE HOME CONSULTANCY 07738 067671 www.thehomeconsultancy.com shanti@thehomeconsultancy.com



MAXI ROSE Qualifications: • MD at RCUK since 1999. Grown the business into three substantial UK branches serving clients worldwide – USA, Europe & Middle East. • Telecoms specialist in business & consumer mobile solutions, landline and broadband services and Ofcom Telecoms registered reseller. • Successfully established the RCUK International Travel

STEVE WAYNE Qualifications: • Owner of Benjamin Stevens established in 2004 with offices in Edgware and Bushey and dealing with all surrounding areas. • Specialist in buy 2 let investments and managing lettings portfolios. • Deals with residential sales locally and an expert on all things property in North West London. • Partner at Frederick George & Co

SUE CIPIN Qualifications: • 18 years’ hands-on experience, leading JDA in significant growth and development. • Deep understanding of the impact of deafness on people at all stages of life, and their families. • Practical and emotional support for families of deaf children. • Extensive services for people affected by hearing loss/tinnitus.

RCUK 020 8815 4115 www.rcuk.biz maxi@rcuk.biz

BENJAMIN STEVENS ESTATE AGENTS 020 8950 7777 www.benjaminstevens.co.uk Steve@benjaminstevens.co.uk

JEWISH DEAF ASSOCIATION 020 8446 0502 info@jewishdeaf.org.uk www.jewishdeaf.org.uk





JONATHAN WILLIAMS Qualifications: • Jewellery manufacturer since 1980s. • Expert in the manufacture and supply of diamond jewellery, wedding rings and general jewellery. • Specialist in supply of diamonds to the public at trade prices.

DAVID SEGEL Qualifications: • Managing director of West End Travel, established in 1972. • Leading UK El Al agent with branches in Swiss Cottage and Edgware. • Specialist in Israel travel, cruises and kosher holidays. • Leading business travel company, ranked in top 50 UK agents. • Frequent travel broadcaster on radio and TV.

CARL WOOLF Qualifications: • 20+ years experience as a criminal defence solicitor and higher court advocate. • Specialising in all aspects of criminal law including murder, drug offences, fraud and money laundering, offences of violence, sexual offences and all aspects of road traffic law. • Visiting associate professor at Brunel University.

JEWELLERY CAVE LTD 020 8446 8538 www.jewellerycave.co.uk jonathan@jewellerycave.co.uk

WEST END TRAVEL 020 7644 1500 www.westendtravel.co.uk David.Segel@westendtravel.co.uk

NOBLE SOLICITORS 01582 544 370 carl.woolf@noblesolicitors.co.uk




CAROLYN ADDLEMAN Qualifications: Lawyer with more than 15 years’ experience in will drafting and trust and estate administration, eight years at KKL Executor and Trustee Company. Keeps in close contact with clients to ensure all legal and pastoral needs are cared for. Member of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

STEPHEN MORRIS Qualifications: • Managing Director of Stephen Morris Shipping Ltd. • 45 years’ experience in shipping household and personal effects. • Chosen mover for four royal families and three UK prime ministers. • Offering proven quality specialist advice for moving anyone across the world or round the corner.

LOUISE LEACH Qualifications: • Professional choreographer qualified in dance, drama and Zumba (ZIN, ISTD & LAMDA), gaining an honours degree at Birmingham University. • Former contestant on ITV’s Popstars, reaching bootcamp with Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw and Kym Marsh. • Set up Dancing with Louise 10 years ago.

KKL EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE COMPANY 0800 358 3587 www.kkl.org.uk wills@kkl.org.uk

STEPHEN MORRIS SHIPPING LTD 020 8832 2222 www.shipsms.co.uk stephen@shipsms.co.uk

DANCING WITH LOUISE 020 8203 5242 www.dancingwithlouise.co.uk louise@dancingwithlouise.co.uk

• •

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Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts




MELVYN SOBELL Qualifications: • Chartered accountant FCA. • Accounting, taxation and business advisory services. • Specialises in forensic accounting. • CEDR accredited mediator. • Expert witness advice for all financial matters.

