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With care staff from 71 countries, Britain’s EU exit poses a serious challenge to one of our biggest charities. Page 12

Schools announce expansion plans to meet rising demand Relief for parents as JFS and JCoSS offer additional 90 places a year There was good news this week for parents concerned about the shortage of Jewish secondary school places as both JFS and JCoSS announced permanent capacity expansions to cater for the increased demand. The Kenton and New Barnet campuses will offer a combined additional 90 places from September 2018 entry onwards – 60 at JFS and 30 at JCoSS, providing the funding can be agreed. In a joint statement, JFS executive headteacher Deborah Lipkin and JCoSS headteacher

Patrick Moriarty said: “We know there is a great deal of uncertainty and many anxious families among our community. From the research that has been carried out by JPR and others, it is likely that approximately 90 additional school places are needed from 2018 for children who wish to attend a Jewish school. “We believe that our proposed expansion strategy would solve this under-capacity and would have a positive impact on the long term sustainability of Jewish schools.”

Rabbi David Meyer, executive director of Partnerships For Jewish Schools, said: “We warmly welcome the announcement from JCoSS and JFS, which will help ensure sufficient secondary school places for the coming year. “This decision is a result of the close collaboration we have facilitated between all the secondary schools and was informed by the JPR research we commissioned. We will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure there is adequate secondary school provision for the community.”

Hasmonean recently announced building plans which will see boys and girls study on the same site after the school got planning permission to merge its premises from Barnet Council. This also includes capacity for additional places. News of JFS and JCoSS’s expansion comes as a new report claims this year has seen the largest number of unmet applications for Jewish children wanting to study at a Jewish school in northwest London or south Hertfordshire. Continued on page 4



Jewish News 16 March 2017

News / Anti-boycott law / Google grilled

PSC chair denied entry to Israel – MPs also face ban Left: Hugh Lanning. Above: Alan Duncan, Alex Salmond, Tim Farron

The chairman of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has been refused entry to Israel, days after the Knesset passed a new law to bar supporters of the boycott campaign. Hugh Lanning arrived in the Jewish state on Sunday, but is understood to have been denied entry under the authority of the Interior Ministry – raising the likelihood he is the first high-profile figure to fall foul of the law. A statement from the Israeli embassy in the UK stressed the PSC’s support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign and added that Lanning – who was pictured meeting Hamas heads in Gaza five years ago – “is associated with the leaders of Hamas, which is designated as a terror group across the European

Union; a group whose antiSemitic charter calls for killing all Jews. “Israel is seeking a peaceful resolution to its conflict with the Palestinians. Those who promote extremism should not be allowed to foment their hatred in Israel.” PSC director Ben Jamal condemned Israel, saying the law was “violating fundamental freedoms essential to a democracy – the right to free speech, to criticise government policies and human rights violations, the right to advocate non-violent actions to address human rights abuses, the right of free movement and travel. A democratic country does not behave in the way Israel is behaving.” Meanwhile, it emerged this week that more than 100 MPs could also be denied entry to

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Israel under the new law. Pro-Palestinian activist Gary Spedding drafted a list of 112 MPs who may now be turned away because they have publicly called for a boycott of Israel or Jewish settlements, or belong to an organisation that has called for a boycott. They include former Scottish leader Alex Salmond, Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan, Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, Foreign Affairs Select Committee chairman Crispin Blunt and most of Labour’s front bench. Leader of the House of Commons David Lidington MP said the UK Government was “seeking urgent clarification from the Israeli authorities as to what the application of the new policy might be”. If any British citizens felt uncertain about a possible visit to Israel, he added: “We suggest they contact the embassy

[in Israel]. We will give clearer advice as soon as we get it.” The law, adopted on 6 March by a clear majority of Israeli parliamentarians, forbids entry to foreigners who call for boycotts of Israel or settlements built in occupied Palestinian and Syrian territory, despite these settlements being considered illegal under international law. The draft list looks back over comments made in the past 10 years, and includes many who have signed Early Day Motions or who took part in a Commons debate last year on ethical procurement. Spedding said: “Critics of the illegal settlements are also members of Labour Friends of Israel and Conservative Friends of Israel” who “may also have difficulties”. MPs can apply to the Israeli Interior Ministry before visits for special permission to be allowed in.

UK UPDATES TRAVEL ADVICE TO ISRAEL Britain has updated its travel advice to Israel to warn visitors of the new law banning foreigners who support boycotts – amid warnings that MPs could be affected. The government is seeking urgent clarification of the impact on UK nationals amid warnings that politicians and Jewish supporters of a partial boycott could be affected. As well as individuals who back a wholesale boycott or those targeting settlement goods, it also applies to representatives of organisations that support settlement boycotts. The Foreign Office has now included details of the law in its travel advice and called on concerned potential visitors to the contact the Israeli Embassy for further information. The Board of Deputies, Jewish Leadership Council, New Israel Fund, Union of Jewish Students, Jewish Labour Movement and Trade Union Friends of Israel were among those branding the move “anti-democratic”, “indiscriminate” and “deeply problematic”. Jewish student leaders said this would have profound implications for Jewish students who join the National Union of Students (NUS), or for non-Jewish student union leaders who personally

oppose boycotts but whose own unions voted for it. A Labour Friends of Israel, spokesperson said: “We are utterly opposed to the BDS movement which is both morally wrong, by singling out for demonisation and delegitimisation the world’s only Jewish state, and does nothing to advance the cause of peace, reconciliation and a twostate solution. However, we are confident that Israel and its friends around the world can win the argument against the advocates of boycotts without measures such as the ban passed by the Knesset last week. “We are concerned both about the message the ban sends out and its practicalities, and will be raising those concerns with the Israeli embassy in London at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Google chief: Video claiming Jews ‘organise genocide’ not hate crime MPs have been told that a video accusing Jews of perpetrating massacres to inflame tensions between non-Jews “does not cross the line” into hate speech. The remark was made by a senior Google executive during a Home Affairs Select Committee evidence session on Tuesday, as parliamentarians discussed a video titled: ‘Jews admit organising white genocide’. Featuring white supremacist David Duke, it was one of three submitted as

evidence as being posted by neo-Nazis and sent via Google links, with others included National Action, a group now banned in Britain. MPs including former Labour frontbencher Yvette Cooper asked Peter Barron (pictured), Google Europe’s vice-president for communications and public affairs, about the Duke video, as Google owns the video-sharing website YouTube. Barron said that while the two other

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videos submitted as evidence had since been removed, Duke’s video remained online because it “did not cross the line into hate speech even though it was shocking and offensive in its nature”. In it, Duke discusses “Jewish racists”, saying: “No group fights harder for its interests… by dividing a society they can weaken it and achieve their agenda” and accuses Israelis of perpetrating massacres “to increase the hate between Muslims and Christians, and today they’re doing the same thing all over the world”.



16 March 2017 Jewish News



Religious ruling / Sign apology/ News

Chief criticises ruling on religious garments The Chief Rabbi has said a European ruling allowing employers to ban religious garments will “polarise society and stoke resentment”. It follows a decision on Tuesday by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg, which backed a firm’s decision to prohibit staff from wearing religious clothes and symbols, after a Muslim woman was fired for wearing a headscarf. “This ruling will doubtless embolden those who believe that any public expression of one’s faith is to be deplored, even in cases where that expression does not interfere with the rights of others,” said Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. “It will yet further polarise our society, stoke resentment and cultivate distrust.” He added that the best businesses were “those that value the well-being of their employees enough to respect their sincerely-held religious belief and practice” and that those who did not afford their workforce “even this most basic of rights will be worse off as a result”. European Jewish leaders had earlier

criticised the ECJ’s decision as signposting a disturbing direction of travel. “With the rise of racially-motivated incidents and [Tuesday’s] decision, Europe is sending a clear message that its faith communities are no longer welcome,” said Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis. “Political leaders need to act to ensure that Europe does not isolate religious minorities and remains a diverse and open continent.” The ruling was brought after Samira Achbita, a receptionist working for G4S, started wearing a headscarf to work. The company had an unwritten rule prohibiting staff from wearing visible signs of their political, philosophical or religious beliefs in the workplace. Achbita was dismissed in June 2006. She challenged this dismissal in the Belgian courts, which applied to the ECJ for clarification. The ECJ ruled that the prohibition on wearing an Islamic headscarf does not constitute direct discrimination based on religion or belief.

ARTIST SAYS SORRY FOR UPSET OVER HIS STAMFORD HILL SIGN The French artist who created a red-triangle warning sign of a Jewish man and placed it in Stamford Hill has apologised for the offensive stunt. Franck Allais, a photographer, said the warning sign – which was reported to police as a hate crime – was in fact part of an artistic project, with other ‘warning’ signs showing

an old woman, a man pushing his wheelchair and a cat. Allais said it was meant as a comment on identity and that the sign in Stamford Hill, home to a large Orthodox population, was not intended to be antiSemitic statement. “It was a project about crossing the road, how everyone is different, everyone has an identity,” he said.

14th June 2016

“I put more signs up, but only this one got noticed. I am sorry for any offence caused.”

8 – 10 Shirehall Lane, London NW4 2PD Fax: 020 8202 1605 Email: admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Tel: 020 8202 7704 Fax: 020 8202 1605 Web: www.hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Email: admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Head Teacher: Dr Alan Shaw, BA (Hons), MA, EdD.

14th June 20168 – 10 Shirehall Lane, London NW4 Tel: 2PD 020 8202 7704

Hasmonean Primary School Nursery We have space available in our Open Morning Reception, Nursery & Pre-Nursery September 2017Open Nursery Class Morning

Web: www.hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Head Teacher: Dr Alan Shaw, BA (Hons), MA, EdD. We are pleased to welcome Prospective Reception, Nursery & Pre-Nursery Parents to an

We are pleased to welcome Prospective

Parents to an

on Tuesday 8th November 2016 from 9.30 – 11.00 am.

There will be a presentation by the Headteacher at 9.30 am and followed by a tour of the school.

(For children born between 1/9/13 - 31/8/14) There will be a presentation by the Headteacher at 9.30 am and followed by a tour of the school. Please contact For the Office for an application security, please contact us with the names of attendees. Friday 2 December 2016. form as soon as possible on _________________________________________________________________ Applications for entry in September 2017 to Pre Nursery & Nursery must received by on Sunday 15beJanuary 2017. admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Friday 2 December 2016. or phone 0208 2027704 Applications for Reception September 2017 in must be received by the School AND Barnet For security, please contact us with on Tuesday 8th November 2016 from 9.30 – 11.00 am.the names of attendees.


Applications for entry in September 2017 to Pre Nursery & Nursery must be received by nd

Applications for Reception September 2017 in must be received by the School AND Barnet th

nd Policy and Application Forms are available from the School or our website Our Admissions


on Sunday 15th January 2017.


Our Admissions Policy and Application Forms are available from the School or our website www.hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk

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Jewish News 16 March 2017

News / School places / Secondary bid

JOINT BID FOR A NEW SECONDARY Plans for two new Jewish free schools in north London have been shelved in favour of one joint bid for “an inclusive Modern Orthodox”, organisers have said. Parents behind the two rival projects, Barkai College and Kavanah College Free School, buried their differences late last week and now plan to submit one unified bid in the next wave of applications in April. The merger comes after Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis last year said the Jewish community did not need – and could not resource – the establishment of two new Jewish secondary schools. Since Mirvis’ intervention, managers at Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJeS) have been holding sometimes fraught discussions with the two bidding teams, made up of parents of pupils. In a statement last week, those behind the joint bid said the school “will be Modern Orthodox” and “inclusive to all parts of the Jewish and wider community, according to the Department for Education free school guidelines”. They added they would seek a mainstream Orthodox rabbinic authority “in due course”. The school’s ethos would “include a commitment to emotional well-being, social responsibility to the wider community and a commitment to inter-faith work”, with a “maths, technology and science specialisation”. Bid co-lead Maurice Ashkenazi-Bakes said: “Our vision is to create a centre of educational excellence, implementing cutting-edge practices from top learning institutions to give all our pupils the best possible start for life in modern Britain,” while co-lead Eve Sacks said: “The Barkai and Kavanah teams now have a strong team of educators overseeing and backing our efforts.”

One-in-five Jewish pupils upset over school places Continued from page 1 Analysts at the Institute of Jewish Policy Research (JPR) said the cluster of Jewish secondary schools within seven miles of each other – JFS, JCoSS, Hasmonean, Yavneh and Immanuel – are still heavily oversubscribed. This year there were 1,053 applications to Jewish state schools in that area, but only 799 admissions, meaning that more than one-in-five Jewish children are now left disappointed – the highest figure on record. Describing the situation as “particularly acute”, researchers Daniel Staetsky and Jonathan Boyd said applications to JCoSS had been “in excess of 600 each year since it was established,” but that the school was only able to offer 180 places. They noted these applications were not necessarily firstchoice preferences. Last year both Hasmonean and Yavneh agreed to lay on additional classes in the academic year 2016/17 to relieve pressure, which pushed up total state school admissions for the year from 949 to 996, with places offered at fee-paying school Immanuel College, closing the gap between demand and supply.

In demand: Jewish schools such as JCoSS, above, are heavily oversubscribed each year

But the overall figures for supply include Kantor King Solomon in Redbridge, which the authors describe as a “geographical outlier” in an area with an ageing and declining Jewish population, meaning that the main pressure is to the west. “The situation is particularly acute in north-west London and south Hertfordshire, even taking into account the contribution to admissions

Students graduate from Israel advocacy project Thirty-five student Israel advocates graduated this week from a leadership programme that prepares them to make Israel’s case on campus, writes Jack Mendel. Jewish and non-Jewish students from 15 universities and three high schools across the UK, were awarded certificates on Wednesday upon their graduation from the StandWithUs UK Israel Leadership programme at the House of Lords. The event was hosted by Lord Turnberg, Michael Freeman, Counsellor for Civil Society Affairs, the Israeli Embassy and Baroness Ruth Deech and Labour Friends of Israel chair Joan Ryan MP, who both addressed the young advocates. The graduates went through a rigorous six-month programme run by Israel advocacy group StandWithUs UK, learning about international law and Israel’s history and had media training from the Israeli

Graduates with their certificates in Westminster this week

embassy’s press attaché. Graduate Joe Sigolo, an international relations student at Queen Mary University, said he became involved in Israel advocacy in 2014 during Operation Protective Edge, when he “saw Israel being misrepresented in the media”. He added: “I’ve always had anti-Israel hatred and antiSemitic remarks thrown at me, and since starting university it’s reached a new level.”

Baroness Deech, who tabled an amendment in the House of Lords on Tuesday to force universities to put measures in place to prevent hate speech on campus, said the training was “not just about Israel, it’s about leadership, standing up for what you think is right... and not shutting down debate with silence or violence, as is happening on our campuses sometimes”.

made by Immanuel,” write the co-authors of the report, which was commissioned by Partnerships for Jewish Schools. “Furthermore, the gap between applications and admissions has been noticeably greater in the past three years than it was in the three years prior to that, suggesting that the deficit of places in Jewish secondary schools in and around London may be becoming more


A prominent Israeli Arab teenager has rounded on the “hypocritical” campaign to boycott Israel as he outlined his journey to becoming a highprofile supporter of the Jewish state during an address at University College London . Mohammed Zoabi [pictured] who is preparing for his IDF service and is interning with StandWithUs, said he was determined to ensure there was dialogue after another talk by an Israeli speaker at UCL was shut down last year. The 19-year-old from Nazarath Illit had to flee Israel after receiving death threats over videos he posted online calling for the return of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers. He said: “I’m sick of conflict, I’m sick of hatred, I’m sick of fearing for my life. I’m sick of so many things, but I think when you’re tired of something and not optimistic about the future, you don’t give up.” At the talk, organised by UCL Friends of Israel and StandWithUS, he recalled the experiences that led him to his

current views, starting with the rocket attacks during the 2006 conflict with Lebanon. “I remember hearing a siren and hearing my mum yelling, grabbing me to the bomb shelter,” he said. Their Christian neighbours were yelling for their children and upstairs a Jewish neighbour was calling to their children in Hebrew. He recalled being struck by the way violence did not discriminate. On the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, he said: “It is, in my opinion, harming the peace process more than it’s allegedly supposed to help it… It’s a lot of hypocrisy, a lot of double standards. By boycotting my country... how are they helping us achieve a better life?”

acute over time.” Jewish parents have repeatedly voiced their frustrations about a lack of places in Jewish schools in the area, and this week the community welcomed the prospect of a new Jewish free school in 2018-19, after the two projects agreed to merge. Policymakers were told to “monitor the situation very carefully” to ensure existing capacity is adjusted appropriately.


LIMMUD WINS ISRAELI PRIZE FOR UNITY Limmud is to be awarded a prestigious Israeli prize recognising its promotion of global Jewish unity, dialogue and education. The Jerusalem Unity Prize was established three years ago by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, with families of three teens who were kidnapped and murdered in 2014. Mayor Barkat, chair of the prize committee said, “Limmud, together with the other award recipients, serve as uniting forces by creating a sense of pride and appreciation for the common bonds within human society both here in Israel and around the world.”

