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17 Iyar 5781

Issue No.1208


Thousands show fraternity 10 page health with murdered teacher P5 section, P27-37

Kisharon offers Gitty the ability to... believe in magic

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Jewish News 29 April 2021


Kisharon offers Danny the ability to... shoot for the stars

Urgent Appeal 2-3 May Your ability to give = our ability to deliver vital services for everyone supported by Kisharon. Kisharon is a uniquely Jewish organisation able to support children with learning disabilities and their families throughout life’s journey. From nursery, through school and into independent living accommodation and employment opportunities, no other organisation plays such a unique and critical role within our community.

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The doctor will see you


17 Iyar 5781

Issue No.1208


Thousands show fraternity 10 page health with murdered teacher P5 section, P27-37

As Britain looks forward to Freedom Day on 21 June...

Help give the rest of the world a shot The aim is to provide two billion jabs

He added: “We have, through VaccinAid, the opportunity to reach out and save lives in a way that is very much reflective of the finest Jewish values.” He said that it was a mitzvah, an imperative, for people to get vaccinated if they are able to do so, praising both the UK’s and Israel’s roll-out. TV presenter Rachel Riley told Jewish News she was backing the UNICEF

Crowdfunder campaign because it was important for all of us to help others get the vaccine for everyone’s safety. “We’re such a charitable nation and we can give back, and it’s so important we do so because until we’re all vaccinated nobody’s safe.” She added: “We need generosity and community spirit to get through this. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the strains, but when we see images from countries like India and see how they’re suffering, vaccines are the solution. The quicker we get them to people who need them, the quicker we can all get out of this.” The money raised will not only help deliver two billion Covid-19 vaccines but also 165 million virus treatments and 900 million test kits. The campaign is also being supported by the NHS at vaccination centres up and down the country.  UK Jews back India appeal, page 12

TO DONATE OR HELP FUNDRAISE visit jewishnews.co.uk or vaccinaid.org Just £25 could provide 20 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to health workers, teachers or vulnerable people around the world. A £50 donation could train all health workers in a health facility on administering the COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments.

Empower young children to understand their mental wellbeing


...BUT, SADLY, THERE’S NO VACCINE FOR STUPIDITY Anti-vaccination protesters were branded “immoral” this week for wearing yellow Stars of David at a rally in central London. Full story and opinion on pages 4, 18 & 20

Go to PAGE 6 to find out why Claudia Winkleman is supporting ORT UK to provide 7,000 books on mental health to schools across the globe.

UK registered Charity number 1105254

Community leaders including the Chief Rabbi this week joined Jewish News in backing a campaign to provide two billion Covid vaccines worldwide. The VaccinAid appeal aims to provide doses of vaccine to health workers and the most high risk and vulnerable people in countries across the planet. The effort is also being backed by the Jewish News, which is inviting readers to donate on its homepage. The crowdfunding campaign, which calls on people to donate to ‘give the world a shot’, has raised nearly £1 million so far. “It’s important to me, and I believe it should be important to our entire UK Jewish community,” said Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis. “So often we quote that marvellous saying of our sages from the Talmud that if you save one life it is as if you have saved the whole world. Every single one of us now has the opportunity to achieve that.”



Jewish News 29 April 2021

News / Peterborough antisemitism / Anti-Israel report

Labour suspends 14 and Tories act in ‘problem city’ By Lee Harpin lee@jewishnews.co.uk @lmharpin

The Labour and Conservative parties in Peterborough have been rocked by allegations of antisemitism one week before England elects local councils. Labour has suspended at least 14 individuals, including at least seven councillors, from both the Peterborough and North Cambridgeshire CLPs, some in recent days, after being alerted to the circulation of tropes around alleged Zionist control of leader Sir Keir Starmer, along with videos of hate speeches of extremists. Confirming the suspensions on Wednesday, a spokesperson said the action was part of the leadership’s “determination to root out all forms of antisemitism from our party and it is testament to our commitment to zero tolerance that we will not be influenced by an election timetable”. The Tories are facing calls to

act over allegations made against at least three other local members, who are either councillors or candidates, including one who is accused of sharing an article that claimed Israel was carrying out a ‘final solution’ in Gaza, and circulated a speech by a hate preacher banned from the UK. After being shown images circulated by one Peterborough Tory, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Antisemitism Andrew Percy told Jewish News he had asked for their “immediate removal” from the party. The Jewish Leadership Council was “extremely concerned” after being shown comments by a Peterborough Tory councillor and two former candidates. Referring to problems with antisemitism in both main parties in the region, a JLC spokesperson said the organisation believes there is “a specific and identifiable problem in Peterborough politics that needs to be resolved”. Labour sources told Jewish News

Paul Bristow won the Peterborough seat from Labour’s Lisa Forbes in 2019

on Wednesday that the suspension of 14 individuals from the party came as “no surprise at all”. One said: “This is an area that has had significant problems with antisemitism and racism in the past. Existing political structures have been ramshackle in the region for sometime, to say the least.” Peterbor-

ough Tories were this week under pressure to suspend members involved in allegations of antisemitism and in the promotion of hate material from a preacher who defended Osama bin Laden. The most controversial posts were revealed by the Peterborough Telegraph including one attributed to Mohammed Nadeem, member for North ward on Peterborough Council. Nadeem, who is not seeking reelection to the council next month, promoted a speech from Zakir Naik, who was banned from entering the

UK in 2010. The councillor described a speech he shared as “eye-opening” and urged his followers to “watch and listen carefully”. The speech referred to “259 attacks conducted by Jewish terrorists” from 1941 up until Israel’s foundation in 1948. Percy, MP for Brigg and Goole, told Jewish News: “These are shocking examples of antisemitism which are totally unacceptable in any party or from anyone. I have raised it personally with the party chairman and her office.” Meanwhile, it emerged that former candidate Muhammed Ikram had shared an article in 2014 accusing Israel of promoting a ‘final solution’ for Gaza. He wrote: “Can you really support Zionism after this?” The Tories said Ikram was not a party member when he shared the article and “no longer holds or agrees with comments he made at the time”. Paul Bristow, the MP for Peterborough, confirmed he had invited the JLC to help him address what he accepted was a “specific” antisemitism problem in the city. It is understood the Tories have suspended Peterborough council candidate Ishfaq Hussain over allegations of antisemitism. Labour said all complaints of antisemitism were taken extremely seriously.

ISRAEL IS COMMITTING APARTHEID, SAYS HRW by Michael Daventry mike@jewishnews.co.uk @MichaelDaventry

A Human Rights Watch report that characterises Israeli policies towards Palestinians as “apartheid” has drawn sharp criticism from Israel and some British Jewish groups. In the 213-page document, A Threshold Crossed, Israel is accused of persecuting both Palestinian Arabs and its own Arab citizens. Both apartheid and persecution are considered international crimes. But Israel’s foreign ministry said Human Rights Watch was “known to have a longstanding anti-Israel agenda”, adding: “The fictional claims that HRW concocted are both preposterous and false.” The report says actions within Israel, as well as the

West Bank and Gaza, had “demonstrated an intent to maintain the domination of Jewish Israelis over Palestinians” as well as “systematic oppression”. It adds: “When these elements occur together, they amount to the crime of apartheid.” The Zionist Federation of UK and Ireland said the report was the NGO’s “latest in a long history of attacks on Jews, Jewish self-determination and Israel, regardless of policies or borders”. The campaign group We Believe in Israel said: “the ‘apartheid’ allegation is a lie”, while Board of Deputies president Marie van der Zyl said it was “a sham which puts rhetoric above fact”. She added: “Israel’s Arab citizens have been appointed as ambassadors, professors, Supreme

Court judges, hospital directors, and other key roles throughout Israel’s socio-economic landscape. “Civil society organisations should be directing their efforts towards reinvigorating the peace process, not trading in false hyperbole that extends the cycle of conflict.” Other groups adopted a more cautious tone. A spokesperson for Yachad, the propeace campaign group, said: “Everyone is within their rights to engage with the findings and to criticise the report and if they want to, reject them. “But to try and shut down the debate by suggesting the report is full of lies and smears, without even reading the content, or indeed to paint HRW as anti-Israel or racist, does a disservice to the cause of peace and justice.”


29 April 2021 Jewish News


Election hustings / Campus concerns / News

Board VP hopefuls clash The five candidates standing for election as Board of Deputies vice-presidents set out their stalls for the first time in public this week as they went head-tohead in a wide-ranging hustings, writes Adam Decker. Amanda Bowman, the deputy for Hampstead Synagogue, David Menoza-Wolfson, of Edgware and Hendon Reform, Gary Mond, the deputy for JNF, Richard Cohen, the deputy for Loughton and Chigwell, and Stuart MacDonald, who sits for Liberal Judaism, all took part in Tuesday evening’s online debate. The most-asked question from deputies ahead of the Jewish News-

partnered event concerned the recently-released report on racial inclusivity in the community. Asked by chair Jenni Frazer for his views on the report, Cohen said: “We owe each other equal respect whatever our colour, orientation or political beliefs”. Bowman, fighting for a second term, said she would ensure the recommendations are implemented. “What is clear is that there are things we have to address. The report is full of ideas about how to do things better,” she said. MacDonald criticised those who presented the more than 100 calls to action as “dictat” rather than recommendations while Mond said he thought it was “an

VP candidate David Mendoza-Wolfson sets out his stall

excellent report overall” but was left wondering how some of the recommendations could be imple-

mented. He said he “completely supported” the recommendations around avoiding racial profiling.

Four spar at Assembly hustings Antisemitism and improving air quality were among issues discussed by representatives of four parties at a London Assembly hustings for Barnet and Camden, writes Jenni Frazer. Only two of the four speakers on Monday night were candidates – Marisha Ray from the Liberal

Democrats and councillor Anne Clarke from Labour. Neither Kirsten de Keyser (Green Party) or Roberto Weeden-Sanz (Conservatives) were present at the event held by the Jewish Leadership Council event. Instead, they were represented by Zack Polanski for the Greens – himself running

for the Assembly in West Central London – and Barnet Council’s Peter Zinkin for the Conservatives. A fifth candidate, Martin Smith for the Reform Party, was in the Zoom audience for the event, but complained he had been excluded from the hustings by organisers. A decision had been taken only to


include parties where polls showed they could pass an electoral threshold of five percent – this did not apply to the Reform Party anywhere in the country. The event was organised by the London Jewish Forum, Board of Deputies and JLC and moderated by Jewish News’ Lee Harpin.

GET TOUGH ON JEW HATE, MINISTER TOLD The universities minister has faced calls to take tougher action to ensure Jewish students are protected from antisemitism on campus, with one senior MP comparing the situation to “1930s Germany”. MPs pressed Michelle Donelan to adopt a more heavy-handed approach when universities fail to address allegations of antisemitism. Education Select Committee chairman Robert Halfon urged ministers not to “wash their hands” of concerns from Jewish university students, including those at Bristol University. An investigation was launched by that university last month after one of its academics, Professor David Miller, received criticism for comments he allegedly made about Israel. Peers heard the lecturer’s behaviour had led to Jewish students “being subjected to weeks of harassment and abuse”. Halfon highlighted the incident – which he condemned as “appalling” and “a disgrace” – during an education select committee session. He told Dolan: “Students should not feel they’re living in 1930s Germany who go to Bristol University and other universities. It’s become such a serious national issue, been raised in parliament, that you should take a proactive role and do what you can to speak to the senior management and tell them to get a grip and deal with this once and for all.” Donelan said she was “not washing her hands” of the issue and stressed that incidents of antisemitism at universities was “an area of focus” for the government.



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Jewish News 29 April 2021

News / Vaccination demo / News briefs NEWS IN BRIEF

SWASTIKA STRIKE IN CENTRAL WATFORD Two swastikas daubed in Watford are being investigated by police. The offensive symbols were spotted on Watford High Street near the Atria centre on Saturday by a Jewish News reader. Police said they “are investigating an incident of racially or religiously aggravated criminal damage”. Anyone with has information about this crime should report it online at herts.police.uk/ report, use online web chat at herts. police.uk/contact or call our nonemergency number 101 quoting reference 41/30499/21.

JLC FORGES LINKS WITH MANCS GROUP A formal alliance between the Jewish Leadership Council and Manchester Jewish Representative Council has been announced. The partnership is designed to build on the work of the local cross-communal Jewish Strategic Group, which has been meeting regularly throughout the pandemic. The transition will be overseen by JLC trustee Mark Adlestone, who becomes representative council chair next month, and JLC’s regional manager Marc Levy.

Anti-vaxxer yellow stars a sign of ‘moral decline’ by Jack Mendel jack@jewishnews.co.uk @mendelpol

Anti-vaccination protesters in London who wore yellow stars of David are symbols of society’s “moral and intellectual decline”, the Auschwitz Museum has said. The memorial condemned the “instrumentalisation” of the Shoah to argue against vaccines that “save human lives”, after last Saturday’s demonstration in Hyde Park and on Oxford Street. Twitter user Chloe Addelstone shared images of two participants wearing the yellow badges with ‘no Covid’ written on them, mimicking the ones Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust to mark them out. Addelstone said it was “horrific” to see people wearing a yellow star at the protest. “I shouted at them and they told me I was a Nazi for wearing a mask,” she said. The Auschwitz Museum said: “The instrumentalisation of the tragedy of Jews who suffered, were humiliated, marked with a yellow star, and finally isolated in ghettos and murdered during the Holo-

Struggling to cope is more normal than you think. Uncertainty and isolation can cause any of us to experience feelings of distress or anxiety. Whatever you are going through, you don’t have to face it alone.

caust, in order to argue against vaccination that saves human lives is a sad symptom of moral and intellectual decline.” Comedian and author David Baddiel shared the picture with the comment “Take. That. Off ”. He added: “What I’ve said there does in fact illustrate one of a number of key differences between this woman’s situation and my grandparents in Germany in the 1930s. She has that option [to take it off ].” Protesters reportedly held banners saying: “Covid-19 Vaccine Holocaust”. Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said: “The use and abuse of Holocaust language and imagery has to stop. At the very least, the ignorance of the history these people are invoking is deeply painful, at worst it is provocatively and purposefully antisemitic. This wilful abuse of this episode of history is crass and beyond insulting to Holocaust survivors and their families.” Marie van der Zyl, president of the Board of Deputies, said the attempt to compare government policies on Covid to the treatment of Jews by the Nazis was “highly offensive and has no basis in reality. All such people demonstrate


WARE PRAISES WORK OF WIZO BBC Panorama journalist John Ware has said the work of WIZO “embodies the very best intentions of Zionism historically”, after speaking about his decision to become a trustee of the charity. Speaking about his role with the organisation, which raises money for social welfare projects in Israel, the investigative reporter said a visit to the state in 2015 convinced him to do more. “I visited WIZO projects and saw how they were about consolidating some of those founding principles of the Zionist ideal,” he said.


A man wears a yellow star in protest against Covid vaccination policy

is their lack of basic intelligence with regards to history as well as science.” The Metropolitan Police said two officers were taken to hospital due to protesters’ violence. Five arrests were made. • Editorial comment, page 18

Birthright will resume trips from America to Israel – but participants from the UK will have to wait until it is “declared safe for group travel”. The organisation, which flies young Jews to Israel for a free 10-day visit, issued a statement this week saying it “will resume providing the gift of educational trips to Israel for eligible individuals aged 18 to 32 from the United States who are vaccinated or recovered”. Participants will have to test for coronavirus before boarding and upon arrival.

If you need support or are supporting someone who needs help, contact Jami. jamiuk.org/get-support or call 020 8458 2223

If you’re struggling to cope or need immediate help, contact Shout’s 24/7 crisis text service. Text Jami to 85258

Free, safe and anonymous online counselling and support. qwell.io/jami

Change the life of someone living with mental illness. Donate today at jamiuk.org/donate Registered charity no. 1003345


29 April 2021 Jewish News


Worldwide protests / Masorti discussion / Ofsted report / News

France to revise ‘cannabis loophole’ France’s Justice Minister has vowed to close a so-called “cannabis loophole” through which authorities ruled the killer of a Jewish doctor was unfit to stand trial, writes Michael Daventry. The country’s highest court had drawn widespread anger earlier this month after it ruled Kobili Traoré was not criminally responsible for the death of Sarah Halimi, 65, because he had succumbed to a “delirious fit” after smoking the drug. Last Sunday, French Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti said the government would present a bill to “fill the legal vacuum” by the end of May. His announcement came as thousands of people gathered around

the world to demonstrate against the loophole. Rallies were held in cities including Paris, London, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, many of them outside French diplomatic missions. Halimi died four years ago after Traoré attacked her in her Paris flat while shouting “Allahu Akbar”. He then pushed her out of the window onto the street below. On Sunday, her brother, William Attal, told several thousand people gathered near the Eiffel Tower that the court verdict had been “a clap of thunder, a hammer blow”. Many protestors held placards reading “Justice for Sarah” and “Jewish Lives Matter”. One demonstrator, Nathan, 26, told reporters: “When other criminal

deeds take place and substances like alcohol and cannabis are involved, it often aggravates the sanction; it does not protect the culprit.” Dame Maureen Lipman, who spoke at the London rally, said: “A Gallic knee is on the necks of French Jews and French Jews cannot breathe.”

Panel goes ahead with envoy A Masorti Judaism panel with Israel’s ambassador in the UK went ahead as planned, despite opposition from many members, including the entire youth movement. Noam Masorti Youth had said it would not participate in last Wednesday’s online conversation with Senior Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg and former Settlements Minister Tzipi Hotovely because of her previouslyexpressed views. It organised an alternative seminar. In a statement beforehand, Noam said: “We believe in the importance of engaging with Israel as it is, with all

the joys and challenges which come with that. Despite this, we feel Hotovely’s comments are beyond the pale.” Hotovely favours Israel’s annexation of West Bank territory and has previously sought to deny Palestinian connection to the holy lands. She has courted far-right Jewish organisations, including anti-Arab group Lehava. Chief executive Matt Plen said: “The fact Masorti Judaism can hold on to core values while encompassing diversity and respectfully challenging those we disagree with is surely one of our movement’s greatest strengths.”

SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT A private Jewish school labelled “unhygienic and unsafe” has improved, according to a new inspection. Menorah Grammar School, an independent boys’ school in Edgware charging fees of up to £48,000 a year, had been slapped in June with the worst rating by Ofsted. Pupils were described as being “at risk of harm” and teachers as

“struggling to manage pupils’ behaviour” which was labelled “concerning”, alongside fears over the state of the building. A new report found improvements had been made, spearheaded by a transformation of the school premises. The school reportedly has 325 pupils aged between 11 and 21. Most of those go on to study at a yeshiva, it says.






