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29 NOVEMBER 2018

MIRACLE NIGHTS Edited by Brigit Grant



Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / Seven lamps

The magic of


Anyone notice the markings on that zebra? Spotted by US photographer Abraham Levine, the uncanny resemblance to a menorah on this animal’s body is nature’s miracle and involved no airbrushing. The first mention of a menorah was on Mount Sinai when Moses was chatting to the Almighty, who specified directions for his sanctuary and the menorah that was to be placed inside (Exodus 25:31-40). It had to be made of hammered gold and have six branches, three on each side, with a central stem. How

we got to the nine-armed candelabra we use today is the subject of debate, but one of the oldest depictions was on the Arch of Titus in Rome, commemorating the victory of Roman troops after they crushed the Great Jewish Revolt in 70 CE. G-d forbid it should be something positive. For positive, you need to head to Fifth Ave and 59th Street in New York to see the world’s largest menorah – designed by Israeli artist Yaacov Agam. At 32ft with a 4ft shamash, it’s hard to miss, but a menorah doesn’t have to be big to get noticed.

Serving Holocaust refugees and survivors nationwide

T: 020 8385 3070 E: enquiries@ajr.org.uk W: www.ajr.org.uk

 AssociationofJewishRefugees  @AJR_London

At 32ft, with a 4ft shamash, Agam’s menorah in New York is the world’s biggest

29 November 2018 Jewish News



Menorah Mix / Chanukah and Charity

Editor’s letter

Lights and stripes: Zebra menorah

Line Dancing menorah by Boris Kramer

Jerusalem city menorah

Ceramic soccer menorah by Gefen Judaica

Brass bird menorah by Jonathan Adler

Menorahsaurus rex Christmas tree menorah

Walt Disney menorah

Although we are always beaten to the festive season by London’s Christmas lights, Chanukah has surpassed itself in the early-bird stakes. Everything – apart from Brexit– has come at speed in 2018, due to our lunisolar calendar which left some still unpacking summer suitcases when Rosh Hashanah rolled in. Yom Kippur followed and now it’s miracle time. Again. Yay! Of course, we should look on the bright side of the Festival of Lights, as it means doughnuts and presents. As it is a time for giving to family and friends, it felt right to gift-wrap charity with Chanukah and to tie in with the festival’s eight nights we asked charities to cite eight highlights of 2018, as well as others coming up. With ten days to go there’s still time to purchase from our gift list, fashion and beauty pages, particularly if you celebrate that other big holiday in December. HO, HO , HO!!

Brigit Musical metal menorah

Candy menorah by Jodie Levene


Brigit Grant Supplements editor brigitg@thejngroup.com Contact us to arrange your collection



Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / The Bros

Football and THE BROONS That was Chanukah for the Baddiels, discovers Brigit Grant

David and Ivor Baddiel still celebrate that flaming festival, but not always on the right day


HOUGH ONE HAS RAVED about the hymns and homeliness of Christmas and the other associates December with scripting X Factor, the Baddiel brothers

have an enviable Chanukah legacy. Coerced into recollecting (please Ivor, please), middle brother Ivor paints a picture of a childhood Chanukah that would satisfy most kids. Old

No matter what next year brings we will do whatever it takes to defend our community’s future. Throughout the year, Campaign Against Antisemitism ensures that antisemites are held to account. Antisemites have gone to prison due to our pioneering work to ensure that those who spread hatred suffer criminal, financial, professional and reputational consequences. This year we have stayed at the forefront of the fight against antisemitism in politics. The coming year might be decisive for our community’s future. Please support our volunteers’ work with a generous donation at antisemitism.uk/donate. Justice, justice, you shall pursue | ‫ | צדק צדק תרדף‬Charity reg. 1163790 | PO Box 2647, London W1A 3RB

enough to have missed the technology that now interrupts chagim, the Baddiels got their big present on the first night and then the gifts decreased in size. “Football was a big part of our lives and our presents,” says Ivor who puts Subbuteo on top of the bros’ gift list. Invented in 1947 the game, created by Peter Adolph and originally made of cardboard, had matured by the seventies. “A lot of people had it set up on their diningroom table, but ours was all over the floor, so the players got decapitated which explains why half the teams were made up of only legs and no bodies.” Well-known for their support of Chelsea, there were occasional games when the brothers’ allegiance switched to Swansea as their Welsh father, Colin, took them to see his parents every summer. “I think they were in the fourth division and the opening game of the season was usually against Carlyle, but it was a fun family time.” Much fun was also had when they got Rebound for Chanukah, a game that fell between bowling and curling and Striker and Super Striker, which was the new and improved Subbuteo for kids. If you loved football, then you would love Striker and Super Striker, which unlike Subbuteo had players who could kick a ball. “I think I got a skateboard one year,” muses Ivor. “And there was also the board game Movie Maker, which was like Monopoly but set in Hollywood, so you had to buy directors and actors.” As a prelude to the brothers’ careers in the entertainment industry it was beaten only by the horseracing thriller TotoPoly (circa 1938) a game of two halves but without a ball. The

annuals that arrived over eight nights included The Beano, Dandy, Shoot, Wizzer and Chips, and then there were the more unusual ones. “That came out of Scotland,” explains Ivor. “They were Oor Wullie (Scottish for William) about a boy who sat on a bucket a lot and The Broons, a family who lived in the fictional town of Auchenshoogle. I’ve still got the annuals.” Retrieving them from his book shelf, Ivor talked about the idiosyncratic Chanukah traditions of his late mother Sarah. “She came here from Germany when she was three months old with a swastika stamped on her passport, but the German influence was always there, so we called her parents Oma and Opa and Chanukah was all about the Bundt. The bundt is a type of cake, but for mum it was a plate piled high with goodies – sweets, chocolate umbrellas, fruit, nuts and marzipan. I love marzipan and remember shovelling it in. My mother continued doing the bundt year after year.” In more recent years, Sarah Baddiel would arrive at the homes of her sons laden with Menorahs. “Nine or ten was the usual, so that our children, her grandchildren all got a chance to light candles.” Ivor chuckles at her enthusiasm for the flames which is still alive in their homes as the brothers always get together for the festivals. “Frank lives in New York, but David and I organise it, although it might not always be on the right day because we’re busy.” And if caught at the right moment devout Jewish aethist David [Baddiel] will wax lyrical on Twitter about the JN’s Chanukah in the Square festivities and Ivor will dig out a dreidel while spinning a script for Dermot O’Leary. David Baddiel has a new show – Trolls: Not the Dolls (work in progress) at the Soho Theatre. The Broons Annual & Oor Wullie Annual 2018 are available at www.dcthomsonshop.co.uk

29 November 2018 Jewish News


After suffering a life unimaginable by most of us, Avi came to live in Neveh Hadassah Youth Village in Israel. He enjoyed running and after hearing about an annual event to run up the 1144 steps of the Azrieli building in Tel-Aviv, he set up a Youth Village running club and achieved his dream of participating. Avi said, “The teachers told me, ‘If you can dream it you can do it’ and I did it, I made it happen!” Avi recently graduated and is poised to become a leader of his community, ready to serve as a role model for younger generations. Today more than 400,000 children in Israel have been deemed at-risk by welfare authorities. With decades of experience, we know how to take them from ‘survival to leadership’. Be an active part of Israel’s next generation.

YOU CAN MAKE THEIR DREAMS POSSIBLE. THEY MAKE THEM HAPPEN. Empowering children. Creating a better future. Help us to help more at-risk children. Donate what you can today. Go to youthaliyah.org.uk Join the conversation


Youth Aliyah Child Rescue Trojan House, 34 Arcadia Avenue, London N3 2JU t:020 8371 1580 e:info@youthaliyah.org.uk youthaliyah.org.uk Registered charity no.1077913




Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / Fashion forward

Dressing up & DOUGHNUTS

A native of New York City, fashion influencer Esther Hyams (@fashionnestaa_), who is now based in Hendon, believes her background influences her fashion “in a really positive way”. “Seeing as I didn’t grow up religious, never in a million years did I think that I would ever dress modestly,” she laughs. “I consider myself lucky to be an Orthodox blogger in the secular world of fashion, as I am standing up for what I believe in and love. And I hope I’m showing everyone that you can have a great time while still dressing modest.” As bubbly as the oil in the pan of bamieh (Persian donuts) she is busy frying as we speak, Hyams’ vibrant spirit has attracted her sizeable following, which grew from “collaborating with other brands, meeting new people at fashion events and, of course, always making sure to post new, exciting content”. Here, Hyams showcases her top picks for this sugary season, from menorah lighting to partying under city lights. It’s tempting to go low key and dark for winter looks, but just because it’s dreary outside doesn’t mean your outfit has to be! Vibrant statement jewellery can jazz up any boring work blazer, taking you from office to oh-so-glam in an instant. These pearl earrings are really the icing on the cake (or doughnut). Get them now from @statementsonline (£15).


Starred images by @saraleviphotography

Naomi Frankel gets styling tips from a woman who takes her faith and fashion seriously

Earn your stripes this season with this chic combo, ideal for a chill Sunday scoffing sugarladen treats with friends. I’ve paired this simple H&M dress with these fab sunglasses from @amazon (£8) to shield my eyes from any winter rays. This look is perfectly offset with a luxe leather jacket or classic denim. Still feeling the chill? Snuggle up in a statement scarf like this ribbed yellow beauty (@ accessorize, was £18, now £14.40).

* My favourite time of winter is being able to have fun with my outerwear choices, often a dilemma with the many fabulous coats out there. I’ll be wearing this stylish number from @chicwish to Trafalgar Square this year to keep me warm and on point for the annual candle lighting. Matched with an entire outfit purchased from @primark, I hope this is walking proof that comfort and chic can go hand in hand. Talking of which, I always make sure I have a compact mirror – essential with those harsh winter winds wrecking havoc with hair! For a quirky yet practical present, choose one of these compact mirrors from @yesstudio (Wild & Wolf)– a steal at £10 each).