EWA KOZLOWSKA MSHAA Qualifications: • Fully qualified, HCPC registered, Hearing Aid Audiologist. • Specialist in hearing healthcare including tinnitus management and wax removal. • Fully understands the impact of hearing loss and will work with you to find the best solution for your unique hearing needs and lifestyle.

IAN GREEN Qualifications: • Launched Man on a Bike IT consultancy 15 years ago to provide computer support for the home and small businesses. • Clients range from legal firms in the City to families, small business owners and synagogues. • More than 18 years’ experience.

SOBELL RHODES 020 8429 8800 www.sobellrhodes.co.uk m.sobell@sobellrhodes.co.uk

BLOOM HEARING SPECIALISTS 020 8869 9999 www.bloomhearing.co.uk pinner@bloomhearing.co.uk

MAN ON A BIKE 020 8731 6171 www.manonabike.co.uk mail@manonabike.co.uk




DOV NEWMARK Qualifications: • Director of UK Aliyah for Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organisation that helps facilitate aliyah from the UK. • Conducts monthly seminars and personal aliyah meetings in London. • An expert in working together with clients to help plan a successful aliyah.

BAYLA PERRIN Qualifications: • Free professional service delivering immediate practical help with domestic administrative matters, assisting those alone and in crisis. • Providing workable solutions for debt management, budgeting, bills, utilities, insurance, welfare & benefits, form filling, financial correspondence, bureaucracy and divorce procedures. Cross communal and throughout London.

HOWARD GOLD Qualifications: • Member of the Federation of Master Builders. • Member of the Consumer Protection Association offering an underwritten insurance backed guarantee of 5 years on all projects. • Providing a tailored end-to-end property service for residential property clients in north and north-west London. Focusing on a quality service.

NEFESH B’NEFESH 0800 075 7200 www.nbn.org.il dov@nbn.org.il

THE PAPERWEIGHT TRUST 020 8455 4996 www.paperweighttrust.com info@paperweighttrust.com

HPS 077 1005 7233 / 020 8457 1320 wwww.hpsuk.com howard@hpsuk.com



ANDREW MILLER QC Qualifications: • Mediator with more than 25 years of experience of using mediation to economically resolve commercial disputes. • Queen’s Counsel (Barrister) with 25+ years legal experience of conducting commercial cases. • Providing a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to the court litigation process.

HAZEL KAYE Qualifications: • Able to draw on the charity’s 45+ years of experience in providing specialist accommodation designed to enable independence. • Knowledge of the features and innovations that can empower people to undertake everyday tasks and awareness of relevant grants and benefits available. • Understands the impact of a diagnosis of disability.

AMQC MEDIATION @ 2TG 020 7822 1260 www.2tg.co.uk amqc@2tg.co.uk

JEWISH BLIND & DISABLED 020 8371 6611 www.jbd.org hazel@jbd.org



SHARON GLASSMAN Qualifications: Born and raised in Israel. Worked in the private sector. 15 years experience with new olim while working for the government. Vast knowledge of the Israeli business and labour market.

• • • •

CLAIRE STRAUS Qualifications: • Provides free professional one-to-one advice at Resource to help unemployed into work. • Offers practical support, workshops and networking opportunities to maximise job prospects. • Career coach with MSc in Career Management and Coaching with a background in human resources and general management and experience of private, public and voluntary sectors.

THE JEWISH AGENCY FOR ISRAEL 020 8371 5258 www.jewishagency.org sharong@jafi.org

RESOURCE THE JEWISH EMPLOYMENT ADVICE CENTRE 020 8346 4000 www.resource-centre.org office@resource-centre.org



REBEKAH GERSHUNY Qualifications: Member of Resolution, Law Society Accredited and registered with the Family Mediation Council. Collaborative family lawyer, with more than 20 years’ experience and founder of family mediation practice, Evolve Family Mediation. Promotes a constructive and non-confrontational approach.

