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23 NOVEMBER 2017


Cool kitchens, bathroom sweet and gadgets of desire Edited by Brigit Grant



Jewish News 23 November 2017

Interiors / By Caprice



aprice Bourret is a lot like her house. Sleek, glamorous and perfectly presented, writes Alex Galbinski. The model and businesswoman, who has graced the covers of more than 300 magazines, has considered literally everything to make sure that the four-storey Notting Hill home she shares with her financier partner, Ty Comfort, and their four-year-old boys, Jett and Jax, is welcoming yet also practical. So while there is beautiful grey/black/ white and blue striped carpet on the floor, it is actually made up of single removable tiles should her 13-year-old Chihuahua, Stinker, make, well, yes, a stinky mess. The huge pale grey sofas in the spacious living room of the Grade II listed Victorian house are custom-made by designer George & Son in fabric that is hotel grade, so any spillages can, she says happily, be quickly mopped up. Glamour meets functionality. When I visit, Caprice is enjoying being at home. At the end of February, she pulled out of the Channel 4 reality show The Jump, citing an “illness”. It was actually a tumour – thankfully benign – that doctors removed. “You want to see my war wound?” she asks. “They shaved about 8mm from ear

to ear and then of course my skull came off, so they reconstructed it,” she laughs. “But they took it all out, it’s gone forever. And now I’m fully recovered.” Caprice, now 45, came to the UK aged 23 and started working as a model before turning her hand to acting, starring in dozens of films and TV shows, including our very own Hollyoaks. But, in her 30s, she decided she needed a plan B, and set up By Caprice Lingerie, seeing success with a range she licenced in her name for Debenhams. She has since added swimwear, sleepwear, occasion wear, casualwear and bedding to her stable, forming By Caprice Home. “When I started, I decided I was not going to compete against everyone. With the underwear it’s a tough, tough market out there,” she admits. “But for bedding, there was a niche. And there’s a demand for it.” She describes the collection, which changes every season, as “glamorous”. And her target customer? Well, she’s about 18 to 35, a fashionista and loves her brands. She wants something elegant for her house. “What’s interesting about my bedding is you could have plain white walls and just grey carpeting and put By Caprice bedding

in your bedroom, and wow! It is a massive statement and that’s what I wanted. I think what people also like is that you can buy bedding in different seasons and all the accessories will match. It’s really versatile.” The range features diamantés, sequins, organza, ruffles, and other embellishments. Her favourite design is the Valeria, named after her mother, Valerie, who runs an interior design business and brought her up single-handedly in California, after splitting up with Caprice’s Canadian-French father. “The Valeria – along with Sensi – is probably one of the top two bestsellers, and has an old-school Hollywood vibe. Of the newer range, I love Serenity – it’s classic and timeless.” Caprice also describes her own style as “classic and glamorous”. “I can do fun and functionality, especially now I’m a mom,” she says. The couple, who also own two homes in Ibiza, moved into their London house four years ago. They are hands-on and, having bought it as a wreck – “it was a proper building site” – spent a year doing it up without interior designers. “We wanted it to be minimalistic and timeless. And so we went with the grey, the black and the white,” she explains.


23 November 2017 Jewish News


By Caprice / Interiors “Of course, with the children, everything is based around durability and not being precious because, you know, Stinker has a problem with her bladder and having two boys running around like mad… Everything is incredibly durable, but it shows well.” There are mezuzot in each room, and when I ask Caprice, who is a member of the Village Shul in Hampstead, what Judaism means to her, she replies: “It always means something, but when you have kids, it becomes more important.” She is extremely grateful to Rabbi Yisroel Weisz for his support during her tumour. “He had 4,000 and something rabbis across the world davening for me to get me through my surgery. I told him, ‘Rabbi Yisroel, my recovery took only a week and I was back working again – you davened too much, you guys are too powerful!’” she laughs. While she didn’t have a religious home growing up, Caprice became shomer Shabbat as a teen in California. Why? “I don’t know,” she admits. “It just became important to me. And that’s when mum koshered the kitchen. I’d take shiurs.” She keeps kosher – “I’ll never mix fleishig and milchig, or eat shellfish. I don’t even know what it tastes like – and is adamant her boys will have an Orthodox Jewish education. “I’ll start with Sunday classes, probably in Belgravia because the Chabad programmes are amazing.” She admits to being a Jewish mother – “I’m stereotypical, not just with my kids, but with my girls [her staff ]. It’s a little bit much, but it’s in you. I worry for everyone – I’m plutzing 24/7,” she laughs . “My mom, who is my best friend, was the same. When she came home from a stressful day at work, she left work problems at work. It was always family, family, family.” And should anyone need a lie down – it’s on By Caprice bedding.

By Caprice Products are available from very.co.uk, lookagain.co.uk and wayfair.co.uk. To view the full range, visit gobycaprice.com For more information about Caprice, visit capricebourret.com and follow @CapriceBourret



Jewish News 23 November 2017

Interiors / Perfumed pampering

HOME SNIFF HOME Burning the candle at both ends of the house keeps things sweet, says Brigit Grant