Above: Protestors against the Sarah Halimi case in London and, left, in Paris



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Jewish News 29 April 2021

News / Mental health / Charity projects / Peer mourned

Book campaign for Rebecca by Joshua Salisbury josh@jewishnews.co.uk @josh_salisbury

A campaign to donate a book on children’s mental health to all UK Jewish primary schools launched this week. Sophie Says It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, by author Esther Marshall, aims to provide youngsters and their families with the vocabulary to talk about their emotions. The book is aimed at children aged two to eight and follows Sophie and her friends Jordyn, Jamie and Bunny as they journey through Jamie’s feelings. It is dedicated in memory of Marshall’s sister, Rebecca, who tragically died by suicide last year, aged 28 after battling with her mental health. Marshall, 31, is running the campaign with the support of Jewish education charity ORT UK. The campaign, which aims to raise £50,000 to distribute 7,000 copies of the book alongside a related activity book, is also being backed by Jewish News. Marshall explained how conversations with her sister in hospital spurred her on to launch the campaign. “She kept questioning why we’d grown up with so much privilege and said it’s because we will do something with that to make the world a better place,” she said. “It went around my head for a while, and

eventually I just thought, I’m not doing her words justice, and that I should do this with the book, and that’s why I’m doing this now.” Rebecca, a recently-qualified doctor, is described by family as “the most caring person” and a talented artist. Although she could not do the illustrations for the book, her influence is still present. Marshall relates how, as the family’s synagogue made an announcement about the news of her death, a rainbow appeared in the sky. “The sky went dark and suddenly a rainbow came out, and we were looking up thinking, ‘this is a sign, she’s safe,’” said Marshall, who lives in Mill Hill. “Three weeks later, we went into lockdown and all I would see was people putting rainbows on their windows. That’s why there’s a rainbow on the cover of Sophie Says It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.” ORT UK said it jumped at the chance to help children understand mental health through the picture book, said its chief executive, Dan Rickman. “As an education charity, we aim to equip young people with the tools to fulfil their potential and looking after their mental health is an integral part of this,” he said. “By raising funds to gift the Sophie Says books for Jewish primary school children both in the UK and across the ORT global network, we hope to encourage thousands of children and their families to follow a

path towards good mental health now and in the future.” During the drive, which runs from today until 10 June, Marshall will also be discussing her book with broadcaster Claudia Winkleman. A previous book in the series written by Marhsall – called Sophie Says I Can, I Will – looks at gender equality. “I was trying to find this book that I wanted to read to my son, but I couldn’t. And my sister said to me, ‘you can write, why don’t you do it?,’” she recalls. “I wrote it while I was feeding my son in the night. “I started to read a lot about behavioural science, and from as young as 15 months, children can understand where they fit in society. And I thought if it’s that young, we should Rebecca, left, with Esther be reading to them two children) at ortuk.org/books now so they can or texting 8ORT to donate £8 or see themselves in 16ORT to donate £16 to 70085. the book.” To help reach  To register for the free the £50,000 Esther’s book discusses emotions discussion between Claudia target, donate through the ORT UK website or text to donate Winkleman and Esther Marshall on either £8 (books for one child) or £16 (books for 25 May at 8pm, visit ortuk.org/itsok

Kisharon eyes £1.5m target One of the community’s leading learning disabilities charities is looking to raise £1.5 million this weekend in a bid to ensure its services can continue amid the ongoing pandemic. Kisharon will run a match-funding campaign for 36-hours starting on Sunday, with all donations doubled by generous supporters. Since the start of the pandemic, charities have been forced to change fundraising methods, with physical events not allowed, while many services have been curtailed owing to the restrictions. The campaign seeks to address the gap in funding, which Kisharon’s chief executive said is of “great concern” over the next 12 months. It will support the charity’s work assisting children and adults with a range of learning disabilities in areas from education and independent living to employment and training.

Chief executive Richard Franklin urged the community to back the campaign and donate generously, saying: “This past year, our team has gone above and beyond to ensure anyone relying on Kisharon could always be supported.” He said raising money “over the next 12 months is of great concern to Kisharon – particularly given the continued restrictions around fundraising”. Franklin added that the charity “maintains front-line services in every sense, and our support teams have, in equal measure, surprised and inspired with their creativity, positivity, determination and can-do attitude”. He continued: “It is a precious positivity that sees abilities in the people we support – and not their disabilities.”  To donate to the campaign, visit: charityextra.com/kisharon

LORD TO BE ‘BURIED WITH KIPPAH’ Heartfelt tributes have been paid to the former governor of the University of Haifa and peer Lord Trevor Smith following his death aged 83. Professor Emeritus at the University of Buckingham, Geoffrey Alderman, remembered the late Lord Smith of Clifton for his “unashamed philosemitism... and his warm interaction with Jews of all persuasions”. The Liberal peer had a distinguished career as an academic, becoming Foundation professor in political studies at Queen Mary College in 1983, before entering the House of Lords in 1997, where he sat until retirement in 2019. He served as governor at Israel’s University of Haifa from 1988 to 1993 and, while vice chancellor of the University of Ulster from

1991 to 1999, he made a major contribution to the Northern Irish peace process. During this time, he also appointed Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger as Chancellor. Lord Smith’s family told Alderman he had asked to be buried with a kippah on. The academic told Jewish News: “I shall remember him for his totally unashamed philosemitism, which was rooted in his sense of justice and his warm interaction with Jews of all persuasions. “When addressing Jewish audiences, Trevor could win an argument with an appropriate turn of Yiddish phrase.” Liberal Democrat peer, Lord Monroe Palmer, said: “He was always supportive on issues of concern to the Jewish community.”


29 April 2021 Jewish News




Jewish News 29 April 2021

News / Uyghur genocide

China deflects Uyghur concern China’s embassy in the UK has attempted to reject claims of genocide against the Uyghur minority by highlighting the record of a diplomat who saved Jews during the Holocaust, writes Lee Harpin. Its response came after businessman Daniel Confino wrote a letter to embassy staff in February, in which he said that, as a “private citizen of the Jewish faith”, he was “distressed to read reports of atrocities being committed” against Muslim people. Confino, who runs a global business advice firm, said he was writing as someone “whose mother escaped Nazi Germany”, but had not expected any response. However, in a six-page reply, the embassy highlighted the example of Ho Feng-Shan – who was China’s consul general at its consulate in Vienna, Austria, from 1937 to 1940 – and who is celebrated for saving the lives of thousands of Jews from the Nazis.

It failed to note that Feng-Shan carried out his actions in defiance of official orders. Having visited China with his wife on their honeymoon, Confino admitted being “disgusted” to find a country he had always admired now having to deny allegations of genocide. But he said he made sure his letter also stressed how impressive he believed much of China’s 5,000-year history to have been. In its response, signed Embassy of China in the UK, he was told to remember the “noteworthy example” of the diplomat Feng-Shan as “a testament to the friendship between Chinese people and Jewish people”. The letter suggested “the story” of his heroic efforts illustrated how the “Chinese people are beneficent and inclusive” and who “respect life and reject genocide”. It added: “The Chinese city of Shanghai accepted tens of thousands of Jewish people giving them courage and strength to live on.”

Yad Vashem in Jerusalem has subsequently awarded Feng-Shan the title of ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ for his humanitarian courage. In his letter, Confino – who produces the podcast Homespun Wisdom: Talks With My Neighbour – wrote: “I have seen for myself the happy Jewish community in Nanjing. “The very idea that so many people of the Muslim faith could be forced into indoctrination centres, used as slave labour, stripped of humanity, sterilised and the womenfolk systematically raped is so ridiculous and unworthy of the great traditions of China. The same China which has brought so much to all humanity.” He added: “I believe that for the most part China does have an incredible history. It is such a terrible shame these allegations of genocide against the Uyghurs continue. The protestations seem somewhat hollow – and something systematic and brutal has been going on.”

Righteous: Chinese diplomat Ho Feng-Shan

Photo by @finnlau_cd on Twitter

... as MPs recognise genocide in Xinjiang MP Nusrat Ghani speaks at a rally by Parliament

MPs have backed a motion declaring that China is committing genocide against the Uyghur people in Xinjiang province. The backbench move, brought by Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani was passed last Thursday, although it does not compel the government to act. China denies the allegations.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Ghani said China had failed in its bid to “silence and intimidate” her and four other MPs by targeting them with sanctions. She added: “We cannot continue business as usual with China while these atrocities continue. The government must now act urgently

to ensure our supply chains are not tainted by goods made with Uyghur forced labour.” A succession of speakers – including the Conservative Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the Lib Dems’ Layla Moran and Labour’s Siobhain McDonagh – backed the all-party motion and condemned the actions of the Chinese government.

Thursday 13 May, 7pm-midnight, £5 with Raphael Zarum, Joseph Dweck, Max Bloom, Francesca Ter Berg, Aviva Dautch, Michael Rosen, Sophie Herxheimer, Nicole Zisman, Emma Brand, Ally Rosenberg and Kenneth Awele Okafor. Following the success of last year, we’re delighted to be hosting our second Revelation festival online. Join us for a night of a diverse range of fantastic educators, performers and artists from across the Jewish community, in the lead-up to Shavuot.

BOOK NOW: jw3.org.uk/revelation


29 April 2021 Jewish News


Racial inclusivity / BoD briefs / News

Board branding community as racist, says student deputy by Lee Harpin lee@jewishnews.co.uk @lmharpin

A member of the group aiming to topple Board of Deputies president Marie van der Zyl in next month’s election has denied the Jewish community “has issues with racial discrimination” and claimed that a Board report published last week into inclusivity was a “PR disaster”. Anthony Bolchover, a member of the ‘BoD Caucus group’ aimed at having Jonathan Neumann elected as president, posted a stinging attack on the Board of Deputies’ Commission on Racial Inclusivity on the Jewish Britain Facebook site at the weekend. The report, by journalist Stephen Bush, included calls for an end to racial profiling outside synagogues, the word ‘shvartzer’ to be understood as a racist slur – and criticism of the role the Jewish Britain website played in circulating slurs. Bolchover, a Union of Jewish Students deputy, responded to a post on the Facebook site which criticised the

Board president for going ahead with the report and claimed Jews “are being branded as racists because of the acts of a non-Jewish security guard”. The deputy wrote in reply: “The commission is a PR disaster. There has not been any indication that the community has issues with racial discrimination... We do not win fiends by embarrassing ourselves and apologising for our existence. The BoD has in effect branded the Jewish community as racist. I hope others at the BoD realise this and we cease becoming the minority dissenting voice.” In a further post, Bolchover made claims about “homophobia” and “Jew hatred” in the Muslim community. He wrote: “Imagine the Muslim Council of Britain doing a commission... No chance would they ever air their dirty laundry publicly.” Calling for other Deputies to come out in support “with us”, he wrote: “If not they are either delusional or have been gaslit for so long that they now suffer from internalised antisemitism or a form of Stockholm syndrome.” Emails leaked to Jewish News last

Anthony Bolchover: Facebook posts

week showed that Bolchover, a fellow of the CAMERA on Campus group that monitors media coverage of Israel, played a leading role in the Caucus. The Facebook site was identified as a source of “racist language” in the Bush report and an area for “anti-Muslim” and antiBlack Lives Matters sentiment. Bolchover, who featured in Jewish News’ ‘25 Under 25’ countdown of young people on the rise in 2020, said: “I am not against racial inclusivity in the Jewish community. However, the commission itself was a strategic own

goal, and completely unnecessary. At a time when Islamist extremists are throwing old Jewish women off buildings and rounding up the last Jews of Yemen, is this really the main priority for our community?” Bolchover also told Jewish News he had agreed with a “particularly strong” opinion piece in the Jewish Chronicle by Misha Mansoor which had suggested that the Board commission’s report had found most communal institutions guilty of racism without considering the evidence. At the official launch at JW3 on Sunday, Bush said: “I do not think Misha can have read the report. She talks about me finding everyone guilty... this is a report to find best practice.” Responding to Bolchover’s comments, the Board said: “We are proud of the Commission for Racial Inclusivity in the Jewish community, which has received glowing coverage in the Jewish and wider media. However, despite the overwhelmingly positive reception, we acknowledge that the hard work starts here. We would urge people to read and internalise the report.”


FINAL LINE-UP FOR MAY’S ELECTIONS The Board of Deputies has revealed the list of candidates for its May election. Honorary officers, including the president and vice-president, will be chosen. President Marie van der Zyl will be challenged for the top job by Jonathan Neumann and five candidates are vying for the three vice-president jobs: Amanda Bowman, David Mendoza-Wolfson, Gary Mond, Richard Cohen and MacDonald. Ben Crowne has been approved as the next treasurer. Presidential hustings take place on 4 May, chaired by the editor of Jewish News.

DEPUTIES TO JOIN DIGITAL WALKOUT The Board of Deputies will join football players, clubs and supporters this weekend in a social media walkout to protest against discriminatory abuse aimed at players and others. The Board said: “Not nearly enough is being done by social media companies to combat such abuse, whether it involves antiblack racism, misogyny, homophobia or antisemitism... We join together with other likeminded individuals and organisations to demonstrate that there is #NoRoomForRacism.”

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Jewish News 29 April 2021

News / Wedding joy / Tech support

A newly-wed teacher was cheered on by her pupils on her special day after her family in Australia could not attend the wedding in person, writes Joshua Salisbury. Leora Rudansky, a teacher at the Independent Jewish Day School in Hendon, married Ben Gordon, the head of Jewish Studies at Yavneh College. Because of coronavirus, Rudansky’s family could not attend from Down Under, so her Year 4 pupils decided to help her celebrate by lining the street with balloons and banners. “My students were so invested in this wedding. They learned all the

traditional songs for the wedding and sheva brachot so they could sing with us,” said the delighted 29-year-old. “Having them and the staff at school so excited about our milestone really brought that extra bit of simcha and ruach to the celebrations.” The couple got engaged in September, making plans for a December wedding, hoping Leora’s family could join them. However, because of the lockdowns, the day was pushed to April.

“It was such a difficult decision,” added Rudansky, who met Gordon through a close friend shortly after her move to the UK. “I was torn between wanting to marry the love of my life and having my parents at the wedding. We wanted to wait, but the problem was that we didn’t know how long we’d be waiting.” The bride’s relatives attended the ceremony over Zoom, which

Photo by Dina Erlich

Pupils help make teacher’s big day Leora and Ben’s wedding took place in the groom’s parents’ garden

took place in Gordon’s parents’ garden in Stanmore, with a screen showing the bride’s family behind her. Her parents held their own party in Australia, which allowed for more attendees than the London wedding.

Rudansky students also held a party in school as they watched the ceremony over Zoom and staff and pupils made the pair a sheva brachot celebration in the school hall. Yavneh College also organised a celebration.

DIGITAL TEAM DELIVERS 3,000 LAPTOPS TO YOUNG PEOPLE A Jewish technology expert has teamed up which to work while being educated at home with Saracens rugby club to provide more than during the second lockdown. Featuring Saracens and England rugby 3,000 laptops to young people working at home star Maro Itoje, the Digital Divide camduring the pandemic. The project was devised after research paign has provided students with laptops showed almost two million children across the through a partnership with the club’s founand technology partner UK didPAGE not have adequate to a device on dation, HALF ADVERT JANaccess 2020:Layout 1 09/01/2020 16:04Bloomberg, Page 1

WWCS, which is run by Jewish CEO Marc Lester. It has so far donated, cleaned and distributed 3,124 laptops since the beginning of this year, with an average of 50 handed out per day. Lester, who is based near Brent Cross, transformed his firm’s office space into

a production line for device testing, wiping and cleaning. “This is such an important cause,” he said. “At a time when the IT industry has thrived due to the huge increase in remote working, it is only right we should be giving back in some way and this seemed like the ideal opportunity.”

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Paedophile held / Badzak arrests / PC sacked / News

Paedophile ‘abused 36 children in Spain’ by Joshua Salisbury josh@jewishnews.co.uk @josh_salisbury

Police in Spain have alleged that a paedophile convicted in the UK abused 36 children in Madrid after changing his identity to work as a teacher. Ben Lewis, co-founder of LL Camps in Bushey, was handed a two-year prison sentence in 2016 after naked images of three and four-year-old girls were discovered on his mobile phone. He is now alleged to have faked documentation to work in a school in Madrid, where it is claimed he abused children aged

between four and eight. Although a Spanish police statement did not name Lewis, officials said the suspect was previously “sentenced in his country of origin to a two-year prison sentence for possession of images of child sexual exploitation”. Spain’s National Police said the suspect had falsified documents which would have revealed a history of child abuse and changed his name to gain employment. This allowed the suspect to take advantage of his status as a teacher in order to “generate an enormous amount of material that he disseminated in hidden

More Badzak case arrests Police investigating the murder of 22-year-old aspiring lawyer Sven Badzak in north London have made four further arrests. Badzak, whose father is Jewish, was stabbed to death in Kilburn on 6 February. Officers said last week that on Tuesday they arrested four males on suspicion of murder. The individuals were aged 17, 18, 20 and 23. Of those arrested, the 17-year-old was bailed to return to a police station on a date in late May. The other three were released under investigation. Two men have previously

appeared in court charged with Badzak’s murder and the attempted murder of a 16-year-old boy. Rashid Gedel, 20, of Fenman Gardens, Ilford, is next due to appear from custody at the Old Bailey on 1 June. Shiroh Ambersley, 20, of Matthews Close, Wembley, is also set to appear from custody at the Old Bailey on a date to be confirmed. Officers from the Metropolitan Police said inquiries are continuing. Can you help? Call police on 101 or tweet @MetCC quoting CAD 5580/06Feb.

POLICE SACK NAZI OFFICER A man who became the first British police officer convicted of belonging to a neoNazi terrorist organisation has been dismissed. PC Ben Hannam, 22, was found guilty on 1 April of membership of the banned right-wing extremist group National Action (NA) following a trial at the Old Bailey. At a gross misconduct hearing his behaviour was found to amount to a breach of the standards of professional behaviour, the Metropolitan Police said. Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball, who chaired the hearing, said his actions had “without question harmed public confidence in and the reputation of” the force.

paedophile-themed forums” on the dark web, said officials. An inquiry was opened last year into the alleged offences when Australian detectives notified Spanish officials that a network of paedophile material could be based in Spain. An operation was launched to trace the suspect. Police say the material led them to believe that the offender was working in a Madrid school, and that the images were taken on a phone that used an English operating system. After identifying the school, officials ran background checks on all those who worked there

and discovered that one of them appeared to have falsified documents to allow him to work with children. Lewis is also alleged to have worked as a caregiver for children at home. His home was raided, where officials say they found abuse material on 10 different devices. According to reports in the Spanish press, Lewis is now in El Soto prison, outside Madrid, awaiting trial. The news comes after it was revealed last month that Lewis was facing an investigation in the country, having allegedly changed his name to Ben David.

Ben Lewis: LL Camps co-founder is in custody


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Convicted neo-Nazi Ben Hannam outside court

She added: “PC Hannam has knowingly and intentionally remained a member of a proscribed organisation, made false statements, retained possession of terrorism-related documents and a prohibited image of a child. “He had at every stage the option not to embark on this course of conduct.”

For more information or to make a donation, please call 020 8420 6970 or visit norwood.org.uk

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Jewish News 29 April 2021

News / Covid crisis / Charity cash

UK Jews back India appeal British Jewish and Asian communities have united in support of an emergency appeal amid the coronavirus crisis that is unfolding in India, writes Jack Mendel. The British Indian Jewish Association (BIJA) has backed a fundraising campaign to treat the hundreds of thousands affected by the virus in the sub-continent. This comes amid a huge surge in cases in India, with 320,000 reported on Tuesday, and 2,771 deaths, as the country’s healthcare system teeters on the brink. The British Asian Trust (BAT)’s emergency appeal, backed by BIJA, has already raised more than £215,600 since launching last weekend, seeking to provide oxygen for patients amid rapidly depleting supplies. Backing the campaign, BIJA co-chairs, Zaki Cooper and Dr Peter Chadha, said: “We have all seen the distressing images in the media. People in India are suffering terribly and we wanted to do what we can to help. “Our religions talk about the value and sanctity of human life. We know from our own communities’ experiences in the UK the devastation that Covid can bring. “By supporting BAT’s appeal we want to give an outlet for all those who wish to help India at this really hard time.” The Asian Jewish Business Network is also supporting the appeal, with director Russell Bahar, saying: “We are dedicated to help and support BIJA along with British Asian Trust’s emergency appeal. “With the very unfortunate escalating Covid situation happening in India, we need your help. He added: “Together we can help, together we can make a difference, together we can make a change.”

Relatives of people who died of Covid-19 stand next to funeral pyres at a crematorium in New Delhi, India

BAT executive director Hitan Mehta said: “We are delighted BIJA is supporting our campaign. Already through the generosity of hundreds of donors, we have raised more than £90,000 since the weekend. “Through mobilising the British Jews and British Indian communities, BIJA is dem-

Fund boost for three groups Three Jewish organisations are set to receive a funding boost to help support their recovery from Covid-19. Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG) announced new partners for its UK portfolio this week: the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR), Maccabi GB and UJIA. CEO Marina Yudborovsky (pictured) said the organisation had “extended our funding remit over the pandemic to address a number of urgent and emerging needs”. During the pandemic, it has backed projects including the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC)’s emergency Covid fund and co-founded the Free School meals programme with Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJeS). Yudborovsky reflected on GPG’s support for the new partners over the past 12 months, which has included backing JPR’s preparation for the 2021 census, Maccabi GB’s Yellow

candle campaign for Yom HaShoah, and UJIA’s work with Reshet to expand youth provision and engagement. She said: “GPG has made a longterm commitment to the UK Jewish community and this will mean supporting organisations while they start to decipher what the ‘new normal’ looks like in practice.” GPG helps Jewish community organisations, including the JLC and PaJeS, cultural organisations such as JW3 and JLGB, as well as the National Holocaust Centre and Museum, PJ Library and Moishe House.

onstrating the universal principle of helping those in need, something promoted by all the great religions.” For £50, the campaign can provide oxygen for 40 patients, while £450 can fund a low-flow oxygen concentrator to help 900 patients. A donation of £830 will go towards

a high-flow oxygen concentrator to help 550 patients, for the most seriously ill.  To donate, visit: www.justgiving. com/campaign/indiacovidappeal or, through the British Indian Jewish Association, here: www.justgiving. com/team/BIJA

‘15 INDIAN JEWS HAVE PERISHED’ India’s ferocious second wave of Covid-19 has also affected Mumbai’s Jewish community and claimed the life of its most recent victim on Friday, writes Michael Daventry. Ralphy Jirad, a prominent leader in the city’s small but longstanding Jewish population, said 15 members of the city’s community had succumbed to the virus. There are estimated to be around 4,000 Jewish people still living in the western Indian metropolis, many of them in more developed neighbourhoods. “We all are facing shortages of resources including oxygen, vaccination, hospital beds, manpower, doctors, everything,” Jirad told Jewish News. He said the supply issues were exacerbating an already dire situation and that the most recent Jewish fatality on Friday may have been avoided. “Even one death is a big loss because this person would have survived if the situation would have not been so critical due to this

infectious virus, which is also changing its mutation cycle,” he said. “Bombay has a population of nearly 22 million plus people, so the high density of the population per square kilometres is one of the challenging factors because [people] cannot, even if they intend to, keep their social distance of minimum six feet.” Overseas donors are among those scrambling to provide aid to India’s hospitals and healthcare workers as they battle a devastating wave of the virus. This week, the Israeli humanitarian group IsraAID said it would send a shipment of equipment including oxygen concentrators. It also announced a series of self-care programmes for frontline workers suffering from devastating secondary effects of

the pandemic, including a growing mental health crisis. Jirad urged people in Britain to learn from India’s experience, where the first wave was relatively small, that they should not be “taking things for granted”. He added: “Try to take all precautions, all guidelines and comply with them because even getting vaccination doesn’t protect you completely.”