* In my opinion, nothing screams winter glam more than showstopping slashes of red. For my Jew-do of choice this year, I’ll be wearing this white jacket from @chicwish (£50) to perfectly set off my little black dress from @primark (£12). Present of choice is this red beret also from @primark (£4), for the ultimate Parisian finish to any outfit.


Bamieh (Persian doughnuts) Ingredients: 1 cup flour 3 tbsp butter 2 eggs ¼ tsp saffron 1 cup sugar ½ cup of water 1 tbsp rose water Vegetable or canola oil for frying

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Soak saffron in a bowl with ¼ cup of boiling water for 20 minutes. 2. Make the simple syrup. In a small pot, add 1 cup sugar and ½ cup water and boil until thickened. Make sure it does not caramelise. When almost thickened, add 1 tbsp rose water and 3 tsp saffron liquid to the pot and continue boiling for three more minutes. When done, put aside. 3. In another pot, add 1 cup of water, 2 tbsp of sugar and 3 tbsp of butter. Put on low heat and stir until the butter is melted and everything is blended. 4. On low heat, add 1 cup of flour to the pot and use a spatula to mix the flour into the butter until it looks like a dough ball. When

done, remove from heat and allow to get to room temperature (you can put it in the fridge to speed it up). 5. When dough is at room temperature, add it to a large bowl and mix in eggs (one at a time) until everything is combined. The dough is very sticky, so it helps to use a hand mixer if you have one. 6. Heat a large frying pan with 1” oil and bring to 190ºC. 7. Transfer dough to a piping bag and squeeze out small doughnuts into the oil. Use a knife to help cut the dough as you’re frying them. 8. Fry dough on each side until goldenbrown (two to three minutes each side). When done, use a mesh spoon to shake off excess oil and transfer to saffron syrup. Coat the syrup all over the doughnuts. 9. Repeat until all dough and syrup is used.

Recipe from www.littleferrarokitchen.com. Samantha Ferraro’s book, The Weeknight Mediterranean Kitchen, is available now, published by Page Street Publishing


Check out this number from @imodestcloset, my go-to for that low-key yet fabulous Chanukah ‘hostess with the mostest’ look. Combine it with a bold belt and you’re good to go for an afternoon of fun, looking fashionable and chic. Go for a gift with a difference with this great belt from @two12fashion (£25), which will structure and flatter any party dress. Go on, indulge your sweet tooth with soft pastel knits in pinks purples or baby blue, daring to be different by purposefully clashing shades. I’ve gone for pink, grey and maroon (skirt from @bitzofglitz_uk), toughening up the look with bold block tights and boots. Arm candy is a must, and I’m loving this marble floral rose-gold watch from @oliviaburtonlondon (£72). Just one of many fun flowery designs, the company’s gorgeous collection is top of any Jewish princess’s wishlist.

Sparkle under the city lights in sequins this Chanukah for that ‘extra’ party look in this dress from @topshop (£80). Luxe fabrics are the evening look of the season, so be Maccabee brave and experiment with rich tones of velvet, soft knits and sheer silks. For affluent yet affordable style, I love picking up pieces at Topshop, Mango, John Lewis and H&M. Splash out on that special someone with this cute clutch from @jemma girlnyc (£120), which adds a much-needed splash of colour to any outfit.

There’s nothing like funky tights to inject any outfit with attitude. My go-to is @zoharatightsuk, which offers a huge selection of shades and designs at reasonable prices. Plus it’s a unique gift by any ‘stretch’ of the imagination. Prices vary from £10-20 (www.alterego -lingerie.com/brands/zohara).

29 November 2018 Jewish News



Model home / Chanukah and Charity

CAPRICE’S acting up!

From being one of the world’s most photographed women, model-turned-homeware designer Caprice Bourret returns to acting in 2019 in In2ruders, a horror film about the music industry to be shown on Amazon Prime. Co-starring music duo the Bloom twins and Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley with a score by Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes, Caprice plays the all-powerful CEO of a sinister entertainment conglomerate. We catch up with her to find out her plans for Chanukah. What are you doing for Chanukah this year, and who with? This year I will be with my family in London. The boys are really excited... one has tried to open his gifts already – the cheeky little bugger! We just celebrate with friends and family around our home. It is a special occasion. What do you like most about Chanukah? That’s a silly question – the gifts of course! Also, any chance to eat pancakes and jelly doughnuts without the guilt is alright by me. What do your children like most about the festival? Like most children, they look forward to the sweeties and presents. I am usually quite strict with not overloading them with junk food, so this time of the year means they can eat more treats. Do they still go to cheder? Will they be going to any parties (at shul or otherwise)? Of course, we go every Sunday without fail. We have been invited to a few parties that we are looking forward to. I look forward to catching up with friends and family. Do you celebrate Chrismukkah? Hahaha... My husband Ty’s side of the family


celebrate Christmas, so we visit them during this time, which inevitably mean gifts for the kids! We usually go to Florida to his parents and everyone wears Christmas jumpers. What are you giving to others as gifts for Chanukah/Christmas? The list is too long, to be honest. I have about 21 gifts that I have bought already. So far, I have bought the latest toys the kids are driving me crazy for, a couple of bikes and some shoes.


By Caprice Home is available now at www.gobycaprice.com and key stockists, including www.dunelm.com. Pictured: Fiya White range, Esme bolster and Jasmine range

Do you have a Chanukah bush?! Or a Christmas tree? I definitely don’t have a Christmas tree in my own home. It is important that I don’t confuse the children and also, over the holidays, we go away. I have a menorah for candle-lighting, and there’s a star of David/menorah made out of fairy lights wrapped around the stage in my living room. What did you do for Chanukah growing up? To be honest not much... I only really started being really religious after having my children. Before this, I was on my own, travelling the world, being a bit wild. If there was a holiday that meant another Caribbean destination for a few weeks, I was there. It’s only now that I’ve had kids that I’m more observant.

Royal Albert Hall presents


1. Sleep! I get between three to five hours but, ideally, I need eight. 2. No stress. 3. New car – in my dreams! I have a Lexus hybrid SUV that is 10 years old. Possibly the Tesla 7-seater; I like to have an eco-friendly car. 4. A holiday in Disneyland – the children haven’t been to Disneyland Florida yet. They’d love it and I secretly do too! 5. To get my bike refurbished. It’s about 14 years old, but was custom-made and is so comfortable. It needs a revamp and new wheels.

Friday 21 December, 2pm & 7:30pm Featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonia Chorus and conductor Maxim Emelyanychev

6. New Hogan sneakers. Hogan is one of my fave brands. They’re quite expensive, so they’re a real treat as a gift. 7. An Alex Perry dress. These dresses all fit me like a glove. They’re sexy but very age appropriate. 8. A spa day. I never have time for this. What a pleasure and a treat to be pampered for a day.

Call: 020 7589 8212 royalalberthall.com/christmas

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Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / Festive fun

How to CHANUKAH Judy Elkus has some hot ideas in Israel for all those novice celebrants 2. DOH!NUTS Doughnuts – known in Hebrew as suf-ganyot – are understandably popular in Israel, but the most famous are created by Roladin.. Each year, the popular chain of bakeries and cafés outdoes itself, with ever more imaginative flavours – think violet cheesecake, or rose raspberry marmalade with mascarpone. Beautifully presented, many come with “chasers” of berry coulis or dark rum, served in a syringe. 3. LET THEM ENTERTAIN YOU Chanukah is showtime in Israel and two of the best-loved events are Festigal, which has been around forever, and new addition the Motek Shel festival aimed at 3-5 year-olds. Similar to the seasonal pantos, the shows feature stars from children’s TV and other

4. ALL TOGETHER NOW Candle lighting is a unifying element that brings everyone together regardless of how religious or traditional they may be. Most towns have a chanukiah, a handy reminder to residents of how many candles to light and each night a member of the local council or rabbinate is honoured with doing the lighting – often accompanied by music and dancing. There’s a chanukiah every 100 yards in hotel lobbies, shopping centres, restaurants and even offices, so everybody has a chance to celebrate, even if they don’t light up at home.







Chanukah Torch Relay


as making an ecological chanukiah. For an authentic festival of lights experience, the JNF organises an orienteering event at the tombs of the Maccabees, a ‘miracles and experiments’ scientific experience learning about oil, fire and the wonders of Chanukah, and a lantern-lit night-time forest walk.

celebrities. They sell out quickly, but the soundtracks tend to stick around from one year to the next.

Photo by Meir Alfasi

1. SHINE THE LIGHT The Olympic torch relay is well known, but the Chanukah Torch Relay is the one that counts. The tradition was started by the Maccabi World Union in 1944, and has been missed only once since; during the 1948 War of Independence. As in the Olympic event, a burning torch is passed hand to hand and covers 20 miles between the city of Modi’in, the town in the Judean Hills where the original Maccabean revolt against the ancient Greeks began, to the Western Wall (Kotel), the last remnant of the Temple, in the Old City of Jerusalem. There, it is used by the Chief Rabbi to light the giant communal chanukiyah.

5. MUSEUMS Israel may be small, but it has more than its fair share of museums. Most tend to offer special holiday activities for families, some more obvious than others. You can see menorahs from around the world at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, enjoy seasonal activities at the Tower of David Museum and Bloomfield Science Museum, and even visit a Museum of Edible Oil Production in Haifa. 6. WALK THIS WAY With the mild winter weather, Chanukah in Israel is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. Both the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel offer guided hikes, accompanied by storytelling and kids’ activities, such

7. MACCABEE EXPERIENCES If you want to experience life in the time of the Maccabee, there’s no better place than Israel to do it. The holiday story is recreated every year at the Hasmonean Village in Shilat, where you can hear the Maccabees tell their stories, pick olives, create mosaics and make wax candles. The ancient site of Shilo, where the Tabernacle stood for 369 years, offers an authentic biblical experience that includes a visit to an ancient olive oil workshop, a spectacular view of the Hasmonean battle sites and a workshop for baking pita bread and preparing spicy olive oil. And in the area around Modiin, the historic home town of the Maccabees themselves, you can dress up and re-enact the story of Chanukah. 8. VISIT JERUSALEM Jerusalem is a crowd puller year-round, but Chanukah in the city is an experience not to be missed. With streets decorated for the holidays and the light of the chanukiahs flickering in the windows, the atmosphere couldn’t be more festive. There are also events for the whole family, from special Chanukah tours through the Old City and a unique menorah exhibit in the historic Hurva Synagogue to street theatre and light shows. Not forgetting, of course, the experience of the giant chanukiah lighting at the Kotel each evening.