NICKI BONES Qualifications: • Registered mental health nurse with more than 30 years’ experience in areas supporting people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. • Founding member of SweetTree Home Care Services. • Proudly leads SweetTree team to the forefront of home care and specialist services delivery.

FREEMANS SOLICITORS 020 7935 3522 www.freemanssolicitors.net rg@freemanssolicitors.net

SWEETTREE HOME CARE SERVICES 020 7644 9554 www.sweettree.co.uk info@sweettree.co.uk

• •


Email: sales@thejngroup.com Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@thejngroup.com

The Resource to help you back into work Free support, learning and opportunities to help you find your feet in today’s job market

Helping the community into employment

www.resource-centre.org  020 8346 4000



Jewish News 8 February 2018


Ever thought of a career EYFS / Key Stage 1 Limudei Kodesh Teacher MPS/UPS Required for September 2018

in the Media sector?

APL Media Limited is one of the UK’s leading Content Media Groups based at Highgate Studios in Kentish Town. We are seeking to recruit high-flying individuals who will join our exuberant friendly and successful sales team.

Yavneh Primary School, on the site of Yavneh College is a two-form entry school which opened in September 2016 with our first Reception cohort. We are seeking a highly motivated, exceptional, talented Key Stage 1 teacher who wants to make a substantive, positive impact in our brand new school. This is a unique opportunity for an individual who is creative and has the skills and drive to start something from scratch and really make their mark. To request an information pack contact: admin@yavnehprimary.org or 020 8736 5580 Visits to the school are welcomed and encouraged. Closing date for applications: Friday 2nd March 2017 We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. Successful candidates will be subject to an enhanced DBS check.

Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue is an established flagship, modern orthodox community with 500 youth between the ages of 11 and 18. We are seeking to recruit two dynamic Youth Directors who will provide a range of religious, cultural and social activities for the youth of our synagogue. Responsibilities will include organising and running youth services on Shabbat and Festivals, planning innovative and inspirational programmes throughout the year and to nurture the youth to be leaders of the next generation. Applicants should have proven experience in youth leadership, leadershi including working successfully with affiliated and non-affiliated youth. You should have the ability to plan events from conception through to execution, plenty of initiative, good organisational, administrative and communication skills as well as demonstrating a passion for Judaism and the desire to help nurture that energy in others.

Your key role will be to sell advertising and marketing opportunities across a wide range of award winning publications, content projects, events and digital platforms You will experience a full induction and training programme and the ideal candidate must be able to demonstrate enthusiasm, integrity and confidence and have the desire to be successful and develop a successful career path. There will be a basic salary + fantastic uncapped commission + bonus with OTE of £45-£70k+ pa, and an opportunity to travel regularly overseas.

If you think you have what it takes and would like to be considered for an interview please call: Anthony Leyens – CEO on 0207 253 9909 anthony@aplmedia.co.uk www.aplmedia.co.uk

South Hampstead, NW3 5SU Fundraising Administrator/Coordinator £25,000 pa Hours – 35 per week (Mon – Fri)

South Hampstead Synagogue is seeking a Fundraising Administrator/Coordinator to work as part of South Hampstead’s Fundraising team. This will include providing vital support to the team in all aspects of their job including planning and execution of all fundraising and other events. The successful person will have substantial administrative and customer relations experience, exceptional organisational and planning skills, excellent communication & interpersonal skills, have the ability to develop effective working relationships with a wide range of contacts at all levels; including high value donors, be able to deliver results under pressure to tight deadlines and have strong IT skills.