29 April 2021 Jewish News


Survivor honoured / Cake contest / News

Mala immortalised in clay by Joshua Salisbury josh@jewishnews.co.uk @josh_salisbury

A renowned artist has honoured Mala Tribich by creating a sculpture of the Holocaust survivor two years after unveiling one of her brother, Sir Ben Helfgott. Frances Segelman created the artwork during a two-hour live session last Tuesday night with the 91-year-old, during which Tribich told her extraordinary story of survival in Bergen-Belsen. Segelman’s bronze sculpture of Sir Ben Helfgott is now in the National Portrait Gallery. Answering questions after the sculpture was revealed, Tribich said: “There’s lots to be learned from the Holocaust, and it demonstrates what can happen when a civilisation breaks down and what racism, discrimination and antisemitism does to people. But the other reason is one of remembrance – if we don’t remember them [the victims], they’ll be totally forgotten; it will be as if they never existed.” During the Yad Vashem UK Foundation event, hosted by author and journalist Rosie Whitehouse, Segelman, who has previously sculpted the royal family, created the artwork from scratch. It is the latest in a series of sculptures by Segelman portraying Shoah survivors. “It’s very important to me people

Bergen-Belsen survivor Mala Tribich poses for Frances Segelman last week

recognise the Holocaust happened,” she said, adding: “I felt like I could give something to these people and their families.” As the work was being created, a prerecorded interview recounted Tribich’s extraordinary life. Born in 1930, her family was forced into the first ghetto in Poland shortly after the outbreak of war in 1939. Tribich and her cousin Idzia were sent to live with a family on the outskirts of their town, pretending to be Christian children. But Idzia disappeared and was not seen again. Soon after, her mother and eight-year-old sister were taken from the ghetto and murdered in a nearby wood.

Tribich became a slave labourer until November 1944, when the remaining Jews were deported, and was separated from her father and brother when she was taken to Ravensbrück along with another cousin. They were later transported in cattle trucks to Bergen-Belsen, where she was liberated by the British Army. She was later reunited with her brother. The event also featured interviews with John Wood, son of Lieutenant-Colonel Leonard Berney, the first British officer to liberate Bergen-Belsen, and Moshe Teller, an art therapist working with Holocaust survivors and families.

VOTE FOR YOUR TOP CHEESECAKE! Voting is now open for the Jewish News’ Choose Your Own Cheesecake competition – with five flavours being shortlisted. The competition, alongside United Synagogue and COCO Bakery in Golders Green, is challenging readers to design their own cheesecake, with the winning entry being sold and made ahead of Shavuot. The top five shortlisted entries are: The Mojito, with lime and mint; the Eton Mess, with strawberries and cream; S’mores, which has chocolate and toasted marshmallows; Matcha and white chocolate; and, lastly, a Red Velvet cheesecake. Voting will close on Monday, 3 May and, to make the competition even sweeter, everyone who votes has a chance to win a free cheesecake. The winning entry will

be baked and sold by COCO Bakery in the run up to the festival, and the winner will take home their own cheesecake along with a voucher from COCO. The bakery will donate a proportion of the sale of each of the winning cheesecakes to US Chesed to support vulnerable families. “It might be soon time to choose London’s next mayor, but first we need you to choose a cheesecake, said United Synagogue communications director Richard Verber. “Each of our candidates stands a strong chance of winning, and your vote really could make the difference. And, frankly, who doesn’t want to win a free cheesecake?” The winner will be announced in Jewish News next week.  Readers can vote now via www.theus.org.uk/ cheesecake



Jewish News 29 April 2021

Jewish News meets... Shaun Bailey

‘I’m a man of action, not just sweet words’ Lee Harpin hits the campaign trail with the Conservative mayoral challenger

Shaun Bailey still has a lot to do if he is to take over City Hall from Sadiq Khan on 6 May

Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has spoken of his “advanced” friendship with London’s Jewish community as he entered the final stages of his campaign to replace Labour’s Sadiq Khan in City Hall next month. Speaking to Jewish News as he toured the streets of Hendon, where he was met with an enthusiastic response from many onlookers, Bailey recalled how he first began to build a Bailey with Board of Deputies vice-president Edwin Shuker rapport with the community a (centre) and the Jewish Leadership Council’s Russell decade ago, having once worked Langer. He wants to ban the annual Al Quds Day march as a youth adviser to former “First and foremost, you need to take it on,” he prime minister David Cameron. “My relationship started 10 years ago but says of his plan to intervene. “I’m pledging that now it’s more advanced,” he said. “It’s true I have any organisation the GLA has any dealings with been warmly welcomed by the Jewish commu- that involves Israel Apartheid Week they will have a funding withdrawal or that they won’t get nity, as you can see here today. “With friendships, if you last five years, then the contract at all. You have to put your money I would say you could call yourself great mates. where your mouth is.” If it goes on to be 25 years, then it’s more like ultra-mates.” The Conservative London Assembly member is also keen to talk up his friendship with Boris Johnson when he is asked how often they speak. “He has been full of advice the whole way through,” says Bailey of the prime minister. “When people came after me in the press he said: ‘Shaun, they tried this on me in 2006. Bugger them.’ “He will come out on the campaign trail. We went out fairly early on, but he will come out He has also vowed to take a trade delegation again. Most of the time he speaks to me about crime. He can’t understand how it got this bad. to Israel within his first term if elected. Earlier in the day, Bailey made a visit to GIFT, He left City Hall in a good place when he was the Jewish foodbank and charity services outlet mayor.” As we wander along Brent Street, Bailey situated on the busy Hendon Way. He donned a green GIFT T-shirt and looked repeatedly tells store owners of his plan to reverse any congestion charge hike and revert entirely comfortable choosing fruit and vegto earlier timings that would benefit businesses. etable collections to hand out to those in need of He also repeatedly stresses to those who support. Bailey was joined by local Conservative listen that, unlike Khan, he is a “man of action” MP Matthew Offord, who spoke of his “pride” at the operation. and not just a man of “sweet words”. On the street, Bailey is asked to pose for Bailey suggests that it is his relationship with home secretary Priti Patel that will help a photograph with another supporter, who him carry out his pledge to eventually ban the attempts to link the current mayor with former annual Al Quds Day march in central London, leader Jeremy Corbyn. Bailey nods as the man hits out at those in during which flags of the terror group Hezbollah are raised in the capital along with inflamma- the community who he says are “sucking up to Khan, and who have decided that he is the tory calls for violence. Mention to Bailey that the mayor does not greatest thing since sliced bread”. The man claims that Khan is often rude have the power to ban political marches such as Al Quds and he responds: “Of course, I have about Bailey when the pair take part in debates. a better relationship with the home secretary “He always is,” says Bailey. “He has made it all than he [Khan] does. It’s a hate crime and it hap- about me.” The latest opinion polls have suggested that pens every year.” In another nod towards the community, the Tory hopeful still has a lot to do to beat Khan Bailey has vowed to take a stand against Israel on 6 May. But he remains upbeat. “I think we are Apartheid Week – the annual event that has continuing to build momentum the closer it gets led to complaints about intimidation of Jewish to election day. People are really start to take students at universities across the country. notice of what I am offering Londoners now.”


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Vaccinated staff help protect our homes against Covid-19 L

ooking for a care home which is safe as possible in the current pandemic? Then you could do no better than to join us as a resident in one of the homes in the Springdene Group, one of the premier care organisations in north London. We’re delighted to announce that our staff are undergoing a programme of vaccination against Covid-19. In addition, they are subjected to daily testing to avoid infections being brought into the homes. This, combined with exemplary and scrupulous hygiene controls, make a Springdene home as Covid-secure as it is possible to be. Not only do we have a rigorous regime of cleaning and disinfecting, but we use special ozone-generating machines, which are highly effective in sanitising the air. Naturally, there are generous supplies of personal protective equipment, which is worn at all times. You can rely on the fact that at Springdene we are managing against the risk of the virus in the most effective way. New residents can be sure of a warm reception. Our homes have been established for more than 50 years, run continuously by the same family. All our homes – Spring Grove in Hampstead, Spring Lane in Muswell Hill and Springview in Enfield – are rated as good by the Care Quality Commission. Residents enjoy hotel-style luxury, with their own spacious room, complete with full en-suite facilities, personal telephone and wi-fi.


There are three delicious meals a day, and a varied choice of menus. And there are lots of regular activities, including quizzes, short stories, art competitions and poetry readings, live-streamed concerts and filmshowings on a big screen, as well as walks in delightful gardens. ‘We’ve a great team, offering terrific care and everyone is brilliantly looked after,’ says CEO Jeremy Balcombe. As our motto says: ‘Life is for living!’

50 Spring Lane YEARS

170 Fortis Green, Muswell Hill, London N10 3PA OF CARE

One of the finest and best-appointed homes for older people in North London, Spring Lane is just a short distance from Muswell Hill Broadway and is ideally located in a residential area close to local shops and public transport. With 63 spacious residential rooms, it offers a happy and stimulating home environment in a luxury setting.

Spring Grove


214 Finchley Road, London NW3 6DH

Crescent Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 7BL

The ultimate in comfort, Spring Grove was purpose built in 1992 to luxury hotel standards. With 40 single and three double rooms, it is situated on the Finchley Road near to Swiss Cottage and is close to local shops, cultural facilities and a tube station. It has large terraces and attractive, well-planted gardens.

To arrange a visit, or for more information, just call

0208 815 2000

or visit


Standing in tranquil surroundings, Springview is a purpose built home, situated near to Enfield Town with its local shops and public transport. It is adjacent to green belt countryside with views overlooking Enfield golf course and beyond. With 59 rooms the home has recently undergone a major refurbishment and residents enjoy superb facilities.

Springdene CARE HOMES




Jewish News 29 April 2021

World News / Palestinian protests / Bitcoin box / Hate figures

More arrests amid Gaza rockets More than 50 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza in recent days as protests over Ramadan restrictions continue in the Old City of Jerusalem and a West Bank checkpoint. While the rockets have been fired by smaller armed factions, the barrage has been endorsed by Hamas, the terror group governing Gaza. In a statement reported by Times of Israel, Hamas told the smaller terror groups to “keep their fingers on the trigger”. The groups say the rocket fire is in response to unrest in Jerusalem involving Palestinian protesters, far-right Jewish protesters and police. Last week, hundreds of far-right Jews marched on the Old City chanting racist slogans, clashing with Palestinian protesters and police during a night of arrests, violence and hospitalisations. Palestinians have been protesting for about two weeks over restrictions on gathering at the Damascus Gate during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Ten Palestinians

were arrested in a small protest at the site on Saturday night, according to Haaretz. There was also a protest at the West Bank checkpoint of Qalandiya. The unrest is spilling over into Israel’s ongoing political quagmire. Bezalel Smotrich, a far-right lawmaker and ally of Benjamin Netanyahu, lashed out at the prime minister because of his response to the violence. Netanyahu is trying to assemble a new coalition in order to remain as prime minister. After Netanyahu called for calm on “both sides”, Smotrich railed in a tweet against the “Arab enemy” and wrote about Netanyahu: “It may be the time has really come to replace him.”

Above: An Israeli officer stands in front of a fire in Jerusalem. Left: Palestinian demonstrators

Blue box now takes bitcoin Join Altermans Solicitors as a Consultant Over the last three years, six of us have joined Altermans as consultants – to work in property, company commercial, litigation, private client and family law. All of us have been partners elsewhere, and know the pain of running a team, hitting chargeable targets and driving revenue. However, each of us knew deep down that what we wanted to do was find somewhere where we could work for our clients in a friendly and supportive environment. We found it at Altermans in Finchley, North London. The firm is run by Gabriel Alterman, who is growing a business where lawyers can work on their own or build a small team that meets their needs. The firm is not a “virtual network”. We work together, talk together and respect each other’s expertise. We share fees, reward each other for referrals, and have regular gatherings to make sure we’re on track. If this sounds like a firm where you could find a niche and be at home, get in touch to arrange a chat and come and meet us. There’s no management-speak; just lawyers working together. You can contact Gabriel directly at gabriel@altermans.co.uk or by phone on 07794 085 617. Our website is at www.altermans.co.uk for more details of the firm.

The charity that made blue collection boxes ubiquitous in the collective Jewish American memory is now accepting donations in a format fit for the digital age: bitcoin. A charity with roots going back to the start of modern Zionism, the Jewish National Fund-USA has set itself up to receive gifts of bitcoin and about a dozen other cryptocurrencies through a listing on a website called The Giving Block. Owing to the price swings and risks associated with cryptocurrency, any such donation to JNF-USA will be cashed out immediately. “The minute we get it, we’re going to convert it to cash,” Matt Bernstein, JNF-USA’s chief planned giving officer, told eJewishPhilanthropy. “It’s highly volatile, and we’re not in the speculation business. This is our general policy; it’s what we do with stock.”

JNF-USA accepts cryptocurrency donations

JNF-USA joins a handful of Jewish charities that are entering the cryptocurrency world. The group that started the trend in 2013 and appears to be the most active is the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, known for its outreach to unaffiliated Jews across the world.

BERLIN REPORTS RISE IN ANTISEMITIC INCIDENTS The number of antisemitic incidents documented in Berlin last year increased by 13 percent in 2019, despite the city’s multiple Covid-19 lockdowns that have kept people at home. The association for Research and Information on Antisemitism, or RIAS, recorded 1,004 antisemitic incidents in the German capital last year, 118 more than in 2019, it said in a report published this week. Ascertaining a motive in 49 percent of the cases recorded in 2020, 27 percent of those were attributable to the far-right and almost nine percent were classified as connected to a conspiracy theory. Israel-related antisemitism and Islamist incidents accounted for more than seven percent and another three percent was “political”, RIAS wrote. While physical assaults decreased, the number of cases of antisemitic vandalism increased.

ELBAZ TRIBUTES Acclaimed Israeli fashion designer Alber Elbaz (pictured with actress Chloe Sevigny), has died aged 59. He was best known for being at the helm of Lanvin from 2001 to 2015.


29 April 2021 Jewish News


European grant / Asylum request / Nazi case / Death rates / World News

Shuls share in £2.6m grant by Michael Daventry Mike@jewishnews.co.uk @michaeldaventry

Jewish groups in Europe are to receive part of a multimillion euro grant in an initiative to protect houses of worship. The Safer and Stronger Communities in Europe (SASCE) project, a partnership between Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist communities, was awarded the funds by the European Commission this week. Worth €3 million (£2.61 million), the grant will ensure the four faith groups work together to enhance security in and around their places of worship. The SASCE project is based on a model developed by the European Jewish Congress (EJC), a Brusselsbased representative group for Jews in Europe. The Conference of European Churches, Faith Matters and the European Buddhist Union are the other organisations involved. “Solidarity and cooperation among communities of faith is vital at this point,” said EJC president Moshe Kantor, “because an attack on one community is an attack on all communities. As we have seen in the attack on the synagogue of Halle on 9 October

The funds will help four faith groups enhance security

2019, once the perpetrator realised he would not succeed killing Jews, he sought to kill Muslims at a nearby restaurant.” As part of a pilot, 1,000 Jewish communal buildings across Europe will be equipped with new technology to increase their level of protection. The four organisations will work together to deliver security awareness, crisis management and training sessions for their communities, as well as wider communication campaigns.


Dieudonné M’bala M’bala

French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, notorious for developing the quasi-Nazi “quenelle” salute, has said he will seek political asylum in Turkey because of the racism he experiences in his home country. The activist and performer says he wants to leave France permanently because his opportunities to work are being obstructed. “Freedom of expression no longer exists

for people like me here [in France],” he told Turkey’s official news agency Anadolu. “The prime minister of France has done everything so I cannot organise shows in this country.” The 55-year-old’s performances were banned in France following at least seven convictions for inciting racial hatred against Jews. Authorities interpreted his quenelle salute nearly a decade ago as an inverted Nazi salute.

Suspected Nazi, 95, will not stand trial German prosecutors say they have insufficient evidence to prosecute a 95-year-old man deported from the United States on suspicion of involvement in Nazi war crimes. The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Celle, northern Germany, dropped all charges last month against Friedrich Karl Berger (pictured), who was deported in February, reported Der Spiegel. A US Immigration judge last year found that Berger had served at a subcamp of the Neuengamme concentration

camp system near Hamburg, where Jews and others had been held in “atrocious” conditions, the court said. He has lived in the US since 1959, receiving a German pension for his military service.

Zero daily Covid deaths

No daily Covid deaths were reported in Israel last week for the first time in 10 months.. In data released last Friday, the death toll remained unchanged from the day before, standing at 6,346. The last date there were no new fatalities was 29 June, when morbidity levels remained subdued following the initial coronavirus wave. The ministry said of the

35,027 tests performed last Thursday that 129 new cases were recorded, a positive test rate of 0.4 percent. The country has logged 837,870 confirmed infections since the start of the pandemic. The number of active infections fell to 1,897, with 160 patients in serious condition, including 97 on ventilators. Israel has been pushing forward with its vaccination drive.


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Jewish News 29 April 2021

Editorial comment and letters ISSUE NO.



Crudely inhumane The sight of anti-vaccination protesters wearing yellow stars and holding banners reading ‘Covid vaccine Holocaust’ at a rally in London last weekend offered telling insight into the moral universe of this wicked movement. Be shocked, be appalled, but don’t be surprised. This isn’t the first time these cretins have hijacked the Holocaust to promote their warped world view. Piers Corbyn, poster boy of the anti-vaxxer movement, was arrested in February for leaflets comparing the Covid-19 vaccine rollout to Auschwitz. His flyer showed the Nazi death camp’s ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ sign (‘Work sets you free’) changed to read: ‘Vaccines are safe path to freedom’. The UK’s frankly miraculous vaccine programme is empirically saving lives. The current seven-day average death rate is 17 compared with more than 900 at the start of the rollout. These are the facts. That some seek a surge in preventable deaths in pursuit of a cuckoo political purpose is contemptible enough. That they use and abuse the Final Solution to achieve this aim exposes the crude inhumanity in their hearts.

Writing challenge Budding wordsmiths still have time to enter our third Young Writers’ Competition, in association with WIZO and PJ Library. Youngsters aged seven to 18 could bag themselves an iPad – and one for their school – by writing a story or poem about someone they know or a fictitious character who overcame adversity. Courage comes in all shapes and sizes, from selfless frontline workers who put aside their own fears to support the most vulnerable in the face of a pandemic, to youngsters who have endured disrupted schooling and distance from friends. What better way to acknowledge their courage than to celebrate them in words? Entries close on 4 June. Details on page 24.