This Chanukah… Save on calories Share your dough

Donut to GIFT TEXT DONU23 £10 to 70070 Alternatively send money through or jgift.org/donate www.jgift.org (020) 8457 4429

GIFT - make a difference

UK Charity Number: 1153393

GIFT is a member of

Rabbi Lisa Barrett, Honorary Officers, Council and staff of SWESRS would like to wish the entire Jewish community a very Happy Chanukah. Throughout the year our doors are always open, ready to welcome you to our wonderful choral, family and children’s Shabbat morning services, along with our weekly Tuesday Lunch Club and regular Neshamah meditation services too. We would be delighted to see you at any time of the year…. Why not take a look at our website for further details? www.swesrs.org.uk

29 November 2018 Jewish News


Carmit Candle Chocolate Coins



£ 2.25









Find these great offers and more in selected stores. FOR YOUR NEAREST MORRISONS STORE PLEASE VISIT WWW.MORRISONS.COM OR TELEPHONE 0345 611 6111

w/c 26/11/18 Available in selected stores. Whilst promotional stocks last. Offers/prices may vary at morrisons.com and Morrisons Daily. Carmit Candle Chocolate Coins £4.46/100g • Kedem Natural Grape Juice, Kedem Light Natural Grape Juice & Kedem Concord Grape Juice £3.77/litre. Chanukah Candles and Carmit

Candle Chocolate Coins subject to availability, when it’s gone, it’s gone.


LIGHTING UP LIVES: 8 STORIES “Carmiel Children’s Village gave us the things we couldn’t have growing up. It’s given me the support I needed, a family and a home.” Amy, resident, UJIA funded project Carmiel Children’s Village Support UJIA in keeping the flame alive in young people like Amy in the UK and Israel. ujia.org/chanukah

United Jewish Israel Appeal is a registered charity No. 1060078 (England & Wales) and Sc 039181 (Scotland).

2334_ChannukahAppeal2018-JNAd01.indd 1

15/11/2018 15:09



Jewish News 29 November 2018


Dedicated Care for Independent Living

We care about your care. Dementia | Live in | Rehabilitation

End of life | Disabilities | Companionship We offer a broad range of homecare services, whether it is companionship or complete personal support. All our experienced, highly trained and trusted team are there to assist you in anything you need to make sure that you continue to live as independently as possible in your own home.

Rabbi Gideon Schulman together with Lauren Matlock and the team at Tamar would like to wish the kehilla a happy Chanukah!

w w w. t a m a r c a r e . c o . u k


0203 862 1370


29 November 2018 Jewish News


Marvel Time/ Chanukah and Charity

THE THING Artist Jack Kirby’s The Thing Chanukah card

about Chanukah

Who knew The Fantastic Four celebrated the Festival of Light

‘Captain America Foils The Traitor’s Revenge’ was Stanley Leiber’s comic book debut in 1941. He was 18 at the time and chose the pseudonym Stan Lee because comics had a low cultural status and he wanted to keep his own name for the great American novel he planned to write one day. It was as “Stan Lee”, however, that the creator of Spider-Man, the Hulk and other Marvel heroes acquired superhero status himself, as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When he died on November 12, aged 95, fans surrounded that star with flowers, candles and speech bubble tributes, while younger comic book artists drew their own fond farewells. Stan Lee would have appreciated this as he loved the attention, particularly from his many cameos in the Marvel movies, the last of which is in the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War, due to be released next spring. The son of Romanian-born Jewish parents, Stan also liked having his say through his soap boxes at the back of Marvel comics and frequently decried racism and intolerance of any kind. When it came to his Judaism, Stan used his superheroes as torch- bearers, the most celebrated being Benjamin Jacob “Ben” Grimm, otherwise known as The Thing. It took 40 years for The Thing to come out as Jewish in the

Stan Lee The tribute on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Fantastic Four’s Remembrance of Things Past, but then Stan decided The Thing should teach the The Fantastic Four and all the readers about Chanukah in the story Rock of Ages. The story appeared in the digital Marvel Holiday Special #1, with The Thing being escorted to his synagogue by his mates Mister Fantastic, Invisible Girl and Human Torch. After dropping him there, the remaining three spot some kids spraying the shul with graffiti and decide to sort them out. Of course, they all wind up celebrating Chanukah together because Stan liked a happy ending, but he shed a little miracle light on the unacceptable. Not a bad way to be remembered.




The Thing was revealed to be Jewish in the Rock of Ages story

Call: 020 7589 8212 royalalberthall.com/christmas

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Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / Family fun

Eight are GREAT Alex Galbinski selects some small but amusing gifts for the family ...

1. EAT YOUR GREENS With more people eschewing meat, this Einstein vegetarian double oven glove with a quote from the great man will make a great gift. It seems the German-born physicist was a veggie for the last 18 months of his life and could have supported it for many years before that. www.radicalteatowel.co.uk, £20

4. GET THE GLOW! These interactive Super Glow T-Shirts would also be perfect for your bar/batmitzvah party! Draw on your T-shirt with light ` (UV keyring included) and make designs over and over again. Each word, picture or design lasts about five minutes before it fades and you can start drawing again. www.illuminated apparel.co.uk, £15

5. FUN FEET FIRST These socks are perfect for schools’ ‘odd sock day’! Chatty Feet make funky socks for adults and children with witty names and feature artists, scientists and film characters to make you smile. Made by designers all over the world, including Israel. www.chattyfeet. com, from £5 6. CHOC ICE These six hand-iced patisserie chocolates are a cute treat and designs include doughnuts, cupcakes and a great big gateau. Don’t expect them to hang around for long once the special box is opened. www.biscuiteers.com, £11.95

2. TREAD CAREFULLY Show me a child who doesn’t enjoy some scatological humour – and Hasbro game Don’t Step In It! will surely deliver. Put on a blindfold, turn the spinner and step across the mat while taking care not to step in the (pretend) number twos. www.thetoyshop.com, RRP £20

7. STRIKE A POSE These bright matches in a jar will bring a pop of colour to your Chanukiahlighting. Functional accessory meets fun gift. (www.grahamandgreene.co.uk, £12.95)

3. PROJECTOR PHONE Knowing how much kids – and, let’s be honest, adults – are glued to their phones, they’ll surely love this Smartphone Projector to create a cinema in their own home. The easyto-assemble kit has an 8 x magnifying lens and projects images on to the wall, with space to plug in speakers. www.prezzybox.co.uk, £17.99

8. SCRATCH AND TRACK Rub off the countries you’ve visited and keep track of your travels with this quirky scratch world map, which measures 87cm x 52cm and comes in a tube. www.rexlondon.com, £8.95

TOYS for Chanukah

... and goes in search of the toys the kids will thank you for, again and again STAR BUY

1. COMPUTER SAYS YES With the Kano Computer Kit Touch, kids aged 6-13 will learn to code on a 10” tablet they build themselves. https://kano.me/uk

2. KINETIC FUN GraviTrax Starter Set, for children aged eight plus, to build their own tracks. www.johnlewis. com, £39.99 3. KARMA CHAMELEON Keep the colour-changing Robo Chameleon reptile full using a remote control. www.wickeduncle. co.uk, £29.95

7. PETS FOR LIFE Once you bath, dry, brush and love these Scruff-aLuv pets (that come as sad balls of matted fur), you’ll discover what type of pet they are. www. wilko.com, £20

4. SLIME TIME The Science Museum’s Slimy Laboratory kit contains all a child (aged 8+) needs to create the disgusting mess. www.shop. sciencemuseum.org.uk, £15

5. SIRIUS FUN HP fans will love the LEGO 75955 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train set. www.smythstoys. com, £74.99 6. FINGER-SNAPPING GOOD Last Christmukkah, parents practically fought each other to get their hands on Fingerlings, so these interactive toys will no doubt prove popular this year. www.argos.co.uk, £16.99

8. GAME ON Dreading the end of Strictly Come Dancing and the glow of the glitter ball? The eponymous Board Game means you can get a ‘7’ in your own living room. John Lewis and other big stores, £19.99 A THOUGHT FOR OTHERS While it’s lovely to give gifts to family and friends to keep, it’s also important to remember others who are not in as fortunate a position. With MyChanukahGift, charity Myisrael supports 18 under-the-radar charities in Israel that transform lives. Gifts range from a child’s pencil case (£12) to hospital transport for a cancer patient (£100). www.mychanukahgift.myshopify.com

29 November 2018 Jewish News



Read on / Chanukah and Charity

On the first night of

CHANUKAH Alex Galbinski flicks through the pages of both recent and well-loved children’s books on the 2,000-year-old miracle that feature the theme of eight…

GROVER’S EIGHT NIGHTS OF LIGHT (SESAME STREET) by Jodie Shepherd It’s Chanukah on Sesame Street, and Grover invites his friends to a party at his house. Children aged two to five will learn all about how to celebrate the festival along with Elmo, Telly, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Bert, Ernie, Zoe, and Murray. The story, which includes gentle messages about friendship, kindness, and tolerance, offers a simple outline of the holiday’s origins, lighting the menorah, playing dreidel, and eating latkes and other traditional delicacies. Included are stickers, press-out Chanukah cards, and a poster with a festival party game. (Random House Books for Young Readers, 2017, £5.39)

EIGHT IS GREAT by Tilda Balsley This 12-page Chanukah board book depicts, in clever and whimsical rhyme, a happy family celebrating the eight-night festival of lights. This story of intergenerational celebration shows the children not just celebrating the joyful holiday, but also preparing for it.