Closing date for receipt of applications – 23rd February 2018

Closing date for receipt of applications – 21st February 2018

To view the job description and apply for this position, please log on to our website www.theus.org.uk/vacancies

To view the job description and apply for this position, please log on to our website www.theus.org.uk/vacancies

United Synagogue Registered Charity No. 242552

8 February 2018 Jewish News



Win a suit from Dobell / Fun, games and prizes

WIN A FABULOUS MEN’S SUIT FROM DOBELL, WORTH £200! for every occasion – whether it’s for Jewish News and Dobell have teamed the office, black tie event or even your up to offer one lucky reader the chance own wedding. to win a suit, shirt, pair of shoes and With a number of fits, tie from Dobell’s extensive range, worth £200! ENTER including slim, skinny, regular and tailored availWhat better way to beat ONLINE: able across many of their the January blues than to win jewishnews.co.uk suits, you are guaranteed to yourself a brand new suit from Closing date 22 Febuary 2018 find something to suit your Dobell menswear? needs and body shape. Leading online men’s formalThe lucky winner can wear retailer, Dobell, is offering one choose a suit, shirt, pair of shoes and tie lucky winner the chance to win a brand or bow tie, from Dobell’s popular own new Dobell suit of their choice from brand range up to the value of £200, their extensive range at dobell.co.uk so you really will be suited and booted As specialists in the formal wear from head to toe and ready for 2018. sector, Dobell has a vast variety of suits

TO BE IN WITH A CHANCE OF WINNING, ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: What is Cockney rhyming slang for “suit”? A: Apples and Pears B: Whistle and Flute C: Dog and Bone

Jewish News caption of the week!








7 8




12 13


15 16




Just for fun, “like” our Facebook page, add your own suggestion for the most hilarious caption and make us laugh!

9 Unprocessed metal (3) 10 Journal (5,5) 13 Fishy term for a misleading clue in a mystery story (3,7)

Last issue’s solutions ACROSS: 1 Cosmo 4 Brass 7 Bra 8 Lobelia 9 Omen 10 Used 13 Gut 15 Euro 16 Apes 19 Defrost 21 Buy 22 Pixie 23 Notch DOWN: 1 Cube 2 Stammer 3 Oblong 4 Baby 5 Ail 6 Shandy 11 Sherbet 12 Send up 14 Tartan 17 Lone 18 Myth 20 Fox

See next issue for solution.


All puzzles © Puzzler Media Ltd - www.puzzler.com


By Paul Solomons


ACROSS 1 Listen, pay attention (4) 3 Novel piece of equipment (6) 8 Herb similar to sweet cicely (7)


17 Expanse of water (3) 18 Distinctly, with clarity (7) 19 Covered with perspiration (6) 20 Acquires (4) DOWN 1 Put in pawn (4) 2 Sports stadium (5) 4 ___ Quiet on the Western Front, war novel (3) 5 Bunch (5) 6 Hypothesis or conjecture (6) 7 Grow slowly (6) 11 Package (6) 12 Crucial time (6) 14 Male duck (5) 15 Cool self‑assurance (5) 16 Looks at (4) 18 The First ___ Is the Deepest, No. 1 hit for Rod Stewart in 1977 (3)

One winner will receive a suit jacket, trousers, shirt, shoes and tie or bow tie from Dobell’s extensive range, of their choice, up to the value of £200. Prize is as stated, is not transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or exchange in whole or in part for cash. By supplying your email address, you agree to receive marketing information from the JN Media Group or any of its affiliates and carefully selected third parties. The promotion excludes employees of Miroma and the promoter, their immediate families, their agents or anyone professionally connected to the relevant promotion. Proof of eligibility must be provided on request. Normal T&Cs apply and can be found at jewishnews.co.uk/ about-us/promotions-terms-and-conditions. For full Ts and Cs, see jewishnews.co.uk. CLOSING DATE: 22 February 2018


Jewish News 8 February 2018

Business Services Directory


Carer Auxiliary Nurse


Available to support you in your home. Days/nights. Very reasonable rates.