Fish balls, latkes and a spritz of Haze air freshener to cover the aforementioned fish balls are the olfactory memories of many a Jewish childhood. Clean laundry and kichels baking at my grandma’s are two of my own, and no doubt many of you would probably rush to add eau de soupe au poulet to the mix. Evidently smells are an intrinsic part of Judaism, which asks, “Which sense does the soul enjoy but not the body? This is the sense of smell.” In other words, smell is spiritual. There are even blessings for fragrances and one can only imagine what it would be for the Cire Trudon Ernesto house candle which transports the sniffer to pre-revolution Havana with its blend of rum and cigars. At £425 for a single gold-embossed vessel, it should include an airfare, but it seems this is the price one pays for having one’s home smell like Cuba. Hotels have mastered the art of filling their lobbies with welcoming scent and it is that sophisticated mélange of spice and flowers that I aim for ahead of guests arriving or simply for personal pleasure. There is nothing nicer than receiving a candle as a home gift or buying the more affordable kind for everyday use along with sprays and diffusers. Hope these provide sweet olfactory memories... Parks London candles (from £30) were first made in 1989 by Carol Symons in her boutique on George Street, London W1. The candles were hand-poured 100 percent natural wax and in her signature scent (Parks Original). Harrods, Thomas Goode and Nina Campbell recognised the quality of burn combined with the fine fragrance, and sales continue. Try them all, but the Lily of the Valley and the Rose wowed me . parkscandles.com

Dunelm stores have the best collection of affordable candles and home fragrances. The Fifth Avenue Black Pomegranate is a sophisticated scent (£10) and the Dorma Sweet Vanilla and Cedar is edible. With stores in Harrow, St Albans, Enfield and Friern Barnet, home fragrance is within reach. dunelm.com

Soohyang means ‘excellent fragrance’ in Korean, so founder Soohyang Kim was destined to create her own fragrance company and its products are now available in the UK. Soy wax candles in 33 different scents (including Champagne Rose, Sleep Well, New Shoes, Cherry Blossom and Risky Citrus) are the pinnacle of her range and the pink and black packaging is delightful, with custom-made matches a nice addition. Great gift. £35 Fenwick

BATHROOM BOUQUET The fragranced candles and reed diffusers from Landon Tyler are fantastic value for money. Their sleek frosted glasses in stylish gift boxes look upmarket and the 12 fragrances feature high dosages of their scents to ensure their aromas infuse rooms fully. Pink Cashmere, Winter Woods, Vintage Blooms… your house will smell divine. Available at big branches of Boots or visit the website landontyler.com

Imagine a bathroom that wafts lemon or jasmine, ylang ylang and cedarwood in your direction as you enter. Bubblebath is a temporary fragrance fix, but the AXIS Towel Warmer By Vogue (UK) is a ladder rail radiator with an optional aroma plug that will keep your washroom constantly warm and scented. This innovative design is something you get in a premium steam room or sauna and depending on whether you lean towards woody or fruity, they’ll be a queue outside. From £346 including vat in Vogue (UK)’s exclusive Ladder Rail Collection. Vogueuk.com / 01902 387000

23 November 2017 Jewish News



Higher standards / Interiors



Brigit Grant talks home solutions with Darren Morris PUTTING THE WORDS ‘BUILD’ AND ‘BESPOKE’ together is a daunting prospect for anyone who isn’t featured in the Paradise Papers – but they don’t have to be. The definition of ‘bespoke’ is getting something made to your specifications, which is what you want if the extension, loft conversion or house is for you. Elite Home Solutions gets this and back it up in its manifesto, which promises to ‘deliver turnkey projects that exceed clients expectations’. There are other things on the manifesto about completing projects on time and within budget, which all suggest that Elite Home Solutions are the company you want on your

team when embarking on any building project. Over to founder and CEO Darren Morris ... So I am a new customer, why should I choose Elite Home Solutions? Because we have more than 20 years collective experience in the trade and specialise in luxury bespoke property. We do new builds, home extensions, loft conversions, high-end renovations and complete refurbishments. Tell us more... Our approach is defined by uncompromising quality upheld by a passionate and highly skilled team. We will manage all building

and renovation projects from the initial concept through to its completion. Team collaboration is a key part of our success as we all have different strengths and everyone brings something different to the build. As the founder, what skills do you bring to the business? I interpret a client’s needs and concerns and project manage the job throughout. It is imperative to keep the client happy and secure in the knowledge that their project is being personally managed. This gives customers piece of mind and a first-class ‘elite’ service. What sort of home did you grow up in? Born and bred in Chigwell, Essex, I lived in a property that my parents designed and built

RS architects [ Architectural Services ] [ Structural Services ] [ Party Wall Awards ]

31 Kenerne Drive, Barnet EN5 2NW E: office@RSarchitects.co.uk T: (0) 20 8449 5441 M: (0) 7563 159 971 W: www.RSarchitects.co.uk

from the ground up. Being inspired by their attention to detail and perfection showed me how satisfying it can be to create a dream home. What homes have you done that you are particularly proud of? I am proud of everything we have achieved, and love to see clients satisfied with the result.Each project is unique to the owner’s vision and aspirations; their input, as well as ours, creates an individual personality. All of our work is from referral and recommendations, which highlights the quality and management of each project. elitehomesolutions.co.uk, or call 07748 185 285



Jewish News 23 November 2017

Interiors / Perfect proportions



MY BROTHER-IN-LAW BUILT HIS OWN HOUSE, and he reminds others of the fact whenever they visit. But it was no means a solo feat, and key to the process was acquiring an architect who was in synch with his vision. Not all architects are up to that kind of challenge, regardless of what it may say in testimonials, but when you talk to Rana Shad, the director of RS Architects in Barnet, you get the impression she is indeed up to the task.