EIGHT CANDLES TO LIGHT: A CHANUKAH STORY (Festival Time) by Jonny Zucker A simple introduction to Chanukah, this book for pre-schoolers follows a family as they light the menorah, open presents and eat latkes. Focusing on the way the festival is celebrated today, it features bright illustrations and simple text. The book is part of a series of festivals from different religions, and a double-page spread at the end gives more detailed historical and cultural information about the festival for parents and teachers.

(Kar-Ben, 2013, £4.99)

(Frances Lincoln Publishers, £6.99)

EIGHT WILD NIGHTS: A FAMILY HANUKKAH TALE by Brian Cleary With irreverent humour and rhyme, a Jewish family celebrates – and survives – the eight days of Chanukah. Every Jewish family will relate to this rollercoaster of joys and adventures as an assortment of relatives and friends descends on the household.

THE EIGHT NIGHTS OF HANUKKAH by Suzanne Beilenson and Rabbi Daniel S. Wolk If you can get hold of this dinky book (it’s currently only available in hard copy from the US, but you can pay for expedited delivery) you’ll find it is packed with information on the history of Chanukah, its traditions, celebrations, songs, and games for the whole family. It even comes with a 24K goldplated charm on a ribbon bookmark. (Peter Pauper Press, Amazon Kindle £0.91)

(Kar-Ben, 2006, £5.99)

HANUKKAH IN EIGHT NIGHTS: BRING THE PAST TO LIGHT by Marian Scheuer Sofaer and Vivian Singer A book for those who want to know more, this is a family handbook for Chanukah with dramatic readings for each of the eight nights: the eight narratives give the historical background for the conflict behind the festival. As well as the candle-lighting blessings, Chanukah songs, recipes and dreidel game rules, this book offers anyone who is interested in what historians know about the Maccabean wars a guide to the chronology of the period, and includes excerpts from ancient sources and vivid stories that will bring to life the events of 164 BCE. Good for school age children up to adults. (SingerSiddur, 2005, £5.99).

Wishing all our customers a very tasty, finger licking Chanukah

OSKAR AND THE EIGHT BLESSINGS by Richard and Tanya Simon A refugee seeking sanctuary from the horrors of Kristallnacht, Oskar arrives by ship in New York City with only a photograph and an address for an aunt he’s never met. It is both the seventh day of Chanukah and Christmas Eve, 1938. As Oskar walks the length of Manhattan, from the Battery to his new home in the north of the city, he passes experiences the city’s many holiday sights, and encounters its various residents. Each offers Oskar a small act of kindness, welcoming him to the city and helping him on his way to a new life in the New World. This book won the 2015 National Jewish Book Award for Children’s Literature.eight. (Roaring Brook Press, 2015, £14.10) THE EIGHTH MENORAH by Lauren Wohl Chanukah is a few weeks away, and Sam can’t wait to celebrate with his family, especially his grandma. At Sunday school, everyone in his class is busy making clay menorahs to give as gifts! Sam likes how his menorah is turning out, but he’s concerned, as his family already has seven menorahs, so will they want another one? His teacher reassures him his parents will love it, but Sam is determined to solve this problem on his own and find the perfect home for his menorah. (Albert Whitman & Company, 2013, £14.99)

Sharon’s Bakery 11 Edgwarebury Lane, HA8 8LH 02089584789 106 Brent Street, NW4 2HH 02082036623 sharons@tjbakery.com



Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / Dress up


2 1

DRESSING Festive fashion puts your head in a spin, says Brigit Grant.. One minute you’re wearing something sensible for the school Chanukah concert; the next you’re in a scarlet two-piece at the company cocktail party. So whether you’re throwing on a seasonal sweater for donuts and gift-giving before slipping into sequins for a formal dinner, you might need some additions to your wardrobe to up the choice. Here are eight for each night.....


Burgundy Flowing high neck top with a draped bow. £25.99 Zara

4 Felicity Embellished Mesh Prom Dress £78.00 www.littlemistress.com


Passion flower blazer £299.00 Hobbs


Ombre Sequin Bardot Dress £75.00 Roman Originals

7 Crushed Velvet Jacket £64.95 Joe Browns


Star by Julien Macdonald Faith ‘Bella’ Boots £75. Debenhams Nikina Sparkle Velvet Dress £55 Oliver Bonas

Black V Neck Tie velvet sleeveless jumpsuit £45 Wallis


29 November 2018 Jewish News



Dress Up/ Chanukah and Charity

Light-Up Looks With only be a few days until the lighting begins, it’s time to put the gelt towards some suitable attire.

Light My Fire skirt by Heed the Hum

Menorah suit by Festidia

Chanukah surf shorts www.amazon.co.uk

Chanukah shoe in with socks ebay.co.uk Skirt the issue www.redbubble.com

Sweat n dreidel joggers by Tipsy Elves

Candle cords www.nordstrom.com

Show me the money shirt by Alef Designs

Happy Channukah from North London Hospice


JN_HANUKKAH_AD_1118.indd 1

28/11/2018 14:01



Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / Lip service

KISS on my List 1. Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipsticks (£24), launched only a couple of months ago, but the word is out. Matte but containing moringa oil, the 15 colours have the scent and flavour of Tahitian vanilla and blackberry. It will survive a smooch too. www.janeiredale.co.uk

FACT. People kiss more in December than at any other time of year. Even us. We may not have the mistletoe that guarantees a real smacker, but playing 4. So it’s toy time and Unicorn spin the dreidel with spin the bottle rules Cosmetics lip-glosses(£13.99) allow you to embrace your inner child. Who doesn’t want to wear Halo Galactic with will do it. Giving gifts is a kiss cue and a holographic non-sticky enhancer? Your lips sparkle like a chanukiah it’s pecks all round at the right parties. but be warned, the packaging also attracts little girls who hide Keeping your lipstick on for all these it. It can also be worn alone to create a subtle shine on the lips. moments isn’t easy, though it was never www.unicorncosmetics.co.uk a problem for my Auntie Fannie, who 6. Delilah cosmetics clearly could get through a Friday-night dinner had the sultry biblical seducer in mind when it came up with with her matte Rose intact. Much their unshiftable matte liquid lipsticks. Unlike those pillars like your glass, lipstick always needs Samson toppled, this is stay-put colour and of the four shades topping-up and Brigit Grant has eight Beau – a warm nude – is my favourite. that will survive anything. www.delilahcosmetics.com

2. Mary Kay At Play Matte

Liquid Lip Colour (£10) is one of those mystery glosses with matte staying power. It must be the high pigment that makes it so concentrated on your lips, but it feels creamy. www.marykay.co.uk

3. Nude-rose is a good match for most lips and Green People’s organic Velvet Matte Damask Rose (£16.50) is very flattering and not dry like a lot of matte lipsticks can be. Plus it contains vitamin E and used with their Enrich & Enhance Lip Primer, it lasts. www.greenpeople.co.uk

5. If anyone knows how to keep the lippie, on it’s Joan Collins – the halfJewish actress does not go au naturel. Joan’s Divine Lips (£18) (try Sabina) fades only a bit between breakfast and dinner and it contains hyaluronic acid. Perfect for spin the dreidel. www.joancollins.com

7. No list is ever complete for me without a Perricone product and the doctor’s No Make Up Lipgloss (£25) mimics the colour of young lips. There is no gloopiness, just a natural lustre. And there are neuropeptides and tocotrienols to condition your kisser. www.perricone.co.uk

8. Arbonne’s Double Take Lip Duos (£26) is a matte and gloss combo that reduces the cramming in your make-up bag and the peptides and polymers supply the moisture to stop any cracking. Redwood, the darkest of the shades, is my choice and the mineralised clay keeps it on and on…… www.arbonne.com

EAT SLEEP REPEAT 2 December 2018 - 6 January 2019 Get your tickets at the Box Office 020 7433 8955 or online at jw3.org.uk/icerink 341-351 Finchley Road, London, NW3 6ET

29 November 2018 Jewish News



Make-up magic / Chanukah and Charity

EIGHT Gifts I Want


Lavera Organic Body Butter – Winter Love – (£10.90) is a much-needed mood lifter that is super creamy, full of almond oil and smells of vanilla. Thank you very much. www.laverauk.co.uk

2 Tropic Whipped Body Velvet (£28) Sounds like a Club 18-30 cocktail, shrieks subtly of pomelo, passion fruit and coconut and is made with Madagascan rarabe butter and baobab oil. Serious dry-skin cream full of fatty acids – a must-have gift box. www.tropicskincare.com

3 Elixir Des Glacier CURE MAJESTUEUSE (£304) Before balking at the price, think of the price of a bi-annual Botox. This is a powerful serum presented as an oil and is loaded with restoring omegas and antioxidants that can be used on the face, neck and body. I keep mentioning it because it’s fabulous. Take the hint. Harrods / Harvey Nicks / www.LookFantastic.com

A selection of hand-picked holiday villas in Tuscany, Provence, Umbria and the Italian Lakes from a longestablished and wellrespected agency.