COUNCIL CANDIDATE’S ANTI-ISRAEL POSTS There were calls this week for a Labour council candidate in Birmingham to stand down after she was accused of sending social media messages accusing Israel of profiting from Islamic State. Alison Gove-Humphries, a Jeremy Corbyn supporter standing for election in Hall Green, also shared posts suggesting Israel was behind last year’s media storm focusing on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

16 March 2017 Jewish News



War anniversary / Herod’s lamp / ‘Suspect’ identified / News

Six days that shaped 50 years International analysts will take the stage in London on tomorrow (Friday) at a special anniversary conference discussing Israel’s stunning victory in the Six-Day War and events during the 50 years that have followed. The conference is being organised by London-based UK-Israel think tank BICOM and Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). It will be held in Whitehall with the objective of examining the legacy of the conflict and the impact it had

on Israel and the Middle East. Speakers include Professor Asher Susser from Tel Aviv University and BICOM’s Professor Alan Johnson. BICOM chief executive James Sorene said: “The SixDay War was a turning point in Israel’s history. With their country threatened with destruction, Israelis engineered a victory that signalled the beginning of the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict.” However, he added that “with victory came a complex legacy –

Israeli control of the West Bank and Gaza strip and a new intensified conflict with the Palestinians, the implications of which have still not been resolved”. This week also saw the launch of BICOM’s further coverage, including the publication a briefing that examines the origins and consequences

of the war and a special edition of research journal Fathom out this week, on the war and its aftermath. As part of the initiative an event was scheduled for JW3 on Thursday with BICOM’s James Sorene and Professor Asher Susser, discussing how the war changed the geopolitical landscape.

An Israeli gunboat near Sharm El Sheikh during the 1967 war

Charity Reg No. 802559

FRESH LIGHT SHED ON HEROD’S LAMP A Jewish artist from London has recalled how he stumbled upon the significance of an ancient Jewish candleholder being exhibited at an exclusive arts fair in Maastricht. David Breuer-Weill came across the “visually-striking, star-shaped lamp” [pictured] last week and has since learned that it is one of only three such examples to have survived from the reign of King Herod. “The moment I saw it I knew it was significant,” said Breuer-Weill. “The decoration on the lamp, of scrolling abstract patterns, is very similar to the Herodian decorations that have been unearthed at the site of the Second Temple.” The terracotta lamp, com-

plete with its 17 spouts, dates from King Herod the Great’s reign in Judea (37-4 BC), and research has now shown that it was from one of the brutal ruler’s Royal Palaces. Another example, which is almost identical in design, was unearthed several years ago in the excavations of King Herod’s Winter Palace in Jericho. The third is housed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Herod is famed for building legendary buildings like the Temple in Jerusalem and Masada as well as for ending his life after having wiped out political opponents including his wife and son both of whom he regarded as potential adversaries from the Hasmonean Royal Dynasty.

Waffen-SS suspect facing arrest in US Polish investigators working with a British Holocaust researcher say they have confirmed the identity of a man living in Minnesota as the same man wanted for questioning about war crimes against Jews and others. An arrest and extradition request is to be filed for Michael Karkoć, who born in western Ukraine and who has already said he was in the Waffen-SS. Researchers suggest he may have led a unit responsible for an infamous massacre. Officials at the Polish Institute of National Memory

(IPN) have long said that Karkoć commanded one of the Ukrainian Self-Defence Legion units, which is reported to have massacred civilians in the villages of Korchunok and Chłaniów, the latter in response to the killing of a German commander. Karkoć, who has lived peacefully in Minneapolis for decades, is believed to have gained a US visa by not disclosing his past. He was identified with the help of Stephen Ankier, a retired British pharmacologist, using the latest photographic analysis.

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Jewish News 16 March 2017

News / Uni definition / Kirby case / Israel policing

CASE STILL SOAS boss defends failure to KIRBY NOT COMPLETED adopt anti-Semitism definition The head of a London university has said she did not adopt the government’s new working definition of anti-Semitism because the university’s own Centre for Jewish Studies said it was “contentious”. Baroness Amos, director of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), made the comments during a BBC Sunday Politics interview about recent incidents on campuses across the capital involving scuffles between proIsrael and pro-Palestinian students. She said her “first priority is the duty of care we have to all our students”, adding that the diversity of SOAS – where students from 130 countries learn – was also crucial. “At the same time, we’re a university,” she said. “We promote dialogue, robust discussion… There are lots of political dimensions that frame some of this.” She said SOAS policies on respect were taken from the

The disciplinary process against the former vice-chair of Woking Labour has yet to be completed a year after she was suspended over alleged anti-Semitism. Jewish News has learnt the case of Vicki Kirby [pictured] had been due to be raised at the same meeting where Jackie Walker was referred to the national constitutional committee. Kirby was suspended a second time last March over social media posts in which she apparently suggested Jews have “big noses” and Hitler may be a “Zionist god”, having been initially suspended over the

same posts in 2014 before re-emerging as the Woking vice-chair. She was one of the first suspended in the row over anti-Semitism in the party. However, despite getting through all the other cases on the agenda, Labour sources indicated the case was not even discussed. A party spokesperson said the Kirby case is ongoing.

Top, a demonstration at UCL; inset, Baroness Amos

Equality Act, which lists protected characteristics including race and religion. But when asked why SOAS had not adopted the new International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which includes reference to Israel as a “racist endeavour”, she said: “Our responsibility as a university is not to define anti-Semitism.” She added: “I consulted with our own Centre for Jewish Studies on this, who basically said this definition is a contentious definition. There are some who lecture in

anti-Semitism who think it’s OK.” Last week Baroness Amos personally introduced a lecture at SOAS given by pro-BDS campaigner and human rights lawyer Raja Shehadeh. In his talk, part of the university’s “centennial series”, Shehadeh read a letter saying “Israelis have lost their humanity”, equated Israel to apartheid, claimed Jews were colonisers, rejected the Oslo accords and maintained Israel doesn’t want peace because it would jeopardise its weapons industry. He also accused Israel of “assassinating those calling for peace”.

View from the top on Israeli policing Thirty business leaders were given a unique insight into Israeli policing during a meeting with Israel National Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, writes Alex Davis. Organised by the United Synagogue and hosted by the Marquess of Reading at the Cavalry & Guards Club, the gathering heard from Chief Inspector Rosenfeld over a kosher breakfast. Rosenfeld opened by outlining the strategic challenges of simultaneously monitoring threats from within Israel

and across multiple borders. He said the centralised police headquarters in Jerusalem had proven so effective that motorcycle units could reach almost any site within minutes. Rosenfeld further emphasised the importance of honest, reliable and direct info being released to the media to keep the public well informed and as safe as possible following an incident. The chief inspector also spoke passionately about the need to integrate Israeli Arabs into the police force to improve community integration. Rosenfeld, who was born in Finchley, moved to Jerusalem with his family when he was 16.

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16 March 2017 Jewish News



Domestic abuse / Extremist jailed / News

Jews stay in abusive relationships longer in a crowded House of Commons committee room as International Women’s Day was marked with a groundbreaking seminar on domestic abuse. The event was co-sponsored by the Board of Deputies and Jewish Women’s Aid. Chaired by BBC Woman’s Hour presenter Jane Garvey, it featured contributions from Jewish Women’s Aid chief

Photo by Gary Perlmutter

Jewish women who are victims of domestic abuse tend to stay in such relationships longer than the national average, it has been revealed, writes Jenni Frazer. For Muslim women seeking to report physical or emotional violence, it is often their mothers who are the greatest opponents of doing so. The situation was revealed

Left to right: Louise Ellman, Naomi Dickson, Alison Saunders, Jane Garvey, Eilidh Whiteford, Shaista Gohir and Gillian Merron

executive Naomi Dickson, Muslim Women’s Network chair Shaista Gohir, shadow SNP Westminster group leader (Social Justice) Dr Eilidh Whiteford, and Louise Ellman MP, who represents the Jewish Labour Movement on the Board of Deputies. Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said that there were now “more pros-

domestic abuse. Jewish Women’s Aid has worked across the breadth of the community with rabbis, leaders, the religious establishment and rebbetzins to change this culture.” According to Jewish Women’s Aid, domestic abuse cases have reached “epidemic” level in the Jewish community and the charity is now “100 percent busier” than it was 18 months

ago. But Dickson agreed with Gohir and Whiteford that such cases were “hugely underreported” across all faith communities Following the event, Board of Deputies chief executive Gillian Merron said: “In gathering together an exceptional panel of speakers, it made this a fascinating and important event for International Women’s Day.”


Anti-Jewish speaker jailed for four years A far-right extremist who made a speech at an anti-Jewish demonstration in London and posted more than 100 racist comments on Facebook has been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment. Lawrence Burns, 23, [pictured] was convicted at a trial at Cambridge Crown Court in December 2016 of stirring up racial hatred. The trial heard Burns had referred on

ecutions and convictions for domestic abuse than ever”. She added: “We have worked very hard with communities and faith leaders on race hatred and religious hatred and we think that it’s also a great way forward to talk to communities about domestic abuse. Dickson said: “There used to be a misconception that Jewish women were not affected by



Facebook to Jewish people as “subhuman animals” and in another post said he wanted to “hang the black race”. He also expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler. Deborah Walsh of the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Lawrence Burns advocated extreme racial violence and hatred through both speaking in public and from behind his keyboard.”


COHEN SEEKING TO REPLACE KAUFMAN A Jewish parliamentary adviser has thrown her hat into the ring in the race to become Labour’s candidate to succeed Sir Gerald Kaufman. Elaina Cohen, who grew up in Manchester, is hoping to become the new MP for the safe seat of Manchester Gorton. The ex-journalist has worked for former Europe minister Khalid Mahmood for more than a decade. The Hale shul member said: “It’s been a heart-wrenching experience watching the Jewish community lose trust in the Labour Party. I’ve put my name for-

ward hoping I’ll be selected to redress the concern that Labour doesn’t want us. I know that’s not true.” The 57-yearold entered the fray after it was announced that MEP Afzal Khan [pictured], who three years ago likened Israeli government actions to the Nazis, had put his name forward. He is the favourite. During the war in Gaza, he tweeted: “The Israeli Government are [sic] acting like Nazi’s [sic] in Gaza”, but the party did not take any action, much to the ‘deep disappointment’ of Jewish community leaders.


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Jewish News 16 March 2017

News / Amy exhibition / Sacks for TED/ Purim project



London Jews who spent Sunday in community centre JW3 packing gifts for homeless shelters for the Jewish festival of Purim have said their aim was to spread some festive cheer to the city’s needy. The ‘Bring Purim Cheer’ initiative is a joint project between Mitzvah Day and Mishkan, which is co-led by Rabbi Naftali Brawer, formerly of Borehamwood and

Emeritus Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks is to address the prestigious TED conference next month alongside David Miliband and Serena Williams. The Future You gathering, attended by more than 1,000 people in Vancouver, will explore how the world will connect and interact and how people can thrive together in changing times. Cinemas around the world will show two sessions of TED2017, one of them the opening session on 24 April that will feature the talk by Lord Sacks [pictured]. As well as former Foreign Secretary Miliband and tennis ace Williams, speakers at the five-day event will include entrepreneur Elon Musk and chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov. Rabbi Sacks said: “It is a humbling honour to be invited to deliver a talk at TED2017, having admired and been inspired by its work for so many years. Throughout our history, Jews have stood for the power of ideas rather than the idea of power, and TED is a powerhouse of ideas. “In the short term, power is a zero sum game: the more I share, the less I have. However, knowledge, insight and teaching are non-zero: the more I share, the more I have. The more I teach, the more I learn. “I am looking forward to the opportunity not just to teach others at TED2017, but to learn much from them as well.”

Elstree shul. He now runs Mishkan with his wife, Dina, who is studying to become an Orthodox rabbi at Yeshivat Maharat in New York. “It’s very simple,” said Naftali. “We give lots of goodies and gifts to our friends and neighbours, like hamantashen, and then each group is designated a shelter that they go and visit. Then they bring some joy.”

 Four pages of festive Purim pictures from p21


A Jewish theology student and activist at the University of Birmingham is campaigning to be elected to the top table of the National Union of Students (NUS) as vice-president for welfare. Izzy Lenga, the university’s student education officer, is campaigning on promises to ease students’ crippling financial pressures and to scrap the government’s “racist,

Tribute to Amy Winehouse by street artists Captain Kris and Amara Por Dios

Museum brings Winehouse exhibition back with new art

hostile and failing” Prevent programme, which requires public servants to report those holding extreme views. The World Union of Jewish Students named her Political Activist of the Year in January for “calling out and challenging anti-Semitism in the NUS and the wider student movement”. A UJS spokeswoman said it was “delighted to see Jewish students getting involved”.

Following an international tour and four years of requests by fans to see it again, the Jewish Museum in Camden has brought back its critically-acclaimed exhibition, Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait. The exhibition, which opens today [Thursday] and runs until September, was put together with the help of Amy’s brother

Your 1% can help end Jewish poverty A little from a lot of people can make unimaginable changes. Leaving World Jewish Relief a gift in your Will of just 1% of your estate could end Jewish poverty and bring hope to the world’s poorest Jews. To find out how or for more information on leaving a gift in your Will please contact Richard Budden on 020 8736 1250 or go to worldjewishrelief.org/will

Alex and his wife Riva, and explores her strong sense of family and Jewishness, as well as her penchant for retro clothes, tattoos and eclectic taste in music. New for this year is a themed street art trail, including a speciallycommissioned installation on the museum’s ground floor by anonymous artist Pegasus, who personally knew the

music icon and famously created Fallen Angel in tribute after the 27-yearold’s death in 2011. Collaborating with Global Street Art, the Jewish Museum has commissioned four new artworks, including a close-up of Amy’s face painted onto the outside of Nemesis Tattoo in Camden, by street artists Captain Kris and Amara Por Dios.


16 March 2017 Jewish News



Jewish News


16 March 2017

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16 March 2017 Jewish News



Trump talks / Stabbing attack / Shoah education / World news

PALESTINIAN SHOT DEAD AFTER ATTACK A Palestinian terrorist was shot dead after two policemen were stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City. The attacker knifed the two officers early on Monday, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said. She added they engaged in a struggle and one managed to fend off the attacker and shoot him. The attacker was identified as a 26-yearold Arab resident of East Jerusalem. The two policemen were moderately wounded. Palestinians have killed 41 Israelis and two Americans in a wave of attacks, mainly stabbings, since September 2015. Israeli forces have killed 238 Palestinians during the same period.

App launched to teach the Shoah A new app to teach young people about the Holocaust will be a centerpiece of Switzerland’s chairmanship of the inter-governmental group, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. The app, called Escaping the Holocaust, allows users to learn about the fate of four individuals using multimedia tools. Educators must take on “the challenge of virtual reality” so youth will grasp that “we are speaking about people” not merely about numbers, Benno Bättig, secretary-general of Switzerland’s Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, said at the Swiss Embassy in Berlin.

Trump invites Abbas to Washington talks


Your weekly digest of stories from the international press... UNITED STATES

The Jewish Federation of New Mexico has said it is helping Jews and non-Jews descended from Sephardic Jews who fled the Spanish Inquisition to seek Spanish citizenship, after the country opened entry routes in 2015. However, proving connection can be tough, as fleeing Jews took great pains to hide their origins. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at the Human Rights Council in Geneva

Donald Trump this week invited Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to the White House to discuss resuming peace talks in their first contact since the US president took office in January. Abbas’ spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeneh confirmed he would travel “very soon”. The White House said in a statement the two leaders had discussed ways to advance peace throughout the Middle East, including a comprehensive agreement that would end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “The president emphasised his personal belief that peace is possible and that the time has come to make a deal,” the White House said. “He noted that such a deal would

not only give Israelis and Palestinians the peace and security they deserve, but that it would reverberate positively throughout the region and the world.” Meanwhile, one of Donald Trump’s top policy advisers on the Middle East was in Israel this week meeting Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu. Jason Greenblatt, a lawyer for Trump who has no diplomatic experience, held talks with both on the prospects for peace talks. Greenblatt, who deals mostly with Trump’s real estate, is the second lawyer to be given a key foreign policy job, after pro-settlement bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman was appointed U.S. ambassador to Israel.


Polish Jews have held a special ceremony commemorating the anti-Semitic campaign of March 1968, when the Polish

government forced several thousand Holocaust survivors to leave the country. Golda Tencer, director of the Jewish Theatre in Warsaw, said: ‘Our parents experienced a second exodus.’


More than five centuries after Toledo’s synagogue was turned into a church, the head of Spain’s Jewish community has asked the city’s archbishop to demonstrate the church’s commitment to interfaith relations and give it back. The Santa María la Blanca, now a museum, has just been renovated.

The 25th annual Ad Lo Yada parade was held in Holon as part of last weekend’s Purim celebrations.