Top prices paid Antique – Reproduction – Retro Furniture (any condition)

Epstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc. Dining Suites, Lounges Suites, Bookcases, Desks, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lights, etc. House clearances Single items to complete homes CHURCH STREET ANTIQUES - 8 CHURCH STREET NW8 8ED

07866 614 744 (ANYTIME) 0207 723 7415 (SHOP)

Call 0208 958 2939 or 07495 026 168


Cash paid for Mink jackets, coats, boleros, stoles, also fox coats, jackets etc. Wardrobes cleared

Call 01277 352


VERY HIGH PRICES PAID. FREE HOME VISITS. All Antique Hille & Epstein Counselling forFurniture adults & children who are Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Paintings, Porcelain, experiencing loss, Silver, and support groups. Glass, Bronzes, Oriental &Bereavement Judaica Antiques etc. ContactIvories, The Jewish

Full house clearances Counselling Service organised. in confidence


Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems, All Antique Furniture Hille & Epstein new computers and everything else you may need. Diamond Jewellery,&Gold, For small businesses home Silver, users. Paintings, Porcelain,


0800 & 840 2035 or 07956268290 CHARITY WELFARE OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.

Glass, Bronzes, Oriental Judaica Antiques etc. Call Ian Green,Ivories, Man on a Bike & on 020 8731Full 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk house clearances organised. Please look at our website for more details



FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL SUE ON: 0800 840 2035 or 07956268290 ARE YOU BEREAVED?


OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.

Counselling for adults children who are PORTOBELLO RD&LONDON. experiencing loss. Support groups offered. Call The Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service in confidence

For further details and application forms, please contact For confidential information and support don’t forget Jewish Direct. Westlonadvice, Housing Association on 020 8201Care 8484

020 8922 2222


020 8951 3881 • 07765 693 160 17-443-ER Helpline advert v1.qxp_Helpline 85x45mm 24/11/2017 10:02 E: enquiries@jbcs.org.uk


Company Number: 3024499

Jami supports and represents Are you a Jewish woman experiencing domestic violence? people illnessdoacross Withwith abusemental in your home, you worry about your children? the Jewish community. We are here to help #jamithinkahead

020 8922 2222 helpline@jcare.org

with free support, advice and information and confidential counselling.



No further, your



| |boiler boilerrepairs repairsand andinstallation installation| |complete completecentral centralheating heating| | | |power powerflushing flushing| |complete completebathroom bathroominstallation installationservice service| | | |landlords landlordscertificates certificates| |project projectmanagement management| |home homepurchase purchasereports reports| |

All AllNW-London NW-Londonpostcodes postcodescovered covered

07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12

020 8953 2094 office

Not shabbat

Email: gordonstirling65@gmail.com



Home & Maintenance COMPUTER

Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems, new computers and everything else you may need. For small businesses & home users.

Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on

020 8731 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk


07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12


Man on a Bike will get you working fast!

For Forall allyour yourheating heatingand andplumbing plumbingrequirements requirements

020 8207 3286 home 020 8386 8798 hallandrandallplumbers.com


“Better “BetterSafe SafeThan ThanSorry� Sorry�

Hall & Randall Plumbers


Please contact Gordon Stirling 0208 9605401 or 07825224144


Free Confidential National Helpline 0808 801 0500 020 8458 2223 | info@jamiuk.org advice@jwa.org.uk • www.jwa.org.uk Reg Charity No. 1003345 www.jamiuk.org

Home & Maintenance


Best prices paid for complete house clearances including china books, clothing etc. also rubbish clearance service, lofts, sheds, garages etc

A Wi

Give support Get support Get involved Kosher• refuge provision• available for women and children in need.

Charity Reg No. 802559

Established over 60 years. Know who you are dealing with. All quality furniture bought & sold.

We hav warden in Eal warden

For furt Wes

Charity Reg No. 802559

For confidential advice, information and support contact us on

Stirlings of Kensal Green


We have an open waiting list for our friendly and comfortable warden assisted sheltered housing schemes for Jewish people in Ealing, East Finchley and Hendon. We provide 24-hour warden daysWHICH a week; aWAY residents’ lounge and IF YOUsupport, DON’Tseven KNOW TO TURN, kitchen, laundry, a sunny patio and garden.