4 Stanwells, the designer boutique is to blame for me being hooked on Bodhi &Birch Sicilian Rose Body Oil (£42.00). It’s the smell – verbena, rose, pink pepper and geranium – that caught me and when I realised it could be used as a hair treatment too, it was too versatile to ignore. Stanwells.com

6 Rebel Eyes Mascara (£7.19) delivers stand-out lashes, is easy to wrap and sold at Superdrug. What are you waiting for?

7 You can’t go wrong with a Perricone MD product, but start with the Cold Plasma collection, which is remarkable in its ability to minimise pores, smooth skin and ditch a few years. www.perriconemd.co.uk

5 Ordinarily I wouldn’t suggest wipes as a gift, but Ella Jane Wipes (£10.90) are special. For starters there are three sorts: RENEW: with bee venom (sorts out fine lines), apple pectin (pigment) and neroli oils (plumps); REFRESH with peppermint sorts out blemishes and HEAL, which targets redness and is anti-bacterial with chamomile, rose and witch-hazel. Super-busy wipes, so put a bow around them. www.heavenskincare

8 Santal 33 (£125) by the French boutique perfumier Le Labo is the only gift I really,really want. The scent is so intoxicating I was compelled to ask a total stranger what he was wearing. “Santal 33” he whispered and my husband gave it to me last year. But I’m running out, so Neil if you are reading this. www.lelabo fragrances.com

“The service you provided was superb. I have never come across so helpful a company, with such quick responses. Excellent! ” D.M. and family, Aug 2018

Contact us today for your 2019 holidays:

5 Star rating on Google 4.8 Star Rating on Facebook

020 8444 9500

www.invitationto.com info@invitationto.com

Invitation to Tuscany Ltd, since 1982. Based in London N12. Reg. 05399312. Members of ABTOI and ASTA



Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / Frying fun

RECIPES FOR CHAN Chanukah isn’t only about latkes and donuts. Let Denise Phillips show you how to be a little bit more adventurous in the festive kitchen

Crispy Avocado Wedges Avocados are one of my favourite super foods as they are so versatile, but have you ever made them into chips? High in fibre, protein and vitamins, these baked vegan wedges are a must any time. Use as canapés, a quick snack, lunch box treats, a side dish or add to tacos, tortillas or with a burger. NB: For best results, choose avocados that are firm but ripe. PREPARATION TIME 20 mins COOKING TIME 10-12 mins

Ingredients ½ teaspoon chilli flakes ½ teaspoon salt 30g chickpea flour 50ml coconut or almond milk 2 large or 4 small avocados, peeled and cut into thick slices 75g breadcrumbs

Dipping Sauce: 150ml Greek yoghurt or thick non dairy yoghurt/coconut yoghurt 1 tablespoon lime juice Zest of half a lime 1 teaspoon chilli sauce Pinch salt

METHOD 1 Preheat oven to 220ºC and line a baking tray with baking parchment.

SERVES 2-3 people

2 Combine the chilli flakes, salt, and flour in a shallow dish. 3 Add the milk to a separate shallow dish. 4 Coat each avocado slice in flour, then dip in the milk. 5 Sprinkle breadcrumbs over each slice, pressing down lightly until the crumbs stick. 6 Place on the prepared baking try and bake for 10-12 minutes, or until golden. Store leftovers in the fridge for two to three days. 7 To make the dressing, combine all the ingredients together. 8 Serve with lime wedges, sprigs of coriander and dipping sauce.

Garnish: Lime wedges and sprigs of coriander

Enabling independent living


Orange Chanukah Dreidel Biscuits PREPARATION TIME 20 minutes COOKING TIME 8- 10 mins


100g unsalted butter or margerine 2 tablespoons icing sugar 1 egg 1 tablespoon grated orange zest 100g Brazil nuts – ground in a food processor 200g plain flour ¼ teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon almond essence

Topping: Coloured icing, hundreds and thousands

020 8381 4901




#peaceofmind #jliving

METHOD 1 In a food processor, cream together butter or margarine and sugar until light and fluffy.

MAKES 60 biscuits

2 Stir in the egg, orange zest, and ground Brazil nuts. 3 Sift together flour and baking powder. Add to the creamed mixture. 4 Mix well. Stir in almond essence. 5 Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC/Gas mark 4. 6 Roll out dough 2cm thick on a lightly floured board. 7 Cut into dreidel or other desired shapes. 8 Bake on a tray lined with non-stick baking parchment for 15 minutes. 9 When cool, pipe a selection of Hebrew letters.


29 November 2018 Jewish News


Frying fun / Chanukah and Charity

NUKAH festive season Mini cheese Arancini (Fried Risotto balls)

These deep fried risotto balls are a popular Sicilian street food about the size and shape of an orange (arancia means orange in Italian) and are perfect for Chanukah. I’ve have made them bite-size. PREPARATION TIME 30 mins



1 Use leftover rice if available or make by bringing the stock to the boil in a medium saucepan.


MAKES 20 balls

700ml vegetable stock 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion – peeled and finely diced 2 cloves garlic 250g Arborio risotto rice 50g unsalted butter Pinch smoked paprika ½ teaspoon salt

2 In a separate deep saucepan, heat the oil. Sauté the onion and garlic for about 2-3 minutes or until soft but not brown. Add the rice and ladle the stock a ladle at a time, stirring continuously for about 20 minutes or until the rice is soft.

Filling 50g of Parmesan – grated 100g of mozzarella cheese – cut into small pieces

4 Add the grated Parmesan and stir well to mix.

3 Stir in the butter and paprika and season to taste. Leave to cool, preferably in the fridge or you can spread it out on a tray to speed up the process.

Coating 500g dried breadcrumbs – place sliced bread in the oven for 5 minutes or use a toaster 2 tablespoons parsley 170g plain flour 1 egg – beaten Salt and freshly ground black pepper Rapeseed or vegetable oil for frying

5 Take a tablespoon of cooled rice and shape into a ball between wet hands. Make a small hole and insert a mozzarella cube, then plug and mould with extra rice to seal the ball. Repeat until all the rice is used up. 6  To make the breadcrumbs, place the dried bread and parsley in the processor and pulse until finely chopped. 7 Put the flour on a plate, beaten egg in a dish and herb breadcrumbs on a plate. 8 Heat the oil in a deep fat fryer or saucepan to 180ºC or until a breadcrumb sizzles on contact.

A brighter future thanks to

9 Dip each rice ball into the flour, then egg and finally breadcrumbs and squeeze together to form an even coating. 10 Cook in batches until golden brown, making sure

At KKL our commitment to providing an unparalleled service to our clients goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to Israel. As part of our extensive Wills and Estate Planning service, our experienced legal team will write or amend your Will, entirely free of charge, provided you leave a legacy to JNF UK to help build, protect and develop a brighter future for Israel.

the oil comes back to temperature between batches. Leave on a rack to cool.

11 Either enjoy immediately or reheat in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 180ºC. Sprinkle with salt.

We ensure that your legacy has a lasting impact by investing in the State of Israel and her people, kindling the light of hope for generations to come.

We take care of you and your legacy takes care of Israel For a free no-obligation consultation with one of our highly qualified professionals, please call Freephone 0800 358 3587 or email wills@kkl.org.uk

Wishing the community a Happy Chanukah

KKL is the trading name of KKL Charity Accounts (Charity No. 1105998 and a Company registered in England No. 5118360) and KKL Executor & Trustee Company Ltd (a Company registered in England No. 453042), a subsidiary of JNF Charitable Trust (Charity No. 225910) and a registered Trust Corporation (authorised capital £250,000).



Jewish News 29 November 2018

Lifestyle / Israel’s unemployed strictly Orthodox

Thanks to JDA, people with hearing loss are feeling the joy of connecting with their loved ones again.

Chanukah is special — it’s family time. But when my hearing went, I couldn’t keep up with the conversation. I had no idea what everyone was talking about and felt very alone. Then I got this lovely piece of equipment from JDA! I can hear more clearly and it’s wonderful to be able to sit around the table and chat with my family again…all five generations of us! At 102, I have a lot to talk about!

Please show you care by making a donation today.

020 8446 0502 www.jdeaf.org.uk Registered Charity No. 1105845 Company Limited by Guarantee 4983830

JDA_JN_1/2 page_advert_Chanukah2018.indd 1

26/11/2018 10:40

...where dreams are conceived Our Services: ...where dreams are conceived Egg freezing

Start your journey with us...

Male & Female investigations Fertility coaching Our Services: Our Services: Fertility wellness check (MOT) Egg freezing Egg freezing Recurrent miscarriage Male & Female investigations Male & Female investigations Genetics Fertility coaching Fertility coaching Fertility wellness check (MOT) Fertility wellness check (MOT) Fertility treatments including IVF & ICSI Recurrent miscarriage clinic RecurrentNon miscarriage clinic invasive Prenatal testing (NIPT) Genetics Gynaecology Genetics Fertility treatments including IVF & ICSI Fertility treatments IVF & ICSI Rabbinicalincluding witnessing approved Non invasive Prenatal testing (NIPT) Non invasive Prenatal testing (NIPT) In the Eruv zone.Gynaecology Gynaecology Not a satellite clinic

Free phone: 020 8207 4115 info@ivflondon.co.uk ivflondon.co.uk

IVF London HPS Advert 210x150mm.indd 1

Contact Us Main number: 0800 030 6916 or +44 (020) 8207 4115 Email enquires: info@ivflondon.co.uk Website: ivflondon.co.uk 01/10/2018 14:47 Caspian House,

29 November 2018 Jewish News



CampSimcha / Chanukah and Charity

Camp Simcha’s


True to form, Camp Simcha kicks off Chanukah this year with its annual Toy Drive, which sees more than 60 schools, synagogues and community groups collecting new toys to be distributed to children of all denominations spending the festive season in hospital.

EIGHT BRIGHT HIGHLIGHTS FOR CAMP SIMCHA IN 2019 1. The charity’s biennial dinner in March will bring 1,000 supporters together to hear about the work the charity is doing and its plans for the future. 2. Camp Simcha’s Evie’s Night Owls respite service, in memory of Camp Simcha child Evie Bladon, launches its ‘Evie’s Night In’ fundraising initiative, encouraging people of all ages to host a social night in for the new service. 3. The Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice is due to open, which, with the support of the Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation, will include a room with provision for Jewish families referred by Camp Simcha. 4. Camp Simcha will be broadening its sibling support services with more art provision and dedicated siblings’ groups with age-specific activities. 5. There will be four retreats packed with fantastic activities for seriously-ill children and their families. 6. Camp Simcha is working with the Joely Bear Appeal to roll out its Edgware Blood Donor drive. 7. Bear Grylls meets the Hunger Games in Camp Simcha’s epic new team challenge event in the summer, The Chutzpah Games. 8. Expansion of The Treehouse at Number 9 project which sees Camp Simcha staff delivering a programme for schools about celebrating difference.