Thirty years’ experience as a qualified architect certainly gives her the edge over young guns in the trade, and she is a member of all the relevant architectural bodies (RIBA, ARB) that inspire confidence. Her past experience encompasses multidisciplinary schemes for Metronet, Trans4m, Network Rail and Crossrail, which were new build, modernisation and refurbishment projects. But Rana is just as comfortable advising someone with smaller building ambitions. “I

Loft extensions, basement restructuring or room expansion require an expert’s eye. RS Architects have it, says Brigit Grant have built a reputation for transforming residential properties into beautiful places to live,” she says. “I can also turn commercial properties into stylish places to work.” RS Architects specialise in both residential and commercial properties and are passionate about providing creative architectural and design solutions that work functionally, aesthetically and economically. “Whether your project is large or small, we understand that creating a new space or redesigning an existing one can be challenging, but our full service consultancy will support and guide you during each phase,” adds Rana, who will happily tell you all about the uninhabited loft her company transformed into a stylish bedroom with unique character, or the single storey rear extension they created for a Victorian house. And let’s not forget the conversion of a residential house into two sets of flats, including the construction of a summer house in the garden. RS Architects offer and deliver a project management service with stage by stage detailed programmes, and these are submitted to clients on a weekly basis. “The aim of this process is to reduce the construction cost and minimise unforeseen

issues on site,” Rana explains. “We believe that this process reduces total construction cost and the extensive technical experience of our firm makes this stage rather enjoyable. Details are considered carefully to comply with statutory requirements as well as providing a low energy building. Health and safety is seriously designed and executed and we also offer design risk assessment.” If Rana isn’t with you, then one of her senior team will be and they have as many qualifications in the field as she does. Now all you have to do is decide where you want to build your house – or maybe just extend the loft. rsarchitects.co.uk, 020 84495441 or 07803 260 216








1400 Spin 8kg Washing Machine WM14T391GB

• 15 Programmes • IQdrive - Brushless Motor Is Quieter And Guaranteed For 10 Years • VarioPerfect • Touch Control Buttons • ReLoad Function

• 15 Programmes • IQdrive - Brushless Motor Is Quieter And Guaranteed For 10 Years • VarioPerfect • Touch Control Buttons • Antivibration Side Panels • ReLoad Function








£519.99 •




M.A.WASH VAC SERVICES 291 HALE LANE ,EDGWARE HA8 7AX Tel:0208 958 3263 Email: sales@mawashvac.co.uk

*Terms and Conditions apply. Sold as an agent of Euronics Limited. All rights reserved. All offers are subject to availability while stocks last. Delivery, Installation and disposal offered Free of Charge. Exclusions and Radius Apply. Free of charge Installation and disposal for standard installation and disposal only. Consumer only promotion. Prices correct at time of print but can be subject to change. See in store for full details. Images for illustration purposes only. Copyright Euronics 2017. E&OE November 2017

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23 November 2017

Jewish News


Cool kitchens / Interiors

Wilson Fink has turned kitchen design on its head. Brigit Grant meets the boss...



ndy Martin is that rare thing. A man who can talk about fridges and splashbacks with excitement. His eyes don’t even glaze over when “worktops” are mentioned. He is the first to drop “soft furnishings” into our conversation but, as the owner of top kitchen design company Wilson Fink, he is in his comfort zone chatting about feature walls and double-sided fireplaces. Andy and his team of hand-picked creatives are not just kitchen planners, they are interior architects and will transform a bland room into something unexpected and original. “When clients come to us, they have usually seen three other designers,” says Andy. “But we turn those concepts on their head and do something totally different. Let me show you...” Like Willy Wonka revealing the mechanics of his chocolate factory, Andy presents visuals of reinvented kitchens that have been turned into perfect living spaces, with every detail meticulously planned. “Here’s one where we took out the bay and put in a straight run of glass and a double-sided fireplace,” he beams. “A kitchen has to be marry up functionality and aesthetics and it’s about getting the balance correct.” Many of Wilson Finks’ kitchens are in the homes of millionaires or mansions in Mill Hill and Hadley Wood rented by footballers. But in the real world, the company also does affordable kitchens for clients who want to cook, eat and socialise in a space that defies their expectations and you can afford them. “We start at £10,000 and the average spend is £35,000,” says Andy who, as a property developer, got into designing his own kitchens before going into partnership with his kitchen supplier. Together they opened Wilson Fink, but now it belongs to Andy, who grew up eating breakfast in a

white and orange Wrighton kitchen that is now a collectible. Working closely with German kitchen manufacturer Kuhlmann, Wilson Fink can add amazing additions, such as the single tap that delivers warm, chilled and sparkling water, temperature lighting and a fridge drawer in the island. As for the featured walls, only polished plaster or brick will do and, if you are mixing colour, it needs to be striking. “We go the extra mile when it comes to creating cutting-edge kitchens,” notes Andy, who has designed showstopping kitchens in Spain, Israel and, next up, Barbados. Next year, Wilson Fink will launch Relish, a long-awaited ‘signature’ range of bespoke, handmade kitchens and furniture to rival the likes of Smallbone. Andy will also complete a kitchen for a very wealthy man who will only ever use the fridge and the microwave. “But is has to be jaw-dropping,” and that is what Wilson Fink can do for you. wilsonfink.co.uk / 01923 856449



Jewish News 23 November 2017

Interiors / Just hanging


Brigit Grant discovers the secret of Buy Design’s capital success

A We specialise in soft and hard landscaping, composite decking & artificial lawns. Supply plants, shrubs & trees

Free design service

020 8502 9550 | 07736 670531 enquiries@russellandson.com | www.russellandson.com |

Creating that perfect garden for you

15% off for new customers for December, January, February

ron Alpert was on his way to Sloane Street with a headboard when we spoke. The client who lives between the Bulgari and Versace stores in this exclusive part of town is a regular at Buy Design, a company that has been creating beautiful, bespoke curtains, blinds, shutters, upholstery and furniture, as well as luxury bedding and elegant accessories for more than 22 years. He is the boss, but still happy to deliver when necessary and it is this absence of airs and graces combined with industry know-how that accounts for his popularity from Holland Park to Hendon. The Buy Design showroom is in Hendon, and there, a customer can talk ideas, see styles and view more than 6,000 fabric samples. Aron can make any kind of blind, curtain, or pelmet and, if requested, design and manufacture furniture. The Glaswegian has been in curtains for 25 years, but it was a pressing call for a kitchen

blind in Golders Green that brought him from Manchester to the capital. Working for London’s industry leaders, Buy Design specialises in both residential and commercial spaces, so Aron’s drapes simultaneously adorn the windows of a penthouse at The Belvedere in Chelsea, while providing the finishing design touch at chi chi restaurant COYA’s second branch in the city. The pride in the craftsmanship and commitment to quality is reflected in a client list littered with members of the House of Lords, music stars, the Sultan of Oman’s daughter-in-law and Neil Kinnock’s son, Stephen (pictured above right). But Aron isn’t blindsided by celeb window dressing and is equally happy hanging (curtains) in Edgware or measuring for blinds in Bushey. “Curtains are more on trend,” were the parting words from this jaunty man with a headboard to deliver. I’m sure she’ll love it. Buydesignlondon.co.uk 020 8203 4379 / 07912 042 222