Sheltered Accommodation

Charitywww.antiquesbuyers.co.uk & Welfare

Charity Number: 1047045



Please look at 020 our website for more details 8951 3881 enquiries@jbcs.org.uk | www.jbcs.org.uk www.antiquesbuyers.co.uk

Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac


Ep Dini D


Man on a Bike will get WE fast! BUY ANTIQUES you working

STUART SHUSTER - e-mail - stuart@churchstreetantiques.net




closed Sunday & Monday






PROFESSIONAL PAINTING, DECORATING & PAPER HANGING Tutorials 20 20 years experience ď ?Over Over years’ 

Friendly, reliable & teaching experience  personal service. ď ? Very DBScompetitive checked rates

Miriam Reich STEPHEN: 07973 342 422 srindsmc@hotmail.com 07971 700 948 reich@ic24.net

POSH TAILORING City and Guilds Elect

types of electrical work u REPAIR &All ALTERATIONS BY PROFESSIONAL TAILOR Rewiring, extra sockets, BT points, Economy 7 EXPERT IN FURS AND MINK SUEDE, storage heaters, Shabbat time switches, securi LEATHER, JACKETS COATSCCTVportable ap LED spotlights, fault &finding, HANDand BAGS landlord tests house buyer’s surveys. GENERAL CLOTHING For an efficient reliable and friendly LOW PRICES AND NEAT WORK Call Harvey Solomons on

020 8458 020 8958 64958306 / 07836 648 554 4 RUSSELL PARADE, GOLDERS GREEN, NW11 9NN

ADVERTISE IN THE UK’S MOST READ JEWISH NEWSPAPER FOR LESS THAN £24 A WEEK! Email Sales today at sales@thejngroup.com

8 February 2018 Jewish News



Business Services Directory CLOTHING




Cash paid for Mink, Fox, Coats, Jackets, Boleros etc. Also wanted, Chanel bags and clothes etc…

01277 352 560


Gary Green Memorials

New memorials Additional inscriptions & renovations

14 Claybury Broadway, Clayhall, Ilford Tel: 020 8551 6866 Fax: 020 8503 9889

Gants Hill

41 Manor Park Crescent, Edgware, Middx Tel: 020 8381 1525 Fax: 020 8381 1535

For a lady to call

12 Beehive Lane Gants Hill, IG1 3RD Telephone

0207 754 4659 0207 754 4646




130 High Street Edgware, HA8 7EL Telephone




Bridge lessons with Harold Schogger FREE TASTERS, BEGINNERS & INTERMEDIATES 2 Free Taster Sessions Tuesday 16th January 2 New Beginners Courses Tuesday 23rd January 2 New Intermediates Courses Monday 22nd January



www.haroldschogger.com T:0208 905 3877

Covering North London Providing: Home care, Live-in, Overnight Care Quality assured, with care plans tailored to suit you according to your wishes.


Our services include: • Preparing meals • Personal care going to bed • Washing/ironing

• Medication prompting • Help getting up or

Classes in Dance, Fitness and Performing Arts

Contact one of our friendly professional team to discuss your needs on Tel: 0203 621 4525 Mob: 0737 604 6049

*School Clubs*Parties*Camps*Shows* 0208 359 1223 / info@dancingwithlouise.com / www.dancingwithlouise.co.uk

info@angelichealthcare.co.uk • www.angelichealthcare.co.uk Angelic Care Recruiting Agency Ltd. North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, New Southgate, N11 1GN


Leave a legacy and create the future leaders of Israel

020 8458 2223 info@jamiuk.org www.jamiuk.org #jamithinkahead

1 in 4 people will experience mental illness.