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Jewish News 16 March 2017

Special Report / Life After Brexit

What Brexit means for leading Jewish charity As Parliament clears the way to leave the EU, Caron Kemp considers the consequences for Jewish Care, which employs staff from 71 countries


ith the imminent triggering of Article 50, signalling Britain’s official intention to withdraw from the European Union, speculation is rife as to the landscape of this new, unprecedented dawn. Unable or unwilling to be pinned down regarding the future for EU citizens living in this country, Theresa May has been criticised – even by members of her own party – for failing to guarantee their rights. So what will this mean for Jewish Care; the largest health and social care organisation in our community? Boasting 1,500 members of staff, representing 71 different nationalities across 350 varied roles and helping some 10,000 people each week, their résumé makes for highly impressive reading. Except, with the residency status of many key workers now unknown, Brexit could spell great misfortune for this lauded charity. Pawel Moczulewski came to the UK from Poland 11 years ago and has been working as the living well programme coordinator at the Betty and Asher Loftus Centre in Friern Barnet for the past eight years, creating a programme of activities for people who live in the residential or nursing care homes. “I work with a great team to deliver a variety of activities,” he explains. “It’s a very creative job and it is constantly changing with endless opportunities so you could never be bored. I get a huge amount of job satisfaction and great appreciation for what I do.” And Moczulewski, 35, enjoys working for the Jewish community. “The work ethic, diversity and equality is very much at the top of their priorities,” he explains. “This community sticks together and

looks after each other in a way I really admire. A lot of the residents have also been immigrants themselves so they understand and they are very welcome to new people coming over to UK.” Albeit hopeful that his job will be safe after Britain’s EU exit, Moczulewski is scathing of the decision. “I think it has been a mistake. I think people have associated being part of the EU only with the immigration from EU countries and they felt that immediately it is going to change,” he says. “They don’t understand the contribution that immigrants are bringing and how dependent on immigrants this country is.” With 15 percent of Jewish Care’s staff hailing from the EU, its reliance on this workforce is only increasing. A well-publicised shortage of nurses nationally, coupled with stringent requirements for people working on the health and social care frontline has seen Jewish Care continually and happily cast its net far and wide. Born in Lithuania, 29-year-old Airida Jucyte began her Jewish Care career volunteering in operations. Now an employed member of the finance department, she has a rare love and pride for her job. “What I really enjoy the most is the workforce diversity and inclusion, which is very characteristic of the organisational culture here at Jewish Care,” she admits. “People from all walks of life come together to work towards a common goal and there is a place for everyone here, no matter your cultural background, nationality, age, disabilities or sexual orientation. I do not feel excluded or somehow different from others; it feels like home.” And having moved here two years ago, Jucyte is saddened that things could change.

Above and below: A total of 15 percent of Jewish Care staff are from the European Union

“I was really surprised by the outcome of the referendum at first, but I think I have accepted the fact by now,” she concludes. “I’m sure that the UK and EU citizens will have to face a lot of obstacles and changes by leaving the EU. “I really hope that nothing much will happen, or at least nothing substantial enough to affect me or other people working for Jewish Care or any other organisation.” Diane Blausten, Jewish Care’s head of human resources argues that the organisation’s successful record in providing quality of care is down to its diverse workforce and focus on the importance of employing people based on their values. Perhaps this has something to do with the significantly lower than average staff


turnover and many awards and accolades it boasts, including being featured in The Sunday Times’ Top 100 Best Companies To Work in 2011 and 2012. “Our priority is to recruit the best people we can, Jewish or not,” Blausten explains. “We would love to see an increase of applications from the community, but at the end of the day, we will always recruit the strongest candidate; we would be doing the organisation and community a disservice if we didn’t.” And so the potential effect of these impending complex negotiations weighs heavy on their minds. “The truth is none of us know what the impact of Brexit will be on these people,” acknowledges Simon Morris, Jewish Care’s chief executive. “We will do all we can to support and advise them. One thing is for sure. We at Jewish Care and colleagues across the health and social care sector, rely on EU nationals. “We already struggle to recruit quality staff so without them I have no idea what we would do. “I remain hopeful that the government will come to an agreement and those already living and working in the country will have the right to remain.”

16 March 2017 Jewish News


Mobileye sale / WJR appeal / World News



When Mobileye founder Amnon Shashua told me in 1994 that computer vision should be used to help drivers drive, I thought he was a naive dreamer. At that time, computer vision was a pure, useless, academic activity. We hired him at Hebrew University nevertheless and, after many years of incubation, he made his dream come true. There are now several commercial activities using computer vision, some generated from our own lab, but nothing comes close to the impact generated by Shashua. Much of the scientific progress has been performed at the Hebrew University. Many of the technical people at MobilEye were educated here. Shashua is one to watch; his students are working on developing more powerful models of neural networks, which will impact almost every aspect of our lives.

Israeli driverless tech firm sold for a record £12billion Israel’s prime minister this week said the country was “becoming a technological powerhouse” after an 18-year-old Israeli driverless technology firm was sold to US chipmaker Intel for £12.5billion. In a message, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke of “Israeli pride” as he congratulated Jerusalem-based Mobileye on the record-breaking deal, after the largest ever purchase of an Israeli high-tech firm. “This deal proves that the vision we are leading is coming true,” said Netanyahu. “Israel is becoming an international technological powerhouse. Not only in regards to cyber, but in regards to vehicles as well.” Mobileye and Intel already work with BMW on self-driving test cars due to hit the road later this year, using technology initially developed in Hebrew University labs in 1999. The firm’s systems uses multifocal cameras to avoid collisions and “sense” the road in great detail, including lane markings, traffic signs, traffic lights, barriers, lighting, weather conditions,


JVN ISRAEL VOLUNTEER SCHEME Jewish volunteers in Britain are being urged to consider a day or two of volunteering in Israel when they head off for some sun during Pesach. As families book their flights and prepare their plans, the Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN) this week said it had teamed up with Israeli organisations to create opportunities for those who want to take time out from topping up their tan and enjoying a matzah-based picnic. Brits will be able to work with charities such as Leket Israel, Meir Panim and Aleh to make a difference. JVN director Leonie Lewis said: “Volunteering in Israel is important as it introduces our community to organisations that are having a real impact on the lives of Israelis.” See www.jvn.org.uk

WJR RUNS EAST AFRICA APPEAL Record deal: Benjamin Netanyahu with Intel and Mobileye executives

curbs, contours and obstructions, as well as the speed of other vehicles and pedestrians, direction, movement and proximity. The technology is being launched in phases. The first involves hands-free driving on motorways, with both city and country driving introduced incrementally over the next few years. “Hands-free driving is going to transform the way we drive,” said chief executive and founder Professor Amnon Shashua.

The firm’s EyeQ chips and cameras are installed in 15 million vehicles, in partnership with 25 carmakers, giving it about 80 percent of the global market in “advanced driver assistance systems”. Intel’s interest comes from its expertise in artificial intelligence and machine-learning, as well as its data centres, which crunch the data flowing from sensors. Together, Shashua said they could provide a “one-stop shop” for carmakers.


World Jewish Relief (WJR) launched an emergency appeal for the East Africa Food Crisis this week, with 16 million people now at risk of starvation across the continent. Hundreds have already died after drought, poor rains and conflict decimated harvests leaving millions of children malnourished and in need of urgent food and medical support. “This is the worst food security situation the world has seen for decades,” said WJR chief executive Paul Anticoni. “With the message of Purim – giving gifts to the poor – still ringing in our ears, we are calling on our community to respond generously as I know they always do.” The appeal calls for money to help the aid agency provide emergency food, water and livelihood support, with WJR working with trusted local partners. Donations can be made via worldjewishrelief.org/foodcrisis










Jewish News 16 March 2017

Editorial comment and letters ISSUE NO.




Where is the line? Lines can be dotted, blurred, red, green, drawn, shifted and crossed. To “cross the line” means to stray into the unacceptable, which may be defined by law. This week, Jews were asking where the line was when it comes to inciting hatred on social media. It follows a Google executive’s staggering explanation to MPs on Tuesday as to why his company – which owns video-sharing website YouTube – had not removed a video featuring white supremacist David Duke. In it, Duke accuses Jews of encouraging “white genocide” by bombing babies in their sleep and massacring thousands outside Israel’s borders to foment hatred between non-Jews. None of this “crossed the line”, said the executive, despite video viewers commenting that Jews should all be hanged. In the UK, the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 makes it a criminal offence to incite hatred against a person on the grounds of their religion. Several laws before this made it an offence to deliberately provoke hatred of a religious group, distribute racist material to the public, make inflammatory public speeches and incite inflammatory rumours about an individual or an ethnic group, for the purpose of spreading racial discontent. If that’s not what Duke’s doing, we don’t know what is. Duke’s broadcasts reach Britain, but are made from America, where the First Amendment protects freedom of speech. And herein lies the problem. Laws differ in different jurisdictions. In Germany, where Holocaust denial is illegal, Facebook last year hesitated to remove a neo-Nazi group’s feature titled ‘Jews among us’. Posted on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, it included a map showing the locations of 70 synagogues, care centres, organisations and businesses. Facebook at first said it fell within its free speech guidelines, only to remove the post later following a social media outcry. The situation is untenable. Hate kills, yet it is spread with increasing ease online. We’re not talking about reasoned arguments against Israeli policy here. We’re talking about out-and-out Jew hate. Of course it “crosses the line”. It’s only home is offline.

Send us your comments

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GENDER SEATING IS WRONG AGENDA I was astonished by the letter from Martin Stern about Charidim and aircraft seats [Jewish News, 2 March]. If strictlyOrthodox Jewish men book a flight, they should know there is a good chance they will seated next to a female, especially on a low-cost airline like easyJet. To create havoc and turmoil is upsetting for other passengers and shows prejudice against women. These men should be arrested and charged like anyone else causing a breach

of peace. If they are so worried about sitting next to a woman, maybe they should book an extra seat next to themselves that they can claim, or travel with two other men and book

Sketches & kvetches

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‘B-but I’m selling them at a loss!’

Clive Pollard By email

PEACEFUL AND TOLERANT? ODIOUS AND ARROGANT BULLIES IS NEARER THE MARK Hooligans masquerading as peaceful and tolerant Charedim bully women into vacating their seats on a plane, and Martin Stern, ardent apologist for religious extremism, offers another helping of nebulous sophistry from his Salford citadel. On one hand, he condemns the behaviour, but on the other states “their foibles should be accommodated”. I wonder if Mr Stern would similarly advocate pandering to a Muslim not wanting to sit next to a Jew, a Catholic not wanting to sit next to a Protestant, an ageing lothario wanting to sit next to a seductive female, even a JN reader wishing to avoid Mr Stern!

Klezmer comes to West Hampstead

 Hampstead Synagogue will be kicking off their celebrations for their 125th anniversary with an evening with The Klezmer Hot Club. Troika takes you from Yiddish Odessa to the Café Society of Paris in the 1930s via the Steppes of Cossack Russia. Wally Fields and his musicians will make it an evening to remember.

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a row of three. To suggest airlines should give options for seating by gender is beyond comprehension. Next, we will be booking our flights categorising such options as not wanting to sit next to children or people of certain race or colour. These strictly-Orthodox men are giving the rest of the Jewish community a bad name. Mr Stern, you should be ashamed.

One reader suggests the Charedim start their own airline. Far more appropriate to their origins and abstemious ethos would be a fleet of ox-carts. Or there is another option – airlines are legally entitled to remove passengers ignoring directions from flight staff. It’s time to lift Charedi passengers’ apparent immunity from this. Finally, I take issue with your headline ‘A remedy for the seat problem’. The problem is not with the seats – it’s with the odious and arrogant bullies who occupy them.

Herbert Goldberg Pinner










When: Sunday 19th March






Concert starts: 7.30pm - Doors open 7.00pm











Hampstead Synagogue Community Centre, Dennington Park Road NW6 1AX

 Tickets £20, book online at: hampsteadshul.org.uk/event/the-klezmer-hot-club

'Cheaper than any television advertised deal' 'Most spectacles made while you wait'

Or send a cheque to: Hampstead Synagogue, Dennington Park Road, London NW6 1AX


Include your name and names of your guests to book a place.


Transfer rates correct as of: March 15th 8:55 (GMT)

For the best up-to-date rates go to:


(make cheques payable to Hampstead United Synagogue) Powered by

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16 March 2017 Jewish News



Editorial comment and letters

AN ACCEPTABLE SEAT – IT’S AS EASY AS ABC Regarding the rumpus caused by Charedi men on easyJet flights, Martin Stern says perhaps they could pay a premium to obtain the seating they want. Incorporating this idea and considering easyJet offers pre-booked seating, one can readily accommodate their requirements: on booking on-line, one is shown a seatmap of the plane and those seats that are still available. There are three seats in every block, either side of the gangway – A, B, C or D, E, F. In order to ensure no foreign element enters one’s vicinity, they should simply book the whole block, A,B,C. Obviously it’s more economical if one has friends to share the cost, but in extremis, this will ensure one is not sullied by the opposite sex. It’s as easy as ABC.

Rabbi Menahem Lester Israel

JEWISH NEWS HAS GONE THE WAY OF THE LIBERALS Your headline and wording in the article on Beth Jacob Grammar School [inset] and its Ofsted inspection were strongly anti-Charedi and an apparent continuation of the trend in your paper [Jewish News, 2 March]. It seems you are looking to publish as much negativity as possible against the Orthodox community. It seems you have gone the way of liberals. Many of the issues raised by Ofsted may well be valid, but the organisation of late has got an obsession with promoting ‘different lifestyle choices and sexualities’. Once again, the liberals force their agenda on the rest of us, with little respect or tolerance for those with a different viewpoint.

I might have hoped a Jewish newspaper would support Orthodox schools and their traditional Jewish approach to the sensitive teaching of sexuality. It appears this is just wishful thinking. With friends like these…

David Hallton By email

Morrisons did nothing wrong in placing pork pies next to the kosher aisle [Jewish News, 9 March]. As someone who strictly observes kashrut, there is nothing treif in stacking sealed cold kosher products next to or touching sealed cold pork products. To claim it is “insensitivity, stupidity or deliberate anti-Semitic provocation”, as one of your website users claimed, is bonkers. There are

serious issues of anti-Semitism in this country, but the way Morrisons stacks its shelves isn’t one. To claim otherwise belittles actual antiSemitism. I sincerely hope your website user was making a Purim joke.

Ben Salasnik NW7

Tune into this Friday’s Jewish Views podcast! • With Facebook and Twitter facing possible fines for not removing hate speech, we find out how it impacts on the community and ask how it could be policed.

No forgiveness for Kaufman Your semi-tribute to Gerald Kaufman [Jewish News, 2 March], as though he was just mischievous, and the tributes to him in Parliament, detracted from his spiteful speeches. His comments about Jews and Israel should not be forgiven.

Sidney Sands N12

Morrisons did no wrong

• Composer Alexander Bermange talks about his new album, Wit & Whimsy. HOW TO LISTEN... PODCAST: Fridays iTUNES ‘The Jewish Views’ MW RADIO: Sundays 558AM at 12 noon WEB RADIO: Sundays at 10pm on Wandsworth Radio ONLINE: jewishnews.co.uk and spectrumradio.net

The difference is in the detail

• Leonie Lewis from the Jewish Volunteering Network on why her organisation is urging Brits to volunteer in Israel.



Jewish News 16 March 2017


Odessa is a wonder of the modern Jewish world RABBI LAURA JANNER-KLAUSNER



hese days, it isn’t an obvious destination, but if I were to write a Jewish equivalent of 100 places to see before you die, Odessa would be among the highlights. With its reinvigorated Jewish life, set against a backdrop of unique celebration and pain, this city should be on every Jewish ‘bucket list’. We hadn’t even left the airport before we saw the first signs that Odessa is a draw for Jews. Even when the weather is far from beachworthy, Jews flock from Israel to celebrate Purim by the Black Sea. Whole families were waiting in the arrivals hall of the small airport – it was neither the first nor the last time on our short trip that we heard Hebrew spoken in a public space. Poignantly, major tourism outlets, including TripAdvisor and National Geographic tipped Ukraine as a top destination just four years ago. Hostilities in the east meant the numbers coming to Ukraine

dropped an average of 48 percent between 2013 and 2014, yet the number of Israelis making their way on the many direct flights from Tel Aviv dipped only 16 percent. The city is a special place for my family. The father of my husband, David, spent his childhood here, which added a unique colour to our trip. We visited the courtyard where the Klausners lived and took photos in front of the plaque commemorating Joseph, David’s great-uncle. Professor Joseph Klausner was a contemporary of pioneering Zionist thinker Ze’ev Jabotinsky, perhaps the most famous of Jewish Odessians. The city provides a quintessential diaspora story. Here, the Jewish people suffered horrifically during the Holocaust, with just 600 survivors from a population of 250,000. In addition, pogroms occurred in the city at least five times between its founding in 1794 and the Second World War. Yet the city owes so much to Jews and to the historical Jewish sites scattered among its grand buildings. A rapid Jewish sightseeing tour on a nippy Sunday morning gave us

insight into how much the Jewish people also owe to Odessa, despite our bloody past there. Odessa was once a free port, a place where Jews were free from the restrictions of the Pale of Settlement – and they flocked there, thrived and took huge strides in developing Zionism. As if to confirm Odessa’s permanent place in Jewish history, there is a sign where the Odessa Jewish Committee once sat. Long before the state of Israel was ever established, the committee raised money for the land on which Tel Aviv was founded and land for the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Above the entrance to the courtyard reads: “This is the birthplace of modern Israel”. Odessa is experiencing a Jewish revival,

and our four days in the city gave us a taste. More than 60 people attended the progressive community’s Purim celebrations, a genuine cross-generational celebration in what participants lovingly call a ‘family atmosphere’. Just away from the centre, a thriving ORT school, 80 percent of its pupils Jewish, offers unrivalled Jewish education combined with technological expertise. And outside a local synagogue are two kosher food stands, serving up cakes and falafel to tipsy Purim attendees. With Odessa rediscovering its vibrancy, revelling in its history, and with chicken soup and borscht available on every corner, it could certainly be your next Jewish holiday destination.