23 November 2017 Jewish News



hether it’s a shared space for the whole family, or dedicated his and her units in a spacious setting, the bathroom is very important and, when it comes to getting it right, Trevor and Adam Woolf of Radlett Premier Bathrooms know what needs to be done. Together, the brothers have combined their talents in bathroom creation and can design, supply and install the whole thing exactly as you want it. “We offer a CAD drawing service using the latest 3D software to show the client what the room will look like,” explains Trevor. “Currently, we have five teams of highly skilled subcontractors who undertake all aspects of the bathroom fitting, including plumbing, tiling and electrics.”

Bathrooms / Interiors

There’s more to getting this room right than tap dancing

At their showroom on Watling Street in Radlett, you will be offered a complete service, including associated building work and decorating. “We do vanity units by Vanity Hall, Dansani, IDEAGROUP, Venetian, Roper Rhodes,” says Trevor. “We can advise on storage solutions and work surfaces to compliment furniture and, if you fancy underfloor heating, we can do that too.” If you have ever stepped on to underfloor heating, you know what a luxury it is, and never underestimate the importance of good mirrors – which Trevor can also supply. radlettpremierbathrooms.co.uk / call 01923 850 444

To decide on the type of bathroom you want before making changes, it’s best to look at many different designs and consider the following: • Is it a family bathroom? If so, you’ll probably want to factor in lots of storage space. • Do you rarely bath but always shower? Then consider a standalone shower or wet room instead of installing a bath you won’t use. • If you like baths and showers, a bath with a shower over it would give you the option to be flexible. • Is space at a premium? Think about how you could incorporate storage cupboards on the walls rather than floor, maybe above the bath or even built-in underneath. • Do you want to use your bathroom to relax in? Consider getting a freestanding bath for a luxurious feel and having somewhere close by to store candles and magazines. • Are you a couple sharing the bathroom? How about getting two basins to make getting ready in the morning less chaotic? • If you’ll be using it to do your make-up or to dress in, then you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of light and a mirror.

Boilers Installed from £1200 0% finance on Worcester Bosch boilers available Worcester Bosch accredited Up to 10 years full parts and labour warranties Heating installation/Boiler replacements/All gas boiler repairs/ servicing. All plumbing repairs. All unvented hot water systems installed and serviced. Landlords gas safety certificates. Complete bathroom and kitchen installations.From floor to ceiling, tiling and decorating. 25 years trading fully insured free estimates.

Call: 020 8959 9988 Email: info@wpsuk.co.uk | www.wpsuk.co.uk WPSUK




Jewish News 23 November 2017

Interiors / Home comforts

A HOME START Meet the kitchen designer who wants you to visit... Radlett Premier Bathrooms Ad_Layout 1 06/07/2015 10:31 Page 1

64 Watling Street, Radlett, WD7 7NP Tel: 01923 850444 | Fax: 01923 850456 Email: sales@radlettpremierbathrooms.co.uk www.radlettpremierbathrooms.co.uk


ave you ever been inside your builder’s house? Or visited your plumber’s bathroom? Most of us never get to cross the threshold of a contractor’s home, but work with kitchen designer Shanti Panchani and you’ll be welcomed into his home. That is where his aptly-named company, The Home Consultancy is based, and his clients have told him that as guests in his home, their level of trust goes up. Shanti has been in the furniture industry for 25 years and, from early days as a company man at MFI, he grew to understand the importance of the clientprovider relationship. But, as he says, “in that environment, I could not offer anyone an appropriate level of service or build long-term relationships”. So he opened a kitchen showroom in Northwood under the in-toto banner and with ‘trust’ as his philosophy built up a good client base. “The kitchen is a major part of people’s lives and I had to understand how it works for different faiths, and their specific requirements,” explains Shanti, who is confident moving from kosher to Vastu

for his Jewish clients and Asian clients. “My aim is always to provide the highest level of service and build relationships that go beyond a sale,” he affirms. The opening of a second showroom in St Albans followed in 2011 but, as more kitchen retailers popped up, Shanti decided to consolidate his businesses and cut costs by working from home. “I still provide my clients with the same personal service but, as I have very low overheads, I can offer more competitive prices and product proposition,” he says. “I have a display that clients can come and view so, in theory, I do have a showroom, but instead of a shop front, there’s a front door.” Over a cup of tea, Shanti offers a comprehensive consultation to establish clients’ needs and wants, such as maximising storage and usage, and exploring seating and other features that will make a kitchen a client’s own while the client gets to see his. Is there a better way to start? thehomeconsultancy.com 020 873 22 549 / 07738 067 671

23 November 2017 Jewish News



Best bathrooms / Interiors

A PLUMB JOB A PLUMBING COMPANY THAT OFFERS “MORE THAN THE BOG STANDARD” has got a sense of humour, but Mill Hillbased WPS – or Watertight Plumbing Services – offers much more than that. Since opening in 1992 with owner Ian Ellis at the helm, WPS has dealt with all plumbing-related works, from maintenance, servicing on gas appliances, leaks

and drainage to smart heating controls and installations of heating and hot water systems for large houses and boilers. Last year, the company installed 76 Worcester Bosch boilers to be precise, and you may have spotted its smart sign-written vans and plumbers in uniform about town. But WPS has other talents. It does wet rooms – and does them well. Evidently, these can be problematic