Youth Aliyah Child Rescue Trojan House, 34 Arcadia Avenue, London N3 2JU t: 020 8371 1580 e: info@youthaliyah.org.uk www.youthaliyah.org.uk

Leave a legacy to Jami to support those with a mental illness across the Jewish community.

Charity No: 1077913

Remember our future Please remember the future of Jewish children by remembering Jewish Child’s Day in your will. It is the legacy that will last a lifetime. To find out more call 020 8446 8804 or email info@jcd.uk.com

Reg Charity No. 1003345 Registered Charity No. 209266

15-040-ER Small legacy advert v3.qxp_Legacy 16/11/2017 08:26 Page 1

HELP US CONTINUE TO BE THERE FOR OUR COMMUNITY WITH A GIFT IN YOUR WILL. Call Alison on 020 8922 2833 for more information or email arubenstein@jcare.org Charity Reg No. 802559

Secure our

Leave the legacy of independence to people like Joel. PLease remember us in your wiLL.

eNABLeD visit www.Jbd.org or caLL 020 8371 6611

Registered Charity No. 259480

children’s future

The British Friends of Reuth

People come to Reuth broken, with no physical and mental independence. The patients need your legacy to help rebuild their lives T: 020 3286 4100 E: info@reuth.org.uk W: www.reuth.org.uk Charity no: 1126124

Please include

CST in your Will

Charity no. 1042391

Every gift makes a difference legacy@cst.org.uk

Legacy advert 84x40.indd 1

020 8457 3700


07/04/2017 14:47



Jewish News 8 February 2018


How did you keep active this week? Send details of what you’ve been up to and forthcoming events to: andrews@thejngroup.com

Spot-on Ellis answers Mincha’s prayers MGBSFL Adam Ellis’ late penalty saw Bayern Mincha win the clash of the top two in Division Two as they extended their lead at the top of the table. His last-gasp spot kick and Nicky Cooper’s equaliser set up a 2-1 win at Mill Hill Dons. Manager Alon Pinhas said: “We went into the second half knowing we had to win to keep alive our title hopes – and that’s what we did!” FC Team were held to a 1-1 draw at Real Hendon, Chaim Gothold scoring for the hosts, while Catford also dropped points, Gab Saul and Jonny Pressman’s goals earning Temple Fortune B a 2-2 draw. Hertswood Vale were 3-1 winners at Straw Hat Pirates, thanks to goals from Josh Wood, Elio Elia and Josh Cohen. Shock result of the day was in the Premier Division where Josh Goldstein’s double and Josh

Bharier’s strike saw Raiders A beat Hendon A 3-0. Two goals each from Joshua Bloom and Jono Gaon saw Lions Blue beat Brady 4-0 . Oakwood A were held to a 2-2 draw by Lions White. Sam Hammerton and Max Misrahi, Josh Cuby and Simon Davies scoring respectively. Division One leaders Faithfold A were held to a 2-2 draw by Redbridge C. Josh Wagner and Ben Shirbini scored for The Greens, but Ben Oldstein and Jason Patmore goals denied them the win. Jake Gilbert’s hat-trick helped Raiders B to a 4-1 win over Oakwood B, David Esterkin also scored. Oli Sade’s double, plus strikes from Avi Kestenbaum, Jake Doffman and Joel Barnett saw Los Blancos to a 5-2 win at Scrabble, while Carl Dobrin and Daniel Gordon scored in Redbridge B’s 2-1 win at Temple Fortune B.

 Full review: jewishnews.co.uk

Adam Ellis scored a late winner for Division Two leaders Bayern Mincha

Raiders cash in thanks to Lee’s double MASTERS Division One leaders North London Raiders extended their lead at the top of the table to seven points as Lee Cash’s (pictured) double helped them to a 6-0 win over Scrabble. Hezi Yechiel, Tony Plaskow, Jonny Blain and Alex Bourne also scored. Brady B pulled off the shock of the day in Division Two as they won their first game of the season – Jon Nesbitt scoring twice in a

2-0 win over St John’s Wood Tigers. The Maccabi Masters Cup got underway at the weekend – and saw Chigwell beat EHRS 11-2. Lloyd Becker scored five, Mark Conway twice, with Scott Warren, Adam Klein, Richard Slater and Rob Donn completing the scoring. London Lions A beat Brady A 3-1, Rob Glass, Bradley Lazarus and Craig Pearl all on target.