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How Israel demonisation can be challenged in law CAROLINE KENDAL



he reality is that much anti-Israel activity is either illegal or based on misuse of the law and can be challenged by invoking the law properly. This is the mission of UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI). In the short time it has been in existence, UKLFI has achieved significant successes in its efforts to combat the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) and tried to make similar progress most recently in addressing Israeli Apartheid Week. UKLFI has successfully challenged the implementation of BDS motions at more than 12 British universities and has also obtained the removal of plaques defaming Israel at a number of others. As part of Israeli Apartheid Week, the student union of the University of Central Lancashire organised an event that included

a campaign to divest from Israel. This was quickly and successfully challenged and the event was promptly cancelled. The university understood the legal position and acted on it correctly. It is entirely true that universities have a duty to secure free speech, provided it is lawful, but they are also bound by the public sector equality duty, or PSED, under which they have a legal obligation to have regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation and to foster good relations between students of different nationalities, ethnic groups or religious beliefs. These requirements apply to Israeli students as a nationality and also to Jewish students. The UK Government recently endorsed the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism, which includes the contemporary examples of denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination by claiming that the existence of a state

of Israel is a racist endeavour and applying double standards by requiring of Israel a behaviour not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation. The term “Israeli Apartheid Week”, particularly when accompanied by the main caption for the event “100 years of settler colonialism”, asserts that Israel is in itself an inherently racist endeavour from its inception and is therefore an example of modern anti-Semitism within the IHRA definition. Universities are therefore in breach of their PSED if they permit events advertised under this banner – especially if, as we have

seen with the most recently-held events, they include speakers who have made anti-Semitic statements or supported antiSemitic organisations. As a community, we have to come together and continue to insist that universities accept to be bound by their legal obligations and provide a genuinely safe environment for their Jewish and Israeli students. The situation in the Middle East should certainly be debated in our universities, but objectively and accurately so as genuinely to further the education of our future leaders of society.


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A fair dinkum friend in a volatile region ALEX BRUMMER CITY EDITOR, DAILY MAIL


ecently I returned from the eastern seaside suburbs of Sydney, where the Jewish communities are vibrant. Our purpose was a family chuppah held on a grassy terrace overlooking surfers riding the waves at Malabar. A few miles along the beach is Bondi, known to most of the world as a surfers’ paradise. But to Aussie Jews, it is a mini Golders Green with kosher restaurants, falafel bars, a Jewish bookshop and, not far away, the quite magnificent Central Synagogue filled to the rafters with congregants especially during Friday nights. Many of the communities, including the small shul founded by Shoah survivors at Coogee beach (where we were staying), have been reinvigorated by the presence of the large and growing expatriate South African Jewish community. Among Aussie Jews, there is a fierce loyalty to Israel. It’s not surprising that the recent

state visit by Benjamin Netanyahu – the first by an Israeli leader to Australia – was greeted by the community with unmitigated joy. One of the striking features among some of the younger generation we met was their experiences of having served in the IDF. This seemed to be a rite of passage for several (including the groom), helping to build an unbreakable bond between young Jewish Aussies and the Israeli state. Netanyahu’s trip to see embattled Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull came hard on the heels of visits to the US and Britain. The biggest point of difference being that Australia voted against the United Nations Security Council resolution that condemned Israel for its settlement building. He noted that between 2014 and 2015, the UN had adopted 20 resolutions of one kind or another that condemned Israel’s behaviour and only one into the brutality of the Syrian civil war. “My government will not support

one-sided resolutions criticising Israel of the kind recently adopted by the Security Council and deplores the boycott campaigns designed to delegitimise the Jewish state,” he said. The vehemence of Turnbull’s language contrasts with the timidity of some other western allies of Israel. But it also represented the outspokenness of Aussie politics, which makes some of the exchanges in the House of Commons look like a child’s tea party. One cannot but feel that Turnbull’s approach was as much about scoring points off two former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Kevin Rudd both of whom used the Israeli leader’s visit to call on Australia to recognise the Palestinian state.

Anti-Israel forces mustered lively protests at Sydney Town Hall, involving several hundred people, saying it was embarrassing that Australia was laying out the red carpet for Netanyahu. As for Netanyahu, he clearly was delighted to be on Aussie territory. Its importance to western democracies and diplomacy is often overlooked, partly because all that happens there is in time zones so far apart from ours and that of the US. The economic and military rise of Asia and the Pacific means that it is of evergrowing strategic importance. It’s an ally that the West and Israel needs, in an increasingly volatile arena, with many strategic experts predicting conflict in the South China Sea.


Corbyn’s Labour Party leaves too much unsaid ERIC MOONMAN



he current parliament has lost none of its acrimony. What is lacking is any sustained leadership from the two major parties. Labour is stuck with Jeremy Corbyn and his extreme left-wing policies and, worse, his poor judgement. Despite what my former parliamentary colleague John Mann says, Jews are not likely to back Labour. Why should they? Too much has been left unsaid in recent months when a stronger lead from Labour was simply not forthcoming. British Jewry felt isolated and the Corbyn/McDonald axis was unmoved. So the Labour leadership position is firmly set on this and other issues. The Tory leadership is also entrenched with May’s “Brexit means Brexit” slogan, which has captured the headlines but in reality has created a confused management approach, causing uncertainty and conflict between ministers and officials.

Theresa May’s talents are considerable, as evidenced by her time at the Home Office, but the very nature of her choosing a deliberate hard-line negotiation is a failure in contemporary politics. Within the past few weeks, the well regarded Institute for Public Policy Research has warned that irrespective of early economic trends Britain faces a decade of disruption in the wake of Brexit with a slowing economy compounded by an ageing population and technological transformation that could result in up to 15 million lost jobs. All this going on makes the likely result of the next General Election extremely unpredictable. There would be an opportunity for Labour, assuming the party disposes of Corbyn and supports a proposal for a second referendum. However half-hearted Labour was at the earlier vote, it could now tap into the growing number of people who believe that they were misled by the promises of the exit campaign. The base figure of 48 percent

Remainers is sufficiently high for the party to build on. Even if a further referendum result were to go the same way, Labour would at least have achieved the opportunity for a rethink on what is a massively divisive issue. But a week in politics is a long time. While there continues to be much political argument over Brexit, a new issue emerges, namely the actions and policies of President Trump as they affect Britain. The hastily drawn up invitation by the prime minister for a state visit for Donald Trump adds to the anger and distress felt by an increasingly large number of people as it was revealed May was aware while she was in the US of the immediate ban on

refugees and nationals from a number of countries. It seems inevitable the massive demonstrations will continue both here and in the United States. Where does all this leave Prime Minister Theresa May? A summer election is off the agenda, with a most contentious visit by her new partner President Trump expected around this time of the year. While May has little wriggle room, Labour minus Jeremy Corbyn is in with a chance whenever the election occurs. For all its limitations, Labour will emerge more sympathetic to the British electorate than any partnership of May and Trump.


16 March 2017 Jewish News




There’s clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right DAVID BROWN



et’s start to the left. A group of witty Jewish students (Jewdents) recently launched their #BridgesForBoycotts campaign, together with a Sit on Us Facebook page – a parody of Stand With Us. Understandably, they claim to offer an alternative perspective on Israel and Palestine. Incomprehensibly, they assert this is driven by inclusion and representation of Jewish students. Taking aim at #BridgesNotBoycotts, they scorn at the overwhelmingly supported and democratically-decided policy of Jewish students to counter the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement and advocate for two states for two peoples. They accompany this with a distortion of facts, suggesting our campaign doesn’t include Palestinians. In fact, the coalition backing our campaign includes bringing Mohammed Zoabi and Palestinian women (with their Israeli counterparts in Women Wage Peace) to JSocs across the country.

But they are the same group who ran a UJS presidential candidate campaign rejected by 92 percent of the 1,000 Jewish students who voted. Surely they are taking the Mickey when they portend to passionately defend human rights and pursue peace; they endorse only one group’s national rights, rejecting the myths of Zionism while swallowing wholesale the bile and bias of the more extreme end of Palestinian nationalism. Turning to the right, the Israeli government has passed a foolish law banning entry to those advocating BDS against Israel or Israeli settlements. Setting aside the intolerance for dissent that undermines Israel’s democratic foundations, this is a terrible tactic for winning over those not already on side. UJS has regularly brought Jewish and nonJewish student leaders to Israel who hold views on the conflict unpalatable for Bibi and Naftali Bennett. Bringing these students to encounter the context and complexity of the conflict engenders a more intelligent and supportive approach to how Israel is handled within the student movement.

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Putting up barriers to continuing this work hinders ours and many others’ continued efforts to tackle aggressive hostility towards Israel. The clowns of #BridgesForBoycotts and the fools passing the recent bill fall into the trap of defining the conflict as a zero-sum equation: pro-Israel or pro-Palestine. They define this conflict as one innocent victim under threat from one wholly responsible oppressor. A sensible and fair understanding of the conflict appreciates it is between two national groups, both with the right to national selfdetermination, and both with responsibilities for the continued failure to realise peace, justice and security for Israelis and Palestinians. Jewdents, Bibi and Bennett would do well to

embrace a more nuanced approach, following the impressive leadership of more than 100 student volunteers on 14 campuses from London to Liverpool. Together they have engaged more than 10,000 students of all backgrounds with informed and intelligent discussion on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. When it comes to including and representing diverse and dynamic Jewish students; when seeking to broaden the base of support for Israel; when advocating for a just and peaceful resolution ; and when showcasing mutual respect instead of importing hate onto campus, all involved should stop clowning around with foolish and polarising positions, opting instead for a mature and moderate middle way.




Jewish News 16 March 2017


HE’S A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER Deborah Cicurel speaks to premier events planner DJ Knight who, with 20 years in the business, knows just how to get the party started As any good Jewish mother knows, a great simcha involves organising every detail from the flowers, decor, invitations, food, and even the seating plan – but what really gets the party started is the music. Enter Kwamé Knight – also known as DJ Knight – the one stop for simcha planning and entertainment, who has been in the events industry for more than 20 years. The DJ and events planner, from East London, says nothing is more important than music when it comes to organising a celebration. “Music is the backbone of every single simcha,” he says. “It’s the glue that binds an event together.” The party scene regular has always wanted to go into events planning and DJing, citing his love of music as his inspiration. “I love music: music has no colour, it brings everybody together,” he says. “I DJ all around the world, and no matter whether you are Jewish, Asian or African, the power of music is phenomenal.” However, Knight is not just the one spinning the decks at weddings, barmitzvahs, fashion shows, celebrity

gigs and corporate events: he’s also experienced at taking control of the whole event from start to finish. “Yes, I can organise music and play at your barmitzvah, Jewish wedding or other function, but my clients also love the fact I can organise everything from the production and finding the venue to assisting them with catering, florists, lighting and decor. “In effect, you get the whole package when you make the call to me, which my clients like because it’s stress-free. “If you individually hire a DJ, lighting company, production company, sound engineers and so on, it’s very stressful and you could end up dealing with 15 suppliers yourself. “But when you’re having a simcha, you don’t want to be dealing with that: if anything were to happen or go wrong, if there were any unforeseen circumstances, my company would do everything we can to ensure your event still runs effortlessly and seamlessly. “It’s my job to help and hold your hand each and every step of the way. After all, it gives you more time to enjoy your event.” Knight is a well-known name in the Jewish events circle: after all, as he puts

it, he’s “been around for a long time”. “I love creating and producing Jewish events,” he says. “I understand the formalities of a Jewish event and I love to give people advice based on my years of experience. “The best part of my job is seeing everyone so excited at an event: sometimes I’ve spent two years planning a simcha, and to see my clients’ positive reactions and the guests having a good time is a great feeling.” Part of Knight’s skill lies in being able to allow both the young barmitzvah kids and older parents and grandparents to enjoy the music, but he insists it’s all in the preparation. “I don’t find it difficult to play the right tracks for both young and old,” he says. “I know how to strike the balance between keeping kids and adults entertained. “It comes with years of experience and listening to what your clients like. Before I play one track, I’ll have had numerous meetings with clients to find out what they like. “When I come to an event, I know what tracks I’m going to play.” And although tracks such as Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic are the current flavour

of the month at Knight’s events, he also uses a more traditional genre to liven up the dance floor. “I love playing Jewish songs,” he says. “To me, that’s what gets a party started; songs such as Moshiach, Hashem Melech and Hava Nagila are the tracks that really get a party started and the crowd going.” So how much does the expertise of this events planner, coordinator, producer, consultant and DJ extraordinaire cost? Knight says it all depends on what kind of party you’re throwing. “Our prices are all bespoke and down to the clients’ budget,” he says. “Everyone’s affordability is different, and we can work to small, medium and large budgets.” What’s next for the DJ? After being flown to China, Rome, Switzerland, America, Africa, and Scandinavia for events in recent years, over the next few months Knight is packing his case for Jewish celebrations in the south of France and even Barbados. It’s a hard life spinning those decks… djknight.co.uk T: 020 3130 40 40/07956 104 086 E: info@djknight.co.uk

Top: DJ Knight can cater for all your simcha planning and entertainment. Above: Transformations of a marquee, Stanmore Synagogue and Rosewood London

16 March 2017 Jewish News



In association with www.norwood.org.uk

And be seen

CHIGWELL SAYS ALOHA Rabbi Rafi Goodwin and friends (pictured) and the rest of Chigwell & Hainault Synagogue’s congregation enjoyed a Hawaiian-style Purim party.

All the costumes and colour as the community celebrates Purim!


Photo by Paul Lang

East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue celebrated its first ever Purim, which included a performance of the ‘Purim Spiel that goes wrong!’

Jewish Care’s Zumbathon took place at three primary schools, including Sacks Morasha, where children and teachers took part in the celebrations

SHUL GETS X FACTOR South West Essex & Settlement Reform Synagogue in Newbury Park celebrated Purim with its very own X Factorinspired show. More than £450 was raised, which will be split between World Jewish Relief and a charity nominated by the synagogue.

Pupils at JCoSS in New Barnet were feline good after dressing up in matching cat costumes

Make a difference in our community

4Find out how a few hours of your time can give a brighter future to those we support.

Havdalah, a cockney Megillah and Donald Trump all featured in the Purim spiel at Finchley Progressive Synagogue

Aish Essex Rabbi Mendy Brukirer turned into a leopard for a Guess The Rabbi competition to help cheer up a sick child

For more information please contact: info@norwood.org.uk • 020 8809 8809

Patron Her Majesty The Queen • Registered Charity No. 1059050



Jewish News 16 March 2017

Scene & Be Seen / In association with www.norwood.org.uk Email your story to community@thejngroup.com

Photo by Grainge Photography

Community costume drama!

Camp Simcha spielers Noah, two, and Zachy, four, joined mum Sophie Young

Rabbi Gavin Broder with students at a University Jewish Chaplaincy-sponsored party at Western Marble Arch

Jewish Deaf Association held a party where members dressed up

More than 20 UJIA Ethiopian Bar/Bat Mitzvah programme participants raised £1,000 for their Ethiopian Israeli ‘twins’ in six hours at M&S in Temple Fortune

Catford & Bromley United Synagogue celebrated Purim, which was enjoyed by more than 40 children

It was emergency services at the ready as partygoers enjoyed Norwood’s Purim bash at JCoSS

Some 200 people enjoyed a Purim carnival with circus skills, face painting and hamantashen at Alyth Synagogue

More than 100 people attended Southend & Westcliffe’s ‘international’ celebrations featuring French fries, sushi, Scottish wine, and Chinese chicken

The Stern family siblings of Stamford Hill dressed up as clowns to celebrate Purim

Rabbi Yitzchok and Tzipporah Sufrin celebrated at the British Museum

Libby Cohen, Paige Reuben and Ellie Cohen, all in Year 7 at JFS, help with Kisharon’s Purim Bucket Collection

Young people, as well as those young at heart, celebrated Purim at Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue

Children and teachers at Noah’s Arkley Nursery dressed up in celebration

16 March 2017 Jewish News



In association with www.norwood.org.uk / Scene & Be Seen NER WIN Ello, ello, ello! Pupils from Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School in Barkingside enjoyed dressing up as policemen

You’re the winner of Jewish News’ Purim fancy dress competition!

Bushey Gan Nursery was visited by Postman Pat who collected their donations for Chana

Email your details to editorial@thejngroup.com to claim your prize of a family ticket (for four people) to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show at arts depot between Saturday 1 – Thursday 6 April.