OAKLINE JOINERY BESPOKE FURNITURE & WINDOWS IN LONDON If you’re looking for a reliable joinery and carpentry exper t in London, look no fur ther. Oakline is an experience, reliable company that can take care of all of your joinery needs. Over the years we’ve managed to satisfy the needs of many clients – now you can join them too! Kilby’s Yard, Unit 45 Bacon Lane, Edgware HA8 5AR T: 07809151324 / 02089515127

www.oakline.london • info@oakline.london

because of movement in the substructure of the walls and floor. WPS deals with that before the tiles go down, so there are no leaks. It is also smart with heating control and can set up a system that allows you to control all the heating in your house from an iPad or phone. Want hot water at the right pressure to reach all your bathrooms? WPS can do that, and can also install brilliant bathrooms and clever kitchens.

All the company’s prices are 100 percent transparent and it gives a breakdown of all costs on its bills. Painting and decorating? It ticks that box too – and the ones for tiling, repointing and rendering. Call WPS to find out what else it does that is more than bog standard. wpsuk.co.uk / 020 8959 9988



Jewish News 23 November 2017

Interiors / Hometech


GADGET HANDS UP if you’re a sucker for new technology. For those types (my husband), there is nothing more satisfying than the arrival of a large box containing a strange product with an instruction manual in 20 languages. I fondly recall the arrival of an eight-track stereo and VHS in the 1970s that changed my father’s life, and I’m sure he would have been first in line for an Apple watch and 3D TV. An interiors supplement gives us a chance to road test home tech newbies. Here are the front runners... The Shark is a cordless vacuum cleaner that shamed my Henry. It is the Gal Gadot of its kind, i.e. Wonder Woman, because it looks fantastic and can get in and out of tricky places easily. It is the only cord-free with DuoClean and Flexology technologies (two brush rolls to remove dirt from carpets and hard floors) and it’s lightweight. Just charge the removable/rechargeable battery and off you go under furniture, up stairs and, in portable form, to the car. Evidently, three out of four Brits prefer the Shark Powered Lift Away True-Pet to the Dyson DC40 Animal. How do I tell Henry? Shark cordless vacuum with Duo Clean (from £249.99) at Amazon, Argos, Currys, Very, Sainsburys and direct from Shark at sharkclean.eu

ff 10%is o advert

with th Quote Established for over 30 years. We install beautiful driveways and patios throughout Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and West London.


30 years in Middlesex Excellence and quality assured Government endorsed standard Members of FMB, and Trustmark All work guaranteed for 10 years

Driveways | Patios | Landscaping | Home Improvements

0208 901 6550 2nd Floor, Congress House, Lyon Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 2EN Company Reg No: 10005098 VAT No: 235710523

info@pinnerpaving.co.uk www.pinnerpaving.co.uk

Annie Hall has some irresistible home tech improvers for those who can’t resist... Less of a gadget and more of a way to stop food lovers grazing, the MealKitt £39.99, is a portion control device that has six compartments designated for each of the main food groups, including proteins, liquid proteins, fats, carbohydrates, oils, dried grains, pulses and oats. Given there isn’t one for chocolate or white wine, it may take some getting used to, but I will find a place for it. mealkitt.com

Home purchases don’t stop with technology as it’s those little things, like a tiny espresso maker, cookie stamps and a mini-toaster timer, that add humour and heart. dotcomgiftshop.com

23 November 2017 Jewish News



Hometech/ Interiors Israel has developed hundreds of home gadgets, but the SodaStream remains a favourite. The sleek design fits into any modern or traditional kitchen and the latest model is the Fizzi White (£99.99), which launched this summer and turns tap water into fresh sparkling water at the touch of a button. sodastream.co.uk

A gadget that lets you fall asleep to a fading sunset and wake up to birdsong was available only in Disney films until Lumie’s Bodyclock Luxe (£170) came along. This is an alarm clock that mimics the light of a real sunrise, so you think you’re on holiday when you wake up. You can stream your own music, too, while the lightbox helps with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and you can even use it to charge your phone. lumie.com

A dog that can’t use a tin opener is less of a problem with the Andrew James automatic pet feeder (£39.99) It offers a reliable way to provide regular meals for dogs, cats and even rabbits if you are out and the pets have decided to stay in. A smart sensor prevents overfilling the bowl and overeating. My dog will be sorry to hear that. andrewjamesworldwide.com

My nana would definitely have appreciated the apple saver (£2.95), as stopping an apple from going brown is essential. There are also adorable retro cookie cutters (£2.95) to make ‘happy face’ biscuits with the grandchildren. dotcomgiftshop.com

Another Israeli, Ofir Neuman, and his partners came up with ORB SPA Vibra Soft (from £39), which turns hard water into softer, more soluble water. With it, your skin is softer, less dehydrated and there are more bubbles in your shower gel. The vibrating sonic massager is meant to shift cellulite and ease aches. I’m just happy the Orb reduces limescale. orbspa.ecocamel.com