On Sunday, 2 December, dozens of volunteers will come along to Camp Simcha’s packing morning to sort the toys which will then be delivered to more than 100 hospital wards and hospices throughout London and the surrounding areas. It is not always easy to imagine how much a surprise gift can mean to a child in hospital, but one mother’s story tells it all. She says: “A toy Camp Simcha donated turned the day around for my traumatised three-year-old after yet another incredibly difficult blood test. “These tests are a very regular necessity for him to track his declining kidney function and in terms of how many he’s had since birth he’s easily in the triple digits already. “They don’t get any easier – if anything, they’re worse as his awareness grows – and this small contribution from Camp Simcha UK turned a very dark experience for him today into a positive one, which no doubt will help next time round.” There is still time to drop your toys into the Camp Simcha offices tomorrow – or even to the packing morning. Camp Simcha will also be rounding off the year with its Chanukah parties in London and Manchester and its annual children’s retreatwith 2019 looking equally busy. For more information on how to donate a new gift to the Toy Drive, call the Camp Simcha office on 020 8202 9297. You can choose a toy for a child Camp Simcha supports from the Amazon wish list: www.campsimcha.org.uk/toydrive

Celebrating a special occasion in Israel? Invite your friends and family to volunteer with you at Leket Israel – The National Food Bank as part of your celebration!

As a leader in food rescue, Leket Israel rescues and redistributes over 2.3 million hot meals and 15,000 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables annually for Israel’s needy Leket UK, CP House,Otterspool Way, Watford WD25 8HP zara@leket.org • www.leket.org • Reg.Charity #1126755


Jewish News 29 November 2018


This Chanukah give the gift of Israel Happy Chanukah From Israel Bonds Starting at ÂŁ100

israelbondsintl.com T +44 (0)20 3936 2712 E infoEN@israelbondsintl.com This advertisement has been issued by the Development Company for Israel (International) Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and registered in England No. 01415853. This is not an offering, which could only be made by prospectus. Your capital is at risk, the rules under FSMA for the protection of retail clients do not apply. An investment in any of these bonds will not be covered by the provisions of the Financial Services Compensation scheme, nor by any similar scheme. Israel Bonds are intended as a long-term investment as they are not listed or admitted to dealing on any recognised investment or stock exchange nor is there any established secondary market, as a consequence Israel bonds are not readily realisable before their maturity date. DCI (International) Ltd is not the issuer of these bonds, they are issued by the State of Israel.

SINCE 1951

29 November 2018 Jewish News


Babies & Work/ Chanukah and Charity

Eight Highlights for...


Founded by scientist and parent Alison Baum, OBE in 2006, Best Beginnings tackles social inequalities by helping all parents to give their children the best possible start in life. Best Beginnings works with parents, experts and in community networks to support and empower parents during the critical window of opportunity, between conception and their child’s third birthday the foundation of physical and mental wellbeing and brain development are laid. 1.Best Beginnings launched their awardwinning Baby Buddy app in Hounslow and West Sussex and campaigned alongside Leeds City Council’s to raise awareness of the importance of healthy weight gain during pregnancy. Alison Baum presented at the Behaviour Change: Digital and Beyond conference at UCL

4. Baby Buddy won the Lux Parent and Baby Award. 5. Baby Buddy’s breastfeeding video was viewed more than 250K times during World Breast Feeding week

Need to talk? We’re here to listen. If you’re feeling alone, anxious or in need of someone to talk to, we are here to support you. If there is something troubling you, we will listen without judgement – there is no issue too big or small. You can call us in difficult times. Our trained volunteers will be a listening ear for anyone.

6. Supermodel Eunicie Olumide became Best Beginnings newest ambassador

Speak from the heart jewishhelpline.co.uk

7. At the University of Techology in Cyprus a European collaboration was initiated to adapt Baby Buddy for use in Greece, Cyprus and Germany. 8. Alison Baum presented the app at a conference hosted by the International Society for Child Health in Bonne and Baby Buddy was accredited by the NHS and gained entry into the NHS Apps Library. www.bestbeginnings.org.uk

Call our confidential helpline:

Freephone: 0800 652 9249 Landline: 020 3096 2875 Sunday – Thursday: 12pm – 12am Friday: 12pm – 3pm

Registered Charity No.1101612

2. Baby Buddy App’s Editorial Board met at the House of Lords and the charity launched the app in Norwich as part of a Maternal Mental Health event. Baby Buddy became a top ten app on ORCHA independent app review platform

3. At their second Virgin Money London Marathon with Heads Together, the charity raised over £18K and began a collaboration with Cambridgeshire Community Services on a self-care project for Norfolk Children and Young People’s services.


Closed during Shabbat and Jewish festivals


Eight Days of Chanukah 1. March 2018: Coding Your way into work Work Avenue delivered an innovative coding course teaching popular programming languages and realworld coding skills including Visual Studio and web development, Javascript, HTML and CSS, to a cohort of job seekers with innate skills in logical thinking and ability to unpick a problem, helping them on their way to meaningful employment in this field. 2. April 2018: Career Networking for graduates Over one hundred students and graduates attended Career Networking to expand and develop their professional networks. The event was organised in partnership with UJS and leading global professional services firm BDO, and offered students the opportunity to explore career options, make connections with people in their chosen sector and network with a wide range of professionals. 3. June 2018: Upgrade your digital media skills Work Avenue launched a series of one day modular digital media courses to equip job seekers with essential contemporary skills for today’s work place.

4. July 2018: Annual Business Awards Work Avenue welcomed over 200 people to WE Hub to recognise and commend the business and entrepreneur community that Work Avenue supports as they help people to earn a living. 5. October 2018: Charity Central communal recruitment fair Twenty-nine of the community’s largest and most high-profile charities, including Camp Simcha, CST, Jewish Care, JW3, Norwood, UJIA and World Jewish Relief, took a stall to engage, inspire, inform and most importantly, hire job-seeking delegates on the day. 6. November 2018: Start Up Central Entrepreneurs and small business owners took advantage of expert advice and guidance from Google’s Digital Garage at Work Avenue’s Start Up Central event. This much acclaimed event attracted entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and growing businesses to go one step further with the application of digital media within their businesses, looking to enhance their brand awareness and sales. 7. December 2018: Women in the workplace: for every woman who works or wants to

Women in the Workplace provides a vibrant and thought-provoking forum for all women who work or wish to do so. The event takes the form of a series of workshops on topics of interest to working women such as using social media for your job search, changing roles after a career break, building a business, being a woman in a man’s world – and so much more. 8. New for 2019: Empowering Women for Employment Work Avenue will train “women returners” for work following a break from the workplace. The programme will provide education to relieve the financial stress, often poverty, that these families in the Community are facing, and the opportunity to reskill, receive mentoring, work experience and ultimately be placed in work. Participants will be given an opportunity for work experience through a network of employers.

ABOUT WORK AVENUE Work Avenue has become the Jewish community’s leading employment and business support organisation, working across the Jewish community helping people to become financially self-sufficient either through securing employment or starting a business, regardless of their age or life stage. We touch the lives of over 2,000 people each year. Work Avenue opened the community’s first Employment and Business Hub in January 2016, comprising offices, meeting rooms, shared work-space, training rooms and a café. Work Avenue aims to put the importance of helping people into jobs and sustainable employment firmly on the map and at the forefront of our minds as a community. For further information, contact: jo@workavenue.org.uk 020 8371 3280


Jewish News 29 November 2018

This HanuKkaH, Give Hope Give Everything When you give to Shalva, you are opening doors for thousands of children with disabilities, creating countless new and previously unimaginable opportunities.

Donate Today! www.shalva.org

Shalva, the Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

Choice words from Audrey:

“I was looking for a helping hand to brighten up my Winter days.” The cold, harsh winter may be here, but at JewishChoice you are guaranteed to find a warm, cosy and secure place to live. We provide short and long term residential, respite and dementia care within a wonderful, kosher, ‘home from home’ environment. With a range of highly-rated services and facilities on-site, all provided at a competitive price, is there really any other choice? Contact our welcome team to book your visit.

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29 November 2018 Jewish News



Anniversaries / Chanukah and Charity


Eight highlights for... THE AJR the second and third generation: children and grandchildren of survivors and Jewish refugees.

Social and welfare services The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR)’s bread and butter is delivering social and welfare services to Holocaust refugees and survivors in the UK. This year, more than £5 million has been given as direct support, with social care workers assessing members’ needs and eligibility for financial support so they can live with dignity in their own homes.


Official launch of Refugee Voices website The AJR has filmed more than 225 interviews with Jewish survivors and refugees from Nazism as part of Refugee Voices, a groundbreaking Holocaust testimony collection that next year will be made more available globally and online.


Educational initiatives As the UK’s largest funder of Holocaust educational and remembrance programmes, the AJR is always looking to support innovative educational initiatives, such as the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Stories of Willesden Lane project. During the three-month long project, more than 8,500 students from across London read the story of Lisa Jura, who came to Britain on the Kindertransport and heard Kindertransport refugee Harry Bibring BEM speak about his experiences, before attending a performance at Wigmore Hall of The Children of Willesden Lane, by Lisa’s daughter, Mona Golabek.


80th anniversary of Kristallnacht and the Kindertransport In this anniversary year, the AJR organised and co-sponsored several events, among them a service at Westminster Abbey hosted by the Dean of Westminster, where Bea Green, Leslie Brent and Freddie Knoller told their stories of

by governments and organisations worldwide – including firstly by the UK. There are several new IHRA initiatives in the coming year, one of which aims to document the increasing use of “memory laws” throughout Europe and highlight the effect they have on memory and research about the Holocaust. We are very pleased to join with institutions worldwide to encourage greater awareness and understanding about the Shoah.

7 surviving the terror of the pogroms in Germany and Austria. Another symbolic occasion was hearing a dozen MPs recreate the debate in Parliament that led to the creation of the Kindertransport.