Police officers, princesses and postmen Fifty teenagers enjoyed 100 doughnuts, music and a were at The Liberal Synagogue Elstree photobooth at Deganya, BBYO’s Edgware chapter

Photo by Elliot Jacobs

Box Office 020 8369 5454

Borehamwood’s Rambam Sephardi shul dressed up and ate hamantashen

Staff from Shaare Zedek Medical Centre in Jerusalem turned up for work dressed for Shushan Purim

Nearly 100 women from Pinner Synagogue read the Megillah, with money raised going to Pinner Care’s Hardship Fund and Langdon

Mill Hill United makes headlines

Pupils and staff at Etz Chaim Primary School enjoyed Purim by dressing up in a variety of costumes on Monday. The children had even more reason to celebrate as they were also given the afternoon off.

Revellers from Mill Hill United Synagogue and around Edgware showed off their colourful fancy dress as they posed with a Jewish News placard. The newspaper ran a competition to find the best Purim costume – see winner, top!

Photos by Marc Morris Photography

Etz Chaim’s time to celebrate



Jewish News 16 March 2017

Scene & Be Seen / Community

UJIA fancy night out raises £18k Photos by Raya Cottrell Photography

More than 700 young professionals partied the night away at Y-UJIA’s annual Purim party at The Fable in Farringdon. The event raised more than £18,000 for charitable projects in Israel and the UK. Organiser Frankie Stanton said: “It’s amazing to see the event grow each year. We were so pleased to see so many young Jewish professionals coming together to celebrate.”

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Community / Scene & Be Scene

More than 250 people attended a fashion show to raise money for WIZO projects across Israel. Sponsors for the event, held at Mill Hill Synagogue, were Averyl, Lord & Berry, The Israeli House and Boutique Homme. Speakers included journalist and broadcaster Samantha Simmonds, Eliot Heilpern, WIZO’s new chief executive, and its vice chairman, Ronit Ribak-Madari. The show ended with a surprise marriage proposal from male model Bar Konvisser, 25, to his girlfriend, Yael Massias, 23.

Photos by Yakir Zur

Wizo steps out with a ready-towear show

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Jewish News 16 March 2017


Scene & Be Seen / Community

One El of a Purim celebration! EL AL UK hosted its annual Purim party, attended by more than 100 guests from the trade and media industries. The event saw awards handed out for best costume and best lip sync. Oranit Beit Halahmy, managing director for North Europe and Africa and Malu Montenegro, sales and marketing manager for the UK and Ireland, handed out awards to the airline’s top sales agents for the previous year.

All-inclusive return flights from London Luton.


Economy class. 23kgs bag and Kosher meal! Departures from 01May- 30Jun 2017. Subject to availability.

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Crystal gazing / Lifestyle

H ila ri ou s H eb re w W or d of th e W ee k

IN THIS SECTION: Ask Dr Ellie 28 / Hilarious Hebrew 35 ------------------



‘Keep laughing, keep loving and keep talking’


NT is ill, he nee

ds to take a PIL L

The Hebrew wo

rd for 'eleph

From the book Hilar

ant' is… pil



ious Hebrew – the Fun and Fast available on Amaz Way to Learn the on and in book and Language, gift shops aroun d NW London. www.hilarioush ebrew.com

Ahead of his new tour, comedian and actor Billy Crystal talks to Cindy Sher about his Jewish life and long Hollywood career


he inimitable Billy Crystal is back on the road. The sixtime Emmy Award-winning comedian, actor, producer, director and writer is touring the US with his new show, Spend the Night with Billy Crystal. The star, who lives in Los Angeles, tells stories, talks about the world as he sees it, reflects on his life and shows film clips from his long career. The popular nine-time Oscar host has numerous iconic films and roles to choose from – one of the lead characters in the quintessential rom-com When Harry Met Sally; the grouchy “miracle worker” in The Princess Bride; Mitch, a New Yorker heading toward a midlife crisis, who goes on a cattle drive with his buddies in City

Slickers, and in Analyse This, a shrink to Robert De Niro’s mob boss. Before he was charming millions, Crystal, 68, was entertaining family and friends while growing up in the quaint beach town of Long Beach, New York, then predominantly Jewish and Italian, that Crystal describes as “the perfect place to grow up”. He often mentions his home town in his act; in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s battering of New York in 2012, Crystal and Janice, his wife of nearly 47 years, helped to raise more than $1million to help Long Beach to rebuild and rebound. Crystal’s mother, Helen, was a talented tap dancer and singer. His father, Jack, worked six days a week at two jobs, as a jazz promoter and

That scene, filmed in Katz’s Deli, New York, from When Harry Met Sally

manager of the family’s popular New York City record store. Jazz greats like Billie Holiday who were friends of his parents would frequent their home. The only thing Crystal ever aspired to do as much as comedy was to play baseball for his beloved New York Yankees – he signed a one-day contract with the team in 2008 in honour of his 60th birthday. In a phone interview, Crystal was asked if he agreed that he seemed to be a celebrity who wears his Judaism as a badge of honour, rather than in a self-hating sort of way. He replies: “I do. I mean, I still make fun, but it’s not about Jews – it’s about my Jews, it’s about my relatives. It’s not generalisations.” What did he love about being Jewish? “The storytelling, the warmth, the sense of humour,” he says. “My dad was strict about the holidays. We honoured them, we went to temple. I like the ritual, and the caring for our planet that’s written into so many of the works I read in Hebrew school.” As for comparing starting out in showbiz 40-plus years ago to touring with his new show, he says: “It all feels the same. I don’t think I’ve stopped working since the eighth grade. When I was on Broadway, backstage felt the same as it did when I was getting ready to do a school play in high school. It’s that same energy of confidence, a

little bit of nerves. The moment you go out, you release and say, ‘OK, I’m ready, here I come’. It’s an intoxicating feeling to go out and entertain people.” Crystal lists as one of his proudest professional achievements being the first American comedian to perform in the Soviet Union. It was in 1989 in an HBO special, Midnight Train to Moscow. “Performing there , an ambassador for American humour, is something I look back on with pride.” Besides teaching him a love for comedy, reading and baseball, Crystal credits his late father with “teaching me about doing the right thing”. My dad was a civil rights giant in his own quiet way, in that he was one of the first promoters to integrate jazz bands,” he says. “My family label, Commodore Records, produced Strange Fruit, Billie Holliday’s epic song about lynching. It took a Jewish

family to produce that.” As for his secret to his happy, healthy and long marriage, Crystal says: “We still feel that we’re dating, after all these years, and all the things that we’ve been through, and all the joys and sadness we’ve shared. Janice’s faith in me, her trust in me, her strength when things aren’t going well. Our key is we keep laughing, we keep talking and we keep loving.” Reminded of his film City Slickers in which a character is asked what he thinks is the secret to life, holds up a finger and says “one thing”, Crystal is asked what it might be. “The purpose,” he says, “ is Janice and the kids, and continually doing right by them and right by myself. “That’s the most important thing … and in my job, I have a purpose. I have a mind that still loves to create and I follow that deeply.” [JTA]


Jewish News 16 March 2017


Features / Confessions Of A Rabbi

All roads lead to Romain Rabbi, writer and broadcaster Jonathan Romain reveals the extraordinary and true stories of ordinary people – from funerals that go wrong to sexual fantasies and weddings that are hijacked – in his new book, Confessions of a Rabbi


he old joke about rabbis – invisible six days a week and incomprehensible on the seventh – is not only long out of date, but totally ignores the enormous amount of time they spend on a one-to-one basis with congregants dealing with the personal issues they face. It is partly to lift the veil that I have compiled into a book – Confessions of a Rabbi – many of the issues that members of Maidenhead and those from elsewhere shared with me. It is also to reassure people with acute problems that they are normal. The names and identities have been changed, but the situations are true. They reveal the dilemmas and crises that so many of us experience during the course of our life, with very few families not knowing some form of turmoil. When Eve found Bob in bed with one of her friends, she sued for divorce, but was secretly delighted. She confided in me that Bob had been abusing her physically for much of their 22-year marriage, but she had felt too ashamed to admit it and too repressed to take action. Now she had a publicly acceptable excuse to leave him. My dilemma arose two years later,

ALISON’S DYING HUSBAND MADE HER PROMISE SHE WOULDN’T MARRY AGAIN – THEN SHE MET SOMEONE ELSE when Bob began dating a feisty divorcee, which then turned into an engagement. Did I warn her that he was an abuser and break Eve’s confidence? Or did I hope that, being a different character, she would not let a repeat scenario occur? I decided that the greater wrong would come from silence. It is not easy telling someone that the person with whom they are besotted and pinning great hopes for the future is not all he seems. Some time later the relationship ended. Alison’s problem was very different. Just before her husband had died two years earlier after a short illness, he had made her promise not to marry again. She had agreed at the time, both to save him any distress and because she thought it unthinkable that, after a happy marriage of almost 40 years, she would ever consider it. To her surprise,

a new friendship with someone who had moved nearby developed into a relationship. Being in her 60s, she knew she might enjoy another two or three decades and would much prefer to share them with someone rather than spend them alone. Was she bound by her promise? My attitude was simple. No! The promise was a very selfish one and should never have been requested. Moreover, she had agreed under duress, not wanting to deny her husband’s dying wish. In addition, she had been a loving wife throughout the marriage, and need have no qualms about having ‘done her duty’. He could not control her beyond the grave. ‘Do you really mean that?’ she asked, indicating that, despite her hesitation, she wanted to go ahead. I conducted the wedding six months later. Stephen had been running a sportswear firm with Jerry, an older man who had founded it. They worked together well and business thrived. Unfortunately, Stephen began to run up some debts, gambling beyond his means. His solution was to take increasingly large amounts of money out of the business without Jerry realising. Eventually, the business went into liquidation and Jerry – who had relied on selling it one day to pay for his retirement – was left too depressed to work again, and Above: In his new book, Confessions of a Rabbi, Jonathan Romain, left, was forced into an impoverlifts the lid on personal issues congregants have discussed with him ished existence. ‘He never married, so I can’t even and not let the past be an albatross Stephen had spent a period in around his neck for all time. try to make it up to his family. I feel prison, but although he felt he had Stephen stared at me blankly, and stuck with permanent guilt and no paid for his crime, he did not feel he then smiled. ‘I’m going to feel a right way out.’ had atoned for the personal hurt he idiot talking to the air,’ he said, but it I told him to find out where Jerry had done to Jerry. was clear that he could see himself was buried, go there and say out ‘So why not contact him and doing it successfully. aloud what he would have said had apologise?’ I suggested. ‘Even if he he been alive. refuses to accept it, at least you will  Confessions of a Rabbi by Jerry would not be able to have made the effort’. Jonathan Romain is published respond, but Stephen would have ‘That’s the problem,’ he replied. by Biteback at £12.99 and is ‘When I tried to locate where he was made the effort of physically going also available post-free via there and uttering words of contriliving, I discovered he had died two tion. It would allow him to ‘move on’ admin@maidshul.org years earlier.

16 March 2016 Jewish News



Travel / Lifestyle

A tale of two cities Mark Silver explores the vibrant atmosphere and enchanting streets of Prague and Amsterdam


y teenage daughter thinks I was born in the Middle Ages because, according to her, I’m a bit of a ‘’dope’’ when it comes to modern technology, ‘’clueless’’ about social media and ‘’nuts’’ for my insistence on a 10pm curfew when she is out on the town. Now I think she may have a point, because I was completely at home during a two-night break in Prague, a destination that makes you feel like you are entering medieval times. I wandered the wonderful streets of the enchanting Old Town, with its meandering lanes, quaint alleyways and vibrant atmosphere. There were wonderful markets scattered around and charming places to stop for a bite to eat and perhaps a glass of the local beer. Thankfully, the ancient parts were fairly unscathed during the war, leaving me to enjoy splendid sights such as the famous Astronomical Clock in the heart of the Old Town Square. My favourite attraction was the nearby Tyn Church with its magnificent Gothic spires. Prague is the ideal place for strolling and soaking up that special atmosphere. Make


sure you venture to the Old New Synagogue, which is Europe’s oldest active shul and was completed way back in 1270. If you like Gothic history, you will feel particularly at home here, as it was one of the city’s first buildings of that particular design. There was an even older synagogue, but that was demolished in 1867 and, ironically in its place has now appeared the newest shul, the Spanish Synagogue. Both buildings are located in the Jewish Quarter, which can be found between the Old Town and Vltava River and although I visited only these two, there are another four in the area to explore. Probably the most remarkable site is the Old Jewish Cemetery, which would take some time to cover properly as it is the largest of its kind in Europe. My two-night visit allowed only for a relatively quick glance. Much has remained intact from the Jewish Quarter in spite of the Second World War, as Hitler decided to preserve it as a “Museum of an Extinct Race”. The monster had a way with words… Clearly, I discovered no shortage of Jewish interest in Prague and there is no better place for this than the Jewish Museum, detailing much of the community’s heritage in the Prague’s newest shul, the Spanish Synagogue

Czech Republic and one of the most visited museums in the capital city. Obviously (and if travelling with female company, no doubt) you will need to keep some time for a bit of the old retail therapy and there are hundreds of pleasant shops scattered around, with crystal being a popular and wise choice. With hundreds of yards covered by foot and energy levels running low, an intake of some sugar was required and I was in the right place. Top, Colourful Prague; above, Radisson Blu, Amsterdam The local trdelnik tastes as good as it smells and is sold at many stalls. It is a type of Frank House and it was well worth the wait, as cake made from rolled dough wrapped around you are given a detailed insight into the young a stick. Delicious. The kids especially will love diarist and her incredible writing. What a it and can enjoy the confection filled with ice talent and what a tragedy. cream (the modern version). If time permits just the one visit to a A good hotel is a vital party of a weekend shul, then make it the beautiful Portuguese break and I chose a winner in the Radisson Blu Synagogue, which is one of the most important Alcron, which was situated close to the action legacies of the vibrant Jewish community that and had the most attentive staff you could wish this city still boasts. for. It also boasts two outstanding restaurants. The Radisson Blu provided another ideal After a short break in this most fascichoice for our stay, an excellent location right nating of capital cities, I headed off to another near the heart of the action, and dinner at its delightful city, with a short flight that took me De Palmboom restaurant with its traditional to Amsterdam for a couple of days. Dutch fare proved another fine choice. It’s a special place with its many canals So, two great cities were explored in the and oozes a totally relaxed atmosphere which space of a few days. Both are rich in Jewish personifies the friendly Dutch. history and culture and both also offer much I queued for two hours to visit the Anne more to leave you with lifelong memories.

WHERE TO STAY... Mark was a guest of Booking.com, which offers a wide range of diverse accommodation in Prague, including apartments, boats, guesthouses and hostels. The Radisson Blu Alcron is a beacon of art deco luxury in the heart of Prague. Prices start from £149. Details: booking.com/hotel/cz/radissonsas-alcron.en-gb.html.



Jewish News 16 March 2017

Lifestyle / Health

Ask Dr Ellie Our resident GP Ellie Cannon answers your questions...

Q My seven-month-old has

frequent colds and runny noses since starting nursery. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Unfortunately, colds are a normal part of babyhood, especially for a baby going to nursery. It can be rather frustrating though, because no one has a great answer as to what to do about it. It’s very reassuring to be told by a GP that there is nothing to worry about, that it’s just a cold or snotty nose, but that can still leave you with a miserable baby whose sleep may be broken. It can also make them too congested to drink much, which really can be important. So it could be worth

trying a few things to relieve it. Moistening the air in the bedroom eases blocked noses and helps discharge dribble away at night, so either use a humidifier designed for babies or simply put a wet towel on a warm radiator. It also helps to tilt the cot slightly: if a baby sleeps ever so slightly upright, snot can dribble out of their nose to clear their airways. Baby vapour rubs can help to loosen mucous in the airways and many parents will use “snot-suckers”, which aspirate the mucous from the nose. With drinking, make sure you offer small amounts little and often: it can be hard to take in a full bottle with a congested little nose. Make sure your baby is drinking as much as normal and producing wet nappies.

9 ct per gram 9ct 14ct 14 ct per gram 18ct 18 ct per gram 21ct 21 ct per gram 22ct 22 ct per gram 24ct 24 ct per gram Platinum950 Platinum 950 per gram Silver925ag Silver 925ag per gram Half Sovereigns Half Sovereigns Full Sovereigns Full Sovereigns Krugerrands 1oz Krugerands

£11.49 £12.04per/g £18.78per/g £17.93 £24.07per/g £22.99 £28.09per/g £26.83 £29.40per/g £28.07 £32.07per/g £30.65 £23.92per/g £21.73 £0.37 per/g £0.35 £109.37 each £112.30 £218.74 each £224.59 £936.05 each £953.00

Q I'm a naturally anxious

person, but recently someone suggested I may have anxiety as a condition. How can I know for sure?

Feeling worried or being anxious about a specific event or issue is totally normal. It is a routine part of life at any stage, as a child or as an adult living a busy life. It is perfectly normal to feel worried or anxious, especially when there are things to worry about, such as finances, health, or world events. Anxiety becomes pathological, and therefore a mental health illness, when it is occurring so often that it actually interferes with your life and even simple, mundane activities. Feeling anxious is to feel worried, nervous, tense and

Q After years of smoking, my

70-year-old dad has been told he has COPD. Can you tell me more about the condition?