In this age of rampant consumerism, it’s good to hear of companies that eschew the trappings of a throwaway culture. And with excellent customer service, it’s no surprise that MA Wash Vac Services has been a fixture on Edgware’s high street for a quarter of a century. Established by Morgan Edwards and Adrian Webb in 1992, the company offers repairs, sales and installations throughout north London and beyond. So what is their secret, I ask Adrian. “We’re a small company, therefore you get personal and trained service. You’ll get someone who has been trained by the manufacturer and by ourselves, so we know what we’re talking about,” he replies. The company sells a wide range of new and ex-display models, and repairs washing machines, tumble dryers, washer-dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, ovens, gas cookers and microwaves. Adrian himself has 34 years’ experience of repairs, and two of the 12 other members of staff have racked up more than 20 years in the trade. Their engineers are service agents for Miele, among other manufacturers. It provides great service followed up with aftercare, if not always the cheapest products (although M A Wash Vac does aim to offer the most competitive price), admits Adrian. “If you buy an appliance from one of the internet companies, you might save yourself £10 or £20, but we install a washing machine, for example, and, if a customer has a problem using it, we go out to help them. If we can’t fix it, we’d give a discount off a new machine as they’ve paid a call-out fee. We can also measure up and advise on the right machine to replace it.” It is just this approach that ensures repeat business, so much so that Adrian and Morgan have got to know generations of customers. “I go out to customers whose mum and dad used us, and I remember seeing them as little kids,” says Adrian. Continuity is the name of the game for M A Wash Vac, although there will be a slight change from January. Morgan is stepping aside from his day-to-day role in the business to become a silent partner. “Morgan has been the face of the shop, and customers will have had a lot of contact with him over the years,” Adrian explains. “We want to thank him for the 25 years he has spent trying to solve customers’ problems. Spencer, our business manager, and I hope to continue his good work for the next 25 years.” mawashvac.co.uk

Bet you thought you’d seen everything until the San Francisco designer heated towel rail with integrated LCD TV (£2,879.04) came along. The 17” TV in question is waterproof and the whole thing is easy to install. When the television is switched off, there is a mirror option. Love it! victorianplumbing.co.uk



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Interiors / Green fingers


GARDEN GROW? IF YOUR PLANTS ARE LACK LUSTRE and your patio has lost its pizzazz, there’s a company ready to rescue both. Whether it’s a parade of peonies at the Chelsea Flower Show, or a line of daffodils at an allotment in Cricklewood, Brits love a garden. But not everyone knows how to make the most of their own. We all have plans for an existing outdoor space or a longed for seating area, but to make it happens requires the expertise of a company such as Russell & Son. Based in Essex and north London, the family-run business has an impressive reputation for clever garden design. With a vast selection of vibrant garden installations featured within their portfolio and lots of glowing customer references, the company has bespoke solutions for every sort of garden and will factor in lifestyle, functionality, setting and personal style. You may want a patio, or to add a deck, which

Russell & Son do brilliantly, offering a range of styles and materials to suit all tastes and surroundings, taking into account the size and shape of your current garden. If your existing patio is looking tired and lifeless, you may fancy adding contemporary lighting to give it the wow factor or spruce it up with decorative plants and modern fencing. With the addition of patio heaters, your garden becomes an extra room and, should you decide to use the services of Russell & Son for the maintenance of your lawn, fences, painting and supply of hanging baskets, your garden will look tip-top all year. Once you admit you hate wrangling with weeds and would sooner leave the planting to a friendly, tidy and efficient team of experts, you’re halfway there. russellandson.com / 07736 670 531


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What’s hot in West Hampstead

Boom time in Borehamwood

Renters and buyers alike flock to West Hampstead for its excellent transport links, wide range of restaurants offering cuisine from around the world, bars, and proximity to green spaces. Find out more about the area previously known as the village of West End

We explore the area of Borehamwood, which in recent years has become increasingly popular with the Jewish community. Discover its history and best features, while one of the area’s most reputable estate agents gives his predictions for its future.




When did Engel Jacobs get started? Myself (Richard) together with my fellow Directors, Jacob Benouaich and Gary Silver formed the company in 2014. In fact, we’re just coming up to our third anniversary. We’ve all been in the property sector for a number of years and have over that time built up a solid reputation. Jacob and I specialised in Estate Management and so it was a natural decision for us to focus initially in this field. We knew that Sales and Lettings would complement the Estate Management perfectly, so we took the decision to launch our Sales and Letting division in February 2016, after just 2 years of trading.

Describe your typical client

Beech Drive, Borehamwood • • • • • •


Newly Extended & Renovated Five Bedrooms Open Plan Kitchen/Dining/Reception Two Bathrooms Landscaped Garden Close to Station, Shops, Schools & Places of Worship

Property Needs To Be Seen To Appreciate The Vast Size! Engel Jacobs are delighted to bring to market this impressive, five bedroom family home which has been extended and fully renovated throughout, including a brand new roof! It comprises of a spectacular open plan kitchen/dining/reception room, a further reception room, huge master bedroom with en-suite and 4 further bedrooms. It is just a 10-15 minute walk to the station and amenities, and perfect location for the local schools and places of worship. * Work is still in progress but will be completed prior to Completion *

It may sound corny but for us there really is no typical client. But then I guess we’re not your typical estate agent. We don’t have a high street presence so we’re more of a hybrid agency and as a hybrid we have to work that much harder than our contemporaries. When it comes to our clients, whether they’re buying or selling, everyone has their own individual needs and aspirations for their property. For us transparency is vitally important and it’s something that we take very seriously. We tend to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes – we all have busy lives and our clients are probably going to be doing their research from the comfort of their own home, but at some point, they will want to talk to an agent. So, we introduced longer opening hours (7 days a week 8am – 10pm) so that we can be available for our clients at a time that best suits them. Selling a property can be expensive. Again, as part of our pledge to provide our clients with full transparency we work on a fixed fee basis as opposed to charging a fee according to the value of the property. We also reward our clients with a £500 John Lewis Gift Card when they sell through us. So, whether a client is selling a mansion or a studio apartment – they still benefit from the same level of great service.