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RAF must release records On 3 May 1945, the world’s worst friendly fire incident in history occurred. Still the silence is deafening. The RAF killed more than 7,000 survivors of Nazi concentration camps, one day before Britain accepted the surrender of all German forces in the conflicted areas. Thousands of prisoners, mainly Jewish with Soviet POWs and others from the camps in Germany, were marched to the Baltic coast to board three ships: Cap Arcona, Thielbek and Athen in the port of Lübeck. Almost 10,000 prisoners in total. The RAF used deadly Hawker Typhoon fighter bombers for the assault, leaving just a few hundred survivors from the 7,000. The Germans retaliated their fire from the shore at those who had jumped into the water. Obviously the RAF High Command and pilots

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“Oh yes, following my experience as Middle East Peace Envoy, I’ve been called in to settle a very serious dispute”

BOARD NEEDS AN OVERHAUL Lee Harpin’s muckraking piece quoting unnamed sources to discredit the valid views of a group of deputies is, sadly, what passes today for reasoned discourse (Jewish News, 22 April 2021). He should get out more into the rank and file of Anglo Jewry, where he would discover that, increasingly, the Board of Deputies is regarded as an irrelevant, useless, politically correct talking shop that doesn’t address the real issues facing us – all the while raking in ‘voluntary’ contributions from the unsuspecting community. In a month in which we heard from the Board’s leaders about the Uyghurs, climate change and

the traveller community, worthwhile causes though they may be, Israel Apartheid Week, the annual obscenity causing hardship to our students, wasn’t even mentioned. Leadership challenger Jonathan Neumann is an outstanding candidate, who has already achieved much quietly, such as Being instrumental in changing UK law to block councils from engaging in BDS [boycott, divestment and sanctions]. If he wins next month, he would transform the Board into what it was created to do – namely put the protection of Jewish interests at the top of the agenda. James R Windsor Leytonstone


3RD – 10TH OCTOBER 2021

Registration now open for MDA UK’s ground-breaking trek taking place later this year, journeying through Jordan and across the border into Israel.


To find out more visit mdauk.org/trek2021 or contact Rachel Cohen at rachelcohen@mdauk.org or 020 8201 5900

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were unaware of the enemy identification, so no blame can be cast upon the RAF. Why, then, will the RAF not release this information for 100 years? At least in Germany a memorial is in place. Even in Russia today, the many thousands of Jews who served and fought with the Soviet Red Army against the Nazis is now recognised. Are the Jewish establishment leaders aware of this snub and will they now check the details more fully online and request the RAF command to let the details be aired before the announcement might be made within a couple of lines hidden somewhere in a report. If we believe the memory of those who perished is truly a blessing, then let words be transferred into action. Martin Cohen, By email

29 April 2021 Jewish News


Editorial comment and letters Avigdor Hirsch

Torah Temimah Primary School

Class Teacher (KS2)

Uyghurs will thank you

for September Salary: Main Pay Range (Inner London)



I would like to thank Jewish Although the Talmud (YevaHe’s a Shai flyer! News for persistently lobbymot 62b) attributes these ing on behalf of the Uyghurs. deaths to plague, Rabbi Your coverage last week on Sherira Gaon (10th century, plans for a demonstration in Yeshiva of Pumbeditha, ion our Uyghur petit 150 MPs and peers sign Parliament Square supportmodern Fallujah) says a ing the vote to recognise the decree of persecution was genocide resulted in people made against them by the coming to the event clutching Romans who imprisoned, a copy of the JN saying they tortured and killed them IS VITAL STARMER: MEMORIAL had just read it and decided over this period. Jerusalem to attend. The motion passed was later flattened and unanimously, whereupon the renamed (Aelia Capitolina) Uyghur community present and Israel was given a new name (Syria-Palestina). applauded and cheered, then The parallel with the early internment burst into tears. of the Uyghur religious leaders, artists, It was like reliving the newsreels reteachers and professors and with the recording events as the UN voted to estabnaming of the Uyghurs’ ancient homeland lish Israel, when people danced and cried as Xinjiang (New Frontier) was clear. in the streets of Tel Aviv for joy. Afterwards, many came up and Before the vote, I addressed the rally, thanked me for the Jewish support and saying it is not only the Holocaust that is mentioned the Jewish News coverage responsible for the huge Jewish support If that doesn’t make you feel being for the Uyghurs. There are other episodes a journalist is worthwhile, nothing will! I in our history that make us sympathetic. don’t know what the Uyghur is for chazak I told the crowd how we were in the u baruch or shekoyiach, but you’ve earned middle of a 33-day period of mourning both! for the deaths of 12,000 pairs of rabDr Sheldon Paul Stone binic leaders and teachers during the Bar Advisory Board, Stop Uyghur Genocide Kochba rebellion against the Romans. TY E COMMUNI VOICE OF TH @JewishNewsUK Issue No.1178 • • 13 Tishrei 5781 •

Shai Weiss, the Israeli boss of Virgin Care from Atlantic, on Extraordinary People Extraordinary working alongside • Residential • Respite Sir Richard • Independent Living Branson 020 8908 4151 Pages 24-25 rg

Maternity cover post. Full time preferred, but we may consider part time.

We are with you jewishchoice.o

1 October 2020

Could you be the inspiring teacher our lovely children are waiting for? With your excellent primary classroom practice, experience in KS2, and knowledge and confidence in the full national curriculum, you’d be the perfect fit! Although this is a temporary post, there is a good chance of a permanent position becoming available at the end of the maternity cover period.

include Lord porters in the Lords Pickles and Baroness Deech. include Communal backers parliamenFerrer, More than 150 Jewish News editor Richard Jewish Marie tarians have backed Board of Deputies president governSynagogue News’ call for the van der Zyl and United the presUnion ment to ratchet up president Michael Goldstein, the plight James sure on China over of Jewish Students president writes executive of its Uyghur Muslims Harris, Jewish Care chief B’nai Justin Cohen. officer Daniel Carmel-Brown, MP Alan Miller Together with Conservative B’rith UK president the support Day founder and chair Nusrat Ghani, and with Mitzvah and and of the World Uyghur Congress Laura Marks. René Cassin, Dr Edie human rights charity Other supporters are and MPs to of the wrote director this newspaper Friedman, executive them to Equality, peers last month urging Jewish Council for Racial an indeexecutive of push for sanctions and and Marc Cave, chief Centre in pendent investigation. the National Holocaust are Around one million Muslims Nottingham. in camps in to push understood to be held The letter petitions MPs country’s non-state Xinjiang, a region in the for sanctions on “state and to human the proscripnorthwest, according perpetrators” and for groups have individuals rights activists. Rights tion of all companies and including accused China of abuses “facilitating these atrocities.” sterilisation. backed by forced labour and The letter — which is population any misas well as treatment of its Uyghur Chinese authorities deny the Board of Deputies against China’s inhumane and other Synagogue treatment of the Uyghur prays during a demonstration leaders of the United saying A Muslim man Tories Tom Tugendhat Liberal and Masorti Muslim minority groups, Jewish They include Chris and the Reform, After more than 20 offer vocathe ratifiNews. and Damian Green, Labour’s the detention camps movements — says: “After our campaign, 152 for the embassy told Jewish Convention and leaders backed and Margaret Hodge, Liberal tional training. cation of the Genocide “The so-called genocide peers from across Bryant another again’ Layla Moran, SNP West‘never but a senior MPs and words Democrat nothing the is Last month, criticising 1948, their back in spectrum added the Chi- forced sterilisation 2 Ian Blackford and added, along- the political Continued on page letter from faith leaders, will be minster leader were lie,” the spokesperson names to the letter, which Lucas of the Greens. Suprejection of claims nese Embassy said its contents next week. Caroline We strongly side a lengthy presented to Number 10 “sheer rumour and smear. Xinjiang. spokesperson made about deplore and oppose it”, a vital for our Starmer said: “It is the his “wholehearted nation that we commemorate Sir Keir Starmer has given men, woman Holocaust six million Jewish support” to the proposed during the writes Jack and children murdered memorial next to Parliament, than ever leader’s backing Holocaust. It is more important Mendel. The Labour and future geninquiry chaired that we educate current comes ahead of an genocide.” amid a legal erations of the horrors of by a planning inspector, intolerance protesting its He added: “The fight against challenge by heritage groups of in our society, and the stain prejudice and proposed location. Starmer I offer my wholemet with Lord Keir antisemitism, goes on. So On Wednesday Starmer Memorial and co-chairs of the support to the Holocaust Eric Pickles and Ed Balls, to stress the hearted next to the heart Foundation, placement its and Memorial Centre UK Holocaust that, despite and push for its Learning significance of the memorial, challenge brought of our democracy. It is disappointing a legal since the planning applicaapproval. This comes amid almost two years passing has by the London Historic permission for the project against the government of tion was submitted, protesting the location urge the planning inspector Parks and Gardens Trust, still not been granted. I of this in Victoria Tower Gardens the national significance recognise the proposed memorial to next to Westminster Abbey – a Grade II-listed park project.” and the Houses of Parliament.

You want a very warm, welcoming, family-friendly, high-achieving and supportive school, with children who are motivated and eager to learn. That’s us! We offer generous non-contact time, a terrific staff team, Inner London salaries, professional development opportunities, good location & travel connections, and easy parking. Ofsted say we’re ‘Good’ – parents and colleagues say we’re “fantastic!”

DOWN D UPSIDE on LIFE TURNE his head cut of David Ben-Gurion standing The iconic statue Tel Aviv beach as Israelis endured its a lonely figure this week on The country recently recorded 14 a second week of lockdown. numbers. Full story on page highest daily Covid-19 case

Please contact us a.s.a.p. to discuss the position or to ask for an application pack. Call Mrs Dinah Herman on 020 8450 4377, or email secretary@torahtemimah.brent.sch.uk. Applications welcomed a.s.a.p.: applications may be processed as received. Torah Temimah is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Appointments will be subject to references and a satisfactory Enhanced DBS check. Parkside, Dollis Hill, London NW2 6RJ Tel.: 020 8450 4377 email: admin@torahtemimah.brent.sch.uk : Rabbi E Klyne MA (Ed)

Headteacher: Rabbi Y Freeman BSc

Board of Deputies Triennial Elections Hustings Tuesday 4th May 8:00PM - 9:15PM - Presidential Hustings With candidates Marie van der Zyl and Jonathan Neumann Chaired by Richard Ferrer

Join us for the opportunity to hear from and put questions to the candidates for President of the Board of Deputies No registration necessary - join us live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter




Jewish News 29 April 2021


What would the people of India make of such denial? JENNI FRAZER


ast week one of my favourite people, Freddie Knoller, a Holocaust survivor, turned 100. I met him years ago as a young reporter, and was struck then, as I remain, by his incredibly positive outlook on life, despite the terrible hardships he underwent. Freddie, full of old-fashioned Viennese charm, was very brave as a young man. I imagine he and other young Jews of his generation can hardly have expected to live to such a great age. Indeed, so many died untimely deaths it scarcely bears thinking of – except that, for Freddie’s sake, and that of the remaining survivors, we must indeed think of what happened and remind the world whenever we can. Generally speaking, then, I’m in favour of talking about the Holocaust – the actual event, which happened to real people. How could one not be? And yet in the past couple of weeks we were again reminded that there is a small,

nasty and virulent pool of people who insist on using the Holocaust for their own purposes, for traducing the memory of the greatest tragedy of the 20th century in order to comply with repellent conspiracy theories – and worse. At the end of March, a woman called Sandy Kennedy spoke at a rally in support of Bristol University’s professor David Miller, currently accused by Jewish students of making them feel unsafe because of his attacks on Zionism. Ms Kennedy spoke about a four-year-old boy whose Holocaust experience is recorded in a picture at Yad Vashem, his sleeve rolled up to show his tattoo. She made a direct and specific comparison with a Palestinian child passing through Israeli checkpoints in Hebron. That, she told Jewish students, “is feeling unsafe”. Do you feel disgusted? Me too. But there is more. Last weekend, there was a massive anti-vaccine demonstration in central London. I watched an interview with a group of middleaged women who’d come up for the day from Devon and Cornwall to take part, all blondestreaked hair and unmasked, speaking casually to an equally unmasked journalist, of


“genocide”. My jaw dropped. Genocide? Isn’t that a term reserved for deliberate annihilation of an entire people? Are you nauseated? Me too. There is still more. A brave woman called Chloe Adlestone took pictures of two people, one smiling smugly, wearing yellow stars pinned to their clothing. The stars, deliberately made to look like the yellow stars Nazis forced the Jews to wear, read: “No Covid Certificates”. Elsewhere during the demonstration there was a banner with the slogan: “Stop the vaccine Holocaust.” Not to be precious about it, but terms such as “genocide” and “Holocaust” or the wearing of yellow stars are not there to be used in support of whichever is the latest conspiracy theory or anti-Israel rant. Perhaps the women from Devon and Cornwall did not intend antisem-

itism – but making people wear masks or invite them to accept vaccines is not “genocide”. I dare say the poor people of India, breaking their hearts as their loved ones die in their thousands, would be grateful for the anti-Covid vaccine and would be utterly bewildered at the demonstrations. Professor Deborah Lipstadt calls the adoption of this terminology in support of such terrifying scaremongering “softcore Holocaust denialism”, and I agree. So take off the yellow stars. Take down the “vaccine Holocaust” banners. Stop drawing comparisons between the suffering of Jewish children in the Shoah and the difficulties faced by Palestinian children. Because it is not the same thing, not grotesquely or remotely the same thing. Freddie Knoller would tell these people so.

Why euphemisms can be unhelpful, even dangerous HADASSA KESSLER DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, KISHARON


s disability advocates and family members of someone with a disability, we have been struggling with language around disability for decades. A very clever short film made a few years ago featured a beautiful young woman with Down Syndrome asking what “special needs” were – with brilliant sarcasm, she wonders whether if people with Down Syndrome needed to eat dinosaur eggs – that would be “special”, but what was so special about needing a job, opportunities, education and some friends? Her point is well made. What are so special about her needs, as distinct from anyone else’s? And why can’t we just describe disability as disability? Euphemisms are not generally helpful and, in some cases, are even dangerous. Being around the disability community has taught us the importance of saying things as they are, as in our experience, people with learning disabilities can have trouble understanding nuance, subtlety, and intangible concepts. One learns to be direct, even in the most

difficult of conversations, such as about sickness or death. We would like to suggest that this is a lesson worth taking with us into all our conversations with and about people with disabilities. Commentators on the Torah frequently write to explain why one particular word is used instead of another, and how not a single word is out of place. One letter, a difference in tense, an unexpected change from plural to singular; these are all significant, as is the use of different names for God, and for our patriarchs and matriarchs. Words matter and names matter. For example, a person in the Torah is referred to as “Ish” when s/he behaves with dignity, “Adam” when s/he is debased. There is a tension, however, between the desire to look at the humanity of a person with a disability – the need for autonomy, love, employment, and belonging – which are common to all of us, and acknowledging that disability brings difference and that difference is positive and should be celebrated. Recently, an autistic colleague talked about wanting to be known as autistic rather than someone with autism – as her autism is so much part of her and it is what makes her good at her job. Better, one might say, than a neurotypical person in the same role.

So, where does that leave us when referring to people with disabilities? How do we create a language for an often devalued part of the population while at the same time being specific about their strengths, their need for support, being inclusive and avoiding euphemisms? Down Syndrome, although it refers to a group of characteristics that are a result of having an extra chromosome, gives little information about a person with Down Syndrome. Labels only have the worth one attributes to them, whether it is Shakespeare’s rose or the outdated definition of someone as “special”. Wolf Wolfensberger, founder of the concept of Social Role Valorisation, supports this thought when he says: “Today, vastly more power is attributed to such terms than they actually have, and much too little power is attributed to other ways of influencing perceptions and minds.” Correcting people about use of language, even carefully, is likely to result in closing the conversation altogether. People may be reluctant to ask questions because they will be criticised for using politically incorrect language. Language is constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up. When people talk about our relative as “high functioning”, when politely taking umbrage, they often ask what would be preferable. In reply,

we choose to describe him in a way that gives people an idea of his strengths and struggles. For example, he can read and write in two languages and is very articulate, but he processes slowly and can give the impression of understanding more than he actually does. He doesn’t understand sarcasm and is anxious when he can’t follow a conversation around the table and is excluded, or when an instruction is too complex. That gives a lot more information that is helpful. We all need support in our daily lives, whether it’s to get our car/computer/ heating repaired or get our hair cut. So it’s more useful to explain in what areas he requires support. Without claiming to have all the answers, the use of clear, specific, non-judgmental language is always recommended. Clearly, pejorative language is not okay and needs to be called out and corrected. But, as for euphemisms and generalisations, let’s quietly educate people by modelling preferred language without criticism, and making sure, above all, that the conversation happens.  This piece was written by Hadassa Kessler and her mother, Michelle Feiglin, a mum of six whose youngest child is 25 and has Down Syndrome

29 April 2021 Jewish News



Community / Scene & Be Seen


Melody Boston (pictured) chopped off seven inches of her hair to make a wig for a child receiving treatment for cancer. The ‘big chop’, on 17 April, was in aid of the Little Princess Trust, which gives children and young people up to the age of 24 who lose their hair to cancer or another condition a real hair wig to help to restore their confidence and identity. Money raised by the big chop will help the charity to fund research towards ending childhood cancers. So far, Melody has raised £1,165, which is more than her £1,000 target. To donate visit www.justgiving.com/ fundraising/melodyboston

And be seen! The latest news, pictures and (virtual) social events from across the community


A pupil at Hampstead Garden Suburb’s Kerem School has been turning empty coronavirus vaccine vials into artwork – some of which raise money for charity. Sarah Zemmel’s father is a GP and so she hit on the idea of using the vials as artwork. The Year 5 pupil has even sold some, raising money for Watford Peace Hospital. “2021 should be a year of hope because of the vaccine in these vials. After a year we all want to forget, hopefully we will learn to love each other more in 2021,” she said. Pictured is the pupil with her artwork, called Love 242.

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Hundreds of cuddly toys from Camp Simcha, the charity that helps families with a seriously ill child, have been donated to London hospitals to bring smiles to the faces of youngsters on the wards. Recipients include teams at Barnet Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Royal London and the Evelina Children’s Hospital, all of which received big bags of cuddly toys with a miniature version of the charity’s Simi the Monkey mascot. Andrea Nichols, who works as a play therapist at Barnet Hospital’s Galaxy Ward, said toys such as those donated by Camp Simcha make a real difference to the children in hospital, especially during Covid.



Rebecca Schwartz, a pupil at JCoSS school in Barnet, was recognised last week for an innovative mask design aimed at raising awareness of hate crime. The student’s design was printed on 100 coronavirus face masks, which will be worn by pupils to spread awareness. Last Thursday, a Zoom award ceremony was held at which Rebecca, who was in Year 7 when she applied to the competition run by Barnet Safer Transport, was congratulated, receiving a certificate for her effort. Pictured are pupils at the school wearing the masks designed by Rebecca.





22 Jewish News


29 April 2021

Weekend / Documentary

The unknown heroine who saved more children than Nicholas Winton A new film reveals how Truus Wijsmuller rescued more than 10,000 Jewish children during the Second World War – at great risk to herself, discovers Francine Wolfisz


any would never have dared to walk straight up to Adolf Eichmann who, in 1938, was responsible for enforcing the Nazi policy of Jewish emigration, and ask to take 10,000 children over to England. But not many were like Truus Wijsmuller. Leaning over the SS-Obersturmführer’s desk inside the Gestapo headquarters – formerly the Palais Rothschild in Vienna – the Dutch native told Eichmann the British government was happy to take youngsters under the age of 17 from Nazi countries for a temporary stay. “Let’s arrange it,” she said. He, in turn, was astounded. “So Aryan and so insane,” he retorted. Snarling at her, Eichmann proposed an impossible task – if Truus could successfully take 600 children, she could have all 10,000. But it had to be done that Saturday. Logistics were one problem, convincing the most observant parents to let their children travel on the Jewish Sabbath, when that was expressly forbidden, was a very different obstacle. But Wijsmuller proved Eichmann wrong and became a key part of not only the Kindertransport, but many other child refugee rescues throughout Europe during the Second World War. While those she liaised closely with – including the late humanitarian Sir Nicholas Winton –rightly received recognition for their efforts, Wijsmuller’s contribution is far from well-known, despite the fact she saved thousands of lives – often at great personal risk. Now her incredible story of heroism is shared for the first time in the UK in a new documentary, Truus’ Children. It is available to stream online from 1 May thanks to the Second Generation Network. Poignantly, 23 of the children she rescued, now all in their 80s and 90s, give their own first-hand memories of the awe-inspiring woman they affectionately knew as “Tante (Auntie) Truus”.