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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is an umbrella term encompassing the two chronic lung conditions emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Both cause narrowing of the airways in the lung and COPD is a debilitating, progressive condition that interferes with normal breathing. First, stopping smoking, no matter at what stage of the disease, can prevent it from worsening and, if he has early emphysema, stopping smoking could be the only treatment he may need. Looking at all those who smoke 20 ciga-

even fearful: this becomes a fully-blown anxiety disorder when these feelings stop you getting on with your day or specific activities, such as getting yourself to work or even making yourself a sandwich. Whether you have many symptoms or just a couple, if your daily life is affected or you are distressed by your anxiety, then you need help. We call this generalised anxiety disorder. Characteristic features include feeling anxious most days and being unable to stop yourself from feeling that way. The worry itself may upset you or stress you out and it often stops you doing normal things, including fun activities you enjoy. People with anxiety don’t worry just about the usual things, but their worries are very wide-ranging. If this sounds familiar, you need to have a chat with your GP.

rettes a day, fewer than one in five of them will develop COPD: we don’t know why some smokers develop it while others don’t. Likewise, with lung cancer, it is not possible to predict which smokers will suffer. Coughing, breathlessness and producing a lot of phlegm are common features, which signal damaged airways. Symptoms start off mild, but may evolve into daily, distressing symptoms. Patients with terminsl COPD can be housebound owing to their breathlessness, and quality of life is, sadly, very poor for people with advanced disease. There is a range of treatments for COPD, but none can reverse the lung damage. Inhalers are a common treatment, as are steroids and tablets, to break up the mucous or open up the airways. Your father can help himself by losing weight, exercising and having flu and pneumonia vaccines.

16 March 2017 Jewish News



Sedra: Ki Tisa / It’s Biblical / Orthodox Judaism

SEDRA – Ki Tisa

It’s Biblical

BY RABBI ZVI SOLOMONS Last Sunday we celebrated Purim, and this week, we read the portion that describes how Moses hid his face with a mask. It is described as a veil, but we see how Moses’ proximity to the Almighty made his face shine with rays of light. This is why Michelangelo depicts Moshe with horns – as the Hebrew says karan or (rays of light) and the word karan is very similar to keren, ray. Moses was perhaps the most modest person on earth. His face shone with a permanent reminder of his superior nature, his constant encounters with God. Can you imagine how embarrassed this must have made him feel in front of his siblings, let alone all other people, because it set him utterly apart? This week’s Torah portion deals with the Golden Calf, where the people sinned by making a golden idol to worship. Seeing Moses’ shining face was a constant reminder of their sin. Rabbi Meir Shapiro of Lublin, who lived just after the Shoah, used this week’s portion to explain when Jewish leaders need to use a mask and when we should show ourselves as we are. The Torah portion says: “And the Lord said, ‘See, there is a place near Me. Station yourself on the rock and, as My Presence passes by, I will put you in a cleft of the rock and shield you with My hand…”. (Exodus 33:21-22). When we are doing God’s work, promoting the Torah and halacha, we should not mask our faces, and should station ourselves on firm rock. The rest of the time we need to display humility, like Moses, who veiled his face except when acting in his official capacity.

 Zvi Solomons is rabbi of the Jewish Community of Berkshire in Reading. JCoB.org



In his 1929 novel, Mario and the Magician, German author Thomas Mann wrote about an Italian magician named Cipolla, who performs hypnotic tricks to make his audience act in a humiliating fashion and simultaneously satisfy his own lust for power. Mann’s work was politically motivated, designed to highlight the unethical behaviour of autocratic dictators. There is some debate over the precise historical identity of the biblical Ahasuerus, although many scholars believe he was the Persian king Xerxes, who reigned from 486 to 465 BCE. Unmistakable however, is the fact that he is portrayed in the Book of Esther as a power-hungry, pleasureseeking and easily manipulated ruler. The first chapter of the book contains

Creating that perfect garden for you Call today for a free quotation


an extensive description of a lavish party thrown by Ahasuerus, lasting many days and designed to showcase his vast wealth and lavish lifestyle. Some years later, Haman is able to take advantage of his weaknesses, offering him 10,000 pieces of silver to murder the Jews. As the tables turn in the Purim story, Esther, too, realises that it is through inviting the king to a feast that she will be

able to best present her plea for mercy on behalf of the Jewish people. Ahasuerus’ extravagant displays of personal wealth were apparently designed to demonstrate that he was in control of his vast empire. But as with so many other such leaders in history, particularly those of the type to which Mann intended to draw attention in his book, his excesses simply served to highlight his own shortcomings and insecurities. Thus, his power is demonstrated time and again to be no more than superficial at best. In fact, in the entire Book of Esther, there is not a single decision of any significance made by Ahasuerus alone. He is always dependent upon the advisors who happen to be closest to him at the time. Like the magician in Mann’s book, Ahasuerus remains the archetypal example of a deluded dictator who believes he is in control, but whose lack of moral grounding leaves him fatally exposed to manipulation at the hands of those around him.


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Jewish News 16 March 2017


Progressive Judaism / The Bible Says What? / Progressively Speaking

The Bible Says What?

Progressively Speaking

The Bible Says What? God made Eve from Adam’s rib?

How should we respond to a rise in reports of domestic abuse in the Jewish community?

BY RABBI LEAH JORDAN “So the Eternal cast a deep sleep upon the man; and, while he slept, God took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that spot. And God fashioned the rib that God had taken from the man into a woman.” (Genesis 2:21-22) Thus reads the two verses that underpin much of the Western world’s etiology – our mythical origin story – for our societal belief in a gender hierarchy and a gender binary. These verses are often cited to reinforce the idea, long debunked not only by individual experience but by science, that there are only two biological sexes, male and female, and that one is subservient to the other. In what the Jewish scholar Daniel Boyarin calls “the most extended piece of contempt for women produced in the Midrash,” much is made of the fact that Eve was created from bone and not from the earth, as Adam was. The Midrash asks: “Why does the voice of woman carry, but not that of a man?” Because, we’re told,

“It’s like a pot which if you fill it with meat, its voice will not carry, but if you put a bone in, its voice carries.” That is, woman was created from bone, because she is like a bone rattling around loudly in a cooking pot… But there are actually two stories of the creation of humanity at the start of Genesis, and woman being built from man’s rib is the second and later story. The first goes like this: “And God created humanity in God’s image, in the image of God, God created it; male and female God created them.” (Genesis 1:27) Here there is no hierarchy between one human being and the next and, as transgender interpretations point out, the verse says ‘male and female God created them’, not male or female. That is, within that first human being created was the spectrum, one whose maleness and femaleness is expressed differently in each of us.

 Rabbi Leah Jordan is Liberal Judaism’s student and young adult chaplain

Disability, not dependency.

At 18 Hayley faced a diagnosis that led to her being unable to do some of the simplest of everyday tasks for herself. Her Jewish Blind & Disabled mobility apartment with its 24/7 on site support has given her back her vital independence.

To FinD ouT more abouT how we give The giFT oF inDepenDence or To make a DonaTion visiT www.jbD.org or call 020 8371 6611

BY RABBI SYLVIA ROTHSCHILD We must welcome the rise in reporting of domestic abuse within the Jewish community because this signifies not increasing abuse, but that women are feeling more supported and able to report abuse. For too long, the myth that abuse doesn’t happen in Jewish families or is rare in the community has meant Jewish women generally have taken even longer than average to leave their abusive relationships. But in truth, the Jewish community has its share of marriages where there is abuse, both physical and emotional, coercive control, and inequalities of power. Shame, fear of ostracism or the displeasure of their family, added to

anxiety about losing their children or becoming an agunah, has led many women to becoming trapped in their marriage for ‘shalom bayit’. Biblical texts, which frame the marital relationship essentially as one of property rights, and in which the husband is called “ba’al” or owner, set the scene for the patriarchal and deeply unequal view of marriage that can be found today, but it is really in


the Responsa (rabbinic judgements) that the problem is created. There are Responsa that excuse or permit the physical abuse of a woman by her husband to punish her for being a ‘bad’ wife, or to educate her to be a ‘good’ one. This attitude shapes halachic and communal reactions today. Domestic abuse does not constitute grounds for divorce in Jewish law and, judging from recent cases in Israel, this may not change soon. We must accept our religion does not make us immune to abuse and we must train community leaders to notice and respond to such behaviour and provide refuges. We must create change in our Responsa and communal conversations. The Batei Din should explicitly condemn domestic abuse; the shame of abuse belongs to the abuser and to the community that keeps the toxic secret.  Sylvia Rothschild is a former rabbi of Wimbledon and District Synagogue


16 March 2017 Jewish News


Professional advice / Ask Our Experts

Ask our Our trusty team of advisers answer your questions about everything from law and finance to dating and dentistry. This week: Benefits of a local estate agent, using plasterboard to modernise your home and CV advice STEVE WAYNE BENJAMIN STEVENS ESTATE AGENT See full profile on pages 34-35

Dear Steve I’m thinking of using an online estate agent to sell my house. What do you think? Josh

Dear Josh The most obvious positive to having an online estate agent is the fact that it is cheap but, to me, that is the only positive. Most online agents are paid up front, so where is their motivation to sell your house if they have already been paid? An online agent has no database and relies on portals to sell property. If your marketing price is high, then it is soul-

HOWARD GOLD HPS See full profile on pages 34-35

Dear Howard We live in an untouched 1940s house that we wish to modernise. We want to resize some of the rooms, add new electrics, plumbing and flooring, put in a new bathroom, kitchen and lighting throughout plus all the usual mod cons. We’ve had a few builders in with varying views and ideas, but the main issue

we have seems to be the lath and plaster walls and ceilings, which I’m told should be removed and replaced with plasterboard. I’m confused and unsure how to proceed and would appreciate your advice. Johnny Dear Johnny Most pre-war houses were built with lath and plaster ceilings and walls, which is a very skilled trade but still an outdated method. In the main, it has been replaced with the use of premanufactured plasterboard, which can be purchased for specific uses such as general building works, as a vapour barrier, for acoustic reasons, and to be fire, water, and

destroying waiting for viewings. On the other hand, a local agent will have a database of buyers ready and, even if your home is slightly overvalued, a good agent will be able to get people through your door. Local agents have local knowledge; an online agent works in territories, for example, that may be from St Albans to Hampstead. A local agent, meanwhile, would know Mill Hill or Edgware inside out. Regarding valuations, I ask my clients a very simple question when justifying my fee; when you bought your house, would you have paid an extra £100, £500, £1000 or more? The answer is almost always yes. When I ask why they didn’t pay any more, the answer is always: “No one asked me.” My point here is that a good estate agent is there to get the most money for a client.

impact resistant. By using these, your home will stand up to the uses of modern living and allow you to achieve great looking effects. If you are going to resize rooms and do all the above to modernise your house, I would have to agree that removing the lath and plaster is the right way to go. Once removed, you can install insulated stud partition walls and ceilings. This is better for doing things such as rewiring works and installing lighting and bathrooms. It also means you can fully insulate your house with the latest products for the loft, ceilings, walls and ground flooring.

Love Networking?



For mobil

e networ


See full profile on pages 34-35

Dear Lesley I know having a good CV is important, but everyone keeps giving me different advice and I’m getting very confused. Are there any golden rules? Joseph Dear Joseph The purpose of a CV is to get selected for interview. How you write your CV depends on who you are



k decision



mobile@rcuk.com 020 8815 4111 www.rcuk.com

Love networking 100x85.indd 1


fr o m E E , O2 & V o d a fo

and the job you are applying for, but there are some key principles. An employer wants to quickly identify the most promising candidates. So start with a brief, attentiongrabbing profile. This should sum up who you are – for example, ‘talented web designer’, ‘experienced charity fundraiser’ – and why you would be an asset, for example, ‘enjoys working with diverse stakeholders’ or ‘delivers on time and on budget’. When writing about your past career, it’s tempting to list roles and responsibilities. Instead, focus on your achievements. Find examples of where you really made a difference, such as saving an organisation money, solving

a problem or increasing 13/03/2017 customer satisfaction. A potential employer will avoid a CV that is full of detail and complicated jargon. Keep to two pages and set out the information professionally using lots of white space. Use simple language, a large font and headings with bullet points. Your CV must be clearly written with no spelling mistakes. But don’t spend hours writing and rewriting. A CV is only one part of your job search – getting out and networking with people can be even more important. At Resource, we can explain different styles of CV and help you tailor yours so you give yourself the best possible chance of getting an interview.




Jewish News 16 March 2017

Ask Our Experts / Professional advice

Our Experts Do you have a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@thejngroup.com



MICHELLE FREEDMAN Qualifications: • 15 years’ experience as a family law barrister, specialist in divorce and financial relief. • Approved by the Bar Council to undertake public access work. • Can be instructed directly by the public for legal advice and representation without having to go through a solicitor. • Appearances in the media, including BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Newsroom Southeast.

CAROLYN COHEN Qualifications: • Supports couples dealing with infertility and reproductive health. • Strictly confidential helpline. • Specialist medical support and information. • Counselling for individuals and couples and educational events. • Expert medical advisory panel.

MICHELLE FREEDMAN 07730 043 500 www.clerksroom.com freedman@clerksroom.com

CHANA 020 8203 8455 Helpline: 020 8201 5774 / 020 8800 0018 www.chana.org.uk info@chana.org.uk




ELAINE KERR Qualifications: • Able to draw on the expertise of Norwood’s professional staff team, including social workers, educational psychologists, drug and alcohol specialists, speech & language and occupational therapists, teachers, psychologists, benefit advisers. • Expertise in services available for children and their families and young people with special educational needs, and adults with learning disabilities.

STEVE WAYNE Qualifications: • Owner of Benjamin Stevens established in 2004 with offices in Edgware and Bushey and dealing with all surrounding areas. • Specialist in buy 2 let investments and managing lettings portfolios. • Deals with residential sales locally and an expert on all things property in North West London. • Partner at Frederick George & Co

DR PIYUSHA KAPILA Qualifications: • MB ChB (Man) MD (Lon) FRCPCH; trained in the Childrens’ Hospitals in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London. • Looks after children and newborns with all sorts of general problems. • Specialises in endocrinology and diabetes in children. • Works at N Middlesex University NHS Hospital; private sessions at the Wellington Centres and Hsopital of St John and St Elizabeth.

NORWOOD 020 8809 8809 www.norwood.org.uk elaine.kerr@norwood.org.uk

BENJAMIN STEVENS ESTATE AGENTS 020 8950 7777 www.benjaminstevens.co.uk Steve@benjaminstevens.co.uk

TELECOMS SPECIALIST MAXI ROSE Qualifications: • MD at RCUK since 1999. Grown the business into three substantial UK branches serving clients worldwide – USA, Europe & Middle East. • Telecoms specialist in business & consumer mobile solutions, landline and broadband services and Ofcom Telecoms registered reseller.

MOBILITY SPECIALIST ELAINE FERGUSON Qualifications: • 20+ years experience with mobility and independent living products and services. • Expert advice to make life easier whether you have restricted movement, are disabled or elderly. • Manager of north London’s largest mobility centre, member of British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA). • Training provider: First Aid, carers, health and safety.

FORTUNA MOBILITY CENTRE 020 8344 4820 www.fortunamobility.com info@fortunamobility.com

RCUK 020 8815 4115 www.rcuk.biz maxi@rcuk.biz



DR PIYUSHA KAPILA 07741 416557 enquiries@doctorpiyushakapila.org.uk

CHARITY EXECUTIVE SUE CIPIN Qualifications: • 18 years’ hands-on experience, leading JDA in significant growth and development. • Deep understanding of the impact of deafness on people at all stages of life, and their families. • Practical and emotional support for families of deaf children. • Extensive services for people affected by hearing loss/tinnitus.

JEWISH DEAF ASSOCIATION 020 8446 0502 info@jewishdeaf.org.uk www.jewishdeaf.org.uk


PAUL SHAMPLINA Qualifications: • Over 25 years in the legal field helping landlords with problem tenants. • Founder of Landlord Action • Star of a Channel 5’s Nightmare Tenants and Slum Landlords • Brand ambassador for Hamilton Fraser.

DAVID SEGEL Qualifications: • Managing director of West End Travel, established in 1972. • Leading UK El Al agent with branches in Swiss Cottage and Edgware. • Specialist in Israel travel, cruises and kosher holidays. • Leading business travel company, ranked in top 50 UK agents. • Frequent travel broadcaster on radio and TV.

CARL WOOLF Qualifications: • 20+ years experience as a criminal defence solicitor and higher court advocate. • Specialising in all aspects of criminal law including murder, drug offences, fraud and money laundering, offences of violence, sexual offences and all aspects of road traffic law. • Visiting associate professor at Brunel University.