What is the starting prices of a property in your area and who would it suit? Properties vary enormously. In the morning, we could be selling a 1 bedroom flat at £275,000 to a young professional, and in the afternoon, we could be marketing a luxury family home in the region of £975,000. Every day is different and that’s what makes it so exciting.



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West Hampstead

Local property experts Leonard Wood and Mark Durban of ML Estates reveal why West Hampstead is so popular with buyers and renters alike


Hot properties in...


To Let


opular with a wide range of families and professionals, there are an exciting number of new patisseries, cafés and restaurants in the area, along with a good selection of bars and gastropubs offering a lively nightlife. West Hampstead was previously known as the village of West End until the 18th century and experienced a sharp rise in population in the middle of the 19th century, following the introduction of the railways, as the area became a strategic route to London. Much of the area was rebuilt following the war, including many attractive residential developments, which, coupled with its excellent transport links and community atmosphere, make it an excellent choice to rent or buy a property. West Hampstead offers a wide choice of homes, including Victorian houses, many of which have been converted into flats, and handsome red brick mansion blocks, including The BAM Estate and Cholmley Gardens, the latter of which features two communal tennis courts exclusively for residents. There are parks and open spaces in and around West Hamsptead: Fortune Green, Grange Park and Hampstead Heath, which is ideal for leisurely walks. The popular Farmers’ Market on Iverson Road is open every Saturday from 10am to 2pm, which provides the freshest produce from top fruit and vegetable growers, dairy, cakes, fresh fish, meat and poultry. Located in zone two, West Hampstead is home to three train stations on West End Lane: the Tube station served by the

w 0p 05 £1 Property to Let £1050pw ML Estates has an impressive four double bedroom top floor apartment (1827 sq ft) with amazing views over the London skyline, set within a well-maintained mansion block with lift, porter and superb communal gardens within Buckingham Mansions on West End Lane.

Jubilee line, West Hampstead Thameslink (Capital Connect) and West Hampstead Overground stations within 100m of each other. There are plenty of buses connecting the area with other parts of London, including 24-hour services. There are excellent primary schools, including Emmanuel Church of England. It is lively at night, too, with bars and restaurants offering food from around the world, including Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Persian, Asian, American, Italian and Indian. If you’re thinking of buying or letting in the area, talk to us. We’re open longer than most other agents nearby, our mobiles stay on 24/7 and we’re always happy to offer help on anything property-related. We’ll even make you a fresh espresso! Email ML Estates at info@m-l.co.uk

For Sale

00 0,0 5 ,5 £1 Property for Sale £1,550,000 stc ML Estates is delighted to offer this stunning new build four-bedroom house known as “Brunswick House” that has been built and finished to a very high specification. This exceptional home is arranged over three floors with a private patio courtyard and roof terrace.

367 West End Lane, West Hampstead, London NW6 1LP

T: 020 7328 4444 www.m-l.co.uk

Email: info@m-l.co.uk ML ESTATES is a company borne from 35 years’ joint experience in the residential property market in NW6. In August 2009, Leonard Wood set up Michael Leonard Estates based in central West Hampstead. The business has flourished for the past eight years under his stewardship and has very recently moved to smart new offices at 367 West End Lane, NW6 1LP. In September, the company was rebranded as ML Estates when Mark Durban joined the business. We have several main points of focus for our business and we are keen to expand our successful network of satisfied clients.

Our areas of expertise are:Sales and Lettings – We help source, negotiate and see the sale or letting through from start to finish Management – We manage a large portfolio of properties in-house Refurbishment/Redevelopment – Assisting vendors and landlords to create added value. To discuss your property requirements further, please call the office and ask for Mark or Leonard, who will be glad to help you

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Hillside Gardens, Edgware £1,175,000 This stunning 7 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi detached family home offers an abundance of space being over 2,700 Sq ft. The property has been finished off to a very high standard.

Majestic self-contained split level Grade ll Georgian Mansion conversion  WOW Factor in abundance  3 double bedrooms  3 bathrooms (2 ensuite)  Striking 23 x 17 dual aspect Reception  Kitchen/Breakfast room  16 windows ALL with countryside views

Highview Gardens, Edgware Offers In Excess Of £1,000,000 We are delighted to offer this unique, 4 bedroom chalet style bungalow. The property also benefits from having a separate one bedroom detached studio flat, which is currently let out

 2 Garages + Visitors OSP

Wolmer Gardens, Edgware Offers In Excess Of £900,000 This immaculate 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Semi Detached Home has been refurbished throughout to a high standard providing a bright and open plan home.

 Beautiful walled garden  3.5 Acres of manicured communal gardens  Chain Free

£840,000 Share of Freehold

A landmark development of 183 apartments, townhouses, restaurants and shops set in the heart of old Oriental City.

Show apartment now open at 399, Colindale, NW9.

A development by


Funded by


1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments available from £350,000. To register your interest call 020 7043 8888 or visit www.399NW9.com

Supported by



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Sales Negotiator Do you love the excitement and changeable atmosphere of real estate? Our growing estate agency is hiring a Sales Negotiator to join our team and add value to our business. We will consider an experienced professional with a proven track record, but we are also looking for new talent. Friendly, outgoing personalities are a must, and we want to work with professionals like us who enjoy hard work and who have genuine passion for the industry. For this role we’d like to talk to experienced negotiators who can demonstrate: • A track record in sales • Outstanding communication skills in person and in writing; you are going to be our brand ambassadors with customers and you’ll need to be able to quickly build good relationships. Your CV and application will reflect your written skills • A consistent sales record demonstrating that you are capable of building and sustaining sales pipelines over time • Self-motivated and driven • A shared focus on delivering a high quality customer service oriented deals with an ethical approach to business In return we know it’s important that you are rewarded accordingly for your hard work. We’re able to offer: • An excellent base salary • An exceptional commission structure, which will be at the heart of our retention strategy If you’re keen to find out more about this opportunity within our firm, please apply to the position via this advert. Take the time to demonstrate how your experience meets with our requirements for the best chance to join us and start the next phase of your career. Please send all enquiries to property@taylorhawkins.net