“She thought I was worth saving,” recalls one person rescued of Truus, who was unable to have children of her own. “She came to visit me in England after the war, took me in her arms and hugged me. She put me on her knees and said, ‘My child.’” Another remembers: “We called her the mother of a thousand children.” Many can’t even put into words how thankful they are, or the debt they can never repay, although one simply adds: “She gave me the gift of life.” Film-makers Pamela Sturhoofd and Jessica van Tijn spent just over three years researching into Wijsmuller’s life, uncovering just how the Dutch resistance fighter placed herself in the frontline of danger to help others. They learnt how, after Kristallnacht, Wijsmuller heard rumours of Jewish children being taken by their parents to the Dutch-German borders and left there. She drove there to see for herself and rescued them, hiding them under her skirt as she smuggled them back to Amsterdam. They heard about her defiance in the face of meeting Eichmann and how she took refugee children into her own home. After the outbreak of war, she and her husband, Joop, became involved with the orphans at the Burgerweeshuis in Amersterdam. In a feat of bravery, she saved all 74 children on the very day Holland was invaded by Nazi forces by rushing them down to the port and ensuring they got on the very last boat to England – all while planes dropped bombs overhead. But it wasn’t just the Jewish community she helped. She saved the life of Thomas Benford Jr, the son of a

Truus Wijsmuller pictured in 1965 with a bust in her honour

famous African-American drummer in Paris, who was just days old when she took him to Amsterdam. Wijsmuller also arranged for nearly 7,000 hunger-stricken children in Amsterdam to be evacuated into the countryside to recuperate. She organised food parcels to be sent to youngsters in Westerbork and later Bergen-Belsen and Theresienstadt concentration camps. Even after the war, Wijsmuller never ceased helping others. She set up a hospital in Suriname and was one of the founders of the Anne Frank House. In 1966, she was named as Righteous Among The Nations and a statue was unveiled in Amsterdam – yet outside of her native country, the story of Wijsmuller and her selfless acts remains relatively unknown. Some suggest she was kept out of the history books because of her gender, although Sturhoofd believes Wijsmuller was also very modest. “Truus never spoke about what she did. She was very extrovert, but also a modest woman and, after the Second World War, many people didn’t talk about what they did. This could partly explain why more people are not aware of her.” As for how many lives Wijsmuller actually saved, Sturhoofd thinks it could be well in excess of 10,000. “It was certainly more,” says Sturhoofd, whose Jewish father was in hiding during the

Rescued: Sophie Scheinowitz, Rita Mayer and Thomas Benford Jr

Second World War. “Truus never slept. She kept travelling everywhere to pick children up from Germany, Poland and the rest of Europe and to bring them back to the Netherlands, before transporting them to England or Palestine. She really wanted to help children and that was her mission. “Truus grew up knowing you have to be there for others. When she found out she could not have children, she was very sad, but decided she would dedicate herself to helping others.” While bringing Wijsmuller’s story to a wider public has been fulfilling, the film-makers felt equally rewarded by meeting the Kinder she saved. “That was really special,” reflects Sturhoofd. “Finally they could tell their story about the woman who saved their lives. One recalled how her brother was locked in the bathroom as she was taken to the station and was screaming, ‘please don’t go, please don’t go without me.’ Those were the last words she heard, because he was later murdered. It’s really terrible to think of the decisions the parents had to make. “But equally there are other incredible stories, like the four sisters who all survived thanks to Truus. After the war they were reunited with their parents.” Sturhoofd adds: “When I think about what she did, I start to cry. She really made a difference because, as one of the survivors says, ‘she not only saved me – she saved generations.’”  Watch the film between 1 May and 19 May via https://truus -children_tickets.eventbrite. co.uk with an £8.70 donation to the Truus Wijsmuller Archive. The directors will discuss the film during a free virtual talk hosted by Second Generation Network on 17 May at 6.30pm via https:// secondgeneration.org.uk

A look

Inside Young writers’ competition: Win an iPad for you and your school

Something’s coming: first-look trailer released for Spielberg’s West Side Story

Gangster style: Jewish mobsters in The King of Warsaw

29 April 2021 Jewish News



Entertainment / Weekend



West Side Story

Wicked Stephen Schwartz’s hit musical Wicked, which tells the story behind the Witches of Oz, is set to return to London’s Apollo Victoria Theatre from 15 September. Tickets for the popular show, which marks its 15th anniversary at the West End venue later this year, go on sale from 17 May. Wicked imagines a beguiling backstory and future possibilities to the lives of L. Frank Baum’s beloved characters from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and reveals the decisions and events that shape the destinies of two unlikely university friends on their journey to becoming Glinda The Good and the Wicked Witch of the West.

Schwartz’s music and lyrics are accompanied by a book by Winnie Holzman, creator of American television series, My So-Called Life. The musical is based on Gregory Maguire’s multi-million-copy bestseller, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. The award-winning show has been seen by more than 10 million people in London alone and played almost 6,000 performances.


The Goddess and the American Girl The first-look trailer for Steven Spielberg’s much-anticipated adaptation of Broadway hit West Side Story has been unveiled. Acclaimed playwright and screenwriter Tony Kushner (Munich, Lincoln) is at the helm of the adaptation and aligns closely with the original 1957 stage production rather than the 1961 film, which scooped up 10 Academy Awards. The cast features Baby Driver actor Ansel Elgort, who is Jewish on his paternal side, and Rachel Zegler as tragic lovers Tony and Maria who, despite having affiliations with rival street gangs, the Jets and Sharks, end up falling in love. Joining them are Ariana DeBose, David Alvarez, Mike Faist, Corey Stoll and Brian d’Arcy James. Rita Moreno, who won an Oscar as Anita in the 1961 film, appears in a supporting role as new character Valentina. The film, which features the sweeping score of Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, is set for release on 10 December. Elsewhere, Spielberg’s Oscar-winning

documentary about the experience of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust will be released on Netflix next month. The Last Days will be remastered from the original 35 mm film before its streaming release on 19 May. The documentary, which won the Academy Award for best documentary feature in 1998, tells the stories of five Hungarian Jews who survived the Holocaust. One was Tom Lantos, who would go on to become a congressman from California from 1981 to 2008. The film follows survivors after the war as they return to their hometowns, as well as visit the ghettos and concentration camps where they were imprisoned. Spielberg was an executive producer together with the USC Shoah Foundation, which he founded after directing the criticallyacclaimed Schindler’s List in 1993, about the life of German industrialist Oskar Schindler and the Jews he saved during the Holocaust. The foundation houses more than 55,000 Holocaust testimonies.


Blackspace Israeli psychological thriller Blackspace, which revolves aroundthe aftermath of a fatal shooting at a secondary school, has been acquired by Netflix. The eight-part series, written by Anat Gafni and Sahar Shavit and directed by Ofir Lobel, follows police as they investigate the death of four students by masked figures. Key to their investigation is the use of an underground app, Blackspace, which students use to communicate with one another, sharing their secrets out of view of their parents. The series – produced by Federation Entertainment, which is under the Israeli

channel Reshet 13 – already has the green light for a second season from Netflix. Reshet’s vice president of content, Ami Glam, said the Netflix deal is “a huge achievement for Reshet and for the Israeli television industry”, Ynet reported. No release date has yet been announced.

Tennis star Martina Navratilova is set to executive produce a feature documentary on Jewish legendary champion Suzanne Lenglen. The Goddess and The American Girl tells the story of French prima donna Lenglen and California sensation Helen Wills against the backdrop of the Roaring Twenties. In an era in which women didn’t

play sport, these two women took centre stage in an epic tennis battle known as the “Match of the Century” – and, in the process, changed women’s lives forever. Navratilova, a nine-time Wimbledon Singles Champion, says: “Everything was a man’s world, and these women transcended the sport. They blazed that trail. They affected women’s rights and gave women the right to dream. To hope.” Featuring unprecedented access to original 1920s footage, which will be colourised for the first time, The Goddess and The American Girl explores the emerging role of women through the lens of Lenglen and Wills’ very public battle in this thought-provoking film from Cornelia Street Productions, Handel Productions and Arrow Media.


The King of Warsaw Step aside Peaky Blinders. A gripping drama featuring Jewish gangsters running Warsaw before the outbreak of the Second World War is set to arrive on More4’s Walter Presents later this year. Set in 1937 against the backdrop of rising fascism, The King of Warsaw revolves around Buddy Kaplica, a Polish gangster-socialist with connections in high places. His right-hand man is a ruthless Jewish boxer, Jakub Szapiro, adored by women and envied and feared by men. Deep down, Jakub dreams about taking over Buddy’s position and becoming the King of Warsaw. Torn between loyalty to his boss and a chance to fulfil his own ambitions, Jakub will rise to a decisive fight for power

in the streets and will be absorbed by the relentless world of sex and violence, causing a mob war which could determine the fate of Warsaw and the entire country. The series is based on the recentlypublished book of the same name by Szczepan Twardoch and stars Michal Zurawski. The first two episodes of The King of Warsaw are available to view online at the 19th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival on 3 June.



Jewish News 29 April 2021

Weekend / Story competition

Write us a story and win an iPad for you and your school! Jewish News is teaming up with WIZO and PJ Library for our third annual Young Writers Competition


ewish News is calling on budding writers to pen their thoughts on courage for their chance to win an iPad for themselves and their school! We have teamed up for our third Young Writers Competition with WIZO, the Women’s International Zionist Organisation, and PJ Library, which distributes stories celebrating Jewish values and traditions to more than 8,000 children across the UK. WIZO is the largest independent social welfare organisation in Israel, supporting more than 800 projects across the country at every stage of life. These include day care centres for children, emergency centres for babies and children at risk, youth villages for vulnerable teenagers and more than 100 after-school programmes. The charity also provides additional services, including support for single parent families, foreign language groups for immigrants, shelters for victims of domestic violence and a retirement home.

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER! Simply write a story or poem about courage – either when you, someone you know, or a fictitious character showed they were courageous – in no more than 300 words. The competition is open to boys and girls in two categories: primary (ages seven to 11) and secondary (ages 11 to 18). The prizes include an iPad for the winner in each category and one for their school, while runners-up will receive a PJ Library Goody Pack (in the primary category) or book tokens (in the secondary category), as well as a selection of books for their schools.

ENTER ONLINE: jewishnews.co.uk/ story-competition Closing date 4 June 2021

TIPS FOR INSPIRATION: ‘WIZO taught me to be brave’: Yonatan’s story • What does courage mean to you? • Do you know someone who is courageous? • When have you witnessed acts of courage/bravery? • Why do we need courage? • What different types of courage are there?


I never knew my father. My mother couldn’t look after me, so I had to live in an orphanage. When I was three, my mother came back for me and we went to Israel. I had never been to Israel before. We had no money and all six of us had to live in a tiny apartment with one room. It was very dark. I only went out to try to find food for my family and I kept everything I could find in my suitcase. My suitcase was my friend. My mother became ill soon after we arrived in Israel and she couldn’t manage. Then I broke both my legs in a bad accident. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. When WIZO found me, I was very sad, frightened and lonely. They took me to a WIZO boarding school,

looked after me and taught me to be brave. Now I am 10, doing well at school and have lots of friends. I try to help the other children with their problems. I tell them: “You have to be brave.”

29 April 2021 Jewish News



Office space / Business


With Candice Krieger

‘LONDON IS STARTING TO OPEN UP AGAIN’ The co-founder of a newly-launched property advice business tells Candice Krieger that the death of the office is a myth and people want to get back to the workplace


ondon is a sleeping Stern. “London is a global giant about to be attraction for money and woken up,” will continue to be. It says Michael will never not be in Raibin, one vogue; it’s one of the of the City’s greatest cities in most practised property the world”. advisers. Earlier this Raibin has worked in year, online the industry for more than video giant TikTok two decades and is the coUK secured a deal founder of Compton, a newly for Kaleidoscope, launched property advisory busian 88,500sq ft office ness. He believes that, following building that sits above a pretty dormant 2020 for London Farringdon East Crossrail offices, the market is on the cusp of The Compton founders Station, while Twitter a renaissance. And “it’s coming very has taken an additional soon”, he says. space 20,000 sq ft in the West End, despite its “It’s a myth that the office is dead,” Raibin WFH message, and Google is building its HQ in tells me. “Attitudes are changing; people are Kings Cross, signalling a lot of confidence in the wanting to get back to the office and there are London market. plenty of businesses wanting office space. You Launched in April, Compton has already can’t run businesses indefinitely from home. seen a huge uptick in enquiries and transac“Companies are starting to turn up the dial tions, particularly from the legal and tech and get people back in. London is reopening sectors. In the first week, some properties were and there is a really good feeling out there.” receiving multiple offers. Raibin recently left Colliers, together with Raibin warns: “Businesses need to start fellow directors Shaun Simons and Elliott planning now or risk missing out on the best Stern, to launch Compton, which focuses on spaces. If everyone comes out of the blocks at commercial office leasing and investment in the same time when restrictions lift, occupiers London’s City Fringe – an area in which the trio will find themselves in a very competitive specialised at their previous company, Hatton situation.” Real Estate. They sold it to Colliers in 2016. And timing, Raibin recognises, is everything. “All industries rely on the ecosystem of the After school, the former Highgate pupil worked City,” says Simons. “Everything is connected at property agency Richard Susskind & Co and everybody is relying on everybody to trade. together with Simons and Stern, before they If everyone worked from home, London would co-founded Hatton in 2010. be done – and other countries.” “It was during the fallout from the credit They are not alone in seeing the potential. crunch,” he recalls. “Times were really tough Retail estate services company CBRE says there and we wanted to break away. When I look back is £45 billion worth of global equity waiting to on it, to set up a business during the eye of storm be unleashed on the London office market –the was a very strange time. We had no client base, highest amount in nearly 10 years – despite the had to borrow money and start from scratch.” recent shifts to working from home (WFH). Fast forward a few years, and Hatton “There’s a lot of European, Asian and Middle became one of the most innovative and sucEast equity targeting the capital,” explains cessful agencies in London, disrupting a typi-

A former warehouse, the Tea Building is an iconic landmark in Shoreditch

cally archaic industry through its use of digital marketing (more on this later). It was then bought by Colliers. “But things could have been so different,” admits Raibin. “We did the deal just days before the media started talking about the Brexit referendum. The week after we signed, Brexit was all anyone was talking about, and I wonder if things might have turned out differently. “And now we’ve decided to set up in a pandemic.” He jests: “Unless there’s a global crisis, we are not interested!” Jokes aside, he admits there has been a mixed response to launching a new company now. “We think this is the right time. London is starting to open up.” Will businesses not be looking to neighbourhood locations as people now opt to work closer to home? Stern replies: “Suburban locations are valid. There is a demand for non-traditional core London commercial locations out of Zone 1, such as in Queens Park and Mill Hill, but, ultimately, we think central London has too much to offer and things will only get better,

especially with the arrival of the Crossrail, connecting east to west and the regeneration of Smithfield Market.” The team at Compton pride themselves on being part property advisors/part marketeers. Simons notes: “When we set up Hatton, we wanted to adopt alternative marketing strategies harnessing the power of social media platforms and digital marketing techniques that have since become more mainstream within property. “Over a decade later and Compton wants to make an even bigger impact. We do things differently.” Compton launched with a unique promotional video filmed at various London locations, which has been particularly well-received. Raibin, who lives in north London, is on the committee of Impact, a charity which helps people sleeping rough in the capital, and is a trustee of Resource for London, a charity providing conference, training, meeting rooms and exhibition halls for voluntary organisations.  www.compton.london



Jewish News 29 April 2021

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Essentially Medical provides a full consultant-led medical education programme for GPs and other healthcare professionals to update them on a variety of clinical specialties. In other words, they are medical matchmakers!

CONVENIENT EDUCATION FOR GPS AND NURSES ESSENTIALLY MEDICAL provides a full in-house virtual medical education programme for GPs and nurses. These meetings allow them to receive bespoke education and training from relevant consultants on a wide range of subjects. The aim is to ensure GPs have the latest information at their fingertips. The company was started by Evelyn Diamond at the end of 2004, when her role as a marketing manager at The Garden Hospital (now the Hendon Hospital) led her to realise that a single well-focused introduction between a consultant and GP could be extremely valuable to both parties. Now, there are five teams that cover some of the NHS areas in Greater London and Hertfordshire. “It’s a simple idea, but unique and extremely cost-effective,” explains Diamond. “We organise these meetings free of charge at a time to suit the GP and the consultant. “What’s special about the service we offer is that it


makes the best use of time. We all know GPs and consultants are extremely busy people and that they rarely have time to meet, so we aim to maximise the use of their Evelyn Diamond time by ensuring the GPs get the training they want when they want it and literally bring it to them via virtual channels. “We estimate we have saved the NHS many thousands of pounds at a time when every penny counts, thanks to budget cuts and an ageing population and these savings are substantial. “We’re very proud of the links we’ve made and the training we’ve provided. The fact we’ve now set up more than 3,000 meetings, bringing together colleagues to learn about developments in all areas of health, has proved its success.”



Jewish News 29 April 2021


29 April 2021 Jewish News



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Tech advances help sufferers of



ne of the most common reasons people go to the GP is for treatment of indigestion. Things have changed a great deal in the past 50 years. People used to follow a white diet to try to minimise their suffering. Antacids were improved with the use of alginate medicines, which form a raft over the acidic contents of the stomach, so when they rise up into the oesophagus they don’t burn. Indeed, lifestyle measures still remain vital for many people. Simple, but less well-known changes, such as avoiding coffee, chocolate and fatty foods, can have an enormous impact. For many people, not eating late can also make all the difference between waking in up the night with heartburn or sleeping through. Despite lifestyle measures, many people need to take medicines, either intermittently or regularly. One of the mainstays of treatment for many years, ranitidine, was recently taken off the market although similar drugs are still available. These work well for people with stomach ulcers, but poorly for those with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD for short). Proton pump inhibitors are among the most widely prescribed drugs in the UK. Omeprazole or lansoprazole are the most commonly used, but other, more powerful alternatives, exist. In the Far East, there is a new class of potassium-competitive acid blockers, but these are not yet licenced in the UK. Despite the amazing advances in medical therapy, a quarter of patients suffer ongoing symptoms and need more help.The next step is some type of surgery. Traditionally, this was fundoplication, which involved wrapping the top of the stomach around itself to prevent acid refluxing back into the oesophagus. But, in the past 15 years, new minimally invasive treatments have become available.

Stretta therapy strengthens the weak valve at the bottom of the oesophagus using radio frequency. It is given as a single treatment delivered by endoscopy and, in carefully chosen patients, can be very effective. The LINX System is a bracelet of magnetic beads that is placed around the lower oesophagus. As a person eats, the beads pop apart, but when the person burps, they stay together, thus minimising the likelihood of reflux.This minimally invasive surgical procedure has been shown to be highly effective. Even more novel is the transoral incisionless fundoplication, an endoscopic version of fundoplication.This is done as a day case with no surgical incision. Each of these surgical approaches requires careful patient selection by an expert who has done the appropriate diagnostic tests. Luckily, we have also had major advances in this area. It is now possible to precisely delineate the severity and pattern of acid reflux during routine endoscopy by

›››››› introduction of a new neuromuscular retraining device, the iQoro. With regular simple exercise, this is claimed to abolish the root cause of the reflux. The studies have not yet been done, but if it truly works, GPs may yet find their surgeries filled with other problems instead!

iQoro device


numbers of patients. But technological breakthroughs are continuing apace. In the past two years, we have seen the

Technological Progress for Acid Reflux Professor Laurence Lovat, professor of Gastroenterology, UCL, and director, the London Gastroenterology Centre www.gastrolondon.co.uk Tel: 020 7183 7965

2 U 20 3r p d c 11 th M o th Ju a m Ju ne y ( in ly ( Ju g (S Au n/J C ep g/ u l S t/ e y/ ou O p A r ct t/ ug s /N O b e ov ct b ab s: a ba b ies bi ie ) es s) )


Inspiring Antenatal Courses with

BRAVO pH monitoring device adding in a simple ‘BRAVO’ pH monitoring device that is attached to the lining of the oesophagus. It records for up to four days and wirelessly sends the information to a box the patient carries with them. At the end, it automatically releases itself and is flushed away. The patient does not need to retrieve it. Accurate diagnosis has enabled much better targeted treatment with improved outcomes for large

A N DR E A S I LV E R M A N Dip.H.E. (Antenatal Teaching) NCT

Supporting hundreds of happy new families for over 25 years Bespoke, Postnatal & Refresher classes also available!