HAMILTON FRASER 0345 310 6300 www.hamiltonfraser.co.uk Paul.Shamplina@hamiltonfraser.co.uk

WEST END TRAVEL 020 7644 1500 www.westendtravel.co.uk David.Segel@westendtravel.co.uk

NOBLE SOLICITORS 01582 544 370 carl.woolf@noblesolicitors.co.uk




CAROLYN ADDLEMAN Qualifications: Lawyer with more than 15 years’ experience in will drafting and trust and estate administration, eight years at KKL Executor and Trustee Company. Keeps in close contact with clients to ensure all legal and pastoral needs are cared for. Member of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

ANTON HALPERN Qualifications: • Professionally designed and built e-commerce and brochure websites for the professional, retail and voluntary sectors. • Specialist departments for financial services, property agents and charities. • Services include graphic design, software development, website support/hosting for both new and existing websites.

LOUISE LEACH Qualifications: • Professional choreographer qualified in dance, drama and Zumba (ZIN, ISTD & LAMDA), gaining an honours degree at Birmingham University. • Former contestant on ITV’s Popstars, reaching bootcamp with Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw and Kym Marsh. • Set up Dancing with Louise 10 years ago.

KKL EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE COMPANY 0800 358 3587 www.kkl.org.uk wills@kkl.org.uk

WEB PRO CREATIVE 033 33 447 300 www.webprocreative.co.uk info@webprocreative.co.uk

DANCING WITH LOUISE 020 8203 5242 www.dancingwithlouise.co.uk louise@dancingwithlouise.co.uk

• •

16 March 2017 Jewish News



Professional advice / Ask Our Experts




MELVYN SOBELL Qualifications: • Chartered accountant FCA. • Accounting, taxation and business advisory services. • Specialises in forensic accounting. • CEDR accredited mediator. • Expert witness advice for all financial matters.

MR. HAROON A MANN Qualifications: • MBBS MD FRCS (TR & ORTHO) • Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon • Honorary senior lecturer at UCL Medical School. • Dedicated NHS practice based at The Royal Free Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust. • Expertise and specialist interests include all aspects of adult and paediatric foot and ankle disorders.

IAN GREEN Qualifications: • Launched Man on a Bike IT consultancy 15 years ago to provide computer support for the home and small businesses. • Clients range from legal firms in the City to families, small business owners and synagogues. • More than 18 years’ experience.

SOBELL RHODES 020 8429 8800 www.sobellrhodes.co.uk m.sobell@sobellrhodes.co.uk

ROYAL FREE PRIVATE PATIENTS 020 7317 7751 www.royalfreeprivatepatients.com rf.privateenquiries@nhs.net

MAN ON A BIKE 020 8731 6171 www.manonabike.co.uk mail@manonabike.co.uk




DOV NEWMARK Qualifications: • Director of UK Aliyah for Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organisation that helps facilitate aliyah from the UK. • Conducts monthly seminars and personal aliyah meetings in London. • An expert in working together with clients to help plan a successful aliyah.

BAYLA PERRIN Qualifications: • Free professional service delivering immediate practical help with domestic administrative matters, assisting those alone and in crisis. • Providing workable solutions for debt management, budgeting, bills, utilities, insurance, welfare & benefits, form filling, financial correspondence, bureaucracy and divorce procedures. Cross communal and throughout London.

HOWARD GOLD Qualifications: • Member of the Federation of Master Builders. • Member of the Consumer Protection Association offering an underwritten insurance backed guarantee of 5 years on all projects. • Providing a tailored end-to-end property service for residential property clients in north and north-west London. Focusing on a quality service.

NEFESH B’NEFESH 0800 075 7200 www.nbn.org.il dov@nbn.org.il

THE PAPERWEIGHT TRUST 020 8455 4996 www.paperweighttrust.com info@paperweighttrust.com

HPS 077 1005 7233 / 020 8457 1320 wwww.hpsuk.com howard@hpsuk.com




JONATHAN WILLIAMS Qualifications: • Jewellery manufacturer since 1980s. • Expert in the manufacture and supply of diamond jewellery, wedding rings and general jewellery. • Specialist in supply of diamonds to the public at trade prices. • We buy for instant top cash prices.

HAZEL KAYE Qualifications: • Able to draw on the charity’s 45+ years of experience in providing specialist accommodation designed to enable independence. • Knowledge of the features and innovations that can empower people to undertake everyday tasks and awareness of relevant grants and benefits available. • Understands the impact of a diagnosis of disability.

JAMIE GORAL Qualifications: • 17 years working closely with SME business owners and CEO’s. • Fastest growing U.K. Actioncoach 2015. • Guarantees results. • Results includes -Online marketing -£6m loss to £1.5m net profit in 6 years ,Retaildoubled net profit to £2m in 2 years.

JEWELLERY CAVE LTD 020 8446 8538 www.jewellerycave.co.uk jonathan@jewellerycave.co.uk

JEWISH BLIND & DISABLED 020 8371 6611 www.jbd.org hazel@jbd.org

ACTIONCOACH 020 7993 2420/ 077 1745 3063 www.actioncoach.com/jamiegoral jamiegoral@actioncoach.com


KITCHEN SPECIALIST BERNARD MIEL Qualifications: Managing Director of Kitchens Continental, an independent design company specialising in function and form for bespoke high quality kitchens. More than 30 years in the industry, providing both retail and contract kitchens. Familiar with German, Italian and English kitchens. Full service including cabinetry, worktops, appliances, sinks, taps, floors and fitting.

• • • •

KITCHENS CONTINENTAL 020 8203 6033 www.kitchenscontinental.com hendon@kitchenscontinental.com


LESLEY TRENNER Qualifications: • Career in global pharmaceutical GlaxoSmithKline with roles in IT, change management & people development. Now an International Coach Federation. certified coach helping people with career development and midlife change including dilemmas around ageing parents. Provides specialist advice to help unemployed get work.

RESOURCE THE JEWISH EMPLOYMENT ADVICE CENTRE 020 8346 4000 www.resource-centre.org office@resource-centre.org


REBEKAH GERSHUNY Qualifications: Member of Resolution, Law Society Accredited and registered with the Family Mediation Council. Collaborative family lawyer, with more than 20 years’ experience and founder of family mediation practice, Evolve Family Mediation. Promotes a constructive and non-confrontational approach.

POLLY LANDSBERG Qualifications: • 35 years care experience in supporting elderly people at home and in the community. • Qualified nurse, providing advice and support for individuals with a range of needs. • Providing care at home for those requiring reassurance and companionship, assistance with personal care, help around the house and specialist services for those living with long-term conditions.

FREEMANS SOLICITORS 020 7935 3522 www.freemanssolicitors.net rg@freemanssolicitors.net

SWEETTREE HOME CARE SERVICES 020 7644 9554 www.sweettree.co.uk info@sweettree.co.uk

• •

Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@thejngroup.com

We’ve opened the doors to a new hospital... Investing in the NHS

To book an appointment or to find out more, please call 020 7317 7751 W: www.royalfreehadleywood.com E: rf.privateenquiries@nhs.net Hadley Wood Hospital, 52 Moxon St, Barnet EN5 5TS



Jewish News 16 March 2017

Business Services Directory ANTIQUES

Top prices paid Antique – Reproduction – Retro Furniture (any condition)

Epstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc. Dining Suites, Lounges Suites, Bookcases, Desks, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lights, etc. House clearances Single items to complete homes CHURCH STREET ANTIQUES - 8 CHURCH STREET NW8 8ED

07866 614 744 (ANYTIME) 0207 723 7415 (SHOP)



Carer Auxiliary Nurse

FURS WANTED Cash paid for Mink jackets, coats, boleros, stoles, also fox coats, jackets etc. Wardrobes cleared

Available to support you in your home. Days/nights. Very reasonable rates. Call 0208 958 2939 or 07495 026 168


Call 01277 352



Man on a Bike will get WE BUY ANTIQUES you working fast! HIGH PRICES PAID. for FREE HOME VISITS. RapidVERY Response IT support your PC & Mac Networks,All virus problems, broadband, wireless Antique Furniture Hille & Epsteinsystems, new computers and everything else you may need. Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Paintings, Porcelain, For small businesses & home users.

Glass, Bronzes, Ivories, Oriental & Judaica Antiques etc. Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on house clearances organised. 020 8731Full 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk Please look at our website for more details

FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL SUE ON: 0800 840 2035 or 07956268290


STUART SHUSTER - e-mail - stuart@churchstreetantiques.net

OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.


PORTOBELLO RD&LONDON. Counselling for adults children who are experiencing loss. Support groups offered. Call The Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service in confidence


020 8951 3881 • 07765 693 160 E: enquiries@jbcs.org.uk

Jami supports and represents people with mental illness across the Jewish community.


Give support • Get support • Get involved

For confidential advice, information and support don’t forget Jewish Care Direct.

020 8922 2222 jcdirect@jcare.org


Reg Charity No. 1003345




Email: gordonstirling65@gmail.com


8951 3881 Please look at 020 our website for more details enquiries@jbcs.org.uk | www.jbcs.org.uk www.antiquesbuyers.co.uk FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL SUE ON:

CHARITY WELFARE 0800 & 840 2035 or 07956268290 OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.




WESTLON HOUSING ASSOCIATION Sheltered Accommodation We have an open waiting list for our friendly and comfortable warden assisted sheltered housing schemes for Jewish people in Ealing, East Finchley and Hendon. We provide 24-hour IF YOUsupport, DON’Tseven KNOW TO TURN, warden daysWHICH a week; aWAY residents’ lounge and kitchen, laundry, aOUR sunnyHELPLINE. patio and garden. REMEMBER

For further details and application forms, please contact For confidential advice, information and support don’t forget Jewish Care Direct. Westlon Housing Association on 020 8201 8484

020 8922 2222



We hav warden in Eal warden

For furt Wes

Charity Reg No. 802559

Jami supports and represents Are you a Jewish woman experiencing domestic violence? Withwith abusemental in your home, you worry about your children? people illnessdoacross the Jewish community. We are here to help #jamithinkahead

A Wi


Free Confidential National Helpline 0808 801 0500 020 8458 2223 | info@jamiuk.org advice@jwa.org.uk • www.jwa.org.uk Reg Charity No. 1003345 www.jamiuk.org


No further, your


Hall & Randall Plumbers


020 8207 3286 home 020 8386 8798 hallandrandallplumbers.com


| |boiler boilerrepairs repairsand andinstallation installation| |complete completecentral centralheating heating| | | |power powerflushing flushing| |complete completebathroom bathroominstallation installationservice service| | | landlords certificates | project management | home purchase reports |

| landlords certificates | project management | home purchase reports | All NW-London postcodes covered

All NW-London postcodes covered 07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12 Not shabbat PLUMBSAFEUK.COM




Over off 20 all years experience 10% other ovens for Friendly, reliable & March and April personal service. 50+ 5*competitive reviews on Facebook rates Very

STEPHEN: 07973 927154 342 422 Glenn 07474 srindsmc@hotmail.com





Gary Green Memorials



07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12 Not shabbat

Family business focused on quality and price

STEPHEN: 07973 342 422

For Forall allyour yourheating heatingand andplumbing plumbingrequirements requirements

Watford Oven Cleaners PROFESSIONAL

Over 20 years experience Friendly, reliable & personal service. Very competitive rates


“Better “BetterSafe SafeThan ThanSorry� Sorry�

Home & Maintenance

Established over 60 years. Know who you are dealing with. All quality furniture bought & sold.

Please contact Gordon Stirling 0208 9605401 or 07825224144

Counselling Service organised. in confidence Full house clearances


Stirlings of Kensal Green Best prices paid for complete house clearances including china books, clothing etc. also rubbish clearance service, lofts, sheds, garages etc

VERY HIGH PRICES PAID. FREE HOME VISITS. Counselling forFurniture adults & children who are All Antique Hille & Epstein experiencing loss, Silver, and support groups. Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Paintings, Porcelain, ContactIvories, The Jewish Glass, Bronzes, Oriental &Bereavement Judaica Antiques etc.

Home & Maintenance

020 8953 2094 office Charity Reg No. 802559

Ep Dini D

with free support, advice and information and confidential counselling. Give supportKosher • GetRefuge support • Getfor involved available women and children in need.

020 8458 2223 | info@jamiuk.org www.jamiuk.org





Charity & Welfare

closed Sunday & Monday



14 Claybury Broadway, Clayhall, Ilford Tel: 020 8551 6866 Fax: 020 8503 9889

41 Manor Park Crescent, Edgware, Middx Tel: 020 8381 1525 Fax: 020 8381 1535 www.garygreenmemorials.co.uk


City and Guilds Elect


All types of electrical work u Independent advice and valuation. Moderate Rewiring, extra sockets,fees. BT points, Economy 7 Discretion assured. time switches, securi storage heaters, Shabbat Experienced art broker since LED spotlights, fault finding,1967. CCTVportable ap landlord AVIVSON tests and house buyer’s surveys.

Heath Street, For an27efficient reliable and friendly

HAMPSTEAD NW3 6TU on Call Harvey Solomons

020 6495 / 07836 648 554 email8958 avivson@gmail.com

Tel: 07852 558 944

A. ELFES LTD New memorials Additional inscriptions & renovations Gants Hill

12 Beehive Lane Gants Hill, IG1 3RD Telephone


130 High Street Edgware, HA8 7EL Telephone

0207 754 4659 0207 754 4646


16 March 2017 Jewish News



Business Services Directory COMPUTER


Man on a Bike will get you working fast!



Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems, new computers and everything else you may need. For small businesses & home users.

Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on

020 8731 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk

2 FREE BRIDGE TASTERS Tuesday 2nd May 2 Beginners Courses Tuesday 9th May 2 Intermediate Courses Monday 8th May

Guaranteed success Book your place now 0208 905 3877

www.haroldschogger.com for further details


FURS WANTED Cash paid for Mink jackets, coats, boleros, stoles, also fox coats, jackets etc.

01277 352 560 For a lady to call

Why is this issue different?


Passover edition out Thursday 30 March To advertise, call us on 020 7692 6929 or email sales@thejngroup.com


Leave a legacy and create the future leaders of Israel

020 8458 2223 info@jamiuk.org www.jamiuk.org #jamithinkahead

1 in 4 people will experience mental illness.

Youth Aliyah Child Rescue Trojan House, 34 Arcadia Avenue, London N3 2JU t: 020 8371 1580 e: info@youthaliyah.org.uk www.youthaliyah.org.uk

Leave a legacy to Jami to support those with a mental illness across the Jewish community.

Charity No: 1077913

Remember our future Please remember the future of Jewish children by remembering Jewish Child’s Day in your will. It is the legacy that will last a lifetime. To find out more call 020 8446 8804 or email info@jcd.uk.com

Reg Charity No. 1003345 Registered Charity No. 209266

15-040-ER Small legacy advert v2_Legacy 26/01/2015 15:54 Page 1

HELP JEWISH CARE MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO OUR COMMUNITY THROUGH A GIFT IN YOUR WILL. Call Alison on 0208 922 2833 for more information or email arubenstein@jcare.org Charity Reg No. 802559

Leave the legacy of independence to people like Joel. PLease remember us in your wiLL.

eNABLeD visit www.Jbd.org or caLL 020 8371 6611

Registered Charity No. 259480

The British Friends of Reuth

People come to Reuth broken, with no physical and mental independence. The patients need your legacy to help rebuild their lives T: 020 3286 4100 E: info@reuth.org.uk W: www.reuth.org.uk Charity no: 1126124





Jewish News 16 March 2017

Fun, games & prizes

WIN A MINI-BREAK FOR TWO AT THE ILSINGTON HOTEL! Jewish News and Ilsington Country House Hotel, Dartmoor, is giving away a night’s break for two in a deluxe room, plus full use of the hotel’s luxurious spa. The Ilsington nestles in 11 stunning acres inside the boundaries of the beautiful Dartmoor National Park and offers panoramic views of the ever-changing moorland scenery. Surrounded by rolling countryside, this family-run hotel oozes charm and friendly service, is close to the spectacular Haytor rocks and is a short drive from the coast. It offers a fine dining restaurant, as well as the more casual bistro-style Blue Tiger. Both offer creative menus using high quality fresh, local produce, and the property’s skilled chefs even smoke their own fish and range of meats.


and steam room with mood lighting and sound. A range of health and beauty treatments are also on offer in its three treatment rooms.


The hotel’s spa recently won gold in the South West Tourism Awards and is an ideal place to relax. It features the renowned Spanish Inbecca equipment, boasting a hydrotherapy pool, with two submerged airbeds, pool side sauna

Hilarious Hebrew Word of the Week! Hilarious Hebrew Hilarious Hebrew Hilarious Hebrew Word of the Week Hilarious Hebrew Word of the Week

Word of the Week Word of the Week

• Ilsington Country House Hotel is situated within the boundaries of which national park?