8 February 2018 Jewish News




Enjoying a piste of the action

Fundraiser gets top award Finchley triathlete Daryl Seaton has been named the Bloodwise triathlon fundraiser of the year for 2017. The 44-year-old raised more than £5,175 for the blood cancer charity when he took part in last summer’s Blenheim Palace Triathlon. Pictured receiving his award with TV presenter Rebecca Charlton, he

SKIIING Young US and St John’s Wood US organised a short skiing break in Canazei, northern Italy, for 20 Young Professionals, who used the trip to escape their busy work schedules and take some time out to relax.



1 2 3 4

9th East Finchley brownies 8 Feb – 5.45pm-7.15pm BrownOwlHGS@hotmail.com Family music time with KangaRooKids 11 Feb – 10.15am www.jw3.org.uk Half-term ice skating 11 Feb – 12.30pm-3.30pm http://bit.ly/2E5kgfG 6th Edgware cub pack 12 Feb – 6.30pm-8.00pm office@edgwareu.com

5 6 7 8

Israeli dancing at Menorah 12 Feb – 7.30pm-9.30pm israelidancing@menorah.org.uk


said: “I’m honoured to have won this award, and sincere thanks to everyone who helped me fundraise for a cause that has affected so many people’s lives. Hopefully this money raised, along with everyone else’s contributions, will take Bloodwise’s research one step closer to finding a cure.”

Rosh Pinah celebrate yet again FOOTBALL

Tribe half-term trip to KidZania 13 Feb – 9.30am info@tribeuk.com Mosaic shul’s weekly walking group 13 Feb – 10.00am-12.00pm 020 8864 0133 Israeli dancing at Ealing 13 Feb – 8.00pm-10.00pm office@ealingsynagogue.org.uk


Knitting circle at Belmont 12 Feb – 8.00pm jacqsegal@gmailcom

Rosh Pinah won its second football trophy in as many weeks thanks to its year 5/6 girls team.Comprising of Sasha Cudner, Gemma Peters, Grace Shapiro, Jessica Hyams, Hayley Klein, Gemma Baron and Talia Rosen, PE co-ordinator Mr Goldin said: “After our boy’s victory, this shows what a sporting force Rosh Pinah is in the borough!”

WE WANT TO BUY YOUR ROLEX Over 30 years of experience buying & selling luxury watches

Why Sell it to BQW?

Personal & Confidential Customer Service Pre-paid Delivery Insured up to £15k Prompt Decision Same day payment

We also buy:

Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Cartier, Franck Muller, Hublot, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre, Omega, Patek Philippe and other Luxury Watches.

Buying & Selling the world’s finest watches...

Call: +44 (0)203 697 2566 Email: info@bqwatches.com

BQ Watches, BQW House, 1 Back Lane, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 0HS | info@bqwatches.com | bqwatches.com

Advert_JeweishNews_HP.indd 1

01/02/2017 15:58:35

‫ חצי‬Jewish News ‫רבע‬ 40 '‫עמ‬



8 February 2018



With Kraus Holidays

Flights to Israel fo r special prices

Ye’arim Hotel Ma’ale Hachamisha

Personal guidance and assistance of Kraus Holidays staff

Tours, shows and children activities

Kosher Mehadrin By Rabbi Shmuel Bornstein

Organised religious services provided

+972-(0)3-9348788 k r a u s @ 3 0 1 0 . c o . i l

Profile for Jewish News

Jewish news 1040  

Jewish news 1040  

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