Uncover the knowledge, confidence and courage to embrace the greatest adventure of your life... Evaluating antenatal care Understanding interventions Labour stages Labour positions Breathing methods Managing & choosing pain relief Hypnobirthing techniques

When to go to hospital Birth Partner’s Role Being a Dad Postnatal life and breastfeeding Emotions and relaxation Plus: Bespoke classes 1-to-1 by arrangement

Join my friendly 3-session Courses for Couples. Choice of Virtual or In-Person (covid-safe) groups For info & booking: 07960 781 605 / andrea.silverman@ntlworld.com

The LINX System is a bracelet of magnetic beads placed around the lower oesophagus Antenatal_AndreaSilverman_A5_2.indd 1

06/04/2021 18:02



Jewish News 29 April 2021

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See a specialist about your ›››››››



lthough well over ninety percent of people will have areas of thread or spider veins on their legs, more serious problems with leg veins will affect at least half of us at some point. True varicose veins affect men as well as women; they are associated with a strong family history and pregnancy, the contraceptive pill and jobs that involve long periods of standing. The larger veins that stick out especially when standing usually ache, itch or throb and they certainly do not look good when on the beach. Less commonly, these varicose veins can cause leg ulcers at the ankle, needing months of bandaging and special dressings to the wound, which are applied two or three times a week. The varicose veins can also clot off (called phlebitis). This presents a risk of devel-

oping a deep vein thrombosis and even having the clot migrate up into the lungs (a pulmonary embolus). Occasionally, the varicose veins bleed profusely if knocked. This, therefore, affects those of us who enjoy contact sports such as rugby or horse riding as well as people with delicate skin. It’s therefore wise not to just ignore your varicose veins but to see a specialist – this would be a vascular surgeon. At your first visit, the specialist doctor will listen to your medical history to assess the causes and significance of your veins. Your legs will then be examined. It is usual to have an ultrasound scan (a duplex scan) of the veins in your legs. With the information found from this, your surgeon will be able to make a treatment plan for you. Although sometimes no treatment is needed, often a procedure is recom-

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mended. This usually involves using an ultrasound and passing a wire up along the varicose vein just under the skin. When accurately placed, a little heater at the tip of the wire is turned on and these seals off the non-functioning vein. The heat is generated either by a laser or high noise (radiofrequency). This is called endothermal ablation of the saphenous vein. At the same time, the varicose veins can be removed with little cuts over them. The whole procedure is undertaken under local anaesthetic, often with some sedation as a day case procedure. It is wise to have the procedure undertaken in a proper operating theatre with sterile clean conditions. It is expected that you will be up and about within a couple of days, although it is often best not to drive for a little while. Any leg bruising usually fades quickly. If the thread veins are troublesome, Varicose veins affect at least half of us at times ask your specialist about microscleSometimes support stockings are rotherapy. This involves putting a little suggested. These can come up to the needle into the thread vein and injecting knee and rarely need to go up the thigh. a recognised chemical that causes the They treat or prevent the development vein to clear. The leg is then bandaged of ankle leg ulcers. They always feel tight for a couple of days. The best results when you first put them on, but this is usually take several weeks, so don’t be normal and a lot of people have a sense in a rush to have repeated treatments of relief when they are on. You may need quickly. to wear the stockings for some time and Occasionally, the technique is marred then your GPwill replace them regularly. by a brown pigmentation along the vein, There are so many different treatwhich will take ages to fade, if at all. ments available to manage varicose veins If the thread veins are very fine (less – please do not ignore yours – but make than one millimeter in diameter), then perhaps a course of skin laser treatment sure you get an expert to assess them. would be indicated. This should only be undertaken by specialists and often requires several sessions before the veins Daryll Baker fade. Don’t go out in the sun without Vascular surgeon, Royal Free Hospital covering the treated area with a high Contact: daryllbaker@btinternet.com factor sun block. 07934 072213


29 April 2021 Jewish News



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Some women will need treatment for ›››››››


Credit: British Menopause Society

s the menopause a natural phenomenon or a disease needing treatment? This is a question I get asked a lot. Women are born with a limited number of eggs, which will, at some time, come to an end. The majority of women in the UK will have reached this stage between the ages of 45 and 52. However, this can also happen in women before or after they reach this age. Once the function of ovaries come to an end, women stop having periods. They can no longer fall pregnant (although contraception is still recommended until the age of 55) and they will have a reduction in hormone production, especially oestrogen. The ovaries are also responsible for releasing a small amount of the male hormone testosterone. Lack of oestrogen can cause symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats, which may sound trivial in themselves but in many women cause disturbed sleep. Lack of sleep can then lead to irritability, anger, depression, memory loss and what is commonly known as ‘brain fog’. The other very common symptoms are general fatigue, bone pain and sexual dysfunction, such as loss of desire (due to reduction of testosterone levels) and pain during sex. These symptoms can be transient in some women, lasting only a few months. But in around 30 percent of women, they can last for many years. Lack of oestrogen can also affect our


general health. We know that our bones are reliant on oestrogen and women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis after the menopause. Osteoporosis is a major cause of fractures in elderly women, leading to hospitalisation, immobility and frailty. Oestrogen also has a protective effect on the heart, and heart disease is more common in women after the menopause; heart attacks in women are rarer below the age of 50. Therefore, long-term health can suffer with the lack of oestrogen. Females born now have a long life expectancy of 85 years. According to the Office for National Statistics, we have a 35 percent chance of living to the age of 90 (meaning 40 years after menopause in an oestrogen deficient state). Women are now a major part of our economy, with 60 percent in paid employment. By the age of 50, women are often responsible for their family, most with children in their teens or young adults. Some women are carers for their elderly parents. With all the responsibilities that women have in society, menopause can have a debilitating effect. Lack of sleep means that functioning the next day with all the different roles will be very difficult. Therefore, although menopause is a natural phenomenon, in some women, this becomes a condition needing treatment. The solutions on offer are firstly through some lifestyle changes. Improving our

diets, maintaining a healthy weight and eating foods rich in natural fruits and vegetables, especially soya products, can help due to a natural type of plant oestrogen present in them. However, other women need to have oestrogen replacement, often in the form of gels or patches, together with progesterone to protect the uterus from the effects of oestrogen stimulation. This will help stop the symptoms of menopause,

such as hot flushes, night sweats and, in some women, also help with loss of libido. In the long term, oestrogen replacement will protect the bones from osteoporosis and also prevent heart disease. Of course, no treatment is without risks and, like anything else, there is a very small increase risk of breast cancer if HRT is taken for a long period of time, and this risk varies depending on which type of HRT is necessary. However, the risks are greatest after five years of HRT use. This risk/ benefit analysis should be discussed in detail with your GP or specialist before making the decision to try HRT. More information can be found on www.menopausematters.co.uk

›››››››››››››››› Moneli Golara is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Barnet Hospital Royal Free Foundation NHS Trust. PA Amanda Jolly: 020 3327 6350

Remote consultations now availale To oo please call 020 8108 3560

Also availale at   Hendon Hospital Private onsultations Private P Physiotherapy



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Expert teams can help those with ››› INFLAMMATORY


hat is inflammatory bowel disease?

The two main conditions that are recognised are ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease (CD). These are disorders that often affect younger people, but can occur at any age. They are more common in some communities and geographic locations and sometimes within families. They are also more common in families of Ashkenazi Jewish origin.

Is this condition hereditary? If it’s in my family, are my children at risk of developing the disease later in life?

There are some families in which this is seen more than one would expect by chance. There is likely to be a genetic component, but is not hereditary as with some conditions, such as the bleeding disease, haemophilia. With Crohn’s, the chance is five or six

percent, rising to 10 percent if both parents are affected. This means that about 95 percent of the time, if a parent has one of these disorders, the child will not develop it.

Does the condition or its treatment affect my fertility and chance of having children?

All conditions that can make us unwell may temporarily affect our fertility. Treatment of the condition itself is the most important factor in maintaining and protecting fertility. Modern medications do not affect current or future fertility and many can be used safely before and during pregnancy, to preserve good health.

What are the main symptoms?

Crohn’s disease can affect all the intestine, but it is most commonly found in the small intestine. Affected patients can have a wide variety of symptoms that are some-

Somebody does understand you Do you ever feel that other people just don’t appreciate the very real issues you face? Reflections understands and therefore provide a range of therapies tailored to every individual.

Addiction | Anxiety & Depression Trauma | Bereavement | Couples Counselling

BOWEL DISEASE ››› times subtle. But losing weight, having diarrhoea (loose and frequent stools) with or without blood and pain in the stomach are common. Patients who have these symptoms with CD are more likely to develop abscesses around the bottom. Patients with UC usually have loose stools with blood.

Are there new technologies to assist in diagnosing these conditions more accurately?

Looking at the gut with X-rays, scans and MRI (magnetic scans) are techniques that are continuously improving. The main advances are in the comfort and safety of using endoscopes (flexible video cameras) inserted into the intestine under sedation. There are very significant advances in using ‘Pill cameras’, where the small video capsule is swallowed to look at the small intestine.

Have there been advances in treatment?

There have been exceptional advances in the past five to 10 years in the medical treatments available for these diseases. It’s essential patients are looked after in specialist hospitals by teams of experts who understand how to assess and treat these diseases. This team-based approach from experts has been shown to significantly improve outcome. The greatest advances have been in the new treatments called biologic drugs. These are usually prescribed for a year at a time and given either with eight hospital visits per year or administered by patients at home.

Can they be cured with medication or surgery?

Despite the advances in medical treatment, these remain conditions that have no simple cure. In patients with colitis that fails to respond to medical treatment, the entire colon can be removed, leaving patients either with a ‘bag’ (stoma where the bowel opens to the skin) or a pouch (where a new ‘large intestine’) is formed from the small intestine. With Crohn’s disease in the small intestine, surgery can remove the affected part if limited length is affected. However, the condition usually recurs and needs ongoing medication to prevent this leading to more surgery. There are, however, some patients who have surgery for Crohn’s disease and it does not return in the remaining intestine. Some patient with UC seem to have a long lasting remission with modern medication.

Does the treatment increase my risk of serious illness with Coronavirus? During the pandemic, the most important message is not to stop or change treatment because of concern, but to discuss this with your doctor. Patients who come in contact with the virus and are on drugs that affect the immune system may be more likely to catch the virus, so getting vaccinated is extremely important.


Mark Hamilton Chair of Medical Subspecialities Institute Clinical Professor of Medicine – Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic London If you would like to make an appointment, please call: 020 8894 2951

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)


Contact us for your free - and totally confidential - initial phone consultation.

020 8930 3169

bespoketherapy.co.uk Ulcerative colitis

Crohn’s disease

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Do see the GP if you have problems with ›››››››


he majority of men will experience some sort of prostate trouble as they get older. Here, I summarise the common issues and possible interventions.

What is a prostate?

The prostate is a walnutsized gland that sits underneath the bladder, forming a tunnel through which urine passes.The main job of the prostate is to make semen, which is the fluid that carries sperm. There are three main issues that can arise with prostates. Prostate cancer, benign (non-cancer) prostate enlargement and prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate). I will discuss each in turn.

Prostate cancer and the PSA test

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer. One in eight men will be affected in their lifetime, although the risk is higher in black men and those with a family history of prostate cancer, a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, or a BRCA gene mutation that affects one in 40 Ashkenazim. Prostate cancer often starts slowly and, in some men, this never causes any problems. However, some men may develop a more aggressive cancer that spreads more quickly. Identifying and treating these men is important. Prostate cancer incidence rises steeply from ages 50-54 to a peak in the 75-79 age group and then plateauing. Prostate cancer usually has no symptoms in the early stages, when contained within the prostate. Many men over 50 have symptoms of prostate enlargement, typically a weaker urinary flow or needing to pass urine more often. While these symptoms are usually unrelated to prostate cancer, they often lead to a GP consultation and a PSA blood test. PSA is a protein made by the prostate. An elevated PSA can be concerning for prostate cancer, but PSA can also rise in non-cancerous conditions. If the PSA is above the normal age-related level, or the prostate feels abnormal on examination, your GP may refer you to a urologist for further investigation. Although there is no UK recommendation for prostate cancer screening in the same way as there is for breast cancer, a man with a family history, bothersome urinary symptoms or concern is able to see their GP and ask for a blood test. In the past decade, prostate cancer diagnosis has become safer and more accurate owing to the increased use of multiparametric MRI scans and local anaesthetic transperineal biopsies. Your urologist will discuss this in more detail if required.


Prostate cancer treatment options are wide-ranging and depend on the grade and stage of the cancer. Potentially curative options for cancer confined to the prostate include robotassisted surgical removal of the entire prostate or radiotherapy treatment. Novel treatments such as focal therapy can be considered in certain cases. There is good evidence that the majority of low-grade cancers may be safely observed rather than treated. The Prostate Cancer UK website is an excellent source of information: www.prostatecanceruk.org

Urinary problems in men

Benign (non-cancerous) prostate enlargement occurs in almost all men with increasing age. As the prostate enlarges, the channel through which urine flows becomes narrower. Typical symptoms include a weak flow, needing to strain to pass urine or passing urine more frequently. Some men have no bothersome symptoms at all and do not require any treatment. Many men who are bothered by their symptoms benefit from lifestyle changes, such as reducing evening fluid intake and avoiding bladder irritants, such as caffeinated or carbonated drinks. If these changes are not sufficient, then a GP or urologist can discuss various tablets to relax the prostate, shrink the prostate or relax the bladder. Surgical options are usually only necessary if the symptoms remain bothersome, although some men progress to surgical intervention if there is a related kidney issue or they require a urinary catheter. Surgical options for treating benign prostate enlargement have multiplied in the past decade.The gold-standard treatment is holmium laser enucleation of the prostate or HoLEP for short. This treatment uses a laser to create a channel in the prostate, allowing better urine flow and more complete bladder emptying. The advantages over traditional surgery (TURP) are lower risks of bleeding, prostate regrowth and a shorter hospital stay, usually just one night. Other more novel interventions include Rezum steam treatment, Urolift implants and prostatic artery embolisation. Current evidence indicates the HoLEP procedure gives better and more durable outcomes, but there are lifestyle effects that may sway a man towards one of the other options. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, often related to an infection. Symptoms may include passing urine more often, stinging or burning when passing urine, or pain in the pelvic area. Often this settles with antibiotics and

The urinary system

anti-inflammatory tablets. If a man notices blood in the urine, or has symptoms of an infection, it is important to seek medical advice and urology referral to exclude a serious underlying cause.


Mr Daniel Cohen PhD FRCS is a consultant urological surgeon at Royal Free London, The London Clinic


and Spire Bushey. He is an advisor to Prostate Cancer UK and a co-author of the European Bladder Cancer Guidelines. He runs prostate and bladder cancer diagnostic clinics on a weekly basis. For private appointments, contact his PA by telephone on 07852 638780 or email mrcohenprivatesecretary@nhs.net or visit www.mrdanielcohen.co.uk

LET ME HELP you achieve your fitness goals

Weight loss, controlling diabetes, exercise to manage lower back pain, suspension training, gym based boxing, youth, seniors, postural assessment and corrective exercise, pilates, kettlebell training...... Rachelle Goodwin Tel: 07906 907 087 Email: gymrachelle1@gmail.com



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We are ready to welcome you to our homes.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping our residents safe has been our priority. Our experienced and caring staff ensure our homes have the highest level of cleanliness, regular testing and ample amounts of PPE. We also know how essential it is for you to stay in touch with your loved one. We have made sure that families stay connected through one on one visits, video calls, and special visiting pods. Each of our homes is a very special community with daily activities promoting wellbeing and stimulating both body and mind. We proudly celebrate our Jewish life and enjoy Shabbat and festivals together as well as delicious Kosher food. For more information please call our team on 020 8922 2222 or email lwjc@jcare.org


Charity Reg No. 802559

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26/04/2021 13:59

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There’s often nothing concerning about ››››››



abies who cry a lot are always a worry. Most of the time, there is no problem and, in fact, confirming that to parents often takes alot of stress out of the situation, making life easier for both parent and baby. Sometimes there is a medical cause for a persistently unsettled, crying baby – common causes are reflux (GOR) and cow’s milk allergy (CMA). So, what is normal and what needs further investigation? Normal infant crying increases in the first few weeks of life and is often at its worse at about eight weeks, when the baby can cry on average two to three hours a day. It is often worse in the evening. Babies may draw up their legs as if in pain but there really isn’t good evidence that the

pain is due to intestinal problems. Fortunately, the crying gets much better by three to four months. If there is typical history and normal examination, then the baby does not need treatment. Babies who are unsettled and irritable owing to reflux or cow’s milk allergy can be difficult to diagnose as there is not a simple test for these conditions and they often co-exist. The history and examination will point to which is more likely and what management to start. Reflux is common in young babies and is when the stomach contents are regurgitutated either up the oesophagus (food tube) or into the mouth, and sometimes results in the baby vomiting milk out of their mouth. Most of the time, babies are not upset by this, gain weight well and grow out of it by one year. Some

babies do get upset with back arching and crying especially during/after feeds and poor sleeping and weight gain. Anti-reflux medications help with these symptoms. Babies with CMA can also be irritable and cry a lot especially when feeding. They may have frequent vomiting after feeds, diarrhoea with blood or mucus, poor weight gain and widespread eczema. The diagnosis is made by taking milk out of their diet for two weeks and then reintroducing it. If the baby improves after the two weeks and then gets worse on reintroduction, they are likely to have CMA. A baby with widespread eczema may have other food allergies and should be referred to a paediatrician before starting solids as they may need allergy testing. Of course, I am not talking about a baby who suddenly becomes more irritable and cries much more than normal. This can be a sign of other conditions that need to be diagnosed and treated quickly.

Does your teen complain of neck or back pain?

Does your child complain of leg or joint pain, especially at night? Has it been dismissed as ‘growing pains’? These symptoms are typical of Hypermobility which is very common in the Jewish Community. Experts in hypermobility

Growing pains Wrist pain after writing/typing Poor posture Delays in motor-skill development in toddlers and children

Experts in women’s health physiotherapy

Ante- and post-natal Mummy MOT Pelvic girdle pain Pelvic floor issues

Experts in prevention & treatment of sports injuries

Training programmes (marathons / fun runs) Pain after exercise in children and teens Exercise & diet advice for weight-loss Pilates

Male & female therapists available.

Expert Physiotherapy for the whole family.

Our expert Physiotherapists are: Stephen Parkus, Dana Frank and Judith Cohen.

Home visits offered around NW London. Covered by all major UK health insurers. Serving the community since 2008.

Tel: 020 8728 0625

30 Gibbs Green, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 9RJ | Magpie Hall Road, Bushey Herts WD23 1NY The Gingerbread House, Black Lion Hill, Shenley WD7 9DE | www.greenclinic.co.uk

››››››››››››››››››› Neeta Patel Paediatric consultant, neetapatel@ londonmedical.management



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Busting the myths about



czema is a common, itchy skin condition that can affect people of all ages. The skin is usually dry and, during flares, becomes red, sore and raw. In children, eczema often starts before the age of five and can significantly impact on quality of life, causing problems with sleep and affecting concentration at school or socially, because of itching. I see many children and adults each week who suffer from eczema and other skin conditions. Patients and parents are naturally looking for answers to address why the eczema started and how to manage things effectively. With this in mind, I plan to debunk three myths commonly encountered in clinic. Myth 1: Eczema is always caused by allergens Eczema is a condition caused by a complex

interaction in the skin between inflammation and a disturbed skin barrier. Although eczema can be associated with allergies, it is rarely caused by allergies alone. Only a small number of children with eczema will be helped by dietary changes (usually those under the age of three). Even for those in whom dietary changes have proved helpful, use of a good skincare routine is critical. The healthy skin barrier is disrupted in patients with eczema, making patients prone to infection and inflammation, so focusing on skin-directed treatment is really essential for gaining control. Myth 2: It’s a bad idea to regularly bath children who have eczema How often you bath your child with eczema is not as important as whether you use warm (not hot) water, moisturise straight afterwards, and minimise the amount of

ECZEMA ›››››

fragranced soap and bubble baths that go in the water. It’s true that, in the UK, many regions will have hard water, and this contributes to skin dryness, but the benefits of ‘bathing-with-tweaks’ outweigh the negative impact. So, what can you do? Use an emollient-based soap substitute, keep the bath short (less than 10 minutes), avoid very hot temperatures that worsen itch, then moisturise when the skin is still damp, to lock in hydration. Myth 3: Eczema doesn’t need treatment because children will just grow out of it. Some children do outgrow their eczema, but this is not absolute. Many children will have eczema that waxes and wanes and accompanies them into teens and adulthood. Eczema varies in severity, but can become a bigger problem if a child’s scratching causes open wounds and skin infection. When a child is uncomfortable because of their eczema, or eczema interferes with their day-to-day routine, treatment is warranted. Keeping a child’s

skin well moisturised is the first step in keeping them comfortable.