‘This Is Your Life’ style books To preserve the life stories of those who fled from Nazism, the AJR rolled out the My Story project, with a series of books that profile a Jewish refugee or Holocaust survivor, who can pass their story on to future generations.

Next year, we look forward to:


Engaging with the children and grandchildren of survivors The AJR will launch activities to benefit

Remembering and Rethinking: The international forum on the Kindertransport at 80 The charity will hold a landmark international event in April, partnering with the government and will invite a range of stakeholders including former Kinder and their families, educators, scholars, policy makers, journalists and diplomats. The forum will combine commemoration, learning and practical action in relation to contemporary refugee issues.


International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance AJR chief executive, Michael Newman, and head of educational grants, Alex Maws, are members of the UK delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). If you’ve been aware of the news, you’ll know that this organisation was behind the working definition of antisemitism that has been adopted

8 HIGHLIGHTS for … JDA 5. Harry read a newspaper for the first time in years

The Jewish Deaf Association is the community’s specialist organisation providing an evergrowing range of services to ensure all people with hearing loss get the best out of life.

1. This “Deafember”

To give hearing friends and supporters a peep into the vibrant world of the deaf signing community, JDA is opening up Dcafe – its signing café, run by unemployed deaf volunteers – on Tuesdays 4, 11 and 18 December. To enjoy a unique experience, book your table for coffee and cakes or a light lunch by calling Claudia on 020 8446 0502 or email claudia@jdeaf.org.uk.

2. Dcafe’s first birthday party

Our signing café is now a year old! Deaf people came from near and far to celebrate the first birthday of their favourite meeting place – and the children loved making their own pizzas!

3. Our big fat Royal wedding celebration!

Deaf and deafblind day centre members celebrated Harry and Meghan’s wedding in style with a JDA Tiara Tea and guest speaker Liz Brewer entertained with stories about the Royal family.

4. Caroline felt the joy of connecting with her loved ones again

Caroline, who is 102, lives in a care home. She said she had never felt more isolated than when she was surrounded by family and couldn’t keep up with the conversation. When JDA introduced her to a lovely piece of equipment that helped her hear more clearly, she said: “It’s wonderful to be able to chat with my family again! I’m so happy now … at 102, I have a lot to talk about!”

Harry has a severe hearing loss and is also blind. He couldn’t believe it when he visited JDA’s Technology Room and left with a fantastic piece of equipment called the OrCam My Eye. This allows access to written text via a tiny camera, attached to any pair of glasses. The camera takes a photo of the text and reads it out loud. It can also recognise faces and identify products. Harry emailed JDA to say: “I read the newspaper on the way home! Thank you so much!”

6. Deaf people in Essex joined their Rosh Hashanah service for the first time

For some years, deaf JDA members all over the country have asked the charity to provide sign language interpreters in synagogues … but there is such a shortage of suitably trained interpreters that it hasn’t been able to do so. This year, it trained more BSL interpreters to interpret in Jewish settings. As a result, it had more interpreters in shuls over the Holy Days, enabling deaf people to follow services and enjoy being a part of their synagogue community.

7. First JDA family summer scheme

Deaf children and their siblings aged between four and eight got together for dancing, signsinging, yoga and craft activities, which all focused on connecting families, improving the children’s confidence and communication – and having a great time!

8. Nathan Bloom kickstarted the JDA HEAR to Learn campaign – to help a deafboy flourish at school

Twelve-year-old Nathan Bloom did something amazing to mark his barmitzvah. Together with his dad Richard, he climbed more than 6,000 ft to the Snowdon summit. The whopping £3,000 raised acoustically treated the classroom of an eight-year-old Jewish deaf boy, enabling him to learn and access the teacher’s voice in the same way as his hearing classmates.



Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / Home & Safety


for Jewish Blind and Disabled

Put yourself in the picture…

Cherry Tree Court Lounge

The Bushey Heath building will open in 2019

Join Emunah’s 2019 Mission to Israel


this relating to their feelings of safety, security and community.

Monday 28 January to Thursday 31 January 2019

2 3

Join Emunah for a packed programme and see how we are transforming the lives of at-risk and disadvantaged children and families across Israel - from renewal in the north at our very first centre in Afula to showing solidarity with the south at our Sarah Ronson Crisis and Intervention Centre in Sderot. Plus much more! Cost £420 per person excluding flights (single supplement applies) All meals, transport and accommodation in Tel Aviv included

To register, email alison@emunah.org.uk or call 020 8203 6066. Follow British Emunah on British Emunah Fund registered charity number 215398

8 ways you can support CST’S MISSION is to facilitate Jewish life by protecting Jews from antisemitism, terrorism and related threats. We do this by protecting Jewish buildings and people, supporting victims of antisemitism and engaging with Police, media, Government and politicians to raise awareness of the community’s needs and concerns. CST’s volunteer security officers keep Jewish events and buildings safe and our full-time incidents staff give support and advice to people who suffer antisemitic hate crimes. We give practical advice and assistance to strengthen security infrastructure at communal buildings and provide crisis management advice to organisations across the Jewish community. We do all of this and more to allow the community to thrive and to live strong Jewish lives in the UK. We need your help to do this: we must all stand up and take responsibility.What can you do to help CST to protect our community? 1. Report antisemitism: if you are a witness to, or a victim of, antisemitism, please CST know about it. No matter how trivial the incident may seem, we will take your report seriously and we are here to support you. 2. Report suspicious activity: if you see something at a Jewish event or near a Jewish location that you feel is suspicious, trust your instincts and let us know. No matter how small it seems, it may be part of a larger pattern of incidents and it may be part of something more serious.

3. Volunteer for CST: CST has different training opportunities available, free of charge, for people who want to help to protect Jewish communities and events. 4. Donate: our work is vital and we cannot do it without the support of the community that we serve. 5. Let us know about any community events you are planning: CST can provide practical security advice on how to advertise and run your event to keep your guests safe. 6. Say thank you to security volunteers at shuls and Jewish events: Our volunteers are hugely dedicated to keeping the community safe and they go out of their way to protect us, a simple thank you means a lot. 7. Stay up to date with news and events that affect our community: Follow CST on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and read our blogs. 8. Keep living the Jewish life you want to live: Keep going to Jewish events and keep enjoying all that Jewish life has to offer in the UK. www.cst.org.uk National Emergency Number (24-hour) 0800 032 3263 Facebook: Community Security Trust Twitter: @CST_UK Instagram: @communitysecuritytrust

2018 saw the refurbishment of Cherry Tree Court, the charity’s fifth building to now provide a ‘five star’ environment for tenants . The roof went on their latest development of 19 mobility apartments in Bushey Heath.

The creation of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans for each and every one of their tenants, taking into account their individual circumstances, detailing exactly what needs to happen in case of an emergency.


Completion of their biennial Tenant Satisfaction Survey showing that 94% of tenants who answered the question said that Jewish Blind & Disabled either met or exceeded their expectations, with the majority of reasons for



In 2019 Jewish Blind and Disabled will be celebrating 50 years of enabling independent living with the launch of their Independent Living Advisory Service - taking their unparalleled expertise in enabling independent living to people in their own homes for the very first time.

6 7 8

Next year will also see the consecration of their new building in Bushey Heath. Refurbishment of their final two buildings to ‘five star’ standard Welcoming their first tenants to the new building in Bushey Heath.

29 November 2018 Jewish News






AJEX provides welfare support to Serving and Ex-Serving Jewish members of HM Armed Forces (including spouses and dependants) supporting those with physical and mental challenges as well as providing financial support to those in need.

AJEX delivers a nation-wide programme of Remembrance and Commemoration. This includes the Annual Ceremony & Parade on Whitehall and the National Memorial Arboretum. AJEX is also responsible for the Jewish Military Museum (JMM) based within the Jewish Museum, Camden.

AJEX delivers an inter-faith educational programme celebrating the positive contributions by British Jewry to wider society.

To donate or to join AJEX please contact

T 020 8202 2323 E headoffice@ajex.org.uk

@AJEX_UK AJEX Charitable Foundation Registered Charity No: 1082148





Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / Youth Aliyah

Saving Our

CHILDREN Eighty-five years ago in Germany, Recha Freier and Henrietta Szold founded Youth Aliyah. Freier saw the increasing anti-Semitism and how young Jews were being denied equal opportunities for training and employment and looked at ways to offer them the chance of a life in Palestine. Today Youth Aliyah continues to transform the lives of vulnerable and at-risk children in Israel and worldwide by providing a nurturing home where they can live, learn and heal together.

Youth Village students

Eight highlights for Youth Aliyah 1. The celebrations for the charity’s 85th anniversary kicked off in 2018 with an anniversary dinner, raising more than £450,000 for the therapeutic arts and music programmes that change the lives of at-risk children at Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village, as well as helping to renovate the library to become the cultural hub of the village. Guests were enthralled by a conversation between former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and former JC editor Ned Temko. The evening also included a musical performance by four students from Aloney Yitzchak, all of whom have overcome incredible hardship with the support of the therapeutic music programme.

Ehud Barak and Ned Temko

Students from Aloney Yitzchak performing at the 85th anniversary dinner

2. The launch of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programme, which encourages young people to learn and experience the meaning of Tikkun


Work Avenue is dedicated to helping people earn a living. Employment Support • Business Support •HR Services • Shared Workspace

To find out how we can help you, please call 020 8371 3280 or visit theworkavenue.org.uk

Registered with Charity Commission 1164762

Villages. As a result, Yemin Orde Youth Village was urged to extend the innovative methodology it had developed for thousands of other at-risk children throughout Israel. Trained educators spend three years working intensively with staff at schools which have joined the programme. They teach them about the ‘Ten Core Components of the Village Way’ and help them to implement the strategies which support and embrace the concepts of Tikkun Olam and Tikkun HaLev. The Village Way has touched the lives of more than 10,000 children in 44 different schools and Youth Villages, including Israeli Arab and Orthodox Jewish communities, and aims to work with nearly 60 more by 2021.