Closing date 30 March 2017








20 Allow to enter (3,2) 21 Satellite’s path (5)


DOWN 1 Pledge (6) 2 And so on (abbrev)(3) 3 Theatre art (5) 4 Mid‑sentence break (5) 5 Rice‑based dish (7) 6 Periods of time (4) 10 Affliction (7) 11 Mine (3) 12 Fault, or switch allegiance (6) 14 Malicious fire‑starting (5) 15 Greeting (5) 16 Train track (4) 19 Infant’s chin‑cloth (3)




11 12




16 17



The ELEPHANT is ill, he needs to take a PILL

The ELEPHANT is ill, he needs to take a PILL Hebrew word forhe 'elephant' is… pil ‫פִּיל‬ TheThe ELEPHANT is ill, needs to take a PILL The Hebrew word for 'elephant' is… pil ‫פִּיל‬ ***

The Hebrew word for 'elephant' is… pil ‫פִּיל‬

From the book Hilarious Hebrew – the Fun and Fast Way to Learn the Language, available on Amazon and in book ***and gift shops around NW London. www.hilarioushebrew.com From the book Hilarious Hebrew – the Fun and Fast Way to Learn the Language, *** available on Amazon and in book and gift shops around NW London. From the book Hilarious Hebrew – the Fun and Fast Way to Learn the Language, www.hilarioushebrew.com available on Amazon and in book and gift shops around NW London. www.hilarioushebrew.com

The ELEPHANT is ill, he needs to take a PILL


A: Lake District B: New Forest C: Dartmoor


The WZO and ZF run subsidised Ulpan (Hebrew language) classes across the UK. For more information contact ulpanuk@wzo.org.il or call 020-8202-0202


ACROSS 1 Rapidity (5) 4 Made better (5) 7 Capture again (7) 8 Shade of blue (3)



9 Upset, or criticise severely (4,5) 13 Repulsive (9) 17 Wonder (3) 18 Able to blend with water (7)

Last issue’s solutions ACROSS: 1 Raise 4 Waltz 7 VIP 8 Mixedup 9 Holt 10 Ably 13 Yap 15 Obey 16 Rock 19 Tightly 21 Lap 22 Bossy 23 Rugby DOWN: 1 Rove 2 Improve 3 Enmity 4 Waxy 5 Lid 6 Zephyr 11 Backlog 12 Hot tub 14 Prayer 17 Stay 18 Spry 20 Gas

4 1 9 3 5 8 6 7 2

7 3 8 9 2 6 5 1 4

6 2 5 7 4 1 9 3 8

3 9 1 6 7 2 4 8 5

5 7 6 8 1 4 2 9 3

2 8 4 5 3 9 1 6 7

9 6 7 4 8 5 3 2 1

8 4 2 1 6 3 7 5 9

1 5 3 2 9 7 8 4 6

See next issue for solution.


All puzzles © Puzzler Media Ltd - www.puzzler.com


The Hebrew word for 'elephant' is… pil ‫פִּיל‬ *** From the book Hilarious Hebrew – the Fun and Fast Way to Learn the Language, available on Amazon and in book and gift shops around NW London. www.hilarioushebrew.com

By Paul Solomons

Shabbat comes in Friday night at 17:55 Shabbat goes out Saturday night at 19:03 Sedra: Ki Tisa

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR COMPETITION: One reader will win a night’s break for two in a deluxe room, plus full use of the hotel’s luxurious spa. Prize is subject to availability, excludes Fri/Sat nights, Easter holidays, half term and must be taken by 30 September, 2017. Excludes drinks, extra meals, travel and any costs incurred. Prize is as stated and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or exchange in whole or in part for cash. By supplying your email address you agree to receive marketing information from the JN Media Group or any of its affiliates and carefully selected third parties. The promotion excludes employees of Miroma, their immediate families, their agents or anyone professionally connected to the relevant promotion. Proof of eligibility must be provided on request. Normal T&Cs apply and can be found at jewishnews.co.uk/about-us/promotions -terms-and-conditions. For full Ts and Cs see jewishnews.co.uk. Closing date: 30 March 2017.

16 March 2017 Jewish News



Football review, pictures & video highlights: www.jewishnews.co.uk / Sport

Redbridge hit 10 ahead of title clash


London Lions A 3 London Lions U21 3 AET - Lions U21 won 5-4 on pens

PREMIER DIVISION FC Team A 0 Camden Park 4 NL Raiders A P Brady Maccabi P Redbridge A 10 SPEC FC 1

P W D L F Dif Pts Oakwood A 16 13 2 1 47 36 41 Hendon Ut A 16 12 1 3 55 33 37 Redbridge A 13 11 0 2 60 44 33 London Lions A 14 9 1 4 33 3 28 NL Raiders A 14 8 2 4 60 43 26 Brady Maccabi 17 6 1 10 36 -9 19 FC Team A 16 5 1 10 35 -32 16 Camden Park 12 3 1 8 15 -11 10 Woodford 16 1 2 13 14 -42 5 SPEC FC 16 1 1 14 12 -65 4 jewishnews.co.uk/mgbsfl-prem-div-table/


Athletic Bilbaum 1 Scrabble 2 NL Raiders B 2 Oakwood B 2

London Lions B Scrabble Redbridge B Finchley City FC NL Raiders B Oakwood B Los Blancos Faithfold A Athletic Bilbaum Hendon United B

P 17 15 13 12 12 15 17 14 13 16

W 13 11 11 7 6 6 5 3 2 1

D 2 2 1 1 3 2 0 2 1 0

L 2 2 1 4 3 7 12 9 10 15

F 56 44 42 38 37 38 32 26 11 14

Dif Pts 32 41 22 35 29 34 9 22 9 21 8 20 -11 15 -22 11 -31 7 -45 3



London Lions P Saratt P

P W D L F Dif Pts London Lions 23 22 0 1 93 71 66 Bovingdon 22 14 1 7 67 22 43 Ware Sports 25 13 3 9 64 16 42 Wormley Rovers 25 12 5 8 42 -3 41 Bushey Sports Club 22 12 3 7 55 17 39 Letchworth 22 11 5 6 57 28 38 Belstone 19 10 4 5 53 10 34 Standon & Puck 25 9 3 13 48 -6 30 Knebworth 24 8 4 12 46 -11 28 Buntingford Town 24 9 1 14 46 -21 28 Sandridge Rovers 16 8 2 6 26 6 26 Cuffley 21 6 5 10 41 -5 23 Evergreen 23 6 4 13 38 -28 22 Hatfield Social 24 6 3 15 37 -49 21 Chipperfield 20 6 2 12 46 -14 20 Sarratt 25 3 5 17 23 -33 14 jewishnews.co.uk/category/sport/ football/lions


London Lions A 4 Brady Maccabi A 0 P W D L Dif Pts NL Raiders 13 11 2 0 31 35 Chigwell 10 7 1 2 15 22 London Lions A 12 6 2 4 4 20 Brady Maccabi A 13 3 2 8 -15 11 Scrabble 10 2 2 6 -15 8 HMH 12 1 1 10 -20 4 jewishnews.co.uk/category/sport/ football/masters

Redbridge C 5 Catford & Bromley 3 Temple Fortune 2 Boca Jewniors 0

P W D L Dif Pts London Lions B 12 11 1 0 39 34 EDRS Stonegrove 12 7 3 2 11 24 St John’s Wood 13 7 2 4 18 23 Glenthorne 12 7 videos 0 5 14 21 Watch match Temple Fortune 12MGBSFL 4 2 6 -10 14 from our Marshside 12 3at:4 5 -15 13 archive Hendon Harriers 12 2 1 9 -20 7 https://www.youtube.com/ Brady Maccabi B 13 1 1 11 -37 4 user/jnmediagroup1 jewishnews.co.uk/category/sport/ football/masters

3 1

4 5

& video highlights at: jewishnews.co.uk


Watford Friendly League U18 Spring Shield Group A – Brady Red 5 Aldenham Harriers 1 Spring Shield Group B – Pinner JFC 3 HMH 3 U16 Spring Plate – Brady Red 6 Aldenham Tigers 0 U15 – AC Finchley 3 Lions White 4, Lions Blue 3 Harvesters East 5 Spring Plate Group B – Colney Wolves 5 Brady Black 2 Group C – HMH United 5 Hadley Rangers 3 U14 – Green Division – Brady Red 5 St Albans Rangers Zelos 3 U13 – Edmonton Eagles 3 Lions White 0 Spring Plate Group A – HMH Cosmos 5 Brady HGS 0 Group B – HMH Fire 6 St Albans 0 Green Division – Norseman 15 HMH Galaxy 1 White Division – Borehamwood 2000 Red 1 Brady Red 1 Green Division – St Albans City White 4 Brady White 3 U12 – Evergreen Youth 0 Lions White 0, Lions Green 0 Omonia Youth Gold 1 Spring Cup Group A – Alexandra Park North 7 HMH Dynamo 2 Yellow Division – Colney Heath Jackdraws 3 HMH Galaxy 0, Turnstyles FC 6 HMH Juniors 0 Yellow Division – Omonia White 8 Brady White 2 Green Division – Brady Blue 7 London Colney Youth 4


www.jewishnews. co.uk



 Full review, match pictures,


Hendon Harriers 2 Brady Maccabi B 1 Temple Fortune 0 London Lions B 5

P W D L F Dif Pts L’Equipe 16 14 2 0 69 46 44 Temple Fortune 17 9 6 2 51 19 33 Redbridge C 17 9 4 4 41 12 31 NL Raiders C 20 7 4 9 54 -4 25 Mill Hill Dons 17 8 1 8 46 -16 25 RC UK FC 13 7 1 5 51 29 22 Catford & Bromley 19 7 1 11 44 -8 22 Faithfold B 17 6 2 9 45 -8 20 Real Hendon 15 5 1 9 30 -12 16 Boca Jewniors 15 4 1 10 21 -40 13 Hertswood Vale 16 3 1 12 32 -18 10 jewishnews.co.uk/mgbsfl-two-table

tion to win promotion.” North London Raiders B and Oakwood B played out a 2-2 draw, with Rafi Bloom’s double helping the O’s to a point. Manager Jason Stein said: “The performance level today was where it should be, we’ve always had brilliant matches against them and today was no different.” Temple Fortune consolidated second spot in Division Two as goals from Jake Marks and Jordan Sharifian saw them to a 2-0 win over Boca Jewniors. Player-manager Simon Linden said: “This game had potential banana skin written all over it, but I’m proud of the boys for digging in and winning the game with yet another clean sheet.” Redbridge C kept alive their promotion hopes as goals from Craig Phillips, Ben Oldstein, Jimmy Castle, Barry Green and Jordan Sapler saw them beat Catford & Bromley 5-3. Player-manager Josh Hambling said: “I’m delighted with the result, second place is still up for grabs hopefully we can finish on a high!”

MGBSFL Premier Division – Daniel Garfinkle 4 (Redbridge A) WFL – U13 – Saul Norton 4 (HMH Fire) U12 – Josh Woolf 5 (Brady Blue) U11 – Isaac Santhouse (HMH Dynamo)



Redbridge A warmed up for Sunday’s top-of-the-table Premier Division title showdown against Oakwood, as four goals from Daniel Garfinkle helped them to a 10-1 win over SPEC. Dean Nyman scored twice, with James Berkley, Matt Berkley, Zack Neiman and Sam Sollosi also on target. Manager Jon Jacobs said: “The squad is all ready for Oakwood on Sunday, we’re ready for what will be a big challenge between the league’s top-two sides.” Camden Park boosted their chances of avoiding relegation as they came away from FC Team A with a 4-0 win. David Smouha scored twice, with Sasha Nussenbaum and David Khalastchi also on target. Camden manager Stirling Kay said: “It was a very pleasing victory considering we were second best in the first half – we were second best all over the park.” Scrabble moved up into second spot in Division One as two late goals from Jonathan Peters and Rob Blackman saw them to a 2-1 win at Athletic Bilbaum. Manager Ray Abrahams said: “We’ve got three games to play and are in a great posi-

Peter Morrison Trophy Quarter-Final – London Lions Masters vs RC UK FC Cyril Anekstein Cup Semi-Final – London Lions B vs Maccabi London Lions A Premier Division – NL Raiders A vs Camden Park, Redbridge A vs Oakwood A Division One – Faithfold A vs Hendon United B, Los Blancos vs NL Raiders B,Oakwood B vs Finchley City, Scrabble vs Redbridge B Division Two – Boca Jewniors vs L’Equipe, Real Hendon vs Faithfold B, Temple Fortune vs Mill Hill Dons

Daniel Garfinkle scored four goals for Redbridge A

Daggers at the double as Lions see off Brady Maccabi London Lions A went clear in third spot in Division One of the Masters League, as two goals from Danny Daggers (pictured) helped them to a 4-0 win over Brady A, Paul Lenchner and Saul Conway also scored. Division Two champions Maccabi London Lions B recorded a 5-0 win over Temple Fortune, Ory Halperin and Michael Abraham scored two goals each, with Marc Morris claiming the fifth. The match between the bottom two saw Hendon Harriers beat Brady B 2-1, Darren Coon and Brian Deal secured the points for Harriers.

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MACCABI LONDON LIONS U21 A heroic performance as he pulled of a string of stunning saves – and that wasn’t including his two penalty shoot-out saves

7 7




OAKWOOD B Took everything out of the air, bombed forward and produced a dominant performance against a terrific front line

SCRABBLE Captain for the day, kept a cool head and shut down everything that Bilbaum threw at him

TEMPLE FORTUNE Was outstanding at the heart of the Fortune defence as they consolidated their promotion challenge

MACCABI LONDON LIONS U21 Made the right flank his own with the incredible energy he possesses in another tireless display

MACCABI LONDON LIONS U21 Played with the heart of a true lion at the centre of the park, integral figure in their stunning win

SCRABBLE Started in the back three, went off injured, then came back on to play through the pain barrier in midfield and scored winner

TEMPLE FORTUNE Rolled back the years with an outstanding performance in front of the back four

REDBRIDGE JEWISH CARE C Man-of-the-match performance down the right flank as he helped side to win which kept up their promotion challenge CAMDEN PARK Scored two outstanding goals, claimed an assist, and was a class act for 90 minutes


REDBRIDGE JEWISH CARE A Tormented the SPEC backline, with his rabona finish the pick of his four goals





40 Jewish News


16 March 2017

Sport / Juniors’ joy / Fans attacked

Cubs tame lions! By Andrew Sherwood andrews@thejngroup.com @JewishNewsUK

London Lions U21 manager Joe Zender fancies his side’s chances of winning the Peter Morrison Trophy after he saw them beat the club’s senior side in a dramatic penalty shoot-out. With an average age of just 17, they claimed the shock win over the club’s A team – the tournament’s second most successful side – 5-4 on penalties, after playing out a thrilling 3-3 match over 120 minutes. The second Premier Division side they’ve beaten, they now find themselves one win away from the final, with Zender saying he’s not fearing anyone left in the competition. He said: “There are some very good teams left, but we fancy ourselves against anyone on our day, we’ve already been written off a couple of times in this trophy, people may think twice now.” Boasting how “incredibly proud” he was of his players, he said: “The boys have worked hard this year and are now beginning to reap the rewards. They showed true character in how they acquitted themselves throughout the game. The opposition are a team of seasoned Jewish footballers but our young lads rose to the challenge physically and mentally.” Having only started playing together in September, forming from the club’s U16 and U18 sides, Sunday’s shoot-out was the first they’ve been involved in. He said: “Credit must go to

Marc D’amici, who had the foresight to get the boys practicing over the last couple of weeks. That said, when the pressure is on, most of that goes out the window and instinct takes over.” Taking a 2-0 half-time lead through goals from Jack Mattey and Max Kyte, two goals in two second half minutes from Ben Lampert and Jon Ellis took the tie to extra-time. Mattey restored their lead, but Ellis’ second strike of the match meant the game was to be decided by spot-kicks. Both sides missed twice, meaning down to sudden-death, Mattey kept his composure to set off wild scenes of celebration. Believing they fully deserved the win, he said: “We played the better football for the most part and looked the more likely throughout. Lapses in concentration and the obvious danger of set-pieces aside, we created the better opportunities and took them when they came. There were moments when I felt like it just wasn’t our day, but the boys had other ideas. They keep telling me to trust them more.” Lions A’s Will Beresford said: “After a performance full of great belief, determination and strong technical ability, it would be hard to argue that this young generaWatch their tion (bar Kyte) didn’t deserve to dramatic win take something out of the game. s. “We move onto Sunday, at: jewishnew ort p /s ic p where a season-defining Cyril co.uk/to Anekstein semi-final awaits against Lions B, in what will be London Lions U21 celebrate the dramatic penalty shoot-out win another inter club derby for us.”

Israeli fans ‘assaulted’ in Spain Israeli basketball fans were reportedly assaulted as they watched their team take on Spanish side Valencia during a Eurocup match on Tuesday evening. Hapoel Jerusalem supporters claim a confrontation broke out with local police in the Valencia arena before the game began, when they were forced into seats at the back of the stand – which couldn’t accommodate them. Police said their instructions were ignored, and the 30 supporters responded by damaging seats and acting violently towards Hapoel’s Curtis Jerrells (right) challenges them. It’s then claimed the police went Valencia’s Fernando San Emeterio into the stands once the lights in the removed them from their seats, while venue were dimmed, and aggressively also attacking anyone who tried to

take pictures of the event. Journalists who witnessed the scenes said there were no disturbances by the fans, adding they were only attacked because they were Israeli. Several fans were detained, but were later released without charge. The club released a statement after the match, which said it “views the incident with great severity,” though it was unclear as to whether they were referring to the behaviour of the fans or police. The match itself saw Jerusalem lose the game – the first of a best-of-three semi-final series 83-68. They will host the second game tomorrow, with a potential decider being staged back in Spain on Wednesday.

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Shock cup win for U21s against senior team in inter-club clash

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