››››››››››››››››››› Dr Danielle Greenblatt drdgreenblatt@kmsprofessionals.co.uk Tel: 020 8057 3087

Are You Paying Too Much for Private Healthcare? Medischeme.co.uk 0800 085 2677

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“When my brother told me he had bowel cancer, the first thing I did was call Chai.” At Chai we understand the impact that living with a cancer diagnosis can have on each member of a family. From our flagship centre in North West London and through telephone, Skype and Zoom, Chai is able to provide the specialised support each family member needs. For more information please call 0208 202 2211 or our Freephone Helpline on 0808 808 4567 or visit www.chaicancercare.org.

Chai Lifeline Cancer Care Registered Charity No. 1078956

Mental Health Awareness Week 10 – 16 May 2021

The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is Nature. During the pandemic many of us connected with nature and found a new love for the outdoors.

Bringing nature into our everyday lives can be vital for maintaining good mental health.

Join Jami for a series of FREE online events. To book these events or for more information please visit jamiuk.org/mhaw #ConnectWithNature #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #Jami Jami Registered Charity 1003345. A Company Limited by Guarantee 2618170.

Monday 10th May 11am – 12pm Peer Support Group Share your experiences and hear about others in a non-judgmental space

Thursday 13th May 11am – 1pm Kind CoWorking – Gardening tips! Thursday 13th May 2pm – 3pm Nature Wellbeing Walk – North London

Monday 10th May 7pm – 8pm Inner Garden Workshop

area (IN PERSON)

Gain creative tools for reflecting and mapping out your skills, support systems, achievements, hopes, and more!

Thursday 13th May 6.30pm – 7.30pm Community Conversation – Nature

Tuesday 11th May 11am – 1pm Kind CoWorking – Gardening tips!

Thursday 13th May 7.30pm – 8.30pm Climate Change and Mental Health “Get Together” for 18-32 year olds

Tuesday 11th May 1.15pm – 1.45pm Bite-sized wellbeing Tuesday 11th May 2pm – 3pm Nature Wellbeing Walk – North London

area (IN PERSON)

Tuesday 11th 7pm – 8pm Poetry Reading Group – Nature Edition Wednesday 12th May 2pm – 3pm Creativity4All - Exploring the intersections of Mental Health and Nature Wednesday 12th May 7pm – 8:30pm Yoga & Nature

Friday 14th May 2pm – 3pm Peer Support Group Pop to Head Room Café (Golders Green) to receive seeded paper, to plant and grow, with every purchase during MHAW




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Orthodox Judaism


Torah For Today What does the Torah say about: The European Super League

Emor BY RABBI ZVI SOLOMONS This week’s Torah portion of Emor is full of material suitable for sermons. On this occasion, I have chosen to focus on one very short passage, which comes towards the end of the parsha and deals with the matter of compensation. Unfortunately, it has also been used as a kind of stick with which to beat our religion and our traditions. Appearing in Leviticus chapter 24:19, we read: “And if a man maim his neighbour, as he hath done, so shall it be done to him: breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; as he hath maimed a man, so shall it be rendered unto him.” This is what our enemies harp on about. The antisemitic claim is that Jews are primitive, barbaric and vengeful, that retaliation is the basis of our law. In fact, the Torah teaches

us that we give monetary compensation. Lex talionis – the law of retaliation developed in early Babylonian law – is nonsense. In Exodus and Deuteronomy, we are given several examples of monetary compensation for torts and injury. Indeed, ours is the first legal system to do this. Under Hamirabi’s Babylonian code however, a person could literally poke out another’s eye in satisfaction for the wrong done to him. Judaism worships a loving God, our Father in Heaven, who expects us to obey His Law (Torah) and not to desecrate his name by our actions. By keeping within the rule of law and not taking vengeance, we sanctify His name.

◆ Zvi Solomons is rabbi of JCoB, the Jewish Community of Berkshire in Reading

BY RABBI ALEX CHAPPER “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.” So said the late Bill Shankly. The recent crisis in football over the proposals for a European Super League, which was due to include the so-called Big Six in English football, certainly seemed to support Chelsea FC is one of the ‘Big Six’ this adage as a truism. wealth, said: “A person who loves But as soon as the plan became public, it drew criticism from fans, money is never satisfied, nor is a lover players, pundits and even govern- of wealth fulfilled. That too is futile.” The Akeidat Yitzchak explains ment. This quickly led to all of the clubs withdrawing and the plans that since material possessions evoke being scrapped although the question in a person the desire to amass even of money in the game and the power more of them, they cannot be true of wealthy owners being out of touch possessions, since they do not satisfy the owner but act as a reminder of all with supporters remained. The word ‘greed’ was used liber- the things they have not yet acquired. ally to describe the clubs’ motiva- It is this that makes the pursuit of tions. So what does the Torah say wealth not only an unfulfilling exercise, but also ultimately pointless. about being driven by financial gain? The Midrash expands on this In his great wisdom, King Solomon, who was blessed with idea and teaches that a person does

not leave this world with even half of their desires fulfilled, someone who possesses a hundred desires two hundred; someone who has two hundred craves four hundred. However, a word of caution. If we are going to claim greed on the part of others, then we need to examine our own relationship with material possessions. Do we associate even modest wealth with happiness? How much pleasure do we derive from our latest acquisition, however small? Should we all not remember that the Torah teaches us: “Man does not live on bread alone, rather we live by everything that emanates from God’s mouth”? We all face the same choice of instant gratification versus deferred reward, which is the difference between the ephemeral and the eternal. ◆ Rabbi Alex Chapper serves Borehamwood and Elstree United Synagogue

What would a school created by Rabbi Lord Sacks look like? Rabbi Sacks earned many titles over the span of his life, but the one he valued above any other was “rabbi”, writes Dr Daniel Rose. The Hebrew word rabbi means simply teacher. Above all else, Rabbi Sacks saw himself as an educator, and made it his life’s work to transmit Judaism’s core message, wisdom and values to current and future generations. “Education,” said Rabbi Sacks, “is not what we know. It is who we are.” It is most certainly who he was. While he became a global religious leader, impacting myriads of Jews and non-Jews around the world, I can’t help wondering what his career would have looked like if he had chosen a different path and become a school teacher. What would a Jewish school under his leadership look like? Rabbi Sacks frequently and proudly presented universal education as a core Jewish value and described the Jewish people as “a nation of educators” from the very beginning of their history. His school would be open and welcoming to every Jewish child in the community, celebrate

their successes and create opportunities whenever possible for intergenerational Jewish learning, partnering with parents and grandparents in the educational process. His school would be proudly Modern Orthodox, with a strong and clearly articulated ethos. Central to this would be an openness to the “other”. Space to acknowledge and celebrate “the dignity of difference” would be a key tenet of this school, with time in the curriculum given to understanding other streams of Judaism and other faiths, and time in the calendar given for dialogue and interaction. In this school, there would be a strong emphasis on cross-curricular integration between the Jewish and general studies departments, demonstrating that not only is there no tension between Torah and Chochma (Jewish and general wisdom), but they fully complement each other, addressing different human needs and understanding, forming what he called “the great partnership”. Jewish history will also be an essential part of the curriculum, focusing on national memory and personal identity. Israel and Zionism will permeate every cultural and religious aspect of

this school, functioning as a source of identity and inspiration as the “Land of Hope”, and the place where, he said, “Jews were summoned to create a society of justice and compassion under the sovereignty of God”. The late Rabbi Lord Sacks The teachers in this school would be supremely valued as vital contributors to society. For Rabbi Sacks, teachers are and assemblies, but would be actualised off the heroes of the Jewish world and should be campus, taking our students into the commuappreciated professionally, communally and nity and wider society, ensuring students gain, financially. There is no more powerful vehicle in a practical and experiential way, the core for education than role models, because values value of “Jewish responsibility”. While Rabbi Sacks is no longer here to lead are caught, not taught. The school day would be framed by tefillah us, he left us a blueprint. Now is the time for us (Jewish prayer). Rather than one-size-fits-all, to deliver on his vision. a creative approach would be taken ensuring ◆ Dr Daniel Rose is an Israel-based Jewish diverse opportunities and modes for devel- educator and educational consultant and oping a relationship with God. For Rabbi Sacks, a curriculum writer for The Rabbi Sacks faith is a muscle like any other, needing atten- Legacy Trust. Daniel’s lecture on Monday, tion and regular exercise. 3 May is part of the fortnightly course Our Rabbi Sacks school would reflect the run by the London School of Jewish centrality of activism and social responsibility Studies on key ideas of Rabbi Sacks, in order “to heal the fractured world”, an idea taught by his well-known and up-andfound throughout his writings. This would not coming students from around the world. remain theoretical, just inside in the classroom Details: www.lsjs.ac.uk

29 April 2021 Jewish News



Progressive Judaism

Progressively Speaking

The Bible Says What?

Board’s race report calls for action – now is the time to bring about change

‘There’s a hole in The Holiness Code!’ BY RABBI YUVAL KEREN Leviticus contains a section we often refer to as The Holiness Code. It provides us with a legal, ethical and ritual code of conduct beginning with the words: “God spoke to Moses, saying: Speak to the whole Israelite community and say to them: You shall be holy (kedoshim), for I, Adonai, your God, am Holy (kadosh).” The Hebrew word kadosh is translated as ‘holy’, but it also means ‘distinct’, ‘separate’ and ‘elevated’. This opening verse of The Holiness Code tells us God is unique, separate and elevated from the world and God’s holiness is a constant presence in the world. All holiness stems from God and everything in creation can assume this holiness of God. Holiness is therefore a conditional state. Nothing can be given the status of holiness unless there is a holy action behind it. The land of Israel is holy if its inhabitants can find the courage to respect and


care for one another. Sabbaths and festivals will be holy if we observe them, celebrate them and actively rest in them. However, there is one great danger in doing just that. Our interpretation of these laws might become faulty if we forget about the rest of the world and think of these rules as applying to a select group of people. We might decide we should not care for the poor of another city, country or continent because we are too busy caring for the poor in our own city. Therefore when we explore our tradition of ethics, we must apply the test of common sense and reason and not accept the sacred text of Torah as perfect, infallible and relevant for all times and in all situations. By applying both tradition and reason, we can bring ourselves nearer to the presence of God.

◆ Rabbi Yuval Keren serves Southgate Progressive Synagogue

14th June 2016 Attention all Prospective

8 – 10 Shirehall Lane, London NW4 2PD Tel: 020 8202 7704 Fax: 020 8202 1605 Email: admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Web: www.hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Reception Head Teacher: Dr Alan Shaw, BA (Hons), MA, EdD.

Our sages debated the question as to what is greater – study or action? In response, Rabbi Akiva taught that study is greater because it leads to action. I love Akiva’s confidence in the power of learning to move people, but add one cautionary note – when it comes to social change, too often study can feel like inaction. Stephen Bush and the Board of Deputies’ Commission for Racial Inclusivity report represents a charge to us as communities and individuals. The report is full of stories. Every time a report is conducted asking people to speak of their experience of discrimination, it makes an implicit promise: that those who need to hear this will understand and act. Study that does not lead to action is an affront to that which has been taught. A year ago, our community was ‘listening and learning’, acknowledging that speaking out in the name

Virtual Open Evening on

We are pleased to welcome Reception, Nursery & Pre-Nursery Parents to an Wednesday 18thProspective November 2020 from 8–9:30 pm There will be a Zoom presentation by the Headteacher followed by a virtual tour of the school. For security, please contact us with your details so that we may forward you the Zoom details closer to the time.

Open Morning

Attention all Prospective Pre-Nursery, on Tuesday 8 November 2016 from 9.30 – 11.00 am. admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Nursery &be Reception Parents 2021-2022 There will a presentation by the Headteacher at 9.30 am and followed by a tour of the school. Email

Report author Stephen Bush

of antiracism while continuing to perpetuate harm on members of our own communities made those words empty. There is more learning to do, to enable people to really understand how racism operates, so we can work to dismantle structural racism within our community and be a better ally to other communities that experience discrimination. Learning should not be an obstacle to action and there is much in the report that can be implemented straight away.

14th June 2016 Parents


Email admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk

Applications for in September 2021 to Pre Nursery must Forentry security, please contact us with theNursery names of&attendees. be received by Wednesday 9th December 2020. _________________________________________________________________ -------------------------Applications for entry in September 2017 to Pre Nursery & Nursery must be received by Applications for the Reception Class in September 2021 must be Friday 2nd December received by the School AND Barnet by Tuesday 2016. 12th January 2021 for which you will need to complete two separate forms: Applications for Reception September 2017 in must be received by the School AND Barnet  The Common Application Form to be returned to the London on Sunday 15th January 2017. Borough of Barnet (online)  OurThe Hasmonean Primary Supplementary Information (on our Admissions Policy and Application Forms are available fromForm the School or our website website) to be returned to the School www.hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk

Due to ‘lockdown ending’ and most of our school opening up, we are pleased to announce that we now have a few spaces available in our Pre Nursery, Nursery & Reception groups for September 2021-2022. Applications entry in September 2021 Forms to any of the above A copy offor the Governors’ Admissions Policy and Application are available on request from the School Office or on the school website. Our Privacy Policy is also on our website. should be sent in as soon as possible as we will operate on a . first come, first served basis. Please email admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk and request an application form which should be scanned back to us by return. A copy of the Governors’ Admissions Policy and Application Forms are available on request from the School Office or on the school website. Our Privacy Policy is also on our website.

When raising issues around racism in the community, too often members are told: ‘Be patient’, ‘Things take time’, ‘This is complicated, let’s not upset people’, ‘This is a religious space, so we stay away from controversial issues’. Let’s be clear, the only thing those answers do is uphold a status quo that is unacceptable. Last week, a BBC documentary reported that in the past 35 years there have been 20 reports into racism in the Church of England, each in its own way lamenting the lack of progress on routinely identified issues. Our community has just conducted its first. It is on us to learn from the journeys of others and ensure the Jewish community does not end up trapped in a similar toxic cycle of inaction. ◆ Rabbi Deborah Blausten serves Finchley Reform Synagogue

Attention all Prospective

8 – 10 Shirehall Lane, London NW4 2PD Tel: 020 8202 7704 Fax: 020 8202 1605 Email: admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Web: www.hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Reception Head Teacher: Dr Alan Shaw, BA (Hons), MA, EdD.


Virtual Open Evening on

We are pleased to welcome Reception, Nursery & Pre-Nursery Parents to an Wednesday 18thProspective November 2020 from 8–9:30 pm There will be a Zoom presentation by the Headteacher followed by a virtual tour of the school. For security, please contact us with your details so that we may forward you the Zoom details closer to the time.

Open Morning Required for September 2021

on Tuesday 8 November 2016 from 9.30 – 11.00 am. admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk FULL-TIME TEACHER OF LIMMUDEI KODESH Email


There will be a presentation by the Headteacher at 9.30 am and followed by a tour of the school.

Applications for in September 2021 to Pre Nursery must Forentry security, please contact us with theNursery names of&attendees.

Hasmonean a friendly, successful Orthodox Jewish be Primary received by is Wednesday 9 December 2020. _________________________________________________________________ Primary School in Hendon labelled by OFSTED as a “high attaining -------------------------Applications for entry in September 2017 to Pre Nursery & Nursery must be received by school in which their learning.” Applications for the pupils Receptionenjoy Class in September 2021 must be Friday 2ndKodesh December receivedwhere by the School AND Barnet by Tuesdayis2016. 12 January 2021 for We are a school Limmudei valued equally by which you will need to complete two separate forms: Applications for Reception September 2017 in must be received by the School AND Barnet school, pupils and parents and as Pikuach observed – it is a school  The Common Application Form to be returned to the London onenjoyment Sunday 15th January 2017. where pupils express their of Kodesh lessons. Borough of Barnet (online)  Our The Hasmonean Primary Supplementary Information Form (on our Admissions Policy and Application Forms are available from theteach School or our website So, if you are enthused by teaching and want to Torah website) to be returned to the School to children who are equally www.hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk enthused by learning, then we are A copy of the Governors’ Admissions Policyfor andyou. Application Forms are available on request looking th


from the School Office or on the school website. Our Privacy Policy is also on our website.


We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic, inspiring LK teacher to join our friendly, supportive team. Our curriculum requires a teacher with a background in yeshivah/seminary. Please apply by submitting a CV to admin@hasmonean-pri.barnet.sch.uk Closing date for applications, midday 05/05/2021 Interviews will be held Week beginning 10/5/2019 This post is subject to safer recruitment procedures.



Jewish News 29 April 2021

Ask Our Experts / Professional advice from our panel

Our Experts Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@jewishnews.co.uk PRIVATE HEALTHCARE SPECIALIST


FINANCIAL SERVICES (FCA) COMPLIANCE JACOB BERNSTEIN Qualifications: • A member of the APCC, specialising in financial services compliance for: • Mortgage, protection and general insurance intermediaries; • Lenders, credit brokers, debt counsellors and debt managers; • Alternative Investment Fund managers; • E-Money, payment services, PISP, AISP and grant-making charities.

RICHDALE CONSULTANTS LTD 020 7781 8019 www.richdale.co.uk jacob@richdale.co.uk


TREVOR GEE Qualifications: • Managing Director, consultant specialists in affordable family health insurance. • Advising on maximising cover, lower premiums, pre-existing conditions. • Excellent knowledge of health insurers, cover levels and hospital lists. • LLB solicitors finals. • Member of Chartered Insurance Institute.

SIMON MARSH Qualifications: • Consultant General Surgeon with specialist interest in dealing with both breast cancer and non-cancer breast conditions. • Surgical Director of the Gilmore Groin and Hernia Clinic experienced in hernia surgery, including “non-mesh” hernia repair and Sportsman’s Hernia. • Local anaesthetic surgery including lipomas, cysts and skin cancers.

EMMA GROSS Qualifications: • Specialist in claims of unfair dismissal, redundancy and discrimination. • Negotiate out-of-court settlements and handle complex tribunal cases. • HR services including drafting contracts and policies, advising on disciplinaries, grievances and providing staff training. • Contributor to The Times, HR Magazine and other titles.

PATIENT HEALTH 020 3146 3444/5/6 www.patienthealth.co.uk trevor.gee@patienthealth.co.uk

108 HARLEY STREET 0207 563 1234 www.108harleystreet.co.uk info@108harleystreet.co.uk

SPENCER WEST LLP 020 7925 8080 www.spencer-west.com emma.gross@spencer-west.com



CAROLYN ADDLEMAN Qualifications: Lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in will drafting and trust and estate administration. Last 14 years at KKL Executor and Trustee Company. In close contact with clients to ensure all legal and pastoral needs are cared for. Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

• •

JONATHAN WILLIAMS Qualifications: • Jewellery manufacturer since 1980s. • Expert in the manufacture and supply of diamond jewellery, wedding rings and general jewellery. • Specialist in supply of diamonds to the public at trade prices.

KKL EXECUTOR AND TRUSTEE COMPANY 0800 358 3587 www.kkl.org.uk enquiries@kkl.org.uk

JEWELLERY CAVE LTD 020 8446 8538 www.jewellerycave.co.uk jonathan@jewellerycave.co.uk

Got a question for a member of our team? Email: editorial@jewishnews.co.uk


COMMERCIAL LAWYER ADAM LOVATT Qualifications: • Lawyer with more than 11 years of experience working in the legal sector. Specialist in corporate, commercial, media, sport and start-ups. • Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law from the University of London. • Non-Executive Director of various companies advising on all governance matters.

LOVATT LEGAL LIMITED 07753 802 804 adam@lovattlegal.co.uk


DAVID SEGEL Qualifications: • Managing director of West End Travel, established in 1972. • Leading UK El Al agent with branches in Swiss Cottage and Edgware. • Specialist in Israel travel, cruises and kosher holidays. • Leading business travel company, ranked in top 50 UK agents. • Frequent travel broadcaster on radio and TV.

SUE CIPIN Qualifications: • 20 years+ hands-on experience, leading JDA in significant growth and development. • Understanding of the impact of deafness on people, including children, at all stages. • Extensive services for people affected by hearing loss/tinnitus. • Technology room with expert advice on and facilities to try out the latest equipment. Hearing aid advice, support and maintenance.