Olam by matching their interests to the needs of a village. The young donors raised more than £2,500 for various projects, among them friends Ben Harris and Adam Kaffel who purchased an air hockey table which they presented to the children of Aloney Yitzchak during a trip to 7. In 2019, the charity will Israel. Chloe Kay reached continue to fundraise for the new heights climbing library renovation at Aloney Mount Snowdon to raise Yitzchak. The new library funds to buy guitars, while will open up countless possiNat Nagus, the most recent bilities for the students and bar mitzvah boy, wanted encourage them to explore village students to have the the world through indiluxury of a games console, vidual learning, exhibitions an item that in today’s Ben Harris and Adam Kaffel with and lectures. The building society is not unusual to students of Aloney Yitzchak will physically illustrate the own, yet many students integration of the past (use of ancient grindhave never had the chance to play on one. Nat’s stone found on site) present (Brutalist architecmonetary gift donations paid for a PlayStation. ture) and future (state-of-the-art design). The building’s location in the centre of the village 3. A central part of the charity’s fundraising further illustrates to the students that learning is through legacies. This year, some substanand culture are central to their futures. tial legacies enabled the funding of various projects, including graduate scholarships and 8. As well as studItzik Dessie, a Youth Village graduate and the ying the standard first Ethiopian in Israel to study law, became a curriculum, T.O.M recipient. With the scholarship, Itzik is hoping Youth Village’s to complete a doctorate focusing on affirmative students can also action in Israel. choose a vocation such as electronics, 4. Another legacy paid for more family housing mechanics and units at Talpiot Children’s Village, helping the engineering. With most vulnerable children to live and feel safe in the support of a home environment with foster parents. One external mentors of the units will be named after Stella Hartfrom these indussilver, a long time supporter of the charity, who tries, the students passed away last year. join the army with T.O.M. Youth Village additional qualifica5. Fantastic events planned for 2019 begin tions and therefore find jobs more easily after with a supper quiz on 24 February organised graduating. Next year will see the opening of by Ophir Lethbridge, who spent time at Yemin T.O.M’s newly-renovated technical workshops. Orde Youth Village when he was younger and In order to continue providing the students studied at JFS. Fond memories of his visit and with the highly acclaimed professional qualiremembering the vital work that Yemin Orde fications, they needed to be updated. Youth does inspired him to organise this fundraiser Aliyah is grateful for all the support we have and bring together other alumni of the Yemin received to make this possible. Orde trips. 6. The Village Way Educational Initiatives is a programme that was established when Israel’s Ministry of Education recognised the oddsdefying outcomes of the graduates in the Youth

YOUTH ALIYAH CHILD RESCUE Email: info@youthaliyah.org.uk Website: www.youthaliyah.org.uk Phone: 020 8371 1580


29 November 2018 Jewish News

To make a donation or to apply for an apartment visit www.jbd.org or call 020 8371 6611


Registered Charity No. 259480

“Adam’s life has totally changed for the better since moving in, he is now a happy, confident, independent young man.” Adam’s mother, Tracy Field





Jewish News 29 November 2018

Chanukah and Charity / Olim Beyahad

Changing the face of Israeli

SOCIETY A charity that helps Ethiopian Israelis integrate into the world of work and wider society will launch in the UK next year On the surface, Ethiopians have integrated well in Israel. The first male Ethiopian judge was appointed to the bench of the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court just two weeks ago. An Ethiopian-Israeli teenager won Israel’s X Factor this year, and a model with Ethiopian roots has won Miss Israel. But there are 144,000 Jews of Ethiopian descent who as a whole suffer from disproportionately low income per capita, a high unemployment rate, low levels of enrolment in higher education and a significant salary gap. Even

those who overcome those challenges and earn university degrees experience significant difficulties finding jobs in chosen fields. According to a recent study, 53 percent of Israeli employers are averse to hiring Ethiopian Israelis, while the State Comptroller’s report revealed that Ethiopian Israelis who do find suitable employment earn 40 percent less than the average Israeli. Racism is one reason; the other is that Ethiopian Israelis, most of whom came to the state in 1984-5 (Operation Moses) and 1991 (Operation Solomon), often lack the professional and social network most Israelis acquire via their reserve service or parents. Olim Beyahad (Rising Up Together), was set up in 2007 with the aim of changing this by

How Can You Help Others This Winter? There are plenty of ways to give just a couple of hours of your time over the festive season to help those in need. Volunteering with your family and friends is a great way to spend time together. JVN has a whole selection box of family-friendly, one-off volunteering opportunities to choose from!

Visit jvn.org.uk/festive to see the full range available. Activities include: - Send stationary to Africa - Gift wrapping - Serve and cook festive lunches - Help keep our libraries open - Deliver clothes to the homeless



Registered Charity Number 1130719


facilitating the most outstanding Ethiopian Israelis with university degrees to integrate into the forefront of Israel’s workforce. Since then, the charity has initiated a range of innovative programmes for exceptional university students and youth, including an employment-oriented programme; an entrepreneur’s development programme, a preparatory course for psychometric tests and a public sector initiative. The charity provides its graduates with vital work-related and life skills (teaching English language skills, CV writing and interview

preparation) and facilitates them to find suitable employment. It has also formed an extensive network of committed volunteers and employers who serve as mentors, hire the graduates and help them build professional careers in leading companies. In short, it offers a supportive network of business and social connections to assist Ethiopian-Israeli university graduates integrate seamlessly into Israeli society and workforce. And it has had much success. Of more than 1,000 Olim Beyahad graduates so far, 88 percent have secured jobs in line with their qualifications and individual talents. Half of these are in the business sector, and almost 40 percent are in the public sector, among them a judge at the Haifa District Traffic Court, a member of the Knesset, and a woman who recently completed her PhD at the Weizmann Institute of Science. But the charity, which has been successful in creating partnerships with academic institutions, technology companies and public sector organisations, now also works with younger EthiopianIsraeli students, hoping it can make a greater impact earlier on their career path – earlier. Olim Beyahad’s vision is that Ethiopian-Israeli graduates will lead the way to successful integration of their community into mainstream society. Not many charities work to put themselves out of a job, but this one is different. “Our ultimate goal is to reach the day when there is no longer need to assist this sector in fully integrating into Israeli society.” May that day come not a moment too soon. www.olim-beyahad.org.il

29 November 2018 Jewish News



ORT UK / Chanukah and Charity ORT UK’s 2019 events calendar is filling up fast! The UK arm of the world’s largest Jewish education and vocational training charity will be raising funds for World ORT’s network of schools and training programmes in 37 countries around the globe which specialise in technology and Jewish studies. Projects for 2019 include building emergency shelters for our students at the Kfar Silver Youth Village near the Gaza border following last month’s rocket attack and ensuring the future of Jewish communities in the former Soviet Union by supporting ORT’s network of 17 schools in the region.

Eight Highlights for

ORT UK 1. Fifteen families enrolled on ORT UK’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah twinning programme with Muswell Hill synagogue will be journeying to Kiev, Ukraine, for an unforgettable experience. Our Year-7 students will meet their peers attending the two ORT schools in the area and discover what life is like for the Jewish community, as well as visiting the city’s historic landmarks and holding a Holocaust memorial service.

Professional Women’s Network

her secrets of success. Last year over £50,000 was raised for ORT’s global projects.

London Marathon

2. A special screening of Forgotten Soldier, which premiered at the Jewish Film festival, will be followed by a Q&A with the soldier’s daughter , ORT UK benefactor Lady Irene Hatter. The film retraces her father’s steps as he embarked on a huge rescue operation in Lyon in the early 1940s which saved the lives of hundreds of Jews.

Business Breakfast

3. In March, ORT UK’s Professional Women’s Network discusses ‘How to Stay Relevant’ with our panel of successful businesswomen – Claudine Collins (MD Mediacom UK), Keren Beaumont (Personal Stylist) and Alex Prinsley (NHS TED Organiser). This post-work event invites women to connect, share and network in a relaxed and friendly environment. 4. ITV’s first female chief executive, Dame Carolyn McCall, is the guest speaker at ORT UK’s Business Breakfast next spring. Early risers will be treated to a sumptuous pre-work breakfast before Dame Carolyn, in conversation with BBC business editor Simon Jack, shares


5. Go Team ORT! April is marathon month as our incredible team of volunteers prepare to run the 26.2 mile course through London. Their efforts will raise thousands of pounds through sponsorship for ORT UK’s schools and training programmes, helping underprivileged children to access lifechanging education. 6. The ORT UK Annual Lunch in June is always a delightful affair, held at a stunning venue with a delicious meal and a fascinating speaker. Last year’s lunch with biographer Tom Bower raised more than £40,000. 7. As the weather warms up, we head outside for the ORT UK Jack Rose Golf Challenge. Teams complete the course in beautiful grounds in north London. With fantastic prizes awarded over a tasty buffet lunch there’s always plenty of healthy competition in the air making for a fun day out for a great cause. 8. The ORT JUMP mentoring programme, offers hundreds of Year-12 students across 11 London schools the opportunity to receive tailored careers advice from a mentor in their chosen industry. Having toured the workplace, attended meetings and completed assignments, students together with their parents and mentors attend a graduation in July to celebrate their successes.

Jack Rose Golf Challenge

Twinning Programme



Jewish News 29 November 2018

ISIS THIS SUSPICIOUS? SUSPICIOUS? Is this car parked strangely?

Is this bag left unattended?

Is this person collecting information?

Is this vehicle loitering?

SEE IT REPORT IT In an emergency, contact the Police on 999, then contact CST Don’t leave it to chance – if your see it, report it

www.cst.org.uk National Emergency Number (24-hour) 0800 032 3263 London 020 8457 9999

Manchester 0161 792 6666

Community Security Trust is registered charity in England and Wales (1042391) and Scotland (SC043612) CST Suspicious Activity - Jewish News Full Page.indd 1

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