Selling properties in Edgware for 50 years Taylor Hawkins was established in 1968 in the current office prominently located on the corner of Mowbray Parade and Broadfields Avenue, and grew rapidly to become one of the top performing independent estate agencies in Edgware. We are active in all sectors of the residential housing market and pride ourselves on repeat business and recommendations from satisfied clients year after year. At Taylor Hawkins, we believe our continued success is built around the vastly experienced team of people we have. That our unrivalled local knowledge of our market place since the mid 1960’s, combined with an approach to marketing and customer service based on honesty and integrity are the ingredients sought by sellers looking for the reassurance that local knowledge leads to better results. 58 Edgware Way Edgware HA8 8DJ

T 020 8958 2222 F 020 8958 8800 www.taylorhawkins.net

When did T&T Finance get started? When I was trying to buy my first property to live in, I found myself drowning in a sea of mortgage possibilities. The mortgage brokers that I approached all gave me various tips and advice and I eventually settled on one broker who was to take me through the transaction. What I found was that at any particular point during the mortgage application process, I had no idea whether it was all going smoothly or what the hiccups were. The process was very long and drawn-out. Many of my friends were going through similar problems of not knowing what to expect, how long things should take and whether or not it would all ultimately be successful. Since I now had a bit of a background in the workings of the mortgage process, I acquired a CEMAP qualification and started offering my services with an appreciation that my clients need to know exactly what is happening at all times. About six months ago, together with a partner, we launched our website, www.tandtfinance.co.uk, and we now offer mortgages, building and contents insurance and bridging finance.

What do you offer your clients? When someone approaches us for mortgage advice, whatever their age or background, we will always try our hardest to find a solution to any of the complex positions they may be in. We aim to get back to them within 24 to 48 hours with a set of options of possible routes for them to choose from. At no time should they feel they are not being dealt with quickly. Many of our younger clients are unable to get a mortgage on their own owing to a low income. It is very common for parents to become joint borrowers with their children. This means that parents’ income is included in the affordability test. There are even a small number of lenders who allow the parents to be on the application and not on the title deeds. Since there is an extra three percent stamp duty charge when buying a second property, keeping the parents off the title deeds can save you this extra cost. We have a lot of experience with this type of mortgage, and have found it to be an excellent tool in being able to achieve that first step on the property ladder. Apart from residential mortgages, the majority of our clients are looking for buy-tolet mortgages to finance investment properties.

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Understanding Borehamwood David Luck from Simmons Estates grew up in Borehamwood so knows it like the back of his hand. Here, he shares with our readers the history of the area, its best features, and his predictions for its future What was Borehamwood like when you first set up shop? Borehamwood’s housing market over the past 20 years has changed drastically, with a new influx of families from north London suburbs moving to the area. Twenty years ago Borehamwood’s housing market was greatly driven by local movers either upsizing or downsizing from different roads within the town. Now we are seeing the older generation moving out and young families from London moving in. How has the area changed over the past 10 years? It has had a great amount of investment, with new schools, apartments and a large influx of restaurants opening on the high street. Having grown up in Borehamwood,

I can honestly say the area has changed vastly. The high street was once known as the village and there were only a handful of quality shops in the town. Over the past 10 years, we have seen a huge influx of young families and singletons in their early 30s moving to the area, which has allowed new businesses and restaurants to open confidently. We also have large stores such as Debenhams, M&S and a whole shopping park of mainstream brands. Tell us about the transport facilities Borehamwood’s transport links are second to none. Having to travel into Kings Cross or even areas such as Finchley or Hampstead are extremely easy and the transport is very reliable. Most of our buyers rely on the area’s transport and we can confidently say that transport to London is within a five-minute walk of everyone’s front door. What are Borehamwood’s best features that you highlight to potential buyers? The area offers something that can’t be found in most of London – ease of access to beautiful country parks and walks. We have everything found in most parts of London,

plus access to beautiful country walks, tons of restaurants and a huge range of shops and nearly every supermarket in the country. Has the demand to be in a school catchment area impacted on your business? Having Yavneh College and Hertsmere Jewish Primary School in the area has really helped boost the town’s house prices. Since the catchment areas were announced for Yavneh College, we have found that large numbers of new families are desperate to move close to the school to ensure entry and, in turn, push up prices of any property

that is within a close proximity of the school. What’s the average price of a family home and a one-bedroom apartment? Borehamwood is still young and I’m certain houses prices in the area are going to skyrocket in the coming years. The average price of a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Borehamwood is circa £500,000, and the average price of a one-bedroom apartment is £250,000. Contact Simmons Estates on 0208 905 2255 or visit simmonsestates.co.uk

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23 November 2017


PIC T U R E-PE R F EC T L I V I NG An exclusive collection of 14 exceptional five bedroom family homes, set within an enviable location on the cuff of Goffs Oak. Meticulously designed with superb high specification interiors and striking exteriors, this beautiful collection of homes offer exquisite rural living at its best. For a limited time only, receive your Stamp Duty paid, giving you a saving of up to ÂŁ73,750*! With homes ready to move into now, why not visit our luxury Show Home to view the elegant, timeless design first-hand? Priced from ÂŁ1,195,000 Rags Lane | Cheshunt | Hertfordshire | EN7 6TD


01992 286000

* Stamp Duty paid does not include the 3% SDLT surcharge payable for additional homes from 1st April 2016 and is not available in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Applicable on selected plots only. Stamp Duty saving example based on Plot 9 - Kent House. Please speak to our Sales Advisor for further details. Street scene photography. Pricing correct on 14.11.17.

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