WEST END TRAVEL 020 7644 1500 www.westendtravel.co.uk David.Segel@westendtravel.co.uk

JEWISH DEAF ASSOCIATION 020 8446 0502 www.jdeaf.org.uk mail@jdeaf.org.uk



STEPHEN MORRIS Qualifications: • Managing Director of Stephen Morris Shipping Ltd. • 45 years’ experience in shipping household and personal effects. • Chosen mover for four royal families and three UK prime ministers. • Offering proven quality specialist advice for moving anyone across the world or round the corner.

LOUISE LEACH Qualifications: • Professional choreographer qualified in dance, drama and Zumba (ZIN, ISTD & LAMDA), gaining an honours degree at Birmingham University. • Former contestant on ITV’s Popstars, reaching bootcamp with Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw and Kym Marsh. • Set up Dancing with Louise 19 years ago.

STEPHEN MORRIS SHIPPING LTD 020 8832 2222 www.shipsms.co.uk stephen@shipsms.co.uk

DANCING WITH LOUISE 020 3740 7900 www.dancingwithlouise.co.uk Info@dancingwithlouise.com

29 April 2021 Jewish News



Professional advice from our panel / Ask Our Experts




ADAM SHELLEY Qualifications: • FCCA chartered certified accountant. • Accounting, taxation and business advisory services. • Entrepreneurial business specialist including start-up businesses. • Specialises in charities; Personal tax returns. • Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation Volunteer of the Year JVN award.

SHANTI PANCHANI Qualifications: • Experienced designer with 25+ years’ experience in German and English kitchens. • We provide a full-circle approach: from designing and supplying to installing your new kitchen including appliances and speciality worktops. • Our suppliers are flexible in design, ensuring the customer remains the priority. • We have been supplying kosher-friendly kitchens for over 15 years.

DR ADAM NEWMAN Qualifications: • Dentist at the Gingerbread House, a Bupa Platinum practice in Shenley, Radlett. • Regional clinical lead for Bupa Dental Care UK. • Providing NHS and private dentistry, whitening, implants and cosmetic treatment. • Bachelor of Dental Surgery and member of the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons Glasgow; GDC registered 212542.

SOBELL RHODES LLP 020 8429 8800 www.sobellrhodes.co.uk a.shelley@sobellrhodes.co.uk

THE KITCHEN CONSULTANCY 07738 067 671 www.thekitchenconsultancy.com shanti@thekitchenconsultancy.com

GINGERBREAD HOUSE 01923 852 852 www.gingerbreadhealth.co.uk Adam.newman@gingerbreadhealth.co.uk




NAOMI FELTHAM Qualifications: • Leading currency transfer provider since 1996 with over 500 expert employees. • Excellent exchange rates on your transfers to/from Israel. • Offices worldwide, with local support in Israel, the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. • Free expert guidance from your dedicated account manager.

IAN GREEN Qualifications: • Launched Man on a Bike IT consultancy 15 years ago to provide computer support for the home and small businesses. • Clients range from legal firms in the City to families, small business owners and synagogues. • More than 18 years’ experience.

LISA WIMBORNE Qualifications: Able to draw on the charity’s 50 years of experience in enabling people with physical disabilities or impaired vision to live independently, including: • The provision of specialist accommodation with 24/7 on site support. • Knowledge of the innovations that empower people and the benefits available. • Understanding of the impact of a disability diagnosis.

CURRENCIES DIRECT 07922 131 152 / 020 7847 9447 www.currenciesdirect.com/jn Naomi.feltham@currenciesdirect.com

MAN ON A BIKE 020 8731 6171 www.manonabike.co.uk mail@manonabike.co.uk

JEWISH BLIND & DISABLED 020 8371 6611 www.jbd.org Lisa@jbd.org



LEON HARRIS Qualifications: • Leon is an Israeli and UK accountant based in Ramat Gan, Israel. • He is a Partner at Harris Horoviz Consulting & Tax Ltd. • The firm specializes in Israeli and international tax advice, accounting and tax reporting for investors, Olim and businesses. • Leon’s motto is: Our numbers speak your language!

ASHLEY PRAGER Qualifications: • Professional insurance and reinsurance broker. Offering PI/D&O cover, marine and aviation, property owners, ATE insurance, home and contents, fine art, HNW. • Specialist in insurance and reinsurance disputes, utilising Insurance backed products. (Including non insurance business disputes). • Ensuring clients do not pay more than required.

HARRIS HOROVIZ CONSULTING & TAX LTD +972-3-6123153 / + 972-54-6449398 leon@h2cat.com

RISK RESOLUTIONS 020 3411 4050 www.risk-resolutions.com ashley.prager@risk-resolutions.com



DOV NEWMARK Qualifications: • Director of UK Aliyah for Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organisation that helps facilitate aliyah from the UK. • Conducts monthly seminars and personal aliyah meetings in London. • An expert in working together with clients to help plan a successful aliyah.

ERIC SALAMON Qualifications: • Provides free professional one-to-one advice at Resource to help unemployed into work. • Offers mock interviews and workshops to maximise job prospects. • Expert in corporate management holding director level marketing, commercial and general management roles.

NEFESH B’NEFESH 0800 075 7200 www.nbn.org.il dov@nbn.org.il

RESOURCE 020 8346 4000 www.resource-centre.org office@resource-centre.org


If you would like to advertise your services here email: sales@ jewishnews.co.uk


VANESSA LLOYD PLATT Qualifications: • Qualification: 40 years experience as a matrimonial and divorce solicitor and mediator, specialising in all aspects of family matrimonial law, including: • Divorce, pre/post-nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, domestic violence, children’s cases, grandparents’ rights to see grandchildren, pet disputes, family disputes. • Frequent broadcaster on national and International radio and television.

LEON SMITH Qualifications: • Career spent in running one of the country’s largest care homes for older people (Nightingale Hammerson) • Extensive experience in political lobbying on matters relating to older people • Experience in housing matters related to older people and current board member of JLiving

LLOYD PLATT & COMPANY SOLICITORS 020 8343 2998 www.divorcesolicitors.com lloydplatt@divorcesolicitors.com

SWEETTREE HOME CARE SERVICES 020 7644 9522 www.sweettree.co.uk info@sweettree.co.uk

Computer problems solved PC, Mac, WiFi, Laptops & Desktops Remote Support and On-Site Man on a Bike IT Consultancy Call now 020 8731 6171 www.manonabike.co.uk



Jewish News 29 April 2021

JDA’s door-to-door hearing aid service is a lifeline at this time of isolation



“ I had a chat with my best friend from school.


For the first time in years, she can hear properly on the phone. We love a little gossip. Guess what, Shirley has remarried for the sixth time! ”

Thanks to JDA, everyone can have clean, working hearing aids and remain connected to their loved ones and the world around them at this difficult time. To book an appointment: North London Email andrew@jdeaf.org.uk or call 020 8446 0214 Redbridge Email richard@jdeaf.org.uk or call 020 8551 7700

020 8446 0502 www.jdeaf.org.uk Registered Charity No. 1105845 Company Limited by Guarantee 4983830

29 April 2021 Jewish News



Fun, games and prizes







9 10 13 17 18 19 20

7 8




12 13


16 18



ACROSS 1 Hard ornamental stone in various shades of green (4)

3 Nervous (6) 8 Engage in histrionic pretence (4‑3)




























3 9

G A E C N L H O Y 23














Last issue’s solutions Crossword ACROSS: 1 Licit 4 Music 7 Eau 8 Oil drum 9 Stag 10 Tsar 13 Hem 15 Each 16 Ears 19 Rebirth 21 Pen 22 Payee 23 Dares DOWN: 1 Lies 2 Caustic 3 Trough 4 Mile 5 Sir 6 Camera 11 Scraper 12 Gear up 14 Method 17 Urge 18 Ends 20 Buy

1 2 6 3 9 5 8 4 7

7 4 5 2 1 8 3 6 9














16 15




















3 5 7 6 4 1 9 8 2

6 1 8 9 2 3 5 7 4

5 3 9 7 6 4 1 2 8

6 7



Each cell in an outlined block must contain a digit: a two-cell block contains the digits 1 and 2, a three-cell block contains the digits 1, 2 and 3; and so on. The same digit must not appear in neighbouring cells, not even diagonally.

5 2 4








16 4







9 3






25 2













20 4




22 17

3 4















2 8

5 2 1 9 6 4 8



21 24

See next issue for puzzle solutions.




























Suguru 2 9 4 5 8 7 6 3 1

3 8









7 6





2 1












4 8 1


Sudoku 9 8 3 4 7 6 2 1 5






12 7


6 5 8

In this finished crossword, every letter of the alphabet appears as a code number. All you have to do is crack the code and fill in the grid. Replacing the decoded numbers 14, 24 and 25 with their letters in the grid will help you to guess the identity of other letters.

The volcanoes can all be found in the grid. Words may run either forwards or backwards, in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction, but always in a straight, unbroken line.


___ up, confess (3) Stuff and nonsense! (10) Having ESP? (10) Location of the cochlea (3) Querulous (7) Served alight (food) (6) Give off (vapour) (4)



Fill the grid with the numbers 1 to 9 so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains the numbers 1 to 9.

DOWN 1 Prank (4) 2 Histrionic scene (5) 4 Cooking grease (3) 5 Fragrance (5) 6 Small open boat (6) 7 Fully committed (member) (4‑2) 11 Quite (6) 12 Neuter reflexive pronoun (6) 14 Newly hatched insect (5) 15 Phrase whose words have a non‑literal meaning (5) 16 Seventh Sunday after Easter (4) 18 Alehouse, watering hole (3)




8 7 2 1 3 9 4 5 6

4 6 1 8 5 2 7 9 3

3 2 4 2 3 2

1 5 1 5 1 5

3 2 4 3 2 4

All puzzles © Puzzler Media Ltd - www.puzzler.com

Wordsearch 5 1 5 1 5 1

2 3 2 4 2 3

1 4 1 3 1 4

1 4 5 1 2 3

2 3 2 4 5 1

1 4 5 1 2 3

5 3 2 3 4 1

4 1 4 5 2 5

2 3 2 1 3 4








Codeword I W O N H P S E E C E Z Q










D C H E B NG L U Z VWP K S O A F Q M I X T J R Y29/04


Jewish News 29 April 2021


Business Services Directory ANTIQUES 44

The Jewish News 22 September 2016



Top prices paid

Antique – Reproduction – Retro Furniture (any condition)




Epstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc. Antiques

Dining Suites, Lounges Suites, Bookcases, Desks, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lights, etc.

Cash paid for Mink Available support Allto Antique Furniture Hille & Epstein jackets, coats, you in your home. Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Silver,boleros, Paintings, stoles, Porcelain, also fox coats, etc. Glass,Days/nights. Bronzes, Ivories, Oriental & Judaica Antiques jackets etc. Very reasonable rates. Full house clearances organised. Wardrobes cleared Call Please 0208 look 958 at 2939 our website for more details Call 01277 352 560 or 07495 026 168

House clearances Single items to complete homes MARYLEBONE ANTIQUES - 8 CHURCH STREET NW8 8ED


07866 614 744 (ANYTIME)


VERY HIGH PRICES PAID. FREE HOME VISITS. All Antique Hille & Epstein 0207Furniture 723 7415 (SHOP) Diamond Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Paintings, Porcelain, closed Sunday & Monday Glass, Bronzes, Ivories, Oriental & Judaica Antiques etc.


0800 840 2035 or 07956268290

STUART SHUSTER - e-mail - info@maryleboneantiques.co.uk

Man on aOPEN Bike8am will TOget 9pm 7 DAYS. you working fast! RD LONDON. PORTOBELLO

Full house clearances organised.

MAKE SURE CONTACT BEFORE SELLING Please look YOU at our websiteUS for more details www.antiquesbuyers.co.uk

Rapid Response IT support for your PC & Mac Networks, virus problems, broadband, wireless systems, new computers and everything else you may need. CHARITY & WELFARE For small businesses & home users.

FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL SUE ON: 0800 840 2035 or 07956268290 OPEN 8am TO 9pm 7 DAYS.

Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on


020 8731 6171 • www.manonabike.co.uk


Stirling of Kensal Green Established over 60 years. Know who you are dealing with.

Top prices paid

All quality furniture bought & sold.

Antique – Reproduction – Retro Furniture (any condition)

Best prices paid for complete house clearEpstein, Archie Shine, Hille, G Plan, etc. ances Lounges includingSuites, china, Bookcases, books, Dining Suites, clothing etc. Also rubbish clearance Desks, Cabinets, Mirrors, Lights, etc. service, lofts, sheds, garages etc House clearances Single items to complete Please contact Gordonhomes Stirling

020 8960 5401 or 07825 224144 CHURCH STREET ANTIQUES ‐ 8 CHURCH STREET NW8 8ED

͔͚͚͚͕͛͛͘͘͘͜(ANYTIME) Email: gordonstirling65@gmail.com 0207 723 7415(SHOP) closed Sunday & Monday

STUART SHUSTER ‐ e‐mail ‐ stuart@churchstreetantiques.net



Charity & Welfare Bereavement Counselling for adults and children individually. Support Groups available. During the pandemic, we offer telephone and online counselling. ARE YOU BEREAVED? Contact Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service in adults confidence. Counselling for & children who are 0208Support 951 3881groups offered. experiencing loss. enquiries@jbcs.org.uk | www.jbcs.org.uk Call The Jewish Bereavement

Labels are forTURN, jars. Refer yourself or aKNOW loved one by IF YOU DON’T WHICH WAY TO Not people. calling 020 8458 2223 orOUR visit HELPLINE. REMEMBER www.jamiuk.org

For confidential advice, information and support don’t forget Jewish Care Direct. REGISTERED CHARITY NO. 1003345

020 8922 2222

Counselling Service in confidence


020 & 8951 3881 • 07765 693 160 CHARITY WELFARE



E: enquiries@jbcs.org.uk

We have an open waiting list in our friendly and comfortable warden assisted sheltered housing schemes in Ealing, East Finchley and Hendon. We provide 24-hour warden WESTLON HOUSING ASSOCIATION support, seven days a week; a residents’ lounge and kitchen, laundry, a sunny patio and garden. Sheltered Accommodation For further details and forms, We have an open waiting list for ourapplication friendly and comfortable pleasesheltered contact Westlon Housing Association onpeople warden assisted housing schemes for Jewish in Ealing, East Finchley andjohnsilverman@btconnect.com Hendon. We provide 24-hour 020 8201 8484 or email: warden support, seven days a week; a residents’ lounge and kitchen, laundry, a sunny patio and garden.

PEST CONTROL For further details and application forms, please contact Westlon Housing Association on 020 8201 8484

Charity Reg No. 802559

PLUMBSAFE (UK) LTD “Better Safe Than Sorry”

Jami supports and represents people with mental illness across Fast & Efficient House the Jewish community.

For all your heating and plumbing requirements | boiler repairs and installation | complete central heating | | power flushing | complete bathroom installation service | | landlords certificates | project management | home purchase reports |



#jamithinkahead We are reliable, cover all neighbourhoods & suit all budgets.

Give support • Get support • Get involved

We also buy good quality furniture, old books & Judaica.

All NW-London postcodes covered

07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12

020 8458 2223 | info@jamiuk.org www.jamiuk.org

Call: 078 060 79299 Reg Charity No. 1003345

Not shabbat


We cover all aspects of pest control for residential and commercial properties. Are you a Jewish woman experiencing domestic violence? With abuse in your home, do you worry about your children? Including mice treatment and mouse proofing with We are here to help1 year guarantee. with free support, advice and information and confidential counselling. Kosher Refuge available for women and0203 children 405 in need.5000 Email: info@inoculand.co.uk Free Confidential National Helpline 0808 801 0500 Web www.inoculand.co.uk advice@jwa.org.uk • www.jwa.org.uk


Home & Maintenance




No further, your


“Better Safe Than Sorry”

Hall & Randall Plumbers


For all your heating and plumbing requirements | boiler repairs and installation | complete central heating | | power flushing | complete bathroom installation service | | landlords certificates | project management | home purchase reports |

All NW-London postcodes covered

07860 881505 or 0800 610 12 12

020 8953 2094 office

Not shabbat

020 8207 3286 home 020 8386 8798 hallandrandallplumbers.com



Home & Maintenance


PROFESSIONAL A. ELFES LTD PAINTING, DECORATING memorials & New PAPER HANGING Additional inscriptions Over & 20renovations years experience Friendly, reliable & Gants Hill service. Edgware personal

The specialist masons in creating bespoke Granite and Marble Memorials for all Cemeteries. Clayhall Showroom 14 Claybury Broadway Ilford. IG5 0LQ T: 0208 551 6866

Edgware Showroom 41 Manor Park Crescent Edgware. HA8 7LY T: 0208 381 1525

Email : info@garygreenmemorials.co.uk

STEPHEN: 07973 342 422 0207 754 4659 0207 754 4646


Gary Green ad 84 x 40mm JM Group v2.indd 1

12Very Beehive Lane 130rates High Street competitive Gants Hill, IG1 3RD Edgware, HA8 7EL Telephone Telephone

18/03/2019 12:50:51









& UPVC Fitters

58a Bowrons Avenue, Wembley HA0 4QP  

      +" ) "# ,!" Head Office: 145New Chelmsford CM2 0QT  Rochester    House,  "London  Road,    Tel: !       # 07773  

/   01245 211 022  ● Fax: 01245 211 001 ●Direct: 102 386 07428 264 454 !       ) *" "- *'


Family run business

London 020 8485 8176

DRIVEWAYS PATIOS AUTOMOTIVE LANDSCAPING FENCING City and Guilds Electrician MOTOR VEHICLES All types of electrical work undertaken BRICKWORK PURCHASED JET WASHING Rewiring, extra sockets, BT points, Economy 7 CLASSIC OR CARS storage heaters, Shabbat time switches, security lighting, NEW ROOFS for vehicles overfinding, 10 CCTVportable appliance LED spotlights, fault tests, years old landlord testspreferably and house buyer’s surveys. ROOF REPAIRS withan low mileage For efficient reliable and friendly service. UPVC FASCIAS Call Harvey Solomons on UPVC SOFFITS 020 8958 6495 / 07836 648 554 Contact: Anthony – 07850 590415


 !          !  #        !         "  "  #  




29 April 2021 Jewish News



Business Services Directory SILVER


ANTIQUE JUDAICA & HEBRAICA Books, Manuscripts, Ephemera, Works of Art and Silver



JCL Antiques Ltd. 07791 798492 joseph.landau@yahoo.co.uk

£24 A WEEK


Professional standard with elegant finishing. End of tenancy, deep cleaning, post renovation cleaning services. We create a clean environment with our clean projects.

Email Sales today at sales@jewishnews.co.uk

Call us on 07907 017869 or email us via our website, www.cleanthecity.co.uk, to discuss your specific requirements – we are happy to provide a free quote.




Leave the legacy of independence to people like Joel.



PLease remember us in your wiLL.


Tel: 020 8202 2323 Web: www.ajex.org.uk Email: headoffice@ajex.org.uk

visit www.Jbd.org

Registered Charity

or caLL 020 8371 6611 No. 259480 18-361-JM Small legacy advert v1.qxp_Legacy 09/10/2018 10:27 Page 1

Registered Charity No: 1082148

Need to furnish your home or office? London’s leading supplier of new and reconditioned furniture. Free assembly and delivery next working day on most items – call now!

HELP US CONTINUE TO BE THERE FOR OUR COMMUNITY WITH A GIFT IN YOUR WILL. Call Alison on 020 8922 2833 for more information or email legacyteam@jcare.org Chancellors House, Brampton Lane, London, NW4 4AB Tel: 020 8903 8746 | Fax: 020 8795 2240 www.bfiwd.org | email: info@bfiwd.org

Charity Reg No. 802559

Call 0800 559 3917 Email sales@andrewsofficefurniture.com www.andrewsofficefurniture.com

HOUSE CLEARANCES legacy@cst.org.uk ► www.cst.org.uk ► 0208 457 3700 ►


we protect our children’s future Please include CST in your will

Charity no. 1042391 and SC043612

COMPUTER Legacy advert 84x40.indd 1

16/04/2021 10:55


£24 A WEEK

Email Sales today at sales@jewishnews.co.uk



Jewish News 29 April 2021

COV I D- 19

M e e t i n g u p a g a i n? S t i ck to 6 .

Stick to groups of up to six people or two households and keep a safe distance. Because the more people you meet, the more likely you are to get infected.

Let’s take this next step safely.

Profile for Jewish News



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